Newspaper of Evening Star, 29 Ocak 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 29 Ocak 1861 Page 2
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I I I I ^ , <* I THE EVEMNG STAK. WASHINGTON CITY: YCBSDAY ..Itmn 39. IM1. &>tnt ( tta* !Q?rnlu l*r?k? The bU*U*jfrnttr says the doctrine of an " lrrepreaalble eonilct" bftwrw the two social systems of tbe North and of the South, sfter having been cit?d for a tine aa one of tbe mod signal evidence* of " northern fanaticism," baa now come to be a mo<t accept rd criterion of ' loyalty to tbe South and tta institutions;" but that very many among even tbe aeceaatonlats of tbe border alaveholding States are too unequivocally pledged in opposition to this doct.lne to offer any very flattering prospect of unity in tbe maintenance of such proposition as a thesis of southern political science. The vents Its spleen upon General Scott In the usual style. The Republican, 1b reply to the Baltimore Sir*'* article relative to this city becoming the capital of a southern confederacy, says if there Is any one thing which tbe free States have mtd? perfectly n _ < 9 RA 1 ? 1L -1_ J I >1 A ? 1 J AVI ? it ia lurir uricrnuaiuon to uuiu mis capital against all comsra. They will bold It at all costa of men and money, and not only tbia city itself, bat the approaches to It, and everything esaen'.lal to the perfect security of lta occupation. " Rbcokstbvctiox."?The revolutionary authorities of South Carolina deserve thanks for the promptness with which, on the appearance of Judge Robinson, the Virginia Commissioner to their "Republic," they flatly notified her (Virginia) that the "reconatructlon'' pies Is simply a miserable dodge with which her dlsunionlsts would cheat her people icto the abandonment of the Union. They* notify Virginia formally that Pouth Carolina does not entertain the least idea of ever again entering tbe Union, under any cir cumstances whatever. Or, rather, that those who at prewnt compos? her government, entertain do auch Idea. Their manifesto upon the subject a a fortunate one, because it completely explodes the only plea on which diaunlon is dared to be urged upon tbe great mass of the people of Virginia?aa tbe surest means of restoring the seceded States to their late federal relations We have for some time past known well that It is not tbe purpose of a aingle disunion leader In either of the seceding States except Jefferson Davis, to permit the (ao called) reconatructlon of the Union, it matters not what guarantees the North may proffer, if tbey can prevent it; and we also know well that If the border slavebolding States follow the example of South Carolina tbey will -j? a * - . -v b.iu|/if pisciu^ tuciiiKivra unaer toe absolute control of the disunion p*r ft leaders, from which they cannot escape so long as the latter bold thsir present pc wet in the extreme Sooth And that thus, instead of being themselves powers to strengthen the cause of reconstruction, they will be mere Instruments to prevent It In our day and generation; as the greater the influences (strength) swept Into their vortex, the longer will the affairs of the acceding States remain In the hands of their present usurping dictators. If the border slaveboldlng States decline fliu?ly to have lot or part with the seceding States, la two months after it becomes apparent to the world that the Incoming Administration la a conservative one upon the slavery question, the power of those dictators will vanish, and the people of the citrfm* 5nii?h *1? ? muicuui tucir lenifi, win very toon bold them to just responsibility. not only for the immense mischief tbey bave already worked, but for the much greater Injury to the public interest, everywhere, tbey certainly aim to work. *outb Carolina s explosion of tbe " reconstruction" plea will do more to keep tbe border slaveholding States from falling into tbe tolls of Disunion, than augbt that baa occurred since tbe 6th of N ovember last. | ' Maatlahd.?The Disunlonists, just now, arc Intensely Interested about th'.s State, and are training every ner*e and using every means at tbdi command to precipitate her into the whirlpool of secession. Assuming that the good old Commonwealth of Virginia will sever tbe tic which binds her to the Union, they argue heroically to show that Maryland, too, should be prepared to follow tbe severe example. But. * Maryland la a conservative State, aftd the aecea !on fever does not pervade ber entire body, would It not be aa well to counsel that Virginia cultivate a calmness of spirit, in order that sh< may tbe better judge of tbe important part >be li called upon to act in tbe great political drama Instead of endeavoring to inflame ber, that Mary' land may be scorched by the fire.' Maryland and Virginia should go band in bar.d now, aa In time* paat. Commissioners from these States met at Annapolis to make arrangement! regarding tbe navigation of tbe waters which divide them; but without completing thla busineaa, they, in a patriotic spirit, agreed to recommend that all the Scetes meet in convention to carry out a similar jurpose for tbe common advantage And out of thla arose tbe majestic structure of tb< Constitution and the commercial reeulatiom wtucb, while the substantial prosperity of tb< people has been advanced In a degree astonishing to tbe world, have secured to us a name wonderful in the aunals of trade, and, as a consequence, all interests have been marvelously benefitted. ** Instead of these two sisters being invoked U tear themselves away from their strong foundations, would it not be as well to encourage them to stand firm, In the right, and aa tbe center around which the other States may all again gather for the common good; not only of thirtyone millions of our own people, but for the freedom and happlnesa of the entire human race, ai effected by our republican and self-governing example? "Peace hath its victories, not 1cm renowned than war;? and in thla spirit we desire that all tbe States shall act. Prudence, forbearance, justice, may yet return again to bless the land; aWil tA ?