Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6732. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ?RE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. ABKITIL OF THE AFRICA AT HALIFAX. THE DIPLOMATIC CONFERENCE AT VIENNA. ftilQM OF AH ARMISTICE. Hotbing Important from the Crimea. laprnaMal In tbc Markets* CONSOLS QUOTED AT 91 7-8, Ac., Ac.. to. Halifax, Jan. SO I8i5. The Koyal Mail Steamship Afrisa, Captain Harrl.on, arrived hvre tin* forenoon, with date* from Liverpool down to eleven o'clock a. 11.. of the 20th Unt. The Africa Hatted from bore for Boaton at one -o'clock p. u.. with a *outheily wind and Sne weather, and will probably reach Boatoc about nine o'cloi k ?n W ednes ! ay morning . The yteamtJiip Union, of the Havre and New York line, failed front Havre on the morning of the 17th, and from Southampton on the afternoon of the name day, 'direct for New York. The ateamahip America, from Boaton on the 3d initt , had arrived oat, and her adrlcea had imparted a more buoyant tone to the Liverpool cotton market, and price* cloned on the 19th at a alight advance over the rate* current at the nailing of the Pari He. The salea of the week MBOuntnl to 60,000 bale*. Meaar*. Mulligan. Evan* & Laropriere quote New Orlean* middling at 6 3 I6d. per pound. The advieea from Manchei'^r denote no improvement Id that market. The previously reported decline in the breai 1st till mar ket* liad Ue*n overcome, and at the cloie on Friday ?ftour showed an advance of Od over the ratei curreut on the 18th. Wheat was Arm but net active a', two pence per buahel above the price* ad vlaed per 1'aciftc. Indian corn bad also alightly improved during the week, and ekw?l at an advance of aixpence per quarter. Conaola clone.) at 91 . 1 The war news la entirely unimportant. Nothing of a decisive character had occnrred before Hebaitopol, and the atate of aflalra waa wholly urn-hanged. Negotiaticn* cure still in progreia, but nothing is cer tainly known respecting them. IBS W AH. l'B0GHE6S OF THE NEGOTIATIONS. There is a remarkable scarcity of intelligence respect ?ing either the prugrosn of the siege or the progress of ?negotiation* for peace. The chief interest now centres in the proceedings of the Congress at Vienna. Hopes are entertained that the negotiation" may lead to peaoe; but equally wall grounded apprehensions prevail that the present neg./tiations will fail to re-establish peace, in which event, atl concur tliat the war will assume a raster magnitude. The French and English Ministers at Vienna hare re ceived the Decennary powers to enable them to re-open negotiations. This intelligence Is derived from a tele graphic despatch, dated Vienna, the 18th inat. Latter* from that city inform us that the policy of the Allied Powers will be to retard negotiations, iu the hope that in the meantime the fall of .^ebastopol will happen, to .influence the decision of the Czar On the 10th or Xlth Inst. 1'riroe GortachakofT is un ler ?tood to hare received written instructions from his government la regard to she pcuding negotiations. The exact conUata are, of course, secret, but rumor from well-lnfuroed sources says that Russia again expresses the Czar's readiness to eLter into negotiations for an honorable pence, and alio bis earnest desire to put an | end to all present difficulties. It is also stated that the [ Austrian Minister expresces an earnest teslre to see peace, bnt will, nevertheless, firmly insist upon the acceptance by Russia of such conditions aa the welfare of Enrope drsuaJa; but, It is adeed, Austria will hesi tate to conclude aa offensive alliance with Englanl iu i Trance, until Uie latter powers shall have stated exactly the nature of their denuimla. Ai a set off against this statement. Count Ruol, the Austrian mini- w, is reported to have dtclareJ at a com plimentary dinner to the Ottoman Minister, that Aus tria would fight aids by aide with England and France against Bnnvs. Vienna letter* alao boast of Austria's good faith and determination to proceed to hostilities. Prussia, It will be rememlnred, has formally refuien to mobilise and place par* of her arm v In Pru-?Uu ,-i lesia to covst the left fUnk of the Austrian forces now in <3alicia, assigning aa a reason her confidence In the pa cifie intentions of Russia. 1'ruseia further accuses Austria of having gone be yond the stipulations of her convention with fruss'a, inasmuch as abe haa conclude. 1 separate treaties other Pqwerw, which virtually do away with that of April 20. The object of Prussia la evidently to prevent Austria | from taking au active participatiou in the war Bbth fr< m Berlin and Vienna it is stated that great I efforts aie betdff made to obtain the consent of the | Western Powers to an aimiati The Praaaiaa Cabinet ii urging, with peculiar earnest - leea. the neeaMaty of suspen ting hostilities until the bellgerents shall have pursued further the present en | deavor to arrive at an understanding These are mere ?, bnt nothing else is at present within the reach of the public An approachieg Congress of Nations ia more and more confidently talked of. The London Daily Xtwi aay t . ? ?'Wemnybe induced to n puse some confluence iu tie result of that Congress's "1. Iterations if the United States are invited te take pari n them, and accept* the invitatim." Sardinia ia repor'eO aa b?in<5 w>'Iing to undertake to ?end fifteen tliastsand men. recruitn i from all Italj . to the aid of the allies in the East- the reason asrlgn*d Msg, that for want of an outside enterprise to engage their attentan, the Italians aie growing restleas. The Penates of Hamburg and Lubec bare issued an ?diet forbWdiag foreign enl.'traant, and it is expected that Biemen, Mecklenburg -chwerin and Htrellt/. will nlso issue prehi bit ions of th< same description The army of Bataria ha* almost enmphted its war curaple ment. letter* say that the Swedish army is immediately to Maeed on a war footing by the addition of .'>0,000 ea. and l.~,0<)0 Norwegians. AFFAIRS IX THE CRIHEA. Affairs remain precisely aa the ware. The last dates op te the 10th inat. Omar Pasha was on the .'ith st tho earn p of the allies, when measures were concerted between hia and Lord Raglan, and General Caarobert. and en the fith he rsturnnd to Varna. Relaforcementa nontinae to reach tbe allies, aud over three thousand of the French Imperial Guards and Kogliah infantry are rw at sea on their way to the Crimea. Lord Raglan haa rat to India for tbe 10th English BlMBfl. The Tilts ia the Crimea are to he mac* up to .'<0,000 before Ike end of January. TbeRwaiaa reialorcemrn** are advancing by forced are haa tliiwagh Bessarabia The esathsw was Iruaty and tha rsads passible, al longh anew hast fallen, but the froten ground retarced the worha of the besiegers. THE DANUBE. We are alflwmt anything respecting the invasion of |Oobrndsrha, et.v :?g t<?