Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1855 Page 1
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Til E NEW WHOLE NO. 6734. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, L855. PRICE TWO CENTS. RfilBLE DISASTER (l?l THE JERSEY COAST. ffreck?f the British Bark Argyle. 88 OF THE ClPTilK AND IfLKE OTHERS. ONLY ONE MAN SAVED, WPTT J, INC ACCOUNT OF IIIS ESCAPE, , &?, Ac. ihe?l ?. brief aocount in the Huulii of Wed lie haw of the British barn Argyle, Capt. .'ax. muat from (JU-uo* to thin port, and which the oosst of Jersey, about twelre xai lea south iML The following are the particular* of the i o*?a/n?d by our special reporter, who Tinted arhiMdof the wreck : ? 'le, Captain James Uurntqa, left the port cf cAtUn l. -on the '.'Mu of December lust, with a Siting Plainly of pig iron. ar.d consigned to J. ef Ou'.s city. Iier crew numbered seven men, i? captaia and Hr?t auu second mates; there pa*?<?SfCr on board ? making eleven persons ? oo'.jr ooe of whom escaped from the wreck J> of Juauary they came within night of the con. r , tnd the weather being tolerably lair for n -of tid e jrear, they expected to make port fa a d at tfce utmost. On the afternoon of the 23th, ) tbe w kxl freshened, and they were obliged to rssri ?mt?r single reeled topsail*. At this tiive going at the rate of five knot* an hour, and h ?cst by north half north. About twelre o'cIock he cry of *H?r?,k?rs ahead" roused the crew for the irst time to a. ?ensu of the daager, and every effort ran made to oJter her coursa. !t was useless, | lowever; for vhree or four minute* after the ilarm watt pimas, she struck, and becime utterly inmanageaMe. So sudden was the shock that the ;rew were unable to get out the boats, and were ?bilged to lea ve the deck and seek safety la the rigging. The wave* mow began to break over her with terrific force, tearing trajr the boats from their fastenings rbey could am the shore indistinctly, about thre> hundred yard* ?U, but as they could not venture on deck for the pwpoeeof forming a raft, they were com pelled to renin iu tu the riggiog, hoping that the long wished for at saing might bring them soma assistance. The passenger, who was a Scotchman, and one of the banda, a boy at about sixteen year* old. were swept over board with tlw wove wave which carried away the boats. The survivor* , with one exception, lashed themselves to the masts, awl lw was the only perionor the whole craw who was saved. This man, whose statement w? give below, bald <m by his hands In the foretop; and after au exposure of 'fourteen hour* oc the wreck succeeded in reaching the Uikd by swimming. At length, after fix terrible hours of agony and suf fering, during which they w?r? drenched with spray and expoaed to thai piercing winter wind, the day began to break, and tlwy saw a vessel about half a mile from them. They sink signals and were answered, but what ?ver hopa they mytit have entertained when thov ttrst ?bserved her ravished, as sbe proceeded on her course without taUop further notice of then. It was, iu fact, impossible to g4*e them any assistance, situated as they were in the md4?t of the breakers. No attempt, how evar, was mada, and they now watched the shore with the most interna? aaxlety, as their last hope. They wcr? noon gratifleo with the sight of a man . and in less th*n half an hour after there were some twenty or thirty on ?Ha tescli. Tfc?j- had been observed by some person connected with vbe lighthouse who obtained all the a* distance he eauid. At this time there were nine men on iha wreck, ntui it was believed that if a rope com munication rstU be made with it and the shore, that they could b? atved. The inortar was accordingly brough out, and a ball, with a rope attached, fired over the ves pel. One of the crew succeeded in selling it, and wai proceeding to make it fast to one if the masts, when, from some caueu, it gave way and all subsequent at tempts to MtaMMl a communication failed. It la aald by noma that tUc failure was attributable to some defeat in the mortar or the other apparatus As it was impos aibie to aave tbr*M by this imssk one of the persons on tha shore votuotsered to gc if any otheis win1,! accompany hiai; but there were cone daring enough to venture -tb?r lives. All but this brave felleu con sidered it iBipisvs'ble to get through the surf, which was thrown to the height of ton or twelve ft it on the beach, and he was ai-cordingly forced to remain a passive spec, tator to tbe tmrible scene before lntr . About twelve a 'doc!, one of tbe sailor* fell from his place en tbe face top, and, striking on the deck, wss killed. He ?ae afterwards found on the beach with the front part of his skull btoken in. Tbe man who was saved van (Aaerved seveial time* in the act of undress ng and dreasis* again, but did uot venture to leave the vessel till sbc?t two o'clock, after fourteen hours expo ture. Than, without any article of dresi upon him, ex jept a pair ef mttuo drawers, he leaped into tbe sea and nade for the beach, which he succeeded in reaching ifter a struggle <*f twenty minutes with the waves, dur ng whieh he tzv*juently disappeared frcm the sight of hose on shore. As he was completely exhausted, how iver, be woaM doubtless ba7e been swept away by the eceding water* had not one ef tin spectators gone into he smrf, with a rope fastened round his waist, and letped him out. He was tal.en immediately to he bonae oC Mrs Betsy Chapmsn, about half . mile dirtaat, where be received proper care nd attention. An hour or so after, tbe captain, vldently emboldened by the success that attended the rst attempt, was seen making preparations to leave be wreck. Deliberately taking oU his coat and boots, e descended the rigging, and running along the side of he vessel jsmspad into the sea as far as he was able. As e appeared t? be a powerful man. it was thought that e would succeed in reaching the shore safely; and this sought was eandrmed, as tbey saw him about halt way rom the vessel struggling with unabated vigor. Their opes were soou dbpeUed. however, as they saw him verwhelsaed by a huge wave, after which be was seen u more till tie body was thjown up by the sea upon M beach asiil the fragments cf th? wreck. The vessel mow began to break up. and the poor stif ?rers, exhsiurted by cold and long exposure, fell off se by one, uo&fl only Ave wer' left. There they were I thin three hundred yards ef the shore; but thoee bo saw them dare not venture to theli assist me, as the warns continued to run high, and it was most impossible for any boat to clear tbe snrf. Before ight eioesrt on tie? fearful scene, not a living soul was ft cm the wreck, and the timbers that were occasionally ?town on tbe shore showed that It would soon go to eees. Mots tbe seat morning not a vestige remained the vassal except a portion of her bows, whieh. it la ippnsed, waa attached by a chain to the anchor which jrlmrtL All the boiaff were found before Tueaday night, aom< them (Ima mile* from tbe MtM of the wreck. Four tNtakMtoAiMB, *b?ri they were interred id tbe ittollt gfwtyar d. with appropriate reiigiou* cere ??lw. Tkm tin Waned at I'oint Pieaitant wbich i? lont tea aOca (torn tbe ril'age of Squan. The I tear bieh were hi ben to 8qoan ??