Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAamT m;N ?;fTV TKIPAT AFrS^V;ir....;..rfbratrY 2 Death I#i a W. Maury. Esq We learn wth a> oh regret that our fellow eitisen, Joaw M xrRT R#q died ^ dhj ft| qusrter before om o'clock. Mr Maury wa< universally e. tee*. 1. In hu deftth( tho p^, man h aa log* a b, aefeotor, and the eity ol Washiagton one ef its moot valuable citiiens We mourn hit less, aa will all who kaew him for? <4Nou' kn?w hun but to love him, None nn ntxi turn but to prai?e *? He died? "Like one ?> 10 c'raw.? the rfraperv of his couch About him ind li?-a dovrn to piensant dream-." 8PIEIT C.J XH* MJKWINQ PRESS Tha Juttl.tftnnrr announces the lamented death of the Costs Rican minuter, which oc eurred yeete'day -aying: "It is oar pait/U doty to anoouace tha de cease yester-ay, the l?t instant, at bis resi iltZ n 1 ?:l/ a lingering illness ol ????! ? I e.ip? Mohna, Minister Plenipo n itlt R,Ca< O'^mala, and Sac Salvador, ihe stimable character of thi? ? gentleman. his fl a and cultivated understand ing hia mcietty and amiability, had won foi him no less. *e balieve, the respect of the UoTerumao. tna the esreeia of hia eolleaguei and of all who k law him. and will c.mslhij death to bo r.noe, ely regretted. The Un cn. diaoussing Know Nothingism taya: "Heretofore ihe Sooth has been enabled to resist the aaehinations of abolition clergy men and ao 1-slavery conventions. because machinati^t *ere publicly resorted to and jostihed 3ct when the fanatics of theNonh appeal tc tie people of the South upon rrlic It"! r?"f- * rew danger menaoei that poi L>?a oi our country Clergymen do not he?uat* to go into those lodges in hefrcs i-tatoc aai .0 )iad themselves by the most fearful oaths The articles from tbe tar, New Mamp-htre p- rcrs thow the extent and the chancre, of tl )Be oath*. A minister who is a member is act only bound to enforce politi 0*1 and social p.cecription, but he is biund to submit to th? r ice of the majority on pain of having "his tame posted and circulate! throughout th? iiff-re^t councils (or Iod*e? of know notUagi; 0/ th* United S'atf.% as a per jurarand ?* a trait or u? (iod and his coun'rv as being uusr to be employed or trusted, couL tenanoedo. ?ap orted in ?ny business trar.s action; as i per iB totally unworthy the eon fidenee of all god men. and a* one at whoD) the finger ?u avcra should ever be pointed. ' Tha on er wh oh compels mea to subscribe to this ret jltirg oath, and wh ch oath many northern e.arg.-* en have taken, it a nation al ronsjyasy It extends over the whole t moo. It j J?tf ea into States and coaatiea lato towasaipe aat. ai-hool districts. The voice ,Q higer departments 11 thu order, ..a gr#a, quastioas, is. according voir* of all. These leaden select doctr nee. ? ?ndidatea and Tiotina; end . e 'a tie low r atrata mujt register the 0 uai* ^ *t*It on P?"n ?f beiar nub Itshed as "i irajiii" .nd as "traitofs to <iod aad their coatry Tie power of the whuli order?us coatrolltng namoers?its ma*tei spirit* art t?cu*d in tk* North Wo unrt tbe soatneru mac. whether he be layman ei T r? tak# w*rcing by thii startling adt cnitlo !" J Rosa DaVj.ias ? Thia celebrated vocalist aasiated by Severn excellent artist, gives a eiagie o^acer ->UI eity oa Tueaday evening next, when aha wiU sing a number of th* gems of our w opula- operas. Rose D? Vnes basa wjcderfal voloe whioh has beec cultivated to perfect on In our opinion, sL excels some 0 fcers > ho have come among u* with a worldwide v -put.nion. She is sjpe nor te Ortsi, %cd t .e equal of Parodi and Laborda. No icab; bis concert will be larxe ly attended ParL JcLinx ?Oor readers will remembei that this a^ton ah ng youth gives his oaly tou ??rt in Washington t -morrow eveaing There ismagioia HMe Paul's bow that draws nol only bewitehiag rote from hia violia, but alac orowded bouse-1 fKHNMAL. "IomUiage- in the News, pokes loU of fan at Alderm in Vc par. .... Daaiel Webs er asad to relate that it astut be r^ad a <hteen dollars for a vaa< amount of lao ?r, jui afterwards was employed in an exactly ,iaula. owe, aLd received a f!? of live thouaard lobars, though he us?l the ?am? brief that ha bad used in the first case Mayor ^jod is "down" upon the for tune tellers in New Fork. He has instructed e police to b nttb=ji out an i report them of ia strllti k<,ePj 0D- the stones ol the streets wnl r>se and call him blessed .... Lieut, datter writes to the New York he has been cashiered . sr d complains of the act as arbitrary bec^ ;t WM dona without bion in t!?f?AU Mf4 H? ??ja that had he iTJV ^,ltnr scrrice a Court Martial TfJlJ aa-jaeaary, but belonging tG ! 22! ??? ' withoat ceremony K d by 11 forconduct Wr'VUT*'"1 d"U"d I poa which 'he Baltimore American re marks: Had Lieut flcnter been in the Austrian Mrvice. be r.ight Lave been Court Martialed bat the reau . wcu d undoubtedly have been M execuuot at the yard arm. It strikes us that our free gove nment has in this caae been of eminent uss?o lim in prolonging hia lifa." .... Senator Hiuston attracU great atteng tion in the Pstaty oham^er by writinc with an eaormocs aaill in full feither, prfblbly taken from Anerican ea jle ' 7 .... The Albany Evening Jearnal says ? Sl^^ ot <,;few ^rk in siicm, was carried on the 25th in Mn?. metnng frisoa ?"Madam# Margarittes " ^Ta ware under tea .Tapreaeion that Foster ha<i a wile and fcargan tea a husband al?Jiy ^ * .... The advaLt of Tom Paiae'a birth dav Tf*. ?