Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1861 Page 2
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" ' t 1 THE EVENIN^OTAR8 WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY' lamrr M l*l. "?nm (I in- m*r>tai nr?n Tb? Imulltfmrtr, is referri ok to the alleged right of a State to absolve It* relation* to the Federal Government, ?ava: We boufkt Florida. t.ouliOaua Arkanaia. Missouri. kr O iuht tliev to?ro out when tkep pUate' W b?t d'd TeiM '?%t us 7 A long and bloody war *.Ve kougkt im-J/owgkt for California Stall Calfornia aaaume to judge fur h? raelf when the Con tltntlon i? violated. and ^oont of the Union that ? - tA t ' - ? ?"<! t mr M m ( U* f/> It) ^PVJIA vvu auu mrwwmwmr 9 ' u^i Tbo Ccu'titu:>o? is uot at all pleased with the Union sp< ech of Mr Etberidge. Tbc Rtpublua* ? ?)? tUat the great danger of con*ulaiou is not to be apprehended from the South now, but that the seizure of our for'i and the insults offered to the national flag Is stirring op a threatening tempest in the North. Os* Ci?tai!? CrricT or Seck*siox will be to stimulate Europe to achieve a supply of cotton elsewhere than from our Southern State* It moil uui |{r?ai Dope la now euwnsinca on iuc ott? ?<de of the Atlantic that China la not long h?DM to furnish th* desired supply of the coarser description of ootton; If not the finer, when our cotton plant may be domesticated there. Bat we will let John Mitchell (in a late Pari* letter to the Charleston Afrrenrjr) explain what ti expected in that connection from China: aa followa:? '' Now China, at present, produce* ?? *? six timtt at murk cotton as all yovr Snutktm State* jrut tofttker?not of the finest kind, indeed, but of the sort of which nankeen ia made, In which about three hundred milliona of people are clothed err day. Yet, where that cotton grows, tt la calculated that other and better cotton may grow; and tbe magnificent alluvial valleya of Central China, all around tbe Hoan-Haand tbe Yang-taeKlang rl vera, are certainly as capable of producing the moat valuable kinds of that naeful plant a* are tbe valley* of the Miaaisaippi and the Alabama. Labor, alao, la far more abundant, and coat* literally nothing at aU. Cnte the coun'ry u subEnglish cotton-growers may have many millions of tabortrs, all anx out to teork fur their bar* subsistence; for what would aubaiat one negro would be a luxurioua supply for five Chinamen The Chinamen, too. will ><4 apprentirea, not slaves?the spirit of the age forbids?and ao there will be no obiivationa to care for them, to feed and clothe theni, when the work ia got out of them. In abort, if the cultivation once beglna on thoae two rivtrt, you may bid a>i>euto Ikt Manckttttr and Liverpool mirlcets, and (Aaf'j tk' TKomimf of tke Cmna war." A 9ks?atiox MANinaTo?We hear thxt an effort la being made to get aigned by Virgintana In Waahington city, a paper for publication, aettlng forth that all hope of a arttlement of the trouble* baa departed, unleaa Virginia promptly followa the example of the Gulf Statea. Of court* its real purpose :> jusi iucd u vu ine purpose or I the joint telegram* of similar Import sent from Washington city by disunion members representing Gulf States, so as to operate at the polls in shearing the election of secessionists to the Conventions of the several seceded States The mischitf It might otherwise accomplish will doubtless be defeated by the dee publication of a counter manifesto from the members of the Virginia delegation not Involved with the disunion programme The people of Virginia may expect to be piled hourly between thi? and the 4th of February with roorbacks upon roorbacks in which others will endeavor to hurrr them into disunion, like those announcing that Andrrson bad shelled S Charleston, Ac , Ac , so universally circulated throngiout the extren.o 9outh just when their utter untruth coal 1 not be made known before the people thus excited were called on to vote for delegates to their several conventions. . W> U.? !?/" - >? rv ? - *? ***** WBAVB 1 u L/IITKOT tbi u PlOlf 9 *ct Yov Mat Not '>Cokbcb" to Piukvi It? 9oeh Is the petition h?ld by Mr. Yancey In the current Alabama Convention, aa will be Men by the following estraet from late proceedings in that body " W* learn that qnlte an exciting scene ?ocurred In the Alabama Convention after that body bad nrfused, by a deeldad vote, to submit their action to the people Hon Nleh Davis, of Rnntsville, declared his belief that the people of North Alabama would never abide the action of that Convention If denied the right of voting upon It M* Yane*y tk'ttupon A-nmntid ikt ntonlt ?t I _ . - m f v ffortK ? torut, traitors and r>btlt, and *<i<d tksy ought to k? toerctd into a f ubm< fion to Ik* dttrtt of tk$ 0?trtntton Mr Davit replied that they might a'tempt coercion, but North Alabama would meet them upon the line and decide the Im.ic at the point of the bayonet " Mr. Yaneey's petition aa thn* explained lathe cooler expofure of the utter la wleaanea of the disunion movement and th? meant by which it it ntArus^ IA K* ? ? ^ - ??' ?W1 - ,A * r..r.*v? w w vjiiicu u??, tuMtCl'HUIC. IX IB heightened immeasurably by the earnestness of the protests of the apologies for the conduct of the dlsunloniats ftr it, agates'. the idea of the uae of forosbf th? Govrrnment even to maintain posaaaalon of Ita property In the ?outh. Tbct??cl Wo*ds ?We extract the following truthful and eloquent pa<s*se from the patriotic speech of Senator Blgler, delivered In the Senate oa Tuesday last. They should be Impressed on th? rnlod of < very public man of the tlmea : i">'or, alr.ahall I attempt to trace the history of these events with the vie* of fas'enlng the reapooalbilitv on tbla party or on that, by an elaborate array of historical facta I shall onlv imk these things Mftrult may seem necessary to Impress men with a sense of their full responsibilities to thscouotry intbe present critical epoch, aud for this purpose only. On these points the popular judgment is too far matured to be disturbed by ny argument of mine Nor is it essential to iny purpose to know what that judgment is Tbe Union most be saved, no matter whose measures and poller have endangered it The country must be rescued from the disasters of civil war and ansreby, no matter whose folly snd madness bsve produced ti-e impending peril. History will take care of this And as for tbe public men of the present day, It were wiser for them to think of what history is to say of them, than to indulge