Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. F.xbcvtios* is Alabama ?The Montgomery Mall publishes the particular* of tb? Mecutlon at Pin? Level. MonWo nnf < onntr. Ala . on the 18th inat , of fonr person* ccdth t^d of attrv to errata a wrvlle rebellion l b? lrtu-r aaya : " One white man, and four negroea were hang. The white man'a name wne RoUer, and wm proved eulity by hla brother who was arretted with h m, but who afUrwarda cleared btmaelf by rorfeatlnjj his brother's gnllt One of the negroea belonged to Mr Allen Fraiaer. one to Mr. " ' th? \\ rlirht estate, and the I flty, llll winr ?'- - - ? other la ditcher. wbow multr resides In Moat gomfrv That the plot Is deeply laid, and of considerable extent, la undoubtedly true New revelations arc bein* made dally, and other white men have aa awful doom awaiting them." A Dbmoxstratiox at Niw Orliams ?An im menae masa meeting was held on Monday night In New Orleans to ratify the nominations of the Southern ri?'uts r andiditea for the couvention. It was. It la said the largest congregation of erery party ever asa rubied In '.hat city Cornelius Fel lows waa preaidrnt. and speeches were mode by CLaa C^vare and others, advocating immediate aecesaion, amid unbound* d enthusiasm. The Mouther a V arse, lies was sung as the banner of the Southern Confederacy was raiat-d. amid reiterated and prolonged cbeere for Sooth Carolina and Louisiana. MrtDii ix Philadelphia ? Monday evening Edward D Brown, proprietor of a liquor store on Front Street called upon one Dennfa Sheeban. who keeps a grogerv en Water ?t eet, for the pur pose of collecting a bill due from tbe latter, high word* en turd. 5beehsn drew a pistol and ?ent two lugs creatine Into tbe brain of the former; (Mr Brown) k li ne him instantly Tbe murderer cooly took a drink, ajjd, kissing bis wife and child walked out and surrendered himself to the policemen \\T In tbe trial of some gamblers In Chicago the court permitted tLem to bring in evidence to prove tb it they and others of their profession paid considerable sum of money last spring to elect John Wentworth mayor, on tbe direct and expli cit pledge that during his term at least they should be unmolested The evidence was plain au8 pal pable, and did not admit of doubt IX^A Utah letter. dated November 20, *tates that a fearful hurricane had swept over the north era portion of that Territory, destroying a large amount of property. nnrooflng ho-ises and carry ing before It evervthl-g movable The hurricane tasted forty-eight boars Jon* Biowj, Jn , Bmw;so Mi?chii?.?The Elmlra (N Y ) Gazette says : "John Hrown, Jr., was la Rlmira yesterday, (nronferenee with some of the abolitionlnts here. He came In ou the Southern train and dc?>arted North He Is work lag up some plot to nonoy the slavebold rs." Ip* A meeting 1f the citizens of Richmond will be held t?-nlght. to express the sentiments of that community in respect to the national crisis The call has been slgmd by promt net t gentlemen of all part!**, and unanimity is cxpected to prevail x roe mftiing ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?O 8 Coben. Ga; M Gideon, Md; ( H Wbit*. NY: Mrs Park*. Mo:\V R Bf'oh^r, NY: J H Tiski. Pa; J S Keet, Ve: T I. ScoTilleand iady. NY; Mi* Aldricb, do; Mlsa Whitney. Mass; A Wbituey and ladv, do; Hon T J Pratt. Md: T H G Pratt, do; Mr and Mr? Clarke, d >; E T Rinehart and lady. Pa: MiM K fi Knox, do; E; J H fchepberd, Va; H 8 Potman, USA; MIm 7. Let*. Md; Miw B Ler, do; M ?s M Hurt>and,do; Ml* M J Townaend, do; J L Townwnd, do; J C Townaend, do; C B Stuart, NY: O s'mederv'. do; B Spratrne and lady, RI; E A Uilcb and lady, do; EG Booth and daughter. Va; P Chad bourne; Maa; J Hullard. B H Thompson and lady, Pa; A A Sllva and y, Man: Mr* I.?*, Ohio; A 3 Bancroft and laay, man. r ^liiuunrw ?nu *?v* , * ui*n on and lady. Cal; K K Or tilth, Md; W D Clarke, do. NATIONAL HOTEL.?W B Perrv, Md; W C Jewett, PP; D V Whiting, NM; Tbo* Neal, A Brown, Eng; G 9 King, J Webber, M Brum. C O Velle. W MeMentrv. NJ; P P Lambdin, Md; O W Knox. Pa; W E Tucker, DC! Mr Stof ler, NY; J Fornev, Pa; A J Atocha, E L Roger*, Md; J 11 Ellia, Me*; P W Eng. NY; C E lireg orj, NJ; I Newton, O Reedy, O U Uager* H L, Qaw. A Gilmore, A Austin and lv, P?; J Shreve* Md; ? Bicon, via**; W A Gordon. F C Chand ler, NJ; John Hitchcock and ly. Miss; Mr* Car ter, Md; W McUuffe*. NY; J Allison, A illlaoa, Mm BROWN'S HOTEL ?G Crnne, J A Rice, La; J H Peacock, Pa; W Kibbe, Cal; D J Rowland, k r, Hnn J Cralge ana fair, Mo; Hon L> C De Jarnett. G Tyler, EHde Jarnctt, J Hunter, V?; J SlinglufT. T Sllngloff, H Humphrey*. L Hum phrey*. Md; J Tuckrr, Ct^ G E McCieiian, Fia; w B'rindlf. KT. 9 N-wrtl, Vt: J Dentson, Me; H Ramerty. NY; W H Calhoun, Tenn. KIRKWOOI> HOUSE ?J E Nsall, 9 E d Al fonce, Pa; A M Bail, W Harbett, C Thonpa.?n J A Neabitt sVa; H Wliitelv, 1>?I, J S Whiting. DC; H H Barbour and ly, Mo. ,LkA iV St TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Pboh tbb Umitib Statm. ^trnrntt. '.???. Fcr. D*Vt. Atlantic ...Mew York. ..Havre., ... ^<,0 .1 From Ecrops P*leat!r,? Liverpool New York...Deo X loo California mail ateainera io?ve on the ath lltii. awl ZKu of aver* montn. WEGARS AND TOBACCO FOE THE MIL tzy LION ! Tba anderaicnod wuuiU reepeotfully inform hi I numeroui friend* and tn? pubiie trivt the Oopart n*r?h.p b-retulo.* exi?tu.t under the firm v Huun * Wiu.14?,Ui be-a dissolved by ran toa. oocseut. a ~d that k, liM-i op?n-d a ?to-e on th< oorner of C and Seventh tU. veil, opposite thi Hank of Waak!Dgt!>D. where mar r>? f?ui>U a ch-;ic< aaaoitme-t ol A It? and TOBACCO, cf direr impo'ati- o, aa ?e>l as d?>a.e*t]j uiAtaiacture vhoUaaia ai.d re La... Thaukfn' for pa?i ;a?>'?. he liipti by fair dm! iDe and atnct atf n'lca to th? ?t awl iutereati orithe public la l.i? tin?, to m?rit* o IM pat. oi^e ao UbenUy b^atojred upon the .at p"at lw* P. WIP.QMAMN. 