Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING 8TAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ? Hi OA Y Dfcenbfr I860. 117" The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller tban ever of Metropolitan new* and poaelp, and choice ltterarv rending > Row on our counter ready for delivery to the public Embraced In lu enter talulnjt contents are the following article! : The couriuaUn of the thrilling story of Halloran tbr Peddier; I uion and Liberty?an odeaung -t Pk.fiMtnn July I. 1*?31; How Rlynnks won the Melot-s?a very laughable story; TruiM^ratioa of tb? Soul, of how Old Reed wm Conmlf4; and a letter from the Inimitable 'Artemua Ward." having *?rn Forrest; Inter esting ForeUn Miscellany, Ac., 4c ; I'.ditor.*!* oa the ilitc of alfaira and all current topics of the day; No I! of Amoa Kendall's 8c c?iion Articles; Four column* drvnted to Ag ricuttme. Gardening. Domestic and Workshop Recipes; Ceagress.onal proceedings up to the date of going to preas; Departm ?ntal reports; Patent Office Operations; The great Robbery of the Interior Department; Secession of South Carolina and Proceedings of the Convention; Several columns of Interesting Local Intelligence and General News; Latest Telegraphic Ne\v?; Serenade to Senator Pugh and a verbatim re port of the speeches made; large collection of choice paragraphs and sketches replete with wit and humor; Personal Items and Literary Articles. Pros* and Poetry, or the amusement and Instruction or every cum of reader*. This la jaat the paper above all other* for per sons sojourning in the National Metropolis to ae&d to their friends at a distance. Price only three centa prr copy, or tl.00 per aniam; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit of the Msralai frsn. The Jmitlltftnur, noting the announcement In the CMtdfsitM of yesterday that the Praaident it In no way reaponaible for the articles which appear <n tha- paper, aaya - " Those who have marked its recent coarse, under tbe erroneous impression (in which we bared} that l? was the ' oiBcial organ.' will, we are sure, receive this announcement with satisfac tion " The Inttlligtncrr further alludes to tbe move ment In Western Virginia, and to other indica tions that a disruption of the Union for the benefit of slavery may induce the people la tbe Increase of their burdens to calculate tbe value of slavery The O*si?f?f?oi? censures tbe action of M;.jor Andt-rson in removing from Fort Moultrie to Fort S?umter, saying: " W? believe that we ar- perfectly correct in stating that this action on tbe part of Major An derson was taken solely on bis own responsibility, and not In consequence of orders from the author ities lure We have also reason to believe tiiat il was not occasioned by acy threat of attack or hos tile action on the part of the people or military in Charleston, and tliot there was no reason to antici pate anychinge in their attitude in relation ta tb< Federal troope Fnder these clrrunistancts, w? must regret that Major Anderson should hav? taken such a step without orders or apparent ne cesaitv.'' Opbjiisg thk Bid* for the Trkascrt-*otE' I.oax ?According to ad vert'scment, tbe bids foi the proposed new five-million loan to tbe L'. 8 Treasury uj on Treasury cote* bearing six pei rentucn interest, were duly opened at noon to-day by tue Secretary and Assistant Secr?Wy of tin Treasury. In the presence of some thirty or furti gentlemen, principally bidders or their agents and others connected with the press The follow Ing s a list of all the bids offered.wh ch were fl necessarily accepted under the terms of the law u they amounted to an aggregate far abort of thi sum toUl of Treasury note*??5,W*V 00?thu offered for ?ale : Amount. Perce*, interest Thoe F Warner, N\ Y SdO.OOO 25 Field 4 McLean. N Y *5,000 1* lK> ........ Do. John Bain, Washington city.. John T Wright, V Y Jas R Langdon. Montprlier.. Do Oeortre (1 Norman. ?wr>ort. !K,UUI? 15 5.U00 31) 3.500 0 4,two 7 5,000 y> 5.UOO lot 2?? I?jO b >. Amoa Towr.tend, (Cashier Ne# Haven Bank) 10.000 8 Do 5.000 Do. 10.UKI ? Samuel Bobke, N V l.OWi s Wm K Brown, X V 1 ,i?x? 7 Do 1 500 8 bearing 4 Bro.f Newark 3,000 1(1 J . F. Huntington 50.000 1* Do. 25,ii00 21 Bank of Commerce. N. V., aelf and other* 1,500,MX) 12 L M.Swu, N Y 10,000 18 Levi Baabrouck, Pougbkeepale. 2 .000 8 Farmers' Bank of Lancaster, Pa. 7 000 8 Do. S.uOO 8j Do. 10.U10 V Do. 10.U0U 10 Hra B Hmith, N Y ?^ Informal) R L A A. Stuart 116.000 12 Do. hu,000 12 Do. .... (informal) 56,100 12 Ed. J King, N Y 5,1410 10 Do. 5000 12 ntias MCL.NB, .1. 1 1U.IMAI JO Do. 70,0t)U 24 C T Carlton, N. Y 30,WW ? lieo S Bishop 10,WJ0 U Do 2u.uuu ej Do 20,000 18 J P Jamn * Co 2.VOOO 12 Do. . 25.000 15 Do *9.000 1 b Do io.uyit SI Do 100.000 24 Wn?. U Slocum.N Y 1 000 10j This beggarly account of inufllciett and, man of them. extortionate offe.s to replenish the Trea nry'a coffers show* at a glance the condition 1 which Mr Ex-Se<*retary Cobb's financiering an the present *ectiou*l troubles have, together. r< dated the Government's credit It speaks truoip< lougued to all men engaged In business ever] where, of the nscesiity of a prompt settlement < the troubles. if entire Individual as well a* ri tloual bankruptcy would be warded off Amothbr Move rom Pacification.?A ropy i the following call for a meeting tb!a evening < the Senator* and Representatives from the bordi stsveholdlng and non-slaveholdlng States, to U1 Into cons!de~stion the common Interests of the respective States in the present crisis, Lias bs* eat to each of those gentlemen. Viz: The Senators sod Representatives of the follo\ lag State* are earnestly requested to meet, at ha past seven p m , of Friday, the Vi-th instant, I Willards' Concert ball, on F street, betww Fourteen tL and Fift enth, for consultation as the present condition of national affair*: Ktstncky. Tennessee, North Carollaa, Vlrglnl Maryland. Delaware, Arkanaas, Missouri. Ne Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indlaaa, llllnol and lows Washington, D C., Dec 27,15?0. The Call roa the Bo a deb States Cons** s!0*al meetis . to-si iuT, emanates, ws have a certained. from members of ail parties who s The Senate's Special Committee or Tin tee;* met again to-day, and concluded to rep? probably on Monday next, that they flnJ it 1 poaalbleto agree on any recommendation wbatei by a vote embracing a majority of ita Republic party member*, aa well as of Ita other member T** Committee or Tuiett-tmeee yesterd TOtod down tbe Rust (Crittenden) propoaitlei all tbe RepabUcaaa and Mr. Haary Winter l>ai otta^ agi-.inat It Vr Nelson's prtipoe!H.