Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1860 Page 3
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4 L O C AL NE vTs7~ C^Tm Stae publiabes the List of Letten remaining In tbe W*ahl??toa City Poet Office under the provUiona of tbe law directing them to be printed in tbe newapaper having tbe largeat circulation witbin tbe delivery of tbe office. Ita tetal dally circulation is more than dobble tbat of any otber Daily printed lo tbe Dlatrict of CoInmbla Pvtsaji Pauisx?Th? Speeches at the Whit* Hotii-Theib Dxpartvee rao* thi Cttt -Tin nddreaa of Jedge Advocate Stuart, yreterday, to Prreidrnt Buchanan, and tbe reply of tbe latter, which were crowded out of yeater aay > otur, wrrr a? iuuuwi - wtiru > TH? ;CD6? ASVOCSTB. > Yaw t'jrillrnrT President lta?tiMU: We bitter, Mr, from Old Conneettcet, upon ? tbe Tomb of tbe illustrious w Mb l^tna. T^iere. >t tbe *trin4 of one of tbe noblest f ewta* warrior* and patriots. we kiTt been to par tbe homage of ?er ttorotion. and to strengtbea wltbte- Krtlwi that bole fame of patriotism whteb bwrned wtbts bts mostrious bosom And now,?< we ere about to return to tb? banks rf the Connecticut, let me aasura yoa thai It elves us exceediiiK eatl.faettea to be Introduced into tbe presence of the honored Chief Mlit rat* of tbe s 1 . ^ ? - ?? i m aba MiWIiila ? ? ? ? 1 ? W*tr/vn?l nil- '?u v/nr p''iy ac i imc w uicu mi uci wjvuu the limits of Connecticut Organized u a battalion for the especial porpoaeac comtaeaiorailn* IMaetllnHrtaiN patriots and itatmnen who. amid tb? iwnkf and carnage af battle, and amid th?ae diaquiets and pecuniary preaaurea which revo'utions are always lure to engenderand often to prolong?who, 1 aay, under tUaar clrcuuiatincea laid the foundation of our preaaut national graatneaa? let n.-a :.aa ire your Kxcellency tLat it la with derp trrtrrest. therefor*, tb*t we find onraelrta atanding within a city which ao memorialize* and enshrines the biagn'.Aceut work of their libertyloving harxl*. rj doaa tui* capital city of the American l oion. [Applause ] Hera we proudly arewbere the grand central depoaitory and borne r.r th^t matchlesa Constitution which our father* framed is Lt-ld iu (omu:a;i; and It la our atrongeat hope that tfila Constitution may continue to stretch it** In j?lory from tue Atlantic to where the firtbeat billow breuka npon t be Pari tic; or frotn the bigbeat Had aources of the Mtaniaaippi?aye, to the key* of Florida Here, air, we are. where, iu all the ie^taiutiou and administration that concern thecounuy at ia-jje. the i;re*t brain of our nation does iu Ked^ml work; and here it baa one heart, aj we rannot but hope and trus'; and teat ! ?*. it AAiitmiid V urn fn ru.rf.irm lla uiwanti/* Ki>aL la*. is tbe ii.?pe of tUts Phalanx Here we are In a metropolis upon wh|fh the eye of the whole world rests with wonder, mingled with admiration; and here we behold the representative power uitd grandeur of our people in their moat Imposing National forma Naturally enough, therefore, when within a metropolis of such significance as this, we feel our own conttmplatlon rouaed and awedj and our love of country drawn out into fresh and fervent exercise. And in that retrospective spirit which It is *or special purpose to cherish, we cannot bnt now and Lerc,11ft'.be curtain from the great past if our nation, and from thla grand stand-point anew upon liese immortal men whose blood, whose treasure, and whose sagacious minds ?-rmoht (n ttii* new world the irlorifd which thli Federal Metropolis so ?ijjnally recalls, coucenUatesiuid embalma Of these, their noble conceptions of freedom, with their many other characteristic*. we are here upou this spot reminded, and In the august nrtaenoe, as we now are, of th< honored Chirf Magistrate of the Nation, they come throbbing over our sou .a with a oower anu beauty which car,aot but fall to each*!* out hearts; ?nd we tru?t will forever encbain then t? the Cocititmion and Union of our whole beloved country. [Applauae] Oh, your Eicellency, could sentiments and view* like these, but become ttaos* of tbe entire body of our people, pervading them In every artery and v?-in of their civil being, aa the trana mitred vitaliz ng life-blood of our ^reat commonwealth of States, how would every cloud of poliU ahl <4 wan i>K f*am aii? alrtr an<l laaira 11 V<U Ul?l vur-ut V ?ti . VU IfVMI VUI ? BUM bathed all over in the effulpence of grateful peso and national union Ob! that such may be tb< auspicious result of a warm and zealoua conteBi platloa of tbe l!vn and services of the liuperiab able worthies of tbe Revolutionary era, tha through tb?? potent p;:nacea of snob a retrospect, he people raay tx> sble to core every HI which theii political system may at times perchance engen der, is tbe cherished nope of the Putnam Phalanx Tbus would we have it demonstrated by tbern t< tbe still doubting world, that tbe great structuri watch our father* reared, is incapable of decay that they jewsi of self-government does not an< cannot ever mat or suffer fracture In the hinds o our own people. Thus, your Excellency, explaining the purpose tbe pride, and the hope of our battalion, let m renew lis assurance of gratification ia being ad milted to your presence, and the hope that you 1r, nrinv long live to see the cherished hope o tfc:s battalion, which I have already expressed, ii * t a l: .1 ? r _ pro VI viuiupusut accvuipiisuuieiu [ a jj piause ] BESrOSiMOt TBS PIESIDSST. Tbe President responded as follows . 1 welconi with all my heart tte Putnam Phalanx to th White Houm* I feel confident that the<e are n more worthy and patriotic citizen* in the counlr than those of wbl h that battalion la composed, heartiiy rtjoice to tee what I had never teen Ix fore, so large and respectable a body of aoldiei clotb>-d in the o'd Continental uniform. [Aj. piause ) It cause* our minds tc recur to tbe day that have past?the davs of struggle and toil; th da>s of patriotism and courage.; the days wht men's souls were animated wna i anwio cor quer tbe urraiest nation in tbe world, and the: e.i^rgv aud perseverance enabled them to triump over he British lion, snd establish their ind< pendente. Your uatae is suggestive. Putnam?Genera Putnam - tbe Lardy farmer General of the Rev< lotion T'ue man wlioe* iron will could not h arrested in the d.schagr of his duty; the man wh Las *?