Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1861 Page 4
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i 2: THE EVENING STAR. A FIRE. Prj'-h ft hnbbnb in tlM ?treet! Children tqual'mt, Mother* hftwlinf. Pftiterirg <?f ? hundred fe?t. Fucb ft c Att?r! _ W bftt'a the matter >*' Propls MI l?OB OM u>; f*? lb* r tithing by ! Ho'5?? p-aucmg YoBuiit'ridMKinf. Bright red i i the evening rkj, Bel a iou-J rmgirg. Women atrgiag: *'Tbara'a a fir* noma w?r nigb." Now the watchman about* oat "Fir* Door* arc t anging, rhnttara oiangmg, Ryaaiug ?ou? people's ira. Eapinea ratt ing. ^ otoea obatt'iing. R U VII~lI ur<i? UVMW UWI W Bm that houae, one burning maas ' Flainoa higft firing, rliok'ring dying. But re?'?e?d by others, a ??! ? e%t h??mi tumbling. Thick walla orumft ing, . Crash on crash of breaking glMe. Hark ? A soream doth pieree the air, A nl a mother Cries: "She'll another, She'll be burned, my babe ao fair! Eave her, enve her, ,et me have her. Mie ia in the room up there!" 'Gainst the w&U a ladder stands; Up it quickly Run* one. Thickly Ro lathe srn?k?ia bincken'd hauls. He'athtre! Hark ye! He oomea ! Mark ye ! He holda the child in hi* hand*. H ARr thu mnthftr'a ifivfaWrr 1 And M on* voics Do all rejoice; Shout on shout is cent on hifh! Walls ar? failing, Thin*htappaliinr. How near death that ?Hi| J diH lie! [Household Journal, \r~T Lady Cramp on, formerly Victoria Balfe, the opera singer, was lately presented to tbe Empress of Rusaia, and received with the moat flattering marka of grace and favor. This reception Is deemed, in fashionable circles, a direct reDuke to certain arlitocratlc iadiea. who were greatly abocked at the Introduction of a plebeian element Into the diplomatic corps. ET'Itla a curious circumstance, that during the 350 year* the Palace of tbe Tulleries has been a royal dwelling no French Sovereign has died within its wails. In connection with this fact another may be mentioned. Ever since 1588 every French Sovereign who has made the Tuilerie* his abode haa been compelled, at some time or other, to a nit the shelter of its roof. 07-A practical joker drew away a stool from under a companion, aa be waa going to ait down, at NortkJleld, N. Y., about two montha ago. The poor fellow fell backwards, broke bia ?pine, and lingered till Wednesday, when be died. The joker has the chance of supporting the deatitute widow and baby of the victim of hia fan. ArTKCTiox is Men and Womm ?Women are said to have stronger attachments than men. It la not so Strength of attachment la evinced In little things A man la often attached to an Id hat; but did you ever know of a woman having an attachment for an old bonnet??Punch. The work on the derricka at Throgg'a Neck, Westchester county, N. Y , continues to progreaa vigeroualy. The mounted guns have Mea lowered, and the columblads maybe laid down in a few daya. -A garrison is being told off to workJhe batteries or the fort. TTTThe United States steamer Water Witch, now at Philadelphia, is rapidly approaching readInt-ee for service. She will probably be reported fit for going In commission In a week. The fever tench has bean rooted eat of her. Another decision La* been rendered In Philadelphia against negroes riding in city railway can The judge decided that each company had the right to make its own regulation about the matter. CT" Berka coanty. Pa., letters state that the county is unanimoualy in favor of compromise, democrats, republicans, and >11 other partiea, uniting with one voice to that end. |[TA writer in the Atlantic Monthly, deecrlbJng the Americans, saysThey have skins of lee, and veins filled with burning lava." ITT The anniversary of Franklin's birth?the 17th January?waa handsomely celebrated by the printers tn tne Northern cities. fETln Middle Tennessee the slaves are incrqasln^ mueb faster than the white population. ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?A L Jessup, Pa; \V P Hacker, do; C Vanderwort, NY; A T Russell, do. T Boakly, do; A Richmond and ladv. Ill; \V V Llppiucott, Pa; G A Parkej, Iowa: 0 D Bulen, NY; r F Patterson. NJ; Oapt H K McLean and lady, USA; W Kelly. Ireland; 8 L Thurlow, pa; 8 W Preecott, Miss: J K Marfleld, do; P TThlrslr, Tens, J Tyson, Md; PHD Collins, do; W A Taylor, va; J Brown, Md; Gov Pratt, do; Mr and Mrs Dwlght and daughter, NH; Mrs Broadman, do; M Kertson, NY; T H Oliver, Md. J R Partride and lady, NY; E Harrison and lady, Va; Col T Morris, USA; Miss M S Morris, de; W Coale. Md: T fioffleld I R 11 t _ w _T , - V n^Mwaii, UUIIUUnj r I Batbovcr, do; A Flore?. Ecuador; W A Hunt and ledy, NY; Miaa Hunt, do; N Brown, do: A Weaterbyand lady, do; G Weaterby and lady, do; P Barclay and lady, do NATIONAL HOTEL.? J F Mattinglv, Md; J Rates. 