Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1861 Page 4
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ggLU'L-J L" . THE EVENING STAR. Till LAST MOOW OF TILE TEAR. bt hii. l. h. aiaotax&T. Mr-on of tha par iac year!?Ii.?w fair thy thrm, H??w pnr? th? itiilw uf-n th* an?w ciad p M, A* tboaghtbou Uin wo*M #t csu ;* by ? Jue<i * (M?a A d?ep>r rarruv [or thy T?u??n'd rt,<a, An-1 !eav* thy ?ilvrr ca' wilu g rajr Jfc i?ht in irerituryU hric* whin ttou should'ct p&*? sway. Th-B hart a vcioo ak.ri the a'r, L'nto t!i? mini!.? 1 e&n. uoue f Wa ir ay bear, A secret wLinp-r of?h? thing* th*t w*ra,? Th? cain. the to??. tha treasu-aor tha ??ar,? 7 ha n?>w horn p]?a?ur*,or tha buried pride,? oad nopca tha b on mu'u r.igh.or 1a t.ietr budding mad. And thou doat pr*aa a ohod within my tool That aaawttri th ba k in mvaic lik* a lyre, Bfntnicit tin u?inj who b:d* the fmuui roll, Theliiy uuiekau. aud tuec jrn aspire, AoO lila'agAiU c'u>t?.- toward the vintage tend. To awr.'l that tt&rvevt H. mo which oer. r mcr* ahail end. Youth haa ita -lower of beauty, rioh and rare, An*< years rnar-rv the c ovra of ctrength adorns, Yet ha<ra th-y st 11 th -ir heitar* ot oaro, Tha *ra-p >>f r-' f tha ati-n o| thorns,? The eras" >' wma^d gold, the ie?tlea mind Aud unsubdued deairea for what thej no'er cm find. Aoo?nnt not a?e nn'ovelr, thonlh its emit Of innje^tj t.e !'<at, a* d bl om of tout's. It hatu a beauty tha' o'erinaat?ieth time. The silver ha r doth irark :ta npcti'd troth ; Experience hath a lore that will note est, A winaoser of Earth'j cat A". ah* wiaely knova the wheat. 8isns?t !iko aunriae may illume the ds>, Th ' wvfctern n?t ? i-e aa th ?oiiert b i?hf, Lifo'a Iate?t rtr -p l-Sca fhair??;;d a; arfc ext.a e, lnti? th? $ o iona tpr er? that hath no uight; Boiultofj.y I atrikf th*? tnn-ful shell, Oh,la?t h ob of th j Year, to bid the* awret far? we 1. Gb* Wool oh th?Cbi*is?The Troy (N. V.) Time? contain* two letters from Gen. Wool, . taking grounds f**or of the Lnion.aud in favor of sustaining Anderson in his position at F< ft 9wbW. He declare# thnt if Kort Sumter b* surrendered to the secessionists, in twenty devs two hundred thousand men Would be in readi n-? to take ven^eanne on all who would bstray tie Union into the bands of Its enenries. Belieylng that bU married daughter, Mme Cardinal*, had >>een seduced by M Lobines, M. Raynaud, of Claris. France, shot and stabbfd her d?ad, wounded M. Lobines. sad tired a pistol into bis mouth The hall, however, only broke two of his teeth, and lodged in his palate The police armt'd him as ke tranquilly sat at the fire near the dead body of his daughter. Dsath or COUXODOKX Platt ?Another of our most eminent public servants has goneto his lln<il rest Commodore Ch?. T. Plitt.the aid of Com modore McDonoogh in the b'ttie of Luke Chani plain, and late commander of the A'bany, in the kome squadron, d'ed at Newhnrg, New York, on the l*2th Inst., In the sixty-sixth year of his a^e. JJ^Tb* ereat tournament of the gyinriHgt* of the United Stat**. which w*? sppoint-d fhr Chi cago, IllliiP i. Isitinmnw, will open In that ejty on tboTth of Jannary, and continue open for two fH^Tbe ^pirititta 9pra~n? and Barnard. who killed a child. Ill with ecarl^t fever, by dishing cold watrr and nit oTor its body, hive bwn con victed of manslaughter. at Sherbrooke, O. \V. CZ7"Louis B. Ball. was shot d'art on Sunday evening. after escorting a young l?.dy home, by hla rival Yocum, at Mount Pleasant, Mo ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WlLLARDS' HOThl. ?A F Ravenel. SC; J "W Brown. Va; II Hubbard. 9'*, J C RaflVrtv. N1;M Mulllfcln, O; J D Brookmsn. NY; !! F \VUli?m?. TS.N, PMclntvr*. Pa; H (i J?nfu.d.. z Md; A ?)it:m^s. do; J If Kwl?, i\Y;S \V (?i?cd rid^e.dn; F P s'tausiton, Kaii; F Taylor. Pa; M '.s< K itlorrall, do; MIm K B Lamborr-e, do; Mtas H - ? w -4?. /' r i ltA11. n?, i.auiuurur, iiv. v uiitriwii. .now, o j nrm , ua, R Dukt-v, Pa; O D Cress, Md; 9 Johuson. M;m F H Johnson, do, T U Burktey, NY; C Daiton Mut; A Cobcrn, Mich; Mr Ph.nney, RI; Hon J L Stant?>o, NJ; Hon O Dflano, Miui: S R Run cIm, i>Y; D Ogd-n, do; MrCheever, RI; II Fair bank*, Vt; Hoi T M Edwards, do. NATIONAL HOTEL?J M McCllntock, Md W H Lord, NY; J II Kawdeu Md; Dr C Keiper Ind; T F Leathers, La; SG Wili.anis. Md; Mr> Fur?{ersori, do; T K Tildea, N V; II E Lernan.Pa l*M>rr!den. NC; Hon VV N H Zenith and son,do; T J 9^/bolt, NY; U Paijne. Md; C H Snow, Va Capt Moon*, NY; Hon J N Stevens, K\; K Hutch Inson Ark; E McMarder. Pa; H 15 Babrock, NY 1> A Rnwln^i, do; l)r Kittrtd^e, NH; C N Bid dls. NY; \V H Dimanlsb, Pa; C F Uswid. NO; J B Widvrord, O; Hon J Chandl-r and fur.Uy ilich; J W l'U|(taorn, NY; A ? Beach, do. BROWN'S HOTEL ? Capt W Webb, J 1 ?-J i -. n iv i IA t , II l ii.,,,, AU4U1?, AtV) \J ? W tlltlUlU) U V-7 II'IW V??i( and f*in B Jobnaon, Met: M B Henaoo, Ark; / Bradford, Minn; T E McElwlj, Pa; A Uayue ltd atater, Mo; A 8wllh. J F Hollln?, Va; SV , Whauiig, Wia: A Board man, F A Baker, T Har r1ngtoa,-!?Y: O H lab, On; \V B#rry, K>; E V WM toman, La K1RKWOOP HOUSE.?A Worrall.S M Pre?i nan, Va: E it Yat?a, 9C; E Mua^rave, 6 l?aanii KY; W Dr.ff-d. Pa. OCEA N HI tlAMERS' SAILING DA Y. From las L"*rra9 Statu . S't/imtrt. LiJtt F*r. Dayt ftnu Ne* York.?LiT*r*oo! j*u Ean<?roo.. Nov Yor*. ..l.irerpooi J%u Pu li',-., \aw ?"orlt?.H?rr<s ...... Jarc Ca <%& % J*n AJ<st;?:a?ian ...,No* Vork Liverpool *&u Fkom Bcsor* Pal<>atma .. Liverpool >>xr York_.I>#o ; HrAn.riri Sitiitr'nliin .. \flW Vf*rk . !)f 1 fmenc*. ? LiVBrpooL...3<-atoc Deo : tut n.t 3?)Ui? pi ^ or* . j&n "lbs Calilori..* nisii ?r? .?re oa tue 9t! IStJi, &u4 of ero. f iuunl.1. ?J*G 1-ROCL AMATiON THE WASHINGTON, ttEOiiGETOWN, Ac, CITIZENS O? ~ >N, GEOl ~ WAtr?*t, At the areaer.t se&son o tUojw CHOLERA morbus. DIARRHEA, CHOLK DYSENTERY. Dyspepsia, DEBILITY, As.,&< frVT&il to an ? ftr*:;ag extent: A*d tsxtrtai, it inuet be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to T?7 to IDOW of A REMEDY at ono? S+fi, Sridy, a*J Kfcativuf, kid.. .NiOVfAK DiJ, or fAMl?t offers tua ( RACULOl's PAIN KILLER v to* ?ay?t cbrtun AND effectual REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE complaim In order to h4t;?fy THE PUBLIC that mo imposition i? lctedu <1 in the rale of thii cm: m?lioinoL THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED itt ail tojd wuen the medioine tzil* to five entire t& atuec at &nj? Drue store for I>r. montmidk'9 miraculous PAIN killer, uu? m directed, e.