Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1855 Page 1
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KVKNINO 8TAR pUBtlsaiD EVERY AFTlRNOOIt, (130177 lUVDirJ to its Sim btuldtng*. corner PtnHSfifnam* mrf, v* anA Efovtnth *tr*4tt ?'?, WAI.LICH * BOPS, K ;ii tw fved to HbKTiken hi tfw eWn of Wwb p^.R^rptfwi, AViandria, Biltimoreand Philfr .'?|j*i*. *? ?*?* AND A QUARTRR CENTS, paya ? liic Agrata. To mail aabecibcra the ,Uh?rr???tfo? rtet is THREE DOLLARS AND f'jfTY CFVT8 i r?ar ia *deaaM, TWO DOL :,A*3 ?<* 3,x "d ONB DOLLAR .m ^HlBB MONTHS. fty-Sinaii conn on agW * UNDERTAKERS, to. CABINET MAKER A UNDERTAKER. TIS nnderdgaed woald rwpactfelly Inform Mr f*?nd^ eoqaaintaneee, aad the public cenerally t,- fee ?'.ill 90?SoaM to execute all order* in hk JB4 Of mOsIssm ia tie beat manner and at tha abort *m: r.3tfc*. - B*PA?R1*0 neatly and promptly execatad. fDIUUAIil atteaded to at the shortest notice, aid ia tha beat liner. prtservrd m <V mm* perftst *er, own ?* fV wmuti xofatMer. _a#n>foi for pact favor*, ha waald reapactfally wiidt, aai will -ndeavor to merit a continuanoa of the came ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pa. am, r Ride, between 9th and 10th sta : Mr. Martin'*, No. 390, D street, talrd seat of Tth rtreaL mar IT?ly UNDERTAKER. 1 WOULD raapeetfrlly r?tarn my thank* to tha eitisens of Washington and it* rtetolty for th* ir past patrona**. and eay that owing to the freqaeot ?ii? ia the Undertaking branch of my bnaireaa, I h?re been lndaoed to dleoontiaoa tha manufacture 4 famiture, and turn my attention folly to tha UNDERTAKING. I hare seared no pains to hare rvery thing that ia requieite to my baaine**, and 1 an therefore folly prepared to meet any order after 4 few momenta aetfoe, and I aaeure these who may tfre me a -all that I will apare no paina ta carry cit ?eir order* tn thalr entire satisfaction. J AMIS P. HARV1Y, !to. 410, 7th at., between Q and H. R. B.?Oal' i attenlsd to at al! hours of the n'jhi 'narl-ly - COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR Near York, Te*?a, California, Mew Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky, Mervlani, G?orxia. Michigan, ?aine, Wisocn-in, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other States, 6E0ROE C THOMAS, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND MO T AliV PUBLIC, Washxvgtnn Fl*r*, n*mr Odd-Fellows' H?ll, ?KVBNTII STREET, WAaHWvroa. D.%0. ??e - lv F. H. DAVIDG1, AUor*?jr and Conneellor-at-Law, MI COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR THR STAT 18 OP Ylrtfuln New York Main* Keatackv, New Jeraev Illinois Louisiana, Mteeiaei^p! Connecticut Massachusetts Maryland Pennsylvania Florida T *nneeeee Alabama Iowa Georgia California Arkansas 8 Carolina A#., ?c Onvevaninj In all its bran:haa promptly aai separately esenited. OSce. Ccaimaaa arrnae, rpp. Fifth street, ?rt 16?dly PROF. & IJOXEXBKRO, TRAJRBR AND TRAM1LAT01 OF Modtrn Lanftiafea and Lltcratnra, !*0. -2J7 fXa.V ILTASli AT1MCB. net V?tf R. H. GILLET^ Coaniallor at Law, Offl-'e aad nydaoca in Franklin Row,*ortier 0* I an i Thirteenth *tr*?t. n? -V?dly Mm. SCIIONENBERG, Ttathar of Piano aud Blnfing, !*o. M37 taM^snTAHLi aviaca. net W?if WM. M. M1RRICK, Attorney at Law, SO. 38 L0C SIA.N4 AVIXl'K. Will prastie* in the 8npreme Conrt of th? United ?tat?e and the Conrta of lb* District of Columbia. , iW 9ft?eolf ITVlNlNti CLiS^BS JN LANQUAGUd?PROF, i 8C HOT' E N B K RG will mmyn* reviewing r'a.^w h? Lan7u%/e* on Miwhyfntb October, at his -eodenre, 237 Pennsylvania arenoe ? e?rt fe?tf Private Medical Treaties ? ON Til raYS10L03ICAL ViJCW OF MARR1AG1, BT M B. LA CROIX, 91. D? AT-B* Vy ,Y Y - isO r*<ra and 130 Fice Plain and Colore 1 Litho graph* and PI*tee. ?i* Prtca only MS Casta, 'fct 1^8ent free cf postage to all parts of the Union^R CHEAPK'T ROOK EYKR PURMtfllBL, and containing nearly d nble the quantity of r?? ling mat'er !n that of the FIFTY CBNTS OR T)OLLAR PUBLICAT10NP It ?reatacn the PHYS.'01/> i GY OF MARRIAGX, and the se -ret !? fltmitieean l disorder | of yonth %?k1 maturi .y, rt ?altingfrrm e^(*t*?a which Jt^troy the ph ysical and men tal power*, with ob.wrration* -on narrw?, iu <iatiM aau !.-(ua'iK -?iK,rs, and their reuv*iies; with li.hograpb*, iila^traTing the anat< sny ?-d physio,logy, and dise^<?a of the reprn dactiveorgans of b'th a^xea, their structure, OS'S an i fu"c'.i na. A popular and coraprebfTuire tre?. tise oa the duf: ?a *n t earualtiea of single sn?l mar tird life?happy and tru>tfal elli*n:?s. mc?ie < f se curing th-m infeiicit u? and infertile one*?their obriauoa an i removal ? unvortant hint* to tht e oon>a3latia< matnm ay, that will overcome ob jeetioox to it; none. b??*?ver. should take this im portant ?*p wihjut uxi?t consulting its pagaa vasioUrits on the v?es mil meiu:al treatment of fia?lw from inftney to ok i a.*e, each ease graph leaUy iliuatrafid by beautifal lith-kgraphic ; latw? nerroas d^bil ty, its cnu?-s and c ire, Uy a nrooea* at oace so simple, ??fe and eff-c'oal that taiinre ia tmpoeeible?ral a for d?ily mani{--xnent?an ?w>y oa 8p ^rmatorrbop i with practical o^TTations on n aafrr, and m*?re fuc^ewfnl mMe of tr*atm*nt?pre cautionary b'Dtt ul the e?il" reealting from empiri cal practioe?sn eajay oa a'l liliHsia-a arisiia from ? idis:re i -n, arith pl?in ^nd simple rul?