Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1861 Page 2
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Tul. KVKMiMj STAB? WASHINGTON CITY: WED1 rsiJAY mrnr? 6, 1WI - ? - , spirit ( the *teraii?f Prf? Tb? IiUlhg'ntft quotes ironi tbt Mlaoart papri to (bow that the seat I meat of thai 8: ate Is eminently conservative, and that the Idea of ifcession la not entertained to any great degree. The 'Rtr*bl'fm say* that Virginia baa saved , the country In ail probability from a civil war, and no measures of concession not iocopsUtent with Republican principles should now be re- 1 fnsrd by Republicans Justice, generosity, and gratitude combine to dictate this policy. i The Vtaeima Elbctioh.?The returns from the Virginia election contlaoe to be fragmentary. Nevertheless, they tell unmistakably In almost every instance, bow the different counties went 1 on Monday I'M; whether eocservatlve, or for lmmediate secession. We continue the publication , of such Information on the subject commenced yesterday, as follows?repeating the aocounta from conntiea then given, only where the later news enables us to give fuller returns, In figures: Phir/az?Dulany, Union, elected by 176 mt* i Jority. I Frtdtrick?Messrs Conrad and Marshall, Union, l elected. i apcrr*y>ranta?jonn l> roarye, lnion, elected i by a larpe majority ot? Wro 8 Bartow I Bedford?\Vm. L Goggln, Union, la elected. Amierst?Garland, aeceaatoniat, la elected. Loudoua?Jannev and Carter, Union, elected, i Union majority in Loudoun abont 1,W)0. Clark*?Ha^-h M. Nelaon, Union, elected by I'M 1 Union ticket elected. Monen^aknita?Two Unioniats elected. (W. T. Hill one of the -jocesaftil candidate* ) Washington, (ex-Sfc-cretary Flovd'a county)? The two Union candidatea elected by l.OCO 'ma- i jorlty. 1 Halifax?Tboa. 9. Flournoy, Union, la elected. 1 It la probable that Bruce, Union, ia alao elected, though the contact between him and Edmund* la ery clone. Pulaski?The Union candidate la elected. i Buekinekim?I'he Union candidate la elected. I Prince George and Surry?Tim. Rive*, Union, I elected Taylor?Unionist elected. ' Wood?J J. Jackson, Union, elected. Povkitan and Sussex?Each tend I nion dele- < ,T*te? Mecklenburg, Hanover and Amelia?Secession- I ista elected i Prtn'?sf Anne?Ex-Got. Wise elected. Matthews ?Montague, Secessionist, fleeted. i Roanoke?C. C. Taytoe, Union, elected by 60 t majority. H*mp$kire ? V, M. Arirat'oog and David Putb. Union, elected bv ISO maioritv JHodno*?Bu elected a >ec?ssionlst HicMmond city?Johnson and McFarland, Union. and Randolph, Secessionist, certainly Rockingham has elected Ccffman, Lewis, and i Gray, Union, by a majority of two to one. i Skamandoak baa elected Williams and Conn, MM?10Q!St?. _** I Raekbridg* has elected Dorman and Moore; VMta. Lunenburg Las elected an Unionist. Pmixzz Gaedk ?'The public should not be deceived by the result of Monday's Virginia election. Tores-fourth* of the delegates chosen over opponents pledged to vote for immediate and unconditional secession, are themselves pledged Ito vote for secestloa in case it is found impossible for the Peace Congress, now gathered here, to eome to such a settlement of the controversy as will accord to the border slaveholding States a prospect of being able to brine the seceded States beck to their allegta^pe to the Union. The ground 5 they assumed in almost every county of the State was, tUat It is possible to obtain from the North uch terms as will satisfy not only the people of th? border *i* *'?* lj? *L * ? vkvtuiug k.-wK? iuai fcuc iaea uiai the power of the Government of the United States 1? hereafter to be wielded against tbe institutions and the constitutional rights of the South is a monstrous delusion wrought by demagogue politicians in their own midst to destroy the Union, bat one (a settlement) that will also at once cause the erganication of an Union party In every seceded State, that will triumph In all of them whenever the question may come before tbelr people; which must happen when tbe ques'lo^of the acceptance or rejection of the settlement of the Peaoe Congress goes to tbe people of the rest of the States of the original Union. Damhovs LieisLATioK ?Yesterday the Rouse passed, without doe investigation, a joint resoin. Uon suspending tbe operation of a general law, to snlt the schemes of tbe lobby in a particular case. -ur. -M-x- ??- - ... Iwwm uuu? w iae resolution suspending, in the esse of Cyrus H. McCormick's application b*/art tkt Patent Offic* tot an extension or renewal of certain patents, the operation of the law which fixes the time allowed for filing rebutting testimony in such ca*es We know nothing of the merits of the case of Mr. McCormlck before the of Patents, sitting as a Jidge?In a judicial capacity Bat we do know tnat legislation suspending the application of a law, to bear en the particular ease of aoyeltlxen, ia a moat dangerous and reprehensible use of the authority of Congress 1a very Heavy lobby la now at work to smuggle through Congress the joiot resolution referred to 1 hove, and It is at their behest that the House hat j thus struck a blow at the integrity of the law, which, if the precedent be set, may be repeated < hereafter in any man's case, where his opponents 1 chow to employ the lobby to get special legisla- . tion to secure them advantages in the determination of the suit, which the general laws as they , stand, do not accord to them. siamricast.?The recent defeat of the aspirations of Horace Greely to succeed Senator Seward, J In the New York Republican Legislative caucus, tells the story of the dethronement of abolition ul- i trabm in the councils of that party In the Empire < Mate Mr Harris, who was nominated over him, ( of course owes his election to the Republican apporters of the views of Messrs. Seward and I IWeed upon tbe question of tbe times. TLe New York Tn^wM baa gone absolutely deranged over tbe defeat of Mr. Oreely, and tbe con- ( sequent overthrow of the furmer supremacy of bta abolition doctrines over republican partylsm- in ^ New York. It now dally abuses Mr Seward, Mr J C. F Adams, Mr Kellogg, of Illinois, it ?