-d if aot perivoti 7 sau?36-j Retarn to our Agent, d. u. CLARK. ESQ.. am Street *nd p?nn?j:v*w? avenue, whowiil refund roar inoner. Pnoe??? &n<l 60 Ceste per Bottle. 1 For aale at ail Drug Store* every wiiere. JAS. mooonnkll, becerat agent, lyu-eotr B&.c >nori a stew~book'?, ~ xi i mtntH k *! :?? i 27* Fa. A unit for ikt irtole World. Fo'k? uot.??. iM&at.y bt>uiiJ. on to Mr?r. full Torker 6i U prio^ ?l<i if sect by mai Tne Moral Hiaiory of Wotran, froin the Krei of Erne*t I ecore, traualated ??y J. W. Pa. me., ]>.; pri<w II 6? mail. All of Marion Har aad'a Bockt. Neire*ia. M fkd-, Hidden Path abd Aloue; price oach TRAVKL4 IN THE REGIONS OF T Upper ami Lower Araoor, br T W. Atkins with ? map and nuoieroaailiuatratiout; p-ice $? Li >ne.lo, a efuei to tins Je?r ol Vero:.?, by K Br*?oiana, S. J. llawan Al?;ai ah, or the Enehanud Kef a, i oth<" Taec, with an MMootiou by VI -a a Vomine one of Tom Brown at Oxford. a a -q to Toia Brown at Rafby; cneae edition SI cert Our Year, a ebild'a book in prose and ?er*v the author of Join Ha'ifax: p'toe 75 oerta. RLANCBARl) * MOHIN, 4* 8 corner Eleventh at. and l'a. % 12,000 h the actentu-n of th* enbiia to snrlux irH - leoU-l stock it C-tuun^&<o? u?l Cralb Appin C. Wh 3C w? lakracrM to t* >dr? n.d mii Cii ui r?ioc?i>i? i*rma In order U> mu?r< r oar apricc ttooi. 6i vw r? ? call *? th* ^ ' _ Union Bottling Depot, f" Vo. IT Wruti at.. j)?nrfMMr FD. ?, MORRISON k CO.. LOl'K ANP QBNftRAl, CoA?ittWI mKRCHANTTB, And whoif>r.*l? ctealfra in MILL FKKD, COHH HEAL fe.. # ?? Comer of lith uul U ?* -eeu, \V&?aiiijton oil irr CmH paid for all tmili of Graia. an SS^ AN ?j.U _ iter return trie#. ??TUW>?.?Ty.l5fSrj"fBN'5,? LUOIATJ ?. KA6IS, Propria rW'*?noo*n Aft ?'Hfc?9E.-l4*|Uek, Liu'o*, AvtM. Italian i ^ BVRCBELi OAS" FITTING, ic. pLlf&BfcRS AN1> OAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. I Wonic! o* l the vteniioa oi water t&keri to their i hi!: % aorlwut of h ixtnrna ne ?e?*r? to iUir.tro- I na?U n>?u>lio<r?j?K1TCHKN RANbES.BATH TLBS. WAIKR CL 'BETS, HOT WATER ' BOILERS. KITCHEN SINK?. PUMPS. Cm* Iro. WroBftht Iron. I.*aa and WA TFR PIPES. HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS. RUBBER BOSK.Ao Havinc iuponor advantage*, with pr*oticai ?r> intrn^nno W*>AP m' UWIWURW. WW o fiv|raivu ?u?i vw?ww ?? ? ?? into dwetiinca with all the latest improver enU, promptly, ud at pi ioea that cannot fat! to Mtialy. 869 Fenn. avenue, no M dtMar 1 bet 9th and 10th sts.. aonth aide. AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prjwrM to exeonte aor orders with O" Store on 8th street, a Jew doors north of Pa, arenas, where mar be foand a oomajete asaorunenl -A CH ANB8L1EKS and other OAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. ja?-ly WU AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y rec?i ving, OAS PITLTUHSiiof entiroiy New Fattorr.s and Design*, and Finish, superior in atyle to anything heretofore offered iu thia market. YVe invitepitixena general - ?? II - An. ??* flmm mn A U7a??? it vu UAit c?nu caoiuj uc u u i a vi \j mm nuu ?t om? Fixtures, OWing confident that we have the beet selectwl * iocs in Washington. Ml Work in the above : ino intrusted to our oare will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoGHAN. mar 8-tf . 3T6 I) greet. I SNYDER, . PLUMBER. AND OAS FITTER, Ha? removed to the corner of Twelfth and P its. Heie prepared to introduce Water and Gaa neon the moat favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. He has on band a lot of COOKING and other STO V KS, which he will sell lees than oust, as he wishes to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. Washington, July It, i860. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That.agree abiy to the provisions of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration approved May 12. I860, the undersigned if sow prepared, "whnneve( reenired in writing, and on pre payment of the foe of fifty oents, to inspect, exaroiuo, test, prove, and aaoertain the aocuraoy of registration o( any gas meter in use in this city." Every meter, ifionud incorrect, will be condemned, aad another, sealed and marked as true, will be set:ni*? plaoe. If proved to be aoourate in it? moasurbHieGt of ea*. it will be sealed aooordinclv. and a?ain put in position for use. OSo* No 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel .owi' Ha'i ) Open from 8 a. m., to 5 ?. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 13-tf Inspector and Sealer of Uas Meter*. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE *IN HEALTH. Frieud. do 50a suflfr.' Are too tto viotira of any of :'io?o numerous ailments whioh arise trom im parity ofthe blood? Whatara the*, do yon ask? Rither &Mk, whataro they not? The blood u the samae ri j and fiealth, and it la the first eiemont of <?ur hftuK to roepoud to any cause whioh affects tli sTFt'im, r.c the pulse infallibly attests The ever P'e-raiiins N.iarn:si.i, the irritatinj Erysipelas,the ?ai-tle Sarmula. tho aconisins Rheumatism, Ner DebiUiy, Dysp*psia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and deieouon, and the numberless ills that fie?h is heir to, donvo ?heir hideous origin from the hlft'.J. I)t>N klndiy the* and gently with the blood. Usetiic vitalising reeouroes of nature for ita aid. aod iu3"er us to commend to your confidence and nee that tr j!y valcable medicament known aa mus. m. cors ixdiat; tgi*xtaqle decoction. With re;ard to this almost infallible specifio popular sentiment ha* spoken in deoided terms, rd the eri'tnncei of this grtat eAoaoy are sus tvned ty oons'.ant arowa!i of ouralive eff-ota and t.i? happiest results from its use are sfter all other remedies a -a the beet medical akili have failed. Let ns ear. in conclusion, th*t certificates cures are cot sought from the illiterate and auper f:cial, not they are volunteered from the most re spectable souroes and justify the hi chest terma in v' it is possible to ooinmend ao valuable a EpMifio to public approval. We may add also that tiie ouralive properties of the medioine sre?fualled only t>y its resrorative ejects, the system recover ies from disease irith renewed constitutional vigor. For sale br all respectable Orugzists in thia city, and h* tne proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None reauine unless her came is blown on the bottle and her seal on the cork IT^ Price 81 per bottle, six bottles for #5. WkaUsaU a tent. R. f*. T. CI8SEL, Druggist, Georgetown. U C., Wholesale Agent for the Dla trict, ana wiu auppir tne traaa at mj pnoe*. *u 13-tr C* G ALTS' /iTY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS m COAL DEPOT. Foot of Scv*n:tenth strut, btlou> War Department. WOOD prepared, &oy longth and sise, to an it thu wanU of ia.oti purchaser COA -KEPT IN OOAf. HOUSES, protected from the w??