* by wfcich a,', persons "an nor? th-n^lves without mercury rem?U?s f >r tb>? reH iaflif'ted miseries and di*ap pointed h->pe? so anfbr*an?tely prevalent in the yoang It j? ? truthful advi-er t? th?" marntd and th-*? ontempUliog narrie^-. Its p?rtt*al is par j t-.cula-ty recnmi-nJ*d to p-rons ?ntertaining s* cret d^aMs of *h-ir physical condition, and who are eonemoa of h.m? hazird*d the health, happinea* and priri e^e? to which erery human being i* en Utied to. Pri^ 2S -<??it< rer ? ipy, or flr? ropiea for one dol lar. Mailel fr? ? of to any part of th* Uni te!9t*t-e. " N. B.?Thoe- w'^,; i -?*ee nay eocsulf Dr La Oaoil apon any of th?* u >n which kit book treats'^r ?rv>n-.:.y or by u?u. MeU?nn? tent to any part of t*ie a?nM)rlin^ t_? ?ureet o is, aafalj aai caret luty secured from a'l observation. Alir-ys Dr. >1 ??. 1.1 C>t01X,No bl Hsiden Lans or po*t <>? # Box &7?, Albany N. Y. Odi M on?* da iy from II a m t) t p m. and oa Sunday In ta 2 uatil 5 pm. troledtiauiid from No M Beaver at., to 31 Maiden Liana, Albany, N. f. d?c 7 Dentistry. DR. MUNH3N re?pe<Jt!\i!ly cal a puMk attention to his new, patent, and GRR4TLY 14PR0VCD met nod of <e*tlng Artffldal PMCSSK Teeth, with Conti'iuoo* Gnm?the vary PBRPCCTlONOrT >B ART. Tniestyle of Te*th ha< the fellow advantagaa over all c then ?i*: QRlAT ^TKBNGTH, CI. KAN LIN 1^8, COM PORT, and Bl%urY, Ti?in< with Netura in the * r?eps u. and sortie o'Vi^ ea-^lliaj. t*nblic icspe-: tton ts re-ae^fui!y soiiritot. Please call ani s?* specimen g CAUTION?No other Dentist ia the Wotrkt cl a ri*h'. t-) make ttiie style of Teeth. N. B ? r-e'b insi.tuhonal'y healthy, plugged aai wvraa'.-i far :ifc. ???" ??1 at No 299 E street, near the sOr. f aer 9T Peni<y)v%?.?tTenae and 14th *treet. aov 18?tr TO INVENTORS. Tel 0??e Cf-The Invntor^ Prorwtjo, National taioii i* on 7th ureet, op^siU tha tut Per. t*3? Of lll'i ii now miv to *tt*n4 to th- burner of Ita rsn??ly: in makinc exaait*at!ou*and oli~itin* ?>at-*it'1 Ac Iaveoto? are tn"!t*d t? eel) aad ^et % -?py of the 0on?titq:ioo ?nd By law?, and where any tnfcrma tton will be gireo r*. j>ect?Qg the Union. All leftor* on bu?Irwi mu*' be dire<-t?l to thl* ct Boa, whsre atten'J^u will be ^issn iou^??l'?uiy. A cv>'."l shop la la cocuecticn with the where moleLr ~an be aads to order at the sh&rtsat ' aotke. T. G. CLAYTON, ap 10?ly 1/MUfflt L P. N. U. ri'lIP f'ATIlOLir ALM %N for ltt>6. J pabii?(ii'd jinl i<?r .ale at i MI.nK a MAL'RV i* o "wkiluft , neaj 'AL it. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31. 1855. OFFICIAL Tuiinf Defartmuit, Jan. 3, 1845. Notice m hereby given to the holders of the fo| owing described stocks of the United State., that Una department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1? March next portions of those stocks, amounting in the rate to $1,900,000, in the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: Jrr ?r-ny COntin,eBt con*P?ti?ion, within the amount stated, preference will be given in the order certificate ^ , be ?ffered T* certificate, duly aligned to the United 8tates bv ,?* rUT" Wh? Rre l? reCelT? tbe ainount hereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value or ainount specified in each certificate. | 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized y the act of July, l&ig, redeemable November 12, If06 of per cent.; on the stock of the loan au tborizcd by the act. f 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the act- of 1817 and 18W, and redeem able, the former on Hie 3 ^ December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, K \ of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan a lioriied by the act of 1850, and redeemable on i 3ist December, 1864 (commonly called the Texan indemnity) six per cent r 8. Interest on the pur of each certificate from the 1ft ol January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in addition. Payment lor said stocks will be made in d arts of the Treasurer of th? United Slates, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or befwt the said 1st day of March next. ,a? , JAMES GI'TIIRIE, jan 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. Dr. DDPOircO'8 Q0LD&N MOlfTHLY PILLS A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure of all be sued .. ?h, ' Wbem *" 0rd"g wl" YEARS' Il!xVpRI^Vf'rpM,,t k' ?VER THfKTY Diseases of F^Se^ the tre*ttn?nl of the At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies fur theWm,wt<;h W*"re Prescrik*d by Dr. Duponco with ,|*f most happy effects limy are now publi.-hed to the world, so that all Females suffering from the diseases peculiar to their sex, may have the oi.Jor tumty df giving diem a trial. ' &^IJs Kv/STy Ss yeea^tt0allIU,ted ***** rOC a ,UtJe ^ .1 8?V^RAL THOUSAND boxes a e already been sold, a large proportion of whicli has been sent by mail to ladies d^r^t pam of the country , and letters are being reeeivd ditilv containing the warmest expressions of griutud- lor u e b Th f,.rh'Ch haVe Strive/irom ihelr FT 7T following is an extract from a letter of a lady ot high standing who has authorized her name to be communicated confidentially to other lad.