Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL (NTE LLIGKNCE. Arsiversaft Mrrtixo ?The first anniver sary of the Home Missionary Society of the Ninth Street Methodist Protestant Church k came off cn last Tuesday evening The Pres.dent of the Society called the meet ing to order, and services were opened with prayer by the pastor, and singing by the choir. After which the report was read by the Sec retary. showing an inerease in the membership daring the last six months of aboat one hun dred. and en according receipt of funds Ihen Hon T D Eliot, of Mass , delivered the ei-ening address He alluded feelingly and eloquently to his former life hero, and of i the changes which had ooourred?the few old ^ friendr? old boosas- old homes, he now saw. which be was familiar with twenty-five years ago Tbe theme of his address was the bene n fits of the Bible to society, and he treated the sul ject with aa eloquence and an ability sel dom displayed by an active par1 lian in politi cal life. With Coleridge, he r*garded the * Bible *8 the statesman's manual; but he went fartber. and said that it was the paren' 9 manual also, ard that no one could Mudy its precepts without great benefit, whatever their *, cour. e of life He then spt he of the influx of fo-eigners to this ccuntry. and the socialist opinions they so often brough' with them, and the harm it was likely to produce ; also of the Ca'holic atd Mormon opinions di. gemmated among them so treely both before and After their arrival in this couc'ry ; tLrn of cur own hardy far mer. who. taking but his wife and ax. and forgetting hi* took, is liable to hi-ve even the religious truth; he learned ic the land of the pilgrims p*r\erted fcv the constant efforts of j.r seljters of mischievous nnd pernicious doc when he bus to chance to revive the ie*soni ?.f hie youth It is our duty, then, to tay before them religious privileges and to teach them their use. Mr Eliot's add res* w?? full of point, beauty, and terser e?s ; his voice clear and full; and su:h sn e?rr.e<tr t*? pervaded his speech, that it was plain he felt the truth of his subject He is not the first of the alumni of Columbia College who has been returned a* a member of Congress. At tr the singing of a fine old anthem by iha choir. Hon R W Thompson, of Indiana, took tbe floor, and continued the subject bi foie announced. He spoke with grest earn estness, in a style so simple, jet so forcible, that showed he was not only master of his subject, but al*o the language requisite for its investmer t He gave an idea ot border life, without religions privileges; spoke of tbe great want of bibles in thr far West, and the avidity with which the Americas settlers, when they can obtain them, and the g'>od that cculd be done ain>ng tbe emigrants who are ? panting for religious fresdom but do not know of what it consists; this is one of the most glorious fields for the missionary the world can afford The most interesting point of the address was the ? pecker's idea ot quellingtbeirontier Indians He thought we could easily do it by supplying them with Bibles and teachers that they might understand that book. Ihe Indian is the most religiourly inclined of any class of men. and if we eet about it in tbe right mas ter. we car e vilfte, by christianising them, and. in time, make of them good citizens; and if Goverr inert. instead of armies of soldier*, would M-nd missionaries, to keep them quiet wca'.d not occasion near tba expense, blood shed. ? r labor now used, and would finally tranaftTDi them into a valuable part of the commonwealth. Rev D K Reese.the pa*!cr. then addressed a tew words to the audience, appealing to their liberality for fur.ds to carry or. the operations of the s ociety, with so good success that in a short time over $100 was placed in the treas ury Among the many per:ons made life members were the two speakers of the occa sion. the pastor of tbe churcb the president of the society and the leader o! the oboir. list'RA!i< s ?It will be perceived by an ad vertisement in another cclumn that the "Mu tual Fire In. uiance Company." recently char ter#J by Congress, aro now ready to reoeive applications for insurance We le<irn th it the principles of thit company are perfectly rnu '?Mi So individual can reap any advantage beaded mutual security. The insured be comes a member at certain fixed and uniform rates lor which be gives a premium note, in terest payable annually in advance to form a fund for tbe payment of losses AH payments are placed to the oreiit of the insured, and after los>es and expenses are deducted, any balance is returnable to tne assured. The names of the managers will certainly give it the confidence of the property holders, and we must wish it all success, for it will have the efiect of keeping in the pockets of our citisens thousands of dollars yearly that has formerly gone out of this city in the shape of insurance profits ?? SaroAMKL?Oar city readers should be sure to witness the representation of the fasci nating and gorgeous ballet and spectacle of '?Sa haniel at theNati m il tfleatra to-night. It is by far the most excitirg an t interesting piece so far produced by the charming sixers Rouicett. than whom America had never be held better dancers. Caroline. Adelaide. 'Iberesine, and Clementine as well as the inimitable Corby. ^sollosy and M. Rousset are in this beautiful pio:e, each cast into parts ?uitab'e for the best possible disply of their peculiar talents The ballet went off with g. eat eclat, though the occasion wai its first performance in thi* city It is to be repeated to night, and will be greeted by a full house, if the play goers of Washington have cot lost all capacity to ap precise 'he perfection of Cue ballet dancing. I ua r ii'i xf >'H brHkET Cni kcii Corckrt. The concert la : night for the benefit of fie i'ltteenth streef (Colored) Ptecby uiian Church was attended by a large audience The cdi fija wti literally crammed and jam ned with I eople, among them bt-ita sou e of the meat fashionable families in Washington. The Black Swan f?irly carried them all by storm, all her pieces beitg greatly applauded She carted the reputation of being a vocalut ot a high order indeed, and after this demonstra tion can bardly fail to crowd the Churcb du ling the remaitder of the week. In the pro gramme lor this evening will be fouud Jenny Lind s famous eeho song. wLich the is said to sing to {.erfeotion. Ai*olo?v.?V.'e understaLd that tLefritnds of Mr Rhodes, alluued to in our oolumii-t of yesterday, have taken quite an active part in his behalt We acknowledge 'hi* gentleman's talents as an auctioneer, but if his admirers, with whose 41 operations*' we may have played hob, are down on our paper, we van only tay (Jed save the Commonwealth. Mr. Kfccdee will attend to hi* audience as usu.