%ther?dellver'd fr-e from siate, dirt, and other impurities. 2-2-V1 :t>n. to the ton. T. J. ft W. M. HALT, no 10-tf '3*2 Pa. &v.. b<?tw. lith and 12th sts. 1TAKE NOTICE! WI LL Take a I kinds of Virginia money for mi Ixxik det U anil for Boot*, Sno; s, and Trunks. All persons in'.M>'ed to me wi;l please ca 1 and settle up, or 1 ?i* ! t>o oorr.p? led to give their aooounti iato the baud* of a oolleotor. U I) U i \T L' D I II.II no?1 a. x . n ' * v * r, rv, iniu ii?n ? Pa ar., between 9th and l"th ats. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BD KNSIDfi'S MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, ConeoienUoualy diatillrd by Mr. Jamea Burnaide of Ahrpany Oouoty, P?nt:a., in the old-fashione< hoces' w*y,fror. thecnoioeat and moat carafuilj a-irtcted Rye, and in no oaae ever oflered for aali until adapts to wuoleaome uae by ac* It ia a onoethe in*--t palatable, aa it i* emphatioally oni of the pur?*a/ leverage* in the reach of the public To the invalid, as w<v! aa to thoae in health,! oorrmi'Tds it?*!f for its unrivalled ^uahtiea aa i *titnoia-ji o| the aafrat. aur>*at, and moat benefioan deacripttoa, ani many of the moat diatinguiahe' pnyaioiana are uaing it in their praotioe with thi happiest losnita. CLKttY A STOCRDALK, Pro?rietor?. 329 Walnut atreet. Philadelphia WM. C. CONOVKK, Agent for the Proarietora, 2U5 Pa. a*. a* opposite Willarda' Hotel. ^J2 OUTTA PERCIL*. PAINT AND HAMILTON, iik(). & CO.'S, No 512 Skvksth St., ia the p'ac* to find the celebrated Gutta Peroh r? f - ? a a 1? ?1 ? 4 IVU'JliUK nuu I ifrlUfc ft |OUOrtli UiOrdllDQl c Houea Parting Material*. Painting in ill iu branches ex*outod with du patch and on reaaorable terms. M ix<k1 Paints al way* on baud n.nd for aalo, wi'h bucket and brus to io?.a free ' f charge A t orders Mt at tho stor for Old Glaaing or Job Work of &uy kind will b promptly Rttead'Kl to. ho?' tl'i-HI TTY IS DOWN -Mfl |?ANKING^ HOUSE 8WBENT, RITTEN?tlOUBE, FANT A co. 'V ill open for customers, specie, ourrcnoy, an Virginia mouej accounts. buy and sell ooma.d exchange at the moat fkvoi able rates. Curr^r.oy and Virginia money wanted, no 14 li / ' REAT BARGAINS IN HIANOS^One v?i y* moAMven-oofaie Carved Piano Forte,^^ga| having been in nae a ihort tine only, theflllHI owner leaving the city, for sale for SJim.IHI' One very ni e Rosewood Chiokering Piano f< 5'35 at the Musio Store of W.G. METZEROT1 Agency of Steinway A Sons' Overstrui Pianoa. no 3 Baltimore BUTTER HOUSE. l)*ilr rUMivinf frh rb<) awoAt in ?aa1 iv 9a 89 Kvohnnr* Pl?/u?. Kaltimor*. 275 ALLEN 27 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Pknna. Avkiicx, Hatw**n l:?th and 11th itrMts. ) 11 ?. iT. ned 1 ic h M. 0?M V HE ion, :v?. |MPURTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. K. R. DURKEE ft CO.?B aZIZiZlOT OFIOZW. Guaranteed not only AU80LUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURB bat (round from fre?h Hpices, eel acted Ana olean 1 b' ui for the purpoae without raiarei ?< C 'tt. Thar are beautifully packed in t:nfc (une-i with paper.) to prevent injury by kaapii and &'a tell wei*l)t, while the ordinary froa Spioet are a. moat in variably abort. W a warn t.iom, il '.-'it of atrencth and richjieaa of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON^ a* & lnsla trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by E. R. DURKEE ft CO., f* ll-if,[>* IM P?*'l ?t.. MtvVnrl .A. REASONABLE DRY' GOOD Cloaks, Shawls, Flaom Meriuos, Ottomans Blanket*. Full Cloths. Lint* Pane, Bilk., , &lk Rob?., Pophcs, Valencia*, Re , w . , Yarns, Hooped BkirU, Irish Linens, Sheetings, Naoki . Beavsr Cloth, Saok Fiann?U W lute Goods. Linen SeU, Eitibroideri Bombasines, Aipaooat, Counterpanes, Comforts. Towblinjs. An of which we offer at price* to suit the tirnei d>- TAYLOR A HUTCHISON T?? JUST OUT-NEW BOOKS. HF Fringe or Wales in America, by Kinai uornuailis, l2mo , oloth; price 01. Pet'y Annutaoees. from ttie Frenoh of How d.> livzio; price #1.25. OJf Macklraw, Ac., by W. P. Btriokland, 12m cloth; srice #1.25. At FRENCH k RICHSTEIN'S. _ ars Peon, arenui r.?.?. luui. ?. h. urn. ^AKJUt.MOTVkAV WUi prtettM Itt th^liifl^Boi ( ftlaat J?c*?on, th? F?rier?! MM Coart* of the Sereatb Jud 0,1, to """" Wo,4fcX! ERSTIm . MISCELLANEOUS. Til Amaiaamatiox or Umcitu^-TW? is ft trowing teodenor in tbi? ftge to ftppropriftte the Bio?t ?x areaaive word* of other luni>(**4ui ftiUr ft while to moorpftrat* them into our ow?; thus tfea word Cftyhftlio, which 1* Irom thettreek, aicuuyint "for the heftd," ia now becoming popuftrised in oonveotion wvth Mr. S?p&lt,inf'a treat Heftdftehe reuiedr; but it will eoo* be n?'d in ft more general wav. anH tha word r.?Bhft]iA will hjaoi m ? common aa Kiecirotype and many others whoM ; distinction m foreign word* baa bwn voro ?*a; , by common ia<? until they seem "native and to J the-manor bora." ? 'ardlr Reallxed. Hi 'ad 'n Vrrible 'eadaolie this afternoon, band I ' stepped into the hapotheoariee han?i says kl to the i ^an.