-t aa example cf patriotism and courag which has fur the last seventy years animated th hearts of hi* countrymen. Thoae arc gloriot. retrospects You are dressed In the full oniftri of the Revolution; but alas' how few of the ine of tbe Revolution enjoyed a full military dresn We are told that their intubts could be trace by tbe blood of tlieir naked feet; that they wer penniless; ttey were without tents; they wrsi without amii.unition, sna pertly without clothlo| TKaae Uravf Kirfii nifcrffd #v#rv toll anH f?vei hardship for their country, and would to Uodtiii the spirit which animated them may still surviv la their, country. Then all will be well it not my purpose to aiake you a speech. gentlemet but vttth all my heart I bid yon welcome to tl. White Heoaf, and should be moat bappy to shak the hand of each one of the Putnam Phalanx that be agreeabU. TNI P9TMM rMALAIS 0EJ>4&T. After returning to their quarters and iaavln their accoutrements the members passed tne tin b?t**eeu that and the dinner hour In vlslttn t .f- various dlaces of interest throu^ hoi Ike eitjr. A? the tia?e drew sear for leaving, tbey rea em led at headquarter*, and after ptrtakiug of hearty dluuer, prepared to bid adieu to tl ameroaa friend* tb'y had found daring the brief stay in the Federal Capital The Infauti batUiiwu, in full parade unifixit?, draw up in lii before the National, beaded by the Marine Hem aud ?forU-?l the I'Laiaux to tint drOvt ft .Natioaal Ktln, Cap*. 8cltaf?r, la full nnifojr au<i JuLl ujmtcn, Lad tornea oaf 10 escfri 31 aj Warnar, nf th?- Baltimore City Guard, and tl appaeraace of the several corps, as they paradi tbroMjjL the mvuv, was soldierly and imposia Arrived at the depot, ths Continentals drew up line la front of the Infautry, ?n(J Major Dav; 1m4ii^ forward our fellow-citiseM C'i^rlq V I'tUrBMtilr, a Lieuteuaut of Company C, t trodueed blot to the vetorna Major Godwin, whom he expressed the sentiments of regard e terU'.ned on the part of the Infantry towar (Ur J)ers of Hart?or4. #nd their ttau far the visit with which they (the Infantr bad been honored lie hoped the sentiments renewed patriotism that Lad k?en engender bet wee* the oMc*n a ad men during the vli would ceuieat their hearts In one iodijsoJuL bond of affection for our common connUv. TI Its Influence might be eitettded through the wb< <>f our broad couutty, and prove to be the hi v-' ?? ?9 ?r^n^a Ia tha vnrinua anctin Dialer VI l MWI r- p ?%W .?v ....WH. ^v..v ? mow sgiUb-d and imperiled by political madnn Jndge Tyler, of the Putnam PLaun?, respond In behalf of bis companion*, saying that the ft lane bad eotne here tipoeting front WasLingt nocalng more tb-.n the ordinary courtesy wEl ts usually eiti-ndrd between soldiers of (iistir sections upon visits of tbis character But lu bad bis fcl'sds been rrj >U?-d 1? tbeir hearts st t overwhelming, overflowing, boundless bospita tif< which had been U*ped upon them duri tbeir stay * How should they ever be able to i pay them Tbeir hearts were too full forspeec I'Uey had received scripture measure The 1 f?nirv \m UiKtr n?iit??aMB bad made I be feet*/1 fbiiiot dauca iitd UiHr kindntss qrould ma their bcaru dance for year* to come. Judge Tyler went on to apeftk in patriotic ten of tb? stars and stripes under which the Infanl aad ibf Phalanx march, and aaid that where* ttit fliK should be unfurled. at our eouatry'a c we would all rally r?und it and defend It. 1 wu interrupted la fata r?ourka by tba afeiill wai la/ at tbe engine, and abruptly elated by bMdi th? lafautrv good bye la a low of hearty go will, which weat to the heart of eyerjr one reach of hla Toioa. a acene of ckerinj, hand-shaking, a embracing as ensued between the otBrera a men oa both aides for a few ittorueuts we nei btf. re witua'ird Tbe train bad nearly left I whole battalion behind, so lothe were they yvair 1IW w iw uiiiiat, an > was viii; w tW gfrdtPtt d.fflr.ulty itut tfc* oJJWr* aaeo-ed la 4ra/Kt<m Ibftr mm away, tb? lul ?utf |>ei couipriied U> glv? cIjam ?f(?r ib? retreating ca Cima Miuit 'Supplies Urge la til < a'Sff.'raiSiWS ir%aw t?: par M* Ue Uao4 mdtt prarailad tfcrogj eat u? aarktl. ' m * v % m # v- ^ CimiNAL Cop*t ?John Urle. convicted of steeling a $10 {told piece froin_Joh^F. Collins, c ww iwit te PsBlipifflAry wroffr^ir. Joseph Rchblita alias UoUvJtoUhm* was tried u for straliw; lead flrod Mr H. 1, Oliit. He was 1 found guilty, *.iirt senteucad to tfee Penitentiary 4 for elghteea montts t C bar lea C. N?wm?n. an ?ld offender of the * burglar stainp,w*s tried and convicted of stealing I clotMng atd j-welryfrwn Lewis Kurtz. He was j sent to the P?-ultent?ary for three yearn. ' i Peter Wcat S?cett, tried and ceavlcted of as at> a sault and battery on Hrrnard Mays, was rrcon- s mended te the mere? of t he * Charles C New man vra* Bin in trial a Mond I time. on a charge of stealing jewelry en4 raoaaar i from Mary Platz. Convicted and sentenced to ( tb'ee mn?- years in tLe Penitentiary. A naili I prosequi *M er.Uwvd by the l>iitrtat Afcomry to a i tW'rd eate aralnet this defendant < 1 George Sieety*. V S Marine, \ra* tried Cur an i octngpom suiruit tad batM?y ou \Jr. Richard 1 Haftson; ' alsd, Tor a similar Uiougb Mora Mrgrtt j eated -sat>? wpeo Mr. James K. Ball Hilai i roeeteaad trMh caw, but *?* ?eft4e*ctd wfcqi 1 the Cc*rt adjourned i I f ?VJay -*P.. We^Br^t tx**i*t?d'of a& aMfcuft 1 " !.?*! B*rr?t (colored) wat arraignedaria placid 1 on trial oa? charge of staaitaga twenty dollar catd plec? from Jama* F Gordon. The jurv 1 found a reidict of gnttW a? Indicted.' v j Jobti Ha,set. ak;a* Jobn Peakaa. WiitiUfcW/ia 1 tri&l for stealing t quantity ofilTver money from 1 Srblettaan A.Bchlow Tki* <**? ww pwidtfig ' when OCT rtport clot-d. ' Gkxat Sccchs or R? Rot? Htpttiiiam IV i ntfil -Tbc ptodwtfeRof Rotoftt?Mtli?Thattf i lsat evening waaa great and indubitable triumph < Private boxea, dr??e circle, amt parnoet were ?U ' ~ * ..j ?w. 1 ? 1 4,1 vuiun-ru, ouu iur amuaiiK' irum iar approoavioa * accorded to the opening chOriM of "Soon the sua c will gae to to the floale o( "Rob May MaoKe^or, O," wai continuous ard enthuaiastlc. of. Anderson as "Rob Roy" produced a power- < ful impression, not on It by tbe roagnjttcent man- < ner iu which he looked the Highland chieftain, > but by tte force and vl^or or hi* acting M1m < Anderson aa '-Mattle" acquitted herself ao grace- < fully aa U> win the eutlre sympathies of tbe audf- i ence. In this young "lady there are the latent 1 germa of an actress, who will on* day be as 1 popular as she now la pretty, pleasing, and piquant 1 The iwpft songs incidental to the drama were admirably rendered by Miaa Mary Shaw. Tbe I name jarvie 01 mr ?*ei?on, ana tue < "Dongal" of Mr. Humphrey Bland were both ' meritorious Tl:e play Is to b? repeated to-nlgbt, | and the farce of the ''Persecuted Dutrhruan." with Mr. Glenu as "John Smith," ia to be given la < addition There vrili be, most assuredly, another througed house . What was thi Matter ??About 2 o'clock | yesterday afternoon, a man standing on the corner j of Seventh and G streets, and clutching a big ] stick, was observed to be anxiously looking for | some one su whom to bestow a few dry knocks, j In a few moments afterwards another party came iiloag down the street, and juat as he got opposite the man with tbe bit; stick, the bit of timber i came thundering down upoa his head like a thunderbolt. He started back and drew a pistol, which he pointed towards his adversary, but did not dlirharur* HP A ??