Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1860 Page 2
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_ THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY **Tva??r 12,18*0. spirit mi U? Haralai PrtM. The Co?Mtt*t,on congratulate* the country npon the fact that the late canvaaa, " with all lta vile .J.I < ' VIIIMIIIUK III VI iUiV^tlVVU, M.IUUBI, gogoetf, prejudiced partisan appeals, misrepresentations and general distortion of the natural order of things, baa given way to a restoration which rep! ires society in a position approxima. ting to that In which it existed previoua to its aberration from the disturbing influence of a periodical conflict." The Initlltgtnrtr reproduce* a letter from the Hon. \V. W. ttoyre, of P. C., against secession In lsSl, and holds that, although Mr. Bcyce is now in favor of secession, the force of his arguments against it have not been weakened by time |P"T* From J 8hillington we have the fine Do cember number oi uoaey'a Mdy ? nook. Counterfeit 920 bllla on the Bank of Tenni?te, payable at Trenton, are In circulation al Nashville. C7"The Grand Jury of Lynchburg (Va.) have found a true bill against George W. Hardwlcke, and Ignored the bill against War. Hardwlcke, the parties engaged in the hooting of Mr. Button, connected with one of the papers there. ITT Senator Green in a late speech at the Planter'a Houae. St I.ouis. came out sural nst secession - saying that tbe election of Lincoln would by no means Justify dissolution of tbe Union, and that nil should frown down any attempt to break up tLe Goverament. Tna Pbksidixtial Election ?Our latest telegraphic dispatches assert that Missouri and Tennessee have both been carried for Bell and Everett by decided pluralities. The Louisville Courier (democratic) concedes that "Mr. Bell has certainly earried the State." This will give the Union ticket thirty-seven electoral vote*, Including the two Bell elector* on the New Jersey fusion ticket Niw Books.?We hive received from Messrs Fudd A Carlton, New York, through Messrs. Blanc bard & Mohun of this city, (who have the book for sale) a copy of "The Moral History of Women," from the French of Ernest Legouve, author of various popular works, 4c. This work, which we have already noticed in the proof-sheets, is m ini in maawuK uyis oy ue puoiisbers. AIM, ft ropy of "The Great Preparation,'* or " Kademption Draweth Nighbv the Rev. John Camming, D. D , F R S E., author of " The 6rest Tribulation," 4c. Firat aeriea?second aeries nearly ready The agent of the Aaaociated Prew tele, grape from Waahiogton aa follow*: The eventa now tranapiring at the South continue to occaaion much solicitude and alarm In prominentcircieaof Washington; butrime degree of solace ia found In the hope that the longer State action ia poatponed the more effectually will the conservative or Union elements consolidate for resisting the revolutionary movements. From reliable private sources it appears that manv who disapprove of the secession proceedings wear the cockade merely aa a precautionary means of personal safety. It ta not at ail probabte that any publication will emanate from the President of the United States, before he shall tp?nimit Paii?tv? ku ' message, la which the entire country will be addressed on this dangerous and exciting subject. H7"The New York Evening Post. In the following paragraph, perhaps unconsciously, reminds the Southern States which expect to remain in th? Union?-ven if South Carolina should temporarily seceds ?of political as well as a civil interest which thev ^possess in seeking to dissuade th? people ot the Palmetto State from any sack disorganising procedure: "The Democratic prints are rejoicing that the majority of the next Congress will be opposed in VMlIttlMI aaalimAnt A -I?? * ? * * ?44 ^....yos ?vanu>^H> *v >UV UC W AUU1J IliBifdll Oil . But In this calculation t&ey forget that South Carolina and Alabama threatened to withdraw from tUe Union Of couMe In that event their Senators and Representatives will be withdrawn. But with the loaa of tuese the Republicans will regain the ascendency in both branches of the National Legislature.'1 A Goon-Nati.sid Democratic Vtiw.?The Boston Post yields gracefully, produces a horrible caricature of Mr Lincoln, with a fat simile of his autograph appended, and adds: "We reproduce with pleasure the picture of the now Illustrious A. Lincoln [Cut Inserted ] He Is generally supposed to be getting his clothes together prejwrntory to a rlsit to the shores of the r>Tomac sometime in March next Mrs. Lincoln will undoubtedly tcromfun* him. We with them both a ?rry pleasant visit and a safe return to their happf Sprlnefleld home " 'Who la this so gaunt and thin' Old Abe Lincoln. Old Abe Lincoln. He ain't good looking, but Le Aas come In, Poor Aoe Lincoln. Poor Abe Lincoln ' tl We can proceed no further. It Is too harrowing." Fi*e ass Losa or Litk.?A fire broke out *- ? * ? .muui vm rwvc* mi siiuraiv morning in tbe kitchen of the Clarendon Hotel, at Buffalo, New York, and rapidly spreading, destroyed the main build! ng. situated on tbe corner of Main and South Division streets, and the wing extending through to W ashing ton street Tbe Wing on South Division street was savt-d. H. Q. Chamberlain, oyster dealer, jumped from tbe fourth story and was almost Instantly killed. Mr. Carland. of the Arm of Carland.& tfelrue, clothiers, was burned to death The building wsa owned by Orson Phelps, and valued at fuu.ouo. upon which there is an insurance of S-iu.uuHn New York and New England companies. A heavy rain was falling at the 5 me. and prevented tbe tire from spreading oeyond tbe building It is rumored tbat four servant girls are lost, and tbat many strangers may have perished; also, one man In tbe fourth story raised a window and exclaimed tbat be wasa stranger, and eoold not find tbe way out, and couldn't live another minute in bis room, and begged the crowd to save him. He was not seeu again. Pereeaal. Hon Tboe Corwin, of Ohio, and General Palfrey and lady, of La , are at the National. Hon. F. W Pickens and family, of 9. C ; Hon. 8. T Wlgfall, of Texas; andHoa.M.R H. Garnett, of Va., are at Browu'e. fV-a-?THfTrEPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION of I L 9 the Fifth and Sixrh Ward* will h<>ld a nteet ina at Chkl Fellows' Haii.Navv Yard, TL'ESI'AY LVfcNLNG.nT o'clock. if OH43 SLEIGH. K'c. ??o. WASHINGTON LIGHT PA NT 8 Y ? LUt Companies A and IS will inaet TO NIGHT at 8 o'clock. Tee members are reaueslcd to I* Cnctnal. as partieu ar business will be brought fore them. It* P. J. ENN1S8, Seo |>? AT THE LAST MKETINQ OF THE Col??eiaa Lyoenm the follow in* named gent'emen were ai^ot d oflcer? At the ensuing term: President, T E Brawn; Vice President. VVm. T. Williaass; Secretary, Fruik R. Larkin; Assistant fcaoretary.E A Zaveiy; Treasurer, J so. T Bryant; Hergeant at-Arras, W. W. Bennett; Editors, K.. Town, Dodson and W. M Dnneanson If FRANK R. L* EHIN, See. rf?