Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HEBAL?. ^ . ? WHOLE NO. 6735. MORNING EDITION ? SAT17 RD A Y, FEBRUARY 9, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ftOYgftTKEVKirra REHEWBD ITIKt ML WHAHOIAL. _ IlKAA AAA ?MONEY TO LOAN OK DtA '{SOU ViUUUt monds, watches, jewelry, ?? ?prs, pianofortes, merchandize and personal property fr rurally. Notes, stoska, bill* of exchange, he., uego lated. Business coofldential anl executed promptly at 78 Kunu street, ttrat floor, back o?oe FLORENCE Ac CO , Broker*. dtJl A A AAA WANTED FOR INVESTMENT? *flD " U under land guarantees that prin ?3^*1 will Jn> safe ; and with same Keeurity that fifteen .per eeat will be made for live yearn. The amouut need not all be from one party. Those wishing part interest, taay address 146 Metropolitan Poit Office, Bible Home, Hew York. *1 PA AAA 10 WAN ON DIAMONDS. WATCH ? JL0 VP. UvU es, Jewelry. *o, or bought for ca?h. 4bod eitjr stocka, nstes, bonds and mortgages, billa of ex" ?han(e, 4c., negotiated. Business confidential, and jpromptly execute.), at 103 Nastau street, room No. 3. THOMPSON It 00., broken and commission merchants. 4BOA AAA T0 wan on diamonds, 4f;UU * 'J U V watches, jewelry, Sic , or bought 'for rash. Notes, stocks, bonds ao l mi?rt<ages nego tiated; real estate bought, soi l <in1 exchanged. All dustae** strictly confidential. CilKESEMAN, BftAlOTED A. Co., Brokers, 35 John street, corner of Nassau. 4<Cl<vA A A A? TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS WAT ?OLr?VV/U ebes, jeuroiry, segars, ana mer snkndiae generally, or bought out. Bond* and m?rt ,**!??? bought anl sold. Money corstantly ou hand at '14* William street, near Fulton, up staira. FORtiVSH r% CO., loan ami commission brokers. tfJOA AAA ?MONET lO LOAN, ON 1)1A ^iivtvvUi monds. watches, Jewelry, plate, dry goods, s?gars, or merchandize of every description; h.tsiaeaa eoilldentuil; 'in Uroadwiy, and 163 Fultoa street, room 11, third story. STEEL, & 00. ?2B 1 A AAA SPECIAL CAPITAL WANTED IN A ffllU UUU large cult auctitn houae. ? The i)U aTuess is will established atd very profitable. L? pro ?>vred, real estate security can be given, also an ?qual .interest iaths business, which is as safe and free from .losses as a?v city bank. No communication not eel if from broker* or agents. Adursss A. K. Ulbaon, Post ? Ofllce. flhff AAA T0 ?W.000 10 INVEST FOR A STOCK of goods? for either jewelry, hard ware, lmney, or'drv goods. None need apply but those <wiUiag to make a heavy discount from cost. Address C. , Kerala office. >'4NQ AHA WANTED-FOR SIX OR E10HT i?0?vUy months. Tbe sum of three thousand dollar*, for which the advarti.ssr will hypothecate souu r.ties of ten thousand dollars, real value, and pay a bo ?*<?? for the m'coismodation. Addresi X. Y. New York poat office, for this week. Any amount to loin, or will buy at sight for cash, merchandise, jewelry, diamonds, plate, property, or security of any description, in sum* trom ? 10 to $10. .000, at tbe old established, permanent and re sponsible Pacitt 1 Agency and l>oan office, over Pacific ?Bank, oorner of Broadway and (irand street. Business confidential and safe. A LADY W0UI.I) LIKE TO BORROW THE SUM OF f\_ fifty dollars from some party, for immediate use, tor the teim ol two months. No person aoed answer unless willing to assist a lady in need. Address Mrs Or bora, 364 Houstcn street. BROKEN BANK BILLS P.Ot'OHT ? TIIE HIGHEST prifce will be paid in gull, for all kinds of broken baak money; foreign gold adU silver, and nncurrent fundi bought at tbe rates; drafts on England, Ir-lml and Scotland, for sale by JAUKrf M. TAYIiOR, 169 Chat bain square. corner of James street. EiASH, IN ANY A1I0UNT, tOR DIAMONDS, WATCH S3, / rich jewelry, plate, and valuable personal proper'y (SurchaMO, at 69 Fulton street, second floor, front room. Ofke hours. 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. R. WOOD. V RVIKG SAVINGS INgfllUllON, 93 WAKR3V rtTREKT, I one door from Greenwich? Open dally from 1'-' A. ?1. to 1 P. M., aau 4 to 7 P. M. Interest at the rats of 4 ;y?r oeat allDwsd on all sums fr??a #1 to I&00. The funds ut tk;? iist.v-'.oa ar secutely invested in bonds an 1 mortgage! in toe city of New York, worth 4ouhie the -aaaoont loaned, aad In bonds la this eity. CALEB S. WOOOUULL, President. *L a Va* plit*, } ^ Pres lsnta. YasDaaatiT 1> Btxtor, SeerwUry. V* ONEY -CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED OS jfM watrh*'; , jewelry, dlaai a ? t dry foods, . furniture, pianoforte*, or env oihcr property, at tlie Agency *ud I<o?d olc*, 30-1 lirutdway, corner of Duane mmt, secon t floor, room No. 0. Confidence and tioa>>r \n*y fife MM upon. Branch oflloe, *4 West Six'.??nth etrect. Mcl OUGHLIN k O'NEILI.K. Pi.aitsbi no and mAntpkal RAILROAD 0<).? The ccj;.oa>i dun July 1, 165 1, on the bon Is of t lie above compHir, \rtll be pildon presentation at the office ? of KETCHUM. ROGERS At I5EMENT, 45 William at. jj* fire insurance company? office na Jjl. CLatb ui i juare, corutr of Mutt itml?UTidMil ?The Ban: J of Directors bar* tbia day declared a sani annual dividend of four p*r cent upon the capital stock ?of the company, payable on the 1th of February. Tae transfer books will be closed on an 1 after the '29th init, ??y order, EDWARD B. FEIXOWS, Secretary. I HE UNDERSIGNED MAKES CASH ADVANCES UfOM Hoar, sroin, provision.*, ruM-ray and pig iron m ?itore; alao. upoa veaitcla in port, and upoa bank an l other approved itock? or bonds, an<l upon buaineis pa yer maturing in New York. MHN B MURRAY, 137 Pearl street, near Wall. <rpHECootoNsor the columbus and lakh ehie J. Bailroad aaven per cant first mortgage bond*, due i*< ember lat, 1864. will be pa;d at the bank of the State of New York, on presentation E. O. WOODWARD, Treasurer. * PETERSON, BANKERS, STOCK AND ^fiange Voter*, 41 and 4 J South Third struct, PtiladflKa. ? Mock and Corporation loana bought ana < iel4 o/oammission; promissory notes and drafta, nego tiated collections made upon all acceaalble points in the ^soantry; drafta on other cities, In aama to suit par WANTKD?81,'200.? THE ADVERTISER, A YOUNO and industnoua man, being engaged in an oM -"stabllahed and profitable manufacturing buaineas, on Broadiyyr, and whose stock tf ctsh goods amounts to ?over 97,000, la desirous of obtaining the sum of 11, '4)0. To any one baviDg the desired sum and disposition to invest it safely can bare the most ampls and satisfacto ry security Particular* w.ll be given at a personal In terview. Address Perseverance, box 186 Herald office. LNSUKANCH. * . TEN1H ANNUAL REPORT OK THE NEW YORK LIFE Insurance L'ompany : ? Amount of assets, January 1, lsil 8 814.044 90 Amount of premiums receive! during the year ending January 1, 1856. . . 1318, *30 07 ..Amount of Interaet received ani accrued during tbe year ending January 1, 1855 48,368 II \mountof endowment account re ceived daring tbe year ending January 1 l?iS 60 40 347,387 <18 mKataaamt-vTH 81,181,402 to Amount paiJ for losses by dcstti. .8173,873 91 Amount paid for Interest on divi dend* and re-insurance* 13,891 47 Amount pal l for taxes 3,197 23 Amount paid on account of aanu _ ity fund I 228 13 Amount paid (or salaries, fees to phyalcans, truMeee, Ac 13,848 30 .tumvnt of adrrrtlaing, printing, statioberr, office rent, law ei pi nasa, tie 4,700 43 Amount of cosnmiaaiena. medical -aiaanlaationa, postages, adver tising, axe banges, lie 21,957 43 Amount of camelled notes and re tarn on cancelled po licies 44,143 00 r 9,339 IK) Accumulated fund 8902.062 70 aewn*. Cash on bawl $37,471 37 Invaatod in New York State secu rities 173,744 01 . Hoods and mortgagee 308,998 00 Oaartoriy and semi-annual pre miuma due subsequent to Jan. 1, 1858 10, 4? 