-* sssrs.r'"' "? . r "? e eiptndM & buc? earn jo DhvmrUna' r?. > ... l? n lusbe wm prononnewt to be rapiri jjun't *'Jftp.f "ivvr.,1yr tszzsussiiaruz xz ~*'r 'St ^ helTtUUco"! ZZ /low ? romparJton with tlie hApplne** rsssltiu* jib lh?dr une.""0 Iv J of ,b?*e pills are perfect i" .e,r H"?*'111' operation on the most delicate female con ututions, yet as prepared and ?niiibineil by Dr. Daponco, their specific action id >uch that married ladies should use them witn proper precaution. Indeed, their use is not at all u 'v??iUn-n? pre?nan?y- p,,r 'he same reason, as >< ry ph sician knows, medicines which act in this way are the very best that can be used for re stonnr the natural, healthy tone and function* of rhe \ S? impaired and deranged as to ree?^ b?rrenn<fss. For further particulars see di tl h?? \ f' irnt eacl' box' and circulars to be had at the Druggists. J- DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor, N. Y. LV*"?"*.'0?. by I*arREsrr, B liL?, k'Vw **' 8- ?? S*lvbstsr, J. B. Moore, first Ward; O. Boswkll, Inland ; J. F. CALLAH, I H ^To?rs, Seventh st.; H H MePiirit?n? La^tolHjll;^ Walsu, Nsvy Yard. In Georgetown ^ .?? Linthicum, J. L. KiJwell. in Alexandria l V Dm! I 8U;Ven'i? Fountain fc Co., and 1?3 Druggists generally. Jan 16-1 in* HEAR THE WITNESS' BIGHTXOUS YKEDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUCH, PAIN IN SIDE, lie. W' ONOEKFUL cure after fix year's sulTering of one of the most highly respectable citizens of ^larylaod. Prejudice and skepticism can't stand before iIjc many cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tine Kendall's Grove, Montgomery Co., Md ,) W ? ... December 2,1854. j ufttiTv. Mortimer 4f Afou>l/T(iy ,* Gentlemen?In 1844 I had wliat nr y doctors called a violent and combined stuck of Chronic Rlieuma ism and G^mt, Irom which I was confined to my bed lor three months. I had the verv best uhvsi twiu, who tried other various remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. Not bavins ea-e Hon. pam ,tay or night, 1 became much . maei ai*U , ni) whole system a mass of disease, li'erally speaking, fr..m the crown of my lie d to the sole ol my feet. | had m hobble a?>out?most of the tmio confined to the botise; at times so helpl.-ss tluit I had i?? be m my bed. I was also affil ed with a dreadful wngh, great sh?*mess of breath. >ore throat, palpitation ol the heart, and pam in my Hd. so bad I c ul! not lay on it. My appetite ei? urely fail? <i inc. I gave up all hopes ol being restored to h'-aftii atsiii. I conunued thus to sutler on from 1844 to I (150, a period of six years. At this time my daughter *aw at her grandmother's a pamphlet, with numerous certificates of cures made by Dr. If ?min ion's Vegetable Tincture. I knew some of those who cenified lo cures per formed on themselves and friends. I was resolved to give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He objected ; but ssy sufferings were so great :hat I pro. cured one bottle, aad, before 1 had taken the whole >r it, I frit much relief, which encouraged me lo persevere. After taking ihe second bottle I was better than tor ihe past nix years, my apptitite re turned cough, pain in the side, shortness of breath a J* 1- ^ I?"*' ' continued uning this won derful medicine until I had taken seven battles, ac cording to the directions; and I am happy to sat Hampton s Tiucture, and that alone restoied me to perfect health, which has continued up to this unit ?a period ot three years, i am in the 65th year of my age. I weighed yesttrday 23S lbs., and I never telt l>< tier in iuy life. One of my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, kc. He has also been restored by the Tincture. I heard ?4 other caw; but I am satisfied this Tincture, d tried, will speak for iL^lf. My only object in de scribing to you my sufferings and the way I obtained relief, is to induce the afflicted to try this Tmc?ure, which has, under the bluings of God done so mucb for me. Yours, respectfully, HENRY GAITHER. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and we cures n< Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dy? pepsia. Nervousness and General Weakness. As ? l em ale medicine or for delicate children we believe it urn qualleri. Sold by MORTIMER a M'>WBKAY, 140 Bi'li more street, Baltimore, and 3i>4 Broadway, N. Yor| L'uas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clark* Clarke Bhwumi. VV. Elliot, and H McI'her son, Washington ; also, by R. S. P. Ci sel, Geoice town; :ind C. C*. Kerry, Alexandria, and by Drnj Cists everywhere. jan 5?tr made to orderchbaifJ J Til *N EVER.?In orJer lo run ? ffthe remain der Ot' our large stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, aiif Vestings we will at this season take measure am make lo order Gentlemen's Garaiont* of firsl qoalit; twemr per cent, cheaper than onr iisusllr low pn ,r?- WALL * 8TKPHENH. 3)14 Pa. av., ned io Ih>m li?tl. Jai' iSeuuuel k News; ^ I MI JMP(^rt^Nt to tub sick. I Pro *?i well-known skill of Esi&sz^s&sss&si: fctesMi ssjiL&i^s.'as; the valuable qualities attributed to th*m >nii PJj^to be the best Medicinea <rt?r offered to the l.Dr. McClxvtock's Pectoral Syrup. M?tn T^u?M* remedy fer Bronchitis, Oonsump ' *n^ ?{{chronic diaeaaea of the throat and lSf^rj.