* recog oiied b; the ree led ?Her, RiCeitt, but unfortunately be did not reeol ct atl their nam**. Of the crew be knew only fire, who** one* weie Jwmm, Jobo. A>igu?tu*, Henry Frock, and 11M. The following n a de?eriptiou of the four bodie* toned in the burial ground at Pquan, as token by tbe atice of the pnaee. Mr. Fierce, Tbe bo-lie* were all imbrred, and t he lunbtr marked oa tbe coffin* ? No. 1. Hear/ Preek, a colored nan. auppoted to be ?eot twewtj ?rwen year* of a|e. Hi* name wa* marke t India lafc mfno owe of fcU arm* and above it waa i printed a oner, with tbe eame material. It I* ?aid by me that tbl* wat waa aa Indian He had on aim when nad a blae aMct and an oilcloth coat. No. 1. Thia eai the body of a Frenchman, nam*l An tataa. about twenty-eight year* of eye Hi< head eit rrihly ?a1fU?-i De C'oete *ay* he waa a*, tbe helm ten ahe (tract . Twelve dollar* atj eighty eix cent* ire found la omn ?f hi* pocket*. Ko. 2. Aleo tbe body of a Frenchman Hi* oam? ? .? ha, aad hi* age about twenty fear year*. No. 4. Th ? wu the body of the ttrat mate, name l nee. aad waa dreeeed la a pilot cloth coat aa>i monkey afcot Dm trr"r of the captain and *ecor.?t mate were bar ? 1 p?ia*. PlcaNM*.; aad thrct aorv wen i*i?f at 8^ark ( li*tT| about ten miles from w her* the wr*ck 'n:c . rrt'i ? when our report* r Uft. The captain's trunk was walked ashore ant taken i charge of by Mr. Morn*, of Long Branch Tlie Arg.vle waa o?i?c by Mi T. H Mood" of St. | John, New Hruniwiek, and meaaurftd about eiglit huu | dred ton*. The cargo, which con?ls*ed uf pig iron, hale | good* and home porter, waa lout with the exception of a I few barrels of the latter, which were aaved in a iaui aged condition. STATKMKNT Or PAUL IK C0KT1, Till ON'LT 8TIIVIVOK Of TBI i'*t * OP TUB A.HGYLK, KOl'KTKK.S *01/ AS ITON THK WHKUK. 1 shipped on board the British bark Argyte at <ila?gow Scotland, for New York, as one of th< hauda a few day . before aht tailed. During the passag-*, I couti 'ued to work before the maat. intending on my arrival in the Statea, to return to my home In Kaaso, Nora Scotia. , The weather, which had been favorable froic the time we left the Scotch coaat, bscame very atormy ou tile alter noon of the 2sth, and we were obliged to cui under close reefed topsails, running at a rate of tire Vncta an hour. About twelve on Sunday night. I heard the cry of breakers al cad, and on !?oking over the bulwarks, k?w 1b? white foan about two hundred yard* from the bark's bow. Hardly five minutes elapsed before the vea sel struck, and the waves awept over her, carrying with them two of the boats, with which we hoped to hare reacliod the sbore, welch lay about 300 yards oil. We re mained as long as we could, which was only a tew mi uules, and then took to the rigging a' our last resource. The captain, first and second mates. Ave of the crew and myself succeeded In getting upon the masts, but a boy and our only passenger (a Scotchman; were carried overboaid and drowoed. .We could aee aud converge with each other during the night; but littl ? waa said, however, by an} , and we all watched eagerly fot the morning. Throughout the six hours of that long, dam night the waves da tied in resiatlesi fury over the ruined hull which lay bt neatti u?, and which threatened every minute to go to piece*. Ah they broke in npray far above the maatb. we were completely aatii.ated and feared, even if assistance d: ! come with the mcrning, it vould be cnl.v to fled our lifeless anil frozen bodies. The morning, however, found us all alive, though a.nioit totally exhausted. We looked to the shore, but it waa yet too early? not a .. ving thing waa to be teen on that side. Our attention waa attracted by a vessel, which appeared about a mile frotn us. We hailed her a a well as we couIJ, and she answerei our signal, but she panned on without attempting to aa Hist ua. The terrible breakers which lay between her and our wreck, and In which no boat eould live, must have rendared all effcrts on their part u-eleia. About half an hour al'tr.we perceived a man on the beach, and soon after twenty or thirty person? collected. Wi could S4e that thev wete doiig their utmoat to rescue us. A ball having a rope attached to It, was firel from a mor tar, directly over our heada, and the rope was t ed to a part of the rigging: but it aoon after broke loot*. I now saw that there was very little hope of from the shore, and began to consider my chances of safety if I committed inj self to the wave* I .-es.ived to try it, and taking oil my clothes, prepared to l?*p into the <ea. bnt waa prevented by the seemiig hopelessness of 'he effort. I dressed mjself and concluded to ft ay by the vessel till she went toapiccei Three successive times did I ondress and dress myself but the fo.ith tim-* I retclved I would put my trust !n God. commit nyelf to the waves, anil endeavor to reacli tLe shore. I felt that death waa certain if 1 remained wier? I was, sad, as I was a strong sw timer, I hoped to -ave myt-elf In this way. Taking oil all my clc-th*". exuepi xv cotton drawers, I waited till a huge wave passed over the vet ael, when I jumped and made towards the ?bo:e. At thia time 1 hail to tear; and as each wave pursued an curled it* crest above me 1 dived and swam under the surface till it passed ever, when I ro<e again, and swam as rapidly as 1 could towards the beach At ast I came witliln a few yards of it, when I perceived a man whose name 1 afterwards ascertained was David Hemming plunge into the water to my assistance with a rope fas tenod aiound his waist. I was taken to the iituse of Mrs. lietsy Cx-apmau, where 1 waa very Uiu- ly treated. !I afterward* received some clothing froc: other pari" ns ai d am now, thank Heaven, perfectly recovered -'rom the t fleets of my long exposure on t-e wrecl. The Hi Ik ZtvlUn. Hoi th Bhacii, t. I Jan 31, 18f" The brig ZaTillft, Cupt. King which wa? utra.: ied ? n Sunday morning lft?t, while cu h?r passage '.:om Cur . e na* to Boston with a cargo of mo.a?hes, it now dis charged of her deck loaf! comprising tomo twenty hogfheadi. Tlie balance of cargo will l>e g,t out n about three days, if the weather >rove? good The brig ha? fire feet of wat?r in her hold. f?nd there i ao jiro* pect of getting her olf American Geographical and StatlMIca! Hit* del y. Thin Society held it * u?unl weekly Meeting last even I ing, In it* rooms In the New York I'niversity , Dr Hawk* | in the chair. There *u a full attendance of member*. I After tke minute* of the laat meeting w>*re read anc j Dome routine buiice** transacted, the nic: bers adjourn , ed to the lecture room, where guests were waiting to hear the paper of the evening to be read by I>r 'lawks, | on