Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1861 Page 3
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I OCA L NEWS" HZr"TH* St*.* pabllahea the List of Letters remaining in the Wash tag ton City Post OfBae under the proTtaiona of the law directing them to be printed In tho new*paper having the largest elrrulat'on withtn the delivery of the offlco. Its tottT dally circulation la more than doable that <?f any other Dally printed in the District of Columbia. CTThco^h Thi Ptai la printed on the (kiM w.tiit prune In oac eouth of Baltimore, lta edition la an large ae to require It to be pat to preaa at an early hoar; Ad Yrrtl semen ta, therefore, should be "at In before 12 o'clock tn.; etherwlae they may not appear until the n*rt day. a - a _m ? a_? - ? ? * iiuTics.?uiwici pi v/oiumDia Advertisements to be liltilad In tbe Baxtimork Srsare received at and forwarded from Thk Sta* Office. Job* Leach?The longest re?!dent of Washington, and In all probability tbe moat aged, la fobn Leacb. tbe subject of this notice Ha is lamlllar to our cttiiens aa the 'eW hoop man," who, from tbelr earliest recollection, has earned a scanty subsistence bygoln?( from houae to houae repairing old tuba. &c.,and receiving such cbarL ties as famillea, In tbelr ktndneaa,lee fit to beatow upon him In this w*y he has earned barely antiiclent to support his own and tbe life of his a*ed wife,who has long been almost helpless from disease. John Leach waa a soldier of the Revolution, having entered tbe armynear Little York, Pa , as a drummer boy. In 1777, in Gen Wayne's 1 1 -? ? * * uTigaur, ana uanq jenuy wu rai?*-rt to tbe post of fonge master. He was at Paolt, where his brother* were massacred, and be himself narrowly escaped the general slaughter. He beat the drutn when rrrruits were mustered for tb? expedition against Stony Point, and marching with those l>r?ve-hearted men, was present at the storoiitfg and surrender of that stronghold. Tbe record evidence of his service which ought to appear tn the department, has ben destroyed or Ntver existed His companions In arms are. probehlv, all dead, and there seems now no way to establish his claim and secure to him the benefits t>f a ptnslon. On the 5tb of February next, he will be one hundred years rid His form Is bent, his step tottering and his eye dim, and he will soon go to rest, and to that long home where be will meet tbose who fought side by side with him In tbe day of our nation's greatest struggle. May bla una his aged partner's la?t motne'its be peaceful aud happy. A Til AC SEROUS YY OK KM AX DISMISSED.?A workman named Martin, employed in the labor. I - * IU- V f ? " -" - ih>'j - .ur rmmwy i uo. was yesteraay aitcbarbed Tre??i the position in consequence of having been detected in scheming with a party named Smith, In Virginia, to communicate information to the letter concerning the secret of manufacturing a pecul'ar fuse It is well known that the se^r-ts of the pyrotechnic department of our Navy-Yard are guarded with great care from discovery, so much so that no titan employed therein is permitted to know more than one branch of the work on which he is employed. This measure is absolutely necessary in order that improvements continually made by Capt. Dahlgreen may not transpire to the detriment of the Government. It seems that several davs ago Martin received a note from this man Smith, who resides in Charlestown, Jefferson county," Va , asking for information in relation to the manufacture of different kind* or ruse, and promising an ample remuneration for the secret, and Indeed of communicating the fact to Capt. Dahlgreen. Martin kept the secret to himself, and went to work to find out all he could about the subject upon which the information was required. He was suspected and watched, and at last detected in a manner to warrant hia Immediate dismissal, which was done. Lictpkk'?Prof. Barnard delivered hia Hfth and last lecture at the Smithsonian last night Hla subject was, Circular, Elliptical and Rotary 1 olarization The lecturer illustrated the various binds of light?common light, plain polarized light, and circular polarized light?by means of apparatus difficult for us to explain. * After dismissing a few minutes the nature of the principles he Intended to illustrate, and proving by mathe wauuai uia* ou mc uiacrrucc in reiracuon and reflection, the room was darkened, and the various tlnta of circular polarized light were produced upon a screen. Circular polarized light can be forme* by rinsing a ray to mm through an ordinary quartz crystal, a glass tube filled with dissolved sugar, or through most of the volatile oils The next course of lecture* commence on Monday night l'rof. Alexander, of Princeton College, then givss a course of lectures upon Solar Eclipses, particularly that of last year. We are informed that the nature of the lectures will r?nd*-r them far mare interesting to the masses than any before this season. Cold Quart***.--It is well known that the ?.?u im i * ?kl. *V? - V.. W s v iij im iiuvsicu ai iui? *raw.>ii ui lur y cai u > uuaii of vagrant* who live by their wits, picking up by begging and stealing enough to procure subsistence and a supply of the indispensible whisky. \V here thev all lodge at night has, however, never been definitely settled, as it is certain that only a portion of tbem go to the guardhouse Last Wednesday night, a gentleman going to the Smithsonian noticed from the Tenth-street bridge a party of these vagrants occupying sleeping apartments among the lumber piles that skirt the canal They were lying three de?*p in a bunk, and apparently as comfortable as pigs in a pen. Th- protection of property requires that these unfortunates should be cared for, and humanity suggests their con fiuement in the workhouse. where they may support themselves by their labor It it surprising that tbev would rather run the risk of freezing in the lumber-yards than occupy warm quarters at the asylum and pay for them by their laWr. The . reason is that whisky, which tbey cannot get at ,*the asylum, is as dear to them as life. %-r The Achievements o? D* Pchlosse*.?Dr. * fchlo?s?rr, the renowm d chiropodist, will continue fit tills city for a short time longer, for the purpose f giving corn-and-bunion-afflfcted people the benefits of his professional skill Since nls stay here he has relieved a great number of parsons of ?UW pcvv, WUII^U IlUt UUlJf 1 1X1JTUC ilM.UJUUIIUII, but which render life Itself miserable Many persons In this city who were relieved of their troubles in this respect by Dr Schlosser, exult over the relief they have experienced, and declare that not only was the operation of removing their c?rn* a parallel one, but thecoma were eradicated so completely that no trace of them waa left. Who would suffer from sore or diseased feet, when the cause of the pain can be so eaaily and readily removed ? -The expense is nothing compared with ibe comfort secured. The Fcnkeal of tub late W*. H. Dumdas. Setoud Assistant Postmaster General of the I'nited Stairs, took place at the Chnrch of the Ascensioa yesterday afternoon at two o'clock. In the presence m? m l?piru aitannV*1 au? nf p?lxti vol a nd f?iana **? V* ? iui wa v*- u.iu at ivuu* 11 ttie deceased. Re* Dn. Pinkney and Buck rficUted. and an appropriate s'-rmon waa preached by Dr Pinkney, at the close of which he pronounced a feeling eulogy upon the character of the deceased. Nearly all the clerka of the Pomt Offl-e Department were present, wearing mourning badges. The remains were interred in the Congressional Cemetery. Tub Wbstirx mkbchasts who have been visiting Philadelphia, and comprising men of substance from Chicago and Milwaukle, to the amber of one hundred snd thirty gentlemen, are Cipctvcu IH D^IWIUWIC *uw ?