Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1855 Page 3
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JWMSLVAJrXA. routzoi. Our HatrUbnrg Cormpowfanw. Hahribbcbo, Jail 25, 1865. ?hi Senator ial Eltetion ? The Candidate * ? AnolKer Portrait? Mr. Cameron and the Know Nothing* ? Jnterettinq Revelations, $-c., fc. In ft former communication I gave ft diguerteo' typ? of hia ex Excellency Qmrnor Johnston, to gether with ft birdaeye view of the taenia and ftp pliancea that he was ruing to oonflrm hia preteasious to the Sen atoi ial dignity of the State. Maine la* men, per $et will not have failed to chronicle the fftot thftt the Irish whig Know Nothing aspirant, and especially since the weather has batted ao valiantly to adjust its temperature to zero, or ts some point contiguous to fiat locality, had total'y abjured nature's bsvex ?<e, iced water, and hid plied moet freely the more -fusible and exhilirating and humanizing re*to:ati <e. tie whiskey punch, ao en dearedbj name, asto lilon and early potation to the land i f his birth? !j drat drink, and his tr ?ns atlantii importation, aud anbiequent continuous use and practice. Leaving hi* ex Excelleroy to supervlic the brew ery and O meet the laird mte demand which his whiskey taniea and the frecziug weather h iva crea ted, we purpose, with your pjrmlasl >n, to sket;i anoth-r and a prominent candidate for tlia aims dignity, premising, that whilst his dignerrao.ype may present es?entialiy diffe ent outlines, the fll ing ?op, after all, will present no very striking cjntnris tkts. This, perhaps, U insaparaVe from the genus politician, generally, and whilst the species m*.v oc casionally, and docs .assimilate to truth and fair deal' ing, the ex option only proves the truth of the gene- , ral rule or axiom, that afl are, more or leas, addic .ed to wily maroeuvrlngs, daubie dealings, trickery and positive deoeit. Bim on Cameron, whose sketch ! we are now attempting, like his "illustrious prede cessor," has filled a large spa;e In tie pibll: eye, ; and like him Is unquettioEably a man of so mi no'e ' andfcoasldeiatlon In the State. He is a man of money. Wrapped up In the toga of Senatorial dlgalty, and complacent in his dream* of peraonal cjnsjqiu>nj? 1 and renown, he bolily repudiated "the trad lug fel- , lows,*' acd claimed the honor as the Intelligent msed j of pralee to distinguished personal narit. It wai a i most delightful, and, bad it been true, would have constituted a most pleasing reminiscent; but ui- i fortunately for the enrapturing delusion, the ter n expired, and his ambition, not yet fed to satiety upon the sacrifices he had instituted for th* "coun try's good"- the fell atatu'e of the State interposed , a Hit by wnioh was decisively to be Adjudged the . truth or falsity of his estimate of sell sui services, , Mujoritr.s. In a politioal sense, are mast seniiblt things geteially by which to determine the figure, ' weight aid size of politicians; and Cameron, fully aware of this very important teat, has consulted, and j is now oonsulttng, every means and applianse b? which the beam may be ma le to kick In his lavor. ! Promises? full, tree, generous aud glorious -having availed bim in the first instance, are now en la-god and liberal &ed to an almost incredible extant; and oomblned with the moat soclil, sumptuaus \ and rechetrht dinners and suppers, are destine! to < operate upon all such as are to be reached though such mediums, and to se :ure their suffrage i. As might be conjectured from a politician of his 1 known shrewdness and cunning, the mysterl >us Know Nothings have not escaped his ken, and some rich and trutifnl devolopements are made in refer ence to his poshlve connection therewith. Let me illustrate ft little. Previously to, and pending the late October elections, the honorable gentleman, In a series of rpeeches, and In tbe forms of preambles and resolutions, in Dauphin c >unty, and other pities, | in the most virulent and a arse style denounced t'ie Know Nothings "as a band of midnight oansplra- ' tors, enemies to the canstllution and traitors tothe rites of hospitality." The election cams, tie re ' turns began to pour in, and tho indiipuUble fact was mads perfectly transparent that thudeaounc ed, slac deied, vitu pei izel Know Nothings we-e a mighty power in the State, having positively at one single blow struck silent aod dumh every wnig acd democrat in the SUte. On the very n'ght of the election, end before the rt turns were complete, but not until Know N Jthingiam bad rolled u a its m?jo ritles by c.unthes thous*uds, Cameron m6it coa sldtratsly *ent in his written application firuivt bership, which, by Bome, was regarded as <leflcter>* in the eleme.ts of sincerity and good faith, as it was a knogrn fact that h? bad th?t v -ry day vot?d against Pollock, the nominee of tneKniw Nothings, and that his paner, tue Hirrisburg Union, through out the enlre canvass was relentless in its ojp?- 1 sltKMi. His application, hawrver, wai favorablv a;t*d upco, and he was folly indo^tmatsl into all the nonders and mjetenesof th*t mysterious b?dv, , and, like his ex-Exctllen;y, Jahmtou, is now seek ing to cajole, flatter, coax and persuade it lnti his support ard election. C*me i<n is pe faitly enrap tured with these mjsteri >u* fel o n? their dogm is are a'l capltil ones-wood- rs that such aa list had never entrred tils prolific brdn, as tie very s?l vat ion of the conntrv Is dependent on its universal hwsy and adoption; and ?> zealous a coworker has he become, that 'tis as?< verated thit ne quit can tmell aa Iri?hman or Dutchman qu'te as far awiy as Job's horse scented the b?tUe Held. The game is fully understood, and as to be forewarned is to he forearmed, his tactic* will Inevitaolv terminate in his detest. Csmeron is " very good looking, but he .can't come in" this winter. More anon. lROMMOnS. HAiuusnrRG, J?n. 23, 1353. ? important Hat'road Qutition?Erie ami Railroad Company ? Projects ?? the l^egiil tturt Touching It- -Their Present Pjiitton- The United State i Seriatm thip ? Jthnttnn, Cameron anil Vetch. lam enab'el to send jou tiro impartial Jjcu mecti of tor sequence to the ra'lrovl inteieata of yoar city. They concern tha c ?ar>r of 'he Erie &nd Northeast Railroad Compasy, and are connect ed with tfce railroad troubles whhh have existed for more than a year in, and in the neighborhood of, the city of Erie, la th!a Hta'e. Tbe road of tbe E -ie and N' rtneast Company extend* from Erie east to the New York SUte line, and vai aithori/od to be built, order certain reatrictl ?na, by an act paai'd April 12, IM1. Borne of the reatrhtiiaa hive b?-n disregard' J. One repaired tbe i o ?