-ALL THE Mfc.M JF.KS> OFTHK8LOU IJJ5 nseter Farm an<i T?wn Association, and owners ?f Ms in Keg Hartx r Cit*. New Jervr, -will meat oo TUESDAY neat, the Utn -lay of I\ the MteUubmont of Charles Werner, corner of Sixth street and Pa. avenue, when Fa. UoakximiTZ, Esq , theseoretar; ef the association, ViII inf> rm loeabersas to the liar bur improvements now uadar way of execution, and al?o in relation to UM Ml*of one thousand baifding ioCs is the harbor district. Time of meeting 7 o'clock p. in. .V B -The maaibara of the above-mentioned Association are i u formed by this that the stated meet* is( which should be held to-night will he held TOM ()R ROW, i Taaaday,'as above stated. By order of the Board of Directors. no HUT CHA? I. UHLMAN. Agent. rra-1 O. O. F-ORAND LOlMiK.?The AaIL9 anai rommnmoatioa or the R. W. Brand Lodge ofthe Distnot >>f Oolambia will be held at Odd Fsllaws* Hall, 'th st ,os MONDAY EVE NI.NO. lb* 12th lastaut. at 1 o'clock *>?-? JNO. T. BANQS,0. 8?c. ,r*"W Chorok, (K?r. Dr. Gurley'a) to gonMaot at ft qnarur p*?t 4 o'clock, to b? oontinMd on* SSL no 5 (IT* *A? S Lnapru,. ?f ?... wenft?? WKfiALH* WEDDINOENTKLOP^^-J "J- * in# mow D6iutiiui fiyitk. sae Pa. A*., bf?a Mi anrfmh *U, M ?T-4i WAHnmi. 0_ D*. *ELDEN W. CEO W. ? FFICE?441 TB?X* Jijwin E i?D F, C7" Adrio* to tfc* poor irithoot eharg fro* I* 1C o eloifcaTery aaorulaic. aott-2w Or vAvrcimH On TVK9DAY, NoVombor U Kztr?B?r*r Trnmnad Black Cloaka, Cioahct Hortkf Trimmed Cloaka, Winter t*j) * Black Cloth C.oaka, F.lefaat Trimmed Biaok Ji'oth yloaka, t?tli?h Sac^'i*^ in ttJa k Cloth, V*ok Ci?nh Arab i 1- ak?. from f? to #M. A<iof tnaabpy joft r?>y*.a?d w>il bo ao*d 9 Ue^^lS,wW,??? r?. ar# * 1 WAIHIW8T01I WiWI AHP OOMIP. U iwiii CoPKim ?The Republican press of the on-<laveholding States continue tbe iniane work of pooh-poohing tbe existing condition of thing* at tbe South. In this they are grievously misleading the communities In whose midst they are printed, whose interests are so closely Involved In tbe continuance of tbe Confederacy Intact We sincerely believe that there is bat little hope of Its continuance remaining, unless tbe President elect shsll promptly enable those at tbe South woo would prevent the destruction of the Union, to accomplish that object, by himself t*k>DK ground instantly against the ultralsts of his party, so unmistakably as that they (the Unionists of the South) may carry conviction with their words when urging that his administration Is to be a conservative one. We need not protest the earaeatnemof this opinion of ours?that it is not announced for political effect. Tbe wbole course of the Star upon thla monientoua question, ever Ince we have regarded tbe Union as being In danger, Involve* a guarantee that we are Indeed the South shall give tbe Incoming administration a fair trial, instead of resorting to what it may deem necessary measure* f arlf-protection ere its policy with reference to tbe slavery question may be developed. The moat lnaane of all the Republican party journala, on this subject, is tbe New York Evenint Pott, whose current courae amounts to an earnest Invitation to the dlssatlsfled States to proceed with tbe work of consummating preparations to leave the Confederacy In a body on the 4th of March next. While counseling Lincoln agalnat in any manner aiding personally to disabuse the aouthern popular mind from the impression that bis policy U to be that breathed in all the speeches of Messrs. Wade, Sumner and Giddlnga,and their abolition co-laborers, and in the editorial columna of the New York Trib***, (tha almost universal prevalence of which opinion throughout the South forma the whole cause of tha current danger of disunion,) It pretenda to bold the present Admin Utratlon responsible for the due initiation and successful prosecution of measures that ahall success, fully keep the cotton States in check. Now, the conductors of the Evening Pott must know wfH that the law doea not authorise the Government at this point to take any official cognizance of anything whatever auch Southern States may do In the wsy of preparation to be ready for aeceaaion from the Union in a body on the 4th of March next. President Buchanan can only lawfully act in caae of the Infraction of some Law by some parties or State in the South. He cannot lawfully mere a finger to prevent the calllBg of aecession conventions in the Southern States; nor. again, to prevent the election of an overwhelming majority of secessionists to those conventions. Nor can be in any way Interfere with the people of the cotton States in their subA# **<# >< * m?lU 41 vc^u^utavt vi latujiu^ ai IUD pVliS wMICTCr IDUVC conventions may determine on agalnat the continuance or the Confederacy. Thus, It ia aurelycompetent for the cotton Statea to be fully prepared to aet up a Government of their own, wholly Independent of and disconnected with the Government of the United Statea, on the 4th of March next, without having ao violated a Federal law in tbe meanwhile, as that President Buchanan can lawfully take any official cognizance of their acta whatever. Already It Is clear, beyond contradiction, that the late impression thst tbe Bell and Douglas parties of the cotton States are not acting with their fellow-citizens of lbs Breckinridge party in their preparations for disunion, was a grievously fallacious one. On the contrary, In Georgia and Alabama. for instance, late Bell and Douglas electors and newspapers are eagerly rushing forward to occupy the hrst placet in the revolutionary movement. Those who are appealing to the Presidentelect to do something by way of aiding to prevent such action as will result In bis inauguration as th? PhUf M rrlitrttt* Ku* "H -** ? ? -* tng Confederacy, are not seeking to Induce him to compromise the dignity of bis position, as tbc Evening Post alleges; or any advantage for the principles of the Republican party as he himself announced them on every occasion in the course of bis celebrated canvass for the Senate of the United States with Douglas, as It (the Post) also slleges; but simply that he shall now formally proclaim, la some unmistakable way, that he designs administering the Government on the position*. where the slavery question may be concerned, upon which he stood In that remarkable canvaas, rather than according to the positions urgfd as those of the Runnlillran navtv ?? n>~? ? 