In areamv antlcipitiora about the White House, first clw missions. and Cabinet placet. They have a chance for glorious or Inglorious history, but nciic, none, sir, to gain the fcreat prize of American ambit) B- If the statesmen of the present day, the men of tbeae presents, should prove themsel??s Incapable cf performing the great mission of prese'vln|{ lie institutions transmitted to them by the fathers, the sooner their Dames are forgotten the brighter will be their country's history " Tat Rgkokkd Raid oh thi Fxdkbal Mitbopolis.?Though we hare no doubt that a Itroif force of Baltimore ro*di??t~^ long sine* to respond to tbeeraty invitation of th? Richmond Enquirtr, to aid similar fellows proposed to be raked and acraped together In Virginia, tf prutbla, la (naylnf to take forcible poe eaaloa of the pablle property here before tbe 4tb ^9 * I- * * * * ** " * M ?, urawf cviaeni tat! lite preparations of the War Department for their proper reception haa ao cooled their ardor aa that they are, one and all, now denying their complicity with the scheme, which they have abandoned. So far aa Virginia It concerned. It la certain beyond qoeelion that no respectable man 1n her limits ever dreamed ef taking pert in the Mmquirtr's proposed raid. Since the Legislature has been in session at Richmond, public opinion there and the determined opposition of that entire body to the scheme has shamed the Enquirer out of it, too. The Georgia State Convention ye?terday determined to elect ton delegatoe to repreaeat tbe tttato la tbe (tooth Ongreaa to meet it Milledge vllto on tbe 4tb of February Tbe African a lave trade ordl nance waa paaaed aubotltotlng lm prisonicent In the penitentiary for tbe death penalty, and declaring tbe rffence not to be piracy. An ordinance waa In trod need to contiane the preaeat peetal and revenue Uwe, ao that Georgia doea not reaiat the enforcement of the Federal lawa fehe tboe profits by tbe experience of ? "? vuguDi, and reenroe ail the commerce of Cb*rlrMoo to the port of Savannah. Ex Senator Toomb* and ?xSecretary Cobb will be among the delegates to the Southern rcngr*?? Jp- We are indebted to Taylor k Maury for I Lever'* last novel, " One of Them." J ist Issued by the Harper's; also, for the " Children's Picture Bonk of Quadrupeds," issued Is style attractive tO t^t illVMlll* #W _ ? >i >i? rmrpcr ? DjT From Franck Taylor w? have a copy of * Notre on Screw Kropnlaloo." by Com Walker, U 8 .V, a handaoa* reprint of the artlclre which ?xeltr4 m nock attention on tfc*ir ap^oar?r.c? la U* AUnntle Monthly " "| ) ] [ COHflRKUIONAL. - ? + Simm ?When our report closed yesterday the Senate bad under consideration the resolution of Mr. Slldell relative to the appointment by the President of Cabinet officer* ad interim during th? cms i nn a# fk? QaniU Aft*# anm* i\ llr niai nn the resolution* were referred to the Committee on the Judlriary. On motion by Mr. Douglas. the Senate took up the bill in relation to tne Circuit and Dis'riet Ccurla of ?outLern llllnoli, which, alter being read, was laid on the table. The Senate tben took up the House bill authorising the Secretary of the Interior to Issue a land warrant to Daniel Davis. The bill was then read tbe third time and passed On motion by Mr Foot, the bill declaratory of the acta for carrytug out tbe ninth article of the treaty with Spain was made the speclsl order for luonaiv, me 4in or feornary, si one o'cioca Mr. S.mmoai moved that the Houae bill proTiding for the payment of outstanding Treasury notes, to fix the duties on Imports, and for other purposes, be referred to s select committee of 11 re; agreed to On motion by Mr. Polk, the Senate took up the House bill to remove the United States arsenal from the cltv of St Louis, and to provide for the sale of the land* on which the same Is located Read the third time and paased On motion by Mr Cameron, the special order (Mr. Crittenden's resolutions) was postponed,and the Senste took up the tar 1 IT bill; which was finally referred to a select committee of five, with Instructions to report on Wednesday next On a motion by Mr Blgler, to take up the Crlt iriiucu irtuiuuuiii, tuc \ cm weir ??, iiayi *t . Tbe Senate then took ap the Pacific Railroad bill; and after a abort debate tbe Senate adjourned. Horn*?After our report clawed yesterday? Tbe Speaker laid before tbe House tbe resignation of the Georgia delegation?Martin J. Crawford, Lueiua J. Gartrell, Thomas llardeman. Jr., J Jackson, John J. Jones, Peter F. Love, John W. H Underwood, and Joshua Hill. Mr. Etherldge, of Tenn , then addreaaed tbe Honae In a lengthy speech be reviewed the cauaea that have led to tbe preaent criala; and recommended that tbe aubject now agitating the /*ni>nlrtr akon 1 ?ofr>p?uH In t V. a nU vvunx j vhwUIU k iviiCU ?V ?UV |VI IUC1I adjustment at the ballot-bo* >1 r I.ovejoy said secession was treason, and bp would listen to no compromise until the forts and public property were delivered up to the United States. Ue did not wish to Interfere with slavery In the States where it now exists, but be would never consent to its being extended beyond its present limits. Mr Montgomery thought it would be a good plan for ?ll the mem)>ers to resign, sod let another election be held upon the direct Issue now before the country. Mr. McPherson then addressed tbe House, denouncing secession, and said that, though he was anxious to see tbe country restored to peace and narrt.ony, ne would not vole tor a compromise repugnant to tbe true spirit of tbe Constitution. Tbe House then adjourned. ? ? Thursday, January 24. Sisatk ?The Chair announced the following gentlemen a* members of tbe Committers In place of the withdrawn Senators: Finance.?Messrs Simmons and Latbam Military Affairs.?Messrs Latbam and Bragg. Naval Affairs ?Messrs Kennedy and Gwtn. Post Office* and Post Roads ?Mr Wade. Pensions.?Mr. Morrill. Revolutionary Claims?Mr. Wilkinson. Claims?Messrs. Polk and Pugh District of Columbia?Messrs Johnson, of Ark.. Powell and Clark. Public Buildings?Messrs. Johnson, of Tenn., and Green. Territonea?Mwi Hunter and Fo?ter. Printing?Mr. Cameron Select Committee on the Morrill Tariff Bill? Meun ^linmnnaof R I , Hunter of Va , Bigler of Pa., Frasenden of Me , and Gwln of Cal The Senate then took tip the bill authorizing certain tolia to be charged ou a portion of the Red river to defray the expenae of removing the Red 11 ? >- a ?u ? The bill was opposed by Mr. Trumbull, and advocated by Mr Douglas, Mr. Benjamin, and Mr Baker During