Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1861 Page 1
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- ' ' 0 ' M 0 __ I v -: " # ' firming Star, V^. XVII. WASHINGTON. P. C.. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 2. 1861 N?. 2.483 THE DAILY EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVBRT AFTERNOON, (WU If DATS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR. BlILDIROS, Cornwr of Fmmytvania avenut 11/4 H., ki TT. D. WALLACH. Pspera ?*rTcd in pMk?(M by otrrlen at ? p ye%r, or 57 oenta p?r month. To mail BBbeertbera the pnoe la #3J50 a rear, m advmtt; $2 for six months; 91 for thro* months; and for law than three montha at therate ofl2oenta a vee*. Sinjl* 094ea, 0x1 cmt; in vraypera* two cinra. (X7"AovKKTMucanTa aooald beaent to the ottoe fcejore 13 o'o ,00k m.; other viae they 01*7 not appear "til the next dar. THE COTTON Sl'PPLY AND THE WANTS OFE*6LAXD ( The London Time*, of the 10th ultimo, dis eu^es the question of the cotton supply, in a stjle which indicates the desire of England to provide herself with sources of production other than the southern States. We quote the material parts of its article on this subject, as bearing directly upon the question of the southern confederacy and its resources : " Not many days ago we took occasion, in di*c?o?ing the sources of our cotton supply, to explain the peeuliarity of the difficulties by which this momentous question is attended. It is not that cotton will grow only on particular soils, like cinnamon or pepper. The article ran undoubtedly be produced in fifty different region* of t/it globe, nor is there much reason to doubt that any kind of quality desirable could be imrjrted to the crop by cultivation and skill, this is not the secret of 4k. ? TL- .1 1 : il- I. _I_A. !_ aL ?_ uic uiiucr. ia? real uiixicuuy consists in mis ?that America has got fair possession of the market, and supplier u- with cotton so exoellent in quality and so nearly sufficient in quantity that only a narrow margin is left for fresh competitors. Since the publication of our remarks some statistics b*vc been compiled which place the facts of the case in a very clear light indeed. Last year was a remarkable year for the cotton trade, ^l'he imports cxceed in amount any yet record^; the cocsumption was proportionately l&nP; and the stocks in hand at the close of I860 were still considerable Coming to figures, we may state that the weekly consumption of the kingdom was probably about 48,000 bales. Of tnese. 41,000, a? nearly as possible, came from tha United States, about 2.000 from Brazil, 1,800 from Egypt and the West Indies, and 3.200 from India. There is the whole case clearly explained. America sends us six-sevenths of our entire receipts, and maintains this vast supply so well and so successfully that the market is all her own. ' But, unfortunately, this source of our raw material, though so excellent while it lasts. em not ht regarded with the con fidence which on so vital a question ire ought to feel, and, ohort os has been the interval since the appearance of our observations, it has been long enongh to illustrate with alarming force the pr&c&riousness of the support on which ire depend. The cotton states of America are actually on the brick of a tremendous convulsion. The contingency so long foreseen as possible i3 now imminent, and if we should hoar by any of the next mails that the cotton crop is in danger from the derangement of industry an 1 business we should not be sur priseu Already tbe Americans themselves appear to be scared at the prospect. We are told thai the price <>f negroes has fallen enormously, and the value of slave property could hardly have been affected except through some misgivings a* to slave produce. At any rate, even if we assume, as perhaps we may, that the interests of the cotton-grower will be strorg enough to protect the cotton consumer against any very or serious or immediate miscEief, it can no longer be denied that our position is becoming unsafe in the extreme. We are holding on by a single anchor, and the strands of the cable seem actually parting. < Nobody can tell what may be the effect of political disorganization upon the cotton States oi tbe t moo; and in i^bat condition should we 1 find ourselves if the six-sevenths of our supply 1 which these countries now furnish should be 1 suddenly cut off' Suppose tbe imports re- I duced even by a half or a third, what are we to do 7 The distress at Coventry gives but a 1 faint idea of the ousery and ruin which would < overwhelm us if oft staple manufacture were * abruptly stopped. " It behooves us, then, without an hour's 1 <lt!ay, to tale this work in hand. Except for the single difficulty we have described, it is a perfectly easy work. Three-quarters of the globe are actually competing for the favor of oar orders. Asia gives us India, and India, as is invariably found, offers anything we want. , Tea, flax, silk, linseed, cotton?whatever crop , fails elsewhere Is sure to be producible in In- ; dia A3 it is, the Indian cotton supply comei . ?_ . I- A ' - ' r?rx? cv inc nwcrrt //i in yjun oj wicigni rucie, 1 though with a long interval between, and it i in already calculated that these imports will 1 be materially increased during the current year. Then there is Australia bidding for notice. We are assured upon the evidence of j excellent authorities that not/tine would be easier than to male Australia as good a cotton Jitld as Atnerica is now. Invest the capital, organize the trade, invite Chinese laborers, and the desired results will follow with the most infallible certainty. Haidly have we opened our eyes to these agreeable Visions when the advocates of African civilization interpose thfir claizrs. A frica i* the very land mf cotton In those regions tbe plant is not an exotic. It requires no naturalization. It ?rows there already, and is even cultivated, as *r as the ignorance of the natives will permit the process. Then why not extend a hand to the struggling negro, and benefit