Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1861 Page 1
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4' \ 1 1 J ????? St a r. V^. XVII WASHINGTON. P. C.. FRIDAY. JANUARY 25. 1861 N2. 2.476 ^ ___ THE DAILY EVENING STAR \ 19 rUBLlSHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) at itlR STAK BUILDINflS, Corner of Pen/uylvania avenm mud lllA rt., BY W. D. W1LLACH. p*??? eerred In fMktfM bT earrtert at f a *?ar, or ST orats per month. To mail snbeeribere ?noe is #sjn % year, i? adrnntt; $2 for six nog'bi 91 for three month*; and for lean than three months at the rata of 12 cent* a week. Sing l? to^N.oiticRiT;!! wrappers, two cb^ts. ADVKaTi?KSi!(T?soon!d be sent to the oOoe before 12 o'oiock m.; otherwise they may not appear itil the nextday. SHAWN. OK THE HAG'S HOLE. | C03TI5CBD. ] Every plaee where it wan thought possible that he could be concealed was examined. Inquiries were made, but all to no effect, for the villagers either professed ignorance or refused to give information. The rooks were tried over ?na over again; every nook, every grotto, the ledgvsof the amphitheatre were searched, even fcy torchlight, but fruitlessly; and late at eight m. m ? ~ ~ ine ponce came back, professing their intention -of returning to Kilrusn on the following day. On the succeeding Tuesday. about > o'clock in the evening. I took my hand-line and went to a favorite *pot on the cliff to fish for braeine. The evening was the closc of one of the lovelier: day < which had appeared that seaoon. The ?*ool sea-breeze so refreshing after the raid-day heat, gently rippled the waters beneath; and the red disk -(the ran descended rapidly, as if <iiixi->iis to cool itself in the mighty ocean. Hiring baen successful with ray bait*. I lay down upon th? grassy edge of the lock to enjoy the luillPV of lliA luui* TW-* ? : L " * M * * , _? ...? wh*. xuu vicumg snaaes dh?i r fir advanced before I roso to return home. AVhea in tbc act of drawing up the hand-line, 1 stooped over the cliff to see what prevented i*s yielding, for it bad caught in some projection of the cliff, when I perceived a canoe with four men, stealing beneath the land as close to *h?re as safety would permit, and advancing in the direction of Bishop's Island. The lateness of the hour; the number of persons in the "boat, usually only occupied by two; their distance from any landing place; and the cautious manner in which they were proceeding, impressed me forcibly with the idea that all was aot as it ou^bt to be. Idle persons are always iucuaimg iu matters which do not concern them, and being young and tolerably active. And my own master, I resolved at once to observe their motions, and ascertain, if possible, their object. After some efforts to disengage the line. I *v&s at last compelled to break it. Coiling up 'ha remainder. I followed the boat, which had made considerable progress before I could come up with it This line of coast is most dangerous to persons unacquainted with it. The ceilings of old cavcrns which advance far into the 1 >t n rt Kfltjo in " * ?? ...v, .mm u?uuj lusiautes inuec in and lelt long narrow charms.which a person often comes upon suddenly, not observing them until he is aim?6t steppinginto the depths beneath. These clefis sometimes extend nearly a quarter of a mile, and are so numerous that what would appear at first to be a walk only one mile, is by this means prolonged to two or three. It may then be easily understood how much more quickly the canoe would advance than I could withont considerable exertion. The darkness which had by this lime mu?h advanced increased tae difficulty I traced the boat, however. to very near Bishop's Island There the men rested on their oars, and apparently i:.a > _ a ? jisieaea airenuvejy to ascertain if any sound was near They frequently stooped over to whisper their dark figures, perceived agsinst clear bright aa. approaching each other a* intervals and receding again. All was fo * * ill that nothing c-juld be heard but the ripplir-r of the water." against the rock? below At length a sound which resembled the hammering of a flint with a knife could be di?tio? i " gui nea, ana tney looked towards the Vefore mentioned descent to the cavern opposite the inland saveral times with apparent anxiety *nd uncertainly. They then commenccd steering toward* it; and I immediately hastened to it, hoping in the darkness to e=oape observation. I succeeded boyond my expectations in reaching the turning point of the path, where it may be remembered that I first met with tho tain of the high shoulder, when, suddenly, I saw two person*, about ten yards beneath, *?.?ping over the projecting fragments of the < liff This sight at once stopped my progress. I stood petrified. While I was thus deliberat i ug. lay strength and courage ooiing away, I w* rousei V-y < ne of the men Meiiing hold ef the other by the arm, and raying ia a loud whisper: >hawn it >.? the divil'a work intirely; we had he?t give over!" What do you mane"' replied the other. " I- it eod-livered ye're growing ?" Whv. Shawn, to tell you the truth, I can t - t _ - *? ? ? - - noi wuriuer eui in cooi otooa. It id the divil's work eat an' out!" " Thunder-an-Mge, bat that's a fine thing anyhow Murther, in troth, in cool blood ' An' will yees tell ine what are they going to do with u.-. it it isn't to murther us all, an' ' teore of D) thrxn they are. Will they not shoot bei'tw in the cave that i> trusting to our''Vklve to save 'em. The divil a bit of one of JLh?m but shall sleep sweet and ai.?y in the bot' fern of the -ay this blessed night! An' shure they can shoot the fishes wid their pistil', if tney want wom Tor em. Wfci.'bt. whisht!'' he, setting the other as if to hold him back, aa the latter struggled as much as his position would permit him. " Whisht, whifht, I tell yees; do yees want to m>ike cm shoot us at wanst, man alive? Let me alone I toll yees; I will do it." And, with a kick of his foot, he sent a Urge fragment of the rock headlong down the precipice. I scarcely had well seen what was done, ere a shriek from below told the fate of the uufur tunate boat; a cry er two for help, and all wus eilant as the night, while the two men turned to descend the path Partly from horror, and partly from fright, I lost the recollection of my situation, and uttered an 'rvolunUry groan So unexpected a eouni, in ^urh a place, produced an alarming cffect upon my auditors Whether it was compunction for the deed wbich had seized the "uiitT nair. or terror, combined with * M>n*? of guilt, I cannot now pretend to determine; bat thej stood motionless for upwards of a I minute. 