8 0 Cbauey, A Tbacber and ly,Va; G L Taylor. DC; R B Vance, NC; E A Abbott. NH; XV Barber, H S Zeigle. Pa: J M Wllliaiua and fam, J D Sanborn, Maaa; H Hubble, R Stebblna, G A Page, 8 tt Miller, L S Brooke, B T Howard, W 8 Wood, NY; J P Robiaon. O; H Kern, Ky; F U Hall, Md; W F Aauew, NY; R B Gibeon, Va; W E Kennedy. J Lr)ivlne, Tenn; R W Brieghurat, La: P O Hara, Md: W Freeman, N Y; H Wilson, 111; D Stubblefleld, Va; LG Miller NY. BROWN'S HOTEL.?J K ILyrnck, 8C; AL Rlvea, W A Harrlaon, J Needaon, Va; M Wbltaker, Dr J w Powell, M M Pippin, NC; J Ager, O; 8 Bolton and ly, Mlaa Stuart, Mlaa Bolton, J T Stone Md: 8 J M? gar gee, J Caaain, Pa; Mrs A 8 Lovejoy, On; E MoCallougb, O; J Tappin *nd fam, T T Travla and ly. Mraa 8 Bill; Mlaa J Bill. J T Bill, Eng; J G Mitchell, L'SN; J B Grant, N J; 8 T Suit. Ky: J B Hoover, NV'jT Hanaon, La; J|Anderaon, Del; M G Howe, Maaa. 1 CLAY'S HOTEL ?F B Lamb, O Penymam, Tenn; H J Snead, Ga; A Japton, NJj Dr Jennls. Df Holt and. bin. Dr A Laurence, Mass; A Hasbrook and ly, ?, F Halley and ton, J M Camming, 8 J Harris, C Y Thomas, H C Raymond, 6 H Hurst, W M Packer, J B Maynard, J M Cunningham, 6a; F Gordon, ?; 8 H Howe, Mass; A Moisy and fam, SC. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?R W Hughes, Va; C A Carter, L 8 Carter, Mass; W "H Allen, Md; L D Carbonr, Me; J R Hunter, [T \V Stafford, T J I Proxell PaIIEALTH IS WEALTH. AND SICKNESS XI POVERTY INDEED. Read and * if Dr. Ayer's Medicines do not do ikin "??* __a>U| MSUIIVU IIIAUina. Chicago, 12th November, 185#. D*. J. C. Aye* ?Jteeeeoted Sir. i ?hou,d be wanting in common gratitude if I did cot acknowledge to you what joui skill, or more accurately your Exteact of S aas ar a ailla has done for my wife, ehe has been for some years afflicted with a hamor, whion oomes <>ttt u?on her ?ktn in the autumn and winter with sucli insufferable itching as to render* hfe almost intoierab'e. It ban never fa.led to eome upon her in cold we&tner, nor has any remedial aid been able to hasten its departure before unng, or to at all alleviate her sufferings from it. This season it begar. in October with its usual violence. By the advice of oar celebrated Snrfeon. Dr. Kimbali, I gave her your Saraapan la. a a week had brought the huirorout upon ner I | ^kin ftl ' *?-* mm ?o naa evor w?a 11 before; but it aoon befin to diaappear Tii? Ku o?um) and the numor is now entirely none. ?o th?t ah* ia ooTpiete > our ad. but atill oontinnaa tatmg tha baraaparnia, to l naa re a oompleta expulaion of the <ifae*ee from the ay ate m. Yonra, roepectiully. B?kj. Cam. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYCR A CO., Lowell, Mm ja 18 eolm THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL #300,00?. Icanrea Merchandiee, Bail^pca, HoaMhoid _ r arniinre. *0 , a<?in?t lom or by ir*. | HEATH k. KNOWLES. I AjenU, | OAoo?Rook 16 orar Buk of WMidafton. |TLOUR. BUCEWfyjA^POTATOES, APN0 bbia. new Richmond YmiIj and Extift Flour, *s is^smmsksk 10U do. do< 4o. ?UWto ? mo On r?c of Twlfui and B ite. JUbT RECEIVED BY FRENCH A RICH8TEIN, iTS Pill. a 275 XjllTn 07 c JACKSON, ? MISCELLANEOUS. Tm amiuaiutior or UmvMMr-Tkmbl trowing tendano? in tliu aga to appropriate tha moat oxnreaaira words of otMr 1 in rang?i"*' alter a white to uioorMrate them into oar own; thai Um word Capaaho. which ia from th??wk, atcnifyinc "forth* h??d, ia now blooming roMltrumlti vn*M >w?avu W rvil mi? cpi' iug ftl u?? HWHWIl remedy; bat it will *oon be uaed m % ntora goaanl way, and the word Cephaiio will beooaia aa oommoQ aa Electrotype and many other? wkoaa distinction aa foraicn worda haa baan worn away by conm a ueace an til they eeem "natife and to the manor -torn. 