an oppressed race h>j the s i me iwliry which would provide our manufacturers with inexhaustible supplies ? A Mvstkbt.?A gentleman raiding in Fort W nyne, wh?? duties require him to he abaent from ht? boire much of bla time, came Lome unexpected If a few evenings since Hla wife told Li in there waa uo light in the r oom,and r> quested him to retire without one, which he did. After retiring he felt unwell, and determining to apply a remedy at once, arose, dressed. and went out to the druggist's Putting bis bar.d in hla pocket to get some change wherewith to pay for tbe medicine be had purr baaed, he drew cut a handful of gold! He tried the other pocket with theaame result, and counting the con>enta of the two pockets he waa i>lu? ?IU0! The paiita were not bla \\J Kan ha n ra?r* Vi 1- ? ? ?? ii HT ??; ?i u ira^uru iiuiiir ? ?ri j ili 1II ^ WQI quiet, and tbe pants he bad taken off a few min* uter before were goue Now this is very queer, and can be accounted for on no other hypotonia than that Aiadin's lamp worked upon the aifalr with the wonderful influence of lta magical qualities. llow otherwise could It hare happened ' If any other rational explanation can be given, will some one give It? Sharp Nescastilc Pbactici ?It is said tha a certain New York merchant recently found himself in possession of a quantity of linen wrapC?rs, of very good quality, but so abort that no uman being, not even a Esquimaux, could wear them with comfort, llow to dispose of tbem advantage was a question difficult of solution; but his wits were equal to tbe emergency, and he hit upon the following plan: He sent a stranger t? a certain retail store, with instructions to inquire fcr short linen wrappers The merchant could uw vupiuj uiui, auu tuc ?watiKri luijuirni wurrf he could find the article. Next day another was dispatched on the came mission. and the next day another, and so on, until the retail merchant became convinced that there waaan extraordinary demand for abort linen wrappers, and bet;an to look about to And a supply. He did not succeed until he came to the establishment of the merchant first mentioned, where he bought the entire lot It is hardly necessm y to add, that there has been no demand for the article since ? jV. Y. Pott. (E^Mr. Joseph Croxton, delegate from the city of Lonlsvllle, bavin* voted in the Kentucky Legislature against the resolution ordering the display of the American flag from the dome of the State flour, a 1 arjfe meeting of bis constituents was held, at which revolutions were adopted, declaring the attachment of tbe voter* of the First and Perond wards of LouiaviUe?which are rmbraced in Mr. Croxtou** District?to tbe Union, that Kentucky ts still a member of the glorious " Cdhfed* racy bequeathed to us by our fathers, and that we recognize the Star and Stripes as tbe banner under which every loyal Ktntuckian will ftght. in or out the Union; censuring Crox ton's coarse, sod directing him berraner to vote for tbe measure which stall t?-st r< present Lis constituency and best preserve tbe Union. Riposted Safety or the Lbvast ?Tbe Trenton (N J) papers state tbat Information has V. ?i ? <1 ?ha* lha alAAn^vf. HTBP levant #a> whose safety so much annrtf hai been frit, wu spoken by wbaler from the Sandwich Islands arrived at raiuma Captain Hunt, tbe comMiMtfr. who belongs la Trenton, d-s frd the captain of tu- wbtl-r to report that be was compelled to visit some of tbe otuer Islands In tbe ra"l>e, coosrquently he would not be at Panama /or two months from tbe time be wu expected. > # # Litxbatcbb.?The Rev. Mr Spurgeon haa recently taken to editing a religious periodical, oalled the "Baptiit. Even the preachers, both in thia country and England, are racked into the whirlpool of journalism. Harrison Ainaworth and Dudley Coatello are the principal contributors to Bentley'a Maga?ioe. A shilling edition of Emerson'a "Conduct of Life" is published in England, deapite tbe unfavorable reviews of the Athenaeum and the Critic. ' Misa Muloch, author of "John Halifax," has turned editor, and la to aupervise a new monthly shilling magazine; ahe haa contributed larecij tu iuciumnii a iiia^anuo. Lamartine bns offered a play to the Porte Saint Martin, and it wag rejected. A double mortification. The piece was called La Servante. The new pamphlet, " Rome and the French Bishops," is attracting nearly aa much attention in Paris as "The Pope and the Congress" a year ago. Victor Hugo having completed his great romance of Les Miserable?, demands $60,000 for the six volumes. Solar, the publisher of La Presse, offers ?15.000 for the right to publish the work in the feuilleton form, and another publisher offers 51??,0<>0 for tbe absolute property of the volumes, but the poet resists both inducements. Who shall talk of the lack of business talent, the improvidcnco and Arelcssneas of literary men ? Motley's new volumo is in press by the HarEers, and indeed ready for publication. They old it back solely on acoount of the times. Some of the copy of Thackeray's Virginians was written so hastily that the original manuscript was sent to this country before the author had corrected the proofs. The two first volumes of a French translation of a German work called "Enigmatical Personages and Wonderful Histories," are just published in Paris. Anthony Trollope, John Hollingshead, and T iv. ?:?