^a* followed l>y the blir (tick, and the man behind It, ttae man stigmatising bim all the way u a ' soouudrel and a coward, and threatened to kill bim. Finally the attacking partv impended operations. and ran about the neighborhood to borrow a pistol. In which murderous errand be was unsuccessful; io be went back to hi* adversary and notified hlin that be would kill bim th? first time they met, and tuen walked olT. It la whispered that the asstllant charged the defendant with ' being too intimate with his wife Retail Pkicki Cpekijst t* Washington.? 1 Flour?family j,er bbl #8 50aV 50; extra super ?7; S'iper $ti; sacks, according to quality, #1 75a?2 Buckwheat?per sack 91, per lo 4c Meal?per bua&ei 75c Sugar*?brown, per lb BalOc , clarified, 10*11; crushed, kc. 14 Coft'se?Moclia, per lb Wc ; Java, 3D: lower qualities, 16a 17. Taaa, per ib SUafl. Rice, per lb 6c. Bacon?batna, per lb. lie ; aides, litalj; abealders lOall. Lard? f?rime. per lb. 14c butler?keg or balf keg. per b 8Ua?Sc Flab?salmon, per lb 19c ; cod. 5; mackerel, lat quality. 12. lower grades, per doien, 4&aflU; herring and alewlves. per doren, lfta16. Candles?sperm, per lb 5*ijS2c.; adamantine, Ho; tallow, IP. Soap?brown, per lb #ibc. Cheeae, 14c ; pine apple do 80-j25. Ratalos, per lb. 12*10. Currant* l*i Citron,85. Flys, 18 Nuts? Engl'sli walnuts, perlb. lsijfc.; aluuinda. 2uv25; pecan, 12#; filbert*. crenin nu*?. 1*2 Cranberries, per quart, l'J^al4c Vinegar, per gallon,MMt. 1 Lamp oil, per jjaUoa. 81 25al 50. Honey, per * gallon, SI. Syrnp. per gallon, 75c. Molasst-s, per gal. 40afillc. Picklta?cucumbers, per 100,75c. e TntiT Holdiso Ovm ? Ye?terday a case of - this kind wm tried before Justices Donn and , Murphy and a jury summoned by Deputy Marshal f Pblnips, on fae premises of Joa. Vv. Davis, a utocer. corner of Ninth aod E streets The store - boos*- is tbe property of Mi Samuel DevaugUar, and Is occupied under a written agreement that tbe rent should not exceed a certain fixed sum per e year. The landlord gave the uaoal six mouths' e "notice to quit" required by the act of 1791. That 0 notice having expired, tbe maxi?trat<-s and jury y were asseiub.ed to try the case of ejectment. Mr] 1 Giber son appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Brad * ley for the defense The defense put In the plea s that the six months' notice only terminated the ? lease; but in addition to that a thirty days' notice s was also r*-quiml before Hactment. After au e able discussion of the poinu involved, tbe case n was given to the jury, aud they returned a verdicl > for the defendant. :r b Fai?.? We cannot too strongly ur?e the claim* 5? of the Fair now being held at Odd Fellows' Hall for the ^jenelit of St Joseph'* Male Orpbaa il Asylum. Now that everybody it complaining of v hard times, the duty of dispensing charity is even ie the mor.- lnrmnbeiit. for th? pressure must be felt ^ tb*? more sensibly by those who subsist only on e the bo untie* of the benevolent. The ladles ene feSR'd in tb" cause complain sadly of want of it patronage. ana utiles* 3 generous public will come n to their relief, in consequence of their heavy exa penapt, they must cioac at j much earlier day than i? was at tlrst anticipated. A visit to the Asylum, j and an inapection of the provialon* made to enaare e the health ar.d comfort ef thoae committed to it* e charge, would b? autSclent to conTince the most r. captious r,f the worth i 11m of the pauap. Kobbkkt or a Lvitsaoa* ?Last night 'be ierijf. boat Great Western, of Occoquan, O J. Haines, master, lying in the canal, aouth aide, near Twelfth street, waa entered by some thief or thievea and ' the cabin broken open and robbed The property ! stoler. was ninety dollar* In Corporation of lieorge\f town five dollar uotes, and one or two Corporatioo of Alexandria note*; a revolver, Colt'a patent; one silver hunting c?ae watch, with the crystal broken; end one small gold watch, with white :toe, and ?ne baud broken off. The n.onev waa the receipt for the wood brought to this city en h the boat, aad the watohea were entrusted to the j Captain to be repaired. " Os* of ikk viky skst family papers In the a country, to wit, Tha Weekly 8ter, full as usual * of Metropolitan news and goaup.a?dchoice llter" *ry reading. U now ut our counter ready for dery livery to tue public. It is jest the paper above 'e all others for citizens and strangers sojourning in a; the National Metropolis to read on tftjndajr or to ?eo4 *o their friends at a distant. Price only 10 tbjee oeu:? per c?Pf, or SI per annum; postage 'J prepaid by statu}* wneu so arranged. -d WMTn.i Lort-vr Casks ? T-foft Jmitidt 4 ZJrary.?Up to this due the following cases have 111 been disposed of in this r">Lce skifcrtment r John *> W.Sbaw, C E Smith, W Fulislove, and Divid ? Afason were arretted for disorderly conduct It n- auegeu lh?l th$y tpojt a hapk fide through tbe city, behaving ill <t Terv disonfcHy mviiKr <* ?- they paaaed along. In the First Ward they ^ot ?* oat. and their conduct on the aidewaUc canted their arreat They were ordered to pay a flncaud V) coata each of 93 A costly hack ride. of ? "d l,ooi out for the new play at tha Theater oft lit Monday night, entitled "Fashiona and FoJUe? of M Washington Life.'' it feas received U* ?bi? at inendstions of the first dramatic critics of tbe day >le Abiouk the persona of the drama will be found ir- Government clerks, bogus colonels, Oongress lia UAnAiftl.La a n.l IaKKii lllaliAnnflkltta uv na iivuvi?i/ic , uuu tvvwj wivuvuviauic^) rjk tapwiuv, m old foglM, datbing widovr* sad HiuttN'ftuii ed the back wood* It promt *e? rich. N? "l .,. on Dioidtiuv 81 tvs Fust P?*?*yte*iaj? ch C?UBCU ?on F<?r^d-?ict half ?treet, and which bu recently been enlarged iv pad otherwise vastly Improved, will be ledtcju*d ktm with appropriate services to morrow, as wOl be 11- teeo by the advertlapment. Tha 4ittlng4J#i?l divtifr, Rev Gardner Spring, of New Yori^wiU re- deliver the moraliif dlaoaarse. h A |n. Assault and Battiby ?James Dorsey nail be Wm Wilson were arreah-d by do'Iceman Lloyd ke this morning for an aaaaolt and battery on Jamte yi'fl?*r TW* *4l tAfl^ befor* Justice Dona, ms wbe ordered t*f?n * ^ve wparttj ?# IW the try peace A youujj man named Tocher was al*o rer mentioned la ihe writ aa a party to {be f#'*lr, but xll ha has not yet been arrested. . Tbb Last Caaaca ?The Christ Church fair at Tbora'a flail has been so tbaro jahly d< lijfhtfol Jj that every body will feel regret that this la the last U, night Thf v(?'tors wbo ha v? enjoyed themar Ives taro igb the Werfc hare will d? ibileea rally m, Mill kuilvkt tn avail tk?mi*hM am Ik* ol^ai ?r "d hour*. Qowilf. Spspicion of Labcesy.?Laat algbt, a colored girl iuidmI KJttabtth AfUfcroder, wa? auapected ? of a petty larceny by a gentleman named IUzia. 1uj She wm arrefted by itotecllve oOc? Allw, and t-d taken t?for? JtiaHc* LXma, who, after a thorough a imitation of the eridance bar. Ti?? N?w YOM AT(ft?? P?