Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1855 Page 3
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LATEST SEWARD MANIFESTO. CURIOUS DODGE TO CATCH THE KNOW NOTHINGS. Snrird ii the Dhguise of Nitimal Principles, Ac., ,4c., Ac. [From the New York Daily Time. ] United States fetoiittUir, ?Ooe week from to day the U?t'totur? U to choose * Heaator to represent tbia J'ubt ??i mmm other wftig candid* te tiaa D*e? P* ? ? f tll(| ? ?~~^?Sf"SS SST5." reer during hiabenatorial t. ^ aui, ?ebe,iieu Vtft v ^maiUt^pei ?oual, and reaeoiile" beyond *1 m h7A^ea ifTon a studiod depreciation o( hi Emilia a ivs-emauc diitoi lion of hi* opinion*, and a aMlitieHi a y . u. k.a imtao q&I inotifw* ?iud he has achieved. He lias disarmed p rsoual hosUlity by i J tow tM kindly mauUmee ot hi- d ineanor, nod bM Vk.mL IXnltv into n-speoi ?.y the Chr.?U?o court* ?y tlEShtTCEit *uld ever lor a moment ?tl.ig bun to t?rt* t He has Ulten an active ?nd a prominent par t in the discussion of . very topic of genera L',^ engaged attention? treating theni all with a decree Intellectual vigor, a clear i.?ss of judwuent and ?*?"? / Sa^^sssfegSt tbl*dth!?r-m* Je' ubonoua^and e^nUou.Tn kls lioiitaof the constitution, and make him e^tionaUn his ?TdiUeal views and kis public conduct. The event nas .1 it., ut.rl uuelit ana unt it* desperate aod deter 'SSr-'Si-i reaard of all lover. Of th? constitution .ndof the frM r? 21,,. it was designed to create and maintain. Seward is ?UU denounced in some quarter* a- being a ^Uonal stateaman? but It is only by those who ho 1 SSSTtoS. national institution? dependent uot upon wll Uw but wntM constitution alone, for its existence, l^t\n*tlV ent ihj.l to all the extension and all the power r^h^sUlon ha^W h s i'ound In regard to U with Z h?Kd unwonted aux.etr in e.erv quarter of uUlmate deliverance Irom its degrading Widage But if sbe had discarded the man wbr, above ani oth... hadsUKKl up true ?f?e.<?m m the h-w-f^ ha've'fel * tbat the cause w?n hopples* for *t 'ea.<t t?Nenty ?ars to come. No man would ever again have dared to stand by bis connctions of justice and of r'^t- K ? t?nu,(ir*rv torrent of iiouuUt abuse:-? duuahfaexxm U received tne imprimatur ot the empire .State, ;n7we Se^vc'luoked hereafter for nothing el.. u> our PUvbo^t ^nTand overw 1* the public sentiment ot'tbt. m.t State in support of Oov. Reward's position Sx* r^:v::z 'l iu t now s^ngov.r fbl. country, and in the hop. lli. hw ita aid tiev might accomplish his defeat. Throughout his whole public career, aud hiTur^l I'l rntumor #?t lUn fctiUH. u over nor fce^nrd ur^e l i o^a SSS ^bteh whoSU iecure to all the citiwn- of the l. ni ted ftstes the lull-ft and 100-t perle t enjoyment o its clvd and reli^'oua privilegei, and brin< tnem mo?i !i et.utact with the r. piiblicanlzing Inlluences of Lr m^totion* lie recommended, eh.le Uovrroor rh an a'lapUtlon of our sy.iem of cimionn achoola to tUe con.citu.iou. scruples, and even to the prejudioes as should deprive tbem ot all?cu-for wltbilrawiug their ehildieu fr?m them U* '1"1 tl'1* Tot in Uielnteieet or for the b-nei.tliof Catholicism, but ?or the sall of JTcuriog to the children of Ctho .c. -uch in education ar^hoald fit them Tor the dut es of cit *-n Mn in ! rX. re,,"bl.c. I'rotestant. have al ?ajs .nested that urnoianc^ wa? the great buttress and pdlar of Ro tbV y-S, ? wherever education aup-r Ktltion must disappear, and that the great ai n o e Roman Catholic clergv baa always been to keep the msss Af th? TM*orle in itDcrance aod counequent JegradUion. sasi sua S?a??ua?sjSBisas ^h"c^>*w*re'gent raUy''''uIpp<e'e>l t o^'ke^p'them"''! uiurea11 ?OBiug subjection to Catholic sway. And the ob iect a?rl?eu at he though worih even a departure from 4kat under other clrcumstanoea, might have been da?irable It the mountain would uot go to Mahomet, he thought Mak"met m ght very properly and very wisely go to tie mountain If tke 'at ho lie. ?"Uld not aend their children to our schools a* they were, he thought they should be modified so a. to deprive them of Iteui for withhold, nK- them. Tbe.r ^uc.uon wa, the I real point to be acompli<hod: and he deemed it better to secure tiiat even, by a compliance with ?ome of their tireiuilicee, than to permit Hfty or sixty thousand Sud^Ttnl^ii up in this city In utter Ignorance ?unable to form opiuions opon any ?ubJ*c' mere tools and instruments of <"?>?rs in the performance of all their rtutie.? civil, political, cio'js. He waa not oy any m-ana alone j h<- sabiect. Indeed a great number of the Krotestant 'ta'X he l onsultwl freely In r^ard to it Includ. Ins some of the mo?t honored numos in the SUts and the nation, concurred with him fully, and cordially ap i, roved the measures which he recominentled. His coarse at the time created a good deal of discussion, and lad to oi'nsirtorable excitement in the publlo mind. tbla soon Kubslded ? and for several ???'? P**1 *7? thoae who differed from him in opinion, nave cotiredwl the nprightness of his motives and the force of the ooo sid> rations by which his views were su<tained. The i* vival of the native American and antl -Catholic crusade offered a most excellent opportunity to reriea the joV lie hoetllity to Oov He ward, by fanning tbe slumbering tmbert of this olJ maseasion The g?at maae o' tho^e who are sincerely enlisted In tbe American movement howev. r. have not s?em.d disposed to con v. rtU lnto_a device for crushing one who has rendered sueti li?tin^ SSlbid to principles ch.riahed by the people of this State and of the North at large. Tbey have accord lD.|. failed to respond to the zealous aod Infrepltl en deavors of the pol'tlcal opponenU of ?cv. Seward, who have joined th? orrter mainly for the purpose of using its niergiee to eoto| aae his deleat. ... . Governor He?ard's re election to the feenate iust and merited tribute to h'gh ablllt 7 , unspotted ln tewrity. a noble manliness of character and eooduct, an 1 the most urflinching adherence to political principle of which late yeara ha? g'tren ns any example. It will en courage frank and stralghtforwar" ?n'1 ?JJ* oonn'enance b If face.i anrt timid eonnseU In public life. It wlU ?bow that New York , at all events, does not re eerve her honor* and rrwsrds for time .erring Coagh^ tares and demagogues. It 'will command toe respect and appls'i.e, not only of those throughout the Mj^rth who nav ngtw with governor 1. .11 b.s political opinions, bat of a'l everywhere who appreciate man I .ness racier tnn tl' fearless malntecancs of political pr ncl ptoe It will be welcome 1 at leart by the gr?at maas of thT people of this !*tate, withojt regard U party dlvi aions. and will secure to New Y?rk f-r six y ar. , h# se: v res of the ablest .tate.mat. she has ever hajl n the rrunciN of the oation since the days of Hamilton and Kufu. King. Prone lh? Rln OriuiiJt- The Revolution In Mrilrn. The Brownarlile (Tmi) fiay, a t the lUh inat., h?? tie following ? During lli' Mat few da/? w? bare heart mtn; itlrrinf rtDor> of adaira tran?i>.nnff with our nei?hb<>ra, whlcn ???? la uid <o Hi miobl*. and which ?? g.r* *# it rNcb? u*. merely atatlog tnat, a* we nave not "aaien 111* dwuwnu." we lulerthM Ibajr n-e-l omlrmt'lon. It I* eLatetl. t ban . to Km w.