/ , for ( being compromisers, traitors to the Chicago plat- t frim *- - - - .v. in wci, 11 a as viriaativ declared ' I undying hostility against the Incoming admin!*- f tration, on tb? ground that It it destined to labor t manfully for the preservation of the Union by t peaceful means _ VtEsmia?The additional returna of the Vlr- u glnia election received up to the hour at which we go to pre* to-day, go to show that the pop- 0 ular majority la the State against the policy j1 urged upon bar people by her Senators and nine r, f bar Representatives (Including Mr. William S Smith) has been rejected by a majority of quite c tftv ibnaisd votes?quite flfty thousand' We J do not believe those sympathising with them have elected aa many at tweaty-fve delegates tl in all! F Who really represent the sentiments of Vlr- v glala la the Congress of the United States? Sen- tl a tors Mason aad Hunter, and her nina members f the lower House acting with them throughout ? the coatroversv'?or Messrs Million, Boteler, * Harris aad Clemens? _ | Dta Ml th?t fifty tbouaand majority tell' U Cool ?The BtlMmow Smm, after urging VlrII glita to anuria immediately. and not to direct tbe " J reference of tbe action of ber Convention beck to g tbe people, coolly cbnreetorlsee tbe reault of Vlr- tl glnla'a action on Monday aa a victory for lu own tl eiewe! There lea aubllmlty of Impudence In 0 tbla tbat la perfectly aatooiahlng. It la vaatly too wbllme to admit at any anawer whatever Tboae who. Ilka tbe Stmr, have fougUt dtauaion at every " atrp. a >d eounaeled Virginia to do preclaely aa 1 I ahe baa done, can only a are la a mase of amnio- d Iuvii >i me amount of " cheek" thus buIInM bf the :hsp who edits ?h? Son The fellow would V? worth hit Wrjjftl la cold In the u net urn of a N*? York ?e?*s?t1?n be notf Tuiu?i c.ixu Lcieuie convention on the 9th nut. Hha will give as haavy n proportionate the settlement of the question with I I the border siav?b?ldliig Mates remaining in the I'*lon, as Virginia gave oa Mooday last. The f xt Is now conceded bare. It a U1 Ihso bs seen wjrtVr Messrs Andrew Jobnsoa, Ktberldgs, Stakes, niid Nelaon are fliUiful rspraasatatlvss of ber saaUisejts, or Messrs Wright. A vary 4 Ca. I I V 9 COWflHKWIOmi,, Arter our report cloerd yesterday? Mr Trumbull, from tbe j*>lnt committee appointed to aacertain and report a mode for examining tbe votce for Pr*aident and Vice President of the United Statra, and notifying tbe peraona elected, reported tbe follow! ag resolution; which waa agreed to: Rifolvtd, That the two Flouaea will aaaemble In tbe chamber of tbe Houae of Repreaenbttleea, on Wednesday, the t3th day of Febraary, ISdl, at 19 J at? I) : J t _# tk. fl. 4 - .L.ll * u xivca, auu iuc r rraiuciu ui iuc cvaaw >u?u uc the presiding officer; tbat one person be appointed a teller on toe part of the Senate and two on tbe part of tbe House of Representatl rm to make a list of tbe votes as they sball be declared; tbat tbe remit sball be delivered to the President of the Senate, who sball announce the state of the vote and the persens elected to tbe two Houses sssembled as aforesaid; wblcb shall be deemed n declaration of tbe elected President and Vice President of tbe United States, and, together with a list of the votes, be entered upon the Journals of tbe two Houaes. Mr. Wlgffcll submitted the following resolution, and asked lta present consideration : Rttolvtd, Tbat the President of tbe United StatM Ha I-? >k. O - It i_ ui. -rv ivuuv?<v\t ?/ miuiiii tuc ijruatc, 11, JII un opinion, not incompatible with the public Interest, for what purpose troops and munitions of war have been, since tbe commencement of this esslon of Congress, concentrated in this city, itatlng the number of such troops, tbe points from whence they were withdrawn, and the respective arms of the military service to which they belong; If such troops are aestlned for special service In tbe city, tbat such service be specified, and, in luch case, tbat he Inform the Senate under the lutbority of what law they are to be employed In luch service. Cries from several: " it lie over " Mr. Bigler moved to take up tbe resolution submitted by him yesterday, which is as follows : Resolved, Tbat the Commissioners appointed by tbe sevtrsl States to attend a convention to be held in this city on this day be admitted to tbe Boor of the Senate during tbe sitting of said convention. The resolution was adopted. The Vice President announced that the hour had irrlved for taking up the special order, being House bill authorizing a loan; aud the bill was taken up. The amendment reported by the Committee on Finance, vtc to add a section in the following words: ? The act of June 22. 1860. entitled an act authorizing a loan and providing for the redemption of Treasury note a, be, and the aame la herebv, repealed." wa? adopted. The bill was then reported to the Senate, read a third time and passed. The Senate then took up the President's mes age. Mr Johnson, of Tenn., denounced secession as a political heresy, the prolific mother of political tins, destructive not onlv to the present but to all future confederacies It was the producer of anarchy, which 1s next to despotism He ridiculed the course of the southern Senators, who, in vacating their seats, had played the part of anxious mourners, and called their attention to the public property luey naa stolen. Mr. Johnson quoted from the organic act of Alabama, that the stood bound to remain in the Union until she obtained the consent of the other states, and also from the act admitting Louisiana, tecnrlng the perpetual free navigation of the Mississippi. At this point Mr. Johnson gave way for an adjournment Hoc?s.?At the close of our report? Mr. Taylor, of La., in a brief apeech reviewed the course of the seceding State*,and justified the action of Louisiana. He said that the tide of secession had progressed so far that there was no Kiwer in existence that could arrest it If both ouset of Congress should unanimously pass the propositions of the Committee of Thirty-three, it would have no effect upon the determination of the SoutfT He asserted that the influence of cotton upon the whole civilized world was so great, that any attempt to coerce the South would lessen the supply of cotton, and plunge the whole world i n Kit n Ir ni r\tr> t? an/I ' * 41? f' J * " mmm W ?