***k/?tad ^Cincinnati on the evenina % 29th ult. Oaa of the orators ef the oc* ^oa waa Paur Clark, a mulatto. .... Rar. loka P Don el an, formerly of thil oity haa been incited by a large number of the cm tens of Port Tobacco, Md , of differaat l^ ar^n*^^3 *110"' Uj'i(>llr*r ? eourse of lactwea in that awn. Mr. D resides in SSS.SSS: "?""" r~wr ?r ? .... The Clipper asks the following pointed queetien wht*l,F2*r ?*?r Ji^roed from his first wife, to traJi^r"^1 .1**rtiun ?? Hf compelled ?cribera ?*b" aair wii T' rk Joarnal to aapport her ?elf and* Whekaows' .... Th. N,w York Tim., bu .Ioa, ?u,i, Aip, marked b/p! idieT. ^ bk f0"*1' leader, and am fcu 22K L C4"Uon' " a proverbial in ut? own state ^ ^KVI0^>^? ar* M Ue of which bt is tb. anV*??tion!Li'5a*' bU* I habits ia socf il aad dome?tic aj? U.ia beet at one tims, affoti an ennpft a01 th* reform, eatare t a pet. with paniteie ^ie01!!!8 termination, a d ^ ever^STn^ th^hlT ^faa irm wUi whiol, ia antitlad to ootJi^P dMUoa and reaj>eot. u sol to the reatoration of " m"" I*? ot kit ....The vaul' al Weimar, whioh ia the pl,!M ,f Princea ot the Grand - It ^hlch the bodies of Sehil b^n deposited, haa been v' - *?" - j?'? "d Su WASHIH6T0H NKWS AND UOSSIP. 7 he Utah Question ?Ihe public will And, in yesterday's debateia the Liouse, on the bill ?o ex'end the operation of tha public lands system of the Government over the territory of the United Stales. mah of g eat interest, indeed; ln^stnuekaj! it embrmm the lint reg ular approach, od the part of the Congress of the United State*, toward* dealing fairly aud ?quarely with the dilemma of the existing anomtlj which the affairs of the Mormons present There has been, up to this tima, au evideat disposition to shirk the issues which Mormondom has brought on the General Got eminent; but the clear impossibility of longer avoiding tham has apparently induced the House fairly to take the bnll by the horns. Soma tima ago wa published a communica tion from the pen of one who has been among them, embracing what struck us as the only teasible plan for the proper management of affairs in that quarter, that haa fallen under oor notice before or since. So loug as they haTe th9 jurifjt nothing can be ('one among them by tha authority of the United States, a* done elsewhere This fact is patent. Just so long will Brlgham Young's fiats be ca.rieu out. rather than the laws ofthe United States The plan to which we refer contemplates the breaking up of the territorial government of Utah by extending the boundirios of all the other Territories, and California, laying adja cent to Utah, so that the oity of Salt Lake shall actually stand in New Mexico, Califor nia, Washington, or Oregon Territory, and also in Kansas or Nebraska We mtut divide in this case, te conquer. The alternative is clearly an independent government within the limits of the United Statas. with an even, tual war of extermination Spoliation ?Yesterday's commendable ac tion cf the Senate, in refusing to set aside an important General Appropriation bill for the consideration of the Prenoh Spoliation mea sure, hag caused much chattering of teeth, indeod. among those outside who proclaim themselves interested in its passage. There can. however, be no doubt that a majority of ftie Senate stand ready to pass it at an early d.?y. It is expected that they will strike out much or all of the virtually new bill of the House, and r ungate in lieu thereof, something more nearly in accordance with the bill as it originally passed the Senate. The dread, however, which is now evidently felt in this case, has reference to an expected veto. Up to Tory recently, it was clear that the mana gers of the affair we.-? quite sanguine that they would be able to overcome thi scruples which all admit the President entertains on tkii.Mbjsst It is now clear, however, that some stumbling block has unexpectedly arisen in their path to that ache'vement Now, wo are unable to give an opinion wo?th a fig a* to the probabilities of a veto, not having of j late Lad time to attend closely to the signs in the matter fbating around in the govern mental heriaon. We only know that they are ominous of a veto, from thoir effect upon the parties immediately interested who are labor ing jealously to ward off tho droadod Bxecu tive fiat Poet Office Building*. 4c . in Baltimore ? We can see no good reason why the bill pro posed by Senator Pearce, for the purohase ot saitable quarters for Post Office and United States Courts purposes in Baltimore, should not speedily become a law. It is notorious that in all the considerable cities of the Union, the accommodations of tho Government for such purposes are of an inferior charao. tor, and, when rented, invariably cost vast f j 1 y more than they should?always muoh more > I tbmn *ould be a fair interost on the purchase Jofa proper site, the erection of a well arranged building and the cost of its insurance and keeping it in repair Iioally, we know no more economical disposition that can be made of a portion of the existing surplus, than in providing in all the gTeat cities of the country saitable post office and court