-ll knova in Ma'.eui .ret that the elty of Victoria, i? th? adjoining M*u of rautaull p M, h?? n pro?onricMi in mrnr of aI?m <|im ml lh*t ihia rime the |T?rTlio?n ?Ulioawl th?r? bad joioed the Brrfmut Tb? n.aiot '*rt ol thnforer at Matamo tb?, It !? Mid, ore now un'i't aiirch of or.'.nn for ibe ?eerf of es-tteneat. Anotrrr rumor ha* It tbo? the rl'lee of Vm Cm* an<l Jal?ia bait ><? boiled nod roiaeri tl,e a! rarer lUoilirt, ibat (??t.?ral I'rrn. tli<' i . 'ant of ib? department ?of Vera 'roe, hod l>?"u wmMiaiil* I in hi* room. Ant jet f aawunta ?tatr that 'ant* Anna ba-1 retired from tb?* I'mMtnt; into th? aba lee af pri? t'e life. and wan new rnaticatiag on one <?( Ma IM?*Im, baring 1? ft (?'? Vm in th?a>> maDai(rmrai of tba af faira of |nre?m*n. frnm the uneetth .1 atote ofthat en intrj. it i* quite firobabl* tbat all tbcee reporta may t >rn out to ho true. I la, tv, Uturljr im|i""'hl? for Santa Anna, wit b b ? in iwn chioinerj an.i arttulof-a, to maio't n bun arlf mue'i |oon?r aeain it the h?a?r i d.' of <1 aeon ?'iii now eettli g in aciitit'i m. Ilia fall la in.lelli b t written on tba* tableta of late. R hi... that fall w.ll C( m? * a matter of tint* attij. Micasi f? IX MawMCIichwt* ?Tblmiieo.uo- pro Tailine r?te??lreljr at Hol'm, ainooy arboolrbudrvo la one primary wbooi at SViuth .-felwa, tbe oeual at/a ? leare of which i* forty /all but e? remain hare hod, or are raw aiek wltb tbe d?nnW. lo f< -?ail? lo a hfbt torn, hot nr; few ohm prtrrinf faUl. I Captain Olbw'l CUIbm Agwtaet UU Dateh UsTernmcHt? The Mlealwg Pee pwtch. Washington, D. C., Jen. 21, 1866. TO in Hohoeablb Chaismsw or ths Comurm on Fo SXKM AFVSIBS, Hol'HK or RKnUBUttlTATIYBS:? But? The appearance of a communication from tbe Secreta'y of State to the President, under the date of January 19, 1866, and submitted by the Pre sident te Congress on the same day, drawing upon me tbe Imputation of having improperly abstracted from the hies of the State Department an important docom?nt, in the suppression of which I am sup posed to be Interested, calls upon me to make a full statement of all I kno? concerning the exlstenoe, the history and the nature of that letter. Tte Secretary of State argues to establish a con clusion whicb he strangely omits to state. His ar gument is t^at I hare had aocess to the papers in the State Department, and that no others likely to abstract tbe letter hare had such accsss. Tne Se cretary's logic points to the inevitable conclusion, but lacks the boldness to embody it in a spocltio cba' ge. Deeply as I must regret the necessity for meeting an sccusaMon which mnst inevitably iuvolve t>a painful extent tbe conduct and motives either of the accusea or the accusers, i am not at liberty to waive the issue. Contain plat ng the official hetg it froth whioi ttiih severe accusation has b -en can at me, I msy oot indulge in psssiouate invect ve, bat assured tiat before the judgment of reason, all men are equal, I am constrained to submit at that bar my evidences and my conclusions with the deeenoy and gravity that becomes the assertion of what is due to self respect. Although I do not Intend that my defence shall ' rest upon assertion but upon proofs, yet it is naturally expected and proper tbat 1 siould state tae facts ot tie esse. The first copy tbat 1 saw of the letter of the '26th February was at the American Ligation at tbe Hague, where I obtained a copy during last summer. 1 never saw a .opy of this letter at the i btate Department but on one occasion and then in the hands ot a person attached to the department. 1 did not take that copy from the department -I know not by whom, it by any one, tbe letter was tsken from the department, nor can I give any ac count of its absence. I purpose to establish the following conclusions:? lit. 'ibat Secretary Marcy at the time of writing tbe letter teferred to, did not seriously believe tnat I had abstracted tbe missing paper. 2d. The manner in whloh it was laid before Con gress was irregular, unnecessary, and calculated to do ire the greatest amount of Injury whicti could be accomplished under the circumstances of the case. 3d. That until the absence of the letter was dis covered It waa considered of no importance by tbe government, while tbe mode in wbich it la com municated Is calculated to enhance its importance te the highest attainable point. To establish the assertion (bat the imputation al luded to, is fairly conveyed by the Secretary's let ter, I make no argument? I produoe the letter itself : ? To tub Pawn err or Tint C.trriro Statu :? Alter tbe publication of the correspondence between tbe Becrrtsiy o( btate and the Minister of tbe I'nltsd State* to tne Netberlaods, In the case of Walter M. Gib eon, called for by a resolution of tbe llouss of Represen tatives ot tbe 27 tb July last. It waa discovered that an Important paper, embracod lo that resolution, bad not been transmitted. Tbe paper referred to wan tbe al leged copy of a letter from Walter M. Gibson to tbe Governor of Netherlands India, datuj 2oth February, 1862. I deem it proper to lend to yon one wbich I believe ti be a duplicate ot tbat which wax received at tbe depart ment I r?>m our Milliliter at the Hague, with an explana tion of the reaaona why it (li i not accompany my report to you of tbe loth ultimo. It la tbe common practice in lUe department to slli w tbo?e having claim* sga-ast foreign gov ernment!, for loanex of property or personal in juries, under ita management, to hare ncces* to the paper* on file, in relation to their rrspectivs cases. The , ordinary course wa* pursued in regard to Mr. Gibson, i Imring tbe jiendency of tbe negotiations ufhMcaae. down | to the time etpie* were made lor Congre-n, be frequently { a pp. ied tor permission to examine the document* ee Lit i ng to i\ and It wa* alway* granted to him. Mr. Hel mont'a despatch of tbe bib March, and the papers which accompanied it were in hi- possession, out of the depart : ment tor some time. lie returned, a* wa* supposed, all ? that bad been entrusted to him It is not kno en or be ! lieved that any ot the paper* in Mr. Gib*ou'a case have been in the hand*, or uuder the inspection of any person but Mr. Gibson, and those employed in tbe department, i Or e of the documents which accompanied that despatch was Mr. Van Hall's note ol Februarys lh&l, lu wlnc'i be atatra that a copy of Mr. t>it>*on'a letter to the Co rel nor of Netherlands India, (tbe mis*ing letter,) wa* attached, sad there is no doubt it accompanied the copy I of that nete sent to this department l>y Mr. Uelmont. Alter the papers were returned, Mr Belmont's despatch ws* not found among them, hut as Mr. Gibson was in En | ruj.o, and could not becal'e I on to a ? mini fur it, applica tion we- made to Mr. Belmont for a duplicate, which wa* obtnined Irombim. Kind ng the copy of the letter of Mr. Gibson to the Dutch t.overnor had been omitted in the document* pub lished by tbe Uou?e of Representatives, all the papers in Mr. Glb.