<1 to run " from the bu'gb of Erie to cme po'nt oa the ea?i bona -1 ?' ryof the township of N'ortaea i'?." It decs n>t so rnn, the western terminus of the ro.ul bAg otrsiie of what were tbe burgh limit* of Erie la 1841, ?h?n tbe charter was granted. Another was, that the road ahould be ao conatru :ted " M not 1 1 obs iuct or Impede the free use of any public nul, street, Une, or bridge, now laid ou'-, opened or biitt, or interfere with nay burial ground, dwelling house or building, without the content of ths ownsr."' It dc?a interfere with a portion of one street eo a? to make any oooaide-able oa of it for other thin rail road pnrpoaea almnt impossible; it iaterferea ei.b two atreets in rrosatag them on bridgea to j low and car row for the large wagons pvtdcg one aao'.her, or lor a single wagon with a bulky load; it intirferea j with two other atreeta in crossing '.hem oa an e*n task meet, which la considerably absve grade, and fcaa aiitch on each side, thus completely stopping all passage along tbeee streets by any kind of reV cie; and it ao iaterferea with part of tho BilVo road, in Harbor Creek township, aa to mike part of it impoeeibla to be ueeJ. For tbewe and ot'aer reaaoia, the Bnpreme C.rottof this HtUe passed a decree ia Beptember lart, requiring the c jai jany, within lourmoatbe from date, to break up so much of their road as lwa on t?a street* and tw BifTY:> o*d? to make the burgh of Erie with the limits it bad la iM, or some f>o*nt therein the westjrn 'erminoa ft their road, and to re >n*t --i ? the part* thus ordered to be br ken up, unJer plans and spe ciftcatioea to he submitted to and apsrjTed by tie Suprf me Court. Thia decree has not ret bern ?7'e 1 ictoidKt: and there Isa proapeeiof leglalatire iot*r tereace. t'etitiora were presented in (he early part ?f the teaaioa for tbe am^ndmeot of this ciar er. <>n which the JudlcUr; L'oaun.ttea of tbe If >u*e of R?prrs<ntatl?ea reported on i*e?urdey last fas ?r*1>ly i'T the Introduction of the following bill:? An art torrpral th* charter <>/ the Erie and .VorHtmi Railroad Compamy, and to pro rid* f?r disp :t*g n' the tmn': ? Wherraa. on th* twelfth day of Apiil, A. D oa* tlwi nii'l *lgbt hundred and forty two, sa ait waa pa<?*d by lbs (iSDsrat Assembly of this ' ommonwealih. I *?U t* incorporate ths Erie and Northeast Railroad soy, sn<l for other purpose*," to eoaiUaot s rati n ad from Ihs borojjh of Erie to ths east t o .n.larr line ?I the township of Vorthesat, h-lnj thaWe* York -'(ate I ns, And ?h?rm, bj the tenth tssaisa of the -aid act, It wss enacted that "If the xnpm\ y afore <aid do not omplete tie said work so as to bring mto u?? within tea /sstrs sfter the paseags of th* >a <Ta>-t, or shall ??ifT*r ?h? ?sib? to f Into dseajr. kc , than th? charter shall ? ? come auil sn<i void, an l by the elerenth section of tha ? ami set. it is provided that If the said company ahall misuse or abase sot of ths prisileftNi thsrsby grant*], th* legislature might resume the rights and priri 'ages so granted to th* said railroad compear. And wbeieas, It has b*en j a die ally d*t*rsala*i at the last Peptember teres of th* l*nprem* Conrt sf this c?h? n?Miw*aMh. sitttwg la aad for the W*?twe dlstrtet then* of, that the aetd railroad eosnpaay have a*t eosnptsud th*lr said road hetweea the pmats earned and Seed ia said charter ep to and at tbe tlas of Mid 4eel*we al though the period io whljh the ?u to be fisUhed and brought late uae had expired oa the twelfth day ol April, A, D. one thousand eight hand re<l ud fifty two, ?ad that the eaid company hare violated their oharter in assuming to make aa unauthorized and illegal location of the said road, it la now, therefore, the judgment of thla Legislature, that by reason of the omission to com plete and bring into use the said road withia the period aforesaid, by Tlrtue of the Mid acti in violation of the charter aforeMid, the laid charter so granted to the Erie and Northeast Railroad Company has besom* entire ly null and void, and in pursuance of the r'ght re ferred to the eommonweulth ia the said act of lncor poration to reeume all and (lingular the privileges ! ami franchiaee granted to the ami ; t hurt-fore, i Be it enactetl, 4c., That all and singular, the rivets and privilege* heretofore granted to the Kri? and North eaat Hallroad Company by the act of Aaat-rably, authoriz ing the Governor to incorporate the saiiie.patsed the twelfth day of April, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and forty two, or by any ant nf the(ieneral A? i-t-niblj supplementary thereto, beandthe name are here by recindetl, revoked and utterly and forever annulled. 1 Sec. 2. That the Governor of this commonwealth be, anil he U hereby, authorized and directed to t\ke such meaaures aa mny be deemed necessary for the enforcing i I and cariying into ellect the provisions of tlie tor.-goin{ ! Mctlon, together with all and nirgular such incilenn or i consequence* an may legally attach to the revocation | afotesaid, and to take possession of, or cause to I be taken possession of, the Mid railroad no far ' an the Mm* lias been contracted, and to appoint a suitable person or persons to take the charge an 1 custo dy thereof, until the same Khali be further disposed ol according to law : and the composition of audi person or person* ho appoiateti as aforesaid shall not etceed the rute of fifteen hundred dollars per annum. Fee. 3. That It shall be the duty of any sheriff of auy county of this commonwealth and of all good tfttaeo* thereof, whenever warned or require! by tht- liovernor, or the per-on or persons so by him appointed a* aforesaid, 1 to aid acd atsist In the discharge of the aforesaid ser vice, and thejr shall be, and are her>-hy, indemnified by the commonwealth in all they shall lawfully do under and in < obedience to such requisitions and commands. tec. 4. That as .soon after the Governor shall hare caused po?ae**lon to be taken of said road, ufder thla net ax practicable, ho shall cau?e notice of the sami to be served on the president of said company personalty, or by ropy to be left at the ofllee of the Mnie, it sh.ill in lawful to: hliu ni d he is hereby authorised, to restore tbe possesion of the said road to said company, on the I following conditions, which said conditions tbe said co-n pany on accepting the same drill, by a vote thereof, enter on their books, as condition* of the renewal of their cliartor and in consideration of the privileges hereby granted to them: ? I. The said company sha'l by a proper diver <enie east i of tbe limits of the city of Krie, construct and extent their road to the harbor of Trie on Puuli level and in such manner as to permit sideling* or tracks to the wharves j or docks conveniently for the trnnsportation ol mer chandise and freight to and from vessels and steamboat*. II. That said road ao extended shall be constructed and (lnitbed by the tltue fixed by law. wherein the Cleveland, Paiuesvilie ami Ashtabula IUilread Company are bound by law to extend the track or tracks of their road to the harbor afen-Mitl, and to be coiniuenc-d within three months from the dale of this act. III. That tbe said company shall, on the completion of the road to tbe harbor aforesaid, change the guage thereof from thence to the New York State lino to a uniform guage of four feet eiflit and a half inches, or sis feet, at their option, and maintain the same thereat. IV. That the said company may maintain the said road as it is new located at acd in tha city of Krie, un til the time fixed as aforesaid for the completion of their road to tlie harbor aforesaid, when they shall move the . fame, together with all bridges embankments and su perstructures, from tlie said point of divergence to the present terminus of tha said road, leaving the grouud, sirens and alleys frte and clear from the same H-'ec. &. That on the acceptance of the terms of this act as herein provided, and in a manner satisfactory to the Governor, then and in that case all the rights' privi lege* and franchise* granted ami oonferred on said com pany by the act of Incorporation, passed 12th day of April, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and forty-'. ?ro, are hereby re enacted and conferred on the same as fully as by said act they ware originally granted ami confer, red : and the said company may. at any time afW coin inencing work to extend their road as aforesaid to tlie harbor of Krie, Increase their capital stock to the extent of four thousand shares : but before doing so, the xaid company, by its president, shall rau-e to b? certified, un der the seal of said company, and flb-d in the Auditor General's office, the