Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WHAT I* TH4T, MOTHTB ? *t ?uxor What U that. M?*h?; The lark, ay child! The morn ha* but just looked oat snd smiled. When lie starts from Ins humMe, graeey ne*l And u up and away, wi h the dew in lus bn-iwt And a hvmn in hi* heart, to yon. pure hnfht sphere, To warble it oat hi hi* Maker's ear. Ever, mv child, b> thy momma lay* Tuned, like the lark's, to thy Maker'* praise. What u that. Mother' The dove, my son ! And that low. sweet voice, like a widow "s moan. < Is flowing out from her g?ntle breast Constant and parr, by that lonel> neat. As the wave is poured from wme crystal uru; For her distant dear one's quick return. ETer, my son, be th n like the dove; In friendship as faithful, as eonetant In love ! What is that. Mother Tho eagle, boy! Proudly rvecrin* his course of joy; Finn, on his own mountain vigor relying, Briasnru the dark storm, the red bolt defying ? I lis wine o i the wind, and his eye in the sua, He swerv-s not a hair, but b?ar* onward, right on. Bov. mav the eajle's flight ever be thine. Onward, and upward, and true to the line. What u that. Mother t The swart, my love! He is flea in* down from his native grov? No lowd or<? now, no nestliiur nigh, He is fr<atm; down by hiinstlf to die. Death datk. n* his eye and unplume-? his wings, Yet his sweetest song is the Ia<t he sings. Live so, my love, that when d atb shall some. Swan-like and ?weet. it may waft thee home! Tfli Idler.?The idle man Is an an noyance?n nuisance. He is of no bene fit to any body. IT* k> an intrusion in the busy thorough!*?-' of every day life, lie stauds in our pat., and we push him contemptuously aside. He is of no ad vantage to any body. He annoys busy men. lie makes them unhappy. He is a unit in society. He may have an in come to support him in idleness, or he may " sponge" on bis good-natured friends. Uut in either case he is despised. Young men, do something in this busy, bustling, wideawake world. Move about for the benefit of mankind, if not for yourself. Do not be idle, God's law is that by the sweat of our brow we shall ?arn our bread. That law is a good one, and the bread we tat is sweet. Do not be idle. Minutes are too precious to be squandered thoughtlessly. Every man and every woman, however exalted or however humble, can do good in this short life if so inclined; therefore do not be idle.?Fireside Journal. QncK Digbstioh?Healthy Food.? Of all the articles of food, boiled rice is digested in the shortest time?an hour. As it contains eight teuths nutritious i:latter, it is a valuable substance. Snipe and p:gs feet are digested almost as quickly. Apples, if sweet and ripe, are next in order. Venison is digested about as soon as apples. Roasted potatoes are digested m half the time requirtd by the vegetables boiled, which occupy more than three and a half hours; more than beef or mutt- n. IJroad occupies three jiud a quarter hours; shewed oysters and boiled eggs arc digested in three and a hall hours, an hour mere than is required by the sam*- article raw. Turkey and goose