^Can you heas* me of an'eadactiai"' "Does i it hache'&rd." say a'a. "Hexoeedingly," aaya hi. and upon that 'e gave me a Cephalic Pill, hand < >on me 'onor it oured me ao qaiok that I 'ardly reaased 1 'ad 'ad as 'eadaoha. j |]7iIiAUCHi la the favorite aim by which nature makes known any deviation whatever from the nataral state of tba brain, and viewed in this light it may be looked on as a MRuard intended to give notice of dieeare which might otherwise escape attention, till too late to be remedied; and its indications should never be neelectM. Head aohes may be classified under two names,via: , Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Head tone ib exceedingly common and i> the precursor of & great variety of diseases, among which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rhpomatum and a'l f-brile diseases. In its rervous form it is mpathetio dis ease of the stomach oonstitutinc tick Ktadatkr, of hepatn disease constitutive bilious h'aduthe, of worm*,oonstipation and other disorders of the . ow els.aa well as renal and uterineaffaotions. Diseases of the heart are very frequently attended with Head aches; Anaemia aid plethora are also affeotiona which frequently occaaion headache. Idiopathic Headashe is also very common, being usually dis tinguished by the name of aert-sic* hradackr, some times ooming on suddenly in a ttate of apparently sound health and prostrating at onoe the mental and physical energies, and in other instances it oomes on alowly. heralded by depression of spirits or aoerbuy of temper. In most instances the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and sometimes provoking vomiting, nnUer this olaaa may a so be named [ieuralwia For the treatment of eitiser o'ass of Ileadaehe the Cephalio I'll s have been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving the most acute pains in a few minutes, an i by its subtle power eradicating the uiivMu ui wmtu urnuftgae is hue uuernus illUf'i. Bridoit.? Mimdi wants yon to send her a bo* of Uephaho Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thirkincthat's not just it naither; but pet haps ye'Il ha aither knowing what it is. Ye aee she's nish dead and gone with the Siok Headache, and wants some more of that same m relaived her before. Druggist.?You must mran Ppalding's Cephalio PilU. Brilntt.?Ooh' sure now aad you've ?ed it. here's the quarther and giv ine t-he Puis and don't be all day about it aither. Constipation or CtitlTrneu. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" is so present. eo little understood, and so much neg lected ft# Co*tivenea* Of'en originating in care l^ssnqj*. or sedentary habits; it is regarded an a shght'Usorder of too'ittle oonsequenoe to excite at/xu-ty, wl;ite in reality it is the precursor and oonipanion of many of the most fata! and danger ous disease*, and unless ear!* eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely crave. Among the lighter evils of which Ostivcness is the usual at tendant are Headache, Colio, B heuiiiatinn, Poul Breath Piles, ar<1 othersnflika nntiira.whil?alonr train of fn*htfal diseasestuch a? Malignant Fevers, Ahcess*?, Dysentery. I>y?pep* a. Diarrhea, Apo plexy, lipnepsv, Para'yeis, Hysteria. Hyooct<on nnn.?is,Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate their presence in the system by this alarmnc sy mptom. Not unfre^uentLy the dia'*a?<*s > amed o-i?inate in Coflst pation. but take on an independeut exist enos un legs the cause is eradicated in an early stare. From all these considerations it (o-lows that the disorder should receive immediate attention when ever it occurs, and no pereo'> shou'.d neglect to get a box of Cephaiio Pills on the first appearance of the oomplaiMt, as their timely use will expel the insidnons approaches of disease aud destroy this danjerous foe to human life. A Real BlaMlnf. Pkytuian.?Well, Mia. Jones,how is that head ache' Mrs. Jon**.-Gone! Doctor, r.ll gone ! the pill job icuicurcuine injuai iwfr.-j lrunuies, ana 1 wisn you would send mots so that I oan have then handy PAysician.?Yon oan set thorn at any Druggists, Call for Cephalic Pills, I find tfc?y ;;ovor fail, and I rtoommand them in all oases of Headache. Mr*. Jotus ?I shall send for a buz directly. and ahaii tell ail my suffering friends, for they are artttf Utlltel. Twbstt MiLLipna of Dollars Savid.?Mr. Spa'dsnr has aold two millions of bottles of his oel ebrated Prepared G'u* and it is estimated that each bnrtl# saves at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture. thus making an aggregate of twenty mil lions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by this valnablainvention. Having made his Glue a house hoid word, he now proposes to do the world still greater service by curing all the aching heads with his Cephalic Pills, and if thsy are as good aa his Ulue. Headaches will soon vanish away like snow in Jfcy. IC^Ovk* KxciTKMriT. and the mental oare and arxiety incident to close attection to bus ness or stuir, aro among the numerous oauses of Nervous Headache. The disordered state of mind and l?>dy incident to this distrsenlng complaint is a fatal b'ow to a I energy and ambition. Sufferers by this disorder oan al*ays obtain speedy relief fiom thx?e diat-esaing attacks by using one of the Ce phano whenever the symptoms appear. )t quiets the overtasked brain and soothes the strain *1 and jarring nerves.apd relaxes th? tension ol the ston;ach which alvays accompanies and at gravates the disordered oosdition of the brain. Facts worth wowmo.?Ppalding's Cephalic Pills are a certain cure for fiiok Headache., BiD ous Headache, Nervous Headache, CosUvenem aiid Genera! Debility. ,< _ Gusat Discovkxj.?Among the most importan of all the great medical discoveries of this age ma; he considered the svstem of vaociaation for proteo lion from Hma.ll Pox, the Cephalio Pill (or relief o Headache, and the use of Oairine for the preveo tion of Fevers, eithor of which is a sure speoifto whose benefits will be experienced b? suffarini humanity long &ft9r their disooverers are forgotten trrPiP Ton ever have the Sick Headaohe.' D< yon remember the throbbing temples, the fever?< row. the loathing and disgust at the sight of food How totally unfit you were for pleasure, oonverea tion or study One cf the Cepha 10 Pills Wonl< have relieved you from all the suffering whioh to. then experienced. For this and other purpose yoc should alvaTs have a box of them on band t< nse as oocasios re^nirea. NervousHeadache Headache. By the one of these Pills the period 10 attaoki Nervout or Sick HtadacAt may be prevented; ai if taken at the oomraenoement ol an attack imm diate relief from pain and siokuess will be obtainc They seldom fail in removinc the fiautta a Htadackt to vhioh females are so subject. &KD1CINEB. L** LOCK BOITITAI^ Hm Ln* *?rU tk* ?Mit Cttmm, 8piHf,m*d mi% BfftttmaU J?