acceptance of this act by the coin pany, and its resolution agreeing to be bounl by tha ?me Sec. B. That from and after the expiration of the t'm* limited for the completion of tbe Krie and North Kast Kailroad to the liarlioi afori'ssil, all connection south of said hsrlior, with any road funning we-twardly, shall at once ceare. an<t no such connection shall be i>ermitted at any other point than at the harbor aforesaid. Tliis is tbe bill resomrmadei bj the Jndi iiry Committee of the House to be p-H4 .J, aid it ?rill be ?urn, covers ta<? whole ground ciaimtd by tha p<o,i'e ot Etie. Bat a eountar prcjct has aI?o bsea submitted. H wih read in plv.e on Mr. llm, of Crawford county, bat iefe- ?J to the Comr.l'.iee <>a the .JudicUry. Thi filetde of the bll! wiiied it Mat to the Itallroal Comnittee, arid ai in'mited deb tte eB*ued, in wbich ev; ry retaan w *n giveu by e/ory debater for preferring eitner Loinmitteft except thi right i/jMon? th>t hu tauugut iiio cepw- froo trie one of his choice w. uld bs nnre agreetble to hU ? it hep. The vote was a c!o*e on? bat tna Hoass was not fall. 1 piteume t'MS c xntnUtee witl rn^o t open it in a few d?va, and moat likely aitavorahly. It Kill be Hceu it takes raur.t ally differ aut ground frcm the firmer bill, end in tlou^bt tohtve been ?ent hwe be tbe company, or sjme party ia iiM in lertet. I mihjoin a full oojy of it:? Si'llilmtrnt to tkt Act Ina rjiorating Ike Krit and Xortk rati Hail mad Com/iani/. Sec. 1 Beit enacted Vc.. Tha'. the Erie and V.?r''i eaat Kailroad, a* originally locate J ?nl constructed, be, and the tiim i* hereby, legalised and confirmed, and le claied to b? in full compliance with their act of incor poration, paaaed April 1.'. IMS, and the eupplementa thereto, anything in the Haiti act or a<ipplemeuta, or any acta or oniiapion* of the aai<l company to tbe contrary notwithatanding l'rovided, that the aaid railroad com pany are hereby auihoi iaed an 1 required to civer^e fro n their main lind within the city of Erie at acy point be 1 tween Eiencli and German atr. eta, axd from tb*nce to extend ami conatruet their road mi a* to paaa north of their original line and aero** the depot ground* of aatd company and i-'aaaafiaa itia?t. tec. 1. That aa foon aa the Snnbury and Erie Rtll road Company ahall bar* bona fidt commence 1 their work wftttln the city of bie. and nroarcuting the name on Hfty inka of the went end of tnelr road, or the Erie city Kailroad Con puny aliallhavo commence I thair work in like manner, the aaid Erie and Xortheaat Kiilroad Company >li?il, either by themselves or in conjunction with one or both aaid road*, construct a branch from their main line to the harbor of Erie, in all reape t? ex cept giadea. e?|ual to thtir main line dir* rgtng from their ?ald main line eaat of Farach atrent, or at or n*ar -u h point aa the Bunbury and Erie Kailroad ahall cro?* the aaid Erie and Noriheaat Railroad. And further pro Tided, that the Cleveland, Caine nulla and Aahtabula Kailroad Company ahall eonatruct a branch from the. r main lit.c to 'he raid haibnr of Krie, diver^'n^ from their raid main line went of Uberty atreet, making a connec tion with the Hr^t-mentioned branch or branches fi?m tbe eaat. torth of second street, and thereby form n/ a loop lii e ? ith the mainline, and which branch h?-i Ml re.juiir'i to be constructed by the C.lerelau 1, Paioeavi le and Aahtabula Kailiotd dumptuy ahatl be inatead and |>!ace of the bran h of aaid road required to he con atrrctet by virtue o'the act pa?ted Mar 5. 1854, relitlng to the Snnbuiy and Erie and Cleveland aod 1'aineaville Raitioad companiea. Pec. 3. That the Erie and N'"rth*aat Ra I road Com pany ahall make auch change or chanpea, and pay all the eipenaea thereof, in the public road c*ll*l the Huffa lo road, in tbe townehip of ilarlnir ?'reek, betweea Mil ler'a atatirn and the i aw mid, eontiguoua to tbe line of tbe railn a<] built by I?n* and othera, aa tbe Coinmla ?ionera of Harbor Creek townahip may indicate and ob ta'n the loca'ion of, by proceedin/a under the proviaiona of the general law of tilfl, entitle I an act relating to roade, Llgt.waya and brldgea ? all eip< uaea to be pa d by the aaid railroad coapany. And provided further, that all awinbea, turnouta, lepota, and other appurteaan ?a -hall tie ?o conatructad aa to avoil the making up of traiaa of cara aeroaa any of tbe following named atr?-ta of the city of Erie, to wit.? t*eacb, State, I reach, ant t'aracli atreeta. fee 4 That for the purpoae here'ofore mentioned, and for any other legitimate purpo e, the aaid company are hereby autboriied to i'aue any amount, not >-i< e?d iog threw hundred thoutaal dollara of coupon bnndi, in imounta not lrta than one Hundred dollara. each bearing an intereat of not more than aeven per eeat. and to dia I"?e of the -a me at aueb latea aa thev may think a<tviaa Lie, and to execute a mortgage, if tney think It adviaa b!e, to aecure the payment of tbe principal aa I intereat thereof, at auch time aa they may deem it expedi>n*. Sec &. That all acta and parte of acta hereby alter ed or aupplieiLin any viae lncooaiateat herewith, be, and the same are herel.y repealed. The pr< babUit** are, then will be a very h?n1? ;me flfrbt in tbe I^ciaUtare on tbta vexed 'ineetion. Tbe Stcetoriai caavaa? cKtlnuea ? lohwtoa utd < amerm aUU apptmtly the le*diag caididatm, tte latter losing grootd. The caaaee of thi< ? e t?> foil. l?t, Tfte ln etde<l te publiiitl^n, t">i? wek.of s large edition cf so offl -tal < .npreasii.nal do:um -at, expotirg (ien. Camer?a a cocoe ttio witi Uie die ) uraenent of the Wionebigo Indian rund ia I am told 10 000 c?pies cf tbi* report are to be print rd.and u at itwill be gecer?ily circulated over tbe t-tste. Tte eUction, itia'Mrsd, woa'd partiftlly W'nttfy tbe new psrtj with bis pa*t travac'.toie, givicg it ? losd to carry which they fear mlgh'. trove too tcAvy foe Its year*. Ne* year, there will ?a. 10 preeent in n ato na auggeat, a combioati m d "old I net*," whig atd dmiisM atii-., agaiaa'. tbi Amer cans, and it is not crodMsred Jndicl me to en>barra?e tbe party with tbe aateoedenta o Ceeeral Caoueroe. No one an doaM the wie don of this reasoning, ani it is bsviog s decides edict apon tbe f>eneral's chsocee. James Veech, of Kajttte rtnttv, Is on tbe groaad. Hj Is a tall, rather gocd locking man, aai ? upira a c >ountid og (.oaition at tbs bar of tbe West B? is making ftietds, but has ome ia late, mill, bis pr^aeat otscorlty may even aate in his nltimats select on aa a oomprnmiae candidate. Hia hailing from tbe West favrra the ides. He ia fro* Micoatowa, tbs fwaer residence of Senator Oa&tel Btargeoa, who wai cele brated as car Senatorial anorvr for twelve years. BortriL, Our UnraMrr (ernipea<ian. Lancastkr, Pa, Feb. 1, K? >. Jf? a{W|i*l Kltrtimt ? TV Kn?m \<*k infi A bo*t TV Mtfrraitf CmmAHln? /-eeCw r? ?a Amorimmitm 4r. Wear* la the sldetef ear maniripal elect! >? esriie maat; tbe election Is to be beM oa Tuesday asst (the 6tb). Tbe eaoeeof tbe exdteowat la tbe aaheard of | combination* that have bees made to defeat the oea I didai** of the Hf ud myrterioeu pa ty? the " Ame rica*," or Ktow Nothing pert y. Bat le'. me uj to jou, end through job to the "Aaer'oen*" through oat the Union and the world, (aa the Huuxp is read all over the world,) that Lancaster Is literally alive with living, breathing, apeaking, voting Kaow Nothings, and they will elect their whole ticket, In spite of the fnalon that haa been got ap by the oil fogy wh'g* and democrat*. The Know Nothing caidide'e for Mayor ii Ja?ob Albright, an eld Jtffcraon American democrat whs haa been a pioneer in the oauaeof honesty in politic* against the