- loilo ? tog from the Wandefr, ( Vienna ? The Misaaas crossed the l?aoube at TulUrha. and fa ^red by the efcarurity of tfic night, they reached the ht bank ia their boats, and surprisee one of tbe weak nod alter making great carnage, recroeeod l with bnetp ao<l taking with tUem inun her of piisanirs There ess onsidarable Use on the yartef the Knarians, as the forks fought ? ith i NMNk Bcourage. Among the e'aiei la a I'arha, but his name < |aet menttossmt. The inhabitant* of rultsena fled into |the country with their wires and > hildrea, and did n>et i until fcng after tbe departure of the Rue Tb* Hamburg Warikririunn contains a telegraphic frien Varan, date I tiie 14th, wherein it is sail that Count Baol haa addresaesl a note to I'riaoe Gorts |c> akoff. den anrtine an es plana ion relative to t*ie ft crossing af tka Danube by the Knsstan forces, sad their rsfabM af Itahrudscka, aad theuee, aa a matter of inrse. menacing Varna aad its communications TheTarkisb torre now in the fiob'sbscha, is estima ted at more Visa 30,000 m*a. mostly raw recruits how Doner of Omar's army raring gone to the ICrinMa, again* which, it is -ai.i Omar strongly pr.test lad. and still pesnaios aincli d's.atisfied I H If anefe rted that tbe A istrian governrren' was I party to the crept ion st I)obr >d<eha, wishiag to demon | strata thereby tlie> tor aa armistice. THF, It LACK PEA. A*a*rpJ Bnart te'syrajibs tut oa U?e flftfe of I aoow bad fallen heavily, but thn weather hi nee m clnr I with Northeasterly wind*. The dee** had sustained ao | damage. MISCELLANEOUS WAR NEWS. The following are the lateat item*, collected from all I available source* ? The English Consul bad submitted to Prince Sttrberg, a i note, calling upon him to repudiate the Russia a l'rotec- | torate, by a public act. The French Couaul will sond the Hot pod ar a similar note The Opinion , of Turin, of toe 16th iost., itat" tha' the r opart ure of the Piedmont?*e troops for the Crimea will take place on the i!8tb February. According to tba journal, the contingent l* to consist of20.(-00men, 1S,<W) of whom will embark on that day. and the five thousand are from the reserve Private letter* Irom Vienna say that I'rinoe Gortacht koff has Instruction* to accept everything, and accede to all the allies may demand, except the reduction oi the" Russian fleet and the occupation of the Russian territory. The lJehals has an article in explanation, being that Piedmont lias ant-utod to the treaty of the l?th of April, an 1 not the treaty of I>ec*mh? r. Tlie clot lag prices for French funds wera, fir Three per Cents, t>s.70. Four aud a half der Cents, OS, and bank share*. 1.9. HO. Buiaia ia ulto preparing for * ?prinir campaign. Oen Slewen la charged with tne organization of a Hal tic army, having Mittau for headquarter*. Great Britain. Richard Cobdeu addressed Ills constituent -i at stigmatizing the a '.tac k on Seliaxtopol a < \ colotf-al nl? ? tal e, ami that the main principle of top question should lie now how to get out of It. Other nper.kers ad dressed the meeting almost unanimously in favor of the war. Mr. Buchanan transacted butises* on the 16th Inst, at the Foreign Office. Malicious reports are in circulation that tbe g< vern raent has offered 8ir l>e I acy Evans ac appointment ia India, so as to get rid of >hU contemplated disclosures in Parliament. The 82d regiment embarked from I/.veruool in the steamer Bahama, for the Crimen, seven hundre t -trooir Four hundred of tbe London dock labcrer* are -ent :o the Crimea to unload ships. Tbe late Of the llrltifh ship lle-f.iee, mi*slng slice 1852. from Shanghai, ia discovered. Tbe European* on board having been murdered by the Liaoar crew, ard tbe ship burned. The assassins were rapture 1 and executed. Frn are. Baring Brothers announce that tbey will fapay English deposits on the French loan, thp tota'. amount of tlie loan being t?Ken in France. English applicants took *lx million* aterling, and the French eighty -aaven Million francs, and although tbe loan was but twenty millions sterllug. one hundred and aeventy (even thousand per sons have taken shares. Eighteen hundred of the Imperial Guard were embark ed at Marseille# on the 13th tn steamer* for the Crimea. Spain* The new constitution was submitted on the 13th to the Chamber*. The male features of it are: ? That sove reignty emanates Irom the nation ; that the religion ot the nation 1* Roman Catholic, but that toleration will b* allowed that ttie press shall he free; that the confisca tion of property and the death penalty fir political of fence* are abolished ; M.e National Guard is es'abllihed: the Legislature shall be composed of two Chambers Stnatois are to be elected lor life, cn pr?pee'y qualifica tion*; one Representative for every fifty thousand citi zen*; the Cortes chi.ll meet annually, in October, for foui months. tLe Corte* hUall regulate the strength < f the army; give assent to royal marriage- aud appoin*. a regency when occasion require*. Switzerland. A conference I* about to be opened with a view of a.! Justing the existing difficulties between Austria and Switzerland. Denmark. The bill altering the Constitution h:n pasted the flrst reaclng ia the l<egialature. Ituaala. A nix fold lanl tax, payable in twenty-four instal ments, is to be imposed oc Polish proprietors. THE VERY LATEST. BV TELK.BAFH FEO* LONDON TO ulTRR/OOL. London, Saturday, Jan. 20?11 A. M There Is literal. y nothing new or -important to gr*l'k Commercial Intelligence. MONETARY AFFAIRS. LIVERPOOL MOSEY M tBKKT. Money U 111 active demand At I per ceu'. laiuituam rate. LOIirON MONKY M ' RktT Hopes are ezprcined that an the French loan i* all taken in France ttr larg?i exporter gold ma/ partly re turn. Baring Brother* circular iiuotea mcney m fairdenmnd at uncharged rate*. Coniol* cloned at <.il '?? a 91%. New dollar*, 5c. '.,.1. bar nlver, (a. l)ad doubloon* Tie M for PptnUU. The amount of bul'.on Ua* decreaieii ?1,128, IKK). AMKKf'AS Rr.ri RlTIK' Me.?*r?. Bell & Co. (I.ondcu) repcrt a moderate hi.fl ne?s durin? the week, with priiw* in lome caeea rather higher, tn'ted Sta'ea 0'*, bond* of IH62 PH u 'M; lo. C h bun !? of '08 106 a 107; ('? nn'ylraula 3 bon 1?. so a 82 M if aebmetts 5'*, bond*, 1?)0 a 101 Virginia fl ?. b"iid?, 8?I a 84 trie lit mortgage, ICO a 101 ; Erie 2<1 do., 84 a *6; Erie 3d do., 76 a 7ft. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Brown, Hhipley & Co 'c and mo*t ottier eirettlarft, re pert thai tb ere una again b -en a got <1 ueoian 1 tor cut ton. with an advance in low aud ni ddling qualities of nearly whil*t fair ami upward* miintain fully tint rate* ot last w?ek. The improvement U, perhape, in consequence of the easterly wind, and the probability of the utotk being light fi r the prefect Howe\er, tbe im provement I* more decided Nine* the advice* l?y the America. At the *ame tune holder* meet the demand freely. b'alea for the week. 61,000 bale*, including 10. 260 bale* on "peculation, and (>,800 Imle* fur ** p'.rt . The import* for the week were 2 '/to lialen. Kair Or Irani at ikd. middling do., 6 ;t-'.6d. fair Mobile* at Ti>ad.: middling, ?d. Fair upinnd, at 6^d. : milling, & 116d ; ordinary, 4'?d. a 4?*d. . infenor -1^4 .. 4d. The -ale* on Friday were 8,000 bale*, and price* ;t*?d;.\ Ptock on baud 4tiA 00o bate*, including 2ii* igHJ Ameri can. Pome quote middling upland* at 6d. LIVERPOOL BH1ADSTTFFS MARK>T. The leading circular* report that bread -tuff* have re (timed their former tone of flrmue*!, but yet withon*. much activity. Wheat lut* ad*aoced 2d flour aud la dian corn are Ad. dearer on the prevlou* quotation*. RicbarUaon, Spence A; Co. quote Weatern canal flour. old. at 4Ii a 43*. new i* a very Inferior quality and difficult to be Hold at 4<i* ; Philadelphia, Haiti nore and Ohio at 44*. a 45* white wheat, lift. 9d a 12* 9d. red wheat. 