arc converted in two and hall hours, an hour and a half sooner than chicken^. Roasted veal, pork and salted beef occupy live and a half hours, the longest of all articles of food.?Scientific Amencnu. Getting Excited.?The editor of the Portsmouth Chronicle thus commences a leader: '? The signa of the times are ommou*. The world is turning over very fast. "Wisdom sprouts out of sap head*, like toad stools from a manure h^-ap. We shall soon Fee wonders. Won't it be a glorious tune when all the girls wear breeches, and gn a rourting ? Jollv will be that joyous day." MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Samr. Jjtvc* for J'ays. f'an ad a V>o??.ii l.r.erpool...Jun. Til Paotic*rjrf>?J.,.N'< w Yoik...Jan II I'mofi Ilaere. New York Jan. 1* At'<u.u<- l.tTrr^iol.. .New York..Jan T. 00-The C s!;foriu:i ti-s'u-M 1? ave New Ynik or, the :<ih and ;Mii ?<i each ne<mh. akrivals at principal hotels. w ;?;??!?' ii?i oI-h i. k) r. will a a# A l.eary. NY M (jniiuc!l,i) J >1 Bail, Cj P F l.r.ptr, I'a VV W u) DT I ll U to I! H S J OH J. NY J T ? 'om?-li, J .1 VVi II L VI# A do J F Bu. Ii? a i. \?.cu I. SnyJcr. ?i > H D bull. f'U W t' Poland. Mat, t. .M V\ ilK.n', N\ C >1 Carlir, do Mrs VVilnr.s <.o T t'untitling*. Me Mm) VV i.Kii.j, d'i J r Smith, Vi hsiiuual Hotel?a. p. wilt aao. T V Crl usi W li Parker. Va J App ?tcn, Me G Hooker, do I* A NY l> F Krllinic, do J l> Burthard, ll ?? Baker, W?s A barb- r, O Mrs II J French. Pa j G Johns, Md F II li, 9A V\ M t iuii-i ii, N V II 'A M K m j, Ya B M"OB?"V. fill .'?!? - 1 Mil f P ine, rt. J L Pa J A Col ten, ha , VV VV aid soa. Judge C S I* .rplev. Miss Ya J A t'uildlc U ia?J. d<? I?r A J !??nirii ?, DC W M IaWI-, do H II hnvall, Md I ?r K b S?.'?t? \ :t h li S Key,?}? J ?? GibksN, Hu Juiljje Kane, P.? 7. Secor, d?? 8 bi?nnsn. (. al J A jmiiii, NV A J Jeff- rsou, NY J I. Dswns. l.t; rimiih & lad}, do 1) I -uke. Md Mr'heli, m'.J \V II Clarke, dw <: l?n!iuc? U^MC A Wilder, d?? J T llav unei x lajy, \ J ? 'M S*ie\?irt. L .",..\age> ,i? II J4 North, 11 H \V l?re>n, XJ J A iimetll, Ml . Judge L I t E ina a lady, G Karle. ?K> do T Kee &. s? n, iio \V G Mo. ilie^t', ui>d laiy, T K Hi ilon. NJ P.i J K lUs, Mu< Miss Town-end, Mr .?ail', do P l'w>ke, ij II P I'rooks, Vd M R Hook, d ? F VV Krone, jr, do A Greimn, Pa IV P Mauiby, ii" Or^wtta' Hotel?r. r. a m alufty, F T Kdelin, Md J A Marchand,0 j H Gwynn. J McDowell, do W J Middl. io?i, Jo J B Duvall, NY J A MiU"Dilr, do VY H Galpbiu, f(' G > (hi?e. i?o AT Lane, Pa tl F. T, do \Y A Tho. p. ? o r. M lit.i i !l \ T Seuilan, oo Kev i r.We. Va F Skinner, NY W |m: j VV I 'oiton, do J At Uddle ?. !a. v. Miss c m Mct'lees, Del IV M Leai4,do (J Hreen!e?r, I?C Mr- K?he*m?n J F Toiel, Pa H Hamnajob, NY vv p Cre?oa, do C Curry, Mass VV B Cum. lsdy fc child, G C W illiam., Teui, ,<o A Msjors, Ve f llaiim. In.I VV H 1WU, K> ? .-"I-,?**1" " ?? HACiett. H F B?-ad well. \ .? I I KuUi, iVno IV Vd3in?, NY W H Geniry.Tex ? G 11 li <e. I":* J li i '>ni| kui4, Vj A VVo??.!f VV i- ti A Y> un?. dj P l.? ihff?, M.! H A Tho,i i-ori, p:i J G i?ii.:naii,??o F. A lfhc<nn?, Md VV .