5J2 TTA percha^aint and 515 HAMILTON. MKu. A CO.'B, No 512 Ssvbtitii St., la the plao# to liod tba oekoretMl Gotta Parch Mill aui Ai?o, a teatral aaaor lineal t nou?s rum "( . lavriaia. faiBUci La ?1 us brauflkw ex"ont??l with dn patc:i v dun r<>uu aiiieteriaa. Paiuta si war* hatd and for a&le, with bucket ai;4 bras to join fi*o <-f cbart<> Al o'il?r? I til at the itut forOid 6!?f '!it ur Job Work oi auj kistl will I roia>tlr atvud^J to. Lo?> ?i*-p? ttv is powN.-iia Banking h u u s e Of SWEENY. RlTTENHOntip, FANT* CO. "Will 009a for auatotaAra, ?p^cis, currency, an Virjmirmoney account*. But aodMlt ooin aad xohaagr at the ino?t favoi atx? rata*. Currency and Virtinia m?n?? no J4 1i CHEtf,E.?Eofluh, Dutch, Swim, Itaiiaaax Aimnwn, d?.t KING A burchrll. French flowersof the very bes *aaMy, awl an VEpJi'B 2? Fancy Store, afl w> J3 tf tK, h?t?. 4th ktM) tothtU IIs Lot K, KLC*$HK\i. POTATOES, XI ' PbEjJ^Ac. WD tv.?. new KiobmoaJ Family Uu EXtia F >? Friwh Grotnd Bu)k wheat & &', SO Uftn'i* vVKit- M"rcer PotatoM, km do. Hlno do. do. A do. Cheatnatf. Ktonml u> ?; and for aal? low in lota to a?it 1 dTL. MORRISON * CO.. Corner of TwalRJi acd Bttt A NEW BOOKS, AT FRENCH A KiCHSTKIrt'9. 2TS Pa. a df*nts far tk* %ekeU World. Foifcs Son*e. .atAntij b-juud. finuxl on ton tHr. fail Tutt8T Gi t: crio ?10 if ?*suX nuul Tjh9 Moral Hiat ry of Woin?nt from the Fren< of ErsNt L#<ot?, tr? \rj J. W. Palme ; J 1) ?riM 91 by m*?:. lil of Mmiob H ar ar.<i'a Books, NminIi. Mo ??d?, HuU?a Fata and Alone; price etch *1.26 nnX / REAT BAROMNS IN PIANOS.-Ou* w? V? niMMits-oe'i et'arrid Pi^ni Fiirte,?ig b?v.u? <? ? in ? ? ' ort t TO <> It. r!?|pH| ofi'r eftTini iim city, for Mi* fur I Onl wmrj ai R' uwuod CuiaetHi&no I ft US. ft? ike Mai'.o SUx?of W. Ii. METZEROT SoU Afcey of 8t*ir.v?y k. Skin*' Overntra PlMot. no r^OLtillS. COLDH- HOARSKNKdiJ, * . " TYLER'S CQXPOCVD SYKVP OF OUM ARABIC. TU?? >! ??*.'it popul&r C?U|b K?w?]j *t?2 popu!&r Couth keio*iy t o ion* iriow. <1 nxtfCJijvxljF a??d. that mi farwrm* K*?* M.m ?r with it? extraordii ad&oiWT. It ?xt t? a* *t wi ths prino fft! Jr >r<M a<39 %n4 U< o*ar* a.ottla. Siv SSSm pSSSm * H icu?Ttiw A^l W? hmi aymdi. Larioia, o*el, by U. Kaftm, i3mo.f eloth; pr (IJt Fur baza's Cr?tt of Ik* PanuiiM of Gr?*t Bi am * <? ?' in J *<>?*., eioth: prie* ?2S Hb?NlMHr) KMjoiOf*!# of Cooking, k ., ototh: prve* tig Hk TRAVELING TRLNK3. K tlirejn >t r?c*ir?4 ?h-j? ?<*?t a?*ortmi ad w Set IhP ni-??t Mta^nivo oi ? *r.K i.KA HIK". I .A Of KB* 'iHK^gB y& PACKING TRUN K'S IHT BOX ,?> AI CAKPVT BAGS. HAlVHKLS.A lu iai* ?nj, wt> *r? oil Jf ?t wij l rioo?. W4LUfTBPflKW*C0, iv -.>* ?f r> w, ? lPO*T'i? GUNPOWDER, F 't *?' ai HulMam prioo?t>y ina\j T anci'i1 S ? Vt n #VI*i 'i ftmwrs. */ S#l< ifflfn for tkt Dittrtn tf Ctlvmou A t*Tf? itM, r , c o * Muv *r?ry variety, aJvj MluJ. ?* drtir?r?u fr?c to all parts of the D t-w. Ur.ia.-a CM alao Mlm atthanffioaorAiUi C*Hn9+r>r. WMMntf -r. D. C. f*3-1&W CHINA OIN'AMEX 19. Qruiiii Ciie.Po fo u>? Htl' \< t*. P-/fjin<rf, 4c , ?a*?p ?a*i> at laM VIOND"S, Sa.aich ?t dj 13 3: WOOD Am) COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! BO WHERE YOU~CAV GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH lyTRY IT! PBQVlflX! KNOW IT \JFl TR Y ~WHA T ? V^fSoiftUw PIoNKEtt MILL8,n>4 btu joir PROVE WHATf ILf Prow that jom can get yoar WOOD tk?? e eaper than elacwhere in the oity ; End than yon KNOW WHAT? CT Know that you get GOOD MLASURKmd th? Ttrr b?tt of WOOD for lean money. Cut Split, and Deli veeed Feee or Cha.kse. Call at the PIONEfcR MILLS! SION OF THE BLUE FLAU-STAFF. socthwott CoESEE seventh st. amd cakal (South of the Bridge.)' no 19 ULOR>? K PAGE. AotXT. o o D m AND _ COAL Delivered to All porta o* the oUy, at the Unreal *...k w VVMtUJV I T. J. Jfc W. M. 6ALT, OAo? 888 Pa. * ., between Uth and 12th its., ma 17-tf north fide. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery. conducted by the Span.ab Government, under the iuperviiion of the Captain Gsaertl of Caba, will take plaoe at Havana on FRIDAY, JiXUAKT 4, 1861. SORTEO NUMERO MS ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE f 100,000. 1 priae of f 100,000 to pnaea of 91,000 I do *>,000 to do too 1 do *>,000 la do 400 1 do *>,000 *> appro*. ? tjot 1 do 10J*V> Jlf ALL 888 PRIZES. Whole Tiokeu. ?^)-Ra.vei,?10?Q,nartera, . r;i?M wwuou dikui m wr colu uitoomu Bills on ail solvent Banks taken at par. A drawinc will b? forwarded u woo u ths ranll becomes known. All orders for sehemes ot ticket! to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, de 17 tr Cartof Citr Poet. Charleston. ?. C. Cure Coyth, Cold, Hoarstness, I% /urnza any irritation or Sort net* of th* Throat. RelUve th* Hacking Couth ?* Consump tion. Bronchitis, A hma, 4" Catarrh Clear and givi strength 13 the roic? of PUBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. _Few are aware of the importauos of ohMkinx a Couch or ' Common Cold*' in it* first stare; that which in the beg-aing would yield to a mild rsnie dr, if neglected,soonatt&oksthe Lunge. "Brovtn,? Bronehial Trochescontaining ^emuloentingreoi Ante, allay Pn.inotiar? and ii.onohial Irritation. .nni.,u,a "That trouble in my Throat, <for BROWN S Tfhich the "TViwAji" trat ncemhu) havin* mad'* mo cfte* TROCHES p?rer.,! N. P. WILLI!*. BROWN'S nooaatfid tiMr in to Pcilic TROCHES j REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Or<?at servi?9ir> subduing HoaIsz BROWN'S mm." REV. DANIfeL WISE. TRomco "Almost inxta-t r??!.isf in th? dia t>-es?ins labor of breathing psculia' nrfHVKN t*i Asthma." KEV. A. C. EGGLBSTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DR A. A IIA * ES, BROWN'S Cktmist, JSotton, troches jassk.'sicr" BROWN'S DR * " B,?ELg^i. TROCHES - BROWN'S Bottom ." I hare proved them exoellent foi TROCHES Whopmhb Co6oh." KEV. H. VV. WARREN. BROWN'S Boston troches * BROWN'i *KV- ? ' P' AND?s"3L~;. trophki " Effectual in removing Hoars* lnuu"^ ne?? and Irritation of the Throat.