> f BUU IU1U| UUU II VUC J" f UtTSl U O Veminent attempted to carry out the policy styled the enforcen ent of the laws, the whole South would rlae up to a man to resist it. Mr liouligny rose to a personal explanation, and said: He. like his colleague. Lad not received any official intimation of the withdrawal of his State, under a secession ordinance, from the Union of these Slates. The Convention which bad passed that ordinance had not thought proper to give him any notification of the fact, and of course, undsr the circumstances, he would pay no attention to any act of that body. He bad not been elected by it, and they had nothing to do with thein, or they with him. They had not even thought proper to forward him a copv of the ordinance, and to that ordinance he would pay no attention. He was impelled to this action by another reason. He differed from his colleagues and the Senators from bis State for this reason, that he was the oalv member of Congress from his State who had been elected as a staunch Union -? ? ? ??* upvil that principle he would stand forever. [Applause ] Another reason for his present stand was,?that whea be took bis seat here he bad sworn to sustain tbe Constitution of the United States, and by that oath be was determined to stand But whenever be was instructed by bis constituents to withdraw, he would do so?not exactly withdraw, but he would resign. And whenever he should be compelled to resign, he would still be a Union man, and always stand under tbe flag of tbe country which had given him birth. [General applause ] The House took up the deficiency bill, which bad passed through tbe Committee of tbe Whole on tbe previous day. Tbe various items for tbe support of tbe legislative, judicial and executive departments were passed; those for the support of the consular and dlDlomatir rnrn**n?l ** t , ?. . uiauLura ul liie UOVerninent were also patsed. The Senate amendment appropriating S3tft).lOU for certain privileges from tot Cblriqui Improvement Company, negatived in committee, was negatived bv the House by a vote of 43 yees to 121 uavs The Senate amendment appropriating 8135,UUU for tbe purchase of Wendell's printing establishment, and which in committee was reduced by S&.'UO, w;.s lustained?tbe original Item being passed?upon i division of yeas 88, nays 67. Tbe bill was men returned to the Senate. ' After a protracted debate upon the bill relative to postal service in the seceding dtates, tbe House look a recess till 7 o'clock. Upon reassembling, the House was addressed br Messrs Logan, Tappan, Moore of Ky., and Trimble, of Oblo. Adjourned. \V*D!?hsdat, February fi SiifATK.?After the receotion of ??wii " ? Tiorlala In favor of preserving the Union on a basis ?f compromise? Mr. Seward presented a protest from a large lumber of merchant*, factors, insurance men and >thers, of New York city, agaiust the abolition >f the warehousing system of the revenue laws; eferred. Mr. Pearce, of Md , moved that the Senate adhere to ita amendments to the Deficiency bill, and equest a committee of conference on the part of i be House Mr. Ten Eyck presented memorials in favor of be enforcement of tbe laws. Mr WIIxix *._ r> ??u >uc v/vumiiwr on Military kff.iirs, reported back tbe bill for tbe better or[anizatlon of the District of Columbia,with a recommendation that it pass. Alio, a bill to amend tbe act for organising , be militia of the Olatrict of Columbia, with a ecouiinendatiou that it do not pass; laid over 1 Mr. tiigler presented a Union compromise merorial front the Union Fire Company of Lan-.asrr, prin'ed upon tbe American fi-ig; laid on the , abie. ( Mr Grimes moved to take ap a bill for grantDg a r>eualon to Gregory Palti; which was taken ' ip ana passed. Hoes* ?'Tbe Speaker laid before tbe House a ] at?age from the President of the United States ' rausiiiiHiDg to congress a communication from j be Governor of Kentucky, contaiuing a serlea of. , evolutions adopted by the Legislature of that i It te, praying Cougrt-ss to call at an early date a onvention of all the States, to take into considratton the expediency of amending the Cousti- ] ution. i The President recommended the resolutions W < be favorable consideration of Congress, and extressed a desire tbat t rorapt action b? taken to- j rards settling the national difficulties The message and documents were referred to Committee of Five, and ordered to be printed t*cveral communlcationa *?? ' ,<4 .. W?*V> ?MO louse from tbe vsriou* departments, which were ppropriately referred. Also, several memorial* from th&cltixena of tbe " lorth *ud W eat, praying an early settlement of be uatlonal difficulties; which were laid on the . kbit { On motion of Mr. Sherman, tbe Houae resumed lie consideration of tbe loan bill. After a protracted debate by Messrs Phelps and ( berman. tbe previous question was called upou ] le adoption or tbe Senate amendment, repealing ( be act of last year for tbe redemption of Treasury otee; and tbe smendntent was lost. U~r We see it stated that tbe Baltimore Ameri- ' sis, which, from the start, has sustained Governor licks and fought the secessionists, has more than uubled its circulation in tbe last eight weeks This Is deserved success. The Am> ruam is one f tbe most ably conducted papers In tbe country, nd has dona Tarnnaa ?* ?' - -*?*? ?-- * _ , rn.ivc IU uavillDl{ iue nserupulous schemt-s of the Maryland disunion- 1 Mi. \ , C_/~ An oBch belonging to the Ktrilwo of I r or treat Monro* aends the Richmond Whig a ] lenlal of the sensation dsipatrb, that gun* were sou*ting at tbat post, and other preparations { unking for the purpoaa of Intimidating, coercing, ad nbjagatlng Virginia, an-1 tbiuks thi design 1 t tba dlapatcfa was to inQnenea tfee Virginia : iMttoa. i | " 10 ; ?\ ?- ? . tV'AimsTO!!, Feb 5 ? Co;uo>ander Walker la to be court martial**!, for acting contrary to orders in bringing tbe au?r?