-on's cane bsve been carefully examined, but tills letter ia not found on tho file of the uepartment. It is ( quite ee> tain thst it had become detached from the other papers belore the copies wi re made lor the purpose of nn-wering that call. Mr. Gibson has been questioned in | relation to thl* paper, suit *?at*a that It wa* not among tbe correspondence placed iu bis bands for examinstion, and cannot account for ita disappearance, but expresses a confident opin.on tbat be returned to tbe department all tbe papers he took from it. i That tl wa* among tbe papers received from Mr. Bel i mont is certain, for it is dUtinetly recollected by several ' persons belonging to tbe department. It wa* regarded as sn important paper, and much relied on by tbe gov ernmeut of Holland in resisting Mr. i.ibton's claim for i indemnity. The substance of it, as will be seen upon ex amination, ia contained in tbe note of Mr. Van Hall to ' Mr. Belmont of Feb. 26, 1854, in tbe printed correspond [ race. It ia also remarked on In Mr. Van Hsll's note to I Mr. Belmont of 2Mb June, and ia our Minister's reply to that note of 4tb July. I have received a communication from Mr. Gereri, tbe Minister cf the King ol Holland to thh government, ac companied by a copy of tbe letter, which the Ilutcb go veru.sut allege* was written by Mr. Gibson to the Gov ernor of tbe Netherlands India. I read carefully, more tban once, a eopy of that letter, which wa* transmitted by Mr. Brlmout, and do not donbt tbat the one which accompanies Mr. Gever's note to ma la a duplicate of ' tbat which waa on file st the department, but cannot now be found. Tbe eopy furnished by the Minister of the King ol the Netherlands and hl? note to me in rels I tion to it scrompany this conmunicstion. All which ia I respectfully submitted. W. I.. M ARC If. 1 submit the following circumntanes and concle sirns to establisi the assertion I now make, that tbe imputation s fleeting my coniuet la false and groundless. 1st. It does not follow that because the letter la missing tbat it has beea improperly abstracted. Tbe most favorable view presented by the Secrete | ry's letter of tbe a ate or affairs in the department renders It not improbable tbat the latter may have been mislaid or loa?. 2d. Though it Is true I had aocess to tbe papers ' in question, I had no motive for desiring tne de struction ot tbe letter la question. Without discov ering tbe existence of each a motive itis Impossible to draw an onfavo -able inference from tbe fact of ! bavtr g aodrewc d the Governor-General of Nether laada India in behalf of my liberation. I stated such fact to tbe Secretary cf State in my Drat ctm | inculcation on reaching this country after my escape from tbe prison of Weltevreden. That communica ? tion contains tbe following language:? "1 ksd made | tut a leegtby statement addressed to tbe G?vern ! or General, in which I detailed the circumataaoea aid occurrences of my late cruise up to the time of my arrest. In th ? ccmmamca'ion I expreaaed j mary legreta for much improdence of language on my part, wbi:e in Sumat. a, but denying the diing or aoreing of any hostile act against tbe gorern merit of Netherlands India. This personal appeal to the Govei noc-Get-eral's justice and mtgoanimity I waa simply herded over to tbe Attorney- General as evidence against me, bat waa rejected as such by i the coort ol justice at Bstavia.- [ H . K?. do;., No. ) 16 ?.?.] I Unices I oo aid obliterate my own statement to tbe department, It would avail bit little to destroy tbe letter put forth by th* Hatch ss tne , one sent by me to the Governor! ieneral. Tnongh several copies of the letter of the 36th of Feb rusry (tbe missing latter) were trans alt ted by tne l>u'cb minster to Mr. Belmont, the despatch of me Mutch trai emitting it atta forth ail that tbe let' r contains ot any cows, qnenoe as affec .ing me. ( H. Fx d? c No. 16, p. JA.j If I could destroy all the oo piea lo tbe posae salon of my government I could nit present the Do*ch from transmitting more r<n>ies, j nor could I obliterate from the despatcies of the Dttcb Ml: later tlx statement of what it contained. Mi. Gave i, tne Hatch Mlaiater, offers a copy to sup ? j,lj the" place of the loat document oe'ore tie M; crtWwj uf Hta'e bas artoaily made tie d'c>v*r> of tbe loss. With toe eye .f the Dut h afialster apen tbe 11 en of the H'ate department, who coa d u? pe sucretsTnlly to abe'ract ftapers therefrom, u> If e prejudice of ih- gore: nment or H' tlsnd. I n? d ed tbe letter of -he 2.- th February to correct the in fer* are aa to its import, crested by the de?;iec ot tbe l>utcb Unlet, r. letter la the bent c ?m m?ntaij on tbt despatch. In a word, while not ing waa to be gained by eupprt?u;p the letter. Its sW4W, Irom whatev-r <anse It might srl-s , could ><e( fa l to ?mt>s?Ts<s my reUiiotie with t tie Kaecotive and with Cong *m. it , would koevilah y furnish tbe 9-s* ?ppor o-.ity for open attack oa the part of mv er. erases As fu, then, aa mobve can i-omt oat tb.- gu ity, it Met with a?y erwa.MM rat at r thaa witn myselr, to defend tne aceaeattaa. * bea 1 have laid the trie aad tbe sporiou* lettar aide hj sir's aa I shall take tbe lib m ty ol dwmr la a fntar. romaioaioatton, aecoapaoied by tbe proofs and the stieadaat etrcaat tsaees. it wt;i be seen 9 tii ly ea.,uga Mat. far from havlag caoMioa to get rid ot ue tettrr aa a tpsaklaeaaaa diwlaia, I i have laaaoaa ta ooagtatalaae mjeevf that thela/ataa tlon o ( the Dutch government had furnished me with the moat irresistible argument of my innooenoe and the duplicity of my enemies. In judging my argument- I me no oredlt for my integrity, bat merely that I may be accredited with the sagacity common to rational men. 3d. It U not tiue that beeides myaelf and person* attached to the department no ot'iera bad access to the pape? in qnesti?n. I myself kaoir of sm ml otbeia that htve had such access. Before I became air are u>at the letter eras missed from the flies, and on tbe 9th instant, the day before Mr. Gevera' letter to Secretary Marcy waa dated, I saw a copy of the letter in question in tbe h*nds of a gentleman in th? city, for the purpose of being transmitted for pnbUcattou in ooe of tbe Ne w Yorn papers; aid on tbe 16th lostant, four days b afore the message wai sett to Con?re*i, it was act tally published in the New York 7W?. Tois fact was known to Hecretary Marcy before he penned the accusation or my having purloined the letter. It tu the knowledge of tbis t?jt that flnt led the tiecre taiy to inquire for tbe loet latter. I will not oer tainly be charged with any participation in the act of obtaining and giving publicity t> tbis letter; at all events by those who believe th*t 1 was moat interested in suppressing it. It the a follow t that, a? a copy of the letter wax obtained by tbone nowise contcerned iu my interests, tbe fair inference is I that it wait obtained from the fllee