>a u l? hare been voted upon la tbelr ansiaaatf to-di upmu uru uhi iwir ^rnn ma.i not iw miaf li Jutch-block of a Lon^ and bloody civil war, lb?y caa pr**ent aacb a calamity, aa matter* no stand, from overtaking tbetr people. Tb? Dem crata of tbe border non-alaveboldlng Statea, wb it will be remembered, are entirely unrepeeaenb upon tha Committee of Tblrty-tbree, deslj making tbemaelvra beard In l'a deliberation doubtleaa We foar tbat aorae two, tUrne, or foi of tbe Demo rata?all of lb?m ardent aeceaai* lata?lav tod. mar not attend, under tbe plea tb tbe < ail .? aigned by no responalble name Sim action on their part will be moat unfortunate, 1 deed. Inaamueb aa tbe meeting will afford tbe an opportunity to aid In warding off, from tb? ivnutuinu. iue aireti calamity til ran prfcbly befall a people. Tmx Ca?i*et are ?atd to hire been In aetsl< until a late boor Uat Bight, probably oyer ti newi of the courae pursued by Major Aadttu In quitting the weak post In Charleston harb and throwing bis for e intoarotber that gii him tbe entire command of the llarbor and practically Impregnable to any farce that Sou Carolina can bring againat It He la said to ha ample proylalona and munitions there?in F< Sumter?for six m< ntha' uae. Pecbssiob So. Xlf. RecELE4*SE?I> AHDSlLrMHHBM OF SoVTH CaBO li*a?Site Kki.i?*b? now Alloukci and Absolves rioM Oath*?Coob?e or the Obb? KIAL GoVBBJIMEMT?A StBAHBB SPECTACLE-* Shall >otm Caboliba be Allowed to Rem the CoCJCTBT *?DUCXIO!* the KBBX.l OV ?LA. vht AND or fbbedom?SftVTH CABOLI5A R e prDiati? all Idea or Cokpbomibb?Dievbiob r< a- Dakobbocb a? AbolibmbibTb?A I.ETTEK to tbs PujIDMT-ThE UlllOB Mat i'tru-P.n*n pun* To tk* Peoflt #/ tAt S*rtk am4 Svutk. South Carolina baa adopted b? ordinance of Secession A little Rtate with a white population about equal to that of a second rate city, em bracing hardly seventy thousand adult males, \vltL no tai by the General Government on her soil or Its products, drawing large sums from tint Government for tbe support of her custom-houses and postal facilities, enjoying a degree of pros perity never excelled, and suffering nothing her self from the grievances of which sbe complains, rushes madly into rebellion, and Is seeding to in volve In revolution tbrty-three States and thirty millions of people! She will take no advice and listen to no couns'l; she spurns the remonstrsnces of those slavetoldiiig States which really suffer from Noithern aggressions; sbe will not sllow them to consult as to the mesns of their own safety; sbe will admit of neither compromise nor delay; but avowing her long cherished desire to destroy the Federal Union, abe declares ber purpose to comptl ber sister States of the South whom sbe cannot persuade, to follow ber example. Sbe undertakes to release ber cltlxens from their allegiances to the I'nited States, and abeolves ber own public officers and judges, and the officers and judges of tbe United States within ber bor ders from their oaths to support tbe Constitution. Sbe taunts and defies tbe Government; sbe avows ber purpose to destroy; sets guard aroond its ar aeatl to prevent tbe removal of tbe arms and mu nitions which belong to It; declares ber latentlon to possess herself of the public forts snd ber pur p ise to take tbum by violence should a msn be sent to reiuforce their feeble garrison. Sbe is collecting ar.n* from every quarter, organising military bauds th cughout ber territory, and ex citing her young men to brave the penalties of trea-on. Aim wiui ik ids uuvernincni 01 me iniieo State# doing to maintain Its authority, collect its revenue and defend iU forta? Is It true that our Executive, though it bad months of warning, has taken no atep to put the fort* in a state (f defense ? la it true that it has been deterred from reinforcing tbem by threats of conspirators? Is it true thai cnnnon are now being mounted in one of them at the expense of the Inited Slates which contalni not a toldier to use or defend tbem ? Is It tru< that there is an understanding between the Kx ecutive and the conspirators that the former tbal not reinforce the forts. ai.d in consideration thereo that the latUr will not attar k them while th< present Administration remains In power? Ha the commander of the handful of men occupying one of those forts, after being denied reinforce ments. been Instructed to surrender if. attacked ir these things be #o, tbe wealth of world* can not outweigh the awful responsibility our Presl dent baa lucurred.. li they are not so, be own i to bimself and bis country to make tbe trutl known. A Strang** spectacle our country presents to th< world. Within a period of seventy years unde our incomparable Constitution, our Ststes bav Increase! from thirteen to thirty-three, our popu lation from three millions to thirty, our couiitr has expanded from the Miss saippl river to tb Pacific ocean, and our wealth has accumulate*: with a rapidity heretofore fabulous. In the ful enjoyment of peace and plenty, of every comfor and luxury which the heart of man could desire we are suddenly alarmed by the cry of rebellloi and revolution coming from a little State enjoyinj a higher degree of security and prosperity thai almost any of her sisters. The alarm spreads ove tbe whole extent of our broad country; credit 1 destroyed; tLe banks stop payment; trade Is para lyztd; industry Is prostrated; want and destltutio surround us, anarchy is marching in upon us, am the Government which should save us, teem paralyzed as by the wand of an enchanter. All this is chargeable to the madness of a f? v politicians, who have already destroyed inor property tban all the lands and negroes of Sout Carolina are worth, and she is herself one of th greatest sufferers. Shall this little State be permitted to completi by the utter destruction of onr Government, th ruin she has so sucrrssfully begun? The hopelet disruption of this Union would be the lentil of th black man's tlarery