* *.! awu, BliU W I u take their quarter*at Barnum'i Hotel. They will C>bably remain in Baltimore till Monday, and n visit Washington, as their chatrmaa, J as H. Talker, fcsq , addiesnrd a despatch to the Railroad Company In relation to a visit hero over the Washington branch The visit will be msde on Monday, as tbe visitors retnrn homewards on Tiusday next CoMMvniCATioxs ?We are In the constant receipt of carefully written thoughtful articles upon tbe present condition of national affairs, which merit publication; bat which tbe size of our * - w -1? ..S.kl. ... ... > paper, ana ine uuuriy wi tm itncw 01 awivui vwutv requiring attention, ntu-rly precludes u* from giving space to Will our correspondents, one and all, receive this In explanation of the nonappearance of Ibrlr favors. Sovr Horsi ?We are glad to notice a called meeting of the English Lutheran Chnrch for Monday evening to establish a soap bouse. Surely with multitude* around us without employment, suffer!og children and needy psreuts, no other appeal will be necessary to arouse the hearts of the many who ever cheerfully feed the hungry and clothe the naked. Go to the meeting without fail. ' srialisr. CLOTBiRe.?uii i nuraasT nign-, lne Journeymen employed la Kahlert's bakery, corner of Seventh and D sts south. lost tbelr dress clothing while it work la tbe bake bouae Suspicion reded on a jrouag man named Smith, and tbe oMcers were put upon hi* trail He waa seen last night wltba coat aa,which It la believed waa one of the garments, but was not arrested. Abstraction or Labs Wamasts ? It has been lately discovered that there haa been five bounty t?nd warrants abstracted from the Land OAce Three of them have been returned relocated. The Department has bees busily engaged for several days past la ferrying ant tbe theft, out a m yet have found aa cine to It. Hop at t?iA?mi flovsa ?A pleasant "bop" cam* off at King's Avenue Book on Wedne?day atght, aoder the ausplcr* of mat of the lady hoarder*. The dancing wu kept up with much spirit until the small hoar* Wm-rravnsT's Gallsbt ?Though all outside affairs are turned tonsy-tnrvf, rot this gallery la till the most attract!* of Its kind. His Album Card* are esgsrly sought after ? Am Sfafss end V*i? ' ^ v * -v ; > >' ?>.'?*- I . # V Swim Coc*t?TkmrtdMi ?Wm PInkney ! Wtayte, Esq , of Maryland, and M. J Emmona, En , of Wtsconatn. and D Movar, Eaq , of Kentucky, were admitted attorney* and counaellora of this Court. No. 51. Chaa. P Mayer, surviving permanent trustee of Jobn Gooding, appellant, set Robert Rivera' eiecotoia Thla cauae vai argurd by Mr Reverdy Jobnaon for the appellant, and submitted on a printed argument by Mr. J Mason Camnh^ll mnA Mp HnUnv -J- ? - ? vuihii j ivi iuc aypcutci' No. 52. The United State*, appellant*, agt. the Widow and heir* of Apolinanio Miranda, deeeaaed Appeal from the dlatrlct court of the United State* for tbe northern diatfict of California Ob motion of Mr. Attorney General Stanton, thta appeal from the aaid dlatrlct court waa affirmed. No. 28. Tbe United State*, appellant*, ra the beira of Felipe Hernandet, deceased Appeal from tbe dlatrlct court of the United Stat*-* for tbe aouthern dlatrlct rf California Un motlonjof Mr. Attorney General Stanton, tbla appeal from the aaid dlatrlct court in thta cauae waa affirmed. No. M The United State*, appellant, r*. Joae Caatro, et al Thla cauae waa argued by Mr. Attorney General Stanton for the appellant*, and by Mr Swann for the appellee*. No 64 The United Statea, appellant*, va Jo?e Noriega et al. Appeal from the dlatrlct court of iL. * * ? I -* * - - * " * ? ~ iu? l iiiira shim ror me nort&erh district of California On motion of Mr Attorney General Stanton, tbla appeal from tbe said district court In this cause was affirmed. Adjourned. Friday.?No 300 The Peoria and Bureau Valley Railroad Company and the city of Peoria, plaintiffs in error, agt. Richard Uneer. In error to the circuit court of the United States for the northern district of Illinois. On motion of Mr Kellogg, this writ of error was docketed and dismissed. with costs No 56 John Orier etal , plaintiff in err c r,ai?t S M Mezesetal. This cause was argued by Mr. Blair for the plaintiffs in error, and by Mr. Janin for the defendants in error. No. 57. Jas N. Holton. treasurer of Benton county, plaintiff in error, act. John Thompson. f n ?* * " ' " * ' - ... v.. v. W luc uircuu ruuri ui IUC t 111 V Q JMaMrl for the district of Indiana. On motion of Mr. Howiand, of counsel for the defendant In error, this wilt of error was dismissed, with costs, und^r the 16th rule No. 59 John D. Clements, appellant, a?t. Jonathan R Warner. This cause was submitted to tbe consideration of the court, on the record and printed arguments, by Mr. Ives for the appellant, and Mr. R E. Williams for the appellee. No 53 Franklin Mooreetal., platufTffs in error, agt. tbe American Transportation Company. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. C. J. W alker for the plaintiffs in error, and continued by Mr. Hubbard for the defendants in error. Adjourned until Monday. Circuit Court.?The court was engaged this mOPnilltr In Hi>*r1ncr />? ' - ^ pt ... iuc vaac UI aauilis vuifllion upon kaheai corpus It appeared In evidence tbat the petitioner, on the iv!d inst , claiming to be the owner of a certain house and lot on Capital 11111, entered upon the same by means of a key wblch be bad, and held possession thereof until < tbe evening or the next day, when Judge Purcell, 1 claiming to be entitled to the possession of tbe 1 bouse, summoned Justices Giber son and Fergu- 1 son, who adjudged Coleman guilty "forcible eatry and detainer." It was. however, finally agreed between tbe parties that upon delivery of possession to 1'urcell, and npon undertaking to pav the costs of tbe preceedings. the affair should end. and upon this agreement Coleman was dis- j charged On the next day. a demand was made i on Coleman for costs, which. It was claimed, amounted to ten dollars. Coleman's counsel, however, not agreeing with the justices in their legal right to make the demand, refused to pay anything until a bill apeelfying items was