10*. Od. a 11?. 9d.; Indian corn, mlx^d, 4ie. a43i. tkl , yellow . 43* #d. a 44*. ; white, 44a. <>d a 4?i. LI VKRI'OOt FKODfCE MARKET. The llroker* Circular reporta ante* unc Linger ?n<l very dull, hotii aorta ^o*. Lin?eed (lit ? Bn-.ine.i- mn> rate, at an*. Ad. a S7*.; rape quiet and unchanged. Olive nil dull and a *hade eaaier. palm further declined ? *old at ?41. to arrlra Hmtli *ale* of ?eal oil at ?4h. Konin in fair demand at ?A. Common turpentine in limited requeat at 8a. rtpirit* turpentine, no change in demand and price* unalterel Dyewnode unchanged request lair, ttock reduced. Hice in limited demand Tea. fair bu*inei*. at from full to advanced price*, 8u far holder* eA r freely, and lower de'Tiptton* favor u)er*. Molaaie* eaeier. Coflee? bualne** moderate, ordlnaiy qualltie* rather lower. Tobacco? Little being done, but price* well maintained MANCHRHTKK MARKET, Bullae ?* !* not *o good. The recent I/>nilon failure* have ceixed uneamnei*. and the account* from India being unfavorable have tended to inereaie It. Litmrfool Peovihion Market. Me**r? Kichar<l*on? .spence k Co. report beef in mode rate limine**, price! ready, and lean diaponltion to pre** aalev Fori, meet* ready vale at 46* to 8?* for prime mesa. lle<-on? No old in Ar*t handa: tew arrive* alowly. and the demand i* umaii, La?t? rn *ell? at 4** a 48* 6.1 Lard ha* further declined 1* on the a;ot. and the demand i'cw *00 ton* have been contracted for ><nlei of about MM.aAl. Tallow unaaleable, at 2e. lower LdrvntrooL P?f.ioht Maenet. There tl but Iltt l? change to notice in IH rate* of freight to Ini'ed HUtea port*. To New York '.he ten I dency aUll I* downward LONDON MARKETS. Meaare Baring Brother* A Co.* circular rejmrt* no improvement in fore.*n and colonial produae. rhe corn market commenced the week dull, but on the JWi a better feeling aroee, with an advance of 1*. a 2/ on ? heat White wheat 78*. a 7?* ; red, 72* a 7?* Am* ricin flour. 44* Toflee In gnud <>mtnd and at itaedy i rate*, (togar* in moderate demand, rate* ttarely ?np. I ported lard very dnll Iron mnt'oiie*". qelet t#*'. Iiu moderate de:uand. pure* unchanged TBLB0KAPBIC. Unix*, Friday, Jan. 19. 18Sf., Market* mitcated. Wlieat and flour one and two *hiUinga d*am Hhlppl?K InUlllgeitfe, Air frone few V' rk Jaa lu Marit Jo*#, at Operto. 1??K R?*aat Marwtllet Utb Ji>ka lUru ci, at Uu*? . I*tk I !>? a*hir* at U?al. Arr fr-j? ITilailiirt"" Jaa II Albert, at Mar*eill*? i Arr from Savannah Jan 19 9aa4n*ky, at Uv*Tj"?l Arr from New </r??*"* J*a II *?**? llliik*. i.rat*?en4 f 14 fiv l??w Yerk J*a l? E??4 ?*w? A at werj : Ifttk ?e*aa 1 <>?#** fro** PortiwMMitk: 17th l*ea? Wekb, fr"? Llverpoel 1 1Mb i It y ot Hrooklya, from 4<>. * Mil for Bevaaaaa Jaa IfLei aidat, trim L.ierp: ?l; I^tfc i J*ka A Albert frum do. 814 for New Itrleaa* Jaa IS Ellen Maria, lad UnleTboat ?na, fri? IJverpeol; 17th < ha< ?? Uock f*?ei 4o l?HA Tempi* *t aad (ioltab frtun 4e, Paiemgrn per Maaatlklp Africa. Dr Kenan Mr lllar aa4 lady, Mr Fl.ker l.lad?*r, R?- Mr Thoapaon. Li^at Suailirlaad. E N Ea*i?n Carter' br R?*rtoa. Mr l??.k*ll aad lady. Mr Oartwha.t aad lady Mix W ami Mr H hi?tw and la ly. *" Niaeeat Mirk an i lady Mr tTallaee aad lady. Caet Mrl.*aa Mr* t"lar latr, Mev*r* Meaerna*, Hnlkart. Kiuibf, Tailea. **?<. , Dirko. I.oehia* rnead, IMapaoa. flllt' *?, l*!?s*y. Mat ter*. Tirnrr. R-dej Wilde. Recti. ?kjl?'. Vie* I aat. M<!>twaM fkieaet, I'rilgai. iTttjher. Ueeaae* Whiitt-r 8Biith Heller Callea. Pei re Hall, l it* ie. Shorn* Itairh. Barb* E'l?.i'ke?, Tebben Hell E*aaa*r ( ''l**'? Mvo*fP< Oleewm Cp>t ARRIVAL OF THE STAR OF THE WEST. ONE WEEK LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. News from the Sandwich and Society Islands. THE DEATH OF KAMEHAMEHA THE THIRD. MEETING OF TIIE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE. I Message of the Governor. THE 9TOKN OF THE FUIST OF JUVUI, &??) ftOi TV tteamshlp Sta.-of the Weft, Captain E W Turner, arrived laat evening from 1'unto Arena* via Key Weit, with paaaeagers and $040,000 iuap?cie on freight. The Star ol the Went arrived outward at I'unta Arena* on the 21at ult , ecnn'jcting with the eteam*hip I'nele Sitn, Lieut. C H. Bailwin, Commander, which left San Francisco on the 0th in?t , ami arrived at Sao Juan del Suronthe "Oth with '280 pai^engtr* ami $800,000 in apeeie for New York aud New Orlexna. The transit of the paisenger* and tp??ie from ahlpto abip wai only thirty hour*. The indefatigable agvnt of the Accessory Tran.'.t Com pany, at I'unta Arena*, Joaepli N. Sent I, Esq.. has ready for launching auother new river oieauier called the Culo rado, of great power and aire ller length if 162 feet, breadth 28 feet, and capable of oarryii g 1.000 passen ger* and their tiapgage on a draft of only tun incite*. The Star cf the We at *ail?d from l'uu'.a Arenaa on the morning of the 22d, and called at Key Weat for coala on the evening of the 2 j'.h, wlieuce ?lie left for New York on the afternoon of the following day, and reached her dock earl? laat ovening. The paaaeogora by thl* line came through from 8a n Franciaco in twenty one ilaya acd three hsura? leas by detention of twenty hour* at Key Weit, twenty daya aud alz hour*. The Sierra Nevada arrived ou the flth at San,Franci*cu. No veieela at San Juan del Norte TOE 8PBCIR LIST OP TUB .STAR CF TUG WKriT. Pa ?re, Baron & Co *4 u,000 Ail > mi ft Co 107. 000 Weil*. Fargo & Co 51,000 Order 12,000 Wrn Sell^man & Co ;?0,noo Jno. Durand A; Co lo 000 Drexelftto., Philadelphia 26.000 Newhouac ft Spratz, PuilaK'lphia 13.000 Total 1640,000 Our than'.* are due to Mr. i'urrer ix.rd, Hntri. Adama ft Co , Well* l argo ft Co., and J. W Sullivan, for late piper ?. Since the nailing of the laat ateainer from San Franciaco th? earth baa be< n refreshed with coploaa rain ?. aad throughout the country the ui.'ner* and ugriculturaliaU were rejoicing. The new year waa inhered in. aa reported by the laat steamer, by a storm of rain, hail and wind, '.he iike of which hM been w tnea.ed by few Californiaoi. In San ! ranch co aeveral houne* wi re unroofed and three or four entirely demolished. The .trrrn waa ejua'.ly lever* at Iteiicia, Sacramento, and throughout the mining district*. Although the aggregate loia of property ia very considerable, in no Instance hat any Inlividual suf fered to any large amount Hie sixth legislature of California a*-embled at Sacramento on Tueaday. the 2d (oat., and organlrsd on tie following day, the Aaaembly making choice of Mr. Stowe (whig; lor Speaker The i-enatorlal bail ha< been pal ia aotion, and *iv*s fair promise of "cn.ahinf out all legitimate aubjecta of legislation. The 17th waa fixed for the election. The Or.vernor'a mea?age had been au belt led and ei hlblted a flattering Male of affairs Two French frigate* arrived at San Franoiaeo on the "ta January. An advance had taken place iu flour, which waa ?!lmg at tli a f 15 50 for Oallefo and Haxall. Intereating new* from the Sandwich Manila haa been receive,". Kamehan.eU III .. dead, an 1 Prince Aleian d?r Uholiho relgta In bis stead. He ha* up< n several occasion* eiprea-ed hiuaelf decidedly opposed to the an nexation of the Sandwich Inlands to the I uiteii -tate*. and negotiation* having that ibjcet in view are generally regarded aa at an end. Frcm the territory acquired under the fiadaden treaty, reports come In various shapes of the discovery of rich mines of gold and copper. A company rf twenty m?n, froir San Francisco, have already commenced the wash i=gof a copper mine about a hundred mile* from the Colorado. Specimen, a-aayed in San Franciaco yielded seventy Ave per cent of pure copper, and a very nice per centage of gold. Emigration ia teuding toward* fihe '? new purcbaae," and it will aoon be HUH with an a c tive population. A majority of the priaoner* whoeacapeu f or.