of the depart ? merit. This in'erence is rendered the more probe | ble from tbe fact that it i? not an uansual o cur- ! . rence for copies of papers on the files of t'.e deoert- J ; ment tj be obtained by persons connected with tbe prees for publication I am unable to gire any explanation of the cir cum* lancet, and acting upon a priuolple widely dif- | ! ferent from tbat whljb prompted tbe Secretary's letter or ti e l'Jth inst., I shall forbear to intimate i what I have not the mtans to prove or the reason to believe. It is proper to stats, however, that It is possible that the lost letter may have been taken from toe files for the purjfoi-e of bting copied for publication, and tbat the excitement occasioned by the discovery of Ita less mav bave prevented the person in wnose | pot-eeesion it was from returoiog it to the tiles, and by tbat means subjecting himself to oensure, if not j i 1 1 lnllimi I Whatever conclusion may be for me i as to the real i cause ot the disappearance of the letter, it is certain ' tbat tbe circumntancts furnish no reaeou for the He cretarj's bel eving tbat I was in anywise connected | | with its absence. But if be entertained suod a belief, it must bave resulted from a predisposition to judge i me with severity, and on the slightest evidence. Thus it is seen, with tothing alleged against me | to my discredit, with no other ract than tha', I bad i tne means of purloining the letter had I the dispo sition so to do, tbe Secretary of ritate of a great na ; tlon professing to hold the honor of Its citizens , in the Highest respect, baa venturted to spread before tbe world a charge aflec'Jng my integri ty. He baa said in effect that be suspects I me of a highly dishonorable aot, aud ban given tbe i widest publi ity to this statement. The expression I of even a suspicion in so high a quarter u calcu lated to do tbe highest Injury. For it is not goae rally believed possible tbat a perton occupying the position of Secretary Marcy, of bia ability aai usual sobiiety of character, would yield himself up to the guioaiice of bis paseions, ana inflict a blow on tbe character of a citizen whose greatest mis fortune is tbat be is compiled to seek justice at the bands ot bis government. Secretary Marcy states that "Mr. Gibson has been questioned in relation to this paper.'' The meaning these words are obviously intended to convey is, that I have been in an official manner called upon by the department to answer for tbe absence of the letter. In this tense I declare that statement to be false. No official intercourse has ever taken place between the State Department and myaelf on this , subject. In fact, the only conversation I ever ha i with any member of tbe department on the Hubj.-ct of the absence of tbe letter took place on tbe o canon of a social visit at tbe house of Mr. Mann. It was the daty of tbe Secretary to addrew an of i fl ial note to ne, if be had reason totbiak flat I ! could give an explanation of the absenoe of the later. 1 cou d, in that case, have placed on record the extent of my knowledge reUting to the lost letter. I would gladly bave availed myself of such en opportunity, and nave taken great peasnre In fuinisnlcg tbe department with another copy of the letter. Had Secretary Marcy in 'hat Mas thought it neoestary that tbe matter siouid be laid before Congress, the President would, doubtless, bave seen ten prcpne'.y of tranamittlag my state ment with hia own viewa fl What adds to tne injustice of the act of tbe Secre tary Is tbe fact tbat to such demonstration was cal cd for. Had a c< py of ihs lost letter bjea trans mitted will a simple ex- lauation that tbe origioal bad been missed from the fie# ot tbe department, every demand of etiquette would have been satti j fit (I. Had Secretary Marcy b?en my friend, he would have htsitaUd to lay btfoie Congress aid the eorld Mich a statement, even if he had the oest reaoa to know it* tint . He cculd have jiutlned su b a i c< urre by saying that no man of Mnstbinty Will, when not imierativtly demanded by what is due to a laithful ait-char** or duty, Involve another io sn accusant n (.fleeting bis character, however firmly he may be convinced of its truth and justice. Corgress demanded to such explanation. The Dutch minister alote ventured, forgetting all th<> tflat aie re sgoired among the neads of polite nations, to tall t.?e 4tate Department to aeccunt for an impei f<*ct discharge of Its duty in tratamitMhg the documents called for by Cons ees. Secretary Marcy, unconn ious that a grots Warh of dip "tna ic courtesy bad oc cutred in tbe official notice takeu by tbe Dutch Min bm ot the internal affairs ot the department, and apparently desiious ot accounting for tbe sudden ness snd severity oi his attack up?>n rne, transmittal wi h bis Utter tbat or tbe Dutch Minister. Had an American Minister at London ef I'aria have dic tated t<? tbe beads of tbe Ki?gilsn ? Fren:h nations wbat commui icstions should o should not be mide by tbe extcutive beads to tbe legislative assemblies, be won d soon have discovered, by a p ,lite auggett tloz , tbat be was accredited to the bead of t tie na tion, and not sent to spy out Ita internal proceed ings, snd remind ita officers of their neglect of duty. I shall avail myself of the earliest opportunity to lsy before jou tbe t istory ol the letter ol February , 26, pnt forth by the Dutch Minister as having bean sent by me to the Governor General ol Netherlands Itdis. The necessity ol tranalatlng Important do.-u , ments In the Dutch language has delayed t..ia c< mmut ication until the prt sent time. I shall not anti lpate tbe statements which I have to lay be lot a yon on tbat eobj'ct, but can only say, thu when it Is fully unoer*to'>d the duplilty of the Netherlands India government toe a>aa me will be ! too apparent for either denial or evasloo. I have tbe honor to be, youis very respectfully, Waltkk M Gibson The Turf. NFVT OBI KANH MACK*. IftTAiKtv ComxK. January 22 ? Proprietor'^ par** $60 I ?Ire* to ail trottarn, in harn*M, that h*?? never nbuwn | 2 bf> in public. | H. ljn?-?r'? b. m. r*<1y lannuUr 1 I J. ( lim'a b g Old Hton* ?'< I O. W. Dimlck * b. k Quaker t Tim*? ^:*1? 6.37. MAINE RACER. Trottiro or th? Roan. ? A ft** uill'- ra<* r am* off l*?t w**k between the .-earaporl Ka'ker ami it trotting boree belonging to i. II. Tbaxler, of Htogor The <iiatan'? wan from Se*r*?ort to Belfaet hrxlga, *n?l tb* ?tak?? IV) od a aide, which w?? woo b / tb* rar.kar Tim* ? 14 -.0 Fiki r* thk Hofth Carolina CoLLraa ? The obi chapel building of tbe Moutb Carolina College aa4 tba adjoin I of mat wing, wer* totally <le?truye.| by Are bB tb* iftth Tn*t Tb* flr* originated Id the roof near tb* cupola, and we* earned by* '1*f*rtl*? flu* fh? ?lo<l Mowing a gal* Iron tb* northw**t. render*! all ?florta to >?*? the buiMtnf* Iruitl*** Th* !??? la ??ti niatert at $'J0,0U0. Tb* furniture of tb* etu4*ot* we? inontly il'*4. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. TcaJinar, J ?o. 30?6 P. If. The itock market opened pretty avadjr vote morning, bat fell off afterward, ud toward* the cine* via r? rj nncb <1eprta*ed. Indiana .V* d> elloed | per cent; Kte Bonla, 1*75, J; Illio'W L'ettiol Bend*. N*w York Central lioad.<, Can brrtaod Coal Com pan j, 4; Kti- ft-?tlr ad 4: llj J ni Railroad, 4; Hu*?>o K?er Ktllroad, | Kac ?m? K.lnao, }. Kevtlog R?il/?ad adrancel | ^ yr cent. C mnerland Coal opened at 37 p><r omI, bu>*r tbrta a*>a, and cloaad at 3<S4, eeler tbtee. Up war la of tor?* tb/near.d ?!>*-** wrrr I x id. A i taction of ibk* triad la to b* Mpr'/id alV r ?u< b a rapid ac?a?;oe. Toe buyer* opt m iianaactioti* fnr aome d?j* (mat bare baati tiff b? avj, m o nait be abort to asn* riteut. Tbe ?? i nitid dteeorerj of an Imtnetae rein of Irto ore no we c ropmj rape?t> ha* b-an prt<*j '.bor i*n t car>ra**eU in Wall atr<et. Th? circular Alluded to j ? utenJay aaa in tbe haada A a??r/ br kar, ?ad t! e tail* *ed bear* entmed lUe rnt'kot for A apl ?"t?l fr:i?Msa?. ?!uW r majr be tta lamtduta itiif' oo ?ua ealu* o ? to* ttock at the T.t c ai<e u ur\ of ?o a.ucb cuc?*qo bc* aa Ute nltinMt* effvrt ?t. b* (.ompasj'a lov-ieet la the Cca-yiland ra gt ?r. li troa <*? e*'?'a b that raftoa t* -k* (XtUkt M ported, Ua TAhae vU. ba lae?< '? I iaUe. For a*' j rtmnm, l? mo*4 uot ba awra fAvorably iltaani. Mard aHMoa > ot 4aian bar* ba*a laraolad la trva varka la Ik* tamed late vicinity of the big ooal Tela. The Mboac Bath* Company erected not many yean eiaoe> four mile* from the ooal vela, moat extensive aad exceedingly well planned works for smelting Iron ore. The losatiou wee deemed the beet la the coun try, equidistant from tide water and the greet rivers of the West Tbeir worka, acd the large tawn 1 bollt for the men, were under the di action of really ao'entUlc aad superior men, who locatsd the worka and mills, as they supposed, up Jn or near the great vela of coal acd stra'a of iron ore. The latter could not be fouid, and the former waa four mlea off. Tfcla Taut expenditure of Englisj capital wsssuak aimply becauae the ooal field did not possess the usual accompaniment of Iron ore. Abotr. fourteen miles south of M rant Savage la another evidence of their appreciation of ooal and iron. This establish ment has not been worked with success ou account of lack of otfH. In varioua parts of Maryland exist similar tstabllhhmtnts, which so far have been unproductive. The discovery of iron ore on thu proper y or the Cumberland Coal Company changes the whole (ace of things in that region. The immense woiks in the c< al fl -Ids will spring into Itfa and give vitality to the milli?na if capital invested in them. It is, therefore, highly im,>ortast fiat measure* should be at once adopted to test the extent and quality of tbe ore. The expeiiments already made have, we learn, been saMstactory, so far as q mli'.y la oonewtsed. Cumberland stock is the favorite or the mrrket jnst now. Vi-ginia O'l aold to tbe extent of nearly thirty thousand dollura to-day, and cloecd at a dncl'ne. A large lot of Indiana 5's waa put forwatd and sold at lower price*. Illinois Central and New York Central bonds were weak. Tbe Harlem Railroad stockholders are qnite ont of patienoe at '.be suppression of tbe report of the af fairs of the company. We understand tliat it is the moat complete report ever man, and no troubls has been spared by the President to Investigating its af fairs, or care in iti preparation. It ha< been com piled and prepare! by the President of the com pany exclusively, acd great credit is due to him for it. But many conjectures arise among the stockholders and tbe public in con sequence of tbe delay to Inform them generally of its contents. Borne surmise that it tells too much of the truth, and that the director! don't want tie whole truth known. Others think there is some more Bchuyleru>m in the direction, and that Sohay ler wan not alone in hla frauds. Wuat foundation there ia for the imaginings of the stockholders and the public about tbeee matters, we know not; but It la remarkable, after what.haa taken place in rela tion to tbe affairs of this company, that there should be the least disposition to withhold from the ato;k holders or the public any Information npon this subject. In tbe affaire of railroad companies there is too much aecretivenem, and we aro glad to see tbe legislator* are taking the matter in hand t> compel railroad companies to publish every montn first, tbe amount of capital stock Issued; second, tbeir liabilities; tLlr?i, gross income for the prevL ous month; and fourth, total amount of d is burne i ments for previous month. This is rlgh*. The Lanka do it weekly, and wby sbonld not railroads mcntbly. This ne< ret management we don't ap prove of. Publicity will have the effestol checking many I rands. At tbe second board there was more buoyancy in tbe leading fanciei. Cumberland Coal advanced i per c<nf, New York Central Railroad, 4; Illinois Central bonds, i; Panama Railroad, 3; Cleveland, Columbus aid Cincinnati iUllroad, i ; Kris Kail road, After the a^jiMirDrnett of the board thi folio wIqk a*lta of ?tuck* *iid bondN were made, at auction, by Simeon Draper: ? It, 000 Ohio and Mi**. RK., 21 mort int. added 50 3,000 Iludftou Kiver IUt., ad uiort '? 72^ 4.000 Col., Pii|ua and Ind KK ,l?t mort. " 73>% 6,000 Mtinphla Ub lw?0 " HU l,0C0Towu of l'urtl?m!(f<?tj?luiikjr City), convertible in I' ?Uck ol Cleve Uod and Toledo UK 11 75 1< flmren ftaabing'on Hre fnmiraoca Company HI' 7 do. Northern Indiana KK St T be. trainartiotM at the AiaiaUnt frenu-ei'i ( Bice to-day wire u follow*: ? U?'. ?itmI $?,?; ?.. . no r'()mont? 440 ? J 'i J'aiil for Amajr Office X7 277 "K 1 aid for liari rW Iww 4(1 l'? lance 3.451 rtflfi 47 Tb?? warranta rnb-red at tlx: Tceuwy Depart ment, Waibingtor, on tbe 27tb Inat,, ware:- - For [ avoir treanury debt* |l"9 45m 7 ? Fr>r tbe ruatomi 'M tor flovrrlDg into the treasury from mm ell* llDH. ? ibunn 50 '4 f or the War Department 10,273 27 lav reputing in tbe War Ifepartmeet ijlll 27 for tbe Interior Department U.atto 41 We learn that tbe loeeea eontalnrd bvthe Atlantic Mutual Iniiarance Company, during the year 1h.'?4, reach* il tie enormooa aum of four million and Ave buacred tb uetnd dollar* , which bee b?en duly paid, leaving aufflclent auiploa to pay tbe Intereat on tbe ?crip. There haa been ac active demand for exchange, for remittaice by the packet from Boafcia for Liverpool to-morrow, and rate* vera la:ly maintained. We quote beat bill* on Ixradoo, at 9J a *< i per cent pre mium; on Pari*, at M. 16^ a 6f. 12|. It la reported that tbe rteamer will take oat about three hundred thouaaiid doltara in ape< le, principally foreign coin. By a telrgiaphlc dfapatch from Halifax, we have newa by the Africa eaten daya later from Kirope, and bv a telegraphic d'apatsh from New Orleana, we have r.ewa from California eight daya later by tbe I>anie! Webster. Tbe advloee Iho either qoar ur are net important. From Korope we have notbtrg iaterea ing relative to tte war. Tbe market* for onr product* had improved, both In activity and in price*. Morey waa caa/ ard o"DW'l? better Fiom California tbe acconnta do not vary mttirially from tboae received by the prevloua vUamera Toe Star of the Weet from Han Joan la on her way to ibu po t with about >s?o 000 in gold. Tbla make* the ihlpment 000,000 from Baa Fran iaco for tbettattwo wetkaof Ji noary, 1M6. Tie CommiMiocere of the C?nal Fund of tbia hute invite bide until tbe 22d of Febroary next, fr>r cne million dollara of alx per ant canal enlargement bond*. Tbe intereat on tbeae bon<U ia pa) able quartrrly, aad tbe principal la reimbursable on the 1st of January, 1873. Ten per cent la to be paid >a tfe acceptance of (be bid, and tbe 'emalnder on tbe i*t of Match, when Intereat will commence on tie loan, bat tee morey w-U be received aadecrlpUeoed at anytime before the let of March, ifdeatrwt. after tbe award of tba loan le amde. Bide will be re ceived for any part of tte I *a aot .