accommodations for the requirements of the public service It has not been done heretofore, only becauss more pressing necessities for the money on hand have always been staring Congress in the face. We presume that no one will fail to realis? the importance of, if possible, pro viding permanent accommodations of the kind we mdioato in so large a city as Baltimuro Tho Minnesota Bailroad ?The public will find in the notion of the last three or four days in the House, on territorial business ample proof of the correctness of our intima tion given a month ago, that 'he session would not end without the entire defeat of the schemes by which it has been essayed to se eure for the New York Company owning the charter for tha Minnesota railroad, against which Congress has set its face. These sonemes involved a bogus law suit, whioh will be duly exposed in all its enormity in the approaching decision up it by the Supreme Court of tho United fctates. In passing the bill virtually to repeal all action ef the Min nesota Legislature in favor of that company, the House has simply carried oat its action | repealing the bill donating to the said com pany lands in aid of the construction of their proposed railroad. The company have pur sued many devious paths, evidently to arrive, after great expense and anxiety, at tho most remarkable nonplus over enoountored by gentlemen in pursuit of an appropriation un i der circumstanoes of great difficulty. So they | go! * The Miuioa to Paris ?Perceiving that many of the writers from Washington for the distant press, have gone off half-cocked after a mere joke in the Star of the day before yesterday, we have to say that their story 'hat Mr Dudley Mann is talked of in offioinl circles for a successor to Mr John Y. Mason, is the merest gammon oonceivable. Mr. Mann', we feel well assured, will remain in bis pre sent place until the end of the term of his chief. The original story was, to our own knowledge manufactured in the the g^pat ball of Willard's hotel by a knot of wag*, by way of testing the credulity of a paf ncular in dividual. We refer thus to its orig.n, only by way of forcibly illustrating to the outside world, how baseless muoh of tho "Washington news 'of the dis;antpress really is. Extra per diem under Acta of March 8, 1819, aud August 4, 1864. to Soldi en on Fatigue Duty.?It is held iu the settlenesit aeeoants at the Treasury Department, that when a qua, term aster sergeant acts simply a* th? ?aperintendent of laborers, Ac., ha is em. r>oj?d in his staff oapaoity, and is not entitled 0J e extra per diem provided for ooostant labor by the aets of I8l? and 1854. But when heisnot bound by his obligation as a soldier to labor as a Mechanic, and if he performs ln.tfcat oapaoity for the beneflt of the Government, and is mustered fer that purpose la conformity with the regulation! of the Quartermaster's Department, (par. 1015,) he is entitled to the extra compensation. The Hon Henry A. Wiae ?We trust that our neighbors of Alexandria will do their best to aooommodate with places at their aeet ing on Saturday nigh', the host of distinguish ed gentleman from &1I quarters of the Union who propose to go thither in the hope of beicg able to bear the expected speech of the Hon. Henry A. Wise. Not only do a large number of members ofJCongress propose to be present, but also some hundred or more strangers of distinction who are now among us. CONOBCflNONAL. In the Senate, ye?terdayr after we went to press, the Army Appropriation bill was further considered and passed. Shortly afterwards they adjourned without the further transaction of bu?;ne?s. In the Home, the bill to establish the office ot Surveyor General of Utah, and to grant lands to actual settlers, was taken up as re ported from the Committee of the Whole on on the state ot the Union, with a recommenda tion to strike out the enacting clause Tbe bill and amendment were then debated by Messrs Jones of Tenn , Phelps, Hamilton, Henson, Bernhieel. Disney, Haven, and Mc Mullin ; and, on motion of Mr D.nney it was finally so amended as simply to establish the surveyor generalship of Ltah, aad to grant lands for educational purposes to tbe Territo ry. The said bill waB then passed. Mr Houston then p oposed to go into Com mittee of the Whole on tne tariff question. But after conversation, in which that gen tleman, Mr Appleton, and others participated, it was in'ormally agreed to postpone the con sideration of his motion until Wednesday next, at one p. m , when its fate should be considered a test vote as to tbe proposed amendment of the tariff at this session. Soon afterwards the iiou^e adjourned. Proce< ding* ?f To Day. In the Senate, to day, Mr. Mallory's bill to increase the efficiency of the navy, which provides that the old and disabled officers of tbe navy may remain on shore under " wait ing-orders'' pay, while those officers wl)o shall do the duty now done by those old and disa bled officers shall have the differenoe added to thair pay that there shall be between the pay then received by those thus to be classed a; waiting orders, and what they now reoieve; read three times and passed. A bill granting bounty lands to Susan Pal mer, widow of Lieut. Palmar, deceased, and a bill for the relief of Joseph Girard, a courier