<l this evening, at 474 Pennsylvania avenue 'Corlrdrcms ?Some one who is food of ?pauo," and who re-id our account of the late distribution of the Conundrum priies at the National, sends us tbe following : ' Will the editors cf the Star please iuform the proprietors of tbe several placcs of amu-e ment in tLi* city that hundreds of the fun loving gentry are on the yiu vivf to witness another conundrum s?ene?such as was ex hibited at the National Theatre by tbe Kun kels ' Whoever advertises a silver cup (or something ot that kind) for couundrums, may besureto have a crowded house PacKxr." Elbctio* or OKrictRM.?TheQreatCouncil juf th* Improved Order of Red Men held their election sleep on the first sleep of the last run of the cold moon, when tbe following brothers were eleeted Chiefs for the Grand Sun, 6 615 : James A Cooper, Great Sachem; Hugh Di vine, Great Senior Sagamore; James E Joba son, Great Junior Sagamore ; Wm Purguson, Great Prophet; Wm II tilcbins in, Great Chief ofReoonis, Wm Tucker, Gieat Chief of Warn pum Fast Driver* ?Last evening two young men Irem Alexandria were amusing them selves by driving a team through the straets at a rat* endangering th* lives and limbs of pedestrians They appeared to think the ?tre*tc belonged to them But they war* ar retted by thegaards, and made to pay heavily for thair sport, finding th*r*by that th*j w*r* not th* only hard driven. Maa&iaos Licrro b? ?Daring the month of Janaaxy, there wer* issued from th* clerk's vfltee, City Hall, sixty-six marixage licences; Robkrt Ubllir ?The per form eaoe? of thii gentleman are truly aitoniihing, and afford greet ?rausemett to lerge and faahionabla audiences ni ghtly at Iron Hall. Many of hit feati are entirely new and never before wit nessed by oar citiien*, while his manner, that of the polished geatleman. cannot fail to gain friends for him wherever he may g?. There is no humbug in the feats of this wonderful performer, and we adviie those who wish to pass an ereniag pleasantly?who wish to be astonished, amused, delig&ted?to ge and see Heller. Th? Capitol ExTawiiow ?The paper* are copying from tbe Sentinel an abstract of Cap tain Meigs's report upon PregraM ofthe Capitol ex'eDSion, joat printed, with the doca menu aoccmpanying the Prwideat'i Message. This report was dated Ootober 12th, at which time about 30 oarrera were at work upon the eniiched windows, and the force was gradu ally being increased Several of these win* Jows are now entirely completed, and they attract much attention by their richness and beauty. The contractors Uave now upon their ro Is 2*4 marble cutters, of whom 110 are carvers. This large force has made great pro gress ia tbe work since the date of Captain Meigs's report Lbarmag to Spill ?We aro very glad to see so many persons in Washington seeking for knowledge, but regret that so tew are able to purchase a spelling-book. Most of the stu dents employ their evenings in spelling the names on the registers at the hotels?some have gone through the books so often that they ] can tell the time of any one's arrival without looking at the lists. We would advise the proprietors to put out some ol the old registers j fir their use, as they will answer their pur pose and save trouble. Dodge about.?Dodge, the comical Dodge, is with us again. He gives another of his de lightl'ul entertainment* to night, at Carusi's Saloon. The world and his wile will be there. P. S. We have just been favored with a visitI from the renownedO.^sian himself, who assures us that he " positively gives bis last concert] in Washington to-nifjht. It real merit, true genius, and genuine fun deserve ? ucourage men!. Dodge aDd his Bards apartiug bumper Tbk Ball at tek National Hotel, to morrow night, promise, to be a grand iffiir. the proprietor having m tue every arrangement | to make the occasion agreeable to his numer ous guest* and their frieuds Fikb ?About eight o clock last night the I dwelling of Mr. Mines, on H street, between j Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, took fire from * stove pipe, causing an alarm in the Second I W;?rd. Ibe fire was extinguished without] difficulty before much harm had been done. Mai allirter is drawing crowded houses to his wonderful performances at Odd Fellows' Hall. He astonishes every body. Wvtch Kru-rns ? Charles Shorter, throw ing stones, fine and costs; John Burwell and James Sherman, fast driving, fine and cos.s; Frederick Stamm. prcfatity, workhouse thirty da; a The Tallest Yet.?The tallest per.on ever before the Police Court for drunkenness, was up yesterday, and answered to the name ot Kobcrt Emery. He stood six feet nine and a half inches in his stockings Emery stated that | he was a Ion? way from home, having come j from the State of New Hampshire into the State of >!<?ssachusets where he unintention ally got in-o the state of intoxication. The] officer that arrested kmery stated that be could not swear that he was "drunk t/?in through.'