the aborigiotial lacguage* on tUii coutlnett | lielore commi-ucicg h.a lecture, l)r Hawkh said that I the Injimtice done AmerVan navigator* by thf British i Admiralty !n not pre*> pting "GrinneU'g l.and" on the r | chait.i had been noticed by the Society and du'.y repre 1 dented. He (I?r. H.) wan happy tr> aay now , that, on tbe ; Admiralty ehart r?ccived by '.he last mail. Grinnell ? La ml ' and other place* discovered by our navigatirs were laid I down precuely a* by the people of th.? country ' ( Applauie. ) ! Dr. liawka then proceeded to read the pjper -if 'he tbe evening, on the aboriginal laag'iaife* of thi* co n try, of which the following la a brief analyii* ? Our knowleige of the aboriginal language* i* lerived fr< m the fpuniah and Itaii *n mi laiooarie- of '.he Church of ltome There language* are eiacediugly oumerom but toe interual and grammatical structure Is similar in all Tha number of radical language* n Vurth Ante rlca are few, though the diaUct* are many The lorm t nay be reduced to four. vie. the K-nuimaui the Iro quoii, the I'ela?ar?, and tbe Fmridian * ew thing* are moie remarkable than tie similarity of the grammatical ?tructnre of the language* of tKtL N rtti aad Souta America. We find that'tiey are all rich In word* and their (tructuie te'ls of more refiectivrkhabit* than he rude lilicms of molt other language* Tney would seam to indicate a fall from a bigh>r civilization i t Haw** i then proceeded to >how Ibat t'..e American languages wert related to the A*iatie. quoting Humboldt in sup | port of thi- position, who discovered that <>ut of eighty | three American language* the root* ol on* u and red aid , seventy three words were the same a- ttcaaofaome of ? the Asmtlc tongues. Kiammir.g the peculiar feature* of these language*, he noticed the vast amount of com pound word* which they containe-l. injtanciug im a* others, one with twenty lyliable*. which .t would take a bold man to pronounce and a bolder one still to apell The ne*t peculia- feature in their grammatical construction w?? tu* tcarci ty of gencr'c term- In patta of speech a* for ?* ample, in the noun, there I* one slnguiarat. 1 two p.ural*. called a plural, witli a ana a <i< ub'e plural. a< It. "Father . " ' our father " an< "our fa'be's " ? tha Ia<t i belli* a doable plural Some language* have a dual ! precisely like the i.reek ttil U W ea*e te the Oban ke? . These language* nave not the masculine feim nine and neiter gepuers their &Uti:.ction U the "net male" apu tb "inanimate To the animate belong animals tree* stats and other <.ttje'!s pericniflei among tbe Indiap*, while the .nsnit^te i> ere berb? an 1 smaller ? hrut?. "O that size may hate hvl uoietli b( to do with it Tha adjective* are not nuni reus, but the verb, curiour snougb, 1* taken to supply It* ptac* The verb preaejt* tLe most linking feature in all 'he lan guage*, for there U scarcely any word whirl cannot be changed la to a eib. Verbs too like nout.i are ani mate or inauimate The verb I* poeitive negative, -e flectlve or reslproeal. so tea: most ? 'he principal feature ia tbe Indian tangLege* is the ve-b The lir. then proceided to sftoa the neeiuLness cf study !ng tn?*e language*. as frem '.hem tn ? student ecu id And nut the s toe i* from ??hence the Indiaas sprung Ha no ticed in conclua.oo the sim larity <_f the Alg> n 'tie Indian language of Kvrtb Amerii a; to tbe Magyar i the language of boa* jth) and aecoant* : 'or it in t^s hypo thesis ihat the Msgyarsand the iadians of America wete ' of coamon otlgln. ccming in rttnu'4 age. frou Northern A>U. Thle, he ssid illustrated tbe utility of lesrning of the 'anguage* of tbia ronntrv from tl e testimotiy of language it coaid be eleari? >b>iw rba*. a large n. irttot cf 'be Ind'aa raevi tjcngfc not all, Sit e from Ncrtliert. and Ktstern Asia t*> America At the eor.clueion of the leetnre tae u-ua thanks of the meeting w re ananlmoualy vot*d to Dr Hack < f..r Lis able and Inftructlva paper Ibe Pociety then adjourn# to Tli'ie* .ay net*.. Thk To*;* of Giixariai, Ai t. r>?tr?triTT:# mt J giuo.o o ? A despa'rh 'r- w trli a. Ala., dated .Ian '/?. saya ? th ? nomine w? learn th?tO*la< vil'e, to Pu* :de- (Mlt; oa t^.e lugbse was on r<i*?ley near'v '.est-r-yerf by fire Half tl * town, says '.b* <*.< ?patch m in **be<- as 'tig 'tern warehouse* conUialcg ?i luti os les if ctton Tbe ?.? ??t s^iM at '.wo h i id." i .W, M i ADDITIONAL NEWS FROM EUROPE. illlllYAL OF THE AFRICAN flllLS. i The vearanbtp Africa reacaed Ikuton at half-past ei <ht i o'clock yesterday morning. Her mail* were transmitted to eify b? tbe afternoon tiain, and reached this city about one o'clock this morning. Itelow will bn found *ome additional IcteUijenre of an Intetesting character. TBE WAR. A letter ? the I'ayt, dated Comtsntlnople, January 5, sev* ?A columu of riflemen hai taken possession vf 'lie Important position of Kamara. near lialaklava. aftar driving out the Uiih ana who occupied it. The eneny m this aflal* experienced severe losses. They were com pleti-Iy put to route, ani fled preclp'tately, burning their I'crof and t*at*. Tit' lo-? of ttie i'.ussiani at tie bast0(0l and neighborhood during the last days of December .a estimate . at more than 0,000 mea. Tie London Timei contain* a letter from Scutari, dated January 8, which nayj that the mortality at tilt hospi tal wbh ta tbe locrM'e The death* from January 4 to 7, inclusive, amounted to 17# The number In the hospit*' ) op the 7th of January was C6 otlicer-i and 4,332 non commissioned officers and privates. The atmosphere of ' the hospital wax cecoiuing no p^-ntlferou* that arrange- 1 mi-nt-i lor transferring the convale?e?nt* to Malta or I Etig'und wrrr highly neoeisary. Tie ship White Falcon, of New York, sailed from I.on don cn the 16tb of January for Marseille*, having b" n chartered by tbe French government to convey pro visions to tilt Crimea India anil China. The rverlaad India and Chiua mail had reacned Eng land with dat>?? from Calcutta to December 13, Madras Decexber 10 Bombay December 14, and Canton Novem ber 2f> At Calcutta mor.