-. the State priaon a month ago, had been recaptured. Five of the convicts however, took advantage of tbe defective con dltlon of the Ran Joso Jail, where tbey were temporarily confined, and made good their escape Mea.urea have been taken to provide for tie funding of tbe floating debt of the city of Han Franciaco. which amount* to about one million of dollara. A petition to the legialature, aaklng for an act to legalize the object, ha* been xigned by neurly five thousand citlren* The 1'ioneera lull at San Franciaco on the 8th Inat. wound up the holiday*. All the faahion acc beauty of the city were in attendance, and ail went ? merry aa a marriage beU." The Emigrant Road movement find* favor with *11 claa?e? and after the Senatorial i|ueation ia settiad the I*gf?!ature ia expected to take the matter .u hand rjfeiggs turned up at Tahiti; but we hare qo other no tice of hi* mov?ment* than that on the lvtb of Novem ber lie wa* aboot to aall for Aitutaki. The gold duat (hipped from San Franciaco on the l*t 'nat . waa aa fallow* ? Page, Bacon k Co.$57*.000 Ca*e. fT?|.er * Co 12 V10 Adam* A Co 1U8.000 <>,h*r -hipper*. . . H Itnvldeon.^. . . . . lflo 000 J. H Tlioma. 50 003 Hnrgoyne ft On.... lOo.tiOO GiMen, I'eFreme I.ucaa. Turner ft Cm *5 000 ry ft Co . . . 1 1 ooo I'reiel father ft Co 90, 0< 0 John Saolmer.... 3512 /le., flertfceau ft Co 14,333 ' Macondray ft Co... 28, CIS ToUl >1,402.241 - gbt hundred brick baiiding* have been ercctel in San I- ranclaco up to tbe pre*ent time, of which numb*r Moat ifomery atreet contain* 54, Sana>.me. 341. Mattery, 50, F.-on*, ## Kearney, 24, C'ai (ornla, 47, Dupont, 37,' Stockton, 36 -arranwnto, bit Clay, 28 Comei.reiai, 21 Waablngtcn, 37 Powell, 2 2 Ja-ikaon, 33 Pacific, 17. >rank Soul, editor of theC^liforni* CkronM' wa* married on New Year*, day, by Htahop Kipp, to Mi*. F.ut!c? F Houle; alao. on tbe ? me day by the *ame, Ferlinaed C Ewer, editor of the / Wer to Mi** rophie M Congdon ' Tsa Indian* of .Northern Call 'ornla, embrace I withia tbe c untie, of Nevada. Sierra, I'lacer, and Yuba are n ?""?*?' by one of the agenta, eatimated to number 3 8?> male* and 1,(110 f'male*. U IH4? the namber ia *<tlmat?d to hare been 10.070. ?*?c Governor of" C alifornia. Tim meuage ?f the Governor I. a lengthy but t,laln aid iinpretendlng document Thl* doe* not, In the iea.t !rnm 1U '* **? ?r.dently pre pared with great rare, aad i* au emMduoeut of very important acta concerning (Hate all air* Froe tie Me**age we learn that tbe .nat* debt, un i rovided for amount* to ?1,281.142 23. Thi* l. evi deoe. of a eouad condition of tL- ,.u|,;,, -i-". ^o uioi M u* wM h" -<?'"> * ?< I 40, being, a* tl.e >4.11 |At ^ njf r? than the entire pr??eol public iu ;.bt*.ioe.. At tfc." rat? the ,-tate wJl not owe a lolU' in ?hoSe Je!' WrUt*JT|Dt l"'!,6" "frU"r 'beer,,,', -eae member, of tl,e legl.Uture who are *c an.oi . :t Inquiring aa lo the value of ihe.r airio The amount realiael from tie *al>* l,r tl . l . ;r nia IV..M . ' State Und c. mm,.? ,^ft V., ^ or M0 cf which It. aum of M7I.20W Lie ' ,1 the treasury ' "" ' Afer briefly alluding to ti e war debt aad the Cu*tom H?u*e bU<?. tkefiorernor j^-e. !. L, mead th* eiteoal n of the nty fr. at of H*a f"r?. '?at the point* where ail ?^VLTJe H^/^e r^i done ' The merit, of thl* ??,? -m ^ L ? % . *' t.?e fruitful tkeme of dc bat . acd there la every pret.abuity that aer bid br w eatefuUy aoete, ,? aiay U >Txm*4 "u . . ?'I2L*KI?2fL. 1^* 'ha- tbe grow t ?,[ >!. !! Hi 1 V.U,*r7l ?" ???.? of w.ter Int* am*. J* *kt*i w, tU Httn li'^ii iaUe* Um state debt at once, would nsve to the State, in th? shape of | interest on hone* the num of (I 458, #76, and would ju? | tify the reduction of 1 nation of at leant thirty cent" on each one humired dollara of aasesiment. Thii matter la 1 interesting to lax payer* ana icenti the particular at. tontion of their public servant*. The Governor recommends that an efficient effort should be matle to obtain from the government tie entire amount of the civil fund, being the amount expended fur goverbmeut br '.be people of California be t* een tlie 15th Hfcembor 1849. and the Mb September, : 1860. Th* allowance of tbii just claim against the geu eral government would throw upward' of a million of i dollarH into the treasury. anil the Governoi think* tbat tiie amount may easily be obtained. We fear, however, that Ma Eicellency i?. in tliia matter, too confiding "All the other n> w State* in the confederacy." nave Governor Killer "have cost th* l'ni'.ed State! large nunc of money, "and h? see* no good reason why lonfma abou !d iefu*e to hand over a million to California The messsge before us renew* the re.-ommen lation of last year f<T apecidc amendment! to the constitution which would ollect a redaction of In the annual expenditure* Th* *vper.*? consequent upon hoi ling a State Conv?ntlon ($UM),ioo, > be consider* entirely un necessary. The message recomiuenda a general curtailment of le giilatlve eiponaei and say* that reform In thin matter la called f?r bj * ?? In* united voice of the people " A reform more imperatively demanded bv the people than any other? the reduction of feel in olllee? ta strenuously urgen by Gove-nnr Bigler. "The laws," ho | say*, "slieulrl he so cheaply administered an to insure to ev?ry calnenu fair hearing In all the Judicial trtbu | La la cf the country " We so* that notice ha* already i b< en given in the legislature that bills to effect this re lo'tn will |o shortly introduced In reference to swumpand overflowed lamia, the mes ?!,(( U maewhat elaborate. The !ur,*tar.c* of the mat ter is, tba'. the Governor recommends the sale of the awamp and overflowed laudato ac tual settlers, at the rate ol one dollar per acre ? auch laoda as are within one mile of 'he corpornta limits of Sacramento. Han Kran cisco, Sto'liti ti an t Marysville, to be exstnpted. Had tie Governor trade the exemption ten miles Ihe recnm mi ndatlon would have been received with more tavor. Tbe pubic land- iu California should, th? Governor th'uks, bevelled to toe state The polloy of tbe public lscosa source of revenue to the State govern ment, be lay a. liaa l>e?a opposed b> i ur wisest states men, and '? opposed to the beat mtere-ts of tbe peopl* The message iuuhi urges legislation for he protw tlon of actual settlers and states that "more perfect aemt rlly in tba homestead Is required to Insure tbe complete development of < ur