Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1860 Page 4
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1????????? THE EVENING STAR. A Gkxat 9ov'mss Fai*.?Tb* people of the South ?re Vi?y pr-puroiii |or a f?lr to be beld *J Matt.n, :n l??H-rmf??r. which li Intended to reToi?it>?H)iie tb? prawnt unnatural commerce of th? South " Mr. Joseph JJerbiere, agent of tb?? Cotton PUnt-f?' AiNciati?B of Georgia. i? n>>w to fito-pl, Beigiuir., and ia a letter from him, ?UWmL August l^ib, au<l pu?>li?b-d in the Macon (t,? ) TeWKraph. shows that bU efforts to establish a direct tr*d* b*tweeii Gconjaand Belgium Lave beta quite successful. He isf iducing the Belgium manufacturer* of carpets, pj'per hangings, cottonets, etc . to send good# to the Macon Fair, *nd lie Uas oijtaiJieu many ymom" i flff win therefore b? a handsome representation of foreign manufactured ^oods la tbe exhibition. |y The St. I'aul (Ml?) Pioneer stntas that a f w days apo a scotch lady arrived In that city1 from the British po<se?Voas at tb- Northwest, on her way to Scotland to see b?r only sister, whom she had not seen for many ye-irs 'The sister living In Scotland, by a strange coincidence. arrived In St I'aul, on her wav to t^e Northwest, on the stme day The two <ister> stopped at diff-rcnt hotels, and ne'tler h?d the most r n:ote1d?a that they were with! n thousands of miles of each other i:iitll the morning after their arrival they met face to face, on Third st. The mut>?M recognition was immediate They bad planned thfir vis'ts to each ot>.er without any correspondence, that each mi?ht have a pleasant surprise Niw Cabal Boat.?The Baltimore American suites that a uew rpe?-ics of canal boat hts been lutroduc?d on the Tide Water Canal. It is built in two sections, coupled in the center, to enable It trt nica (Ktnnrrh th? atmrt 1 <v> '^a nf fKa P<kniisv]w?ni? tanal by wrtion, and jl^rs without a rudder. The doublo lorks of the Tide Water Canal I aaa th? boat coupled The advantages of the new boat are that it carries neirly the freight of three ordinary boata, la worked by but four men. and requires bnt four molea to draw it; one band and one tnnle more than a boat rf scventv-ti *e toua harden. Tbe trial trip baa proved an entire cuacesa. FLBrso-I'MCMoxiA is Gksat Britain .?Mr. A. B Barbarie. who was sent to Engl* .d from New Brunswick to purchase and transmit stock U> that Province, baa returued without bringing ssity neat stock He found that the plcuro-paeumonta wm so prevalent throughout I'.ngland. Scotland and Ireland, that it was dangerous to atfn.jrt to transport cattle to the port of embarkation. The exUteace of tbe disease ia kept a secret hm far aapoaaiule by the farmers, but Mr BarUtrie was luruifchitl with ample certillcat** to tha pr?vaieu'it of the disease by large breeders and teuUena*:i, aa w?U as by Veterinary sur^eoaa ? Bjslom JiurmaL, Sept 34. IZT Lwt Sunday evening, about U o'clock, a vounir and L., vi-lu uirl in Cincinnati while f n her"parior con vising with some*r4j'ialnUuct-s, suddenly fell frooi her chair, In conseiju?*uce, as j It snou appeared, of a heavy dose of laudanum, which she had t;*ken ft r the pnrpooo of suicide, and sit down to await 1U elects anions her frle .di! The cause was a recent quarrel with her lever, who bad said in anger that he would never see her again. A stomvt-pump relieved her of the dangerous dose, and she was soon convalesced. % . A Lvckt t*tHooi.*astkr.?A schoolmaster of Montreal, who had been somewhat of an enthusiast in the scfenee of geology, has recently made a *;ood hit, by which be pockets the sum of 9300.000 He took a lease of a tract of land near Acton, on the Grand Trunk Railroad, upon which little copper or* had been picked up by the farmer who owned ft. Setting to work, he aoon developed a magnificent copper mine, which has just b?en told for *5iJ0.0ti0, of which be receive# #960,019.? Detroit Fr*e Press, September 1J9. 0l7~Mrs Tbomai, wife of Wm H.Thomas, Esq , of Fredericksburg, (Va.) was seriously burnt by tt><* explosion of a camp bene lamp on Monday nikht. Mrs. T was In the act of replenishing the lamp while lighted when the accident occurred ~ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS~ NATIONAL HOTEL?C W HareDer, DC! T L Klrtnrr. U; b LNwtile. Va; W \V Davis. i>C; W 11 Hodfuatu W* Crown, <\C: T K Maglll E A M< l^o<l SC; W Day, H Brinkley. 0 P Hunt. Teun; R 11 Conrad, J Rodd. La. J Winter Tl; J H Roodbead. Pa; F Cox, J Miles, NC; Mrs i*vidso:i, Va; H T Tennan and fam. A Franklin and Iy. Miss Franklin, Miss :>iuitb La; H AtwaU-t, F. Jones. NY; SG Bill, H Rogers, Mo; A K t n imoerifti'i. K >m' tti. H Ja<*oba and fain, (); A Macdon.iid. Can: T Fatter. W Devey, Eng; O A Birdaall, NVj J Dupuy, R Harper.Va; VV Alston. HC: Mr Campbell, L.011, C a id lidjr, NVj I* Smith aud iady, A Moore and lady, Miw Hare. Mi** Moore, M>h Aiii^b, Pa; 1' Kidrr. J Strrrti, J Fauda. Md, R Brink-ley and fain. C .Nelaon, D M L<eatberuiau, Toun; 1)t Coliius. M i?a Cediat,Mi? Crawford, (ia; <j tt Blake. U I witcUell, Mass; J lioalet*. Mis* (ioaiee, Ry; .Mr Stanley, Mr Arclier, LI ig; J' d^e D'lnkia and lady, i*C; F Kimball, 2 M:?<ea K uiUil, Ala; L Hiii^bam aud lailv. A i Weat, i Vbaey, NV, b K'ck*. Miss; J Be Votla, ta S Joh iaou, N V; \V \VorUdn?toa, Md; J D Lkuiu', ^C: f ?>V liliatni. Md; B Avegno, Jo tin J'ianc! 1, E Fettinr*, II Harriwe, l.a; SH B^rry, Md; i 1*14 to, J FUnder*. Mi* Flanders, Miss Taylor, v\ McFa.laad and lady, NY, A Talcott, 1'1, MrsS Thompioa, John Cogan, tieorge Henderson, Va. BKOU N9' HOTEL ? F Bruce and ly, Md: W Drawn Vi; E S Tapr-on. !> ; Mrs Mcpadit?n, V> til.. U " " " *" -- ? ? -- ? H> in im nouu. iniw, V PV11K. '' M H HIMlM, IWills. M<i Dr E Wlllard. La; U Dilm?. NV; K I.Ainh, Md; J A Bfowntl, R|; F ij Prltt VI.tss; l? K Bihn. Mr; D J Slinks Snd lv,8C; J Harret, Ky. J W Bryan, M Bryan,rt M Thomson, Tenn; li W Howard, Aid; l)r McCcrty, A M Harkev and 1a. O 11 Rodbury aud Sy, Mm K S S Vf-atey, V?, W ? Moot), O; R C Kaole, II C Holt, 'l>?n; T J Tliombsua, Ark; I* I'ltkio. IN V; >1 iMack ajid Iv ] *; J L hrsoktln, Md; G F. Muauford and ly, N V; Hon H Maiory, ky. Hon A R Bot.