-v ?u more valuable, and trade was dell. Sir John Bowring, tbe British Plenipotentiary, and the Hoc. Robert M McLean the I nited tftatea Commissioner, bad returned from the north of China without reaching I'ekln. lie and the otbrr plenipotentiaries had been ?topped by commissioner* from ths Imperial Court, and proposed to meet at Shangliae In I'teoember, there to dis cus* the revisk n of tbe treaty. The rebels had raptured a larje part of the Imperial squadron, and there was ijuite a panic at Canton. Exchange at Canton was at 47.',; Shanghae, M)1;. At tae latter place trade was improving, and a goo I busi ness was doing In silks, at reduced rate*. Tea* were a little cheaper From India we learn that the Nepaulese army was to marh through the English territory to attack the Grand I .a?a Buenoa Ajres. Dates from Baencs Ayres to December 1 have reached Eog aad. Business was quite at a stand still, the inra si a of Ncvsinbir & having pa'aly/ed everything. Tie horizou is described a* turbid iad lowering. The gov ernment was hesitating between a peace and war policy. No hope of a long peace was entertained while Cnjuira roa-iins 1'rcsldent of the Argentine Confederal ija. The Latest fc'evr s. arc .nd >btei to 8 B. '**h, Ea<[ , igai.t of the Cu:ard line f.r the following ? Tli e Timet, in a leading article, draw* a oi< it depiora b'e picture of tt ? atate of the arm* in the Crimea. At j '.ha liegiDB ng of January it cou.d rauater only lt.'XX) bayonets, tlie art llery ?nd engine' r? had bean reduced m'heeame proportion, ami the eavalry no longer ex tw.ed at a fore: The death I amounted to aiity a acd th* Lumber diaabiec by fatigue au>l aickneaa to one thousand a week T_i* ratir>, the 77 m et thitika, will ra pidly lner*aie 1*. i* computed that i ut of 1 1 000 m 'n nomlua'ly lit fo: service only " 000 are .r x'*x\ health. Tie arm) wa* an arcay of (nvulii s at ' -ie t<*giratng of the mouth, although the Crimean writer li*'l out ?et in. Tjp Timet nava In rcncluaion t'.at, ultn oum ex traordinary stroke of fortune intervenes wp rtre about to lone our only a/tay ? theobjert of h'j marh prv?--, of ?i? miict. dee;, aflccticn, cf mi I'.urh tender <olicltud ? ai l a:k*lfth"i cation Is prepared or thia uiauUef Loaoo*, Friday. Jan. 19. !*.'>*. I/*trer? frcm Odessa of tb? nh Mst* that a bar t fro-t, e iual tc nine or ten legroee bt-luw the fr-e/lng po'ht, i Lai brought tile roads icto a lit *tute fr>r the -ouveyance cr troopa a: d munition* of ? a- to Perekop The Boulogne Oatelle publishes ilrWl from Berlin stating that in diplomatic circles no drmht in entertained that Iluu'i and Austria will come to an agreement cn tlie 'reedom of the l*anuhe, atd the (essn'ion <1 the Rniaim protectorate in the Principa'.it'e*. Atut a baa gained the object ibout wh *h she wai really interested. Thtre \rt acojnts 'roni Weinnr. jc cor :ing to wliicb the Au-ti'an got erne ent iias si^ailied I to tje I'ri-cea of the Thuringlan 8lat<-* that after the pacific declaration cf Husila it appear! advisable i*t to proceed with the mohlli at'on of the rlMtary coat a- 1 pr nt of the Germinic State*, and thit Austria will en', t cre.'ore, bring the question t?*f< re ;be Wet The Empt ror of Austria ha* abolishes '.he puUshiiMut ?f deu'h n tae A ;?tri?a army Klonrtary nml ( nmmrnlul. Tbe Timet' rity article dated Frl'"ay evening *ay| ? ' The E gVah fun<* to day have n' t r*c. *? _ed from tu* unfavorable react ou wliicti U>>.k place ??esterdnv after socm a~d have been :nanl&iate at % further (light de ' cite No particular cau'j wu? il^ned for the pre ' rail '.Lg ti'??iLC?" and in the abeeoce of any for*ijrn In | tetlig^ace *.b? receot rurnore of iciptndirig changen in tie cabinet continued to be circulated t'ley 1 are generally tuppot eil Tor the prevent at leaat to he w thout foundation Tte utipply of m"'iey, fcatli on tb* ft ;'k eip'.atije at.l cot door* i? fully a'eijiiat* ' Tie lait accouati from the farm Ikrarie ihoff t de cllne e<|ual in ester. t tc tlie ioiprovemeat cf vexterday, f viz. ? about per cent. T><e other c-mtiaer.UI mirk-:? rtmaln w :hout aty pa:ticular change. I'rivate advice* from 8t Peter?'?urg r*acb to the 11th iniitaat, and ie?cr.i* a great alteration .n the p di'leal ttxofp' pre, toe tone of feeling being p* itle. | A large- buelneai tat been tra&saited la '.al. iw, an . the rate of eicbacge liad advanced to 37*<. T'l' pavn ent of the dtvMende on gov* romi'ot etoek*, and tb* etpor'? of goid to prepare f< r the Freceh ioar *aua?l the great ec .oe .n the bullion n the Hank of England. Marine Adatre. Trrr Araxi>oiiicd Habk Bkti.? Thia vee?el. ? deb ha* ~**i lying at Bo* oc elnct abe via picked up acd rarrie-1 int port by a pcrtlca of tbe crew a oft'.e brigi Dr [V. /?ra ind Ea[?ranza. la?t November, h.t* been lately ?ild t ii. 1 k*r r.ame change} to 'Ti-undland '' hh* brought but a kw figure, tliougli her plaaka wer?* very aoun l, and the veeael otberwU' in good canditi m. Sbe a iM 1n? wai owne! in l'.remea and waa on her paanage from ilaltimore for liOMdon, wits guano wherr* abe I clea*ed Oct 7 Hel*nbeck matter tad waa fa leu io with on the 30th cf tame month without a aou. on board No it?' igeoce whatever haa been obtain* ! ot tbe offi era or crew She had a tew feet of water In ber held, an ! had ! tr*t ber head when fallen in with, ind the only rea?< a I 'bat car. be a*alrn*d for be' being .hand' n?d i?*thal abe | bad been In collialon and the ?r?v ft*raped on '.be otner ?e??el through fear of *ink:07. Tl.elr >.epartore ?ai ? viden'ly a hurrte* oo? ?a tb> >| a^-ao* aeitant *e , j a:d tbe rlotbea of the Tew were fi and la their pl?<-*> Drtni or ah Ol.ti ;JntK? *eTi* ? Capt. leaac f'ofTin of Neaburypott, iUx. a' New Or.?tn< on th* 'i4th January, of I'tliun, ag*d hftv iU year*. Tb* IkMtoo Coervrr ?a?? ? ? ipt O.fli.. bal ' ten fo- torn* y era afflicted with aat'?mn, bat be left boa.- in November Ie*t to *pen< the bu*lu*?* aetton la 'New (rrlear.a, in apparwntlr good .?alth He bad been a (blpmaater ior a pertad of *weo t v live yet:* and a* a icb nc man waa w? .re re ? (liltH, | ? ?nac'ouLtcf bia ' igb toned cnaraeter. hi* aeu'* an . ??lid jndgmea*. and '.be frleadly interwat which he ?l ( waya tooa a the wei'are and ??r'-e?? of bia tailor br?tb ' rea and It t.?? be a-Me-l that during th? wb'l* perW: of bit pommel bU ln*ur*ra w*,? n*v?r eal>-l upon ' " ' B>ee* a toe* He Wfl '.be ?** ?igh* ?>* n ne ye?r* a? . I l?etpa:'y on acrojnt or ttie yaia'ul *.iaaa?e wb.?h I ?(fli 1?d b'lm aid ki< ?!nce been empViye.t by New ? a< Inn ' fac'try coryctn tiro* to p ireh*ae cot!oa for them at lf*w Or.e^n* I'nlted Mar* ? ' waamteetavt'-r'a Ceart. lid r* J<a*pb Bi'lfLau, K?-, r?a. I ? The r Ikitfrt SUM'S r t. Cvrffiim e.i ?, J/t ? ,,m*i Kg**, t> HitXty and ' > L/ir / ? Tb? >'?? 1 aat* U tli. a cae* ?r* charge ,1 wlib atoalHtg Keai/MM I ?'<e*i'?n* and eVereu abillsg* (terliac teen: J?tm Ptrlr\ ? p..'*t>fer ?? b a*' tig a> ,? !? ??? f.-r.m ie-rjotl T; ? ' ? . i ?*r e? ?a f'l *f/ea uc't'ltr;, i?l ??ii!'.fl I itlMioi ' r , lllrgnl Lollirln and Policies. In former ?> cars lottery dealing was carrlwl on in thin State and city an a legitimate buaiiteaa. It ia withUi our recollection, and of many of our reader*, when the *tep* of tlie City llall were densely crowded with apectator* to witneaa the official drawing* of lotteries. It waa a legiti mate buaineaa. and hundreds of our weilthieat citizen*, now among the opera leaden, at that time atarted life and commenced accumulnting their fortune by the sale of lottery ticket*. It wai finally deemed no gmat au evil that the I/CgUlature abolished lotteries in thin State; but tbev did not succeed ia preventing the aaleof lottery ticket*. Our neighbor, New Jersey, continue! th? bull neae for many year*. and drow to her Mate coller , huu dred* of thousand* of dollar* from the people of tbi* State, who would continue <o hay lottery tickets. Bom* five ream ago New Jeriey aboliahed lotterle*, but Vir. glnla, Maryland and Delaware continue! them. I/m year Yirgiuia forbid lottery drawing in the Old Donrmoo but the buainee* in still continued as briskly an ever by tbe State* of Maryland and Delaware, aud the expenses of those State* are nearly paid by the lottery tickets ?old in New York. There are four lotteries drawn In tkese two little States every day In tbe year, except Sunday*. and th<* capital In each varies from $.'