>ni| m tii lr?r>4, FOR ALL DISEASES OF MLfftUDENOS. L?r NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. i CERE WARRANTED, 0? JTO CHAK9E IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS VMbauifUi IuI,I(Khiim kM ttaia aTU* K*4??r Lad Bladder, ln??l?nurj DiNkitpi, l&ctitu;, tiiinj mm'wtt ?i lupMUwaiUT ?? ^ wwmm^wwm^w% t>irenaaa ?f tight ?r Jiddmaaa, Duuu /Ui ltil, Tkm\, mi ?r tktn. llKMia af tfca LantwutN Lhaaa Tarrtbia Dwardara tniir| frana tall wry l-kita af Taath?itiaaa Draadftl ud DuuMiin PraciicM vkiak M? l?f Huiufa iafMtli, aad <m?t tout M| u< IBM TOIMHU vto U?a kicmi tka ncdm af hi 117 TIM, ayaaUll* wka k?a kauna tka victtaM af Bal ary TM Lkn draadfal and darjitd'a kaktt whiak iuduIIt avaafa ao ?numaiy gr*?a ibaalaoJi afYaaj.f Han tfut Bwt 1 litad laitnu a&d krtll&at toiallaat, arha mrh'. ?Uar*<ta bira cuiucad Itataulof ItiitH wiU tkatkaadara afalroaaaaaw vakad la aaaita; Ua IMaf I fit, h; Mil vtU foil ant iaaaa. MAUlitl. MiUltS rniOM.H Tni|MaaaaalaafUtiatHit rUxa, !>.( avtraaf rtjaaaal vaakaA, aifult daVutty, dafarmatiaa, k*., alt ad. a ?ba plataa httnaalf andar tka Mta af Pi. I. bij ntM aaly acutaa la kia kMM u a pailaMi im MaUaady lily l|H hia ?k ill aa a pkyaiaiaa. orric* 7 tUtTM rKKOUUCIITRKKT, lafl kand a:da fairf fiaa laltiMta aaatt, a (a* dawa fx* Uaa car jar. Fail oat w akaarra aua ud awkll. bauati mat ka paid ud MBlala iaua). ml joanaroK, Maak:n af tka ftayal Callaf a aflufaau, kaadaa, ruduN (ram hi af tka aaad aaainaat Callagaa ia tka VattaS tutaa, and tka (raatar yart *r rkna Ufa haa kaaa ayant In tka kaa KUla af Laadaa, Pana, Ph'ladalyhia and alaawkata, kM af ctad aaraa af tka aaaat aataoiahuig earaa that vara am knaarn; many traaMad with ringing in tka kaad and aara tban ulM>: nut mr'tium, Mini aiarmad at imM HUdi, baanfaiuaia with frtqotnl blaahmg, aitandad Mat ttaaa with daranx?maot af mind. *111 cuid ia?adla;alT. TAKE PARTICULAR HOTICB. Tranf Mao tod athara wha hart tt>)arad ihaaaalvat kj tttttii practica indalgad in whan alw??a kakt fraqaaai j laarnad frara a*il carapamaca, ar at atbaal, tba afacta which ara nigtaily fait avail vban aalaap, aad if tiat aarad randara marriaga irapaaaibla, aad dann;i batb aaiad aad bad*, ahoald apply imisadiatalr. Tcaaa ara aaoia oftha aad ana malantbaly affatu aradaaal k; aarly habila af Taath I Waaknaaa af tba Back aad limba, Paina in tba If aad, Dinnaaa af Sight, Laaa at Maaaalaj Pavar, Palpitatian af tha Heart, Dyapapay, NarTaaa Irritabili ty , Darang anient af tha Digaauve r aotuam, Raaaral Dabiiity, aymptama of Can earn ptian, Re. MENTALLY.?Tna faarfal age eta en tba niad ara aitl W ba dreaded?Leaa af Memary.Ceafaeieci af Idaaa, Dajpraaaiaa af tpinu, Evil Farbadmp, A'areteo af eciatT, Relf-Diairaet, Laraaf lelitade,Timidity, au.,ara Mai af tba eella fra daead. KERTOII DRB1LITT?Tbeaaaada aaa aaajiira wbat Sa tba caoae af tbair declining health, laeing tbair Tiger, be earning vaak, pale, narvaaa and emaciated, baring aeingalai appearance abeattbe eyaa.ceagh eraymptafneef eeoaaaaptlae I'llKABES Or 1MPR0DEMCE. Wban tba Kiegaided andimpradent retary af pleaaare ladi ba baa imbibed tha aaada af tbia peinfal diaaua, It taa aftaa bappene that an ill-tiraed aenae af ehaiae ar dra*d af d;aca*ary datara him frara applying ta thaaa wbe, fram edaeetien and reapectability, can alone befriend him. Ha fella lata ua ban da af ignorant and deeigning pretend era, who, incapable af earing, itch hit pecsnlary eiabetanee, ktap bio trillrg saolh after month, or ae lane aa tha eraalleat fee can be ob Uintd.'and in daapmr !**?? fcim with raintd h*altb u ai/rb itir bu nliU( ditappaiDtmtnt; *r by tb* af that diaa% p*u?n, Mtrcary, bait*a th? cantlilatioral tyrnptanii af tbU ttrnel* di**a**, taO u Aftcuontof Hurt. Tbrtat, Ihi. kin.Ac., prof rttti.-.f with frifhtfal rapidity,till dtath pan ? ptr.a.! t* hit drtadfal taftrmrt by (tadiug bin la that u al*eav*r*d i?* frain vkMiktinM u* utfiltr Miara* DB? JOBJIIOMB EBMEI) Y rOR ORflABIO WIUIM AMD iMrOTKHCT. By Ut* (nil tad lnMrum: rtrctdy vtakc****f tb* irnii it* apaadUy cartd uO fail vigar r*tt*r*d. Thaataada aftb* naat mitHi and dtbiiitttad, wb? bad la* I alt h?p*,htM b**a iinia*dUl*ly rtlit?td. A >1 trap*dus*&? t* Mtrritf *. Pbyt .?t 1 *r M *ataj Dt**a*U> Italian*, baa* af Pra*>?au** P*w*r, Itiria* Irritability Trambliuf aud W*ako*uar EthaaaUaa aftb* aaatfaavfU kiad >p***dily eared. NDOUEHHT Or THB PBJCM. THE MAMT THOUSANDS cartd altbi* iQiutatlaa wltbla lb* laat MTcitim ytnra, aod lb* naniiiai important largt aai *p*raiiarit ptrftrmij ? Dr. Jabntan, witu**?*d by it* r*p*rt*rt af ih* p tp?r? and maoy *:b*/ ptr??. t, na*..*tt *1 vaicb ha?t apptartd tfaln and again btfar* lb* aabli*, b*> tidai hi* ttanUiof ?* a (imltw.r o tf tfctraattr tad rtitaaii btllty, it a a*B?i*bt gaaraat** la Lht tBiaitd. )aa ti-.y m ~V V f nrwrup n/^niu U IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being used from Maine to the ti reat bait Lake, anl the aciversal verdict of all who use them either as a auiicin* or aa a cfntratt. is that they are unsurpiisel in the worid. Dr. Dads need them 6".c3ft*3i illy la his praotioo for II years before we purohase* of pun tae sole right to manufacture andprrsentMr*m for sale to ine pwblio. Forth* care of l*jfli*Ur^ Gonssniption, Indigestion, Dys pepsia, Files, Nervovs Diseases, Female Com piai^u, and ail axes repairing a tonic, they are t-e vtmd doabt a most inra'unble remedy. Aside from their medicinal srqpiriit-s they are a pure, who'a scrue and delighifiri Bettiage, producing a'i the p.^asaut exhue.atm* of ecu of Brandy or Wine without their injerioas results, all friends of numanity and all advoca: *s of temperanoe assist us in substituinc those vainaMa Vegetable Bitters for the muter ml miimj and mdmitirmt ?d Limort with whioh the ornntry Is flooded, and thereby ef feotuaJy aid in banishing Disease and Drunkeneaa the tand. CHARLES W1DDIFIEM) ft CO,, Proprietors, 78 William street. New York. J. fcpHWARZE, Agent, Washington, D. C. DR. J. BOVEE DOD8' IMPERIAL QIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary Organs, and especially for Female Obstructions, never fail to cure, and are warranted to give satis faction. (3HARLES WIDDIFIELD Jt CO., Proprietors, T? William st., New York, J. HCHWARZE, je 7 ly,r Agent, Washington, D. C. TRAVELERS' D1RKCTORY. Baltimore andohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, IMP, the trams viii run aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat trmn at * .20 a. m. Second Train at 7.4<t a m. Third train at 3.10 p. in., Expreaa. Fourth train at 6 p m LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. in., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. in. Third at 3.10 p. in. Fourth at 4 80 p. m., Express. The first, sc-con-l and third trains from Wash irgton oonneot through to Philadelphia and Ne* Y?rk. The second and third connect at Washington Junction with trai-r.s for th* West, South, and Northwest; alao, at Annapolis Junction, for Au napolis. For Norfolk take the ? 