* He was fined and costs ? l>o%. Jour., Jan. 25. ff r'VOS BRONCHITIS, Thsot! D im?m. Hacking Conch, and the * fleet* of imprudent m? of Mercury, no med icln* ha- ever been iiecjvered which hu eilected *ucb cures as Carter'* Spenlah Mixture. Timet disease* produced by aellvatio*, Nackitf.C ugh, | Bronchial Alactlons. Liver IMeea-*, Nearel?ia. afcl It lieu' matism, litre ell been relieved and < nr> I in ? w inlertul raauuer, by the ?ieat purifier ofthe blot I, Carter's Spanish Mixture. The case Mr T. H K ?? *u - j y elotie aliotiM utiufy *ny ! who d">abt. Call on the Agent and procure a p .Oiiili ,ei, containing mm, wk!ch will aetouad j ob. at'SM advertisement. ? r / ATER S CHKRKY PKOTOKaL.?For the rapid '<f Con*h?. Colds, Hoarseness, Hmuchitis, Wlmipiiij. Conjch, w>un? aud Onsumption, le universally known as the leu ? y n>r fit itjuuUlri f.,r e\ery variety of I Pulmonary disetse So wide la the field of lt? aeefalne*., ' and so numerous the cases of it* cure*, that almost every section of tbe country aliunde in person* publicly knowu, wiio have been restore 1 from alarming and even desperate ] disease* of the lun?s by ite Use. When once tried its supe riority ov e. every other MSMM of iu kind is too apparent ' to e?.-?|>* observation, ami where ite virtue* ere knowu, the I public uo louder hesitate what antfdote to employ for the I distressing and dar.geroua affection* of tl.e pulmonary or gans wbi li itrv iu< iiu-ut to our climate. By 1U timely use, many, nay almost all atu. ks el diee^e upon tlie Ltin^j or | throat, are arrested and thus are saved many thousand* ev- I try yearlroni a prematui e grave. No should be with out it, aud those wiio do neglect b> provide themselves with | ? remedy wnlch wards off this dangerous claaa of dlaeas? will have ?auae to deplore It when It is too Ute. Proof* of I the enrpritmg efficacy >,r tiie Cherry Pectoral need not be' Kiven to the American pe..pie?they have living pj-uors In ??ery uet*hborhood. But tiioae who wiali to rea 1 the state ments of thoae whose whole health has beau restored an 1 w noee lives have been saved by ita u?e, ?-|ll Nnd them In roy I A iierican Almanac which tiie amenta below named has to j furnish gratis fur e\ery one. Prepared by BK. J. C. AYKB, Lowell, Mas* ?Aud tolj I Z. It. 'ill.MAN, Washington. U. M I.IMH1CI M, UeertetuwD. J A* COOK k CO., Piederi< ksbur*, and by all Drugxiat* | ?rery where. de< 17?noim m- ixcniii Pa an i !>?.?Mr. W U ITKUCU^T haa.beao ?wardal ao- thar pr^imcm for hi* tuparlor Oaguarreotype*, I ezlilb >1 al the Wund'* Fair, New /via. It will be reiLem- I bareu lual Mr W. received from the World'* Pair, London, twj u.-;a - tor hi* nnrlvallad daKoerraotypee of Preeidenl PIMluora alii Cabinet, and Pantiacopae of Niagara Kails, he ?ides >>raui:?m* at ail the fails at eiifb be l.a? jti.lblle i for m?"/ years past 1 Mfe *pe?k* volnmM In favor of hi* galit rlse Call aDd .iave y-?nr Ckeueaaee tak?*o at Whltoliortt'* Oall* I ry, near Pour au I a-hail atioe'.. Pennsylvania avenue. eep IS?If fUKADY M *OK CLOTHINO pok uentlkpkn and I ^ Y tutus' we^r Inauufactured with taalearid elegauceby NOAH W ALKKU k CO., uud-r Brown*' Hotel. Their stork embrace tbe Paiitot or Surtout Overcoat, Overs*, ks, shaped end nealagee; Talmaa, black anj blue Cl"lk Oress Con Is, I Krix k C . ,ts of all fashionable colore, Casaimer, Business Suit ', I| Velvet V. <1?, *ilks, *c., black doeakin Cassimer, I ttgureil Caa-imer, and plaiu Cassimer Pautaloon*. Kor tiie I youth?jackets, Paula, Ve?ta, Overcoat*, Ac. As they at* their own manufacturers they are enabled and will sell at tiie very lowest prlcea .shirts of anperlar lit. Collars, Olovee, I Ties, Ac., of late styles alway* on hand. dec T WJti PrtlLLiawTOM re' elven all the new Book ? an J New* papers as I >st as published. He I* agent for Harpar'* and all t'ie olLe' Magazines, ?ud < ur readers will always tin I a| large , n 1 go? t assot tuieut ol Blank Bu?k? and MUllonery Ma Bo< k-tor? Odaon Buiidiug, car Pa. avanue aud <)| ?t ry WATCH K5.?Member* tf Cougie** au4 other* "In ' want of a first rate timekeapei would do well to make a sel v I,.a al once that their <|iiality uiay be :ho: onglily !est ed before le.sving the city. M W. UALT k BKO'8 aaaorl ntenl wa* never a j complete aa at pr>-?ent, rmbrsclng ?\ury description, all warranted, and ?t price* cerlaiul) as low a* *lmll.<r article* ran be purchased for iu any city In Ihl* country M W. OALT k HBO., jaii ?<1 tf Pa. avenue betweeu 9th and 10th *t? 91 AKIttlCU, Oh the JOth ultiaio, *-l Fountlery Paraonacv, by Whv. K FIwIdk, Mr. JAL'OH ?>LINUhANI) and MA P.. KENNEDY, bolli irt' Altriantlria, Vh. DIKU o? ti? uluiiio. S TEPHEN l'LEAJ50\T0N, I I'ltili Audili>r oi lite Treasury I?. partincri! ol tbe L'mied Suit e, hi the >ear of Ins age, after au | illn??!i* ot ts-n Ua> <. (HjHlli!- Iriffj- anil iLosc i>1 hi* lamiA are re?pect lully invili J to a b-riJ iur funeral fioui Ins late reai-1 il.-noe, Nt?. wrsi Twenty first m.. at 1J o'clock, on s nurilay n ?t. liie ,'<i| nietaut, to proceed to th? [ (J'Hiiirc.-ioii.ti l'i MM'tery. (iutt*a Siatri Patent Office, ( Wa&BINOTOH, Jau. 31, 1S64. i ON tbe petition ofCuthLta I? tlmp rt and Al ebk r Hails.k-a, of BrltUep,,rt, Maaeechuarltv, I prayiu< tor the < xiei.aion ot a pfct.nt granted to theai on Uie4ih cf Wity. lil', lor ituproieineut in tte manner of cor?tr. rt -g ra Irtal iarria^'s sol a to ea e the I iteral motion of the bcdi-n ther of. I tor ai>vsii j?an tzom the expiration of taid patent which takes pla?e on the 4tti <Jat of May,eighteen hundred end fltty-flve (18M:) It ii> orUere 1 that the ?aid petition he htarJ at I th-? Patent Office t>o Monday, the iJJ day of April, | next, at 1- o'clock,m.; and all persons are notified to appear and show cauae, if any they have, why ?aid petition ought not to b? granted. Peraon.? Mppoaing the extension arc re<)aired to file I in tha Patent Office their objections, specially aet | forth iu writing, nt least twenty daye before the day ot haaring; all testimony filed by cither party to be I ?s<:d at the said bearing must be taken and tram* niittcj iu aoconlince with the rule? of thia Ottos, which will be furnished on application. The testimony iu tbe cas? will be cloned on the I 13th Aprn ; depositions and other papers relied up- j on aa testimony must be filed in the office on or be fore the morning of that day; the arguments, i-1 