- ?i * '?? ucnoo mc mu pnuuipai cuninouiors to the Cornhill Magazine, besides Thackcray. Wearing Rubber Shoes.?The tendency of India rubber shoe' is to make the feet cold, and in such proportion-to endanger the heal'h; heDce they are useful only in walking, when the ground is muddy, or slushy with melting snow?in these cases they are invaluable, and there is no equal substitute. Two rules should be observed.whenever it is possible; when rubbers are on the feet, persons should keep moving, and remove them on entering the house, if it is intended to remain over a few minutes. If the rubbers have been on the feet several hours, both shoes and stockings are necessarily damp by the condensation and confino-" ment of the perspiration; therefore all should be removed, and the naked foot held to ihe fire until warm and dry in every part; if. then, a pair of dry stockings are put on. and a pair of warm loose slippers, or shoes, there will be a feeling of comfort for the remainder of the day, which will more than compensate for the trouble taken, to say nothing of the ailments averted. But it must not be forgotten that as India rubber shoes are impervious to water from without, and ought to be worn in muddy weather, and only then while the woarcr is in [notion, so leather .?hoes. rendered impervious to water, by blacking or any other means, should be like India rubbers, used temporarily, and when walking in mud or slosh. For common nurposeg the old fashioned leather boots and snoes are the best, if kept well blackened, with several renewals of dry socks during the Jay, if the feet sweat profusely. As col<* and lamp feet are the avenues of death to multitudes every year, a systematic attention to the above suggestions would save many a valuable i;r_ r. ... i / tt i.i uio.?nan s juui nai or neairn. Di?*ati?rAcriox or thk Volcstekr* at Pensacola ?We clip the following paragraph from the Mobile Mercury of the *?>th ult: The steamer Oregon, about the safety of which there was softie apprehension a few days since, arrived at our wharves ytsterday, with detaehmmtaof several companies who haveb^en granted furlough. We learn from those who came over that our troops are doing literally nothing at PensacoLa. while the commander at Fort Pickens is every day adding new strengh to his fortification. Major Chase, under whose orders our men are acting, is at Montgomery consulting with tbeGover nor, white the enemy la every dav rendering himself stronger Our bors are '-spiling for a fight," and say If they do uot do something pretty soon they will come home. as they are perfectly tick and tired of doing nothing They are now about 1.7UU men there, and If ordered to take Fort Piokena, thev will do it or lose the lait man in the attempt The Wyandotte it lying at anchor on the outside of Port Pickens, immediately under its guns. Fort Barancas is in excellent repair and mounts fifty guns, but not of as large calibre as those of Fort Pickens. Twilvi Bats Without Food ?The Loulrvllle Journal of the t26th republishes an incident related by the Paris (Ky.) Citizen as occurring to Mr. Wm T. Redmon, who, attracted to a shanty near the residence of his brother by groans which proceeded front it, found there an emaciated and almost lifeless stranger, who gave the name of Frederick Wilhelm. a shoemaker by trade, who. losing hi* employment at Frankfort, destitute of meant and hope, tired and hungry, but preferlng to starve rather than beg, had gone in the shanty on the 9th to die, and bad remained there without fond or Are until discovered on the 21st instant. Tbe Citizen says there is no reqpon to doubt the fact, as he was seen about the barn on the 9th. Dojr'r do that tilt I am Pz ad.?< ?n the day of the meeting of the secessionists at Kingston, Ga., a revolutionary soldier returned to his residence In Oobb county, though his eyes were so dim he could not see well, fie .was told they were trying to get tbe |>eopIe to dissolve or secede from the Union. Whereupon be dropped his withered face and seemed to be In deep diotress for one or two minutes, after which he raised up his head. and, with a faltering voice, said. "Ob, don't do that till 1 am dead!" While ne uttered these words the large tears chased ear h other down his worn cheeks. He was told that a great number f men would try to prevent It; to which he replied ' Don't let them do that till I am dead !" JO" The Kentucky free negro law. which went into operation on the 1st Inst , prohibits any free negro coming Into the State under severe penalties Two negroes were arrested at Portland, Kentucky, last week, under this law, but were discharged by Judge Johnson, It appearing that they came into Kentucky prior to the lat of January. But on Wednesday evening a free man of color, named Jacob Mitchell, from New Albany, was arrested under the law, and lodged In jali. Under the strict letter of the law, he must go to the State Prison. Hud to Plkasb.?The South Corolinlans have "n? end of trouble" la fixing upon (be State flag. The Mercury of Tuesday announce* the last change: The Legislature last nlgbt again altered the design of the State flag. It now consists of a blue field, with a white palmetto tree In the middle, upright. The white crescent In the upper flagstaff corner remains at before, the horns polntlog upwsrd. This may be regarded as final. "Bin Waiiis" Going Thkocgh.?One hundred and fifty huge bomb shells, ten inches In d'.ameter, eighty-five pounds each, arrived In Petersburg last Monday mormng. em route for South Carolina. Tbe cavity in these bombs is six and three quarters In diameter, leaving a shell of l* thickness The explosive force must be tremendous ?Norfolk Transcript. IX3T By railroad accidents In 1800 there were killed in tbe United States 74 persons and 310 wounded. That Is tbe smallest number In any twelv? months In the Dast eiirht vears CE7-A brother of Charlea Dickens la employed la the land office of the Illlaola Central Railroad. He doea a little la the literary line. IEr On t health it waakaowa la Liver pool that th?re were300 000 balea of cotton at aea, again* iWO (XT'la at year Now the amount la greater atlll lETTbebog alaaghter at Terre Haute, Ind., haa cloeed; 42 head havjng been killed and packed during the aaaaon. C7"Th? new Governor of Pennaylvanla had twenty appolntmentato m.tke Tha office! were It significant,but there were 1,075 applicant. JC7" The total population cf Illinois, by the recewtfe-?iB,t?l,tt0,aOO. ' 7 I (IT* A rooog tbe norelttaa Is New y ork ekarebei ' nydnwiUc?ngl??16r< blawtiigtheorgtii. ' CLOTHING, Ac. W MERCHANT TAILORMfU. KW FALL STYLES o* CLOTHS, CASSIZERS, AND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS 4 l5o? 389 Pennsylvania Avenue, have just received a large varietv of new Fall Goods, to wnioh they invite the attention of their friends and onstomere. an ao-tf PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES! We have just received a iarre lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING 6001)8, HATS and CAPS, on oonsiinment, whioh mutt be sold before the 4th of March, without retard to ooat. These goods have Li I luwD irvminil* h? ih* linllia, in Haltimn.. and Philadelphia, and owing to the time* they will be told at almost auy prioe. our object being to turn them into oash aa aoon ax possible. L A. BKALL A CO.. C-'othiers, No. 439 Seventh St., above G. N. B.