^b5'terUp Chtjrdi U- (Dr Ouiiey'a) baveskQM* P?kCio.B Dailey for their charialrr, The slnfUiC Mbeol under >rk Mr Dailw>tearMMlliiM to^HIa the lecture 'X room of that cbucb it o'clock trtry tfetarday ptroojD*. * T ? - * JB ff ft- * 1x3' ,:u y?i da? < . MM . I 1 a>M<.1 i a ti ? I I City impftothkntt?Surveyor Forayth bu onaplgted the awyeyof JaqHMcreek.*a4 the Lim If fn6 c wtniinrf %stbg?b lUUfbcti&a ugt plictd ipon the aUfcee t? perfectly ledioeleTthP line rhi? bu b*?v done Mritli ? iW U Mic perfect Iralnage <rf the iwtn^.w complained of aa be cauae of moat of the dekneaa prevalent in that Iclnltv at certain mioM of tbe yrnr Major lamaer, the commander of the Unite* Slate* Iraenal. with * vrlae riew to fce health of hl? tation, baa ordered the work to ?e coiuimnord aa oou aa poaalblo, and It fcaa b?ea placard aaw the apertateodenre a# Uaaal Cammtv oner Wtaa, *ba. wtth bta a.aefclner^and workman, will Mt fcoot K at the *Mfle*t opfcert jnrty. The Importn# tAMf* A afii 1 ? >??k HtHlCU UVVtUTrulCUk Ul OCICl>?U treet. Prom Marvlahd avenue to Ik*Potomac, Uaa it last been completed, with the exception or ibout two aqu&raa near tk* river, where the ?!defalk it not tlnlihed. and will not be until the' pring. When csnfleteC k$rwtJi "afford an excele^w^ ire to tbe river cbairtM^MM'a'litfSiWtt^Rft njury to the atreet br washing, ha a been contracted at tbCTTVer leAhlnua ^Thia work waa 1Dder the agppryl^oaj?f ,?.& T*ylor, Cam?)a IT01I? or u* Sereatt W4 T&? property bowses ?bo ^OoMdiM (kti Wt hI exptMiw vorfc,- lh*wtrtdi< for tbo <Uspo?itioa thev dl? iicy*4 to bnr the beery expense for an Improve iMtit eo desirable' to (be Southern trerel Tft iqfliWb N>. 677, t Urge alley tu been Rcaftiy iA-j -troVod by paYlflc tbe carr!uve wai- with cob'Ulc itone, and the five ?*et side-walks w|lh brtek, nsking a great imnrweement In the 41 Swam boo lie" district. Tkf ttntmenli of th? bridge over Hber cr?fk have been eolnoleted. ThI* work rutnpctIntended by R.B. Owen, CotnmlMloner >f the Fourth Ward. SoMKTHisa to Complain or.?Several citizens >f the eastern section of the city have complained >f tbe Imprudence of the Swine which make the mrket place there a regular r?ort. The ho?? lalm as perfect a right to the market and its con?nts as those who are taxed for its support. They ire very iriischevious, entering in detance of law to the stands of dealers, upsetting their eggs, scattering tbe fruit and vegetables; and It Is no novelty hj wr a jmrarr wai* ou wuu a uraa <?l raooa^c. K fp\r day's ago a large bog walked deliberately ladv n baskrt, lifted a turkey out of It. ana iffiurded a grand ctiue for the vounz one* wli# itteinpted to recover i( Tbt* complaint of the perjons Injured la the officer* employed to protect tbem, by enftrrclng the law* do not appear to care as much for them, a* for the swine. Paiuoi Thisf Caught.?Last nigUt, a big negro was caught attempting to extract articles of ^ rati f?nni p?/>v ijv liamvoa of 11? Havener's house. He fought desperately, but wu B nail y overpowered and conveyed to tn? watchhouse for safe keeping In his possession was found a bat which ueliad stolen from a house nert door to Havener's n? gave hfs name as Tom Jackson, but some of the officer* thought they recognlaed In him an old offender named Dent. He was sent to jail. Central Gvaidhodak Casks.?Wm. Dent, stealing a hat, the property of Tho? II. Maddox; jail for court. Samuel Chaney. attempting to pick the pocket of Frederick Shaffer; distillate 1. Dennis Dacey, profanity; flue and costs, $2 94 Henry Crutcbett. do ; do , 8(94. Tbos. Heron vagrant; dismissed. Wm. Stephens, disorderly; One and costs, #4 16. John Cole, do.; do., S3.10. Til* UfltO!* F?*LI!fo TS WaSIIISOTOS ?It la & no lew noticeable than a pleating fact as being an Indication of the strong Lnlon feeling which pervades thla District, that the American ensign for tbe past two or three days has been displayed from early all the prominent points in the city. No DlTFiDK^T OR BA.*HTtL PK1S0X Who iS deairous of learning how others who are alnllarly situated, act under particular circumitances. should fail to attend tbe ball of tbe "Bashful Club-' on Monday night next, WBITKB7K8T, 431 Pa. ?T , is furnishing visiting cards in beautiful stvle with full length likeness. His prices are reduced to suit the time*? Hum ju per wh?. ore puowgraoua 01 rnnre 01 Wale* ana suite. 2t* N*w York, Aueust 21, 1859. M'tirs. Host'.ttrr 4" Smith. Pittsburg. Pa. For soma years pact 1 have been afflicted with indigestion and dyspep la, oocasionaly attended with obstinate attacks of riiarrhcra. Being a rn-dical man myse f, 1 se dorn take anr medicine, but knowing that the peculiar eondi'.ion of mr system required both a tonic and st'mulant, I determined to tr? the etfeot of a bottle of your celebrate ! Bi'ters. Before commencing to take the Bitters 1 had not had a natural healthy action of my stomach and bowels for threa m >n?h?, and during that time I had lost &fteen pounds of fl*;h. In two weeks I nave caiuea nve pounus in veignt nave had a rar noui appetite, perfect digestion, and no symptons of dysp*p*ia or diarrhoea But why call your incomparable compound H-ttrrr' 1 And it a delig tful pungent, aromatiu to the ta-te, and tae taocihla >UacU upon the sy?tem area delightful varaith to the Htt>n>ach vid au exhilarating glow over tho wi.ole surface of the body, exciting copious ptrspi ration witnout stimulating tii ) brain or aooelera liue the nervous sy tern so as to leave any feelings of lassitude o-relaxation. This is my experience iu the use o( this admirable prppa a'i n. Let others try it. Yours, truly, o \v. \Vkst?*oo?. do 4-o.^t No. 17 Wast Fifteenth st. Mas Smith's Institute ioi Youxo Labiks ? 'i'be uext uoarter commences Nov jy At t!ie reunion in 1-ebriiary. the flrtt division of the senior class will graduate and receive the gold medals fif tho Insl-tnto 'It* v* t it** i w* " Wutu'i Uai.sam or Wn.? Chs**t, Curtt BriMukial Afferttom and aU Dictates of tht Lmtft. Froni tho Bob ton Evening Traveler, January 6, "It it periiap* i>ut a simpie act ofjustiooto the proprietor* of Wittar's Bah am nf U 114 Cherry for us i0 say , that mr personal eyjierienrt \n the UM of tfcuaiticU. ban undressed us favorably. One <>f the proprietors of tne Traveler was entirely cured of a ir vers oou git nt foor months' continuance, by the use of this liaiMkin^nii several of onr fi tends and aoq uaintancfts, wno havu tried the article, have found it of great service in lelieviiig th-ni of sover* coughs and shortness of breathing, with whioh they ii&d been afflicted." None genuine unless signed I. Bctts on the Pr>par?d by S. W. Fowlo It Co., Boston, and for ?a!a by Z. D. Oiiman,^. C. Ford, jr.,S. B. Waito O. Stott, Johu Scuwuu, 9t?ura * Pa.mer. Waah ington; and by de&iera every whuro. Ue 5-lw,r CoVfthi ?The suddon change* of our aUmate art CO ircoi of Pulmonary, Bramckial and Attkmatie AJftctio?j. Experience haviog proved that aiinp.e remedies often aat speedily and e?rtuniy wh?a taJc^n in the t arly ?ta<e? of the disease, reooursa should at oooe be liad to " Bronekinl Troeket.