in the revolutionary war, were severally passed The bill for the relief of the captors of the armed brig Gen Armstrong came up, which was not disposed of as we went to press. In the House, after disposing of preliminary business, the army appropriation bill, as re turned amended from the Senate, was recom mitted to the Committee on Ways and Means Messrs. English, Hendricks, Faulkner, anl iiillyer, severally reported private bills, which were committed The bill for the relief of Samuel A. Belden A Co. came up on its passage; and it was passed?yeas 86, nays 5v egoaeKTown cobbebfohdehci. Vigilant Fire Conpany?Canal?Milling Busmen?Cattle and other Markets? C'old Weather and close of Navigation. QKoRttBTOWN, Feb. 1, 1855. Tbe Vigilant Fire Company had, last night, quite an interesting and spirited meeting at tbe opening of their library Wit and good humor flowed in abundance. We regret to say, howerer, that the number of books in the library are far short of what they ought to be, considering all the oircumstances. The Vigilant is the only company in our city upon which our citiiens have to depend for the pro tection of their property in case of a Are, and as it has never failed heretofore to render cheerfully good serviee whenever necessity required, and as it is composed almost entirely of men of limited means, we think our more fortunate cititens would be but consulting their own interests by contributing liberally towards the library whieh they are trying to collectfor the men'al improvement of the mem bers. Doubtless nothing would teod in a greater degree to cement the company to gether, and cause it at all times to be strong, and composed of such persons as would do honor to tbe calling of a fireman We learn frtm the gentlemanly and deserv edly popular Collector of our Canal Company, at tbe Georgetown station, (Mr. Matthews,) that the water will be let off to day for the purpose of making <ome repairs, and removing] some bars and other obstructions which it will require some three weeks to accomplish The following statistics, which we believe are in the main eorrect. more likely to be a trifle under the actual amounts than above, will show that tbe manufacture of flour in onr city is an item of trade of considerable more magnitude than most persons would imagine Far the Ave months ending Deeember 31st, there was manufactured into flour 340 000 bushels of wheat, at an average cost of $1 70 per bushel, making in the aggregate $578,000 expended for wheat. This amount of wheat, allowing 4i bushels to the barrel of flour, would give 75,556 barrels, whioh at an aver age price of $3 50 per barrel, would yield tbe handsome sum of $642 226 The offerings of Beef Cattle at Drover's Kent this week, has amounted to 190 head which was purchased by District butehers a? $4 1RJ? $5.75 on tbe hoof, equal to #3 37sh$11.o0 net. Sheep 4a5 cents per lb. ilegs $7 75 The weather continues very cold Our river ia blockel up tight by ice. Business of svery kind is very slack. No change in the flour and grain market since our last. SracraToR. AL1XAUDRIA C0BBXSP0HDXKCK. lAbrary of tht Younc Men's Christian As sociation? Washington Hall?Henevo lenee?River Steamer?Improvement?Post Office Matters?Wither.'s Letter?Amuse, merits. ? Albxasoru, Feb. I, 1855. The Young Men's Christian Association of }ur city are busily engaged in their philan Lhropic enterprise. The Librarian, Mr. John UcKeniie, acknowledges the receipt of some liberal denations in books, and solicits further sontri buttons Washington Hall is crowded nightly to wit ness the performances of the Boon Children In scenes froui King Lear, Macbeth, Romeo ind Juliet, The Honeymoon and the School tor Scanaal, they are winning golden opinions from all sorts of people. The lady managers of the late fair repre tenting four of the Christian congregations of >ur oity, have united their portion of the re ceipts from that benifloent enterprise into one fund, and organised themselves into the 1 Union Benevolent Society*" A meeting in furtherance of this laudable objeot will be aeld at the Relief Engine House, this after noon at 3 o'clock. Thus commenees another t>eno?ceat enterprise. The Potomac Steamboat Company meet at he same place to-night, when, the organisa tion will be completed and arrangements nade to secure a stiamer in time for the spring jade. Tbe Sentinel says that " Mr. James Green ntends erecting a large addition to the Man tion House, kept by Mr. A. G. Newton, which eill oceupy the open area or yard in front of he ' Herbert House,'known as * Braddook's headquarters,' and is to correspond with the Sront or western view of the present bnilding >n Fairfax street. The first story will be landsomely arranged for stores, and the re naindor appropriated to hotel purpooee. It till cost, perhaps, $40,000. Workmen are iow busily engaged in excavating for the foundation." A writer iu the Gesette of this morning no icee that a large number of Alexandria, K?., etters are advertised by the postmaster of ilexandria, La., and suggests that the Do part men t issue an order requiring the adver tising list of either office to be exhibited in tke lobby of the other. Thif if a moet excel lent suggestion. and Mr 0. 