*Lip Supply to New York, Instead of proceeding to Vera Crui with provisions for the tqosdron there Jsdge Black, Secretary of State, w?a to-day | nominated to the Sente for Associate Justice of the United States SapmiMfCourt In place of Judge Daniel, deceaaed; and John Petttt was noAlaatea at District Jod:? of Kansas The Gaines case, wtiicta excites additional intereat since the secession of Loulslsna. baa beta postponed In the Supreme Court till next Monday. Captains Storer, Lsralette snd Povrell bsre been appointed a Court of Inquiry at the request of Captain Armstrong, to investigate the eircuoistances attending the surrender of Henrsacola Nary Yard. The Court will meet on Friday. Tax a 8 ?The telezraDh that the Legislature of T?u baa esaayed t^Kgalize the acta of the Tezaa State Convention called by tbe Tezaa seceaalon leaden. Tbe Convention baa declared tbe State seceded, and baa refused to submit Its own action to the people. Tbeae are tbe acta wblcb the Leglalature baa assumed authority to legalize Governor Houston denounces tbe whole proceedings of tbe unauthorised Convention and the usurping Leglalature as being Illegal, refusing to recognize or to be bound by them. The Convention was elected 6y Uti tkan mm third e/ the vet* of tki SfttThe usurping secession leaden will find the old man of 9an Jacinto sustained by a large majority of the people of Texas In this caae when the trial of strength comes, aa in the many almost similar contests that have marked his eventful career In Texaa. Thk Pkack Cojivxstios can hardly get fairly to work ere the commencement of next week. New delegations are arriving dallv. and there are multitude of preliminaries to be arranged *nd disposed of before they can come to the consideration of the only question upon where there bids fair to be any considerable difference of opinion? the territorial slavery question We hope, however, that by next Saturday night week, tiiat will be in such a train of settlement as that all will understand thnt It is certain to be fnlly and finally disposed of with much unanimity. Lx-PacsiDKNT Tyler's Aon****, on taking the chair yesterday, as President of the Peace Congress, is one of the most affecting and elo quern coons 01 me Kind ever spoken in tbls conntry. Those who beard it, all (peak of It In such terms. Nominated.?The President has made the fallowing nominations to the Senate, vli: T. D Wheaton, for U. S. Attorney for New Mfxlco; J B. Howe, for Marshal of the Northern District of New York; and Henry R. Corbin, Assistant J udge of Utah. Thi Wiitksi.?The followlns report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock F*brfaky 6. 1961 Burlington, Vt cloudy. 2S"3. New York, N. Y ....clear, pleasant Washington. D. C clear, wind SW Richmond, Va clear. Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant Augusta. Ga ....clear pleasant. Savannah, Ga clear. 45?. Macon. Ga clear, cool. Columbus, Ga ............clear, pleasant. Griffen. Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cold. ?w*"vuj in ? Mobile, Ala... clear, cold. New Orleans,La clear. FROM THE WEST. Frederick, Md clcar, pleasant. Hagerttown, Md clear, pleasant Cumberland, M.i. clear, pleasant. Pittsburg. Pa clear, 30Grafton, va clear, inlld Parkersburg, Va clear, p!eaiant Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Cleveland, O overcast. barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m.. rcor rected for temperature,) 30,010; at noon, 29,967. Thermometer at 7 m. m., 33'; at noon, 40 . U>-< ?? J ? * " * ~ rauiuiuw uuxmg ? i court, ending v k. m. to* day, 36 ; minimum H7" Several Alabama Poatmastera have declined to render their account*, saying tbey await tbe action of their State. (rS*WASHINGTON I.1GHT INFANTRY, LL1 ATTKNTION.-Tha offioera of the batttllosi will meet TO-NIGHT at > ha armory of CornV-nr C, Tborn'i Building. Saventh "treat, at ft o'clock. A full alter dar.oa ia reqm??'ed. JAS Y nAVIS It* rol Omm*ndin? W. I, I. B. Yt?COMPANY A, WASHINGTON LIGHT III I VP AM I ? v II i TV ? I t.?M ? - , - 4? <? ?* iJA * Alii* * OB will rr ?el on THURSDAY NIGHT, the 7th instant, a: 7Ho'ol'ick, at Coombs' huildir.g. Penn. A-*nue, b?t?em 9th and 10th strrers, on epeoial and im port* tbuaineaa. livery me tifccr le expected <o be p ~?ent. fa 6 2' l.EM. TO.WKR",CwU ii. rf-5=?ATTKNT10N. COMPANY U WA*HILf iNGTON LiGHT 1NFA NTR Y-v,.? are hereby f-rd*"ed to meet at Connr.b?' Ha'l TOMORROW <Thur?<liy) EVENING, ?t l alf past 7 o'clock. P. M. DC BANT. dipt C. P. P. WROE, O. 8. fe 6 2t ATTENTION, No. 3.-T!e meinl-ers of 1^3 the Peispveranoe Fire Company, No. ft.aie ha>eby notified that the rejulftr mo? t'lly in wiuRnf tho Company wili bo held on THURSDAY, the 7th instint, at 7K o'n'ock p. m. The memb rs trill Im ? * I'uiiutim iu tuvii AL(^Il(iftn06 18 1)081 i0f J of |r6>?t UT.ports^os will lie tran**ctfd 6 2t? OKO Fletcher g c rv-y?NKW CAVALHY COhI'S - I"is# oit.xens 1V < of the oity and court? of W&'hington di? p.?*ej to furm a Cm air* Cnmpiny are respectfully reque?ted to meet at Clark Mtll?* Stuoin. on the Uladnnal'urK turnpike, on THURSDAY EVENING, the ?th Hint., at3 o'olook p. m fj5-2'.* aKVhRAL COUNTRYMEN. (Y".s=? TO ARMS. YK BR AVE I?SECOND 'J,? WARD * AG FR FOR THE FRAY-An adjourned m?etinn of the Citnena ?.f tne Seounil \V?ril ?ill ** " ' ....... .... uru . rr.u m. nin nan in ion Uli Union Oftio". on F. I'rnet. hetwflon 13th And 14'h ?ta , on TO MORROW (Wednesday) EVENING at 7>, o'clock. The young men of the W?rd favorable to a military organization arc invited to attend, aa the eleotfon of ofRjtra will take place. fd?-2t- J^A. BAKER, Reo. Sen. .V^PHCENIX BUILDING ASSOCIATION. IIJJ A tpecial meeting of the atookh^l'er* of flu a Aaiociation will be neM at Tempersnoe Hall, E vtrret, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 6th inst. at 7 o'o'ook. A full attendanoMs rrque-t-d, a? important aurndmenta to the constitution will be proposed. fr 4-*t T. M. H ANSON. Sop. -y^^SMiTHSONIAN l.ECTU R E 8. ? L. 'i ? Wkils William*, hnq.. will leotcr* on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS, February 4th, 6th and 8ih,on China and Japan. Pi'?t Lecture.?The Literature and Govrrnnaent of (.hina. * 8?