43 Interest aorrued up to. do. do.. 19,608 M Note* seaetved for 40 per eent of premium-! on life policise, bear ing interest 338,161 27 Premiums ?o policies in bands of agents 18,788 38 8902,042 70 The trustees have declared a senp dividend of Ttnitrr mil cmsi on all life policies wbl :1a have been In force twelve months prior to J an eery 1st, 1868, and six per -oewt intmest in cash upon all previous dividends, payable on and after tbe fir. I M?a lav of March next. MOBR18 FRANKLIN, Praeident. PUIV lamui, Actuary rjAVLuTiu uvum. -VT rw jimr railmoad.? for phuadkii-hu 1\ and tbe South and Weet. via Jersey City mail and simom lines ? Leave New York at 8 and 10 A. M., and A and 8 P.M. Fare. ? 78 la 4, and 88 in 8 and 18 A. M. ?nd 8 P. M : second nlass. H I8ln 10, and 12 M., at It, ertnpning at ali war stations Thraagn tickeu soi l for flnrinnf and tbe West, and lee Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk. As., and through baggage keeked to Wash ng %m In 8 aa 1 10 A. M. and $ P It AFFAIRS IN THE METROPOLIS. SCENE ON BOARD THE EMPIRE CITY. irogrcsi of the Municipal Revolution. Arrest of a Fortune Teller. THE CASE OF THE EMPIRE CITY BANK. SCENES AND INCIDENTS, *0-, Ac., Ay. Interesting Scene on Board the Steamship Um pire City. TI1K DFPARTVHK OF A YOCNO C 'BIN PRI2VRNTKD BT ONKOPTBB JU?TA ? SINOUI.AH MBBTINO OF HK7B HAL 01' BAN 8 AND TBE SPANKS CONSUL. A scene of a rather Interesting character occurred on board the Empire City, yesterday afternoon, about ten minutes before her departure for Havana. A* it trai a matter in which a member of th? Cuban Junta and the Spanish officials here are lumowhat concerned, wo will detail all the circumstances fer the benefit of our reader*. Frank JTeinandrs, a Cuban youth about sixteen years of age. whoee parent! reiide in Cuba, wai plaoed by them, soino time aince, under the charge of hia uncle, Don Joseph Ellas Hernandez, a reddent of Brook' lyn, and a member of the Cuban Junta. Young Hernan dez waa placed at the Institute of Claverack, a little vil lage iitua<ed about two mile* from, the town ol Hudson, visiting hia uncle during tho holidays. Thursday last, four gentlemen, aa we are informed, among whom were thePpantih Consul, Mr. Francis Hto'ight >n, anil Mr. Cristobald Carnobeli, called at the Institute, and showed the pilncipal? Mr. Gardiner? letter* from the ptrents of Hernandez, requesting him to return home at once. In compliance wi'.h the desire of these gentlemen Hernandez translated the letters to Mr. Gardiner and two other principal*, after which they consented to his ds parture with them. But it appears that one of hia schoolmates, named Armstrong, suspected that all was not right, as the uncle was not pretent and did not seem to have any pirtlcipation In the affair. He determined, therefore, to make that gentleman acquainted with it, and sent him the following telegraphic despatch :? Clavhuok, Feb. 1, 1855. To Joexni HrR!?>ez, 191 President street, Brooklyn:? Frank was taken away from school this day, against his will, by four men. Are they friends or enemies? An swer m haste. B. C. P. AKMSrKONti. This was the first intimation that Mr. Hernandez had of the matter; and suspecting rightly that it was the In tention of the parties to take him to Havana, as the Empire City was to sail [yesterday, he resolved on going aboird of that vesfel a few minutes before she sailed. On doing so his suspi cions were confirmed by seeing his nephew there in company with Mr. Carnobeli and tbe Spanish Vice Con sul, Mr. Cbscon. After satisfying himself that It was against hi* consent he was leaving the country, be took him ashore, and the vessel proceeded on its voyage at two o'clock, leaving both him and Mr. Carnobeli, with whom he wai to have gone to Havana, in thil city. Mr. Ilernandez, who is a Cuban exile, and, as we have said, a member of the Cuban Junta, believes that the whole thing is a conspiracy of the .Spanish government to get the boy Into their power for some purpose beet knoftrn to themselves: atd that hia parents are either ignorant of or unwillingly made a party to it. These are the timple facts aa stated to us by the friends of young Hernan dez. The uthrr side of the story is, us may be supposed, somewhat different. The following are the particulars whit h we have ascertained lib Stouffhtoa, and who hns lor ceveral yeara held the post of Spanish Cot/sul iu this city ? * Mr. S. received some time ago a note from Mr. Crli to tal Carnobeli, of Hav.ina, inl'orrsing him of his arrival in New York with letters from Don Francisco Hern-ind'z Tf e letters, he stated, weie dir" -ted to the Spanish Con sul, author zing him to act as h s representative, and begging him to seed his son Sack to Havana by the bearer, Mr. C. Cn Wednesday Ust, Mr. Stoughton, In accordance with tbe reiju at of the father, visited the institution, and placed tbo letter* in the possession of the son, who, as we have tated, read them to the prin cipals, and, according to tbe account of Mr. expressed his willingness to go home at on:*. Mr. Stoughton says further, that it was his un. le who refused t? lit him leave the country at the very momeat the ve* .el was about to *all. In sddit.on to thil statement, we received the following communication from Mr. ('?mo belt:? TO THB IDITOil OK TBI HERALD. I arrived here on Saturday last in the steamer from Havana, commiss.oned by t)on FranJsco Hernandez, of Havana, to take charge of bis ion, aj?d fifteen yearn, at tbe Claverack Institute, and bring Irm back to his father and mother. The father gave me a letter lor the Spanish Consul in this city, authorizing snd empowering bim to act a? bis repreientath e to claim the return of his son and a' i 1st ma In getting h in home. I also brought letters from the father and mother to their said son, directing him to leturn. The Consul and myself went yesterday to Claverack Aca '."my. The son was called (who knows ma well), and he tianslated to tie princi pal of the Institute said power of bis father to the (Con sul; the son expres>ed a willingness to return home. Being about to depart in the Empire City to day, for Havana, the ion was forcibly retained by a number of foreigners, ?fco would not allow him to desert. CRISTOBAL CARNOBKLI. New York, Feb 2, 1^5:. It is hardly pre! able 'hat tbe affair will end here, at Mr. Hernandez will doubtless cause seme investigation to be made into the circumstances. City THE WHIG TOCNU MEN'S COM MITTKh. A mnt Djf of tb* General Committee of l>*mo:ra'ic Whig Young Urn, m they atyl* thetnaelr**, wa* held laat night at the Broadway Home. Jamea H. Wcl.ih Oc cupied tbe cbair, and Vtm H. P.rown and J. Choi wall acted aa aecreterie*. There wa* no btiaineia of Import anc* dene, the evening being orcopled la Dominating member* of the at?ni*ln? comiaitleea for the enauing y?ar. Tliey adjournal at an early hour. THE HARD RHBLLS OOINO TO AI.BAKT. At tli* laat mrating of the Hard .Shall General Commu te*, It waa determined to aend a ?otnmHte* to Alhtny to look after the adamantine memhera of tb? I*gi*latur*, and aaa that ttiy voted r gbt cn the n*' >riol q Mo tion. The folluwlog gcntltmen wer* appointed aush committee Horace r. Clark, Georg* F. Allen, H. J. Allca, B. t. Hart, E. W Ulover, and William Rial.