--Come one, corneal!: now is the time to bur WINTKR CLOTHING at any price on Seventh St.. No. 43ft. 4 door* above G st.. deg8-lm (GENTLEMEN'S I RE\DV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READV-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens anststrangers wishing an immediate outfit supe nor inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities cf Dress and Business Garments and Overooats in all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-olothuig ol all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qua ity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery, Ac., Ao. All of whioh we are offering at our usual low prices. IC7" Clothing made to order in the most superior manner., WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-u 3*22 Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and oitixena itenora)ly, to an inspco'ion of our present new, at tractive, and elegant aasortmtnt of^^B CLOTHS. CA8SIMERKS, DOESKINS, WK Vli STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, fte. Wtf whioh we will make to order in superior atjle at vary low prices. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. oo 2S-tf 32*4 Pa. sv.. t.etw. 9th and 10th ata. ~" GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON ft CO. Would oall the attention o 1 water takers to their full assortment of Fixture* necexsar* to its follows:?KITCHEN RAaNGES.BATH TUBS. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Caat iron, monint iron, l.e*rf ru.d GalvnmaiKt WATER PIPKS, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS, Rt'BMER HOSE. to. HavinZ superior advanta*aa, with practical k' owIoiIrc, wo are prepared to introduon Water into dweilinca with ali tlio latest irriproverrer.ta, prompt,jr. aud at prioc.? that cannot fail lo aaticfy. ?69 Peun. avenue, no 24-dtMar 1 bet.9th and luth ata., south aide. A wmT t. do vis i co. RE Now prepared to execute any ordera wiik which the? may b? favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. rnr Store on 9th Btrect, a tew doora north of P?, avenue, where mar be found a oomalcte assortment of CHANDELIER Sand other GAS, STEAM and WATER FtXTI'KES. iag7-lr WG A S FIXTURES. K llava in att;re. and are dai .y receivine, OAS FIXfURESr.fentirely New Pattern*and Deaicne ami I- iniali. superior in atyle to anything herot?Hore offered in tlua market. We invite oitizena general It to AJt.ll a.n?l #?* m I n? /mi aiiutlr nf fZ a ?n.l W Fixture*, feeling confident that we have the beet selected stock in Washington. Ail Work in the al>ove line intrusted to our care will be piomptly attsnded to. MYERS 4 MoGHAN. mar 5-tf 37f? D street. ISNYDtR. . PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to theoorner of Twelfth anil F sts. tin ia to introduce Water and Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms ( and guaranties entire satisfaction He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVKS. which h? will sell less than oost. as he wishes to get rid of them. _____ no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS. Warhin9ton, July lS.lMn. NOTICE JS HEREBY GIVE!*, That, agreeably to the provisions of the oidinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12.18G0. the undersigned ia low prepared, "whenever required in writing, and on pre payment cf the fee of fifty con??, to inspect, examine, t*st, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration of an ? ias inet/?r in use in this nit*." j Every meter, if found moot reot, will to condemned, and another, sealed aud marked as true, will be setini?? place. If proved to be accurate in |t? measurement of sax, ;t wfl: t>e eeaiud accordingly, and again put in position for use. Offioe No. 4 in Soventh street,(near Odd Fel .ows' Hail ) Open from 8 a. in., to 5 p.m. CHARuES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf lnfe?ectur ar.d Sealer of Gas Meters. 1G. O. PF.MUTH ft COMFORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Dealers in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GISS. fe., No. 40 Nokth Charlk* Street, Five doors a' ore Lexington no 22-ly Baltimore* IF YOU WANT TO SAVE TI1E UNION Call at c* a r? t? r- ?r n n n ? r, t Who hu just reot-i<red a large supplv of fresh I/?BSTER9, FISH, and tine 111" Tf IT 1 ifiTJll_ which he will servo to oust'iniers at the^?-i22k^ shortest not oe and on liberal term*. P. 8.?Oysters ?jrved to families aiid hotels are not scalded; they v re onlpvscaided for persons eating them at the saloon, (le 8 T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov XyX REMOVAL. A X V O I hare removed in* V V FAWN OFFICE to 3.11 C street, between 4)t and 6th streets, iin-nediatfcly in the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will bo ooiitmued ah heretofore at the old stand. |nol&-6n.| ISAAC HER/BERG. Thk. kurofean hotel, kept by p. EMRICH. at the corner of 1'enn.A. A avenue m.,( Elevetth has t een greatly improved recently and now offer*rJulfBLJL ireater inducements for the patronage ol citizens and strangers thaa any other pulilio house iii the oity, his prion* being leas than those of any other hotel on Pern, avei.ue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient boarder* unexceptionable. The l<ar and r*etauraut ariangenieuts of the European Hotel have already become very ?opu lar, bung all that can l?e desir^l by the most Pis tidions. Tne proprietor pledges nnremittod attention and continued iibernl expenditures to giveoatisfaotion to all, and ihn?