Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1855 Page 1
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THR FVBNf NO STAR purustikd KTTRY aftirnooh, (now wkpar,) ^ ik* 8Hkr Hnidynft, e?rn*r Pmnrfiwmmm www** m*4 6>7#r**(A Krwi, my wamicb * BOPS, wn Sr. #?r*e?i 10 ntaciitx^a hi tbe ctHr* of wajh i?mw. oun|?<iw?. AtenMrta. Bulthoor*and Phii*. m8ix AXT> A quartb* cents, pay* m? wr^kly 10 tii? \jr? nt*. To mail mbacntori u? ?nfem-t<r'<oa pnc? ia THREE dollars and rirrv revrs ? t? ?<????, two dol lar.* '? six months, ard OFIB dollar *nr threb months. ql^slnni co Pica om caaf. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, 1). ?., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1855 0NPERTAEER8, Ac. Tiai??14MAKKR 4 UNDERTAKER: T T^rxtftau iBteKa hi. fhmt Ka?*??> 2? CM' U<J pnMJc generally Be. ?JIW te ?T"cnt" *1] or*?? <? mMB#T#n< ?* U* short s' jfr * "?eat!y and promptly executed rlllBKALS attended to at tk? shortest notice. and la the beat r~*rrvd to tM mttptrftci mam *?r, <?n m tt? wrnwii ?'saUar. * if-***1 for past farece, b? wonM re*perffV,iiy ?iWt, a ad will eodeeror to mwlt ? continuance oi *???aau^ ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pa. m, a. ?(<|?, twtwm 9th and loth at*. #????, l> -treat, tfcfr* ? n?* of Tth Pfi M. mmr 17?ly undertaker^ 1W0CLD reep^tfuHy return my thanks to tte I oitiieaa of Washington had its vicinity for their ^et patronage, and t%j thit owing to the fteqaent sella In theCndertaklng branch of ay birlnee I *V been lnduoed to discontinue the manufacture UYDbSSktJ^ VT1 9X7 ?"?*? t*U7 to the ???r? ?L Ti ,p*rr<1 B0 P^M ?? here 2til222lm r^a^,te to *7 bualuee*, and I !*w^?L? 7 E?*?? J* ord*' ?rt? *.,_ *?y?*r ?nl 1 iwir* thoee who may ? "P%r* ?? P*'0* t# <mrr7 ow* U?Jr order* to their entire cntmfcetloa. ? ,1A ? JAMJtS P. HARV1Y, KB n_i- UCL Tth st-, between Q end fa 1 attended to at *11 hour* of the algr ? COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR i" J?;. L"?a.n. 5e2?"s,> ??"? 2ss>. 5H1 ?=?* SSt!' OFOROE ^THOMAS 0 l"*8t*t"' "?**? neo?- Odd-F*Uows% Hmtt nJZf*?? 8TR,,JT. W*MIWW."Pu ' F. H. DAYIDQE, Alteraty ted Conmeellor-at-Law. ATO COMMISSION BR OF DEEDS , WR THB 8TATB8 OF Virginia Nrw York Maine Kentucky, New Jersey Illinois L-.TA"> . *ie?airf?,! Ocnnectieut M^hueette ?aryland Penney Ire ale FWJda I?nn^ Alabama 1kl-. ssk. ,u br"?*~ ??*? -< OJJo^Coaleiann arcane, opp. Fifth afreet PROF. SCHOSKyiiRBG, TIAOHBR AND TRANSLATOR OF ".^'"a*" aBd Lltaratare. *0. it: riWKiILVA!?lA AVIBCl. net 23?tf R. II. QILLET, CT,"***,lor a *? Law, Mm. SCHONENBERS, Teacher ot Piano and Singing, ^ ^t"0" *5T '"*8TiTAau tTntiT WM. M. M1KRICK, 1 VaB *y * * Law. Will ? ?<>? 3S LOC.1HAJIA ATSjm. W.. preetle? *a ihe ^apremA Oonrt of thf United st?lu7 m 0f ^ D ,>ict ^^anbU kvgB(?HONCI|LV^,VANQUAyES -PROF. Jr^.nl^ ' " ul Jil 'x'^p?noe reriewin* hSZl^T ? October, ^ jjt tT1 P,n???^Teni? evenni Privata Medical Troatiai 05 TBI PUY3IOLOQ1QAL VIBVF OF MARRIAOB, M B M- *>,? Qfc/. _ Aumyr, n y. 860 ra?,i ?"d 13? Plain and Colored Lithcv graph* and Plate*. ?*" Frlca anljr S5 Cant*. f? 4^9eat free oT p**age to all parte of the Unions* *??K *? ru HLUUMl', and containing noeriy d uble the qnentity of matter in tbat of the FIFTY CSN'TS OB DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. ?he PHY8IOLO JO\ 0^ MAR&IAOB, and the ? s^ret i;flrmitiWSOd disorder | ! of youth end maturity, re-1 1 "Ui^ng from excere>a, which " j Jeetroy the physical end men tel powers, with obMreetione |nmrr ag^, ite duties end disqualifications, end their r*a*ti?!, wrth liihc^raphs, illunre. ng the anaU?y aid physiology, and difweeee of the repr* dactlre organs of toth a-tee, their atructur., ue?e and function a. A popular and -*>mp rehire tree ^ oa?>e duties end casualty of Mngle end mer ried life?happy and fruitfal allien we, mode rf se curing th-m-lnfeiieitoue snd mfrrtile cnea-their aenaflon and remoral?important hints to tho* POBUmplatin< matrimony, that will ov*raome ob iactions to it; none, bowerer. should take this im portant ?*p wihout flr<t consulting its na^ee oommentariee on the*e*aad medical treatment iofiDr7 lo ?W ?C?. each cese grsph loally illustrated by beautiful lithogrephir rUtee ? aTTnr^1^- lt*^aUT. mad Ca?l h7 ? at oa<^ eo sisapl?, -h end e*-clual. that Uilure is impoaaible?rul?* for daily maaag?ment?an eee?y onSporm a t^rrh'va with practj-al o'-eerratione on a aafrr, and m >re aucce*aful mode of traatm?nt?pre^ caaoonarr hinte ot the eells reeulUng from empiri fa' PractW??n way on ail di^a^ arising from ladi* ream, with plain and simple rulee by which ail persons oan care themeelre? without mercury? rameliM for thom self inflicted miseries and di.4n poiotel h >pee eo uofor'unately preraient in th? young It It a tratft*ul adriser to the married an'' thoae contemplating marriage. Its perusal is per tieularly reeommenled to p*r.?ons *ntertainini{ st eret doubu of their physical cond>ti-n, and who are ? consensus of hariug heserded the health, hanpineei and priTiiefaa to which erery human being is en tttW tO. S , P? copy, or Are cople* for one dol ted 8Mml* ?f P?rt*C" to any p*rt of Ulli M. Rtoee who prefer may eoasaltDr La Caotx MJ of the diseases up >n which hi* book treats efthrr eceoaaliy or by mail. MedMne sent to env part *f the Ueioa aoooriing to directions, sefaj F?