corruptions of Buchanan democracy that have to disgraced the Stile and the nation. The fuaioD candidate is the present Mayor, Chrlhtian Kieffer. He haa some strength am >ng the working meu of his own iron foundry, and there, in coocection with " Rom >, Ireland aid Germany"- all of which he has a g:eat facility in roping in to his support? give him bim tome show of strength. Tbere are in oonaec tlen with the paity si ready named ab^ut a doz?n old fogy disappointed and hair mid whlg? ? <n?d because thej aee the "gloiy deputing frua them," aid tha'tbty cau no longer ml; IiiSMjUir cjuoty ? and .b ut the aame number of Bjchtntn democrats, ? ilh their few huDger on camp followera, that m eka op the "fokion" that are to eleot Mr. KlefTur. We i it cot for iUme (the Iriah a~d (iarmaa Cathode church* s) , and the lager bto houses, tbere w>?ild r et be 250 votea against the Ameri an or Ki.w Nothing candknte; ?o you may we what the chwn'.or of the "fusion" la that the Ameri una htveto con i tetd with. But 1 must mske one correction: there is one other class lu the "fiwion" that deserve not to 9 ?two tax collectors. who will hive ti w#lk the plank as soon aa the el*cti n la over. They are wrathy aid ate busy trying to break thing*. A ft wot the "silver gray'' whig leader* of the pi'ty are foolish enough to think they cm sell the the whole "lilver grav" whig party of Lincastur county to a fu? ion ticket to be ^ot up bv them and a few loco fooo leaders; but they will Ami ttnmielvei awfully mist 'ken when they come to trv it. When it cornea to Lancaster county, whig* having to make choice between " fution" with their old enemies, the democrats, and the Know Nothings, three fcurths of them will vote Know Nothing. In fact, a lar^e number of tha most prominent in the strongest whig townships are in the order already. There are now nearly fifty lodge* in Lancaster county, numbering over 8, OHO members. But of this m >re hereafter. Thii even ing Protestor 0. H. Tiffany, of Carlisle, delivered a moat able and eloquent lecture on " America and Americanism," in Fulton Hill, to an aidience of nearly one thousand person s. Profemor flffiny la a prominent American candidate for United State* Senator, and 1 will say here tuat snould he be ele .-ted he will qo honor to the htate, and the emus of Ameri* 1 can ism will have no abler or more eloquent cham pion. His lecture tonight will tell on the election on Tuesday next. It was received with unanimous approbation by the large audience, and t ie applauie f In. we l that the speaker and his audience had but tne feeling on the sutyeot. His reuly to the speec ? of Mr. Chandler, of Philadelphia, fu Congress, was learned and aca'.hlng, and showed aa acquaintance with the subject tha. mile Mr. Chindler appear a very small noau indeed, though he ia the member for Philadelphia, where the peoplo thiuk they are tie whole State, and the " rest of mankind." If I thought it would be any interest t > the read er! ot the H aitALD, I would have given you a more miLute history of the position of tHe varioas parties, anl the different individual* who do up the"toaion' lor the oi casion. This 1 may do yet? p?rhapa alter the election. For next fall's operation, out Minister to England is expected to be the lead mioager, it be Is not afraid to return till aftir the election, to efcape th? leapocaiblllty of a dlsgra eful defeat. Bu chanan is g'caiat avoiding and suiftingreapo-iaibili ty.aud the knowing ones say he will not return until October, unless lecu'utd sooner, aa it is no v reported that he is likely to be. Should til* tira out to b t tiue, wc nnv expect the campaign to open early, as ihete are a few fiery steeds here who are "paving the peats" for a dash a*, the Know Nothings in t ie ccunty. But It will take mere than the "ou '.lit" and tie Hurp us of the sew banking home besides, to make a show. But of thue hereafter. Jons Jonk <. Our Philadelphia Correspomlenrr. PuiLADRi.rniA, Feb. 1, 18IS. The State Stratjr*hip - H'fiiAington Influence* a! Work Jt/fpraiwiK the Candidate ? ? 7Jit Pott Office and C'uttom House Active? h the Nominee MU&iUt f -H?t Urn teen "Sum ?" ? Ht it llie Son of hu Father ! ? Ditappoinled Aipirantt. Tbe contest in the dd county ol Ph'lt lelph a for tie nomination of a cnudidtte for Bt jte Senator, to tnpply tbe vai aucy occa?i jucJ by .lie deati of Lit Foulkrod, has resulted in 1h? ohoicsof J. Murray Rufb, Esq., on tbe part of tie democracy. Tb? ric cees of Mr. Ru<h it regarded at a ?i?nil vi.;t >ry of the national adraini tration and tbe Kitchen (labl Tbe government patronage wat liberally moi and tvery agency and appliance pat in mitioa tint could be controlled to aecure th? result. Mr. Wc<t. cott, an appraiter of cutioms, fu especially active and at xkoa upon tbe subject, and his puaitloa en* bled bim to dlrcct conaiderable machinery in tie contest, and accordingly, every man emp'oyed in bia department was at bit poet on the night of tbe iek gate election. The Poet Office, to), ?a* a'lid Into requisition, and Mr. Miller, the he id of tint establish men t, who knowa fall veil how to bUrsey bis fikude, managed in secret and darknett want he would be ashamed to a vjw in daylight. Tils geLtl man ia a capital Jeauit, well skilled in the science of politics and partisan intrigue. He will tttd t* me difficulty, however, in explaining bis ccurie to some of hlsfmnJs. Tae Call? ;tor, I b? llive, did not interfere in the m?tt?r beyond espre s hog a doubt in rrferen e t? each cuidldste nam<9i (or tbe place. Mr. Brown ia too coldhearted a mt'i to r*f>< use tbe cau*4 cf any friend, is any emergency, and of ocurse, In a dotbtfui cjatest, be could only look w be, shrug hii shoulders *co'.d. Still be wis very ar.xkua tor the n mlmtioa of Mr. Rith , ti d gave all the ce cseary o?dcrt to pr da w tie remit. Tt.ii circumatahor will lojne Mr. Iti sb very much, for thoiuands of dtna ?craU bate Charles Brown more ardently tian tie/ It ve the ir party. Ft is unf/r'unate for Mr. Rush that he tut Mmstif id the keeping of tie Cm* tew Honte clique, arid be will be lucky if it I i*s not cost him Lis alectior. But Mr. Rjsh Is t? <Hat in political management, and only t nought of se:u - leg the nomination, taking it iur gr*nt?;1 thit '.ne electu n would f jII w as a matter or imM In this be will be disappointed. so much foreeieciog a tew man at this ctisiv, to act aa cap' am at a ?pe Ml e ection, wni h will de:ide the fate of par ie^ in fa ture. But tbe naicnal administration forced tbe It rae.and the b%ttle will be fought on thatgnund, and woe betide tbe candidate wn > lights under such a banner. In conr ection with the nomination of Mr. Bath, it la ruirored in tne stieet that be Is not eligible to a seat in the Brr.ate, in oonatqutace of not resiling in the diatri t. Section arti le 1, of the ei istitu.ioa, deilarea (tat a S*taor ahUl be " a ci.izta ani li bsbltant of the Htata four jears n-*t before hie election, and the lsst year tiertof an inhabitant of the district for waico ho stall be chosen. " It It Kereially iupp<*ed '.bat Mr. Roah re?Uet ia the oil city, going occatlcnally into Peaa datric , ? here his f?*h?r s family live, for temporary par MM IM tbe consti'utioa '<ntemplttesa real reel d< nee for tbe period of one year prior to tbe tie tl m. How the fact may be, I do not know, bat state toe rumor aa 1 bear it. Mr. Rusti it a la oyer, an 1 should know the law. and Itnink he will Hod It necessary to explain before tbe tie ti >n taktt pi ice. 1 hare a e several things which de *rrc to bt no tlc*d glowing oat of this nomination. Mr. It isb Is a pat ior democrat, ard belongs to the Ml crust; has never taken any part In the po.itlce of th s * ocntry r*-y i <) voting wcailoialiy, except when ne has been a csn jidatr for a flat 1 alt it wefl? it gives f.reth>(e to hit na'ae, for be tias wn lietn ( or.'trninaVKl by t e vnlgar too-h of rough haidrd demoeiata be it a sort of gait day den> ctat, while bis democracy is taken off and put on to ?uit ?M< aal ii.s. Why should b?? p-r orn tbe liudgery of party organization? He is Uw genteel for that, and do seri*ib> maa 0 ra d ask him to aas< cia*e wltb tbe uaeducated m?