8 H. deeeives the public thanki for proposing it. Mr. John Withers, of thin eity, be* ad dressed a letter to the editora of the Virginia (Sentinel, which appears in thet paper tbii uiorricg, in reply to the reeent comments of the Glor>?. Mr. W. says the Qlo^e wilfully publishes false statement* through malice; that the debts of Selden, Wither* A Co ought to be paid, but that ssme time should be al lowed the firm to dispose of their assets with out too great sacrifice; that individually be ia only as a surety for theirm, and their assets ma?t be exhausted before he ean be called upon; that he has applied a large amount of his private fortune to satisfy claims against the firm; that it is not in his power to pay vhe debts of the firm at once; that he is not worth a million of dollars; never has claimed to be worth over $300,000; that there are other partners equally bound to pay as he; that it is simply impossible for him to pay all these olaims The Sentinel introduoes this letter with a pretty long article, and thinks that Mr. Withers means to do what is right, and that no kindly man will deny him the opportunity Julien gives a concert to-morrow night and the Moant Vernon ttvards announce a birth night bail on the evening of the 22d Ami We are in receipt of the Whig Almanac for 1855, published by Qreely and McElratb, New York. It is a most useful publioation. oontaining a large amount of politioal infor mation, such as is found in no other single book- Its circulation, we are told, is im mense. We have the annual report, for tho past year, of the Treasurer of the State of New York Murphy A Co., Baltimore, have tent us the "Metropolitan*' for February. It is a well conducted Catholic publication, and oontains a slashing article on "Political Religionism " IntJi*n Fight in Texas The San Antonio Ledger extra, of the 18th ult., furnishes the following account of a fight between a party of rangers and a party of Camanche and Mexioans, at the orossing of the Peoos, in which six Indians and one Mex ican were killed, and several were eaptured. The letter oontaining the intelligence is dated January 8: The command of Major Simonson, consisting of riflemen and Texas mounted voluuteers encamped on tt^*mght of the 6th at Oak Creek, and yeaterda^ morning the advance guard fell in jritb*sAmod party of Caman che Indians and M%jiren? at the crossing of the Pecoe, and succeeded in killing six of the Indians, and capturing the balance, with a considerable number of mules aLd ponies. Capt. Travis's oompany participated in the affair, while that of Captain Henry's went in pursuit of Indians that esoaped by way of a ravine. From the captured party, it was ascertained that nineteeu Indians had gone down the day before with fifty head of mules. Capt. Walk er's oompany was despatched in pursuit, and have returned without success. Itissuppcsed that the Indians were aware of our pretence, and made a forced travel to effect escape Yesterday was an exoiting day. After the affair of the morning, we marched to .his poi Jt, five miles from the soene of action, and [ spent the balance of the day in roping Indian horses and mules, a number of which were [ found in the mountains near by The captive Mexicans, after tairg disarmed of their bows and arrows, were released. * They all had on moccasins, and were armed like Indians, and their packs contained buffa lo robes and Mexican blankets, and it is sup posed that they were Mexican Indian traders Resting at this point one day, we will take np the line of travel for new and more exciting scenes From appearances, and what haa been ascertained, much service in the fighting line may yet be the lot of the command, although they have so short ,a time to serve. The health of the troops is generally good, and the oon dition of their animals first rate. Joe Shillington has sent us the Knick erbocker Magaiine for February, and Frank Leslie's Msg^sine o? Fashions. They are both admirable publioations. .1. O. or H.?COLUMBIA DISTRICT TENT ?SPECIAL MEETING.?A *pe cial meeting of this body will be held THIS EVEN ING, nt 634 o'clock, at Rechabite Hall, corner of Seventh and D strata. to which the atteudance of officer* and Representatives ia particularly invited, n? Misine*- of much importance will be submitted for consideratioa. By order: i.N<). R. EL VANS, D. C. R. GEO. C. HENNING. 1). R. 8. feb 3?It* .TIIK COLUMBIAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHEB9 will me t at the City Hail, Council Chamber, TO-MORROW. (Saturday) at 4 o'clock p. mt A Lecture will be delivered by Z. Richards on "Moral and Meatal disciple in Schools." The Teac ers and th'1 public generally, are re-pect ullv invited '.o be present. fob 2?It ak-^vjSMI l'll 'ONIAN INSTITUTION LEC VCSkTL'KEd. fiu Wednesday n:ght Rev. J. S. Fletcher will de liver a lecture on "liraril." On Friday night the Hon. Geo. I'. Marsh will de liver a lecture on Uie "Camel." L ctures u> commence at o'clock. jan 31?eod ,NOTICE.