-?ni*w? hi* invitation <* ail to give the European Hotel aoall. de4-ti Boots and shoes ro suit the times. We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and.SHOES, and constantly rooeiviiig uppijr 01 ea?w?rn maue wnric ot everr de BHB oration, mad* expreaaly to order, and willr ] taold at a much lower pr.oe than Iim been* Mb etofore oharged in this city for muoh inferior articles. Persona in vant of Boota and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, vill alwaya find a rood aaaor'.men in store and at tne ioweat prioea. 6ire ua a call. 6RIKFIN ft HRO., M*-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. CMVE HUNDRED TRAVELIN6 TRUNKS r arrived this dav, embracing all 4uali-?vre? ties and aises of Sole Leather, Ladiea'KRTi Dress and Packing Trucks. Our trunk^"***4 sales room exhibits at thia time the rrnatest variety of traveling requisites, at moderate prices, to be found this side of New York. Al?o, erery doscrip tion oTLADIBS' HAT BOXES, VAL1CES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHEL&, Ac. 07'Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sales Room, marM-tf 3Pa. svenua. W? D. L. MORRISON A CO.. A' LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, ft., *?., Corner of 12th and H streets, Washington osty. nT Cash raid for all kinds of Grain, an 25 6m f.?.?. uiii. ?. a. hot*. 1.1. mil. I AMAft.MOTYfcAVTRY. Li ATTOKXK IS-ATAA W lou.1 Spum, Miss., Will practioe in the Huh Court of Errors and Appeals at J&okaon, tho Federal Court at Poctotot, Uo Courts of the SeverOji Judicial Distriotof Mi?npfi.amd will attend to tho Cullootien of Claw* Ikraarknl tka N?>A Mik4mIi*( ? H-M U7 TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have jn?t received the largest assortment and now offer the moat extensive vanotrnm ?y ?' CAK^?*" ?A?8' SATCHeLr, 4C., ; WsV ' S laAra r^BKSKKDLES8 RAISINS, BORDEAUX PRUNED, FIGS, i CAN*ON GINGER ??? * HURCHELL. TIARD T1MK8 r? PI A N OR.?W# hive had XI placed M o?r ?tore MT?ral to* Pianos for ul? ( at *a?rificesTor cash, on aooouiit of t?a hard time*. )?H 306 Pa, ? ., b?t,?Ui ind mm, DENTISTRY. Dr3. lock wood* darreli. ark prepared to iuMrt teeth on vu1,caxv ?Cj 1TK BASK, a new and improved mode.mftaa* Whan male on thia pian thej are oom ^'' '" fortahle to wear and much cheaper than an? other. Also, Teeth inserted on (fold Plate. an<4 all Dental Operations of any kind that maj he denred. Olfice?Room No. din the Washington Building .corner, and ttoventh at. ?a M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor aod patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, M tends personally at hi* office in this oity.mJte?3 Many persons oan vnr these teeth whoH*-UJ-i' oannat Tear others, and do person oan wear others ho cannot wear these. Persons oallicg at my office oan be accommodated With any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfeot dentnre that art can prod uee, the MINERAL PLATE ?rill be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city? No. 339 Pa avenn9.between 9th and l?tO sts. Also, 90* Aroh street, Philadei piua. 00 15 tf TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY^ | BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> 9FASHING TON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On ami after PUN DA Y, November 25th, I860, the trains will ran &a follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Srst tram at ^ Jit a. m. oond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. no., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. L?AVK BALTIMORE: First train at 4.15 a. in., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third atS.10p.m. Fourth at t.2o p. m? Express. The firpt, second and third trains from Washington oonneot through: o Philadelphia and New Y??rlr. Tho eennd and ihirii nrmn??? ? \\;.-u.??? ? - WwuUvvv > ?? IkB III lift VUU Jnnotion with trains for the \\>at, South, and Norttiwect; alio, at Annapolia Junotion, for An napoii*. For Norfolk take the ' 4" a. m. trail . h or the accommodation of the war travel be twern Waehinftoo and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage tram whioh leaves at 13 m. Oi^Saturday the S.l<* p. m. train goec to Philadelphia only. no 26-q T. H. PARSONS. Agent. THE STEAMEK JAS. eUY Will regime ber tripa on TUESDAY, 21?t of February, 1M0. Will leave WASH b9MgL INSTON every TUESDAY and*"" ^" FRIDAY, at o dock a m..and ALEXANDRIA at half-pam ? o'oiock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. <>n her return trip*, ehe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDA Y. at 6 o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PA6E, Proprietor. NATHH, BOUSILAg't. Alexandria feao FFRENCH FLOWERSOK THE VERY BEST quality, and an extensile nfr 1 Fancy Store, ISttS no 92 tf S3K. hetw. Qth and loth ?t?. WATCH REPAIRING A Ml) SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repair- Jtw ing every deso'iphon of fine Watches, and fA] particular attention give to the same, by { loroueh competent workinan.and a work Kuarnntied Alio, every descrip ion of standard SI!4VKR WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured ureter my own supervision, which my oustomers will find far superior la quality and finish to northern ware sold lijr dcalvrs m general and represented as their own manufacture. II. o. hood, se 6 33** Pa. avenue. noar9th st. Best fancy goods, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, Awp Ojnt Pates Omlt, ai ci n c r Aiit * 81UKIm. no g-tf 336. hetw. 9th and loth sts. P OFFICIAL. ROPOBAIJ* FOR KkECTlNG A COURTHOU8K AND POST OFFICE ATPHILAPHIA, PA. Trrascrt Depart****, December 23,1W0. Skalkp Proposal* will he reoeived at this 0?partment until the Zta day of February, A. D 1861, at 12 o'olcck at noon, for tha construction of the Philadelphia Court-House and Pott Offio*,aoo<>rd inc to the plana and specifications prepared at this Department. The?e proposals must he for the whole work; hut ?4ch portir.n of the work and the amount b d theref >r must > ? separate t stated in the hid: the reepeo tive amount for eaoh kind of work earned out. and the total amount stated; the Department leliArvin# tha ri?Kt /? ? *><*'>? 