Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1855 Page 1
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THR K VENT NO STAR ^ P EUS - V: ZRV attkrnoon, r?tryi^r At :\t Si ir t'-r>: it.-jt, romi* P**n.ty{vmHi* ????? 'e .??-? rlm+tk ot ?* ? ? run a- r> o t* k . tV :i V- ??rib.'.** la the ciLtj .if UaaV -mi hi? BiitiwfladPbiii. ?1~ ? * ?; ??! V \ND A QCATtTFR CENTS, payri ?? ~ bl' ??tiv uuhr Afiit;. T'i mil aubeerihen th? ?? - ... ? |k,.ce j, THKFE dollars and Fli I'V CEVTf* % v*?r in oiwrnv, TWO DOL LAR* f,H J*lX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR tor THRKfc vf.iTTHS. coriu oaa c?*r. _ I5 NT; SRTAKERS, 4o. OAJBlNET.^fAKKR & UWDTOT~AK?E. reep-ctfaUy Inform Ma * J- *? a^ailBti.wM, *? 1 public ??neraiiy that h* ft ! cntinrrea t? ex?^te *n eri.-r? ia b<? ?BcV'-Iaa*^**4 tJ*" ^rtmappwaa-1 *? the short. ? 5n*k?M*.a foc^y eiaaated. rUNlkKALl U> .? .? . w? ?!nrt?-T M?:?. ta tb* r^tt nan n.- "? f?*f ia Uu wiztf perfect m? "? M; -?Trrt** rratVr ' f jr pMt hrcn. he wca'd r-epeet/aUy Baueit, aad w"! tn-i^?rr>r ?."> n?H/ % in tin nance oi ^ the aeme. ANTHONF BCO ILY, / Pa. are, p. ?M?, t .'tween Pth ani 10th eta "1 Reeldeaoe: Mr. NuUa'i, No. -?e n Uraei, i ?-j boaae >ut f>i 7th alreet. mar 1T~-Iy UNDERTAKER. WOOLD rs>p* '("nlly retarn raj thanat u> tie I ? ~u??r*o' and ft* rldnitefnr theit and i?> :b?t OTTi - - to the fluent '*H* ??? h? I*o*in* Iraa-h cf fry ba?in???, I baee be**i ?aJa-*i U> ?hr aanuiVture of rarnit ir-. tni tr:;3 t? *tt*ct'op full* t?t tUi t JDti -T K I i. I !?it? ?.-hicJ pvns ty haM ?rfrrt.un^ ?;.??{? -.juWf.-t? r?? hoiac??a. and I air *.h?rw. .??. j; j _"*pai*J i.> cc;t anv ord*r atVr ?1** a >'?" " ' ?nl I ss>U4c tbo?* ?ho nsaj g1;?' * >,M 1 w-'; no p*in? c^rrycat lh?1r rr-JTs to ^h?3r -a? ? *? aAKVRY, ?"'1 ^ ' Ttb ??- b*tv<>^n 0 ?ai U. H. ? ?!! *acar? rf tbo nbrb. n?r 1?It I COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR N?w y#rl. Trjw. CalifTrnia, ?Jew J****, Louisiana. Misv>wri, P-nn?rlyni?. .^Uh^ma, K-ntnkr,, O-'viyia. MithJ^an, Main*-. V i* .r? fa, OMa, aad *j riu, other GKOaOE C THOMAS, ATi'OtiHEY fOli CLAIMS, AND NOT A It V Pl'HMC, Wishiugtjrt PI,ire (>d<i-Fr.H>ji9s> Hall SlVKXTU ?rHKK" D*C. ??? 1<* F. H. DAVTDGK, Attoracjr tad Coansatlor-at-Law, Ana COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS Foa run 8TAT-M Of Tlrfiai", Yutb Malaa K?Btack<, N*w Jerm>j IHtndj ^>?Mua. MUsiasljpf Coua?tk??t ~**I~aijU ^ iry!aiil ^?nn?TlTaai? Florid* 1 ?qcm?-4 Alabama i?7* fcfor*ia <3aliforDia Atka^*). 8 OhiMu ti OooTsyar.ejag tu all its nrcimpf'r an i aoc?:rat?.7 iiruH. OSc-, L>>u!aiaea aTenae, opp rmh attest. 'VJt lH? J t J f'/tor scuoNKtrnKug, Ta\ '?r*a and teanslatob of Ood.n, l.aagHa^e. and Lltcracur*. "O.Sii Aifiscj net 4<-'f R. H. GILLtfT, r-ouni*lloraiLaw, | 1 03c- r?ai-ianc? in ^raak!in flo r, corner o/K and Tn?'C-^?:?th ?tr. ?t nnr Mm. 8CII0NENBKRG, TaacUcr ot PUuo aud Singtnfr. * ?0. 115 7 PJW5V1.71N1A ATBKea. nrt 2^ 'f WM. M. MRKB1CK, Attorn ty *t La W| |l N ?-* ? I ? ^IA>A It?HI WilJ pra-st c?a the ?upre^- ?'our: of the United Hut-* "r ' U?e Charts of tU, Di.^ rk-t of oola^i^ ia. d?*r ? RAt / [S .^OtAUja ?PItOF. Li Bv u ), ?. u k , i nj|. coQuu^ucf rartowina i ll Lxw .jh 'v Vol.1ijOctober, at _Kiea e, tVnn?ji?iau ?Tenu? Private Medical Treaties i i 1 f I - I 1 or? mt 11 FHJTSIOLOGICAL VftW 0?' hahriagf, Br I J I n B LA c:toix, M. D? A LHA VF, X Y. ?0 i aud 1U> Fi ? Piain aud Colotal Uth> graphs aai i Satea. +*~ Price only ^5 ('cat*. ?#-tknt fre- cf pj'taget> all par'a of the Daion-^Bt CHKVPK-T BOOK KVkR . ^ P t H L laU KI? n<l coatiiniiig Ja a??rly d ub!e tie quantity ^ r-a .iug tiat'er in U^.at of the FIFTY CKM j oil LOLLAK PK BLICITIONS. lMr9**:rn The l'IIY8.'OL'V I ?Y OF M AUKIAOF, and the , I ^ r?: i firrati??*n<| disorder I Wrtl and niaturi'y, re-I " tS3Q? ? -ult-aj fr-.ia a^se a-a, which ^ ^T^rVririlMin t*l powera, with ob.errationi tfat!ea ?o1 dis-jnaliC. ationa, and vh-ir rea?j,e?; wr^ 55 h ^rap!ia, titu tratinir th? aim >ua* aad p-irirt acl of the repro ittcvir- ,rgat* of tL^ir s?ructare, u.*e aod lu??ctS3ns A popular an-1 ronp^hcnsiTc trea tiae ort :b^ datiei an I cMtia.ti?? of hutfe antl mar ri^i iife ?happy aad troittu' aliianri^i,'mode ((^ curing th-m infeticitoua aul ir>f^r;.l? cn-a- tb*?ir -oavUlion aa 1 r^moTnl? ionvirt^r.t hinta to tho-? w?t^oi?latin< matrim n/, thar will ov-r-o^e .,b .'*?*ioti? to It; none. b*w?r?r. ali-'ufd take ?h<a la ^orU .t ? ep wi h -ut flrat coaxal tin* it* page*? ' x <nn?atari*4 r n th- d.Je??*s and medical trea'm^nt < >f i-am? ! ... a i'lf'.n'-y ti f4J a*e, earh "tee ^"ph U.u*?rat^l b?iirh^iajliir ; latM ne.-t >aa b-bilitj, it* c?u*v? r.ui c il-, by n p'oc- ia at .fe and e(f'?"qmI that failure i? ioaooaniliV?rul-*. f'.r !ai'y Tnna< nt*nt?an ewi%y on Hp rai*iorrL e? with j-rscil ul o -s^rratloua on a ?af^r, aad a >r< sa ??-?fa a l^of tr*atm?tt pre lauUcaare h nti '?. ' ,?? -?!!* reaul iug fromampiri practice?j."i ** 1/ ju %'i i. * .d?'s ari^ia/ fr.m* ladia t* i-?a, wh ; ?*;?? ,aJ -iaio!o rul ^ by ahfch all .?*? if ? ?>.*- i \. i wi?bout Liricury raai*tl*j fsr th *-!f ia' i-*:-! uiiaovus aad .ii?ap poiut'l b-jyes jo uuf-rlautUly preva!?at ii vh youu< It i? * trut;?*ta: al?i ?.* m?.rrled und ?a >j.-c .a,9Tip!4t.:i,'c.^roa^e. Itj p/ru.-al ia rar timtariy ifwn u'5 t d t.-? p?r ona cr^t dJUV* o< m-ir .