and the white man'i hburtj It would be tfie tocsin of a war which, howevi delayed in its < ommencement'and from time t time Intermitted in its progress, will cease onl wun we extinction 01 negro slavery In tbe Sputt while by its plunderlnga and taxes to suppoi armies and navies and minister to the cup dil and luxuries of military chieftains, It would ri duce the white laboring man. North and Souti to a condition compared with which that of tk present alive ia to be envied. There la no oth< ! property ao much put In joopardy by revolution i alavra Look at St. Domingo, Mexico, and tt 8 pa tilth Provinces of Sooth America. In the: all, alavery perished In revolution, while in Uri zll and Cuba, which the revolutionary fires hat never reached, it remains Intact and unassailable % Why but because It affords protection to negi y slavery do the ultra abolitionists denounce 01 *" Constitution as " a liagvt ittth HtllWhy la vuai tupy ai?v m vum piUll^C illVO reTO(Ul)OQ destroy It* It cnnnet be too strongly Impressed on the publl mind that the avoirid object of South Carolina nut a redrew of southern gruvanctt, but tk? fin and imtritrabl* dittrvcttitn of Ihl Union Kvei State and every man that joins or understanding sustains her. la an opponent of all measure* redress, and unconditionally hn enemy of tl Union. There Is not an Intelligent man In tl States of Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Ml s<xirl who does not know that the losses at dangers of those States would be inoalculab increased by their Joining South Carolina at becoming the frontier of a Southern Confederal The dtsunionists of South Carolina, In their ree leas selfishness, are practically the enemies those States as truly as the raving fanatics of Ma ftir.hUMttl hM alfM^v V alue of their property > hundred fold more tbi all the abolitionism of the North, and thequestl< coidfi home to every one of their citizens, she the bt allowed to eomummatt tki rutm the fti* $u*cest/mUy begun ' Shall she <?coerce" ikem their destruction, or will they "coerce" ktr Into decent respect for the feelings, rights, and InU eats of her sister Stat** * If South Carolina were an Independent natlo he would have no right so to nse her liberty seriously to Injure the Interests of other nation: much lest, in the relations which she holds wl her sister States, especially those In the South, b she a right to destroy their property and espo their Institutions to new dangers. Four years ago. alarmed at the current of pol: ical events, North and South, 1 took the liberty addressing a letter, of which a copy It annexe to the President of the United States * It Is obi oua tuat if the disuniontsts had then succeeded 1 their arts in causing the election of Fremont, 1 ir#nM nnw nt?1 no ?? *u? 1 been enacted. The tame threat* of secession were made in ca of Fremont's election which preceded tb?electl< of Lincoln, and they were doubtless disappoint at Mr Buchanan's success. Thay then Indue h*ui by threats of opposition to place tbe wbc power of his administration at their disposltic and they uaed it to distract aad destroy tbe Den cratlc party which they considered tbe chief bt rlrr to their designs. If, instead of surrenders himself into tbe hands of tbe conspirators igali the Union, Mr Buchanan bad cut looae from th< and repelled tbe no leas dangerous fanatics of t North, throwing himself upou tbe true lovers the I nlon in the North aad the South, tbe Ki and tbe West, the perils which now surround might have been averted. That which mlg have been a preventitive, uiust, if our country to be saved, now be tbe remedy. It is tbe ral under one patriotic standard, of all true Unl men, under whatever party Hag they may La heretofore marched. Let their motto be ' tK* Ftdtml Union mail /// " n<i I-* *?* ..... ?, ? ki iucir nrf Our limlU cwnalntia u* to defer tho lien of tUte Utter uatil to-morrow.? Ed. re moral of all Just complaints on tb? part of the South by the repeal of northern liberty l>wa and if need be aj&eadments of the fugitive skve law and of the Constitution. Having thus given security to Southern Institutions, let them say to SoJth Carolina, "we cannot allow that all our agricultural and commercial Intervals shall be deranged, oar property destroyed, and our politi cal security eadanged by the forwardaM of a petty State which is blind to her own iatWrsU, s Ia li mm ATI anrraoamanti Btti nlil^M <\t the calamities sbe brings upon bar neighbors " Talk not of governing ber ss a conquered pro vince," but Ml her in a vole* of thunder. that she must lay down the weapons of her rebellion, and resuming ber position of equality with her neighbors, do longer aspire to control tbem. My task Is done. Surely there la virtue and patriotism enough In the country to save It. To the men in active political life is committed the solemn duty of organising the conservative ele ments North and Soutb, into one great party, and by Its overwhelming power save tbe Union, and In so doing save tbe State institutions. Do not. I beeeech you, through tbe want of concession on the one hand and firmness on the other, suffer our glorious Republic, which has been the world's wnniirr to brrome the world's derision l>?t it not be said that all wisdom, disinterestedness, patriotism and energy lie burled with our Wuh lngton, our Jeffersons, and our Jackaona. But If, through timidity or any leaa excusable cauaea, no antidote can be found In a proper or gat.ization for a paralyzed government and a crumbling confederacy*. I can only, like one of a boat's crew going over the Falls of Niagara, fold my arma and submit to the common fate. Amos Kbhdall. Thk Stats or Things iw Viboisia ?Below we publish a letter received yesterday from a dis tinguished public man of Virginia, who haa de voted himself for a considerable time to the task of sndravorlng to stem the current of the popular Inclination cl bis State to participate in tbesecefr aion action of the cotton States. He baa labored to that end aa earnestly asourself, and reluctantly conies to the conclusions embraced in Lla letter, wbicb we have to say are our own. It is time that the North should comprehend precisely what the secession movement meana in all its length and breadth, and that the only possible way of