pre nrnica. a demand ln>wrlting wu mad.', but It | not appearing exactly right on lta face, was likewise repudiated, and thereupon Coleman was arrested. and committed to tbe county jail. The ! court discharged the petitioner The case of tHraub agt Hdes was then taken up, j and was pending when our report closed. j Theater ?Jefferson bad a rousing benefit last night, of course The "Cricket on the Hearth" was the opening piece, and went off Immensely to the satisfaction of the audience, albeit It bad not been quite as carefully rehearsed as was de- , irable. Mr. JeflVrson's "Caleb Plummer," In quiet aflVctive pathos, reminded one of Charley Burkf's "Grandfather Whitehead." Miss Mann's "vm ' wu a manning piece or acting, and we may add that abe look'.d tbe part to perfection ' The ' John Pecrybingle" of Mr. Roy? was tbe j very best thing we have ever aeen him do, with a , noticeable freedom from the rant which tbis actor i sometlmta indulgea in, and to which the part rather invlU-a the Injudicious actor. MitaShaw waa fair aa-'Tilly ^lowboy;'' Mr. Bartholomew good aa "Tackleton;" and Mra. Mann very good aa "Mr?. Fielding." with her reminiscence# of that awful cataatrophe'in "the indigo busineaa." i The o'her parts were well filled. The farce of "Spitfire," with Jefferson aa the central figure, created no end of fun, especially Joe'a adventures upon the brlnvjieep. To night we muat eay gooa-bye to Jefl'eraon. , i ?ku *-?* i.? ?.in. .v- ? > '? auu ?? isvt, iv^riuci v*uu iuc mil prrsented,will occasion rather a rush theaterward, we apprehend. _ Th* Militia.?There appears to be an earnest desire upon the part of oar citizens for the prorer and systematic management of tbe District militia. The War Department. It Is well known. Is strongly in favor of Increasing Its efficiency. Tbe , militia will consist of eight regiments, of ten companies each Tbe Captains and Lieutenants of companies are nominated by tbe Major General, after a careful consideration of tbelr competency to act such positions, and their acceptability to tbe public The nominations are not sent to the de paiiiiicut until lucjr are 1UHV approvoa. 1 DC nil of officer* commissioned will include eighty captaint. and one hundred and sitty lieutenants It it believed that the volunteer militia will be assigned1 to a brigade separate from the ordinary enrollment, and thus constitute a well drilled and efficient force, competent to serve In connection with regular troops in any emergencyMajor James V. Davis was to-day commissioned as Colonel of tbe second regiment of tbe District militia, in place of Col. P. F Bacon promoted. E. C Carrlngton, Esq., was also commissioned as Captain of company A, Union regiment. Cb5tkb Mabkst.?This morning, the market opened with a fair supply of provisions in every department. The offerings of country pork at the scales appear to decline in quantity, but the quality is equal the first of tne season. The ukpd rap r from *f> .Ml tn *7 iwr 1UI lha poultry, too, It lecllntng In quantity, and tbe E rices bare an pward tendency in coasequence. n tbe bay oui ?et the (upply la fully up to the average, and tbe demand varies but little. Tbe practice of offering bay in smaller quantities than In former times has become quite popular with )be regular conntry dealers, and though there are many more vehicles laden with the article upon tbe stands, tbe aggregate quantity Is probably no greater than before. The prices range from 70 to 90 centa per 100 lbs. gnow began to fall about 9 o'clock, making tbe market place quite disagreeable outside the sheds. CkktkaL UitakdhoC#!.?Justic* Thompson ? James Miller and James MrKahn, committed 30 days each, as suspicious characters having no visible means of, support, and being found in a suspicious locality peering and prying about cer,.11o. tk.nT.n.iu_ iiXII.J-1-L.U win v/iiovi ?uvhi uauaiiuui b uitauci|'uia and th?> other from Baltimore. Henry Christine, chafed with open profanity and Indecent language in the streets, and with an assault ou a female; workhouse 60 days . Win. Emmanuel, alias Bub old offender, brought In drunk and disorderly, and charged with assaulting a woman, waa fined ?0 12, which being superseded, I he was about to be discharged, when an officer took him and his security in custody for nonpayment of a former fine. Charles Upperman, a poor, frost-bitten boy, was sent to the almshouse to be taken cars ef. Thk Brass Cui dnly celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Scotia's poet of nature, last s _ ra. l. s# _*_t a. ** ** ctt-iiiiik. > ?ae Eiicwnge noiei, wuere inr f McNtckle, the proprietor, bad prepared for them an elegant and bountiful (upper. After disposing of the good thing* for tbe Inner man set before them, there began a feast of wit and flow of soul i wblch lasted until midnight, In the course of which many appropriate toasts were ottered and duly responded to with speech and song, by Messrs Jamel Clephane, (tbelr president,) J. Blackte, John Brown. Donald McLeod, Henry Landsfleld, W. D Wallach. A. Wood lev, H. B. Todd, W. B. Todd. James Sword, Jno. M Ramsay, and others Tbe evening thus sp??t proved an exceedingly pleasant one. Ms. Sotb***.?1This great eccentric comedian whs i? now performing in Philadelphia to crowded house*, will appear at oar theatre on Monday night The Philadelphia Evening Journal, high critical authority, says of him :?" Mr. Sotbern has made a hit at the Walnnt. Hi* performance of Jule* D'Alber, In the dratta entitled ia wivvf i vi prwpv. a uc pica j will be repeated this eventng We are promised the new Dondreary drama, the American Cousin at home, which la aatd to be equal In point of interest to the original play, aud to which it la a , It la ubiutood that the Grand Junr have presented Hon. John B Floyd, William Russell, and Goddard Bailey, each separately la two caass, and all jointly in a third ease, in connection with the abstracted Indian trust bonds Bailey is presented for the larcoay of the missing bonds, and Ruasell as accessory Ths charge against Floyd l ia ioai oi BHunwuiec in uwcc. ana I or wsing 1 accessory with Balky and Russell ia the abstraction of the bonds. CnntntAl Cotot?Patrick O'Neal, tried yesterday for stealing S51 from Mr. Delano, of Mass., was convieted and sent to the penitentiary for two ears. He has fiffet to eerre a term of two months la Jail for petit larceny. Healer Neal was tried and convicted of steal! ag silver coin from Mrs. Giles, of Georgetown. Hent to Jail for tlx months. Adjourned vm till Monday next. , .