-i?cvni cOuditi?n. ,o<i who are r^n?ct ?ui . fbtvin ; the h alt!;, hi, pjfl-se a-ii pn??j^e> t.. whteh e^cry iiuuiiu ia eu titled U> Fri-* -jc?au cer coj.y, or Ur* 3^pte? f;ir c ue dol lar. Mallei frt * oJ fi ta any part oi t ie Uui ted Statea. N. B ?Tbo - wbf prefer roaj 9>usultD>- LaCbo;x ap->n any of the Ji.<? > wa up >u ?b?. i hi b .o* tre..ta either eri?xial:y or b7 iu ?.?. M.-ii. :u^ .4nt to auy part >f t^e Union a oorlin^ ;> ar*.?o->a, aaf*l> parked a'vd carnally ?^rared fam all ob?reat; a. AlJr^a Dr M K I, \ O tOI\,No 31 Meid. a L^n? ?r Poat Bv t >79, AH<anv N Y. Mf i>?c< op a diMy frouj 6 a a U 9 p m, and ra ianday fro.a J until 6 pm. arOH.ii K?uidv?(l f.cia Na 56 Bfaftr bL, So J I Salilea Lane, Albany, N. Y. 4mT 1)KNT1STRY. 01. HJXajI* r^ectfblly sal s nubile aftea'ioa to h'? a?w. patent, and OliKATLY - srr^ .^MPUOV MD ^irtbo.1 of -?'tin:' Aztifiri ?! V6Hgjai iocth, with Coat:ru.iu> >Jam?tha ?it/ Htf P*<F<frriON*orY ?*; aI'T Thiaatyl* o! Teeth hai the fvllow ?kd?int*fea o*er all other; v-a: UttliT STRKNOTil, OLK.\N L1J1?^3, COM PORT, anl B8 lUTY, .ieln,j with Nature H tte?? r^iirecta, and ?onn o'b^ra excallL-^. Pob!ic Inapae tk>a U r?aj>e:tfa!ly ijliJUl. Ple?_*; call aad sae apacimeoa OACi'ION.?No other Dantijt ia the Diafrkt cf Oolaabia b.a a right to make una atyia of N. B ? r-.-eth cooitltutioaal y healthy, plfcii:*! and war raated +* ttfe. Jt F OH* aal ao#H at .%??>. 299 S *te^et, a 'ir the cor* a?r of t'eaa'VleaaU avtuuf and U:h atr?-?t. bot 15?If riiHANA-ALLKOllANY BANK AND .^ILDKN 1 Wither* A Oo.'a Notea purrhaaod at the hlahaal raM. Un^erreat Mon?y, La a 1 Warranty and Vir*ria a Serip bought and aolj. K Drafta on all the i riae jrtd cities gold to aait pur chaaera. Peraoaa a? a d'?ta*e aen-li c me Trana AH*gbaa> B"tae or Lai.d Warraa^a, may re'y upon rec^iein^ the b**t ratw?, ?nl MBLtuncw bj !? by dr*i? on any dty ia the Unfon. flAVlirJON 0. FAST, Banker, dee 9?3m No 432 Peuaa avenoe GitX>D XKH'S FROM HUME?JU^T RK r ceived 100 c?pica of the abov popular aoug at the Mumo Depot of BU.BT'it i IJITZ, fwn' r Pruna. a venae and llili -ir^et. j*u 13?II' WASHINGTON, D. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 1 1R55. \n d4Q OFFICIAL ? ?" Trbasprt DirARViniiT, Jan. 8, 1855. Notice is hereby given to the holder* of the fol lowing described stock* of the United States, that thin department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the lit March next, portions of those stork*, amounting in the aggre <ate to J1,900,000, in the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any > ontingent competition, within the MMntstald, preference will be given in Hie order of time in which Mid stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmittal to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a puce will be paid compounded of the louowing particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate -2. A premium on the stock ol the loan authorized by ilie act of July, l&4t>, redeemable November 1856 of 234 per cent.; on the .stock of tlie loan au thonzert bv the act? f redeemable 31st Decem ber, l?ti2, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the act* of 1847 and 1848, and redeem aide, the former mi the 31st December, 1867, aul tin latter on JOtii Jane, 1888, ol 10 per cent.; and i>n the stock of the loan authorized by the act ol 1850, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1861. (commonly called the Texan indemnity) sis per cent 8. iiiteio?t 011 the parol each certificate Iroui the 1st of January^ 1855, to the of reeeijrt and set tlement at the Treasury, w.iii the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one dayinterc t in : ddiiiou r?>n.enl (or ?aid stock? will be made 111 d al ia of lie Treasurer of the United States, on the misttwt reasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, a? he parties luay direct. Hut id certificate will be entitled to the benefit of Jim notice which shall m-<i b<- actually received at he Treasury on or bci >ru the said 1st day ol March next. J AM Hi* GCTURIE. jau 4?dt.Marl Secretary of Treasury. 9 Dr. DoPONCO'S GOLDdlf MONTHLY PILLS, A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure of all Faiiiful < instruction- and Female Iregularities arisit', Irinu whatever cauae. Si.: J br nil Drng*wu at |t <-et !?..* ard wil! t>? sen: cooS 1'Ulially by u>ali, on eucloeiug C t?'Dr. A- J RAN WOLD, <Va* i iat-n, 0 c Of l. era! .txeul, t.y w'unit) alt order* will l>e .illert At tli- proprietor's prices. These lV!s the result ot OVER THIRTY YKAIl?*' liXPEKICN'L'E in tiie treatment ol the Diseases of Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for vvh'?in they wen- prescribed by Dr. Duponco with the nio*t happy effects. they are now puhlirhe J to the world, so that all Females suffering from the itweases peculiar to their sex, may have the oppor rttmty of giv ing them a trial. Those pills have only 1 l?e< n advertised to a limited extent for a little it.ore I thru a year, vet SEVERAL THOUSAND IIOXES nave already been sold, a large proportion cf which lias been sent by mail to ladies in different ptrts o| li?e country ; and letters ar? being rec> ived daily 'ont lining the warmest expressions of gratitude for ihe le'iiejits winch have been derived from their use. The following is an extract from a letter of a lady of high standing who has authorized her name to be connnuuicated confidentially to other ladies vri-hins to make impiine* respecting the mo4i j tycrituii of the pills: ' | ?'My daughter, n-.w ?