averting such action on tbe part of every slave holding State ia to bring the subject as fully and aqnarely before the people of the non-slaveholding States, acting in their sovereign capat Ity, as it ta now being brought before the people of the South ern States : KOSKLAND, V a , LltC BD, Editor of the Star : The secession sentiment, I lament to say, 1? fearfully on tbe increase In Vir ginia A few month* since she was eminently conservative. as she Las bten from the foundation of the Uovernmeat. H>it the is fast loosing from her conservative moorings. Tbe tardiness and evident reluctance of the northern repr?s?n'attvt-s in Congress to make concession; tbe constant talk of coercion by the Federal power; the scoff* at southern sincerity and southern courage and character, emanating all the while from tbe press and the public men of tbe North; and, above ail, tbe late Insulting ultimatum of tbe North, of 110 concession bevond a covenant not to abolish sla very in the states in which it now exists, have aroused the worst fears of our people of all parties, ar.d are rapidly sweeping them to the vortex of disunion. One thing t can say to >011, without risk of mistake, that theiirstact of coercion settles the question us to Virglnta, forever ?bedoes not sympathize with the rash and precipitate actio* of south Carolina; regards 11 ill advised, and un kind and unjust to Ler exposed sisters on the bor der: but tbe moment a Federal gun la flred upon the people of a seceding State, an armyrf lier citi zen* will rush to the rescue of tbe invaded State, and tbe State will become as one man for dis union, horrible as sbe regards tbe recourse. Nay. more: tbere are thousands of chafed and gallant spirits waiting only for tbe signal gun, and hoping even to hear Its report, believing in their con sciences that the Month has already borne more tban she ought, and that there is no hope for re dress in the Union. I shudder to think that this great country of ours should be thus standing on tbe brink of a yawning precipice. Hut tbe truth Is so, and wc had better face it In all its sad reali ties Will not our brethren of the North pause, and reflect, and nve? Sure as God rules on hlgb, tbere must be concession, and a settlement before this crisis passes Tbe South Is In earnest. In awful earnest l?et those who control our desti nies in this time of great trouble, tike heed' J. The Pacific Railroad Bill?The name ol Dr. Rabe having been mentioned frequently by the press in connection with the bill now before ? ?i*a mi Klt.K r?llA.wU,f ?? <** V/Uli<ic -- . n v, j/umi >*u ?uv luuvvf tug ut iivir Mia^ u from the Daily Al'n Calif or mian : Pacific Railroad Convention and Dr Rabe ? We lire pleased to see the friendly disposition manifested by the Pacific Railroad Convention towards our townsman, Dr. Rabe. After uuanlmoualy endorsing the action of Dr Rabe and the sentiments expressed In his Report, which we published a few days ago, they passed unanimously, the following resolution, whirl was offered bv tbe delegation from K1 Dorado, where Dr. Rabe had been some time since to far ther the cause We publish tbe resolution, and agare with the Convention that It was well de served: Wbereaj, Dr Rabe. the Secretary of the Con vention, has exhibited extraordinary devotion U the interest for which we are assembled, In tb? faithful discharge cf his duties as Secretary, lr tbe uniaue and tasteful atyle In which hr hai compiled, arranged, and placed In convenien form, the proceeding! of the Convention, togethei with a large number of document*, maps, charts etc.. designed to facilitate Investigation upon tbii subject; and whereaa be baa, aa Chairman of tb< Committee on Finance, faithfully and economl calif managed tbe fiscal attain of the Conven tlon? Resolved, That the thanks of tbe Convention and every citizen wh* take* an interest In th construction of the Pacific Railroad, are bereb; due and tendered to L)r William Rabe, for th able and efficient manner in which be has dii charged his duties as Jtecretarv, and Chairman o the Finance Committee, and for the untLflng ?ea manifested by him In every act tending to th promotion of tbis great national enterprise. Adopted unanimously Th* Abstbactid Bonds.?It Isunquestionabl true that more cr less of these bonds were sol< and resold In Wall street prior to the appearand of tbe Government's caution against dealing I them. Then they were suddenly among tbe mis sing. The Department clai ms that none but ltsel can have property in them, and will dispute th title of any and ever^jjody else to then) to to ltw'i utmost extreme, we apprehend. Thi Til<ok4PH bitwexs Wa*hi*otow an Cbakliston ?It M*-mi to be understood imon the telegraph men bere that laat ulgtit the autboi ttlea of South Carolina had poaaeaalon of the tei< graph at theCharleston station, and tbla mornlnj they think, the wire* are down. Later ?They got into wording qr<J<T at IQa. a See our telegraphic column for Important new from Charleaton. Cmn Clxkk Kelly, of the Interior Depart mcnt, returned to Washington tbla morning. H la said to have brought none of the alatracte< bonda with him, having recovered none of them What some South Cakolmianb Expictid Mttjor And-rson WaickrJ.?A Charleston le(tei dated pec. *44, to the New York Post, saya: "Th Wllh\not/)n l.tvht Infaatw ?? ? n ....??