-THE MEMBERS OF THE " Philadelphia Association" of the Sun l ire Company, we requested to meet at their Hall, ou Saturday evening, at 7 o'clock, and every Satur^ day evening until further notice, for the pun>oae of forwarding their ariangcmentt> to visit Philadelphia in May next. Persons desirous of joining, are re quited to send in their names. Alexandria, Va.,- jan 27?eo4t I"~OST.? I. \ST EVENING, HETWKEN THE j Coast Survey Rmldings and the west gate o Uie Capitol, or in an omnibus,a Breastpin, containing track and whit* hair, with the initials M. an l A. d. A . ou the back- The Ander will be libera Iv re warded and receive the thanks of the owner by leaving it at ft lit Twelfth street. f?b 2?3t NOTICK*?I hereby forewarn any person or persons from purchasing from James Masuire, a slave woman called NELL, belonging to the es tate of the late John Nowhnd. my father, a? I have an equal claim in said woman Nell. I also caution any person or persons from buying, without my consent, from James Maguire, lot No. 27. square 1000, witn the improvements thereon, sit uated near the Navy Yard, as i? was sold by my late husband, John Judge, sub oet to my dower. Ieb2?3t* M.O. JUDGE. NOTICE. mHE und-rsigned respectfully annouuees to the 1 public that he is ready now to sell his PATENT REPEATING PISTOLS, or to take contracts for making the same. Tnoee wisntng to see inc. can have an interview between the hours of 3 ana 7 p. ni. A full explanation will be given by me or by my legal agent, A B. Stroughtor.. Please address J. W. Brown, U. 8. Hotel, Washington. D C. J. W. BROWN. [The Register of New Haven, Conn., will please copy ] feb g?2?* NOTICE. B\ SPECIAL REQUEST, OF A I large number of gentlemen, the splen did sttaiue', GEORGE PAGE, Carr. E. A. Rythse, will make a trip to Alexandria on SATURDAY NIG AT, February 3d, to accommodate the nume rous friends of the HON. HENRY A. WISE, who may wish to hear him speak in Alexandria on Saturday night. The 'joat will leave her wharf, foot of 7ih street, at 6# o'clock p. m. Returning, will leave Alexan dnh *t 10 p m. Fare only 12)^ cents each way. feb 2 ? E. A. RYTHER. Capt. NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. 1MIE undersigned having associated thenweives . under the firm of "Hutchenson k Munro," for the pHrpose of carrying on the FANCY BUSINESS ia all its various departments, and having taken the new store next to Harper's Na.410 Pennsylvania avenue, between ?th aad 10th streets, wi l open on Monday, the 5th instant, a large and desirable stock of goods in the above line. We hope by >ur endeavors to please all who may fhvor us with their custom, and by a strict attention to business to merit a ?hare of the confidence aad patronage at the public. JOSEPH HUTCHEJfgOIf, JAMES B. MUNRO. P. 8.?We will also, in connexion with the above open on the 1st March an entire new and l able stock of Spring Millinery?ribands, flowers, fcc. This department will be charge of Miss S. J. THOMPSON. feb 2 v3t OFFICIAL. FnmkUm. Asros, Prtitdnt of a* Vtttitd Mm */ ?tfnMfitu, to aU v-fcom U may canrnm: Satkfhctory evidence having been exhibited la me th\t J. F. Mxli*? hu b*?n appointed consul of Hamburg, for the State* of Ohio, Indiana, Illi nois and Wiac?>in, I do hereby r'-cognise bin as jucb, and declare him free to eirrciae and enjoy such functions, power*, and privilege* a* are allowed to the Consul* of the most favored nation* m the United dtales. la testimony whereof, I have caused thorn letter* to te made patent, and the teal of the United States to be hereunto affiled. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington the 90th day of January, A. D. WMs and [l. ?.] of the independence of the United states of America the seventy ninth. FRANKLIN PBMK B v the President: W. L- Mtici, Secretary of 8w?. SOIREES PANTASTIQUIS. GO AND HEAR TP XYftTBulOFI RAPPIHC8 AND RFR LUCIFtR'S BREAKFAST PREPARED TO NIGIIT AT IRON HALL. feb 9?It FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. THOM K% dk CO.'I GRAND EXHIBITION OF DISSOLVING VIEWS FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY ! 8ATURDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY, Fetoru ary 31, Mh, and 6th. Comprising European and Amen^au Wws ; Coini cal and Moveable Figure*; Snow Scenes ; Cascades, Volcanic Eruptions, Fire Works, kc. MR. R IIANDY, the popular Flnti?t and Banjoul is engaged. Admission 25 cents?Children half price, feb 2-41* LAIT TWO RIGHT* OF THE RENOWNED MAGICIAN, MAC ALLIST BR, FRIDAY and SATURDAY Febiuar> 2d and 3d, ai ODD FELLOW'S HALL HI XI BEP* STILL L'NaBLI TO OBTaIK APUl'MIOS. -'The Cry is SHU (hey Come."' New Wonders -Startling reat* acd a? oiindmg Experiments wil. be presented never before wit nessed or attempted iu ti n city. Madame Macallistar will appear as the Wizard'* Page. From the great crowd at night, to save inconv? mence. tickets for the above evenings may be bs.l during the day at Odd Fellows' Hall, at Kirkno* d House, and the door at 7. Th?* Magician appears at 8. Fiont seaU 50 cent*. Children there with fani ilies half price. Second seats 25 cents. S.-e handbills. feb 2?2t* CARUSI8 SALOON. FOR ORIS MOUT OILY I Madame Rosa Da Vrias AMD HEX OPERA TROUPE WILL 01 ve A. GRAND Hl'MCAL FESTIVAL. AND OPERATIC CONCERT OX TUESDAY EVES ISO, FEBRUARY 6# A On which nccaeion the following great combination of Arii?u, will appear, in connexion with MAD. ROSA DE TRIE* Prima Donna of the Italian Opera Company. SIGNOR MORINO, Prima Baritone, from the San Carlo, of Naples, and the Havana Company. SIGNCR MARTIN LAZARE, The celebrated Pianist and Compo* r, and Piof?.