0 ? ? j- ? ?? g~a? j nrj MiU?? VI those at the North who have triuinped equally with himself u Republican-party candidates In the recent election While we have no Idea whatever that such an announcement on hla part will generate for hla Administration any party to apeak of at the South, we sincerely believe that it will operate more than aught else conceivable in the present crisis, to induce the mm of the people of the South to turn deaf ears fc those who are seeking to precipitate them into revolution. The Conc?aT.?Madame Fabbri, who has created such an excitement in New York in the operas of La Jmire and \abbuto, ia to give a concert at W UUrd's Hall on Wednesday night next The greateat of living bassos, Carl Formes, will assist her, as will also Signor Stlgelli, the world-renowned composer of "Brightest Eyes,"and other beautiful songs. We hear that Signor StlgelH will alng hla new aong, "The Tear," and Mr. Formes "The Erl King," which he gives with such tremendons effect. Our community will very gladly avail themselves of such s relief from the din of politics as will be afforded by the concert of Wednesday night. WoRDiirrL Pbookkss in TxLioxAriiiKa? Joseph S Wilson, Commissioner of the General Land Office, this morning received a telegraphic dispatch from Portland. Ormnn ?i> California, dated November 1st, IftIO, thus reaching here within twelve days, an unprecedented achievement In magnetic telegraphing, and a striking Instance of the progress of the age. Thr Wiatiii.?The following report of tho weather for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the t*mlth> sonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock Novmtii n, 1W0 New York, ft. Y clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, 42?. Washington, D. C f loor. Richmond, Va. cloudy, 48?. Petersburg. Va...... cloudy, W. iMieuu, i-*. V/ cloudv, W?. Wilmington. N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, 8> ..* clear, mild. Augusta, Ga. clear, pleasant. Savannah, 0a clear, 551, wind E Macon, Oa clear, cool. Columbua, 6a cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cool. Jackson, Ala. clear. MoMle. Ala clear, 50*. New Orleans, La clear, 5U?,wind SW Barometer at the Smltbacnlaa at 7 a. m., (corrected far temperature,) 89,697; at noon, 29.668 Tberaaomator at 7 a. m., 42'; at noon, 53?. Mailmnm daring 4? hours, ending a. m. today, ?* ; minimum 37*. f^OOD BBCOND-HAND PIANOs.-Ji.V4D U A.\D REMuMBBK.-Om at on* at 940; one at oa* at ftSO; two ? W; on?atftl?5; eneatflM. Aao a new*?1 ' ' ' Piano for fjno, all on monthly payments o Mary diagonals for oaak. Now ia tne time to bnj oh*ap. JOHN P. KLL1S. no 13 306 Pa stwim. X-S. U/UITL- /> ? ? ? ? ? TYRANT."*" The na4er*ifaed would raoit reapectfully annoucee to the citizen* and itruitri tnat they have just opened tU* abo?e named establishment atoonaide-enle expense, whir* the* will at all timea be ready to aoooipmodate th* ban try a* ? 1 aa the ihir?tr. Thia Hon** will b**t*ned oa Monday, November li, for tke reception of the Peblie. Kllertw USHER fc MITCHELL. MR JOSEPH JKCFRaatw an. Joseph jeffeIsoK: r. joseph jefferson ! america sown comedian! america's own comedian' WHtl wlbu APPEAk TO-NIHHT who will APPEAR TO-NIUHT blTPORTED, SUPPORTED. SUPPORTED SSiiK > THE SIGNS OF THE TIKES. Latest from Soot* Cabolixa?Pa*?a?* or th? Bill ix mi Skkat* Calling a Stat* Conv*stio3i?Immxdiatb Rssidtakc* Advocated. Columbia, 8. C., Nov. 9.?In the Senate to-day. Mr. (Jarlington, from the Committee on Pederai Relation*, reported a bill calling * Convention of tbe people of tbe State to take Into con?lder*tion the danger* incident to the present position at our State In tbe Union, and to take meKurea which m?v Ka n r i m nil nrnnor f nr nrnwi <1 intr nowftnaf the same. Th? bill provide* that the Convention hall assemble on the second Monday In Jaansry, and the election for delegates occur on the Tuesday previous, the number of delegates from each district to correspond with the number of It* Senators and Representatives in the Legislature. The last provision of the bill requests the Governor to communicate a copy to the Executives of the slave-holding States, and urge their co-operation In providing for the future safety, welfare and Independence of the South After a brief dlsrnaslon concerning the time fixed, the bill passed by yeas forty-four, uzjt one. The dissenting Senator differed about the time only. In the House, Mr Trenholm's resolution to send a commissioner to Georgia, was taken ap, and a kaarp aroiif pmum neiween me co-operatlonl?ta and aeparate State action men. Mr. Gray oppoaed the reaolntlon. Separate action, he Mla.waathe doctrine advocated by Calhoun and McDutHe. and recognized by De Torquevllle. He hoped South Carolina would throw off the odioui Federal yoke. Mr. McGowan aald South Carolina Wlahed to ecede long ago, but for ten yeara the policy had been to await co-operation. Now, on the eve of ncceaa, it would be the bight of tnadneaa to wait to unite with her aoutbern sitter# Mr. Muillita thought the attempt to aecnre cooperation would be diaaatroua, and cited the caae or the commlnlon sent to Virginia. If we waited for other State* to lead, alavery would be abandoned, and tbe South would be oppreaaed like * 11- * <1 W* * " ? ?? iriaia uy ue tan maia company. He felt tbe Importance of action, and (bought It would be time enough to tend commissioners when they bad formally declared the Union broken Surv. pose Georgia declined acting, what policy would Lis frlendjnirsue? Mr McGowan did not indicateany policy, Hli idea waa to proceed, pari pasfti, with Georgia. Mr. Mullini replied that we coald not with dignity ask co-operation antil we have ourselves acted. The consideration of the resolutiots wss then postponed till to-morrow. In the Senate, the bill calling a convention was referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. Mr Slmonton gave notice that he would introduce a bill providing police regulations concerning persons from Stato-a hostile to slavery. Eight hundred Minute Men are drilling here to-night. Cheering dispatches from all parts of the South are received, and the aervices of volunteera proffered from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tenneaaee. Cbarleaton dispatches state that unsucceaaful at lempia were maae io-aay Dy troop* to remove the Government arms from the arsenal In the city to Fort Moultrie. There was great excitement In consequence, the shipping hoisting the Palmetto flag, and steamers' swivels saluted It. Tbe Governor of Georgia has sent our Governor an advance copy of hla message, urging tbe Legislature of that State to appropriate immediately a million dollars as a military fund, and prepare for secession. Tbe Georgia Federal officials are about resigning. Tbe State Cadets are in readiness, omitting the November holiday. I mmi>nM rMlitanc* 1>?" M?VV ?