*' * ?. oangers, wmch passion and fanaticism may provoke. Col. MaoacoBK asn Muoi Hon -Allen B Magruder. F.sq , the brother of Col. Msg ruder, U. S. A., this morning explodes through the Jnull^tnctr, the roorback alleging that tbe gallant Colonel his of late been engaged In drilling men near Washington supposed to be preparing for a raid upon tbe Federal Metropolis. This reminds us of tbe feet that tbe similar story charging Msjor Huger, U. 8. A , with being a party to tho same alleged plot which was not long slnea copied into the St?r, Is of course "mads of whole doth." Though a native of South Csrollaa, Major Huger remains in tbe service of the United * ?-* - ??? uc?ciTcaiy potmm ?? much of tbe confidence of the Government u any other gentleman In tbe army, whoever that gentleman may be. Lihcolk ron a CoitraoMisB ?Tbe Item among ear telegram* to-day, autlng that Mr Lincoln la urging bis friends here, by private letter, to sustain the Border State committee1* or aome other plan of compromise that will be satisfactory to the border slaveholdlng States, to doubtless true. In his correspondence he to said to go to tbe extent of declaring that he will regard no man as the friend f his administration who hesitates to do that m uch for hia country In the present deplorable crisis o' her public tlkln A Hall in wbicb to bold the 4th or Ftabcabt ConvBNTioR ?We are glad to hear that tbe Messrs. M illard have already tendered for ihr iiw *.e ik. ' - ?? vumtiuon u> mm here on the tb proximo, their flo? hall. No other place in 'Washington la better suited for the purpose, as all know. Foax Picxaas.?Ex-Senator Mallory. of Florida. who la now at Pensacola, telegraphed to this eitf yesterday, (received here this morning,) that If the Brooklyn eaters the harbor of Pensacola, the d eualonists will at once open Are upon Fort Picteas Lxtxb?The second evening reception wll| take place at the Executive Mansion to-night, from to 10 p. m. IE7" Kansas U at last a State of the Union The House jrceUrday concurred in th? ? im hmm to tba bill for bar admiaaloa. Her RMTMMbtlv* la tba Hhn. Mr. Martla P Conway, formerly of Baltimore, waa elected a year or two ago, and la prepared to Lake bla Met. No Hesatora have yet been elected. I % e > 4 - .jms *CONORBMIONAL. Six AT* ?After oar report clond yetterday? Mr I Tenon tent to the table to be reed, the ordinance of eecNfcion of Georgia, and in a abort speech t>ade farewell to the Senate. ? The President's message and accompanying documents were then read. Tbe President transmitted to tbe Senate with tbe message, a serletof resolution* adopted by the Legislature of Virginia, having in view the peaceful settlement of the exciting question now threatening the Union. He expressed his satisfaction st the patriotic course of Virginia. The Legislature of Virginia had appointed Ex-President Jno. Tyler commissioner to the President of ths United States, with Instructions to request of the President to abataln from all acta thst would lead to a hostile colliaion pending the proceedingscontemplated by the legislstlon of Virginia. However strong might be his desire to do so, it wss not in his power to make any arrangement with the commissioner. This power was only with Congress, snd he could only obey such lsws as they might ensct. Defence snd not aggression bad been the policy of the Administration from the beginning. He recommended to Congress that It should pass no law that might lead to a hostile collision of srms pending the action of Virginia, and expressed a belief that the Unlon of these States tvould be perpetusted on terms jnst and honorable to both sections of the country. After a short debate unon th? meisao* It ura* made the special order "for Wednesday at one o'clock; when tbe Senate adjourned. Housi?After tbe close of our report? On motion of Mr. Grow,the special order (Kansas bill) was taken up; and tbe bill was passed. On motion of Mr Stanton, the House took up the bill for reorganiting the militia of tbe District of Columbia. [This bill provides that each officer and private shall take tbe military oath ] After some debate the bill was passed?yeas 140, nays 49; when tbe House adjourned Tuisday, January $9. Sihaii ?A communication In relation to tbe salary of tbe late Senator Lynn, of Missouri, was rreriTru irow lue secretary 01 me senate, and laid on tbe table. Mr. King, of N. V., Introduced a bill to authorlie the President of the United State* to accept the service* of volunteer* for the protection of the public property; laid over. Mr. Wilson", of Mat* , introduced a resolution to provide for the organization of the militia of the District of Columbia; which was referred. Mr Cameron introduced certain Union resolutions of the Legislature of Pennsylvania. Mr. Hale introduced a bill for the relief of Halllday A Leggett, mail contractors. Mr. Gingham Introduced a memorial for the repeal of the fugitive slave law. The Senate then passed a bill for the relief of W. D Barnard, granting him an invalid pension. A number of other private bills were apposed of. Horn.?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Commissioner of Patents relative to the collection of acririiltiirni statu**"* laid on the table and ordered to b? printed. Mr. Adrian presented to the House a series of resolution! adopted by the Legislature of New Jersey, calling upon the people of the States to stand by the Union, and urging the ndoptlon of the Crittenden propositions, or any other compromise acceptable to the people that will settle the national difficulties; but if no compromise can be effected by Congress, a convention of the several States should be Immediately held to take into consideration the expediency of amending the Constitution; laid on the table and ordered to be printed Mr. Montgomery presented to the Honse a memorial signed by the citizens of Washington , ? ? , -.