the dlscussmn of tbla bill, the hour for the Pacific ra lroad bill arrived,and that bill wai postponed until 3 o'clock. Hocsi ? After the presentation of several memorial* from the citizens relative to the national crtats? Mr Stevens, of Washington Territory, offered a resolution Instructing the committee on Military Affairs to report without delay a bill in relation to the suppression of Indian hostilities in the 'lVrritnriM nt Wuhlncrt/\i? ?n<i nm**A *v?? ?. - _ _ _ .. < vavKuu) auu ?ua? It be made the (pedal order for Thuraday, February 7th Objected to, and not rveeired Mr. Colfax called up the poetel bill, reported with amendme'ta to the House yeaferday, for f<tcilratin^ communication between the Atlantic and Paeifto coaata. Mr Hamilton, of Texas, deaired to offer an additional amendment Mr. Cnlfex wished to know if Texaa Intended to remain in the Union, before amendments were I f1 mmd\ fvAm Wm r i Mr Hamilton sa'd tbtt as a oitlzsn of that Stats be hoped and believed cbe would. 8be had no cauae yet for absolving ber allegiance to tbe United States; and wben be returned to bis constituent* It would be to bear testimony to tbe honorable conduct of the northern Representatives towards uls Stats He did not believe that she had any desire to go out of the Union After a protracted debate, tbe morning hour tnvlng expired, tbs regular order of business was taken up. Mr Wlnalow declined addreaalntr the Hnn? ?? bis voice was too weak for that purpose. Mr Kust then took the floor, aud proceeded to addrrM tbe ilouae upon toe report of the Committee of Thirty-three FerMatl. Tbe Hon. A B Greenwood, of Ark , will doubtless b*- nominated to be Secretary of tbe Interior to-morruw. Ex-President John Tyler reached W??hington last evfiitn<r. tn flulflllment ?.f hi* miomn from the State of Virgin)* to tbe General Government He ia at Brown'a Hotel. Hon. Mr Forater, Pa.j Ex Secretary Rob't J Walker, of Miaa ; Hon. Caaatua M. Clay, Kv ; Captain Burton, U S A .and family; Captalna Anderaon and Sbeppird, U 8. A ; and Dr. Fuller of N - H . are at the National. Olof Wyk, Sweden; Com Jaa. Armatrong and lady, Captain W .S. Blahop and lady, O. H. Ritchie, lT S. N.; R.J. Dodge, Col Lorin?. U. S A ; Sam'l Hooper, Maaa ; J no. M Lewla, London, are at WUlard'a. Tn Wuiiii -The following report of tb? weather for the mnrnlnn ,v b ?? IIIUU& IIVNI 1UC AIUCIlean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is shout 7 o'clock. JiHVAlT 34, IM1 New York, N. Y snow storm. Washington. D. C raining. Richmond, Va. raining. Petersburg, Ya raining. Wilmington, N.C raining. Augusta, 6a. . cloudy, disagreeable. Savannah, G(U ..cloudy, 58?. Macon, Gt. rainy. Columbus, 6a ...cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson, Ala cloudy. Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30.180; at noon, *?),9K2 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 3i'; at noon, 40'. Maximum 21 hours, ending a. m. today, 35*; minimum 82'. The Senate of South Carolina yesterday passed a tax bill Increasing the taxes twenty per cent over last yeir, to meet the Issue of Treasury notei and bills for war pnrpoaes. Movskxnts at Niw Voax.?The grand iur* oi ioe u s court continued their inquisition on Tuesday, and examined several witnesses touching rumors of srined bodies organising in New York to aid the South. They were unable, so far as could be learned, to determine upon a definite charge against any person. At tbe Brooklyn Navy Yard, on Tuesday,everything remained quiet.but the precautionary measures were still continued. Commodore Breese has srriv?d at the yard, and approves of tbe steps adop'ed to guard against the apprehended attack. Tbe Times says: Nioe-lnch guns, which can thrown a peck of musket balls at each discharge, command the cobdock of tbe United States ship North Carolina, another approach from the Willlsmshurghshors. thirty-two look out of the bow portsv*weeping every sngle of tbe Wall-about; and there are live twelve-pound howitzers, with s well-trained company of asilors or marines, ready for Instant service at an* point on shore. The heavy gons of the old North can also be brouaht k?? > direction where a force could penetrate into the yard la a word, at the offlcera remarked, tber could give to the enemy aa warm a reception, and upon ?a abort nnttee, aa they could reaaoaably aak for; and could treat them to irrape,can later. round hot or abell In aey dealred quantity. Two nlneIncb ahell guua were put on board of tbe aloop Savannah. which Ilea at the dock dlamantled. Baliam or Wild Ciiut.?In our oolamna tbla week appeara an adTertiaemeat of YVlatar'a B&lnmof Wild Cbernr. If tt - J ? ( .. ...j iiperinr article, and there i> much reason to tbluk a*, the prejudice la many caaea juat against Patent Medl- , clnrs should not effect It; and tbe proprietor* ef the medicine brlett before tbe public good evl- | denceof tta beneficial effect, from aon>? of onr moat reaper table and reliable citizens, who have long used tbe article Jno Welia Simpson. K?q , of tbla village, to whom references was allowed to be made In the advertisement of tbe Balaam, at tbe request of tbe proprietors, authorizes ns to say tbat be baa used tbe Balaam In bla family for tbe lset tea years, and baa found It. from bla e*n*ri. IIS.' iTl. . y.TVUiWe nmady for cough. ?mi ojjdr A trial might Mtlafy ?. of Its ben^flcUl efecti ?L*wrmc4VtU4 tftrmU, Mmy |fi, imo I f Vt'-i The Latrtt treat Sealh Careltaa A Boat from Fort Sumter Fired into by tke J So?/f* Carolinian*?Supposed Attempt to j kjjn*.r <riB uhhj on l*iaiia ? XI Off. J</. Davis?Anonymous Letters, fye. Chiil* ito?, Jan 24?We have to-day ? little incident that baa canned conalderable excitement among tbe military ard in tbe varioua garriaoaa tationed around tbe harbor It nppeara tbat on Monday night a boat containing three men, with muffled ?are. avppoaed to be from Fort Sumter, wae obaervrd ciutioualy appro*chlng tbe battery on tbe bench of Sullivan'* laland They were bailed by he Be.otry, but not anawering tbey were fired Into, and It Is b<*vnl tb*t or;- of the men wh dangerously wounded Tbe boat l?ueedlately put about and diaappeared in tbe darkness Shortly after a sound was beard from Sumter aa if hauling up a boat There are various conjectures afloat a* to tbe motive of tbe visitors. Some think that tbey were a pertv of Major Anders on'erne? attempting to desert, but In that case it la contended that they would have answered tbe challenge of the sentry. Others again suppose It to have