* ! ,t| 01 ~ .t * * { * * ?? ? Ntw Co*p*!fT ? huraday algbt, a company to b? attached to tbe National Guard Mattalloa aa Company C. waa organised at tbe Nary-Yard, and tbe following oSteer* electedCaptain. S. A. II. McKlm; 1st Lieut . Wni. H. Barbour; id do., Joba T. Lighter; lat Sergeant. Wm. Steele. Xbe namei of tbe gentlemen selected aa oficers is an afcsnmnrp of the (rand aualftv nf tK* corps A still stronger assurance Is based upon tbe f-ict that most If not sll the company are fetal abstinence men, and not likely to be iitvd Into a measure without giving It a careful consideration Ca?mos M Clat, of Kentucky, will speak at Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh st , it will he seen by a notice elsewhere. From the erentf il political and military career of Mr. Clay, aid more particularly from tbe peculiar position he has occupied in the State of Kentucky upon tbe slavery question, his name has long been prominent before the country, snd tbe curiosity to see and hear him is undoubtedly very great Odd Fellows Kail Will undoubtedly h* rrnwHwl tn-nlnlit The statement in the Star of last Wednrsday, that Mayor Crawford bad removed certain extra night watchmen of Georgetown, " probably on political ground* altogether," we have tince understood is founded In error. These watchmen were, in the mayor'* opinion, officers de facto; and their principal being ousted, their appointments were by that fact revoked. Mayor Crawford, In this view, was only filling vacancies made, not by him, but by the law. Not Shot.?\\"e *'e assured by Mr. Frank Henrv that the reDort that hm wm ahnt in nine excursion yesterday is quite without foundation. The report was started, be thinks, by persons aware of his occasionally following the sport of gunning, and he says if tbe jokers will show their faces at the office where he works he will give them satisfactory demonstration that he is in sound physical condition. Lakd amd Mosey.?The dealers in land warrants and money have been doing but a light business this week; and the prices of the one and rates of discount of the other have been unchanged. Southern money is at such a heavy discount tLat It Is finding its way home. A sklkct "calico ball," for the benefit of the poor. Is to be given next Wednesday night at Odd fellows'Hall, Seventh street. Mr. Gautler furnishes supper, and all who go will not only have a good time, but wlil be aiding the humane efforts of tbe committee Prof Fha.ncia gives his grand concert on Mnnrfaw nl.rKi -? ?WI11 1-t r> 4 M_ll >m.. at ?- uiaiu* V/VJMVCIk nail. 1 ur beat musical talent in the city will assist upon tbe occasion. See, in another column, Its list of patrons. The Hon. Amos Kendall's Letter*on Secession. Including his celebrated Letters to the President of tbe United States, and to tbe Hon. James L. Orr, of South Carolina, are now published in pamphlet form at Shillington's bookstore. t Lcdim A. Bargy requests us to say that the decision of the Circuit Court in hla case was en* tirely upon the record of the court below, and that no new evidence waa admissible of course there. From Mr. S. W. K. Handy, No. 227 Pkhrbylvamia avknuk. Washington, D. C., Sept. 26,1860. Gentlemm: After sulT-ring severely for three rears with an aKg-avved form of Dyrpfpfia. and making use of many of the popu'ar remedies of the well fts th > prescriptions of some of our most enun^tt physicians?and ail to no purpose?at the suggestion of Mr H. H. Hazard I had reoourse ^ 4l- ? ?"? *- ?''' *1 - * * ku mr? miters wnn me moil lAiutftry reau't. 'loo muoh cannot be aaid in favor of thia valuable rem^y. an<l I hope that ail who are afflicted with that horrible diaeaae, Dyapepaia, will make use of itua remedy at once. 8. W. K. HAiinT. Prepared by Seth W. Fowl* & Co., Boaton, and for *ale in Waahinxton oitr G. Stott, sf. B. Waite Z. D. Giiman. John Schwarze. Nairn &. Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B Moore, and H. H. MoPheraon; in Georgeto?rn by R. S. T. Cias'U, and G. M.t J. Southron, aud by dru;giaU everywhere, ja J6 lw,r Holloway's Pills and Oistmknt Diptheria? In the moat virulent slaves of this mMivnanf a 1 of tKr<,a? - ? va tin vu>?f taivoo IIIVU IVi niporienced the most snorsenful re?u t?- while trt< un-.cds ?uocuinl>ed to the violence of thm disorder, n t a single d-cea?e occurred am ng those who u*od these remedies, thus presenting an ' oasis'' of pi&ciical experience,'mid the de-ert of death of speculative theory. The Royal College of Surgeons awarded them the palm of *iotory a* the only antidote for this distemper, by introducing them into the new edition o 1 their phannaoah>gi&. In Scarlatina, .Mump*. &o.. they are equally efficacious. fold by all Druggists, at 25 ct*., 62 ets., and 91 per box or pot. ja24-lw To the A?fuct*d!? We sure to read the advcra; * - e * t ? 1 Qi > ? ? - . ufiiin i ui .?! n mreruwiemng t^oruiai ana Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Ruvu, Have you *e?n Prof. Wood's advertise rnent in our paper. Rev' it; it will interest jou. au J?-eol j 9IAKRIKD. On Thursday, .Tanuary 24th,by the Rev. Mr. Rus ?eil. at the residence of th? hridn's father, near Rock ille, Md., Mr. J. LAURENCE LOVE. of Washington. I). C.. to E. MINNIE, youngest daughter of Henry West, Esq. * DIED, On the ttth instant, DENNIS COLLIN, in the &3J jrar 01 nis&te Hik funeral will take place to-morrow,(Sunday,) it 2o'olock, from the ooroor of 4>* and D streets. Island. * p SAVE YOIJR MONEY. VIENTLEMEN Can have their Cloaks, Coats, Pants and Ve*t? nicely Cleaned or Dyed at W. H. \V HEAT LEY'S Premium Steam Dyeing and Scouiins Establishment, No. 3b3 Pa avenue, south side, bet wr>en 4K and 6th at*., Washington; or 49 Jefferson st, Georgetown, D. C. ja 24-it TO MEMBERS OF CQNGtlM-Rxtn Pat * eni Office Kep nU, Niies' Keg iter (50 vols.,) and many curious and rare work*. A catai'> ue furnished. Also, a Blue Bo. k. oontiiiinj & list of ati the Officti of t>.? Government of the Uuited States, with the salaried attached. Published and K.ldhy AI.F KKD HUNTER, j\^4-3t* Willanls' Hotel Square. I ASTONISHING, HUT TRITE ! T IS Very et ango that SMITH should ge? in New Goods who.: every bo-lv is eryinj; hard tunes. But he sells his goods at such low prices that the people will buv thein. N B?Just reoeived a lot of rLOTHlNU and FURNISHING GOODS, winch will be sold at 2<> per oent less than their aoA - I I ? A. _ * % s rn ?? iu?i vnuf. /m ^iiuin s, mo. ?ou cevenm si., opposite Poat Office. ja24-lm JNKW BOOKS. UST RKOE1VKU AT FRKNCH A RIOHSTKIN'S, No. 27J* Pexn. Avkncr, The in tht house, a new novel, by John Saundrra. 12mo ,cloth; ?i by mail The Dutch Dominie of the Catakilla. by the Rev. DavH Mur. oca, D. I)..; 41 2S by mail. The Romance of au Irish Girt, 12rao , olotb, $1.00 by maiL A large aeaortmer.t of the beat Miliary Worka I - - L_ -X punn?npu. a jaa* That notice about persons calling to pay up we find by many disregarded W? want it un erstood we are in earned; we want the money for all bills due us. t. j. a. w. m. oalt, . Dealers in Wood and Coal, ia g aft'i Pa. av., let. 11th and Uth sts. W LADIES HO Really wish to economise in these hard times o*u have tn?ir old wearing appare pieHy cleansed or reoolorH at W. H. WHEAT' FY's PREMIUM STEAM DYE'-NG ami zCOURfyG ESTABLISH AEMT, No. 393 south side P??nn. av*nu?, between 4i* and 6th streets, Wa-im gton, nr A O f aIW rann at 4 ? m fx w* m~i T% 1' Ol 9k *? ? vmvi avu v# CVI w U| i/t VI J a lib TJ. & W. M. GALT Deai kss in WOCD AND COAL OiaUktuda. Oflioe?:i*ii Penn. avenue, ja 23 between lith a-?l )2th tieetg. COAL FOR ?6 PER TO!