** or Lozenge*, let the Oald, Cough, or lr. ritation of the Turoat be ever ?o slight, as by this precauti -n % more s*riou? attack ina* lie effecniVly warded otT Public SiHbkirs and Singers will find tii?tn effectual for clearing and strengthening trie voioe, lice advertisement de l-ly HoarsoPATHic itiMBcm All of Dr. Haipphreya & Co.'a specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in twxee, at 25 and fin cents esch. Also in nkn, containing 30 vial*, from 9* to 9f Meh. with book 4>f fnl! direction*. For tale by Z. 0. Oilman. 350 Pa. avontw, wholesale and retail &?cot: \Y. A. FiUtferaJU, 2?3 uu/th F street also by F. u. Winter, cornor of Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Ai?-<,ForuVt Extract of Wi'.ck Hazel, for infernal. Juufrxlarnal inflammations aJ all kiad^. ClJ m a?ovt. ^ _ uiaSly Rk*dh4,H*vo you sorn IrrcL Wood'g n-ilvertua r ptper. Rea4 it; it wiil laterost you. ^ Hollowat!* F?u.? no Ointmiwt. MM, Scald*, Wom*dt, it-wist*, mor? <Uttarinrt MiMhiiati cHh b? adduced of the imme <Sate relief wftich Ho!Iowa?'s MeUiainea aff.mi tr sufferer* from theseMrribi* eataitrophes than th< rAaiiiiAM with w IUaW n>AHi<i*l niA n tliAm in n>i. i <*|?|| i?u?iw> hivii i*' y i v&t* practice f'>r~W! rtpn accident*. i Uo le.Uure iu Mi<? Otnlrrwnt is tliat it lowei n-ithei cm ru?f UleauU vi toe akin No Uunlly ehouli! b< without a uppi? <n th??e invaluable rem^dm* Bold by ail l>raffgisU at28c.,?o and #1 per box o pot. de5-lw ? To thi afflict*b!?be ?ur? to read the adver ti??)ju?ut of MuLaan'i StrenKtheniag Cordial anc Blood Purifier-1? auo^her (Xjhirtfc tf / "Msttii. " On Thuradu eveninc, the Gth in*t\nt, by tin ter of / atnei aid Marjaret A Hsu, all or thi? cifj. DtED, Of tiio iuf ht of the 7th uuttat, at the re?i4ano< law Jam??a Barron, m th- Mtt yair ot her affl. J4h > died iu J?*ua, and la Utaaed ; ?Ho w ?ve?t b?r alt>nibeta are! rroin *u(T?riu| and from pain released. And fri?? from eT#ry ?nare. ' 'On Friday, th# 7th inataet, PMMi LEWIS (oolorcd.) Faithful, and l>eIov:*l by all who kn?? a and 1?er death much lamented by her nut* family ; we oaanot *p ak too hifkijr of ha meiita. May she rest in hu?veu * On thetoth September l&at, at sea, on board th hta ag e. * DA. HUBNKK'A RESSMAKINtf ESTABLISHMENT, Mo. 506 Elbvkmth 3t . Between Pa. avnue and B at. WOrtfe I Mtort? I aotlo?. . .i 1* . ? l aw* U OME PKICfSONLY! O.AVINQ en Hm4 a very licftvr Haak of DftBS TRIMMINGS, I wUlelW-lheeSHienry ?iWh?M "aygjy^w, w? tv?, i esiiai fcV'*U?*% "P ?~ *d^l';a '*'' M *^tl< i : ? i! .?.'? nek hi 1 A .OKinjAi* r> YK/?3H ,1m'/ ?sK ,J?.-i? WU?0 ?f totf 1 I [Order ad to b* laaartad u? tae E vkxim 9tu, it >^ 1 tt? Mw?>*ywywj tka Ui?aat oirov'atior pf ??r daily p*p?r p*btt?tr?d 1a W Mntsrton.] ftT" AH paraom applying for latter* in th- fol'ov m( hat. will pieaae mt tha* aw israiuiD. . LADIES' LIST. AMm>< Mn E Lhtun, Mr* Hu4, Mix linM AllxMc?.Mri j; D DNfliM, Mim , M iu M*r ? Itigr *1 *T*T HftjMl M IAr?. .? gt0m?. Mm M?j EUiou, MnL *Ttnh? B if d?, Mim Ana E rotur.Miu H?r>hil Miuu.Mrt fmw Bluwu, M?a? Hau P Urlmt, M.U Kl'aL Mwptr.Miu Kmc Pjjrd, Mill Marj A Itruii, Ju>u Mrnw, Mai L Boavtlt, Mta C*Ufc Hi lion. Kllta MoAu, 9b C M B.thcp, Kn ? H*rri?, Miu Locjr Mi?? fit* Bj ro?r<l, Mri A 8 H.rlry, Mr? Eliu Pnti, Miry Ao> MIm Mary HrndtrKui.MiuSM Put}, Hun K^&arr igalttpx&zsz&s* jLmx M Hl&ity^AljgTMML | Crtuku. Mur ItHw.mfllt < 4U9, lbinntit CMfclh. ..??, t MytTO llWiT. farat WiUaa, Mm Id* E Chaptaa*tMxa n L?rn?d, Mr? 8>r?h Wirriu, HnU .'AEVTI.UICK>B IJht ". r " A.H.; " TfcV.i. rt ^ K ferj? is*/ &&??,% AMc.,**??~*n Ouumv, M Otn?r, Bdward **<* ?, A, #?C 1 Or?n, Hkkul * ?, W B Boiler, DiWk Qwbtinr, L rriu. W C Jtoifaort, WD* iau D* Pattt. C?pt Wa li/kH.Tkoi Ur?jr, CiK J Punbrr, Tho*?3 BoytUico, Ttiu* J Granaia, ) D hutnM,A H D . _ - ? I - - - n . _ /? n b u t -XI, ojiunu M 'UIIJ.U < rote, m\ j Beajl, S W G-vlptn, f A Pool. J W v Barker, R,chard, B P P.liuer. J?. W B*un*tt,RJ Uuliu4,AH PiuidUi, J? Btidlfjr.R II L Hirdr. Win Ptir?il,i B*rt/, Robi Mtur?, W A Ptlni<r,J C Bilurd Meteille Hi;*, Timothy P*?Juody, I J Bread, I.*ui*uce 2 liatbam.K V% 0?? Brown, J R Hoyhe*, Robt Porr.FW Brjwu, Joiia Hxre, Jacob Pratt, I) R?t Brewer, Joo J II >>Va, Ja* A Powell, CM Bro?n*hin.Juo HilHu, J*? H Roberta, 8 BeaCkieir, Juo Howard, J R Kicluiifa, Peter Brady, joa Hap, H Roberta. M F Becclaua, Joaeph Herbert, G Reed, J J Ueutou, Juo Hum, Geo G Keed,J H Bojer, lleorjr Harding, Geo Reid, 1 H Brououjrb, C. W D It all, Geo R Ruch??, J W Beainou, f C Hont, Garland Rollu.a, J 8 Boyden, Pr*d Hunter, Frederick Remeja, H R Buckle/, peuuia } H inner, t Robn.aon, H C Beckert.C M Hill, Oiotnbui Ricliar 'a, f Barker, Chaa T Hamilton, A J Roe?, I) 8 Barnard, C C P Imboden & 8ebirt Robert*, C C Brook*, Clement Irviu, Readeri.C'M Biker, Oha* J jrd*u, Capt Tho* 3 Henl.ner, Wm?1 Barker, CT John*o?. J?*?3 Sutton, Tho? R Berry, Benjamin Jackaoo. laaac Mh ler. Html Uelkmp, A A Jm**, Kliaba Koiej.l R Benlden, R*t A Joliuton, D G Sinj.ewu, T i) Wrowo, A if /till, AH r 1 Chipiu?n,W A4Co K?lltyf W H 8niliv?n( P*t KoUckt, The??ft ?hi?l, M Chrnmond, 0 8 Kai(bt,S M 8*n?U, J mo G Croiin, Wm K?irn?j, R P K:neM?, J * Conper, Wm KerNf, l>pt M 8*m>o<.)i?o CmUu, W y Kiiloff. L M flHei, Juo ChsNlcr, Wra M Kinf.MoiH Sictrut, J H Cnif, Wm Kmc, (ieo W 8crjutou,ino R Cmboun, W R Kidder, G?o SMifer, J icoo M CUrett, Tlio# W Knir, D R 8pt lugiajo. Juo M Ceu.Go Kitby, D B 8ilam, AIfrcd Cltrj. J *? D LonUrt, Mr 8tcrUnf, Uaae N u I 1 ,k... it l.A v>iru?i 11 iv * uimoiii, 1 it wu?i , ? *? Claiborne, N C Low, R 1 ?.,owden,SH Campbell, M It Low, Juo Mneien. J Carlcen.Mr Lumpkin, J H Stairo.K Cutler, L W Lumeden, J W Sutherland, D J Childa, Jno W LemaM, Ji.o T Shrodh, Cbaa Cobirn, J L?i Lawrence,Jouathan Seduard, Cb.u Campbell, Juo Lwir, IB Iuuk>ii,C Cwrttu, H P Leyaen, A Stuart, Ch Cormnf, Eraatua Lenox, A H Turner, Sxuil S Cewao, E (far Lakenun, A ? Tr.wbridfe, K E Coatee, Eli.ha Mitchell, W Teoney, P ClitetiT, D E Mitchell, Tfcot Tboropaon, Geo Chara6#r?, D A M tiixm, Thot Trook. #??o W Cocx.cjrACo.Mfaere Merrill, Biml Tyler, C W Coburo, C L Moody, R P Upt">ii, C H?2 ?'*' ? ?? Meade, R W Viu ft Co, Men Dant, T E MetCair, Robt?2 William., W F DeUuey.T B M.aoo, Otia Weir, W T Uonaldeou, Thoa Miller, Nathan Wen, W H Dower, Phil Jlaiwri, M Wheeler, Thoa Q ' *? - M-i..? AJ n U/.1K D u v* ."nnwuij, 1*1 d n wiuma, rv n Daaley, Juo Murphy, Juo W Whittleaey, O Darnell, Jne Murray, Jno R Walab, Jno Dirndl, Jno Y Mtndeuhall, Jut E Wilea.Jaa Davall, Jno C? % Middletjn, juo H W*ahinrtop, Juo Donohot, Jno Martin, Juo L Whufl*Icl, J M Donovan, Capt D C Martin, J C Woodward, J D?3 Elliott, Mr Morton, J G Whiioif, J *?X Event, Henry Milton, Hear* Wilkme, J F?