>4|i>iii'r. d?? J Zolhkofler, do Dr Godibf fc lady, Pa J Spnnefol er, C? Mkw I iltffjiai, do P Knyrtenjfer k lady, Fla Mr* R| liards .Vid i!:vJiSh- '? Tly^enett. d i R I Bowling a lady, Md Jl aiiiitin llouse, Alexandria, Va. a. aawxoM, ranraiKioa. IMMark.Md K F Coleman. Ya VY t> Clarke, do C \ VVa-tunfton. do B Pollofk. Pa B B \Vashi?r'>ii j K Ski ler. V., If II Cuiunngliaiii, do J L Kiflail. do VV J VVtir, do Hon A SifTeiiwn. i'o 11 Howard, do VV R Harer, dj B v J J Vloesbrenner, dw M Marge, do 1. I. Simpson, NT J P i.ordon, Pa ? H Pye, Ml A J Cloe*breiuier, J ' - > , do THE MAILS ??t ? ljtf_c?rrrmg tJie mailt ol the Upt r ted States Troni the 1st dav of AuguM, 1355. to tne 1st day ot July, 1%58, in the 8tate of CALIFOR NIA and in the Territory ofW A8HINGTON, will be received at the Cnntracromee or trie PG?t office I>ep*rtmrnt in the city of Washing>n. until 3 p. n?., of the 15ih day uf May, 1856, to be decided by the 19th day of May, 1?55, on the routes and in the tune* bcrsui *pe?ided, viz : IV CALIFORNIA. 1.1&3B From Auburn, by llllnoistown, to Mountain Springs, 30 mile* and back, twice a week Leave Auburn Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 a m Arrive at Mountain Springs by 6pm *ame days Leave Mountain Hprinp Wednesdays and Fri days at 0 a m Am? at A'Jburn by 6 p m same days JUds for tri-Weekly aerviee wffl be considered ; alse, b?da t<> extend to Green Valley 12S3H From Crescent City to Ja?ksouville, Oregon Territory. 125 mitea aad back, once in two week! Leave Crescent City every other Monday at 7 a in Arrive at Ja-'kaooviile next Thursday by 12 tn Leave Jacksonville every other Monday at 7 a ai Arrive at Creacetit City next Thursday by 18 in 12S40 Ffnrn Diamond Spring, by Newtown and Wisconsin Bar. to Grizzly in Eldorado e..untv. 24 miles and back, once a week Leave Diamond Spring* Tuesdays at 8 a in At rive a Grizzly Flat by 2 p m ?anie days Leave Grfzz'y Flat Wednesdays at 8 a m Arrive at Diamond Spring* by 2pm same daya 12341 Fr?m Drytown, by Fidd1e<own and Cedarville to Indian Diggings, 28 miles and buck, once a weak Leave Drytown Tuesday* at 6 a m Arriv ? at Indian Diggings by 6 p m same days Leave Indian Diggings Wednesdays ai 6 a ni Arrive at Drytown by 6 p m same daya 12542 From Tosiei's Mar, by Foster City'and Mu> cow, ti Minnesota. m Sierra county, and ba< k once a week Bidders to-staf distance and schedule ol run vnls an i departures 12543 From Ja< k-on, by Butte City, Clinton. Vol cano, and Upper Ranctieria, to Fiddletown i iJ back, mice a week Bidders to .-rale distance and schedule of arri vals and departures 12544 From Los Angelo*, by Tejou Pa*, to Wood vUle, in Tuiare ccxuiiy, 23d md s and baca, twice a monte .Leave Los Angelos on the 1st and 15th ot each month, at 8 a m Arrive at VYoodvdie by 12 m the 10th aud 25th of the same mouth Leave Wordvilie on the 1st and 15th of eaeh month at 8 a m Arrive at Los Augclos by 12 ui on the 10th and 25th of same moi.tli 12545 From Marysville, by Spanish F at, Chandler \ille, St Louis, ami Pine Grove, to Gibson vihe 75 miles> and back, onee a week Leave Marysville Mondays at 6 a in m Arrive at Gibsonville next Wednesdays byISu Leave Gibsonville Thutsdays at it a m Arrive at Marysville next Saturday* by 12 m 14646 From M?ry>vilF, by Park's K.?r, fiiipire Ranch, Roujjh and Jieady, and Grass Valley, l . Nevada, 45 miies and bar k. six times a ?.