>k*i and eersfally secured froai all obeerration Adlnne Dr. M H. LA OROIX, No tl MeMea or Poet Offl n Box 4T?, Albany N. Y. . 0?es open daily from 9 a m u ? p m, and oa Baaday from -J until 6 pm. ?TO?MRanered from No M Beerer st. to 31 Baldan Laae, Aibany, N. Y. dee 7 "dentistry. "pkR. MUN80N respectfully oal s public attentloa JLJ to hie a?w, pateat,.and ORBATLY IMPROVBD method of eettlng ArtJdil* Teeth, with OoaUoaou* (lam?the rery PARFBCTION Of T^B ART. Thl*atyU ?J ^ the follow adrantagee orer all other* Jte: ORBat 8TRBN0TB, CLBANLINBB8, COM FORT, aad B1JAUTY, tieiag with Nature in these raapwte, and >om? o'here exrelllag. Pablic lasuee ^ ? tollcitel. Plmi c%ll io4 bm rJS^LX?v ~N^ ?}h'r ?n the District of Oola?Ma his a right to make this style of Teeth. and^war^Telf'for^^?^y, plug,ed ~2"aid'uS'^^ W' l*UT parohaeed at the hlgheet fcSr^t srst?4 ?*?? Drafts on all the prlaotpal cities aold to auk pur J at a dlstaar* sendieg me Traa*-Allecha&T or Laad Werrarta "ay rely <g>on reoalrinx tka ha* rele?, ead remtttaaoee made b? draft on aay esty ia the Ualon * HAMILTON O. PA.fT, 4ie9-dia Mo 4tt Piioi itidui Good newb from home.?jtst re ceiead 1UU cuplaa of the xoore popular ?eaw at the Masse Depot of HILBUS k HITZ, Corner Faana. aveaae and J lib strer? )an 1J? tf OFFICIAL Trea.i'ry Department, Jan. 3, 18M. Notice is hereby given to the holder, of the fol lowing described stocks of the United State., that rbis department in prepared to purchase, at an, ante between the date hereof and the l,t March neit portion a of those atocka, amounting m (he agrre gateto 01,900,000, in the manner and on the tern,, herein After mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within Uie amount stated, preference will be given in the order of nine in which said stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned |p the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof must be tranamltted to thia department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be pud con,pounded of the following particulars : 1. The par value or amount specified ia each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized y the act of July, 1846, redeemable November )-J ISM of p?r c.nt.; oo th#! Bt0ck Qf ||)e ^ thorized by the act < f 1842, redeemable 31st Decern ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the atock of the loans authorized by the act. of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, the loruier on the 31-t December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, It- *, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan ? .homed by the act of 1850, and redeemable on . - 3l,t December, 1864 icommonly called the T > ,n indemnity) six per' cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1? of January, 1855, to the date of receipi and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (?or the money to reach the owner) of one daV. interest in addition. Payment for said stock, will |?e inada in drafts of I the Treasurer of th? United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But no c< rtificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice whfh shall not be actually received ?t the Treasury on or hef** the said 1st day of March next. , JAMEa OI-THRIE, jan dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. Dr. DUPOHOys Q0LDKJT M0WTHLY PILLS A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure of all Painful Ohstru.-ttons and Female Irregularities arising from whatever cause. K 'ssirsa ykaSS' ? OVER ?I*TY of 0 """""" of the wlfom'^r?1 wUt,"n ** "ary 'mHI'gent Ladies for O! mril h Jf^rihed by Dr. Duponco u.m ?hi PP3L ^1" th#y are now published to tile world, <o that all Females suffering trom the ?ZXZ(ZCUhtr" ""',r mn> have the^mpor tunity of giving them a trial. These pill- have nnlv Sn^ea'?ml0*,lrn',ed P""nt for a li,,le more SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES hm* y a ,ar*e proportion of which has been rent hy mail to Indies in differr nt parts ol the country ; and liters are being receive^ tfailv E nS *h|,rrrl expressions of for n!? Th!r ,r h h,,*e bp"n <ier.v-d their Sdy of hmh stanTn " ^ ?trnCl fro,n H lelter o( a .? L * ?tond,n? w??o has authorized her name to be communicated confidentially to other ladies ^3sr;?:r'? ?