< Tf VIV UV1V UtlC and at Charleston to-night A great turnout of Minute Men from all tbe adjoining district* will take place here next week during the State Fair. Stats Cosvkjitioh to bb Callid?The Bill AMKXDkD bt tub Housx amd Pas1id bt the Senate. Columbia, 8. C . Nor. 10?The Speaker of the House announced that a communication bad been received from Senator Cheanut resigning bla office aa Senator. Mr. Wbaley offered a resolution that , ?i v. ? " * tuc iwxuauu" up accepwu, ana inai wan under other circumstances would have bees regarded with regret la now recognized as an act of loyal devotion to Carolina Mr De Saussure mnde a report from the Commlttae of Wayi and iMrans, recommending a bill for the postponement of the operation of the act requiring the bank* to have one-third of gold and silver in their vaults to two-thirds of their lssne, which wan unanimously adopted. The necessity of prompt action for ttie relief of the banks was strongly urged. The expresses were dally bringing bills from the surrounding States and other demands for specie dally made. A Wtll > *... I-* * ? * - * - * n win *tie mirvuurra vo proviae ponce in r6lation to persons rotning from States hostile to the South. Mr. Aldrlch made a report from the Committee on Federal Relations, amending the Senate bill calling a Convention of the people, and Inserting tbat the election be held on the 6th of December Instead of the nth of January, and tbat the Convention meet on the 17th of December instead of the 10th of January. Mr. Black, of York, opposed the amendment. He wanted more time to canvass. He wanted the Senate bill as it stood. Mr. Thompson, of Union, said the agriculturists of the upper country wanted more time. Mr. winsmlth interrupted Mr. T with resolutions in relation to declaring the opinion of South Carolina, and Inviting co-operation ; which were tabled. Resolutions were Introduced from the Charleston meeting. The House then went into Committee of the Whole, and a discussion ensued on the report, when the question was?"Shall the hill for rallinv a Convention pass, and be sent to the Another discussion took place. v Mr. Aldrich, chairman of tbe Committee on Federal Relations, said all bad favored the Senate'! bill, but developments bad been made within tbe last twenty-four hours, which made decided action necessary Telegraphic message* were constantly arriving, calling upon them to act. Boylstou, Cunningham, Thompson, and Black spoke. The vote was then taken by ayes and nays, when tbe bill passed unanimously, (117) the whole number present voting "aye.'1 The Senate met at 7 o'clock p . m , lo consider tbe amendments of the House. Forty-one Senators were present, all voting "av? '? It is expected that Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas and Mississippi will go with South Carolina. The newt of Senator Toombs' resignation was balled with vreat enthusiasm. In tbe House Mr. Siiuonton offered a resolution that the Governor raise ten thousand volunteers, which will be considered on Monday. This evening a treat crowd of at least *.2,000 people assembled before tbe Congaree House. The minute men turned out and marched down Main street with a grand display of fireworks. Judge Magrath, Messrs. Conner, Caleock and Cunningham addressed thecrowd. Mr. Magrath aid be hoped South Carolina would be in tbe van of her sister states He was not there to prove to them tbe right to secede Tbe people say sh? has; the Legislature savs so; Heaven will sav she has the right; and if the Government at Washington should say she has not the right, then prove it by taking the right way. Mr. Calcock said although the present crowd was a large one, he wished to see one person mora present, and he was?Abe Lincoln. He would take him bv the hand, hrinir him and tell him to look upon that crowd, and ask him If he ever expected to wave the sceptre of President over the bead* of that people ? "Honest Abe" would anawer with downcast eyes, "never ." Pbocxkdixg* or tbs Gkobgia Lesislatubk.? Eeiactmbnt or Rsstbictivi Law*.? The Lbgislatcbb Kxrcsi to Elbct a Unitio Statbs Sbwatob Millbdobvillk, Nov. 9?The reaolntlon for the election of a U 8. Senator waa taken up vesterdif, and It was moved that the time be Monday, the 1<2th. Other days were proposed. Mr. I Hama. of North County, favored the earliest time, aa It was well known who Georgia preferred, and when he was elected he would Instantly resign, If the Interests of Georgia and the South required it. Mr Oliver, of Heard, ftvortd the earliest day? objecting to keeping candidates here in suspense. Sir. J ones, of Newton, urged the greatest delay, as he regarded the present as a time for delfbar* I uoti. 1'bey needed all the light thai could be tfbtalaed, before action. A few week* might develop Important matters which ought to be Known before the election. Mr. Spalding, of Mcintosh, favored a postponement for two weeks. He did not believ* In endorsing so early Mr. Lincoln's election. Other measures were important? that of holding a convention and retaliating legislation claimed precedence of the election or Senator. Mr. Seward, of Thomas county, fevered a postponement. He was opposed to do! ng anything so early to indicate that Georgia intended to submit to Lincoln's election. Mr Harris, of Nnrtb county, inquired at Mr. Seward if he Ihvored the secession of Georgia. Mr. Seward objected to interruption, lie said he was In favor of secession if G<*>rgia so decided la convention. He thought th*? ?? * _?D? nvuiu not b? auataiiilng the other Southern SUtea by thna early Indicating a willingnrae ta aubmit to Liacoln'a election. He conaldered that Southern aafety waa In acting aa a unit. Mr. Lawton, of Chatham, preaeed tha utanoat delay la tho election of a Senator. Thar* waa no neceaalty for apeedy action, aa Georgia would be ropreaeated la tbe Senate nil tbe 4tb of Match. He agreed with Mr. Seward that a* apaady an Indication to aubaalt to tha election of Lincoln would place Georgia In antagontem to her alatar mam, we newi would speedily