^11 se*t*d ^mplalntaof the Pulmo ?d Pf?Ted tb* ? ^ ?*?. certain, ln the exit-naive of Elli?*01*?*0?* ?r ?ny Of these forms nf ^?Wo K themeeWee u Cough, tickling ?r Tighten la the Threat 8pittingol Blood, Difficulty of Breattlag, Hoarae neeeor Loee of To to*, and 4eetis fever, lta uee will *'th th?. h*PP???t results, while it la pV***nt ,to th? palate and strengthening to the co?tflM no luodaaum or op I am IB uy shape. Price $1 perpiat battle. II. Dr. McClitUock's C?U emd Cough Mixture. *K^?!nl^1,!2i''?ttre for r*?*nt OMghA, Tickling of tneMorBr*tfclB?* ?nChil ph?.??L-? ??*? *"? no of opium. Prioe U oenta per bottle. //I. Dr. McClmtock's Asthma and Hoop ing Cough Remedy. Aa alrnoet Instantaneous relief for these distress ^ "^k'8 1* the fruit of an Immenae wp^riejwe, end ia astonishing in its effect*. No per *'nB^ a fTOa Aathmaor Hooping ?ough who will use it. Prioe 60 cents per bottle. Dr. McClintock's Diarrhaa Cordial and Cholera Preventive. A prompt and certain eure fer Diarrhoea, Dysen tery, and Cholera Morbus in all atagea. A sure or* ^entire of Asiatic Cholera, whichno tnVrimot fcmily shoold be without. Frio. 16 and 60 oente per bottle. T. Dr. McClintock's Tonic Alterative for purifying the blood, ^he moat powerful pa* rlfier ever dlsoorered. Por all Bcroftifona diseases, Skin diseases, (eruptions, Boils, Pistoles, KrysiprU? Uloers, Sore Legs, and all Rheumatic and Syphilitic oomplaints, Ac. It ia a moat excelleut spring medi cine, perfectly palatable, and safe for children or fe males. Price (pint Bottlee) fl. yi. Dr. McClintock's Dyspeptic Elixir. _I)7?P*P|rt*? or disordered digeeion, may be called the National Dtoeao^ of America. Ita symptoms are headache; giddiness; nervousness; low spirit*; dim ness of vision, with motee or specks before the eyes; Itching of the nostril*; dullness of hearing and ring lug in the eara; disagreeable taste in the mouth; oonatmtion or weight about the chest; difficulty of breathing; s?nse of suff.?ation i. lying down, or in amending stairs; palpitations, or uneasy feelings ?bout the heart; Irregular or deficient appetite: sense of sink ng at the stomach; acidity; heartburn; pain or fullness of the abdomen, and costlvenew. *ome of these symptoms always appear in Dyspep ?a; and sometime* the same patient hss msny of them at the same time, or at different times. Por attacking these Protean symptoms in their seat and source, vis: deranged condition of the digestive funo tions, the Dyspeptic Klisir oombioes all the valuable ingredients whteh the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Tak?n in c^nne.nion with the Veg table Purgative Pi! la, In cm^es wh,M th#>re is much co^tiT^n^Ri. or with the Anti-Bilious Pilla, where the fuactiona of the llvr are irretmlarly discharged, it will be found a most effectual remedy. Prioe (in pint bottles.) $1. yil. Dr. McCUnlock't Rheumatic Mix ture. Tor Internal use; a purely regetable combination ?J the .-ore of Hheumati>m, Qout, and ?U Neural gic and Rheumatic Diseases. This rera?dy ia offered with the utmost onfl ieuce. It ha? b*en used moat esttr.?iTe'.y, and Is a? csar a PpedSc for Rheumatic Disea?-? a- the w -rld hwnz prfoe rer bot tle 60 oats. r VIII. Dr. MiCUnlock s Rheumatic 1Lint meaty Ail |r.f?Mibls ontward application for the relief of (Jl rheumatic t r nevralgic palna; sprains, swellings, stiff neva, ??iffneiia of thr joints, pains in the eboul iere, beck, or lino-. It .tffbnJs itrmediate relief rrom choiic and rains in the s'oniach and abdomen. Aaao unter irritant, it Is iiiTaiuabie In all oaaea extsrniil Ftlmalant is needed. Price (per bottle) 60 eents. IX. Ih. McClintock's Anodyne Mixture, Or Pain-Astra 'tor, need laternsJUy and extern ally, for the ln*taut relief of all pain*, Toothache, Head ache, OaoUc, Agne in the Face. Chilblains, N?ural. gia, 3tone or dra?el, A% Ac. No pain need be en dured r, moment by a ly parson who will uee th!a Invaluable Anodyne. Price 60 cent* per botttle. X. Dr. McClintock's Fever and Apue Specific. Thle has been found an Inlhlllble sp-riflc fbr thlf ecourg* o; new countries, and for intermittent liBTers. Notrare'lar or re?ldect in any arue dia trict should laii to provide themselTer. with this sure prtTeati-f*. Price $1 per bottle. XI. Dr. AhClintock's Vegetable Purga tive Pills, For the relief of Onstipation and its painful re suits, such ae Lleadache, Diaaioeaa, Sick Stomach, Palua, and all the symptoms enumerated under the "Dyspeptic Elixir." Price *i6 cants per box. Xll. Dr. McClintock's Pills, Per M;-r Oomplaints, and all forma of diseases ariaic.