*?? than Ave tbtcaand dollar* An an*Ldmeathae been propoeed to the lew re q' Witkly tUtrroent* from the city banim. pro riding for tbe fall re.ort a* tbe ii*r*fitte* and re rtnoea of tbe bank*, and for ffieaAer aciu'a y hi tH>r piibiicatloo. Tbia laat preiiao atira the Mle of ou> eelghbor, ?h ? la exceedingly aueaay at I a p- epect of 1-el eg deprived of the *ang litU*pieh lt;;a derived from advertising tbe? repoita. Wa do act m?.ch wonder at thi#, tie* it ia dtflkuK to aee why tbe r??ieleiuie abouUl c mo?i tbe bankat> j% y f; to 1^,000 per aanum for po'tUhiag aeedrer mUtera wLicii al. tbe patera are glad to piiM'ab ix. a o.ucn more coare^wnt fora, for the ta'.ion of their read'-', oil wi'.hoat any "imp'D witlon abatevrr. Tbe ta'i i'a* ?taUn?-nt la tie oaly one *v?r refet?J tn by be public ?nd tbe an t< dxent merely ;>et id*< that tul* aball M oK' rUI'y made, and aw>?n u> ?>) t terwa aele t?t *>y iN "(ijierti tvtdeatof Vie fliak Dt.itam, luV iJ <( betrg me^e a* e>w, w'i*Hu*rt ?ha ??nr'. ?n tA the law.enl witr aogsaatt'* aa to Ita tvrWsv. w t eee how an t roaeoaaSf* pwteo* caa o?<Je I lo \\m - aed, Indeed, w - bta/of bo o^ijer' Ihj e*c?^t trt n t ooewboaa "pf- el?? i ia mm j ead? r*s> ' It m> erta't'y wry txtplaaeaa* to be dvprlved of Ut<e litUe I*.' '(ale i*w, b u we adv^aa o m/ fr teod to uae It rvo j , f ?* wa tM?k it jaHa u lllkaiy tuat 1U angry virukrre at Uu haeks, a nt ibe ai4f"cd>ag r ?na?rr'f be fk*i1n? IfawM. win l*?er tbe I-ega lei era V? eractief w a* le a beaeflciei at d r Sib'y teadreMe a* ilail ta tbe rteii taw. Tbe eustajp aad expaadAa ree of tbe Vtw ienef Kalhoadand Tranapcrtation Company during tho ?acal jmr j oat cloeed were aa ?new! Viw Jimuct Railroad axd Thakstoiitatio* Kattipta from 406d,lw 00 " freight 78, m 40 ?? V H. mall*. rtsU, ke WT.7M 53 Tetal receipt. $tTi*,0 Xi Kl Kzpewti Maintaining road ke $03,30* '.>7 Hepaira, locomotive*, car*, tic., art, 178 l?l Furl 7?, 000 70 Opiating road l'JO.724 74 >.xpeD*e? h,:j71 hw 3*1,446 21 Eire** *440,447 72 lutereat on bond* 137 6 HO 00 lianait duU ou paa??.ger? and if ight 17,419 K6 Tax bu capital afock l.? 0OV HI lnvioeniU in caali Aug . and Keb. !Xh) I ilt 1'iottt and lo*? 70, 'ill hi 0440,447 72 The following la the balau:e atieet of tbe com paoj t h t i< hI rtoek paid in $3 !l'i3 5i'. n,j ttlOlbil 'If lit, (tl clad ll If $?8f>,lM*J coat of pn |irrfj Ilia pr ti i/i'i purcliaawi of JetMty n-MJoalea ) 040,000 00 Floating deht, embracing nHtdpta lor otner rnada, mi l balance-. of every dfn -rlp linu due l?t nl January, IH64 (?b<i<it |:o,WHi of wh cli liav? bwa * ore pa 1 1,). 1 09 GU6 Mi I'n tit iiotl loan, being amplut earning ?i liffiiliil iu conatrurt jol ami patnu nt fur property ?l,IM7 40 Ilivuleud lat Jan., payable lat Feb , 1H.< >. 1091 n2H 76 Total $4, Id Coat of road, lunludlng rail road iron on bau<i $3 007,1 Oft 17 I. ncomotlvea, tender", Arc. . . 100,347 !ll C'ara IM.INO 00 Poad and equipment... . |3.'?iii,5W M Ilridga, ferry, turnp ..e mi<I ntVii r Mork*, he , li.clud inn $4K6,000 purclia-e of Jeraey ni?ociate? 90* ftHft t?bii oh, loo ea $4,;;oo,:i;ih to Tbe number of |i*M*ng?-rti during this year, ex c'tmive of commute a a d f ee, wait 2 43S,715i, of whom 280,3271 teasel over the whole liua of the ro?d. There were between Jeraey City and Newark 1.202,32i?; El ztbethtown. 109,7041; Rihway, Tl, Ii!)hj ; Union ami Metuchln, 9,557^ ; Now Mruna wick, N3.1 174 i intermediate plaoen, 5M.fl!'l. Tbe freight carried am mnted to 6??,ul'.?4 ?'"tut, o ( wl.lch 1,8714 tooa paused over the whole hue. Be tween Joi?ey City and Newa.k there were 30,0?5 tona; Klizabetbtowa, 8,419 ; Rahway, 5,413 ; New Biunawkk, 11,145 ; interm- dlate pla-oa, 4,978. The number of milea ran by paahwitfsr, ft ight and other tra na,waa 365 WO. Tbe groMi earnlrga of the Vermont and Mii-.n?cbo aetla Ilallroal Company during the paat year, have been $273, *14 01. The total ex|>eu*e* of the road Wf re 1148 091 DO, iibowlng an inctenae over the ex pense of $125,722 05, which la ready 4| per ctnt on the capital at* ck and more tl an three per coot on the i apl'al atock and the wboiu debt, bonded 'and floating. Tbe en'.lra liidebtodnea* of thin company 1* aa follow* : ? Toial hmoiint of iKindu l??ne<l hikj 00 Noiea payable Il l 2 i0 .'i< Hundry account* ?,li4 30 ToUl 11,072 204 HH 1 he twenty Oitb annual re|H>rt of U e M a too and WcrccHter Rallrond Com.mnj given the annexed ex hibit of < anting* m<d expeadituiei f jr the >ear end ing Not. 30, 1H54:? lUieri'V AHO WilNI-KeTKK ItAll.a IAD Keceiptn for |ia<aeny;(r? $413,704 71 " freight 4" 4 it 70 ?' f. x maila lfi,04o M " reot? . . . 7,7'J.' >7 " truoport'n ou Charien Knur Kit. IO,U&'i 00 Total Inroire ,,.4'.lVi,Mo 1'ipeuaea, iot?reat, \c &U4.3A.I '>0 Set ?ainlnga $'l&4,400 7H Tbe expetdituei fur ruiliitec* > of way here Uco 1163, Ml. Th? ?o?Ai onet of the roed and equipment 1* $ 4 HT??'. *4. 1 be lenv h of the ruml i* 44.; milts, ana U bu ? double truck -Vn 'gbmt. The total mtl? ? run during 'be >e?r l?M\ "47 Tai number of iieaMUger* an led wa? end the number cf tone cf merchnodite, .V.' f 'i.<5, The arerm ? ?? ? of epa-ed atti re I bj ex,u ? ?? train* w 1 1 S3 Btlw . J hour; by a coiuiii Klatlon ' il mile* nu I, our T'( t ' amount of fooded de'i' t< 1415, 000j 1 atrx not <f touting debt |1A'.',.V>3 ?!. Ttu. fun 'Jul debt >f bond* laatoed under i* ?? t of the Ugia'.iuir^ 1 *0, autboilz n/ the Ittreeati of the | rapitu r>U, i 5 ikmi aharea. payable in o?<b or In I<ooUm, mi ?, i l-tkuiK tb? capita' nvt- mUU'int , ?iini.<>oo iw urd ( yah te In i*',l , and $325 000 iwr <1 c mrcrtt* bits Into t o< u tt par. at tbe jiletuturo of the ndder. T1ki? anj no mortgage* on the road, or arty urotier t) o' the orDOratlon. Tb i a* .?nine r.i u or t-piertat imid duriug tbe year to ?ii per Soot. 'hi II m'.ing t/ibt ineiudea 1101, 2hl 68 f>r uo,iaid 4 videuda, the monthlv bilk, balanced with ouoec in* ro?<l?, anl pay i oil*. A ? compared with preve nt jrmm, toe earnings ahow an Incrftaeeof l< 1&,C75 II. The cor poration bee an ex<ree ?