40 a. ra. trai >. I or th> acooinmortntion of the wa? travel be tw?en >\ a?nin*ton and Laurel, a pa??*r>?er cai will he attaohed to the tonnage train which leavei at 3.4<> p. m. On Saturday thos.10 p. m. train goea to Philadel pliia only. no 26-d T. H PARSONS, Agent NEW ORLEANS in Tanxm day? WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad HO LYNCHBUR#: Virginia and Tenntsse*, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Ckattanttg* Ntmfkxs and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jaeisa* TO NKW Oil LEAN 31 MEMPH~i8~ ROUTE : Memphis bj Rail, thonoe by First tliM Paokets I J MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: ontcomery by Rail. thenoe to Mobile by Firsl cfiuu PnokeUL^Moj^ile to Nov Orleans by TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays IifCLvnn Leave WMkliftH at e a_.^t. am4 t p. m. The Steamer BBORGB PAGE learee her wha foot of Seventh str**t at t if a. m. and Of p. m. ai oocneoU at Alexandria with the Oracle and Ale ara'ia Train* for the Sonthwest. ' OCoe?Pennsylvania arecie, corner of Sixth si UNAU ckbcxbs nraouaa to nv o .rnehbmrf S7f0 ..1100 CtioxnKe K* 00 >hattanooga MOO >xlt?u_r_. M 00 luRtsvilIe.-, ,t?oo MwaUa Atlanta _ Ma :.*S I*coi> , Colombo* . n Montgomery M 1 na Memnhie^S J iinoUoa_?SO W^N.O.J toO. Jue.o.. J NuihVttie MIQI \m Mobile, _? THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY KAIL 100 MILES SI4 HOURS iH than any other l.iae? th* Lynohbori Exten?i< beins bow oome!*tad, a* iubo t&e Miteieairvi Caolral, rnakinc it tke QUICKEST AN J) MOST PLEASANT ROU1 FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS I It la provided with Firrt-olaee Bleeymg Can' TIME . jrr THROWSH TICXJBT8 TO THE f ?* RTOVS VIRGINIA tMMJuma. JET OmalbMM ud Bmiw* Whwi l?n? I MMUl^H.Udlp.a ; ??-.'^AbStfk?S!BttSs. tuv; ? |?uwj ujrvu utO W?Ol?|?I CUIUVill| UC (ivMUI. For Literary Mm, Student*, Dtlioate Fem&Jt and all persona of Mtdentary .habits, they are i valuable aa a Laxative, improving the aputi giving tone and etger to the d if estiva organa, a restoring the natural elaetioitj and atrength of t whole syatem. he CKPBALIC PI L8 are the reenltoflo investigation and oarefully oonduoted experimen having been is use many yeara, daring vhtoh tii they have prevented aad relieved a vast amount pain and Buffering from Headaohe, whether orti nating in the nrrvaui ajatem or from a deraog atate cf the ttomack. They are entirely vegetable ta their oompoaitU and may be takes at all time* with perfeet aaii without making any ohange of diet, mud tk* i unci ej mm* ditmtrnmbU uuu rmuUrt it m9|t mdmimuttr thtm M tkiltrm. BEWAftl Or COUNTERFEITS! The gravine here fire ugratarca of Henrr Byalding oa mmh Bo*. Sold by Drugglste ud all otbqr Drain la M? oiara. A Box will bo rant by mail prepaid on raoaifl PRICE, 83 CENTS. AU or dor* aboald bo addrraaed to HBNRT C. SPALDING, no U-dAvlv 48 (Mu atrrat, Nov York MISCELLANEOUS. ImowImi in lit iriTH*(i ts Fiftf tint Hmm m4 itfft. Tk* tract of!?n4 to Wiaoooain br Mt of Cob traaa. ap?r<>T?4 A atari I. la*. "to ut th? i? roTOtnrat of tha Foe and W ihoim n rirtin ami to maaeot U? >M? by mmI < tk* Tmrifry %t Wikmiiiii. ' aud 'ha MU Mfjimt>l tharato, laviac m? to far a4ja?W aa to aathoriaa U? raat< rat?oa to market or the laada hwuM/Uc de icnb* None* ?? ktrtbf (! ? that * . tha fouowiac ra ??i UBffil'f'?? !? ? WIIN WW* KIWV9I w yri ??U? entry at ibedat* of vithdiawai, vill ba rritorfd to private Htri on the daya aad at the ptaeee hereinafter ipeci&ed, at the ordinary mini mum pne* ol $124 per Mr?,?r at the prioee to which tiicv may kari graduated at the data of vitiidravaJ At the Land Olto* at Muuii, oa Monday, the n?t day of Janua; y next. North of tki frail Itmt mmd tasl tk* fomrth fr am? " (3? *T~- * ' I \i ' Q fi NF, fraction N KuZ Kiver, of amotion 10, town hiplt.ol raoge) N W * NK tf. NK * N W If, ma N JHSIlMta" " ' kNW >% of a?oti.?n 4, tovoamp i?.range IN*.* MS* IiE\.NW X. ** Hf# ni t*E '?, of atotioi i, tiia > vV if 8W V and NW M N W >f ofi 9. NWJiNK)' " t*E JJBBB m i uf aeo.ion 4, ths (.action on the raat bank of Fox river of aecUua >, the N K ^ #W if (f aootion 10, the 9 X S* Jf o! ?*ction 1J, the W 5f N W If and IN W ^ ?W V, of aoction 14,the NE Jtf NF. If, w fc N E * aid N vV ^ of Section >4; the 8H Jf HW w and t>f ^ 945 4 > ( aiotioass, and the NW If 8W l? and st, V b *VA? ol Nauoa 32. tovaahip 14. of 4UOF l. ntmNM*lhl!IWbKrL' ll>* range 9. TUa S*E Ai NW ??, *nd the .N K % Sw ? of aeeu ? ?; | tkohVVWsw'kof wct.on s. the&A k NWW, and NW\ 8W\ of aecUon 10; the Nl. -,NW\ of kMtiun i<; tl<a ? % N K V d tb? W S N W of imuod 30; ?i:?i N L 3* N b ^ ot section *t. town hip 14. of range 10 Tne K XNvVK of Motion IX, and lot* 6.7, and 8 action 18, towramp 18. of range 15. Tne !< W JK N E *of aeetion It. and the N W fcK M of aecuon 22, townahip 19, of range 15. 1 ho N K 3% NW W ot section 4. the .> E i* SE V and >hn W >% tf K )?' of aeetion 6, townahip 30. of range IS. Tue ?K XK l? of aeetion 90, tovnchip 19, of ranee 16. The E H NE V of aeetion 8. townahip SO, of range 16. Jha N W % of fraction wnt of Fox nrer, of aeo tn n lo, township 2". cf range 17. Tae NEK SE X. of aeetion 6.tovnahi? S3, of ranee 17 1 he N E M N W A* of section 34, township 15. of range 18. The > )|NW >4 of Motion IS, township 16, of range 18 Lot No. 1 of section 14, of township}',of ranee 18. The SK X IS \V *. ana tne E H ? W Ig of Motion 14, township 22 of <anceli. The sb sW J* of Motion 14, township IS, of "t^o W h SW k of Motion 28. township 17, of range 19. Lou No. 2 and 6 of Motion IS. ard lots No. 4 and 8 of amotion 14. to wnship 19 of i ante 19. The HE >? SE \ of section 22, township 3?. cf ranee 19. T e c % N \X \. nd the 8E * 9E * of Motion 12, towrship 21. o> range 19. Lots No 1,9. *uds, fcitd the SW NE \ of seo tion in. the!