been a reronnoltering party sent out to examine the character of tbe works at tbla point, for tbe purpose of mounting guns to bear more destructively on tbem In case of neresslty. Another conjecture 1* tuai ioe oujti or ibe viaitora waa to run the gauntlet of the aentrlea and aplke the gum, but of c.otirae Major Anderaon would not, specially during the preaent auapenalon cf any movement towarda actual hostilities, undertake auch an en* terprlae. In fact It la not actually known whether the boat waa really from Fort burner, but in the preaent feverlah atatr of the public mind, with tbe ecreay which ia observed aa to tbe negotiations In progress between the Fort and the Governor's quarter*, Sumter la looked upon with great auaplcion. Hon Jefferson Davis, of Mlaslaalppl, Is expected to arrive bere tbla evening from W ashing ton, and will of course be received with great honor He la regarded aa the leading man of the secession movement, and la apoken of aa the provisional rresident or the Southern Confederacy . If there It to be war, be will be tbe commander-ln chief of the army of the Confederacy. The Senate yesterday refused to make an appronrlation for laying a submarine telegraph in the harbor to connect all the military pests with the headquarters of the Governor It w*s understood, however, that the War Department will have the telegrapic connect'on made if they should at any time hereafter deem it necewvy. The Legislature will not adjourn before Friday or Saturday, as it will lie impossible for them to dispose of all the business they have in h.itid before that time. Immediately after their adjournment, it is said, the '-Sovereign Convention" will ai;ain be called together, it having adjourned subject to the call uf the Governor. Governor l'ickens is in receintof man? innnv. moiis Utter* from parties at the North, some of tbem of the most insulting and offensive character. A young man from the North has written a most patriotic letter to the Governor, tendering his services as a naval officer te the Republic of South Carolina. Hit letter has been answered with an acepiance of his offer, provided his credentials should prove satisfactory. Charleston, Jan. 23.?The Senate to-day passed the tax bill, which increase* the taxes twenty per rent over the year 1859. to meet the demand of 8l,5<ti,000 necessary for all Carolina's purposes; treasury notes Issued for 870,000, and Dills receivable ot the State for 8350.000 for milltaru rnnfl nir?no (a* J wvll >i tjgv UV rr5?ATTENTION. COMPANY A, UN'ON IJjl RKG1MKNT OF WA"H NfiTON -Meet atTemp?*rai.c< H?ll on SATURDAY NKXT.the 2fith u.start. at 7 o'clo- k p n>, lo- tfrili. No one wil" be admitted bat members of the company. By order of tne Captain. ja 3t (V^?MOUNT SiN'Al ? l>r S*m-on will an ftC.Uflint l.f his VIBIL tn lnl? nU?? oil S.VIMRDAY.at7* p m , a' the Hall of the Young Men'* Christian Association Pa. avenue oppoMit? Brown'* Hotel. The public are invit d. Lecture fre' to all ja 2* 3t <Y^=-NKUF,P OF THF, P"OR.?Th? poor <f L < ti.e 1*ir?t a d Second Wurd* are i.< t Cel thil gooj >up and bread will he di tuhuted e??rr \VKl)i>i tSDAY and fATljRPAY, at W o'clock m , at the establishment of the testers of Chanty, corner of Kight er.tlf B'^eet a^d New York a?enu t. Tliin g"od w>>rk i* under the an pice* of the I.a die ' Catho ic He -evoleut Society, and those who aprly for leliof must have a ticket from on* of the following lazier, members of the sawl Societ* : Mr* Owl. Berret, H *t., betwe n 14th and 15th. Mr?. K<~a?on, IM st.. ?>etw?-n 6th *nd 7?h. Mir* Klla Horsey, H at., Ciiain Buildings. Mrs. Jordan, New York *v , between lttb and 15'h *ts. Mis* Rebecca Scott, U it, between IVhand 20th. Mr*. L< n', F ?t, between 18th and 19th. N. B.?Breed, ine%t vetet*V> es, ard old or rew ? ' 1- - ^? ' ?? * ? " win o? mhihi; rcc'.\M ai tbe tMBtera' establishment for the benefit of the roor. Money in ai,1 of the coup diipensary can be left with Any of the ladies of the Bc-n?vo!fiut Society, or with the clergy of St. Matthew's Churoh (Int) jaMSt VS-THE BURNS C .L'B.-TIiaruilY.'.xrr '19 oelebration of this Club will tike pl-oeat theExohante Hotel. C al-eet. between 4H and till, on FRIDAY KVKNING. the JSth inat. *upp??r on ?h? tabic at 7 o'olock Ticket* to be had at the Hotel. Ja38 W rj^-GKNKRAL ORDERS?No. 3. Hta4quarttr j District of Col. Militia,) Adjutant Gtntral'f Of re, Washington. Jan 2^ 1W1 N n.i ?* - ?. niumiis- wenerais iliCKKyand Bacon are &? s <> eri t? duty in tte hr>t divi ion. aud will report to Major General F<?ro? for orders. Brigadier General Robkrt Oi ld la asaignod to duty m the second div a:on. and will report to Major General Thomas for o ders. Th? attention of ai! orfio >rs <* ca'led to tha iir?p oprletjr ol adilrn-tin* oommunicat ons directly to tlie W ar Department or to headquarters. All letters should iass i hrotieh th ? proper channel?company officers must oor>e*po d through their Colonels, Col' nols throuih ;h<*ir Brigadiers, a d Brijadiers ' hrougti their Division Commanders. Tti* Division Commaudors will correspond through thes^ Headquarter*. Bjr order of Major Genera! Weiohtm *?. CHAS I.KB JUNES. ja23-3t Adj'tGen'l District of Col. Militia. ry^aTHK II VU?V DD A vrn ?? * '*** . . j I IV A 1 DIV 1*1 Tl 1 ? i>? "? v? 1 ?Jl will be holder, every day this week, in the Ri'xliah Lutheran Church, eornor of lUh an.I H street*. to oommenoe al 4 o'oiook, and to oontir ue onejiour. ja 7 (Y3=?DEMP8EY ft O'TOOLK, lL? WEDDING AND VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful styles. 326 Pa. A v., between 9th an<i loth its, an 27-fira Washington. SAVE YOUR MONEY. IIENTLKMKN Can have their Cioak?, Coats, Psnis a* d Vents nicely Cleaned or D)ed at W. II. AVHKATLEY'S Premium Steam Dyeing and Establishment, No. S^3 Pa awnoe, south nd?, between 4H and 6th sts., Washington ; or 49 Jefferson st, Georgetown, D. C. ja 24-3: rf?0 M EM BF.RS OF CONOR KS^.-Fxtra Pat a em umce Jtepnrts, Nile Rej-ster <5** vols.,) led many ounucs and rate work*. A oatai'> ue furnished. Also, a Hlne Ho >k, containing a list ??f all the Offices of the Government of th* United States, with the salaries attached. Published and old by A' FXKD HU%TER, ja 24-St* Willards' Hotel Square ASTONISHING, OUT TRUE! It ISVrry et.anfe th*t SMITH ahould net in New Good* when every body it orying hard tim??. But ha xlli hit {oudi at moh Inw pric?? that the people will buv them. N B ?Ju*t received a lot of tTLOTHlNO an-1 FURNISHING OOOliS, wlrch will be sold at JO per eont le?a than their aotual valu*. At SMITH'S, No. 400 Seventh ?L, oppoiiite Po*t Office. ja2->-lm J NEW BOOKS. UST RECEIVED AT FRKNCH A KIOHSTRIN'S, No. 278 Pkmn. Avkkck, . The Shadow in tno Home, a n?w novel, by John Saund'ra. 12<> o ,oioth; 4>i by trail The Dutoh Dominie of the Catakille. b? the R*?y D??i'< Mur 'ooh, D. I)..,.olotli; |1 II by m?i . i Th# Romano* of an Irlah Girl. Umn - ?'