<? from 1-tof \j?ri* to 1st December, tri weekly the residue ot the year. Leave Marysville daily. exeep: Sunday, at 6 am Ar.ive at Ne-vad i by 5 p m same days Leave Nevada daily, except Mtnday at 6 a lu Ariive at Marysville by 4 p m saui" days Hid-to commence a dough and Ready are in vited ; also for tri-weekly service; also, to ta'<e in Linda, Owsley's Car, and Kennebeck liar, between Mary-Vill* and Empire K inch 125*7 From Mary-viile, by Mount Ophu, Bidwell's Bar, and Forbt<town, to Gibson villeand back once a week Bidd? rs to state i isuince and schedule ol arri vals and departures Proposals to run only between Bid well's Car and Gibsonville are mvit* d 1254"i Fr im M >keliunne Hill, by Cauip'i jeto, Win tei's Bar. and l.:tn ha Plana, to Jone Valley, 23 mile- ?nJ back, once a week Leave Mokelumne Hill I'uesd.'.ya at 8 a m Arrive :.t lone \ alley by 2 p m sime day Leave lone Valb-y \\\diie<d:iv- nt *? a m Ariive at M'lU'uuine Mill fame day- l?y '} p m 1254J From Mokelumne Mill, by Mr Kinney's, :ind Humbug. to Murphy's, 2< wile* and back, o. ca a week Leave Mokelumne Md! Tuesdays at 6 a ni A'rive at Murphy's by 2 p m >kiae days Leave Murphy s Wednesday- at U a in Ajnve mi Mokelumne Mill by 2 i> m aim' days 12553 From Nevada, by Robeson :s Ferry, Emory's Crossings, and Forest City, to !)<m nievd'le, 4U uoje-; and bark, three imies ;? week Leave Nevada >l"nd .\s, \V? !ne- !ay- and Fri days at f. u in Amve a* Downievill* by e |? rn >?ime day* Leave Omnieville Tuesdays, Thursday-., and Saturdays at (> a ni Arrive m Nevada by 8 ui ?ame days 14&5I Fr.nii UakUnd, by San Leaudro, Saji l.oreu ko, Alvarado, and San Ju?<- Mission, tu San Jo-e. 52 miles and back, twiee a week Leave Oakland Monday^ and Fr days at 1) a m Arrive at San Jose by 0 p in .-.ame days Leave San Jose Tne-days and Saturdays at U a m Arrive at Oakland by 4 p m saiu.: days Bids i .r tlii.j^ nij>- u week are invited 12J52 From ??a iaiid to Martinez, 28 miles an J baek nuvif a week Lea^e Oakland M.m.i.i* - ; t 'J a in Arrivt At \l..^t, t> z t?> i |i m sauie lieave Marunez Tui -Jiv < 1) a m Arrive ai ','ikl nit by ?! ,? m .-am* dava BM? to < ii'i lon'i at Ataiuo wdl b<- eu..?ideied 12553 From P<:ialunn, L> >anta Kosa. to Heald's Store, O'l II'J :,?t flwl, '.fj liuiea und baek, on!'.e :? w ek Leave Peia'n. 1:1 i jr.jav- at C a in Arrive ai li -ul': s Si n<' i?y ?i p ui sa:re day* Lea\. M?ald'i> S?<>re We?rn**.jHy, iii, 4 (l, Arrive hi Ffcti ma same da) b\ t) p m 15551 From Pit-:. .:>a. Ny Bod^g-,, u", nuth'ti RaiJLh 3Jmi'ts and laek. twice a we? k Ltave I'etiJunia .Mondays und V\'edne?d:iys at 6 a u Arrive at Smith's Kanch bv 4 p ni same dsyi Leive Siiutu's Kanch Tue-davs and Thursday* at 6 a m Amve at Petatuina by 4 p m ram'1 day Proposals eSi .