>f mean* ov> r tbe %'iiount required to pay the fun 'ad *od <1 *? U14 >1 M >?f { $77,'.?!?S 45, coijhintl jg nf ct?b, note* anl bill* re ceivable, an) *u?;k. 1. naH elan, w.i king etook | of tlio road, $Im; *1:11 AM. and land not uted for rati 1 road pnrpoete, t'MH.Vil 77. Dinoama .1)^ per eent paid fuly, 1H.'i4 no ' f?r r??( Jan , Hl'6 . . 13ft If*! 00 i For latere t It IWM.TIS II , 1 fttirpln and -HeMea"! ?4'.i0lt?'?i i hurplna laat year K'-S.Mit >t? ! \t >? innaiil eherged 'b < a.< ><aat Id e*ltl*ri>*at nf lama with connecting roada W" '<M 22 ? 37 I Total 102 l#7 Ijm ch?ri(M to depreciation of engine a . ... 1 024 00 tlM,4A7 07 With regard U tbe neceeut/ fjr ao inert- *-? of . cbvr?,tlM*i<<>|t Arr.'.o* tL* Ifiti ni taiifUl by J>* larrvawu! wal uf 1 worklDK r?ja<J U tbr u*> *a-i'y ur rh?rg ? f-.r triiiapoitatWii Tb?r?r IU bt IW 4>mt'. that hl<h?r r?i.? | le j'.?tic? tii iba aioclli"l<l?r? W? i.t. ina^ta an advtnt* of ?ur ferae 4aru>? ti.? y??p. ?a>i r-?ilu t'a ? tiei'ta Is in''f*aa?-'i r*r*ii>ta In torn* part* tba baal L?a? a fmtkar aOTanra ought to ba m.-la II ibanl<t la ?i'lia in roorart with nthar rawta alallarly tltnatal an I tti?r* la no* a gaaarai dlapoalton aia>?i>ir tt.a n vl. la tin* Mai* to art la coaeatt t? that and Padirularlf la It ilaairabla tad Juit to a'lfama tka lain "/ a?a*?n lira eta for ?lif.rt iatucaa A at II aiiKbgir I aa? of na ? ?4ty f??f larraaaa.) >har(?< la fouad It fiaagbta Wa bar. lair* vilbia the jrrar re Tlaad and Itx iea.ed oar fralgl.' 'bargea flHn are at II two rliiaaa of fraight* iequ f n| further at?? 'ea Tlaa aeteral lin?? la coanpatltina f< r tba *?<! !?ta M?"l tba 'barge* in a point la mat) 'aaee be .ar tba aetaal roat Ibearte^' hae ah' aa itx If untuiatat eafely ?a aii'la 1 aea btr laereaae I debt aada : ;?":li|ar Mft an>iaaal( ira a t in a?aie ? aae. a In." I t> ."'f 'I ??rrapu-.a of ti.a rnad b? del iUiy jtwlker 'laii nf niprolU',1* bu t - tba ah'.rt traaapnrtatiiM nf fretghta It haa b*ae fn . > 1 hat M*b rate* f?>r abort iftatan.aa iaa?ut be ua'al* ual tgamat *lfi.? aa macb nT ll?* reel of bamtl i - aau Ua'atae al f a. b ead of 'be . ranail ta aaaad bf t' a lattar Mat 'a i Ha^a 11, eat leara to diepenae aaith I . ne.i taat * !) in* ja? a pr fit ?ad it ?Mt ha fn?r t ./.!*? f I; !????< tj tn make matettal aliaaeve ia U>? rate* af tiaet 'laea I of baaiae.a Tbe IVttoo Trrmtkr of ibt !' i- Inst, if* ? TJ a B? afd nf Mantaarr M the 14 ?.?. ba*a ta M - la lk>a fnr tba Cupprrer nf r., natrr'aft tg k***J<?l I* ewad their,.' raport fin?n ?*..?? e? laaru 'Hal tbera era noa 5?? >/ankr b?u,> g r, '? tbe aaaae a' ? a aa latoa>l 'f fll *.n ? (bf !a?t anaaal b^-' ?y Of t)>a*e IV* are ,r! Ma ? ?? - !!? '#? *>a a tba \?m la< lead rtal" 2 ara a W*a VnO end I, tta fa?? nf (/* tea, la < a '*4e Ti ? iep< n <i?eT? ?pr-t tbe ia<p?rtan e I el a elJt m- r? baa tj tin.. > a a*>| lb* baaka, .? I *?/ (eete tbel aa a~**aall'a h? 'f/rf-*?t la Hea Yul uuita ar a> ' la <a?? aaf I ait * tba Vaaa' ' itatu A aae, ?. t < ft la *?<!aa<"f I " r:.*?, r> < e'erfeit ?.< Aa tn | farrBMl 'rtae ia' <m| ?aa W? ia art. vara ,a I >. Welph a 1*1 e rbtea r. n- ?, tl.a a-. * baa ?'V'|ad l aeli p.-! [t a lobe a>ad* apae. I- a' ' Hal ,,r|*?,|l?*-.' a and en ' ra<W ail tbt Mkka 1 1 naaatltM a Nea Jm?; aalllaa* Ibe rrptri ware* t? fc, *p< *k r,f l(t>a B( lbea,r*rl Ma a 'aaad *4 | <4 ff.f tka i*e*al<"? ' a |?fa>r il k tl at *>uld p event tb- r?t a ?.f '<* kaa a ar 'He d?,.a.?iaal a?a af baa* la. I* tn-t f t'ei f< r ? aa b>et*?-e, mra i' >?al ? taj*' t i .>, I'MU'a'*,' - a I wary l.teM fi t i*e (rat e Large inaiber ?f apfllaeti 'ee ( ii ,?!.> ?ar* , r- .?W f>?.".''iag. ItNiii baa )at U' i. i ' ' re> il * ,|.a rtmt lltea aa '.re.^ia^a , I, I f?rf' ??' prai ae^ egaber* e'i??* i -aa, ea' r* ??* ? ,,at ? i ilk I ia the ii aa- i I at tba v?)M re r w lata p rat" ,a ? aa ??{a r* e {laaiOe | Mat/1' 'or ' >e .aHtaw-tina aot*a?* ',1 il%/*'e|< ?( ? a h'i tr*at> e.t w aa aiea, n, ,a* frf ?' eHag Ike >a ? t> a , f < i ?>??* fa * * i ? Wed ae< ear awd fur a'.tona# mattffdl >*aa a at aw, bat ??t >! ati ably litt, fatm,. if 1. la I "ear* be# *1, |fM, *atfr 1w p* t awe * aa? ? ?.? .akef '.d le laafl, 'e* an aar I . ,al ,-r a- a .le. VhaV' |l a a*a ?f aa ? aaaa al ' ? *11; f^aur I , ta faw year*. Aapag tbw aaa>barare ?aa?ral ai' Va; eea abio f( a y?ar* n aa aept ml nf tae r?aah a' the taw? aw ihreai a>*r? . kaaat a,r|*it> t baea '???> betr 1'i'BWU, iaaawt t ia aaaM u Al, ait Otaaaaw, at i aMM, *ba baa 'aaaa aa the bu taeaa M aula: I 1?'awt e*a- ae I lag at w* *?a aia an .ata'fe | '.*.,k naataa bt ('*? Ibtrtt tafarl/aawra aw4 la H .at'al to be a vi* frvaa to MM.ew Wbea arraavat ba a< . land |*0, WO kail. Dijtk Hurl, uotkn of tbe aiaakar, ? ad aa Mpiftr, ia on* ot tha moat ilunrau man kn thin d*partm*nt of ooaBtarfritlag on tbia ooaliM*^ ?ad had for y?nr* thwarted all *ad*arora to ranch hu?. Th? otxraLoaa of th* Aaaociation ha*e boon mnltM ?waaful la Caaada, which kaa lung baau tb* ?'faaalate hand" of tha ctII of oou a tar failing, ami particular wmm tlon ia nitila fa th* resort of tb* Mai, energy and Mm mioatmn or tb* (anafian mthoHti** la aldinc lb* A mo ciation la ferratlagout, uriwtin( aa<l bringlag to trial aa4 puniahmciit tli* old and wall organlaad liand of coaatar fi il*r? who baa* for jrtara floudad tb* Ualtad Htalaa with tlirir forg?d not**. Th? op^ratlona of th* year bar a baao moat auacaaa ful. lhc Fivrutlr* f'cromitUe ha?a bald forty taa luprtiriga during tb* jitar, an. I htva |l?a ?paxtial dtrae lion atui authority m operating iitaaairaly agataat cm, rit?rfi.t?rr T>.? A?ao Tat ion la Bow in a moat praa prrmia condition, and tb* r?port cloaaa wltb an aaroaai a| |?al to tb* tank a in New Kngland not yat coaaactad with it to com*' forward, anil by tbe contribution of tb* atuall ar nu .1 taa demanded. and their brartj winpra Iia-lp along tha good work which tb* Aaaooiatiaw I* ?IhJ*i oriog to arconiiiliali. T1 * I tank C nmiltaloaeni of Maine have jut pi.ike a repo't to tbe 1 .egtalalure, in which tM banking movement of tha Htate ia given in tba a? grcgate. A ooiopa laou lietrMo October, 1*40, aad Ih.'iI, pre <nU tlm annexed reault*:? II ? >x.n or M * I >x <ki IIM9 Of HS?. Capital ?t,gv*,?(0 Circulation 2 '2.'i'2,i?k4 I, <141 HIS I V|m? ita 1 2,NUt.'i'JA I r >fi'a |Mt,i'-0 ?M>,7?4 IMvldenda t II.47JV 43, 374 Una to barika fc6.IH3 173, AM It la |iayahl* ? l?/6? Ijihok 4,2:5,171 13,1*1.904 N|cci* aau/m l.OU&.K* On- from lianka 71 1, HIM 1.7HI ,< Mil ? of olh?r lianka and ehe-ka 17'J,0VJI $*#,974 liank chartfra ? '49, 'JO* Hi ai catat*. HK.OfiO lli, *94 Hank iaauraucr and brldg* atocka ? S,HM The interim <lu'? prograaa of the deptrtmenU of capltkl clr ulatlon haa been aa f jilown: - ('a/'itnl. CirruUi'tnm. In 1*60 thara ware as lianka . .11, 24*, 000 91 rv4A,0Tt " 1?I>1 " au ?? b, MM, 06 7 3,074,0&7 " ll.Vi " 44 " 4,M1,U6I 4 I&2.M6 " IM3 " 6* ?? 