-lt?r, Va, J J) Alkius. I' MauWwa, Fia; J N r-ajtiti. Va; Mrs:* C Vatcy, U C Yancey, jr, Ala; C \V Reynolds J H Pt.iil:p?and ly, Va; J U Bellamy aud Iv, N O, K Livv an^ ly. La; lir P Culver, Va; II Coarh 11 and W, Mr? Keviio. h II Hrnjh'ini and lv, Mrs J West, NY; J Tutt. Mo; \\ Reynolds, NT; > lirovrn, T H Ldsnn, l-'^A; R L Hadtry, J enii; W H Lamer, Ala; R J SwuUivrarth, DC; B Jwoes. f*C. C Slrtban, Md; (i 1'Ukrn, MY; T k Lav, h KUiO-t, iVl*. Hon J ft Kuuk^l, Md; J .\1 f'atton, mmr n *- - * " .< r .xwiuaa, A.a, 1 A Cuiton, Mim, U 1)ou((l lM, V*. hlRKWool) HOUSK ?T F GrartoB. Va; JU Hooper. W M (itllord. W Lowe*. Md;T r*cha8>r. Va. ;* C Thorpe, SC; J C MerlwetUrr. NY; (i t B iwc Va; G W Smith, NV; B Lockwood, l^a, I T Beldintrand ly, J li Neale. NY; I. M Knight, | Mi'te; F W barluu, Va; W D Albe, NY; J Hpriag r.nd ly, Wd; K l>U ard, Kp; ? J McVjhu/ney, V?, C T WiUirtiiw, Ark, J li llall, ?; F L?o, NY; M U Bemeu. Va. j OCEAAi ii TEANIKRiT SAILING DAYS FitOJf tuh Us XT jib Stat**. S-Vmrn. L'.avt. For. Days. A'lri&tio N?w V?.rW ? " " " ? . .UOI O Edinbuig Nnr Y ork... Lirwpool Oct 6 f.'-ns ?. New York...Livwpo<>i Octl? Arv- ,\-v Vur(.. MHkv r? .(lot 13 G.a?guw New York... Liverpool^... Oot13 b?x'hi.i. \"W Vort...rViuthampUn.OetlS A atoa l/ivwp<XM, Oct 17 fS?w *nrk,.~?.. Y<>rk,..broi*?ta. OctifT Uotutua .New York...ttoutfianiptou.iNu? 1 iuon Ltftoi-a Pua9* Aibart. ..Haiwaj._.Nww York..Sept.-M A.xt.? rvmui'plou -.Npw YMiu..4fpt.'19 Nuth Briton. ...Liverprwl Quebec.......Sept 5fi Arnst* I tverpool... Boaion "' ptz# i* >Bnn?ichi Gaiwa? N?w >?rk.. S?pi-5 V? iwWrtait >t??itu'pt?a... N?w York.. ,i??pt2K C.oi UaNuMura..Ld*?>rpool....N?w York...**pt2K N<>v& Scvuau....Liveji"?>i....Uuoi?f'o Sept27 No?e Vuii. Soa?ii pU>B...Kew Yctk...Oct. 3 li>r<?o?ia. J*o?tt?*pion.. .New York... .Oct 4 Ur?at KmIms. ..Ui;/'<ltUT?ii.N?w York Oct 17 Pnti'sn...shj?tii'?toa...Nc>w York Oct 17 liaioti.uaia. Houla pton ...New York....Oct 13 1T'? Havana mai. su-airi*-.-* leavo Now York on to? ?? , utn, ntn. Amt 27m of ?aoh month, aai Ci<?r.Mt4o on Us* ?th ami l'Jin. ITie California ra?ii#t4a*tf?ra 1wt? Naw Yorkoa t b? ">Ui ai^i auui of aa^Ui month. r u r.iuir* in lh? U*?t ?tf I* I ? ?, e?!' Kltctui to thf Paintlnc of Koofa Mid Bnok Walla. A i uf til* Akwvc 1 will do M MtUlkHP l i ib*r?i<>r? aolioit tha patroca*? of my imada a-,.! fellow eititana of th? Diatnct. Poaotnalitf trtoU> observed, and work doaein tna beat man"i i?u will p>aa* taiiMl i?ar atoaa and atop %t M. T j'a KKKJt'9 Paintiag Eaiatmahaiant. No. 33/ Li ]: i.i L>>ut?iaiia a?., north titfa, txtwaan ?th 7tit s4s# f. H. 8**na yat u? U? tf chare*, aa uaaL HOUSE. run -?* - - * * ? m'JSTW < J** f^KiiJSSEwKH* I '* *' ' *! m?Q ???. ; // ?, ; J X KOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 UK Most Thmtioc of uie Roy*. H&vaoa Lot tetf/, eoori uoteu by us S*?*ni?h (iu*errnneat, under tt>? ?(.ronriM?fe o; lb* Cmuui Genera. of Onto, *t. ta*a (.?&? si Havana t>a tu tsi/ay, october 2. un. kOMTEO NVhlEHO oO OhVlHAHlO. CAPITAL t'RIZK ?100,0Q??. 1 pnaeof #!?>,*? MfXizo?u{ tlXWl 1 do SvXRi *> do M J do SO.JOO LS3 do ?ft l uo . >,?w 30 approx. J? l do ittjuao _ /.v -tLi. enrzES. WhcloTiofceu, ?40-H& vN|fio?Quarter*, ?9. Pint* ouhfJ M ncht at i per cent, dieoomU. Hu:a on all eoireut Vaaka uuteu at par. A drawing wu: Wforwarueu uhmd u the remit koco:nea known. All vrto. tor ?*~yj^gte.gVgJ'? WliU <^arwofCitT Poet. Charleston. 8. Q. ratii IJ l'a CoaM?a?Bllf 1 hAli rnouam Wukiatton md cotitinu* to >*r*u* in* vootifation of ROP^tKION ?no (tRNAMKNTA L PAINTING. OTld' inK JD. ,u t>f?coJi*?. Old OlMinc prompti* *1" to. l>inttnr aw! Orr.&mentin* CottA. ??V , ~ i i NOTICK TO PRK-KMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kvery Mrion entitle U> the rightol pre-emption to an; of the lauds within the townships and parte of townships above mentioned, is ream red to establish t?i? Mine to the sati?faction of the register and receiver of the proper laud oftc?,and make payment therefor ai prion as practicable after piw this notice, and l>efore the da* appointed for the oommenccmfnt of the public safes of the lands embracing toe tract claimed; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. . JO? 0. WH/gOj. Cumiausioner of the Geoesal Land Ofloe. Not*.?I' nder the regillations af the d? part meet, aa heretofore and now existing, no payment can ha mnde far advertising proclamations ?xoept to snoh fwMiehere a? are rptr tolly ?(4ert*?< to pabliek by the Comniiaamier oftba General i,aad Oftee. au ao-M.w'^ p R A N Oil H A I P t! R, r FA*J byGR ofljSPfT&R ^KfcD #TOR K. Cfcr*er 9f Ntw Yfrti me- at mid TmtM tirut. Hf?ejirally sojWits the eatonjLge of tWpe w ?ar be ra WMt of any article in theatmre line. His sadeavcr* shall be to pteaeet and by a strict attention to the want* of the pablie, he bopes to merit a lha.r* nf tk*lr Town*tup* 99 and 1?*?, o rang* 4'J. I,and appropriated l?jr law for the IH of soltools, military, and other pnr?oses, together with die " w%np auU overflowed lands," will be exoluded from th<? sales. The offering of the above land* will be oommenoed on the <Kr? appointed, and will proceed in the order ib which they are aAT?rtise<i, ontil the wb<4*sh*ll have beeu offered and the sales thus closed ; but no saleihali l?e kept open longer than Iimin/Im, and no private ?ntr> ef any of the lands will be admitted until alter < he expiration of the two weeks. Uiven under inv'hand,at the city of Waehington. this fourteenth Jay of August, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By th? President: Jo*. 8.!*, Commissioner oi the General Land OIm. _ _ >? IV, WWDIIlipi ltd p*ru of towuabipa. viz: iVorlk of tk* bate Unt aiui icest of tkt Aftk principal mtruiian. Sections 1, 3 5,7,9. tl. H, 15,17, 19,21,23,25, *7, (I, ?i, and 3V 1 t'?w:>BDip :ij. ,ec lona 1, 3, *, 7. 9. 11. 13, 15, 17, 1?, 21, 23, 2j, 27,2<?. 31, 33, aud 35, of lowas. ip 9e*. ?;ouou? 1, 3, 5,7, 9,11, 13,1*. 17, H, 21, 23, Jj. 27, 2 ?, 31. 33, 3 , > ftownabio 97; tiiwiin .ip 9H, Mcllou 1. 3, 5.7,9, 11, 13, IS. 17, IB, 21.23. 25 V, 29, 31,33, and i?. of tnwamitp 99, soctio..* 1. 