> y ?ic ucmucu u a ?pr cial watch upon the forts, and nothing goes 01 about them unobserved. A steamboat with tbi company on board is nightly moving about tb harbor and between the two forts Fort Snmpte is known to be so much stronger than Port Monl trie that some fears were at one time entertains lest Anderson should on some dark night thro\ his whole force Into the former fortress, and ther bold out against all attacks until relieved by fleet. What that gentleman Intends Is of court not known ; but it Isbardly likely be will |tten)( to peas from one fort to the other under the bow of a steamboat filled with riflemen. The Wast ington Light Infantry were last night relieve from dutv at tbe arsenal, and that post committe to the German Rifles " Wall Stbbkt ssdthe Ptolks Bosds ?Th New York Herald says there Is a great deal c alarm and excitement in Wall stieet about th Indian Trust Fund bonds which were stolen froi the Interior Department and put Into the mark) there. The parties who hold them seem to thin that the offence of the clerk only amouuts to breach of trust, and as the buyers of the bon?i were ignorant of the way In which they cam into the market, they bold them by a letral tltli ana me government cannot reco rer them. Thii the Herald thinks, la a great mistake, governmei hare hitherto made like offence* felony In the fir instance. H7*Tbe Baltimore American says that the ai nouncement of the evacuation of Fort Monltr and the occupation of Fort Sumter was receive with various expressions of opinion In that clt but the predominant one was a feeling of adai ration for the determined conduct ana mllltar kill of Col Anderson !n abandoning an tndefei s ble position, and by * strategetlc roup dt mm WD1?Q DM r?T?VM?l th? Whole pOtltiOQ Of transferrin* hta forrtlo fort Sumter, the afroae* of tb? Charleston fortlftcattoaa, and the key of I CONOR EM IO SAL. ^emaik ?After we went to prea? yesterday? Mr Doollttle addreaaed the Senate at conildet- , able length on the views and principle* of the , republican party at the preaent crlala He replied to moat of the arguments advanced bv Senatora from ttr other aide, and said, " If the Ualoa waa broken up, alare property would retire from the border, and the day would aooa come, ao ranch deal red bv the abolltteniata, when alavery would be wiped away from the country," aad yet depre cated the doctrine of aecemlon id. d :.^.i _ av _ m a -? -' ?r. oci'jsniiu i?ifu iwuuun 10 iur net ion SMI Carolina wai onit of the Union, and com mitt'.oners would be here next Monday. V.easm Brown, Green and Doolittle participated In a abort debate on " the right of property in slaves " Several bills received from tbe House of Repre- ' sentatlves were then reported; and the Senate ad journed till Monday next Hors*. ?Mr MorrK as rha'rmao of the Indian Bonda Investigating Committee, said be felt tthla duly to state that the gentleman from Washing- f ton Territory bad railed upon htin that morning, and requested him to go as thoroughly into tbe Investigation, In connection with tbe attraction of the Indian bonds, aa would reach tbe charge alluded to by tbe honorable gentleman Mr. docock asked to be excused from serving ' npon the committee to Investigate the embezzle menta and defalcations of tbe Interior Depart ment, as be was then serving on two. He was excused. Mr. Morris, of 111 , moved that the commlttw I on Indian trust frauds be permitted to bold their Inquiry wherever necessary out of the city of . Washington; agreed to. On motion or Mr Sherman, the House went into Committee of the Whole, (Mr. Stanton In the chair,) and took up the Indian appropriation bill During the reading of the bill by the Cleric Mr. Garneltaud Mr Barksdale objected to consider ing this bill in the absence of a quorum Teller* were called, and the Chairman ascer taining there was not a quorum, the committee rose, and the fact was reported to the House. And the House thereupon adjourned to Monday next. Vy?l O. O. F -EASTERN I.ODGE. No 7 'Jo? Th* membera of Eaatern Lod?e will be ex P'Ctedtobe in general at'.-mlance TO NIGHT, (Friday, 28th iu?tant, at 7o"o ook, as the subject of tiie rein ra: of the Lo4*e Room will le brought up for consideration. By ?rd?r if P M. PEARSON. Reo fee. RKGI^TKR'S OFFICE, l>eoemi>er 28.IDff. Notloe la hereby ci en, that Lioenci*a issued to Owners oj U'MCS Will eXpi e on the Slat inalaat, and t' &t said I ioense< tnu t be renewe.t. in co n pianee with law, at tin* Offio i *i h n t >u d -jsafter that time. WIi,lIAM MORGAN, d? 28-tja3 Rtj i ?ler. fY"3=? REGISTER'S OFFICE. De'embT?!, 1M0. iL j Notice is hereby given.that I, oen>es isjiiid trHuckrt rswileip re ou the 3*at instant, asd that tad Lie n-eam.iat be renewal, in oonipiance with !at thit within J.n flar^ !tur ihnt time rie 2fl-tja3 WILLIAM MUKIUN, Register, at'tho First C<?ngre?ationali?t o'dTrinit Church, next SUNDAY EVENING, M 7 o'ol.ick. rhowing concilia v<*ly mid irretuti'ly that Urn lufe encea d'siuc l?l - therefrom goto prove the final ho.meee and happmeaa of th? whole humai race. S<*u free. de 27 St* yjf^THE I.AD K4 (IF -SLAND BAPTIST L? C huroh and congregation will hold a Fair and Festival at Thorn'* Ha'l, Seventh at., o^m ineociu MOMUAY EVKMNIi, Deo 31. There wi I he on hard a ftne airortment of Useful and Fancy Articles. Toys for children, Cream* and Jellies, Oysters aerved up in everv style. A baud ofniuaic will he in attendance Admittance ten cents. prices to auit the times Prooetds ?o ?id lii pa> ing for the house of worship. de 21 3t* (VTg^SMITHSONIAN LECTl'RES -On FRI LL? DAY EVENING, December 28th, Prof P. A Chadb >cenk. <>f William's College, will deliv er a lecture on "Iceland and the lee!andera." Profc O. Iiaii lateiy returned from that country and will l>e ahie to five an interesting aooountof his visit. ID" Tin lecture will commence at TV? p. m., and th i nnlilm Jim rurnAktlv rrmipvt^d fn itlonl rnrtr*. tually at that ti A rut hgkt will be ithown on the huh tower every evening on which there is a lecture, and,t?> prevent annoyng interruptions. it will be exunguished and the dook* closed when the lecture oommencea. de 27-n fV-g?I)ANK OF THE METROPOLIS, Wash I3WTON, U.O.. Deo 24, I860.?The Board of Trustees have deolared a dividend ?f3 per cut. out ol the profit* for the current six months. The same will be ia d.on and after the 2d of Januarv next, ile 26 3t R M. SMITH, Cashier iY"tir*OFFICE OF THE FIREMEN'S IN^UR 119 ANCE COMPANY OF WASHINGTON AND OEOKliETOWN, December 21, In compliance witli the tin d section of the oimrter, ot ice is herelif givnlo the ?took holder* of said company thst an electi in will b held at thi? office January 7.1861 for thirteen Directors to se ve for the enusuing year. Polls open from 1.1 a. ra. to2 p m. , dc 22-e Jt ABEL G. DAVIS, S?o. r fY"y?UANK OF THE METROPOLIS, Wash II, 9 ihotoh, Decern Her 21, i86??As this Bank > will not be o?en on Tuesday, the 2fith Decomber, . (Chrutma* Day.?nor on Tuo*??a?f the 1st Janua ry, it is requeited that notes duo at the Bank on those days be paid on the Mondays immediately . yeoed ng. de 21.22,38 i (Yy-MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COM I I *C It < ki ? X.T * v i 1 All ? * . rAn ? -,<ui ior> ?ah roucies issued by tins oorrpany vtll expire on MONDAY, Bocemtwr 31,186i\ and are required to be renewed at or before that time. <leat) eoW CH A3. WILSON, S?c. OVFICK GASLIGHT COMPANY, Ls Washington. Becember 20, i860.?Notioe is hereby giver, aa required by ti e ehtrter, tnat an eleotion fur five director* to manag* the affaire of this Company during the year 1861 will be held at the office fthe tame. No 514 Eleventh at. west, oil MONBaY, January 7,1661, at 3 o'o'ook m Attest: J. F. BROWN, dc 20 3'awtJaa i fecreUnr. nr-jp^FAIR.?The lalie* ef Fletcher Chapel will JJf hold a Fair at No. !i74,Sev.?Lth street, be tween L and M fct*. from ??tli to 3!?t Becemtar, inclusive Onme enjoy>onr?r<lve? andprocurear tides for the holidays Se?