<ed IT, was for tines ye*i? palu'ully iffli ted with .>>.<iru. ti?.u? from wlildi, at times, eh* sutter--! isverely. We expended a large turn in physician*' f-*?, Imt with very tiiliiiig and temporary relief. Her i oiupiefcion b-* ame tiuged with a sallow greenish line, an t her whole *ui to much dtseaaei that she was prououiue-l to 1 e rapid y *?ing Into consumption. At tbii M*g* I *.?*? your adxer ?eroeut la a New York paper. My f*ith ?a? very weak, aut ?s a.last resort 1 ??nt for a bo*. It ,j?ve to much relief :liat a eecond and thtrd w^m u??d, ami 1 uuw hate tlie great ?lcasure of informing yon tUat m> daughter ? health I< com pletely re?tor?*i ; her sallow complexion !? replaced by the glow of health , tier melancholy, by time rhaer rul buoyancy of spirit*, which la haoal in gliU n[ lmr age; Slid if tiie pilU had coet teu time* as much, It would l>e no eompaiiavu with tite ha|>vinea* retailing from their use." N. 11.?Tin. mgrfoienls of these pills ate perlect ly harmless in tin ir medicinal operation on tti?; most delicate female con titutions, yet a> prepared itnd lontbined by Dr. Du|>onco, their specilic action is such tliut married ladies .should use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is net at all indicaf-d during pregnancy. For Ihe same reason, na every ph~sician knows, medicines which act hi this way are ihe very b?-*st that can bi used for re ?torin^ the natural, healthy tone and functions of the ?yst'-m when so much impaired and deranged as to result in barrenness. For furth*;f particulars sec di rectior.s, &.<*. sent with each l?ox. and circulars to 1m? had at the Druggists. J. DUPOXCO. M. D, Proprietor, N. Y. Sold la VYasliing'on by KmwixL &. Laikkncc, 8tott kl'o., W. H. GiMiiM, S. It. Sylvester, J. I!. Moore, Firet Ward; O. Boswkll, Island ; J. F. Jallan, J 11 Stoxs, Seventh st.; H II McPhekson Capitol Hill; F Walsh. Navy Yard. In Georgetown >y <>? M. Lintlncuin, J. I?. kidwell. In Alexandria >y rook t*. Co., Peel ?c Stevens, Fountain St Co., and j?y Dru?'g:>-; generally. jan 16?1 m* DEAR TUE WITNESS! KI0HI?0US VERDICT! KIIE' M AT1SM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE, kc. 11' < iNDERFUIj cure alter MX year's sulfering of TT 0,'e of the most highly respectable citizens of U.tryl uid. Prejudi :e and skepticism cau't stand before the uauy cures mado by Hampton's Vegetable Tinc un1. KtsDAi.L's Grovc, Montgomery Co., Md ,) December 2, 1854. j Mttti. Mori nner ?V Mo a bray : Gentli.-nien?In 1H44 I had whatir.y doctors called t violent and combined attack of Chronic Rheuma tism and Gout, from which 1 was confiued to my Jul for three months. I had the very best ph)*i 1'iaiis, who tried other various remedies, none of which save mc any permanent relief. Not haviug u.tse I row pain day or night, I became much emaci ?led : my wh ?le system a mass of disease, literally speaking, from the crown of my he d to Hie sole ol my feet. I had to hobble about?most of the tune confined to the house; at times m> helpless that I had to !?? assisted to iiiy bed. I wa? also afflicted with a dreadlnl cough, great shortue?s of breath, ?ore throat, palpitation of the heart, and pain in my side so bad I could not lay on it. My appetite en tirely luled me. I gave up all hopes ol bring restored to health again. I < ontmued thus to sutler on from 1*44 to |iW>, a p? rio?l of six years. At this time my d lighter siw at li'T grandmother's a pamphlet, with iium i>?a certificate* of cures ma<Je by Dr. Hamp ton'- W.eiable Tincture. I knetv siine oi those whocerutied to euros per lormed on themselves and friends. I was resolved to give i: a trial. I mloruicd uiy doctor of it. lie objected ; i,ut my .sulferings were so great ilia t I pro i ured "tie bottle, .oid, before I had taken the whole ot it, I t' It much rchel, which eucouraged uie to persevere. After taking Ihe second bottle I was better liian for the past en years, my apinetite re turned?cough, pain in the side, shortness of breath fcc j nearly all goi?i . 1 contiutie<l using this won derlul medicine until 1 had taken seven Unties, ac cording to the directions; and I tun happy to say Hampton's Tincture, an?t> that alone restored me to perfect health, Mntich has continued up to this time ?a period of thr -e years. 1 am iu the 65th year of my age. 1 weighed yest, rday 43* Itis., rriI I never telt loiter in uiyliit*. ?iue oi uiy neighbors wa? ^1 so atf'.jted, like in)eelf, with Rheumatism, fcc. He Tias .d-o le.*en restored l>y the Tincture. I heard ol other cases; but I am satisfied thii Tincture, if tried, will speak tor itself. My only object in de scrtbm| to you mysutl* ring* and the way I obtained leliei. u. to lui.uce the alHn terf |o try tlo^ Tinc'ure, which-has, nudti the hle??irigs of God done so much for me. Yours, respectfully, HENRY GAITHF.R. Call and get pamphlet* gratis, and see curt? of Couah, Bronchitis, Uheumausui, Neuralgia, Dy? Epsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a male medicine or f??r delicate children we boheve it mi- iinalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 B ?hi more sfoet, Kaltimore. and 3l>4 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moork, D. B. Clarke, CYirk*: k L'owlinm, W. Elliot, and II McPhkr ?o*. Washington; also, by R. S. P.Ci aiL,Geome town: and C. C. Kerry, Alexandria, and by Drug M?wiA everywhere. jan 5?U CI LOT II l\G MADE To OKDKIt CIIFAPEI / TIM\ EYF.K.? In orler to run < ff the remain der of our large ?'oek of Cloths, Cas?inieres, ant Yesnnfs we Mill ut this set-on |j|re measure ami make to order Gentlemen*! Garments of first qualit] twenty per cent, chcaper than oor u?u?lly low prl ces. WALL n STtHPHENA, U'44 Pa. r*., next to Iron Kail, jan 11 (Seuunel k News) ? % ?J?U eu?I r.i?IMi>0RTANT T0 TIIB SICK. I ,Dd wpl1 known skill cf ? MoOuwroci ia a sufficient guaranty to the 10? U" folk,win? of MadiciaM, ecch u hl" ?