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'fi 'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, band 1 ateppnd into the hapotheaariaa hand eaya hi to tha nan, "Can yon heaae me of an laadioha!"' "Doaa it haohe ard," aaya'e. "Hexoeedincly," aaya hi, ou ufUB ?imm '? i?vb me uepnailO riu, BADO *pon me 'onor it cured me so quick that I'ardly realized 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. CT-Hbadachk ia the favorite sign by wkiok nature makes known any deviation whatever from the natural state of the brain, and viewed in this light It may be looked ou as a safeguard intended Ut rive nofaoe of disease whioh fr.Tg ht otherwise eecapp attention, illl too late to be remedied: and itsIncioaU'-ns should never be necleoted. Headaches may he olaseifiod under two namee.viu: Srnptomatio and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Headache is exceedingly o?>nmon and is the preosreor of a great variety of tiseases, among whioh are Apoplexy, Oout, Rheumatism and all febrile diseases. In its rervousform it is sympathetic disease of the stomach constituting tick Ktadeukr, of he patio disease constituting bilious k?datkt, of worms.constipation and other disorders ofthe bowel s^as well as renal and uterine affections. Diseases of the heart are very frrq uently at'.ended w > tfc Headaches; Anaemia and plethora are also affections which frequently oooasion headache. Idiopatmo Headache is also very oommos, being usually distinguished by the name of ncrtous ktadackt, sometimes oominp on suddenly |n a state of apparently oil[hi nesiui sou prostrating once me mental and physical energies, add in other inatanoee it ooraee on slowly. heralded by depression of spirits or aoerbity of temper. In moit instances the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and sometimes provoking vomiting, ander this oiass m&T a'so he named Neural gin. For the treatment of either class of Headache the Cephalic Fill* have been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving the moat acute pains in a few minute#, and by its subtle power eradicating the disease of wbloh headaohe is the unerring index. BxiDorr.?Missns wants yoa to send her a box of Cephalio Glue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that's not just it naither; bnt perhaps ye'll be ailher knowing what it is. Ye sea she's nigh dead and gone with the Siok Headaohe and wants some more of that same as relaived her before. Drugrtst.?You mast mean Spalding's Cephalio Pills. Bridgit.?Ooh' sore now and yea'vesed it, here's the quarther and giv me the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. Censtlpatiea er Cestlveness. No one of the "imif ilia flash ia hair to" la an prevalent, ?o little understood, and bo muoh neglected u CoiiiTeneia. Often onginatiag in carelessness. or sedentary habits; it is regarded aa a light disorder of too ittle oonaequenoeto exoita anxiety, while in reality itia the precursor and oompanion of many of the most fatal and dangerous disease-, and unless earlr eradicated it will bringjihe sufferer to an untimely grave. Among tha lighter eviis of which Cestlveness is the usual attendant are Headache, Coho, Rheumatism, Poul Breath. Files, and others of like nature.whilealong train offrig htful diseases such as Malignant Fevera, Abcesara. Dysentery. Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Epi.-pst, i'ara'ysis, Hysteria, Hypochondriasis, Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate their pmsence in the s>ntem by this alarming symptom. Not anfrequentlj thediaaaaes named onginate in (jonst pvion, but take on an independent ezut enoe unless the cause it eradioated in an early stace. From ail these considerations it fo lows that the disorder should reoeive immediate attention whenever it occurs, and no peraon should neglect to get a box of Cecl a'ic Pius on the first appearance of the oomplatst, as their timely use will expel the iusiduovs approaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to human life. A Real Bleeeisg. Well, Mrs. J ones, how ib that headMr*. Jontt.?Bona! Doctor, all gone! the pill foa sent mired me in just twenty minutes, and I wish yon would send more so that 1 can have them handy Physician.?You can get them at any Druggists, Call for Cephalio Pill*,! find they never fail, aodl rsoommend them in ail oases of Headaohe. Mr*. Jou*s ? I shall send for a box dlreotly, and shall tell all my suffering friends, for they an arsai twrisi. Twisrr Millions of Dolllxs Bavxii.?Mr. SpaldiBr has sold two millions or Dottles of his oelebrated Prepared G)u? and it is estimated that eaob bottle tares at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thus making ao aggregate of twenty millions of dollars reclaimed from total loee by this valnable invention. Having made his Ofae a household word, he now proposes to dp the world still creator service by oaring all the aohing heads with his Cephalio Puis, and If they are as good as his Glue. Headaohe* will soon vanish away like snow In July. e 117" Ov** kxcituc?t. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to olose attention to business or taJj, are among the numerous oauaea of Nervons Headaohe. The disordered itate of mind and body inoident to thia diatreeslng oomplaint ia a fata, blow to all energy and ambition, sufferers by this diaorder oan always obtain speedy relief trom those hat-ea?ir,g attacks by using one of the Cephaiio Puis whenever the symptoms appear. It quiets the overtasked brain and aoothee the strained and jarring nervee, and relaxes the tension of the atomaoh which always aooompaniee and ac gravatea the disordered oondition of the brain. ? > Facts woxtb inowim-Spalding's CpphaUo Puis are a certain cn*e for Sick Headaohe, Bittoua Headaohe, Nervous Headache, Costiveneas, and General Debility. Oxb&t Ducovisy.?Apaong the most important of all the great medinal discoveries of this age may be oonaidenxtthe system of vaocinatioc for promotion from Small Pox, toe Cephalio Pill for relief of Headaohe, and the use of Oniniiie for the prevention of Fevers, either of wnioh is a snre apecifio, whose benefits will be exDerienoad h* numanity long after thou discoverer* are forgotten! Oy Did too e*er hare the Sick Headaohe.' Do yon remember the throbbing temple*, the fevered > row. the loathirg and dug oat at the eight of food. How totally nnfit you were lor pleaaure, oonvereation or atudy. One of the Cephalic PiUa would hare relieved you from all the Buffering whioh yoa i then experienced. For this and other yurpoeee you ehould always bare a box of them on hand to uee as oooaaion require*. I ! -- I Nervous Headache I ? ? w , m , . By the im of theee Pills the periodic attacks of Pftrvus er SkA Headatk* may be ^rmatad; and If taken at the oommenoement ol an attack immediate reliet from rain and siokness will be obtained. They seldom fkil in removing the JVmusa and Htadatk* to vhioh females are so subject. They not gently upon the bowels,?removing Cotliwwu. For Literary Mm, Studmtt, Delicate Females, and all persons ol tedeAtary kabxtt, they are all valubte ae a Isisiin, improving the apptrtu giving ton* and vigor to the dig active organ*, and restoring the natural elasticity and strength of the vhole system. ' he CEPHALIC PI L8 are the rerait of long investigation and oarefnlly oondueted experiment*, ha*ing keen in nse many years, during vhioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amoant of pain and suffering from Headaohe, whether ongl nating in the system or from a deranged state of the HMUki They are entirely vegetable in their eomposition, and may be taken at all times with perfeet safety without making any ohaageof diet, mmd tk* ah I'MI of any dlt*treeabl* Istli renders it Miy le mdmtmiitir tkrm to thildvtm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The' f nuin? hava fire aignatarea of Emtt C. Braiding on aaek Box. Bold by DrawiaU and ail othar Daalara la MadiA Bos will bo aoat by noli yrafld oa raaatytof tbo FRICE, M CENTB. AU ordora a ho aid bo adiia?ad to H P.N B V C ?? * ScS Si ? % ^ ^ - ' - r 11 PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. p V B L, I 0 N OTjCI. ~ PvbUo notio* ia k*r*6y circa Um boada --1 oovpoaa annexed, of Um description h?r?iaa|W t forth, ktn L*t? It boaa faloaloaatr ahatiaatol from Um oaatod? of ?the latorjor >D?nrtsssat, Uo mm b*im Um of Um Uiitfd Btatea tad hold ib traat for oertaia ?n4i*a tribee. Notioe aaa aloo boon given to the prop * oftoora of Um laayaottre States to atop the pa.* ?ent thereof; aad all pereoas ara warned against p erohaeiat or receiving any of said bonds aad eoep^ns, aa Um aiaiai of the United States thereto will bo aroeooatod to tho utmost extent. Eaoh bond being fa' the sam of oaa thousand dollars, via: Six per oent, Missouri Coapoa Bond*, iseaed ta Jane aad Aagast, 1W. State of Miesiomri, St. Loaia aad Iron Ke?ataia K. R. Stale Bonds. Bond No. 1037 * Bond No. 18S3 187# 1827 HW* 1R2* 1997 18H ?08 181? 