67 Iviug close to the surface of the ground I succeeded in escaping their sight, 'l'hey stood for a time utterly confounded 12n coursged by the effect which it produced, and now so far collected as to perceive the danger of my position. i repeated the groan with a mora mournful, and at the came time less natural tone " Blessed Virgin, save us!" said Shawn's romr?j?i.i'?n rlr^HfullT " What are yees frightened at?" said the other, evidently aa much terrified, bat endeavoring to brave it oat. " Are yees a devil or a ? christhian?tell us that?" Mid ha, roaring out, trying with the effort to drown hia fear*. I then collected all my energies, and ottered ona of the moat unearthly and violent shrieks that vai ever beard under similar oireum"tanoee. The effect was instantaneous; the next moment saw them sliding, or rather rollinz down the pathway, and allowing me lima afficient to escape in perfect safety. My first determination was to hasten back a! - _ III. 1 M. . . _ ? aoa arouse 10a nMK oni, upon ntuDd thought, it appeared advisable to act more cautiously I proceeded, therefore, in all bwte to the bouae of a respectable resident at Kilkee, a gentleman wbo had lived there for cooie years, and waa well acquainted with the localities. and moet of the charactera in the neighborhood. I rousad him out of bia bed at twelre o'clock, bef re ?h ch boar I coo IJ n< I re eh hi h us-;, owiug t > the darkness of the bight, and thidntlon nece*siry in finding my way. II" listened with great attention; and then f jt a moment seemed absorbed in thought. **I will lay my life for it, that the fellow yon eo?ak of is Shawn Bute, the eelebraied mur d'erar at Catherin? Ifelaney He hu be?u jiwiac for nma yamr?. ever ?ii?re that orciurroce t o4 I will ?n-? *r for it that be b?s returns I " I think. ?'r." I replied, "tbmt job ara H/hi; 'm for his atf jcUU Mvcral limai repeated tha n?ne of Shawn, which I dirtinetiy overheard ***" * 1 WI??? rJ^MAn 11 k? Yf Oil KIUU m m iW?a*aK frv. .. uv . ? II U ralhar a remarkable locking tn*n; badly made. ero?keJ no?e, and euraad ^!?h a mo^t attocinus rxprewiuu of countenance. I aw hm, tbe a, thai be it the peiaeit and that I bar* seen bin ' I then related f? bint m; interview with tbe stranger on tbe pa?bw?y abort time before. Ha ii ib# rery man. and a more villainous ruffian never drew breath But what was the green leaf he spoke of?" "Oh. it waf a leaf of palui, which my servant put in my hat on the previous Sunday, and I partly forgot, and partly did not care, to remove it." "Well, I can only tell you, that you had as narrow an escape as most of your friend.4;- for if he suspected that you were likely to have rti?r*nvprft.l hia ?i??- v- ,J ? w ? . u*o uiviiug jMOV/O, IIC WUU1U IP W)U have burled you from the path, as he did the rook jou mention. But we must not lore our time, for he U a crafty devil, and as plentifully stored with resources as a wood fox Come, we must get some help " We then proceeded to the houses of several friends, until we had collected a conclave of eight, and sat down to consider what was best to be done. After some deliberation, we resolved to send to Kilrush for military aid; then to arm ourselves, and with our servants, to hasten to the spot, and keep a sharp look-out, SO as to nrnvfnt hia T? ? - K wv><|n?. XV nao auuuuui, however, that he would not hare left the place before we arrived; but wo sent instructions to the military to examine every house on their way within three miles of the neighcorhood; and to proceed as cautiously, and with ad much oelerity. as tbe nature of the circumstances might allow. It was 2 o'clock before we reached our destination: we had proceeded very silently, stopping occasionally to observe whether wo could distinguish sounds of any kind?several times tliminri tn 1 ^ iv w? wi iub cnn iu ascertain it any boits were visiblo on the 3ea. The morning's light was just visible when we arrived ; but neither sound of voice nor footstep was to b? heard, or boat to be seen, or human figure on the cliffs. All was still as death, except when the whispers of our own voices disturbed the morning calm For a momont it was thought the figure of a woman was seen darting under one of the cliffs, near the Puffinghole, but so rapid was the motion, and so uncertain the light, and at the same time such seemed tr> be the precarious position of a peri. tk.i .1. " ?? >u piwic, tun wo cunciuaea in# wfioie to be merely the effect of imagination [TO BE C0NTI5CED J " Thi*iy-S:x Thirty1'?The reader rvho it carious to know exactly where run* thit oft-mentioned line, will grt a clear idea of it by taking the map and tracing it at follows . It commences at 'he point on tbe Atlantic coait where the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina commences; pastes along tbe line dividing tbos* StltM" al/tnir tho 1 i ?"? * - ? m ?m '"v iiur ur??