-t Ebert, Amos Middletou, HQ?2 Wbiuiey, J S Feeiner, W C Minot, F W Whitnuu, Geo Franklin, W na Milti, Ji? H kite, T P4lca,Thoa H M.u)otkte,EC Wm?o?i#C Fennel), Simon Mahatejr, D W?ehrnmih, C Foittiue, R Meyer, C O Wataou, Cliaa Kmger-iid, Pit Morneoti, A M Welifn.C Forwird, O H McDwonfli, C 8 Wallace, C H faster, JI0111 .McCaiiij, H C Wirrian, A J Flwiine, Lmrenee McMin i, J\? M VVhuel/, Andrew France, jute H McOlof^n;, J?? Wkfn??, A W MISCELLANEOUS/?Booudtrrj Comawiw; P W N,, Ediur Wuiui|[ttiuui L. C. H.; M A. F , Celo Gtieue; Real Tmtt Commiueun. (C^"L*TTK*8 VITIX ALL CA3Ei BE PREPAID. 1>?0 8 WM. JON EH. P. M. FOK~SALE AND RENT. [ Far otktr ''For Salt and Rent" ndvtrtittmtnis, in nuuM3.-m?mi eri 01 ?;ongresa r and oth?rs in ?aut of nicely Furnished Rooir.s, in suit* or tingle. ?an find thorn by applying at Mo, 30 Four aud-a-half at., east side, between Fa av, and C at. de 8-lw* LAW OFKICliFOH R KNT?in Towers' Buildior, ooreerof Mzth street and I-a arenne. II is dni fd into twu rooms, is convenient to the Cou t House, and in a good business locality. de 8 3t* FURNIPHKD ROOMS FOR RE.NT?Twelvi hunrlmmnpl v furniahfei I'url.ira nH h?rr t.?r? suitable either f>>r ft la'ge party nr three different f&mi'ie*. Ad experienced coot in the basemen! wi 1 supply meali. Apply at No. 230 on F, between 13th aii'i nth sts. de 8-St*a f~^t)R HKNT?PAKLOR8 and CHAMBERS, adjoining, uewlv and handsomely furnished 361 K street norta, between 9th and K*tli s:? de 7 3f _ F*OR R KNT?A very comfortable PARLOR ?n<l foar CHAM bER$, witli gas and every ooavenienoe, local, d in the best part of the eity. Bo*-d if do ired. Apply at No. 893 Pa av? between 9tk and loth sts. de 7-3t* FOR SALE OR RENT (Or Exchange foi Western l.aed?V?Th? three story HRICH DWELLING, with good dry No. 596 > . street north, between 6th and 7th sts west. Also for sal* or exohang*, th? two sim lar Brink Dwell, v,.. sau?jcnn i ii'.'n k. .1. iu^a aujviuiuK?uw?, wuu vvw./ IT 111 i?C Uir e.?sed of s??r?'ate'T or together. For particular! apply to JOHN MATTHKWS.No. 514 P ?tr??( B9Wi, between 4th and 5th iti ?e>t de 7 St* FOR RENT-With all modern improvements,i news ttory BRICK HOUSE, (fornithM,) oi U st'eet, between 18th and 19th gts.. No. 194. AppI] on the premise* de6-3>* I7pR SALE.?A gentleman expecting to leavi I \\ ashmgton oilers for ?alea?iaa 1 vacant LOT in Square tis?8, at a great naorifioe. It is within I hi eontempla'cd extension of the Capitol grouadt Virginia money will-l>e taken at par. Apply U . THQ8 J. FISHER. Esq. dstj SO A PRIVATE FAMILY (HAVING NO CHI Li dren) having two Hooiru to ?pare, would tak< 1 two gentlemen to Board, or vuula r?nt the roam lurniKhed. The roottta cummumoate an<l are ;i with g&a T'i?l would have a ploaaajit home la quire at the 8'.?r Office. Je 5 lw* i C?L'RNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 1 I " atreet. between 6th and 7th eta. de 4-tf A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PAH LOf and CHAM BKil nn tha firit floor Torrent, a No. 4&0 Twelfth etreet, taitwera t? and H. de 4 lw*, 17 OR RE NT-A PARLOR, m thelratflooi ? F and three fine Be<l(omn? OB tuo floor abov*. a No '270 Pa. avem;fe, iwu doora eaat oi Urn Kirk > wood H H>iutf 1 IT1 OR RBNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, of , r tt tries, containing 12 room*, located mom tti Treasury Department, lormerljr oooupied by Sena , tor Hi*}* ; or I will reat 5 rooms in said house Alto lor rent, a aim 1 Frame House. containing : roome and kitotien. inquire at 4*0 Fourteenth at r between H aad 1- de?-tf FOR RENT-A fo?r-?tgr, Briok HOUSE, oa H between {lhand Mh Ureets; hae 12 room* an 1 abfttU^f'U?e. Rent moderate. For teruis apply t> oEOKQK SAVAGE. Wasking ton; or to J. LIB BEY A. BON. No 97 Wat*r street, Georgetown Also, on L. between 4th and Mh streets, a two ator 6 above Wlth 6 roonva. f ftj e'^ao** - pOR EKNT-itoUSE No, 460 M alreM. be , r twt?eh tfih aad 13ih. Ilae water, i*a, alWa yard, and everr oonvemeaoe for a waali farm, j Atplj to L. EDWARDS* Grocery, or to l>r. CEA tnilurton atfeet, Georgetown pL'RNl^HHD APARTMENTS FOR REN'f r in a priw? fkmily. a Parlor ai ti Chamberioin inci ver* band?oni?'ly raraieked, on tke ir?t fl?oi i ?levate<f five foet above the eulewalk; loeati n wp pieacant and Uecirahta; onl jr a few vardi from th HU o Department and pub!to grouane.and otnnibu 1 1mm to the Capitol, on N<?w York arentjo, tkin f door from Fifteenth eireet. No. oW-aotf ' HNTl.ft;aBOT add Ndaeeayftueotti ar., oue ol the moet de?irahl looationa in tho city. Tha hoeee is furnished wit i marbie mantles; a'ao, faa and wafer fixture#, wit bathroom Inqmreat WM. P. SHEDD'8 Faaj gte^fcWo ftOtf Kfreath et. eqtHWt-1 ! F1S?35itaS'a!L?U?S!S.,i7&t.i gfii1^-.feBTr6,'vS?i?u.y>u[\ Uthfawi wilt ta?. m eeooad a pleaaa?t pai ~ north ?i04 . 99 f-tf " p?OH ft KNT-A thrM tory Uriok HOUSE, 001 a 1. ttwniaf t room*, in *Ood order, with |M fii . VMlttMiMd, e JTBW of P ?JrMl MM M?HUl v l G matf p A FAMILY HOft*E KOftRALK, qf %| | P i ^ A J *?4 i - - * * r i ^ I ./.'"Hli t,* K !l H / K /'/ ..1 ?** riJ .?VV9iil t itt.V? .**J GEORGETOWN. Corrufondmkm ?/ Tk* Stmr. wMitow*, December 9.1M* Both board* of our City Council we In wpiaci last evening, and the proceeding. which wrrt * ccnaiderabl- latereat. we will report at length on Monday next The fallowing la an abatract In the Board of Aldermen, a revolution In relation to the Corcoran Charity Fund waa rattrrl la tk* Board of Cottimon Coonetl, tbam were received and appropriately reterred the following paper*: Report ?f the Chief of Police for the month* of July. Aoguat, September. October and November Petition of vrniim rflH*r?r?n?nM? ??H tinea. 1* relation to the selling of pap*r? hereby peddlars from WaihmgtM. Commanicatien of F raro. in rrUtforr tt> *re.trary conduct of two of the poocr fatce tp anauUiag and arresting bin Memorial of tbe Gwritrtown Gas Ligut Co. and of \V. T Dml. ask ft* tbe Carporituaa V> pro*idaw?vs and meant for tL??' the wW? of ?45l 75 and *5?J 44, due tUrto respectively Xiao, the accasnt of tbe Geofgetonra uas LIeIU O*. fas Uffhtiag tba .treats fraci Ann* 1. IWMo April J, rtew-la.200 eu, aU of rniobltoe praaeat gas tax levied is 'nsuSrlaat to imI,? ft lakes tbe whole of the collections on that account to paj Uta current expaaasaof IteMsftiWlmli Petition of I Carter Marburj, ittcnn fot Aff/ felrkpatrlek. complaining of tte kigfe Vte ^ m* eaament of rota on aoath aid* of BfJAgJt between Market and Frederick ata. Mf. Ptanoa aaked the dteebarge of ttwcommittee on ^rleTaacea fr<H? further eoa?i4erfctlaa of the petition! of W. Y. Fend ail and 1). Oertly^ granted Mr King, front afreet committee, naked tbediachargeof a* id committee from further con !<lira tloo of the petition R. Sbekelisfor work on C berry street; granted. The following resolution* were reported. read once, and lay over under the rules : By Mr. Dodge, from the ways and mean* com mittoe, a resolution authorizing tbe Corporation toborrow S5.?U*( of the commissioners of U* sinking fund in corporation due bills, to be returned on tbe 1st of April next. By Mr. Kins', fr^m street committee, resolutions appropriating bib 62 to pay del '.11 rs in f.