*? tlsement la ? Ne? York p*r>*r iV faffh I y nr *',v'r is* j; rDxi r ?;h ? ?MredieBU of these pills are perfeet " J" r medjc?nal openui m on the moat delicate female con-titutione, yet a* prepared and .ombined by Dr. Duponco, the/r .ptciHc ach.m is sueh that married ladles aiiould use them with proper prwcauuon. Indeed, iheir use is net at ?ii Indicated dunn, pregnancy.' For th^wn'^^lon thi^w.i phj*{tt,an knows, medicines which act in this way are the very best that ran be used forM. S2em syrr1- f,Kalthy ,onp ind '""nc"0'" u>? ?yatem when so much impaired and deraneed as to Fur furthw pnniculars ..e di iSK? ~h b?'' ? ? J- DUPONCO. M. D , Proprietor, N. Y. Sold in Waslung-on by Kidwell k Lai bc*ce Stott & Co., W. H. Gilman, S. H. Svtvkstea j" Cai^a?RV u? WardJ a Bubw?' L, Island ; J.'f.' s zzxsz bj l'Mk iKU%sL' Kidwell. In Aleiandrin HEAR THE WITNESS! BIGHT10U8 VERDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE, kc. tlf ONDEKFUL cure after rix year's suffering ut I Mar>land* U,ost h,K",y resP?ctable ciuiena of | Prejudice and skepticism cant stand before the "in 'y CUXC* n,id'i fay Hampton'a Vegetable Tine KMDALL'a Gaovt, Montgomery Co., Md ) .. . w . December 2, 1664. / v&t99T%. Mortimer I' JVfOu^bray ; Gentlemen? In 1844 I had what try doctors called a violent and combined attack ol-Chronic Rheuina hpT. 1 ' n w,,ich 1 was confined to my bed lor three montha. I had the very best phvai W ?ther vanou* remedies, none of I which gave me any permanent relief. Not having -ase trom pain day or night, 1 became much emaci ated , ray whole system a mass of disease, literally ? peaking, from the crown of my lie d to the sole ot my feet. I had to hobble about?most of the bme confined to the house; at times so helpleaa that I had to b*r asmsted to my bed. I wa? also afflicted with a dreadtul cough, great shortness of breath, sore thmat, rmif?-,Uou of the heart, and pain in my side so had I eou; ? not lay on it. My appetite e? tire.y tailed ine. | gave up allbofK-Hot being restored to he?ith agau*. I continued thus to suffer on from 1844 to ltv><l. a period of a.x yeara. At this time my daughter mn at her grandmother'.a pamphlet, with ni^Merous certificate, of cure* made by Dr. HaniD ton'. Vegetable Tincture. ^ I knew some of^hose who certified to cures per formed on themselves and friends. I was resolved tn give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He objected ; but my sufferings were so great that 1 pro 2!^,?"* botue. and. before I had uken the whole of it, I telt much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After taking the second bottle I was better than fir the past six years, my appstite re turned <\ough, pain In the side, shortness of breath A J f 7 ? *?ne: ' '?ootinued using thi. won derful medicine until I had taken seven bottle*, ac cording to the directions; and I am happy to say Hampton a Tincture, and that alone restored me to pertect health, which has continued up to this time -a period of :hr-?e vears. I am ,n the 65th year of myage. I weighed yesterday ?38 lbs., and I never Uslt better in my life. One ot my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatwm, kc. He has also been restored by the Tmcture. I heard ol other cases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, ,t tried, will apeak for itself. My only object in de acribing to you my anff rings and the way I obtained reliet, is to induce the afflicted to try this Tinoure winch has, under the blessings of G**d done so much for me. Yours, respectfully. j ? henry GAITHER. I tall and get pamphlets gratis, and >ee enr^a ol Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weaknesa. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Ralti more street, Balumore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Cha8. Stott fc Co., J. B. Moom, D. B. Clarke, Clarki k Bowuao, W. Elliot, and H MrPuER ?o*, Washington ; also, by R. S. F.C| a el, George town ; and C. C. Merry, Alexandria, and by Drug twa everywhere. Jan 5?tr MADE TO ORDER CHEAPEB ER. ? In order to rua off the remain Aer of our large stock ot Glotha, (Jas-imere*. and w* wiM at thia season take measure and y ' 0*ntw??*,s Carawnt. ot fire, quality twenty oer eenL cheaper than oar aauaiiy ww pn C _WALL k STFJ'U^iii nm Pa. ay., next to troa HaM. lal k News) IMPORTANT TO THE 8IOK. 1'U* great SXpertonce and Well-knOWn sUll of Prof. McCustock la a sufficient guaranty to the puMlo that th* following list of Medicines, such aa nave bf?n oonsUntly u?ed Is bin pra'-tlc* tor the last thirty years, will fully fuataio by their effects the valaahl* qualities attributed to then, and pro-re to be th* beat Melleinea ever offered to tha pabUe. I. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An Invaluable r*m*dy for Bronchitis, Consump tion, and all chronic diseases of the throat and langs. la all deep *eat?d complaints of tha Pulin* naty organs It haa proved the moat safe, certain, and rapid remedy erer employed In the extensive practice of Dr. MoOIintock for any of thees forms of disease, showing tbeuselree aa Cough, Tickling of the Throat, Sense of Tight nee* in tha Throat, Spitting ot Blood, DUBcaity of nreetcing, Hoarse ness or Lose of Voice, and ileotio fever, Ite naa will be attended with the happleat reralte, while it la pleasant to the palate and strengthening to tha vhole system. It contain* no lmdaauin or opium la any shape. Price $1 per plat battle. II. Dr. MtClintock'i Cold emd Cough Mixture. Am tnfelUble oare for recent OMgfcs, Tickling of the Throat, Tightneea of Breathing, Oronp In Chil dren, Ad. It oontalns no preparation of oplam. Piioe 26 cents par bottle. III. Dr. McCkntock's Asthma and Hoof ing Cough Remedy. Aa almost Instantaneous relief for these distress its complaints. This Is the fruit of an immense. expert?