*on tiokets, admitting a gentleman and lady, 50 cent*; single admittanoe lu cents. del 9 12t" [Y"5^ COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, CITY HALL, liJ WAfttiiKGTus, Beoamber 6 I860. TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, SLAVES, Ac.?Notice is hereby given that the tax bills for Household Furnijure,Stocks. Slaves, Ac., for the year 18G ?, and previous years, are now made out and ready for delivery, and are payable at thii office, Tho e who do not call and kettle their billa within tweuty da** front tins date will be called on by one of my a*M*faiit?, and if the bill* are net paid wuhin etxty day* from this date I hail proceed tc enforoe the collection to tjje manner required bj to ?w.* * y..?axi Y^y-THE UNION' PRAYER MEETINGS JsJf will I?e hidden ever? dajr this week. in th< English Lutheran Church, co.uer or 11th and ii streeti, to cunimenoa at 4 o'clock, and to continue on* i.our. de 17 vTaf-J^TKKKSTINO TO BANK NOTI1 > 9 HOI.DKKS.?Virginia nolo* taken at ?%i Kvf Clcthiui at the people*' Clothing Store, No 460 Seventh iti eet N b ?1 have on hand a v?rr large ulu auiwrioi took of Mena' and But*' CfolhiGj F?rni?hin| Good}, Hau anu Oaf*. hrprioet to suit the tinea < g 8HIITH, Clothier. (V??PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONE1 |L_3 1?* Cre^m. WaUir loee, Wedding Cal Pnucd Cakes, Mince Piee,Paetry, Cmiti f rQyi no 24 I'M Wo. 4HO 7th at . oppo. Poat UBo*. CONFECTIONERY Cakea rmpi Piee, Jellies, ana a general aaaortment of me< thing* in the Confectionery line, at PUSSELl.'d oorn' r Twelfth and F ?U. PPft jm* 1JEMP8EY. A G'T( J3 WGVDJHU A A D lrSV,f[G Mhm'Jhvi the moat beautiful atylaa 386 Pa. Av., batwean 9Ui ami 10th ata , an 37-6m Wahhiwotoh. A HEW IN EPIPHANY CHURCH I OF 8AI.E ? Pew No 103, near the pulpit, in tin m ddle m?lo. Apply to the top. de 28-1 w* E*ARM HAND.-For hire from the let of Janu r ary a voting Nt'.tiRO MAN, aeenatimtd U work on a fa ni. For honeety and gord oha-acte ha ban h: rwoommonded. Addraaa Box It** G<-orge town, D C. (legi st* IA.MC TIMES! AiaroL without retard tp coat.' TheiV tood?"hav i if' y 41* ***** bouaea in Baltimnr and Phi adelptua.and owing to tlia time* they wil be so d at almost any price, ourotjeot Leini iotnri tliera into oath aa soon as poaaible. n R No- *** -fc &? &. . B?w u the time -t bar WINTER CLOTHING lit any ,n<* on ftey entli at, No. 439, 4 door* abov G et. ii?28-lm A \aiAft d"? ? * LAMMONU'ij, fcrenth at '^0 THK PUBLIC, - Havine a ltrn amount uf money to pay prior ti the lat of March, and owinc to the iceceral atagna tion of baaiaoM, we bare determined to offer ai extra inducement for purohaaera to bay of ua fo oaah, and we now propoae to make a diaoouct of I per cut on all oaah aaea duriua the cext HIXT^ DAY to, in order to reduce onrvarjr larg* atoek o good*. fttul r?*n?? the money for thein, previoaa V they will have in trading with ua, on Uie te ma pro poaad.aaao examination of oar etook and area will ahow for themeelvee whether or not we an inoorein our proportion, and aa the greater por tlon of oar Fanojr 8 took haa already been mar Iff. Siwn sinoe the cruii began, we feel confident tun e eitia induoementa we tew offer will be higbl appreciated by every oae having goo<ie to bay wh are at ali familiar with the prioea generally charge. We n*ed hardly add that our atoak, owing to th ttatt of tkt timfs, ia now r*nr large, in many kind of Staple an well a* Fancy GFooda.and pnrthaeer willbeable to enpply themeeirea withaJmo?t evar article m our line ofbMinaea. at v*ry low prioea and in m*m? inetancae, at Ujj than the Mtu "C!S??,u!iarii. ColUCLTATIOHt OH TBI STAT* OF TBI Cor*- } r?T ?Two meeting* of our moat prominent ?nd I U.fluei.tial eltiz?n? were coiirrncd La at eTealag, j r>ne at Barnum'a Hotel and the other at the Silnon of the U? Butldtnga, for conaultatlon ? to the p'oper poaWaa for Maryland to take In Ute pres ent crlala la the affair* of the nation The nett ing at the Law Bonding* waa attended by about three hundred gentlemen. of all political parties. including ? large auiut>er or leading mwfUBli. Archibald Werltng, Esq . wii called to tbe chair, and Joba Catting, K*q , appointed l^frtUry Ac 1mm glow in)! with pair I otisn. and l??ee of country were delivered by Hon Heary May.W. H Collins, 8 K Handy, CbarUa F Mayer. Ben jtroln Deford, Won Price, and o'her gentlemen A aeries of resolutions were finally adopted pro Tiding for the call of a mass merting of tba friends of the l*alon,to be held at tbe Maryland Institute, oa tba evening of tbe 3d of January A separate resolution wss also Introduced bv Wm H Col lins, Esq , which earned considerable debate, declaring the approval of the meeting In tbe courae of Uovernor Hicks In refusing to call an extra sesaion of the Legislature mp to tkt fmtmi titn? Those who opposed it did soon tbe ground that It was calculated to produce dlatractloa in tbe counsels of the flriends of tbe I'nloa, bat It was finally adopted with but faar d saenting voices. An Informal meeting waaalso bold last n'gbt In the sitting rooms of Baraum's Hotel for tbe pur pose of conaultinK upon tbe present critical junc ture of national affairs, and of deviate* rueh mes cure* aa might tw desired netiaaary to tke bonrr and inter*ata of Maryland It wu anmmoned by private circular* addreaaed personally to tboae whole pri>wncf waa drat red. and wu attended by about fifty influentiil and well known citizen*, among whom were the Meaara Winara. Hon Rererdy Jobnaon. Judge Giiea, 9. Teackie VYal lla. Kfq , Mayor Drown. Win H. Norri*. Eaq , and otbera of equal prominence in th?con m unity The aanemblage waa organized bv the election of George \V. Dobbin, Eaq aa Chairman, and J. Ma ton Campbell. Eaq , aa Secretary, but of thair proceeding* wa are unable to give any account, the Chairman intimating In hia opening remark* that their unreatrained deliberation* were not ' intended for the public eye. and ahouid not there fore be reported, in deference to which implied request the reporter* present withdraw.?Baltt mart Amtritan | Excitement m Pmmiivio,VA.?The sawing down on Sunday moruTnsj last, at Peteretonrg, of a secession pole and flax which bad been erected the prevlourday, ta creating much feeling in that cltv. The pole and its appurtenancea coat over ? _"?1 and the parties by whom it ml erected ex prewd a determination of rearing a new one, and of defending it, if nectaaarr. agalns* attack; bnt i the mayor c.f tbe city, fearing some disturbance, i ordered a L'nlon pole already erected to be taken down, and Interdicted by pro< Utbatlon the erec j tion of poles in the public atreeta. The pertioa owning the demoiialied pole have published a 1 card, in which 'bey denounce the proceeding aa ' outrageous, and intimate that it waa accomplished with the connivance of the police On Wednes day a man named Owen Rllef, a B*ltlmorean, though for the last nine yeara a reaident of Rich mond. was arrested upon the charge of sawing down the pole and tarrying <ff the flag which adorned it So proud was he of his complicity in the fctfalr, that on Tuesday he mounted the stump ot the pole, and then and the-e openly and boldly declared bin.self the author of the deed, and detied any man to reaent It. It laa'ao stated tuat be pinned the Lone Star, which bad adorned the flag, t? hack, and thus decorated paraded several prominent streets. lie was released on *500 hciVr Attack on a Missocai Railroad?The St Louis Bulletin ofthe*?id has Information that "the people on the line of the Hannibal and St Joseph railroad bad made an attack upon the road, and were tearing up the rails on the track, and that apprehensions of serious difficulties were enter tained lest the feeling against a compsny, which Is alleged to be under the control of Boston men, should lead to the destruction of life and prop erty. An attack was also made upon She Palmyra and ({ulncy railroad, which ts?aid to be In col lusinu with the Hannibalard St Joseph railroad. The riot. It is said, was commenced oy the citi zens of Chlllicothe, who. believing that the road was an abolition concern, and used for the par pose of advancing Boston interests, organized, and determined that they would not tolerate in their midst those who were bent on warring upon their State institutions Over eight hundred men, or ganised and disciplined, instructed snd notified ? ?Va ?A lot u. ?vo a?a?A ts'itkU iuc ? s um uuriM *v iur etair w ituiu ixi tain number of hour* The most Intense excite ment exist* along the road." Moxkt Maskit?The news from Charleston causes a good deal of conversation tn Wall street, but there is nothing like exciteii.ent shown. The general sentiment is, that the movement on the part of the government was judicious, and that a prest disturbing and troublesome element has been removed. No effect has been produced on locks thus far, and very near the full morning prices were offered at'2 p. m.?Xtic York Exprt** IP" The South Carolina "Sovereign Conven tion" was In secret session during the whole of yesterday, and supposed to be considering a n so lution authorizing the Governor to take immedi ate possession of Ports Sumter and Moultrie A number of military companies from the Interior of Sonth Carolina and the adjoining States had tendered the!r services to Governor Pickens, and are expected to arrive in Charleston to-day. ntninrii Am mi Snrni Punnit On i Monday last a deputation of the "Sona of the . South," a aeceaaion organization of Sava .ah, Ga , ; arrived at Charlt-aton and formally tendered to Gov. Pickens, through their Commander, J. \V. Kern, tho aid of 350 men. fully armed and equipped, should South Carolina need aueh aa slstince The delegation attracted much atten tion at Cbarleaton. Thiett-two Gr*a ?Yesterday, after the aecaa alon party bad fired their guna In honor oftb? South, the conservative or Union loving party got a cannon and flred thirty-two guna in honor of th? t I remaining Statea; they dropped one gua because I of the aeceaaiou oif South C&rolina?Nor/oik l>a? Book. Tai.v Sfort it ax Kditoe?Col \\w H Waldron. of the Portland (He) Advertiser a short time aince. while hunting on Big Mschiai i j stream, above Aahland, Me , fell la with a herd i j of hull muse, alx in uuuiber, and without running 1 tham, managed to creep upon one after another | till he killed five of the aix. |?7*Tha total population of New Mexico, in r-lnriintr tho Psi*W'a (nurna la not <1 marn nt 1% ?mv a uv ?.?/ aw ?? ?VWU ?? ViK U? j tbouaaud. Great difficulty wu exprrit-nrwl li I takiug the census, the native Inhabitants mi un i dtrstandlng the object, and suspecting Utat It wa for some purpose of taxation. THE PAPER FOR THK TIMFS ' THE PAPHK FOR THE TIMES! THE PAPER FOR THE TIMES ! GET THE DOLLAR STAR OF THIS WEEK GET THE DOEttMR STAR OF THIS WEEK GET THE DOLLAR STAR OF THIS WEEK THE FULLEST PARTICULARS OF ALI THE ASTOUNDING DEVELOPMENTS Ol THE WEEK ! MORE NUMBERS Ol AMOS KENDALL'S REMARKABLE SE RIES OF ARTICLES UPON SECESSION GREAT BUDGET OF LOCAL NEWS TALES OF EXCEEDING INTEREST. J TUni'A a V n a vn /lit L1 Minrri t A v L'nn PARAGRAPHS GIVING THE READER I? BRIEF THE VERV PICTURE OF THI TIMES. BUY THE WEEKLY STAR AND SEND II TO YOUR FRIEND, OR SEND HIM A RECEIPT FOR A YEAR'S SUB SCRIPTION AS THE BEST POS SIBLE CHRISTMAS GIPT. de 27-31 p^OTlCK EXTRAORDINARY! BEFORE THE 1ST JANUARY THOr*K KbAL NAON1MUM1 Japanese Goods Nov in the Store No. 306 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUE. Uhdkb Willakm' Hotel, MUST BE SOLO WITHOUT ANY REGARD TO COST' Co*mi?ni8? EUgant Inl id Cabinets, Work Boxea, Card Box?, Writing Decks. 1 Chow-Ch' w Cum, Finger Bowls. j Glove, Jewel, and Handkerchief Boxes, Porcelain Cops. Plates, Bowls, Dukes, ko.,ka. Having rest 1 red I* eell ont, we are offering Choi SPLENDID LACQUERED TRAYS (Whiah beat or water oannot injure) At ONE DOLLAR BACH! New te the Tim* vox auction sales. It a. UIBkN. otw. |?kt?N*IVK ??LkOr H?'l8kht?L0 AMI) I a Hitch** FrisiTi at at Arm >? -Oa s*T lHD*y. iaa f* |i in?t.. I atafeii 9> . MllaVHt k s^t !?