any within ten days thereafter. Ordered, al*o, that this notice he pabliidled in the | Union, Intelligencer and Eveoiug Htar,Ma hin|(tr>iL D. Peisiuylva&ian, Philadelphia, Pa., S4cntiflr American, Nvw York: and the Po?t, Hw t n, Maaa. oncw a w-ek for three iiiccn^iie weeks previous tc the 'iW ot Aj> *il next, tbe day of hearing CHAHLKi* MA80N, fouiiniseicaer ot Patenta. P. d.? B-iitoreof the above paper* will please ccp and aend their bills to tLe Patent office, with a p* per containing thia uwUoe. fab l?Ittw THKABURiri ITATKMKST, Shoeing the amount at his credit in the Treasury, with assistant treasurers and desig nated depositaries, and in the Mint and branches, by returns received te Monday. Jan. 29, 1865; the amount for which drafts have been issued, but were then unpaid, and the amount then remaining subject to draft. Showing, also, the amount of future trans fers to and from depositaries, as ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury. In vbit plict. Treasury of the United States, Washington, D. 0 Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer, New York, New York Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, Louisiana Assistant Treasurer, St. bonis, Missouri. Assistant Treasurer,San Francisco .$145 258 77 Depositary at Buffalo, New York...... Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland Depositary at Richmond, Virginia Depositary at Norfolk. Virginia... Depositary at Wilmington. North Carolina Depositary at Savannah. Georgia Depositary at Mobile, Alabama Depositary at Nashville,Tennessee .' Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania * D ptsU?ry at Cin'inaati (la'e) Depositary at Dubuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Bock, ArkanFt" Depositary at Jeffersonrillo, Indiana Depositary at Chicairo, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida Katmy < fcice, New York Branch mint. San Kranoisco, Cal Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Penn Branch mint of the United States, Charlotte. X. C Branch mint of the United Statics, Dahlonega, Ga Branch mint of the United States, New Orleans, La * a si I ff 0,121 3.?79,85r> 2,2?>..*9 119,191) 137,135 1,197,121 4.554,851 250,123 31,991 101 4<>3 17,83."i 24?,473 31.155 137.167 1419475 45 9-r. I3,9.i0 20 464.428 74,839 66.6*36 111,114 449.285 31,078 4,202,000 *09.943 3 085,854 32.000 26.850 1 ,692,589 CM 12 S4 36 97 67 J Or 83 ; 3r. 75 I :? ! i? 09 : 55 1 ?; | 98 ; 55 I 73 j 39 1 79 1 99 84 ( 4 ". I 45 16 | INI 61 16 00 J 00 35 $22,931 136,331 600,033 51,113 .t?.:*40 361.22S I9?.7V? 704;?*< ?l.(v>2 38..T77 2,191 13.775 lti.739 17.706 48.G69 5.958 11.219 2.688 89 17 65 71 18 U9 5ft 6<i 45 t :*? I 78 87 63 .30 90 15 14 42 4.619 78 6.524 13 3.644 32 17,534 6T. 24,058 34 3.360 Ludat-t ore; die ft. $145,958 77 24.210.385 79 I 1.000 00 3,398,537 85 'j Ad J difference in transfers. *49.199 15 3,543.523 95 1.6*9.315 91 68.0',6 ?v. 103.795 79 K.T.,*9? ; 4.356.095 5i? 09.128 90 <W.02b ?'* 15.640 60 928.*97 ??{ 17.415 4?! 119.4*?l 9"i 190.805 93 40,f?67 93 25.079 41 10.562 31 20 4."?9.(J<)9 ul 67.715 C9 62.982 52 93J?<;9 8" 425.227 11 :tl,7l7 14 4,862,000 tO 809,943 6? 3,085.854 16 32,000 0?* 26,850 CO 1.692.589 3 . 9&357,7o6 71 445,958 77 21,911,44^94 34,675 45 Net amount subject to draft *91,947,123 3!i a 1 Transfer* ordered to trssau y of the iTnitsl Sta es, Washington, D C Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer,New York, New York Transfers oriereJ to assbtant treasurer, Njw Orleeti'. Louisiana Transfers ordered to asMstrnt treasurer, St. louis. Missouri Transfers ordered to a^sitten t:e*?urer, 8-n Pran^no, California Tran fers ord'rvd to depositary at Savannah, Ua Transfers ordered to branch mint of the United State*. 8i?n Fran<*i<>no, California Transfers ordered to tuint't th? UiP*l 8t*t?s at PliMa Iclphii, l'a IHSI.OtSI 00 1.570,000 00 305 000 00 50,000 ro I 100,000 00 50.IMMI 00 250 IXXI <H> 17,500 00 $3,142,500 00 Tran sfera Transfers Tranif-rs Tra: s'ers 1 raasfrrs Transfer.* Tran f-rs Transfer* Transfers Trausl'rs Trsa'fer'; prJ-r<-d ordered ordered ordered ordered o d?iel orJer d or l^ed ord??r<?i ordered ordered ?>??????????? from MsisUnt treasurer, Boston, Mssvahuaetts .... from assistant treasurer, New York, New York 1 (rem assistant treasurer, Mn Or>an , l/ui una from assistant treasurer, St. !.oiii-<. Missouri 1 from d*p si tar/ ?t Wil*nir?fto?, N-ath Carolina from depositary a* S-ivanuab, Oer^ia f cm de^rsitary at CineinnaH. Ohio to depo*itary at I'e'roit, M:?Mg<n 'r">m assay ? fll-c at New York, N Y from mint of the United States. Philadelphia, P rnsv run a from branch mint of the Uslted Btstes. NVw Orl-ar's, 1/ ui?>aua 24 .,000 0?? .411 'AM 0) 525,000 ?? ,070,009 00 10,421 55 100.CC0 oil 25,00?) 00 25 0^s) im 17.500 00 1)0 50,000 ?0 $3 ,824 55 v.h i It Wants. 1 WANTED?BV A YOUNG AND HEALTHY Scotch Woman, h Situation in n piivate tain ily as wet nurse. Sl??* a very good Shirt maker. Inquire at \o. 3-"55 Twellth street w? ?l. f bl-3t* ANTEI).?BY A YnUNG WCMAN, a Situ | atioii as a Cook in a small fmuily. Enquire on New Jersey avenue, altovt Foy's lloiel,anil near 1 the D? p? t. jan III?St* \\TANTED.?BV A KKS LCTABLE WOMAN. V f a Situation to take care of children, or to new nml a?si>t in the ehanibei work. Apply In i MARGARET MOR MKITY. ?Hi N street. between Fourth ami Filth. jan I ? 2i* 11*ANTED-A GOOD t'OOK To one who! V V can produce satisfactory recommendations lor thai a ter ami capacity, a gixid home and the best wa^es will be given. t'olorod person required, and a si .ve preferred. Apply at No. 110 New] Jersey avenue, neat the Wijca Cri-'g';. j in 30-3*' . 11' ANTE!) ?A W'OM*N TO COOK, WASH, TV mill Iron in a -mall family at No 399 Mas S3chilsett* avenue, 2J door from 1 Oth stre t. None j need apply unle-> w> I recommended. jan yo?3t* \\TANTED?A CLERK IN A DRUG STOKE, f | One who has some knowledge of the busi ne.?i is required. Addres* Ul)ru|girt," Washinctoji D. C. jan 27 ?