3. a, 7, 9. II. 13, U, 17, 19,21, 23, JS, tl, 29 , 31,58, and 35, of lovnthtp l'?, <?i rasgeSM. Town?bip? 98, 99. and ift", of rang* 3V. Towunhip 91, ol range J?i. Tovmliipi 91. 99, axil i?>, of range 97. 'i'ovi:<thipa 9R.99, and' range.?(. lo tuiliiM *3, 8H, a:?U M, ui rM(? 4*. Township? 9#. S*, aud Ifct), or rant* v. Townships aort im. (if range 41. Township* 9* and 1??>. of rang* *i. To WH*hip? hh and 100, of rang p 43. Tuwushipa 9f* aud i<*>, of raug 44. To wr tKipt 9s* and 100, of rang a Vk Townships 99 and !<?, of rang?4?. Tovitahipa 99 an t luo, of range 47. ToVnahiM H0 and 1U0 99; Deiotlun< 1,3,5^ 7,>, 11, 15, 17~ 19 7l', a, ?727. 31,31, ?nd 45, of township IW.of r*n?? St. 1,3, 5, 7,11, 13, 15. 17,, 23, i?. 27, 29, 31..11. *nu 35, of township '?3; s-ct.oun I, 3, .5,7, 9, II, 13, 16. 17. 19, <1, a, 25. SI, a'. S3, and 5S, of towusiup'H; *ecti->i4i l,3,o,7, 9, II. 13, 15,17,19,21, ?"*. ?5, /7, />. 31, 31, ?"<l 35, of township 9j; ?t<nNon? 1,3, 5. 7,9, I . 1J. 15, 17, <8. 'I, 23. 25,27, 29. 31,33, fend 1.5, 1 township b; sectl vnl.J, V7.1, ll, 13, 15, 17, 19. 21, 2i, 25, 27, *9,31, ??, ?>:d .35. ?>l township *?; ?rtononn 1.3,5 7,9. 11. 13,15, 17, 19. 21, fci. 25, ZJ, 20. si. 33. Hid Si, <>| lit - m>i? p m; him t, 3,5, 7,9. 11, IS, 15. 7 19, .1. 23, *5. 27,^>.a?,?",*.dx5, ?>f town s!i>p 09; uni-tl.ins 1.8, 5. 7, 9, 1?, 13, '>5.17, 19,21, ?.!, ?5.27, k9.3l.33. aid 35 of to?n?bip 1<??, of rfer.(?3'. !** tions,9. 11, 11. 15. 17, 1^21,23. 2.5. 27, 29, 31, "B, *o<l 35, "I *own?hip94: iown*lup95: ? cuons 1,3,5, 7, 9, 11 21, ?M. 25, 27, 2\ SI,.13, end 35. of fowrsnp 9b. oil > 1. 3. 5, 7, 9,11, I j, 15, 17.19 21, 23,25, 27 , 2>, 31,3!, *nj 3i of town?htp97; | 1; 3.5,7, 9.11, 13. 15. 17, 17. 21. 21. 25, 27 23 31. 3H, * d 3.5, of ownrlitp 93 1, 3 .5.7. 9, II. 13, 15 17, 19,21,23 Z5, 27,29.31 33. an l ?, i f t< wnshtp <W; oroni 1. 3, 5. 7, 9. 11, 13,15,17, 19,21.^3.24,27,29, 31,33, and of township 00. o! ran?e 33. i At the Lfed Office at f*iovj City, enir.menoiBc on M"adar,t'io ?ih day of ;<oveir.bsr next, ior the <H?porn of tlie paHio larvU, heretofore uaofI flf.%1. Mitlim:* I ?W? * ' ' ,, i j, i j, i (| 17,41 , ^1, <0, fi, ?T'? 31 ? 33, &Q I W Of U'TG " ship'M; ?e>o ioib 1, 3. 5 7,3,11,13, 15, 17, t'J,21, 23, 25, V, V9 31. 33, and 35, o( township 95; s'viti'm* 3,5 7,9.11.13. 15. i7,19.^1, 23 25. H 2i 31, 31. and :?. of towmhip 36; s action* I, 3, 5,7. 4,11,13. 15, 17,19, VI, 23. 25, *7. i9 St. Si. and 35, o| t--wn?hip P7: s< cttous 1, S. 5,7,9,11,13. 1A, 17, 19, *1. 23. 25, 77,19.31,33 an- | 3>, o toWii'hip !*; s Clous I. 3, 5, 7. 9. !l. 13, 15, 17, 19,21, *3. 25, 27,29,31,33. ai'd 15, i>i to was ip99;??o 1 [Uti* 1.3 6. f, 9. 11,11 15, 17, ;9.21, 21, 25.27,29,31. 35. and 35 of t"wn*!ii? 1W. ol ranfo 3J. Sv,umi 1, 3, 5,7, 9,11, 11. 15, 17. 19, 21,23 25.77, 29, 31, 33, and 35, of towasiiip ;?3; im'J n* 1. 3, 5,7. 9, 11. U, >i- 17,19, 21, 23, 25. 77, 29. 31 31, and 35. o| t''wa ihip 'M; soc'iins 1.3.5. 7.!), 11,13.15, 17.19 71, 23.25. CT, 23, 31. 33. and 35, of township 15; s<*otions 1.3, 5,7.9,11,13.15, i7. 14,21,23 25, 77.29 31.33 and S5, of township 98; s?olu> s 1,3.5.7 4. II, 13, 15, 17, 19,71 21. 20,77 2?, 31,33, and 3S, ol t^wuslup 97; sso tions 1,3,5,7,9 11,13, 5. 17, 19. 21. 23, 25. 77, TO, 31. 53, and 3s, of township 9fi; sdotioi.s 1,3, 5,7,9. 11, IS. j IV 17. 19. 21. 21. 25. 27 2S. V 5B li ? ? zi.s'.xs, ann ?, ottownsbi* !rJ; seotiona "1.3,5,7,9. II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. 25, 27, 29, 31, 33. and 35, of t >wn?hip 94; sec Hons 1,3, S, 7, 9, II, 13. 15 17. 19, 21, 2.3 25, 27. 31, 33 ar.d 36 of nwniMip 95; sections I,3,5.7.9. II, 13. 15. 17, 19,21,23 25. 27. 29, 31. 31. and Si, ot t >w sinp 90; sso ions 1. 3, 5, 7. 9 11.13 15, i7, 19. 21, Zk n,S7, 2*. 31, 31. and T-, of township 97; ?ction? 1,3,5,7, 9, II, 13. 15, 17. P, il.23,2ft,27, .9,31, 33, and *>, of townii'ip 9>i; loct ouh 1,3, 5 7, 9, 11,13, 1*. 17.1<?. 21. 23, .3, 27,29, 31. 33. and 35, of towuship 99 of rang* 23. a otnns 1,8,5,7.9, 11,13, 15,17.19, 2 ,23. 2ft, ?7, 2* 31, 33. and 3i, of township TO; n?0U'?n? 1,3, 5. 7, 9, II, 13.17, 19, 21, 23, Z5. 27. 29, 31, 33, a 3d .15, of t?w *iip 94; sections 1, 3, 5,7,9,1!, 13.15,17.19, 21, 21,25, 27. V?, 31, 33, ami 35. ot t cwruhip '15; sftcti>.ns 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, II, 13,15, 17, 19. 21, 21. 25, 27, 29. 31. 31. and 35, of t -Wis lip 96; to* oti* 1.3, 5, 7, 9. II. 13,15, 17,19, 21, i3, 25,27,29, 3'. S3 and 35, of towmh'p 97; S9Q,i"nt 1,3, 5,7, 9, >1, IS, 15, 17. 19, 21 21 25,27, 29.31. 33, and 4.5, i>f -.nwiiship 98; ion* 1.3.8. 7,9, '1,13, 15. 17. 19, 21,2*, 25,27.29,31,33, and 35, of township 99, of ram* J*. Sectior.B 1.3,5,7,9.11,13,15,17,19 2!, 23,25,27 21 3 ,33, and 35, ol township 9S; sections I, 3,6,7,9, 11 1U It ?* J? ?? ?? * B[No. 663.1 Y THK PRE8I i?Ki>T OF THE UNITED STATES. 1 a pnr?u\rn# of law. i.Jamk* BrrnAWAW, President otthe United State* ol America, do hereby declare and m?lr known that public sales will be he.d at the uml n-mentioned I.and Offioes in the S ate of Iowa. at the panods hereinafter desigua ted, to wit: Ai the Lacd Offioa at Fokt Dodos, oommenoinn on Mon'lar, the 19th dar oi November next, for the disposal of the publie ami*, heretofore on' Hsred, sit a* tod within the following townships ai.d parts of townships, viz: North of tkt ban tin* and went of tke fifth principal meridian. Sections l.s 5.7.9, it, 13, :s. 17, 1% 21, 23, 25. 27. O.Si.SS a". 133. of township 08; sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 U, 13. IS 17, M, 21,23.25, 29, SI, 33, and 35, or township 96; sactions 1,3. 5,7. 9, II, 13, l.% 17, 19, 21, 2$, 27, Ji, 31, 33, aad'>3, of t'wnship 96; amotions 1,3,5,7,9, i>, 13. 15, 17. H, 21,2o 25, 27. ?. 31, 33 and 35, of township 97; sections 1, 3, 5,7, 9,11. 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. 25, 77, -Jt), 31. 33, and 35, of township 9H, of rang ?77. Sections 1.3.5,7,8,11,13,15, 17.19,21,83. 25. 27. . _ r ~ VI U?lUg transferred)* ua the bo->ka of the Treasury, may be miici.