*. It la uadrratood that the committee liit?nd urging th? claim* uf Daniel t:. Iiu-klnaon above alt other candidal**, aa tbe propar pet ion to raprefeot the State ia '.ba pr* ?ant emergency. ( ominlaalonri a of Poller. TRIAL Of POLICE OFFICERS Before tba Mayor, Judge htuart and Recorder .Smith. Fra 2 ? Tba CommUaloBera of Police m?t in the May or'a office yeatrrday afternoon, for the trial of 'hargaa againat policemra. Thcr* atri jver twenty officer* pre NBi A few caaea war* called, but aa the partiaa were not pre pared for trial, tha Cow m la .letter* took op th* -aa* of ofleer Coot*, of tb* Sixth ward, who waa charged with inaolaat language, dlaofeedlence of qrdar* and latoilea tlon while in the a tat ion houaa. Cant. Dow ling, tha flrat witneaa. t*atlfl*d a ? folio w* la relation to tba eharga of iatoxlcatloa? I aake<l him to make out hi* report, and ba aaid ba would give It to ma to morrow: he wanted to knov If the other* had haen ordered to do ao, after thia he went to bad; I awoke him and told blm be waa wasted at tba ChiaT* office; be went down and I alao went there , when ba ipoke hi* utterance waa thick, and I remarked to Lt. Ferlti that "that man waa la liquor " Sergeant I'ollard teattfiad tbat ha had **ea blm on that day, and that ba wa* a* aober aa ba ever aaw him. Fatrick White aa-1 other witnaeee* ai. , tee tilled tbat they had a*?n him on that day, a ad tbat tbea b* ?a* perfectly aober. The next ?a?* tried wa* th*t of Watbaaiel T. Hltkt, lit utenaat rf tba Seventeenth ward poUre, who waa 'hargtdwHh conduct unbecoming aa aSeer, aad ne glect of d?t*. bat a a b* waa not prepared, hi a trial waa poattrned till Mil Friday. Offirer Bedell, of tba Bevealb ward. <? barged with con duct unberomirg an officer. a?d neglect af dwty, boiag i rady for trial, tba cbargea agalaat him were read He ?era! wltnaaaae were examined . bat tba teetiaaaay la regard to tba charge* were of a eery trivial character At tba roarluetoa of tbl* trial, tb* Cnwlaanaan made tie follow lag datlalaa ? Officer Carte au?paad*d far three month* oa bajf pay, anbject to date, aad to be illaaaiaeel from the aerriee *a a repetition of either d lac bed le are af urtaia, ia?nl?a** to aupenfr oBctra ar gailty af baia{ iftn >nWVeat*< . tiu DareanrarT CoMJtirrrr? liroiriirr Cmamuk?.-? The |r?t ?rH hert?tal?ore exitting, when eh argea war* preferred agato*t mmkri of the Fir* Department, waa tbe tardy ??(??> in wliioh the cam* were brought Up for trial. The r??wn (*<?*? before whoa the aawiued were ordered to appear r?"t with clowj door*, and tbe evi dence waa takeu ia a j?rivate wajr; aad in aaay CNN thai* it ended. Tbe party charged, is mom fcaeUaeee, baa otl y to procure- the iutOTp,o*ltioa of kia friend*, wlur called upea one or two members, of the comfBtttee, and too often it atay of p*oc*edino?i wa? tile reeoN. The ' ? bole mode of trial baa been uaterlaUy changed etnee the rectnt leicctlnn of Miermau Howard tor Cbairmt* of the Kir* Committee, with' Aldermen Itatrd aad Trow bridge for bis t?*ocl*1e* At fbe auggeattoa of tin chairman. a n?w *y*tem of trial ha* been adopted, wbicii bid* fair te aocompt tU the end* of jtutice. H not enljr ioaurvn a prompt hiTe?tl^at1on of the Axett, but act* a* a check on certain- member* of the Fire De partment, who are inclined ?a trivial oeoaaian* to be more <}ua?rel*om* then a?ce*?nry. Tbi* committee have now fcemed thomielvea into a regular Court of Inquiry, and meet on Wednesday tvtn'ng of each week ia the Law library room, where tbe dor r* are thrown open to tho public, aad reporter* are admitted to take dawn aad pubtieh the evidence aa given hy the wltne#ae?, aad in mo*t of tbe ca*e* tbe de ci'ion 1* gi rea on tbe nam* night before adjournment. Mr. Carxon, the Chief Kagineer, in generally preeeat, *o that erery facili'.y ia atferdod for the iaveatlgatiou of the caren brought before the committee. He Chairman iaone of our moat experienced aaaiitant engineer*, and the practical knowledge which he bring* to bear on their imiuirie* cannot fail to aaal*t them materially in arriving at juat concluaiona. Were no other advantage, however, obtained by tbeie change* than that of throwing open to the publio the aittlngi of tie commitUn, it would be an important atep toward* a thorough reform in the department, and we have to congratulate oiuaelve* on the aplrit of progrea* which ha* led to a compliance with one if tbe Ifrret condition* ot a fair and impartial trlbuaal. DrfiTRiuM Krx th* Hauls* Riiuioai> Ca**.? Quite an exciting disturbsnce occurred yesterday In the c.irs of the nine o'clock train from Harlem, occasioned by tho refusal of oie of the passtogers to submit to the extra tax of three cculi which the compauy bare lately leviel upoa all person* who do not purchase ticket*. It ap pear* that Capt Croton, of tlie bark 8dna, took tho car* at the station at llbth atroet, when the compauy hare no Ucket agent, and when the cocductor came lor hia fare he haix'ed bim the uaual amonnt of twelve and a half cents, which was refused unless throe cents worn added. When it became evident that Capt. Orotoa would not submit to the extraordinary demaud, the car* were stopped nnd proji irat'ous were nude to put him off the train. The conductor thinking he was not equal to the ta>k, called to bis aid a number of Iri?h lab?i*rs upon the road, who not being properly instructed as to the particular individual they had to deal with, nude aa almi ?t indiscriminate attack, which tht passengers re sisted ; but telore the alTair became serious, Al'Wrrum YVakt uitn, of the Twelfth ward, made his appearanoe and threatened to arnat the conductor and .'?1* men, be fore tfcey would desist, after which ce *as restored, and Capt. Uroton came on to tha city witl out further molestation. No daaiaga was <l?ta?T with tba exception of the rending ton? outer garments ; but wa learn that tome of tLe pas engtra will bring suits againat tba com pany for asrault Progrta of the Mnulrlp*! lie volnUon. 11111 SABDI'UAN FAUfkllS ? TUB DABBLHH AND TH* UM>W. The Mayor and the 'Marqul* Talicarne. the Sardinian Minister, had a long ia'.ervi*w yesterday, in relation ti tha l)ea Uectys, which termiaaUd in an agieemeut to allow tha vessel to come to anchar off the Quarantine grovnd tha Mayar ha a frs? t%?*eJ lam rharart-T o. her passengers, wl o, it if raid, arc paupers transported here by the Sardinian goTertm' nt. The Marquia eame Item Washington to center with the Mitnr upon tba subject, and to ratisfy h m that nothicg should be done contrary to the interest of the count'y in the matter. It a| pears that the barbers really intend closing tbsir shops on Sunday, and a paper is in course of circulation pledging themselves voluntarily 1 1 give up ihaviag the public hereafter *n that day. Many cmplaints have been mode in regard to tba crnel practice of dug lighting, which is carried un to a coDfidetable extent In vatloua public bouses in this city. The Mayor finds i n an examination of the Revised ?ta tutes that there is no law to reach theoffenlers, although he will use every exertion in hi* poster to suppress such a barbarous cuitom. WHAT THE FEOI'I.B HAY. That W. A. Carter, of Pey stree'., encumbers the *i.