6.4fi:,l6ft fi, 144, 9< >4 " 1W-4 " 71 " 7,Ol,X63 6,<WI DOB Hlnca tbe report of la*t year U apjea'a tW thir teen new buka have goim into operaMon, additg |fih7,'2.ri'2 to tbe banking oapitai of tbe HUte >U twenty rne old ban ka have incre kaej their c*plt*l 1 1 ,20?i,H3(i; thuaMxiAnntinK. la the whole, t iartute capital $l,K44,OD7, a' d which Will be furthtr Inori^M ed by about I'JOO.OOO when the ctuuUu*! capital of the uew batik* ia all paid id. Hinoe October, 1H4U, there h*a bwa an lacreate In the cixcnlaUon of $l,4d'J,05i, and an insraaat of Itibti Ob 7 in apecle. I) Oct. ber, lVit, the oataUnd log circulation to apecie on haatl waa aa Urn bad ? half t'j one. Tbe paper currency of Maine aai *1 tbe other New Kngland Mtatea ia btaed upoa * de gree of public confidence greater than tha of aaf otlier nection of the world, and It U entirely that confidence which auataina and preaervaa It. It baa no o< ber bail*, and If bill holder* ahould be aei?o4 wltb a panic, there ia not a bank in the aiz New Hfigiard Htatea, in city or oonntiy, that would aland a run one hour. Notwitbataadiog tiia, the c ><a miaa onera of Maine, in apaakmg of the baak< of that HUte, nay:? "Our batiki were never more d? nerving of tha ooa fldrnoe of tbe public than at th* preaeut time. While a panic in money mattera prevail* to a c mall Table extent to many place*, our banki go ataaddy aa, baldly feellrg any preeeure or interruption of tn*lr ordinary buaineee; and tbcugb tbtlr luaaa and oirea lution are large, tb?lr paper la w<!U eeeurefi, aad they have ptovidad liberally for tbe redempt oa of tbekr M ha in iluaton, b- aldee ho dlnf a iar^e amount of apecle in ibtlr raulta." ?tack K ?S6K)0lti<ttUla?'?. MX 1' M III lu iui hi 47 HO ?UiOTI||Im('|.,, W4\ 7?M do Ia4>, V 00 do 1.0 >4 6 909 do ....WW u-i 'M 0 <lo M 1(4 'k 11)00 tlaa ??> K4 H i r ttrn fa. 'W. i?4 a0?? Erta M? of "Ji Do IcMio do b'.o HO VOOO U I D Kit, id*.. 71 \ r?.w) do., *3 71 'J lOftl do aS 7I?, /.wo do l< u 72 vooo irr ( a R b< ?3 KM do h.? *74 Win do M *7'? 13 ?h? Ilk ul Anif r 110 16 IH A H-Hatal (o III n <io Hi', M do Ill t Ilk of (Wimarco I'M R 1I0 104 16 do l?4la tO IVon ( ool Co. . . . 104 '1* O>otlo>oial llaak 10 do 10o Caoton Co 22 4, 160 do... M n\ l'<0 ,Ni< Iraoait ( o 1' ' , no 4o i?fc l'*i do. .. ?,:*? Ifi^ I'M do .:s?i li?k* KiIuiiMmIDi lilll .17 240 do.... 1.1 37 10 in M .17 1, 100 .w. 17 1SI do M0 .17 M0 do. .. a* ? afM d? I.J M|( ?OCOBD ??(K0 YlrjIaU ?'? .. MU IOMMmmH ?'? Hk iu>? do. 02 .<*?! Ill C'a UK ltd* 71 \ 7000 k , ? it, of ? 7 fc '_(< ?)?? 1 f-k lo.'j 100 Kanam.. KK. Uu ?7 100 iu . . b.yi V7|? 160 ( 'a a lot. ('? '*3 \ 40 l um ' ottllo M '0 do. I, '/J : ? ; MA do aS MH< |0O do b?l as loo do.... *10 110 do t/*} irli?n|e> Tra' Jan *0, mil. ;?40 aba'JuiuCUo M0 IT 10 lo *?'< WJ do. , * . . #? s IilQ do...,..W 2?J0 do *?<" **% 300 .to ... tlW 1?>* Ml do. .....01# MS 210 do ?W'i WW do,,..,, iM 30 V< loo d . . M" ?% |04 do aAO ** Ifco N Y Un RH ifiO do. a all owl k>l< VII Ctrl ft K? k la KR *0 bo K.ii? Ko.U'rad.,0 I'l^ &70 <1o il W '1 40 do .... a'4 4 100 da ,...a?IO 44?i 60 do ??I.W 4A? inn do 4>s 60 .lo 46 ?? ? MJO do,..,,.b'l 44^ VOo do ?J 4?S IUI d-. M .41 >6? ..... on 1 40 .lo 44 Id 4410 do a?) 4/. bO liar la 01 KK ? MS 2M) in. . ??> *' 6H H?a.llt| KK 73 W 44*1 ri>, 7-1% 1<?. Iludaoo K K?; SI 30 > do u ?s W0 do ??X lio M-cb ' ?o UK 4? SO M I'ai.ana II H .... '>4 Hj 40 (".a* I * (lo It 46 Irt an do ?4'< 31 HlfVinKH ..a-l ?" ?% 1 ?? -J 1 III A ? KK .. 6 do ........ H miiD. 10 aba (If C k (Id R '?** 1U? S V <?., IIM off WI4 |fa? K rtoRK ?* Ml W 46 40 Jo 46S 110 do .. MM 4/.K 300 do ... b40 4d loo do .. *3 44K VM II attorn UK ... '"4 W 1 du a30 ?'>? too do ... mo ai |i?o ftoo<lln( KK 71 200 do bio 71<i AO do (ITV TRAIIK RKPimT. 7'?ani. Jin. M -A f M A-M>? ? 100 bbta y,U vtia auld at %> a ?o 76 Ky^jn rn IWioa Ik* ?>>( fr Alrtoa >aa r*colfa4 tl.ara at. I *V?4 ???aad fa? '.nnn i ?.u tut ?ifvt. aad ll>a m-rkat via IU?*' !?? ?*toa fovtod ap ak?at 7,or? I bl?. iB'lodiPf ob.awn I', food and attalf lit Mate, al 6' li'? a t< Ml, t* '0 a ?* f?f watwa to (I.O-I Watlaro l? 40 a 610 ;6 fw aalta "bl'> aod 610 a ill IAt I I aitra i.?n<aoa !???!??. to boad. lo ? . 1* a . I .af nil al Ik ; . ?v, In V.od aod ?? 40 a 6? 76, ?niy (.aid I", ulb'rn aa>l4 al 6* *1 a ?? 'or "aa?i* to ck?. '? aad 6 ' v'6 a 6''< .4 la/ faocy aod aura Haal aa d fja ?? r vara ' i.'lv?a?. * Wkaot -4tolaa of I.MO baabala ? a :?dlan ?l l?. duty pa l at 6i 16 14 >4 buakala ab.'a Mi<h <a> vara faf>orto>t ot 01 40, a?d M0 tf? lair Ob U ??iiilbo'o at li Tt. Cm*, ba'ora Uto aasa a aa dull 7ba aa kl lo# ladod aW.jl 36 0*1 WaaJt a la, al K# (of fv.ollara yi\:u, aod *T? a 06a 1m |!bi? Jfiao; m tad *a ?U?/a a aa laid at Ma all. aad ? 1,11# h.i'Un al l*? R /? a aa I|?la* at ? I 6o. i?la *?>* .a ii?l 4* t, at 61a. a 44< far Jainj aod I4? a '.to for I Wafo f. itw Kakai' tMla UN I (a Kia f?rataa4?al aO't M0 nata of Jara at ll)>< . all av aUia t.?r?'-a _tba O art a I ?d f,i?, aod aatoa Maaa tba k*?a a aa< aolod '.a 600 a v-j Uioa AfVar l*a aaoa bo . a a* ' rab>p r*d Id it -liira of ,V*? Ir.taa dry raa ?a arata oiada al 61 00 ? 12 64, abirk ?m looar. aod JIM dn. oat drf. a-.ld al H I"; baif to.iao aoM *1 61 r. "lr, , awt w0 art* r do at ? 1* l??M.?ta Hoi** oar* ala?'; la FacMali p>rU Tib* rbaaf aVIiai,*'* mai.tlad ?( |if?il*iM.t T? IJitrf"!, l?a?l I >*?? a 1 'Mm to.i>? laaora aara taaa* al 17* M ; *00 |*'.*|*a la < . at 17a. 0d . '? Mra* aa?* at la. 4d , aad 160 <i-ldra U*f a 1 -a '?! aod l>*> )*ta* Vlaa at ,4 To l*?dno r ,(af. ar'i'a trr? Itfkt at aor' aa(*d I a 'aa 7? I'atia laiaa aar* ataaHf a' ;aalaf4af a latk*a To haaiMO, 6Ula '?(* ad a a?a ? aata at(*|M at 17* 'd 7 bar* aa* oo aJlafal .n t* Mattoa lo rolo* lav (a Ufa, a a la a.* A..*t>al a Hal ? Waa ad 40l> a Mt talaa vara at 10* a I* ? r MJi aa^a f, g a>r* aookl?( al Oil 60, al> aaail-a J /a. a ?... Vtoa of IW toiM M |f?(o(v ovra aaada at M 1. V laara* - Tba>a aaaakal'ar r ot.lla aaaafl oaloo arf ^o 'l aaaa |.?4 a afa aaaa. i.r al ?7? a 20* Kiwi k)*(a* ? T>^ aa Oa aaaWaoM lib ?>Ma a^irato lai|aotla* 10 |wl 1 i(fa(<?4a. at 41*. I *00 om*. rota 0^0 rtaoalll K a ad I <*? do at ? I 7 1 a* aark ?aa?, (at Ml tba , dab??f?d (III. IMaiaUaaaaal I*?a?? t aara taaaV faa? at ?1? - a baa* atd I^aia aaio al o4d laloa HO add*, r* 1 ?al aaN at ?t* >a-k Koa.i laar a ? T bo aaorvrl 4.?y4o>ad vo^raaaal aad nty ood al K*a *r '??? Iff AbMl I.MN a KM bVta aad Ma. |r r| *o* ?M al 61)44 aol aaa a>aa. a?l priaao aara al 01* t* aod Oil 10 nmnI rata TWta at* ? larya b?a ,1 aa* laa* o bO"*io aoa V to* ba?g aa?d?tt*a a# ?a- < 'tool! > ai aa aadd ?< k? aa4 ahaal '? ?*> ika (?aaW.laa t ItOf ??a/ 41*" ?r aaaa a*MI nm ar' aalo lOfaka. a4fot up r* -mmf 6a'aM aol tl IMa aa'klod la* a a ia4i *6 ' too. OMdMMOMi)k< o *? M 00a I* "aa 4a?a.od o to ao4a* af DtalMkaa aod Uaaara aal *o?i ao*? ? pa>?aa la>< M* ^ Hi ba^a a.i? aado at lut?a ?4 IMiMMb ai i'i* a Hi R> I - Naolt at a vara B?ata at |a tta#4 t* *r* ao - Ooloa ?f 6 r?? M,, af *M>a oara aooA* ad Rf .tt doaa laaaa. P* 7>o oaftai aaa ^?ln, a rib oiaa V J W a 1W 6l?4a laa 'bbtaa ^art at 6a 6 -o rfm of aoo Way, (ro? l laa ~oa 14 a6*a af Ul6 arftfod, bot laod oaA baa ?MM tali? IblwaflOWBIka vara aaada al II Id* ? raara _ Hlw af 44* Ma6a Mat* o*aa*? aara aa*a t| Ida aaa o pradf oaa oiiaal ot oda%t Hi

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