*^ and transferred by the delivery of the certificate*. Tuf lutereat of the last- named Hook, f rom t ie date of the deposit to the first day &f January next, will be paid to the successful bidder or his attorney, by the depositary with whom the prinoipai was dopoaited. Tne preliminary deposit of one per oenfum, required upon alt proposals under thia notioe, will be included in the dopoiiis of principal and premium made by suco?asfu! bidders, and will bo immediately directed to be returned to tit* unsuccessful bidders HOWK1.L COBB se !0-2awtJ 8eor6tarv of the Tr?,nr, ' vifiuvf wimin-Btvii ii VW VI .V OUJ H? Ul Ofc. LiUUISi I on or before the 22d day of November next. ?hou'.d ?uec?*?l i btddora deaire to depoait at other pointa their wishea *1 1 be du'.y considered ou being *tat"d to Department. CJrtifio*t*s ofinaonbed atock will he lasted in sums not 1 aa than one thousand dollars each to the successful bidder*, or their assigns, for the pricoip*! so deposited, carrying interest at tberate office per oer.tuin from tbe date of aucti Jepoait. Suoh *took will be ttaukf<?rrable on thu boeka of the Trtaaury, agreeably to die regulations of the Department. Sh<m'd any ef tin snooensfnl bidders re^nire certificate of at >ck. with coupons of s4mi-annnal interest payable therooa from the fi ret day of January next, auoh oertificatos will tie lraued, with such uoupooa at'a-hed, in auuu of one thousand do'lara BAT.n: and auch nminnn ilnnlr. nf K?in? an) < tfi?r tM oonsiiUrod unless one per ceatam of th*?moant thereof is deposit; d with a depositary of the United States, Hub.sot to the order of th? Secretary of tho Treasury. The oartihoats of saoh deposit irnst aooompany the proposals. In ah canes the <'ff*r must be unconditional. Without reference to other offers, and must state the rate of premium offered. Tha proposals shou'd be endorsed on the outside, 'Proposal* for Loan of I860," and to be addressed To the Secrstarj of tUo Treasury, Washington, D. C." The best bidders nnder the forefoinK conditions for the actregate sum of ten millions of dsllars will be immediately informed by mail oftheaoorptanoe of their offers, and the* must deposit th? amount so acoopted, with the premium thereon, with the Treasurer ot the United States, or the Assistact Treasurer at Boston, New York, PhilaM??. 'i. ....... ... w. > - -1 - ~ ? MISCELLANEOUS. Official. ROPOSAL3 FOK LOAN OF TEN MILLION DOLLARS. Tb**?T*T flmKMITT, gept.8,1W. Skamd PfcopoatLa wilt he received at thia Defartmect nntil 12 o'clock, doob, of Moio?Ti th? 1 t)<\ d?t of October next, for ten nuiliona ofdoilara of stock of the United State*, to he issued under the act of Congress of the 22d da; of June last, authorizing a loan and providing for tha redemption of Treasury note*, at which time the proposals w II t>e opened and decided on. The stock will he reimbursable in tou years from the first day of Jan aary next, and will hear interest, at 8va per oaotum per annum, payable semi-annually on tha first days of January and July of?aoh year. No offer will be aooapted bolow par, and none fur a.n* nf rvr a thnua!i.n/f Hn''a r? n?\e will _ _ . _ A TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. jJOOTS anb tm. TO at IT 1 rtfc I W?|?J>JOV may facta nay'of BOOTS Mia ' nwr.r, nun vui'iuiuut rwnnnj n cppiv Ol eastern made wurk of evrj Tie nVM criptio", made expreealy tonnier, an>i wiilv U lie Hold at a Binoh .uwer price than kaa boen* Nk heretofore afeargad la una city lor inuoh inferior articles. Persona in want of Boots aad Shoes of eastern or oily unade work, will always find a fooo aaaor'.mea in store and at the lowest prices. Give ua a call. GRIFFIN & bro., ,*Ftr .114 Pennsylvania avense. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thia day, emliraoiut all *uaii am tiea ami sues of Sole Leather, Ladies' ffll Dreaa and Packing Trunks. l)sr trunk^ *"" ?aioa room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites, at moderate prices, to be CV8PET !iAU?, BATCHKLP, to. }l5-Old Trunks repaired or taken in exohant* for new one*. WALL, 9TEPHKNS * CO., Trunk Kale* Room, mar 3-tf Pa. avecu?. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 499 7th 8*iit, Orrcmitt OtLl Fellow*' Hull. Washington, D. C. Travelers will btucly their lutereatii b? exairamn niy TKUNK9, V ALICbS <Jto , before pur-ammn cUiMa* *(ii?ver? As I us* none bat th B||fl l*st material tine market atiordsacd emplov^ *"* the best workmen, 1 oaii oonidontiy recommend my work to be superior 1 a Strength and Dvrabiiui to Trunks that are made i'.i other oitios and sold her*. i keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one week's notice) every d^scnptien of SOLS LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOIJTRUNESj ASHLAND mnd oin*r rALjifis; TH.AfSl.trw BAtfS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, fc? te. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notice. Trunk* dwiivrred in an; part of the city, S?ort?town, or Alexandria. Also?Agent lor Hope's celebrated FAMILY SK W1NU M ACH1N ES. de 15-ls JAMES 3. TQPI1AM. TKAVELKRS' D J RECTORY. |\AILY LINK OF NEW F??UR-HoR?E II COACH KS TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carrying iht U. if. MuiL The undersigned are now miming Daily, (except sfundar,) Four horse Coaches lx?tweon Wasbin<ton and Upper Marl MmgfBryp.-*'*} horo', as follows: twr?j Leave the steamboat Hotel, corner of t*evonth street and Pa. at 7 o'clock a. in. Returning leave L pp<-r Maiiboro at 11 o'clock a. in., and arrive in Washington at 3o'c4<>ck, ni tune to o<uuert with Uip 3.A> p. in. t ain for Lialtunoro. Tne Coaches art) a?;w and commodious, the teams first-clans in tit* bauds ol careful ar.d accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro JO oentt. To Long Old Fields. 25 " ToConterville 36 " Frei<)itand packages in proportion. au i? u OSIiORN Proprietor! DALT1MORE AND OHIO RA1 [ ROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHAxai or Hoc*!. ON ANDATTKR WKDNE3DAY, imn?lflth, I860, tram* will run Mfoilowa: f.AAVN WlAhinrtnn t A 9t\ n?l 7ifl? ?m L*aye Waaiiingten at S3P and i.V> p. m. On Sumiay at 3 *) p. m. Haftimore at 4.25 and t.W a. m. f.eavo Ualtimore a;. 