be seat over the country that Georgia acquiesced la the election of Lincoln. Mr. Spalding moved a resolution to Uy on tha table for the present, which was adopted. A bill wu introduced heavily taxing manufactured articles from Maaaachueetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania. Michigan, W (atonal a, and etbef States nullifying tbe fugitiveslave law. Also, pre venting citizens of these offending States from suing ia the courts of Georgia. The L<egtalatur? adjourned tUI Monday. # Mnriv* at Acqc?ta. AreciTA, Nov. 10 ?A large mw lng of the citizen* took place here to-dsy, Mayor Blodgett preaidlng. Tne Mayor atated that be had receive* information that two or three citlxens bad beeu Invited to leave the city by unauthorized peraona He meeting waa called to eeoalder whether we hould protect onrrelve* by tbe upholding of the lawa and the preservation of order, or allow un uiuviuru iniviii to Uie IM law IBM) IDCir IWD kind*. A committer having been appointed to prepare business for tbe meeting, tbey reported a series of resolutions declaring^!. That we live under a Government of law aud order, and it is tbe bounden duty of every citizen to see all rights respected and wrongs speedily redressed in tbe forms provided by law. 'i That tbe genius of our institutions forbids tbe punishment of citizens without a fair trial by jary. 3 That tbe assumption by individuals, however respectable, of any power of government, is subversive of all constitutional liberty, dangeror.s in Its tendencies, and fatal to tbe vital interests of tbe community; and, 4 That If tbe existing laws ars Inefficient to protect the rights of citizens, the proper course is to apply to tbe Leglslsture to amend or modify them as tbe interests of society require. Unusual excitement at tbe time prevailed. Tbe meeting was addressed by Measrs. Cuuirning, Wright, Cone,9need, Montgomery, Dnrtle, Ford, and other* and a fnnwrvmli** - j ? ? vwa?^> I V v U?llMT Ut |/1C ailed. The resolutions were unanimously adopted. Cotjam Public Mkktino at Augusta. Acgcsta, Nor 10 ?Another large public meeting is also la provrcs* Tbe Savanna resolutions were unanimously adopted, after having been mended so as to declare that the only remedy for Lincoln's election Is Immediate secession This was received with loud and prolonged cheering. It was moved and adopted that the thanks of tbe people of tbe South are due to tbe gallant men North who attempted to roll back the tide of fanaticism at the recent election. It was resolved, further, that tbe meeting pledge themselves to submit toa rate of taxation sufficient to raise a million of dollars to organize and arm the military of the State. A further resolution was adopted condemning the action of tbe citK zens meeting inis aiieruoon, ana declaring that the resolutions adopted thereat do not express the sense of the community. Colonel Anderson, of Savannah, addressed the meetin?. decidedly In ftvor of Immediate action by the South. I ntense excitement pre vat led. The Mlnut* Men's meeting here, adjourned after hearing excited speeches. They appointed a delegation of ten Minute Men to attend the Military Convention next week, at M til edge vl lie. They were greatly rejoiced to hear that Carolina hr.d passed the bill for a Convention. RirvBLiCAX in miriKKitcK to thi ExCITE MB.IT 19 THK SOUTH. Philadelphia. Nov. 10.?A Republican Club of this city, called the " Eighteenth Ward Defenders," recently passed a resolution tendering Its services to Abraham Lincoln, the President elect, to supoort his claims to the Presidency If they shoula ra opposed by the Minute Men of the South. It being understood that a similar resolution was to be ottered at the meeting of the Continental Club (one of the largest In the city) this evening, there was a larxe attendance District Attorney Man and John D Watson, Esq , of the 1 1 j- 1 1*UI ?u nuicritau, mauc icngiay ipCfCDM m Opposition to sny efiort to coerce the South. The South Carolinians, they said, were excited because they supposed that this great party of the North was In favor of emancipation. If they waited they would discover their mistake. They should at least rely on the conservative character of Prnnsylvania. The speakers frowned down upon any attempt to coerce the South or unduly excite their passions While maintaining our own rights, let us respect theirs. After they bad concluded conservative and Union-loving resolutions were adopted. [Special Difpatek to the Ntve York Htrild ] crKincriKLD, iu , ?ot. iu?M. . L<lncoln'B advices from Southern States look like anything but secession lie la stormed with applications fur office. When asked what be will do about the attempt to break up the Union, he replies that be is only a citizen; that Mr. Buchanan is President; that it will be time enough to announce bis intention after the 4th of March next He remarked, in conversation with a gentleman a day or two since, that be should carefully guard against Infringing upon the constitutional rights of any section of the country, and should take the same precaution to see that each section was equally loyal. [Spenal Di*patrk to tkt Baltimorr. Sun ] Chaklk*t<>!?, 8- C., Nov. 11.?The weather here is charming, but the political sky la exceedingly dark and threatening. The appearances are that this State will assume ground on wblch she will not be sustained by nil the other Southern States, and thus deprive tbe Smith of that united front which would be so formidable. Maxtlasd All Rioht. * W*?HiSGio*, Nov. 8.?Private advices say that Maryland will link herdcstiuy with her Southern sister States We cut the al>ove dispatch from the Charleston .Mercury 01 me utb, as a specimen of the apSllanrea usfd to urge forward the uasd Issue of Isualon. Maryland will doubtless link her destiny with ber Southern sister States, but it will be In, not out of the Union.?B*ltimor* Amtncan. Amxiouk to Pbbcifitatb Secession. Tbe Charleston Mercury Is not satisfied with tbe disposition of some of tbe members of tbe Legislature from that city to delay action and allow time for consideration. On tbe other hand, tbe Courier indirectly rebukes this baste. Xobthebx Debt.* Repudiated. Tbe Charleston Mercury of tbe 9th baa the following dispatch: pilll; MBii Mav Q ?T ? "?