* BROWN'S common with Speakers and Sisa TROCHES KRiProf M. STACY JOHNSON, La (irange, Ua BROWN'S Teaohsr of Mu?ro. S uther, Female College. TD < ?( ?rtua "Brmr whan hafjr A H WML.O an! afVr preacuir.g. a* the* praven BROWN'S H<*%r?en*M. From their pa?t eif>o! i think they will b? of permanent &d TROCHES vantate to m?." RKV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President o! Ath?n? College, Teui TROCHES lET"SoM hya'l l>rumci?t?at TWF.N I V riVE CENTS A BOX.^1] de t ly T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *?. Wktrt&s *At tho pre*act icwot o the jm CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC DYSENTERY, 6Y8PE*?AtB|UTv.4?tc prevail to an alarming extant: AmA tnktrtas. It mo* t be of the first CONSKQUENCE (o?wtj femify to know of A REMEDY 'a?: ssnbstofr**" of PiUl, offers hia MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER u the moat REMEDY pTA'tHE ABOV^C^M^LAINT In order to a&tiafy the public; th?t no impoaition la inter. dad m the aala ef tiua Great Medicine, _ tup unmuv wti f ur bvoTTMnvn in all r when the mediolne fai'a to giV* entire eatieflwtio MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, tako u directed, sad if sot perfectly aatiafied Return to our Agent, D. D. CLARK, esq., 4K Street and Penna? Ivauia Arena*, who will refand your money. Pnoe?Ui and 90 CanU par Bottle. For aala at all Drag Storea ererywhere. jas. McDonnell, ttewer&i Arect, jyll-eotr Baltimore ? U F P L i e 8 FOR CHRISTMAS. Fruita and Nuta of all kind*. Home-trade Mince Meat, made by my direoti< r- and urrler m? aupervision, warranted the b< ever off-red for sale at IS cents per pound, m Bent Old Wtaiakr. Brandy aud Wines, "T ano dozen Fresh Ere*. id Goshen Butte J and Cheeae, 15 bbls. Floor, beat brands. Family, Extra, a _ Superfine. X A complete assortment of Grooenea of ali kim Good Sugai at 7 cents per pouod. * ISRAEL DEMIN6, 3 , No 434 Seventh atreet, _j!e 17-eoJw between Louisiana av. ani P at r. [YJOT1CK TO JOURNEYMEN TAILOB r i> AT HOME AND ABROAD. ir The following la a correct lut of the employ who pay the bill pri'Mia ol. and are reoogmzea the Society, to wrt i f?w doora a?uth of Pa. av., ftvw'i oid aUuid, First Ward. \Vaahin*tou. Ilia H&r ia oouarantly lied with theeboioeat Liquora and Cigara. ue?t Friod Oiatera in Waahnut>n oanbeofctaii at hie Diace. Famiiiea aupphati with Oyatera in e ry at; 10. and at reaeonable prices. ae 38-e<4i T*RAVELS IN THE REGIONS OF T1 1 Upper and Lower Atnoor, by T. W. Atktna witha inapand numeroaaiiiuatratiojia; price fS Liuuslio, a a**uel to the Jew ol Verona, bj K Breaciana, S. J. Huur, Abdallah, or the Enchant'd Kara, i other Ta ea, with an introduction by Miaa Fare Volume one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a ee< to Tom Brown at Rugby; oheap edition Si centi Oar Year, a ohild'a bo?k in proa* and veree the author or John Halifax: ?'ioa 75 oenta, BLANcAaRD* MOjhjN, de X ooreer Kleveoth at. and Pa. a Go ,SVtSSWi SffifMiMV s Penn arcane, and examine thatr cxtremeJy la and boantifal aaeortment of ChlMr?n'a Boc (iantes, Ae., the fineata*a?rtna*nt erec cfTe-eM farm In this nitv. fin Mrlv. hef.irrt thfl rush. wk? your eieotiona. Alio, a ltn? um m asaortmentof Diariea for 1MI. Will bereeeivet wit iiMmtr a con^iiu uiortant of Kng Ainaanaaa. ?o C^FCIAL NOTICE TO CITIZENS A ^STRANGERS- RKNOHft RICHSTEI! 37S Pa &vfDU?, ia the nn!y plaoe in the eity wli duly Mp#n can be fomxt from e??ry Ata*ean<1 < in thi Oaioa. New"York, Philadelphia, ana Ila m<>'? rap ra delivered in the eity and Georgeto immediately on the ?rri?if of thetraioe. Alj Mon*My and VV?ekl? Papera and Mai ami nee. IS ? the time to aub?oribe. with the beg inning of New Year. Sole agents for the Charleston V eery. de THE STKAJtER JA8L ?UY W01 ui* 22. TIJJWplY, JM ?t oC r$f& 'Tjjyk *swsknt?!.. ? 1... mi MISCELLANEOUS. THE STATE OF Wi?*COX*8lN, Amounting ui the Atfregate to Fifty thru Then and Act*. Th? ?ra?t of land to Wiaoooain by act of Coo greaa, approved A nrust 8. n+6, "to iin tatheia pro rem en t of th? Fox and Wiaoonaio river* and to ooiiNt Um aarr e by a otul ii the Ttmicry of Wtstonsin," and the aota auppleaental thereto, Iumb ? far aHi .iala<l m.m Ia rMtoration lo narket of tiw lands hereinafter da j\otiet it ktrtby firm that all the followiar t? oant and unappropriated landa which wars anhieot lo private eiitry at tho date of withdrawal, will bo restored to private entry on the day* and at the places hereinafter i pecibed. at the ordinary mini mum prioe ol 31.2a per aore.or at the prioea to wuioh they may hara (radiated at the date of wittidrawaa At the Land Olfioe at Mkmajh*, on Monday the Slat day of Jannary nrzt. North of tkt bast lint and tatt tktfvmrtk rr '.nci wal mtruiiam. NE fraction N Kux Kiver, of amotion 10. town ahip 12. ol range 9 NWX NE^.NEXNW*, and N W 1( N W H or?*oti<Mi 4, towaahip iS ranee 9. NW*?K* oK * NE^NWK/WXBvV % and E * 8E *, of ?c?tior> 2; the NvV \( S W \ of action*, th-t t.-aotion on tbe eaat l>ank of Fox river of ?eoQon ?, thJ NEJtf SVV M rfaaction in, the S K S -t K ol aaotion 12, the W H N W * a d NVV ^ S\V * ofaection l4,tlieNE * NE vV >? N E \ and NWj^uf aeotion 84; >h? SK W r? W V and * W ?? HE Ji? ?t aaotion to,and tha NW ,l* DW \ and ?E s> ?V '? ol aection 32. townaLi? 14. of ranee*. Th? ? W SE ? of eoction V the SW U NE 3* : the SE *4 NW kt!<1 tM N E *W X of a-icti n 4; Ue ?W L Ssvv >4 of teuton n. tno ?W W NW V, and :* w\ SW:? of section 10: the Nk\' NWV of fc?otion 18; Uie wkNK U and the W S N W ? of s?o:ion 30; and N t N b Si ot ?<M)Uoa SO. town hip 14. of rauee l? 