3.16 aud 4.30 p. m. ?n buudar at 4 26 a. m. PMMG(ori for the Eart will take train a at ftjn and 7.4" a. m and 3 an p. m. For the Wear at 7.4<> a. in. ftnd 3J?1 p. m. For Annapolia at 7.40 a. in- and 3-20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4" a. in. On Saturday rT?ning the** p. m. trail gOM to PhiiaUeipnia only. i? 13 d T H. PARjOTtE.Agent. NEW ORLEANS uxr Tamzn x>att? WITH TBI CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. &iS'jHiiSm ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Oratiga and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennssss*. East Tennessee, ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashvillt and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Cwtral, N*v* Or("an * avd JaeJeton, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEM I'HTS" F OUTE: Memplua by R&i!,t).or.?? ! ? First o!ua Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by FirstO1M1 Paofceia. MoUie to New Orieai;* by Lake Steamer a TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUKPAYS InrLUDiD, Leave VV tithiBfUa it 6 a. m. and 6 The Steamer OKOmiK PAttE her wharf foot of Suventh at rent at r W a. m. and 6Af p. m. and jonoMt. at A'exandria with the Orange and Alexnn<ln? Train* for the Nonthwent. Office? PrtRMyivauia avenue, oorner of Sixth ?t. aiaaaaa cucud through to rsw orlbais. Lfnohhurf 97 Me:nphi? . >31 <*> 8ri?t?>l?Atlanta . .2ft OP Kcoxville 8('0Q Maoon 28 on 0tiattaooofa...~-...#4U0 C?lnmt>ua ....31 50 Oaiton ? 24 <> Mcnteoiney -33 ?vn Huntnvilie ,Z7?Xi J via *? Iimntiftii ?l /*, !M V ** -- ? - ? . . . . wv '"'[i*! Vt / TI^O I JUUU. .V 3>? Nwhyilie 36 fo| S vift MoNi?. ..45 nri THIS ROUTB IS ElvriRELY UY RAIL And it )I00 MILE8 SHO^TER.^nd 84 HOURS LESS than any ftker l<in??the Lrnohhurr Extension beins now oonnpleted, a? also t!.e Misvieippi Central, r.^:inz it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTB POK SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U provided with Firit o.M? Sieepinc Cdri! (To New Orleans ?~...T9 Honrs. HSJjSfc -?& Nuianlle ,.4w ao. fETTh* LT. 8, MAILaiwt ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. oae b* obtaJnad at the Honth Wwtern ice, corner of f5:xl:i ?tr*"t and i*es.fl?ylTaina av nn?, t<? th? following poiuU: Lynoh.'nir?, Hi :?to!, KnoxfjUe. Atlanta, Cl'aWanooga, i,i!ntBTtlGrand Junction, NUoab, NjuI>vi!1<?, Da'ton, Oohimbaa, , Mout^on^^^ VV 0&'L'KANSm' * irr Tim ova ii tTceets to the vaRIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fJZr"Omnibn?csi?jid Haifare Wa?on? th? ; t/uiuv moii. uu who. o p. in. JAMKS A. EVAN?, Ticket Aient, maa-tr Com^r nixth at.atid Pa. *. rHK tJTKAM KR JAt?. 6UY Wilf r*tnffi? her tripa on TUKSPAV, 2Ut of February, lwfci. Will U? WArfll INSTON very TUESDAY and^" *** FRIDAY, at?o*df>efc k. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at iifi f-paat 6 o'clock, tor OL'RRIOMAN and the intermediate Laodirct. On hor return trips, she will leave CUKRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY ud SATURDAY, at A o'clock a. ni. LUCIAN i?. I'AGLm Proprietor. NATH'L BOUttU. Ait. Alexandria. fe30_ <\1 BW YOR K AN D WASHINeTOM STEAMSHIP Li SR. Tuo steamer MOUNT VERNON Will leava Alexandria and \Va?hington for New Yor* KVKRY WKDNKKDAY. at 3^McBi o'clock p. in., and New York for Waaii-1 ' inrton every Saturday, at3 o'clock p. m. Paateperrt oan join the atup at Alexandria at any time before the hour of til* tie&mer'n departure. N. B.?(a tii* event of l!ie atawMM iauilHt t* oroeaine r>ar in oonu**utmc?ofio-ar water,&I! eao<li hur#d 10 "d tl?m Ue "***? For freight or paaaace ajalj to plUNEEK 8T^A? H^Rm^iNu BROWN he ItM a*Jdf_d to hia Ion* oataMiabed bnaineae the auxiliary of aieaoi power for eawin* aud ii*uiif&o tonne Marble toil Ijrowu Stone VVork in ih?u varifiDi iirstinh** W nr*.I a vr?n*?i. rJr/ . . ..... .? ?! wio tuduvoiVf IttOlO ftHU YVMfl~ stand Top*, Tile, Monument*. Tomb aud Head Sb>o*?, t?ia-'n. Window Linte !s, ?tlia, steps and Pla'fornu. Having purchased a large stock ofltalian Msruie in block.frum first hands,at (be lowest rates, he feels oonfideot of being able to furniah Mai b e Work as low as it oau be purchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in block or siabs at the same rate as formatted in New York, and on accommodating terms. Aiso, on hand, a large supsW. oi PuinioeStone, Water uf Ayr Hate and Polishing Putty at New York pries*. Enooursge the sstsr prise; it will be as aosuisttion to the s?tf. ' AlTKX. RlTHKRFoRD. Tum+er Slum MmrbU and Bratm Ston* ITtki, Pa. av., oor. Thirteenth sC, as BJSi Washinston. P. O. We AH FIXTURES. R Hare in store, and are ilai.y reoeiyinx, 9AS FIlTURBSoft>nUr?\j New Patterns and Oevicns and Finish, asperior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. WeiiiviteottiMns regsral If to sail and examine oor Htook of ft a* ana W?ter Fixtares, feeling oonfcdent that we have tike best ie rated atoek in Washington. All Werk in thsabovs hne mtruatsd toonrcare VtUbe promptly M L _rnr^?f - i.%.9. LAMAS. ?.!. M?rr. I, X. AftST. aou/v ffrmijM,Mm.. Will frMtlM tn ciio Hit ii Cv?jrt furrora a?tWIH jLttwid to threoffl1 li1; i*o4arKi??? VDf li ft if piNE PIANOS FOR RENT OR BALE, -i ? JXVir " i ,tM j J "*"'7 WHIT, HVtn Kxpr?>?? Cnin??nT. Ui'Mhinttnu. Q. O. f?S-lawTw l^bod uohtt w w , VT CHEAP LIGOT! PARAPF4NB OiL. from Co?l .E LIU HT ! j ^USfgfSta. , .< a*- * " .H? j 1 ' \ Extra and Muperfine Flour, ? Id.U. No. 1 Ryh do., Frenh *r<>tmd Corn .\l*a' and Mill Feed of all klnda constantly on hand. for sate low in lota to nuit. au tS?m D. I*. MORRIHQN k. CO. Am l K! XX ALK AND XXX ALB!! The pureat and raoat whxlaaonia Al* in this oltr U fc?-1?? lha WASHINGTON 0RKW FRY. Tmi Ala i? roads from maltaad haaa only and aacnot fail to five autire sati(faction to oon aaiaara. - C. COUN liAU .Piwiet#; of Um ' M? !)