*lf". "4 HVN of section 14, W SNWV a* d the W ),!>'% '? of Motion 18. and the fe )% .> fc. J?, ant the SE >? ot section3S. township 22, ot range 1?. The W H N W of Motion 18, townchip 21, ot range 20. The wbo!e of ?ection 3", township 2i, of ranze 2?V The VV K 9W li of amotion *), township 23, ol ranee 2n. At the Land Office at Falls of St. Ceotxoe Monday, the 28th day of January next. North of tht bate lint and west qf tk* fourth printt pal meridian. The W J, 8E ?>. t^e SE * 8K J*, and the SW of sei tK p 2; the J* of a*oiu?n 4; the S* H aua N \N 3%. and S of NE 5a of cectioa 6; the whole o Motion 8; t e S H of kect'oo 1;: the wuo:e of sec tion 12; the K S of section 14: th? CK of section 13; the whole ul section 3"; th? W S and NE 3% ol s-ctu?a 22 th J? >k of s*H>riiiti 24; the E 1 a ol a.vtoi ii, the N 5c of section 28; the E S and 8W J* of see tion ?f; the E hi a>.d N VV ^ of section Si; ihc E S and NW '? of .-ect'.ou >i w?#n<hio27, of ranee i* The E >? N \V and N W!4 N W 3* .and lot* 1 2 an< 3 often ion8; tl?e *h'>le?.f erct on lU.lheNW the 8?E ol section 22; th* W S of section 26; tin B of Motion 28; the SE V of seotion 3% the whol of section xj; aud the whole sf seotion 34. towpsmi 28, of range 12 1 hi W Sard 8K V of section 3; the vi> "la of sec tion 4; the whole of ?eotioc 6; the N hi, the HE and t!ie iN E hi 8W U of section 8; the N E }?, th E >? SE V'. trie N\V\ SE V and lots 1. 4 5.6. an 7 ol secuou in; the wno e of section 12; the whole o section 14, the N E i, the EH^KV. and lots 1. 2 5. 6, 7 and 8 ef section 22; the W hi and the N E )a t section 24; th? 8 'a and ihe W H N W hi of seetioi Jts and the K of section 36.tow thip tf.ofranse U 1 he whole o: section 2; trie E )k and N W \ c . .1., ?i_ - I r ?. a. - itr vs T. . r "Oll'i:1 ?, 111 ^ WIH'IO 1*1 BCWUUlir. vn- ?? 7^ U1 ?wV tioti 9; the whole of action 10; ih? wh< le of *?ti > 14; the whole of section 18; the K X of auction 2t tne N fc, the N H o? *h if, and the N S of l?W k ot teotuu: *2; th? K Si N t, )?, the N S 8E .V- an the b H 8VV X of leoi.uo 24; the \V >* ana the N I V or?notion th? whole of taction 90 the whol ol lectio .t; tii<- a\V J* N W and lots No 6, ' and 3 ol section 31; ana UieN >* of aeoUontt. tow r fin p 28, of ranee 13 The8W V, o! iMUonW, theNK H NEVoIim tion 3": the * X !\K ! ? of section 32; the Si hi. tu N ol J*K , and the .? S !>W V ol Motion 34; an the wholnil K-otion 38, township 28, of iaajte 14. Th? 8 >* 8K >?', the f andM?? N W 8\V hi ol section 28: the whole ot kectton 30; tt whole ol aec'i >r. 32; and the \ \V )? N I- V- tbe 8 1 NK *?, the N W and the 8 M of seotion 34, towi eh p 4> of range is The N S. the Mi *, the N % 8\V \. and the 8 \ S\V ot s?ntior> 2, towi snip 88 ol range 5 The wnole of ctioo 14; the whole of seotion 1 the who!e of Motion 22; the wt-oie of section 24; ti whole of amotion 26, the whole of soet:on 28; ti IS >? 8^ >4 of Co i'.,u 52; th?? whole of section 3 a- u the >V >* and St >* of section96, township * of ranee .*>. Ti e whole of seo'i?n 2: he N K V and th? N <>f otn?n 19? tha L thA fc- L **W W Ai ti.e i hi N W l4 of dronon 14; the N? 3? ofa*otic *4; the .? >? oi aeotion 26; tM whole of otton 3 ths \\ hi ut I'CUun 34: aiid the P SI and NW K 1 ecotiou jo, to wnai.ip 26, of raage 17. At the Land Office at Eat Claisb, on Mouda thaSlaidav ui January next. 1 Hot Ik of tki bast lint and let it of tkt fourtk princ pal meridian. The whole of aecuon &; and tha NE V NW and W hi N W fc of teouon 36, townahip *7. i range 11, At the Lan-l Office at Snrni on Moi d*y. the 28th day of January next, iVoriA of the bast lint and east of tKt fourtk prim pal meridian Tht W hi 8K !% of atctioi. 4; the N h% NE V, tl SB* Nhtf, th? \V 11 h, N^V A,, the 8K \ t*\ !*, and the > hi SK % of section 6; the E )? > ' )? N hi "X W V. and t?>e SW .N W hi of I'onun in? ?h hi "S* V of amotion S4; the K ? fc W aj i N W 3% M W \ ..f ?eclion 36. Mwnship 15,of ! The 8 hi SjW hi of acotion 32, towuafcip 18, r The N W J4 NE '? of tfootlon 96, towuahip II, ranee 2 r The W hi NW fl. V of eeetionS; and th? 8E 8E k of a~cliou 3o. towcah p 19 of ran<e 2 Th<? N hk t?W V, and the v\ hi *E hi of a?otlon tha NUo( aacMun 4: anil N F. V SK V of aaoti^n i townanip 17, ol ranges. The W Hi N f V?, the W S auction, and the W SE J<a of section a, the EksW ai.d N W \? ? V of arctic u 4; the W ll 5? of aection 6; the E 8K im cf sections, the N Vv % N W jk and the few ?V\ \ of (siciou (2; the K. H NK V of 'aeotion and ttie SW \ l\V V of section ?>, townahip IS, ranee S. The K H S\v a and the PE % of section ?; th< )? N K the h >? ?W JW. and tae BE % of eecti S4; And t .e NW ? fllE J*, the N W &iid the > V SW V of ?ooti<m 96, lovnahi a 19, of ranee S. The N W ?? N W V . ??>d the v\ * 8 W yf < tion 10; and me SW \ 8E V -f aootion 14, of tow ahi> 16, of r*r g? 4 Ths SW \NWj|< a ad the RWV of aeetiot tinNKJiNhJ,. ana the N E 3? SL\' of e'otior tha fcE V ,Jf section 8, ! * ?v' X &E A* ?f *< tiou 1?>; lot ;?o. S, and 8w NW k of amotion the W K of a*e ion. and the E H SE K of eeuti H;the w K NW *,and the NEJ^SWk of a< tion 20; lot No 3, o aection 24; lot No. 2, of aeoti 2b; an--' the NW k NF-V the BE 1MEV a the 8W 8W 3% of aeotion 28, to woahlp 17, "St No S,the WK NW V,and the W % 9W of amotion 4; 'he 8 W V and the 0 % BE W of ? tion 6; the K H N W \ and the E S BW * of * tion I; the 8\V V NKI, the K * W U, Iota N 1 t mil tha HW ? NW Wdf IMtlOB Ilk I N'Wli.'.u.'bWYww'V," mm is* 8to &Xi*ofrou?n '^L^rw0^ ? * ** * NW i of section 30; th* whole of section 23; i N )<ffe x, the J?E k NW fc. and ibe N W V 8 M of seotiou 34; the N E i? aad loU Roi * J and 4 or eeotion *& the NK * ofeection ?; i f H NW fr.JW *n.i the N H ?K V ofeootm < so- i XXfrto>es^Nw%.lh^S?H?U Md the N \\ \ Sfc k of eeotion dc, and ( . N eeotion 54 township II. of raate4. The 8 >? of section S. township 19, of mue 4. The who e of fractional eeotion 4; the 8 >? 8W and the 8 % 8E At of ecction ? ; the N K jk u eeotion 1?: the NE * N t'W.the SW w Ki the w % 8W* of?ecUo?M "he W VnK ft,' the N KM a W of eeotion 22; the N E V N k * f^oe*!: and the N * 5W >4,the NEV8WV 22 i?jK miwSZS: townefcip 16, ofra' ce 5 The NH N W It of sect on 4; the NKNWM WW V 1 the 8 W \ 8fc K of ?; N 2L* ? ?*.??8?