'i he E XMW)< of aection 13, and lota 6.7. aid 8 section 13, townauip It, of range 15. - . TneSVV * NE 3% of section It, and the NW J* SE X o( aeouon 23. townahip 19, of raag* 15. _ 'I he N fc J* N W M of aection 4, the nE J< 8E and th3 W * SE >< of section 6, townahip 30. of of aection S), township 18, of range 16. _ ., , The E % NEK of section .townahip SO, of range It>. The NW X of fraction rat of Fox rirar, of mo tirn 10, townahip 20. o! rang* IT. The NEfc SE % of aeotion C, township 23, of ranee 17. Tne N E \ NW H of otion 34, townahip 15, of range it. Tue N H NW V of ceotkn 13, township 16, of ranee 18 Lot No. 1 of cation 14.of townshipS', of rare* 18. The SE * N W JW. ?td the E fc a W * of eeotioa M.township 22, pf range li. Tho8E*bW Si ofn tion M.township 36, of ran?o 19. Tna W K 8\V of Motion 21, township 17, of r?n?ce 19. t.ots No.3 and 6 of aeotion 13. and lots No. 4 and 8 of section 14, township 19 of i ant* 19. The HE X SE 3% of aeotion 22, township 30. of range 19. T e E X NW atid the SE SE X of aeotion 12, townahip 21, oi range 19. L.ot? No. 1,?. and 3, and the SW NE >4 of sec tion 10. the SK 'i SVV J* of stction 14, W a d the W H ? ?v of section 18. and the r.' >? >i t, V. and the SE \ of >.eotion 38. townahip 22, ol range Tha W X NW .V of asotion 18, townchip 21, of rang?** , , , _ Tu? wiio'e of eotion 30, t.iwiiahip 2.\ of lanice 2<v The W 8VV * of auction St, township 28, of rauge so. At the I.ud OiPcb at Falls of Sr. Croix on iMotdar, th - *8th ?\y of January next. A'ortk of tkt base li*t. and went of the fmtrth printt ; pai merutian. The W H SKt~o 8E * SK and the SW \ of Miction v; the .V V, ot a?ciion 4; the 8 H an J N \v hi, and 9 H el NE Si oi tectiou 6; the whole of section 8; t aeotion U'; tho wno'e of aeo tion 12; the E > of aeotion 14; ih? SK of aeotion , It; the whole ot teotiou ?>; th? W S ai.d NK )*' of Mt n n 9) ?h a ?l U ,if adnM nn 91- th* I?. 1 W i I lasr.nn yv i *? ? W ?| til V ? J , g VI ?. -n-.. 26, th?? N X ofaeouon 28: the EK and 8\V K of see ti >c T': the L H and NW^of erotinn 31; the E .4 u:d ,NW nt ^ectiouJi to?rn?hio ?7, ol ranee 12. The ESHWV and N WJ* N VV <4 and lot? 1 J and 3 of sectloag; the wh lei leotio i 18; ihe N YV Wand the s>K l4 of aeotion 32; th* W >, ol' cer>tioa A>; the H of section 28; the SK l? of aeotion 3 ; the whole of aeotion 32; and the whale sf aeotion 34, township 28, ol range 12 1 h> \V K and 9K of taction}; the wh'*leof seo Hon 4; the whole of -eotion 6; the N the mE V. and the NE SW of aeotion 8; th? NE the E \ SE the NW\ oE K, and ioti 1. 4 5.6, and 7 ol seotion M); the vcv e of a?otioD 12; the whole of section 14, the NEthe E K ?K \ and lota 1. X. 5,6.7 and 8 of section 22; the W \ and the NK >i of aeotion 24; the 3 l. and the W >6 S W M of aeotion 2E; and the K >6 ofeection So.towMshipST.offinte 13. I he whole ol aeotion 2. the E ,li and Xw ol aeotion 4; the whole of aeotion 6; the \V ol ?eo tion 8; the whole of section 10; th* whole ol a-cti ?n 14; the whole of section 1R; the K >4 of amotion 2?; the N K, tho N o> M4 and th-? .\T M of M W of ieotio~ SB; the KXNh.'i, ihe !M X SK anu the K S ? W i* of aeouon 24; the \V & and tli < N K of section .8: the wh'?le of nection *) th? whol ? ofcootij S2; tne8\V N W }{ *?.d lot* No 6. 7, an'l 3 of ?fcti'>n 31: ana (.he N of ncUon 31, town ah p 2b, of ra-ge 13 1'heSVV A? oi section 2a; the NE }? NEM of aoo ti->n 30: the ? % iN K % of aeotion 32; lh<* N 'i. the N >? ?f 8K and the ? S SW <>; ?eo'i >n >4: ?nd the who! of ftion 36, t- wr.ah.p Ji, of 14. The SS8K H?.the } >4. ard the NW V 8 W '.4 of laotiua 23: the who.* <>| eotionSJ; th? whole ol aeolion 32; an * the r? \V VH(, the 8 N K %, the N W \ and the 8 S of nee*.ion 34, town hip *6 of range 15. '1 he N X.the :?*; the N H *W tt.and theSE A< 8\V >4, of aentlo*' 2, tow Hup 38' if ranee '5 The whole of a- etion 14; the whol* of reetion IS; the wholeof aeouon Zi; the wiioie of aection 24; the whole of aot.ou 26, the whole ol aeotion 28; tie ft SI % or a<o'lon Si; inn vnoiooi n-cuon 34; a-u the W H ai?d St >? of section 36, towuahip V9, of range !5. Tie whole of aeo*ion2; he NEliandth* N SK ?f ? "twin 12; the K %, the I- S *W 5^, and the f. K NW K of eeouon 14; the tit, % of ??ot on 24; the N H of eeoUon 3R; the who'* of arotion 32; the W % ol i-oaon 34; and tho P. >* and N W X o| ecction 36, to wnatiip 26, of rane 17. At the Land Offioe at Eau Claire, on Monday, theSia.dav ot January next. North of th* bate lint and wejt of the fourth princt pal meridian. The whole of aroiion 32; aud t'.e NEJtf NW)( and W K MWJi of aeouon 36, townahip V.7, o] ange 11. At the Land Office at Btivisj Poiht. on Moa day. the 2cth day of January nazt. North of I hi bast line and east of the fourth prtnci pal meridian. Th? W >4 SKJK of aection 4; the N">, NE V?, th< SE NE X. th?\Vfl ^ NW ^,t!u ?n^ tKa "Ni la* W Si ft. L' t%( **/> i?> r> C* IIia L U .V B< K, N H NVV V Alii t'r SW S \V hi ufl'O'lbDU in* 8E "*H Hi "feectlon 34; ih-s K H xWJ^.aw NW K t?vV * - 1 u-cUon 36. t >wu?hip 15,<>f r^uKt 2 The SH bW)t of otion 32. township lit, o "IS' NWHNE)< of seotion36, towr.ship 18, C rancd2 The WXNW1.K of Motion6s and the BE \ BE X of seotion 3-S. township 19, of ran*e 2 Thi NH8W.*?. and the vV X ?E \ of sootion 3 the NHol section 4; and N E J% S?E U ot section Jl township IT, of ratine 3. The WHNK ?, the W H seotion.and the W > SE V of section 2, the E )* ?VV \ and N W L4 tti *? ol section 4; the W !i. X of sootion 6; the E > ? 8E 5* of section 8: the N \V * N W ik and the & W 1 aVV M of section 12; the K % NE >? of section U and the 8W >? 8NV of aoctijn 56,township 18, o ranee 3. 0I! Tho E Si SW ?%' and the 8E Si of section 26; the I >#l NE >?, tiie f. V, t>W V, and tuo 8E At oi utetio S<; ?mt i .B N W \ N E Ihe NW ?4, nwl theNI 8W V or section 38, townaht IS?, of ranee 3. The N W M * W U. and tne W* 8W * oi i? ?,? tion 10; and me 8 W \ SE Jk of section 14, of town ship 16, ojrargM. The SW K NW V and the 8Wli of EMtion< 4** th* NEM N E and the NK \ 8E \ of section ( the HK HE M of seotiou 8, tbe vV >4 SE J% of sec tton 10; lot *o.3.andSW' Atf NWT( of eectiOn U the NV W of see'ion. and the E >s Sh V of seotio L |U 1/ MW I eerft^ M *-* L 41 ..? -m.