|e walk in Iront of bis >toro with arti.lea of every descrip tion, to the great urtrimrnt of travel, and the anuoyance of t>4 r sons dolii ? business In the neighborhood. That halt 'i b Irty ? third street, between Medium and Kcuitb avenue, is encumbered with timber aud stones, and has been in a vary filthy condition ever since it was opened. That the sidewalk in fiont of So. 1 faun >n street is obstructed by a ltrge ron boiler, and sevr ral old wsg .us, and that tha latne street, Irorn Broom* to llelanosy, <s constantly encumbeted with about th:rty frightful old ctrts and wsjjeins. That two policy oflices are allowed to exist in 4.'IC>? and 5 1 8 , Grand street. They are tube broken up a*, one* by order of the Msyor. That tte sid? walk in front of 71 Broom* street I* in a dangerous t edition for traveller*. Ibat Mott street, above Urcoraa, is encumbered with c*rts, wagon*, and alrlghs; and that the bjdrant .n llott street, near ttioomc, overflows the sidewalk, ren drrirg it almost iuipasaable. Win. K. Vinrent complains that In con<equene? of there being no lampa in i'lne street, he fell and ioj'tred himself. J. II. Thompson denies that hi* engine, at 44 Aun atrfet, I* attended only by boy*. He diacbar(*d bis en gineer, and says he baa now a competent man employed. Police Intelligence. A if BRAT OF A IOBTI/NB TELLKB? IMTEHESTiKO CASK. Y??tcr>'?y Capt. Norria, of the T?nth ward police, arreet?d a todu named Ma'Iame Kleury, reaid n< at No. 203 Brcoae itrMt, on a warrant limed from the Mayor'* office, whrrcin aba atanda charged with harlnj obtained tha irnin of flfty c*nt* from Hergaaat Bot<r, un der fall* j ret-ncea and fraudulent repr?MBt*tloni. It appear* tbat tba complainant went to tba bona* of tha accuitd for tbe purpoaeof eliminating Madam* Fleur y, If poMible, and accordltgly pretended that be had lott bl* watch, and wanted the accuied to Hod It for him. Mih raadily mapped at the bait, a a will ha *aen frcm the following afli larit, wblcb will be rMd with a lfi*at <leal of Interest ? Cl'y and Coimfy t\f Titw York : ? Wm C. l?o**r, y-rj't, bcleg daly nwvrn, dapoae* and ?a y?, that on the ilat of Jatuary ult. h<' ??nt to the houie MS Brno na *'reet and inquired for Madame Fleu ry, room No. 4, ?h?n th ? <>po(.?nt waa teeelfd by a p?r?n an?wrr ug t>j that u* me tbia deponent laid to *ald Kleury that be uad ???<!? inloimed tbat ?be (old fortune*, and tbat ha ram* t > her to com ult her in regard to a valuable watch tbat be l'?t, an! win ted to aacrtaln ita whereabout*, If po**!bl<-, and to k tow if hi* implcioai were correct aa t* tha per ion who ?tc)e it: ibe rapllad tbat it would he <??(?>? ?>?>!? lor har to tall who tha peraon waa that itole tha wat'b, bot that aha could tell the rolor of hla balr, and wbe'her tha watch w< nld be r*?tored to we again or not tbia de ponent ar ked bar wbat her charge* w?r?, and *b< reeled tbat alia charged from otta to Bra dollar*, bat tha*. *ha would allow thrae wiahea for fifty cewt* th.i de tenant then agreed to pay her Bfty ~et* wh?n ?be want to a doaot aad tooa down alarfe hnek ?.t;> a maaalfa iron key confined hetwaeo the leer** >>y mean* of a dirty place of tape. Fba tLea directed taia Vpoaaat to atacd u j>, ind to hold one aid ? <H the beadle of the hey wMh tba foreflnrar of the right band, an l te w.ab aloud; aad informed tbia deponent If the book turn*-: around he would gat bbi Willi. The boob waa then held ai directed between th1* depoaewt ?n.| aa'd Fle iry. when thla deponent uttered a wlah to regain hia wit b: where upr.n ?aid Henry planed har bead upon bar breeat, aad turned her eye* upward, aad then exclaimed ? " AI Eighty Ood, da tell whether tbia yo.iag man who atanda befoi* m* will get hia watch. ffco than mattered orar aomethinir te heraalf, and tha t>or>* moved iligbtly, which laid floury Informed tbl* de ponent waa aa Indication of hope. "*ntd He*rr tVn directed thli deponent, when ha went heme, hi la aa a piece of paper, and pat into It a pi?< b of aalt, a -aiUl piece of brand, and a little lard to fold It op. aa !, wbaa aloae, at eight and morning, to eaat It inte the fir* aad to any, "Thla for the Ik* thief who Mote my ei'-ii Ma/ be have pfai in hi* heart, In hi* brer aad la bi? I jb*? until he hrlnpe haek my watch. M *be thee itforme I thla fepenent that tbe thief would bare noreet eatll he brought back the watch. Thi* depoaent, after matlag the lerond aad third wtah, to which h* raoet rod latter log rap! lea. paid eaM Kleurr Bfty aoat*. Mb* thee fi" thla deptuent bar card, nad UM hia when be flaaul hi* watch ae muet cea?e aad gleo her a praoaat TV* de ponent, tberaloao, charga* that aid (Vary |* ? |m * derly persaa axd that aba obtained flaw tbia dafiaeat the *?? of Ifty cent* uater t*a falae aad 'ra.UUai ^reteaae of teMtae tha fertaaa of tlua lapeaan', aad be therefore pray* that ih? may bo arfoatad aad dealt * tb a* the law dtrort. VH C SOVKt ?worn b?*?? me, Feb. n. IMh. raatna ?ooa TU M?w*d, aa botaj taM* botora hia pawx ?*;??? ) Woo J, mi held for exaaaioatioa on the charge j,.*sfarr#<l t again?t her CAAHUB OP m-XALINO ?IL? OOOOH. Two rrrj reapeqtabla loo*. ins men. narai'l J1'"1 : W light and tf ary, were arrested /outers*/" t ? officer Havilaod, of the Third ward police. charg"! on tbo complaint of George Callabxn with baring itolm a | piocr of ailk gtoda rained at $80. It la alleged on Ik* part of the piorerattoa that the pn?n<f-n entered the j atore Nm. :;o and 31 Uavolay atroot, ou Thursday n (flit, | and rfi|oe; ted tome mlk pattern* ami oilier fanrr g.n 1* to ho Khown thuu, that Mr. CaLahaa. who iraa attend log tbeni, delected Wright in the act of >o?r?liag a piece ! Of nilk of the above valae; that on charging hi a with fiie thrlt ti e prinoaer <|uU(1j laid tbegaad* on the c?m- j te* And pleadeit poverty aa an oscuee for the act An . off) at f wan iiniuediatMy called ia, who arientod tar jvn 1 itonm and couve>t d them tot be ntation houaa Yea terdaj 'Jiay were brought up before J untie? (Vtnnoil.r, at . the la?rer pol ca rourt who eManiittod them to prUoa for trial ?? a charge of grand laieeny. CHARGK OF WTMII.ARY. A young" xean, named Timothy Murphy, ww mMdrt ye*t?rday, ,1/ iiffioer Oleaaon of tN> 8lxt!i inml pollen, charged witS' baring burgUnoualy entered thff alootiiig' ?nil towling saloon of Samuel C. I'ar'rtrr, No. 310 Broad way, Mid ktntfvg from the premise* two rifle* and tiro platvPi, valued 3y the owner at $?0. It la alleged Hy th* officer that' a portion of tke property wa* found ia the pos?e*viou of tlieaecuspd when arretted. The remainder of the property w*a recovered from Himoioo'* pawn ofli. e Tile accused wa* taken before . si?* ;<?