3007 1818 1 VhW 1809 1994 1817 IVtf* 181ft 1891 181S 1WO 1814 1891 181* 1WI 1812 3003 1810 2003 1811 IAAA lOAO lm lovo 2006 2031 2005 2033 2004 9034 2001 203a 19V9 2036 2000 2032 2??oy 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1808 1883 1809 1884 1870 i 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 ' 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2040 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 203V) 2011 2038 1826 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bond* No.3000, and below of this series, issued June, 1857, and bonds No. VH.and above that, dated Aurust, 1857, parable at the Phoenix Bank. New York oity, in 1887. 8tate_of Missouri e\x per cent, coupon bonds. vi*: Huuubtl and St, Joteph lUiiioad State Hood*? Bond No. 1863 Bond No. 1628 1852 l 627 1851 1828 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1885 184T 1883 1848 1882 1845 I860 1844 1861 1832 1858 1835 1858 1833 1865 1831 1864 1836 18? 183T 1328 1838 1824 1839 1825 M49 182? JW 1M7 1636 1828 16tf 1829 1613 1830 1?)4 1831 1116 164 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1646 10AJ 1D40 1621 1447 lftll 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1631 1842 1633 1843 1622 1650 1857 1816 1636 *.1*17 1830 1218 1099 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1626 90 bonds Noti?ThMo boqdi are dated January, law, arable at Bank of Cornmeroe, New York, in November, lMft?interact payable in January ana J UjJ Oi J^ftTe State of Miaaoan ?lg gJJti bSn$?* Nortfe *! Bond NoJ2V52 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 . 1642 2942 . 1643 2946 ' 1644 2945 1645 ZV44 1M6 2943 1647 2947 ' 1648 2948 ' 1649 2949 . 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2936 1655 2951 1652 2953 ' 1656 . 1657 2921 1705 . 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2452 2514 2453 2515 2454 2516 2455 2911 2456 1916 2457 3912 2458 2913 2459 2914 2460 2916 2461 2915 2462 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2465 MM <H/u 2954 2+67 2955 1651 80 botdf Noil.?The bond* ntimbered SS16 ud Mow. leaned in J?nu*ry, 1857; No S1A, and abpve that, i?eue?Mn^AvHiuet, law, yayabio at Phaiux Bank! Mieeonri eft per Mill (jo-lgj^nd.,Tl*: North Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 27*4 2779 2721 2783 2719 Wf%1 *ni JIM 1711 3733 1710 3730 2715 J715 3777 _ 3737 3776 3734 1705 1711 376S 1700 1789 3739 3770 1718 3771 * 1715 ' 3785 1714 1778 1704 1771 1738 1776 1710 1774 3723 J780 1711 1731 1W Ukndi sPffiSSESSaS?* X * ,m - r 0 Mimamri fill pw ii Putti Kailf?I B?M* Boad No. 5146?*'?" Bond H?. 52W 5259 M61 6UA . 6258 ?244 MM 5242 6144 ?MZ 5256 AMI 5253 6240 6252 6239 6251 62H 6250 6237 6249 6235 6247 6264 5248 6285 5195 6222 5196 6221 5000 6200 4999 6199 . 4997 6198 4890 11M 4AAA l#l wo 5310 4889 6236 4888 5307 487ft 5306 6157 6309 6161 61 bonds 5306 t&njSS&SE&F Bond* of Nortk Carolina Common six Mr m>L North CoroliM u par eonta. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 31 300 23 297 9 235 7 234 349 203 348 i 166 847 104 846 20 343 lit 342 18 341 17 340 15 33V IS 338 8 337 11 336 10 335 102 328 101 32? 100 339 09 331 103 332 ft 333 28 334 22 227 1# 336 21 317 98 318 97 318. 96 296 95 239 94 Lift A9 137 ?0 236 ? 308 71 bonds Not?.?Theoa bond* ire dated Junin, 1M6. payable January. 1R86, at Bank of Republics, New York. lnUron payable in January and July. North Carolina 6 per oenti. Conpon Bond*. Bond No. 833' Bond No. 735 832 73? 831 758 830 759 839 780 834 781 q'jfc. nil* 836 763 837 7*4 838 790 871 701 872 793 873 *793 874 *794 875 795 876 796877 797 878 798 879 799 880 800 881 801 846 802 ? 847 803 848 804 849 805 850 806 Ol WJO 851 807 W* 8J1 854 811 855 -813 8M 914 MT 815 858 816 800 817 801 818 801 819 8A3 820 804 821 822 8M 82.< 8?7 824 8A8 826 %W 826 870 827 88* 828 88J ?,-? 884 840 885 843 731 844 751 845 733 T34 _ 104 bondi *5?ffJSfcflKSSt/USt Mm# in January tod Jniy. . Plorth Carolina tlx ft oont. Connor \ onda. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 600 404 60S 495 604 496 605 497 606 611 607 498 608 510 010 511 ?ll 481 011 481 013 483 009 484 014 485 on 480 Ott 487 014 488 025 489 026 . 490 ?4l 628 ? 63? 641 540 842 Ml 643 542 ? 615 * 643 644 * 530 646 531 64T 532 848 533 845 534 M? 635 660 536 651 537 653 518 616 639 617 516 . 618 515 619 617 455 614 457 432 458 545 470 546 602 547 439 548 440 . 660 443 563 1M m TOW ?