*ccu |C|INM9 H HQ Kentucky; ajon^ the line between the States of Missouri and Arkansas, thence through tba Territory "! the Cherokee Nation, through New Mexlco. ^trlklag the eastern boundary of the State of C iiif >mia, a short distance south of thr middle, striking the Pacifl; a short distance south of Monterey bav. On tLe south of that line there are about :J0(UW square miles of territory, including Indian reservations, while on the north thrre are about 1,3U0,(K*i square miles. Of the .'Uxi.WU square miles south of 3?5 30 there is not the sHi<litest probability that th'-re could be carved out more than one slave State. Ail New Mexico, comprising about iilO.OUO square tniles, would never become slave territory, from the fact that it is not adapted to slave labor. It produces neither cotton nor cane North of that line, though slavery were to be legalized, It could never exist. How Scmteb mat be Reisforckd ?A corres ponaent or the Cincinnati (jaz-tte has bit upon a very feasible plan for throwing reinforcement* Into Fort Sumter without incurring the hazards to which the Star of the We*t was subjected. He suggests for that purpose the " \VInane ateamer," and for the following reason* We quote : This vessel, as yon know. Is built of Iron, Is Immensely strong and attains a high rule of speed. She has capacity for all that is r?qulr??d in men and supplies She obeys the helm like a thins; of life; lias very hiijh draught of water, and any [Hot, as well acquainted with the harbor of Charleaton as tbe writer ia with tboaeof several astern citiea. could take ber straight to her deal nation. without tbe aid of buoya to guide, or llght-hoiiaea to warn him Tbe hour of twilight would carry her aafely over the outer bar, and, for the rent, she would need only tbe atara of heaven The of Injury from the enemy's batterleareuld be greatly leaaenrd by the absetirecf daylight; but If this be Indispensable, the danger of mishap must still be very aligbt. for a cannon-ball muat strike her #srartly amidships (the location of her peculiar rropeller,) or on the precise line of her axis?other wise tbe shot would glanre aa harmlt** from her | tides aa hailstones from a houae-top. I JH7"The members of the .Methodist rh'irch in | Green street, Phlla . while taking up tbe annual collection for missions, on Sunday evening, were informed by a gentleman In the zallerv that th male members of the choir had contributed %2i>, to constitute Major Anderson :? lift* member of tl e Missionary Society The sensation canar d )>y thia announcement had acarceiy censed, when the aaiur ijentirm.-n a-iid that ttie ladies of the rho r had ralacd another $'2ii to make Mra. Major Anderson a member The patriotiam aa well aa tbtpiety of the church bein<? no w touched, before tl.e meeting separated, sufficient money was subscribed to make 0?n Scott. Mr. Huchamn, Gov. Ilicka, MX Lincoln, and Alexander II. Stephens, life memoera of the Missionary Society. Thx Wa Tax?In the hall* of the Carolina r? ??_ * ... ... - - I I'vngrm "a war u" it iDe all absorb!n<j topic of dekute. Tbe tax bill proposed, provide* for drawing a revenue from article* of personal property, hitherto unsubjected to taxation. Watches, cards, carriages, salaries?even tbe stocks of tbe State, are Included in tbe list of nrotwtr subjects from which the State shall draw fund* for carrying ?? (be contest Hut something must be done to raise money, and every source must be tapped. Tbe rich of South Carolina are very rich, and tbe poor are very p-or, and tbe question bow and i whom to biv il ? v#?rv HlrtlniH . _ _ .? w .? J u vntiuil . Fost Hamilton Mansep by Umited States Taoors ?Fort Hamilton, which baa for a long time been without a garrison, was manned list veiling by Company K, Second regiment of L'utted States Artillery. The company consists of forty-four rank and Hie, nod four officers, and Is commanded by Captain H. A. Allen. During the last twenty-one months it has been stationed at Plattsburg Barracks, Laks Cham plain. The order to move wni ?" vu i>ivau?| U4kCl IIUUU . The compauv arrived here by the Hudson River Railroad, and were conveyed to Fort Hamilton by the steamtug Pope Callin.?N. Y. Pott. The N. V. Herald says (in money article :) "We understand Mr. Baylor, an agent of the Southern planters of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi, U In town endeavoring to make arrangements for the movement of the cottou crop. It seems that the recent political disturbances at the South have disarranged all the mauhiaery of trade: the planters have sent Mr. Baylor to New York to endeavor to induce our barkers to make the advances which they used to make In former times As It is, the planters cannot get a dollar advance on their cotton, or even i inaure it, and their needs are urgent In th? ? . treine." Thk Battkkiki on thk Misauairn.?The Louisville Journal la Informed by a highly rer:table Kentucklan direct from Vickaburg, that object of the batteries erected at that pofut by the State authorities of Miuiaainnl ii i* possession of the steamer Silver Wave, from PittaI burg, upon which tt waa aald that United States ordnance waa to be transport*d to the South; aud probably to prevent the passage of Federal troops. The same informant says that three of the miliI tury companies of Mississippi were in charge of I the battery, and they withdrew it from the anore 011 Tuesday last and seized the United States hospital, which tbev are now<occupyinx. MitHA.iu SaaTiMKM ?The workingmen of Hatferstown, Md . held a meeting at that place on last Saturday night, for the purpose of endorsing , V u,Vu were UUWM, and I ? wrrit* ot renoluUous adopted, expressing devo< ?n i* the CenstUatlou and the Talon, and calti-.. ?r?)ti tto? Northern BUtea to repeal the oflfenlive l?wa upon th? r atstute b<*.k* nf l,ke ch,r?Lt*r w? *!*? bdd?t trrithabm*, Md , wfa?r?e similar resolutions wer? adopted. irr-t oon tb? recent :rlal ?f Amos I. Height, of n " at 'he L'nHed Wates Dtatrlrt I'ovrt r- r. nilv hint Lt \U??i??y, tut B.a kin* counterfeit coin, ?*" ? as developed an UUinarfeaUUn* between bin * d KSS^nttod ***" ' tattuck, of ?, f*ir-ordinary a chararUr u to cause Judge Il-l! U> demaud SluttucVa Immediate r.?