-* *? ??41 ??w*. w ? uti c w as a 1UU IXICCiing of tbe lawyers of tbl* city to day, at which It wn determined to return forthwith all Northern claim* aent here for collection. Resignation or Senator* Toomb* and Chmmjt. Apocsta, Nov. 10?Senator Toomba. of Georgia, and Senator Cheanut. of South Carolina, have severally resigned their office aa Senator* of the United States. Alabama. Montgomery, Nov lu?Mr. Yancey la addressing a large and enthusiastic meeting In Kstell Hall. The Feeling at New Oilians. New Orleans, Nov 9 ?The movement for secession meets with little favor here, end will asiuredly fall. Tbe feverish tendency of the money market, however, shows no abatement. Don't Want the Posthaste* to Resioii.?A <-Arp<>tnAn<iont nf IK? *?? 1? ?? * * ,.|rvuu^tuv viibiictwii vuuncr remind! the Hon. Alfred Huger,tbepostm<attrof thatcitv, 'that tbe interests of our State and community would be jeopardized by tbe resignation of tbe postmaster bere. We therefore request that you bould not resign until tbe State assumes, in ber sovereign capacity, tbe management of ber postal arrangements." Mr. B. C Bre?sley, U B. Assistant Treasurer at Charleston, 8 C., tbe Mercury is informed, reiterates bis previous declaration not to bold office under Lincoln uuder sny circumstances whatever. TLe Mercury says that State rights fla^s are getting as numerous in Charleston as tie " blue cocaaoM" Mr. GlaM, postmaster of Lynchburg, and editor of the Republican, tn a card in hla paper, aava 44 he will not bold ol&ce any longer tban Buchanan'a term, and if any Lincolnlte wanU It now h can have It by aayi ng to." Hon. Thomas g. Bocock, the Representative in Congress from the Danville district, In a speech last week, declared In favor of Virginia'a remaining in the Union?to act aa a mediator between the General Government and the acceding States The Richmond Dispatch refers to the*-He given against Lincoln in ttte Northern Statea, and aaya that regard ahould be bad to it, and to the eon* aervatlve men-wboconatitute large minorities in every black republican State?who have atroggled with unfaltering constancy against the baleful power of the party which hantra like a hi?rW cloud over the fate of the nation." SxcKsaios m Nbw Yobk.?Another meeting of the southern medical students In New York wma beld on Friday evening to take action as to whether tbey should go home or remain, tinea Mr Lincoln has been elected Fon. Mr. Clinton, of Mississippi; Dr. Sims of New York; Capt. Morgan, of Tennessee; Col. Dick, af Maryland; onu Gen. Bynum, of Tennesaee, addressed the meeting Tne spirit of tbe assemblage was de. rid Mi IV in f*VA> nf riisnnUn "-*1 ?^ M ? w ??-vm, shu fuuiuernen leaving the cite Immediately. Resolutions to this effect were adopted Speakers favoring these lews were applauded, while those advocating milder measures were hissed dowa. The Fall in Stocks in WallBtbxxt Ytsrn* sat?'Th* Rebocsd rmom tbk Socth.?'The New York Hersld of Sunday says:?The secesaioa movement at the South Is beginning to work lta results at the North in Wall street It was felt sovereljr yesterday. Stocks fell from \ to per ceut.. as may be seen by reference to our money article. And this, we rear, Is not the and, bat onl? little more than the beginning of the depreciation and decline of all securities. From the following table it will be seen that In one month stocks have declined, some live, seme ten, some twelve and seme fifteen per cent: Stocks. Oct. 10. Not. 1<I. Mittourl*. 87* 7% Tenntaaeeo (0^ CJ Vit^IbIUi MV New York Central..-....... 7KU Panama ......'..124 II* ' Erie... 38* Z* Beading. 47 35\ Uud?on ltlvrr 63 * 54 Harlem 91 18 Roeklaland 74 67# Galena 76\ 65 Toledo 4(1 36 Illinois Central ,. 83 66* Michigan Contral...68 S7fc Michigan ftoutbetn gur'Wod 47jtf 34* ( ?h>Pr^#?for #8 *jr?Uw?#oe*??<rf<Jeii. luioiteltM, 1 \ MISCELLANEOUS. TnAniUiKiTioN or Ltrntteu^-Tkmio (rowiag lOttd?or 1a ton a*? to appropriate the moit aspreatire wordt ofk?her aocaaf M,*mi after a wh<le to iDcorparr te thea into oar own; tha? the wo'd Cepba 10. whieh ta from the Break, igkifyint lor iae n?m," ia bow d?m?<iiii popu ariard id eonveotion with Mr. SpaWiag'a great br^dschr r*?ne<lj; but it will toon be mm ia a mora gaceral way, and the word Cephaie will Iteaoae aa ooftnton as Klecirotype *nd many others vhnM distinction a* foreign wnrtli has b?*a wora away by coauion usage unt l they seem "native aatf to tks man ox born. ' 'trOr Realized. Hi 'ad n 'orrible 'eadaehs this afternoon, band I stepped into toe hapotbeoariea feast ?ay? b< to tbe "an.'-Can jou heaae me ol an 'evlaehi f "Does it haohe 'ard." aaya'a. "Hexceedibglr ' aayeki. and upon that 'a gave me a Cephalic Pill Hard 'pon ma 'onor it ourcd me act qaioc that I 'ar4Jy realized 1 'a1 'ad an 'tadaohe. Head ache is the faform sign by which nature inaaca kauVD any drrituus vi atcver I 0111 the nataral suit of the biaic.aad viewed i a thie light it may be looked oa m a aafeg aa?d in too* *4 to give notice of aiee*M> whioh might oiterwiae eaoape attention, till too lata to be r<*m*diad. and lU indioatiou* ah?>u d never be ae.lacted. aohea may he eiaa*tfi?d aadar two namee, via: 9f mrtoinatio and Ixiopa hie. Syniptomuia Headache la exoeedlngly e^mmou and ia the preoaraor of a great variety of di eAaaee, among whioh are Apoplexy, Goat, Rheamatitm and all f b tie diaeaaee. la ita rerroae form it ia a-mp*'.hetio di eaeeof the stomach conatitatinc sac* kmlmcke. of h- patio diifue constituting biliomt knd*cJn, of worm*,conitip?tioa and other disordera of the .of U.aa well as reaa atd atenne affeotioae. Pieaaiea of the heart are Tory frequently atteaded with HeaC aoher; Amentia a< d plethora are alao affrctioaa wbieh frequently oooaaioa headache. Idiopathic Heada.'he ia alau verj common, b?ing aanally die tuiiniahed by the name of eerrewj Keidarkf, aoi?etimea ooming on mddenly ia a date 01 apparent!* eound health and prostrating at oce* the mei t%> anJ phyaical energies, and m oth*r imtanoei it cornea on alowly. he-aid dbydep eaaion ofepir ta t acerbity of temper, la moat iu?tau<a* the paiu ia in front of the head, over one or both eyea, and aometi'i.ea provoking vomiting, andtr thia claae mar alao be n?msd fl cur nit in r or in? irqumeni 01 tuner o Ml oi nnduu tee C'fkjlio fills hiTi been found t am* and ?ft remedy, relieving the most aeute Mint ia a few minutes, and bj its i?bllt power eradicating the disease of vhioh headache is the uiurui index. Beipoet.?Miesas wants you to tend h*r a box of Cepha 10 Giue, no, a bottie of Prepared Pills,? but 1 in thii.kini that's not just it naiiher; but ?