.0, (KM) to 96,000. The*e draw.ugi are made each day, at 12 o'clock atil at 5 I*. M , either at Wilmington, Delaware, or at Baltimore. Maryland. Gre gory A Maury are the manager* at tlie former city, and R France 4 Co. are the manager* of the Maryland lotte ries. These inuuager* aie making Immense fortunea an nually. Ihey have their agent* in every city of th" Union, from Maine to Californiu. Uut it it with the t ale.< in New York that we hare to do. Their agent* In this city bare a banking house in Fulton street. I'rom a table incur possession, we ate able to make a correct entlmate of the enormous amount of lottery ticket* sold in this city In one day. It i* over $100,<HX). This, for three hundred day*, ia about $."0,000,000 per annum ? of whicli probably not on?-tenth I* returned to our citizen* by prize*. It Ik money drawn out of the Mate of New York for tbe exclusive benefit of lot'.ery riRinager* and ?peculator* and the State treasuries of Maryland and Delaware, and tbe countlr>, schools, bridge*, and object* of benevolence for which the?> lotteries are got up. Newspapers are aacretly published ia this city, and scat tered broadcast over all the land, coutainin;; full scheme*, with tremendous prizes, annouured in flaming capitals, to attract the attention and excite the avarice of lh* people of the rural districts. Agents advertise themselves to forward tickets t?? any given point, an 1 j these agents are scattered all over the city. '?Where,7' asks the unsophisticated New Yorker, ''are the>e tickets ?old '' in every atreet In New York ? open ly and in broad dsyl'ght ? I'ulton, Broadway, J'arl. row, Anu street. Maiden lane Chatham. Bowury, Grand street, and in fact all over. Wherever tho sign "Eichiiog. Office" meets the ere, or gold dollars and buik bill* are spread out in the window, there is sure to be a lottery office, and there ar? lottery tickets to be had. by the pack ai?e or thes'nglr ticket. There are at leu it live hundred so called exch* offices in this city, whose only capital (in whit a foolish public suppose to be a legitimate exchange busies*,) |ti a copy of Vu.mjton'i Bank Aolf Rejmrttr, ' If a ?h"p'i?eper ? is ties to g'tablllchauged, the exchaugo dealer lot ks at the <iuotatlM* in Thorn/ urn * Ban. AV< | Lilt, Ileece*' the victim out of oue or twe per cent more 1 than what T!-< tops< n clurges. and makes a fortune by ' sel'.ii g lottery tick- 1*. But t! I* it not the worst feature of thi* ca And now ?e come to policy deUiug. In all these evchan -e i ihce? policies are sold. And he. aides these there are at least live hundred more places, where aeftsr . fruit or lorae other legitimate bu?ine?-, is supposed to be done, out wbero tbe '-ommutity is done also by the sale of policies. A lottery ticket coats from II to $40: but a beggur with three cents may op. r?te ?u t stand a chance of a "hit" in a policy o'llce. Untold tliousacd* art "fleece 1 out of th? eomm initv by tb?*e pulley dealer". Rich and p'>or alike ventute In them, aldermen anl street * weeper*, married urn n in t e avenue*, and all tbe lewn in the I'tve Point* are dealer* In policies. A large majority of the police ?r - the be t cuitoncrs. Now and tb?o t coiuplunt i* made, but it, * unerally by some unfortunate <lev. I who ba* made a heavy 'Jilt and the policy dealer Net lit to break, I and tbe complaint I* dlamivsed br the Judge, wh > m<y himself have often indulged In what ho deems a harm li -s am-sem Lt I*, is a rare thing that a policy dealtr , la'll to pa> tbe 'b:' " as moat of these dealer* generally bave good ha-ik-r- and hackers. A pr vs'e banking h' i" ' in Broadway, up atairs, was supposed to hare a' one time over three hundred policy dealers and exchange | oft ces irting as it* agents; bet ws bel.ive the business Is now conducted by a bookkeeper. The w?y of i peratiif in th"?? e*eb*n;e poller offii ? ? 1* luitecuriouv Tbe applicant eaters one of them, aud say ? !e wi. b?*s to 'ry lit* luck in tbe Delaware, which dravr* .n th* morning. "What number* will you try' b'.asd'y ask* the polila poH<y dealer ' Here 1* a list I says t-e appli mt, a..d i.? haol- '.lie dealt the following for L-tance ? No. .?1st. 7 ? dayel. 4) Ulrf. 10 i "*?? J' U .addle., 40 j Oig*. : 14 !il -8 31 42 4 II " How in j?*h do ??'i ? 'tit ?o m-Ii *" i*y* th* ?l?al?r ? G.r* tn? 25 <<-nt? "hat No 3 c m?> oat llrit to< lay "Tj?t will !?? $14,'* i?y? :h* .lealir. "Twrntyflva crata thikt I i* out In th* Jrawln* dav. '? T!.?: will I* 41 2?> if it >1*1 runic out.'' " 1 wjdI 7 17 ami 27 kmjjmI and aad ll?-l ? ti vrrth 4 fif an: thr?? ahilliogi worth of *a<M'*i " ?' Tui gij will b* $200, an I thatbrw* nvldlri $1 n '? Now. 1 want you to "(flu" 4 10 20 40 for 41 ?o. " That will b* $60 for mc'i *ri< " ' Now, ???a<lill?' tL*n> 50 cant* worVi.' " That ? ill b* #-i eich for tb* ?ad:i*a " Now, I ??nt you ?o "bor*?'' " ? wbolafajr for >i e*nt?.' '?TUat ail fc? |lM)for iba bona " '? N?w. I w?n'. you to gig 7 14 21 W V. J'.' 41# > ? u? 70 for on* cut each." " Tbat w.U b* l'.O jf ,g% it 12 ?*a?:h "Vary well now, bow much '? m) w\ol* bill'" '? I' 04, in'l I nop# you will tnak* tcmi b*?ry b ? t ? '? Tba? k you. Go' <1 morn ug " At lb* bmr, or a f*w njmr>*Dt* afw th* <>ur wh?r? tba loit?ry la drawn la kary lan l or |i*'.:.wir? tt;- t?l? graphic wlrn bn? |>lic*d tb* drawing In lb* agent a oft'.r, and within another l>a)l hour It l? diaaara u?wl tbroufhoflt th* eltjr to a tlioo.aml pollrrofll- i Our buy? r look* at tl>* drawing If lb* number a b* ba? y *}? I at tba policy office abould b? a 1! out, hi* "day" ? ??! bi " eai'.dl**, hi* " gig*'' *?d bia " bor*? woild ba?? paid well but th* cbanoaa if* tt.fl) io 2 000 b* ha* not got > "*ig" or a ' bor** ' although ^a may bar* r?a<t?l a ?? aadol*," In which ea** h* 1?*?? butaboit balf of tba $5 0* wblrb '.i* h?? ip*cuiatad""with W? <*U 'h? attention of tba Mayor ao I poile* to tb? ?< raotrowoilf illegal doing*. la It ao; tlro-i ply a x?mt 1/ v Jetaej CI4>' !m4?III(J' m? r. Thi loMUlmu ? Tim a?rn.?i c *nd ?\f*ian 'h* Motrin ' aaal. durUg laat y???, a* aa> arlatawl ?' tb? of 0'.* (I th* Morria I tnal igi, )l?;ikln( (>Ma|>aay IB J*r(ry City, ar* aa follawa Btttipu. Ta'U tn<i otbrr inrom?a |* It 14 Kuptmtm. K/ f * r? up< o tba <*ana4. ? 4 iH : Oj^rat nf ta* canal 4 4?w " P?o?t for 1 Vi4 14'. ??*: 1 lJ??l*jet lnt?ra?t 4> ?*> P' Aifvit&lt 74, WW if* ?? ia^rataoMft 11." * 1ft 123.21 1 12 ?>arplu? 014414 j/i 'm tb*- . 'I o' Janoar? a atml a?n<.ai i ?i4?' 