>rMttce tor tb* th? 7^6*:S' *? > fu,ij> fiU,f*,n by their effe-t* ? ! v 1 attribute! t-? th-ra, and puWfc *4<CJnM "T*r off''r** tf* th* /. Dr. McClintoik's Pectoral Syrup. An invaluable remtvjy fcr BroncMtia, Confump iSlL t *1 ;hron,c ?>'?of the threat and lua*?. IU all dep avAtcJ c Pjpla'nts of tha ''ulairv aj?t7 orjaufl it ha.. pT,,rM the n> .-.?t Mfa, oertaln, rr^-t?.P ^frT?mt^eTer eni'loy'wl in *be?*i?n?iT?. ofI*r' WaCimtocS For any of theoe s'oiutd of ti^Th' ,s Cou^h, fi-kling ??*J5 ,ot ri*hu??? litro*t ^ Mt3Uo feTrt?itf a-" v-Hi ^ , .h<4PPiMt t-tultd, While It id tJ* . . "nJ "^r^tfcenln? to the wloI?^nc<?m. It contains nc l*ufla?i::n cr opium In any efcap*. Frfc, $i p%T piat UtUr. ? If. Dr. McCUntock's CjU c*d Coa^ . Mixture. tb*iV^i!,K*E!l^for'2?T,t 0oa?t''' t:ciuu7 oi ?^r. a^ T^g IlS18 ofEr^thii.j, Croup in Chi! ot ntui J2/. i>r. JfcCKn/ocA'* anrf vig f'ougl lunndy. iBtLS'. r,r "???tt.s:ryj> .*n ^ J . 7 ,,T ' fr jit t;J isuT9n?? xpart-DC', is n?tnni*hfcig in iti> ei?*-tr. N-> p*r a -,lv frrn Ajtbm. or Uoo?tnC a?! who mil une it. Frica 50 cents per tottia. IK Dr. Md-lintock's Diarrhem Cordial and Cholera Preventive. A pr j-npt an-l cert.aic cur* for Diarrbma. Drarn. tary, an-1 Cbojera Mcrbu. in *>ll atagao. A aar? pro CtiTaol Ch,;--., *,.}<* no uMF?, I 7 M.rald fcs jrit, or. i-rics 2b isd 6u vet? par b-jttle. V% . AUCliiuzzs s / cnit ^Alterative Syru?, ,*?l P?rKrl?!* lh9 bier J. The nort powfaJ pu i,C^rfl- Kor a,i ^wfu'ous .!i.eJe?, HWn fl'.MWA SruptiojM, V<V.^ Hrop!?-., KrygJpdas Uicerii, gore I*g9. and ;11 Ilh? >matjr -D t Pyphiiitio compiaint.*, *5. It is ? most excellent pim:>v inwii cin#, p^tf^cUy paUtabi?, ^ ^ fr,r ? n or ft mal?!t. i'ricefpint !<ottl?w> $i. VI. Dr. McClintock's DytprpOc Elixir. ?r dig-stion,' ciay b? called the watmnal Li^a.'?of ^m-rK?. iu^yinptotm.ate U9? ia^b^; <id'iin?4iij; n.i?ou n?5; low i,piri?p: '"ia nw of won, wit!> Tno?? ur sj>-rks N>for? th^ pt^k iicnint; ? fth# aoatrils; d&l!n?M ol'h?*rin/ ?n J rini' in? iu the e?r?; ii^prr^able tjw^ in the in?uth: cony.rictwn ->r weight tboat th? chvt; difiicultyVf or.jthiu^, oi 5ufTocitioti i*. lyiug ? io-tn or in [tairs itlplUUw, rr Cn-%?y f,?Itnci. ?ojut ths h?*rt" irrnirular r-r i apTv.ijf* of rfak'ag at lh~. stoma .hi aciJit); hr.rtbnrn; pain or t.u.QVflof *b JoiL^, ; aJ coitivea?0?. torn* at Ihrnjy ,ap:&ra . ways ap-.*ar ia hy****. ?a; sn i ?oaj.tim"i tbo oatieut h-a ia?n7 of them at the ?a;o'- tiia^, cr At different tiuji?. Por attack*a? tfce?! f'rct??n <yrr>rtom. in thrir oni ?aroe, rii: deran^ic?B4iiiun of thedi^'ifir^funo tioni*, the Dynp^ptic birr mbin?-i?li th?> . ?<? Mt ^ngreJieat^ whi-h the V^- tabk- Kingiom ?tT, rtfs. i?k*:i ia oonn* tioB ?rl?h th? V-g Ubl- Pur-*t'v? Piii^iic^ wh.rt tb.-rj ,?3u i. yy*lf*r**,, or *i;h Anti-H-.lloua /ih... ^hf-ra rn* fueetiou* ol /r- *" ,rr,4a'*ri7 -TioJ, it will fro, J a BWt r'^rJy. :>:??. <1D piat totU^-r j$J. VII. Dr. AM untotk t Rkevnuilic Alix j i'ue. ForlnWrJ U>'; * pur-:y -^la' for '!? r.irr c f hj.eumat?i<r?, Q.iUt, an t bU Neural flc ??! rie^s. ?! hie r-xn-ly i- ofT-.j/d W!." utnio t oonfidencA. It ha b'tnusel uo^* ^iteuatTfly,uiii .a m near a R; ?..?p- f.T Rbe^iuati" kutfe'n" W?^ h,t ,v,: "CfU- Weo per fcot ?111. I);. tJ:1 Unlock'* iCAeiwlit Lini ment, .n\ : ll 'Ir* frf ?'hefof 1 !,3i r ' :i> ?; nr-i !.",flweiling?, UrVV V" P-j^- i-i theehonl. wi)at?lr.r!? >?. ft ir-TieJlats r-li*f uc-ai 'u. .-1 aad ? %?, ?? jr. tV sv.iur ?. PB.i ?; 'lan-m. taao Tintef jrriUi.t .t 1 inrjlui.:. ?> all .m,* *nt Ij iu 1.1 ;?i.-? (per IX. Dr. AJn.ii:Jodi's Mixture. y*' ??f-Eitrartor r.-valuu n<%llyar.1 erUTr.aliY, for Ue as .Lt ? - f palai, toothache. II, j! ac^e, rb ..ic, A* j?. u. ih9 /ace, OhilblaiM, Near*!. <ta, insaa cr bra, l, *9., ic. No rifn n?pj b.- et i T ?asaentfcy i .yrK.roou v.hj ?i!i ih.a inTaluible Anoijce. i'tfort 50 ??-.{. ycr l.^tuis. X. X>r. i* ever nnJ Ac^u Specific. ThiJ has beeu foani an inalii'j:e ^eciCs fcr thl# ^rrS> v' P"W ??antri,% -?'l f'T iaiermitteat fevers Ivob-aTeller or rs^Uoat ia a.?y aguadii' fen to provide theias-l7?n ?*ith tliiajurf prtrratlve- Pri-je$l j*r l>'>ti.le. XI. J)r. L'il'.Cl[itilocky 1 F' eget&blt Purga tive Pills, P>jr ihe relief of OoaaUpntioa ai>4 its painful re TOlU,?ucb %i U?ad*.?hff Di?*ii:eM, Sick Btomuch, Pains, and ell the symptcnw ?r.uiaer?ted und-r "DyapAptlo kliiir." i-'riuc 2b cants per l?x. XII. Dr. McCUntock's Pills, For LiTer Complaints, aud all foru?i of .!i?ea*ei Ariinng frciu dera;vr?aieat 01 tin lir^r, wilb . ymt tomseuchaa Diaxin.sji, Ueau-cne, Linking ia the Kar^, yello* turred iongue, pnia iu the ri^ai ahouider ?aseof ruling or paia in t!i? light bide, di^rdered ?ton:a-b or boweia, defl iact aotioj cf the kiJneys. oUycj'orfi atoola, 4c. The* Pilld. if takf-n ?n the inaipi?nt stage# of Biiiou* and Yellow or other KeT?rn, w J1 /eueraiiy ward off the attack. Frice 25 ct?nu j er box. The abt rs Ueiicines ma/ be procured of all the principal Drugj;L.t?J and Apothoearws in thia DU triot, and of J. L. HiMsaaw, Agoat, W^hiagtoa. fcP 18?