- Ir m derangement of the liver, with symp tom* su< h vj DizainesB, Ue>wlacbe, Ringing in the lfeir?, y' lv * furred tongue, pain in the right shoulder, ?n*e of fullness or pain In the riahteide, disordered stomach or bowels, deficient action of the kidneys, clay-oolored stools, Ac. Theee Pills >f taken !n the inaipient rtsgee of Bilious and Yellow or other ferers, w'll geusrally ward oil the attack. Prioe 25 oent? |er box. The atx ve Medieines may be procured of all the principal Drugriati and Apothecaries in this Dis trict, and of J.L. HausaiW, Agent, Washington, aep 11?6m GRATIS 1 7~ JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN medicine: A FEW words on tlm Rational Treatment, with out M'*dici ??, n( Sp^rniatorriiea, or Local Wc iknt'-w, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirit*, Latitude, Weak new* of the Limb* and Back, lndispo-| iHlwtu and IncapfK ity tor Study and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sell Distrust, Dizziueits, Head Ache, Involuntary' Discharges, Pain In the Sid-t, Affection ofth Eyes, Pimples on tike Face, Seiual and other infirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fact that these alarming complaints may easily be removed without Medicine is, in th.s small tract,cbarly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev cry one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible con, avoiding thereby al I the ad verueed nostrums of the duy. Sent to any addrexs, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (postpaid) two iswt age stamps to Dr. B. I)E LANKY, No. 17 Lispvnard stroet, New York. jan 17 3m RICAIIY 9I4DK CLOTHING AT HE duo d prices.?As the season is advanced we have determined to sell oil'the remaining portion ol our winter stock at greatly reduced pn ies, therefore 1 [ciiileuini wishing lo consult economy in purclias ing fine Overcoats, Talmas dress, frock and bum iiesa Coats, black and iancy Cashmere i'-nts, Vel vet, silk, satin and Merino Vtisis, i^nder?lnrts and Drawers, and all o her ready made Garments of fine quality will find our present variety to be as well as sorted as in the beginning of the season wi?h the ad vantage of much lower prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 33JI Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall, jan 12 (Sentinel A News) |>EV. SEPTIMUS TUSTIN'S WORK?The XV fourth edition of The Doubting Communicant Encouraged, by Rev. S. Tustin, D. D.,late Chaplain of the United States Senate. Further supplies received at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jan 5 ItookMort?, near 9fh *t. I^OREIGVM I '7lC? * Consisting of the compositions of Siszt, Thai berg, Prudent, G >ria, Mayer, Voss, VVollenliaiipi, Winkler, Krnger, Spintler, etc., etc. jan 13?tf HILBTIS A HTTZ. OOD NEWS FKOV1 H'>MK ?JUST BE f cut veil 100 cujii s of the above popular song at the Music Depot of HILRUS A HITZ, Orner Penna. avenue and lllh street, jan 13?tf I kE MOW'S B*tVl?W~Poll JAMf\ttk, josi I ' pub i>|>t it and lor sab'. Subscnutioii j <-i ttuuuiii. FKANCK TAVLUK, BALLS, Ac. GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC THE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY re spectfully inform the citizens ol Washington that they intei.d to give a R II on WKDKKID&f, Ksb 14, 1855, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Twe Company pledge themselves t? nse every ex rrtion to give the utmost sati taction to those who may honer the Corp. with their presence. Refreshments will be furnished by an experienced caterer. The military are requested to appear in full ir I forra. No hats or caps allowed in the Rail Room except those woru by the military. Tickets ONE DOLLAR to be had of the Com mittee and at the door ou the night of llie ball. Committee on Imitation ami Reception. Opt E C Carrington, Snrgiron W B Bh t. Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut Clark, L Will am-, Lieut kelley, J Marceron, Sgt Power, Sam Butt. jan 30-eo2wfc.db mm niBiu GRAND BALL rex the BENEFIT OF THB POOR or WASHINGTON , IN announcing this Ball the Managers would moat respectfully state tha* 11 will be conducted in a style unsurpassed by any heretofore given, and will be worthy oi the good object for which it in intended. It is hoped that his effort will rec< ive the liberal support of the whole community, and that they will be ab.e to relieve the want# of those that are now suffering in our city The Ball will take place at the Assembly Rooms, Tt'ICS DAY. February Bth. Tickets ONE DOLLAR. Managers on jtart o f the Military. Maj Gen W Jones, Lt Col Re illy, Br Gen RC VV eightmau, Maj R Kcyworth, Col W Hickey, Surg Morgan, Capt E C Carnngton, Ur Mr McCu'loin, Capt P B Key, Capt Jamison. Capt J A Tait, Capt W Lasselle, Capt G A afchwarziuau, Lt J Tucker, Capt J L Smith, Lt Feeny, Capt Bright, Lt J II Bird, Capt L Towers, Lt J H De Bille, (.'apt < > Byrne, Lt Beseres, Capt F ?l Sheckell, Lt P Otterback, I 'apt Jos Pe.k, Lt J W Baden, Lt J Sutton, Lt J Kelly, Lt E F Uucen, Lt F Reilly, Lt C P Wroe, Lt E F Allen, Lt A Wales, LtGNutzy, Lt J J Mulloy, Lt Brown, Lt C W Flint. Muriater* on i>art oj the CiUxens. Hon J T Towers, R Doyle H Taylor J W Mturf, Ksq Win Dougherty J D Hoover | Waller Lenox O Kniii* Archibald CsmpbelJ W W tWum C Danntugtou Ja? A'lama l Teter Force Jno L Wirt Tlioe P?r?u?? Sllaa H Hill KJKoche E C Mrrgan W W Coroorali H W Ball J A I.intou O Parker J I. Itenahawr Jo* Gale* J H baton Col J W Koruey Andrew Hancock W H Wluter T Carberry H C PoIkiDlioru A Provoat J a* O Berrett A Dlckena J K Coyle, ?' Hill J H Klrkw?.?1 H Wallarli Jno Cartwrlght ATKHMhl Clita Maury W H Pope A J H White 8 Ml' i n C Wheeler S Lawla K Smith Dr Maynarri O A JlllarJ W T Dove T 8 Douoflme, J J Joyce, Jno Knuia H K Miitdlatub P A H -? J P Pepper E F Bell t Wlieeler H C Barney J?a Suiiuer J C Mcttntre U 8 Oldeon, C H Calvert W J UcCcrmick II Cameron, H A W111 * rd K Htnart C 8 Walia' b W V