>- < oun'tiy, who onrmnitted htrn to prison for trial at the next tevm of the Coart of General 8**aions. tKIIBT Oil 81 8PICI0N OK LAMCNY. Ccnetabi* Neal^tt, of the Sixth ward, arrested a amp* clou* character, yestenlay, who had in hla possession a ?aluab'e overcoat, which tho officer believed to liar* beenttolen. An owner ia wanted for tbe article, who ean obtain the Hume by applying at the Sixth ward sta tion houae. OIIAROKII WITH BTKALINO A COW. Charles Clancy wax arretted yesterday, by officer Tier ?ey of tbe Seventeenth ward police, charged with having stolen a cow, valued at >38, tbe property of John Ityan, of No. 7 Sixth street. It la alleged tbat Clancy adroit'ed 1 the stealing of the cow, and the diapoaal of it to John Murphy of Forty seventh afreet. The priaoner wa* taken ! before Juatice Wood, who committed n:m for trial. City Intalllgt-ncr. Till Worki.xumx* IN ToMtauia Squarx? About one 1 hundred peraons assembled yeaterday morning, In Tomp- ' kima ai{uare, In response to an ailvertiaemant Id the morning paper* . At about twelve o'clock, an odd-look ing individual mad* hi* appearance, bearing in hi* hand a shepherd's crook, and ou It an Amirlcan flag tleil with ' crap*. He proceeded to dellvi r an incoherent rambling I diaconiae about the rich and tb* poor, *oup houae* and 1 clothing *tor**, until hi* audleare began to melt away, I and he was at length left witb about a doxen auditor*. | There were no othrr speaker*, and the aiaeniblags had ! entirely dispersed an hoar afl** they collected fhs day of worxlnn men's meetings In evidently past, at least for tL* present. Tin: I.a.-t Doihik. ? Yeaterday a young man, who gave hi* Diftt a* William* . wa* brought to the Chief'* ofllci), charged with bring a principal operator in a irhem* wliicn certainly exhibits great ingenuity, end digaille* dwindling into one of the tine *rt*. ft appear* that for acme time pat t country dealer* have been notified by certain bog ii a express oowpaaiM, that valuable pack age* were wiitirg to he transported to their respective places of bti*lne*a, provided they a?*t the freight minor on The unsuspecting merchants, of court*, iuica? II ately transmitted the required iua?. Wblch were I orketed by tLe knavea In tlil* city, who bar* continued this sperlea of swindling for roia* time. A lew week* ?go the gang wa* !.re'?n up, but tbe swindling I* aWU carried on, and tbe police are on the alert to fkrret out , the culprit*. William* wa* yeat-rdav detained at the . Chtst'a office, iml persona who bar* heea Iku aktau l are requests d to call aad *ee bha, and make their eom pleiata 1 l:H Kxn.RTTl> ItOl.HXXT ok Comituollkii Ft-tOO ? Tll're I ?a? a rumour atioat. a day or two alnce, to the client thai Comptroller 1 lagg Lad Li- pocket picked c f UrtO.OCO. while cr> aaiug the l'kia. 'I lis etory tun * out to b? untrue It oiigmaltd In in tLe fact that u number o' warrants, for sums not exceeding (1 tx 0, were, l>y souac carelee'nr r a, feiei laced on being take ii to the CoiupUoUu some* afw r , having i?celTe<t the Mayor'* denature. Tn* p.irtie* who Hire to receive the money, on making application wtre tild the circumataioe, when they iprtad the repo. tof the robbery, a* described Arc if ex IX Ijkkrtt mnr.-A man nam* I Jaine* C<OM*y, wa* in.iurftd, it ia f>ared fatally, yesterday af Uinooii by falling down a hntchwar tioiu tbe fourth atory of >o. 6W William street. Hla legs were broki-n *nd 1 h? waa otl.erwiae dungcroudy injured. Aaelatanr* wa* I immediately r?ni!>r'd and Wr. Conway was taken to the New York Hospital by officer Ober. Coronrra' Inqnnla. Kit/l Acilt>WT.? Coroner OiokU bell an y? sin day up* D tb* Ixy'y of I'blllpina llalburton, n child abcut ae*.n y<ir? of oge, wbo caine to her d*iith by beirg ri.n o*> r by a wagon driven by Cbarlea Martin. Th* .iccidcnt bapien'd on tbe lUooimngdnle road, near j Kith at net. The evidence (.bowing that no bltme could ba attacbfd to the driver of tin w?{on. the jury r<nd<T*d a %er<'lct of ' Accidrntal death." Hik\u> tij Dkatw ? Coroner O'Dounell held an in'peat yeatcri'ay upon tlie body of M ra. Ellen MrfarUli), the woman wbo mi m ? everaly burned on tlm night of the .'.ttb nit , by her ckth*? catching Or*, at her raaideucu, ' No. V4 h Mott atrtot. The evidence weut to ibow that tbe deccaaed had bun intoxicated on tba nigbt in i|u*a ! Hi n, and bad fallen <n tbe atove In her room, anl, her clotLea Igniting, abe wn *o aoierely buinad that *ho died frtui the effect* In a few day? alterwarda The daughter of tha deceaaed waa, it will be re:naml>er" I, ? irot'd on charge of ratting Are to her moth-r'a tltlbei, but. there hemic no proof whatever of tba al l<a?ti<n ahe waa diacharged by tba Coroner The Km pi re City Hank. grri'KME court- srrciAi. tkuh. Hefore Hon. Judge RonNltlt. TIE EltriKI CITY UM DtCI.AKET) INIJOLVKKT? | OMiEll K'B A KKCEI V1K UHAHTEli AMD INJI NC tion mai r. rurnrAL. Kn. 2.? Mr. J. M. Maaon oktamed an order from tba court thia morning, declaring tha Kinp're City liauk In lolrent, that tha aaaigament made hy tba beak U Told, tba injunction to be ;erMWit, aad the United Statue Tru*t Company to be r*cel**r The following la u copy of tbe rp*cial ordar ? An applioaUcu having been heretofore made to the . 1 above named Juatiee of tbla court by Oeorge II I'uraer, I a creditor of the Empire Cl'y Hank, a joint ?tock a?eo-l ation for banking pnrpoaea, iaauing bank note* to < !r culate a* money, for an ordar declaring the a il i hank iDa' lT'-nt, and for the appointment of a reeeirer of the ' aanoe, and for an injunction reatrainmg tba aald tank ti> n tba txerciie of any if ila corporate rigbta, a pur ?nance of the act of the Legiilature of tbe Htate of New York, entitled ' An act to enforce tbe reeponaibillty of ?to< Holder a in ceitaln banking corporation! anl a< ? iciationa aa prescribed by the cona'.itution. and to pro *ld* for the prompt payment of deman la aga ntt aueh ! corporation* ar.d aacoclatlona," paaaed Apr:! i, fei' anl anl ae?,u?nt appllcat.oaa ba? UK alao laea iead?, hy other cr?dltora of tbe aail bank, aal it ap^hffeg to the aald Jnatlce that the ui4 iiaorg?- II far?-r waa, at the lima of hie aald application, a creditoi of tba ea.d tank having a demand againat the MIMMaCl|M b'.ndnd d< flare, arieing rpon a debt contra tied e n e i tt.e fint day of January oae thoiaand eight h'indred aad fifty; that the payment of '.be aem* h%d l?ea re fuaed by the aald Kmptre Cite Kana and that more then tan ?!*/? bid e^apeatd ainie tbe eeid refnaal, at the time of the aald applleailan, and it further appeemg ta> the eeid J j at ice (bat tbe laion Uank, aad the Arterao litharge t'aak, la the rttyof Jfew Vork, were tredif>re of tf.e laid future Uly itauk and bal aim Ur deaaanda agaisat the tald Kaiplre Hty llaai aria ag a IU<- nawa aer, ted that payment of tie aal I .letnenda lied Ixau la U.e itttaer nl .aa^, tad that more than tea lata had elapead alnce tbe >aid reluaale reepe^tj.e! y aad it for appaarlaw ta the eeid J a> lice, lUt leaac >ruel aad itlei- were alao erea'it ira of the aa d tha Eaaptre (It* I'ai.k. ar.d that they bad obteinaa a ) idg-weet agalnat tie aeme and that an e'centtoa egaloat th? p * ffr of I tie a.d Empire City Eeak had bean ret'irw-1 'ineetUfted, l aad it fartlmr apf-.r.n, te tbe aaid JaeWe that other ! eiecottaaa agaiaet tha aaad kaepira < ity iwak mm M not be>a'l?a*d oat of any property of the aai l baak aa l ceitam axeuate of the eaeeta an-: babilitaee ef tW tat) , beak bat lag bee* eihibited ta tbe aaid Jeat.ce, aal Airaha* m. Rlnntafer, the Treetdeat and Mnbert T f'ltamer. tha aaahter at the aal bank, ha* w beea eu mined in eath before tha aaid . retire toaciuag tha e?n dl'toa of I he aeid beak - new , on (ling U*- aeeeral ap | plieatlene and petitieae of the >ad uadlteri and '.h? ee ?*rel a new era ef tha aaad bwit thereto, aal e* takiaa the aaid eiaminatuma ef the >aid < fbcera -I the aatf kaaa aad other teettanowy herein, ami ea beans/ Mr. Ikarlee Tracv, of tananal (ot lh? aaid baak. aad Mr I. M Maaaa, af canaaal fnr the anl I appftoent. >.?