^3a GRATIS~ JUST FL'BUHHLI): A NEW DISCOVERY IN MbDICIXK! A*wonla on tli.) Kationnl Treatment, with out .M> dici e, of Sperumi.ifTlira, x 'SSs or Local VVuaknecM, Nervous ty, Low Spirits, Latitude. Weak ness of the Luiibs ami ll:ick. |?.ji?^^ , ?ition ami Incapacity for Stmly -uu:1 Labor, Dullntras ot Apprelieii-ion, Loas of Memory 10 S<K-iuy, Love of Solitudi:, Timidity, Sell I>HtrnM lUzzmew, H.-nd Ache, Involuntary iltochargea, Fain in Uu Side, Affection ot tl,, Eyes, ii. man8 U" ' (J''' He,Ui" a"d "lb,'r FUOM TI1E FRENCH OF 1?R. H. DE LANKY. 1 iie important tact tint tli. se alarming complaint* may easily be removed without Me.lienjf ,? f? ,|, ? ri". :r/'lVr,y and ihe entirely ?. and iugiilv vucves^tul treatment, ndoutcd by author, fully fxplamed l.y nivalis ot which ev ery one is enabled t? ,?re hiii,se|| per ectlv and It the h?at , o-,Me , oet. avoiding tin r,.,, nV| u,"e ,d! veriiscd notftritiN* of Ike day. Sent to any iiddrew, gratw, and ?<.*< fret- jn ? alcd envelope, by remilting (iM?at ,,ai,l) ,,vo no*,. ?? l":i- VNKV- V". IT l.,-,..S ' N< w Y(,fk- jan 17-3,11 RhiADY maiik olutiimq at re duced price-?A* the f-eaaon is advanced we nave determined 10 sell off the remaining portion ol ?V,T' ^?V'k al 8,eall> r^?ced pnccVu. ?!o* ffcn,'emej? wi-lm,g t,? coiuult economy m purchas nLL |".?1 u0ilL8' n,iUI ,lre88? ,rw^'k ?"d bust nea? Coata, Mack and lancy Cashmere Pants, Vel Drawee a4.11!* 1*,,J. M'nl,? ?'ndershirta and m * ? r " lJ v tiaraienia ol line M?rt -.1 aT ,ln1?,,r *??"?> to be as WHI as a<?ried as in the beginning of ihe ?ca-on wi.h the ad vantage 01 aiuch lower price>. , WALL &. SIEIMIKNS. ia>. i.? 4 ,,a' avtni?c? "?*l lo Iron llall. ?Ia" l~ (Sentinel K News) Rev. -eftimi -,- tcstin's work.-tiic tourth edition of The Hoirhtni" t'ommutiieaut ssrsaws-^- "?p- ?? w Further supplies received at Taylor & maury's ,a" J R??.?ki?fHre, near 9th at. 1 1'0 tNV GNTOJIS ie?1 "flje of?Pfte lorentor-' Pr^wtr.n Kaiionai dLftthP f 0UA 'h ?PPo?ite the Kaat Por. ^t?T. Offl-,, ,t s iaVgw ready to attend to th bu^tneait o| n, naruriy: iu roakini ?xaanaV-.on.arMifclioiti.g^utrAe ' oiSSfiZ 10 Cm" ?a<i ?? * ""FT ^ th, *7 isz M A model ahop to hi connection with the ofl ?bare nodab can be and* to ordar at tha r. , *? ?- OLAYTOM. ?? truLtm 1.1. k V. msni uuiuf GRAND BALL FOR TRK BU-iEFIT OF T?8 POOR OF WASHINGTON. IN announcing this Ball (lie Maa^nr^ wouJJ moat respectfully stite tha- ii will be conducted in a style unsurpassed by any her etofore ftift-n, am! will be worthy ot the good object tor which it is intended. It ij hoped that hi* effort wi I receive the liberal support of the whole community, and that they will he ah e to relieve the wants ot those tint are now Miffrriu!* in our city The Ball will take place at the Assembly Ro?m?, T I1 OA Y, February 6th. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR. Managers on part of Ike Mililuru, Maj Gen VV Jones, Lt Col Keilly, Br Gen K C Wcightman, Maj R Keyworth. Col VV Hie key, Hur* Morgan. Capt E C Carrtnfton, Ur Mr McCuiloin. ('apt P B Kev, Capt Jamison, Capt J A Tart, Capt W Lasselle, Capt G A ?chwarxman, Lt J Tuckor, Capt J L Smith, Lt Feeny, Capt Brnlit, Li J II llir.l, Capt L Towers, Lt J It l)e Bille, Capt O Byrne, Lt Revere*, Capt F ? Sheckell, Lt P < uu-ruack, Capt Jos Pe.k, 1.1 I VV Bad -ii. Lt J Sutton. Lt J K -lly, Lt K F Queen, L? F Beilly, Lt C P VVroe, Li L F Allen. Lt S Wales, f G Nntzv, Lt J J Mulioy, Lt Brown, Lt C VV Flint. Mtnm^ert on mi, I of thr Citizen*. J T Tower., K beyle H Taylor J W Maury, K#n Win [i .u.liei ty J |> Muv\er Tl. Le""K " Arclill.aM taunt/til W W No?t,.ti c Dunnluxtou J*. .4 ?lama J"? L Wirt Tlio* fcila* H Hill K J Roch? K C Mi ncmi W W 0>jv..r?u H W Kmjl j K U V r*I^er ' L Hfiuli?* J..? lialea i- b w!'* ?' * K>rtt.-y .tn-trew Hai.rocic ? H Wmtj-r T Carberry It H Polkialiorn * I r..Vf.?t J*m O Brn#-U .* IMrkrm i ? HlU J H Klrkwo Hi K Wallarta Jno Cartwrijl.t .* T Ki<-kli?n?-t ? w u H"??e -* ' H Wbltn S t WIik !er K l^v i. Rgtnitli l?r Ma) uar<t U A Jtllard J* ' ?'???'* T 8 lioimgiini . J J J?vre, Ju? Kuuia B V MM<tl?t< u P A II<mi i P Pe^pr. K K K. II t; tn.?-el?r > u 0 M'-Unite li S Utde.m, C H Calvat t W .? Mci'ormtck " i*?*1;0"* " A WiJUr4 HrftiMrt J. 8 Wallarli W P Bayly J4i Ctarkr " M Brown J e Ftt*l?atl1ck h .S IVi, ll-toii Ur W B Masm-lvr Dr ?iuo..t r r^n.-k fay lor SP rrxnklln J H McBlair K lw Owen V#.?j>a^iau KIIU W K Snai-llol; CaasKluoun K4^>ylp Majoi B B French, 'i"r' a->urcr. j On Uic j>uil of Ihr C-OMpatiy. I'apt J Htidc, Lt Baine, l.t Cone, O 8 Campbell, l.t Walker, Ur Mr G VV Flood, VV Poftyth, Secretary. Hat- and Cups to bo It ft in the hat room. Milita r\ hat- will only he allowed in 'he l?all. jaw 27?dtb MEDICAL Of FIVE. I?STABLIdlir.l? m !??"?!, by l)ff. BROTHLR3 j kGRAY, IT!' | fonth !l st , tor the eitre ot' One fMl <li-f;:i>e?i hi all ll? lo'lilF. It I lep'orab'e wit D< m ^mii- ill' tie L-a*'* th.<t are pr? ?ented to Pi*. B..' r . . M s^iiiiynft i I r i v e it into Hit: ^ J m by i|tiac ? ? i h Mi reury, t-> lircalt ? tilag'tio m 'llC tolltl Oi o|Mlt<, ii.d ulcers on the !?