-J .HV Ituv^tivu */* IUC VIUICO* dea propositions. Also, the proceedings of a mealing held at Brownsville, Pa ? indorsing the same propositions as a basis of settlement of the existing national difficulties, laid on the table The regular order of business (Mr. Colfax s post route bill) was then taken up After a protracted debate, the House by a vote of yeas 101, navs 01, concurred in an amendment relative to carrying newspapers and periodicals. The question then recurred on another amendment, pending which our repor*closed TKKSIBLX Defeat amd DssTBt'ctw* of tbi PiasiA* Abmy? A correspondent of the New York World, writing from Constantinople, Dec. 31, 1800. s?ys: Letters which I have received today by express ( Tartar express) Irom Persia, bring startling news I have already Informal mn that the Permian* b?re been carrying on, for aome time, almost a war of extermination against the Turkomans, who have always kept certain portions of emptreln terror by their warlike and predatory habits. The Perslsns have hitherto been successful, and have rained several Important victories; but a great battle haa just been fought by the main body of ths Persian army, some 60,000 strong,and a large force of Turkomans, In which the Persians, under the Prince Hainza Mirza?the chl?*f . military officer of tbeemplre?were utterly routed, , and the greater part of tne army either killed or taken prisoners. The Shsh Is terribly exasperated by this defeat i and publicly declares that he will tear out the i bowels of Prince Hamza Mirza with his own , hands, and cause to be put to death all the soldiers ' who may have escaped alive It cannot yet be known what effect this defeat will n * " * " u?,c uuuu IUC I rrsiau rmpire, out it would not be surprising If It led to serious commotions, snd perhaps the overthrow of the present dvnasty. It is impossible, however, t? calculate with any certainty the results of a thing herein the Kast. 1 You never know exactly what to expect from Orii entals. Capt Me gs axd Fort Jcrrzasox.?A corres> pondent of the N V. Express, writing from Key i West, says that with the company landed at TorI tugas oirthe 18th, Capt MelfcS will be able to bold out against any, except a regular besieging force. Fort Jefferson covers the entire surface of 1 Garden Key, and has an area of 13# acres Aii though not fully armed. It Is completely closed, I and cannot be surprised by an escalading party The first and second tiers (casemated) are com' J ? ?*- - -? - picxru. iua me bix curvuns and tlx bastion* are pierced for over 350 guns A wide ditch, comma, nicating with the tea, surround* the entire work, and this Is protected by a countercarp of great strength The guns of the fort command tb* ln' ner harbor. The outer anchorage Is beyond the reach of the heaviest guns Fort Jefferson, when i completed, will uiouut 460 guns, aud will require . a garrison of 1,000 men. The "Joseph Whitney," from Boston, with 1 troops on board, has disembarked her troops, and Fort Taylor Is now strong enough to mist any . raid, and what Is more, with J udge Marvin under ! the protection of its guns, to fcdmlnlster wrecker laws, tn spite of the new J udge, Mallory, who the Florida Governor has sent there Hence, we may dismiss anxiety -bout the possession of the forts by the Florldians or others. Accidksts at Ckaklisto*.? On Wednesday last another serious accident occurred among the garrison on Sullivan's Island in > bor Private Ptrawlnakl, of a Columbia company, accidentally ?bot a comrade, with whom be wm playfully wrestling, In the stomarh, inflicting, It It feared, a mortal wound. On the succeeding day two members of the same company were badly mashed while working at tbe guns. Apparently tbe "citizen soldiery" of South Car" oUna la a self-annihilating institution. AftBEsTXD as a. t*rt ?The Mobile Advertiser says: We learn from a letter from one of Capt. O'Hara's company, now at Pensacola, to bis wife, in this city, that the wife of Capt. Slemmer, commander at Fort Pickens, bad been arreated at Fort Baraacaa as a spy. She went to Fort Baranras without any ostensible business, and the reason- , able supposition was that she bad come there to take notes of the position of things and report them to her husband. U7*The following resolution was adopted by the citizens of Nashville, Tenn.,at a public meet lng held In tbe court house: nttoivta, That no act of the CoiiTention of Teantoet which It not submitted to the people, to be decide^ them at the ballot-box, shall bind us; that we will form ourselves Into companies, and resist all such by force of arm*. Excitbmbkt in Geoksia ?The Macon (Ga.) correspondent of the New York Kx press writes from thst place that great excitement prevails throughout the State, In consequence of a belief that an attempt to coerce the South will be made, and that there Is to be a descent upon the sea Islands and as a board counties. Large bodies of State troops are collecting along the coasts. U7" By the taking of the Arsenal, Georgia secures the powH ou of a fine battery of two Impound howitzers, two cannon, and anm* w?> ? v ??fVW mucin* and rifle*, many of tbern of tbe best kind. There are alio large (tore* of powder, cannon bal!a, grape, 4c. JIT"Tbe Charleston Mercury of tbe 25th lnatant recommends a voluntary embargo on the cotton export, for tbe purpose of securing a foreign recognition of tbe iudependence of the Seceding States. I\JT A foolhardy bor J am pet I upon the cowcatcher of a paasing train, near Wheeling. Va., for a ride, and In jumping off fell upon the track. The engine paasrd ovrr one of bla legs, which will have to he amputated. U7" It la rumored that Mr and Mr*. Botch, wh<? divorce cult recently crratrd ao much excitement. are alxnit to come together again, m I* Mr. and Mrs Sickle*. U7" Ti e fmiy of Mr. Bawlby, of the London Tiu.e*, wLote head and career a* a newspaper correspondent was rut cf by the Chinese, received tlUO.f 'U iuderunity for his loss QjT On Thursday the body cf a young utaa was found