Bayly Jaa Clarke H Sweeney M Hrown J C Pitzpatrkk K 8 Pendleton Prf I Ma^rnder l?r Mmoot Pranck Taylor 8PKrankliu J H UcBlalr, K-lw Owen Vea|Mtdau Kill* W K Spalding Chu Kloman K CVyle Major B B French, Treasurer. On the part of the Company. Capt J Reese, Lt Baine, Lt Cone, O 8 Campbell, Lt Walker, Ur Mr G VY Flood, VV Forrylh, Secretary. Hats sud Caps to be left to the hat room. Milita ry hats will only be allowed in the hall. jan 27?dtb MEDICAL Ob'FlCE. I ESTABLISHED in 1851, by Drs. BROTHERS \i 6t GRAY, 179 South B st., for the curt of vene real diseases in all its forms, ft is deplorable co wit ness some of the cuses that are pre sented to Dih. B. 6l G., where the disease has been driven into the system by quaens with Mercury, to break but again in the form of spot", and ulcers on the b >dy or in the throat and nose. Wejperform extra ordinary ca^es in from three to five days, and old, li ilf treated, lingering eases in two to three weeks. There can hie seen at our office inscriptions from nearly every physician in the District for private diseases, which have failed to cure and at last ap plied to us for relief. Remembir, 179 South B street, Island, jan 27 lm* BEAUTIFUL WHI1E TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are desirous of obtaining these bene fit*, s i uId use ZERM AN'S CELEBRATED, TOOTH-WASH. This delicious amcle combines so many meritorious qualities, that it has now l.e ec nut- a standard favorite with the citizens of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, and from every .-ource the most flattering laudations are awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding gums are immediately ben efitted by its Use; its action Upon them is mild, soothing and effective. It cleanses the teeth so thoroughly, that they are made to rival pearl in whitene s, anil diffuses through the mouth such a delightful freshness, that the breath is rendered ex quisitely sweet. It disinfects all those impurities which tend to produce decay, and as a consequence, when these are removed, the teeth must always re main sound. It is used and recomuiended by all the eminent Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Baltiu ore, and other cities where it Iias lie. n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZERMAN, Druc?i t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Pliila delphia, and sold by all Drnggist* everywhere, at 25 cents per bottle. W. H. GILLMAN, jan 17?3m Agent for Washington City. f|^JLANS-ALLEUUANY BANK AND 8KLDB* X Withers A Oo.'a Notes purchased at the highest rate*. Urerrrent Money, Land Warrants, and Virgin's Berlp bought and sold. Drafts on all the principal elttse fold to rait pur uhsssrs. Persons at a distanc- sending me Trans-Alleghany notes or Land Warrants, may rely upon reeeivlu^ the beet rates, and remittances mid* by draft on any city in tb* Union. HAMILTON G. fANT, Banker, dec 9?3m No 482 Penna avenos Britisu almanac AND COMPANION I.? iJ0"'' COutai,,',l8 Lists of Parliament, of Rcyal II ?'seholds, Ministry, Judiciary, Foreign 'din , in England, British Ministers abroad, Military and Colonial Goveri menu and persouel; Imp.?rU?, Expoits, Taxes, Du ties, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for 1M64. a K[?',,C ?' l^e Session of Parliament 1854, Abstract* of important Parliamentary Docu ments, and valuable articles on the Campaign, 9JJ joe United Slates Census, on the health ol Dwelling'. Occupations of the peoide, Flue 'o Sk!?U1 11,0 funds; Canals and Railroads, rubltc Improvements, Chronology, and mrc-ti otner nselul and valuable matter, complete iu one vol. FRANCK TAYLOR, jan 16?if / lA 1 HOLIC BtMjKS.?A large and varied assort \j ment of Ca'holic Works, including St. Yincei* Manual, Christian's Guide, Gems of I evotion ; Do nay Bishop in plain and elegant, at the low est p we, ju?i received at *a. TAYLOR k MAURY'S Bookstore, near tfth sC , ' CHARLES WALTER'S fGENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENC8 f>FFirE, NO. 559 SEVENTH ST. ?' OrP,??lt rgNTBB MaBKFT. fiffice hours from U to 1*2 a. in., and from U to J p.m. jan 17?iin" EVENING STAK. DOESIIcZeeOES TO 'LICtIO* N*w Yosi, No?. 8. 1854. } Seventy Hundred and One, ( ?t j ,. Narrow ?treet. \ Lection day, big placards, posters, music, notices, split tickets, rum bullies banners, bonfires, and lager-bier?saw a I great many fl*gs with appropriated vices, noticed one in particular, the whis ky faction had it, coat of arms as fol lows : Within the American shield, two i lager-bier casks supporting a rum bottle rampant, Iiishman azure-flat-on-hi*-1 back-ant, sustained by a wheelbarrow couchant?sinister eye sable-in has demijohn between two small decanters - m the distance, policeman pendant, from a lamp-post standant- motto, "Comine events awt their shadows before: let the ? r,' n?*re' ?,n the obr<?' ticket lor City Officers, and opposed an Ameri can quarter dollar-motto, -exchange no Bribery,' "Faupk ? BaUag/,."