>L-Ju?t arrived from Philade phia, by steamer Seymour, a cargo of Red aod Whit* Ash COAL, which 1 will sHL for cash?Red Ash, 2,240 lbs. to the too, at 96.25; White Ash, 3,240 lbs, to the ton. at *8. SOLOMON STOVER, Office corner 21at and 1 streets, jaW-lw* (State*.t First Ward. NEW PAWN OFF1JE W Q E. w A R D,~Dealer in New? U And Utit Off Clothing, respectfully informs the pubHothat he hu opened a LICENSED PAWN OFFICE at No. 76 Louisiana avenue, between 9'h aad 10th sts., a few door? east of the new Central Guard houae. where he will be at all time* prepa-ed to wait on hia patrons with promptneca, attention and the strictest justioe. N. B.?Jewelry, Dry Goods* Clothing, Mechan ics* Tools. *o., always on hand at private sale, ja 16 lm* t OU* BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the eij latest style*, and in all oasea made^^Qi of the best material. Call at once and get^BI .l _ i ? ? m. a. V^^w uiiuiuv. AI niiiV Cji\?'S, aog-tf 336. betw. ?th and loth ?U. TUB CHEAPEST STATIONERY you ev#r aaw. at SHEPHERD'S. ja !0 lm A RARE CHANCE For barcaina in School Book*. Blank Booka. MtaoHlaneoua Hooka and Stationer;, Writing Paper, t-nveiopea, &?., Ao.,at SHEPHERD'S, oornar seventh aud D ?ta., aelliaf oat to redaoe atock. ja 19-lm. JMPORTANT TO LADIES! I hare jaat received a lot of SabU Mi ok MUFFS, made from akina caught thiaaea aonj whieh I will Mil a| nearly Ml H?ni iiautti Piiws 0MH'?.3 w*r,' ggfl ,HAULF?CAPK8 u4 VICTORINMofvanoMUnda of Far axtranoly low. AjjSwnowChildrwnPURSlsft. Muff?75o*nt#. ^mSSSm^CKEY HAT8 la Mvit and F?H, 1 B. H*8TINEM?TZ, H*8gaLg fflfrnsKu f^FFICERS, PBTTY OFFICERS, AND S*U m> who w?re on board of any C. 8. thipa at I th? wtin of ut slaw eu aar? th?ir nlnm. fcr HI % fe I*' \ * $ / AMTTBEMFNTB. WAIH1NOTON THEATER! ?T Lrum ? W. Glksr Aojn<M?n??er 'o_j' T. Raymohd -r? . - . M HLARil THIS EVENING. F?r?w?:i Nifkt of th? CiMt Comedian, MR. JOSEPH JEFFfc-RSfN. Who will, by general d ?ire, m NEWMAN Nt>GGS A nd a'eo, la hia great roc kit ! r^neat i?n nharaonoter of * MAZKPPA. Being positively hi* lut appraranoe. ? ? - Ob Monday, van o*v????^?? ** ran. euinEinn, The eminent Comedian, Will apeear in his Great Sanaation riaj of SUSPENSE. lt_ A_ CONCKRT. i\T The res neat <>f the" B"n Ton" of Waahineton. fM G NOR FKANCIA will aire a GRAND COMPI.IM KNTARY VoC * L AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. aaaiated by Mra. OK CM.I * YOUNG, the Prima Donna, and Mr. J. B. I?A WSON, tho eminent Baaa<>, ala<> a aeatetto ?f the l>eat muaician*. at WlLLARDS* CONCERT HALL, on THURSDAY, January 84th. u , On the oooaaion Si?. FR ANC1A will play several Soloa on the Piano, of hia own compoaition. Pro'nior f"RANCIA tiT?i thii Conoert under the patronage of the following ladies ai.d gentlemen: All the Dip'nmatio Corps,Hon. \V. W. Corcoran, Hon. Mrs. John S idell, Hon. Mrs. L T. Wigfali, Mrs. Capt. Magruder, Hon M rs.J.R Thompson, Hon. Mrs. Wm. Gwiu, Mrs Henry I.oitjarn. Ma ism? De (jerolt, Hon. Mrs. Jesse Hright. Tickets and seoured seats SI?to he had at the Music Store of W. O Metzerott, and at Wilimrd's Hotel, and at the door on the evening oi the conoert. Tioket office open at half past 7. To commence atSo'olock. jal9M 0 . CONCERT P08TP0NED. The state ot ?h? weather makes it neo?ss*ry to postpone the Concert advertised above, to have been given This (Thursday ) Evening, the 24th instant, at Wiilards' Hall, by Signor t-RANCIA, assisted h* s?ve*al eminent and well known vocalists, until MONDAY EVENING next, the ssth inst ja3*-?t? BALLS. PARTIES. ftc. f 7 C^KAND SELECT CALICO DRESS BALL, i for the Benefit of the Poor of our City, Will be given it ODD FELLOWS' HALL, (Seventh *?.,) On WEDNESDAY, Jan. 30th. Supper will l>e furnished by that experienced caterer, Mr. C. Gactibk. m Ticket* have been placed in the hands of JH the fnl owing gentlemen lor pale, and all#^l application must he math t ? them in person,UlfV a? positively no tickets will be sold at the door: Thomas W. Herry, Thomas V. Douglas*, and Charl?s O. White. TICKETS TWO DOLLARS. Ja25 td WAJNTS. INFORMATION WANTED OF AN IRISH girl named Anni* Lynch, 10 rears old ; was bound to Mr*. Lambdin, who she left. By bringmc h*r to her mother, at THOMAS FhALY'S. Fourth tt east, between A and B north, a liberal reward will be givrn. ja 36-2t* WANTKD?To hire for two months, or bur cheap, a 'ot of COUN TKR SHOW CASES. Apply at 476 I*a. avenue?ti. ti. EVANS' fiift Bookstore, ** ja35 2t WANTED IMMEPIATELY?From *5 f) Jio.oon worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay thehigheat prices,and, an usual, at the shortest notioe. R. bOcHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., oc 9 40* 7th ?t? bet. G and H east aide. \*7 ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. '* Persons dec ir.inK housek^epicc, or having a 01 t urniture on hand, can obtain the cash and fair prices by applying at 369 Seventhvt. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. ~ LOST AND FOUND. f OST?On Thnrsday la>-t,a 'arte wb'teand b!?ck Ij NEWFOI .NDl.AND DOG, with? j very rough hair. A iberal reward will e-^<^?2' paid to any one returning himtoHKNRY BKROLING, No. 405 Fifth at., between F and G streeta. It* IOST?On Tuesday, the 22d mutant, on F atreet. i between 6.h at a:,<1 Lafavette rqtiar?. a <>< la BRACELF.T, with an enamel set. The finder will be auitably rewarded by leavin* at the <<ffioe of the National Intelligences ja24 3t* UOi ?niwa A GFNTKKLTPR1VATKFAMILY HAVING sever*1 unoccupied ROOM?, would he pleased to aooommodate gentlemen with or without their fann les. Terms modeiat*. 4 4'i N inth ?tr**t, between G and H. ja26St* FOR SALE AND BENTr~ [For otktr "For Salt and Rtnt" advrrtutmtms, tit first pazt ] FOR KENT.?Two HOUSES in good or.ler for r-nt to oareful, punctual tenants. They are |ncate<l near the c.ruer >f K and Seventeenth i-ti. Apply at \'o. S73 Seventeeth st. ja 8t* FOR RENT?Two nicely furni hed ROOMS, suitable for aingle gentlexiea. T<> responsible parties me rent w.u t>e cheap. Apply at HAM MACK'S Rosauant, No. 30*2 Pa. avenue, adjoining Willards' Hotel. ja25-?t* F^OR RENT?A neat two-story brick DWE LINING, containing 4 rooms, kitcheu. good yard, and out baiidiur, on Twelfth street. b< tween 0 and P sts. None but a punctua1 and reliable part? will be treated with. App y to EL'GENE .MoOARTY, Grocer, Twellth St., between O and P. ' Terms 97 per month. ja22 6t A VALUABLE FA?*1 FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CllY PROPKRTY-Coti aning 131 acres, situated 14 inileo froin Alexandria, on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, under good cultivation; timber, t* er. fruit and all build lugs necessary fhra first-rate form, inquire of G w. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, Jlfi Seven'h st, \Vashington. ji 21 lm* FOR RENT?The three story brick DWEl.LINti-lljpCSE, with basement, Nq. 505, on E, between 2d and Sd streets, at present occupied by l)r Lftvii Jnnfli. PdiiAuion nvim nn Fehrua y. It ha* all the in<xfern improvements, water, pas, &o Rent #450 per year. App'y to HENRY KG AN, .V21 feventW : or W. KliAN', 503 E at.. (next floor.) Untel.) ja 18 tf CpOR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSES, I oontainiiiK ?ix rooms, situated on Mass. avenue and fifteenth streut; pump of good water in the y*r?i ja A LuJRNlSHED ROOMS FOR^OSD I? street, botween 6th and 7th sta. de4-tf FOR RENT-The fin? BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West kt.t Georgetown, at present ooou pied by the suhsoriber. It haa It rooms, with gas and irater throughout, a fine yard, stable A,o , and is in agood neighl>orhood. Apply to JAS. A. MACRUDER. "0 25 tf FOR RENT?A three story brjok HOUSE,ooutaininc 8 rooms, in cood order, with ru fi* turea complete, on ft street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with larc? yarl attached, corner of P street north an 14th st. e.igt. To punctual and reliable tenants the terina wi*l bflamoderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between ft aad H. no 13-tf fj^OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the buildidi immediately opposite the weat wire of the City Hal., recently ocoupifid t y Chaa. S. VVallaoh aa an ofioe. Also the front room in the aeoond atory aad the thini C-or of the same boildinr. For terma apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. j Louiaiana avenue. ia 13 tf P>R RENT.?A tbree-atory BRICK DWKLlT1NG HOUSE, with baok building, on 12th at.. No. 4T0. between F and ti atreeta. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 476 Twelfth at. no 19-dtf W 910.000 flBTll nr nnitrn wunna .tdriuira ? -- fl? ?'? k anv A ? 1> 11 llUf Of all Style* and Qualities, AT A GREAT SACRIFICE OH COST. Store for Kent and Fixture* for Sale. All the Stock in S. P7HOOVKR'S STORK, EVnfelron Ha'l.emhra-int every ?/? ??? aitli KtftjWnf l.adiee'. Oenta', Children1! anil MS J WlWseryanV SHOES Also, TK A V-fMl KL1NG TRUNKS are r ow being aoid,/or* ML cask4it great >acrificesonn?u?! retail sellindpricea. nid?e<] maoh below original cost, The attention of the public ia solicited, aa great induce menu will be made to purchasers. 1'he above o'>inprisea a large atook of the finest quality French aod Amer<ean GaiterB,i*iioea,Boote, *o., fto., lor iadiee and gentlemen Th* Store ia for rent and the Futures for "Bale. Applyon twe premises, Iron flail. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or in p\rt, will be aold at private tale. To any one deeiroita of entering the Boot, Shoe and Truuk Buai nesa ints anorua a oetier opportunity man may again h? prasonted. Persona indebted vill oonfer a favor by promptly oalliac and aettling their aocoaau. ja 7 tf * (MBBS' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANU* FACTORY, 942 Peon, avaua, near the oorner of Thirteenth atreet.?A very complete aaaortmru of Braida, Curia, FnsotUa, Bamieaua, to., now on hand; ?..?<>, ra&de to order at theahorteat aotiee. Hair work repaired or taken is exohaace. Q?M? f^REAT REDUCTION i* PftlCKS! VT SELLING OFF?SSL LINO OFF! TlMirholeofour laxte stock of Dreaa Good a, moh aa ail* Robes, Dreaa Silks, Meruoa, Pop.ius, All De Laina, Repa. Vaienoiaa. ib faot al Winter Dreaa 60 .da we wnl aeil c ff thia month, at greatjy reriuart prices, many at laa* than coat lor the cast. Also. 1* or 2J handsome Blaak Cloth Cioili re mamtnf in onr a took which ?? offer now at ? p?r cent. ItM than oo?t. \\* invito the ltdiet and all in vtnt of a handsome Drees or Cloak to call aad examine onr atook before sorehaainf el sew nere, J. W. COIjLiBY A CO, jaU-tw Seventh aL, above Fa av. UATCHELOR'B INIMITABLE HAlft DYE, f +"* ' tint. f ?.?! V- ? * w& TV ??1 at irti : H ' % GEORGETOWN. CorrupcnJeiie* / TA# Star Giot?iTow.i. Juoary 86. 1061. At (he mtetiu of the Board of Common Conn, eil last evealngtbcre w ma prearat all tbc membora ptMnl Mm'. K---1I.V. .-a B..W A ?tf from the Mayor In relation to an enclosed order of the late Philip Oonn let's, eonimuntcatlon from property holders on tbe tut side of the market booae, complaining of tbe defective condition of the bruit.'- at that point, and signed amonti others by "John J. Borce, under protest, s I esk no o>ore favors;'" and an accoaat of Jon. Llhbey k. Son, 10; were all rend and referred. Mr. Tenney offered a revolution requesting the Mayor to Inform the Board for what csuse be had removed extra policemen Caleb Sebastian. J. T. Donaldson. J Robinson, and \V Pomeroy ; also, a resolution directing tbe Ways and Mesns Committee to inquire into the expediency of having the street lamns lighted and extinguished by tbe police force; Wh of wblch passed without opWtaKian Mr Dunlop, from the committer on public schoels. reported a resolution authorising the Issue of a certificate of corporation Mock to amount f Sl.UUU, to put (bf Wert OrotKfUiwn School la operation He stated tbat there waa yet due the Messrs Simms for the building over tbat it would take abvut S300 to enclose the lot, Ac , aad tbat the school tax to be collected in February will be only about SI, 100; so tbat to buy furniture, pay a teacher, Ac , It will be necessary to lasue stock The resolution passed A resolution waa passed to psy accounts of 1. A. Smith. W. Chamberlain. WateraA Hunt, R. White, R Ballanger, J F. Kasex, G. B Barnard A Co , K M. Llnthlcum A Co , Chas H Trun nel, and J. H Harvey; also, resolutions in favor of <? B Barnard A Co ; releasing Andrew Cinw bell from payment of i Ine; and directing tbe Mayor to notify (through the Evening Star) all persona having claims against tbe Corporation for work on tbe streets to present the same on or before tbe 31at lnat Tbia list reaoluttou waa ottered by Mr King, who aald claims were 5reae?^s^l for I work done two or three years afterwards, when It was Impossible to ascertain tbe correctresa of tbe account*. All of tbe above resolutions were psaeed by tbe , Board of Aldermen, except tbe one remitting tbe fine of Andrew Campbell, which was laid on tbs table. Tbe Aldermen slso psased tbe resolution in favor of tbe estate of Lewis Csrberry, and tbat which provides for tbe payment of a deficiency in appropriations for Improvement of High street. Tbe numerous friends of sur esteemed fellowcitizen, Brooke B Wiliiaiua. Ksq.. will be pleaaed to learn tbat be baa received hla, dated Jan 5, 1861, as Major in tbe seventh regiment of Militia of the District of Columbls Thla regiment, we understand, ia composed of the force enrolled between Washington street In Georgetown and Eighteenth street west la Washington city. John Clements. J. W Hilleary and Wm. Robinson were appointed on the extra police force last evening by Mavor Crawford in place of 9amuel Smart, Randall Coleman and Augustus Brown, removed. Of the eight men appointed by Mayor Addison only one (Samuel