* ecr froin the Con>ervatoire of P*ris, and who was dei rated with the Legion of Honor, and received a Gold Med>l from the King at Holland, a? first Pianist and Composer of the king dom, and SIGNOR PASSARILLA. The selections for the c'oneert will contain the gems of th* Operas of Norma, Daughter of the Regiment, La Favonta, Lucretia Borgia, The Prophet, Bsrber of Seville, La Souinanshuia. Don Giovanna, and Lombardi. MARTIN LAZARE. Conductor and Director. The price of admission has been fixed at ON r. DOLLAR to all parts of tha Hall. No extra chaif for seemed seats. The sale ot Seats will commence on Monday morning, at 9 o'clock, at the Music Store of R. Dfc vi*. P*nns>lvania avenue, where a diagram of the hall may be aeen. With every adgi'seton ticket will be given a cei tificate bearing the number corresponding to thr seat. T'ie certificate ha* to remain in the hand < f the original bolder, and establishes th* owncrsbi. ol the seat. {?>? The programme, containing full particular* of the piece* to be ?ung, may be had at the Masi Store*. 4^* Concert to commence at i? o'clk precisely. feb 2?td Miss E. T. Greenfield, COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE Has kindly proffered a COMPLIMENTARY CON CEKT THIS (FRIDA\ ) EVENING, Feb. 2, 1265. For the Benefit of tli* Fifteenth street Pre*byterian Church. D?or* open at 7 ? exercises to commence at 7It o'clock, to which the friend* generally arc re*peci fully invited to aurud. PROGRAMME?PART 1. 1. Solo on the Piano. 2. Sweetly o'er iuv Senses Stealing Bi*b' p Hung'by Miss Greenfield. 3. Solo, Piano 4. IU Pray for Tbee Donizetri Sung by Miss Greenfield. 5. Solo, Piano fa*t 2. 1. Solo. Piano 2 Ru.h and Naomi Handel Sung by Mis* Greenfield. 3. My Heart and Lute (by request) Sung by Mibb Greenfield. 4 Solo, Piano 5. Like the Gloom of Night Retiring Bishop Sung by Miss Greenfirtd. Tickets U) cents, at the door. Reserved seats f I, to be had at the Church between 11 and 2 o'clock. Also at the bookstores of Messrs. Taylor A Maury, Davis, Ellis, and Fran -k Taylor, Pa. avenue. feb 2?It TO BUILDERS. PROPOSALS will he received by Robert Mill*, E?q.t Architect, Capitol Uill, until Thursday, the nth of February instant, at 3 o'clock, for the ERECTION OF A FIRST CLASS BUI EDI KO on H street north, betweeu Fourteenth and Fifteen h streets we*t. The House ia to be 38 feet front by 46 feet deep ; to be three stories high above the basement, besides an attic or garret; and to have a small side building. Drawings of the whole, together with *pecification* wiil be exhibited bv Nr. Mills. Materials o every description to be of the be*t character, and all wwk finished in the moat approved and workmanlike manner: the whole to be eompleted and ready for delivery by the 1st of August next, or sooner if pos sible. Payments to be made aa the work progreeeee, and bond required, witn approved security, for the faith ful compliance with the terms of the <~c.. tract- The right ia reserved of selecting auch bid a* may be inoal approved, whether the Tawestor not. If the propo*.Us be sealed they will not be opened until after the hour abjve named. feb 3?dtSth BOYS' CLOTHING. WALL A STEPHENS, Wholesale and Retail Clothing and furnishing Merchant*, Pa. ava nue, next door to Iron Hall, have on hand out of the large it and most varied a sorunenu of READY-MADE B6YS' CLOTHING In the country, which la made up in every style, and calculated te suit ail tastes. Their Goods are made of the best materials and by the beat workmen, and will he dispose 1 of at rales that cannot fail to pleaaa. Tha pubhe are respectfully invited to call and ex aaune the Block. fob a?tf \\T HO'8 WHO IN 1856, 1 pocket volume VY Dod?B Parliameaury Companion for 1166,1 pocket volume British Army Liat far 1866 Pritiah Navy Liat do The Pis notary Worida, theu Topography aad Tg.aa.pit A^gyaaaaa, by J. Breer. Cambridge Blackwood's Almanac for 1866 Imparted by last steamer by fcH FRAJICK TATLOIL | 1 4 i MAGIC, MIRTH AND MYSTIRY AT IRON HALL. ROBERT HELLER'S WOULD OF ROIICKVCIAI WOBDBRi: And incomprehensible arnrry ?T SECOND SIGHT Onrtaai change of Performance rvery evening. nun or abhuvior. To H<lt ..JS rwu Dress Circle 37Jf ?? Orchestra Seats 50 - Seau may be secured from 10 a iu to 4 p m, at the office, wiUkmh eitra charge. Polite and attentive u*h?r? will he in attendance. jan 31?tf ITATIOXAL TIIBATRE. H THE ROUS8ET IBrTUK. . *!?? Caromr*. TlitHin. A?iL4i?t, Cuki tiri, Mow. Co-bt, Roniirr, St?LUXi, a?4 a large Corp* de Ballet. V. Grams, Lender THIS El'F.SINij the Ballet <tf SATHANIEL; oft, tbb TBtrnrn or viaica. Salbaaiel ... M'iie CaNiM. To conclude with the pantomime of ROBERT MAC\II(. Book* of SaUiantel to be I ad at the door* pnes lM)i cent*. jeb 8 It CAB USPS SALOON. ? JXJLIBN 1 Rexpectfalh announce* that he will five A Grand Concert OR Tl'RDAT KVIBIRG, Fate 1, IB5? And positively Kit only mppmrwmm im Wash ington. Upon which occa-ion be will be assisted by ib? fol towing eminent ?rti*ta: , SIGNOR4 MARTINI D*ORMY. Prima Contralto, inw the O.tern ?? of Berlin, I Madrid, Parts, and New York ; the first appearance. SIGNOR CUTURI, Late principal baritone, of the Gnsi k Mario troupe ?Iiia flrrt appearance here. AUGUST G< K.'KEL, Piaaul to the Knptiur of Austria PROGRAMME-past I. 1. Solo, ri?o, " Variations de Bravura," coui posed and executed by AUGUST GOCKEL. ?i. Duefo? from Don Juan, "La ci dar^ni." Una art By Signorn D'ORM Y and Signor CUll'RL 3. Soio. Violin?Grand Fantasia, from La Fa rorna Atari PAUL JULIBN. 