<>" ' " djt mail. A l?r*e Maortment of the beat Mi'itary Work* mbli-hed. j *24 THEATER.THKATER.THKATER. LAST THREE NIGHTS LA#TTHRi-E NIGHTS or JEFFEKSON. JEFFERSON, J KP PERSON, JEFFERSON. Who will Afpkae To night as RIP VAN >VINKLE. kir van w1nkuk, RIP VAN WINKLE, Alt MAZEPPA MAZEPPA MAZEPPA MAZEPPA MR. JEFFERSON WILL NOT VISIT WASHINGTON AGAIN THI8 SEASON. REMEMBER ONLY THREE NIGHTSMORE Fositively. ositively. lt_ Amos kendall on SECESSION These able Articles, with an Original Preface, Bt MR. KKNDALL, Which has NEVER BEFORE BEEN PUBLISHED, _ . HIS PKI.r.RV ?TI ri I PTWI?* < ? uc? 1 i xl* fl i u urk, a.>*d that LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT. Which has justly excited so inuoh wonder atd adii i a r-n, have b??n neat y prints! in a pamshl-1 of about lorty page a. and are low ready for <li?tnbn'ion These are among the abjest productions of tke times, and no on* who desires a conc'uaive argum?n? atd a incid exposition olaar, oo noise Lad brief, upon this (abject, should be without % copy. Ti ey will b* (urnit-h.d ly th* subscriber at the fallowing prices, via: IK CENT;* a Singla Copy. flfla HUNDRBO. ul"Oa THOUSAND; d?Uvara<? in Waahiiirton ""Ul?i rnu?ceipni?, nt-r YO'k And Ho?r.?7. 't'gk. s:u Wfisrtivr * ??t 5: .. J&ms&a w ? m d-X? WiiaiHSTON, Jan S3 ?The following paper, prepared by Reprraentatlva Montgomery. wu to-dnv circulated In the Houae. and. among other*, baa been algned bv Meaars Booock, Martin, of Virginia, Sickle*. Florence. Montgomery. and it menu " We the anderaigned mem ben of tbe Tbirtyaixth Congreaa. convinced bv the varloua voU* taken on the K-yerml proposition* prevented for our contiderntton from time to time, that there ia no hope that any me; * irt* Which will reconcile eiiatia^ difference* between the two aerttona of oar country can receive tbe vote of a conatltatfonal majority, and aa none of tbe preaent noenibera were elected In view of exiatlng troublea. and believing that in a time of ao great peril It la proper to refrr thl? queetion to tbe people of our aeveral districts. nror?0?^ th?t th? ln?mlwn nf thia r.nn. frr*? shall resign, to take effect on the Slat of ebrusry next, an i we Immediately provide for the election of our successors by the people, who shall arseinble here on the fc2d of February next. And to these representatives, bearing the Instructions of the people, tbe various propositions of compromise now pending and hereafter to be proposed,shall be referred, the said election not to Interfere with the officers and employees of this House " Tbe House Committee on Elections to-day agreed upon msklng a unanimous report confirming Mr Sickls in tbe retention of hlssest. A naval officer left Washington several days ago for Fort lMckens, with such Instructions as may prevent a collision with the Florida authorities. A dispatch has been received here from ?over nor Pickens, In wblch he savs that the b?t understanding exists between Major Anderson and the South Carolina authorities, and that there la do apprehension of immediate hostilities The friends of the Virginia peace proposition assign as a reason for pressing it on the attention of the other Border Slave States, that It will have the effect of preventing them from joining the Cotton States; and, If adopted by them, will afford an opportunity for the latter to return to th? Union senators Mallory and Ynleeand Representative Hawkins have been apppoir.tcd Commissioners from Florida, who*; duty It Is to negotiate with the author) fie# here (or th* surrender to that State of all the Navy Yards, Forts, Magazines.Arsenals, and ill other public property within its limits The Postmaster General h*s discontinued the mall between Cliarleslon and Fernandina. Fla , upon the ground that the steamers heretofore employed on that line have been spproprlated to hostile purposes against the General Government. This policy is to be extended as occasion may require. Itwiil depend on the States themselves, and not on the discretion of the Administration. The bill introduced by Mr. Colfax, in the Hous?, propose* to give the "President full authority to discontinue tbe service In the seceding States, if obstacle* should be interposed to the free transit of the mails If Louisiana follows the lead of her Senators, and declares herself out of the Union, It is probable that Congress will immediately pass an act repealing all duties on imported sugars These duties, levied for the protection of that State, are very onerous, and their repeal would be hailtd with joy by the great lx>dy of the free States, arid especially ny the Northwest Bum are oeing preparea ov me Military ana Naval Committee# of the House. and by the Committee of \Vay? and Meant, for immediately placing the country upon a war footing. The Pre# dent will be authorized to call for the enlistment of volunteers, and a considerable number of war steamers will be forthwith constructed. The recent demonstrations in Southern ports show that we are deficient In our naval force, and especially in substantial li^ht draft vessels Hence the recent necessity of employing au unarmed wooden shell, like tbe Star of the West, to go upon a warlike rrrand. Gov. Seward has taken the Initiative, with other prominent gentlemen, in getting up a grand inauguration ball, at which men of nil sections can ioill. and dance "all hanrf? rnnnH >? Officers who have arrived from Pensacola state that the surrender of the Navy Yard, with ita large stock of provisions, was undoubtedly planned in concert with certain officers favoring secession. Before Lieutenant Simmer left for Fort Pickens, he mad?- rtq'jlsltion for pork, beef, and other stores, of which there was an abundance, but be could not obtain them. 1 8i I AJH U &EJJH..CU* I o. WASHINGTON THEATER' I miw 8 W. OL*S!I AoMn* Manager J. T. R atm<?nd Stage Manager Hcmfhbey Bland THIS F/VENING. Last night but Uro of MR. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. Great iiioeeaa of the New Burlesque Of MAZEPPA, The fiery untamed ROCKING HORSE. MR. JEFFERSON Will alto apprar in hi* oelebratod impersonation of RIP VAN WINKLE. It ACONCKR T T The requext of the "Bon Tob" of WMhinict n S1GNOK FRANOIA will ?iv? a GRAND COMPLIMENTARY VUC*L AND INfllRl'WKNTAL CONCERT. aMi?ted by Mri CE CI ^ YOUNG, the Prima Henna, and Mr. J. 1^ i /\\? r?