\JLf A *,* S n &OKOUB.?Tb?? >haorlb?rs*r \ y ill tiroes in th? riari ? bu/iu? SLAVSi.4, pa j !sg the hl^hrit 'Tu.h pr<:n?. rersc-c. having S1?t> for t*i# will pleads itll ?? .42 F'r ATT il'l'-LET Hal- t timers, <t?n.< ) dls,*** i?'??j <? 1 board at 2l> e?au per dij. fab i?lj fi Si. A W. L. CAfcPBKLL. ? Boarding. BOARDROfi ?A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Union How, on If street, between 6th and 7tlt, can offer line lage rooms for families, either turi.idied or unpunished. Also, has room* for gentlemen much larger than are geneialtv appropriated to single persons. Table Itoarrit-r* and permanent or transient per- I sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms. jan 29?lw* IOST?On Saturday, a ?mall Scotch Terrier j SLUT, with long white hair, black marks on botli cars, and blown matks on her hack. Answers to the name of "*ic." Whoever brinzs her to .Ino F. Crampton, Esq.. British Minister, on Height- 'I Georgetown, will be suitably rewarded. jan 30?3t* n(\nWMRTIIGllOD?8ELLI\G *T 0-??J,UUU PRIME COST?TIM having on hand a much larger amount of goods than is u?iial at this season, w II offer his entire stock at prime cost for cash only, without the reser vation of a single article, eomiu rnci a on the 20th instant, and continuing until the 20th February. The stock will be found very complete, having been t.urehasi d mostly f. r cash at the late peremp tory sales iii Philadelphia and New Yoik, and offers rase inducements to cash buyers. R. W. CARTER, Betw 7th and 8ih sts., op,?. Centre Market, jan 20?eo2w IMPORTANT TO LADIES. Vf Kfc. BRACK* *0 V . of New York will ??? r% liSUH'^ iiftJ f Ul?J ??????via ? ? iitfi ?? and if disposed take take a lining Willi you an ! have the matter demon .ira'eu ?i? your own salUuictioii. MBS. BR ACE KEY, Jan 27?lw* 40T Broadway, N. Y. SILVERWARE. SOLID SIVER TEA SETS, PITCHERS, GOB lets, Cup'. Caators, Wa fers, he. Silver Spoons, Fork . I idles and Napkin Bines. Silver I'ewsert, l'ie, Cuke, Pt.h and fee Cream Knives. Sugar, Preserve, lellv, Olive and Eg< Spoons. Asparagus, Salad, Sugar and Ice Tongs, Crumb Scrajier*. fcc. The *hoae we have of < very pattern, all of our own manufacture and warrant* d pure silver. Orders raken for every description of ncti Silver ware, such a? public testimonials, kc., and strictly eiecutcd after anv de.-ixn, however elaborate. M. W. GALT k BRO., No. 344 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth ate. jan 27?fit [Intel,UuionfcNews.] NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT COKCEBIT. Ill AYE this day received and opened a great vari ety of CLOCKS. WATCHES, and JEWELRY. Good Clocks from $1 50 to $15, all warranted one year. Also, gold and silver Watches iu great va riety, silver Watch*** Iroui $*! to ?30 ; gold lev* r Watches irom :$25 to $1 50. and a greal assortment of Jewelry, all or which will l?e wild cheaper than goods of same quality can be bought ill this city. Those wishing to get good Clocks would do well to buy front me, as 1 put all niy Clocks in order be fore celling them. Call an I see for yourselve*, atilie Clock i Watch Eui|M)rittiii of f- ROBINSON, 340 opposite Browns' Hotel, jan 10?liii (Intel) WATCHES. I^XTRA heavy fine Gidd .Ma^io Hunting Watches jj Pocket Chronometers, Ladies' plaiuC and enamelled do , studded with Diamonds j and Pearls. Also, Tiniekeep?rs of ever) I other description, all warrant- d, and offered at ns low liites as similar articles can be pure! for in any city in this country. M. W. GAL!' k BRO., Pa. avenue, betwei n tftli and 10th ats. jan 27?fit [lutel,UiiionkNew*.] rpilE FOREIGN OFFICE LWT, (Brttndi) cor I rected to August, 1854, this day received Iroai London. FRANCE TAYLOR, jan 15 aOWARD'S U. S. SUPREME COURT RE porta, vol 16, just reo. ived by jan 3 FRANCE TAYLOR. For Bale and 1 ent. 'I O KENT OR FOR SALE.?A SMALL A N D I 1 convenient twn-?d'iried liaiue House, neatly new, containing *is rooms,situated on M s\reet,>.'> 4-i7, near 'J hiite*-nih Lmjuirc at No. WT Kighth street, or .it i. T. F.\LES, at the Patent?>1 jau J1??H* 1>OR lU'.VT OR SAI.E.-ITIE BEAUTIFUL J ?e.-idem-e of Oil. Robe t*, U S. A., on George town Furnished or uiiluiiii. li' d P-.issc.s *i??n ?i\>ji immediately. Apply for term- at llii- ??l" lice. jan 31?lw ClOK SALL. ?THE MM* WILL AND FIX r turesol the tavern ?nd boarding-house, known a= the " Washington ami flaltimore llmis*," situ ated on Fu>f stieu and near the Railroad Ikpot. 11 will !>?? t??ld hi |>art,(lie pu eha.*er having tlie p ivil ! IT of taking a portion it he wi*hes To any one with a small capital it i* a wood *taml ior btiMiter For particulars n <)iiire on the premises. jan 31?lw* STOR\Gi; ?Tho*?- having Furniture, Dry Goods _ Groceries, S?< t'? tie stmed, will lind auiplc an- i commodate ?n.< in 111* largf, airy. Hag *tone pi veil. ] and It y im-ut* under the. Star office, corner Pa iivemi'' and Lleve.ilh st. Apply at tliu .Star officc. jan 31? If ^Oltll, corner <?f F ami l!Mh st- ., ha* three or four fine roomwhich .*bc will rent, with ur without boird, on reasonable teruis. jan 30?31* FOR RENT?FOR OME YEAR <>R A TERM of y arii, the well situated, commodious, w?*ll finished, and convenient dwelling IIoik*-, over the Music Store of llilbus It llitz. at the corner of l'a. avenue and Hth street. It coutal's seventeen rooms without the ba*ewe"t, in which the kitchen is situated. Thin is a rare chance for a private fani ily wishing a large hou?e on l'a. avenue, or for a per son desiring the best location nt Washington for a large and well kept Uiardlne hou^e. Possession given itnundi itely. Apply at this office. jan H?tf HOME8 FciR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily i'i ated Ruililiii:! l.ot?, 24 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded *tr"ets, can, until spiiug. lie bought at tlie exceeding low prior of $75, payable j?er month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7tli st.f a I Hive Odd Fellow*' Mali, jau 9?6ui JOHN FOX. Secretary. M Y COURT8HII' & ITS CONSKtjl'ENCES, by Wikuff. Price $1 ??