*r haps ye'll be aft her knowing what it is Ye see she s nigh dead aud gone with the tfiok Headache, and wants some more of that aauie as related her before. Drutfxtt.?Yob must m'an ?peldfng*s Cephalic Pills. Br tit n ?Och ! ore now and jou'?e eed it, here's the qua'ther and giv uie the Puis and don't be all day about it aither. I'MittratlM *r CeiUveaeaa No one of the "man? ill* flesh ia heir to" ia ao prevalent, ao little underetood, and miuhI net Ieo'e-j as Coaiivenes*. Of en originating ta eareleaanra*. or eedeotary habits; it i? retarded a? a alight disorder of too'ittle conseso-no* to exeit* anxiety, while in reality itia theprecu'ao' and companion of many of the most f?t*l and danger nn disease*. and nnleaa earl? eradicated it will bring the aulTerer to aa snt-mely grave. Among the lighter evila of which C?stivenees is the nsuil attendant are Headaohe, Colic, Rheume'i""*. Foal Breath Piles, and others of like n*to -e,wt lie a long train offnghtfoi diseases such as Malignant Fevers, Aboesses. Dysentery I Dyspess.a. Diarrhea. Apoplsxy, Kpnepsy, faraJjsis, Hys'erla, Hj?o?son una*ia,Ti*ianonuiy una insanity, ferat indicate their |r. aencein the system by this alar Tin* ? rap torn. Not unrrr^ieatiy thedid*as?s tamed originate m Gonat pation. tat uk? on an independent exist no < nn>sc the cause i* eradicated in ao rarly a'aie. From all theee considerations it follows that the disorder ahould rteeire immediate aU'Bti-?a whenever it oocurs. and no eeraon shoatd neglect to *et a box of Cephalic Pilla on t*?e 6rat appearsnoe of \hfi complaint, as their timely use will expel the msiduou* approaches of disease and destroy this dancerous foe to human life. A Real Bleeeia* Physician.?Well, Mr*. J one#, how is that headache ' Mrs. Jones.?(ione ! Doctor, all gone ' tha pill you sent eared me in ju?t twenty minutea, end 1 with you would Bend more so that 1 can hare them handy. _ Pkytieian.?You can get them at any Pragciata. Call for l ephalio Pille, I find the/ nover fail, and 1 rcoo<i.m?nd them in all eaaes of Headache. Mrs. Jones.?1 shall a end for a box directly, and shall tell all my eufloriug fticnde, for they are a real bit* m t" ? ill Twwtt Milliok* n? Doli* at Saved.?Mr. Spa dins ha? aoid two milliona of hottleaof Mi o?letir&tedPrepared Gla?and it i? eetitnated that ?ach bottle tavfi at le*at ten dollar* worth of broken furniture, thai making aa aggregate of twei ty million* of dollar* rwaimed from total loaa !.? thia ?a,-i?b'.e invention. Having tr.a/o M? (i.ut-a home hold word, he row propoaoa to do the world atill greater cervine h? curing all the aching h-?da with hi* Cephalic Pilla, an I if they are aa good ? hia Glue, Htadacke* will aoon vacuh aa a; lit* aiow in July. IC^Over bxcitkm k.xt. and the mental oare and aunety incident to olo?e attention to bua neaa or tadr, are am^ng the iiumerou* oanaea of Nervoaa Heartache. Tlis di*order*d atate of mind and body incident to thia diatreeaing oompiamt la a fatal li'ow to a 1 energy and a?nhition. t?ulferer? by thia diaorder oan aTway* obtain *pe?dy re ief from theae diatrea*i?g attacka hy uaingoneof the Cephalic Pule whenever tha aymptoma appear It quieta the overtatked brain and aoothea the atrained and jarring nervea,ar J relaxes th? teaaion of the atomarh which alwaya aooompaniea and eg gravatea the disordered ?ondition of the brain. Ii'inva urA?*?> ?1?11 - Pilla are a certain for Siok He^iaoh*. Hilioua JR*a<iaoh?, Nervona Headache, Coatirenoaa, and General Debility. Omat Dmc-oviby.?Among the mod important of a'l the treat m~1ioal duooranea of this a?r inar be oonaidered the avatem of vaoci nation for ?roteotion from Small Pox. the Othihe Pill for r*li?rnf Headnohe, and the nae of Um> ine for the prevention of Peve?*, either of wmch ia a cure a**ctfic, whoae benefit* wi I be experienced by offering humani'y long after their diaeorerera are forgotten. irr D.n roi ever har* the Biek HeadacheDo you rcmt-mber the throbbing temple*. the fevered row, the loathing and duguat at the tight of food. How totally unfit you were for p:ea?ure, oonvt raation or atidr One of the CepH* ic Pill* would hare relieved you from all the Buffering wbioh you then experienoed For thia aad other purpose* you ahould alwaya hare a box of them ob hand to uae aa ocoaaion require*. ?aUe />_ <4M?h<& NervousHeadache -4?, ?*. - cS. Headache. - By the nee or theoo Pilla the ptnodit Ittnta of Ifrrvtm or Sick Hem4mtkt may be preraatad; ud if takaa It tb? oeaatDMMnt ot an attack iawdiate raliai from pais and aioknaaa will be obtainedThey flAom Ml m removing the iVewM u4 Hbmdadu to whioh fiialii are ao wNwt They aot gently apon the bowele,?rmonni f*irtrnH. For Literary Mm, St%dtntt, Delicate Fomalee, aad all peraoaa of *tdt*imn kmbitt, they aro al valuable aa a Letattw. iaaproviag the appetite, giving Imu and ?e?er to tho digeeUre orgaaa, aa* r eater tag the aalaral alaatieity aad etrength of tfce whole ayatem. The CBPBALIC PILLS aro tho reeatt of loag inveetigation and oarofally eoadaetad oywawU, having been ta aaa ataay years, danag vhioh time ther have preveatod aad relieved a vaat aawaat of mmim m?A ? O ?- - noting in the ?r??w aytbrnm or froa a l>iii|ri Uto of Uo tUnlock. vilkoit >! ? Hf ?hk!|? ?f <1(1, mmd tk? mbIMKI ?/ M) dU* rtt*bU tmttt raAri ?i wiy M admimiatw iktm > UMrt*. BEWARE OP COUNTKKPEIT9! The genais* have h ve mnature* of Benry C. spaioiac on mmk Box. Botd by DragcisU and all ottar Daalon la Mod?A Box "will ba Mnt by nail propaM oa rooaipt of th# PRICE, 25 CUNTS. Alt onJ?rt sfcaaM bo iWitnU to .Z* KJM, AUCTION SALES. By CLBAftY * GRKEtt. AsetioDMrm. ivrnm S*TOCK OP BOOT1*. SHOES, PTOBK FIXD Till! Ac. AT il(TIOB.?Oa TbUBSDAV MORMNU, the 15th ihimI, w aha i Mil,at 1? o'o.ock t. , ?t More No- Ml. em ioatn at P*nn arenae, beiweee <S tt.d Sih lUNU. ibmmi el aad<t the Jaakaoa amommim ro? m?. a and ftp* assortment of Boot*. Mooa, 4? . OtVD?lll!I)? Of? . _ . Men kid H f aoCalfaod Patent Laatbar BooU. Do do h?*TT Boot* and Shoea, Yob k?' lot Bo?u Md 9km, LMin^ 6*iUn, B?ou. Sfeooa, u4 B>unw*. Children'* do do do do Mob's. Wwim'i, and Cmidroa'a BaMora, tov^', and Children, ftM Boot aad Moo Drawers, * Chaadolisrs, Doable JBaia.ra, \arda Oilo!oth,oa Floor, Lot Oltu Door?, Case*, *c , i &? snow W ib lowa. Ttai t AN ??n?? aador #Ae oash. ?? that amnsnt a credit of mirtT atd sixty day*. fo? satis mo tort ir andoraad aotos. tiawiaa iat?rsaC ? lt-4 CLKABY * oRKKN. Aaata. Bt BARNARD*Bl'CKEY. Ooorcotow*. TRUSTEE'S SALE.-By *>'? of a da-d of traat nod* uio rth 0optooib*r, tt*?, u4 rooordod amongst Ut Im roooida ** to* l>ialr??t of Cviiobii, ii i.ibor J7a. 8 , No. Sta, folios us, *o , the hM ib*r, m Ortfijll *?. * Mb lio aaction, for ooih, ? THl'R'DiY, uio MWK taatant, at I* o'clock varaaooao uaoopird by Han C Addison. attaaud ia l> 0.. oa to* aouth udeof Wur aad T?U of High atra?i. tha foliovi n< Ptrtonai Rlfrcto? 