-oot foot tax levied for improvement of llifli street north of KitfUtti ?ire?-t; *ud IH> <? ~?-> to pay deticleiK ies in front ft*.t tax levied fur improvement of Fayette *treet from Bridge t.> First By Mr McCobb. from ( lala.s c< !imii tlee, r? < lutlon* lu favor of J J Mo<t?IHan. JoLr and Cllzabetb Booth Bv Mr Hill, a resolution Instroc'.lnj t'jt Recorder to institute legal proceedings agaliut Gil urtk wiaerwemen lor me ;t tin hi it cf purchase money due on the tobacco wartlismrt, u-ikm Ik p.i)i '20 per ecnt. of tbe amount pat h montk, twninrncing on tbe <ir?t <lay of January u?*t The resignation of Mr. Geo W. Beetl as assessor was, after debate, laid on tbe table A long and spicy debate iwbicb ?? will give a synops s of in a day or two) took place on tbe Trinity (Watbolic) Church rt-solu.tion; after wbicb. tbe question on its mssai'e wua taken by ayes and no<-s, and it failed to pcss by the following ToteYeas?Messrs Dunlop, l-'earson, McCobo, Pickrell and SUke?5. Nnis? Messrs Dod^e, E.iglisb, Hill, Kin^ aud Tenney?5. ilMnl-tioi. >..,11-1 ! ~ - ?W- Ui ~ " tvwiutivii *v?. icuituiii^ ?ur unujjr utc. iuc canal, east of tbe marketbous*; laid on tbe t-ible. Resolution for repair of footway* ou Wut street; withdrawn. Resolution in favor of Hcnrv Kin^ (remitting a portion of the taxes eu bis property luiured by flre)prssed by the tallowing voteYeaa? Messrs Dodge, Dunlop. Knglisb. Ilill, King and Tennev?6 Nay?? Messrs Feafson, McOobb, Pickrell and Stake?4. A resolution to pay for the construction of an arch under High street, near Mr. Adlar'a, was passed; and the board adjourned. At a meeting of the Republican Association last , evening, It was revolved to bxve a supper for members of the club and Invited cuest*. on Friday evening next, 'o celebrate the election of their candidate for the Presidenc y. About 500 beef cattle were offered at Drovers' R^t yesterday?of which a)>ont 2fi5 were sold to District butchers at from #"2 50 to ?3 5j per 100 lbs.; 175 went on to Baltimore; and 40 lay over. Trade on the canal is quite lively, and the quantity of tiour received here this week is ex tranriiinkrilv lar.m "J ??v. See Georgetown advertisement column for chances to get rid of uncurrent money, get bargains, icc . Leave advertisements at Dr Bar curds', at Cran dell's, or at 114 Bridge street, wliye tbe Star's agent may be seen. It cost* do more, and tare* trouble. GEORGETOWN ADVERT^MTS 5 HARKELS PRIME LEAF LARD, 2.<X*> l>arr?l* . e? SHOUl.OKKS. 1/W ba-rels n?w Supar Cured HA MS. do frr-an slajght'.red HOG an do Crusbod and Poiveused SUGARS, lu do Rcbn?l Brown do. For sale bj ,1 > R-fif IV U TPVUDV ? ? ww u> t ni^ a i warni>^ ' warning:: , " WARNING':! Don't bo* a cent's worth of Clothing until yoa haveexainn.ed our stock. We ?ell at the lowest possible pri"C<, and take paper money,for goods, on any good bank m tlio country. A. fCHMIDT * CO.. da6 3t No 1U0 Bridge st.. Georgetown. Apples, a p p l e s, AND POTATOES. i 100 barrels No. 1 Baldwin Apples. . 81 do No. 1 None.nch Greenings an?l Ptppeo Appms, t 19barre s Jackson White Potatoes. I D*ty expacted per scnooner J. W Heaver from I New Hampshire, aid will be sold low on or before arrival to close itie consignment. . HAKTI.KY k brother, i d. 4 It 99 and 1Q1 Water st , Georgetowe. Anunub. l,L Notes take at par lor DRY GOODS at E. I GUTMAN'S, 117 Bridge streot, a^uth aid?. \Ye ; nave juat received a fp esdi i at ck of Kid Glove?, > Gauntlet*, t'nibroideries, Cloak*, Phawle. Ac? 1 from t:.e latest Baltimore auotioua, whioh ae 1 cheap-r than ever. . P. S ? we have aiao received a aplendid atrie qi Fancy Dresa SiUa at ; > oeuta parjrafii, wor?H 0i iJL \ Don't forgot tbe place. E GCTMAS, de 3 It 117 Bridge at , atm?a w?. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hlidft. prune Port-. At?q ttl'GAES, > M0bMB..?,d Hye VVBIMLY. i BO M>la. HERRING and ALE WIVES, 5U UUa. Crushed Mid R>fie-t1 ^UG ARs, *> ww?? R10 am) Java COF FK K, M? hhua.tlow-prioedtMOLASSEB. FT?ieby JOHN J. BOOl'K. ae? 100 BBLS. OF FRIME C1URR, U*T Arrived and for a%i? uAM? tor oath. no 18 ARNY & SHINN. \lA8SKY,COLLlMa t, CO.'?> PHlLADKLr L~I Vhii ArAUUHT ALE.-W*ar? S0Ditut.T receiving iraaii aupptMa ol tie above delightful invite *u futuu who want a pure unadu iterated Aie, to give it a triai. . AKNY * SHINN, Armti, fat ft? Green at.. Georretown. t . Tnoticl. HE UNDERSIGN KD bega to infora* h?? ?at ) ron? ai.d the pubnc that, 1 &vius diapoaed of nia aorp'UA stook at taction, h? Has re opened with an exten?iv? atock of t>?? fine;,!, aeleoleu FRENCH t OoNFECTiONEHY Hi* LMning and Supper t Room* have baen thoroughly improved. ?ith adJiUuuai roatoa and uqwl? furniahed. He la now ^repa(&4 to lurn'ati private and cublie paraee at - thekhort'at u >tioe. and flatter* himulf that, with ' the add'tioual feoliitiea, he will im et. biedtoex t e-si hi?form?r reputation. Tha under tuned feetg confident that a'! that in n^cetgsry to satiny Ma old and new lAtrou* wi!' ? be a oall. The efcoioeet that the n<arkef auorda ar.d "J ad ih? luxunea that c^u w obtained from other aouroea will be Q-ui*?4?ttiv <> > h*n?l. ffeoS. POTENTIN1, c J?reneh Confection-r- ?u<i R ataurant, 1 Old Stand No 2T9 Pa. av . hetwam da 1 lw 10th And 11th streets. tootfe siiifl. ^ j^EGARS AND T<^jAC<JO FOR THE MIL o The UQd%Mt?n?4 woold reeaaolfiiWy laforn? hii - 1* (w?m friends and the pnhlio UM toe oojart 1. r".ehi* heretofore extstiee aider the ferni ol y B?h?*-"?? k, Wikc*an*, hat bNB dissolves by ms tual oor??nt. at d that? e hat op?n?d a ttore on th? oomor of c and Beveath tu. inl oppoette th? " Bank of Wasningtos.wUn may lie fniLd a ch io? Miortin^nt uf i)KGAR8 aad TOBACCO,of direot imputation, u vail aa doueetM sssjalseturs, r? wholesale and retail. Thankful for past favor*, ue hopes by for dealing and atriot attention to ta? wants and interest^ _ of the pablio In tie line, to merit a*ontia?#nc4 a the patronage ao liberally bestowed Bfcn LM tat? p no >1-1 m* P. WIW?mN\'. T PERFUMERY? K ft ? *ery difficult to get genuine BOAPS. EXTKAt TJsOlLrfJ, A^D POHADKS. ll Our 'nnf a * AAriAnrA in tW husiadas ^?.a M** to offer over* trtinlt of"thf I GENUINE QUALITY. t*oraa of our own imporUliui. w< ulh*rm of vail5 ~r" . H?4 any llrnTn i Hot 1. r T* BOOTS AND SHOES! I' lu MRMBKR- OF CONGKt-.SS. BTKAN>' oKkHviftriwo thk crrr, and THE PUBLIC GENERALLY ', 1, . T^? andariignfel l?xcaImtm to v?I?nb yam that h< iti. for L?U?a', Gaotien?a?,a, Mimm'.FBI - * ilia rumv ?UK:t it lrow?mdi miiiQ I Of lillf M I- tap'a w -IB tb? bffct My I#?of tM b*st auMvn % vlzx!""** * I - * * j ? ; .? / !-?>%. I .k.