agrlcul jural resources " The important subject of common school education li fullv and ably di*cu>o*d. Of he live hundred thousand acres donated by the act of 1841, .31 ,oh(> acres have Iwen hold, at two dollars per acre; leaving tbe ha.auce of 600,000 acre*, and the ?ixteeath aui thin; si th section* to be selected and let apart frr the benefit of tbe State, to be appl'eil in tbe future to t'.e maintenance of our common school!. "Ihe uBstid la n a, If dispose .1 of at one dollar and twenty five rents po- acre, wi.l yl Id to the ashooi fund tbe aum 01 8,729/ 56 At seven per cent tbia sum would yield au amine! int*rc*t of fA10,H68 H5; to which add 117, accruing or: tbe amount derived from sales of lsnd heretofore made, aud we bave a grand total of $> -ia ill.s 'I'l. I o be applied annually t" the education of tbe ebllilteu of tbe State. Much ii tbe priocely legacy awaiting the next and succeeding generation*, nnaur pamed >y any of th" Statee of the confederacy, and (lerbapa not equaUer by the endowment of any throne, pi lncij.ii lity or kingdom of the Uld World." Ihe Governor proceed! to say that unless early and decided action be taken to secure the speedy aele-liou of thee* lar ds, tht re is reason to fear the i?tate will b? d< prlved o; the greater part of them. Iu the ma' ter of escheated estates, ti ie Govsrno : fur niaiea Uh witb facta which will nut fall (o atlrac' gene lalatteblkn Heitate? that there ar? eatatf! to the amount if two and a balf million* of dollars, which have < 'cieat'-d to the dtale of California The asanas , ment of the l?ld>*il?rll estate iu San Krauclaco. alone aniouitu to upwards of a loill.on of dollar* A rec< ni : inrndalioo is mad* that *ult? t><- at once instituted In , ' the I nited Elates Supreme Court for tbe recovery of all I this pro(?rtj The tilling agricultural, com a. ere la 1 and manufactu ring >t*>e?ts of the country ci?ai? under notice, aad in tereMin* statist c? aie furuislied " liuysrdeu as a national undertaking," the 'loveroor I la rejeted to witness tbe interest felt in tbe Pacific Kail ' read joject by tbe peopluof California At.iatioois somesriat part cularl) caileil to tbe lot poitim I' ot having in litary oos'.s eata'ilisbeii along the er,tire<.\eriand route to California and it i? recommend I ed Uft Congrer* be mi moiialited relative to tbe mat | ter. A (omplete revision of the l*ws :a relation to corpora tli nli* leci'inmended ami releiem e made to the kikuii tic i!oiiO|>oiirs m Inch have apraugintu eaiatenct- In ('all forn!.i I be pa>*a|{e of a legislative enactment prohibit ingfie making am) circulation of pa^er money o also ut|i:d Not?ne*landipgtbe constitutional protiibitlon, to fe-.aiiy for it* vloUtion is imposed. ' and tl.e clause is wilbi ut the sanction necesaary to give it f>rae and effect ' Me iow coire to the subject of Asiatic Immigration, to i which It Is well kt.own bis Kicellency is *tiongly op posed. This question i nduiihtealv is Californ ^'s great iilliciilty. It had peilibpt, l/een well had no Asiatic | ever sought a home in this Stato. but the Chin**? are I I eie. It may be troe they are obn> nous to rnsny of , ourc.Utens. iieing aliens in hlood, genlu- and religi< n. , and rati never assimilate with us (in*, what ia to t e { done- 1 bo political economist* tell us that immigration ' of th,s or aoy other species of label is beneficial to f be ,-tnte I o cur prejudices clash witl. our interestsv The ' whole subject will, there 1a no doubt, be ably discussed | in the Legislature, un l we ahtli liaten with interest to 1 tie upition of the oenpln a representative* Qovsrnor t lligbr >e> ms u> tiiit k that an immH *te stop i iouiu be , put to tbe in uiiii rati) n of the Celeatia's, and he hinta ' 1 that it would Ik- wire to impose so h>avy a tax on tho?e ' wbo have aireftdy arrived, tbat thftjr would Ssd it more I I j rolitahle to leave tlie c.?untry than to stay in I' Tie seat cf government, th* Governor eays, is at > length ..ebnliely settled 'ihe thirteenth MtlM of the ! act ef < 'on* i ess to provide for It* survey of the pi. bile j ' land* donates ten < ntire *?ction.s fcr the erection of ti e | public bulidiig*, tbe land* to he ae.ected by the (iov*r< nor "No good rtneon 'a*.** th* me*says "can i* a 1 signed fi r lunger deiijiing legislation necesaary to secure tk? ? rectlon' of -aid buildings Attenti' n i* csllei'. to tbe necessity for legialMive a? ti? n in relation tu the State pr ?on. and bopes a-e ent?r taned that prompt measure* will be taken to remedy the defects >u it* maoagemeut Var!i u* other matter* of lea* importance are attendeil to ui the doi ument before ua, relative to the Stale Ma rin- liospital the census. < arson vajev. r.,nces'?d wea pon, and *oon, reference to wbtch la unoece**ary l.ere 1 Rrwi ft am the Minn. [I'rom tbe b*n > tunciMO paper- to Jar. W j H>* p*p*ra ffc<m th* mtanor continue to furmeli ae count* ol the great amount ol rain and u?t that lia? fallen in H>f mountain*. TU? rirer* nod crwki are | tit' -4 I v ?welle<l, lo (on io?tance? Interrupting 'he tra* e! Ill*- moat aanguin* hope* are entertained by tbe ndner* that tb*y are now to reap the re w*rd of their pa '.lent waiting, a* eery large quantiti** of oirt ha* been i thrown up, and tbouaand* having bsen looking forward to thla dl>i?-a ration. It ii univrtljr to be ho|*l that I tb*lr eiiisc'alloue may b? reallied aa upon tbWr *nc ce#? dependa not only the proepenty or our elty anl I Mat', liut of a large portion cf the 'oofsderacv |,ei i otaitn ??? what tl.?? will, tb*re la plenty of g- Id left ! 1 la tbe rrou&taln*. aad a good iw'.n will br ng out a , goodly ?!?.* of It and thereby gladden many heart ? aad ?tiort> o mat y fee*. Now tliat the uilnira are auppiied with water from i th* f<* tit rain*, Urge lump* and big r trite* ar> b*">m ! ing altt.'U too to unj'.u .u lUia count; iay* the HLaata Counrr to warrant chronicling. On I'riiiay *? were ? *hown b* Mr Tracy, of t Co '? Kxpr* *e. a very teautlfu'l ?[>?' tnMB weighing twenty ti. re* uub<?>, pur* I told It wa? taken from ths claim of lloge k Co., ? n 'he ra?t for* of Ct**r < rial, Tfc* F< nora /Jtmocrtt of the fith ln?t. aay* '.he prayer* | cf tb* m ner* bate l*-en heard. Ham ass >.ome in abun l?ni? and tb* miner a h? art la glad, 'lutra bar* be.-n rain and ?B?W alternately fur nearly a week and the lulrhea and creekt atl Bowing with water liu*in*?a will now retire, ami tbe fact* of buaineea man '.uc* n?re beam with amitea. The Morn* off the first. 4 Kr' tn tbe San I r*nei*co Journal, Jan 2 I i II&R MSm- lo with a moat perfect ru?h. Phortly *f'er !!?* clock hart proclaimed bl? advent, aad woen b* had I had j?*t tm- to bieath and loot about bun be com mm led aurli a *>{oall ai.d uproar a proved moat coa elualeely tha atreagth of his constitution Had. ra n an l wind wer* pieeipitatMl oo our aafciaiafctd city to an rttent perfectly hewll'.ertag. ?'oe to tbe lat? rerellara ' caught ? ut of d' ore about two o'dock oo New Vear ? moroitg Many a mrlancltnly rrnwd auddenly ' ?"u . ntiUU ' cnd?r an awaing for abatte* wae a?tnnlab?'l , but not delighted, at that r? maftahle hour o? the aud Im departure o( their tfmpn'sry errsen Th?n as tbe hata of the un'? 'tnnate? like a flora of frightened pi,-?)