4. Ana?From II Girramenio Mercadant* SIGNORA DORMY. 5. Romania?From Macbeth .. Verdi ?lGKOR CUTURI. 6. Solo, Violin?The Wttehes' Dane Pagauuu PAUL JULIEN. ti part tt. 7. Tiaua Forte?The Naiad Qnern. Concert Pol ka. ? .Goc kel AUGUST G )CkEL 8. National M.lody -??Hungarian Song."' SIGNOR \ D'oRM Y. 9. Solo, Vlo'.n?Grand Fan'a. ia Cap te Vieui Tc. PAUL JULIEN. 10. Aria?From Maria di Rudenz SIGNOU CUTURI. 11. Piano Fona?'?PolichinHIa,'' Buiic?fju'-..fIo< k< 1 AUGUST GOCKKL. Pi. Brindisi, "11 Se?>reto, ' for Ton ralt"?, (iroin Lucrezia Borgia Unnis< ui SIGNoRA D'ORM Y. Ticket* AO cent#?for aale at the principal b<>?Ha and mu-ic stores. Reserved e?*at* .yl for Bale at Davis's Mu?ic Store where n diagram of the hall can be soen. Also, ticket* to be had at a'l Musk- Store* and Hotel*. The Piano used on this occanon m front 'he store of Mr. R. Davis. teb 1 T Mott Bedell's Line. SEW YORK. ALEXANDRIA. WASBIS GTOX CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA P JtCJCETS HIS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS \VEEKL\ _ from pier 14 Earn River. New York, and oft. ner if necosaary. an<1 arc composed ot u>e followtng first class vessel*: !*ew schr. A. 1'. Berfeff. B*>dHI. master. New schr. Mott BideU, A. V. TiuIbhII. Schr. .*tn D . VA'm Oliver, master. Schr. Volant, L. A. Son b, master. Schr. CwnmnnWer in-C5f ef. Wofl m. master. Schr. Krtmray, Wilani nastrr. Thesa reasels are all fmn sail em, and the master* men of experience in ihe t ade.and the only regn lar line of Waslun^on Citv packetii. MOTT BfcoELL. * Wall street. N Y. T S. S. MASTERS k SONS. | Aleiandrm. Va.' THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?6m Washington and D. C. LOST?ON WEDNB8DAY, the 31? Januar , ?<jnir pi tee between Laiayt tte Square and Ff teenth street and Pa avenue, or in an oninilni* be tween 15th and 4U, streets. ? ladv'* goi^ Br^astpi* e^rpentine Ihrni. Th'- finder wiN res> ive the than** of the loapr nnd a ?uitabl* rrward by l?-aving*(h pin at ixxan No. Jit, Seeretaiy of !.ir Tnasw Ofice, or at the Sur office. feb 1?3t^^ LADY'S NURSE?MRS. BUTLER (NFORW inform* the ladies that she baa returned to u?. city, andjs read> to go oat a nuraing. She can b* found on'Louisirina avenue, near Sixth street. feb 1?3t IOST?Thih morning, between th? ?"ity Tort O. j flee and Min Janney's, corner ot 8ih su?-et an m Louisiana avenue, a pair of Gold S, ectaclee. in long morocco com, mndh worn Whoever may find tliem will be suitably rewarded by leaving them at the offioe of the Evening Star Office. feb 1?3t GI'A VA JELLY) from the factory ot Co*ia At Co., Havana, in V< lb and 1 la. bote* For sale by SIIEKELL BROTHERS, ~ J No. 40, opposite the Centre Mark* t. tab 1?3c CH.AMBKKi.ltY IAVCB, dome* k pared. For sale by SHEKELL BROTHERS. ? No. 40. opposite the t entre Market. frb 1?31 - i PBPPKB Cl'RBD FAMILY HAMS 4 Ala >, tli' Lewi* sugar-cured Ham* fur sale t?* I SHEKELL B Rolf HERS. A No. 40, oppoe.le the Ceutre Market. f.-b I?3t 1 IBlOLUTIOSOr C PA*. N r EfHIP rHB co-partoe-ohip heretofore existma between the undername j* Ihis day dii^olvad n> niaiua' consent Charles Ha*kuu, who will conuniK t'" business, i* authorised to settle the account* and a* t?nd to the uufiniahed business of thf late firm ^ J. H. ADAMS, ia. feb 1 -eo3t CHARLES HASKIN8. CBABLRI H A t K INS, Arckltact. (/?a. orenue Wierew Tenth mni EU\*nth *#????*, I w ashinstok. n. c. WILL rouuntia to furnish Plans, detail vorking Drawing*, and specification* of builduig* of every description, and alto to superintend their erecj tion. leb 1 -in DVTTCB. CH BBIB COOFl>f>,? D 67 kegs superior Oodwn Butter 110 bocee do do Cli 3,000 lbs (Codfish hC botes bunch and layor B 5 casaa Canton Gingak 1,800 lbs soft shell Aim. mds ?<I0 do Palm Nuts 900 do Pecaa Nuu S5 buahels Ground Nitts KM dozen Babbit's Yeast Powder 40 botes Soap Powder 50 logs old Java I <dlae 60 packages fresh T?a ? Ju# reeeived from New York by C^roniweiPs Lit? anllfor sale by MURRAY A HEMMES. feb 1?it AKPBB'I lAGAIIIB fbr Fekraary,t for aale at SHJLLINGTON'S Bookstore. A nil ion. by the author of The O' and Ag* lba'? 11 u;-band Tom Crosby and his Friends, by the author of Hat djr Andy Bralthwaite'a Retrospect, pvt 30, and for Januan Grahaat'a Magazine and Coder's L dv's Book a'1 J February De Row's Review ft>r January and 'February Ruth Hall, Wikoff'r Courtship \ I Newt Boy, Lamplighter Wide Wide World j Fu tge Doinr* Heartsease, Heir or Redcliff* AU Um new bOiAa pabUahul received immediaK" ly afterward* and for aale at i SH1LLINGTO V*B Bookstore, Odcoo Building, comer at. and Pa. !?? Fits which place he will supply all orders" ?7 hook publish ad in advance of all others a V aher'a pneaa- feb 1 - ^ f O0T-AT THB PRBSIDKNT'S LEVEE Oi? Li Friday. January H, a FUR T1PPK1T. Ft*#1 doAara wMI he paid fer ita return as the Stare of Fits IWghCsyle.yk^ jan 31?X* 0 JB#rfLkBB.?'n?e lewHrr in tVashi CUy, wtth slim an eye-flaas, set in (aid, -. satns ben dayt ago, a gentleman, for theptfj poet of haruj* a spring mended, will pieaae sm to AYWlfds* Hotel, loom No. 73. together with bill. )an?-?

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