< >.>, i :;< eminent l>a?s>, MB a MaMtt* -1 th<> l??st musician", Wjl,LARDS' CONCERT H ALl.,on THUR9DAY, January 24th. On the ?a<no ortcumn Sig. FRANOI.V will play several Solo* on the l'iano, of his own oompositi<>i. Fror*i?or FRANC'A gives this Conoert under th* patronage of the fallowing lvii?s aud gentleman: Alt the Dip'omatic <^orp?,Hon. W. W.Corenrnn, Hon Sirs John 9 i(l*11, Hon. Mrs. L T. Wigfall, Mrs Capt Magruder. Hon Mrs J R Thompon, Hon. Mrs Wm. ttwin, Mrs Henry I.edya'i, Mvlsme De Uerolt, Hon. Mrs. Jesse bright. Tii kets and seiured sents ?1?to be hsd at the M?*to Store <?f W. O Meti?ro't, arid at Wiilard's Hotel, and at the door on ihe evei.n.g ot the flOnnprt Tick* t offisc open at ha f pant 7. To oommenoe at 8 o'clock. ja 19 5t CONCER T POST PON E D. The state of the weather makes it neoessary to postpone the Concert adverMted above, to have been given This ( rhurmlAy) Kvering. the 2lth instant. at Wi!larri?' Hall, hjr Signor FRANCIA, a?sis?ed h? s"ve'al eminent and well known vooaU ists, until MONDAY EVENING next, the 28th Inst. ja 24 ?f BALLS, PARTIES, kc. A SELECT CALICO BALL, for (he Benefit of the Poor of this city, will be given on WEDNKHD< V, Janua-r 30th, at '?dd F*l- fll low*'Hall Supper will l?e servedby an ex />S perinnc d caterer. Ticket* have been placdUSA in the hands of the fol owing gentlemen lor sale, and all application must be* to tfcetn in per ; I ? I u ? ? - ii, ma ii" ?D><iu win u" auiu 11 in" aoor: inom^s W. Kerry, Thomas V. Douglass, and Charles O. White. Jag-7t WANTS. WANTED?A COLORED WOMAN as nurse; on* that fan come well reoomrueuded Apply at tho Ehbett House ll_ Any rkbpbctarlr girl wishing a good home in the oountr*. 3 miles from the city, with smt I w&tes, can lies-of one by putting a note in Hot 17, in the Star Cffio , stating where die can he found. ja 24 2t* WANTED?A first rate COOK that thoroughly understands the business in all its branch**. Most come well reooinmended : nor.e ntWr ?rf apply. 309 F street, bet woe a Uth lSttii eta. java at* WANTED?A WOMAN, vhn iianics vuhir and ironer, to do light washing and chamber work, to whom go-d wag^a will t?e given. Apply from a a. m to 12, at Tudi>r Plaoe, Georget >wn Hights. on Concrete at. Ja S3-3t* WANTED? Bra respectable young woman, a SITUATION to do general housework or take ohargn of a baNy. Good reoommendatione civet, apply at No. 6d 4 North Capitol at, aear Masaachnae ta a v. ja ii- at* WANTED?1To exoharge an improved Farm of 3<1 sore* for City P.operty. It ie in Fairtav, I Va . about an mitee from Washington br railroad, in a very h<a!thy and pleasant neighborhood; o?aVt?n ent to Ohurch. poat office. fce_: rtu*i fmj*nin? land a'Miut one thiid rioh bottom.'well timbered anil watt-red; ham three farm l.oueje, two barns, a lariA vounc orchard of improved fruit. Inquire of Mr. JOHN E. bTOTT, *1? Pa. or Mr. 1. a. UAHPi?NTKR.(jrh? are well acquainted witn the property,) or of the ?u*scnber. B K? BARLOW, ja 23 St* 637 Seventh ?t.. Washington. W ANTK^D_ IMMK I) 1ATKI.Y-F.rqm f5 , to - aiuj^/wurmui KU RJN I TURK oral! kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, aud. a* u?uai. at the shortest notioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Foraiture, Stoves, ??., I oo 9 40? 7th ?t, bet. G and H east aide. V|/ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ?? Per?o?? deei ining housekeeping, or naviar a surplus of Fnrnitore on hand.oao obtain the oath 1?," ? '''"HTjnV/'^oTi'ffith. LOST AMP FOUND. I w Jll c u ? T ?.T*I* instant, on P street. , sv^2f i.V*Ti.*.^ I f,-;* yrUEr niorninf. Mtwi tb? store* Kt i'ison, of'bOLD 8PEC*/A-0^0? J* o-St ????I B^gjfcWftg *S disss' ?" roar BOM?. 1 " w . ______ I Fartiga Ntwi. The steamship North Briton, from Liverpool on th* ivfth limmi, bu arrived at Portland Ekolako Tie weather continued to be very hvin la England, occasioning oinrh distreae, and feare of bread riota were eatertalaed ({OSto a panic petrolled la Liverpool on the 9th I net. It was rumored that la a portion of tbe city a mob had entered tbe baker*' sbopa. plundering tbem of their contents. owing to tbe advance In prtow and tbe ?e?e'ity of tbe weatber. earning a suapenaioai of msnv kind* of labor. So great waa tbe alarm that many of tbe sbopa closed tbrlr door*, but tbe feara of the proprlrtors proved groundless The weatber continues very severe, and navigation It becoming difficult Many parta of tbe Thames are cloaed by Ice. Tbe crista In America oonUnuea to attract great I interest In F.nolanit I.ord Ptlmmlnn ???-? K? i hopes that lftbe American Lnlon be dlaaolved It ! will be by an amicable arrangement, and be hopes ! the world will be spared tbe horrible spectacle of brothers warring us brothers. Planes. I It ia rumored tbat Count Tbeuvenel retires from tbe French Foreign Office. Tbe Parla Bourse on tbe Mb Ins? cloned Inanimate. Rentes C7f., 10? It la believed that the French fleet, after leaving Gaeta, will go to the Adriatic Italy Tbe Pledmonteoe troop* were nt last accounts constructing a battery only five hundred yards from Gaeta Tbe Turin Cabinet hare resolved to tolerate no intervention other than that of France. It la untrue that a Ruaalan fleet is to replace the French fleet at Gaeta. Oimuii. It la said Utat tWAerrtun Diet will refuse to recognlxeany Representative from Sardinia, under tbe new Italian annexeUoni to the Kingdom. Tbo German army la sal a to be ready to raoet any enemy. Austeia. Tbe Austrian Mlntnters bave been ordered to put tbe new ordinance into effect immediately. A provincial election law Is to be adopted for Hungary. Tbe Hungarian Diet -serrble* Anril 2d The disquiet is lncrea?..ig in ??rvia. China. The regnlar China maila had been telegraphed and would be due at f.ond^u in time for tbe steamer Nlagara The terms of tbe treaty of pea<-? provide among other things that all the important Chi n-.*se ports shall be opened. and inland foreign trade allowed. Chinese Ambassadors are to reside lu Kngland. Kxchange rates had declined at ilong Kong \ rw-r r*>nt r*' w""< The Russian Aml>imdnr at IVkin had ratified tlie Convention confirming certain privilege* on tbe Amoor.and extending commercial advantage*. AUCTION SALES. IJr J. C. M'Gl'iRE & CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S !*ALE OF A CORMF.R LOTBrvi toe of a deed of tmst, r^oorded in i.iber J. A. S . N<>. 