?i. row whirling Into tha air dsaparat* waa t?i? ru?b tl ey ina'ie fi r th* ne?t open *a:ooa A frwad >.f . our*, oho didn't mm* Uoom tiB morning ta a-'- aatof batng '? corralled by the ? ernei.U la a lager '?? wl tar. <le*enbe> tbe ac*os aa confaemu wocwe r. a'oun le<* Mm*, abla^ lea aud aauiag* held a perfert witch ?lan-e in tl e a r. aud falling ctlmasya eltrH etery : where a aopply of I rich* for the ger.Usnisw alf*a<iy rreatly < te-btirdeoad The d ? as'. era is ths Ian guage of Um- Cheap Jobs* ere ?' entirely t-rf> Burner , ?M t o men Man," especially aa n< ne that we hare beard of reaa lt?d In m?a of Itfs or liaih Ths *or*t tbat I api?-?ei waa an occasional case ?f "eaaosars," I ?urb a* slier* ti ?a roof a' ths hoaae vent off bolil*, dltccxerlag to the eye* of tbe la< ?i?*at akr. a ne?ly married roapl* of our ac?j nalntaao* In *ac'< instances a etampede lor a loner mat generally too* pine* Betr, tbta, bowerer dl* not et>4 al way ? happily ^or ws knse 1 cf atlsaet ? t?e lady who pat her ?? foot' la it ?i> to ?be knee i a ??#ktog '.be Laserasn! .tort In ta* dar* Tbe k*r?n>*at, *ia*. waa orsrgswe! N?' withstanding atl th* peril* ?( th? nigbt bsweeer New Yur ? t>*f pa?*?i off a* happily a* Mart could <**(*?. Orrirr oe An*** k Co i H**icu, Ja?. 1 1?M. i TW 111* iMt li|kt wa* on* of th* ms*t aeeere ! hat* e?er >aowa l?ere Tie Iron warstM/aae l<sh n| of to Ma, ?* VI *11 ay waa b!*wn down aad entiraly da ?tr-ted Ute Metw .at Itpisc t*. cllsrah Jaa' built, wa* atao blown doe* eseeral dsellinga near ths caare!. were rnatertal'y Injsrsl Tha eoips at ths f'aciBc Mtil Hleensl )*( o?r>sn|r '* dock* were In dsn|*r, bat *u far ?> 1 ran ienra. dU tm *aH*l? any dooi ? i ? ?andry rhed* nn<t *?aU hwlMIng* were ales la ? jartd T** plst'?:w ta frtnt tf lb* Qt ft*t ilo?w wm mrrtN i?ij. Attempted lUrolnlMn In l-ow?r Cilltornta. n.? Miulhern Cal\fornian <>f Jnn. 4, *ay? ? A few day* ?tnce, Chabei, to c< mpicy with ?>?"***" ty mm. mult hi* appearance In hat l'fego ?nd fromtu* nT?Tion? k nowledire of hi* Intention' and the ?u?plelou? movement* of the party, no doubt exnt?d but their ob ? wT. . f<?rmv oa Lml'r Californ.., and ?.n* awnt r . ,'iv or two afterward* an arre.t ??? mad* cf a P"' ? ?" of tb.m, who w*t* ntUDd out with fluur, A.e. Amoug th-m wim th? notorluu. Jlminy^run. Town. Th. n>m?< of th* other* ?"?ete.l wert John 1 1 't" ' TP.IL. r Murdoch. John O'Grady Thom.?C?rttl,h..n HtUjwy, Jeff W bit tint! and Aatolno thaber tUUUner Mt and could not be found. The Unom JMkPoww WM al-o there but decided that it would I not pay, and al though ? warrant vu Iwued for him, It w tifeararT to arret lilm. and he ?.-nt up toSanU Barba ra ..1 the Cramer Ooiuk Tboae urre.t.-d wen- detained until the nest day, when nothing lu the ?UjJP' < ??Wj ntoof apt earing agn'u.t them, tbey were dl.cbargafi with U.a eiception of -from Town.' who ..< *eot to "lfehndm. the Comraandante o' Lower California. wa? on the fiontter with a foree, It I. "aid auBclrnt loha* defeated the expedition, h*d It gone on. While th? par t? were ui.'lir arre.t. Meleudrei a.nt up wor. that he bad !u bl. po?*e**ton the uotortoua Jow Alvitre an t M'.rtln tt ? Sonorlan, wV were ot the party that mui dtr.d Klliugton and the Chileno \ 111*, an ?? eat* d convict : w aUo two ntb<r?, the name. "I w on. we are not informed, who had p??ed through Han IHegt it lew dava pr*vlou* with ?ouie lirteeu hor?e?, aud that lie would'exchauRe them for Cliabei. Of courae the Suthorltlea could not enter into anv ar raniii-ni> nt- ol thin nature, and Mnt a deputation dowa Mil. ndrei with word to that effeel.but f*|u#?Ung a delivery of the men, which ?h* declined doluir, howev.'r. that their home- and oilier pro, a rt) brought w th thtm, ahould be (Vlivwiwd or?r,and i ?? v them .elve* Kent down Into the inte'ior, vhere .hjv would l,ave no opportunity o! troubling u? again. Inlrrnllng rro?i? tl??> UMm. from the Loa Star we l-arti that Onptnln B. Hackett arrived at that place on VVedutaday laet, after three month* abM-nc. on a projactng lour -.n the (ilia He brum" with him eom* btautllul codik.t ? ie. upou which appear In uo una I .< ?? *t.t?ti#? ? >ui ?mi n t/ri it* t't'iil irt'M 1th nufi? Tirgio ?o.l ? *rm. * ! coiner '1 lie re.1 njieciaieua ?l" composed <d (hi ret ' o*iie ot copper which upon a.^a; gir. ,.i-vent? Hre per ! c'ut Of pore CO, per. and f? r .;?ry ? e bu^-rei pound, ! Of ore one ounc* mill a hall of pure gold There la ! alto a MJiall iLgr^ltont of .il>rrturex^tp..M..r?.tlof which baa not bren a??c^rtainw! ( m'ttni >ipk t pr : Ju,?l U.^ .perlman. at a ,,oint about 'or. v mile, du tunt from >he llila rlT?r, and ut aulitj tnJe? from i^irt Yuiua, ou the Colota o. Ht Ult iber. a we. k ago ! W. lu. HUav. coming n by the way of V aiie. Ua, Agua Calif lite at i IVmecuia. freeloua to bin di parture they hau i ncoui.tered no hontlle Indian - ti far 't, tbey b?' Stver wen un, Indlarn wo,!. II. le t a-emt twenty im u at the mint, who a.e now -i. ployto .n buil.liug hou?e#, etc preparatory t? .^"'o.eticin'fwtir inmrnft In tbp iiuMdla1^ ficioitv if mlftM, ! there i? hut little gi ..?? nu l water? ?notigh. howe?.tr, , Iit dome ? tic purpoa.'* Tl.elr locality I. ut...ue.tlou. bly upon American >"11 heme at !???' thirty mile* in ?lo. of tha l>< UBda: J ftxed b, out lale purcua*. of a r irtof Ufbtmte of honor*, aoti 10 tU?* uiinif? .iiU vir?n? tv of that rich ir. n?ral country, roocarn ??f which much baa been ?aid, but little known. It I* estimated by ? Captain ?%rl.ct{, who?e knowl'dg* i f tfcat crintry atvl ' lt? rmoutce- makee hi* ?tatea.ent? p.ife. tly reliable j tbav ? upp?r can be tak.n froi tbM? n.iu??. ?' ??? ited ' am. 1 den.erea in New Vol. at an e penae ot t?" r t" I pound. a*.u thi* too, with a mo.lrat^ ave?tm?nt of ; capital Mlirlagr. ami Dentlia. niHta. In Mokeluinue Hill. Jauuury ii. 'he tody uf Jt. Hoi brook ol twin daughter*. MAKKIKO. , .. In Han Kritir i n, Jan b at ion e of Mr. ' F. ? *n Antwerp by lie. I l??lgbt Hunt, Mr VN i. H erein of Auburn. I'laeor county, tj Miaa Uala lia Hinc.air late of fc jiobuig Scotland A' ran., November 1". at Ike -e.ldenc ? hi- 1 lency the Mi. '?t-r Plenlpot.r-t.ary by H- ? , ttnr Cbancl.r Mr Richard Bom, of Hen I macUco, f.'imetly .r In.banu '? Vll?i OUn Hu Hi tali, ol Haratoga roun y, i )*v,. Kerry, ?m the Tuo'.nmoe rivet, ?n Thur*<:ar, r>e<- lM. Mr. Hubert McOarrey, to >l ?i C'aa* -?M* I'*"* all of Htani.lnj. county <!?. New V- ?'a l>ay. in Sar. Joa'i' lr. c. ,nty \lr. Heur) Laoawoitht to Mi?* KUm Jano Hewitt li, H-nofnln, Dei I th. Ke\ T f Taylor Mr , Daniel !!*nl*> to MU'tfeklpl an.tiif I in CbUvenii county, Ja: 1, Jao-e. lltilfao, !><| '? j * 7n r "utata* county, Jan 1 1'rad. ritk I'lcuing to Mim j Curollii Tuchibwir u In hha.ta Va toe. Hl?k rou r. nut' f?c ai.v? K. | Tr.ppard, to M.?> Wl? M ' !n t oluat c< Dty J?n 2 b; Juds- N Hall John Me Nnliy. Mrs. .lana MacUlay la tha.ta " noty < n b'J < erk( t.' tTllbam K.g I n. to Mlaa Harah W?ib T?T*P. In ?*n France^ Jan ?. Kll/a N't ?U0 * Vfhlt^. age.l 5 ,T:V:"'1-fl!hI.B'.n 1 I I' I ?ttoli*l'l ageJ y?ar?, f..iim i !" of M< i ro- founty Mlchl,?n in Mck'Iumne Hill Jan. "i, H f ?H' ?bout 40 V f)<^ Ouleb Drcemker 'it M.? .1. Ml" Houalon, aged J1 ?.*m, f. rtccily of hL???kuk Iowa Market*. FnivmiMiimn. M-r.