-dy t#r in tlm llironi mid oo-e. kVe|petfiiniitin?. ordinary ca?i> in from three to fiv^ da>-, ami old, j !? ill treated, liu^ertiii; ea?e* m two to thtee weekc. ! I nerecan be M-eit ni <<nr olliec t'tc criptions from 'icarlj every p'lVcieiau hi tlm |ii>itiet for private ' lt.?eases, which have failed to cure and at I ,<i ae. [tiled to ii* for relief. lieiiiemher, 1?9 South B street, Inland, jan 27 1m* BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH * I UALTIIY ?UMd, AND A SWELL BREATH. I J. All who are desitott? of obtnimn; these bene iu. * uuld use ZLKMAX'^ CELEBRATED lOOril-WAfil. Tlti?s lielicioti* ariiclc eonibines 10 many iucn??rious i|tialities, that it has now be oiim: a standard favorite with the citizens til New V'rk, Philadelphia and Ba tnuore. Dintists pte H.rib?- it in their practice most successfully, and ironi every source tiic uiodt flattering laudations arc awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding gum are immediately ben tdltted by its u?c; its acli -n uihiii them is mi!d, Miothine and iffectn. . It the teeth so Lhoriughly, that they .tre made to riv<! pe,?rJ in whiten .*. and dtrt't t'irtmi;h the motjiii su'di a itltghtiul fre>liiK>-. that ihe breath i- re. ?i.-r? d n l?'-itely sweet. It di-ii<l< t- nil tlio.-e iinpuritir* ivhiclt tend to pr<>du'*e d< <? :>.n<Jasa?-oit>c(|iienee, ivii.-n these are reuir.\i t. the t< eth tou t always re main sound. It i? used and recommended Uv a.I the einitieut l>eutiMs in New Voik,, llaltiii or**, roid Ither cities whore it has !><? n introduced. VII should ^ive it a trial. Prepared only b. FR VNCIS Zl.RMAN, Dru^i t ind C.'iemi^t, Ninth and Catharine Greets, Phila telphia, and M?hl bv all Drn^u^t's everywlu-re, at 5T? Beau jnsr liottic. W. II. GILLMAN, jan 17?.irn Ai;eiit f?r Washiti^ion City. FOREIGN MUSIC? Consisting of the coiii|iosiliotis 'if Si-j/.t, Thalbeif, Prudent, CJoria, Mayer. Voss. VVolleuhaupt, Winkler, Krujjer, Spiiuler, etc., etc. HILHH k. HITZ. 255 Looking Grlssses, 255 (\K all sixes aud quality, P.eucb or Qera?'*ii plnte / Kancy or plans P and Picture PrRui?1'. Oilt or Pfiiey Oi->!orwd. A1 o, flilt Koom M"ii!<iiag, Marl-l* top Bracket and Tables. Oomic i cj*d? t" orJ^r. Al??( al! k tid? of i>!t| sr.rk i*gil'l#d with dispatch ani on riasot able t rui* by J WAQNKIi, *'?55 Pa RT'mtr. Apji. Kirkirooti II use dec SJ?cf F A UNION ACADEMY. (Jortter oj #5 urt^ at. a id tirw Y>nk avuw ' tICVV* tn re ['upils nun be renttived to make Uf th<* limited number. Application munt te made ?oon. The <itH' pliee, in?tru:tiou, mi ic?!An<> of illustration are surh ait to insure satisfactory pr<> grea iu those i upils who aie punctual, regular and otmJi nt. Circular? at the le.okttores d*>* 3)?Hm HICHARD8, Principal. T. a. PHILLIPS' COACH FACfTOKY, 47 7 Eighth hi,adj. in n^ itain^y's Livery fetah'eg OVV INU to Itie increased tr?d9 wbi:h p generous puMi hoe bestowed u^on ma,l have le^-n com peiled to erect % new and larger buil Jim? for the c rrvinir on ot mv hiiai-teon. ll?re 1 shall b* en abled ?? x^-u'e all ord?:s antrustei t* m> witi r ttc.lities aad dispa'^i and I wculd r?eprct tuv v eolicii k oontiuuiiDc^ o; niti publi raUonttire. Catri'g'S an i Wsgrua, ot thf m^st mod rn atj ?t buiP. ot ? he b?.-t ia*ter.als, ?ud wstrantfd to . i*? saturnction, ' ?pairs ot srery l:*cr p'icu punctually attended t?. >'or **' *, <:hoap, n second-hand Olarance Cacria**, ?mI? a-* ceo 16 -tl lilTISII ALMANAC AMI COMPANION <4 l'*C>o, coutaiiiiiig Li-?ts ot Parliameiit, ol R>?yal H niscliolds, Ministry, Judiciary. Forei n Mm Mtcrs, &c , in England, British Ministers abroad, Military and Colonial Govermnen'j and person* I; Import", Expoits, Taxes, |>u tier., Revenue Trade and Commerce for 1>04 Otrutiiele ot the Hee?km of Parliament Ih54 .Vl>-lracts ot important Parliamentary l>:cu meuis, and taiu jble articles on thetJampaigu, mi the I inled States Census, on tiic hcaiih o| Invelliu;*, Occupations ol the peo.ile. Flue tuations ot the t'uuds; Canals and Railroads Public Improvements, Uiroiiulofy. ami inc? h other n<H'ul and valnable matter, eompletr in one vol. FUANCK TAYLOR, jan 16 -tt li Inn: AMERICAN SPOKTSMAN; ^ntai.tinj hints to sport-men, notes on sporting, and t.'? habits ot* ths game birds and wild (owl m America ; by Eltslia J. Lewis, M. Li. Willi numerous illus trations. For sale at TAYLOR fc MAURY'S j*u 9 Bookstore, near Mil al. K V KN I N (i STAR. FACTS A*D SPECULATIOWS COTCXKlf W8 1HE WAR Pkofbssional Estimate of tub Qcai. itiks op tub Russian and Alliki> Troops.?The battles of the Alma and Inkermann and the siege of Sehastopol have enabled us to study the Russian army employ in the Crimea. Although this army is ^partly composed of troops from the Danube and the Caucasus, it is clumsy, not easily handled, and manu vres badly in presence of an enterprising enemy. Its generals always place it for bivouac, as in a field of battle, la great masses, and they do not know how to deploy it after an attack, nor when to make it resist in a thin line. The Rus sian infantry is very Warily aimed. Home companies ouly hare carbines made at Liege, the muskets, only recently trau.s-1 formed, badly kept, and with butt end*! in white wood do not last long in a cam-1 paign. This infantry will never attain I the level of the French infantry, whichb r?