|,d, via Fort Ror-i, to Bi^ River are invited; al-o, to nin only between eo.l.r ta and Sm'h's Knneh 1*?5.> .v,om pi^ecrvdle, by Logtown, Nashville and Saratoga, i?/? Drytown, 3ii mil?-s arid back, r n?e a week Leave Placerville 1 it?~-</ia\4 at G a m Arrive at Dry tow,, ?.y i p d us Leave Drytown VV eduesday , ?. a l(! Arnve at Placerville by 4 p* m same ;s 12556 From (iuart?burg, by McDeruiott's, Miileri.... Campb It's Ferry, o;i King's ! Wa lia, to W.ioJvdle, 125 miles and back. on?e a week Leave uuait.-burg Mondays at 6 a m Arrive at Woodville Wednesday ? bv f, p ni ame days Leave Woo-'ville Thu; sdays at 6 a m Arrive a? (lu arts burg Saturdays by u p in ?amo days Bids to end trips at \ i<alia, 10 miles less are m vi ted 12-57 From Round 'i'e-nt, by Lower Crowing of I?eer Cre k, Point Defiance, French Corral, Swertlands, Cherokee, and Moore's Flat, to Minnesota, in Sierra couniv, 37 miles and back, once a week Leave Round Tent Tuesdays a 6 a m Arrive at Minnesota nexi days by 12 m Leave Minnesota Thursdays at 6 a m \rrive at Rouud Tent next days by 12 lu 1255- Froai Sacramento city, by |I>ne Valley. Jac k -on. and Mokeluume'lliU, to Sei.oia, a-i<i back, three time* a yvee<c Liuve Sacramento city Mondays, W? di.- sdays, an.i Fridays at 6 a m Arrive at Souora next?! i>s by 4 p i.* Lea* ? Sonoru Tuesdays, Thursday . and Satur day a at 6 a iu Arrive at Saciamento city next Cuy bv I p m Pr?po>ais to earry ?ix times a wetK u'diy ??. a -?nr w.dl t>- c>Hi-ider>d;aI o, fo.- cm- h.-"parate j-o.Uon 01 llie n-ute betyye.n Sacramento ?ity mid Jack-011, and Jackron and Sonon 12559 From S ieraine.nocity , by Beale's, Condemned and Doian's Bais, to Kattiesnake Bar,35iiiile^ and back, three tunes a week Leave Sacramento eity Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 a ui Arrive at Rattlesnake Star by 4 p m same <loys Leave liatlles.iake Har l iiesday^ i hursdays and Satuniays at t> a iu ' Arrive at Saerainenio city by 4 p ia same days 12560 From Sacramento city, by B-. rCreeV, Buck Fye Fiat, and Mud Springs, to Diainom, 45 m '4*k fc.J six times a week from the 1st uf April to 1st ot December, resi due of the year tri-Weekly Leave Sacramento city daily, except Sunday ai fi a m " Arrive a Diamond Springs by4 p 111 same rfavs Leave Diamond Springs daily, except Suiidav, at fi a ni Arnye at Sacramento city by 4 p ui same days 125tit Krom Saera 1.. nto city . by lone Valley, San Andreas, Fo:man's Ranch, Angel's Camp, and Carbon's Crevk, *.o Souora, !?> uiile? aud biM k, three times a week Leave Sacramento city Mondays. Wednesdays ami Fridays at C a m \rri\r at Souora next days by t p m Leave flonora I'uesdaya, Thursdays and Satur day s at t? a m Arrive at Sacramento ci y next days by 4 p 111 125j2 From San Diego, by Santa Isabel, to F irt Yu ina. on t le Rjo Colorado, 222 miles and back, twicje a month Leave San Die^oon Uiv 1st and I5Ui of each nionili ui ti a |(i * *J.1 Vuuia *y the H1U1 and25th at l2in 1.; ,, , * u;u* on t,,c lr? a?'d 15th of each Utt*Nill .1* ti 1 I14 laUJFf h> l,H h a?d25th at 1211. T 'iH .2 w''"U<'n',> '??mboldt'a Bay and =?" ^tor'^10 *<a,e ?ChW,U,e ?f arTi^ and dup*, 12364 From San Franciaco, to 9nn Rafael, JO miles and back, once * week Leave dan Francieeo Monday* at 9 a in Arrtrrw Mr INftaf m wm' day* Leave Ban B?M Tu?il??