< 1 481 471 488 478 436 474 487 475 417 476 419 477 415 478 416 479 418 480 411 611 <01 518 5a ? 491 119 bmdf 491 I North Carolina ?ix r*r o?pt. Coupon Bond*?0*? pons HJMWHIApil MO uoiotwr, T1*: sAWn?i?.5iss.r.viss.?<a Bond No. 51 Bomd No. 131 IS US M 1U M 1M 5 Itf M 1M % I I ?? Bond He. ft Botd Ho ICS 16 165 99 164 106 165 1SS 178 123 191 124 192 125 193 12ft 194 1X7 1?S . ^ 128 1H 17t? 197 180 19* 129 199 ? 130 300 137 144 46 bonds 148 Two boa4a for 91 jm enok, toted A?nl. ItW. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 FiJU?n bond* for $ljm M*k, dMfd Qotobor, r?i?bfiit BukMltHblit,Oot?Ur, Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 JiM 1193 1185 1194 1189 1195 1187 1196 1188 1197 1189 1199 15 bond* i 1191 Tmmum tlx fft Mat. Coupon Bond*, of 1.000 Moh, of lots iflHI, f*yabl? 1M lb N?w York oitf.oi thafo loviBC iimbm, end dated Jub ary, 1M?: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 41* 278 419 294 470 2?7 477 409 491 413 41W 414 723 And of th* following number* iHitd Jtnnar 7,11*4: Bond No. 828 . Bond No. 1278 829 1368 830 And of th? following nnmbera iMitd J&naarr.lUS; Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2656 21 ip . 2801 2133 28V2 2681 3066 2605 3121 And of the following namberiiMusd J*nn*r?. ?mk Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3894 4529 3941 4650 3942 4556 3943 4566 3944 4 4569 3945 4570 3946 457! 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 And of the following number* tuued January, wst: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 5420 5359 5427 5360 5430 5301 5434 5362 5436 5363 5437 5304 5438 5365 5439 5366 5440 5367 5441 L*KO t i .A jodo M42 5309 5453 6370 6444 6371 5446 5373 > 6462 6373 5518 5374 5519 6375 5530 5370 , 5521 5377 5533 5378 5703 6379 6704 5380 6706 5381 5700 6385 6707 5380 6708 5387 5709 5388 ? 6710 5389 5711 6390 6712 6391 6713 5393 6799 5393 6839 5416 5840 5417 6842 6418 Offici of thi Sickztaky of tii Ixtmioe, December 96, I860. a 13 dtf J. THOMPSON.B?rafcary. QLDRICH.^LLOW^D^UEE MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Consoientioaaly diatiUed by Mr Junea Burntlde, of Alle**ny County, I'enna., in the old-mahioned honeet war, from the choin??t and raott carefully aeleoted K<? ?.nrt in n<> ? ? ? ?# -_ ? ?V WW?W w??n VHVIVU iwl mic until adapted to wholetorae ??r by t(? It u at odo? the moat palatable, aa it ie eupKatioally one of the puree} beverage* in the reaoh of the puMio. To the lnv& veil m to those in oommenda itself for it* nnnvalled tualitiea ac a atimu ant of the safeet. surest, and moct beneficent description, and man? of the moet distiL*aishel Lhyaioiana are using it in their praotioe with the bppiett results. CLERY * STOCK DALE, Proprietors, S2s Walnut a trie t. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVER. cent for the Proprietors. 896 Pa., a v., ae X-gm opposite Wi] lards' Hotel. PURE OLD RYK WHISKY.?On hand sever* brandi of Pure Old Rye Whi?ky, Copper Dia tilled. made by the moat reliable distillers in Pennsylvania. Maryland and Virginia, warranted aura Also, Imported Rrandiee, nenneaay, Otard, Du?uy * ou.. JUIfl K0D1CI, AO. AlM.ftWkud Affile Brandy, pure Hol!*Dd Gin, old Jamaica wj Si Croix Ram, and Wine# of every variety, all of etandvd brand*. A ohoioe \>t of Cigar* and Tobaooo. YOUNG * KEPHART, Acente, a* 14-1 t 9*9 Pa a*- be*w. #th and 10th ?U. ( J^AROMMlCf^l tat. 4 J 1*\ ?jl 0 ^ y*?ptjb/<r m* b?(tkt +>A.n IhtfJJrr tm'J i?C*r w'^iWy J . JfrW** g?'?.< Mf+frfmnd i,J .*?'* It..'? ' J ^ ^ kt * <? /? ^|r ll# Ifral /iMMiiM / ? r 'P! T q? tWM>; to li p;i ^ i | $^5 I , BolelMpnetar. r M htes&t&Si&Sii *1 CAUTION. PURE9ASFK QMHIll II Rr riDtnii jp HNMUSWc'THE VALLEY** WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS immma WITHTUr 9IRNAT1IRC OT mm m w ? . mm ^ ? *? W?%?? ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS Af& AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF. THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDA1Y, SOLE PROPRIETOR n SN1HWLUAM s: NEW YORK. fOI flu lit WASHINGTON MY T * ? AMOTlli MMMP ST? H IM on]j >lt?i is U? elty vktrt duly mmniM roand w>? wry Ban tad ?it> _ 4 medicines. JBM rtmu j tto --la?_Myy?m 1 FOR 1U MHAMTOF"4*IMPKUD&NCB. AXT *0 FALSE DEL ICACT TRETEKT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. 4 &WKK WARRANTED. OR MO CHAR9M, lit FROM OHM TO TWO DATS. # VMkMMafUwIul.tauniM AImxm ml in Hh?;i ? < H*Mw, uvdiMir DuO?