1 <t 4?a jar u * |4M?in4 i|Mt an tarai?4 fi.'iWt "a ? ? *>tt> taa*. WHBaiknn tlly trail. i*Tiaarai> imi/. J "twp'+ i4 trla^maa r * ? ? a f(b' y??t?Hay aft#r?otti nmr >4 Moth lt???t a Ii ? a'< O l??0'ia wltva OB' I.f b?u lr? a kftl'? I'.t iinsjtf i miMiu1 ;ar.?? '> |Wa f*** far *' tfca ?<*? o? tv ?!*w, aa-l la j ? f e?tr* ? *??*r? rat la tl a 1 il l ? nv?i?! I'Uaf'.i ??? ra>*a?!ty ^**3 "o* ?? bf t.ifbn U rlttk* '<4m <w in ^??t". ? '""t Tl ? 4lb.n|l ?a* ma"> lifW kfx> a>'. fVa .rf ,,?r* a ar ? fr';i.ta?> a??y i-/ tt* *? pa< <. ? bo I* W?f?:f #-r -t i I ?a* ? ;f? '( wb^'l L4 M' The New SteamilUp Ingo, f?r (lie Havre Line. Thin splendid ship, which wa* launched Saturday afternoon. 27th ult., ?ueceBefutly and In beautiful atyle, from the foot of Heventh street, Eait river, wa* designed ? nil built under the superintendence of Capt. Win. Skid d; , by Me**r? Weatervelt k Hon*, for the Him Hteam ahipOompany, Mortimer Uviiif ?tou. K*n agent, ami will be commanded by Capt. (). I.inea, late ol nteamer Muni boldt. The symmetry and mcdet of thii magnificent ihlp *r* much admired by amateurs. Uer principal dimension* ar? ? length of keel, ItH.'l feet: length between perjiendlcu. lars, 200 feet over all, 300 feet: beam. 40 feet 0 inrhel; , over all, 67 Uat 6 inches; depth of hold toapar deck, HI \ feet V inchea auiidahip*. Mho register* '2, 300 tuna goveru mi nt meaaureiucnt, and carpenter* measurement. I She ia built ol the beat materials, with all the modern imprr vi'ini-nta, ha* double floor tlmhera, bolted all together longl' ndlnally. forming one M>lid uiaaafrom stem to stern, which ia caulked on tln> in?lde and out aide, making it perfectly water tight previou* to plank log. Iler frame* are heavily diagonally iron braced and rrokn braced, at an angle of 46 degree* each way. The lirat tier are let into the timber* and the aecond tier pro ject* and are lot into the celling, the whole bolted through every timber and rlvetted on all the croMing*. The ceiling varie* inthlcknex* troin 10 to & In .Ilea, alla<|tiarn fastened with two bolt* In every timber and bolted ver tically between every fiame, which adda materially to her longitudinal atrength. She ha* four deck*, well ben mod and kneed, with the bolta through aud climbed Inatead of being driven biuutin ? the ordinary way. The guard beam* are 24 inchea by 24 iarhaa, Moored to the aide with alx large wooden and *ix largo iron knee* aud two Iron brace* four Inchee diameter to each beam. One of tin.* great improvement" in thi* ahlp will be the watertight bulkbeada. The engini ? are building by Me*?ra htiHmau, Allen k Co. (Nortlty Work*.) 1heycon*i*t of two oscillating cylinder*, 65 inches d.nm-'er and 10 feet atroke, work ing one forward and one aliaft the *haft, nearly at right angle*, dispensing with a centre ahalt; two large boiler*, one at each end of engine*, with l'irsson's patent freeh water condenser and independent a 'earn pump-t and boll era. 1 he whole of tin* machinery I* plane l In a lir/n tjnu or well, 112 feet long by IS leet In width, attending up 4 Ol li f< ot above tiie deep lead line, built diagonally >i( thick piauk, double and croaaing it right angle*, and well secured to the keolaona and beam*. The after bulk ( head extend* aero** the (hip, and forward of the boiler*. The bulkhead ai*o extend* acroaa the ahlp. Then about .'!5 feet from th? <tem i? another thwartahip bulk- ' head well atcured. Th? whole of tlieno bulkhead* are to be *? >1 caulked and made water-tight, with valve* to > open at the Itwer part, allowing water to pa** to tha I pomp* in ordinary canoe. Thean vilvei can be ahut , do?n Inimedlati iy In <-a*o of eolliiion. T!ie hold of tin* ve??cl will be therelore divided Into fl\e water-tight ? compartment*. Thi re i* a thorough aud r.iu <tant venti lation between every frame, from the bottom or bilgea to tie upper deck, and through Mr. Cliarle* I'erley * patent ventilator* -tl.e beat contriv:iucn we have *>en for thi* purp ??. Thi* alup haa one further great >mproveiu*ot. It ia well kaown that large ahip* in atormy weather or atrong tideway are managed with great difficulty with the ordinary win'la-i* and prcent ar.el.or goiring. To obviate tin*, the I* titled with Thoiata ilrown'a pa tent capstan llange and stoppers, which occupy vary little roam, diaptn* ng with all the olil cumbersome wooden bit*, windlaee, forecastle capstan deck pipe*, jig-winch, cable-lifter fcc. To show the efficiency of thi* new g taring, we gi\e here a litter from Capt. D. liL*s to ' ('apt W f-kid Iv ] 1m* Bui? Tli? new steato-Mp Ai n;n of 2,200 lona, government in... ure, waa Inuuthed on 'atun lay, the , 2" til lilt., wlnu atrong oil alxire. Her "peed wm great? < sufficient to have taken her aeioe* the river. We let go an anchor ? f 6 600 pounds with a two ineh cable, ( and ive |!oa?ure in nfortnlny ;ou that jour I cap. tan end . \ e-ded our expactat. m* The win !e aoikel admirably- Ultng the cable ' out of t Li - Idler in krwei ho 111, o'i from the ! *pa 't-cl. on arhich the cable lead*. The anchor wa* | ? - ighe i in a '? m .ute* with the fre*t**t eaee and i etpt .illon. I 1 1? u e far eon*k'f-r Jt much "Bperiorta j ?u} winula- ? or utber plao with wl ' I am ac | 'tainted. Vour* trulv, 1) IJff ICS, ( ommaoder t '-. M .teamahlii Arago. I" - ? The underwritera ahoul l e<nntne this an'-bor gearing. Ihepaaaeage -irrangeinent* <>f tht Arngo are noe in prograaalOB, and wi il connUt of o??i n mi<l aarond rabln, alttfnu . k ootii >iui<klo? r , im.t abo a Uoj?<- on dtel Ut H'-ri 'i in.j- ?tc a!! iIk- ? tli 'i ? fall*/", A;'. K ?: I'ndar the ?p'ar <???? k will b* * kpari'uk <]ini'>7 lalooa 1 ' l??t m Vtglh wlili I'.'l fa?t li o.' Uhtaa tod *1* (nut iwui< imttcli 'Hi' flm?I>'-l . j !.* f u 1 It wltu hard wood. Th* ladtra kaloou, blu iuir ind bath room art> forward of tb? mainnut ? 'i?ra th<ra lilbi l?*?at u l ou it >'? Tli* c abiu tftu'.ry .ir<>] atrward ? di-part inanl ar? on tlx- oppuaita aldw >?>?' a roomy |????a^*? on th** warn*1 'lark !a?i!? ?i thi fotw?r.| rabm atata ro< ma. cmbln t.'f r rofo-*? with tS -f ?lt The lower ?a loon alt ?ili La fitted with -ilata r'timt Filial to th* flaat and ?t?t? renin .? provided wl'h a -of.i. T'jare ar? ?;? t ou" witi'i.tif at iif* at each end of ' e?* ikloon ? to th* i^ir deck. TV} in ttutlla ?d ia4 IljliN b;|all?ri?i ' ti.-ou<:i the 'Iimo^ ? kbioa )?' L an I Urga akyligbl* on '.br ?par uerk. b .? will ha?? a*rowiit.?4a;loii? for |i?0 f.rat <:!?>? pa??fu/'t? Foraarl litre w !! b* a< tUftu' ? - ami rU-- <; ti tsg nU'-o <l'!. ?ta'? ro ma. fitted filt kTrre cobttulruc* f<<r t|j< a< " mtuo at <>n o( 110 more Tb* ?> ill p i<oi)t by Jacob A Wu'wnll A Son- an 1? i.i,w lyibir at '%* dock o t! >e Sorrily Work# felling on I ' '.f'l liar bin -r* -lie la ri|?rM lo b" aaly for l>u-ine?? by ta* nmm?r. linrlmr Km n*i liuifiila? *1oi toirnti of III* Tlixr 'liu ? I iiiim, Tin imi'mtio* atxunrtctM uofi nimr. UfV ?prut th? e??nln< of Wadr.taday at th? re *id>-DC* of Mr J<>lin Tboapaon u Kll'h arenn? wW? '? *v ? altr 1 on bj the m?tt b*r tf ?>.?? Wb.