*, and Is astonishing la Its effects. No per son need suffer a day from Asthma or Hoopla* Ooagh who will use It. Frtoe 60 cento per bottle. IV. Dr. MdClvntoch's Diarrhma Cordial and Cholera Preventive. A prompt and nertaln cure for Diarrhoea, Dyseo tery, and Cholera Morbus In all stages. A aura pre ventive of Asiatic Oholera, which no traveler or fhmlly should be without. Pries 1ft and ftO oents par bottle. V. Dr. MtClin'ocVs Tonie Alterative Sfnif, for parlMng the blood. The moat powerful pu rifier ever discovered. For all Scrofulous diseases, diseases, Eruptions, Boils, Pimp tea, Erysipelas, Uloers, Bore Leg*, and all Rheumatic and Syphilitic oomplalntn, Ac. It M most excellent spring medi cine, perfectly palatable, and safe for children or fc 'P#*at males'. Price (pAl Bottlea) ftl. IcCiint VI. Dr. McClxntock's Dyspeptic Elixir. Dyspepsia, or disordered dig nation, may be called the National Disease of America. Its symptoms are headache; giddiness; nervines*: low spirits; dim nses of vision, with mote* or specks before the free; Itching of the nostril* dull Dees of hearing and ring ing in the ears; dtaagrosable taste in the month; oonatriction or werarhtabout the chest; difficulty of breathing; s?nse a suSxa^ion in lying down, or in aaoanding stairs* palpttctious, or uneasy feelings about the heart; Irregular or deficient appetite; sense of sinking at the stomach; acidity; heartburn; Kin or tnllneaa of tha abdomen, and costlveness. me of these symptoms always appear in Dyspep sia; and sometimes tha aame patient has many of them at the same time, cr at different times. for attacking 'he* Protean symptom* in their seat and souroe, via: deranged condition of the digestive funo tions, the Dyspeptic Kliiir combine* all the valuable ingredients which the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Taken in dunc-ticn with the Veg- table Purgative Pills, in eases where there is mu'li costlveness, or with the Anti-Bilious Pills, where the functions rf the liver arc irregularly discharged, it will b? found Vpoet effr*tual remedy. Price (in pint tottftes.) $1. II. Dr. McClin'ock's Rheumatic Mix?' ture. for internal use; a purely vegetable combination for the cure of Rheumatism, Gout, and all Neural gic and Rheumatic licensee. This remedy is offered with th" utmost confident It haa been need most extensively, and is ** near a Specific for Rheumatic Disease* as the world has ever seen. Price per bot tle 60 cento. VIII. Dr. McClintock's RKoimatii Lini ment, An Infallible outward application for the relief of j til rheumatic or neuralgic pain*", retains, swellings, rtlff neck, stiffness of the Joints, pains In the ahoul lers, back, or limb*. It aflbris immediate r?lief from cholic and pains In the s'omach and abdomen. As a counter irritant, it Is Invaluable In all eraee where aa external stimulant is needed. Price (per bottle) 60 cento. IX. Dr. McClintock's Anodyne Mixture, Or Pain- Ixtractor, used internally and externally, for the instant relief of all pains, Toothaches Head ache, Obolic, Ague tn the Face. Chilblains, Neural* 0a, Stone or (travel, Ac., Ac. No pain need be an Cured a moment by a vr person who will use this Invaluable Anodyne. Pifoe 60 cento per botttle. X. Dr. MeCtmtock}i Fever and Ague Specific. This has been found an lnJhlllbla specific for this scourge ot new countries, and for Intsrmittent fevers. No traveller or reeldent in any uue dis trict *houl< bll to provide themselves with this sure preventive- Price $1 per bottle. XI. Dr. McCliniock's Vegetable Purga tive Pills, For the relief or Constipation and Its painful re sults, sacb m Headache, Disainess, Sick Stomach, Pains, and all the symptoms enumerated under the "Dyspeptic Elixir." Price 26 canto per box. XII. Dr. McClintock's Pills, Por Liver Complaints, and all forms of diseases arising fr^m derangement of the liver, with symp toms such as Disainees, Headache, Ringing In the Bar*, y< ilow furred tongue, pain in the right shoulder, sense of fullness or pain in the right side, disordered stomarli <>i bowels, deficient aetion of the kidneys, oUy-oWei stools, Ac. These Pills. If taken In the iusipient stages of Bilious and Yellow or other ferera, wll generally ward off the attack. Prioe 26 cento )?r box. The abt ve Me-licinee may be procured of all the principal Druggist* and Apothecaries in this Dis trict, and of J. L. Huraaaw, Agent, Washington, seplf GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW word* on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakneae, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirit*, Lassitude, Weak ness of the* and Back, Indispo-j sitiou and Incapacity for study and' Labor, Dullness ot" Apprehension, Loss ot .Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self D.?uufct, Dizainess, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, AffV-ction oi'th ^ Ejes, Pimple* on the Face, Sexual and other infirmitie* in inau. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. I)E LANEY. The important fact that these alarming complaints may easily be removed without Medk-ine is, in this small tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by tuean* of which ev ery one i* enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least po?*ibl* cost, avoiding thereby -al I the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and po-t free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lispunard street, New York. jan 17?3in RftCADY BIADB CLOTIIL1Q AT RE duced prioe*.?A* the xeaaon is'advanced wa have determined to sell off the remaining portion ot our winter stock at greatly reduced pnees, therefore gentlemen wishing to consult economy in purchas ing fine Overcoat.*, Talmas, dre**. Track and busi nes* Coats, black and fancy Cashmere Pants, Vel vet, silk, satin and Merino Vests, CnlershirU and Drawers, and all o her ready made Garments of fine quality will find our present variety to be as well as sorted as in the beginning of the season wi h the ad vantage of muoh lower price*. WALL fc STEPHENS. 339 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. jan 12 (Sentinel fc News) REV. SEPTIMUS TIJSTIN'fl WORK.?The fourth edition of The Doubting Communicant Encouraged, hy R?v. S. Tustin, D. D.,!ate Chaplain of the United Siatc* Senate. Further tipplie* received at TAYLOR A MXURY'S jan A BoolsNrtre, near 9ili *l. I TO INVENTORS HB cfkw of "Tiis Invsnton* Protsstlaa National Union" is on 7th strast, opposits tha last Por> of the Patent Oflkw, and is now raady to attend to th* busiueM of Its membara, namalv t la making sxamiuAtion* and a&lVoiting patents, Ac. Inventers are invitaJ to call aad gat a oopy af tha Joustiiu'.kjf) and By-taws, uul where any In Cor ma ton will tw ^Iveu re*v?:t3ug the Union. l , Ali tetUra u? bwriaess must ha directed to *hlJ of tea, fhait aftabCuiu *1U Lw g*vsa irr.msilately? I A modsi shop is in oonnsotton with tha ?b?r? modsls can be aadato order at tha I sottoa. C. ?. QLATTON, ap 1ft?ly FrwHwt L P. n. 0. msiiKTu nMieiir GRAND BALL res tbe BENEFIT OF TH0 POOR OF WA8BIHOTO!!. IN announcing this Biill the Managers wnjiij moat respectfully state Ih.v u will be conducted >n a style unsurpassed by any heretofore f iven, and w Ul be worthy ot the good object for which it ia intended. It is hoped that hia effort will receive tlialtbrrl support ot Uie whole community, and that they will be ab e to relieve the want* of thoae that are uow suffering in our city. The Ball will take place at the Assembly Ko?m<. Tl'BSOAY, Februatvtkh. Tickets UNE DOLLAR. lHlTi ?f 'he Military, Maj Gen W Jones, Lt Col Reilly, C w,!,ShliU?"? *?j R Keyworth, Col W Hie key, Maj P F Bacon Capt E C Carrington, Capl P B Key, Capt J A Tait, Capt G A Scliwarzman Capt J L Smith, Capt, Capt L Towers, Capt O Byrne, Capt F ?l Sheckell, t 'apt Jos Pe.-k, Lt J Hntton, Lt E F Uueen, Lt C r Wroe, Lt Alei Tait, Lt J J Mulloy, Lt C W Klint. Surg Morgan, Maj T S Donohoo Ur Mr McCulloin, Capt Jamison, Capt W Lasselle, Lt J Tucker, Lt Feeny, Lt J 11 Bird, Ll J H De Bille, Lt Besere*. Lt P Otterback, Lt I W Baden, Lt J K' lly, Lt F Reilly, Lt E F Allen, Li O Nutzy, Lt Brown, Hon J T Towiri, J W Maury, Kaq Waller Lan<>x W W Maaton ! Pmr Forrt I H1U* H RU1 W W Om-r?r*a 8 Parkar J H Rilon W H Wlnfr A Proroat J r Ooyi*, R Willwb Chaa Mtnrjr S Koifrrg R Sm'th W T Dot* J oo Knnia J P Pepp?r 8 C Harney O S Uldacn, U Caw-rcn, C 8 Walln<~ii H H?mii?v U H Pendlatoa Pranck Taylor ivd W OtTMl Ctian Kloman Francli Mobun Managers on ?art of the Cititen*. .art j R Poyla Wio Dor, O Knnlf O Dnnn'-fioa Jnn L -V In R J R. he H W Itail J L H-nahaw Col J W Forney T Carbarry Jaa O B?rratt C Hill Jno Cartirrlfht W H Hop* C WliaaJar f)r Haynar<1 T B Ponofhn# B P Mtddlaioii k r b?;i B J Pammaa C H Calrart II A Wlllard W r Bayly M Brown I>r W H Majcritdar 8 P Franklin Vxaparlan Kllia U C..yl#> W II Thnmaa H Tarlor 1 D Hoottr Archibald Oai Jaa Adam* Thoa Paraon* E 0 Mnrgaa J A l.lntna Jot Oalaa Andrew Haix ?-.<% H 8 I'olkinliora A Dtrkena J H Klrkwood A T ICkl;h4iQ?r A J H Wltila 8 l.e? ia O A Jlllard J J Jf.Trfj PiBoa K ff ln^jlpr J C McOojra * J McCorinlrk K 8tnart Jaa Harka J C ritjpalrlck Dr 8tno<>( J H Mr Blair, W B Hpaldtnr Airs Lea Thnmaa Barry Major B B Frerch, Treasurer. ipb?n On the j,art of the Company. Capt J Reese, - Lt Baine, Lt Cone, O a Campbell Lt Walker, Ur Mr G W Floo.1. VV Forsyth, Secretary. Noapiritoua liquors allowed in thebuildinu Cap?, lurch gnarantind a sufficient police force iopre serve order. ' Hat- and Caps to l?e left m the hat room. Milita ry hats will onlj l?e allowed in the hall. Jan 27?<ltb GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC fpilE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY re *- upecttully inform ihe citizens ot Waslnnston that they intend to give a B II on WKDJIICSD4T, P?b 14, 1833, At the washington ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Tne Company pledge themselves la use every ex ertion to jive the utmost aaii?taction to those who may honor the (Jorp^ with their presence. Refreshment* will be furnished by an experienced caterer. The military arc requested to appear in full uni form. \o hats or caps allowed in the Ball Room except those worn bv the military. 