-eond l.#/?tnr??Til. Ii ? *-? -? 11 - ' *?v viflllliAl 1UU U1 I IiO Vx 111Qe*6. Third Lecture.?Rank of the Japanese among Asiatic Nations The Lectures will com^frM a?, a quarter before I o'clock, whf n the red light ? n the tower will be uctinguished and the dcors closed. fe l-y.y,M.W,Fn -rg=?'I BAY. STRANGER, WIIERK ARK you going ? You ?fem to be m a great hurry. "80 1 %m. I am going fo SMITH'S. No 4B0 seventh stree,to buy a auit of Clothes. The people ?ay he has a very nico assortment, and they ray 1* sells them so oheap." Note.?The last we saw >f the stranger, he was running up Seventh street iinguig out*'SMlTH. No 4t>0 " fe 2-6w r5?THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS Lj *> holden every day this week, in the Kuglish Lutheran Churoli, corner of llth and H itreets, to oommenoe at * o'clnnir *j>?( ? ? , rw vUH?i:'UO one hour. ja 7 rw^DEMFSEY k O'TOOLE, jj? WEDDINO AND rfglTJNO^ lmfortere of fin# WElj^NG ftATlhtSR, WEDDING ENVELOPES. the moat beautiful atrlea. 3'46 Pa.. Av., between 9th and loui ate., an 27-ftm Wa?hiwto?I. PISTOL CAPS. LEY'S WATER-PROOF CAPS, for Colt'i >i>.tola,jukt reoeived per Expr*as<an< for aalMow tj J K. fHIKLL>S, |e6 St Hardware Importer, 339 Pa at. 0 PISTOLS?PISTOL#! 1 ,nf Ttfci cu- -? " r * ? v*"'' i rn? yi,nnii'ii it WeaaonV. and AI apx^?u18' powdek flasks aumet >AP8, *o. F or sale low by N0"" T(NoMlJ^ 1 N E ? ? MEDITERRANEAN-COAST OF EGYPT FIXED LIGHT AT PORT SAID. T????wt Dxpaktm*NT. ) ... vjict Light house Brxird, \ , , t. .WsiSiDgton ? ity, Feb 5. IM1. Information hat beou received at thia Offiot that a -uht 1>A? ipoertly been exhibited from a li?httou-?haVP.urlSi"ld E. of the Damietta manta ?f the Ni e, co??t of Fgypt. Th? light it * fixed whit4 light, p ftcod at m rlo r*V0S ?Wrl Sowtkf meanlerel of u" Jt tnd ahonltf be see from the deck of a ahijatadii?(l "ill's I clear weather. r i n* inuniiaatiBC apptretu* ia dioptrio or bj ! #n>en. r?f the third ord r? _ 'i'h?light houtoUa^Weton tow of wooded it*udi in 1?U 51 (leg. 1C wjn u N ?long. ? d?{. t mig.ViN E&at from OrMnwteh (Tb* B'uidki hiV?nUl?? drg. ?. mi-j. W?at inWI) By oiitr. jt i 'nt^D R? 8?^ prevail in Presidential circle* cf foul distentions in the Rrpublieaa partf on the comprorniae question, and ronaequeat embarrasamei is of tb? incoming Administration The Chicago Tribune reada Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois, out of the parte on account of his compromise proposition*. Much feeling la manifested her* among the radical Republicans in view of the apparent dlacrepancy between hia declaration! rinrlnv kit ! * > t to this plar-e and the position now occupied by him Mr. Waabburne, of Main*, telegraphed to Got. Yates urging htm not to appoint CommiMlonera to Waafclngton. aa the appointment would deiuoralite the Republican party. Thia. and other appea la of the aame nature, prevented the departure of the Commiasionera until this evening. Horace Greeley arrived here thta morning, and went Weat after a few houra aUy, without aeeing Mr. Lincoln. He la expected back to-morrow morning, when he will make hla wlabet known to the President elect. He la very aevere on Mr. Cameron and Mr. Kellocg. A poaltlve declaration, in reference to the Compromiae movement, win QonoucH oe enciiea t>y Dim. Mr Lincoln received the news of Greeley's defeat at Albany wltb hti usual complacency A Pennsylvania delegation Is here to org* Got. Reeder, In caao cf Cameron's withdrawal. Mr. Lincoln has received and accepted an Invitation from the State authorities and citizens of Albany to visit that cltv. The trip from New York to Albany Is now definitely determined on. The Presidential party will stop at the Metropolitan Hotel while !n New York city. AM U 8EM&N Tb. WASHINGTON THEATER! lessee ...8 W. Glvnn Ao'inc Man* ;er J. T. Raymond Bt^fe M anni^r UmrRRn BLAND | TII19 EVENING. Last Night but one of MR. 8 O T H E R N, Who will appear as KINCHIN, In Baokstone'g beautiful Drama entitled FLOWERS OF THE FOREST. Also, a* BEESWING. In the 'oa*inx Farce of WHO POISONED SUSAN' In retea-*al th? Romance of A POOR YOUNG MAN. lt_ Concert BT THB YOUNG LADIES OF THE THIRD DISTRICT SCHOOL, A sainted by a Ot'ARTETTK O* VnTTWn W??M At OUD FEL L O WrS'~ HA L L," JVarV Yard, On THURSDAY EVENING, the ?r? in?t, Under the direction of J. H Daniel, Teaoher of Music in PuMic Schools. Tioic'ts 25 cents; Children half price. Piano furnished by John F- Ellis, Esq. fe 5 St BALLS, PARTIES, Old-Faehion 8ociable Cotillon Party, TO BK blVB?i AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, THURSDAY, Kipetard 7th Nett Proctitis for the Orphan Boy?' Asylum. Tioketg $2, niraitiing a *ect emtn *r.<1 iadie?-. No Tickets cold at the door <'an be had l.y personal application ?oar.y ol tr.e f. Ilowisg ner.t.eraan, WIIU CUUIlllDin I O BOA ED OF M?!?*orRs. lamee U Berret, F MeNerhany, P 0'D?tp>o?hu?, W T Do??. Jul! Hirvty, Jae H Siickell, Jo* F Brown, Thoa E Lloyd, S V Jfoyrt. Hudeou Taylor, Wm Selden, Jonn E Leach, F Muhtrn, Edward bitnini, John A M^rkrtwr, J C McOuirt, C Wendell, B F Rtclittitnc, J P Ptpptr, Wm F Bayl/, Wm J .McCuliom, Ja? F Halidiy, E O Dyer, Dr Toner, A B Stoughton, Dr A SleD D?vu, Jn A T?ie, Gregory Ernie, Thc? Ferrao, K M McGraw, A B Greeu wood, R F O'Beirne, Martin King, Wm H W..rd, A L Newton, G W Hmtai, ? Ale* Proveat, Leni Towera, John M Keatinc, John F Ellis, J J Kane, A P Hoover, Sonne! Lewie, Andrew Joyce, P H Kiujj, Wm Mnrjrui. John F Bridget, Theodore StiekelU, Richard n?ilACh| L J UToolc, L Nt vmcvtr. Edw Hall, H O Hood, Jamea Lackey, WmESlolbt, W W Laakey, CSJwii, H B Swtinjr, Richwd B^rrr, C V Mirtio, Jonah D Hocvtr, J..t L Barbour. Or RiJr'e*. RHL.ekey, K Clo-ry, RCSteren*. J C r ittpa trick, John Alexander, Or J C Riley, fcdTowtre, W W Webb, Albert B Norton, WmW.ill, Jerome Di^ree, FcDotli, John F Co?le, Prank Brooke, F J McHeury, Thoe J Fieher, Rtchd H Clarke, John F Ennii John P Callan, Or Joe Waleh, Jaa Chteuey, C W cpunuin jtoo, Eurene Caroei, Jno Carroll Brent, 2 *???.. , 0 i Green, Jacob Vichmeyer, Henry WilUrd, P Gallant, G M W irht, Tboe Berrj, P Tbyeon. P White, R B Hi!!, Thoe Stephene, John W Boteler, H J McL.ufhlio, Joe Peck. V Becker, Geo W Cochran, Wm E Howard, Dr C Boyle, V E *'"? G?? J'Hjrd, L r Clarke, John McDerinct, Dr Jouee, R Ciehorn, Dr J MeCalW, J)r F Hill, TB Kntwiele, Rirain Richer, Thoe Barchoa, ?