? ? ?? nnrnar % tf?n W>1 >ta 275 * ' *" N 275 JACKSON, PLASTERER fl. V Fnvi. A v km mi, B*hrw? inth and nth itwrti. It 11 D- uporrrs gitn poavdkr, For tale at luauulaotnrars prioaa .by JOHN J. BOelJfe, G*o?orrown, ft C- 1 A I- ~?1' 1 Also, aJ! orders for Dinmra, Supper*, Bells, acd Private Parpea, wh'oh will be terved tip in hia inimitable atjle, with the aaise promptueee and diawhich he ba* ht*Hwrt<> nnwn net * WM. T. DOVK A CO. ARE Now prepared to exeonto any orders with which they mat be favored in the PLUMBING. GA^og^EAM FITTING irr Store on Bth street, a few doora north of Pa. avenue, wnero may be found a comRlet* assortment 6Aa' Dl'RK OLD RYK WH1VKY.?On hand severe Jr brand* of Pure Old Rye Whiiky. Copper Dietilled. made by the moet reliable diauilerain PennsyIvuia,MarT1 and and Viriiiua, warranted pure, Alao, imported Krandiea, Henneaay, Otard, Dnpuy A Co., Jules Rubins, Ao. Also, Peach and Apple Brandy, pure Hoilaud Gin, old Jamaica and St. Croix Rum, and Wines of every variety, all of standard braim. A olioiee let <if Ciiars and Tobacoo. YOUNG A KKPUART, Agent*, at U-tr Pa av.. netw.sth and 10th aU. |7>LOI'R, MEAL, MILL FEED. Ao. r Just reo?ived on enaairnmenfc? 470 bbla superior brand of freak cround Fm.m . t 1 r r>y ita restorative ?l!*ct?, the aratam reo?>vorinr frimi dufur with rsnswM oopstitattonai vigor. Pur m?? t?T all respectable Drugx'.sts in tlus oitf.and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX. l*oie genuiae unless her Rime la biown on the bottia and her seal on the oork R- Prioe ft I per bottle, mi bottle* for Mi. olesaU AKcnt. R. *. T. CIStffcX. Drogrist, Georgetown, D C., WhoUsale A|tot for the Dia trie', and wi;l supply the trade at ray prices. aulStr 1.17 Q T. POTKNTIN1, OA? ?i I it ^ wrotTM or AUO r*.Av*., FOREIGN FRUITS, P*. Avi? ?.10 tlUkitr. OONFECTH)NS, mUmrfi ietoi. PATK9. FKKPERVEB, CONlilMEN T8, *o.t Sags 1mt( to oall tbeattention of hit (Hands act o public generally to his New Store, under Wiila:<fs Hots), just opened, in connoxion with hia old establishment, where he wLl be .'taper to receive an* orders fcrsEperiorConfootious of oiaowi importation. Uattiei ask, what ars they not.' J he bloort m the outgo of hie and heath, and it is the ftret e emeit (if our being to respond to auy cause winch *ffeotf th* system, as the pnlse infallibly attests The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Erys:po:a?, the subtle i*orofuia, the agonizing Rheumatism, Nervous Dohiiky. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with lta torpor and dejection, and the ncniberleea ills that fleah is heir fci, derive 'heir hideous origin from the blood. D>*ai l'lpdij then and gently with the blood. Us* the vitalising rsaonrcea of nature for its aid. ar.d suffer us to oonimend to your confidence and use that Uu'y va'uab'e medicament known aa KJIS. 1$. COX'S INDIA fV VEGETABLE DBCOrrwy. With rt?card to tnls a;in>a* infallible rpe"ific poptitar aei.tnoent has spoken in decided terms, and the evidences of this gr*at effioaoy are sustained by constant avowals of curative effects and t&" happiest results from its use are after a!! other r4tn?d:t>? and t(n b*st inodical skill have fai ed. Let ua say, in oocoluci^n, that o?rtihoatee etire* ara rot sought from th* illiterate and auperQtiaU but ilioy are v?.!unt?ered from the m "tt raspootab e fourcoa and justify the highest terms in whioh it la posiible to oommend so valuable a speoifitj to pul> ic approval. "We may add also that ti,e curative properticsof the medicine are equal led with wkicb tho ooiiLtry is flooded, and thereby ?ffoc'uvly aid iu Itan.ahint Oiiwh and D-utikeheei from the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD & CO., Proprietors, 7 8 William ?lr??i. New Vurk. J. SCHWARZE- Aceut, Washington, D. C. or. j b<?vee dod8' IMPERIAL UIN niTTERS, For ])i*!>a-ph oftha K,dn*??. Bladder asm I'rir.^ry Organs, and especial ^y for Fema'* ObffruadonB, nerer fail to care, and ar? warranted to five satisfaction. CHARLES WIODIFIEIjD & CO.. Proprietor!, 79 Wilium ?t., N?w Vorlr. J. SCHWARZE, j?7-ly,r A*ent, Waehinrton, D.C. JOV F??r THE PICK A\l) ^mffkrin?. LET ALL WHO AHF. AFFLICTED READ! APTLY TUE HEM EOT H F.J OWE 'fx HEALTH. F riend, do you suffer? Aro you the viotim of any or those nnmeron* aiJmertrf which arne trom imourit* oftlm Mn. H' wh???M iK?w tin "? lrJ U? l?f. Hfiniito jttr*. and n?ra(r*aa lrrp?rl*nt litllMl ptrm'.icni p*rf?rm?d ky Dr. Iry ua tftrttntf th? ffTt ul ibidj Khli HrMnl,MUMi <1 *bi?h h??? nypttrtil i(ui ud i(u? fct'ir* ik? h*?i<l?? hit n?:idiof m a ftui'iatr, ?f ikiiituric' ? ??&?! MUy: to a > B tt?ni (tuu'.n la tta tBlai?4. |aa Si-ly K. J. BOVEi; HOD'S IMPERIAL WIXE BITTERS, Are now being uae*l from Maine to the Great Salt l.ake, au j Uie unireraal verdict of all who uae them either as a mtdictn* or aa a b$%cragt. ia that tbey are uosurpaeed <n the world. Dr. J>?<!? uecj th"in diia his prvstice for 25 years before we purobaatu ofnini the soie ncht to masufkoturs bad present Litem for aale to piihla. For tLe oureof Inoipiezit Consumption, luaiceadcii, Pjepapzia, Nervooa Uie?are?, FenVe C?m p!*:ata. and ail oaaea rMuirini atonie, t??y are *?eTon J <:onbt imnt irva'raMe rrjni?dy. A*ido from their medicinal properties tiiey are a pure, wfcole. aome and (.e!i(htfai Bererare, prooucinf ail the p!wi?ant exhiieratinc etteoti of Brandy or Wire without their iniarioua r*raita. l?et ail frienda of humanity and all alvor.atea of tawperaniie nsaiM 01 in anhetituina these valnaate Vegetable Bittera for the mtmrai Mtimi him1 .r r,i/. ' r atara mm rrara np^iT'uj la :n?a? ?a?, rrwi aiiacatwn tua raapaetability, c?n ataaa kafriand hun. Ha falla tka kan 1a af ignorant and daatyninf pra.andara, wka, iseapakla f ca-mjf. lick bia pacaniary aakaunta, ka?p bira tr,lia| maoth a/Tar roanib, ar aa latif aa tka iraallaat faa lu ka aklainad, ?rd in daapau laava Mm with raioad kaalib la a,at a?ar bii falling diaappatnunaol; m by tka m af ibai dca.C* pan on, M?rcary, kaa.aa tba canaUtaitMial ayrnptania af IbU tambla diaaua, aaekaa Afaeuanas'tha Htait. Thraat, Hni, kin,Ac., proaraaalcf with fr;fbu's! rapidily, till daub pan a atriad ta bi? draadfil aafanrft ky sanding hira ta that ?dtaaa?arad eaanuy (ram wbaaa baarrn na traralar ir.cni. dk. juakion'ikcmedt roADIU?A*IC WKAUM ahd IMrUTXMUT. By tkia rraat aid Impartam ramady vaakntaa af us antu ata apaadily aarad and Ml *igar raaiarad. Thataaads af Ik a ax narraaa aad dateiltiaiad, vka kad laal aii kaya, ka*s kaao Imiaadiataly railavad. All unpadimanta ta Marnsg . PhytlMl a* Mania! DiaataUlaaiiona, Lou al PfsaititlTS Pavar, W?r*a?a Itriusillly Tiamajmg?.i4 Waakaaaaar XxMattlm af tks atfaarfV klad apaaaJrl.T eaiad. KNnoMKMHrr or rax pkem. Till MAN T ykli)DflANi)flrand at I h ta InatdsllM vllkl* llitvta mi *| Lit uiaai uwuniiay| bam VIII 1*11 knawu; many traablad w;ih rbjioj In tba hod and un bio uliip; rraal carvaaataaa, kai&f alanrad ?t aaddaa audi, tMbfiluiH vilL fraqaau; blaatinf, attandaJ aaaa tail With d?r?t.f iL?ut ?f mind, tin carad tuiaadlaUlf. TAU PAETlCBiAR M0T1CC. YM .f Man u>d fJiin wba htr? mjarad ikithItn ky ( rte.ui prsetiea mdalgad in arbaa alara ? btku fraqaautiy taarnad fraia a?il canpaniaaa, ar at acbaal, tk? ilr.u > f Met im nifktly faltatan ?kau ulii), tud i( Mt cull raudara warriaga impoaaikla, and kalk aia< uC kaJ?, ahavld apply irnmacfia-.aly. Toon art aama of tha aad anij Malaachaly (facta and Mad ky aariy bafaita af raa'b ?il I Wiiiom aftha Back aad li'DSt, Pmui in tba Hand, Dimnaaa of (!