-ta.' Jan x, , V*? T1.*f? b i. bt en . Te-y llffbt trade done U- day, wh, h .? , m.onted I'.r by It* being Mon<1> *? w. I .. *te?T. J,? Kmii commence! fal>llig ?arl >? tt.e .fj- n.?.L, wi. ?:h bad the affect of neailr ? ling . yu,i n ? Th? huk'n.M dot,. h*< l?'n ,"l? PI,r' b? r* who.e ?al?? i.aea been ??ry -?j* ' bhl. (lalUgoattn UaHeg. and I a.all at ? f l .6*1, VO" >1' ??? Chili, repacked at lli A* M.g no. a MilK at ?l!<: do A.Me* *elf 'al*'n/ at ?U W Ult. huftolk MUM at tlf> I' rtnnta (4ara * W hiaT -Sale, of 210,000 Ibe fair ..uallty at ' e. 600 ?W i!.f-rl . at 2 .C '*><'>, . ordltar, prio-e ? ' * 3 c Hale on -at u 'day, not reported, ol o Of) ?*? ?a noil, rradi., icleru.r to choice at taken for tri bng. |l.>atrv ? Ha>. of #W> ?ack? rej, ^rted at U p*' '? fur* - SaV. ot iSfi '?*li Ka.tetn at 3 ?c., 1 ? Callloima lobbed, at .. ?c per l> (l, l'i/r?T<'W. ? Jobbing fc.le- of ata.ut >-aca? ?. . c , tOUdo .old to arri*. at ttie iime ra'? Ht-oaK ? l?*le. of 50,000 tb? <hln* Ni I on pruat' "7rA--Halaof lt*? ca?e? gunpowder an', iicperia! Ilk cannl*t?f" on prteaU terma h*'* ol V*> tola* chemical ollee, at ?nnu. ??^r fti. ?.? arrtea. Of ?w ?*e and eight |a?b.n keg.. New Yor* on prieate tern;. . ??rr , Jan ? -XtxC* ha. been I gUt' and g'n.raliy *?-ady TI .* ment of note b?- been in Hour which we ,.io?e I Uaall and Calif* Ol# a lift ;U T, U ilarl ? ,c.,ttbe- dome.tlc brand* at. ,c aaw, Kiwi from Ike Hoflrly hlandi. Tiiii ?KniL <>r munon, ran (.iiimtiin MMAMCIIR Of "*'? runilNO AT T A III f I. Th* Kivncb orrattr Ia M->atU< OauauxJara I'M*, forty < <hly day from Tabil , arntad tl Ha a f rannaao on th* 7tl. In?' W< bav< ?l?r tat' llty. i. ? fro* tut piara We >?rn bjr tt.U arrival that tl>? bark A- ark a ' t|( ^im?o, frti?i ^in I ranrlato ba> nf oe I(>?"1 Miafraat 4efa>iH?r tot' M l?? hrothar an4 faia Ij, ?'r ??! at Tah t( aad MiWd ?fo? unbar ilat daltiMli e ?a kn< *0. T i?r? w?r? aa ra ? Fraot 1 i.taa .f war It por ? r?ra ntlar v*?aala vara a Wo In port ?at IMl aaraaa art aot rvruUactr : 1 -imrao^ora P?#a of tha Ia M' ??:> "ha fW n li'w t> ? af Tahiti ic? tha fraaib porta ia tba Pa^.lr, waa rr.i???- b j Masai* a r n? Ho irg' , I' <?[?? i< in tha la i? ?/, who la th* oval/ UovWacr of tha rr*?eh n ib> l'a? e< it>u ? Atuili'l fwia: aa;a ? ?i.? America Ca^tMl D allitJ .. whit I. Ilat?/y Ma (*? ti.a<va hia axapa fr* n h?r? arrival at Tahi' ? a tt* <th a t Notvmtot Iter arrival U w-kw! a< f>>llc?? ? Vov. V ? Awarlraa lara ?m*.'a < apUia ' ?. ?** n* S. 4 ;;J ,aj> front < ailfornia. Id '-a.laat A *raa of a.av*. Ben an l B?* paaa?" f*>a ? n ?h? Ittth of T-mhrt t* - Aioartra ?aa r*p? r1a4 atlll o [ort, an<1 ?l?o* >a.ti?( for Altgtah ?1 ? M'ltigrr girt* a 'aaftAy MCHC of a < atart im* at Iimn. an *laa4 ai a?#t u< Tai n um *f tha chiafa ?a4 rw?> ito-1 ??a4a*t taa hia* of th* talaad at. 1 a bilU* *r.ana4 whi'h aat?-I 8?? Utll ??ar of tl.* Kit, a |?-,pv a*r* iiua-t atfht af (ti r a tola a?ra kil>4 *a4 th* ?? r?i??'t took ?ii * ?h- m4 mmj-i w, 1 1.# a< honn*v ./'? a? ; l.lna Tt>* raptala of th* J o.? p >1 1 1?* a< ti|if u?>)*r lb* air. ra ?< tl * IMttak ? aaal. r?f?i*?4 (a, |lia .ip tha r?fnf??? )? th* King u?:aaa hia pronlaa ta? ai>?n la a para liw liaaa Tha ?>nao''. ?? ? prwf of tha r%yV. p- |ran of tha Kiafri (tataa that tha latMt ip> n !i-( o- ra for taa ?.? ?tha of !"?? V|.? 11 o?n'a4 ta i? '*?i RlMi, >h>im la IMl at.4 U?- tha lo aJ aawtmt c( 4ati?a a a* oai* It <M' frao- a , |.,n. ? .Of I raa'h ?aaaat? ?f war war* a* T? iti ? )??,()>? Moaatia aaito4 'Inao Ihw, tha Mfiill | -a-'?lla au4 Ataot'ira, ati< tha >*%* l apaato, Hf4ro 4tapha Kamahautaha aa<! Unahta* Unrwi J*r?-r Arm or Aani'ii Tiatv -Ttia , a*jS'-ooar / II I toaooa, Captala fartlti unral jaator , 4a/ fron. Jrraia ? with 4a taa la A> 14th laa( Tb?r? h?4 ba?o a awrr'aaatoa of I airy aofthari at Jrftn" Tha t.rtf (art'iaaw u4 atho Mt OaalaDo ha4 ba^ Wat ! Waia farUculart la aootha- r.,lan n ?>???< ?' th? haaa . aaatkw tha 4r?4fari ha-. Bat Wa?a aht* to 1^** P"rt M4 aarfo af aajr wi. a^? to to ii> to oaf. * lalalllfaara. Krr ?r? r Jla j* -Tha Prtr.?a4?a n^toia ?NrV '? 4?taiw*4 hat* bf ana"*4a?t to hwr mmi>*r'"1 **? I ' 1 -.wa fat away far tbrao woahi. <*?*"* "?* j aatara nf t',a aaa^**t. HffriK la !??>??* i* th? I ftrUt i?i NEWS FB01I TIE ftilVDWIfl I8LIIM. Death of KInk Kanaehaineha III? Arrroaloie of Prime Alt lantlrr IJIulllut? Thr Kuala* Pitaourra. Her B. M frigate rhjua arrived at Ha a f'raucteeo, Jtt 8. from Ilo'idlulu which port ahe I aft on the 17th Dae Th* only Informal!' n of Importanoe which aba bring* ia lh* announcement of 'It* deatb of King Kaniehatnafca III and of the aceeaai'iu of Ka'iiehanxha IV. to tka throne The Polynesian of '.b? Irtth liecember iey? ? Aftar a aerluua (lltietn of Sr? or alt tiara Ilia M? eat* Kamelta nieba III , eiplred at hla palace on I"n lay, Dae IS, at liiuioutea before l'i o'clock H? < a* forty yearn aa ! olu* oUl. Th* painful event wan iimiiedlate'y n-ad* known l?f bolstli^: the royal and national atanilarda at half aiatt and by the Arlog of minute gane i-orreapondlng wlttt the *k* of !?:a la*? Majeatt fr' m J'uocb Bowl liattery A* aioo a* the newe tpreau tb* flag-, on ?hora aad afloat ?ere aJ'. a*t at l.a.f raa> mil place of Imalaeae w<ra iloaed Larg* uutnbera of pecpl* antrnible.1 near tka p.ilac* and tail fled their y Irf In load and heartfelt w ailing At bhlf |?k .t o'. Look, bin Eicellenry Um j 0o?*r ( f (rabu. '-accrU i h ? a C< mpan of Oue-.ln r?u*ad theofll' al glv- n '.alow to be read u Ha ^ waiiaa and Kngllth at ti e corn- ra of the ;>rlaclpa atreeta of Honolulu. The [>roi 'amatlon "f hla Hajeelp | KameUau.eha IV. ? -eel ?. with bout fr/la tin I[wopl> and at drat a'ifaeUon, wh?r?fv?r t w*? xa-h ItLOwn. I Vllllf |tn< ??>? |#h| by tt? I H tV >ttt M?ry'a be twtra 1 an . J !? i .i ok, a iv Ihr Trlacoi tri*a wu tiriev | to like noanDi~ When the /'"leioian w*ut to pi??? The t!m?for the obee<|u ?? t>( h!~ ?? ??? < ha* <*"t ] # b'.-en Cied upon. l'HUUI.\MAT10N Of IRI *?W KtN l. Wh?r*ea, it lie* ; Irmicd A luighlt <iod to reoinvefreta I tfela world t ur belo ve t tk>ver*tgc hi* late Ma.iei te Ka ttiebamel.a III and w hare at by tt* will ol hla late Ma i Jeety , and be thi appointment *ni. proclamation of hla ' Mairatt ttcnl t!.e lloua* i N?b!< > bU .'oval Illghiaaa I'rlncf Llbollha, wa? Mlrxl t' be hi* Maieaty'a nu' ! rcaaar The'dore, pulill ! ( ruelau atlon n K?*i ???>? iu ??>* that Hrtn .*)? Air tan'ier l.lLci ho ll> KlCf ol the llawallaa . Maui.- tiuder the title i ! hio < li?mr a V Ciod pre | >? rvs the Kinir KHISi ASA Ki iiin* Nvi Tin- f'rtflnr'inn ?a?? that the Ku??lnn pr|?mer ar b' ^rd 'h" Axoh true, nh? were' ai'torr.! eith the Nitka, WIU > ? lau<le<i at lab'.tl, en the arrival of the Aapbitrlta t!iat l-laiio 1 h /'?/y anion ad<t a u Aroong the priaoaen aken '.n boar' the v-hnmiae en a lad of el?*ec ;. ar?, a ra let who r-malne here iw , aliMfe ?f b?T Brttaoale MsjeatT'iUtoasI (ieneral H? U to I# hick ft*" b? m iii' eaeai-l in t!i- t'pelnf , ao>l ! will a good are< out t 'give < f hla trer*niei.t ' Brftlah *e?? I 'hIi ? I S Flipaet |? iratNt '.?Bfe alb th? trlaooera are a ? wll on "n boaH the larttie'i rewial ar If "t> tmard <<n< of ? r c?n aat t it T..e /'slufieiiaa tar> it hav ttean rerortel ' Ka' i the Inhabitant* uf tlila m'and were ic <rni'.ut? rlrfuai ?'aurr>, donatluca ? t caeb. clntblaf booka Kr "ia?w | t/Mio toade 'ip ri Honolsla fr>r their relief, an'1 will be forwarded to 'lay In t be Anpli ?rtt- An amateur <"aa | pane from th? AmpL.trit* ga?? a [-erfiiriintire on Ved needaf erenlnf al th' VaHMIee f?