(f <>an*ral < odiim ttr*a. Ko ap*a< ?>.?? war* u u l?, '!?? ? ? ?. b*ii>K n.?.*ly ?.D? of roMrtaay to th? <?o?rrr. r. V? >t ?/ mornir g Ka t W,ol ci!!r! on tb? fJo r*rn' <t ln?A>i?f II?um, itl li?l a ?r I rata ? itk bill). tli? of ahirll 'ia? n .? tran'plr* t Mra?ri W ,a)i K I'uftr J ' n K'lly an I I. Wittbaua aJ?o 'a'!? ! oo t .? <?.>?< rn >r anl a*?t* 1 that tb?? w?r? ?com<nitt>a appontM by tb? Commia?toa*ra of Iw^ta Hi n to trii<!?r him an trltatlii t" rU!t tha rbarlttbl* :o ? ItstlMa uodar lk?lr <-t??rja T'i" t <V*-llw ! tb> B?ltat -n aa lir wot- I a# t?> ivlurn lo Altai./ I??a?-ltataly. Ifa wnuM l? ttappy, Ik>wiih, U< >>i-pitlt .nrtta'c n on <au.> otUr oatilat < ' irri if 1 at ^ ?i. : I'u' ton iof?tl.?i with tlx matn S?r? m i|i? ??U^t cooiinlttawa, lb?n pncaM to a ui??t i r. if of tl.f ljr? "avlnf AModatio*, abirh waa held at IS !n- ii ranrr l!ull<1lor Wall atr>w* ll?r? tli?y wa * iu*t ll?m*n J Mlald, Coilxtnr of tu* I'urt, Wal'at R. Jvvi al I c th*r> A inntiii/ waa h? r* ? al a*!, ari't Mr I ?r t on mot n, ?ppoini'd r'lalrtcaa a?l If, H. '??<'^jd, t?i ?Aaij. ft.' objart of thia aaaotiAUob ta to \m < ? ?oia* ??>?< 'f prwTti.tiag t!i? rato:r?nrw of mrl4 a*r>04> '?..???'??r by abipwracb aa Ilia of lata ;?ar? ouirral mi t b* At nti. (|><1 to ob'ata ai ?ppf/pr^'W* b/ Cwbfraaa to aup^ly t ha i at'aoa. A raiuniil r?ti< u wa? tartirrd from th# ?arff t> w *b ffai' ra.- lotK.ii* t.??a' I by 'ham a' a rmrtiuf laU a ?tsoit 'In# ?mr? In Naw Jar**/ (? aaifa. ndi?( 'hat tt?? In*?n1l'i. ? ' O i attf lb maain^ :ha'.oa. b ra-r ? 1 oot '? th<* full ?kt'-ot aol t t?at and inoat a' Hi ?t {(,( ? la bfwijbt nVoa'tlta u?? t/ a 'omplitfe t* ?od '?? fa?* It *a> a tbat t?? llf? ?r.'l ?arf bi?l>i>?w .??>? taa> ->ad- in i?tlk tk?'rpU" aarf t?*t ? b? ? p!>>?d Hi. ra- ?! ?i ? <>? ?a r? portal ?y Tin?>ttra It 1a uftwl a'.?ata?, ihak ara? b"?t* ? olU'l l<a uawtaaa, f ? Hit' .??t forw w.i w-t MB ploy?< A r?j?r* w?? tli?n r?ad fr*?i OoJ. I*n?)u? wb" ra kijimmIi tba'. eaiar b'.an! i.< i ati ba anflwyad ok 4 ha kiuS ''toilt of a*4ar ik! ? th tort taaaa to k> 72 f??t ia* | u k?* , ti.a oil ar fcaaa:or<? to b? ^?Hd?-' klvr fm mMtoi thla rmrt waa p?f?'ral ' 1 1 roanollh' rrnMat k( of Maaara l>1lald J'kN aw*. Ii><aal, Vtlti poatr to r n. uul rata with It- .'-?aratat / o< tL* Traa a rj a&d tha t on. u, 1 1 taa of C.kfrMa Mr in* ii ??</) that It waa a??oai r to ???* i?rk l??ta aa 'ha ??rt w? a raahi o ? < . t-.'wr Hr? rr??r> awppoaM that tha ;wir.* (at '.hlng an to f*' IU apja' pr ?? >a, and ha \ 'kal .t wo. 4 t*>.S?twwt U> atimakata an: raw ard tVa> nan win at. a (' ladti tWlf l.m .a Ibta uiik> Mr Joa>w ?% I < '>b?rw?< a ?? arrf fa'ofkk. t # l?a*4. aad ba t? u(h'. lha' aa '.lAru1./ w< aid ba ?i J?r.??aa#. A ' CO. >a *at ? *kk 'k -1 ?s U?- 'alia ? irwV'i tbat VI kt?a l?f MT' >ry la ??> p.'ya-: ||n?>arila?. ? i' ? aa'i tl-a ? ta^ffath t- |i?*w>?i|i| ial r ? t. n af ?t?p?f?ak . ktd U t>? ?*a^ ta a<?>r<tiwr akd W ttaa ? aSara'a A".-* ???? 'klll'f <M anittik, tV> *<??' | at /ikia<t laoa r ????? A >>aa .ana/, b*V h<? '.r|ar!?jf ? d?r af t .a t *r* f (<? TrwiWa Ir a. pa v?4 1/ 'it ii IT ??? 'la * ('atelkira ?f tha" >j. a roar far* ka th* natakana' '.a *? ? Yaak Ili'Vl'l, ra?d A ba a f t?,a It iaaw Mini > a nk4 (tn a' h ? aa#** ? SitlWi A . a' , >? ?, m a'a? Obituary* DKATH OK THE COHTA "ICA HINrtTRB. Ho\. Kmm MoUsa, ininlater from the Mouth ?ail Cm tral American republic* of Coat* Klca. (iuatemala a?d ' San Mlvador, died of eonaumption m Waahlogton yea terday Id the forty third ;>ir of hla apt lie tu tha dean of the dlj lesnat e corpa, and, aa the telegraph aa nouncea, hat lug < enfraaed to a prieit, died ia the nar' , tltjr of the Catholic ( hurcb. Hp wa? bom iu the city af I (Iuatemala In 1M- and acquired hi* aarly ?duration ia Philadelphia. ll? ha? held aereral political ofltaea In bin native countiy, baring been chief elerk of t ie lie partment of finance* of tha federation, .Secretary of th* Htate of (iuatemala, member of the l<egulature of the aame, Secretary of tbe State of Salvador, and (ivverao of n diatrirt in the la?t menl'iimnl .State. If.- ha* alaay? belonged to the liberal and >t party, and aaaialed (Jen Marami In hi* ellnrt? to malauin Ilia federatlna. but fortuna .unim: decided againai them, Molina and ht? fatbi r tool, refuge ill Coata Itic* where they mat with a ho- pliable r< i eptlou. 1 clip* Moliua (llaapproved of an* fntthrr hoatlle moi rmpnti on <he part of tu* (" >rali*tv and d?i lioad taking any part In their atteuipta to recover power He oooa*<i iMtr ly laft ! i? eouatry, mid apent In veai* in Chill and 1'eru, eegigtM in eonmrnW pnr*nita in 1H4.'), ke returned and kettle I in C>oeta Itica but took no part in politica until li'H, wheu Ik?ii appointed Invoy Extraordinary to Nicaragua. He wna aubae ?luently arnt In tbe earne aharacter to Kn^iand I'raace, .''pain. Home. a?d tbe I'anaeatic towuv ili of wbichcoun trlea lie baa vlaitad, for the purpoae ol aecurlurf by tr?ati ee tlie ntciiiatluuel illation he! w> i n them ai>d tbe republic of Oaath Idea, and far . ther Important object.. Willi a ? miliar commlarb u be ?a> .iri r.i .ted to ti e goreriiflMat of tba I'r.ltrd Mate* and baa ni'?n>i?!?d a treaty of amity, commerce, mid iiav.gatiim, which 'iaa 1 1 1 natty barn ratified on both ?Me? V. Molina lia? puhliabed la varloua lanmiatre* aketchea ol Co>ta Ittca a 'id report* rea|iectiiii; the boundary aud navigation quaatloaa bo teeen that republtr and Nimragia Aiu'iug the Rrat. the moat a1 mplete I hi* " llo*.|urjo de O at* Itioa," In Hpaniah ll a father. !*??? ro Mol'i a ?aa the tirat poUti ral writer advocating conattutionai principle* liefnrethe Independence of bfc conn try and on* of tU? Laadara ol tie liberal party. pkatb or mmtor cinv, I n WlLUAM CaPIKi, ma of the j|?..n|" ol the M"ttoo diat Kpfctopal Churcb .-outh. dim! at hi* reaidenca ia N?utli Carolina i n the .'loth nit., lie being on Priiay laet aiity-Ave yeara oil. lliahop Caper* una born in Pt 'Uo maa'a |arlah, Couth Carol. na. on the 21th .litma'y, 1W He rare'red the decree of VI A. from the South Carol. na College, where h ' waa aducatad an t waa receivad lata tba annual ? onferenre of hia calire tttata, ?? a trarelltag rnlnlater. in 1m>** In l^'S be waa arnt to 1 ir/lan l ?a tba reprraeiitallre ot tha American Metliodtat I.p4*oopal Cburcb to tha llritiah Cob'er. nre tor ?a?er*l y.ara ha waa ona ol tb? gnu-ral inlaaiouar) aoeratanaa. In It4a be waa i lee ted lliahop. lie waa diet nguiabad for tea urlianlty of hla manuere, the abgauce of lnaai>la, tha i ratofirnl tnlih and flMM of hla pulpit inin'?tratl?>aa, and al>.u lor tbe pmiulnant i>*rt he i,t? borna In the af fali> ol the r.hunh of which he haa erer b?ea a dlatia Sulahnl ornament Itirl twenty year* ?in.'* ha waa ? pitted by the tieneral Conference a* a d< Ingata tu Uiai Vr?lei.iii body iu I ugl III. aud |?rfor.?e i the dutiaa a< that ofllie to tha vntira ?allatartinu of tlo ?a wnoin U ti pr ? M Med, u nd to tboKi- to whom be w? . tent In tha j car 1811, at tba lienor*! UMference bald In thia.ity. rutaanra* were tai.. u on tb<- ?l?