*f II furae*, aad Meant I. ftatt, fiecard aad Hatiley ilW neye for lenae Eree*. aad oUaera, aad Mr IJeary II llaa ef roaaaal fe* the Aant ran Kichange Ueak the aeid Juatiee octh d' let mine that tbe aaid aeafiatioa ia aot cleaily i"i?eat whareepoa aad oa n>.ua of Mr J. M. Ma- am. ef 'owaeel In* fieorge H Peraer, It la hereby ndiadged aad declared aad the aaid Jai t?te by ?iftne of the power aad eatfcairity in hta( *eet ed dafb adjudge aad declare that the aaid iVe Keep- - City Ma ah le Metlietl Aad It la farther ordeaed, that the f'ai>4 INatee Tna.l 'ami? y ef Saw Yeefc? a topn(a(m a reeled ?adw aad ny eirtae af the net of the iMtelaUre A the -^a' of Mew Tort, paeeed Apr I 1*, lfc?-be aad the te.m hereby la. appekatad the reeeiew* at all ami ? tae eatate. real aad perianal cbattM* ml Maeya. deb a thiag a la aeUna, e^mtaUa iataaaata. anaarataec prop* 7 ' pad *?ntt ?h*tea*r*g aa4 wM.-wttn H ? b?te^ ?f ' tour I rid in truat for the and bank, or in whieli tfca M 'I 1 1 iA haa Mf right, till* or iataraat, in I alio alt | bonda and luoitgagea, deada, writing), Inaara. mini- 1 Hunt, of till*, bout* of account*, thiuga in aeti'jn auJ : tO*cta of lit* Mid Kiaplr* City llaok. I Au>l it fuitht-r e|>pr*riag that the ??. I Kmpir* C . ! jr | Hank had n ecu ted an loatrument (waring date the twelfth day of January, on# thouaaad right bundled ?ud ftfti Ore, purporting to M an aaaiguni**ut In truat of all '!'?? ''?? of the aald bank, to Smith Darker, Jamaa OM a ir and CLnrlea ft Tap|><'n and that tba aald aliased In, tium.nt of aaalgnurnt ia in contravention of tha atai ?"?? of tha Stat* of New ITork, it la herebr furthar ordei ?*. .?<?? irfgrd and dectarrd. that tha aald aileged loMrui?aat af aaaigninent la uttnrl/ void and of di etfret. A nd It i*? rn;tl'*r ?rderrd, that th# aald Kmplra C'ttr fin; , and *? officers. etrvanti and a /cnl*. and the mid hiatti'i hark.n*, Jainnr Conner and < hi?r lr? S. fa,-]*!), th* raiii AlUgrd aaaignraa, deliver ever to tha aat<i ra ralvir all a-td ererj tha aaid estate, raal and chai*H.? reaf, ui>n?;a, eecurillea, property, and rVV", koni?, uortg^(*a, deait?, wrltiw**, l*a>???, is uu.B'Mt ' of tit la, book* of av'omBt, voiMbera ami ether rrJd'ncaa v' daht, under tha direction of MtrphaB fimbrrlery, of the dtjr of Saw York, <?uni*lh.r a* law, wlo Is hrwxhy roufMtiitad ref<-wa for that purpona; and that tha* at o, under tUe dirrction of ffca naid rWan<'. eaeaute ae<f deliver to the raid receiver ail nnvvwjr and pmp*r <K *da amf avelgnmt-nta aa tba aaid r afar re at iff direct aid repute* Anil It fa fat ther or teied. that the ?ald Kril>rr ha vrntcif with nil ? be powere. iwl obligation* o( r? ?river arcordiag to die Itwii of t!ili? Mat* ?ud the ruin ?ad prattler orAMa Coart, anil have roll' power ant aii- 1 to inbuilt a!Ur a?d take pnaaeaaion of all and every autb piop*r\v ana tfleata, and far that porpote to examine ilii- office^ of tl* aaid bank, ami the aaid at ?igneea aai aueh afher prrwran aa may be nrreiaary anil proper, on rath befole aaid referee, from time tj tuna, ait Mttil refeiee may direct axl require. Aid it la farther ertferrd. Itiat Hie aaid receiver take charge of the property and ekrcta of aaid Woi, ami col lart, ku? for ami reouTf r t'le di 'ita and 'tenia n In Chat WllllMaikMIM dun t> tlia aaid bank, and all property that aoay l.elonir to l&e nai l banli. And tl. at llie raid receiver be at all tlmmtmbject to fhn control direction and order of thiaAiurt in tha peen>.aee. And it ia further ordered, that the aaid the Krnpiw City Hunk and ita i Ulcere be ritntrUaed and enj-ainr l fruiu exerciiung anr of the corporate right* of the ,?ild bank, ?r any right* or privilege* Kraut*"' V> It by lair, aud that Hie aaid the Vtnptre City Bank ami ita olllcer*. aervant* imd ageata, a ad the aaid Minlth llarirer, Jamea Co mcr md i (liarlea H. Tappan be reatralnxl and enjoined f. tin <mI lading and renewing any debta or iltmanda due- to tlia nald lieak, and from paying out cr hi any way trauefer ring or delivering to any lemon any of the nwney pro perty or i-itei t- of the taid bank, excep'otig aa la aUownd and dlreoted by ttiin order, and aa ahall he allowi 4 and directed by th? further order of thin Court. JA 11 EH J. K'KMKVKVT. A copy. I'toHAim li. CowJtoi.r, Clerk. Marine Coart. AlTlOM Kill KJU.MK IMI'KIHOSMKNT ON M?AKI> TUB muill UKOkOI LAW. It- lore Hon. Judge Tbouipeon awl a Jury 1 IB. 2 ? Airrandtr Willtami el. (iuilavui V Wit, \ Thla ia an action for falna imprisonment ol "u toard the klramer George I*w. l'laiutlil waa oaa of the I ate* aula of the ve*e?l, and, having b?tn applied to by a pateenger for limaa, anaeerrd him that than wart none; i up'n whlah the paaeenger, It ia alleged, called him a d? d liar, and the plaintiff ordered h'm out of tha pan try. Tha paaeenger, imagining h mnrlf inmlt-J, appued to tha captain of tb? ateamer, (tlia defendm*. ) aud {ilalntitf waa theraupoa put in alogle Itona on dock anil kept th* ra oarer i.ight for thla infringement of liborty tha |iN?Ml auit ia braoght. Mr. f.. K Hulkelay. in SniBg the eaxa, ye<ter<Uy, to the Jury, atatad thai hi* Hit had been, ever el are thla oo;urrerc?, aMicttd with rlieiBiatUaa, frwai expa>?re? ha hat'ng barn 'akan from . tin hut uanlrr to tha ap?a (lack, and tlia tight baing taii-y au.l atotiny. lUert war aaa.? caafliat of taatinoajr aa tr tha axaot arrda that pa?aad tot worn lb'' plaluUif aud tka paaatn- I ger and Mr. Rail, I latrlct Attoraey, ooana?l for daf'-nd ant. raatM^ed thtt plaiatirt trtt air.o.inl"d to intuhur- , dlnntl' n, for which tha raptaln ha 1 a rigtt to pauiah h'm Tl e Judge Aharite l th? )ur y at aotii" l ingth Uy'ng down tbe law rppilcublt to niar.neii an I tha maatira ol teiatla ? that pU ntll! wan in law a mariner, and auh Jec'. lo all tli' mlea y.ovaralag an orlloarr aaainan It wt ( hie dtt'y toobay re?;iactlully all Uwful oommaoda That if lie waa ? uii'v if any niliciu !uct or 4<nt of Lrcper re?jK l to an oflc r of the ataaoier or pa.*aea^<- , 1 It amtmnlel loan art of inenbimliuation lor w'nth tha aiaelrr ha>l tie right to inQlet pam-lut ent prop .rllonate to the OfTince Ih it t!n- mn.ler la llxble oaly for efaa aite puaii-hixeiit. and nlthough pltirri f may hae- auf Irn u ct< r ac mi th, if tl o pn'titj.rai'nt waa not ua'iruat, he caunot recover. Ihat obed i uce an 1 r??ji tt fiijm a uiarinfi ia of a uiuch mora atriugeat charactar tiaaq any r> <|ijlreil of iiti ant* or tubordiimtra on ahcr# That if | the jury belli ve II. e captain or li r#'! the plaictlit t > ap i legi'e to the paaaen^er and h? nfu'ad diaraap ? "folly, that waa Inauhordlriation which the captain m gh*. p . n i>h at bia diaeivt'oo. 'that alibongli a riarlner ia rhai a d with an ofTcuce of w.iic j b? ia nut guilty, lie ha? no r K??t lo bu ui?re# pactlul when an charged I *i? jury nte tn lay tahethi r plaintiff con mrt-d any offaoca; if 1 ?? i'JiI, wa the puninlui-ent egceatlre lie jury leliiad, itid alier an ??>'? n- ? of * few lain i'e< nti ii.eU with a ftidkt (or plaiLtill if f: ii . A Will ol f'Jrrlnmit on Ilia- Mrlrojiulllan Theatre. ?l?IT MHTKIOT r?> .T. ll?forr Judge Oie?u. Kill. ljOjar',f, ImtuIIviiI >1 //rnry ll'iffl i, Tenant, and lit' Kurd Sandt and J. J Salkant, L'n Ur (enanti. ? '1L* iantilord, in liia c?mpWlut, aaya that tie t.y ? !'