Fearson) is retained From Indications In various quarters we Infer that our approaching municipal election is to be hotly contested. Friends of the various aspirants for the mayoralty are endeavoring to get the start of competitors, and we may look for a ' high old time " If anything of Interest transpires, we | will let you know. The grand fancy b?U of the Georgetown Gym nunc Association win positively come off at Forrest Hall, on Monday, February 4th. Particular* will be duly advertised in tta* Star. See the calls below for ward meeting* on Tuesday evening next; al?o the call for a grand Union meeting on Wednesday evening. OlOROKTOWM CORPORATION LAWS. A Risolctios in relation to a strip of ground on Frederick street. Herolved by the Board of Aldrrmen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That tbe Mayer be. and be is Lerebv. authorized to make a quit claim deed to Laurence M Morton for tbe strip of ground, being part of lot 31. on tbe west side of Frederick street, between Prospect and First streets, for and in consideration of tbe sum of fifty dollars, provided that no warranty be made, but Olllv surh tltlp M lh? PnnvMhan . .. , ?'~se-st? be conveyed. R'.*olrt4,fvftkrr, That the Mayor be, and be ta hereby, authorized to receive as part payment for the aforesaid lot any certificate from the Clerk that, In tbe written opinion of the Recorder, the said L. M. Morton rnav be entitled to receive aa administrator of \Vm Morton.deceased. for overpayment of tuxea on Beall atreet property. Kttolvtd. furtktr. That any resolution Inconsistent with thla be. and the aame t* hereby, repealed. .[Approved January 19, 1.61. A Rksolftio* in relation to the street manure Rtrolrtd by tkf Foard of AMrrmm and Board of Common Council of the Cor/'oraiion of Georgttotcn. That the Mayor be. and be is hereby, authorized and requested to advertise three Insertions In tbe Evening Star, tbe sale of all that portion of the *?| monuic ?;uun vru OUU Ur^RJ? I K*U III IDP f"PR T of tbe watrhbouse, to tbe highest bidder, for cash, and to tell thr tame at auction, and place the proceeds to the credit of the general fund of tbe town, >aid manure to be removed within thirty days And that so much of tbe ordinance apCroved June 25, 1S59, aa conflicts with the above, e, and tbe same Is hereby, repealed Approved January 19, 1861. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS TIP*GEORGETOWN PRECINCT MEETll^Jf INGS?Tne voters ef <ieor*rtowu wno favor a cMiiup iu the Municipal Government at the (joining el otion. are requeued to meet on Tl'KSDaY EVENING next, at 75% o'clock, for the purpose ofe ertii g delegate* U> nominate candidate* tor Major and Council at tne following place : First p ecinot, room under Odd Fellows' ball, Second precinct. School House, West street,opposite Valley street Third precinct, room oDDusite W. H. Thm>kir'? on Canal. Fourtb precmt, House northwest corner Market and Fourth its. By order. ja26 3t Y5?UN1(?N MEETING AT FORRF.KT l_? MALL..?The ci Usees of Geo getown, D. C-, without distinction ot party, who are in favor of perpeluatin* the (Tnir n by all constitution*! mettrs. are invited to meet at i>,orre>t Half ou WEDNESDAY EVENING next, the 3Hh inat., at7K o'clock p. in. W H.Tenney, Jaines A. Mat ruder, Peter Berry, Henry Barron, H M. !?w?iij. Ra.m?.bur? A Kbert, William Collies, T A. Lazenby, Thomas Brown, Joseph Libbey. Esau Picfcrell, ja 86-4t Y3?MA*OR'5 OFFICE. _L3 0*o*oitows, D C-, t J&uuftrv 8S li- Iftfi! i For r&le, at auction, on the premise*. to the hubeat bidder, (or oaah. on W EDN ESI) A V next, at 13 o'clock m , a:l that port'on of th? Street Manure deposited in the rear ol the wntoh-hohae; the said manure to be removed within thirty d?ys from the uay of ?ale RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. Mayor, JH6SA1A W3t T. DOW 1.1 NG. Auct GEORGETOWN TAXES FOR J**0k? All p^iioni in arrears lor taxe< lor W> are hereby urgently requested to oal: at the May r's OflioeanUpat the rame to Mr. William I.aiku, the i-lerk of the Corporation, who is hereby authorned to receipt for me during my oon&nement to the house. I trnst that this eall will be responded to, maainu jh aa I am diaaeled, and will !-e for ? me wwki CHARLES D. WELCH. N. D. School Tax ahouid be paid prenoea to the day of election. ja 19 nr\ HUSHKLS KKKE CLOVER SEED Oil MuckiG A. SALT. 5>>drtima new Smyrna PIUS. 30 b la. Copper L'latilled Magnolia WHISKY, ? * Lov?riag'a Reined SUGARS, 23 " New Crni Or e?na MOLASSES. 50 bnahrla DRIED APPLES. For aale by ja*-3t W. H. TENNEY. J USX RECEIVEDID hhc?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 15H W?la. oid Rye WHIflY, 360 ht>Ia. HERRING and ALEWIVES. Vii bb-a. Crushed aud Refined .-UGARs. 9) r Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhda.(low prioed> MOLASSES. For aale bv JOHN J. BOGUE. ae If *-? & CTL'O A! Plata A Ain a nni a'o . Dn^ r ton aiii/ Arr LT<J5; HKHRISG, ALEWIVES JJVZ) MACKERKL.? 400 barrels Eastport No. 1 HERRING, 9<n do Boston No. 1 do Km do Labrador No. 1 do 2" half barrels do do 900 barrel* Meremocbe No. 1 AL&WIVES, 10t? do Ht. John's ?1o 25 fo No.Slarge MACKKREL, 26 do No. Ssn.aJl do am do No.2BAL.DWlN APPLES. All of which we propose to close oat at #2 JO In ?2.75 for Herring; ?? to 04 M for 1a'rartor Herring; #U0 to 04 ;or Meremucti* and ?4 for at. Juhn al wives; ?5 2San<1 5<?for sinsii and large Maokere:. and A^les at pnoes that oaanot fail to mmi UB imw? "I oiijm. HARTLEY * BROTHER, 9 ud 1M Water ttr?<et. j* 19 2w Georgetown, D. C. . 6. EVAN?. . ?. EVANJ*. 0. O. EVANS. IFT m goo 5885 m MOST COMPLETE_ASS O R TM EN T IN THK Aft %tnnr aaava ? > - ? Abu nan ouufto kbl/bl V>U AC BUUn ? AS PUBtJ?HED. gL'ui'U deb a gift worth rio| * 'cents to &. GOES WITH EACH book sold! jfta tw CALL IMMEDIATELY.* 11UY YOUR BWioHrr Hi Sahuol Books M D SHEPHERD'!*. vwJwyo* hw* ft mmm to ?n yow wwy. tfttt-lia 1 wAH* V .MU. ; JV6 ?t Atv ?? 1 * THE LATEST NEWSTBLEQBAPHIO. MiLLBMBTiixs, in. *9 ?Tbe ertliiOtli of tbe ComnlaloMii from NMalppI wmpNMl ad In tbe Convention tbts morning A report was submitted prond .nv that no State be admitted into ualoa with tbe leatfcfra Oea federa*'v unlets tbe Nine be a eiareboJdlag Stale, and tba't any !*tate admitted wfcich aba 11 as bar guentljr abolish alnverr be rvrtoded from aald Union. Tbe report waa tabled for tbe prannot A reaolutloa a boot direct Southern trade waa introduced, aad it waa proposed t? aeed a Cow ml eel oner to tbe si?r?