coi.cralod in a h?? ??? ? ' ILe *hlp Harry j v?Ta of | Congrm rtrrvt, Ntw Vofk k ^lh? 4oc*. lo<* of I . _ DEPARTMENT NEWS. Relievbd.?Brevet Major General David E Twlgjft, U. S. A , baa been relieved (at bla own reqneat) from tbe command of tbe military depot of Texaa. which command ia devolved on Col. Carlo* A. Waite, lat Infantry It la underttoed that Gen. Twiggs propoaea to reaign. Death or a Naval Comxahdee.?Cant. 9. C. Reid. of tbe U. 8. Navy, died at bia residence In New York, rntrrdl*. lirpd ST vmra o waa oq the retired list, and bad been reaiding In New York for about four year* p-lor to hia death ? R kmc, mid ?Major Earl Van Dorn. 2d Cavalry, U. 9 A , of MItalia!ppl, has realgned hia commitalon in the Army, Alao, Flrat Lieutenant Joahua W. Bill, of Ordnance derartinent. Itema Telegraphed from Wuhlngtia. Was hi no ton, Jan. 2^ ?The frlenda of the Union are much encouraged by the prompt reaponaea to the Invitation to aend Cotnmlulonera from the aeveral Statea to nifctln Convention here on the 4tb of February, and It 1* believed that it* action will command the aupport of a larg* majority of both branchea of Congreaa. The Fugitive Slave law Introduced to-day in the Senate bv Mr Douglaa, la conaldered a thorough and effective meaanre, obviating the objectlona to the Dreaent atatnte *n?l wnrlnn i*c ?? - r ? ? VVB1plete efficiency. Senator! Benjamin and Slideil, ilnw tbe seces- i Ion of Louisiana, bave taken no active part In tbe proceeding* of tbe Senate. Tbey will formally vacate tbelr seats aa soon aa tbey iball bave received official Information of tbe passage of tbe Ordinance of Secession. It la not believed tbat a majority of secessionist! will be elecu-d to any of tbe Conventions of the Border Slaveholdlng States The Conventions will, according to private information received here, be composed for the greater part of moderate and conservative men. who will not proceed to extremes unless all measures of pacification shall be exhausted. Tbe great point now aimed at by the friends of the Union Is to avoid all pretext for collision by the seceding States, in the hope that thesober second thought of the people, if adjustment measures hill be presented, will induce them to resume their connection with the Federal Government TK? ?an?n 1 4U. n ? '? * ' u<r ic^coi ui iuc rmonn wofriy Diu in Khode Island, and the late action of the Ohio Legislature on the same subject, are hailed by the friends of the Union as harbingers of peace. A flairs altogether wear a more hopeful aspect. A large number of distinguished gentlemen.front all parts of the country, are encouraged by the prospect of being able to contribute to a restoration of good feeling between the two sections It Is now certain that private letter* have been received here from the President elect, Mr. Lincoln, urging his friends to conciliation and compromise", and it is stated that he indicates the Border State resolutions as a reasonable basis of adjustment. The assurance is given that this information Is reliable. Soon after the Electoral vote shall be counted In the pretence of the two Houses of Congress, on the second Wednesday of February, he will, acquaint the people with his views on the pending ?* 14 **? 11 . mwiv wivic uc uCB IIUI ICIl IDS' II Will proper for blm, in advance of the official declaration of election, to take a promtnent part in the direction of political attalrs The P?*t office Department ha* decided to furnlsn a cheaper style of cue cent tamped envelopes than that now in use for circulars combining the improvement of the black lines Of this quality there will be none without the lines These envelopes will be issued as soon ss the manufacturers can prepare them. The Mayor of Washington baa been summoned before the Select Committee to testify as to hla knowledge of any information relative to a conapiracy to seize the Capital He privately Bays he knows nothing about it. The difficulty between Representatives Rust and Dunn was to-day honorable adjusted through the Intervention of Representatives Hryor and McClernand Lieutenant Nelson, of the Navy, and Hon. Mr. Hindman, were the respective friends of the gentlemen. Frajiking 1'bivilkgk?The following correspondence between the Hon John D. Ashmore. the Representative from the Fifth Congressional District of South Carolina, and the Acting Postmaster General, will convey to our reader* information important at this time to the Southern States claiming to have withdrawn from the Union: Asdihos, fS. C.) Jan. 24. 1861 My Dear Sir: I have in my possession some l,uoo to 1,2U0 volumes of "public documents," being my proportion of the same as a member of the Thlrty-sl xth Congress Thev were forwarded me In mail sacksand are now lying In my library Since the date of the ordinance of secession (December Wtta, 1840) of Carolina 1 have not nsed the franking privilege, nor will 1 attempt to do so wlthont the special permission of the Department To pay the postage on these books,kc , would cost me a large sum and one that 1 am not prepared to expend. The books sre of no use to me. but might be to my constituents, for whom they were Intended, if distributed among them Have 1 the right to frank and distribute them under existing relations? If so. nlease Inform m. Having said that I have not used tbe franking privilege since the 2t)th December, I need hardly add that I ahall not do so, even on "public document," unless you authorize it. I am, with respect, truly and sincerely,your*, J. D. ArlHMORK Hon. Hokatio, Acting Postmaster General. Post Orrici Departmiht, Jan *28. 