-*i CLOTHING, &c. MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES of CLOTHS, CASSL MFHS.AND VESTING8. WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO., 33'i Pennsvlva nm Avenue, have jus' reoeived a larre variety of new Fall ti<x><U,to vnioh they invite the atteation of their trie ml* and no?tnm*ra. an an-tf PANIC TIMES! i PANIC PRICES! We havejust reoei ved a I arre lot of C LOT HING, FURNISHING GOODS, HAT8 and CAPS, on consignment, whiob must he aold before the 4th of March, without retard to coat. These (rood* have a<l I'et'n made up by the beet homes in Baltimore and Phi'adelphia, and owing to the time* they will be sold at almost any price, ourobjeot being totorn them into cash as soon a* possible L A. REALL ft CO., C'othiers, No. 439 Seventh Rt.,alK>ve G. N. B.?Come on*, oome all; now ia the time to buy WINTLR CLOTHING at any price on Seventh St.. No. 4H9,4 door* ahov* G at. d? 2R-1 m rutMTuuom? It rl *dv made clothing. Oar present assortment of BKNTIiEMEN'# RKaDy -MADE CLOTHING offers to oitizans anil strangers wishing an immediate out fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities cf Dress and Business Garments and Overooats ia all varieties. Fine Shirts, and Under-dothi-mc ol all kinds. Kid a'.d other G'oves of best qua ity. Soarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery. Ace.. Ato. All of wlnoh we are o florins at < ur usual low prices. IC7- Clothing mad- to ord?r in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHKNS k. CO.. nol6-tf Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customer*, and citizen* generally, to an mapeo'ion of oar preeect new, at _ ^ tractive, and elegant aaenrUnent CLOTHS. CA88IMKRE8. DOESKINS, WK VliSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS. Aa. \ff wtuoh we will make to order in aupenor^" " tjle at very low puce*. WALL, 8TEPHF.NS A. COoa 25 tf 3*22 Pa. av., betw. 9th and loth ata. GAS FITTING^ &C. JJL.UMBERS AND GAS FITTERS ,4 J,-, }y- THOMPSON 4; CO. \V ould call the attention ol water takers to their loll assortment 01 Fixtures neoesearT to it* introducticn,aa follows:?KITCHEN RANGES.B ATH TUBS, WATKR CLOSETS, HT)T \V\TER BOlLfeRS, K1TCHLN SINlfr. PUMPS, Cast rr<">n. Wrqueht Iron, l.ead and Galvanised WATER PIPES,.HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH tK?. KUiJWER HOSE.ftoHavmJ superior advantages, with practical knowledge, we are prep&ied to introduoe Water into dwolkngs with all the '.atest nnproven ente, promptiT, and at prioes that cannot fail to satisly. 209 Penn. avenue, no 24 dt.M a' I bet. 9th and l?'th sta- south side. A wmTtTdove a co. RE New prepared to execute any ordert witt Which Miey inar be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. VZT Store on 9th street, a to w doors north of Fa, arsnuc, where may ho found aoorap'eto assortment of CH AN DELIKRS and other GAS, STEAM WATER FIXTURES. ia 27 It . W GAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y reoeiving, OAS FlXTURHSotentirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We inviteoitizens general ly to call ami examine our stock of Gas ana Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beat elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrnsti*! to anr nm.m Will be promptly Attended to. MYERS ft MoGHAN. mar 5-tf HH 1) n'.reet, I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AVD GAS FITTER. 1 Has remove*! to the oornrr of Twelfth and F *t*. He is prepared to in'roduoe Water Hud Cm upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties enure sati?faotion He ha* on hand a lot of COOKING andMher 1 STOV K8, whioh he will sell loss than ooat. as l e wishes to get rid of them. no 17 /OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAB METERS. Waskikoton. JnW 18,1W?. NnTJfK IK HffBPBV (Jiirrv mc .. ?- ? aw A ' Xil?! 1UB>1| ORrOO ably to the provisions of the oidinanoe of the Corporation upprove.t May 12. lSCO.the undersigned la now prepared, "whenever resuwed in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty conts, to inspect, eianine, tout, provo, and ascertain the aoour&oy of registration of any ga? meter in use in this oity." Every meter, if found incorrect, will bo condemned, and another, sc?ah?d and marked as true, will lio set ini** p!ao*. If proved to be accurate in its moasur> ment of ga?. it wfil besea ed accordingly, aud again put in position tor use. Office No 310 Sevonth street, (nsar Odd F?1 nan* Hail I < l-?. r a - _ - ? .w r- M(*I i r ? ' WVII Iiuill O **? III** IU J y III* CHAKl.F.B W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 18 tf Inspeutor and Sealer of Gas Meters. IG. O. DKMUTH & CO., MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Dealers in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN WlNE8, BRAMflES, GINS. *e., No. 40 North Charlrs Strfkt, Five doors ahorr Lexington .it., no22-ly Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVK THE UNION Call at HARVEY 'S, Who has just reoeived a larxe supply of fresh I.<?HSTKRS, FISH, and line OYSTER**, which he will serve to customers at the^w^JSI? shortest not ce and on liberal t<*rm*. P. S.?Orsters servad tsfuiilu* toil Imul. not scalded; thsy are only sea. led for persons eating them at the saloon. <? a T M. HARVKY. /Ov NOTICE. /OV J?0\ REMOVALu A A y U 1 have removed my Q 0 FAWN OFFICE to 331 Q street, between 4H and 6th street*, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will l>* continued am heretofore at the oldstand. [nol5-6m] ISAAC HKRZBKRG. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. ' EMK1CII. at the corner of Penn.M . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has hAenYpaAy greatly improved reoei.tly and now offersJUfiiflU greatnr inducements for the patronage of oitizai.a I-? ? n .wail*"! n MM B'lJ UllItT pi? PMC HOUM III UlB , citt, bis prions b?inc less than those of any otber bote: on Penn. avesue, and hi* accommodations lor permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very ?opu lar, bt ine all that can be desired by the most fas tidiocs. Trie proprietor pieces unremitted atten- 1 tionand continued liberal expenditures to givesati?faetion to all, and thus renews his invitation *< all to live the European Hotel a call. de4-ti OOT8 AND SHOKS TO ~fSVli TMt TIMES. VVe are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oo.