< at 9 a in Arrive at San Francisco bv u p in ?aiue days IMJfo KrotH San Francisco tu Pctaiiitua, 60 miles and back, three time* a week L?ave Han Francisco Monday*, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 a in Arrive at Petaloma by i p m *aiae days Leave Pctaluma Tuesday ,f Thur?day -> and Sat urdays at 10 a ui Arrive at San Francisco by -1 p m same days 12066 From Pan Juan, by Watson vUle, to Santa Cruz, 34 miles and Nick, three time? a week from 1st of April to 1st December, once a week the residue of the year Leave 8an Juan Mondays, Wedne?days, and Tridays at 1 p ni Arrive at Santa Cruz by 9 p in same days Leave Sanu Cruz Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 4 a m Arrive at Han Juan by 12 m same days 12567 From Uuiontown, b South Fork, to Big Bar, 60 miles and back once a week Leave Uniontowti Mondays at 8 a m Arrive at Big Bar next days by 4 p m Leave Big Bar Wednesday* at 8 a m Arrive at Uniontowu next days by 4 p in 1256S From Yankee Jim J, by Elinbutlit >wn, to Iowa Hill, 10 miles and back, once a week Leave Yankee Jims Wednesdays at 6 a m Arrive at Iowa Hill by 12 in -aiue Java L h?c Iowa Hill Thursday# at 6 a in Arrive at Yankee Jims by U m i-ame days WASHINGTON' TERRITORY. 127-25 From Astoria, by Chenook, Bdimm-lou, Ilit, Oyster Beach, Cri^ham City. io internee tion with route from Olynip.a, to Cray*? Har bor, 140 miles and back, on.'e * Leave Astori t Mondays at 7 a in Arrive at Intersectio i of Olympic and flray s , Harbor route Thursdays by 12 r>? Leave Intersection of Otympia hi*d ?>".-? Har bor route Mondays ai 7 a m Ar ive at Astoria Thursdays by li m 17726 Froin Cathlamefte to S. Fold > 10 n.iles and back, once a w ek Leave Cathlametfe Tuesdays at ft u in Arrive at S. Ford* next days bv14 m Lenw H Fords Thursdays at o a ru Arrive at I'athlamette next days by li ui 127-27 Froai ?living a to ?Jra>'s llarbir, 40 miles .ind back, nnce in two weeks Leave Otymptn every other Monday at G a m Arrive at (frvv'z Harbor next Wednesday by 5 p m Leave Cray's ever* Oih^r Thar day at 6 a in Arrive at Olympia next Saturday by 5 p ni 12728 From Olympia, by Ford s, to t 'henook Citys 90 miles and back, once n, two weeks Leave Olympia every oih?i Friday ai 9 a ni Arrive at I henook City next Tuesday by 5pm Leave Chenook City every other Thursday at 7 4 m Arrive at Olympia next Saturday by 5 p m this for weekly trips are invited 12".29 Froin Olympia. to Shoal water Bay, 73 miles and back, once a week Leave Olympia Fridays at 10 a m Arrive at ShoaUvater Bay next Mondays by 11 am Leave Shoal water bay Tue-day at 6 a iu Arnve at Olympia next t'riiiay by 9 a m 127Ji From Oi.unpia to Seattle, CO mtles and back, once a v.-eeK Leave Olympia Fridays at 10 a m Arnve at Seattle Next d;<vs by 8 p in '.eave 8- a tie Wednesdays at G a in Arrive at Olympia next days by 6pm 12731 From Coi nibia City, bv Cascade City and Kort Wallawalla, to vV?i epta, 200 miles and back, once a month I. 