* 0-A Pifl'' W MeCormick. Bei.J, Dr 8 C Major,, W H Philp, J W Mankiue, Geo Oyeter, Jae *kir?i,ljr Oeo Potion, B Rofciueoo. John M.zwail, Walter Tnrptn, J C Barrett, Dr J Hellen, Fred Harvey, W J Donohoo, Win Hamilton, J T Given, Harmon Bnrna. Kd w Shaffer, CR Bithop, Dortey Eeck, R Lynch, C W Cunningham, Andrew Carroll, Jolm Lincoln, DrRC Griffin, PM Hfurj, )o? M Kennedy, J IVndtll C?iu, A Van BciMm, Ttio* G?llif*n, ? 8 Allen, M Willimn, Dr W O Palmer, E E White, IJr Ttionpeou. A Bchwarumnu, T C Co?, M (onno'loy, M D Rueiell, Zach B Brooke, DrKidwcl!, E K Queeb, John Howling, W Albert King, Ed v N Rojch, L J Middle tun, John J Suke G W Miller, W J McDonald. Eapni&'n Fnll Band will furnish the Muiu. Mr , Sohaffieid will fun eh the Confectionery. Mr. John 1 bo,. ..son. the pepu ar attei.d*nt ol Odd Fellows' Mall, will have oare of the hat and ( eo%t room. fa 4 4t , W A fci'Tt: tt x YOl'NG f,ADV FROM THE NORTH would like a Sltu%ti"n n a dry good'or fancy it re Addre?i V.. Star OAS ;e fe fi *t* SERVANT WAMTED, to take oh?n? of a < ma'Toliild A iculuto girl preferred Applv at No 335 Sixth at, betw-eu H and I, after I o olook p. in. u* < WANTED?A whit* WtiMAN r.? cook?on? t who thoroughly understand* h<*r b'i?ice?t ac4 , oan oomeTrell recommended ; none other need apply. Call. between lo and 12 a in, at 361 F *treot, | between 9th and 10th. It* BOOKS WANTED-Wilkinson's Mmoiri Moultrie'*, Drarton'*. G*rdner'? A n*rdo'?i of the American H"voluh?n. Heath Meimur* of t e i late War, St. Ciair's Narrative* of his Kxpeditioa Ageintt the luuiant, fcar'y Volume* of the (iluhe, 1 Sd i NiUa* D " * ... w . - Iiva nvkit VCI lOtO I 119111 M- ' fine Report. By ALFKEl) HUNTER, O d Book : Store,on \Viliard?' Square. fe6-St* V|7ANTED-A good CONFECTIONER. One J ? ? who understands his business may obtain oon- * stant employment by applying immediately to H. A ED.MUN3TON, No. 134 High st, tjcorge- 1 to wn. fe5 WAN ' ED?At No.4^4 North E street, a young 5 WOMAN, to do the cooking and hnunework of atmalliamiiT. Recommendations required; none need apply without them. le 2-tf WANTED-A white COOK that is willing to do part of the washing and ironing. None neei afply without good references. Apply 392 H *t., b-iwiwn 17th and lfith sts. fe 2-3t* 1 U/ANTKD-A good PASTY COOK Appljr at W IL.LARDS' Hot'l. ja? lw WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From MB to . worth oi SECOND-HAND FURNI ! TURK of all kinds, for wliioh I will guaranty to pay the highest priocs, and, a? uaual. at the shortest notioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ao., , oc 9 409 7th ?t.. bet. G and H east side. j WANTED?SECOND H*ND FURNITURE. , " Persons housekeeping, or having ; a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the oath 1 and lair prioes by applying at 3?9 Seventh si. a? 17 BOtMT'/ A GRIFFITH. . LOST AND FOUND. i ? t'OUND? In an omnibua.a LOCKE"**, with two 1 amferotype miniature*. Apply at Kirkwood Hoiiae. \ LOST?On Saturday, a ?tnall BREASTPIN. \ eontaininc i>even aeti; blue enamel on the itemBeing a preaent and valued very highly. a reward of #15 will be given on 'ravine it at Odeon Hall . CK'thing Store, corner iH at. and Pa. avenue. ' te$-4teo i - J LOST?In goini from M ?treet, on Ninth, to the < vorthTn Lit>ertie? Ma-k?t, a P"r r~i n f~> * ut GOLD SPECTACLES The finder*--^ ? will be suitably rewarded by leaving ttaem at STT Seventh tt.. between I and K. if * LOST?On Mocdaj laat, between Rigf Bank i and tha War Department, a pair of1 ??>Ll> SPKCTAOi.KS The finder ^ t will be euitablv rewarded by leaving them at the i Office of the National Hotel. <e5 2t i PAME TO THE PI-ACE OF THE SUB- ' V> Kiril?er. on t ? Washington and Rock ille 1'laiik Road, Bear Uie First TolUate, Kifv on the 3d instant m. hl&nir ?.n?i wi. ?- i * COW mi.! a rei < ALF The o*n?r is reqaeueS t > a me forward, prove property, pay charge* and take them away. fe 4 8i* P. g. HOLLAND. 1 BOARDING. ' OOARDKES CAN BE ACCOMMODATFD 1 D with goo?l Board on roaaonabie Urw at *78 _ Eighth at., between 1 and E. fcMt* * DOAROiNO.?Persona deairout of a eomforta- " D ? ehomeeanobUia food Hoard aad pleaaant Apartm-nu on P atreet, No. Mt. betvee* 9th tu lf'th at*. T*ble Boarders au alao he uaMmv dated. Ten? rmoMble. ftH* 1 jj CTRANGEES DESIRING BOARD CAN BE h KJ aooomiriodated, in a (enU-el private family, with d l|aaaaat Rooaa and exoelient table. A few Tabu u Boarder* taken on rpaen?tito terma. I eaeaina a rP^ '...?. f#<l f ? t ' 7 / * Look at This* THE EFFECTS OF THE PANIC! Artioiea of JEWELRY Th?t aaatlhr retail fro? #3 to f *\ N* lllBK at OH LI ONE DOLLAR EACH. Mill orrosmoN store. ?T? P**1?*tlvama Avmti. 0all awl rxamia* BOOKS!' BOOKS ! VFft ILr^ olfiMBf nn( r iRrta a>>?4aiit -A Muo?U?moi? Book* at om-Ulf of tits frioN 1 BOOKS SELLING FOR ?0 CENTS, 1 24 BOOKS SELLING FOR ? TO 1$ CENT.'*, ? 2 BOOKS SELLING FOR ?1 TO fl ??. ALL NEW BOOKS Rronred m boob m Published. and Sold AT RETAIL. M tb? Lot***t WhoUsai* Price*. REMEMBER. YOU CAN GET BOOKS from jn to io per o?dL leu than Publisher'* priooa, m4 ELEGANT SETS OF JEWELRY. LADIES' NECK, GUARD, tnd CHATELAINE CHAINS. and GENTS' VEST CHAINS, to-**.. for ONLY ONE DOLLAR EACH. 476 PrnnijrlTtila Arena* 47C fa 4-lm.r W SPECIAL NOTICE. E -eturn our ainaare thank* ?o thoeeof oar oaatomT* who hsva called and aeitled thair aooounta, and we lru?t th&t all vho h%re not will call without de'a* ard settle op. WM. R. KILEY * BROTHER. No. 36 Central More, between 7th and Sth streets, fe 4 St Opposite Centra Mirttt. ODRY GOODS I'R St^ok of all kind* of Dry Gooda is wall assorted, and ?? invite all porsoLa in want to oa I sn*l look thronxKaa we are determiaed to sail at the iow?>t market sr-.cea. WM. R. RILEY A BROTHER. No. 36 Central Store, between tth a?d gth *tr??ts. fe 4 5t Oppoaita Cantr* Market. f A D L'V Iv/W ur*?n?l o L-iS*** * ?1 s? ? a.