-Uo, in and win." 6 I It rained as if it was raining on a bet - j went to the polls, wanted to vote, wasn't j particular who for, if he only had the biggest flags and the most bullies; was a little puzzled after all how to do if had read all the political prints to Cud outj the best man, but, in judging from what tne newspapers say concerning the dif ferent candidates, the various factions in this city, entertain peculiar ideas about he requisites necessary to qualify Mr,an to ail a public station. Not an Individ ual is ever nominated for any oftioe who is not eulogized by some of the public journals as a drunkard, liar, swindler incendiary assassin, or public robber. Assuming, from the wonderful unanimity i of the papers on this subject, that these amiable qualities constitute the fitness of the nominees for places of honor, trust, or profit, I have endeavored to analyze the gradations of criminal merit, and dis cover exactly how big a rascal a man must be to qualify him for any given of fice. 1 he result of my investigation is as follows: No one is eligible to the office of May or of the city unless he has forged a draft and got the money on it; and, on at least two separate occasions, set fire to his house to get the insurance. Candidates for Aldermen qualify themselves by car I^gAI?VOlVer' *?ettinS beastly drunk, and subbing a policeman or two before they get sober. A Common Councilman must drink with the Short Bovs give prizes to the firemen's target excursions, carry a slung-shot in his pocket, and have a personal interest in a Peter Funk auction-shop. A Police Justice must gamble a little, cheat a considerable, lie a good deal, and get drunk -clear through every Saturday night; if he can read ea y words, and write his name, it is, generally, no serious objection; but the Know Nothings will not permit even this, on the plea that the science of let ters is of foreign origin. A man who can pick a pocket scientifically will make a good constable. Aspirants to minor offices are classified according to desert but no one who has not, at least, com mitted petit larceny, is allowed a place on any regular ticket. As to oflices of more importance, I should say, from what 1 can now judge that no man can ever be elected Governor of the State unless he is guilty of a suc cessful burglary complicated with a mid night murder. 1 he rival candidates in this present crisis had called each other all the names, and accused each other of all the crimes imaginable, for the pre ceding six weeks?Boggs had been de nounced as the plunderer of orphans and seducer of innocent maidens, and the pil ferer of hard-earned coppers from the poor. Noggs, according to his charitable opponents, was a pickpocket, a sheap stealer, a peter-fuuk, and an Irishman. I he candidate sot up by the Know Noth ings, to claim voted on the plea of his being an immaculate American, was proved to be the child of a French father and a Prussian mother, and to been born in Calcutta?it was asserted that he com menced his education in the northern part of Ethiopia, continued it in Dublin, and finally graduated at Botany Bay.' Iloggs, who had once before held the of fice he was now striving for, it was as serted, had solemnly promised to pardon all the murderers, liberate all the burg lars, reward all the assassins, and pre sent all the shoulder-hitters with an offi cuert'fic*tf ?/ 8??d moral character, which shoidd also testify to their valua to be severely handled, was merely men tioned as having been formerly a swind ler and a member of the Common Coun cil. Got to the polls ; man with a blue flag urged me to go for Boggs; man with a red flag said vote tor Scroggs; man with a white flag with black letters sung out 44 go for Hoggs"?little boy pulled my coat-tail and whispered "vote for Noggs ;" man challenged my vote, took off my hat, held up my hand, and swore to all sorts of things; told bow old 1 am, where 1 get my dinners, and what my washerwoman's name is; got mad, and did a little extra swearing on my own account, which was not " down in the bill; marched up in a grand procession of one and poked my vote in the little hole. The great excitement was on the liquor question ; it was Noggs, and no liquor-shops, or Bo^gs, and a few liquor shops, Scroggs and plenty of liquor-shops or Iloggs and evtrr man hia own liquor shop. To*d for Iloggs, lor I feel per fectly justified in taking an ooeasiona! toddy when all Wall street is perpetua', ly ?? tight.' Noise on th? corner, niggtr b?7.J1.V',Dg ,blg drum' oxidates pre sented themselves to the sovereign people tor inspection ; Know Nothing maiou. JT! J1S5' ?*P of liberty on his head m*de of ">? Auien' *g> With the stripes running ibt '"d5pend"u candidate, wht want, the ln?h vote and Dutch suffrages Witeiea, borne in a mortar bod, bare THE WEEKLY STAR. ?? lft 9fb Cam, iniiiiiir ia **v&?ca. W" topiw (la Tii)|wiii caa ki a tbe counter, 1m?IIlata!? aAri ike la p*per. Price?Taaai cam. Pomimii who act aa aarnta will t>? a ctiDMniaraon of twrntf per cent. foated, with a shillelagh in one hand, ft whisky bottle in the other, a Dutch pipe in his mouth, and a small barrel of beer strapped to his back. Cold water man stood on the hydrant with the water turned on, snd had his pockets lull ?f icicles. Whisky man brought it. drunk on a cart by'admiring friends, who be sought the crowd to do as he did-go it blind. Special deputy, who wauted to be sppointed policeman, was very ac tive ; he arrested an apple woman# knocked down s cripple, kicked