<!, Liu ( Maacala* Powar, Palpiiatiau of tba l(a*r:, Llyapapar, NtMtiii Irnukl'tty, DarLnf aiaantaf iha l)ijaiu?? raucuaoa, lananl Dakility, if li. j i of Coi.awnf uaia, 4c. M KXTALLT.?Tna fa-.rfal a facta an tba mind art laaak M ka tlri tdad?Lota of TVbroary.Canfaaian af ldaaa, Dapraaaiaa afVptrir*, E?il Parba.fti>fa, ATaraianafBaciaty, alf-Diatrait, k?>i af Sa.uada.TuwIuy, alt., art aaua af Ua aula pra dacad. HKHTUII DCIlkiTY?Tbaaaaada taa aaa'idfl ?kl| la tba ciua a/ thair daclioing baaltk, laait.f tbair 'ijar.ka aauiuf waik, pala, aarraaa aad auiaciatad, bi<tn[ a aiofalar appaartcca akaattfca ayaa. caafk or ayniptairaaf taoakaaptfaa D1SKASM or IMPRVnicnCK. Whan Ik* rmagaidtd and itnpradaut *a(ary af p!aaaaya I a da ka b&aim>ibad tba aaada af tbia palnfal diaaaaa, it taa aftaa kappa.i? that to ill'titntd aaaaa af ahama ardraad af dia?a*arjj Sir MUIM?? *UU UVIkfVJ WW/ ? ? ?ii>? TO GNU Mkl Bap**iallT wk?k?Ti k*c*aa* U>? victual *f alliary Ttaa, (hit dr?aa/?l and dMintim haku vbicb annaallT ivtipi M an *nlitn?l? jr*?a tb?a??rila *f Yaang Mao *ftb* maai altad U'l'U and kriWit ialllkct, ?f a nirti atbcrviaa kiri tranod haaamnf Imiui wiUi tbttiiBcvart aj tlaoaaot* ? Ml* iU lltittf l;ii, ?; Mil vitk fa:: ?S iUH. illlAtl. MtttlU T iff M?i?*ataap.ttl*f Hu rlara, kamf *?! ' vtyaaal **akaau, arfiax 4*kliity, da&rnnt.aa, ft*., ipaadiW toil a wh* plaeai huaj?:i acdat ik* tar* *f nr. I. aa; raltfl m?)t **nida in hii Mnar '.? a imilaiaaa tad aaaldaollr r?"l pac hia a%ill aa a pft?*i?iaa. orricK ?a t ?nrm r*?D*?ie*fT*rrr, lafl hard aid* f*i*f '? ? altlmar* itMal, a ll* d*?r> fnm tk* ?*rn*r. Fail t**k?*r*B taai ud aaakti. kalian at M Hid tai waula * altar BK. JOSMtT JM, Maakara *ftk* *.ot?. C*Ila(a ftar|??u, Wdaa, rndaal* framauaaf lha maa; aninaut Callaj is tka nitan tial**, and lb* f-raattr part *f *haa* Ufa baa kaan apant in th* *aa itala of L?nil*ri. Paua, Pbiladalpbia and alaavhar*, baa *1 f 9 .MEDICINES. U j^uriauHi toe* HosriTAi, Hm U? m?5i Cc?w, SPfrff, vU *? Ktwit iy in tk4 World, FOfc ALL DI*EASE8_OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IM3HEP ATELV. A CURE WARRANTED, OR XO CHAX&M, IX FROM UXE TO TWO DAYS W*f tk? K??k, Stnclir** Aftttim af Ui KUmiji u< Bladdtr, in*?laai*ry OacktrfM, iniciaif, *?oin! Dtktiit?. 0rin*U, Cw rk?M #f ld???. Faiptuuau iht "'aidr.j.Trtnik'V.ufi, Ptw ?m ?f Sifbi ?r Jtddui*!*, Dimm* afth* TVrMt, Kuan Ikin, Afftwuart ?f tbt W?nr?. Stataaeh ?r ihMt T?rribl* Dm>rdtf? wrtatog (ran C?<n?r7 fitu ( T?aU>?(hNt Drtadfki -ad IHmicU'i fneiKU ?ki?H tik ? --J 4...^. W-..J Aiui carriage factories. waslilmuton callklasf, factoiy. H mr*0. h,tw?**Ua?4 WkStrmtu ^t~__ _p|n"tl ml romty ?f irt ol>m tahklages, anoh m '"j'cjjwi rnrh Pkuitami. > (%r rtaref, anit Butt in, which W* _ , . . ? Bmm prMt!C?J B1M+MU1T in of UiobaamM*, wo laitar ow/**. ve* *?'* *-?????* u.e ?ylo* aujf ?umtj pfviuk LUt Wi 1 tMtlue, coijifei:.;iij ligbtae??, oomfoil V kepinnr jromptlyui<} ?t*iH ' * *? tlhf iftortoat fcQtl Bio*! r*Mr>)lh.< nj a. \; V? Al.TER. KARMANN ft. BttP. V CofMwn&krr*, fnoooMors to Wa T. Hx. *y ?7-4ly ^ _ T0ARK1A?K?. MR Babm-Hwr DOTtw aiido aMitoMto hi taotonr, tiuUisf it sow ?M of t|p in th? Dittriet, Wharo bit (jsutui gwftswafafKi t c*:.not bo iBfjtiifi'i *#< I fraiajut loacu^fDMii the beeii^*, Jw h*y?e to fi * ? *Jh?tton. /tl klM? cfUm???ita? JU<kt wifm kryi ?i a RKPA1 R8 BMtr 4oa#.M*ftU ?4M "dentistryT" Or. MVNSO*E?M*itn?n^a'nd rMia?d hit profe*?ion. Ofice Aid boars at 463 K laird door ea?t of Sixth In addition t every o'ner app.oved ?tjle, Dr. U. fca? tot^*-1-"-0 teeth or. vulcanite Bim lor the iut th>e# jeer?, a;d, from experience, knovs it exoeli ali oth?r?. ar(j ia one-third Ini In price than fold. Bis old patron* of Washington. Alexandria, and Oeorr^town are respectful!* oliaitowl to Mil. m 2S-m>1t D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM 18 Hu cloiad hit oAm forth? mpon, U'l will be absent, ax nana), during the oain mar month* ; will r'liimf practice n;*>i? the l*t of October, of which furthw nolle# will be (itm. Jt i"-tf D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a praetie*: teat of twe r?n (e?ii that he oan with oontiOeBoe r?eon-^?Mh mend the CfeeoyiarUc Prooeaa lor maerUn(?a|Bp artJiciai tbetu. It uaa the aoiaaiia*ea ur* ?Wijth, beactj, eieauliDefBtar-i cheapness Fal a?F?r ae<a innertH for fX. Partiai it proaortica. O#oe 306 Pa. a venae. ni Ml AN JiO UA HOWE'SlAiPKOVED WEIGHING?CALE8 i'fteae doalr* fro offered t-? tii? miMic aa Uie m?et si trifle. tfural>i?, icl reliable fcaTsa ever out ia aae. Fun tola*! piticiuina have been av%rde<flhM> by the Utsited :<tr.t?? Pairai.d Virginia Aficnltnra] Society; Virrinia J*tat? Atrtafl'tnral Fair: Fraaklia Inatitate Fair, Pennsylvania: Ne?r York State Fair; Vtnnoat i>tau Fair, &?., i?. la tror? mm wkw? xuibited Uney nave received fcrit olaca preroiaau For a* e at A* Lo?iaiaaa avenue, Depot of Siliar t Chil.M ironSafna. da t*-1r E* C. FATTISON. A*?mt. ?|7A?HJN?TON SEWING KUOMB. " M 5ia it., (wo ioft V?ri4 tf /a 4m. Now 14to*tm-e to get HPI1N8 and tfl'MMEft Ba IRTS maoe c? Ij "'der. Tke aubacriber is pre J * ^ U-. QAiu A. IM> A \1J l?DO -* ?i- - I pw ou ikj UIMV ifv I cf wr.a TTr- nr. f* o., M ill* Iwrleet uni.ce. Ail Orcr.fcfc&fea of Seirnie dog* BHIf^UOHOXB, OOUJkES, ane WK.I?