>, Slavery in a New Light ami it* Grand Re*utta, by a Citizen of Georgetown. Price l*>j^ cts. A Ni?ht in Bui'tios Avr.s, a new drama in five act#, bv h Citizen of Georgetown. Trice l;?i? els. The Scout, by W. Gi-inore Himn. ; ^l i'i Ida .May; ?>! *i.'i Putnam s Magazine for February; 2.1 cei ?s Bali mi's New Monthly for February ; H' Coder's Ladies Book for Feliruary; 2." For sale by E. K , So. 1588 Bridge strctr' jan *25?tf RKW LIKEN St COT JUST received and will lie |i.r ca*h; or to . in mos* We name in the lot 23 pieces 6 4 9 4, 10 4. ;?,wi :*nd l",,?n Miet tiii" Uo* ?'t,,,; ,,osi brand* 150 d) siip^iior' bl "d '"?'?? n Shini-p Cottons f 18 ce? u per yard 75 do all pure in-u*. ranging from 31c j0 *( , which we know to be very ?etmgs aud Pillow ease I in S Diapers, Bl>*icli* d St brown uam. ,^-*kubic and many other Tow t. \i and Rus-u Diapers, Cloth 1.^. . n Table Covers With uian 'able Goods which we de sire pu chafers before making their se k-etion*. Ofcaarvc thn. ? Mdd at our estab lishment a'c warraiite.. ' represented. I V SEARS. No. 544 Srvci ' above jan -0 - eo2i*r llou?e. MUSIC FOK BALLS,~FAi. L. F. W. WEBEiv T)BSP^CTrULliV INVORMB IU8 PRl. X\> loriEer p?tijn' that he onntinu** to UAI.I.S, PART1KS, with his w#H org*. BAND ol scienliar, Musicians II- ?iil introduce all t.]^ new and leshicnibl Myric An accomplished PUoi t fum sh^d ifd^sir'd. Ordtrs left at Hiibus k Hits'Kn.-oe !>< po-, ??utier*B, or Miller's Con tecHooory Ptorea, ?r at my teaidenM, ne?r Heu limderaon's ^avy Yard, ?i'l meet with prri<apt atUntion. no* JH?1 a J RI0U JEWELRY. UST received the latent styles of Diamond, Pearl, _ Mosaic, Lava, and Caiueo Bracelets, Brooches, | ami Earrings in sets. Diamond. Ruby, Eiucrald, Signet and pure Gold Wedding Rings. Gold aud Pearl Necklaces, Lockets, Thimbles, Pencils, fee. Precious Stone* set in the uio.i elegant manner, ami Jewelry Woik ol whatever description executed iu the highest style of the art. M. W. GALT k BUO., 344 Pa av., bet. 00i and 10th ?U. jau 27?l?l (Inf,Union,Ne\vt6t; GLEN WOOD OEMETEKyT T*IIE Rules and Regulations, aud the act mcor pr.ratiou of the Glcnwood Cemet'-ry hav?- been nub'islied in a neat pamphlet liwm. Anyone wish ing a copy can reeeive n at the office of the CeBie-1 tery or at the Couutcr of tlie Star office. jan 6?lm , PIANOS FOR SALE OR KENT. NkW and seeo-d hand PIANOS, of my ewn and aevaral othT factorUa, are always tn^S* be bad at my llano ffawretm, on enth at., between Pa. avenue and Est. ? Id ' linos takMi in ezch?n<e. Tacinic also attended to. f. 0. RKICUKNRACH P. 8 ? A few vary low pr'oed seeend hand i*ianna ton $26 for sale. dee 1?'m POCKET and Quarto Diaries for lH5o lor sale by ju ?-U IRANCK TAYLOR. Auction Bale*. By J. C HcOl'IRKi Anctloii?tT. ri'RUSTEE'd SALE OF VALUABLE AND EI. I Up My situated Improved and loim proved Rm, Estata, on the Inland.?By virtm nl" a de*d of troat bear ng date on the 1st day of I*eeember, 1863, and rpcwiii'd ?n l.ibcrJ. A. 8., No. 68, olio 31. lie., the mibscr her will sell, at public sale, on THURSDAY the 424 day t?r Fehiuary, 1856, at 4 o'clock^ p. m.. on the I."*# Nnu. 1, ?>, 3,4, 5,6, 3S, and 40, in t >( subdivision ot" tfqutrt No. 415, the whole fronting 74 feet on 7.h street west, 188 liet on E at. MMk, and 122 feet on 8th street w?t, with the im provement*, which conaiat of a large, commodious, and substantial double cottage built frame hou-e, stable ami ether out house*. I'lu* location on the corner ot Till and E streets ami 8ih an?l E rtie? u, on the Island, is health* and de?iraMe, in a r?|-a?l>> i*< proving pait of the city. 1 he property will lie -??d a? n ?hol? or iu separate l u a* may \x- deemed do ainhle, and offers a fa\???.? t?iopportunity to person* desirous of purchasing a band-onie roMdeuci m bulling lots, or making mtreMno-ni-. The terms of the sale vritl tw*, (Hie-third <>l Cie purchase numiy in cull, and ih? balanre in t?, M and 18 months, lor note* Ira-ing interest fr<4U day of sale, secured by a deed ol trust on iIm- property. If the term* of sale are. u a iiiui|ilii d with in -i \ days after the sale, the property, or such pwh ??? thereof the terms of sale ot t* li cb are mil so vm?i-It' <1 wuli. wi 1 be resold at Wi? liek :u?d exiw use ? f the purtliiMm u<a>u one week's notice. All co?vevanciii|! at the expense uf |.ureh.ts? r-. C L\*. S WALL ACM, Truatre. JAS. U. .McGUIRE, fab 1?eod> Auctioneer. N lei. S. WlliailT, Awctlouccr. E\v nttLEAXS SUtfAR AVI) MOI.A^ES .?? L^l Anetion. Ou FRIDAY i:?*\t, Prtmnry 2t, -t 14 o'clock. <>u F k A. II Do.lgc's Wharf, ibe car go ol the Brig Fi?l- lia, consisting t?f? 25fc2 hh?l- Oarified choice and |?rim?' Sugar? 14J hliiI-5 cIhmcc Molas*es. E. S. WRIGHT, jan Civ*- ti Auctioneer ((iitei,rmoii.VAie\ i;?t) E D> ac. S. WKItiDT, Aufllonttr. tftorg?t?wn. EXTENSIVE AND PEREMPTORY SALE t?F _j Dry Go<d ?"a Mu'-DAV next, the .Vli ot Feb nary, at 10 n'olitck ?. in., (to h?- eoutm' ed from < ay today until closed o it.) I -hitll sell, wiili out rc-erve, at th?* ??ore ot M L. William*. No. 120 Bridge stieet, hi? tire stock ol fresh Dry G-'xid.-, consisting ol? 3u|m'| a"d due t"l<H|-~. *11 cid'Hi Sup-r M- rino a .4 S:lk Vesting* Cassimere-, t a'sin* Is. Tweed*. Drillings C' a, Duck*. fce, Super and eol??red tlaitiicl* Heavy Wiadh it G '"Is f'M ?-iv.<nl? Dre-s (^<mhI> iii4?ilks. Merinos, IK- l.unc*, A'patas I'fplins, (iiiishaiiii<, Pnuts, kc. Plaid ami ulnped Tn-kuiss CliecVj, I'rown a?td Bleached Cottons Oiiinhiir;', Burlaps, ^U{?:r Irish Linens I*iap< rs. .\a|ikins. Klankei- and *<aizea t'uper Linen, Silk and OHton Hdkfr. UarjK;tuij f'ilk, Wooileii and t'ott-'li Ih'si' iy Gloves ;ui?l ?u?pcndei s A lari!r v iriety nf Itlnalj. Enihroi |crit>? Lao.ri, lii-eriii!"-, Lan i<?. Mitclira Rldiand jdain Bonnet fiil>b'>n Heuing Silk>, Spool <Villous. Threads Buttons, TapeP?ll-. \e< die, Es eiiLt s lor tlif Toilet, t'oinli Bi uslie., fc< . Fornitns t??elher iiie most desirable etoek of Goods ever <itiered at Auction. Term.-: All ?imis ol and under S^jca li; over w-2 > and under %'W a ere ('it of 30 days ; over %:"?0 lot ilutlnr .*"< *'< tHI da. - ; over and under *100, 'JW day.:; and over .jUfl a credit ol lour months lor aji proved eiidoiscd ir?