1861 StrIn answer to your letter of the 20th Instant, asking if yon have the right, "under existing relations," to frank and distribute certain public documents, I have the honor to stat- tbat tbr theory of the Administration is that the relations of South Carolina to the General Government have been In nothing changed by her recent act of secession; and, this beinp so. von ?r? nf ??? ? ? ? , J . .. titled to tbe franking privilege until tbe tint Monday in December next If, however, as I learn is tbe case, you sincerely and decidedly entertain the conviction that by that a<-t South Carolina ceased to be a member of the Conf-derary and is now a foreign State, it will be for you to determine Low far you can conscientiously exercise a privilege the exercise of which assumes that your own conviction is erroneous, and plaiuly declare* that South Carolina Is still In the Un ou and that you are still a member of the Congrt-sa of tbe United State* I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Horatio Kino, Acting Postmaster General. Hon J OH!* D Ashmork, Auderson, 8. C. Th* Wiatbii -The following report of the weather for the morning la made from tbe Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the tfmithaonlan Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock JA.3uaky 39,1801. Burlington, Vt overeaat, 24?. New York, N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy. Washington, D. C cloudy. Richmond, Va. clear, 39?. Petersburg, Va- clear, pleaaant. Norfolk, Va clear, 50?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 47?. WUmtngton.N. C clear, mild. Charleston, 8. C clear. Aaguata, Ga clear, pleaaant. Savannah, Ga. clear, pleaaant. Macon. Ga. clear, pleaaant. Columoua, Ga wwv?? Grlffen. Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cold. Jackson, All. clear. Mobile, Ala clear, cold. New Orleans, La clear, SO3. FROM TBI WX8T. Pittsburg. Pa clear, 45*. Grafton, Va overcast, 35?. Ottawa, 111 cloudy, 31*. Rock Island, 111 cloudy, 21?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m.. (corrected for temperature,) 2#.954; at noon, '29,679. Thermometer at 7 a. m , 30V: 8* noon, 4?? Maximum during *21 hours, ending 9 a. m today, 35 V; minimum 22)* . Union Mkitings ?On tbe 19th lnst , tbe worklngmen of Romney, Hampshire county, Va , held a large public meeting, at which resolutlous were adopted expressing ardent devotion ??? '-? ? ? <3 i/IIIIMl ana the Constitution, and fully endowing tbe Crittenden propositions. Another meeting waa held on tbe same day at Prlnctplo Furnace, Cecil county, Md., for tbe Surpose of ei pressing sympathy with tbeteredln^ tatea; but tlie assemblage proved of a different character, and voting down tne resolutions of sympathy, adopted hi tbetr stead a aeries condemning tbe course of South Carolina, and endorsing that of Gov Hicks. Another was held at L*onardtown. St. Mary's county, Md , on the &2d Inst . stwblcb resolutions were adopted declaring that Maryland should, bv a convention, bring the grievance* of the South fully, fearlessly, and temperately before the North. The resolutions of Mr. Crittenaen were fully endorsed, and a resolutlou also adopted requesting th? ...j wnMnmoner to levy on tht aueeubie property of the county to the amount of *5,000, for the purpose of purcbutng arma, ammunition, 4c., for the uae of the county. IE^Got. Downey, of California, write* to the Secretary of tbe Wait log ton National Monument Aaaoclation, transmitting a draft for ll.OUO, which the Leglalature haa Just appropriated. In hit letter he aaya: "Our people, although far removed from the influence of ''hnm? w'-"? " ? " " -..v,u?, ana deprived of many of the benefit! resulting from a closer eontact with the Federal Government, are devotedly attached to the Union, and I asaure yon there fa but one sentiment, and that la of regret to witness the present condition of tbe affklrs which an Imminently threaten the dissolution of th? Union, If not arrested by tbe counsel of patriotic and good men. -California will make any sacrifice to preserve tbe Union and restore harmony among her sister States n 7T?? 1 f 0 i . ? ??? * 1 ? Frta Intk CartliM CbibListox, Jan 97?Judge John Roberteon, the Commtuloner from Virginia to urge South i Parnl\na nnt (a ** i ??? - - wv va*vi>|;o uci * u? wwaiw* ?ur Federal Government for tbe present, hu arrived I In this city, where he waa boaptUblv welcomed, and Invited to a Mt on the f oor of the Lagislature. Steam tug> have been working at the Columbia, (aground In tbe harbor.) bat have not yet succeeded In getting her afloat A portion of her cargo has been removed to the city, and It la hoped that when It la all taken off abe will float. Chaklkstox, Jan & ?The South Carolina Legialature have adopted the following resolution! : Rtiofrtd, unanimously, That the General Assembly of South Carolina tendera to tbe Legialature of Virginia their acknowledgments of the friendly motive* which Inspired the mlaaion entrusted to tbe Hon. Judge Robertson, her Com- i miss! oner Ktiolvtd, unanimously, 1 bat candor which Is due t<> the long continue! sympathy and respect which has lubslsted between Virginia and South Carolina, lndnres the Assembly to declare with frankness that they do not deem It adrlsable to initiate negotiations when they have no desire or iiiwnuon 10 piomoif tue ultimate ob)?-ct in view That object which is declared In the resolution of the Virginia Legislature to b? the procurement of amendment* or urw guarantees to the Constitution of the I'nlted States Knolv<d unnnittiomlif. That tbs separation of South Carolina from the Federal Union it Jtial, and she ban no further Interests In the Constitution of the United States; and that the onlv appropriate negotiations between her and the federal Government are as to their mutual relations as foreign States. Ktsolvtd, uniH'tnov'lf, That this Assembly further owes It to her friendly relations with the State of Virginia to declare that they have no confidence in the Federal Government of the United States Thut the most solemn pled^?s of that Government have been disregarded That under pretenM- of preserving property hostile troops have been attemoted to be Introduced Into one 'of tbe fortresses of this !