-r '' el beoefl* wlilefe i j.roduetd aa we learn, ^bout t'<> " The ae?i?al frtun fan Fr?i ?l?eo of ' Se ?c'loeaer Iteat. h*? Itrsjf ng Ir.telllgenrr that tb* r?pnrt?4 tnreata^it ei f> ha topai be thr ntll' - waa all a h?a- (?'e Rreab caoaafo < ungratiilallufc aroti g Marly :ae ?otire Aiua I nrnH bopulatl ri The utwa ?a" r< cnaolrilel wltb I 'llhtDii'ir raaMIt*. pap*" roi'alaliif |ba iule!l'f?rt<-? at-re ??K,-r'? ? a* it aflec an h" ???> taklnff o> ttiak ?trtingh' Ic an .n atef ? ijuatter tti ? tjpic of tlia <ia* Tl ? ell- t of t .e ' laa ?a> " plalaly ? ? Me '.hat a at- at. (cr wou'd liate h*<n roabled a* a tflan ?* to d'?l ifniala the mpath "T? ef tbe iltlM fotcaa ,'f.w tboa? a>era? la 'heir pr*' ler'lona Af!a r n"< nt m? ?'*r< ? ir a I rea?b ma 3 m K rigl ? 1. man u>e natal >IB'-ara ata t ' n' t here were t" lie r>et elthln '.be ? reeta To naabe tii.tit ? t :nor<- ?-.t.t j lit* t? th" French ? oly the riaaiag beft re a party ? ' ofln >?-? frowi n.'lr ?' pa Had (Ire* % g-aoil loner a c?lal rath n Bft.ka Mi < f tfaitaitapol at CO* o( the U'teU 1 It.-- poVtielvua are faty in. pr?p? ' It < * t *L" 'iw t o'. repr?M ntatirn o " e |x>wef llct" wkl'b la t* h" haMen on Hi. Br?t of .lanna'T i-? nlu( In tin ?lt? *.h? a*U aanaxa'u ai?'.? ar? cemMale/ tor i Mronfel tort U> will !r*e eleetioa of tb?i candidate* Tti languafe iim"1 In ?orn? n.rretpor il>ot? - rltitif '? thefaa >ratr ?r ;.?!??? froi.t ' t | tace a "t?' i ii ' he Kinir an . b ? |*' P'e i?, te aae *.h> iea*t lo :.?? re<-? It'flibv aa th*_i n t? ??< D< tl??ae eit ?r? I a-' a bvl e fer; here and abirua^e C'jgtUBg 'run. ao 'adlvld ial i A oiagnlBe . m'.o ti ? >entlm?Bt* of our pfitb II lb* ant .faef lb*e? ? tni ur iNlant a(W frtaadlr t< annea ttoo tbey could rauah be*.l?r aubaeree tbe !? ItmU nl t eir ? hi. try bi apeaa ug of the King <f etilefe la tw 1 apert'u! taraa iij'Vi I I nee' taiy |>a' vtlng be'nr* t'te ? in !il t If i uiit<ii - 'bat an* *o lli'i MtvN| 'ibta' |."J (1 * k* ?t'?l' t.( libbi !t,?4, but e it b hate jo r?al (ouatlaliaa ! ial'utb I1)* ?'naenrftb* Hawai.ab .^t-aai Nae'gali n fVt." ; any still beep up t tetr re|u ar -ltp aad gi, 1< *4e4 ? tli fr?'f It ami i'a'i"fijf**? weekly My peri leaiea o? ?i tir Majeetiee. the :,*??*? of tb? at?*m?ra !a?a hewa cbar.ged Tka >lm "ie.-i?*a lllrd m ? all?l Kaiartaaaeha In . inpllateiit '.< the b'tg ' te tt'aet Mat aamed K ale ma la ' - nipliCit rt to th* Mneen Tb? KaioeaaaieSa la k- pt o<er t *? I ? weea i un<ter(< (Minting Ac aoit artli taavate her place lit tb" '?? it t 'ewday* Tie Kaluaaa 1 t?k?a her p *ee oat tie ?in<lear I r< ute a tan while it it n* aa g <i*ingdu.l lately, i r??a?e?ioei)ee of *Ja* i ''"iHirtura 'if ta? w' allag fleet up- a th-.? aretea Vaaay ' '? 'I I heUI at ,<ly rate", ari't net eatlly > I ta aat'V T!i? weath< ' r 'mux mild an kar. the ra na ba)4 1 ini( ? If late- than ueua. I>ah' ?ar?ai l? air da pr*??i . j ?' I i jmiitf pi/tir cpi '-rtunl ? U allffarate mak? fa*". | trlpa V> or (torn ' a Itwrb ( Kitiin th* fan I ian< iai T ar.'-ei^t, Jan '? | Th- newt fro ' tl e Haudw rb l-iauila btaagkt b f tka It-It ah Irlra'e Itqae la of t.%* ?!?<?! taip'.'tait?" i Although thei la natiii-.g hearing '1 Iraetl e ipoa tk? enbtez-l I.f aaneiatiori ti.e .Ji-?th of ? b' h lag laay ka coked u. ?a eutpendluf if not ai?'lti!tly wna> l.?|ing i i L'i of annate'!' n b> ? ueaaaaa-r ta Ike c< *a? I'r a"- Ub"i bo? It la we I know* hae never lai' f d the pr? )"'"t en ! te . )? refaaal * e itela' la IW r '?nauBiuatioi haa t eai. r a nly. f ?ot eatircty ow ?a Hi' gnatiif* to 'he tT'a'y ?a- ale.oe aaating aad It, bai l*en etUe'l ? . allagel for tka tea via t' at at an eafty (5?? lie ?ip?ct?l to am aeil Ut the tl.rase Ynang til aai 'itb iia be limltd will, a wletful eye ka ' th< 'uiijee-,' of royal boe<<ra aa<1 aia<* *be? haaa fallen t& hla lot it la aat >? lia pr?*?n ?d that l>e <wtB ta* ? i rape red, at leaek fer a while in ret ga ibeo Item4?t tl le. Ibe new Kiag let al?a?> heab l> ? bed upeta aa ?? ' ?'.at? "klent aadar rt Ititb 'aflaei re aaO 't a will ka leiubt eea ' t- | - teat '.be fu.Blatei.' ?f th- ?ro)naa4 ?' beae. Aa a ? gatlteant feet, we aaU" titet tit* (i remaait organ tua /?' /a/nan takaa ocaewa let ?taak to ? a:u tt kisdar V- e f the Fo^liah aad Fr*aeA 'ban it haa rt>*n?.lr la-ialge-' a Ta* ag a I tbea* eir evia*tar.c<-? toge*. er er ba>e no re?*?a to beliera ibat l**"ab ' taai a'.i q will be a w myjlalied ?? an/ hr M perial Muattal Affair* Mu IctlnMHl n.**?Y>rt j- ft fiw ??- striata of rvcl With Um> i ??.'? >'.? ??< mm (bnrarU '? J? >???. ?? ha?a b*4 aattoag ! M ? a<? ala-1'Ofl 1|/ ?f UfUi ??'! Nun at '-b? "p?r* Ib'ux, but tbrta ' t(:*al toa ?? Fba Ufi i |*r? .. ??# a to to '.p?u*4 n Maura A fii?m pt'nrlj ?? ?>. : ?- ? r? fc.11 t .at tb? '<prra "M|''btto ? U U ra?4 m. !W Irrt ii(k( Tki ? i iilinMl'ii l? fl'ra W?r? ' . n.arta f'n n tbM aar | eta .pan* .Mta* W(14". ?? p+r1> m tbat at i "bat 'I ? ??> nt ' m Wo rre? *#*1 </? lb ? ? 'la at lb* ' At'aaUl Tl?? efrsefveee's fer the |*ra at Nlbto ? ?rr f*aff | mi **11. bat* ??. boaaa i?. afcraaS aaA U**r? ? r?ar 7 pmyft*. t( i ivwif (1 mm Uttiri !???? wa -a ?< ? ag * ? ?afar*?'aa f a f? I aa4 afecfcr* ma^lf w?ra-a iiVOf. rviJ .li ?/? mrw a ? ?ra An.'-ag tV r saatbar ?? rl VtaM ??< !*>???( avl Mivrt K*<"? \ ?*t! m4 Mm* Tlffit, a Wb'tlaf ' UrU' T Mill I Uitum* W < h'friw ?fw? a k? ? kH? Or* Or* n m ?a ? arV/aaauOMua U' ?? ri 'f*fba 'rain *b I '.to atofet ? l|iw tr?i| Irw II' ? >to ' b Aataria* j ?/ ?!>?; M>>n, ?!?'.% m4 lMu>n calk* <?? T?? rftf r-?-l TV aaflua ?.f '.to fi? ? > lr? a ).a4 t'-.ppa-l In ?'/?a?^a?fara af tlx ir? i-?a ' in* ???? ?m ? ihaaaUa* *M >u?a Tba train ?taa4io( ??(?? tiat c ?rr? ta/'b* * a4 ?a4 ?ia? bfr a >??(?!? H ??? a? ? 'li?r?rT?r?-' bj tba ?i|r?*? -ra'' J a*?rl' *fa? it Tto ?>.f . .?rr IW* iUn<M m' t'??? 1, ? a?.#U?. t?ua. t*a iiarr- ??? I a* aralJ Ito' r?t. nu <to fr^At 'm imHif a ja? ???#" ??r ?> ? '"?.*7 tbaaamff ????*?*? ??????"? mar ?k.? <*!? ?; -a- to *M 4mm '?? 'h? ?'? ?* ?mt ,k. tt- '.?,!,?? V. ?h#a ktia a* It rr?i<t ^ I |< mtm? dbitmn ?? ?' i k ?< ??" 'ra^* IU r?> ih *a ???tor > ."??? *"? ?? ^ bwfc*. ?? V..*r^U.^ '?? ? 'V -W. haitor f*M4? ! ?m *>trr ??< to". <ra4?? wa ?Mr ?a; f*? aa? <t?*4?r Ik* '? ^ ***" *>????? , IWIH to'or -? fal- ' 'kry W Mm ? T? l?<o? ?'- . (.AMinor tu R??i at !> mu -? ii. ?t-mmt M?jr. |to a'..?,r. I ?( aaaktr- ot Ua >( am MhU> 'i Uaaa e| >ni? fr -o V Oii Mkf bt? ?a?U a?4 iW ,,??#?''11 Mar., '.bat k ? ?:? U>ii ?: '*?m! .?n?* btramoilit^r.lMbf (U?l'? Ml ? ( ? ?f< Wrf<?a U lilaitK. aarf ba? M< Ito a?rra t* ????? At U*t* M nt. U* im Ibis a. ? tor **rk *? nn^n Ittat Mr May td |r" ?f ant >rm Cb M*l an b?aa?a?, "??I u > MMiaa' u> ?? ?rrto-ai| ?a f.-. '? .?>??. iba???'. 4?<m? aa<* "i.t' 'Ml*' toar? l*'t a( tb? ?ta*f to fa lot a* fraa? (??? Um af ?. ?M?? to to raaMr4 ?|kn ',?*? ???? a?' tof?m ?f p? u U?? imafH I^l'iri U I rnl *MM 1?: a

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