*ally the first in the world for making I war in woody or hilly countries, when I the gcneral-iu-cliief leaves a great detl to I the initiative of th? soldiers and to thel chiefs of corps and battalions. In the defensive the prefettnee iuu>t be I given to the English infantry, who undei I the tire of the enemy, rest immovable ael a rampart. I n a level and exposed conn-1 try our infantry will have to modify it*| manner of combating, and to resume its! old oue, This consists in emploving I compact or thin order, (*piisi o't brtlt it can only be employed with iutelli gent and experienced troops, its supe-| riority in anus and intelligence will. I however, always give to our infantry the I advautag'* over the Russian infantry.! which will always leave half if* value! when obliged to change its place rapidly J On the Aluia entire Russian battilions I took to flight in surprise at the Zouaves I way of lighting, they having advanced! on thou in large bodies deployed, having I taken advantage of all the accidents oil the ground to shelter themselves and to I rallj , and having made against the mas-| scs a terrib'e use of the peculiar aims! confident to their skill At Inkeiuiaun,I in the uppci part of the battle field, and! oil the line of the English, the Russian I infantry braveiy attacked the enemy, but! did not know how to deploy its masses I 50 a* to bring more muskets into play, I ind when the French attacked their left! Hank entire battalions did not know howl to change their position. The first ranks I/ravel y resisted, but I the following ranks tired in presenting | urns Surprised afterwards by the sharp! ittack of the Chasseurs d Afrique, masses I jf men, instead of effecting their retreat I hy the cicsts of the hills, descended I dowly to the lower parts of the ground | ind the ravines, where they allowed I .hcin?clves to be crushcd almost without | lefencc by from 1,0CK.? to 1,200 French. I The English have so well understood thel idvantages which troops would have in I attacking either artillery or masses oil infantry in woody or hilly countries, 1 kvhile preserving the order deployed by I the first line, that atlnkermaun they did! not deploy the order in column : which j caused them to lose so great a number I if men on the Alma. On the Alma the! Russian cavalry was worse than timid ; I not a charge did it attempt. At !nker-| tnann the nature of the ground prevented I it from taking part in the afiair. At I Balaklava it did uot dare to await theJ iharge of two squadrons of Chasseurs! i'Afrique. The famous Cossacks have, I 111 fa*t, never Attempted, even in the! plain, to carry ulf out advanced posts 01 I he marauders who pass our lines ; but! t is said that this cavalry is but little I istecmed, even in Russia. As a set-off I to this, the Russians really possess a I great superiority lwth over the French | *nd the English, and especially over thel French, iu their artillery. The Emperor 1 Nicholas?in, no doubt, the expectation | [)f a war aga'nst all the nations of the] south of Europe?occupied himself a| ;ood deal with that aim, which has made! great progress since the wars at the 1*-1 ginning of the century. The can;.on an-1 of a large calibre; the carriages and cais-| hons well mad j and easily moved; thel artillerymeu are brave and accustomed Lo their sei vice; the officers know per-1 Tectly well how to choose offensive and I defensive |>ositions; they occupy theiu I with bolduess, hold them a longtime,! ind know how to leave them witliout] leaving their guns.? Paris ('oasfitutHmcl. I Nobility at a Discount.?It is stated! that Lord Elgin, late Governor General I of Canada, who sailed from New York! a short time since in the Pacific, being! in want of funds to pay his hotel bill, I proceeded to the tt&uk of Commerce auc I presented a draft for $1,230. The teller I not knowing him, and fearing, probably.! he was a 44 confidcnce" man, refused toj cash it I/onl Elgin explained, but all! to no purpose, and before he could find! person to identify him, lie was compelled I to hasten down to the steamer to save I his passage. Lord Elgin was not so suiait a* a| friend of ours in one of the banks in I Richmond. The teller said to him thatl he did not know him. 44 Don't you see my name, l)r. , ou the check ?' I The teller did not consider that a suffi cient introduction to justify its payment, and required further proof of identity. Our friend looked at him a moment, and inquired : 44 Do you believe this is my shirt ihat I have on?" 41 1 do," |H>litcly responded the teller, not perceiving the drill of the interrog atory. 44 Well then," said ? ur fnend, thrust ing his hand with some violence, and to the manifest alarm of the teller, iu>ide of pantaloons, just above the hip, aud as if about to draw a bowic knife, but exhib iting only the extremity of the shirt afore said, 44 there s my name." The astonished and amused teller, hav Til K WKKKLY 8TAR. TMi r*muj uU. *M ? gr?aur tuImj af lata" b? ftxK la Uf ci f1?t> ceple* Tea 4q Zr ta ??rtKt ^ <**?? (? ???*?*?* cm w ,roca/*4 ? tar eourir,. in k?4iat? ly after mt. mc ? w? pap??. Pr?c??rattii caara. fNTiiira* ?knintii|aNi?? t>? ?#?,*? a ranniiaimi <?f tar?!/ p< r rom, " " ., ing admitted the premises wa* compelled to admit the omctwswm also of this very original argument, and paid over the money. SOCIKTY OF 8ISTUU Have you a siste.