-L, d k mm la reference thereto Objection waa made to sending Com mlaal oners to Delaware An ordl nance was o (Treed to a bo 1 lab tbe Federal courts and re-eatabiioh tbe authority of tbe Stale oourts An ordinance rgntlrul^^n for** certain Federal lawa under tbe rotMlM the Mate j aa ordinance declaring what constitutes treason , aad aa ordinance concerning cltiaeaab p war* imrally offered and made tbe apeclal ordwr for to-morrow An ordinance waa adopted relative te on lbs ta U- a-%- t ? ur mmrn vj liwym Tbe S?iretary of lb* ConvtBtlM ?M tlm author! tv to bare Utr Ordmane* at Seconal on wit* tb<* ?inner?' namrt Utbograpb*d The ConnattM will probably lake a rut ? after Tueoday. A large portion of to-day wm spent la ncret session An ordinance baa hern pnaand by the Convention resuming the Sutr a authority <>rrt all torntory heretofore ceded to the l ilM state* Determined Antt-AKeliUon Dea*aitniln la B11W1 kc. Boston, Jan S3.?Tbe meeting of tto* AntiSlarery twlHy last nigbt was dl?p? '? d by tbr Mayor, In consequence of a dtsturtwnce amonj tbe audience Afterwards a crowd of mm tee thousand prraons gathered la front of tbe Temple, but gradually dispersed A large crowd appeared In front of Wendell Phillip*' bouse threatening to d? him violence, but none was committed Tbe colored people became alarmed and are la fear of an attack on their bouaea. This morning a crowd gathered In iroaini id* i rmpw, out tbe Mayor bu forbidden the rr-aaaenibllng of tbe Convention. Snnn> riotous proceeding* have occurred, bat nothing aerlons There Is a large police force Drearnt Bwvtos, Jan. 25 ?Tbe Anti-Slavery Society bat re-el*cted all ita old officers In the Legislature a bill wu Introduced empowering the Governor to place tbe military of the countv, on tbe application of twelve cltfiens. on duty for the eupprmaion of moba oppeaed to free speech; referred Wendell Phllllpa and otbera appeared before the legialatlve committee on tbe peraonal liberty bill and remonatrated againat lta repeal. Tbe bill will, nerertbeleea. undoubtedly be repealed. North C'lrtllu Le|lilttirt. Ralki.,h, Jan. 24?iCacb llouae to-day pnaaed their respective Convention bt 11a, which, though diaalmtlar in aome of their minor particulate, will be made to agree. Each bill aubmlto tbe question of "Convention or no Convention,''and eWta delegates like Virginia. Tbe election take* place on toe 21et of February. Everybody appear* bl^blv Dleaaed With the result Kalkigh. Jan 23.?A resolution to send Commissioners to Washington on tbe 4th of February was discussed Alao, a proposition to aend Com miaaionera to Montgomery. The latter nieaaurtwaa strongly oppoaed. and la now under debeie. The same proposition baa been debated in tbe Sena*e, but no deetalon reached Senator Krarg poke this afternoon. maklng a conaer vatl ve Southern rlghta speech Matters here more on slowly: I'slts MeeUaga Is Mlasoarl St. Aciuts. Mo., Jan 43.?Union flags ore gotnz up all over tbe country A 9u foot potewas raised at Medora yesterday, from which floated the stars and stripes. A large and enthusiastic meeting was held last evening, at which Union resolutions of the strongest kind were passed unanimously. \t ' o'clock this morning s large number of citizens, from all directions, formedTn line, and flrcd a salute of 31 guns for tbe Union Booskvillk. Mo , Jan. 24.?One of tbe largest meetings ever ueld In Coouer countv met ln-/ir at Bell~Alre, and passed resolutions of a flrni and derided character, asserting tbe rights of tbe South, In favor of the Union, against sec esslon. and in fsvor of tbe Crittenden or Douglas plans of adj ustment. Frsm Peasacsla. Pknsacola, Jan a< -Tbf volunteers are engaged In mounting and arranging tbelr cannon, the carpenters are engaged in making seal lug ladders, and tbe utmost bustle prevails Tbe United State* steamer Wyandotte is anchored westward of Fort Pickens under tbe guns, and It it supposed will assist Lieutenant Slemmer in case of an assault The pilots hsve been notified that tber msy bring any United States war vessels inside of tbe harbor, if they carry flags of truce. Esterttluust ts CklMM Ntrciuu. Philadelphia, Jan 25 ?The Chicago and Milwaukee merchants are being entertained her* moat sumptuously at the Continental Hotel, tbls evening, bv the Hoard of Trade of tbia city In. tead of "King Cotton," the "Prince of Bread atuflV' it tocsted. Four hundred guests are ore* ent, and the entertainment ia one of the Anest ever given in this city. New Jersey Le|tsl>tarr. Teikto!!, Jan 24.?The Crittenden resolutions were taken up to-day In the Senate, on the final passage. Speeches were made by the Democratic Senators in favor, and the Republicans In opposition to tbelr' passage Tbey wrre passed?yeas II, nays leu Democrats and one National Union man voted in the affirmative. The Uovernor haa nominated George H Brown. of Soincrwt county, for Judge of the Supreme Court. The nomination waa referred MldUaippi Ralilai a SmII Amy. 8t Louis, Jan. 25 ?A ipeclil dispatch received here, dated Jackaon. Miss , on Wedueadav. says the Convention of that State haa elected seven delegstes to the feoutberu Confederation Conference at Moutgomer The Convention haa alao passed an ordinance to ralae eight regiments of troopa. and Kx-Senator Jeff. Davla has been elected Majw Geueral Later from Mexico. New York. Jan. 25 ?The steamer Ariel, from Aapiuwall, brings later advices from Mexico Gen. Woll was s fugitive and hia command broken up. Gen. Mlramon'a army had reached Sen Blaa. Gueruer had arrived at Aeapuloo, and Gen. A a - - - * J a -a a ? *? - - * - " * aifnrri u?a lenauea aim an escort 10 ut city ?I Mexico UiltUu Bator Focst, Jan. 25 ?There wii much discussion to-day In the Convention on the ratolutlou submitting the ordinance of secession to the people for a direct vote. The Convention la to vote on the adoption of the ordinance at noon to-morrow The fcelzare ml Arnas Niw Yobk, Jan. a4 ?A diapalch from the agenta at Savannah to the owner* of the steamer Vonticello aaya-.?"That the aetxure of arma In New York city causes much excitement here Can yon get them back * We fear retaliation " D IfMlrt Prrp?rtti*M at t #rlrf* M?*r*r Soiron, Jan *0 ?A large force ia busily eagagrd at Fortreea Monroe in mounting large guns , on the ramparto pointing inland. alttatrt dlarktu. Baltimoeb. Jan M ? Flour market doll and beery; Howard street and Ohio held at 83.60, City^lilla S5 25?wltb ao aaies. Wbrat to dull, red ft 25a 1.30: white SI 40a 100 Cera to dall and heavy; vrUow OUsOSj white 97s0 Pork to active; Boss S1H 25 Lard steady at K>V Coffee sle<idy at llJfalSjfe. Whisky aooiiaal at Wc. Maw Wars Markau. Nnr Voat, Jan M ?Floor slightly better. Ill k. .A ?Jk - JB _ A -- ? *-? " ii ur-ai ur?ucni ii- vara nnn 10a qowi, itorliU>ai stead. Whisky quiet at 17\e \iw You, Jan tt -Storn are quint tout tlraMr. Chicago and Rock Island 57 )?, Illinois Oertisl akma 80; de bonds t*, New Vwk Central i HO; Hudson E. R. 44*; Va ?'s 76. U ONE PRICE ONLY! Caan.andOas Pries Only. d r* afli.'trwnro ?n? ?> _ k- v. si c? v An o, rk >f o a tf t?>? ? tfe aad iau. >u. I WILL Taka^ki^d^v'SfBiaawwr tor ?J book d*bte mm! for BouU, Shoes, tad Trtnka. All per eon* indebted to mm wi.l pl?*ee o? I ud wttl* SStSL'vrSdr" u~ -~u 275 A LtE" 275 JACIIONt > L AST M * * ? ?. iwBBfeWBW ? ? M'tiat&v>ffaas.^g!isMLfci'a? ^Hlnc'h'ook of^A-rtillwr, *T Ca?C Bobarta. U- ?. *f U? UuM Stfciej. by J?B CtrMr lifrZsftS/strrMSmt

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