*ie?, who a?? ex(ecUd to do tbe vjting for him on tbe day of e'ection. Besides, in the language of tho AV/*iag y4>git?of this city, the m ut&piece of .'adg* Ctm/ bell, " Mr. Raeh U tbe son of an* dls'.ingatsla) fel low eltun, Hon. Richard Rash, whose name sal fame it india?>)nbly c jnnected with tbe hietory and prourete < 1 the deoK/> ratkc party." Tnere ' What a splendid recommendation the dem xwaMe casdl date fbr tbe Htate Senate has received fr ><n b*s sm< ial o?gaa ' Mr. Raeh la tbe son ;f b s father ' WendaifaT, Indeed ' Wbat apKy it U all demo:r?'e <o cot Inherit a " name and fame," c r. oe :??d wi .b " the pronfaaa of the democratic party." Tae idea le a beanufol oat; b?t if the democ racy of the fattier be cJeeaJy ttamiaad, H might tooa lead to tae fele ral raiks, and freat thesce to aatf Maaoary Bit I snpfOf* the aon ia not raeponaibte for what bia fsther did. atd 1 oaly regret that hie eeiogls* sboo-d retort to ?oeh an erkaacrall : moAeof adviwllagUa caaea. The Jrgm fMMr says, ?? Mr. R?*fc ia a cifaen ft nakl? itahi I private wvrth, of ed abated *tod, and enlarged vlawa npon all selects." 8a te aa hla private character la oonoarned, Mr. Hush la oMzoeptionabU ; and I suppose he mlfht Had It's way to Harrkborg by htacelf, If 1m were placed in tba can which start Tor that Sodom two or three times a dav. Dot he knows nothing about politic* nor the Btate; jet he la a lawyer of rsspeciabfe stan ling, but a mere lawyer, and talki aa the late Judge Huston ence said of Charles Brown, " a perfect dlarrba>a of worda." The other candidates before tbe convention we e summarily disposed of. William Kngli?h got a tew votes. He has served in tbe Legislature on? session , a good while ago, and fa a man of some talents, a shoenuker by trad), but left the last Home jears sinoe for better busi ness, ard it i? not a little rem*rk*ble tiiat every of Uiu craft in tiie oouveation voted agskht him. Bat mechanics r ave not tnu h 1-we for one another, and by way of nphdding tbe dig nity of labor ttey voted for a lawyer. To en there wis Mr. K. A. lVnoiiuin, an old stage horse, al Wiys true aud tailbful to bis ptrty, although leading on the oppcMti >n to M-. Ilu*:? he wa? thrown o?er- 1 tx&rd without the ?ligh*ca'. computctim. IIis fiietds nie very sore ab>nt it, and without doubt ho bimu'li | b Buc.h mm titled, an be wears a very elon gated phi/. Chat W.Canigan, to}, *?m u candidate, but taied lo better than other tu.jlr.iiit, . Ill* elo quent vol o Laa often insutred tbe democracy to ac'ion, while his own deeds attest Ids devotion 10 but t; ?-e 001 sideratiom were p ? rerle-is in the contest - slcw man mnst r>e taken? *n nu'rted one, too; bnt, unlrsi I am mistaken, tbe politicians , will abeeut themselves from the polls on (be day of tbe election, ard thus let tbe Cindidtte dovn s.ntly to hi i level. Kbould this lie d >n?, tbs aJminlMtra tion will be sorely vex?d; bat it will berve iham rgh*. "Pam" has cot yet ntmrrf Mi man for the Hsnate, thrugh it is understood tha'. II* nry Pratt will tiul a Io(I/*o in Kune vast wiidenea*, aud l>e selected. If w>, he will be elected by a large majority, unlet* the old party fogi<? fuse. A Dsmockat. , Oar (hlr?K? Correepondenee. Cnicsoo, III., Jan. 38, 185"?. Tirw.tndoun Snotn Slot in in //.'inois ? 77ie Strut* oj Chicago Illoekndtd ? Cring* oj Hritonm at Wnrk?Tht Itailroad* Blucktd Up?TKrtt Hun dred Pitniingtrii I if turned on the Opt a Prait'iti legislation at Sptmiffirld Swprndtd ? Vht Spink tr of Hit House Ch iyyirg Wood? Great Tune Generally? Gree* , the Muidrrtr, 4*r. We have been visited with the greatest snow etorm that ha. ever occtnifd here wi 'bin the memory of the oldest Inhabitant. It commenced a week ego ; and on laat Monday. sncU had bten tUe violence of the atorm that the ntreeta ard sideealks of our city we.e completely blocked up, the snow in many places eight feet high, though the -age depth was about two feet. It happened that a large number of men were at the tlnn confined in our city Bridewell, and these were eet to work in gangs by the Major, nlUisbovela,Ac.,to c'.ear away paths tbrcugh the snow. Their el! rts were seconded by tte citizens, and the streets soon rendered tolerably passable. The aielghlng ever alace hai beea ctpl tal, and will long continue so unless we are visited by a rain or sudden thaw. lte tailrosds, west and south of the city, have been rmdered impassable, atxi travel has been. In cocstquecoe, lnteinutcd. The B'.at? l.e gielalnre, having adjourne J on Friday, the 19th, until the following Tuesday, many of the mem Vers to k tbe opportunity cf visiting their hom?*. Mondiy morning found them at a distance from the Capital, aid cot off from the scene of their labors by a great Ammicnn desert of snow. "n Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday trains left tliii city for Bpringlleld, on board of which were many of ihe members, and among them the II jo. Tbos. I. Turner, Speaker of the H ouse. Tbe progress of tie train* was very alow, it being neces-ary t j tend for ward tbres locomotives to clear the tra k. Thegrea^ ett trouble v? expe len:ed between Joltet anl lllo mirgton, cn the Chicago and Mississippi lUl road, a of eighty-four mile?? the form?r ptece forty, and the Utter one hundred and twenty rmlee from dhlcego. At ihe latent advl c* tW tiairis were still somewhere between tlo-e t.v - points I have ibis raoai-nt (coin) eojversed with genU. man who his Just re tamed U,m the -oeno on sn cxpre-*. engl. e. He describes the state of ? as g.sphlc in tho ex'remo. In one tra' n we; e iome three bunJrtd peswngow. Ou Friday morning they bad an ex client apostite, having eaten nothing dnce the prevt ?u* noon. A genera eeareh was made for prcvisi >01, and it >vas dlt covered that there were two hundr.d snd fi t/ smal! car a of oysters in ote of tbe baggv>'? These were of course appropriated: the ':aa* furnish ed impromptu slow pats, aud Uete bslog nVtvei in the cars, the paaftng-ra soin bad a c>m'oe'?b!o break'ast. But iow another d lern na previtvl l?stlf. The *to k of fuel wis exhamtsd ' No re h urce remilned but to cut up two of the ba<gt<? cars; and this was immediately done. All this time the engines were ploughing through the heavysno* bar ks, and ti e trains slowly progressing. A large t.iie of heavy cioaatlee was now learned, and many of tbe passeugers turned out It cot Hum np ?or fuel. Among the number was Hoeake; Turner, If for* mentioned; and tbW was toe fast tableau that my Informant witnessed btfore leaving 00 the ex ' It was suppoeed when he let that thi tra'ni * i-u d l>e abie to ga through t ) *pr.ngti >id oj tha^ day (the 2?d)), b?it in o.dsr to p/orlde atftiatt tho oottirgency of meeting with stlh deeper sn>w l.atks tnitber altmg, a:orc?of three hu.dred <nsn with shovels, and provisbns for days, wtil b? sent down t'3ay. Tne i*s?engers were in goo<J xpnits. One tf tbom, I?". i>yr, was the bea er of the drift of a Lew dialrage bill ja?-d by our City ( timii, and t> b? submitted ti vht l.e^iaiature. It e< somo sixty or seventy ^eiU "w. ln? d < tor remsrke 1 tbat they ocrtainly wwi'd n ?'