>? tad |M*rtI Monarat cf m? tw MaLu?M) , Wila?? and MaaU Faraitara. Qlaaa, Cr<>ck< 17. Ha?M t?4 Wro4M War*, *WKa ihwi'om Lfot m Claaaaa. B d? ft?44icu,Hair.Ska*kaa4Co:t?al|?ttraaa?a. SU va* Aa W jiba to 1 ha abc ra aal*? IS eli*>ti of difwwt ?ua .uaa of Tru. wkict. wi. ha a >M v ikoit wrra. [fiTS"4**' A. "KKK> Aeet THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. B? I. C. MoGl'IRF. A CO.. Am(1omw> " SIPKKlUR LEATHER TOP BlttGY >N AMI at ACCTlnK ?SATVIDAY SOR NlNti, l>ea?Mfc*r **h,at 10 u'eiock, ! front the Auciu>n Room, ?c (ball rail a \*j aaponor roof 11T aao<n.!i.ard Leather top Bun. l errr,? ck h. da S7-d J. C. McOl'tP E A CO.. A??U. Bj J. C. MoGURK A CO . Auctions.. SPLENDID t-AMlLY CA R RI AGE. DAPPLE r* t>m Ho?<ks. ItHtM, Roim I'ovm. Ac , at Aininx.-Oi fcATl tl)AY MORMNO.O* o*txr^tl. ?tlt o'olook in troatif the uciui roon i, it tklll Mi. for account ol the Prraviaa Miaiatar. who n ik. it to laave the coaatry? Oae larre anil deone Oataohe i arr aie, bai.t aad iiiihul la the Boat aaparior maaaer. Pair of *xo.llent Dapple Gray hauk?l Ca riafa ^ Boraea. sji!<r*r-plated Carriace ttarcraa. Robaa, Rata, Corara Tor mi oaah. _ fa J7i J. C. MaCIURK k CO . A apt a. By J. C. M'GUIRE A CO.. Aaouoaeore nLDPUDfADv at i r nr UAtirui/>u?? rK i?r.m a i ua u l> vr im;i n r RwiIVOOD MBOC&TELLI CoVEIKD Pa*L?B PriTE*. ror Ttuii, Prrraioa Mm MttM.DoUD WiUCT hINTIiM. W UM< Bt?, t0.,4--(?D WlUkDA^ MUX Nl*0, l>e? n. tha Auet on |uvni.*i all 11 witb-at frrYf? Fi?? Hu4 o- Ro??wt>.?i BronUili Mv?n4 far lor 9?itM, parUotij m* mm! ia oo?pi*u order, 9"it? im fo d Waloat Parlor Parattar*. ia R???. h ?<iot Solid W?lcat Marti* top Moboard EUiwi. worth J?)i* B oaewood Marb.? iop CrnUr aad Pofa Tab'**, Rvi*?ood Marble top Wubitaadi, a*4 flat Solid VV tliut Wa droUa. and U*dU*ad*. Hair, Spring, aao Hock ?attrc??e?, F.l?cant Franen China Toil?t Two Raatwcod aaaa Piatie-fbrtaj. ooa by Cb!ck?r ?Jffc wlA Pniuik PWimm IVuMr anil Tmm OaI. Silrar Pla od Ciutors, CU? BuliU, Ao., A a.' IMM J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO. Ac. Br WAI L 4 BARNARD. Auod >Min A RICH HOLIDAY PRESENTS. AT a4*#, aortfe aide P?nn tttni*. betwaec 1 Itfa ud atroa'a. HOLIDAY PRESENTS. CLO?IN? OCT SALE by Aiiot fen. on THURSDAY. FRIDAY and SATURDAY M H N jN ;**r<l EVEN iNlit*. of Fa. oi OuoUa, Paribo Bad liirquet blb taiua W*rf, Ao.. Ac. PURS, WOOLEN GOODS, SCARFS, Ac., oo Fn4%r. do * 4 \YALL A BARNARD. Aaeta. FUTURE DAYS. TWO LARGE LOTS OF PIG IRON FOR Silk is Gsobobtow*. D. C.-By virtu of an ordorof d KibId from Willita A. Bradly a?U Amva Voirf. U> * d.rootod, for '#a* dae aad la arr?ari. I Hbt* !?vi?d oa two lota of torj fcaa Pic Iron, a'd I ha oby ciro notioo that oa MONDAY, the MU of Dooomaor. IW, at H o'olook a. m , ob the prem iere. a-taaUd on Wator atroat. adjoiainc tB? floar mill of Moaaro. Do?oa. Ta?lorA Co , 1 will oflVr lor Mia Ik* Mid iron at public auction to the high Mt bidder for cm*. dew at R. H. TRUNNKLL, Baiiifl. C7-THK ABOVF. SALE IS POSTPONFD arm MONDAY , D*o Sl.niMkoir ud p,M? \1 ARBHAL'8 SALE.?la nrtae of a writ of IVI ftan f%ciaa taausd from the Clerk's Ofto- of th? CircuitCourtof the District of Colombia for theCoanty ol WuLcf! >n. and to Redirected. I will ex?o?e to public me, for oaeh. ia front of tLe 8art Hoim door of said oouoty, oa THI'Rr* iY, the loth day of January next. 1M1. at u o'olookm^ the foliowtagde?ori!>*d property, to wit: Part of Lot No. 6. in Saoa e No. MS. Mfiaain* at the northwest ooraer of eaid lot and raxaiac thence <w>v on Virfiaiaavaoael9feet 1 inah: tbeao* eooth by south west the depth of said lot; tiieooe waet by eoathweet to the eoothweat ooraar of said l?u; theno* north by omtbsast T8 feet S inehee to Yir-| (inia aveass, ooctaiaing 1.875 square feat, togeth >r with alt and sinxsiar the improvements thereoc. n the o.ty of Washington, U. C... Mixed and levied M An mt mm Ika s?Aes*Ie a? Inhr M an n*lr*i an/4 B . ' I Mfvu mm kj vi ? v?u vhuvh^iii, wau wi he ao!d to Mtitfr judioi&la No. 14. to Juiin itrm 1861, ib fikvor of J. P. Wollard, dm of J oka Pvrd/. de 18 du W SELDEN. U. tt. "" AIL SHOWED TIP! ALL SHOWED UP! ALL SHOWID UP! OB ALL ROVJ1VD THE STOTE! AT TBI PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST. PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST, PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST A XEW YEAR'S STORY. irruu on Til 3d sf itmary, 1??1. In the CitT ?f New York, on the ahcre he made the above all-eiMting. a'l ebeorb iii incident or wkieh almost every on* is anxious to Mar or know something. Be it known, therefore, that John Roes Dii. Esq , has written s most remarkable New Veer's story ?remarkable alike for its intensely aminos and thrilhac narrative, renins and f?wer. which not Ml to ofcrry witb it doliclit ud i or a bow roar. Th? rooorda of tho woadorral taio< told by taa pUrnna aad podlara who waro ai aaowod op tofoth*r on the BoaonU* hoc roforrod to. a?o All happii? bl?nd?4 tocothor by tho author ia a stylo at onee gonial, attraotiro aad oa tortaiaiiK> > tkia aow story. The a bo to Story baa hooa vnttaa apootaly for tho Household Jorrna I, oommonoinf ia No. M. It Vi 11 appear cxaloairoly t* Till HOUSEHOLD JOI RHAL Tko Fa Torito Faaally Piptr, oa Th? 3d of Juaarj, 1861 SIXTEEN PACKS. THRU CKNTI. SIXTEEN PAGES. THBEE CENTO. SIXTEEN PAGES. THREE CENTS. SIXTEEN PAGES. THREE CENTS. So'.d by all Book sellers aad Nsve-ateots. Newe kttU please trad i|> ?onr orders u iv!| as possi ble to sassrs a prompt supply, KTbe HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL is tbs (rea p Hriodisal oi tbs a?s. Psblubsd westly. s Three Csats. Pubb.hed br A. HARTH1LL A CO, 80 North William st. New York. Mai eu to aay aldrss* f< r #1*) a year. with ?hs follo?icg ladeeeuieat* to slabs :?eopiee, ?7 an a rttr.1l eeptea, t? copses, f X sn; 25 copies, SSS t ysar. fsstpls soaiss mailed free to tap address bj the put ,i?tior?. Svrni fot a oopp. So'.d bp all Nsas ?*2JL U0L1 DAY ..PRESENTS-SUITABLE MK L MKNTUI*: ntwvtkvr*v~ mu, at prtOM to i-^^TKEWTiftr* a.w.?_ _OM?.P?IC?.OBLT!

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