*tate, concealed in the hold of a vnsel of commerce, with a view to subjugate the people of South Carolina; and that even since the authorities at Washington have been informed of the present mediation of Virginia, a vessel-of-war has been aent to tbe South with troops and munitions of war concentrated on the soil of Virginia. R'.solvd. unanimously. That In these circumstances this Assembly, with renewed assurances of cordial respect and esteem for the people of Virginia, and high consideration for her Commissioner, decline entering into negotiations proposed by both branches of her Legislature. The Legislature has be?n in executive session to day oil the correspondence of Gen. Hayue and Governor IMckens and the authorities at Washington. It appears tbat the ultimatum of South Carolina wa? the surrender of Fort Sumter and the withdrawal of fbe Federal troops; that South Carolina promised to pay for tbe forts, and that Gen Hayne, In deference to the wishes of South?rn I'nniTrosamon tui Kr>??r%??-i v.M c*n>u>^ll , ?? 1 lUUtiU IUC |/l Upi'Ot fcl VII UUf ernor Pickens now tells Gen Hayne to make a final demand for the forts, and repudiates the j>osltlon of the President when be says be has no power to give them up, but must leave it to Congress Gov. Pickens farther tells Gen. Hayne to wait a reasonable time for an answer to bis final demand, and then, if refused, Fort Sumter must be taken The Legislature endorses tbe Governor's action. The commission of Hon John S Preston, private Envoy of South Carolina to Virginia, was sent on to-day Mr. Preston is in Richmond. NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS.?y ju will i ? -* meeik nirmnnj m*h on this'Tu??1?t) | EVENIN" ,?9th instant, at 7>i o'clock. Punctual attendance n particulars requested. By order. It* HTW*LECTURE.?Mr. Edward A. Pollaed, lk_? of Virginia, will deliver a L.ecture on FRl1)\Y NIGHT. February l#t, at the Congregational Cburch,<01d Trinity,(on Fifvh it .opposite th* C<ty Hall. Doors open at 7 o'clock , lecture to commence at ha f past 7. Subject: The Soldie* or ths Cross ; with an application to the present Crisis ia our National Affa rs. Tickets of admission (ii cants) f >r sale at Blanoharil A. Mohun's Bookstore, 310 Pa av<ibue;and at the ,oi>rs on the evening of the lecture. ja 4f rrar-'HIEKK WILL HE A LEOTf'RE ON ,1 q "The Castles aud M >na^teries of Ireland in the Mid le Ates" delivered by request, at Willards' Hjll,on TUESDAY EVENING. January 231 h, 186r. by kev. G. G. Gcbbiss, at 7h o'clock. Admittance 25 oents. ja 2S^*t_ Ys?COMPANV \ WASHINGTON UGHT IL3 INFANTRY, ATTENTION.?Meet at the armory on Seventh utreet, on TUESDAY EVEN 1N6, at7K o'clock, in overooats and fati. ue oaps. Every meintier of Company A is ex pooled lo ix? pres?i. t By order ja28 21 LEM. TOWERS. Captain. mr- SABBATH SCHOOL EXHIBITION IL5 AND CONCERT-The Sabbath School onnneotnd with the Methodist Episoopa Churoh ( South) will give an Exhibition &n<i Conoert f<? r the benefit of the School, on WEDNESDAY' EVENING, tt e aoth instint, oomrnenoi"k at o'olock. Tickets 25 cents ; ohiklren 10 oent*. ja a 3t* Yy?SliCOND WARD IN THE F I El D.? Jof Citizens ??f this Ward, and of others where unattached and feeliug so disposed, will ineet at Temperance Ha.l on fUE*DA Y next, at 7o'clook p. ui.. for the purpose of forininir a military com?a by to be attached to Union Retimeot tor active service on the 4th March n*xt la ? ^.nui ' ?r - r 3?mfc irviUIM I'KAVKK MEETINGS 1^5 will be hoiden every (lay thi? week, in the English Lutheran Church, corner of 11th and H street*, to commence at 4 o clock, and to continue one hour. ja 7 rg=?DEMP3EY & O'TOOLK, J_3 VTED DING AND VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 326 Pa. Av., between 9tu and loth ?ts , an 27-6m Washington. ONE PRICE, AS NEAR A? POSSIBLE,CLOTHING, such as Dress and Business Coats. Overcoats, Pants, Vests, 4c., AT COST FOR CASH. Ij^UHNlSMlNG GOODS, consist n< of Shi ts, Undnrshirf j. Drawers. Colia-s, Neok Tie#, &.O., AT REDUCED PRICES FOR CA^. BOOTS AN n SHOES, of exoln ivelv Winter Styles. AT REDUCKli prip.e* _ ? _ ?.<wuw * V? cash. HATS AND CAPS.?FaHhionabl-?S lit and Cas miner* Hat*. Black and colored Soil bat?and <"aps, for men and bjjB. AtREDUCEDPRICES FOR CASH. All goods charged, at regular PRICES GEO. C. HKNN'NG, Seventh at., l.etween Maryland av. ja 29 3t and ym'th?fniai Ground. Washington AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take notice, a? it will t>e to their lntereat to do ao, that W. H. READS COMPOUND SYKtP OP l i \r L* o <>? ? *? " .jnuK'iuni lor tout/if, lolil). Hoarftnti*, Croup and other 8 tfefttion* of the throit and oh?at, and alao hi? SORK THROAT PoWDHR, a two of the most infallible rem'diea of the day, and 10 family ihould be without them; and b??ide?, ti - are bo obeap a* to be within the reach o* all. We do not expect stranger* to believe what we write in regard to onr own n edict nee, ooneequent1? we refer you to the foliowinc well known gentlemen'* oenifioaten, which oun be ae*n at the ' rug tcrea where the article* are for rale; the* say they are the heat Couch and Sore Throat Medicines they have ever known: Rev. Jas H. Brown. Pev. George Hildt. ltev. Sara'l A. YV'ilaon, Rev. Win. A. Hicks, Rev. Wm. A. Sniv*ly, Rev Jf>hnFoley, Rev. Ja* 9 .MoMurray, R?v. Wm. R. Mills. Of th* Baltimore Conjtrtnte. K* oh artio'e 85 o-ui# a (roUie Wholesale by W.H Read & Co.. Druggist*, 63 Broadwnv, Baltimore. At retail by R. S. T. Cissel A Co.. nrm*i?t ? tteoriefcjwn. Charla S'ott, Draggiat, 374 Pa. avenne. Wm. S. Thompson. Drug*ut, Fifteenth at. and New York avenue, Waahn.ct <n. John E. Bat'a, DrPgcfct. Navy Yard. jat* 1m ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Victimsnf Sr'f Abn*? and Heoret Di?ea?e? ahould apply at SHI'MAN'S Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, eorner Sixth atreetand Pa. avenco. immediate y oppoaite the National Motel, and try Dr. Southey'a Celebrated London M dioinea. Th?y are warranted to on re the moat viru ent forma of Gonnorrttfca, Gleet, Pyphilis, Nocturnal Kmiaaiona, Stricturea, and YV< alcneaa of the II adder in from S tott daya. The Remediea can be aent b? m*.i! i?n"* o - ? ?_ ? __ , mvmi w via a W IV p m. jfc ?