. stirve, <or tb? re were "proflsiona" enough In the P'Alnag* bill to f'^dan srmj. Much anxiety is felt here in regard to the ap i-roaching eJer-inu for Culled St% . l',e i.ei<ia!ature bavo fixed on V* ilst laft., (W?lra?; (jay next,) as tie day on wulcb ttlsil j. Uot win. is to be done If tbe roads remain blocked uy, ana rrar y cf the n e libers, and ? ven the H^eak?r. a?a; Tie Nebrseka man ate alrewly here, o* f:?n wi rere, as many of tbem rtaidi li the rt^u hei n c urt t:?s; ao tbat l? tb? blockadt continue*, a?d the re ptibi'can are uoabe to i>e pr^aent, a .ve r ra^-ka man wld b*? elected Am?rg the pissersers in the deU ^ '.rs na wers the cc usee 1 of ?.eo. W .J een, re ently cnvirtH In .bis city of the murder of hU wife by pol^t. Rn? w?i? going down to SpriOfcAe d. w: e^e the SjPr'n'? Couit ia in H-salon, to ari;ue o' a wit. of corpus for the discharge of (*r?en. they base u air applications upen theae proposition* : ? fit. A ??r?llct la s Sapi'sl c?m> <? in < i-ifJ>? I in open eovr'. , . . In this caie tt? t'rdict ?s? *>1 ti?a Ju ?f??r th? Court adjsurii* I, s^ ?'? tb-rffore no r?r<! t '.'A. This Jaty hatlaj t>-*n <tls<->iarfsJ wtltjeot i''aJ? iii*sl?te?l Tfr liet, tb' pri"i?'r naoaot Wf?lly tn^J ?ffuln, 1b# lliit do pirtw b* t?lr? placet la ,??|*r jy f "r tb* M.m? of!?n ? Tre ciicnma anew attending the reception of the verdict were these On HatnrJsy evening all ?'?? peiaona roapeisirg the Court were ev uit room , bnt noth.r.g was done 1 II ha. >*?' u?' At tliat hear the Jndge (b?tef ufon the be?oh) l retted tbe .her Iff to open the court and a^j ^rn .ha tame till nine o'clock oa tbe foilosmg M <nl?y miming. Tl? eberifl acoedlog y male tlcn, formally open'ng and t';ea unm'dia ey ai erring the Court to the noor designate T is vaat aas-mbly that filled the cesi t r ? m d.epers ng, and tee Judge ha4 uee f" berth, but was will within the bu wh-n a ger arrived with Use intelligence tba' the )iry hvd a^re.d lbe Jud#e retua.^d ?!? K.t u^n U?e betcb, ?nd ieatiinr ? v*r to the ? 1" k, ;Ure te-1 i n cent to enter 00 Ibe r???vd lb* order ( ourt. "r if Ik ha.) Oone m, t o e^ .? _?? J** U* reoora would show t at tbe ('?"? was OIlhev#i diet was then read, the faey vcidiot ettered on Uie '?<"' !:tl-'!,J,'3[t(^nrrBin-' and the C^nrt aoj .urte i. B f'*e toe ? ' a rnttl< n Vad been mvd ? f * V** VlV ! th J n.ostoa baa sia?* bean erg M aod t ' , if ths wilt tf haoea* corpeis is utA U?'?ea. ? " V ?oeer will have a new tfial. An amcaieg au^ was In c?*,m'??LT L h!a d*y afe ip* to this Tf prta^ae wo _ tt'.al. *hJ< h lasted t?o weaka waa t?ry al Ms r*aloua!y defended, and mm of h ? \ * c?:ia of bl. speech. ^ ^ hprUrtkld.hla wiaaa: (so the ?.*J U (Aem fn bis call, to ..bum a ene^k f??e taa foada their espantea. (T>- prl?se? ? (,reaa deaurrad U) advancing aay , rumbled that Uetrerv waa alwa (>ietf the eoenael. wholewma bdwuain. the dignity tf hka ?aaeara ead >?***?*' . I* ??Md v.*\ir+n>rr^ *2 ?????*%. Otn. Da* Ore*" on Use Tariff. To t?? How. R. M. T. Hi mm - It la wid that a democratic coogresatonal ctncia bare rewired to modify the tariff, "preeerving the principle of the tariff of IM?." Tie principle which la thua approYed 1 preeume to be a nveaue doty. The ooeatKutton makea it the < uty of Co# green to "regulate ear commerce with forego a* ti? ?*," and alao "to cein moor; and regulate ita value." ToregulaW fa to Impoae rules aid rextrk 1kDi>. Tie power thne gl?en to "regelate" cm mercewlth foreign nati. ae.aa well as tH? power to coin money end "regulate Ma value," created an ob ligation t? protect tre ralue of m oney from the In cldcntul derangemer.t of t.e currency, wbnh muw be tbe Inevitable t* nstquence of an unreguPrted, that la, an unrestricted conun >r 't with fornign nv tici a; rnd I am prepared to drinonatrt?o that the c< ptractl na and expai riona o' our currency, whlctt it in the duty ol Cotgma, as far an possible, to |?re tent, mt?t be an inevitable low rat " of advalorent dntita. It ia a ho paid that many prominent Soutborn democrat* dcM-e to get a dimojraUc i.ongremloiia1 cauoua to denounce the American party. Bsllevlrg that I be new party orgai Itatlon will do much to *'lay tiic acctl ina' jealinwy anil party feeling which arsjathe North against the Sooth, and that Ita tendeLciea will 1* to unite the North with the -hjuth 1 venture to addiewi jou, and tUrongh yoa, t'?e Stale ilghta party of the fV ufh. I add lean yon as an ink' {ent Southern stalM mar, the filend and compOriotof Calhoun, possess lug uh much, Of more, of the continue of that great man than any other tn-mber of Congreti; ku> wing ibat it the purp >*> of hi* publio llle to unite, fliht the South, and th?n the South and the North, that lie North aid Vae South, united, inij/iit act together <n the maintenance of their common iLterftrta, In the gieat conflict for coram rclal anil lit racial supremacy, tbe omiig of which before saw and foretold. In proof that he well understood tie moil vea and polity which control the govern ni'nttf Knglard, I refer jou to bis lett-r to Mr., tien our Minister to France, and U an extract fnm a late number o( the l.-m'on Timn, the or gan of these who c ntrut the morey market of London. S |>eaking ot the war with ltnaala, lbs Timm says .. "tYc can fonwe no proat<ect of peaca until tin lot tune a of war shall have dtclared whether the in llutnoc of Russia or that of Ki gland and Franc* la hercaftor to preponderate In the affilra of the hut atidof Europe." , lhls acmit* that the war in which hnglanl la now engaged la to determine whether l-loglanl ittf r. tarn her control over the tr.uis and rewmrce* of In?li*. That you may know the estimate pla:ed oa thin trade by British states ncn, I <|uoto from tie rema- ks ot the Ihike of Well'nRton, who,up?n the propctlticn to repeal the corn laws, mtld ? " 1 am i-ure that no ram laments more than I do tl at commtrce and manufactures should l>e at all depiewtd, but I believe if tho earn lawa were re pealed tomorrow net a yard ol cloth or a pound of 'ion more cculd be sold In any part of Kurope or of tne world over which thla country (England) does not exercise a cortrol. Tho greater number ..f European nations, and of the cations of theglme, bare adopted measures fnr the mc mrageraent of home nanufactuiee. measures wer? not, a? a'ated by some, taken In lortf'iuccce of t e British < orn laws. They are attributable to the example of tbiaconniry. Ihcyl.atl then ilea in the apectao.e which tbla ? cuntry exhibited .luriog tbe U'e war, and In tbe treat aid n< b?e extrti'maby wMoh tier p>w<r and ktr< bgth were dia^laytd on every )ocaito". Tlwe who crmtemplnted thcae t *artioos, tut w?ll as tboao who wtrn re ieved ard ussseJ l-y them, thought they might na w< II follow h? exiTiole of our power, ol our incusUy and oor syatam of oo-n irtite. Tltey have follow* d our extm: 'e, nnl hare (.ctablebtil Mnorg tbems?ives nianutactarej, and elven a s'lumlus to t' eir enmuuroe These wtie ihe words of otecf th? m *ta*ga".lous Brill lb staUfmer. Ilr knt w that it wis tlie power ot litlilth grid, rat>.tr than t* e valor of British rmt, tluit tnab ed Knpland U? subdue N*,'>oleoiv. Ilskr.' w U>at b< r h' mo maanfactuii a wete the eoure- of hor credit and h?r comrneTce, a'i<l enabled t*r to sutwl din lar allies, and tneieby t<? o n'i<i?i her eaemlei. lib ?nw that most of t ic Kun pcun natlona had cre ated bome mar. nfacturMt lor tnemstWea, and thai, ti i rt lore. Kojland ould not, by the repeal of hr corn laws, sell h?r Ir^n ?r h.? cloth t., t),o?e w?o ha l b come lur comnetlt'irw in tbe market* of the WMld ; and tiit al e was com pelled to look for a m?rk t U)th<?e- vurt irim over which she exer ii-ed a legislative c ia tied." In otrtr wor^a he knew that being t > longor able to Mil iron or cloth to tb? olher Ku-opwan na tb ds wl.o n.??le irou and cloth for th -in -el vet, Knglai <1 must Icok u> In?l?? whose cwnmwrct she could regulate by act of Pailisment. England,, wnda h?r manufa' turta to li,dla, aoi there nchanfces tbem for the tropical products of India, which the brings ba< k in her *blj>s and selia to other lltiroj'an nations, who, although thev nun ufacture lor themaelvea, and wlj not purchase Ihithh r<irf, h?ve no trc plnal colonies, and are therefore ccmi el'ed to purchase and consume the Kasl India pruiuce whlcn has been pur hved hy B iish m?r tbar.ts.b? sa exebargo cf BritUh minufa :tnres, and carried in Bnibth slii^i. It will thus be swn, that although i lie car not sell her mauuV iners to other Kur p? an oatloris. Knglati l cutpels them to p?T ber tr bote in t-.e snap' of pmiil i n l??r Km Julia prrduee, whbh s">e recetres in et'ha?g? f--r Ctr aaHilac'.ures. Taat tou may form aa ?a"ma e ol tbe va'ue 'I the F.tst 1> dla tr^!', I refer you to the /.'dinhwrh "et-iri/ , wbl b aays "He nlMloo of Itdia to Ktglat d is *e^y dif feiert ftcm that In dbich we statd any o her of enr tracsniartie p- ?