???? in willing, btarln^ date the .'JOtli day of l>? em ber, !*&?, let to Mr. Willard, the tenant, the pram. ?ea known a* the Metropolitan theatre, for the ?arm of twenty < ne yaara from that day, at the re nt of four boo ?1r? ?1 ili llara |< r mini, payable weekly from the 'lata of tl.c Irak#, tbat the trnant ntxwl into po.aeatl' n of the ral'l pretniaaa, and la juatly indebted to the aa d iendl.rd in lb* oum of |A(X>, ilua tba KVth of January Uat, wh )i haa lean di iripi id from tba tmaot, a bo h*a mad" 4a fault in the | aymrnt of tba eanie. T!.a un lerUn >nla firt;li ttnl to apt -?r on the raturn of the irngm iai b r tba tenant Mr. Wlllar! app'ared by TTxibii W Htulth, K??l , hia counicl, and ' led an affldaTlt a? fnllowa ? Thla drponrnt aaya ba baa not made 'afa .lt In tba ^arinNt of the rrnt. The Judge aal<l tbat tba t?n?n'. a alHlatit rflJ not eontrorert any fart >ontalned in thelaailord'a complaint, b<it merely denial tba roaaluaioa of law tb'irin roolalnaii, an l that unhaa tba t<nantr<mt ro tertrd or one of tba fai ta aat forth In tba eotn |>lalnt. I.e afcoiild order tba warrant to leaue Where upon tlia tenant'a eounaal withdraw tba affidavit, an), on motion of Jautee K WbltlBg. Ratj., tba Jadge orflared the warrant to laaoa to place tba lai. )l rd In pna?aeeloa of tt.a (IfB.IMI. flroohl) rn City Haw*. Tin MatoK'i 'oan.Aiar lv?ia ? 'omplalate of *a rioaa nuirancea, uallranead Ui<ior ah' pa, aat ria Utlona of ordlnaorea, are entered upoa tha Merer 'a complaint book evarj day. <?? re in a while a choice aperiaxn la placed on tba retort, aa p?r at ample ? ?'Andrew llook ton Atlantic atreart dat.ea all anth->r:ty to *top him I mm tailing ll>|aor aaya ne hae been .a jail for oaa month. bnt thou Id not atop aell Q| for that. aa1 would continue In tb? aaraa tiualf.eee in defiant* of all authority that th> ra la no fraadoai n tbla country tbat he told yeeterday ll/ior la i|ltaaHkala*. aa) would aell aga.n and |f h- bad a U Ida r loag to'/ugb he aoald tale the acalea af Jnatlia froan tba < ty Mail, aa tney w t re a falaa repraaer.tat on of tha t>u?.u*ee I >?e la that huildiac," Ainwni' Fan l,ro* a lm:? Mai - A aaan. (1*la( hla r ama aa I bar.aa HoMateia, aaa hraagbt before Juitia I'laicbty taa erda y en tba (karja ,1 attempting to il > la*e tka perton i,1 a l.ttle f rl tame < ? !!aa Mar. a V?a1?*t The arcuttd la a |?!!ar of dry fx, It, At la aJ'?*-l. ba *t# ed at tha b?.uaa whera tba (irl raaU'aa, a', tba town of '.raaeaead, I. I., and finding al. ne, |faw l??l Vt take hbertiea of aa improp ar nalur*. Iter 'ilea brat ifbt tea>ral of the lelghtora tofetktr. who fall -ipoa l .a pe'lar aid tata him a aarttfe beatiag. Me aaa thai brought ta tba etty and waa roa>mitla4 ta tba ooaaty jail to await 'be reaaM of aa eaaailaat 'ti Vii.iK't ?The Mayor baa 4>rt#tt4 tba patll*ataar r?et all begfara ahant the atreata N .a eri aia iaa?a ap aatgy day and brought baf'ira the Jaatim Moat <f 'ben. are dlaebarget if it la f>waa4 that tkey bar* | m??a, to t upport tleanaalte* tbila tVet wtao l.ate a bar. e ar laritlmate hualaeaa ara aaat to the almabatae f ai |i ? K- ?H|. ?A ?.'? rig re/?t../?4*l cktreb la tba ne gt borl ?*4 if Claetaa at I falloa itraaaa waaMe M?k>ly aatat*4 oa ike a ght af Ikt voib all . aot alt t?? carpetlra aaa r ppel ap ao4 'arr*-t away. n'Mo<t Ca'ertk/a. Tie property la rala*d at a boat Wlllleaaabari (My Mew*. hiiait It*at? ? Vaatar-*ay afier aooa, aa aid ma I aaaaed Maard Met aaa fait 4aaa Ul a tt, at tVe nogaag <,f ?.ltb aa4 -Sautb Weaaaa aliaata T>.a *M gwatlima i waa roa*aya4 lata tha ko'ia* af Mr lkt|(a. alaraatary : tHulaaaa waa r*ad#ra4, bat ba t ad la a lew ?a.ailaa at'er. 1 eraaaad aaa aUoat 47 yea ta af a^a, aad reaa4a4 l? 'aatb Third atraet. t o> Hwnu I aaa - Yaatartay aftaraon*. tkraa { ? e.l draaaad yaaag aaaa, daaiaaM af *a? Yart ytl4 a a leit V. t?..r?l aer'baa'a la , ti'ba a tea of i?>a?tag tlt?? ra??ltea in a pa; aula rf fatal af tlaa Tnatf miaaaaata aura bad Uaa aUattaa of A tale ta at Captaaa Maaaaatt aa4 oSaara Wart aad ever lett, wba aaaa a be. at ta i(aaati? tbeaa abat U?a yaaag a^ta aaaAa a 1 M break far Ike fan j fta af tbawa, git aa tbatr saaae* J* ba Imag aa! Maard Caydar e eta I bally arr*wta4 aad taAaa to tha Wt?> A pae-a ? f all aa 1 a '.a a at ty of rratali. taiaal at M wklrk ha4 beaa atatea frt-ai Mr J HaaalKata, dry gvada 'aaiaf aad lit (aaa k Hrwtbaaa U Oread atraet. aar* faaad aa cratad a boat tbeaa Ifargaiat, praur * -aaeaor -4 r*a*f aaa aaaaef i.eatae \ art'. tea a rreeted b* apaaial pil llBIl leatt. aaa Wrangbt bafere JaaUaa RaaaalJ yaatatday. aftat a a gbt la tba aeOa aad iart ft far IMarVae pablie worabip ia tba M K. Mum* 9 v#v:vb la NiU Hfrt atmt. [ AFFAIRS AT THF NATIONAL CAPITAL. HUHn-TllIHl) OONKK. BU'UHD mmjjom. >?ii?tei WabniMios, I'rtr ?, IH6:. jcmcrai rnrtm, i?rt. Mr. i(?l',|) at N.C , (???* niitia* that oa Monday 1tt\ 8?*.?houl<l pr.?j?? U> top**! ao maeh of ti?? thirtieth mtlcni ,<?' ?ba a-.t to aatablMi t'je Ju4t?at IViurti of tfr l'n#A I m au bonro* lh? taking af daixxitinnii *llVM nolle* lb? b U fittn Mr H *?*J. tba CominiUm <>? <?? marca, ailunt I ibf ft uaalan 6uilt iblp Aiua U? a r??i iiar amir r tha nat WV W A ??? I>aaaa?i. Tbia la priva:* b?#a) , and Um buaiaaaa thai far it quita unimport ?at. >t/<'uk ,? 1 "* KATAI. MP HI ICS, Mr Matrijr'a bill fro ? U??mMla? ua.Naral Alfam, waa talan D|i ao<f ]<At W<i. TWa bill propoaaa to pi?.a tkoN vllUaia on tb? Vawr?a ' Hat ?fci ara out of iba luta of promotion, ami uLifW U '*? <-4 itnias*, ta'l t-> par rt>n?? raptplua, c iiratr.^"'. J^tananta a bo ara tarapaMa of aarrlaa. Tl>a ratarvril list nan aa tajlowa Oa leaf* ? Captain*.. ?? M.Mf " CVmiuanilarr t ** M Uralrnull. ? ~. ...... 74# " VajwJ llltlahi-MMB .v . .. ? ? On ?*? rfrfiw, na*? janl or 'i <k" Jul/ ? C.|>Uh.? , ('??irmindvro. ? I.*** I u t? muU. .... ? 1 ,0W I'ilW'l Mula lit |. turn , . ? TNX HklU UlJf . JllktWO. Tha hill Nip lb* r?lt*f <>f tJ a a'alna**U af tU* prira'.* *?!!?? I brttf ttaa Aiu)?tt?aK > p. Mr. ItfrNjAMiN ?poki< at l*i. ftk a???*'t tha biU. II* hml (otiil far th* bill in oritar ? ttorra i "?n?Iii?ra'ioa H?<ld till. <"B :h* griiim<lof M tha prac*4*i%4 invaivad. ha ar* urd that lb* M'l' witlr* ?ata'ili?l? th a |>rv?i ilri.t ..but if tha rUiui of a cttiaaa ml a faratg^ i;ot'niiuiil wan irfirtrl by tha Uulta<? Hi I'l co?*rn m*nt to for* I** arbitration, thaw, if tfcr a^MM a< Uu arblttition ??* InfWvor of th* rlainatnt. Il? would ba paM by th* foraign guvi rnuwnt ^ whil"~f 1 '?a a??rd ?a? a||ainat tin j tlaMat, tli* gi. nmrarA * mil pay hlin. Mr Haajtan arguari at langtb tlu?t Vr H*n ?n?b > Iwifc*.! at It a* a uuration i?hrtl??-r gor-riiui ait <?" ri|gt tl? ai elud* lt**lf from lading. Ila thought It ? <|l "xtfa abathrr tb* (ovrrnmrat et.uM Jmtl; ?y. H* ?l ?o*r?l Armotronft aaa taken how th* uwn?rrin a f ??*??*? aau tral port, hjr a |.n l.lic n?nij, aftar a a*nat gidlnit <*? f*nca of it.rll anil th* national Ila*. lortugat t* Itabl* to th>- onani, bat tb? ovn?r< eouM <-nty p*i**>?il? t ljfl mil! b Ik* ? of tba lnlta-1 Hut * pnraMi. i>u?rmm< ul mulil i.jr a naar* iI*iiioual saltan *f par, l.ara i,lk*r mlri ?? fur It* altlarna. but I ti i-fal.-vrM ra r*ri??l to arbitration tit* rlatan. ableb vaa ioat b y **?**? at au arror of fart a??um*l br tba arbttr dbr. of *klrb mot t!?? in* lit havo barn dtaabuawl, i.'tba |??i a - iik nt hail ap|*ai"l or |*nulita<l tha ownar* toappaai, li?for? tli* arbitrator. A* to th* prrc*4*'tl, *?