* | ?niv i.? ? n\n L, AT3I AtA AH I ? V/ BENJAMIN H<>BK& 'e(e leave t? i' fnrm lit* fr ends &n<l the public / _ J general? that h< hu taken ard fitted up in a superior manner the Reitae raut at the southeast earner o< Peon. avenue and Sixth utreet He will at all timea be pr par'dt-> serve al who may favor him with a oa f *rith the t*?t WINKS. I.IQf'ORS acd Cl<iA RS. a? wll as OYSTERS. UAA1E a d other deiicacies of the season. fe?-tm Wm ECANTUEBKATINSELUNGCLOTHlN G oh.ap. at No. 460 Serentk at., opposite Poet Office. le2 6w PI ATAPtTo, NKW R CHMONU. AND ISA BKi.l.A Mil.LS Fl.OUR BUCKWHEAT MKAI . ONION*. A? iwbbls Pat*r?ci? Family Fionr. ~*rrauted cup* rior to an* in thia market. 180 bl>ls. New Richmond XXX fcxtta Flour. AJ> bills. Uatiella Extra and SuMr&oe do. 6,'JOOIba. *o peri or Penn vlvii 1a Bnck wheat Meal. 5?t bMa. Onion*, tn prims order, SO bbla. App'e* Reo ited this <ta*, and for sale low, in Iota to au' D. I.. MORRISON & CO., f?2 6t Corner Twelfth "rwt R ?u HICKORY WOOD. No 1 artic* of HICKORY WOOD. Aleo, PINE aul OaK WOOD, prepared or delivered o ;rd length. tL/~T?rmr cash. it^Ail ordi-ra fhouldbe a~ec?nipatred with the money ; drivers don't carry change unieas special viuvi a 01 xr joih hj wnav curt'k. T. J. k. W. M. GALT, ja23 tf?i Pa av.. b?t. lita and 12th ?t? WS 10.000 ORTH OF HOOTS, SHOES AKD TRUNKS. Of all Stylet and Qwlititt, AT A OkKAT SACRiriCt ON COST. Stent for Rent and Fizturu ft* StUt. All the Stock in S. pT HOOVER'S STORE, mtlfilrna Hall.embraintevery yar ?tr?^fa? . |SiWw8(of l.a<ti-s\ Gents', Children's and BHl * ^U?S?rT?iit. 8HUE8 Also, TRAV-fHj ELING TKINH^ are row being sold, for catKjtt great saci .fioes on usual retail aellingtorioes. indeed much below original <*??L The attention of the publio is solicited, as great inducements will be mad* to purchasers. Theabovo ounpru-rs a large stock of the ftneet auali:y French, asd Arner oan Gaiters,Shoee,Boots. io.. Ac., ior laclog and gentlemen Tfi- Store U for rant and the Fixtures for sale. Apply on t' e rremises. Iron Hall. N. B.?The a??re at>ick, either 'n whola or In par:, will be aoid-At private talo. To any ore desirous of entering the Bot, fchoe and Trunk Buaine?i tin* atiords a bolter opportunity than may agnin M preaectod. I I' raona indebted will o -nfer a favor by promptly oailing and aeUiing their aocointa. Ja 7 ti l^KENGH A RKHsTEIN. ? 27? P?*w. Avinn, Are aienU for the R^ltiinore Ane ican and Exchange, CLarl^tt.m Msrcurt, Art. stabeeribera ?>tt: d at low rate* I'ape a from every Oit? in the Uaion?meekly, monthly and quarterly. Ca'i and SuiiaoriWe. Now ia the time. New York. Phila><lphia, Ba tJ.'itore ar.d other papera delivered la the oity and Georgetown immediately after the ar nvii or trains. )> 1* WASHINGTON AQUKUUCT. Wamuwotoh, D. C., Jan. 29, IM. Prof'>?al? will he received at thi? Office nnUl noon of the 16*b day of February, |M1, for the piat f >rm o?venn>i of Bridge No, 3, The work to be Joup will o: n*iat of the furnishing, cn'tiuc and artting of aV>ut 4.2"i oubic toet of era ite. gpeeifioa* Uv>n? oa, be proonreda ad p.ana examined onappiloation at this Office. : Each hid must be accompanied by a guaranty that the pvty propoemc will, if bit bid > accepted, enter into contract within ten daya thereafter. Propocala t.j l?e ceal-d and endorsed "Propoeala i<>r r.&uorm Covering," U addressed to J AS. ct \ MORTON. I jrnt of Knr'rs Ch. Eo<*r Wash. Aqd't. ja SO ti6Fe)? ( 10 TOTHEPEiPLES'C. OTHiNG STORE, No. 4 60 SeTenth il, to cet your CLOTH- 1 INtt, FURNISHING GUOtS, HA I X and JAP". fe? ?w IN VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY 1 stringency of the times, and wishing to cloae out our hravy stock by spring, we wil. ??<l from this iate a? follows: HICKORY WOOD, t??; OAK, #530; PINE, < |4J^. | KED ASH COAL, all sixes. #6 2S: WHITE k<,H rn A I . *11 ?i ? ?c. . rtlLl-ui .nr> w<)vi v v **i ??rjn UAH l/| Wt t pound* to the too ii-a arUed in all oases. t*avri d aiid i<plit WOO 11 *11 si*-s. THcKSON 4fc KINO, ja I6-co3w Yard?cor. V*rm?.c t a?, aod 15th at. BALTIMOR K BUTTER HOUSE. 1 'ail7 receiving fresn an<l svwi, in Goshen packiloz. Also, Oaio J?at???r, at 1"^ and 12Jj| cents. * ELLICOTT A tfBWHS, i?M H Kxnh&n?e K%ltim?r?. OR CLOTH'NG. HATH and CAPS. Call at i SMIIH'S No. 460 Seventh s'.,opposite Pont J glee. f? 2 6w A T PANIC PRICES, /V FOR CASH. Fine Rep Merinos, Figured Merinos, Ml Wool Delaiiea, Silk Robes, I "anoy Colored aod B ack Figured and Staple Silks. And our whole stoek of Winter Goods, marked town at rednoed rrioea? mai) at less than ooit?for he money, in oraer to reduoe stock. J. W. COLLEY A CO., f? l-8t 533 Seventh st. above Pa. av. DONT BE DECEIVED, BUT COME TO ' the right ?.?ok to getjotr CLOTHING, lATSatd CAP3, At SMITH'S, No. 460 Setinth * "" l? ? iw A NEW LOT OF SEEING HATS JU*T J rV reoeired and for aale at very low frioea, at No. 1 1*0 Seventh atre?t fcllw c ASHING TON 1 AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take lotioe, aa it will be to their la tareat to do ao, that W. H. READ'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF .1VERWORT for Cvugkr, Cold*. Homrsmut, ><mp and other afeetioaa of U* throat and oh rat, ted alao hi* SORE THROAT PoWDER, are wo of the moat ia.ailible rem?diee of the day, pad to family ahoald he withoat than; and beaMee, fce? are aa oheap aa to ha within tha raaah ft all. We do aot expect atraocera to beliava what wa rnta in retard to oar own vedioiaee, oonm%aeatt we refer y?? to the followlag wall knowa r**>l?m?n'? oeriiheatm. wa??h ^ ? itnro* whoro the artiolo* ore for aolo; Ueraoj tim tre the be?t C< o*h and tore Throot Medioioot ^VerT JoTtf Bwrn, <gyocM Hiklu Rev.SomTA. VVil?or, Rev.W?,i Hwk?, & j:.Vi.!"vlSiv. I" tiSfrgtu. Of tk* Bditimtn Cmrfwmtt, Kfflm ttfft Co., Dnnbto, 0. 5^*rS[*T. Ciwi * Co., DracviBt. lw>rget3ini^^^^ ^ ' %? ?kBVT^'Dr^^ Yor*. jo?-Iw njBORGIA STATE LOTTKRIKS. | Mmmag*?? Ojfi-j <tftk* Q*?rfim Lxurin* I u& , r?drmry lal, iki. < r 5ur Ue i)r?vim ; oUmt mismI rawinga of oar lottartea vill ba mhuM daily i th* nmiomi 1 ataliis*M*r. Far Makala ar . - - ' .... ? M i- m / / * * Jr '%/ AUCTION SALES. l ? wall* baixaip. amtmmra. n*v eoow div eoon*' ohycoow w^rafe ^ k. WAtL4>A>NAW D AK*r ' Bf J. C. MoGl IRK * SUPFKIUR AND BF.AlTlFfL BLOODED Hii>ik? Mill AT Auction.