* w it-o y | m. n matw IP 1 R E, F I E K. 1 porowir irjTJ?A. I am til! encared In the PLUMBING and GAS FITTING Br?INE#S 5t my old stand in Philharmonic Ha'i. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water ? a* rr*dilT observed at tM fire ef yesterday, a* I am veil sato&eri I should have been burned uot but lor the bountiful supply u^>r try preiniKe* and tn*t of my neighbors All orders for the introUaotion of Water and Oa* will he promptly attended to. Terms a* reasonable as any plnmner in the eity. Jy? C.8NYPKK. v> p WOHOMT! V \ DISPATCH! If ^ \/*T S&Tft the Pifcci! ii meeidtntt trill harm. i**n ?? wtll-rmUHd fmrniiitf, it ia rerj drairabla to have acme ?hray inl oonvcniant way So: repairing Furniture, Tor* Croakerj.&e. 6PAL0!iW? rftEPAKEO OLCE ixioft* jvli auah aad no household ou afford to be WitMKUiii. It i? &* ?** rearty an<1 up to the puckiuf point. There is no Iwifw s dmma't* for TlmpiCK o'lVjiyipimtered -*n*era. nmidieea dolla, and brct^n era<f!e?. It ta iiit the a-i.oie for anno. ahall. ann other ornamental work, ao poyaiar With ia>ii?a of r?fiuen<?nt arM tact**. '1 hia adanraMe preparation U uaed Ooid, balnt oiiemicaily h?'.d in solution, and aosseeain* all tha va'uaWe a uAlitiaa of the Inat cabinet naAer*' rlae. It mf.j l?e osod ia the pince of ordinary mnoilata, bainc rast!y rnnre adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." P^r*. U wet*. v N. h.~A Brush &eoompant?a each bottia i>a4at ]Vn iH Pada* ? -?- ? ?r?'? *?v. v?uw ativvftf i^vw ^ "" "* A<Mr?M HF*? R Y cT? f A L D] .N6 * CO., Box No. 3,600, New York. I'nl op Tor I)*v*ra in Cfttee e?nt%iqtn? Fo?r, iiiUit, and Tretvp l)<i*u-& Lithorraphio i>uow Cdrct aocompvijinr each pa*1k r * e. ID" A mr*> bottle of SPjJ.Bi.WS PRE PaiiEU GLUK will ?a*e ten bmes its ooat ?nua^Uj to every household. tjold by all roi&in^Dt ^iationwfc D:af(i?ta, Hardware ami Fiu-mure Defers, Grocers, una t'AJiey rtt/>ree. I'iMnImw -I ?. ?? ... j . .v.vunj n.jMuiu iij?io?r.uwui or;11*DING'S PKEPARKS OLTJf. when ma*in< np thmrlirt. It will ?Mrd any Curate. fr l<Mr y* ! iP Ur * * # ^ *-iiu.'*< ?'*-? < ?xtl*IL*' g* $ JJ?'Wv/'r n* K (,'!< 0.4*tt JhmUlft* ^ M V <il ri/V* JfMr /m? S $ F vu*i*4y fr'.r**/"'** *r JP p ^ ^ x* ^ y?w ? r*^yM <v??' ; im<*tn to 1<*. - w. fP ftnnlittrf*.n frttinfiuw**t ?-??>>? ??i1' > & ? *? ?*?? *?V fi? Tai/rr U'itkU*. ? T Jfcl1' " c'*' *y tk* Rtlt '* Ji'tr+Jy /?< /iyttVuii i?Hr ' P* *f, nU T7w m mm !? < JtWutMj jfy i ' I tjgss&J CAUTION. PURCBASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ffigmirwiiKiiEi WITH THF SIR NATURE OP ON THE UBEL^ OTHE^*RE AM IMITATION ANt A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKET. WM.ILDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH W1LlUMSr NEWYDRK. fOR SALS IN WASHINGTON BY y T-ly BARBOUR * BBUMBft. Nka?o?iMy??4tetel1wi. W? aia* ?#*r ow OLD FAM1LV RYM WMJ8KMY, w^wafirAUr" ?*"1 Y-aur 1 US tfci. lo ? < ( 19(1 , -4 j I'r rii vLaf I . H BRANCH OFFICE, N*. M BANK OP COMMRlCi Bl'lLflftl*, NEW YORK CITY. I Hl-AaMfOl W!ti I 'T-S I REMEMBER, It u not tekan inwdly, tmt U Ni*w?r. MMrfcag u dirMtiMA, ttotliiiiinir |Mk MANUFACTURED BY 19 M WILC9I * C?2~ , tMHilNVTMR, JJJ irtitfnM n t iiaittiiVh villi Mfariac. mmj ktltAlouti t?boxmm prefwwlioa. Jvaiafcstf bf tt? LtU ?f NtiarafM > MAN'S BLESSING ' i 1 i f? *. I> UBTPmomxi 18 SOLO BY ALL DKUMItTI AM MBD1CINE DBiLSM IN AHBIKML PRICE ONE DOLLAR. ' ImI by mil lo m? part of Mm Oaitod Mmm. J. R. Tiltoa, of Balirada, Mtlw, broaskt trot* dtath'a door, fc*ria? isfknd for fo? mn. m?4? veil ii Im wmU. u4 improved ia t*? koara. A' I I Adolf ka Mo*Hre, of Fiuw. rettewed om hour, wkil# travalbac ia tko o? of Um Fort Wayna ud Cki?*?? Railroad. Ha wm miMt ly djiac witk C Julia. BUaa B. Baoaoa, of ^kparVNawYailu raa " Tkoaaand of otkar win praraalad aai aarai or err mouth, tad aot a aia<la ? ptaiat at tfca aftciency of tka 1IPECTIII, am PBR8IAN /IYIK CSARM. T*r IT, TROTM IT, EJTOW IT. A ad awke kaowa it* iwiwW yatraraaad y|?. j ml PERSIAN FIVER CHARM, Bu cured tho??ainU o4 bo#i kim mt Ik* ?K*?t dmdflil Piwn. Read urf rrt"rt. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. I4??l of Pittib?n, (or tv* yaw aaa1??? to hini??)f aad ooctoty?a Martyr to ClulU aad Porer?cared io Uian tfcraa *Nki, aad improved in aigkt hnarc. Mary K. Balkaay. Saadarty, Okio, altar alaort toeing Iwr reason aa wall aa err??tk by latar mittcnt Fcror, vitk Chilla, raatarad to k?aitk la twonty hour*. JtJLr V A K t IP HBTTEK THAn rH 1 84C. NATVRE 18 WIRRR THAN AST. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WlftC APPLY WHILE TMB POOLIfH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRI> A TO CURB. DELAYS ARE DAN6EROU8. THE VVPECTm. ALL TRACE? OP DISEASE MAT BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS, heart, or porta of Mm kma |MM. Hue INPKCTINE ie tha mt?nl uIkorM of alT +> v?re, and vkn it obi? la toatori with the etla^ it abaorhod by the interior arfaae. vfctoh ram at eaeily nlMU aad all torwdi thooe maladttB whioh proatrala Ui mind Mi bodf with. farm. Fever and Acne remit fro* namoroaa mm. No pi Me It exempt from the duih wkiah promote tbe exietaooe of the Iimm. That Mh om Mat ad in the ar*tem. ladaoaa dopreamoa of eptrtta. laeaitade. languor, paiae. ahilia. fertr, and a loaf train of dteacrmable aaaaattooa, %nni| the pa tiant of til energy and radaeiac him or her to a oonditaoa of EXTREME ELPLEMNE9S. Why will any one roffar the horrore of a dahiiltafcnc Intermittent Ferar. whan by tha aaa of Ike INVALUABLE INPECT1NE, PERSIAN FEVER C?ARM. tha eminent meOioai acd mactoalaaaiitoaa of vhiea inrKCTlttK, 1NPECTINK. INPECTINK, IXPMCTIXt ' Th? trrribi* maUdy known M th? FEVER AND AG UK bu smitten kindred* of Uomu4i of par wu tkrvuhovt lk? world wttj ymr. Md kM nover till k>* Imm w*t ky eeeeeeefei aNlMt Ukftt iiM Ml MTira MEDICINAL DISEASE*, kick Affect U? lingm, tfce (b? Iitm. * JNTEHMlTTKJft AM* *'LlOV8 FWTtMt CURES INSURED l!? A BAY. NATURE*? GRAND RRRTOR'ATlTf. INPKCT1SK, lSPKCTlfTK. tsrSM AUD AUVM MJTMMMJMATED j 1 " J* /' % ?? TBE HUMAN CONSTITUTION ftAVKO FROM WESCft. 4 viik : ? ?*:tr3 1 ? PR*SrESTnr? *** FOB ALL MKP101KBB. |N PBOtIN E; r PERSIAN nvift CI A An. I .fiStgSmr V* ' ^

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