-stantiy receiving nppiT of eastern tn.vle work of every ile-nQI nrvatinn. mu<? ?11 . ...??? wii!| ^^2 be ?old at a much lower price than hiu *>e?Q WW heretofore charged in thie oily lor nnoh inferior jMMb Fer?on? in want of Uoot* and Shoee of eastern 01 oily riuuln work, will Always find a toed astor*n>en in etoreand at the loweet ericee. ?> ;* < i>* a call. GR1KFIN k. BRO., ay i-r >14 Pannaylranla avenn*. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thia day, embracing ail ewwv filM RrH >i?M of ?nU f mmtkmrn I ?^?indP^k i niT.B n M.'o'n r alee room oxhibitB at thu time the r roatont variety of trayelin* reenititeeat moderate price-, to be found this ldeofN?w York, A!?o, every deaorit fton,2f X-AOIKH''HAT BOXES, VALLCES. c4iPET BAGS, SATCHELS, k.L lE^OM Tranki repaired or taken in exohanfe OM*' WALL, STEPHENS A CO? w Trunk Sales Room, wmiu-tx sag Pa. arapya. Flour 88fl mission And whol^saJa <ln?.li?ra in MILL FEED, CORN MEALTfe., *e? Corner of 13th and B streets, Washington oity. (IT Cuh paid for aH kinds of Grain au as f in HAVE YOU 8KKN the 50 o?ntChildren's lio -ki at FRENCH k. RICHCTBIN'ft. 5178 Fa. venae, selling for 10 cents' Have 70a teen the el??ant >2 Annual* fbi N?^r Year presents, at FrTeNCH a. R1CHSTEIN*S. sellini fr>r only 9 . Call and make your purchases before thej are all gone. At FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'S*, de 3B 3T8 Pa. avenue. I,?.auiu&. <.?. Malt. .. k. ili*|. I A MAR, MOTT fc APTRY, L* _ AmXNMJB AT-lAW Will pr?ot!ee in the Hit h Court of*iirr<? a an* Kr ' ?* J&okaon,tfca FederiJ Court ?t Poa*oto?, ? TRAVELING TRUNKS. ? H?J* j*?t r*??ivcd the krint assortment a?i D7? 1 *??"?? ' wlrtiBmg ^PACliiNGTR^llN^TnV.YilTOa g?iip?ais G*i,7iiS55ru"lu'''' ? ?t;???? T # DENTISTRY. nRS LOCK WOOD k. DARRELL ARE PRELPpared to i.sort TEETH on VUI.OA.N-. ITE HAPE, a new and improved moilf mwf When made on this plan they are com u fortahle to wear end macli cheaper then any other. Alto, Teeth inserted on (told Plate, and ail Dental Operations of any kind that may be Herired. Ollice? Room No. 9 in the Wiishinicton BuHdin*. corner Pa, av, and tteventh st. ja lo-3w* !ro&i,w n NomN M? rasA aMKaa w*ry other approved etjle. Dr. M. hiu> ?at,*UJ_GD ??h ou vulcanite Ha.e for the laat three rtvi and, from ezjwnauoe, know* it ezoe.i all othere, MtroDi Uf'w Tfc I 'n V.,oe than *oldfn?? "JPy.fton, Alexandria, and GeorcetOWQ %r6 rtlDAntfll ? a<t hrtt?<*rl a> 11 aa T _ _ W<r .IVI VVU V/ WC?( I CVU 4il" W1 F M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. I)., the inventor ami patentee oftiia MINERAL 1'LATK TEETH. at/A tends personally at his office in this oit? .AalfiSE? M?-.t person* oan wear these teeth Thn^*"1" ttnftnt wear other*, and no person oan wear others, who cannot wear these. Persona o&IIiuk at mj offioe oan tie aooommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan produse, the MIN ERAL PLATE will be inore full* w*rr*r.t?H Rooina in thia wty?N<>. 336 Pa. avenue, between 9th anil 10th ata. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phila<tel phia. oo 15 tf TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Smmsmmmmm change of hours. On and after SUNDAY, November isth, iat*\the trains wilt run as follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tr*tn at?jn a. m. Seoond Train at 7.4<? a m. Third train at 3.10 p. n>., Exprese. Fourth train at 6p m LEAVE BALTIMORE First train at 4 15 a. m.. Express. Second train at 8.36 a. m. Third at 3.1" p. in. Fourth at 4.20 p. m., Express. The first, seoond and thira trains from Washington conneot through^ o Philadelphia and New Y??rk. The seoond and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for the West, South, and Nortnwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolin. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. trai > or the accommodation of the wa? travel be twen Washington and Laniel, a passenger car w .ii ..<= Mwjuni vi u>nn*ge train which leave* at 12 m. 00 Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goet to Philadelphia only. no 'J6-Q T. H. PARSONS, Agent. I^HE STEAMER J AS. 8UY Will reanme 1 trip* cn TUESDAY, 21st of February. 18?n. WiH leave WASH C|4)k? INGTON every TUESDAY and"*""^^" FRIDAY, at i o oluok a. m., and A EE X A NDRIA at ha!f-pa*t6 o'clock, for CURRiOMAN and tna intermediate Landinca. On her return trip*, aiifl will l?avo CURRD?MAN every WEDNESDAY and io'olook a. r?. LUC1AN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUHP. Aa't. Alexandria. fe ^ WATCH REPAIRING AN0S1LVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I llAVA l>HO ?I>A ? ?-* * . .....^ ....v vi iiio iro?v *r>ujii?iiRnTTi?*ni8, and Iurnished with ?complete s-t of tools for repairuig ovprjr <l -soiipiinn of hue Watches, and rAj particular attention give to tlie earn", by a^jgg thorough competent work man.and a work guarantied Al'o. every descrip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which mv customers will fiud far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold hy drains in genera! and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, se 6 l*?. ?????, nenr 9th at. Valentines: valentines :: fob 1*61 !!! The t/ade su pplied at the o west New York prioea. A. beautiful assortment of Sentimeutm.1 ?mi i'nn>i? 91 all styles and patterns, at frknck * riohstein's. ja 9 '37** Penn. avenue. Best fancy goods, at prices TO SUIT THE TIMES. Anu ON* PsickORLI, At stevens's FANCY STORK, no 22 tf SSti. hrtw. *Wh anu 10th *t?. A few fine imanos for rknthvap plying early. Also, a uew lot <>f Ciiiokering k Sots'unrivaled Pianos JOHN F- ELLIS, S06 Pa. a?.. bet. ath *nH "?i> T?n> Pian.i* for r*r ! at ftj ??r month. ?ie f PIHEMBN'S INSURANCETCOMPANY r or WASHINGTON AN 1) GEORGETOWN. Capital ?i00,000. Office corn t C street and I.ottfsiana mr? aver llamk of Washrnitton. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRli. Duutuu. Geo Shoemaker, S&inuel R*dtern, Samuel Cropley, William Wi'.aon, Richard Jonea, John D Barclay, JnC'iti Gideon. An?4r?w Thos. Parker, Kiah&rd Barry, li. B. Kieuch. No charge fur Policies JAMES ADAMS, President. Abkl G. Davis.Secretary. oc lo-eofiin THE OHXY PREPARATION WORTHT OF UNIVERSALCONFIDENCE & PATRONAGE *t>R STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLE KG YMF N, LADIES, and GENTLEMEN iq all parts of ike world testify to the effioacy of PROF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTOKATIVR mil centiemen of the Preaa we nanunou* in lla praiaa. A few testimonial^ only can l?e here gi ven tee ri ouiar for uiora.aud it will ba impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall NKW S ou*, D?O. 20 1858 GmtUm-n : Your not.' of the 15th instant liM t'Pfii received, taring that you had heard that 1 had been benefited by the use of Wood'a Hair Restorative, an requesting mj certificate of thelact if I had no objection to fci ve it. | I award it to you oheo fully, because I think it due. My ace ia aWout in yeara-; the color of my hair tuhiirn, and inclined to ourl. S"ine Sv? or &ix vears Mcce it bfjcan to turn fcray, and the *o\'p <n ineorown of my head to loae ita caneibi ity and inndtuff to form uj "n it. Kaoh of theas dtsatreeabiiitiea incr?a?ed with time, and about 4 months sinne a fourth was added t > th*in. by lutir ?afitac on me top <u in j tieaa and threatening to make mr ball lu this nnplpa?anf predicament 1 wa* induced to try Wood's HaH- Ksktorative, mainly toarreat the lalling off of my hair, for 1 had ">all? ito expectation that gray hairoouid ever be restored to ita original color except from dvea. I was, however, faieatly surprised to find, after the use of two hot lea ouiy, that not only ?m toe failing oil arreauvi. hut the clor waa -estored to the gray hair* ana aensibility to the scalp and dandruff cased to form on my head, reiy much to the gratification of my wife, at whoso solicitation 1 waa inJoc-d to try it For this. among the ma''> obligations 1 owe to her aex, I strongly recommend all ftushaiida who va.ue the adreirati n of th?ir wtvi to profit by my example, au<! nee it if jrowmr gray or gettln- ha d. Very rwpeotfuH*, Ben A. f,A vrnDx* To O.J. Wood & Co.. 444 Uroadway. N. Y. My family are absent from tka oily, and 1 an nc longer at No. 11 Carrol Piaoa. Si\?f#TO!i, Ala., Jalv *?. I4>9 To Papv. O J. Woow ftur Sir? Your "Hair r?atorativa" ha? done my hair ao much good ainoe oimnare-Kl th* use of it, that I wiah to make known to the pnblio of ita eff ecta onthe hair, whioa are treat. A man or woman ma? benearly depriv-d of hair, and by a roaort to your "Hatr Rratorauv?* the hair will retarn mora beautiful than ever; at laaat thia ia my experience. Believe it a'l Youratrnlv, Wx. H.Kihut. P. 8.?You oan pvbliah the above if yoa bke By publishing in our Sontharn papers yon will cat m patronage Sonth. I a<*e aeveral of yonr oar tificatea in the Mobile Mercury, a atronr Houth? rn paper. . \V. H. Keiidt WOOD'S HAIR RECTOR ATI YE. P*of.O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Having had the misfortune to Iom tie beet portion of my bair, from the efeeU ?tf the yen ow fever, in New Orleans lu 1*51,1 was inauoed to make a trial of roir areaara Una. ?bd round it to answer m the T?rj tiling n^:<1ed. Mr hair ia now thick and gloss*, ami no worda oan express my oh i*at:on* to yon iu giving to the efflioted auoli a treaeare Fthlxt Jok.i>:o? The R ^ato retire is pnt u p in buttiee of three nixes, viz : large, medium and ema'l; the small hold h*lf * Pint, wed if tails for one dollar per bottle; the Medium holds at least 90 per oent. more in proportion than the amall, retails for two dollars per oiltle; th# lanr* ho ds a eaart, ?o per oent asore in proper Uon, kimI retails for MX O. j. WOOD fc CO., Proprietors, 444 Broai way. New York. i?l 114 Market street, St. Lome Sold in thia o tjr by C. STOTT, 3T5 Pa. avenae. aw TT foir nlw . ??OUGHi>, COLDS HOARSfcN B88, to. COMPOVXD SYAL'p'b&UUM ARABIC. ThU?i?*a*nt and popular JVmIi V1^/ t?mm Iop.? known and y U* } ITinf'/irv JZdaK5u?iw?t!#i * dnijt WOOD AND COAL. \r WOOD AND COAL. OU Will your raonft'i *-<>rtli by naliinr at the PIONEKK MILLS, fmMinii cm tur a} frvrntk ttrett and Carnal, (UGO FAtiK, Agent ) 'l itey a?ll cli?p?r ud live better m?utir? than any othert in the eity?cut. ?plit, and delirered free of ohftr(?. If tui don't Uli??? it. kit* tli* Pioneer Mill* atrial, and We aatisfted. ja tt-lyj WOOD AND R II * t. Delivered to all part* of the ottyTat the lov?wi possible ratea. T. J. Jt W. M. GALT, OfiM 89S Pa. a*., botvaon 11th and ltth ?u, mal7-tf north tide. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D SlrM. t,>lIMia Ilk ui If"* We have iiiKt MiM a BMitor of lr? ?1m CARRIAGES, ?uob m L'*ht AHKi.jnMr ! H'mvUI, fnrk PktMlotl?, rimtly Car Huk ra?4 Fuftttt, which we will eeilalW * rrr? ?tn.\L profit. t$*inc praeticaJ mochaniee in different trencher of the buemeea, we falter ourse'r** that we ko<>? Cetylee and ot work that wiii fire natia Uon, combi;;in| .ichtueet, comfort and durabi'u t y i Roeainnc promptly an-' oarefal'ij attended to tae ?horfo?t notioe roott r??R.?'l aMe e^n-rea. WALTER, KAKMANN * BOFP, Coachmakere, oonaaora to Win. T. Hook. ap T7-dly HP f # u?nBi'? i. HE 8iboor1J*r G55C mule addition*!* hi titery, mxlii-x it to* oc? of the the District, vne.e his laeiliUe* mkcciftcturineCAKRlAtiE * WAGONSof k., kiada ounot be >vrp%a??d, ao? from hi* lone eiperiacoe in the bui&(M,k?k?|M to aire c?ner*i Mtir^ftation. 1 Ah kmaS of C?rn*cM ut kigkt Wi{?u koyt oi bund. ( AdJt^AI R8no>tiy4o?o,kJU*Uord<rkp?H wlr """"^sstnssszr . |A. 4?BMTOR, L5 BUTIHOM LOCK HOSPITAl* Hmt Ditt?wU Iks mil Ctrt*m, Spwdf. mmd mU? EfttmtU R*m*4f m tlu World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMED ATELY. A CWRE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAB9Mt IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. WnhNi?ftM Kitk,9tyiit?Ni Aftittm if i^tyt Ud BiiJdlt. uvAlanutt *?1 aklliu, Karramaraaa, Dya<>*pa?, ka>(>ar.^a* tviriU. Caa> it Idaaa, Palpilrlian aart,T*m<dilT.T?ama!i?fat Diianaaa ( tight ar lidi'i Dvaaaa iftki liii,TkmV Rmi ?r Itin, AVi.uwi ! iki kditt, htntcli u Bavala? Urn Ttrtitl* I>t?a?dar? tnm-.f Iran Satiury lakita ?