*? iM-aiio; iiiiep -t. EDWARD a. WRIGHT, Jt.i 3II-|1 An<*ti?v.rer. ( >BF.Vr *S A I TRACTIVE SALE OF Gil' I' I. 7 AND V M.UABI.E l!? M ?K- AT vl tT|l?N Commriiciii* on FRIDAY EVENIXtt, Jam.. . *28ih, I' s?, at 1 ? 4 l'a avenue, (Fit^?> iaidblO?!?.' at ) (i'i I'k Ii e.v h rveuu<2. St'n k nil n vv and i' rfi ct, dnect Iroui New York Tradr Sal??, efuipusins th' t hmtca an.! lest se leeied .i MMtuKiit, F?>r?*ign an I Doaie.-iie. ever ??; Ivred m I be market, consisting of Hc1mm4. llas.ical. I a *'. Medical, ami Mi celjiutous lljoks in evtry depar.iiieni ol liteialure. Bible j, Fiat <-r Book-, Bla.ik Buoka, kc., a great varity Anuu l?ai>d llolnlay Pie ? f? INsj Asricultural W ik. . some dOmllerent autliots, ail new ml p'tp 11 at uoiks hi print, Amer-Cui* ami Ku K'i-'i G'lld and Slei; Pen- ol extra (pialliy Diaries. po.-k -t Memorandums ate Tin" almve .t'tk v.i.l b open lor eiaiuinaiMHi, and ollereat at au-'ti'-ti ? v< rv eveumj unlit he otiiiie slock sil ll lie dl-|M>?? li ol. The sale- of tin-'? xtensive and inaguiHceut snx k will b ? comiu'-ted by Mr. J. W. UhoJes, late of N York, and nfti r< nntisual laeiliu--* tbr 'ditaming Books at a '-rice t'? ;"ini the times. jan *26 ? fw? ? IIE UUEKN'S Recuiatmns arid < inlcr* Inr th< ? Army comjilete t<> lei?4, 2 v ?ls, l,.m ton Cot!e Napoleon, literallv Irauslaud ! Vol, l.oudo i 1H5I F.tirho!i'? Iticti'Niary cf Terms o| \-t. I vol, Lou don, KYI The Micrux?'p?% its History, con>tructiuii, ami ap plieht.ou, by J. F>>^e, I Vi?l, 5'JO engravings, London,1854 11 utiles l utiea of Jud^e Advocates 1 vol The Steam Engine, foi prartieal men, by Han ai .1 Ge.ier, 1 vol, Londou l^il The ?leaui Enx<n<>, it< history and me.^haiiian: '?> Robert Scott Burn. I vol, London, le."?4 Richards' Population and Capital, 1 vol. London. 18 4 FKAlWit TAYLtiK. jan iJO DAVIS'S Pt?EMs just received aad for sale kv ALEX. ADAMSON, Seventh st.. <>p|?osit'* the Host i ilhce. lie is agent f'l uii tiie, t'be.ip I'ublie -Ik'Us, Majja ziiiKK ami Newspapers; llaiper's. Puuiaiii's, Gra ham's >'ag?xines and l.aily'- Book t Si :>t a >e; r. Loin,on Illustrated News, Bell's Lite,Time., Punch ret eived bv every steam'-r. 1 he New V'i rk Herald Times and Tribune received i uiv tu^lU and mliv ert'd to subscribe^, lie keeps constantly on' a tar ice assortment ol Biak KuuIh, IN iij l? r, Lnvtflopea, Playing funis, Vi-"' dren's Tov Rooks, rrimers, K Copy Books whole-jal? jan 2?1 in - _*? and Pia'ed Sl'LGJ A ? offES,6ie.oI all f?.cuse',Willi ai>il p tr.ibol i illasse.'. A long us pi i uli ir advaiitager m ?f ect .fSe- a.lapied to th? eve* of weatwrs. M. W. tJALT &. BRO., 341 Pa. avi i.ue, l>*t. ?ih and 10th tlreets. Jan33 (>? flnn%UuicpJillew.j Oor.tleaten are You Ready* FOB UNION HALL SlffMiTING (GALLERY, BILLIARD SALOON i. RKS'l'Al'R \\T. C street, hrt- rrn ikh and ?(A <rf?. HE Pistol - are of the l?esl ijuality. made {.? nrdt I by J K. Evaiu, I'lola lelplna. The Billiard Romn is lurni-lied witJi Ta'd. a oi'ihe ui't-f npproveil style, by W. J. Sharp, X. V. lut' r Restaurant g. nilemi'ii will be supplied at the flit-iU iiotn-ewith ;U|? rini OYSTERS, GAME .hiJ a'l other d^-licacic- '?! th<: -ejson. WILLS'?X k IIAYWARD, PropVs jan 1 a CHOLD, MLVER. S I I LL & PLATED SPIX" I TACLES to ?lilt evt ry iigf* and e e, B'dliij ,-'|m-c>, R R. Gla-ses |"ye Protectors, Eye Gia--se? *?i ail nc-cnp lions. Frading (>la -i-j <;? c?!es; Sc., Parabola, Penrocal,?Vuie ive, Convex, and i'olorid Glas?e- put in fiKines at ilie sliorte t notice. Per*ui> hi want of glances nay be sure to jp-l those which benelit '.lie eve at II. PEMKEN'S, X-.i. 330 Pa avenue, Iik'vv. l?th and 10th ?t5. Kill 20 1 >?G R ESS ION AI. Ill R E< T't *R Y. " tieograpical and I2.iwtts-a '?ly punliealion d?*voted to ptiy~ieal,com and political Geoaiapl'y, c<tne?l by Vod |NTiictical and S. n-iililic g? u i. "ripuou a2 pei atonim, ein?le nun. Utluiudl'^ ?. lui January? cents, wiu. jan 13 v K JTAYLt^R. AliOOA THAT EVi. XG should read, and one k urools ajatn t the ern?rs of K. iT-hcd , The End of Controversy Controverted. Rev Jolin H. H'-pknis. D. D-, Bt.-ho, t m. nt Loyola and Jesuitism in iu Hud nu i.t-, I .iac Taylor Delutcatiou of Romau Cath'dieiitm, drawn fr-mi tin. authentic and acknow cd^ed standard-' of the Churcli ol Roine, by Rev. Cltas. Kl'tott. D.I*. The llisiory ? I Rnmauistii. by John Dowluig D D. Roiiiniutm er>ni|iarrd Willi the Bible OldCh'lHitiuty against Pa|.al Novelties, by <?uael> The Variatton? ol Pupciv, by S. Llga-, D.D The .Mystery Solved, or Ireland's Miseries? Crand Cause and Cure, by Rev. E. I'll! Rome against the Bible, and the Btldc ajauist Rome by Win S Pluniuier, I*. D. Our Countiy, ll> Danjer and Duty, by Rev. A Lipa comb For sale bv GRAY & BALLANTYNE,' jan 30 -3> 498 Scvcn'.R at SILVER WAKE. A VERY pretty Mauftmenl of Silv. r CotR-c Sets, Pitchers, Gohlcls, Clip , Creams, and a I kinds of S|toont! and Forks, and a variety of Fane} Silver ware, suitable lor presents, vis: Soup unit Oyatit Ladles, Crumb Scraper*, fish, pic and cake Kn.vr*. Cremn and Su*ar Spoons, etc., u ofti red nt I ?? pti cca, and warranted sterling. II HEMKKN No. 330 l'a. avvuuc. bet. !Hh and 10th au jaa 19 Tli-leoraphifi. for Daily etiini Stir. Impjruat from Haw trteiw New OaLBaaa, Jan Ji -An expedition u organ iaiug here by the Qereroment to secure n formation r?Utiv* to the Pacitc Railroad under the eomuand of Captaia Hope It ?ut con?!r. of 150 tiooi a Th* principal object u to aeeertaia whether wader can be obtaiaed by artesian wells oo the Lanoa De Katevado. P?nl J alien * Cousert Haltiduke, Feb I. P.ui Juliana coLoer' iMt night Ht the V..trylao4 Inatirute wm crowded with t .o beauty and 'a hion ?I the critjr. 11 aiil appear ia your city on Satur day li.gtot, whiJi trill be the only opportunity ot the thrilling tone* of hia violin. A rival ef Ai Af ici at Boeton bo&Tos, Feb. I ? ihf Afiic* arrived at her djck tt h . f |>a.<t e,^: t tLif a<>rairg?-too late tor her itiils t bo forwadsU by the early train. i.iey nil'. go South thtr altornoen Rapid Ttr.:iimii?ica o! Y*:tigi 5*wa N*a Oui.kA>n J an CI ?iii# Air o* ; itwj w.15 re.