* ? Hare you aeveral of thcin ! Then you aie favorably sit uated; especially if one of them is older than yourself, fcihe is d ?ne plaving with dolls, and you with bats and balk. She is more womanly: her carriage becomes dignified. Lk> not oblige her, by your boyish behavior, to keep you at a dis tance Try to deoerve the character of her friend, bhe will sometimes look to you lor little services, which require strength and agility; let her look up to you tor judgment, steadiness, and coun sel, too. You may be mutually bene ficial. Your affection, and vour inter twining interest in each other's welfare, will hereby be much increased. A sister usually present, is that sart o! second conseicm*. which, like the fai ry nug in the old story, pinrhes the wearer whenever he is doing anythiug amis?. W itbout occasioning so much awe as a mother, or so much leeerve as a stranger, her sex, her affection, and the familiarity between you will form a compound or no small value in itself, and of no small influence, if you duly regard it, upon your growing cliaracter. Never, for one moment, give utt.rance to a joke, at which a bister blushes, or turns pale, or eveu looks anxious. If you should not at first )m rceive what there is in it which is amiss, it wiil be worth vour while to examine all over again. Krhaps a sin gle glance of her eye will explain vour inconsiderateness; and as you value con sistency and propriety of conduct, let it puc you on your guard '1 uero is a s rt of attention due to the sex which is best attained by practicing at home. \our mot hit may sometimes require this attention, your sisters still oftener. l>o not require calling, or teas <ng, or even |>erMiading to go abroad with thein, wli* n their safety, their comfort, or their respectability require it. It is their d?ie; and stupid or unkind is he who does not esteem it so. In perform ing this service, you are only payiug a respect to yourself. Your sister could, indeed, come home alone, but it would b? a sad reflfclion on you were she obliged to do so. Accustom yourself, then, to wait upon her: it will teach you to wait upou others by and by; and" in the mean time, it will give a graceful poluh to your character. It will he welMor you, if your sisters hare young ft lends whose acquaintance with them may brinx you sometimes in their society. The laiutliariiy allowable with your sisters, though it may well prepare you to slww suitable attention to other ladies, yet ha.v its advantages. Yeu need sometimes to have those pres ent who may keep you still more upon your guard, and render your manners and attention to them more respectful. 1 Jit Fuck for Work.?A correspond ent writes to the American Agriculturist, from Wattash Co , Indiana: I see in your paper, and likewise in others, that the day laborers are out of employment in the cities at the F.a&t, and sullering for the necessaries of life on account of not getting work. Please advise them to emigrate West, where there is plenty of work, and but few laborers. Wages for common work are for fifty cents to SI per day, for male labor, and women help from ?d to $2 50 per week. We have land to clear, rails to make, ditching to do, barns to build, wood-pastures to make ; and, in fact, all kinds of work to do pertaining to making farms and farm ing. There are plenty of fanners im proving but slowly oil account of the scarcity of lielp. Provisions are plenty and cheap?coru 37c. to 40c. per bushei: wheat, $1.25 to Sl.iio: pork, $2 50 to Im.GO per cwt. Inc.rklttt ok tiiic French ?The French soldier is naturally very ingeni ous, and it is he who invented "the ten t aria. In Africa he shelters himself from the heat of the sun by structures in foli age. Here, in a new country, lie has a new invention : it is cold, rains and blows violently, and accordingly he digs in the earth a hole large enough to con tain twelve or fifteen luen : though wood is rare, he contrives to fiud it, and with it he roofs in the hole, and make*: a door. He also forms a staircase to the bottom of the hole, and when ycu descend you see a fireplace and a pot boiling. My company has terminated all its holes to day, aDd meu arc digging for my nou commissioned officers and myself.* They have been nearly three leagues to seek for wood for the roof; they have been to the sea shore, where Kn&lish vessels per ished in the hurricane of the 14th.?Se kislopol Letter to the Courier ile Ly?n*. Si bstaxck or a Lovk I.KfTKR.?Divine Seraphina. sweet love: loHg to see you; eternal constancy; heart bursting with love: dream of buc thee: vowed to love forever: wilt thoifl be mine; adorable creatnrc: angelic l?cing: 1 kneel at thy feet: tbv image is ever l*fore me; name the happy d%y; 1 shall die of despair; do uot cast me from you; listen, my sweet love; one more interview; to-night; the balcony: fly to some other clime; live for each other: sunny skies; heaven smiles; a cottage in the vale; happi ness sealed; crowning bli*s: yours till death. Flocr from Broom Corn.?The Pitts burg Union says that it has been pre sented by Mr. James tiardener, of that city, with a specimen of corn broom Hour, which is decidedly superior to the beat buckwheat we have ever had for cakes. The way to make it up is, to bake it a little longer than buckwheat; mix the dough with a little soda, and you will have a more delightful cake than can be imado from buckwheat. (I3f"tJrisi and Mario are in Boston, singing with much success.

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