< Taa:l?iba?a Dr?xJf?: ar.d Daairvccra Pritucn vkiak r?Bitt Muiiifi lagpaaaikla, ud d??ir?T Mu Bad? tad Mia4 Tom HII Baptala!!* wka k??a kacama ika ntdaarf altary Ttaa, Ikii draadfal and UatuaauTa kaku w hiak aouaall* awaapa m CD mniimaif fr**a tbaaa^r.da afVaa- f Man af ika tb?ai a?aitad lalat.n and knilaot ;ot?l'atl, wha in fist atharwiaa kt?l atranaad llatamnf Saaaiaa ?i;k tkaUaaaara af alaaaaaaa aa wakad la iwiu; tta ilaiag lyra, My Mil vUfe ikll taaft4aaa?, tuttuai. MiUIII riuom ?? Yaacf Maa uauapliu>| Mac rlirt ?i - # + ? *- ? ?, -"I"" 4*'*riB!t1M, * , >p**dl. T *?T?d. lit w*> >!?( lu-'iilfwidii tki tin ( Dr I. My raltft a?ly could# ia hi* hanar a |>Mliau u< MiUntlf ill; pan kta (kill M " ' ' ? ?? (irrics t au*Ti rkiDuncimin, lift kud ildaifMi( (im lUtlam ???, ft v Mm hn Uiiit ii. ritl mi wtknm u< iibkir. km** ill ka paid u' aaatala t !> ). ?&. iuanrroH, Hiakin ( tki fcayai Catla(i llirpm, fc?daa. ptlKH hm mi if tki rml uaiaiot CaUifii ia tki Vattad luiat, udthi [intit ft-ltfvkMi ..fa an kno ipiat la tki kaaCtli if LmJr, hni, Philadalpkia aad iliivkm, kai tad aaraa af tki raait aatac taking tarn tkal wan ITN ki.awa; ikwj iraaklid attk rinficj la tka kaad aad aafa whan ailup; friat mriaaiciaa, kainf ilunid U aaddaa mull, kainralnau with fraqaaut klaahtng, atuadad iiai .... w.? ..nmxmi x mdi, vara ( > lanaaUMIT. nu ritriciuui iotick. Twb[ Mas and atbara wtt hifi in|iit4 taaaaalaaa ky MrvuD prtcuci iadaif ad in wkl> alaoa?a habit friqiai "I I laamad fraa a?il caacpaniaaa, ar at atbaal, Ua afacta af tilth art btly fait a?au akin aalaap, amd if sat aarad. raodara marriafa li^paankla. aad daauaya talk alld 1*4 bad*, alvaald apply imuaduMly. Thaaa ara aaroa aftha aad and aoalaackaly alitu aradaaad ky aarly bakiu af ?aa;*? *i? : Waakt tai aftha l*tk aad Utaka, ran.a in Ua Kaad. Diemaaa af Sifht, Laaa af MaatCal Paaar, Palptuuac af tha aarl.PripapaT, Waraaaa Irn.akid ty, Daranf amant aftha Oifiitifi Faocuana, aoarai Daktlt<y vrapiama of Canacn>puan, ftt. MENTALLY ,-T' a fa.rfa! aft eta aa Ua alad arc aaak M ha draadad?Laaa af Mat?ry, Caofaaian af Idaaa, Paaraaaiaa flpinu, E?il Farbadn.^a, AaaraiaaafBaciatr.Malf-DiatrM, ka<a af Baluada, Tiauduy, au.,na a?taa af Ua arila paad?aad. NKHVOfB DU.kirr -Tkavaaada a. a Nfllln Till la lha ?<?> ?f lhair dacliuinf kaalik, iMinf tbair aifaa, ba niiu j waak, pala, biniu aud amatiaiai, ti'ia| aauifatai ayaa, ?jgfc ar ?ynipi?MT taa?pfl? DIIICAItJI Or IMPRUDEHCK. Vku (ka ii.?(aidt<t Kodinwi(!?iiTMU7?r Ii4i k fars irabibad Us* aaaila ?( thia pairifal diaiut, It taa afwa kappana thai ui ili-iuaad iiui ( ahama ar drud ( duca'in da;ara him fram applvUif la ikaaa wba, frarn adacuw ui MapaclabUilp, caa afana kafnaad him. (all? ium iba kauda a( ifnaraiii and daaijnnj prataodara, *ha. u.capabla f caribf, tick kia pacamarp anl>a.aj,ca, katp kin tnllaf aaauihafiar mauih.araa lacf aa lha amltaai faa e--o ba abUiual, and ta daapair laa?a aim with raiuad baalib u aurt ?ar tua (alUtif diaappainuaar.t; ar bp lha aaa af that daadlt paiaao, marcar*. baatan tba canatiiauanal aymr-.aoia ?t ibu tarnbla dtaaaaa. aaeb aa ifatnaMadti aa? kin. Ac.. prM(iuir.| with frlffctfal rapidity, ull daalk paw a triad ta hia oraadfal aaf ariura ky ndinf kin ta Uat aadlaaaaarad caaotry fram v kaaa Warn* aa (ri'tlii nimi ML JOIRIOIf 1IMIDT r<)ET)MA.iriC WE AM HI AMD IMPOTKIICT. By Ula (tin aad Uaaanani rusady vaakaaaa af Ua argaaa ara apaadily aarad aad fail rigm raatatad. Tfcaaaaadt *?Ul naat narvaaa aad dakUtmad, vka had laat all feapa, kara kaaa imaadlattly rallarad. All tnpadimaata la MarrUfa. Fkyalaal a* Maalal tMaaaatt aauana, kaaa af hawadlri Pnai, Barvaaa lrniakiilty Tra?klic( and Vaakaaaa aa Bzkaaauaa af Ua Baalfaaiftj Mad apaaadtly aarad. ciDoutMin or rum nam. TIB BAIT TBOBBAVMaarad atiki. ,, .>.>1. lk? lut iitnuu tmii, ui tfe* lutmi lapwuit (MriMl Mtatiwta p*rrerm*a k< Dr. by M UNiun af tk? MfM ui May Mill Htiwi, mU*m *IKk kl>l iMund iflli ud >|tii U* k?lidil fell IUliV| U I fUlllBU ?f tkUUUI UI IHMMl Mlny, U t laSt'/tat rivrtatM ??ik? )uS-if ma The abore PURK WniSKY.Corrn Ptitillet TBCM Maltxv Giain, beti?* superior and nifonr in its&lity, er.d highly improved by Me, i? preferred by oonaumera t? all other Whutaee, and par tic a larly reenmmendeJ by the beet jtaymciana anc ehnnisU ae ?or?o??inf all the requirement* of 7Y?u Tonic mnd /: ?xtdtal Atmt. Thf Sebni Ikuf W#ler oi Phijadalpl-ia, uaed it the (hsMHation ef tela Whitky, u f rcv-d by \na'y eta to be the eofteet and purest waiter in the United Htatee; and to tlwa map, ia a rreat decree, be at ttfbated the exoeileaoeof UaaWkukr. Kora&ieDy frklman> SIm'pson. frfcn.ii I>i?ti;;?rT. On U?e Sokaylkilt rirer. Pkiitdelpni* 0?oee?96 wall itreet, New York ; lot Sostl Front*tr?et, Pinlad?l?hte. "^rM? Ladies thick winter boots of Kid Mori toco, U"at? Skin. Laitinc*. buttoned, I.acsd and Velvet T''nnm?d HE] AI*oMlwe< U<.ot^?fth? aameatyie .afif K ; 'line f oin .V o- nt* to ?1. r-nr fair, lover than elsewhere ia the en*, at J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Ma k-1 Staee Pa. ar. brt 6th an<l *th ?trweta Ladies' and Niim' Loh K ?r>t>-r Hoots. ia2?o C5 K a K O IS! A R I V II V o n f\ n ? . _ - - Cloaka, SUwli, _ M*nne;?, Mennos, Ottornara. Blanket*, Fall Cloth.. L.uaey.. ~ Fancy S?ik.. Silk Kobea, ^ Pojlma, Valencia*. K?p?, Yarn*, Hooped gkirU, I nth Lipids, Bhoatincs, IWkina, ?/u ? Beaw Cloth, Sack Flaan*l. Wh'-te Goods. .Linen Bets, ? Euiliroide^ i<w. Bombaxinee, Atpaoms. Co?forts. Towelincs. A II HI Wnioti mrm nff.?r t to tk? *. ? m v"-r? w M,v" vuvi * fiivn- ^ ui*. w:r- imp*. TAYLOH * nrrrniHON. A UTOUIOGRAPHY OF THE REV. ALKX/* CnUJ*. (liniiW of Inwerk- ncrt?. in? Meanri?tB ?f th? M?n and Krrr.U ofku Tim*. 1 vol.; print *1 60. ,. Huu>r? of lord Baooi, Iron ii>NbluWd uy Wm. Bn*o<U Diioc, nTU* Inner Temple, I vol.; priaeZl ?. . w BLd.MCHARD * MOB UN, J* *? e?mier fcloreetb ??. wtd I'*. ?>. TEE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Waiec ? Hi?ir vmrtatf af I?i w?iat r?