-civeu here an Tuetiav nigh; by the Southern liuc IvSegraph. being far ahead of that aont by the W'catern or National line Mow Crlwua 2fkrk?t. N*w Oki.iaKS, Jan 41 ?The stumer ? newa had a f.voraUe efec*. on the cotton mar kct, *n-l price* aro at'ffflr. bni not tjuutably biguer Salo? of th d ys II jOO 1 ties B?itiin9re Market* Daltivoue, Feb l.~~ Flaw?Holder* asking j1"* !i0a$o 6* Cut Upward street; no caie< Wheat -OTerii.g* of i.UM bushels, white at ll'jj $2i?j; red ai fl ?0a$2 Corn?l?0u0 bn? hois offered, white at fcic , yellow at ?S: , and mixed at 8V Uata?>alea of 3 000 buah ela. PeiiMylranU at ;?4o . Maryland and Vir ginia at 5fl.i.r?2c. 11)e- Pric?3 nominally at $1 ldti$l 20. Toe market ia generally dull. Kow Yck Mirktte New ?i bk. Fc j. 1 - Cotton uj ward and firui. tiOu r u wi.~ii.ugel with a moderate demaai a? ( reviser rutea?rileaof 3 ?00 bbla wheat Southern ia unchanged with a moder ate dotna d. Corn is hrm with au upwarl le'dancy?aalea of 16.000 bushel? white at 9* 3tr. . To k i? downward and dull Beef alao Lari i? ui eh nged w, rh a moderate business WLuky -O'-iio is urmer \?t?h ?ile; at S2jo 8?'?r.tcrial tlectioit Ntw Yf?nk Jan. 31 ? tb? ReT Mr Goad win, the Know liothin* e indilate. wa* elecied Stale Senate >octaid iy ia be 2v h diatriet, formerly rep.a cnted by Ijovmnor Clark Mr. Uotrtlwiii a liain. La * ilari aboil Hi? majority wil! bo about 2y00 fu November fh<jrfl were t 0*3 Ki-iyr.'y against <?ov. Clark ia h-' aue ait rirt a:i?l iu favor cf the Know Nothioga. "tri'jUi Obstruction of Faiho^da by Snow. Chi. *?o. Jan. ,il.?"the condition of the I'.h Ituadt Slu'Ii and M>6t fiom tbia place hae h come t|nit? de-, er.ite t.y rea?on of the anow. We bavo bid no or<m unHitlw with St Louia or *?| i; gdc.-l !>'? elt-Tcri.i:i)s there are seven tern l<x*-.tujtive? frore t m or buried up be the ?r??w ''??i be Cci:ago s?ni Mis-iaaippi road lo-ilay *?.<( tl.? ?l3y fiiH up >n by the State Lo^i?Kture lor :h?* eieonoa ot ? United States Senator, but there wsa quorum preaent in the j ?irt cjt.vcntion f the (?ro ilouses. A great etiert wi!l be made to morrow to secure a 4U rum and 'ua'ue a.i election without the abeentecf. feuo-a Accileut from Co*lSae Fhiladklpbik. J in ?Owing to a detect in the turn ice tor healing the M^yameuaing prison in tbih city, Ins. nigbt the gas eseapod into the >?ir ch^m^er, and filled tbe cella above Tuia morning s< me twenty prisonera we e iound quite overcome by th^ eneetg but so far only one bus uiel?a man named John liyder. ct.muiit'ei 1* mouth viucefor stealing All the rest. cxee,a rbrce. aa.-j enlirely re eovervd-and h.j;;ta are eniertaiuel that the re^-t trill recover The | riaoner- bad oiaaed th j \e?!tilatoifi. whieh c tussi the sjrijua effects suffered by tteui MUTTAL MkJS IftSUR^WCK COMFAHY, ??t Till. I?*ST1 H"i" of i; u.i'viitiA. I Uwtire* hfi Cohizr?u, .a|f|aai%?a> ?? ae? *?aa m aaaeati* tu ia* Utl ?l< r?i??i*il ur at iii <>i J tliM Van l(i-wic-k. <tli mrw.1! ;ii.J U'i?Iii!i(Iihi CniiuI. akm 01 th? cl|?r'' r .ttid t?v !;ix (< pi ty f??* |>?<> inr J. t I.Vi'J'K' VV \Rtl. Prn> di'Bt. .VunfO'i - 1 li?an< K1 jihI n, l*lyv?-a Ward, f?r, f. II r'.vjui, J 1'. M' Krliirit, Julio Van it>wick, I'. \V. |if:inn ii{4Im1 4.(i. r,iu< ry. i m .'tt ?1 ?.l>11 TIIH AST UMIDH OT LOKDOK. I'l.AX FOU TI!L CVRRK\r Vr?lH 'I' 11 MM i'(i. ii. i iJ ? . ? i i b'! of I vi jO mi1!, i- .1 tl> il to ? 1- An inijMT-tiM* ot' a I Utf, by J. V. VViilmor^, A U. 111 l!.?' 1:1 ? I I piclllfi' b, J. J. t'llH l??n K. A . A W a:?*r I'aitjf." II. \ V'Juiih* ? ?iit.uiiiiix liiiity IV K rraviiii'? i!lii<liatiM2 ~ulij?*rt* fn>ui I.011I Hyi?m*? f'.<?-in <i? "TliiW"- liifiMu.** And III l it. o? ubi-uoincou?- tlir tii If ?li' it? 'l ;>t tin: ??'iiiT.ii lut't'li i? in uhicli will iiu'IihIc? Tin* r glit to ? '? ct I 1 ...HiM-ir a v.? uaU< wwk ot Hrl froin onf ?l tin paUi. < iIiiIm(i?mi>. Sianittr? iu bruizciil licr ,\hjr<iy iNi llnt?rlu<.i, b>- T. T5n.i auy. inti. i - in Im >i it-, Cr. m an w ?l M hI< I in ri li'-i In it J- ?ii r?-<Ni, ??i ?' The l?< t? > ??l ih<- liui.c 01 \\d.u.;tnu lulu Malrid Siatutti-s 111 |MMC-iaia ? >r ^irua fi ->t luipr. ?kmi> ut u laifi?* l.iUio.r;ipi?, by'I II. MiiK'urc, ill. r tin oticuial |nc-imi?* by V\ . t'. Fritii, K. X. ' Tin: Tliree K> *vs,*' imiu Ma lien''-- ?? It ?ufr oi? t><-ttUUi twiiii?i.M 11?<i.?TH: ? Serreti'fM-.- t'??i lYa*kii>?toii,; x MAt'KIT, llook?rlW? jaa?? 1| SC'IWtllZ '.'aOI STtGil DKPOi' V, (bran BtitaM 1 ? ? E '???'?. ^ ? ?r l? r* lor -iu?? n -r I iV S'l'liltS l? lt. t V>\ | eJ tin - i?l icr !?> 1 >rv I" ?rcl"k i ? tin* iiM-rii inj. ivill be d' lik. rr;l S*-?i?r?* "i oVItick p. 111. AN i, ar?' arrii.j-aiPiit' tu n!, to ?mH Of?tm< In a*ij <(i|.?utilv in t i<- c??iiiitry, |?n ;kr I u,? m ;iir-li^lii ciii* ro ilit'.v hM kcrjipAil !ii ?i l*;??t eijjh' dacs. I'i"* ?' r alwiys on liaad. j,?a l?<-?????iiv * \V ? ""? ,...?>???' my iWtttMl rto. i l'uiir Ilat 'li li ftud Gcncvii \Valcbi < lor Indira and ;e:ii- U. SKMKKN, N<|. J3U P?. av , b twuu9ik and lOtli >?te. j;iu lb?lutM.irt laVv partnership. O V UF.Mf. ? |?UH rt>F riiEIM I'lvtIS I'ATBH. Il BUBKKI J. WALK Kit aiid l.ul IS J\\IN u*"* lornn d j 1* piiinei?tii|i und'-r tlo neiii? 01 Walki't and J:?uiu/'loi tlt??r|>iiaieal 01 ?-??ra in lit; iMipfrme 1 .nut ot tbe IJuiu 4 Kiair*. at VVa?b ii|t'?.i > tty, wIip. e tw.ih u ill att< 11J throughout th? iiMin- m-- :io?? ol that cmut Tliey trnv l?- n.lJn ?i-cd M Wdkiaflua, N'. ^ ork, ?r \?;w I Mean*. j ?M 19?ro.'tin SILVER PLATKD WARE. rVOMIM.l.Ti: I ???rti ? rtei.. 1 t"wk- and tniit I ' Hn?k??:>. W aif i^ ?>? w lutr Mi-Ul, Table, Uw ?*t.?i.d IV* Spoons '? uM?" ll,l??e ?taud ?e \iImm. tec ^.t,ub-muio i?h?iI^, war rauteil ati.l anirf by II* ?KwaLN N't. 330 I**- aveuur, lietiveea 9tb and lOtu ase. iaa JB> BABKI5& HOUSE 01 PAIR0 4 ROURil, OjtponiU r??W Sfutrt Tnaturjf. BDNOS, Stocks *nd mtirr MviiriWW f?rcha*d and mM. liiU*rr?.t at tlir rat? of kit imt <*?it per annual al owrd nu deposit# wh**n Irtt lor dl) daye or louder, jan *24?bia

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