1 ?. . . ..." > kv i?7j< * >- ui owpv me propi'B^i* hereby invited, or any parta thereof, wren itd<*ema th ?interest of the United State* require* it; the Departmont alio reserves the riRh? to exclude the biifx of any person or persona whom there is just cau*e to l?elieve will not faithfully perform thfoontracta, or whioh ther have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bid* when there ahall l-e parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, upon investigation, are below a fur price for the work. No oontract will be awarded to bidHera until d?tai'a ar'? furnished the Department of the prices of th?* different kinds of work and materials, whioh a' all l>e subject to the revision of the Department, ,k.i ii.. i.:., - i?11 ' * OU ?ua% IH"S'UBC Ilia Biittll l>r? C<| ttllAD T ft PfH?P lOTifctl upon the whole work to guide tha Department in miking psy meets. N inety i?r cent, of the amount of work done and material* delivered, according to contract price, (said amount to b*? ascertain: by the estiinue of an aeent of the Department apron te?l for that purpose.) will bn paid from time to time ar th? work progresses, and ten per osr.t. retained until the completion of the contract and aoceptanoe of the work, AO., by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of n<n lulGlment of contract. Contrac s will be awarded only to master builders or mec^anios, and the assignment th*reof, except by consent of fe secretary ol the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same. Kftnh Lroaoa*; mn it hn K? ? ? guarant ?e, signed by two responsible persons <cer tified t? l*> to hjr the United States District Judge, or Attorney of the said district.) in the sum of S^n.noo. that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal In accepted, enter into a contract and I ond. with proper and sufficient seountie* for its faithful performance. Plana, ?peoihcations and working drawings oan be examined alter forty days, an 1 other information obtained on application to the Department. The proposals must be sent to this^ Department, aaaroMea 10 tne reor??iary or the Treasury. <?'*Juried'" Propoxate for the PMladelpkia Ctmrt Ho**' and tost Ojtice,") and will be opened at I o'clock p. m .ol the lHHt da* named for receiving the wrae, in the precenoe of the bidden. if an* cno<>*e to attend. PHILIP F THOMAS*, tie 34 6"d3taw Secretary of the Treaty. T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN,*#, Wktrtai, At the present leMon o the year CHOLERA MOltDUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. ni'DI I ITV ?. . ?... .. . . , VMVIWI * ? ??V?i prevail to an alarming extent: And Mimas, _ It inu?t he of the . FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every laoulj to know of A RFM L*hv " "" _ VI or Paxis, offers his MIRACULOUS FAIN KILLER _ _ m the most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REHiSDY *"OK THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS Id order to satisfy THE PUBLig that no imposition ii> intended in the sale of this Groat MMfctue, THE MONEY WILL HE REFUNDED in fill cttscs when the medicine fails to gire entire aatiafaotio t.k, th?n at MIRACULOUS TAIN KII.LER. take as direoted, and if not perfectly satisfied Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4X Street and Pennaylvania Arenne, who will refund your money. rrice?ua ? uenU per Bottle. For ?! it All Drug Store* everywhere. JAB. MoDONNELL, General Arert, jyll-ootr R ultimo re. DUPOMT'S GUNPOWDER, Forme at manufv!u-er? pnoee, by JOHN J. BOGUE, GioutiowH, D. C.. SoU Atenty ft tk* District at Columbia. A lirie mi.T, embrkcinir iwy variety al way on haou, nd Delivered free to all parta of the DieHot. Ordere oan also beleft at tke oftoe of Adame* Kxtrnes Companv. Wnehincton. D- C. f* S lavlr WOOD AND GOAL. | Ywood and coai.. OU Will surely cet your rmimt'i worth by nallinc at the PIOM KKR MILLS, *iwi4i*?.<( tor *er <7 Srrrntk ttrtrt and lUEO. FAHK. Agent.) They Mil cheaper and five better measure than any other* in the city?cut, piit, and delivered free t>f charge. If ?vi don't believe it. ri* the Pinnerr Miila a tnal, and be aatia&ed. ja 17-1 y.r WOOD AND SO A h th? wty, at tb? love* pouibl* rata*. T. J. A W. M. 6ALT, Ofltee ??S Pa. a*., batvaen 11th and 12th ?u., ma n-tf north aide. ~~ CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Sin*. &Hiinm <?4 and IMA Strut*. W? have juat &nuh?d a number ol Irat tiUt CARRIAGES, tjch m LttU JWy. Park Fk**t<m*. Prniti* (V V9QHK ritifu, and Rut tit >, which W 111 ??.lat-**? a ver? small profit. Jtoinf praotioal meobanloa in different hranrhw w uio uiuaew, we auwr otiiMVM that V* k * the style* and qnanty of work that will givt satis faction, oonibiuing lightness, oomfort and darabili Reeaidcf promptly and oarefally attended to the shortest notice and moit reasonable charges. WALTER, KARMANN A BOI'P, Coaohroakers, soooessors to Wm. T. Hook. T CARRIAGES. HE Smbeeriber hariiif mad* additions to hi trlory, making it now one cf the .ari the District, where his facilities fn'UOlBl max. ulactu riseCARRIAGE A WAGONS of ail kiDds cannot bo surpassed, a&d from his lone experieoce m U? basinosa, he kepss to lire genera1 satisfaction. Ail kinds of Carnaces aU Lithi w kud. Ail RKPAlRPBMtir4???.fts4ftl!*rt?ripr*a?t ly ?ttaa4*4 t*. Bm?< ku4 Oaniftf** Utra te f?r mv a. ? ANDREW TTTOYCE, l?-t# MnirtlllUtUKik. dr j. h. McLean s STREH GTHENIN 0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PC&IFIER. THE (iREATEST REMEDY **Jk* WORLD, ?nd thr mo?t VE& Diucior* aj*d r*? DELIGHTFUL j, Lf It u IrietW ? .ci S. ar(* kit Cenipoend, precared by chs disMils- MC rlj Uo'i rt roots, hsrba, k Dcek, Bleed Root, ?*'_ J r E :1 R-o'..B-'i.r? ' : M rilla. Wild Chsrry W B?rk, uid Dandsliea W entara irte IW CM- C ] 7 The ?n:iri active fj* 4 K, rtmdul pnncipls ^ todF ofeeeh inf rtditn* !i uciore taking,???