1?3. folios No. 53P. and Ml, of the land records oi Washington oounty, I shall offer for eale Lot No II. in Square 116, on the oorner of Nineteenth *t. wont and N at north, at nahlfa ann tion. at the auction r? nmi of J ? MoHaira & Co., od the 36th day of February. 1861. at 4 o'clock p. m.. to tho highest bidder, for $i4P eaah, and the balance in 1 and 2 years with int?r?*t- A dead given and a deed of trust taken. H. EDMUND CLARK, Trustae. J. C. Motif] RE & CO., Aaota. _ja ?2.2a,24&FehS5 VALUABLE MARKET FARM FOR 8ALE.The undersigned, by virtue of the power vested in htn, h> a mortgage trom John Tailor, executed on the t*-'B,7-e'*hthday of October, aightoen hon dred and 6n' e:r>t, and bow of record in tlte Clerk'a Offioe of the Circuit Court for friuca George'* County, wo ! offer at public rale, on MONDAY, the ?th day?.? K?t>ruary next, on the premises. at the hour of IV o'clock in..< if lair, if not .in ti.a n>lt Imr .!*? r.<ere?ft<T- I th? P A H %f now in the possession of John Taylor, and lately the property and residence of Mr. Wilmer J. Ta. bott 1'hia land conaiate of one hundred aod seventeen Aoree, more or lesa. and adfc'i'a the property rf Dr. John H Harne and I'hoinvt E Berry, fc>q.t and ia distant from Alexandria about two mi 1m and from Wa*ain*ton About a: x Both of tneee oit fa are accessible by tcv-J and direct r ads. The looatmn is hea:thy an<i p'eft. aot.and in man/ other respects desirable The ami i? well adapted to the growth of fruit and ail the veaetabiea cultivated in this a*ottun of the country. The society in the neighborhood ia v?r? air^eao'e. Epiaoopal, Catholic an<i Met hod tat Thurche* era within two lai ee 'pl- i j ...? ,%( a aasm/A* ui mrui. a no naiiQiiiKi cunr^fc W1 " W"*IUI tab e Dvellinc and Kit<ih?naod al. oa<*???**y ontbuii.iicrs lor inch a residence. Th? ut> t > thi? property is un.oourab.,r?d indisputable. The te-ms of eale are: One-third in oaah * * *? day of sale; and th? residue in three eqaal ant, m.tnlments of twolve, eiahtser, and twenty-UN1' month*, a de*d in fee simple to be given the purohMer. and the deferred payment* to be mob red by a mortgage on the premise*, to b* executed by the purchaser to the subeonber. The deferred pay menu will bear in inteteet Mortgagee and Attorney for the parties. Jail -Mavta FOR SATiR AVn REVT [Far oiktr " For SaU and Kent" idMrhMMMti, im firti pmm ) POK RENT-Two ROOMS, and nu ofth* I Parlor, in a p:ea*ant and health* part of thf city Ir nui eatthc oorner of New York av. ana Tenth Ft. jaS3 3t I^OH RENT-A neat two atory b-iek DWELLING, octtlumn 4 room*, kitohen, n>od yard, and out building, on Twelfth etreet, between 0 ai d Pate. None hut a punetua *?>d'eliaHe part? will be tn?at> d with. App y to EUGENE Mc? I ARTY. Grocer, Tweliih it., between O and P. Term* $1 P'T n.onth. ja 22 6t A valuable farm for sale OR E2CHAN-iE FOR Olif PROPERTY?Cot?ta nin* 181 aorea. aituated 14 mileo from Alexandria, on the Orai ge and Alexandria Railroad,onder m n. tH ah 11 i atim- t * ? J *1 I-; 1 -J I I "UI.C v V* CJ? UI HUiV MIU HI UU11*1 i loci n'c^arj fhra first-iate form. Inquire of 0 I w. HRAY, at th? Jewelry Store, 616 f*ev*nn at, j W?f (nnittori j t 21 lm* FOR RENT-ThMhree ?t/>ry brick DWEI.LINtt-HOUSE, with basement, No 90S, on K, bet???n 2d And 3d atre*ta. at preacrt ooonpied by Dr Lewi* Juuea. Po?se;?io:i alven cm the iat of Februa y. It haa all tlie modern improvement*. w*ter. ga?, Ac Reut $450 per year. Aap'y to flEN RY EO AN, 321 feventh ?t: or W. EGAN, 303 K at., (next door.) (Intel.) ja 1? tl l^OR RENT.?Th? STORE and DWHLL1NG l No. n4 Undue street, Georgetown D. C., krown a* the old Confectionery utand. Ponaeaaion Riven immediately. Apply to aRN Y Sl SH1NN. ia7 p fpOR RENT-Two frame POTTAGE HOUSED, containing aix rooina, cituated on Ma??. avenue aud Fifteenth atreet; pump of good water In hip y?tni. F\m URNISHKD ROOMS FOR RKNT.at406 D atreet, Utwwn 6th and 7th ata. ilf 4 If F\m OR RENT?The fine HRICK HOUSE No. 100 Wertit, Georgetown, at prevent oooa l?ied by the anheoriber. It fiM *2 ronni, with (?i and water throughout, a fine yard, atahle Slo . aaa la in acood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. M AGRLDKR. t? IS If FOR RKNT-A three atory bnok HOUSE, containing i room*. In food order, with gaa fixturea oomplete, oa H at'eet, between 4th and 6th. Ateo, a two atory brief _C<?TT AG K, with large I yaraa?aoiie<i, oorner 01 r street north an * 14th at. ext. To punotual and reliable tenant* the term* wul he moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between O * id H. no IS-tf I7?OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the bail* r inc immediately opposite the west win* of the City HaL.reoently occupied try Chaa. S. WaLaoh aa an offioe. Also the front room in the saoond story and the third floor of the same hutldine. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 8 Lomaiaca arena*. >a IS t<_ FIB OR RENT.-A three-atory BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, with book building, oa llth at.. No. 4 70. between F and fl streets. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 4T* Twe.fth it. no 19-dtf AU HICKORY WOOD. No. 1 artio'e of HICKORY WOOD. Also. PINE and OAK WOOD, prepared or delivarad cord length. iryf?rm? cash. luAA l orders *hould be aeoompanied with the mnner: drivfn dim't ??rr* mlu. orders are left to that efleef. * r~~ t. j. * w. m. oalt, a*a P* ? .. b?t. ilth and Itth rt? WO. MKTZEROTT, SOLE ABENT OP Stem war A Son*' and Ra?-ea, Bacon* Co ' Ov*rotrnnt Pi?nn Porta*. Old fiaaoe taken la exoi.anje. Piano* for rent, ju C Corner Elereeth st. aad Pa. areaae. CTEAM ENGINE POR SALE ?A Steam Eao line of tweaty-ftve horse power, in enmplrte or 'er. for sale low on rasy terms, or woaldbeexehaacedfora biil4ia| lot. la^aire throe ah Boa Wo 9. Star Offioe. ja?-3t New novel, by charles lever"Oae of Them," by the aitfcor of Civile O'MaUey The Dodd Family Abroad, AoAo* paper SO ote. nUANUHAKlJ * MOHUN. ja 28 Cornar Pa av. and glrra-th ?t. /"'IBHS' Witt. BKA11) AMD CURL. MANU" T FACTORY, Mi PrntfiiH, near the owner of ThirUonUi (treat?A rfj ocmplete aa aortal* nt of Braida, Omrla, FriaetUf, Biatfetu, Acnow on hand; a!ao. made to ordor at tt? ehorteet notion Hair work repaired or taken ia exchange. Ml-tn GRKAT R? Vatojjoiaa, i* tot r Wint#?r &ui ?1* ma^ii HP**? JSi"i FTflx^^wa^sttt maintw mow MNk which wa of or now tt a ?rr oeat laae Uian ooat, Wf invito the ladias and id I I in want ofa handaouw Dreea or Cloak to wulaad examine oar atook before furobaain| nlaawhora/ JiJlLlE *** Bevaatk at.