1 icket* ONE LM >LLAR ? to b? had ot the Com mittee and at the doorou the night of the ball. Committee on Invitation and Re> ej4ion. C?pt EC Carrington, Snrgeon W B Bu'i, Lieut Tucker, Lieut Clark, Lieut Kelley, Sgt Power, jan 30-eoiwfitdb J Coleman, L Will auis, J Marceron, Sam Butt. MEDICAL OFFICE. Established in i85i, by d?. brothers & GRAY, 179 South B st , (or the cure of vene real diseases in all lta form*. It u deplorable to wit neiw some of the A*e* that are pre sented to Lira. B. tL G., where the diaeaKV has been d r i v e u into the system bv quaes s with Mercury, to break out again in the form of spot*, and ulcers on the bjdy or in the throat and nose. W e]peiform extra ordinary caseo in from three to five days, and old, h ilf treated, lingering cases in two to three weeks. 1 here can be ?ern it our office prfucription* from nearly every physician in the District for private disease*, which have failed to curc and at last ap plied to us tor relief. Remember, IT# South B street, Island. jan 27 -lm* 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OF all sizes and quality, V.enob or Oerman plate. Fancy or plain Portrait and Picture Frames, Gilt or Fanny Onlored. A1m>, Gilt R"om Moulding, Marble top Brackets and Tables Oomic*s made to order. Alae, all kinds of old work regilded with diapatcfc and on reasonable t ran by J WAONFR, Pa. avenue, opp. KirkwcxxJ II-use dec 29?tf UNION ACADEMY. Comer of Pourttrnlh tt and tftw York aveitm. AFKW m<re pupils o*n be recetved to make np the limited number. Appltcatton must be mads soon. Tbe divHpline, instruction, and means of illustration are such as to Insure satisfactory pro gres in those ?nplls who a. -? punctual, n^nlar and obedlant. Circulars at tbe Books^ ree. d?c 30-3m Z. RICHARDS, Principal. T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH PACTOBY, 47 7 Eighth at, adjoining Rain ay's Livery Stable* CkWiNO to the Increased trade vhi^b a generous ' publl- haa bestowed upon me,I have been com pelled to erect a new and larger building for the C'tTTing on of ay business. Here I shall b* w abled to execute all orders entrusted te ma will ueatertaeilitles and dispe'qfc. and I would respect ftivy anll<?& a continuance orBu ptibli's patronage. Carriages and Wsgona, of th? most m nl-rn sty e, built of tbe beat Materials, and warranted to give satisfaction, repairs ol every description punctually attended to. For sale, cheap, a second-hand Clarence Carriage, nearly new 0ec26-t1 B RITISH ALMANAC AND COMPANION !?? laM, coniaiuiiig Lists of Parliament, of Knjal H iuseholds, Ministry. Jmhciary, Foreiin Min iaters, Sic:, in England, British Minister* aliread, Military nnd Colonial fJovernmenf^ and person el; Imports, Exports, Taxes, Du ties, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for 1?<64. Chronicle ol the Seaeiori of Parliament 1854, Ab?traetaof important Parliamentary Docu menis, and valuable articles on the Campaign, on the Ifnited States Census, on the health ol Dwellings, < kecupations of the people, Flue tiiations of the Funds; Canals and Railroads Public Improvements, Chronology, and tni* h other useful and valuable matter, complete in one vol. FRANCK TAYLOR, jan 18?if H. SEMKKN, JEWELER, A'o. 330 Pa. avenue, br'ween 9th an4 1U(A street!., Offi r-< f?r sale a magnificent assortment of DIAMOND JKWEI,ItY, Gold Bracelets, Breastpins, Earrings, Seal Rmgi We.lding Rings, Fob and Veat Chains, Seals, Lock eta, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All artidea are warranted as rsprt-seated and aoM unusually low. jan 19 iiVKNINCJ STAR. A ?SiL'M BBItML. Under this he?dinF. th? New ToTTmTT ror thus discourse.. The Colonel. ?r doubt, felt ''pretty well" .bout the tin,, he penned the article : "Invitations are out for the most en blime and magnificent nuptials ever cel. ebrated upon our planet?the wedding ol the rough Atlantic to the fair Pacific occan. An iron necklace has been thrown across the Isthmus; the banns arc al ready published, and the bridal j arty will leave this city on Monday next, Feb 5, to perform the august ceremony. Sonic seven millions of d< liars have been s|>eut in achieving this union; but, as the fruit. thereof will soon show, it has bven mo ney well invested. Across the bosom ol the Isthmus, the golden products of our Pacific borders and the incalculable treasures of the distant Orient, are des tined to flow in unremitting streams. The stupendous enterprise of uniting the two oceans which embrace the graat* er portion of the globe, we are proud to say, was conceived and executed by oui own citizens, in the frowuing face of ob stacles that none but Americans could have overcome. The swamps, moun tains, aud miasmas of the Isthmus drove all the engineers of Surope home in de spair who contemplated the gigautic uu dertaking, and the Herculean work was left to the hands and hearts of men in whose vocabulary 'there is no such word as fail.' "An enterprise so full of poetic sublim ity, and so fraught with interests co ex tensive with the whole earth, may well