|M, Ibhum; twnl BaMMty, RinMMM). IVMai.Uimi.U tan rfUtu, Pilpiuim?ra< lHn.T'ai*if1fVNMtak PlMm mt fcft-i w JiMbm, Pmmh ml ik? lui, T>i?v. >M h Rh, Ah.jwi ?f iftt kM. kmil at Urn Ttrtikli DiMr4?f? ?nU( Ma atmry liM? af Tlit ih?i? DniMI u< Otnmvx Piwikn nti*> MutHfi u< <wu?| k*li u< MW4 TNMH fepmteiiy vm uf? ktttm u>< nttlai ( Tim, Hu IrMMI Mrf <Mniu>l UM VtMk UMtllt IVHfa M m mlmlf fmm w t m>| mm rflk mm tlud nl?*u u4 krtlUct ituliMl, ?? nfkt i*?rv?< kt>? MUIIII4 li?Uultf ImtM vtlk lfc? UUIW ?f ?!?? ???? t atiu rniou, * tm>( m** MwfU/*, Miug itwit" Mnittl tHblu, HfuU tMMUM. ft*., it cm4 l ?M iitlN k?B?* if u4?i ik* mm d Pi. I. w WM Mri; M*U< n ku Um u a (tuitau u< tMllMdr hi? kta (kill u ^kfutiu orrics ? t aom r*.i?mct rruav. toft ku< *i4*j?o| fM liltom mt*m, * N* <?1 H'? U* unit. rii. m? u ttoti'i mm ul tiakM. l??? MM k* fiM u4 wwli * *?* ? ft iuiMToa, Mil *f ik* Oltoff* fti'fiMi. kwtn, rnlWM kn ? ?f lk? M*t wtotsi OU*f m to Ik* l*k*4 >uus t?4 u* |ttu*i put ?f vhM* I if* ku k*M *p?ai |a Ik* k**< CUa ?f k*>4M. fin*, PfciUd*i?feMi u4 **k*r?, ku ?! 1*4 MM* *f tk* mm uMt nfcinf lln* Utti ?*r* I'M ?? ?; iMHf u*a*!?4 vttk nnftti I* tk* k*>4 t*4 MM IiimImi: (real alliiwili. ktiu ilua?4 at !?<? afa. kuMWiiin wn* kHMU kiaahtaf. U*a?4a4 mrnm* (an ?Uk imiftaMi af mod. >tn aarad i??a?*aia?a. T?ll r*ITI Ikll K T! I T??? ?" ad atkara vba ka?a m)arad taamalaaa kf I Mnaai frtlUd UlUfil hi >kH akaa*?? Utu fraqaia f laarnad fraia aril catapaaiaua, at at icba*I, tka affacu af Uth in ntfiUy fail i?aa rkin at'aap, tod if nm\ aarad. randara wtnifi tnpaaaikla, aa4 tmrni kaik mad aa4 kadv, ahaaiJ apply immadlaialy. n?i ara tan* aftka aad >cl ifnuii^Mil ky aarly kakita af ?a?Jt ill! Vittmn aftka I'll aa4 Hrnka, Pate* la tka Dtmnaaa af h|kt, Lm mf Mmi!i| Pavar, hlpiutwi aftka tfaan.Dyapapav Maraaaa Irrftak* I * IT. Oaraafanant af ihi Dijiiuh Fanauaaa, (MtnJ P?k?hj vmptaiaa af Caaaanpuan, Ac. MIHTikLT.-Ttii fuifn ifuuaa ika aM aia auk m ka draadad?Laaa af Maraary. Caaifaaiaa af Id a-a. Dairiaawa r Spirita, Kail Fertiedingi, AveieieeefSeeietT, u?i?( hiiMdi.riniuf, M.,(N MBI *r u? ?!! ?? hut ova mun -twmuhi ** *) ?? *ui It tkt UM aflktir dtcuotnf iMltk, IMif Uili tww, kt Mitaf *nk, ptlt, Dinna u< tmaiaiad. k??nf ttbf* ifptuutl ttetllha ? ?. W1|1 ? ty mpta?MaftiuiafUM OIIKAIU or IMPaCDCHCE Win tkt BMfMdf d and inpridMi aatary *f plMNn la<< kd ku lakiktd tht mdi af tb> pairfal iMua, It la* aflaa kapp*n? tku ili-umtd **a*? af ?M:n ar dratd af dia?a*arf dtian bw fraa ta ik*** *M, fraai adacaua* *H r**ptcukvlit*. w afaaa ktfri*ad kua. fc't* lata tk? ku4i af ifnaraat tad dttijrmg prtttndtr*. ?h?, hwmM* af carwif, Bleb kit ptcaniary rabttuci, tup km uiiit| aacih afttr ttaatk, *r at l**f at iht allatt fat **a kt ak kuetd, and in dttpair ltt?t kin-, witk taintd kttlik t* n#k ?*r kit falling d.t? ppair'.mti i. a* k? Ik* a** af tkat A?ty pmta, WtfffT. baaita ik* eanatitaiiaatl tpfnawaw af ifeii ttmklt diaiui.titku tfttuaii?'it* Bun. Tkt?4. Bft, kic.te.. pat^i nm.g viik frt/hifal rapidity, till 4aatk ptui nn < nwam marnp ; ? ?) ( lln t* M M MM'lilt MHlq fnm taMNHM M tlt'lltl lltBM ml JoanoMttMinr m* omakic *uum AMD IMPOTK|ICT. I; tfcla mtl Il4 Iomhuh rtmiflf vtUrm ?f U< wnM M? pttduy ?>r?d tna f*ll iMtavtd rk?u?ii*liti Ml itr'tu u< dchiiiuud, wfc? hi imi til b?p?, ktM k?M tanadUuif r?M?T?d All i?p?dji??o j M Mirr'.in rtfWMl ?r Mmu DImnIiMMi, Uh ?f PmiuU'I r?vil, lioiu MUiMIXt Traskhcf >ad WuUtun Biktna?a ktad eared. EHT>ouKMurr or ra> nm. TU Mirr niOMillDf cartd attfcia imUtaUa* vHMa Ik* teat NtiMM T*tn> ud tfea umrtM icpwiul Bwrat Ml tfinOMi parfarraad kj Df JthwM, v:inaaa*< ky Ml NMiun af lk? ptf*" ul Btkf illn mtmii, bmi?m ?t ?iKk tan inund i|Ui ud iftu tahn tk? nUM, ItMnUmuiwui |wliau?( Utiuuiui iw?d fcUltj, I* |ur?i" ? aBlaiad t?a ?-It JOY FOR THE i*K'K ANP SUFFKRJ.Ntt. LET ALL WHO A HE AFFLICTED fKAO! AF*LY THE REMEDY A.HD nnjuiVM /.* HEALTH. ?end, do jon a. Ara yoa the viotim of ht om mmeron tilmnsu rbicb anae from la ^ parity of the blood? What are thy, do jo? uk' Rather uk. what are they not.' The blood ia tho onroe of Ufa aad health, acd it la the ftrat e.ereeH of oar t-oir.f to reipt nd to any oaase which iffieti the system, as the false is&llibly attests/The em prarailiri Nenralfia, thetmtatiac Krys;poiaa? Hie sobt p !