> ary queation which lad to a wputation and the in it year a ?-| waaufll cially I'eelared wltii a notlea tllat a Qaneral Confarvara for tbe.t utbern t-irlaion w.mld In' hat<! In I'eiaraburg, Va , on tue ti r et Moaiay In May, At that coafar ?DC*. 0b the 7 to of J'ai llr 1|jnri n n ?ln lid g Bli|||, aid Itle lonaecratioa tixik place in that "It.t on tha latm Ing of the 1 4 1 It of thai month inc? that tlai* wttti >1 gbt ialertaptinn* from illnex, lliahop ? a|>ara ,ia> ba?a ubun. mi I In Ubtra In tl.e dea'.h o; ? emloaat d. vine tbe eim i b, ? f which law I. a a be?u an oruaruoat f?r many "art, kattuatainad a giaa' lo? . aid thealaaw ptipulatii ii . vcr which be bal a genaral oraral^at, ? be lo* td Irien I. Ill-ATM 01 J\MI- O. WAUO, tli. Ward who fir tnanv long yeara ha* raokeo among our leediiif ahlpp ng n-i h*nt?, and waa wi/.eljr knoe n n i an upright an thorough In. loA* oian dj~4 yeeierdaf, Fibrairy 1, aged ?l out yeaia ll a aw c??a in Mercantile purault* ?n in ev ! nr. o' wn?t mar ' be a' talo'd in ujr cotntiv ? owi 'he o iluence aa4 ?plntif our free la<titatioie, by wall 4irvet*d -mluetrr an! applica loft v> baaineaa M*. Wart, we learned commenced bu? rieaa In lli.?' .o fhe having I een a aatlee ot Maaaa^huaetta; ina|?a?r an i frteni'iee* we*, and la h<? jeetb waa aaad to bare kept a tail In :tie a.aikit ? t C at ci' ? 'or he tale of (euuitr- tu-1 t or arttrle* ef find. He ultimately Ii.ub" hi' wee t . N. m >'ora aa4 auceea fully applied ?UU ?f btjoiiir -t> lubK'-fjiifbtiv a ftnU ?u.| tti*r ian lir o.iti m rlfor c#f UU f-uf hig <? ' ? f| a lortun* v?'i<i *?!? frMu f * 0 000 to I f f i ii?? W V?. |,r#t ronalalfti lt> ha* If 't A / * i*i i * tif 'rt- cliH bi if 104 !m*#b i ri? 1 * U ?*? tiu??ii 1 If V* tru ?*? ivi in hU % mu ' ? i ' hmrgf i pun' ui! Urn diiliM nt m gin* | clrf#?Q Hf ?% A ty ft n? tht ( Litti ?q ( Hurcii M.ATH or HAM) HI. Tlll'HrtUIH, It). Mr Tl.oni|i*on ? aa' ! '<> !iar* .i*4 fr'JBi *ur luinptloo, ?V.<li oatraplil u It* MgtM *i.? I Wrainition <m l*< Silh Bit. II* ?t* **14 to l>* about tilt) iMfl '<( >f ' * I bit 4*t< ? <? II' ??? I mtl? 'f 1.1 ^Un'l, bat (or a llrr* por'ioti of !]'?? ?*? a r??.<l#ti'. of S>? )fmk obtr* b* oaa w4r!? known ml o:.i tf|a?Ujr r?i|rroU<l an 1 b*l<i*o.| l?r *11 oho k ;?#? biti l or msn? !*?( ?r rt li? ?*t 4ailr ?"O or fta-ar*. * . I *t (II 'foa-a an4 ui ."lor til rlxtgi??l?'i' tt liU eouMU>?aoc? m ?? ai.ioalol ?itb I cbMtlai ml ?Wb II* wn? ? fato* It* olth *11. tu4 !)'? k.u<tn*? f b?* ' *n.t-a"4 hint t? *11 II* b*Vr?'i to tb* worthy * ->tf of Krl*it4*, whirr rind I* hot li.? t? j> nu'li ol ftr< f ??!"??? *W tliir>l; !? ?f tin | recti' *? at.4 attoal /*iforiu*oro of oirb ? 'i lirnfti'im ? II* ??? aaoaUBlattnti* ai-t ua mln.f tn bu i ?? o?r? ???' ii>- r?, h.o . *o4 f'aab lb ? 1 bit ?"-!*! laUMiutn ?ltli o'b*r* ?botb?r In Ik* prral* ?.!ara of .11* or it, tl * mplf ? an4 wrsilac affalra of uirri?otlU puraolla II ijo?4 t ?-nyt atvl k i<<! ?Il<t>( t'lbn !??*?* idiwA him, an4 *>? api?trt4 *1 ??>? u? -r tb* it.ilu.o.f of ? ^Iniaai an ?! rb**rf?l frtm* <jI toUktf. II.. ? ** fcio'l an! *?om*rifta to tb< toaof 1 in?ip*r.*u ml, in 1 Uu4*r **?'. i"?o-? tfnl to h' .? alvaum! ?a?i raf**M*<1 i?y af> II bonoon l*ac? aatao *n a*tl?* tad ' ?<aral f *t?, hot oaa la can tenant* ? lli .? motto*' ??<t unpf ?Uo'iinf aatvta, 4t? |-*ti ? J >> |Wi??jy t n't at pr.r*tf| j u|?atiM> *|4 toaor flit* of rl.ailty o?f? h- too bt , t^t'oao-; br b o vault wrt* ?atvn ealr '' htattll aM to M* Oo4 Mr Tboanp t< a ?a* *i '??ttlol In boat****, and h* boo** ?a* tb* But to ??ul'.it* tKO'r tar U?t* ^ Htm Vera * ?! 14 oat toil |art?tt. lb tit a titHnr ll oa? ?t tn llMiai Ir.aiirti. - rorj.panlrt la honor af both bt> imaaory aa4 t.iat of Mi. Haft t, tt* 1*a* of tbo aaifplnff la nmt barber oar* <?itplaj' 1 it bafl ma*t. Mr ijowpaoa tt i* tail, l>a* If ! I a futtabr U) nt bun of J-l >/ '*?< ?r HOO,t/M, ]|* baft* * 'atuilf t ?l. ??! urn to utoara bla bit* l?ar art hot), kin at. ! Mr War I trod tb* naa rM* t-/- r ol ? haaft "oft-ttrr > 1 1 utj> m t>ut * ? a > vtUt tbr r mar- baat? In tl? Ui.aral awl acuta pot ?uita < f |i tt (a < on. a ?r'? ai>4 tl?*jr bar* ka4 tb*' - !*?? ?ritr.ta ni*< a s tbo.r a (*ra a?4 i?tb .af l*)?it *4 tb a lift aitt a fotir or fl?? 4a/a vf ?a^a u'.ltar "/he Iriatl/ glvrim at?4i " ?'rtfitai or Hat Manlrtyal IU<*laMaa. thk roLii b M.ri a.". a -Tit a mavob * coktlaIMT BOOK. TWft *a< nothing of an ? ini|?ortco?a a tb* pot t* r* taraa r*at*r^a; oltbtb* afpVoao' tb* l?rt|*taa b*r of afrrai M4*?*ltt o*r* r*port*l laa(*rr>?a o^f alt* i IV a??r itrt-V No llf Wall tt'art i firat oarl at ?) * o? ?t'.na* -'/"?r of Hwitti tn! f'.aiW* itiota (Jt.atS *ar 1 it! In froat of *'t lai! ilrttt (tatat/ ?rat ??r^) Ht* '?.l!??l?,r tr* tb* pr tur pal *atp) otto on" '?a Vb' M*r?*'t U??h ? That on* >??? I<ti fr< in J*>**v it iron a? -*f t p? gtt t'U fl( t tt -b? Nrbf llaao tvftt' of fSirt itaaa* at.4 It tat; (a rat atraot T- tt a It r- (??'* of *?a ati,?* !a 'r-? of # . an I 1 (.1 a at tor* ttf^t abalrvti tb* *<r*ot Tl at ? |f l**? tn. 'Ma.t f</m?r KnMima *tr?ot b"aa>.-t *ot4 atr*?t wttb bjil- ug i?*>r ait Tbatl ri on a?4 Vrjt t"*al fv?4t froo. <i| *t i Jot. a J M rrr.t, fora*r uf ['???? i/ j- a" aa4 To*.ftfc ?tr**i Tltat tb' tab 'ar'-a ban fa' 1*4 to rootor* *b* a a >o? la tt* al- itt tf ||','iil< a *tr*ot a. I Warr -a p or* fo? j t??*tal4a?t Tbat a if n mWf'4 na*>ta #trt> ar* >'t ua?ia| i ia Colliron *?**?? o*ar H?a*'?n atro?t, V? to* aott/ ? t*>t of labtb''*!'! t'?tr? Tbat 'tf t 'ron or ttti*a at tat #t raff a??k "?? bor ' b* ?t-t*? ait ar* io4 ar/o Mtr**1 a'?o 'bat tb ' 4 rt; ot'*r from t * rta'^t/a ba??* a '?rtt*t'? r-iat'V ttoo'a from tb* i*of of b* ?an?< -uM witaoot *a > t ro ->-!?' t* r Tbat tb*"* a a tif<t< ?'* a Aon t'raat, a>ar >!><*?,' i Tbat p? ?' Ot^rli a aft >*aanr?* tr* lot f ra* If | 'b* ?r?<"t ,?4 fbt nlo* ^ottt tb* r.'O't ? .r*ofl rot ttw ? If |trar* r* 'ft 4 ?? (Vi |?1 oaau'oa i^ ? ' mtawi 1l.*tth* C.jr-iUt -It f M? 114 lift t,|M MOt lor J|1** ' '( ? ???artt oWto t< * ? ft' bl*? lot baao )??% a* t* '4'af la f'ntrert 7tat I*. Wrrt ivrtatooatb at-*ot ? ? ?'.Ut.IUrr . la ?ao n^rl *4 t ' Wa* pofolattoa obt? b ?a 'a'.^?? ? i ??* I ?*? -, J r t?ni 7b- n t ar* rra'a it ic4 tb* tt?aa t?<i? 1 I1* V* at aot r-,-.o>- f t t . 4#rr- ? tb* l?o?otata tbat ?trei4 ?' '*ot. fiotn I .Uf a I* >|o nror I* n* i >itt ai?ia naot of (irtnf* Tl tt li' .tr**" ? fy ti\* 1. ' tot* fro*' t r*arti.ttr i.i* ' i<t?t ?lt'i a at i/*H tbrro *tar* bab'r* ??af-o> obtrti i?4 o? ? laapo4' tviv* i bat at tt ' ** I P", ' ' b; SMin^ tb* ?tt of *a 4 ttr**t 1 at (f*?fa o< l|t?fr*?a fr?-<i?*a'. f*>at ;( Mir?*t ail Mtli f'ftatl t?4 ? br"or? tl* oMtl't ' !o Ua* r.r? Mlral |l a be** tb?* 1 '? tw? ital -* ;* r t*fnna f>-ir* af'?n t? a ^ ti.a 4rr*r? cl ba-t a a?4 I f l> a lor l*at ? f ' Of ? b r?*t a*4 f WON tbat ( o i t'** jaSix itf rr a*; '.MVt ***?

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