^ aoo^ ffiT, r^aitttri M1 mm m -' ' ** I a? * VAliVGB nil WALK.- Will y> offer for m|. the market - -It ^ teturj?T, tfee NU luiut three or f irC7 - - 55S5525S2555!n^5555^5^55!S^559 RUD TBI FOLLOWING COMMUNICATION MM W ^ D> M. ftCBLOftSB*. A MtKs\r r?# Wnrkt ft! D'BMIM flf fSi ?Mt. NEGLECT OF THB FRET. DAHGMR OFCVTTIITO COR.SS. Coma M toe ocuimonlr ri|?tM U mara ex 8TMMMN, u4 that litlla 1a aienaary bat tr aomao or rat of tk* uUraal aaHboot ylwrw. tk? mrfloMoa of tk?a, aod tbat it a ?ia?nr aot to Injara tha fleah, ta an operation of (root aar? m4 Mi?ao?,tkat oaa only vilkoilteiftr ba paifaaaafl by om vko baa made tkat bra oak oi aan? tb? apwtai otyoot of atiaatioa. Tbo axtrootlon of tootb. and tba aara of dtaaaao* la Umo,or lath* (ina. vara,afaw raaratfo mm aidOTOd M ItflttMUlt Vttb'l U? ^rrnm of My om who wu 4?hbo4 a rvMMi. ttli wyirlww tMfht UM thfct hr%noh of (Im baolM W1 ra^olrod >? * ! Md atad T- Faw, now, wfcu kra tkt inaam. tUU of wplofrtaf ut bat ? m ?U> tetltt to tttaal to 4n?m i^jabai Mia tMtk. t*o mtiiMta ara tfca raialloai ot *i) ptrta of tfco kmm*a fnna vtU aftah other, that ?ia mm m ia? pwiwMr p*ruor, HNU ui TWtarHNH 4om dlduM from vUt mr W wU?4 Dm mb?i of U? o( Um rot* hot; on Um Matrvf, p**B? or dliwi of Dm oktrMuUw tr? ^wktpt son diSsilt of tUtrtMiM Uu la mor* MilnJ part*. At th? praMot day w? ftod ? lftr|? portion <4 U* OmiBimitr. from the hlfhoat to U? lowoet, i?Hm to MTIft suffering* from inattention of lurcooa* to th? affllotion* to wkioh the foot Bro snhioot. They have |M?r*lly beon Mntu)?r*d of so trivia b nafnr* utobi unworthy of aerioa* ln??irr. ud have consequently been ?or. sinned to a olaea of mo who mi sapreme kj nonuM 6m trrown eMiqay Bfon thoi* whn htr* both the with and the power to alleviate pain and prolong life. There is 00 part of the hamsn foot In which eorns have not oeoastonaily l-een found; loth the nsnet delloaoe and most hardened portions of it* inte?* ment* hare thus been fleeted. The first idea which na'ora! 7 presents Itself to those who are setter)nc from any kind of pain Is "instantaneous reliaf,'* and nan? are trortJj witling to allow the 'forts *t trig* mah~" to remain and *>ain to W?oo??? Moat urgently <to I recommerd those who are if flioted ?ilh Cc rns. however harmless they me; np penr. however easily reaoved, never to have re oonrse to the knife. The most appalling spasm a. ooavnlaiona temMe to heboid. and lock jnw, have ? attended on t*e wounding n branoh of a ntrve br a common p?n knife, as also hemorrhage, scarcely to be arrested. I am not fond of giving ouea, for 1 am sorry to find thai every empirie who praottoes acT branch of the medio*! profession. fanciee that the true avenue to employment ia to narrate ein* ordinary oases, whether true or not, tooause h* fanoies that people will see something In what thev rend which may rewind them of their own suffer - IK. I would refer to n?t niebm of enables. whioh I ba?e eaooaatered la this city, if 1 thoaght , It mwmvt to antioa it. , I atreaaonsly reooremead those who safer from Coras, aerer to hare ?ee?aree to the kaif*. to the raaor, or erea to the setseors, bat to ptaes theai selves, as sooa as possible, aader tka maaaeesseat of tons oae who has loag been sallied to tfcetr ear**. . Safferers from Coras will fad teatpirar? relief | plsafloc tbe foot la a hot psdaierlsin. aoar iH la,IVniliMt*tta*,lw(valtr. TtottHMi part aboaM he im<iohIt nbM witk a dry. m*flr towtl. In the craatar f liinm tfcia prOv-*?* w-HI be followed by the tooMBiif of the oaHob.? aabataooe; there will be aeitber pair or aiMMtM-M l*ft. a'taoaf h tb? eorm will nmala till relief la pbtatoad. wimoat Um dM|?r wtoeh oittlif may prOv'ooe. It ia hapoaeiMe to ba earn plettly rid of a Ooca, oaieee extirpated by a aktllfal Md experieeoerf o^rttor. If I ?pp ar eome what todioaa to thie matter, gf I have bete tailty of repetitioaa. I traat Mm* I may ha esoaeed for aa earaeetoeee aad an anxlaty oa a abject vklek t the fi uitfol offtprlni ol ptm. nU*r than U> &??ir to??killfal oj*r?tor, thnngh k??u p*r?MMotlr er?dio*t? tH? < > '> other iiMd. ik? oonftitono* of Ik* p?hlt? i* m maefa tlxa^krie'Mof aelf oriuratod aad aolf-Mtal ibc p<m?tition?r*, who protaad to Hare dieeererrd infallita* mean* to prevent diaeaaea raok aa w* har* datonbed. that innumerable diftcaltlaa nr round tbr lahjeet. Hpeoifioa for a'l the Ills of Ufa are dnwmwd daily aad koirlf,Nf?8itl!; in the depart moot to which I have devoted my tim? and attention. P'aatara. lotaoaa, k.a, to., art braaikt before tka UtA.l.k^l -- ?... m mm r' ??^ pnrrn inwiwi* Aooordio* to their ova UHrtioM they have aerer been known to fkti, ud what ehanoe nu ha who hat devoted hia whole life to tatairy, bet to honeetly oonfeae that the deriattone of utire airiau hia expeotaticna, that her waya are often lueein table, and all that he oau do ia to atndy. to learn, and to try to core, without profeeein* that every naiad r ia anbjeot to hia a a pen or akill. conceive of roor* laportuM, alawet, Uu Mr rule* I ooili) iay down. It is a muln 1 v??M hare a ?tfcrtllm taught to repeat?it ta a aentmoe which ah< aid ba repaetad in the w of every aafferar from ooraa-itit a voiea which akoaM be eokoed beck oa erery eooeaion ? "do not ** a knife." If, after euo^ a warning, t h?ra aboard be any aafteieot'y entarenoina to Mfleot it,the danger oa tk ir own bead, bat the repentanoe will eone too lata DR. M. A. BGULOlMKR. ? dr. m. bobloeser 4 will remain a few dats longer m Washington. additional CONCLUSIVE evidence or dr. boelosser's instantaneous * n PAINLESS PROCESS EFFECTUALLY CURING TU WORST CASES or CORNS. BUNIONS, AXP ALL DISEASES QF THE FEET. Tli* foUoviBc h? tMtlaoMUa trim yirn? wfl kaovi la WMhiactoa ar? ?lwil?r lo Um tkoweede la Dr. ttekleMM'a pom?mom. Frtm Am. A. T?mbi, V. 1.1. 1 Dr. Sohlo??*T kMlku d?r tUntiti (rwt aaa f k?orC?mfroaBrfN(vittM(U| I Juurr R. TOOMBS. Prim L 8 Hmll, X>+ Dr. BtUotwr ku Uut day o?w?Ud ?poc ay IM, ud toiyohirtwtiw wriAiWot. L1IALL ft0m M. S, Davit. MM. Or BoklooMr l?? Ula <fer mMwrt frm * feat IS Coraa, vhi?k wm 4o? witiwat pmU, Mi to my nttre Mtufectio*. 1 bMrfeily nnMM< to *11 pcraosi, Md ?i^Uy My frwii who nlw with Oonu, to Mil m tk? Dneur. ft. i. DAVIS. WMhinxto*. UtMito M MM. CONSULTING MOO MS. W? PENNBYLyANIA AVENUE, Mwm uu mmI lath ktmu. optics rocks Proa Nt. m. till if m. ?* ~ -- *9 * "s J* ^ " fe umim THAT ? UK. SCBLOfiAKK WILL L M AT M WABBINOTOM CITY M A Ffw pay*

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