command the admiration of the world; and deserve to bo fitly inaugurated by such a bridal piyty as are now preparing to embark as witnesses of the gr&ud con summation. It is a theme for such an Epithalamiuin as was never sung in Greece, and an occasion for a world-ring ing burst of eloquence that makes one deplore afresh that the tongiie of Web sler is mute in death." Office Bmoixg-Corwix's Advicr.? During Mr. Corwin's administration in the Treasury Department, a young man presented himself to him for a clerkship. Thrice was he refused ; and stiil he made a fourth effort. His perseverance and spirit of determination awakened a friendly interest in his welfare, and the Secretary advised him, in the strongest possible terms, to abandon his purpose and go to the West, if he could not do better outside the Departments. " My young friend," said he, "go to the !?orth west ; buy one hundred and sixty acres of government land?or, if you have not got the money to purchase, squat on it; get you an ax and a mattock ; put up a log cabin for a habitation, and raise a little corn and potatoes : keep your con scicnce clear, and live like a "freeman ; your own mister, with no one to give you orders, and without dependence upon anybody. Do that, and you will bccome honored and respected, influential and rich. But accept a clerkship here, and you sink at once all independence, your energies become relaxed, and you are un fitted in a few years for any other and more independent position- I may give you a place to day, and kick you outCto morrow ; and there's another man over at the White House who can kick m?out, and the people by-and-by can kick Arm out; and so we go. But if you own an acre of land it is your kingdom, and your cabin your castle?you are a sovereign, and you will feel it in the throbbing of your pulse, and every day of youi life would assure me of your thanks for having thus advised you." Dbcidsdlv Rich !?A vhort time ago the Opera of the "Barber of Seville'' was produced at the grand Opera of Paris. A certain Mr. Lecomte, being a great admi rer of Rossini in general, and the "Bar ber of Seville' in particular, purchased a ticket for the reserved seat by paying five francs. He very quietly looked for his seat, and after some trouble, found it occupied bv a gentlemen, who perempto rily refused to give it up. Mr. Lecomte very quietly went to the Commissary of Police, who is generally in Paris very easily found, entered a complaint and commenced a suit against the manage ment. He claimed damages to the amount of 150 francs for being deprived from wit nessing the performances of his favorite opera, and demanded a repetition as soon as possible for his own special benefit, and in addition 20 francs damages for every day's delay. Judgment was given in his favor, and the management was glad to settle with him by paying a few hundred francs. This very naturally led to some inquiries abot the person who refused to give up the seat, and after a great deal of trouble it was found that a*id seat had been occupied bv a dead head. The* management, in all probability, had giv en him the seat expecting that he would quietly submit to being turned out if it was wanted. A Russian Pig in tus Pokb.?The German Universal Gazette has the fol lowing amusmg anecdote, stated to have occurred before Sebastopol. The French having remarked an unusual activity among the garrison of the Quarantine Fort, were anxious to know the cause of it, and for that purpose were determined to get hold of some Russian sentinel at the eatposts. But that was no easy matter, the sentinels being usually on the alert, and taking good care to keep out of danger. At last, a Zouave offered to furnish the article in question. That very night, a watchful Muscovite heard a rustling in the bushes. He cried, "Who goes there ?" but the only answer he re ceived was a grunt. Thinks he to him self, "This is some fat pig that has de serted from the enemy. Bless me, if I oaly could get hold of it, and smuggle it into the fort, so that our officers may not lay hold of it V. With this view ha re turns the grunt; the conversation be comes interesting to both parties, and at THE WKKiLY 8IAR. TkU raaily m4 I?ir?^ ??1? ?m a (raw raiwt? mf UMMH | rM4ia? *u tl?fla tapt, par uiu V _ not1.* ^1*' I ? I m T 1 T I I I i | 1| | I ?l i | r - * ft 90 Tea Sa ?? Twntj 4o ItN W" C'AaO, IITilli ill Ui tl*A*rt. -^u?4Jf coptaa (la wrapper** caa br pr-?r?ra4 a tj?? CBHHi, aftrt tfcf mtv? of Jn paper. Piitf- triii rairra. rorra ??T?a? who act m apmu Will b? a**wa a coviiiWinn of twenty prr e*?t. last the worthy Russian sera the object of his desires approach. He lay* down his musket to se?ze H. but oh ! horror, the treacherous beast turns the table* upon him, throws him down and gags him in no time: then with a low whistls he rills five 7/Oiisvcs to hi* si'd, who carry efThis victim to the French r-uwp in triumph. Sam Slick's Wis* Saws.?Hope is a rleasant companion, but an unsafe fneod. lefll do for a traveling companion on a pinch, but h? i? not the man for jour banker. Take your daily braad and