*".'^'^ter tttk,nS- 1 I distilling, prodscia* a delicious, eihileratinf epirte, and the meet lahllible riml^; fer renoeatiuf the 4iaeaae4 jet era, tud ruuniii the eick, aafenng, and debilitated invalid I* j health and atratif th. | McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will affactaally eare U?#r CanrUiit. DyeDepeie, Jeandice, Chronic er Ner?oae Debility. Uteereee oftba Kidneys, | end ell dieeaaea arteinf fratn a disordered U?er or Stomach, Dyapepeia, eartbarn. li.?ard Flies, Acidur or Bickuasa of " the Btotr.aeh, fallneee ef Blcod to (he Head, Dan Paia er viauDiof in ths Heed, Palpitation tf tbe Heart, Pallnoee i er WeifBt in the ?to?nsch. Soar Kractauofis, Chekinf er Oafecaun* Feeli.^f wbsn Isrin* down, Drynsss or TslleW- . .f ,h? Bkir, ?n<1 Im ?? '* 1 P Pain ia Iba Small af th? Buck, Chaat, or Sida, Baddao . Plaahaa af Rut, Dapraaaion of Bpinta, Frifbtfal Drumi, 1 L*nfa*r, Daapordatc? or iwy nn?ou diaaaaa, torM m Blotebaa an tb? Bkin, cad fmi and Api (ar Cbilla u4 r*T" ) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES 1 kin k?*o Mid daricf iba laat its roociha, >nd ia na la iadci baa it failad is tour* aatiafaciien. Who, than, will aafar ttmm Waaknaaa or DaMiitp whan McLSAVS rntENervKNiHa CORDIAL will car* y? i 1 Ma luptft can M??i| *n adaqa&ta idaa af Ika lmraaditU and almoal tnlracaloaa chanfa prodaead by taking Una Cardial in tb* diaaaaad, dabilitaiad, and ahattarad tartMa ayatam, wbatbar brokan >!awn by aicaaa, wank bp natara, at irapairad bp debnaaa, tha ra'nad and ana? rang erfaai- : ial>an la raaiarad ta ita priauna haaltb and ?ifa* MARRIED PERSONSt ar athara, caoac>aaa af inability from vbitavar taaaa, will 1 nd MckEANI STRENGTHENING CORDUb a if a- i raagh raf anaraiar of tha aya-am; aj.d ill *i? may ba*a in j )a>ad thaniaai?aa by luprapar lndalfaDcaa will lad in UtM CardliU a *art?in m.d apaady rauiady. I TO THE LADIES. MckEAN* rrKEHGTHEWlKO COKDIAL la a M?r tfr and apaady car# far Incpiant Caoaamptiao, Wbi'.aa, Oaatrvctad or DiBcali Manatraatinn, Iocontinanea of Ortna ar lcvalanlary Oucharra tharaaf, Palling af tha Womb, tddioaaa, Fainting, and all dmim incidact to Famalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar na langar. Taka It aeeardinf ta diraetiana. It will aurualata, atrauflhai., and inviforMa yaa and etna tlia biaam af haiLh ta raamot roar chaak again. Krirj kaltia ia varrantad ta (ita aatiaf*c'.M>a. FOH CHILDREN If yaar cblldran ui aickl;, pany or adiClad, McLEANf COaUIAL aill maka ibam tiaaiii.*, fat, and rabaat. D?l?j bat a; Uj it, and yaa will ba cacrmcad. Ilia daliciaat tauka. CA VTION. Ba vara af drapgiau ar dar.lara wha may try ta prim apon yea a*ma biuar or a&raaparilla traah, which thay can kc* chaar, bf niur it ia luat aa rood. Avoid aach nan. Aak far McMCAirS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and uka nothinr alaa. It ia tha only ramady that will rcnfy tha RIomI fhnrfiithlt and ?1 tha urn> fim? tk* One taaapoobfs! ukiQ a?ary mominf titling u a certain I preventive for Cholera, Chills and t'otr, Teltow Ke*er, or 1 any prevalent dieeaee. It ie p?1 ?p Id larye bottlea. Price I nfy V1 par bor-le, or 6 bot'.lti far $&. J. H M( LEJ\N. I Bolt proprietor of this Cordial; ata>, McLean'a Volcanic Oil ] Liniment- Principal Depot oo U-e comer of Third aad i Fin* auaau, St. Lnw, Ma. XoLean'i Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (TEE BUT LlfrlMEKT IN THE WORLD.) The only eafe and eartain cor* for Cancan, Pilta, T?raara, iweUlnfS and ronchile or Caitra, Pars Iran, Naaraigia, Weaki.eeeof tha Mneclee, Chronic or Inflammatory Rheamauam, of tha JoutU, Contracted Mneclee or bifaraanta, Earache o* Toothache, Bmeee, Spnina, Proah Cau, Wobi Jo, C.eere, Fever Scree, Cakad Broaet, flora or/ .Tyw CXTRA^V feimtsml TheabovePURE WHISKY,Cofrn Distill as feox M altkd 6aAin, beiai Hitnor and uniform in quality. and hignly improve* vj ate, i> pr*>rr?i by oonnmari to all other Whialnos. sad particularly rec Hnmended by the brut phycician* and chaaiiata MMMWim *11 the rNur?MBU of a !>?? Ttmu. Inmismwlmmmd Rmmaitnl Attni. The Schcyikiil Water of Philnoe phia. used la the d;?ti Kation of tali Whiaky, ia ?'"vM by analy aia to be the sofloat and pnreat water in the l ulled * * For ealeby FREEMAN^ HlSf?ON. ?. _ . _ .Fjiecia_P?atijl?ry, Front (trMt, Philadelphia. ?n*r J*-l? A UTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE REV. ALEXt\ ander Carlyln, Mmiitw of Invereak. containing Menoria* of the M*n aid ErenU of kisTuM, 1 vol,; pnoe#1.40. ? Ptrioul Hiatory of Tord Buoi. froa urablubod nap**. t?r w?. Ha? worth Dixon, of U? ' I'iiHaftfb ? MOHCN, Jt U tumr Kltnatk ml. and H.??. Itipplaa, Barm, lulli, P->rt Throat, or uj inflatnmation or < Kin, bo bow aavara or Unf tha diitm may bar* nuiid. McLKAN'B CELEBRATED LINIMENT i? a cartata rmiir. Then?and? af haman bamp hara baaa tad a lifa of dia crapitadt ani nun; by iha aat efthii invalaabla ramady. McLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliava pain almaat inatantanaoaaly, and it will ciaaa, parify and baal tha foalaat aorai in an incradtbla ahort una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'BCELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tha only aafa and raliatla rauady (or tha cara af 8pa*ia, Kinfboaa, Windfall*, 8jliau, Dnoataral Lump*. Nodaa or BvtKmra. It oa?ar f*ilad to eara Bi( Haad, Poliavil, Piatala, Old Banning Soraa, or Bwaany, if proparly appliad. Par fra r.?, Braiaaa, Bcratcboa, Crackad Haala, Cbafta, Raddla or Collar tialla, Cata, Boraa, ar Woaada, it ia aa inhlliMa raraady. Apply it aa diraciad and a cara ia carta id ia nary inataoea. Than trifla no lor.rar vi*h tha mint l.imiMnfa a7?rtd to fou Obilin a loppl* < Da. MCLKAMIcicLEBRA.TKD L1N1M tNT It will car* j?a. J. H Mi LKAN, Del* Proprietor, Cornar Third and Ptaa ata., Be Loan, Mo. CHARLEB STOTT, ITS Pa. t?.p aola af ?ot la Waakiog Un; R. 8. T. CIRSEL,tiao'(*iavn. ilM-DtWIr ?&8 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR START j feluac ? fT*t?r wmrity at iBUrmtxmt filar FruUy aonuac. 