*orof>]la,theafoc.ainr RheamaUaia, NarTons Debuity, Dyapapaia, Lim Complaint with its torpor ar,e ifafeeuon, and tba CBn.t*ir)ees ills ti^t f.esniaheir to.derive their hideous oni.c frvir tr?e blood. Dea. k:n<tiy thea andfMiUy with the t.'-od. Use the ritalisiac raaonroea of nature for lu aid. aodaaffor as to oommeod to yonr ooofidenoa and aae that traly vaJuaoie reed 1 ?anient known aa lit D IAN TMQ ETA b LIti) KCOCTION. With retard to tkla a:moat in/a ..Ma aaeeifle popular sentiment has apo??n in dec.ded Varmi. and the er.aeooea of Una great eftcacy are raat?inad bj ocr&atact arowala of eu rati re effeota aod hp- reiti* irom ifi aee are after all ettav rncMiMtnd the bert nMimi skill htvi hi:*c Let ma aav.ta ixiioiiiaioL, tb*t certlhaete* nm Br# cot eoo<ht from the iuiterate um rht total. tut they are volBi.fvred from Um moat reepectat.e aooroea taJ justify tbe Urheet terni in whioh It la possible to oommend to bIbbMf a aaec.fio to palkiio approval. We may addaUo that the ca rati re properties of the nMiciie are equaled only by ita rea to rati re (?5eoU, the ayatem reoorerlnx from uiaeaee with renewed oornti tutional Tigor. For aala by ail reepeotable I>ru*r lata i> tiua oitv, and by tbe proprietor, MRS. M. COX. None rename acleaa her name ta blown on the bottle an<J her aeal on the oork irr Price #1 per bottle, eix bottle* for ?$. WiioitfU At*nt. R. f*. T. CTSSKL Drifriit, Georgetown. D Cv Wholesale A cent for the Die trio', and will aopply tbe trade at iry pnoee. an 13 tr Dr. J. BOVLK Don's IMPERIAL WITfE BITTERS, 1 Are new beitf need frc ?n Maine to the Great 8*M Lake, anl the am versa; verdiot of ail who aee them either as a mtdtrtmi or aa a ttttrvi. la that thqy are ancarpa***! in the ronl Dr. JDoda ntec lEam i?* Wi. ??? * * we porchaaW af Viialie aaie rtiM to mftLufactare ud preaesl tk oi If His to the Hlblio. For the care of lfc?.>.?t! 0?c?fcjc?tiv>i.. icdli"?t!oc, Dyepoaaia, Pi *. Kerreaa DIMM, F?m*M Coaplaista, and all urn raaainnc a tonio, taoy irik*toec goabt ft i^eat invaluable remedy. Aii<i*Mp lhair medialnni? rcjartiee they are a pare, whelp some aad dftiltntfii Beverage, erodaoing jlw p.oMact erlil!eratl;ig effeota of bratdy orfrtM without their isuanoaa reealta. Lot all fnmmmf anmanity and ftll ftdvoofttee of tonperftnoe tut aa Id aabetitainc those valuable Vegetable Bitter* for tb? mtmirmi tnifu and ?Mhr?^ with whioh the ooattry In flood ea, and there try effectual y ftid la bftituhmi Duiae*and Dniitu? trwm the Jasd. ORAKLRt WI.PDIFIELD k COriw?rtatora,79 William atroot, Niv\ert 4. r riWARZE. Agent, Washington, D. C. i / rrsns. For Diseases of tlte Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary Organ*, and especially for Female Obetraotinne, never fail to car*, and ara warranted to give sabs ^HAkLK8 WIDDIFIELD * COProprietors, Tft wiiliani rt.,H*w York, J. mJH WARZK, Je1 Agent. WMhinfton. D7C. /?<?/ *30 0,tT, f ^y/9 DISPATCH I ft I its Uu_Fle?ei! At mmiimti will >ww, tmm to <wB-r?k??< I fmmitiu. It ii nn tebmSi* *? w?? <?-i? ??xt Nimiint TIT f*r r*v?iriAc7mraitar*,?o7S^ Oraekery, Ae, ifuouie*! mtriRU ?LCI Mta ?11 imch enierteneiee. and bo houaholu eu lion to be without it It ia alwayt ready and ay to the sUekiBc point. There ta bo loafer a necessity for ampins ohaire.ep'.iEtered ?wii, toadlees tails, broken oradlee. it ia jut the article for ob*. aboil, ??l other eraaantal work, so papahr i Trithladiee of reftueau?t Bad taste. Thi? Bditurab.e vraarmtiot ia meed eold, toirc ehemioally hr.d ia eo.ctioc, Bad aoeeeemag all it e alaab'.e tnalitiee uf the best aabinet makers' i)a?. bmnt V?et?y ^nore nfthtstr? or^iu|7 M WSKFWL iJf MKMMT HOWBM." UtA'SSlk^^.^^L. ~ Atwm, r*a. ?e UMv atr?M, Nw Tart. 4"~ amr A^ffiSKJ^OmmSSt M Bbow-Cani uoomHtrnu >aoka?a. inr A inilo bottie of SP ALB ISO'S PMMPXhED VLVE will ?ti tm timaa ita ton u Bold by all rrmoiMBt fttLoinrrm, Drt(|Mt, H&rcvut and Tirmtu* Dwitn. wonn, wd tt??ir lint It will ?t%nd any climate fr 1*^* C EA8UN A B LJB DRY GOODS' Cloak#. ^ Bhawli, KlaaaoU. Manaoo. __ Ottomana. BlankaU^ rail Cloth*. Aim*.. rmawy bum, Pilk l?bd, PopliM, VaienciM. Yarn*, l?>H I nib Li??, ftkMtiacc,, NMkiM, law Clock, M riMMl. , White G<*.a?# LiMilM, , tobwMn*. B?im?uim, AImocm, h Countcrp&aM, Comforts. Towcltjffc 1 trnf,t>" * : yALENTlNM!^ ^ JALENTIKMC TMtrMf npfhM nth# owo?t N?v Yotk pn?Mk 1 A MMtifal ***oriirjeci <>i b?QUaHltfiii Ooaii fell J?V % - ? ffe * H I 1 J

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