be thank ful; but don't pray to the Lord to lay up for you the loaves for years to come, to make you rich. Many a man has died about the time his great baking of bread came out of his oveu. A woman who wants a charitable heart, wants a pure mind. The measure of a female's judgment must b* her own feelings ; and if she jndje harshly, her feelings are not deMcste. Her experience is her own and if that is adverse, it ought at least to impose silence. Inno cence is not suspicious, bat guilt is al wavs ready to turn informer. Thinks I to myself, a man may l? President, aud no great shakes either, for, after all, lie is only the lead-horse of a team. He has got the go in him, that's all; but he can't hold back, which is a great matter, both in statesmen and horses. For, if he slacks up, he is rid over by those behind him, and lie gets his ne<*k broke?he must go or die. Work ! Kern your own pork, and see how swtet it will be. Work, and i?ee hove well you will be. Work, and see how happy your family will be : for. Vie fore you know where you are, instead of repining at Providence, vou will find yourself ottering up thanks for all the numerous blessings you enjoy. It's no use talkin'. When you are down, poverty, like snow-shoes, keeps your f?ct last and prevents your rising. A man can't hope agin' hope. , ^ t 1 t A Rat Stort.?In a paragraph con. cerning the high tide of Thursday, the lloston Telegiaph records the following : 41 At the wharves, owing to the high water, a large number of rats wcie killed by unemployed laborers. The vermin were obliged to leave their holes, or re main and be drowned, and as they ap peared parties of Irishmen wailing for jobs, chased them about the docks wuh clubs and stones. In one instance the men had driven two large rats into an empty building on Commercial street, where there was no mode of egress through the door. This the two men fastened, and forming a circle, drove the animals into a corner and prepared to dispatch them. The rats, rendered des perate. sprang at the throat of the near est Irishman, and one succeeded in fast ening his long sharp teeth in the man's handkerchief. which he wore around his neck, and held his jaw tirmlv clasped un til killed. Luckily the handkerchief waa thick, so that the animal's teeth did not touch the man's throat. The rat's com panion sprang at bis intended victim, missed him, and was knocked over by a club. They were enormous, large fel lows, and wou d have made a meal for half a dozen Chinamen." Tpk Vinwjar-Facko Orvtrt.?That very able aad ubiquitous sheet, ?? an ex change paper," gives the following very plain statement, which we commend to the afflicted : There is a class of men in every com ? tnunity who go about with vinegar fae?js because thev are not appreciated as they should be, and who have a constant quarrel with what they call their desti ny. We hate such people. They are a nuisance and a pest. They make all within their influence uncom^rtable. These men have usually made a grave mistake in the estimate of their abilities, or are unmitigated asses. Wherever this fault-finding with one's condition or posi tion occurs, there is always want of solf rcspect. If you are a right down clever fellow, wash the wormwood off your lace, and show your good will by y??ur good deeds. If people feel above you. why re turn the compliment and feel above them. If they turn up your noses because you are a mechanic, or a farmer, or a clerk, turn up your nose a notch higher. If they swell when they pass you in the street, swell yourself. Deliver us from the whining fools who go around like babies, telling how people abuse tfcem, and whining because society will not take them by the collar and drag them into decency. Tb* Gold Minss op Virginia ?The gold mining interest of Virginia, it ap pears, is more extensive than m*nv per sons sre aware The Petersburg Intelli gencer gives a lists embracing fifteen of the most important mines, the aggregate value of which is estimated at * 1,700, 000. Of these, five are not worked, tor want of capital, or because their owner ship is disputed; and four, valued at $575,000, are owned bv English compa nies. The great drawback U> gold min ing in Virginia, and in other States, has been occasioned by the want of adequate machinery. It is thought this difficulty has been surmouuted by the use of the "Eureka Crushing Machine," invented by a New York mechanic. It is in use at one of the mines. The Intelligencer is of opinion that as soon as the present stress in the money market is passed gold min ing will induce capitalists to inveai their spare fnnds in that State. It also men tions that copper and silver are to be found to a great extent. 03^ Two printers in the Plymouth Rock Office, tired of taking xiyresnons on the forms of that paper, tried it on the hearts of two dauisels. After several srf ItHgs up they sue ceded in such fair jtoofs of "the matter, that the minister oi the place was called in and of the wbole four jorma folio edition, leaving them locked up for Life

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