9lDClCOOfT.rOTMBaa.~_ ? #1 ? Fit* ooyim _ ? , , .. 4 n t?aay.? i n Twntr jrt nnptm ? M UnntMr wnluaf ft? MWwkl>|M Ww'' that bM mad* TV Anli Iwmi 9mt tlmM* o t?fiiy thro??hoBt Um ooutry. ICT8ii|l? oofiM (is wrappers i tu b? prMinfl at tk? oouMr, immedieAely after Um imm *f Um WW. Pnoa?THRKE CENTS EDUCATIONAL. T? PKStALK EDUCATION. HOSE Pv?dU who wiik Um*i daughters to rao*ir? a thoroach and nit*mu? adaoation. ?hw th*i r phyaica training win rtwwnv? dmly and pi ?oiai ?muop. iiMr IMinuit approved aratem o( Caita nioe ana Gymnaatine. are i lapietNliy larited to nait the Union Female Aeademy, corner Four tMBU al and New York it. FEMALE B0?D,N0Ar.U^Y?C?0?L Mra. S. J. MoCORMICK. fruciru. The thirteenth annual mhkn of Uia ImUUIin will oomiDMiMoi Taeeday,September lith, in the (cwnss,'.'^ r~ B~"-uThe c?'ur?e of etudy panned will oompnae a ! the nrai.chaa reqoiaitt to a thorooch F,n?liah K<3?oat.unhand Maaio. French, Latin aad Draw vac. if In addition to day aeholara. Mra. MeCormick ta prepared to receive a limited nam her of pupilk an hoardera, who. oonatitattag a part of Iter own fam l!?, will be ander her immediate oare and auperviaioa. Mm will ewdaaror. aa tar aa aeaaihle. la ear ream! !>? r " v _ Rt/errnt'*.?*?t. Goo. H. Norton. R*r Dr. KliM Hmtisod. R?v. D. R. sprtcc, H. F*wm7 , KHm K<Uar ^iiowd?n, Km- Edmund F \Vltnter &l: r~\ wsaE^^ssx Editor Kroninr St*r, Bcnjimin Wft*r.. KM .Jm RHt?l y^jwwjr^ M rnf, l<OMOtl Tun*. Board. with Tuition in aJI th# English BrMoh**. fannfor the annual wiiivi - a?mi-ana?iiy. in tdruot. Kimc and LuiMfM at frofMiori' pnoM. T No extra chart?*. m M-tf #Curt Cough. CM, MMrMMi), /? /tutnta any Imlatum ?r Sve ?? 9f lk*^Tkrmt, Rsiur* tk$ tion,Brtmriilit, Atkm*, rtrtuftk\o tk* rwie/if public ?pkain? Alts SINGERS. Fow are mr? of th? im?ortaiM? of tktwlii I Coach or "Common Cold1, m iU atac*. tha* which in th? becmiac won id ?ietd to % mid iw? dr. if n?ct?ot?d,eoon?ttaofcathe Lunaa "B'<m? * Brtmckxa.1 Trock+t" ocnt&ininc dwrnnln?iMgWtl nU, allay Pulmonary and Bronchia Irritation. BROWN'S TROCHES iZ?*-* BROWN'S g^Jnn?"*"d 0mT M*to Pc*ue TROCHES * REV. E. H. CHAPIN "G reat serTioe in rnM o'ncHo*E?e BROWN'S HEt*." REV. DANIEL WISE TRftpuis "Almoot instant relief in the dia TKUCHbs trewinc labor of brea thine peoalkr BROWN'S tOAs^tV. A. C. EGOLE9TON. lnwrifc? -uouara no u?un or urttict inJunon?." OR. A A HJTv?S. BROWN'S Ckemm, B?rt<x>. TROCHES KT** ~M" BROWN'S' BR. <S. P. BISELOW^ rROCHES * ???"Kt STS'L'^E. BROWN'S ., ^ TROCHES W?o^f|^KV WARREN, BROWN'S =: x&mhssz: BROWN'fe fit. Inu. TROCHES ? BROWN'8 oommon with Bfiakhs tod rROCHES rro* m D1AV,/eu^22^I<Je. BROWN'S mOCHKP M6imt benefit vhM ukMbrftu and after preaching. M th#T prevent "OWN* reswore TROCHES ~?fl* If.??!." *, ? BROWN'S President of XUmdi Coliet*. Teaa. rROCHES KW^BWftJSa"de 1 ly pHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR.1J and ?-Pro tec ted br Konl Letter* Patent of England, and aeo&red by the 5eala of th* Eooie de PharBtaoie de Plha, and the Imperial Collate of Medisiae. Vienna. No. 1 > invaluable for exhaaation and aatorrhea, ind ai'phyaical diaabilttiee. No. 2 completely eradtoatea all traoea of tho? liaeaees u?U have been hitherto treated by the aaeteoaa and pernio ua nee of ooeai va aad eubebe. No. S hat entirely eupplanted the injeikoui eee <rf nercary. thereby inauxiag to the aafferar apaady elief, diaperaing all lmpartUea, and rootla* oat >ur > pui'in ui uii TRIESEMAR, Not. 1,2 and 3. arc pfWred la :h? form of a loien/v*, devoid of taate ihmmI. ind can be earned in the waistcoat pocket. fo?d o tin oaeee. and divided into separate doeea, as al ministered t>y Vaipeau, Laliemai^, Roax. R.o..rd ko Price #3 each, or foar oaaee lor #9. which avee S3; and m #27 cases, wherebr there ta a savin* of %9. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 hleeeker rtreet, New York. ln>m<Miate.y on reoeivinc a remittanoe. pr. Barrow will forward the T r .t^Ar to any part of the wor d, securely packed, and addressee aeoorc.Lc to the mitroeti 'Ds of the writer. The Boot, of all others, that aboakd be raad by men with damaged and broken down ocnstitnuoas is "Human Frailty, or Physio,otieal Researches " It is beaatifally lilsstrated, and trsau minutely of all the iy??ip om? that iavanab(r deraiua then e'ves. sooner or later, restating from the pmltMa iwnd vitiating habiu or earit/oath. ineanaeitating the vioUm from *hanr>K the rmitioa at tan matrimonial state, and. if not checked in time, deseaer atingallthe fa notions of manhood, aod brinainc Urn. step by step, toa lingeries and antuaely dcau. So d by Dr. "ASROW. 1 94 Bleecker street, foar doors t>?low Marxlouca.. New Yop?. Priae * oeoU Sent free every where. Sold frleo by 8. C. Ford, Jr., Drag Stor*, Witk imton.D.C. de?>w foe stamping a packet of fapee s and envelopes NO TO MATCH _ 'CHARGE METROPOLITAN X BOOK STORK. ^FBILF k SOLOMONS, Affntt /#r Lmurtmet't ttlt^rmttd Limm "M*trorc umm Mills." *t., t<. NVlr 334 Pa. aT? boC 9t> tad lack eta. 1861 ?>*?.?? 1861 Commence tke Year untk a Diary. A valaablo Pooket Conpion fur ro<i atonai event* put. iriMiit, ud fa tare; eritaiaiac r**M of poata?o, ifiuno, a blank ipM for onada for evtj daj 1b the year, oa?h Mtout for oacr ir.octh, uaul tvmmary of oMk uoomt hi .? payable *t>d roooivablo. Don't bo vitfcoot no of thoeo uoofa! httio bo to am Tfco ood oomp<e?e. ti'iut. and doai rablo aooorfoirt poor imM.ona CM eon Bunding, oornar ofMH ?tr?x<< tod 'rW.VSkjr ,r,r' ->w W*vUliU?ia?tniiMoul?r?ptrMt. off or all Diirvw pa rah a if: f ron ? for ?u. Wa ir* doairoat "foloainxoatth* ri?iip*or of aarivit a took or Dtagpa of aJI ki cd? for IM FRENCH * RICH8TEIN. )>? ?T? Fa? >vwn. AT raKN^iP?m PMI. sjr^'fesr ?sfcr?sj%sc Ki M ntaa as fWila TWal i 1 0,i?iow?fS?*mi Pomm; ioih filt; S3 w ? OK" P~~< AD orToL*f?U?w'? tk Ike lUrraTa W? H Oir ami kaarr diwniit oa Book a frow tfca r?tH, ?8VncI't,va!T.n^ CCHOOL AND COLLJMK OUTHIB. YtaJu' mmd CUmkimg fmr AaUW aai V^^wsc^s^u-oac, Ibr th9 oonuag i? iimt?d to auay j>v mx " w>S>

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