~ . tul i ?: i-2 .)tU ,.v< ooc THE LATE8T NEWS TBLBflEAfHIP. U*r trM lartp* NEW Yoke. DOC.7?Tl? MomUd Aitt km arrirrd, turning Liverpool *Uo to ibe U*k, ?U quffMtown fett all The rtooaohip BnliHh had orrlo^d out Hoatttltto* tod rcronMMMod *a Chios. Tfco oUleo win hotor*- Pokio. Tho CUmoi hod pao, poart a^ot!?tlona ItaMen effAiokwew uarboqeod. Lomoswiit, No*. ooll mod doCl nod Sd WllMl Uiill Ams. -A >-<h r ? qu'? Pra*l*u>n? (kill' ' BMyim bm larr^SS x4*.',(IUk). ,. .j,., Plaatari H?liia| iarkikJt CMM. 4 Nt\> Oliliv Iter S -KK M? that tup planvm ha<r* mbIt^ UMIjb H fljwr c*Um. and tW aadda* ftL.Bf aff ft ?? lll?H?i ; at the pMia ?aatnut>U^ ?a aaaal# ?a kalfj ll?Sir con] Briuatkoo at tfca fact fbf IMyaad fMfkMn Tar tbrlr rwrta Itf ifta ar?cr? daprvaatoa that ?iata la the AUantlr aW Gulf anar kata. and the aaapmaton toy tha fcsnk* of Owr*- la South Carolina and atWr Statea aHi> > vkkA their ezchangea are 4??p It taHMgfcttMl^a action *f ttf planter* will hailk KNmrHr I r*?t inv fnrthi*# "iwaaJ ? *"" p* -fhV l>al?nre of tbacrep r*M? NNNiMirfdMMMt the whole crop ftt 4.WU.WU tetat taNMto m round flgnrea to tbMl flOwn mllona of dollar* Ki|ilHlia ! Pawder WiptlM Laaa ?f LUr New Yoii, Deo. d ?Tbe mptlMtf ? ?p*oisb frigate lying In thfa barter exploded tbla earning Twoot three peraona wet* killed acta dozm wounded. Tbe veatlMl Mtoa ftr? a*d tb?* cabin d?-atrov<-d. bat tbe ball w?a not ina'erlally damaged.. Onlw au*j?tit? iJ n??<t-r wa? aboard. ' I * . , T" Philadelphia Opera. PmutcLruii. l>?c. 7 ?tlp opera of 11 linnti.euto at the Academy to-ainht bv tba Aaa< elated Artiste w>s a brilitait iuocm The haase waa crowded with a fa*hw>nibie audience. lira J?b? Min?r Bttti Alexandria, Dec i-.?The <>Alette of Monday will coatala the letter of H?fl i. M. Botf ca the aUtti of htlaira aad bi? ec!>ra for the renrdy. It ia v. ry in f??rtani and interesting. ? *u>hu?b w or iair4tr li<MT*R, LHsc. i ?Bryant Moore. ?f U??4I, M trial fur irnnl dava for billing bis *(fr wu today found guilty ?f n.order la lU* aacood de^rw, Dilllatrt tlirltu. Halttmoii, Dec. ? ?kiwr dull and beaey, Howard Oblo held *t *4; City Mtlla beld at?H willi no bujrcri W beat very dull and nominal. Corn steady; new mixed .'M^k Hrovlalooadwll heavy; new ma? jiorfc >17, l.f.rd 1?%r. Coffer dul' at 13*Mc. for llio WLIiky Hat at IK Raw Tarfc IHukMa. NkW V?rk, Dec t ?Floar la qalct, and namlu'lly wncb<vng?d W beat dull and nominal Corn lc lowrr I'rovlaloua dull. \V blab? ada?? inal at 17al?j?c. 3'i NEW STYLES '? OLOTH CLOAK*. W* tv'thi^ar o^aaMB nor* CLOTH LO A Ksj, such it Ara<?. fclnflialt Saoqaoe. '/ouivi, Basq- ?, Che>tetfield?. PkiMutl, and f<i ce trimmed and Crochet Berths* new etjloa 8i?' v Cloakt. t 1 ale It'partmeat S'ooad Story Krtnetnlter, the plaoe is MAXWELL*!*, de 7 3two 3*1 Pa tv*W. hluger'a hewin; Machines. 3^9 PENN. AVENUE, XATIOXAL HOTEL BCILDI'fQ. We tnvite the pub" to attention to a?r ?t* f FA.M1LN SOWING MACHINE. TkuMieMa* is uninrcaseed in the h< u?eho'd. It rau imoU and ?witt: $ete$, krmt, felli mrnd tntkm, win tew the fin'it ?(* or cloth ton ayers thiok.aad ant tin or between the two rxtromoe, la a Maithi aad substantia! Hiannw Micr ceein laahoeaaTtwalnut and rosewood case* from ?> to |l'(. Oar larfortkferw*' jrrsswr w.Htkitu. for oo*?ki tnw* and eaddlere. u without ? rifil Milk, fwirt, Thread, Mm;*, Bobbin*. Oil, Jto., always ?n hand at New York pnees. %mxtiTATarafcaa.6* no 37 6?n Afwt. C^REAT BARGAINS IN I DRY OOOM. We have marked down our entire atook of kaad 'me Dry Goods, with oar large ae ortuent Of first-elaae Staple Goods articles. and will ooo> iuet.ce this day sHling off at crea-ly reduoed prioaa for cash, to reduoe oar large ttook by t>? let M JM uary. We invito all ta wut of Dry Good* to ex a.mind oar stock befor* pu'ehasia* e.eewbera. j w. colLey no ? tw fi-iS Seventh st.. abore rfc. Mr. n CASH! LFURING the past week we hare made .arc* additions to oar stock of GENTLEMEN'S belongings. and, bayinc them aadet ta* heary pressure ta tin tnoey market for CASK, we oBer tMn U the trade nsd at retail at > trfvuim ? ??r pnrchaae prioea. for CASH. knowing that itia looo Dan at winch Srat ciaoe WARDROBE ARTICLES cu be parchaaed. Our atock. alwara pompiff, io now jnoeh larger than nana! in Drosa Shirta, I? odor SHirta and Drawora, Gentlftmen'a Dr??tiD< Rob*., Kid and W*rm G ovoo. Neck and Over Tioa, Stooka and Soarfo, Perfamory aad ftoapa, Walkir.g Cum, Colt'* and other PUtoia, ft*. Wtuch we offer at rcuck lower irian tiaa nui for CASH. We wl?h, fct>wor?r, to be understood that our aales are om fined to the neweat atytoa of gcoda and the "lowest priooa," at rrBvtNys. del lot Salop1 Room, Bro-y?'> Haul 5]2gutta PKBCR^PA'WT AND 512 HAMILTON, ?P.O. * CO/8, N* 51 * SUrBNTB *.. n . la the place to tod tfc? o>-.^tir?.Ukl Gotta Porora Rootr.z aud rairt A j^o, a general aaaoittoentof HfMioo fa'atioi Hat".t?te. .. . Paintinc in all it* feraaohoe exeootod witfcdta patch ar.d on tea doable larva, Mixed Poaalo *1 waya on hand *jjd for aaie, wi'h t>?cka< aad hraoh to loan free jf charge AH ordofa loft at the aU>ro for Old 6Uain? or Job Work of aay kind Will ho FfS"'" *u"ftdTfv IB DOWN. ?1* -.bSO txkayy cloths n AND CASS1 MKftttk Fine Cloths auJ Cinu.uieree, Va'vet *nd Silk V*?tinpa, Silk bhirte nd l>re wi?r?, Merino Shi'ta and Drawer*, Heary K ibhe<j Woolen Shiru aim l>i?wi, Kui. litlk, and Merino Oloves. Cotton aid Woolen Ha f Hole, Freaek Skirting Linen*, |r?k Lumii. We invito al persona in want of Dry Goods of any kind to give us a nail WM R. RILEY * BIO.. No. 3>> "Central Sterna," Betweee 7th and 8th ate , 1 no 28 2w Opposite Center Markot ' iNfklfroit ADiflENtTEN're. FAFER HANGINGS, a!) rr*<to* and prieee Warranted Gold Ba id Wiodow **kad?a liuti, ??r?-at?, an1 Blue Motlaad t*kad?e, all ti?M, i?ad<* to oraar ieo.a n*n<ieoine uiortaNaloi Pietare Cord and Taue!! eiaee ard aalora. Perabaemg for cash, and UtMrtng nn old etocK to aortttmulasa. peraans need Ms* tke akafaMadt i will kod it to th*>tr advaatace to tire ma* call. Ail work *x?oo<e?l anl superintended hy pV'lteat ir.en wV> !?av? Mnwl a regular appreuticeeLip at liiAlr I ra/la " V^'arfiirtT' ti irwa*ar.ti?< or n? pur r*q?tr*d. Piaaie'?ive mo a c*!'. Kememb-r Uio number . JOHN MARKRITER, No. 4^6 fterrath ?trwt, *irht door* atar* _n>>24 eolofif OddF?llow?* Hull Travels in the regions op tre lipptr and Lover Amoor, bf 'f. W. Atkinson, . W:'h a ir>M &r.d num?rou* llln*trat??aa; prioa #?-5a. Li< oello, a ra?i?*l to the imw a* Vimu, Ky M. A. LI "wotana, S. J. Iliwnr Abda ah, or tha enchants K*M,tad (.uo T*'m, wii? %r latmouucit. by mm Pvtn*. i Vulurno ana of Tom Brown at Oxford, % *N|uM 1 to fotn Bror? at Kocbr; cMiy odiuo* 11 (Mb. (Mr Ywr.? ekiM'n tniok n km* wf mm. t| the author of J ok* Ua i*u; W o?a>*. * BLANCMARI? * MOMt'N, i d? I o>?rwwr A ??>>. ? i OA! TIER S rJIflV|r MSiTAURAjh. DINNER AND iUPPEK PARTIES. * Ina?hoUi"i >?hir t?a'rua?g*. * 1 oall yura t-uUf.r to hu ekgaut *u ^ uTmRl I OHH K.CbPTlON mwd JHN'?n Wd&mk, law* hart ?a th* iao?t fo?iuoaaMu Ayi*. and af**> l?? to aoooinnodiU several parties at t*| ?*o iMoet -9,8 Pa ar?ua. < ?"? ' NOT,CE:NOTIOB,:NOT,C,V fORKIOR*P+K m?. BMHrrs. ski / fVr * than ? por ?mm. in hj iton. U,r? 1 K I^rttLL'VmS^,rS? ? st&T . T?krB ff??* Of o?h#r * :?vrf# lot of |?uu) CilPkf fcstr ^mias *r? Mri, * co;7 ?** cuom* DQfttWi.

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