* W 3 ?E *. i ?' >Motion !T; tno 8K *fc. * oreoct.on U;md VV * NRJ,,NWM*?# NKMRK.i jjhe bW J* ?? V of ??"->? * tovukip IT, orr* The NE \ &od the 8W U *K Kof Motion SO; the N H N W \ and the ?W *, N W * of eeet 5U. tnwi.imp 18, of ranee 5. i p}E\.tieNW * Um 8E)% 8 W and th* E H ?K W of eeotion 2. ike N * N ?V V HE W NKVud the NKin 8W of ?eobon 4 8E <J NW\ of erotinn tt the>IW If NE1 eeot<oD M- end the NE N W J, Ud ill* bv >d atitsvaeeie it oi rwiel towi.itiip 18, of ranee 5. Vhe MW \ pj K !*..? NW? Um 8E* BW t r* i". j ! Ittoi M: I 8E V of eeotion 26, towa*tnf 1ft ol ruie I Th? whole of fractional eeoUoo j: nMfionv i tion 4. tee W M of the N W \ and the W H ol 8W K of weotioat; the NPIf NK * ol eeotio S Sf SSt?!>H? m85 X. tE**r 5 3S fflSRwv wtv u? Nk\ SB k "< Mouw* s, towiif if 14,oi r*A?? p.NH?W *.tfc*8W *W|V.mII|mNW' SB VWM.U.B U.Uio K H Nh V?.U*NW t, NK V. a.i.<l tk* 8K W ?f S, kimi Uie NW S ?B S of MOt'Ofl M towMkip I*, ol rU|? Tb?Nfc % cB V*oJ .of No*, i tml > of Motion 84 ,tcwn?hip 15.of ru|?l Th? E H N*v V of action y, township Li. ?f nwiii At UM Und Olo.i tt LiCIomi,m tb? 2lat day of Jmmt; Lest. Xtrlk if i*? Mm /m? ? </ Mil ^ lJU fvmxk fi w?n pA. mirWlM. Tm N H ofNKV?fMetH>nfctli?8W S NW V o(**eU"B M( tO*D?QI? IX III* moltMNR w ? iMtion C; Ut N \V V u[ tk? N w\ of iooUob ; the Nh\ ?f Uio N W C of?*Oo? 14; mmi UoSR S ot the Sfc W ot t<> wnehtp It. of ruit *. Circa ardor my hand, a tit* city of Waafci ni ton, tbia 11th day of Uoo-ni?>?f, liw. JOS ft. WILSON. CoMf^iaaioarv of ia? iimmu Land Ofto* d*l4-v4vF TKU> K?, bOU Tfc AM D SHOES. |?OOTS AND TO '^TV UK n v Vf avv Hiiwvni^ ?ii Kifii vi wyiv iM SHOKf*. ud <yj. ttMbf Ttwinu npp 1 of tutorc ini4* vurk of *?ri m-IH ertpuor, made 'iffn ? tvurdof ,?nc w.. FBI be 'id M a macli over p- c-<- rhu haa Hk hereu.fnro oh*r j-sd is ih.i city for uiaok uuortov Pmm>nU vut of Boot* awl Shoos of w?Nr? or iWtavc work. w. i?tu icd * i<*?: A??or?ft?en ib ?u?roud at tM ivvwt irioN 6iv* aoa... 9RIFF1N It BKO.. ifl-r 314 Panurlniiit ivtn*. Flvt. UI'M)1KD TRAV KL.1N8 TKDNU wriT?d (in Oat, etnt'iiw.nt hi ?na tiMUd him of goi? Lidm'Ww! Drr?* and Packiac Trunk*. Omr tronk^^^"* CMk>2 room exhibit* At thu time the rrfttMt ratiety * trar*i:n( 'e^cititei at mode rat* pricw. * m ord tku Aideof New Vork. A'ao.otot? ? r.on of LADIES' HAT BUXKfe, YAUCO, OA H PET HAG?. SATORKL?, to. ITr*0'd Tiunka rtMIM or t&koc lm ?nh>?r? for civ ones. WALL, BTFJPH ENg 4 JO iar?-tf *** Pa. a** COVTHEKNTEUNE MANUFACTORY. 13 4*9 Ttb StuR, Orronu Odd mUtmr Hmll, W*tk**rtcm. D. C. Travelers will study their intereeU r>? eiuukii my TRUNKS, V AL-ICfcJ* Ao , before pur eltevm A* I im dod? (xit tL< best material the market a3orti? and employ^" the b**?t workmen. 1 can oon&deot y rc-i>m?epd By work to lie superior in Strength aod lhrmbiliti to Trunks that are mad* in other ottias and oo!d her*. 1 keep oonstActy on hand, aad make to order 10a one week's notice) ever? deeonptien of SOLM ' ~ . IROS FRAME FRENCH DRESS j<*?aired aad Cowr*4,l naniike inacner. at short notioo. Trunks de:ivered in aay part of tho oitr. ??orfe Iowa, or Alexanaria. A.eo? Ater.t for Howe's oaiobralad FAMILY SEWIN6 MACHINES. dtU lf JAMKS TOPHAM. WATCU REPAIRING ANDSILVKK WARK MaNUF actor VT i have one of the l>eat ertabliahmenta, and niahed with a compile aet of tonle for rep?< r u>c every d--*c:iptioa of fine \\ iwdm, and Krtica - a?tf>nii-! t:ve to ti.e aati?, by ?<_ >ron?h competent workman jkrd a work ana tied A1 o, every dewnp ion of atandard 8ILV __ WARE, pan and ori.ainental. mauufaotu-ej ond?r mt own aupervition. which my cuat^mera will ?m far auperior in qnaht) and fLniah U> northern war* old by dralera in pao'era! and repreaentod aa ti.eir own manufacture. h. O. HOOD, ae 6 3.*?** Pa. avenue near 9th at. n The above PURE W HlSKY.Corran Dmtillsd I; from M ?l Ti: MLAr?, heicr eaaerior and aiufonn l in tnality. and highly improved Vy act, ia preferred a by oonnnMn to all other Wbiakiee. and partM* K larly recomnieEded by the beat phyaioiaaa aad * ehemmta aa eoeseeeing all the roau.r^mecU of a j TVim Tvmie Inviffrmtor and JLtent. i The ScnuTiktil Water ol Philadelphia, need in the duration of thia Whieky, ta pn>v?-j by analy i- tta to be the eofWt and pereat Water in the L nited . Butea : and to tl?a may, in a great oecree, be at j trusted the exoei enoe of thia Wtiiaky. ..UK. PC L L ?f aN ^ 5l MP?n\ " * ^kJAS^tt, On the Bchnylkih rirvr, PtUiidHjiu* >? Will ttnwrt, N?v York ; 109 !>ott Pront ?troot, Philadelphia. m*r t? 1* % s?* ?r cpt 11 m# SOOXOKT PI8PATCM [ ^ "/ v L'i?rAivn: ^ \ <SC/T8a?e the ficecil'X^ At cidmtt wiU karri*, n? im ?mU-rttuUfd fmmiiUs, it la rtrr 4etir?bio to b*T? ?um? cump ud ocnreniont w? for reptuins Farutar*. To?*. Crookerj, 4*. iriLSiHG's rairiEED ?lcb *11 m> miitrrRuuM. aal no kaaaakaU mi aff rj to be wiUuutlt. It ia alwa?a ready m>4 op to the ttiokinc point. There ia no lonjer a naoea ltj for lirapinc chaira, eplictered tcbnti, head.eea dclle, Mid broken ciuf.M. It la i oat the arfioie for oone, shall, apd other urnaxfoU: work, ao popcar with ladies of ret r.emfDt and taate. This a<i:n:rat. ohemica .y field L yalaable *naiities i It may be peed is the* of ordinary macilac*. bains Tifty more awheel re. " VSEFUL IN BTBKY HOVSK." Jtcemept and taste. >le preparation la naed oold, ttf>in< In acluUon, and f4>aeasainc all the ea of the beat cabinet makera' a lae. w IKa k aAA nf AMlmara it. or i r Frtf*. tt eenta N. B.-A Bmah aooeiapaa'.ea each botta Wrimli MN. No. 49 Cedar vtreet, Naw V ar\. * ,I,""?X.9&. rat ay far Pea!era in Casea oontainin? roar. Eight,and Twelre Dosan?a beautiful Lithograph to Show-Can! acoompanyin* each pack ace. FAX for 4 siiirle hotte of SPALUlNb'S PT? hD GLUE Will aire tec. tuaea lU o noa. y to every hraaefao.d?fTl Bold by al! prcrcinont Btationera, Drvgciste. Hart ware and Tarxutara Deal era, 6 rooora, and raney Ptorea. Conntry merchant* ahcald make a note of 8PAL SING'S PREPARED GLUE, whoa making op air list. It will stand anj climate fr HUt \?_ WW*/ '* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MWIC VA11H WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF OK THE LABEL ALL OTHt? 5 ARE % AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY. SOLE PROPRIETOR naraituuMsiKEwm *OA MALM nr WASHINGTON MY - I Ml BAIIOVK4 MMMU

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