-On *ATURDA> NORNlNH.PfUM'l M. M ? ' *? *, f* front (X U * Amotion w ?h?i' Mil k n??nor m4 hrnrilu Blooded Mar* ot AfAu atook w; tyluk?o4 ?firit*d rn?4mr Uw m441o, u< *?rki woll IB hamtM. i? of ike Mi? htM?< * < * r-( loriM u?r owner nella *? r os M?nit of l?ri iU??it?. Ttr?icwk. - fil 4 J. C McOrila; A CO., A??u Br ORBBN A WILLIAMS. AMttmm. n*i ? Ar nnaara nntva nriAt Hib O Kit Wi?OM UtraWM IriMU*. f VtMr*?l 4c. AT AVCTIM-?*a(iONUAV.IiM lit* lutut. wt ahali aotl. at Mnw a. at.. at Mr. JtMfi HavJay'*, (k>?va aa Llnafatoa ks F ?o?h*M ? <!. IH w.ilM tha otfcr ai4o of tfco {> w?? Ai;li?,o'*r *k* AaMoaut w Nan Vart Wja*a. alt or tha atoek. ?oaaiatia? of? t Horaaa, Wagou* aoa Haraaaa, >> Cowi la or ?r. I *M oalraa. aa<3 att apriaxara ofa ?ap*rtor analitr. _ Hoga. I Market A?i?a , Haraaaa, Carta. Catt ng tt*x. hlo?k atd lal , faatM, Harrow*. Caltiratnra aiwl "llara. Motb <1 !>aanaod Hoi*? ia or>?p.ot ??rdor,-a/tkoa. A lot ?f hrh>noh<'m a do Kiteh?n Karnitaro, Alao, a Horsa Pow?i t<av Mi I of rpooat larootipn ano aim a> ooa?tr?ou?>a. ut will ba oat la oaoratmn on tha dn,? <>( aa'e.) And mary otter artiolra t<#nam*roaa to Nim*f Farm-ra tad daryiaan will do wall to kttMid this mU T#r?i?: All ?vmaof and andor ouk; ?m #JD a oradit 01 M. 4a and > day a, for *p arc red Mdo>awl n->tae, bearing i.i?er?at from dajr ?f a* I a. f?< d r.HF.KN A Wn,HAMS'. A?U. Bi CLEARY A GRKKS, AaotioMwa, 406 JViatA itrtrl HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHF.N Fl'RNI Tr??. Hfltai* a hp WiHUi at A pen on ? On THURSDAY MORMNtt. thank itttMt, w# wi 1 wll. in front of our Ajiotion Room, ?i o oiwi * (mm aaaorimeni tl Ho?i?koM mku, ?nch m? Mab'fuy 9ofu. ^idchwnl m4 Bureen. I>. He - W&ihataad* ud Ttblee. Vo Chair*, wUtnnti ?nd Center T?Mm, Cktiri, WMhiUadi. Lonoge*, Mirror. Cotttceget* Hair Mitlrri*. Fnth*r MM, Together mtD) other arurlea loo bomeroM to mentioa. At 11 o'eior k we will ??11? Two food Wifon*. Two |oo<l Work Hornea. fc* < CLEARV A GREEN, AmU. By J.C. McGUIRE A CO, Auctioneers. MARSHAI'ft SALK of cookino 0tot? attn Klohbbk*' mituiit ?On 94Tt'r f)AY MORNlNB, Febro*r? #t? .at ? o'oioek in rort of th? Aaonon Room*, by order of tlie (Jntked State* Mtnkt . we shall *ei] to the bi( heat Udoe' : 1" new Cook ud FtX'nree. ? nrar?nti,i VUUI* J Mar'-le top Wfttrr stands, 4 Water 9SNow?r Hatb?. in Wator Slake, S) China Baaini for Water Cloaeta, 4 Iron hiRM. 2 pieeec La then Pipe. Tarma o>?h f?a d J. C. MoGl IWE A CO.. Aa?w. By J. C. MoClMRE A CO., Aactioneara. QQ SHARES OF STOPK OF THE Mathabp (V) Aim ? oar*" t at Areiie*.*-* i I be aoid at pab'ie aactu a. at on? aactioa looma. la tkuoity. oi Tt'E - Ua V. the 12th luatant, at 5 o'o.ook p. m . to the hichett bidW for ca?h. lor aeo?aat<v wl.orr it nay aoocero. as Share* of Bloek of thaJUfDkr<) Anna Company. ^ h5 d J. C. MoQUIRE A dH? Aaota. D? D L.* ?-'lki a. un? ? ?< - - 0j r% r- w ? r* Ibl'lAiiD. AOOllODiWl. iV*. i26 tmur tl* ui D streatj TRISTEE'" 8AI.E OF HOUSEHOLD AND Kitchxh FraniTraB -On FRIDAY. thetth inetant, at If o'etoafc ? m , we will sell at rti reaidenee of a Wd? 4<-e!ir>i:<( bon?ekeept"?.No 49S I'enntyiTaai* v-nn*. b^twaan ad and 4X * raeta, \ j vlrtee of t? o de-*is oftrast.oaeb?ar m ''ttolt'k Mbt IMP. and reooroea in lhar J A. ft.. 1*. folio 404, and th? other he* is* date the of January, 18S.1. and duty reoor Jrd and h; order of the tr?it?w. a ike H<>n ahold and Kitenau Furniture ia the Houip. We e?i????erate i? part? Mah ?any aad Walnut Bofae. Chairs.aad Tablaa. Do Draaaicf and oilier Bnraaaa aad Wash iRm*. Ho Jenny Lind and other Bedataada aad . Wa h?tatoi. Feather Beda and **attreeaea, A larc* lot of Bedding. China. Glass, and Crockery Ware, ory-n?uci?w it Divei, Plated Cu'nti Fork*.and Bpooni. ' Tnraa-jl/, Ingrain.and otbor Cv??U aad Oilelotk. Fid# Rnriitritor, Cooking and othor Btow, W ii* a large lot of other artiolM, v hi ok w 4tM g>g?MMrr to aaamarata. T?rm?: All ?um? of and ?u<1er ftsu aaafc, or? #S", a oradit of90 and to da* lor notaa aatiafee tori It ecdorrad hearieg interMt. fa > d CIEEN k. WILLIAMS. A acta, UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS: LAST WEEK OF DR. SCHLOSSFR WASHINGTON. THE ONLY CERTAIN, PERMANENT **? SAFE CURE rra CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. AX D ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET it m INFALLIBLE SYSTEM PRACTICED T DR. M. 9CHLOBSER. S PAGE Off CHIROPODIST. The following Wa-hintton Te*ti?o?iai? mo dMtieal with UoaMada ui fonmioi of Dfc ICHLOSSEE. YV ARRINRTHN TCSTl unuina /Votn Hon. *. Toombt, U. S. 8. Or. ?ehlcM?r bat thia r a? taken oat a great bmjec of Coma from my faet without aay pau, aa4 It Mma to b? effe taal Jaaiar; It, IN? K. TOOMBS. From M. S. Dmvit, Eh. Dr. 8oli>o?Mr h?a thia nar reaorad from my Iwt 1 Conu, which vw <Iom witboat h?< aa4 to my ?nure aauaiaotion. 1 obeerfiiily nooantnd to all tertoBi, and eapeaially mj frteada who ?uff*r with Jorna. to oall on th* Doctor. R. S. DAVIS. Waa hia?toa. From Tkmt. P I.ntis, Wmr Dtpartmtm. I o*itfy that Dr Sehioaaer haa tki fi ly ntiaM teveral com* from my tact. aa4 withoat paia. THUS. r. LEWIS. From Capt. S. Barrtm. Dr. Sohloaaar has cztraotod reraraJ oorua fn?? bv hat i?rr mwhmMi?- ??* ?,k-?? ? Waakincton, It, 1M0. '' ft. BARRON. From Dr. T. S. Ttrdi. 1 tMtifr 'bat I have b?M wrj wmi^ly mf Ml upon by Dr. Bttlamr witboat pats of My tor'. T.f. VERDI, M. D. From I. 8 MmU, JTm Dr MiImmt hM thia Uy eymM apon mj hat, lb4 baa pro4ar?4 aotira aatiafaoUoa. I. B. BALL Taati momaia frma aMkna ?/?w? t? ? ttmltoa ! klmroya. m wail m nubarltM mmm torn talNMi. CKrnM.rhfriteas A?. Ac., of uia immIii m4 fempi mm WHM?t fciloAM. D*. SOIILOMER cu u CONSULTED m WASHINGTON roa ukb week lon?er. at ha CONSULTING ROOMM. 9*7 pennsylvania avenue, (boat* u4*,) office hours Tnm 10 ft. *. ull t p. m. N. B. No fflw ml NBMttn witk mr ?M. it a?tlin< w 4iffcrttt Na Uiiii ptnem w|? nt?d to oftrs corns, by wttiii or ftafMif. Imm rlr* only ft kort rabflC. M Ml ft LAST I IN fci wiwattow. ? I ' *1 . ! _. ?. mi. ? ?? ? , -A, ?M jL. ,J1

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