+ *""? V "" 4' ?4 K> ' > ^ ui cn Uoa ?; lot No 3, o Motion 24; Jot ^o. 2, ol .ectio -\Y % N Ue -?fc * N E l? M t ? 8W .4 SN\ \ of notion 2<?,to?rn?hip 17, < ranee 4. l?t No S.the W H VW '? and th<? 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NE3? #K ^ ??J ?wtic 50" the W KNWM.ftudthe NW ?w ofee. fon 2* th?RX *W 3*and BW * BW * 01 spt& the a\V * ?fc i. of <.ou.?n S6,to#nthi* 11. ofr?ni 5 The NF. V *nd the 9W M SE * of Motion ?>;*i the N H N W K ??d the *?sV \ N W \ of uolii W V&K J?? NW * the BE!% 9W J and th< E H BK M ?f 2-l^* NH <>1 w Its Bw "*0?*? m4 the NE >? fcw W Ud ih.att HP. U uf aMtiOfl V; t twatuiy U 01 ranges Tii~ wfcole ? ' fraoueaal eeetiot2; fractional m 4 tue w H ot tba N W V and (r>? W X ol t) 8w vi>i^>Mtioai #; jk* N H V of < <*w H ft-ri th* f*K li IkU a' "? NH *of? It,- UpfW \ UM *Kfc NW tlo " otio;, th? E X tion 24; th" N fc NKJ* th*> N K \ N W *. t' V or iMtion S; ihe ? of Motion 14; ??<d M. theN XSW or! \ of km-tion: T>-f SBiiftKjf ai BXll tk? V p IS U? NK. fc NR ^ At 8fi V *>f mwiii **E COtlOD tinn 10: tl \ ?'/? fn&itSra** , 'TO, ft'di to vnstnr 16, nf i?-?? ?. >f foticn 28; th? N\VKI U nf Um11 r\T* OH. a./I u.. NW U7 tIA NF, * ofiZiZmm." tea The NRk NWM?i<i tk? SE X IV kofw ?* Uo. 4- th- ff. * ?<V \ of ro-?o?T tM tfkji Z AY UM NEJiNWMnfH.Unil<:U??KMNBk S & pf* */& 10}' > ?> 89( ^ i ?V ?? | . : : 9 The W H NW Vtodtk* W k SW Wof ?*otlon It; the N 8 ?*etiou, UmN K SW\, tktlW * P W It and U?NW\bEliol iMtiog ?: e*d Ue fW S NE 3*. the Eh NW *. the 8W '* NW M.aM Uie Sb\ SB 1< m aection 32, townakip 16, ot rente r. Th#> N H S W th- 9\V S\T V. ui U?i? N W \ ?K \ of Motion 14; tho KHNKl4 U?NW ?, Nb ud the St. H ot aeotiou 28, acu Uie NW '4 ?li 'i of seotion 34. U'wnahia 15, of reajf The NK.V **E .V ud lota No*, l end X of section . M .towoatup lft,of rente 9. The K H WW '* of aeotion S), tovsahip 13, oi | range 10. At the LendOAoeat La Csoaas, on Monday, , Lhe 21at ciar of Jancerr lbxL Nwrtk tftkebai* lime and m? *f tkt ftmrtJk prmti Th? N H of NE \ MotfouS; the 8W V N W \ af eeetMn 10; townmhi# IS: the NK. V ottheNK* d? auction 6; the NW ^ of the N W* of.eotion : the NK ii of the N W of eeatinn 14; *?d the SE '? oftheSE oi a?oUon*S, townehip U. of range 8. Given under my hand, a1 tlieoity of Wathinc ton, thia 11th day of Ueoomher, ISt-i. J ?S 9. WILSON, Coramiaaiotar of the General Laod Office del4-w4wF GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMUERS AND GA8 FITTERS^ J. W. THU*RSOn & uo. Would oall the attention ot water taker* to their full aaaortment of Kixturea neoeimarj to ita intro duction^ foltowa? KITCHEN RANfeES,KATH TUB!?, WATER CL'iSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS. KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cut Iron. Wroutht Iron, l-ead and 6alvante*<l WA TER PIPES, HYDRANT* and PAVE WASH ERS. RUBMER HOME, Ac Daring superior advantage*, with practical knowledge, ?? are prepared to utrodioa Water into dwo..inia with all the late at improve* enta, promptly, and at prioea that cannot fail to aatialy. X69 Pens, avenue, no 24 dtMar 1 bet 9th and loth ate., south aide. AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE New prepared to exeoute any orders with whieh thev mar be favored in the PLUMB1N6, flTTlNO 117" Store on Sth atreet, a few dc ora north of Pa. TrUUO, WUOTT7 IUBJ W lUUIl'J O CVIMRICVC 8WBUI fclTlClJ I of CH VNPKLIEKS and other GAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTBRES. JaW-ly WG AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai y rMtiTnt, OAS PI XT OR US of entirely Now Patterns tviui JJesicos ami Finish, superior ia style to anything heretofore offered ia this market. We invite oitiaens-feneral ly to oall and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling oonfident that we have the beet selects! stock in Wash in* ten. All Work in the above line intrusted to Mr eve will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoGHAN. m&r 5-tf S7fi D street. I SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to tue corner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introdaoe Water and Gas neon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties eatiie satl*faotion He la* on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOV K S. which he will sell less tn.'.a oost. as he wishes to get rid of them. no 1? OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND 8EALER OF GAS* METERS. W *?ni^?TO!i, July 18,1860. NOTICE If! HEREBY U1VEN. Tfcat.atre* ably to the provisions oI the oidinance of the Cor poration approve*) Mar U. 1M<. thn cndersigaed is nov prepared, "whenever resuirod in writinf.and on pro payment of the fen of fifty oouts, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration of any rp.s meter in une in this oity." Every meter, iffouud incorrect, will be condemned, and another, scaled and ir.&rKed as trne, will be setini?* place. If proved to be acenrate in its oiaasur.-ment of gas, it will sealed accordingly, and r.<am put in pemtios for us?. Ofloe No. ftlo Seventh strest, (near Odd Fel .ows' Hall ) Open from 8 a. in., to5?.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 18 tf Inspeotor and Sealer of 6as Metars. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING, LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! At FLY THE REMEDY REJOICE U?HEALTH. ^end, do you aufior.' Are yo? thi viotim of any ose numerous ai.tnenta which aria* from im parl ty of the blood.' Whit ire ther, do you a?k? Rather ask, what aro they cot.? The blood ta the aouroe of tile and health, and it ta the firat e'emeut of our being to reapond to any oause whioh affeota tfcw> ayatem, aa the pulae infallibly attecta The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Kryaipeias, the aubtle Sorefuia. the Lgnniiicg Rh-anriatiarn, Ner vous Debility, Dyspepsia., Liver Complaint with ita toraor ai,il dejection, andtiie ncraberlaaa ilia that fieah ia heir to. derive their iuJeoua origin from the blood. Deal kindly t; * ai?d ptil'r wltn tho blood. Use the vitaming resources of natnro for ita aid. and g!iCar tia to ooniinend to your eonfidenoe and uao that tUy valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia almost infallible aceeifie popular aer.tirr.ent has up,.ken in deoided Terms, and the ev!i!eioe? of this great eflicaoy ara aua tRi nA/1 l.t M>n?fRrt rvovrIi nf nnraMtyn fa an/) th? happiest roan Its from its au are af*er all other re incises ar.d the b?st medical akiii have failed. Lot as gar. in oo-no!usion, th*t oertific&tea euros are not routUt from the illiterate and saver fioisi, bi:t tliay are volunteered from the m'-atre spectable soaroea and j jutify the highest tenna is which it u pozaibie to command to valuable a apeoific to pnNio approval. We m*y add alao that tie curative pro parties of thenrcedioino are^uaile<3 only by its re?torative effects, tho ayst-tm recover ing from disease with renewed eonatitut'oaal vigor For M>* bf all reapectablo Druggists id thu oity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None genuine unless her nameia blown on the bottle and her aeai on the oork ITT* Pnoe ?t per bottle, six bottles for *5. W\ol*iuU A*int. R. H. T. C1SSKL. Drugsist Georgetown. D. C., Wholesale Agent for the Dia triot, and trill aapply the trade at my prices, au 1?- tr CJIiViaun ! V MtH? Ifc iU ?UVII piBUUUO will III Ppiest results. CLERY 4 STOCEDAl.E, Proprietors, 348 Walnut street. Pmladejphii WM. C. CONOVKK, Arent for the Proprietor!, 99* Pv av e opposite Willards' Hotel. DALTiMORE O BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoetrinr fresh and sweet, in Goshen pact Also, Ohio Batter, ? inland It* MR?.ltimore. 275 A L k E N 27i JACKSON, FLASTERERS, Puxi. Avnroi, Between lnth and 11th streets. js II J IMPORTANT TO HOUEEUfEPERS. E. R. DURKEE & CO.'8 ? ? ? A-w i BP mm a Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE but ground from fresh gpioes, selected and clean by us Mpro??'.y for the purpose without referen o oost. They are beautsMly paoked in tiufo (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keepin and are fall weiiut, while the ordinary rroai Spioes are almcn invariably short. We warn them, in point of strength and riohness of flavor. ifKYOND ACL COMPARISON. ' as a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only It fe ? ift O^UN^w^VV CEABON A B LE DRY GOOD) Cloaks, ? Shawls, Flaane Merinos, Ottomans. Blankets, Full Cloths. Lmsej Fanoy Silks, , . ^ilk Robas, 5 Poplins, Valjnoias. Re, ..... Yarns, (looped Skirts, Insh Linens, Rheatinss, Napkii Beaver Cloth, Baek Flannel, W h'te Gjvods. Linen Seta, Kmbroiderii SBo.?t.axines, Alpsooas, ounter panes, Comforts. Toweiings. of which we offer At prices to imt the tiiBM de 12 TAYLOR h HUTCHISON & la of T J U8T OUT ?NEW BOOKS. I HE Prinoe of WoJoo in Amano*, by Kinah Cornnalln, lino , oloth; pnoa ft. Pot?y Abdoiuom. from tfco French of floao da Bmiio; ?moo 9LSV l?ld Mookinaw,*o., by W. P. 8triokl*nd, 12a? oloth; prtoa #1.25. At FRENCH * RICHSTKIN'8. do 6 2T9 Paon. arauuo k n 10 ?; IB Of 0 I -V K r. ?. 0. LAMA*. ?.B.MOTT. I. k IVTII L?ae. .on* ^ s s 4 M D T CBtBTEEY NOTICE. RfcsiSWSk City steam fiV^wood mills A.MD coal dkpot. < Foot of S?vntit*tk Hrett, below War Dtpm tmtnt WOOD prepared, anr length and ai?e, to mi Ui? want* of wioh purchaser CO A'?K kpt in COAI. I!OU*E9, prot*<t?d r from the weather?delivered fr*e from slate,dirt a nil A# 1?M M n ?tf I O Oiik ' Itft # A # W A #An 1 WTLLTake a:l finds of Virginia mone* for m; book dehtc nnd for Boots, Sho-.s, and Trunks. Al | persons indebted to me wi t please ca 1 and arttli . np, or i sh&'l be compiled to give their account 1 into the hands of a collector. 8 p..hoover, Iron Hall, no si l*a *v.t betwoen 9th and 10th iti. QLD RICH. MELLOW AND JU.E MONONGAHELA EYE WHISKEY, Conaoientioualy distilled by Mr Jaraee Hurnaide of Allegany County, i'enna., in the old-faahione< honeat war, fro-Ti the ohoioeat aad roost carefull aeleotect Rye, ud in no oue ever offered tor Mi until adapted to wh?lecoiT.e nee by age It ia a once the moat palatable, aa it ia ewphatioaily on of the pureef beveragea in the reach of the public To the invalid.aa veil aa to Uioee in health, 1 commenda itself for ita unnva!!ed qualities a* atiinulaqt of the aafeet. aur?st, and moat benefices description, and many of the moat diatinguiehe av k I A I II a?a Hal na I# irk lkei> ~~ ? , ? k a L MiXIGINES. tr butixou LOCI HOIflTU, Hu DOtuttrU Ut mwI Ctrl***, mmd #?lj Ejftcfn*i JUmudf m ii? ?fo*U, FOR ALL DlSKASliS OF IMPHt'DKNGS XJTT tfO FALSE DELICACY FKETMXT. APFLY 1 AIMED ATKLY. j cm iriKKAjvTRi>L oa jro charge lit Hi OH U&K TO TWO DATS. WMtaMlTlkl fclk Ud Haider, li'tlwir; . **?? ?d T*?U?<^**a Dr**dfai*ad Dmvmu'i Fiuu<ii vbttb ram 4m MtKMf lapmikli, u4 ???u?y t?U l*d; ul MUi TOIMMU apatiiilr ?k? kiTi kiuxi tt? naiima *f ? I ary TIM, thai draa Jfa! and diiVM'jfi ba?tt vhiab aaaMilt pa M maiy (n?i ikMU?4i af T*an( Man *ftb* m? *1 tlaaia tad tnllul iota. a*t, *b? ciifbt ??tr*iai kl'l i?d iuiaaiua Iiuiii wub U* ttiidin *f *! ? *? m t* miuij u* Ifrisf iyr?, u; ull vtu f*:. lal u MUirni; aatruead tktl M HiKill LUlU FlUtill. n Tmb(Mii iaa(iBfiuli( Hti , bausf uutil ?k^iul vhJuAi, tifult daMMIf, it., dllT llfti ft* ?b? placai kiBNlriilti Ui mm ?f Pi. I. h; hU* 0mij Mntda ia hi* k?? i f aailaat a ud m*KmUt nh tp*u b? aktll m ? pbyaaaiaa. rUf*, bi da firm!: orncE t torn ruonici Ufl baud od?faiaf fraac Mrtam auiu, a h* ** * frtm Fati Mt lb a (mar. raii Mt ta tkiam uaa aad ki ptld ud baataia iiUb). B1 JOUITOI, Nuktn ?f tb? kayai Ca'.lara (fliifitai, Utdaa, rrtdaaM fun Ml *f lb* Ml inaiMt CalUjm ia tka >oh*d lutM, udtka fniiai p*rt*f wfc**? lift baa baa* ifntta Iba baa ilala af Uandar., Pan*, Pailadalpbia aad a:? vbar*, bM ad fa eta d aataa af lb* aa*i aatMiakiaf caraa thai war* arti kMts; maay irMblcd *ith riafi&f ta tb* b?id bad mm vbaaMlaap; rram a*rr*Mi*aa, Mar aiira*d at MddM **?ada, bia-ifalnaaa fr*q***t blaaatw, auaadad wa* Ail trapao.roanu I* marnt( . rftyaiaal ar Dlaiutt> Lata ?f Pn4iit>i Pivii, liitiii IntwHito riiaklu(u< Wuksm N likMta ut Ua Mil faarf* Mai apatadilj mm. CHDUKIKMIIT OF TUI Til MAHY TBOCEAKDi tarad anbia i<.