*la gal lantry and aurb rrrara will na4 olUn oecur t <g*thrr Meatra lla;ai'l lul t'larU.n l?atnroi*<t I hi T- pr?rta?ia argiiu i-nl on ih* bill, ?hm th* Hraat* a<i towaaai ta Sfcni!?f. lloMt of UryrmnUllrM. W AoiiiNorux, |'cb. % r*n*7* till', Tba Ilouaa pu>?>l th* bill fun t It* r?lirf of Knn IM d*ii \ Co , i omitting th* dullr* cm tliagood* r.i?t?*rat?4 llj Mr ilro. Att*e ?mIdt la Cammltt** on |rl?*t? bill*, tbi ty *?c bill* ?M< "i .?'? ' *? llou**, la. Mi finally *' U J on. No ifuuiuai b*tug pi***iit, Ibo IUiii* an Mjwm4 Out Waafaliiglan l ? rrapondr acr . Wmmmm, torn, It, m?. TJu ,\tw Pti JJiU? /Vdu'li im Ikf ZxltMl JV.4it?l ? r*i UtUpuixn -f Uyamiott C-b**|e -? ftu roo wr'i - jttl tn I miUh0 U'auAi*tf<** ? 4 y*w ItpurnlMiitm It b* .spr ing ujac* (kifrm, 4c. Mr lLiuil'i.i, of AI* , tb* ? liairnun of Hi* <onamatl?a *f W?y* *0'1 H(U?, (?>? nutlca ;kUnlt; la th* Ilouaa ?f lu pra??nta ifti that on Tburvloy (to mat re a) K? would loi'aa *u a lint to tap ? l a af a tarlll bill and la tali a ti?t ?iti? upo u it. Hliotal I Ua tin 'I bimaalf la tha m noilty i>? d' Iliad bi* lataaltoa U? Ut Uta ??aura (ail Ibiougli without* ilru^gl*. A najurUy of lu* com inlttec htit *gr*rj to r*|?tt tha bill a* publub*4 la <mf l*U*l of t: a .lib iMlaal, tut a in iior ly r+v> t? ia aln n nul'inp aiion far.tbat r*,*>i I, bo* *v*r, it l? atrMt arorOaix a With Ik-' ?l*w*oi Iba n*. alary *4 Iba Traa ? wry aifi tb* alrou* bib' J I* tb?t >.n ia>4ifv ?t *a of (l f | r u t tariff ?".! ba load* at IbaptuMot aaaatoa. hor'i i'' tin . mprr ? mi .if r*r?ral ua? mbari of tba ? am uiittra rapui line tb* bill I *p|.n u< o'l luce triU '?* *oio? liBi' ?ky in t>**>d>? lit* bill iulhor'>itig tli? ti funding ? f car tala dullr i colirct*4 by lb" foT?rni.? lit l*t?tn Iba I iuai of ?*4 lalifjmf l!il naiifurtl; t>?*ly It *M Iw r?roll*< 1*4 I ha l M/'<u alln iba .igiilrtg of tha traaty Mr Uutliria !**? a<l hi* circular In trillion to iba rullar.lloa of dutiaa on article* Incl* 4"! In I ?.?? fr?a Hit, a?<l * imitail tbat I 1 ngtaa* ini|(l.l aatbi rii* tba ?*?.* to ba irf .in 1*4 In lb* i'm ut of it* titat; bi'liif rdlUni II to tin* ruumial b' r* Out ?' aia n'talir* of f? ii(|>h bar* tail ipawu tiling lat^aly In lb*?a rlalma? |>ui<-harla? tham for aa imty mil* i a Ilia ilollar, froa* |?'i?(u aut ?i*biaf ta Ua tj..ui.i?'l ait'i iba aat-oyaDara of (atttaf tb' ia rrfa a<ta4. If tbl* La II.* ' aaa, tba (iroSta of tl.* (pacalatiaa will n<>t l a Iai(* i? uadar *iirh e*r> umataara* na kill caa I liafmi autlioiitiar tba itatla* ta rWnalal. lbr uattn a ill |?obabiy uiclarga aa 'n raatigatl >? bafora Mr li brr * c muilt I' ll.* fraud* uLoa ib* InU**** Iruliaa*, by -art* a um rut of til" I' > AlWf. a?* lUlli'ial oa tba Waatar* Iroat *r, ba<* rm ?*4 tli* *lt*btiua of Iba l*raa> laat b a. -rlf, an 1 It i? lalblrd b? w III rialt tb'ia w tb trnm n ary f ?t>ialmv ??.* fur tli*lr *rim??, in ?pita of tbl ya Mat* ni l frotactlt f >yinpatby of Caciata ?y Itarta. njl aoubl b? an act of manly in l'p?(i l?n<a ./a tba aart a# tb' aaarutita ** a*t?n abir.a aa II ?nail ba rtfbt aa4 pro|*r II I* luita l.a abaul4<?ina ta tb* raaeaa af bla aan rapulatloa, at tboaa abo .urr. unt biaa aalilMl lar It a i?cl I. ?* 4lairjai.t. In a ina*>afa ta tb* ll*o>a if l-ii. ' ? yaatariay, b* ratnaiaaaa 4a4 a?*b % nioOIBc ation of iba ??i?ti..jf la* a aa aaul4 aaabl* bla* In da fall aa<l *ai|.l* jiatir* to tb* Kan*aa Ia4iaaa la eluding tba l alaaair* ami to carry out tba Uaaly ailb Ib m in iaod I ailb II y lb* by, tb*i* la n' * n tbU titr a 4*l*giUaa < 4 rblafa fr> m tba Wjimtutl ?riu* of lodlaa*. aba labaMi boat "a of tin' Na raala Tarn'ory- iba aaalaaute aii4 Hh*h tba lanata (illary oa Mf.oday baari rtarn 'itoo.^a a ?4 by tba taialaiaia ?f Iba baaaaa ai. lMia*onrt I>i* pi ?< ij/- i ? blaf, T*u rwi i I*" b la dafaae* of tb* lad tian. It lallgbbwl bin at n.ucb t* at la* aolirlwd a "talk" altb tlaa '.?oaral, arblaM to. a plara laat "M. i| at It* rooai of tb* lallrr, la pa* ?rata of a amobar of gmtlaaaaa Tb* Wyaadatt tntaa ara U.a too* t clirUl**<! and tba b*at lafaratad af all tba Kurtb Aai?rlcau ta'iar.a aa-J Tai roi u?*a ay il . b* dlrhiBad a ad alo>|urat 'ara a if bl* vblt* br*tb>*a Ha t*i<l ba rana*ali~t tbam a* bralbar*, a aid bvbabl la *a*M a Ir aad Ml* flalt In Waablegtoa aa* araaaptad by a dralia to laara laor* of thaa?, a*t, ta baanaa* b*t I** ?raaalatad altb tb*lr m*na*r* aad* erf Ufa lb* *ad O'/tl.Uf alaa brooabt bm'otbli clly aaany uall*? dlatant ft' aa bla WaaUra h? aa*. ?J"n*r?l llaailaa fa la a anina*r pr.ul.arly epprapri*ta a ad *f ?rilr* II* told 1 1 aaa I bat abaaaf*r bi* rat btrlbira aoubl roaaaat ta *aar ro*U, paata, ?ba** *ad bat*. 11^^ <*?M l*"?aa? *a ab'.t* aaa. < lag ' nly la rnm aalriloa tb?*??ar Ibay aaal4 Manab lo Ua* la eo*af<irtabt* baoaaa, * ib IbMr wnmm aa4 rblbTran aroual tban. Ua ay a 414 b* aa bapar aa tb 1 1* ablta bratb.ra W I ? ? at tbry ara )?ra?ltlr4 ta r* ?-aln la > na b rallty, aitb tH*ir lltll* ftHda aa4 lapaaaa n.aata about Iba an aat*a^ of l<^?g ibaawl aa? taaily la te aroda, tba ladlaaa alii t? Ilk* otb** f?tpi* I la alib?l to m a tba nana aba* a* <?aM ay ta tba r*4 ant* ? "ll*i ? ia ga.^1 laa l, ? '.an* la aa4 ?altiaata it? bu tdyanr ?IIU|?a, timi bbxl ba-aaaa and yaar t*aa pi** to tlia t.rrat pint- do tbi*. b*(?*a* laatfaatad, 'daritad. ' *a4 tl>*a >.b?y *o*l4 ba aa lb* a bla*, l ating amy rn'itli* tn pi '-myt to gwt act oa aa a?tl<af>'t iilL tt.a latliaa war* daligbud ailb I baas lalrralaa *itb 'ba luaa ai* lu aaar alo*4 faaairl aa tli^f ttTi? *ad baat frlaad A ara aa*'alaUoa up?a lb* If laUtloa af ' aa grata attl I* at'aiap'at la a day aw ta* la tba ? b*pa <.f * r-aol'it.n ta b* la'rarlaaad la tba I nit*d>l*taa itaul*, aablng I '.igraai in parcbaaa a*** raj ibouaaod fitilaa a aaa publication of aid aiallar, g'.ttaa Oil by Maaira Talk* fc,Ma try af Ibl* ally aa4 ?tyl*4 "lb* Mai* af lb* laloa ' Ilia* a**r* r*pabb -*tl/a af li>* lia.. |aat a a*a**;a aal *aa aaaaa ylag Ibtaaaiib. abf. Ij,**! Taa Ubaaaaad ayku <4 ta* "Hp aal b*ta a lra*dy taaa n*4a|a4 far tba -?aal* aad ttairtp b?u**a4 far tb* Mara** I J*raap I Hp Ra?a. f rrr WxaanaaaT * Kamarr ? Tb* Otf Mlaaaaaarr b*? r*ad*r?4 bia r?part far laaatry la tba City Trar* aad Mlaaioaary r*?iaty Itunag tb* MaU. S.4M nab ta f* vi Uaa la Tt dlflaraat 4i*tn<u bar* b*aa ai I*. aa4 J M*lrwta ia4 ana t**t* **?*!* bar* h**a diatalba lad Tbtrty abiUraa ba** la?a ladaaa-l ta aliaad (tab batb arbnof Tba a"??at of tba r*taf I ua4 taw tlaa aa*atb, to *? WWai mwnttm </* baa4 *t I ?t of tb* aaal .... W M la.aal^a* a '*<b *1 ?* Tata I.. . W TS t4*a* aaaraavr*. lAatflbalad (I* *^U ?*"?*/ ?34 47 <J* baad Jl*? i*?aa?f MM Total MM fVtl *? bal* rap* tad*, *b?*a, ba , ba**fe**a *aat I* and diat r i b* t?d aai agat tba paw Tba bal aiatb>*?, l*r*ty /a nafaatara *ad a aa?b*r af badliat a.baal la i .?a aa^arabw 'Wtbtaa fara ai>*4 by tba Ia4t*a r*aia? 4a aiatj, ba* aiao la. a <aatUra*ly gliaa oat ta tbaaa ua (If aoarj a plaad la tb* baa4* *f tk* Mayor far tW >->a*at cf tb* poor, tb* ' ity Hia*'.?n baa ta? I.I U.m mM ? I ... .V- . "< Rat Mr Vwilatai. CMy M a.i^aairr I. It tb* aaatb a*at 'Wiar of Uraa* *lr*at *a4 luJra*'. a>a<* lb* aiWlUftlatllii 4aaaU?aa fHa* Uta ts aabana AM Ma* *a?apalal that r*Vaary vtll b* a bard la* tba aww *a4 n to ?**.r%h*B ta l? IHMltMfltMMii

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