*?s?lor?. Our colon's take < ur Hianutacluns rnd jay us ft r th*m and ot.r mnulRetor* rs and ?bl^.oan"ts tnake ttielr re>fx< live pr-flt* by t^f?e tracsac'.iotia. Indit abo but s our manofactores tj a lar^e ard iicresstbg- extent, aLd If we govern ber well aid lieat ber 'airly, brr value m a < jsto.r,. sill I , rittie vuy ?inlckly and gr-atly. Ktsry f* U ty givfeB to tbe tale of ber pro n tior^i Iw/e must a ! 1 to tbe ) nr. <1 fiom which a: e pa a f. r Hrlt ? n>*'4" fa tune. But lnd:a 1? mote 'Iran .? ruatotner. 1 he pe<u,lar circnmstmrat in which ?be s p ???! ren d< r b't tributary to u? to a very large aoi'nrit. Oa t;.e wh.o'e. wt ate p*r*u?ded tba' tie muni 'It .e public ai d private it it ittaroa from India, for whlvi hla i ' nntry (l.pgl?nd> msk<s no n'uin, Is very ItV le. if at ib. < v. r e.t.uuted a', i t 'W ,>-r anaum t.'ii if a i iO? ' "1 Le in !??< r tin ri ti I'n i u t'nt ?ocb It t!.i (r?it f xiiot ' fibe Hrt'ib in t dla, Ml that ? L?* ra'xJtflr-hti >i,? of toil and cltm*'* to h? found in tb*tu ?r<- >u< h. tha*. ?in. ?t ?.*?rjr pr in ?? t ft 't ???r? elltri*U- ? *r*pl tha Ar ti any Im ti?. U|(ht l" (ill tt ? parft ctiou t WSI'- a !hr j %tt *;>v lla ill ottir L'ttntjtfn, *r.ij l>rrak? forth, *a)lijr i> w grlnort; lata aabta fi* <l ?aa Uw.i r*g >ctiilor mi- n a?a*? I, llit prill ibteKut.') -f 13# rotlon 1 1 Irdlato that (f A mart a. aedoflt* ?.k ui that '.I Italj .,r a? n < Ilia; the <onjjarati** j I ?ttj n'i?t tit/ of tugM whitb It I* ahla t > ? t, and lint blab coat > f prud-i tioa, an I tb? ?M li?i 'iijaiitj f f Ma t nine. ?>. m II ^ 'tuuy >Janun>ttata. II, ? pr?'I ma>? ? it t?lj al.U? to ika **n>rrt\. lal oh?? i ?tr. Ird'a i* p' or. ? ? ? ? ? ? The-a l? IM ??ftl iai t jf.raV e*jlUl icr pntata rrcdit In lidia Ui pr?.?oa bba-t?*at>?th I art of 'Kr firat ?t?|>l*? ? lb ?bi< h aba ta. In oa* ??i aa. able to mi pl> tha ?? rid. ? ? ? I ha p tnlj <if fadla rt< *1 U (DM ?<? tka a'.trac tW n of Br>U?b rapltal to :1a IS*! .a of Bfotacttoo. f mt#d a? It pl'jr la with t>gltnd. tt trnt > m bffoma a ?ai afar* wing innutrj. ? ? ? FVin* l azily dl*abl*d l-jr th*lr r< lau d ymWitn Hot) litjirp tmrlt<uikta npoa ?a< h ot'ar i<v do I'Mti ir.dralrp |<r< tr< tin* tat'ffa, tha p #op"a ot If ' la may < tbaR-ari*<a t *? fiul/y t.m j??rVwl to whl n ' la Irr^.' ?? t f Uj (ft a limit In r?k?iag ta? p?? du? ta if ? I<har>*? for the Maaaf arWtfaa of ??r*at Brtiali." ILt a ra'racta fuinPb tha bay t-i >irttl*b poH'j ; ?ra ar* i'>ld l>/ tb? l?>ika of uf >o that tt>?- |k*?i *b cb anab <d Ki(lao4 "> iblakliM t?r ?/><?? tid eot'iorr f ?r ? r.*B mi ?a* < ?r ?'d fr ra I ?r htiw Indt'try ?od b?-r <v in tw? aid n ? ? i<4d l) "b? iry**tt tfcat united at Soda la with ii. 't i iW M IMMM a MlifarlWtaf (onatrf, ai d t?a' t <n?f<*a. tt r i ?>' I' ran??y it?p < j lb' ?m ?m trtf'AWy. for a {?ail'M V. ?hWh |t la ifci;o?al! > l? ( * a Imak ag n* pttilar'a ' i * fc>?y4 lor Ibt lmf> toraa <4 < .r?jat lir la e. t' th?a* MU?-tt I wtl' ?.)d tha a?-a at bit H Uri IVal, who, la thla tets%U> ipoa Uta J.I- J.' U> f?p?a. Um <n'y on oc4uol?i a??rir, ?a Ull|rli4 U in* <*.nrt?r? i Ui?t a <? ni ry 'ultitata^ in AfrV?a aJaa?a can |?roda ?* htt^tr hae a cmar.Uy ta vhP-h tbat ajatani doa? a A *i ?*. T?wm fi< a aid aimia^ona pr r? that it ?o fo* <h? tltr an ra<#. ??ot a U,1rat tit pM wbtri f aea4 Kr gla*4 to tawtMi* bar W?t lad a ? >a*?#, aed whl' h ? har 4*?tra r?o? ?/? ??aaft'-l ta ??u*a llar?baa >tr.g taaUa to a?J1 b?r ?aa-j factum to othar Raro^aas catt ra ?ha ??a oom val ?d to aaah a a?? maikat la iadia * bat ? aha f a t,d a pop'ilattoa of aoma -braa bnadr?d miu>?a, mh/'t to har tagMatHa 'oatr'J ; b?i aa rfM bad 'khauatfd Ua ae a?nlat?-t ar?a'.th of a?aa aa! a>ad? India " Klaataoljr poor. ' ladla f-*?d not par rtaaa har aaaafaetoMa vita aha ra^rtaad tha pro <ara U ladVa ta ?i'haaga. Mha tooad that ??? oao Maeka aid WO.OW whlua. la tha Wart lr-haa. bad ? BMH't' If ta tha RntM aaihat a( tha aap/i* of tiapiraT pr??arto. tmd baHavlag at (hat ttea 0?a? tha ataaa lahoa of tha V*m ladlaa na rhaapar Uwa ?ha it*Tt Vahf o< (, iV* B-atl pci tha V*1'^ | BUt*, ? be gn?? to the Weal indk plnntar* ? 100 000,000, not ao much m an indemnity for im cipnting their alnvea M to Indemnify then for ro pealleg their monopoly of aupi. lying the BriUab market with tropical product#. For, m it remnm berrd, that the emancipation of the Wet* Indie ?lares end the repeU of the Wnt Indie monopoly, end the optning "f the Beat Indie trad? to BrtUah tnierprfae, were ootemporeneoue meature*. and that each waa pert of a system for ptumotloa o# Itritbh roromerof . |",ou not ate that the tendency of the war wl* Hut kin ia lo uiDuk the mLtivea of Kogiaad, anl thr.t tie intelligent Am<r'oen* of the Northern HtaUe must fee that, if aiaeory In oar HjulSnrn Ktmtc? l? ?U)liph? <1 fioiiiad ub thfiiob'^li ooitoa. supur, rice ttfcd ci (fce, cheaper la India, in exchange forler n.aMifacluru*, 'ban thay o*n be ublaiaM tiom fice labor elfesheic the * fleet inu?t be to c< n>i tl the pec sle of ti.e North* n rttntoa to pay Ui lute lo Lr.fCiiad, tte shape of pioflte on E<*t In dla piodu t ' Ai d do \ ou i.d( h?o ttiat tOe tendency u( li.t ce fa te intuit l?* to eniist a r uiaervaiire Infla me in the Muith to unite witi Uie .South In matn talnii gut tight* ami hit* - ftitd ot the s .mth, if thn K< utt' dors Bet, In the mvliesi of party aaal, take part wi'.l Ion gotta slid mtena against t'?r Avnricnn native born cIumm, in a mow inent the teudeicy of wniih must be to >>l>rr.gthrn ttie South, by creating a nattcral ls?ne, wjmtn>u p? the North and th* win h l'e Nori'i ?"'1 th* South will unite an one piopie. f c the mtlntemtn e ol our fiee kot erntttnt up< u tl'e hs* < on * i. h it wae entahUato1 d by cur li lefttUrs? Fr>tn tl.e da- a cl Waal)ir>?Vm until nowthoto? d' L? y < f i ittty ortfanlr.attn i na* Iwen to array the N'oit'i #K"irni the South tn ? miserable end din pru ?u i stiu^ple for tha l'if alden ey. WbatUde lucerne* t.r wnat w whi*g?ry bit a oimbinatlen controlled by th* Worst i iewer.u .1 ea-:h party, who ate cot stailly muklcg tew i *ure and erecting new jilnifotrne, 'he aoi* tuil at d t urpoao of whl-hleto el'Ot a petty Pirs'dtct'' And do not you we tint ho long w the tioopla are dlrldrd on lo;a! -el-nanl ia-uea, the ojut??t for the Prwidt?ucy inuat nejeaan illy be, whtther tie North?rn, the Hjnthern. the Rafter n, or the Wrattrn cnijdidate be ch?aea' and tl at the ntc<a<?ry tv.ii'eqnenoe of auch n oont*et ia to t-nabie aectlona! demagi guaa to create iieutk upon wMrbthry wtll an ay the North agalnat the <outh? And do >ou not a.e, tu what iaa?o?el i? be uie iHirpoee ?f the"Amertian" puty, the haataof j t new Of u ?