-6t* J^AVK YOU SEEN THEM? HavK Yot vlbitid thk JAPANESE BAZAAR.' Pa Af , under Willardt' Hotel. Fl.HK UjOlM THAN THUil IH THI PaTSNT OrTICE. Fi led with the Rioheet ProdnoU of the EM PI HE OF JAPAN: RICH CABINET^, BOXES, CUPSr PUNCH BOWL8, A.O., &?. The ooly store devoted exclusively to JAPANESE GOODS in Amenoa. EVKKT ARTICLI iMroaTXD DIXKCT. To be Sold Tkit Week at Great Sacrifice; In idist etui for ONE-HALF THEIR COST TO IMPORT! Tkui placing them within the reaoh of all. Ja X U* I ASTONISHING, BUT TRUE! T IS Very atatigo that SMITH ahoald cat is Naw Gooda when every body u erymg bard timea. Bat he aelia iua good* at euoQ low pne a that the people will huv them. N H ? Jn*t received a lot of CLOTHING aii'1 FURNISHING GOODS, wR eb will be aold at Joaer oent l?*e than thau actual vfiluw At SMITH'S. No. 4M Seventh at, opposite Poat ORoe. Ja?4->? CHKAPER TH*N EVER . UST RECEIVED a Fiaah Lot o? that SUPERIOR NOTE PAPER a? -AT..7/C*a. ra? WH ^13 B.t?eu thak-t5SrcifT* V , AMUSEMENTS. W A H I N^TO N THE A At'iv Mrniet S. T. Ratwowv &u|? M&n*c- r Hcmfbut Bun nic KT&iiinu. raeoud sppearAnoe of MR. BOTHER N. The Celebrated Coitedian. In bis intensely eseitmi Plsy. ea'itl d . . SUSPENSE. Jules D'Alb'r Mr. Sotherti. As noted by him wi'h the *reatest tnooc*< in the priuctfti oities of the Union. To oonolude with the new Faroe of AWa* WITH MELANCHOLY. Windsor Brown.? ... Mr. Sothers In pretention a Corned? written for Mr. Sotbern, entitled "UR AMERICAN COUSIN AT ROME. Lord Dundreary Mr. gotnrn BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. Gkand select calico dre*s ball, FOR TBI Benefit of the Poor of our City, Will be given at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, (Strmtk rt.J On WEDNESDAY, Jan.*Kh Supper will l>? furniahed by that experienced oaterer, Mr. C. Gautim. Tickela hare been placed in the haada of lR the fol owing gentleman lor rai*. and all application must be mail* ti tl.em in aeraon.tflH) aa poaitivelv no ticketa will he and at the door : Thoinia W. B?rry, Thorn*' V. Doaglaaa, and Charlea O. White. T1CKET9 TWO DOLLARS jatt td WAJNTSL WANTED-A good PASTY COOK Ap?l? at w win .A R PS* Hotel. jafr> Iw nux'Ti'n ri? uiRi.--i wi. -> sud^l- i?. W an inf?> t i*i weeka old, at No. 453 Twelfth at , hetwqyn G ard H ja 28 Zt* ARESPEOT ABLE YOl'NG WOMAN want* a SITUATION ai oook, ard vomd willingly aamat in wanhin* and ironing. Addrra*. or to be seen at tbe grocery atore corner Fourth ai.d K ata. ja 88 St* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to juuwn worth of SECOND-HAND Fl RNI TL'R F. oi all kinds, for which I will guaranty to pay the highest priori, and, aa u?ual, at the ahorteet notion R. BCCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, S'ovea, Ac., oo 9 40* 7th > t., bet. G and H ea*t aide. WANTED-PKCOND HAND FURNITURE. Pewora dooming housekeeping. or hanng a auMilna of Fnrniture on hftnd, can oWtain theomd and fair prioea l>? applying at 3#9 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ & GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. AN E9TRAY ? Came to the premiae* of the aobacriber. c rner T * fifth and l> ?U east, a large red and whte spott-d COW. my* The owner ii reqnest?d to com* fnrwa-d. prove property, pay chart e?, and take her ????. ja*? 3t* JOKK.f H SHKLTON. ICbT-(?n Kanday evening, January *7th. in -J Georgetown, a (cold WATCH CHARM : bv cornelian a?t an<i firure of an tailor and anchor. Heme highly pr t*x\ br theowrer. a liberal reward will be paid to the filler on lcavinr it at the Montgomery House, oil High, between ta and 9d street*,* PERSONAL. WK ARE AUTHORIZED TO STATE THAT Heurjr Addison it a #andidate. at the request of hie friends, for Mayor of Georgetown at the etsuing election. It T NOTICE. HIS 18 to notify the public that I will ra? no del ts contracted by mv wife, Wi u Fl??v,af er the date o| this notire. SOLOMON El.SEY. January 23th. 1961. jaSS St* BOARDING. A~GENTEEL PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING overa unoccupied KOO.MS. would f>e pleaded t? accommodate gentlemen with or without their fami io?. Termt moderate. H i Ninth ?tr?*t. Ketween G ar.d H. >a J6-3t* Ladles, Call Early AT FinnLK'-' ORIGINAL HI STORE, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL ?1 STORE, No. no* PENNA. AVENUE. No. 30a PENNA AVENUE. CHIi.DRKVb ARMLEfs, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS. GENTS' SEALS and CHAINS, GENTS' M,fc EVE BUTTONS and STUDS THIMBLES. PKNS, PENCILS. KINGS. SILVEK Pi.ATED SPOONS, GOBLETS, CUPS, Ac. Everything in the store uev and porfaot, and guarantied to be such as represented VOT Evertmrticle minufac uted for tke rnr?lar ruait trade, and warranted to b* the same quality as is retailed from five to thirty dollars each. YOL'R CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, RnoAaDLK** or Cost. An this gr*nt sate oontinues but a short time, person desiring to supply themselvas with Jewelry at these unheard of prices will please call early at our OK1U1N AI. ON F. DOLLAR STORE. 302 Pennsylvania avenue, bet ween 9th and 10th street* D W. RIDDLE. CD" Remember the Number?30<-Jk* we hare no oonneotiou with other*, profeaainjno Mil at our price*, in tiria city. SPKOIAL Reo'ivcd thia day at RvidWs Origmnl On* Dol litr Store, a larae itivoice of Fine ?JoH Jewelry, oonsiKMnc of Ktnrs, Bracelet*. Gent*' and Ladi**' "Breastpins Uua>d and Fob Chain*. Soarf Pins, k c. Alt to be disposed of at fall 300 p >r cent. le*? than cm t>e bought elsewhere. The above are warranted fine cold or no sale. Persona wishing any art'ol* of Silver plated Ware can be furnUhed at 100 per cent le*a than manufacturers' price bv calling at RlDDLK'ii. OfcIGI**L OjCB DOLLAB STOBB. ja 26-tr 30-i Pa. nv . bet 9th and 10th *t?. A HICKORY WOOD. No. 1 artice of HICKORY WOOD. Alao. PINE ard OAK WOOD, prepared or delivcrM n rd lunrth fT^'ferrae ciuh. lu/" A l ord-ra ?hould be aec^mpaniM with tha money; drivers don't oft"* change onleea epecia! orders are left to that effect. T. J AW. M. GALT. j&23 8*a Pa av., b*?. lltH and 12th ata A^m PIANO FORTE, (NEW.) FOR flJi.