1 Mi Horao, I Cart, 1 a*t of Haraooa. I pair of Fairbanks So*, as, ( ? poaado.) IW Food bMa, Lam bar ia mbi, 1 Bashai Maoaara. 1 Ha f Bashai Maaaara, S ttifi i, I Bum, J CkMn *nd I D*?k HI ?4i CAPRKTON. Traat**. poU-d BARNARD A BL'CKEY. AaoU. AA - /II If A Btr o U) viibimi u. Hur.r,^. M. Clio?in. 506 AlWt UTtM. Governmknt sadk of desks, car rcra, l IUi ok Holb?, Book Sbeltk*. c . at ^ccTioif.?On SATURDAY l(ORM>0. iktlTik ins t. We a hall Mil. IB hunt of onr Auetii/B Hoom. No 506 Ninth ?treat, at 1? o'clock, a lwr? k>t of from one of the Public Uf^ariiMiitf, ml fold bj order of the Isovarnmetit oouiilitc o:? Mahogany and Walant high and k>w Deck*. Do and other uffioa Chain, Brussels Mid Ta?e?trj ?;araeta Ko*s Mats, Oilcloths and Ma'tinge, Pi?*on Holee.fbelreeaad Bookou**, Stove*, Urates. Fenders, A a Andiron*,Mboral and Tons*. Mirrors, Tab es. Wa*hstandf ai?*i Toilet !*ets. T of ether witn many other articles not neoeaaarj to en umer a'*. Terms cash m bankalls twener. no U d CLEARY * grefn, aneu. THIS AFTERnOOH * TO MORROW. By A. grkkn, Anc'ioneer. Household and kitchen furnitcii at Arcn<-!?.?On f'L'EADA V, the l?h instant I sha I sail, at the rae denoe of James Orr. Ksq.. No. 164 Petius) ivan<a arenue. between ITtb a rt 18th streets wes?. at IS o'clock a as., an race, lent aaeortmaat of Farnitnre, ?is : Mabogam Sofas, Koskini, Castor, aad Parior Chairs. Do D e**ing and other Birnu ud Whtt note, Do UirtHf. Card, tad other TaMaa, Painted Cottage Set#. French acd other B ""Heart*, Fir* S't t'hineae Cane and other Cbaira, K-ather lied*. Biding,and Mattre**. Waahataa^s, China, Gl??. and Crocker* Wa'e, Refriterator, ?>* Sue English Engraving*. Mantel Cook. fi'ardroba. Clock, Crad a, hree-p]y Carprt, and Oilcloth, ooklng Store*, With a*oort lot ol Kitchen Reqaiai***, atd manr oth'r article* vhioh we dean uanecetaar* to nnKeiata. Term?: A I eom? of 25 cub; ore-- fjft, a credit of30and 6 'dare, for a. tie alittactorily endorted, bearing interest. wo 9 d A. ft R KEN, AaCBy WALL A BARNARD. Aaounaaara. MORGAN STALLION AT AUCTION.-Oa 1*1 SATURDAY MORNING. No?Mib*r 10, at 11 o'clook, we will a*!., in Croat of Mr A notion Roian One Brown Stallion, 17 haad* hick, fine trotter and raoker aou work* wall in barnee* and aifht year* old. Hi* pedigrea ma; be *een at Ui? tore. Two Rookaway*, aaarly sew. Sold keoaaea the owner ha* do farthar aaa. Term* cailt no ? d WALL k. BARNARD. AacU. ICTTHE ABOVE KALE 19 POSTPONED ia I'OMNieaot of the run, ?nti. TUESDAY MORNING. bo 10 wall a barnard. ???u. bt a. green. auction***. Government sale of one voke op Oin at ABCTios ?On TUESDAY, tit* 13th d?y of No?ember nest will be ?<>.d at lite Wuhincton Nary ) ant, at 13 o'alook m., one Yoke of Oxen. Term* cuh in ep?cie. The oxen can be Men aeon applioation at the Nary Yard. oo 17-law Act A. GREEN, AaeC Will be adaod to the abov* Sale, a Teaoaiac Machine. By ord?r of the Nary Agent. ? r.DCLV ? ?~ ? ?? V? B% ? J ?3 | il WV a ? Negro for mlk.-bt TirtH*?r u om?r of the OrikM*' Co art of Prince George'* ooantr, C[d , the aaoaor.ber viil ofl?r f ir aa!" at the oouit 9uwdowr Upper Marlboro', on TTTE&DaY, tke ISth met., at 3 o'.lock p. m , a vaieable yoaag Negro Mm. Terma of aaie uih, or an aooepted draft WrffmL, Administrator of Abb J. Hlilearr. bo 1-Stawtd (Marlboro' pa pari copy.) FUTURE DAYS. By BARNARD A BUCKKY. AacUooeera. 0wr(?ttiM, D. C. ftl'STEEU SAI.R.-IJT virtaa of a d?d of A trnat.dalr rN?r?4 ib Liber J. a, H , lit. at pagra 183, Ac., of the land re x>rf of the Diatri?t of CulB i bia. I ahall I', at poMic^uouon, on WK1>N Kt*DA V , Nov. 14'h. 1*6".at 4 o'clock p n .apa t of Lot 17?, in B*at:> aed Hawkine'e addition to Gror(?:owB.h?ciaBir>K tor the aameat tke eontaeaat c roeroj Market and Fourth aw. aad running a^aih with Marie: at. St fret 6 iaehM, more or leaa, to . Trunnei'a lot; taenoe with h?a lot eaetwardir t* feet. mora or laaa; theaoe northward, j 33 feat a liichra io Fourth atrret, aad thence weetwardiy 7V fret to the beglnniac. T?rma Hra t K? p/T aaak> mmmrnm taiU? 6,12 ud 11 monthi, eeonred by ft dead of trust on tnt yrtmiM. If the Wine of eale be not onirplierf with in ive day i from time of aftle, pr.-pert* will be re old ftl IM rtM of defftuiunc poiohfteer. Ail eonreyftnouu ftt ooat ofpurobftee'. CHARLES M. MATTHEWS.Trutoft BAF NARD * BL'CRBY. Aneu. not-T.Th.g.MAT&t By WALL* BARN AftD, Anotiofteera. f?nur Ninth tt. amA ??ii i?/i# Pm mm MnCBI LANKOUSd.tBRARY~ >J 4PCTios.?On WEDNESDAY AKTF.RNOON, 14th instant, at 3 o'clock, we will Mil, at the Auction Kooibi, a very food collection of Jioaki, nhrniai Theoiocioal Work*, Greek and Roaaa Claaeiee, Bel lee Letter*. Travel*. Historical, Poetical,and BiofraphcsJ Works, L*w, ArU, Sciei-ofs, Novels, and Boisieee, At. no*1!?* ?** WALL k. BARNARD. A sots. By BARNARD * BUCKEY. AeoUoossrs. Stargetowm, D C. \TERY SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURl*! nit, Oil piutiiioi.ake Err*cr* ar Franc Acctioi.?On THUKSDA Y KtORNllfS. lath in*tant,at 10 o'clock, we will sell at tks of Cot. Roberts, 8th (treet, Heir thi ol Georgetown. Kl hit Household Fornitcre, Ac . eowensinf? ueeweod Pat lor Suits conatsling of folks, Ana and Side Chairs, cpholstered in Brooaislls and Damask, French Plate Mirror.Rosewood Marble-top Cavter 1 Mil a, R.^ew.xxl Etef*ra, Dtnuk Cartels* U4 ShadM, Velvet acd Brfwou Carp?U. ud Rues, 'Ml Painnnf, Rich Mantel Vum.u;d OrnaaMnta, Hair itaat. Arm. bU), and 8id? Chair*, Hooka, Bonk Caar*,a d t*er*tarT,aad Hat Jtaak. Sidottoard, Etegere, Extaauoa iWalaat fhaieg Tab!?, Duuag Chair*, White u4 White aad Gilt Pna*k Chiaa* r U14 BiM> ?MM? toy glWWI trt W Mimilb, MiiofMT m4 Waiaut Au4nbM, im rituk ud Chinosi?*d?toaile, , _ Sah^rany and Chiooa* WorkTaMaa, xo*lToat Fa*tlior ttoda and Pillowa, oarlod Bair. Shuok, u4 S'haok udCMlon, ud ?K?C? MattffMBtf Blanket*, Confnrta, aad otbor Rodding, Froooh Ckiita, and otaor Toilrt Sots, Kxaatio|t Tkroo^^?i la< raiaCarp?ts,Dvacf ott andVa^ ^iit Chair*. atd Rook era, aad food MiiiifiDt of w>irw> Hi token Farattafo. Toriaa: |S0 caah; oyer that atnoaot a credit of S> and GO data. Cur appro rod sudor aod no toe, bearidk ?r throat. nol? BARM AMD * BUCKKV, AataBr JL GREEN, Aaoboaoor. VARI ABLE BU1LD1NC LOTS IN SQCARK 1 * No. 469, laLAML at ArcT?V-_0% FRIDAY. NoT?ah5r *a,l aMl soli. '/frotlfof tha prenusos, at 4 ?Voak a. at., the fbltovtac aatnod hwndsoa* baildiaf lou, n?? Lota Noa t, i, 1,?, II, S. Mi S, it ta?r* NolAft iOhlaiBl km 11 a M -mm Hun TCV'of ifroaod. Tki?*JroJIrtj torti w sardl' jracswES xx? g&2t4VA&* tltfVWK - 'A I "Nrn

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