s little boy, looked the other way while hi* constituents were picking pockets, and took a little match gin up an alley and spanked her soundly for presuming to show herself in the' street without shoes and stockings; motto on his hat " nc itwr ad otfnf?Uo it, or youll never be a star. Irish womsn with a bag of patatoeson her htad, came up to vote?she said Den nis was sick, (druuk) bet as Mr. Hogg? had paid for his vote, she brought il her self, in order that it might not be lost, {"'he was with difficulty cboktd off by tho heroic aspirant to the civic star. Whis ky men began to fall behind, messenger sent to Randall's Island, and one Black well s ditto, for aid. Fresh caught Irishmsn came up?been but fifteen min utes off the ship ?? Pauper's Refuge," but was brought up by the bullies to vote for whisky man-challenged him?he swore he was twenty-seven years old. and hid always lived in this country?ten years in Maine?eleven in South Carolina eight in Maryland, snd the last nine of his life he had spent in this city. Said he was a full-blooded American : that his father was a New Hampshire farmer, and his mother a Mohawk squaw; that they had separated three years before be was born, and had never seen each other since. Inspector?who was a friend of whisky man?took his ballot. (Paddy had slipped in two others with his left hand, while his right was on the book taking the oath J His kind frieuds took him by turns into eighteen different wards, in every one of which he deposit ed a whisky vote, and swore it in ; after the polls were elosed. and he couldu't vote any more they sent him to the sta tion house for being " drunk and disv derly." Elated with ihcir success in this in stance, the b'hoys now brought up a newly-imported Dutchman, who couli only grin idiotically and say 44 yaw* " Inspector aoks; ?* Are you a voter ? ' Yaw." " Are you twenty-one yeais old?" 44 Yaw." " Do you live in the city?' "Yaw." Here one of Nogg s friends culpably interposed, evidently with the desire of ridiculing the august proceedings, and asked : 44 Have you got thirty-one wive.*.?"?another man asktd if he had his hat full of sour-krout? and a third was anxious to be informed if he could stand or his head and smoke a pipe, and balance a potash kettle on hij htels; to all of which he placidly re sponded 44 Yaw." Inspector hurried to the rescue, and put the te?t question: 44 Do you vote for Hoggs ?" and receiving the same complacent 4? Yaw," he took his vote, and shoved him aside. All sorts of odd customers came up to deposit their ballots, but it is a remarkable fact that if they wanted to vote for Boggs, Scr< ggs. or Noggs, or in fact any one but Hoggs, they were sure to be crowded and hustled, and generally left the room with bloody noses, and their ballots still in their hands Fun grew faat and furi ous : whisky man ahead, but wanted tremendous majority; Inspector kept the polls open twenty minutes after sundown to receive the vou?s of sixteen promiscu ous rascals wlio had been habeas eorpused 'from the Toomb* particularly for this occasion only, and who voted every man for Hoggs. Polls closed: intense excitement: bon fires built; squibs, rickets, guns and Chinese crackers; liquor scarce, the can didates having cut off the supply as soon as the voting was over; crowd sat down in bar-rooms and engine-houses, ai.d crowded about the secret rooms to get despatches; about 12 o'clock they began to come: it was soon evident that Noggs was beaten; Boggs was distanced, and Scroggs was nowhere: it was Hoggs everywhere; Hoggs in the street: Hoggs in the tavern: Hoggs at bonfires: II >ggs forever: no one but Hoggs: triumphant Hoggs; victorious Hoggs: high old Hoggr, the people's choice. This morning Noggs s typographical organ announced the utt?r rum. and speedy annihilation of the country, un der the destructive rule of Hoggs: and it asserted that honor, honesty aiid truth had left tlie nation. Patriotism and de cency had deserted, hand-in-hand, and that the outraged Goddess of Liberty had taken off her night-cap, piuned up her petticoats, put on a pair of cow-hide boots, and bid an eternal fkrewell to fal len, degenerate Columbia. On the other hand, Hoggs's papers rtjoiccd over the defeat of the allied armies; bade Nogr?s, Boggs and Scroggs an aflectionate adieu, consigned Uiem to oblivion: and ^Wn rejoiced that they had chosen a ruler so capable as the glorious Hoggs, the proud, far-seeing, generoua, libera), independent Hoggs, who guarantiee to the people their daily gin, and nightly riots. Hoggs, the magnanimous?Hoggs, who stands up to the popular creed-un limited whisky?Hoggs, who remains true to his alcoholic instincts?Hoggs, who battles for the people's rights? ??S?8? **>o has so nobiy earned the title bestowed upon him by the lager bier shops, whose liberty he nas secured, and the whisky dens whose morality he has veuched for?Hoggs, 44 defender of the Faith, and leader of the Faithful." Yours, one sidedly, Q. K. Pbilan'dkk Domricrs, P. B. P. S.?Hurrah for Hoggs. Q K- r. d., p. b. ' P. S. Junior?And unlimited whisky. Q- il p. d., p. b. (nr At New Orleans the foundation of Um J ?ck.iwu MM* bu b??u sviuuvuv m.

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