>uaUM Ui lut HinuiD run. u< Ua oininu layiitm Bbt?4 Ml hi Mrfarmad kr Dt. JthoiM, viUHHi ?7 ut Munin ( tk< p*H? u' >; Mi" nwi, mMm 4 ftM hfi imiiii i|tli ud tfiia >ilin Ua mMH, ka aMtakliauiltafua (aatlaaaaif abiwatai u? raaaaaal MHty, ta a aalalait [luuua ta Ua aBlatad. |uWr DR. J. BOVEE DODtS IMPERIAL WINS BITTBR8, Are now being uod from Muse to the Great Salt Lake, an! tfas aniTeraal verdiot of all who aee them either as a nulinw or as a bgyirafi. n thai they are anmrfOs*d in the vorld. Dr. ?K>da need then en :of.bifmiT in hi* jracUoe for tt rear* before we yuronued ef hiai the sole right to annfcntnre ana pretwt t>. jm fer sale to the nbl.o. For the oure of IncljU-t Ou*ir?tion, ludiceation, Dye pe*ai?. Pilai, Nervoaa D >aM, Female Con plaints, and al' eaaia reai>nng atomo, they are be yond Jo*I t a raoat inTa'aRble reriedy. Aside frcn IhMr Esdioica: ersferties they are a fare, whola eonie and delight; ti Beverage, erodacing *'! the rrsaaant A&hiloraiiit: efeota of Brandy or Wine without their lwerinne reeaita, Ut all friends of nuiniiiity and a!! r.-i; of tenperanoe assist as in aubitilaicx tanae valuaUa Vegetablo BTttrra for the patten* and adwitmrmttd Lir*nrt with whioa the con:.try is flooded, and thereby ef factuaJy aid la haniafcrng Oiaaaee aad Draafrane? rMn Ina fan<l <JHA.kL.nS WIDiilFlELD & CO Proprietors, TS Wi;uF;'n street. New V%rk. J, AA/E* Waahingtun, 0. 0. DR. J. BOVEE DO08' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS, Por Diseases of the Kidney a, Bladder and Urinary Organs, and especially for Female Obstructions, never nil to care, and are warranted to five saba ^H A RLES widdifield * CO., Proprietors, T8 William et, New York. J. SCH Vv aRZK, Je 7 It J Agent, Washington, D. C. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. DALTIMORF. AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, IWO.tiis trains will ren as follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at *J0 a. m. Seoood Train at 7.4U a m. Thirtf train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p. na LEAVE BALTIMORE: I7>nl i 1? - ? o r > iibiu ai i i j a, mi., ntpiii. Second tram at 8.35 a. iu. Third at S.lOp m. Fourth at 4^0 p. m., Exprect. The firat, abound and third from Wuk ington oonaac? throngh to Philadelphia and New Y?rk. The aeoond and third cnnaeot at Waahinftoa Junction with traina for tfc? Wast, South, aod Northweat; also, at Annapolis Janotioa, for An napo!i?. For Norfolk take the"?40 a. m. trai . for the accommodation of the war travel be tw*en Waabinctoo and Laurel. a paasenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh learea at MO p. m. On Saturday the SJO p. m. train goes to Philadel phia only. no ?-d T. a. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS X9T TlTWin SJLT? wm m CHOICE OP TURBB ROUTES. ALL RAIL. ROUTE. Via Or mage and Alexandria Rmiiroad TOLYNCHBURC: Virgin** and Tennessee. Ernst Tmmmm and Virginia, Bast Tummmi and Ooorgim, Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston., Miisitnjnd Central, Net9 OrUmnu and Jutk?u TO NEW ORLBAN8! OAoa?PMiaayiT?aU arecM, ooraar of Sixth it B1MAM CXI CHS mocu *# BV OBliMIl Lynahbmrf us gssr:? - ni ChatUcoogft MOO Oolamboi rrJ UuiiUnlle *700 ftxs?^=8 srui ?MK:Si TUB ROUTE 18 KNTIRRLY BY RAIfc IN MILES SHORTER,lu* 84 HOURS kK8 QUICKEST AND MOST PLE AS ANT ROUT. FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It la fro Tided with Fint-tlw Sleeping Cart! H*=S1 Atima* M??o::r Nir: t Lcuca inaaifaa in wnan aiara?? c??u m.ittt; to a?U uaptiMoi, at at tabaal, tka ificu . bi^bilv fait a?an vkto uliiy, tad if mi tarad utru|t IsfMitkli, ui iHUtfi tMt bIU u4 ||BN VlU dtKUfWlnt af Bltdi Wilt Ull< Till ritnciui HOTICB. T?t| Mau ud atkara wka ki?i u>)ara? UibuItm ky a a a nam practica lndalfad ia whan alana?? ttku laeroad frans whl:h art rtcdtn lharriifi in>p?Mivi?, u bad*. abaald apply iaaadiaMJv. Thaaa ara aatua af iha aad and caalaaakaly afatu pradaaad ky aarlT kakiu af vaaib *i? i af Ika Back aad limka, Paina ia tka Maad, Dimaaaa af BtfM, Laaa af Maacaiai Pawar, PaSpitaUau aftka aart.pripapar. Maraaaa IrrtlaMU |pt Daraagamat iaf tha Dtf aaura faaigaai, laaaial DaktUtp, aTcpuni af Cai.aaaptiaa, 4c. MXNTALLT -Tt.. faarfai affaau aa ika aiad ara aaak u ka draadad?Laaa af MaMarT.CaafMtan af Idaaa. Dapraaataa af BpinU, K?ii rartadmaa, kaaraaaa aftaaiatv, ?air niairaat. Lara af Maii'.ada, Ttwdfty, iu.,ua aaaa af Ika a?tl? paa RUTON OKB1UTT.?Vkaaaaada aaa aav )adra vkal . .k. ..... .fak^i. k..uL i .i._i_ _r. rr la tba caaaa af lhair datliulaf kaaitk, laaiaa tkait *1*at, ka aaniu| araak. pala, narraaa aad amaalatad, ba?tnf tiia|ila? appaaaaaaa akaattka ayaa, caaffc ar aymptanaaf i unu?u ur mrKUUBMUB. Vbli tk) >aiafaidad ui iani4wt ??urj af flMnn kl< ha ku imhibad iha a* af Jim patnfal diMul, U 1M (Am kappa.>a :bat an ill-limad huh af ah a ma at draad af diacavary daiara hiru fram applainf ta thaaf vba, fram tdtciMc ui taapactabUi'.y, can aloaa bafnand bin. foiia iota Ua ban da af ifnarast and daatfninf pratar.dara, wba, tucapabla a/ carinf, ttcb hia pacatiary aabatanca, kaap bin unlUif mauth attar uwitb, ar aa lacif aa tha amtiiaat f*a caa ba ab Uiutd.andin laata bin with raioad haaith ta aift a*ar hia railing diaappaiutnant; ar by tha aaa aftbat daadiy paoan, Marcary, haataa tba canauwuaoal aymDtaica af ifcfe tarnbla diaaaaa, aaebaa Afacum.aoftua Haart. Tnraat, Maaa, kin, Ac.. (rcrraaaitf wit* frtfhtffil rapniuy, til! daatb pataa Mriatl tabic draadfal aaffarinra by aandiof bin ta that a? diaaaaarai caartry fram vbaaa Htita na traralar ratOM ml joimonuMtDY poROKSAncviaiw AMD iMPOTBKCT. By UtafMLttad Immm rauady vatknaaa af tba arrut ara apaadiiy curad anl (ail ri(U raatatad Yhaaaaida air tba act oar?aaa and dabiliutab, aba had laat all kapa, hart baaa iianadlaUly rallavad. I RUNKS* BOOTS kXD SHOES. ^OOTS AND TCI SUIT TMK We ?f? new ? jiiftirti-iy ail k.J?xU of EtH?T? i?? SHOWS,L Md MMMMV iw.r.H luppty oi mma von <" (??tj ,i? ?r>ttio-. mmif *pr.i??"T to o-if. ac i ?i. f W1 * aoM at a mscli ?pf?r ?nooth*L nv !