<! > PrxJay aoraiag. , ?? Tea oopiM __ ... _ , , I o? IVlTtT i"T t~|l? It ta variably ooataiaa th? "Waaluaftoa New" Uat haa mad* Tkt DmUw Imw Star mnmlatt . ao gaaaraily throacboattiMooaatrr. nySimlaaoyi? (ta tiayyan ?aa fca jraaarad at tka aoaatar. laartuMy after U? mm at tfea pa*ar. Pruw-THRKB CENTS a pnrrn ? ?? ??*? * ? fio^uvahurt al. tn,wc /emale education. s&j^rki'issa'stevess mutb .lu4 n? **"" " ' w?.?mkm.t.mcpa?w,^ HHioa ox (tu liitlUtlM wiil oommeaoe os Tu?day.lMh. ibU* fcjTifsvi, ssr Tb* oonrw of atad? yiim*d trill ooaipriaeail the branohaa ra^iiuU to ft tkoroifb liafa M* option, ud Muaio. Freoota, Laua Mi Drawing. ?' do* l rod. In attdttioa to dty nIwIv*. Mr*. MoCorniak ia irtfarad to raaaiw a liwM ?bat of paput as boarders. who. oouatiluUnc a tart of bor oti 1MB ify. wdl bo mmot bat immediate oar* and auperr, aion. She will MMTor.a*lar a* poeaible, to mm' round then with the oomforta aad kindlv iuhmn of Home. X<^(a(N.-ln. Goo. H. Nortoa. Bar. D?. Kl?ae Harneoa, Bar. D. P.Stnci, Williaa . lowia, M., Rdrar Soowden, baa.. Edmund P7 wttraer Em., Hoary Marbar?, Lh.. Lewie M<Rwih> Em., Robert H. H6nt?B. Kea . W D. Wailaoh BB?CTg**J ga?B- .? < J .. , n.aiDVMiOMOU Measrm. fclaoklook k Marakall, MMnrXw BroUer*. Tnii. Board. with Taition is ail th? Kn?ltah BitMkM, ?? ' for the aiWBaJ eeeeioo-parable eeou aaauui*. in advance. Keeic ud I^uicaacM at Profaeeora' pnoe*. T No extra charge*. ae ?-atl ?(Vi Owik, r*M. Hwmmh. /* A-*?tn My IrrtiWlM ?r 8er* J?i l^nrttf, MmU? Calmrrk, Cl?r mmd rift ?ir??(l4 l?> Iti rotw ?r ,u "li,C8iRIM.K "* Few ar* tvan of the importance of cLeedac a | Coach or ' Common ColT* in iu *"< **' wnica in tat bogHa womld y tald to * wQ nil dr. if negieoUrl. oonattaoka Ue Lonia. "Brmim i Track**,* oontAirwcr uem?Tc?nt ingredenU, Pumoun and Bionahial Irritation. "That tromhJo id my Throat, (tor BROWN'S vhioh tho "7N <** ?" araaapooifcr having mad* mo cftra a more vti TROCHES paror." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Gr*at aemoo i n cubd u ag HoU'i BROWN'S hoi." REV. DAN I liL WISE. TROCHES iZSSZSttSSSX SSaltlr BROWN'S 10 A. C. R6GLE8TON. TROCHES " Contain so Opna or anything injnriuu?." DR A A Hj> ES. BROWN'S Cktmiit, B??t?a. TROCHE .OWN* "" 6. t. ElOELgW^ TROCHES " j'fS'^MI!. BROWN i> ? | bKTr frw*4 IhMn MO?I%nt for TROCHES W.orrjj. Cor.,r WA RR R<Si BROWN'S u B?n?fieit! whw ?om*?U?d to | TROCBK81 BROWN'S *lth lruu" ? TROCHES " STACYA?^2^^. brown'H1 T-n^srsSEV* TROCHES1 "Great bttwii *h? taken Mm and fcflor praaahlDg. aa th*? prrr?i.t BROWN'S Hnarnenoan. From th?ir pa*t?C*ett 1 think th*y will t? of p?rm*nei>t ndTROCHES raatu* to HRKV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S PrNidMt of Atlwni Coll?fe, Tonn. TROCBES d? 1 1* - - ? rpHK ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TR1ESEMAR, 1,1 a~ii7 S-Protected by Roeal Letters Patent of England, aud a*our??ii by the t>*<a;s of the Ecols de Pnarmaoie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medisiue. Vienna No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, and al> physical disabilities. No. 2 oompietety eradicates all traces of those diseases that hare been hitherto treated by the aac seous and pernioi' ui nee of oesaiva aud oubebs. No. 3 ha* entire!* supplanted the injurious aee of mercury, thereby Insuring to the sufferer speedy relief. diap?raing all impanuea, and rooting out the venom of diaeaae. TKIE#F.MaR. No*. t.Ssnd S. are prepared in the form of a losenge, devoid of ImU sod amel , and oan be carried in the waietouat pocket, how in tin oaaea. and divided mtoaeparate docea.aa ad miniate red by Vepeau, emanri, Kous. Rioord, Ac Price #S each, or foar oaaea for #9, which savea SS; and in IT! oaaea, where I.? tnere i? a aav insnf#<?. To be had, wholesale and retail, of I)r. BARROW, of 194 B.<"cker ?treet. New York, immediately onreoeivins a remittance, l)r Harrow will forward the Tneswnar to any part of the wor d, securely packed, and addressee asoordinc to the in tract]"n? of the writer. The Book, of all others, that ebon Id be read by men with damaged and broken down oonebtntiona la "Human FraJIt*, or Ph*aioio<ieal Keeearcbee" It is beaaufnlly illeatraud, and treeta ? cutely of ail tna *ymp onia that invanab!* develop them *'Tee. eooner or later, reeuitong from the rratltiea and vitiating habita or earlt joeth, inoaeaoitatm( the victim from ahanr.g the fraition of Uie matn moaiai state, and. if not coeoked in time. d<wwerating ail the fkr.otiona of Bean hood, and bringing kim.etep by atep ton lingering aad nntimely death. Ho G by Dr. HA N KOW.194 H wk?r atreet.loar doora bMow Macdougal, New York. Pnoe ? Bold &Im by 8. c. Ford, Jr., Dr*f Stor*. Wwh intton. P C. d?|M? FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER S f AND ENVELOPE* NO TO MATCH. I MttM CHARGE! METROPOLITAN ^ BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS, ix?Ki /or L?*rmu?$ e*libra ted Ltmm Ptfiri, "Metr^'itmm Mill*:' tr., ft. t? V ly >3* Pa. ar? bt. W ?d l?t* ate. 1861 . 1861 Commence tkm Ymvr a XHary. A v? ?*?.! Pocket CuMtmot fur reciatartnc rent* put. irMtnt, ar.d fata re; onntalniat rmte* of poatage. almanac, * (.lank apao for Maorihoi fur every day is Um rwr, twh tooaaii for ?*eh month. Mnul aoniMrj of out Meout bula payable sad reo^irabie. I*>nt b? witfcoat oae o? ww uaafal httie aea^aira. Ta* a?oat mmIM, *Tjr WfVtllak?Mfltr?di*o .not of BWTMt of of ?lT Ihan? mwhh< from ma W?tr* SS2S??5^~ I All'KT IK< ElVKI) T PIJSN' H * *IC^lir^RIN *. ?T? Ptu. ifNt*. Mtrion flnkM, or Huhor U *??< by M*Ur LmAm; If , elut*; ??rt bf an I wW? Note* oa D*#l? iM ; Itw. cloU; fl-? bv ml. ttuoyMj'* <U<M*r?'?d Poem.; ololk gilt; |t? Lwib'i Rmm mm UIik >l?tt fMtwt, W7rTSU. Ik* Miml'i Wn kf. I <>*r aral kt*rj 4tatx>mnt oa Books from Um iMIIMkf I l|k|p FRENCH * IKNTRK. J>T 1IT* n?? (j^CHOOL AND OOLi.Mtt Otilri ?<YtUkt' mmi fmr 8'k?l mmd rt^jftggs?a5tT<jnaJc I ^ jgss&sm " Ht'MU tit oo. | ^iMNMi KlJf? 4 BURCMtLL. H

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