*n'z*tU>n nKfO CiiQilitim wUti thil "AIIW4 iierfrct nnloo" <l ibt Stutee which our f watha? mw win iO'l tu Ih u jit* ^rvittiM of Bt1 muixig wbl ,li m riifju'iltf njalnt?i atce of our rtgiila nud the r*nu?*: loo of out li tercoun-e with foitign natlouf7 I do not bedtrt that t"?i' end of our goreramwa, oontt milated by tbe her ea and eagee of tht nr+ lutien ?ai a m neiable ooi tlir^ to be renewed ????* f< ur yiaia and aUmrbing and coatr dlinf all olhnr ircuea, to decide who at. all be I reaident; on tlM contrary, 1 Uliere tba the mia.1 m of tha Hal lad Stall a, m.der the guld* ? o( ? ?uiier.utendtng Pr? villi nee, ia to pmnote tl?# eau*e uf clfU and tell- | giotte llbrrty, and by thu iiHu?>u<? of our exatnpw and the foiceof our free katuuti >aa, todllTaaeOhr* t aiiity and iWillaatlon through jut the ?oridj not by ukirgiait in th? war betwraa haglaM and lt'u"ta, nor by inanll a'lng our ayapathf foi eitfer ot tbe belligrient nation* but br main Uliitng our nationality and euror< ln? our la lapaa di i.t e, ao thalour pn?|>ei.ty ahall bear wiu??ae to nil tbe woild that me aietl-d'a cboa?B peopla. whaae uovuntni nt I e haa iiiado after the model gleea hp him ti the lleliifWH ? and to wliom he haa oiminlt ted tbe mitiL' er .t .ei.ul.l an li??oTt7, ae tin t oi in of Kovrrt'tttful bM fculu? i t ? ih? Hprttil ol ^ (i.apel.ntdthiough whi.e a,? j y the woijd la ta te iirfpaitd fir H e e<ond o imng or the M mI in. let me i nt r< at jcu to i ri. e and d^.ib rate I y ?* amli e tbe laau?? citatid oy the Amel an mora mint, tine la that the e jutrol of our goteramoai I nil eil i Iwloi CHto natltre Iwrn Ameriean olvtaaaa. and the othrr la that papal aup-emary ia laooaaka tint wl'b re|.nUlican llUity. Kuch U the baaia of the ut Ion which the N nth t ndeia to i.ia ttwith, n d m b In the union wl Ich tbe Hauth will no e|* a- ten.trd by t' e NortJ. ... ,v rot an treat jrrut-. a-k yomaelf wSara *ia t*e I gnat men, (^alboun, l'i?y ?nd Vttb?ler* l)e yet t iirinl??ion t-|?* ri eailb w?a looiganlae tbe South, tfce W?at ?bo the N?rtb aer.ioaai Hdl?<ne for no other purp<.?e th n to array theaa net or.a 1 1|. . "> i?rore l.ow rata are tic lu.i.ia if mi' itlii"- m ? <ir U It not ia -re la'li i a to *'i|'|i<>m tl a ' ? ' '? * i' all >tt< il apart ,11 ? li? y eat ? ' i. a' ' " ?lil< h lnte?d?J by ar al- wlae and ovrnulag 1'ioridea.e to prep?m rub ?tetl?,n for tie new |?. eea |n ?enUl by U?a "American mi'?*i tu'. Whli h. lo uaa Hta e oouect lai guage ol one of tbem. ai. <w? a? Nntli, no Hotith," but would unite all a?d tatb in the fowmon ?/t lo a? -ett aid uialntain tie i*?bu ai.d lnUr??tii of loa Ame r.can peoj^ e ae aepnrate at d dl? i.nct fioin all other rstli n*. ur He d tr d?r ?h?t I rm of g"??Mnatii ? Im I. ia I* t:?-r fult?d b?n all . i>:i f?>r tha main t. i ?I e?. ul elvll li-? u.d ii ft i? ng a ka /wiadga of <1 raviiii.ity an l -n-: : . he '? "|"*1 lunHighma tbe w? rid. N, w, I w< ti'd iwk y<?i. why did I! ?l in hia p?>? vldrnr-e p epaie the Ikbi'wa by a reaidaaoa in J (,?!,' and their -"J uin m 'he wil bef>*e on i< in litrd tbem to j?* ear tbe pn>m *>J I.M? Why ? I 1. 1 p Ijirf-e our ai < t.,1 bj leil^loua l.rfaa- 0 t .nt ? aid Mini ti.em to < wJe In lue wiidarnoM I ir, a. fit or y lo ll.e ?tiuggle oJ Hie rrroiuUon and tbe inatioa of oor pn f nt form >4 goeertmanU W'rre theee irrnta In the hWcry of tbe Jawa, or ad our e:."?'?r? the rr? . .i ax idrnt, or were Uwy re Lonurt ail i ?' rpenablir anW raileoU, In tin'ed to i rt| are the w?y fur aveaU to fallow t;,#-e.rti i |io >i ii ' n H ? "b mad* tho Ma n ll t fliiu.iiiej.1. .;nl <??i to tliem i??? r?|# l?. ,!ig il rir rourra, aii l u aan tU?- power to ra?J aid ealitWe t; - >e!oel'y with whh h tho* mae*. would l?a?e m?a'a i*eauay to rbanoe? I* It noi a, ui h mme rati'ial t<? mipj^iae that our form of j" /err lion' wae the cm' ure of ?!'? prorldanna, i/.i.rb win, r than the to n *h'> fr?m?,l it? ar ,1 lj[ ww ? u ,ie*e IM? ?ei? .i n -a tfi?t tl?a a -?<omI ??! fe will h ?? I ? aa.'a-'e . 'be . -unlrywaa Lr( |4ritor/ to that 1901 ? " anion, wi.ti h >a Indlapenrable t > iA<*riialn our right* 1,1 i r ? rtluta w , . i, U .'na Ball n?. Attd we iivy *' < tr .!;? * ?a? n t uermi'.Ud to p*?? cter Jordan, er? neither ('lav, Calhoun a** Va'et '.If i-rr, t- ' t'? 1'fna'dev J, but thai enb ba*!ng pert -rrord tli* purpo** af hta io ' n w*? ? .i i ?' t<?'i ' ui 1 i i iirum?t?*'ea , ,.t ?, 1 1 ii.? 1. 1 r |,aitu > i* and foli"?*r? w tb a d? ep aed I urollla! ?g a.D*e of lha foil* and i ti fllrii n- y ? f ii ii. ? am n me again treat yon t" pa?i?e atd ia onaldar th* pant. I*i ri r ? ,. ? ' ? ??nggia .a wb? h Hi .. . r ? ? i f r ? ',#? engagad ; anl hr *ltgd ce ib)a let me ?D're?l yoo, a* an km* r?'nn ?tat??i8an. to **y wfcethar, andertlj* atr- m ?t.,- ? ? t '"1 i .-I. 1 I'" ? n 't Ue ?u?e Um ti.' y ? I i ?rry Am i! a i ' "?'< ? pro?Me, by < \ ry j.:' ]?*?: ? '* .1. tl - ta'.t u t an Arne ii' an **nt m?nt which mil creat* tliat "mr? p?r Ir.i union *hl t it ?aa lu tiurcoaa ?d ih* fadetal cor iLlnliOO to aooomnl'ah. ,\r,d I W' aid ank ton ? ' ? th' r t . : 'I. a..'! < .r '.n.rta-.'-ea ?,f the d*?ii al ? > r If ? ,t ->'*<?? w. ee e-.mpetiU n fo the Pi?nd?i ' y e?/btrlbot?d an mtrk u? nrrat tie m rtlor ? ?rali at ea' h o her, and the fact thai tb* S'.iib.wii' ti? - ? t aJ aaifare, ha* alwar* ? ? tie mr Miir.tow ofl-ra U> tl*e Houlh Vi? , irii'ta of r. ?!' ?;?: /a'lon id an Am? r 4i , arty' r * ?.?*!? whi'h fe. ogn?a?* nod m?'s lama vur cm>n alu a, a* "?rtiaeu?d wl'h at** 1 1 ma of K?e? ri n??nt, ar? not la i >e*it? tn Un ' *? t,,,? f* ?i.o'ild n.!*t the n?pr?'' r a - ' t?e -"iV. ar ! are m!!y enfli -lent t i t I earti a'.d **a. u? tooye. aU'/n' I bar* moth mora tn aay, wbkh tba Inngtk <* tb'a ktifr adnetleha* me muat be raaarend fv an. tber " 'ry ? ? a( *? *.f inly , y ?ir f'ie?d. Ili rr ll***? Our ? t ?ii?|?n<4>iir?. oar>, fY H .) Jaa. ft. IMS '/. ? \'ien W> M'I"1 // f;t f lt> A'aaf tflktlU f-lmr #, Tt?a ??n it. <rf luipl, Mat aif for Ooraao* of thi* '-tat', iif.l# Anifu )>u |<ro??4 ? |?>f? ? tx.o.i a ?!! to U.a adw r.iat aia f*M; ' "I tho ? aa . .6') 'mil j n,raa?*l 1/ at U i" K vm V ? . if > ?,?? <a ?m al aa aaJ ? !'? 1 'V " ? i*' ?? ! ? 'f i?r U 'if ?b* %AtU B'? t m< ra 1 'y "?"? t'.at ibt r? ?U~-Uot of '#?? W?. .f, >? . V 1.H a,-J ;*p ,*?'?* V ? t Ttf noir, *at<on of Mr *f??< ?Jf baa ma p.> nj ? r a . - i ?.<? ?.,??< ',f i' , 1 ??? ?/J ?'i ? r?i.'?n ifc?t. '.???'? '? r,g ?r 1 to M imIm . Th? ? ? i f?-i "?# ? a 1 (hat ? ??'rir ?ir?w ? ?? 4 *. ? -jr ;-?a r*a rralit fa bat It f r.<?M of *0'h mcmUmtil Vr l i :?< # ^^"E^itt.wbo baa atar ?4 ? ? . r.t I ?? ? '? : a a ft tar*;. <>??. - ra* H? a v ??? )'? ? ?' ??? ? ?? :ru in ./f !/r?u* ?arha^? na tf a J <f ?i * tor.', a) l.?? M? baa fra .? ? t.jr ???;. ? . r '<? l? 1 ? tb U*> naaaflM*'. ii. I' "4i ' ?"? ?" i M- '?;??* .1 araa t?4 baa " ?'???? , : -i? ?a. I UllakKliaal I ... ? r ! ' r ..?itv. u, ?.?.(? lb at ha win b? ? 'it : iy tba part of a.l naaaakera of V-? ' H '? '? t Pi f f ** i'Tw ;a'? aal Km* 1? , t; if ? ? " k'^'J a? lb. rt?? aa;La( tbal M M. a.f? ? I ?i!?? aa ar ?. VMi aai aatl *4 r> 'j ?'ia r. a a .??'*' lira*. Ota a<b1 uf ? I , ba U. raJJ/ U> t. a a?i j?j, all Uw yataai at li? "lata ?' o Ui' a i 'ro-?4iala laUraat m , ?bai ai Waahlaglna It ha mi<~ U, 4*~ ''il4 tba 'Kaaca Uat baa aen?rra4 bar*. I ralbaa iVaft tbai oar <M hlmA Hwi <11 htA aWp %m>j tb* batwr ?' an b* b ?mr4 ?f Mr. M?t alf'a MMriftaLioa. Ha t??ioa to IM?k. parka** ai M Baika ? ????? * Um Waar oT bi? alia*. I ail ?nw? r" If M/lMM af tat?a* tb<?^ nT;rvy?/-Ja

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