*? ?' * - ' ia Qua city (MB?ekuf?not a Booti tad 9bcaa of _ tinriiti! tioo4iMn torafcod *1 tfca ioVMi fri?*# Ol??u?4oa etlFFlN * blu MM III miMvivui* ??m LT*IVE Hl'NDRKD TRAVELING TRUNKS r fcfTlVM tiin <Uj . Wn tw-^ IM * . M* ' ?r?l L2AI aod um of ?w? Laaib.r, Lmm'IH D'Ms ud PtcliBf Trucka. Oar room oxhibtta at tr.? Umo th? frHtMt rari<*? ot tra?a>ia* r?4 uikiloa at mocrraU yruo*. to [u?bd thia aiu? o: >'?v York. A, *o. dMori* b?B of LA PI Fri' HAT BOXP*. VALlCkv CARPET HAtiC, SATCHfcL?, Ao. ^ II rOld Trails repaired or OiM la axahaat* for arr on?. WALL, 8TI^H^K?^8Jk JO, mtu g-tf a a-2* Pa. a^STa'a. fiOPTlXKN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. ? 4M Tr* Sr*a*j. Ophmm Odd Ibllmf*' Hmll, lr?<tM?i<a, D. C, TravoiBri will :*?* thoir irterot'* i?? osMiiaia my TRL NKR, V ALICES Ac , bofor* yir mm charing e.aawore A* 1 ?*? dolc Sit tn Bt%H boat mataiml Upmarket affords ao<1*"3?io?^*l* * thf b?at work not, 1 oar. o?ml*u*M t rtH?>n mom: icy work to he Mrior ii S?/uti *- .4 I *>*... . - Tranka U?at are made if other otuaa at?i so,J hat *. I kMf on land, 14. J ti.akct? ord.r ion ?n* w*ak> notioajavc;; daacrirV.*n of SOLE LEATHER. UtOJIFHAMB FRTrvrtf Drifts mmd WOOD BOX ThCKKS, ASl'I.ASl) mnd otkrr rALICES- TKA* BLIPfO B4GS, HAR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, fr.. #r. Truii. A.o., Repaired au<i Co Tar.*, ia a work manlike aaunar. at abort doUc*. Trankr rf?li**r?*j iu any part or t?a aity, SocgA rpsvssa-?? dal*-l? JAMk.8 8. TOPHAM. WATCH RKPAIRINO ANOWILVKR W ARK manufactory. I bar* oaa o{ th? bHteiUkliiiimfnt*. a?d far aiabou villi a coiatiM* art of tool* for n^air fv uu everj di-aaipWor. of fcne Watehaa, an J particular attention fira to the aaiif, b? *mim n? ovi aaprrnainn. writer my ruei-omra wu far auporior in f uawt> and btiuh to svrtfcara aold b) daaiara ia caacrai and repr aartaj aa own ma&ufaetara. H O JJOOI t.oroaf h oompetent workman Ami a work m \ tiad A'>a.a?ary daaonp :ob of a'ar dart! 9ILVHR W ARL. p.ataand ornatn>?ntaJ. WHMM u .Jar n? ova aapamaioa. which iny mat -mora will fcr.d war* their I HOOD. Ml *3* Pa. avenue near 9th at. lO AAA 6ALL.ONJ* CIIAM f AliNK AND 1 ?,uuu CRAU APPLk CIUKR.?Wa mvita the attention of tta pa mic to oar Inrfa \cd ?t w iooWU atoak oi Giiaapacna aad Orao .ipp'eO:.'r, which we (ilrmtM to &a pur- Ji of, and w:!. la aold on ra^aonab!* t?r>ai in oidar to maka rjoa for oar prim Block. 6 -? aa a "*i: at tha Union Hottiiat Depot, fat Na. 4t <Jr*?r ?. U*r>~w*(, mr FD. L. MORRISON * CO LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHiNTC, A Tin wrio>fc?*e 1 a MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. #*.. *r? Corner of UXb tuJ II itrreU, V\ ??hiu4un c;tr. fCT Cwh P*'d f-'f a.ii IntnU of Grtin. M Sft f>m HOWE'S IMPROVED WKieHINOHCALK-fl Thw So&laa are offered to tt^ pahiic a* tM moat irap #.d?ir?l.e, tad reU?t> e nkm h?, t it ia mae. Piratdaca premiums have t>eaa avardou thaq exhibited they oare reoairad fcrat cUaa pr?miami Por aa a at a ft Loulaia&a arena a, Depot of HiiWr'a Cdallklr** It* C PATTIBON. AtMi. The KboTtPtRE High Y. Cofp** Diitiilii y&ck Malted Gkain, Lmbi kiiMriui And aaiiona ib and hi* h.y improvedby a?e, la preferred bT onsnmera to all other Whiakiea, and partioa - 'arly recommended by the beat phyaieiana And Oaeouata aa mn?i:ii| all the requirement! of a 7Y*a Tontt /atutrator mm.d Rtmtd%al At*nl. The SoouyikiU Water of Philadelphia, Meed la the dia'i'.aUoc of Una whiaky, ia proreJ by aaaly ?1? to be the MftMtaad yureat water in the Urn tad Wtea : and to Ufa may, la a freat derrae, be at Kted the azoalie're of thia Wh an. For aaleby FREEMAN * ?IH|fON, On the Sehaylkiii nrer, PkiltMma Ofioee? 96 Wall atreet, Nrw York ; I 09 Bowth Pront atreet, Philadelphia- mar a? t? x> If DISPATCH I ' ^ !? ? tie Pleeei! S\ will Ugw. mm to wrtJ-fw*.n^ fmmikUt, II ia Tory desirable to hare ?or?e ebsM Ud dOBTtciMtt nr for rajalnaj Parallax*. Tor*, riLDiHva rairiRKD glcr meeta all aaoh Diart?oc'<M,and bo kovaekold fiord to be vithoat it. It to a)way? ready and up to the atiokiof point. There ta no longer a c?oe? aitj lor limpiBf ohaira.ejuMere'i dout, and broken cradlee. It ia jhs: tha art?c!e for oone.ahei!, and otber oruimoctaJ voi it, ao npuia with ladiee of rafinamant and carta. aout, and broken It ia jus: tha art^le for oone. ahei!, and otbar oruimoctaJ voi it, ao *<.puia with ladiee of rain em ant and carte. ? la ai ? and ftuaaaaaiDf a ti e valuable quvitiea of the beat cam r ct matter*' clue. It may be need in tka p.ace of ordinary lusilu'i being ml? more ad beat re. USEFUL in ETEZT H0VE2." .. II oeiiU. Bra ah aooomptniet aack bettla WktUamlt Depes, No. 4* Cedar street, N?tt Tart. MKNST C. 8FALi>iN? * CO. Box No. *,*?0, New Y York, ?F?? *9 far Deal era 1b Caaee ecataiEir.g Posr. Kiibt,atd Tveire Doin-tbeaob'a I..ti?r.|is*a M Bhov-Oard aoeotaaanri&t eaeh lyiBi eaoh ptekac*. .O" 4 ainake bottle of SFALUIXWS TUB PARED &LVE mil are ten otraa ita aoat au aBaUTUTarf tiott* I7WW l.'UIL UM FarniUu* Uw^ert, Qro**r?, ma It vtl frtuKt tar tltmu wlM? *1 CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE GAREFIii. IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS dwclSmie WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL AIL OTriLRS A3r AM IMITATION AND A COUNTERFfiT OF THE AfiOVE WHISKEY WM.HJBA1Y, SOLE PROPRIETOR ?snnwiuttMs:Nt?ii* ?OJI SALE JM WASHINGTON MY I f Ml 0AJLBOCE 4 tMiMJifc*

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