-I have had left at my "tore for aale a new^^^ Koaewood Caae. beautiful tone PiauoJIB^BR Stool and Cover, which ooat oaah fjno.'nll' a 'd the owner, in oonaeqaenoe of the hard timea, will aell it for 9175, ino.ading ftool and Cover. C-ll and aee it. JOHN F. K* LIS, ia 25 SQ6 Pa. av.. bet. 9 h and 10th ata. 17 LEG ANT CARPETINGS AT GREAT SACLi R1FICE. We ctiU have on band and for aale. eome very superior and beautiful VELVET, WIER, BRUSSELS and TAPESTRV CARPETING*, which mutt be aold off at tome arice: and in view nf ik* I iHSssT'r -vi- w. .? ?&?: -Sri': I*- -AWjS&afigigs^jffittj Moore a Squill D'opi. Ao. fhyaicia- a' irt'S eoriptiona receive apeci&l a'tentioa. frioee to salt the times. At night rioc th? door bell. . ln MO(5rE'8 Waat Knd Drag Store. J*'9 9* US PeiJ.aTW.aV T\,~? CEMETERY NOTICE. M^xmsgLm TJ. A W. M. GALT DuliI! IH WOOD AND COAL Oiall kind*. Ofcoe-Peon avenue, j& a between Hth acri 18th itnik NEW PAWN OFFICE /9\ 0 O E W A R D. DecJer ia Newft A J&iSEKi&dTCT'-'Kiii^'KvWf FFICE at No. Ttt Lomuaia ami*, between 9*h and loth ?U? a lew doora eaet of the sew Cen tral Gaard-honae. where he will ha at all tinea prepa-ed to wait oa hit patrons with pronptaees, ids i num. a.c., aiwaja on nana M prime s&ia. Jiiii?! JuSTBKCEiyggV00"FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'B, __ No. 8 7 BP***, Avtmvm, _ Th* Shftdov is tba Ho?m, m amw nani, by Jobs * ^ ",w" w! AUCTION SALES. Br CUAyM4 fl?KKW^wn III* . V%!mSaLP2mMISW; I INS. 7*M?r? JIM. at l* ?'*o?fc. t? riiNllit motion, ia front of oar aaeti?n ro?H. a * potior lot of Ho??eh<> 0 r?/n:tui?, Mm * 1 of tlM boiMlMIIBI Mouiu to om of tb? St* mmWi or U# CtbtatLtnmpntiic la (Wt? a^^ftsaSrft&ar-Walnut and ooaaoa Wardroboa. I Saperior Ff ath*r Bed*. Roister* aad Pillow*, i Hair, ?*rak and Straw M?ttn?m. I Ve'vet Pimk Ami? ai<1 hk'iof Chair*. Mabocanf aad W'rnit Hair eaat farlor Chair*. '?ak. Can* aoat dlrtaod vtkor CMin. ; Carp*u. Oilcloth and Mattinc. Rat Rack. L*af T*M?* Piano Mocl. i MarMo-Via Table*. NirroraJH**, I window Ce'tain*. Sh*dee. Blair Red*. i Crook** j and Tin Ware, Fir* Iron*, to. Alio. Ob* * peri or Ftei't Hot**, very feet aad ?*ll hr to hfc' QCtl, An ?ier..*nt Roekavay, aad Bia?'>* Bet Silver plated HBrat a*. Term* eaeh. jaf^dAd* CLEABV A QREEN. Aa?a. By GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aaottoaeera. 1?XTE*SIVB SALE OW CLOTH1MB AT a-j Arrrioji -On w KDNKSDat. Ua sou la ataat, at ! u'olook a ?nC f-om day to d*r itUl tha wboia ?loc| U diapoaed of. w a hall sail a tare* ooui|DBMtof*, loitiiaf. taaflat will daairaata lb tor*, on SaTaath st., btiwwc H aad 1 m. aorta. w# bmi * in ?art? Maa'a aid Boy ' Or mi. Sack, Froak, Orar aad othar Ooa'a, Man's and Bot>' Paata. Vaata, lodar 9ar?wl*, HotMry, Hao<lkaralUafa. Collar*, Shav So ndara aad othMr vitnm ajparal J ha attaotioa of tha saKIie 1a mviUd to tki abora u tha atoak war ba aoid wlthoat raaarra to tha kif haat biddar. T?ran? raah. ja?d GEKKPf 4 WILLIAMS. Aaata Br C. W. BOTELKR k. SONS. Aaetiooafra. WALK OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FDft ?5 hitvsi at AccTtow-On WEDNESDAY MORN < N&. Ja*aar* ?. at M ^'alock va aEall an at No .1S4 Kifbtli MvmdK aad L traaU. a B'ia?rior-oolia-.Uoa ol Farni'urs, b?iat tha antira air eta of a famila deoliBlng honaakaapiag. ooaaiati r in aAtf nl Via o???upenor olid Rouvood suit of Parlor Farliitore. . _ _ On* fin* Rosewood Piano Fort#, Plash covered Reooption Chairs, Hand*otne Roi'wocd fctefere. Gilt Frame Mirrors. Mantel and Tahie Ornaments, BrilHli and other CkrpMi, Sr.lM 0?k 8ideboar?' Marble Toy, (tek Dimnc KoonCkMn. Oak Extension LMmnc Tab#, Sup?"or China ar-i G'a?s Croekorr, Plated Good a, Table Cat rry and Table Fnraitara cenerally. F.lec?nt Set of \V*lnat Ch%mt?*r Fnrnitsre, era brtoinc B*J?tesd. fctmau, WukiUad, Wardrobe and Chairs, Superior Hair and other Mattresses, ^tesawft.ssi-sjaws. ^PFOINTMENT AND DISAPPOINTMENT. In consequessc of the urgent solicitations of ^ NUMEROUS CITIZENS who called upon DR BCBLOSSER 4 dunng laetweek.bat who were oompelled to go away on eoooant of the overcrowded state of hie rooms, he will remain here A FEW DAYS LONGER. Dnring his stay in this oity, the Doctor hae meceesfuliy operated on the feet of poreone of the highest respectability, who have cordially jteoPi at his disposal their . TESTIMONIAL? of the WONDERFUL EFFECT of lua METHOD OF CURIN6 ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. Dr Sehloeaer h&? alrradv pabiiahed a groat Bomber of oertifloatee from peraona well known, which fall? prove that he la the only one who ovraa the above mentioned diaeaaee. ANV ONE SUFFERING from CORNS. BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. OR AMY DISEASES OF THE FEET. Will have 6miAT CAtTftl TO Bl ATI'ttlD * If tkrt immediately place tkemitlvt ttnAr ? DR. SCHLOSSER'S UNERRING SYSTEM OF TREATMENT. Without Ccttijc? oa cavtixa thi lbast Pim. CONSULTING ROOMS, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (South aid*,) fcotwoaa 12th and 15th aUoeU. OFFICE HOURS From loa. m. til) ft 9. m. FEW DAYS LONGER IN j*? WASHINGTON. ^MO? KKNOALL T Tk~ 1SMfflPV* * NEVER BEFOREBKbN PUBLISHED. CELEBRATED LETTER TO ORE. LETTER TO Tlf?*PRE8lDENT. WhicvMB jaetly expitedi so mci woader ud adnma'ioB. hare be?n neatly printed ta tMaih.n of at>out forty rM<a. m4 ara ao* ready for dUtr> be'ion Thoeeare ampac the ableet prodaotioaa at U? tiiuea. and bo obo who dee tree a ooaolueire arg j men' Bod B luoid exeoeitton el?r, oonoiee Bad brief, apon thia aabjeet, eiioaM be wKhoat a aopy They will be faraiehed ty the eabeenbor Btthe TOiMKW Copy. #1*0 b THOfcSAN D, delivered ia WaahiBf ton, rpp INVENTORS AND PATENTEE* M I N.N k COMPANY, Pro?ri?tor? of Um Sc.?*ti?ic iimcm, ui i|(DU for procant Awnwi ut Potwii Suiwn ? Ui Jwwiif PimiUMtf liTlMMt trm tor Mil. htMt LawirilHiiittOM, 1M Zfefc agittrJa/at:w<^ i testae*. litfggr pRKNCH 4 RICKBTKI^ ^ ^ / I

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