'ave Columb a City on tlie 1-1 day of ea h month Arrive at Wailepta by 6 p m < f tin* 9rh of ?a;ne month Leave Wailepta on the l*2di day of each month Arrive at Columbia bv 8 p m of the 90th of ihe sume month Iti 1- to run on'v between C??ca.le City and Wallawalla are invite.t 12732 From Port Town*end, by r>rt l? cover*. to Nfw Dunseriiuvs, 45 mile-* rind back, once a week Leave P.irt Town end Tuesdays at b a to Airive t \ew iMiinjerness next days by II a in L ave \cw Dungeme s Wednesdays at 1 ii in \rii\.; a' Purt Townser.d ne?t days by b p m B.ds for two trip-; a week will be considered 12.33 From Seattle, by I* rt >1 tdison, K?.!tN Mills, Penn's Cove, and W114U00111, to I'ort Town send, 45 miles and hack, on<*e n week Leave rt. attle Mouday ?; at t> a in Arrive at l'?>rt Towiuend by fi p pj >am?- days Ceave I'ort Townsend Tue day at 6 a m Airive it Seattle same days by J? p in liids fur two trips a week w II l?* considered 12731 From Set tile io l>e Waruiih Mills, i2 miles and back, once a w?-ek Leave S* attle Mondays at 8 a in Arrive at lie Warni-h Mdls by 12 ni Mine Jays L'-ave I)I; Wainidi Mills Mnn !ay at 1 p in Aiiive ai Seattl** l?y 5 p r?i days 12735 From St. Helens, by Caitilapontb-, to renin, ?M miles and back, once wvK Leave St. Helens Wedn< liays ai 6 a ni A'rive at 1'ekin by -i p n> sa*i?e il:iv< Leave l'ekin Tnursd.iy._-. .'it P m Airive u! St Helens by 4 ;? .it :?-:t<* iia>-. 12T3b From Steilaco>?m, b} \lj?i,' ? S-saiti*-, 3>i nii'.es a .d hack, once a wr?*Jt Leave Steilacooui Satunla.o u n i m Arrive ui St attle by 7 p in -u.iie t|Hk - Leave Seattle Fridays at 0 a i i Arrive at Slcilacoom l>\ 7 p in' ?.. t Itiils for two trip.- a week nr?- iiiv.ted. 12737 From Wailepta, Cr.o^'- ?' ? . Jr b'.Vloine Mission and St. Mary'? Valley, i.. F t t'- ii ton, N'ebr. Tcr.,*00 n>i>< i and !ia< i., -<ri<*e i ni'Oith L?*ave Wa-lepta on ihe l>t of e u*!i iiuniti Arrive a F??rt Benton in lour wt i ks Leave F.irt Benton on the It of each mouth Arrive at Wailepta in fi>ur vveuks 12738 Fioin Wailepta, b Wallawnll;:, W alker's, Eel's Mission,ano Brown's, to Fort Colville, 2'JO mi es and back, once a month Leave Wailepta on 1 t of each mouth Airive ai Foil Colvi le in len days Leave Fort Colville on IOi.'i oi each month Arriv- nt W.uleplu in ten da s INSTRUCTIONS. Form of a proposal vl,e- c no c\ang'from ait vert tie ?ht il it contemplated by the luUtr. I, , of , county o?' . ?ta e of ? , propose to convey ibe mails lYoro \n gus 1, lfc55, to Ju?y 1, 1S5P, i o route Xo . i mil ? to , agii enbly u? tlo* a.'.ve; ii-ement of the rosuiia-?'er Ceni rai dated Jannri'v lJ, 1853, and by t;?-* 1'ollowi.i; < i" viz: f'H the annual sum of dtillai;. This is inalo tail kn H-.Soi" tlie '?-lance ol liie route, the v.eijjht ot ilie b?a<l to be cairn- w w...| a|| other particii o? in reference in i;. route and aefTfci, ay>1j aj.,, . ?. , -.j11 , v iniim ion ot tlie ristru -lions and ...(jinrein-'ui a'i? nUed !tie ad verti-emciit. Dated rurtn of i Cu*. The undersigned, resnnn. a*. s?ate of 7' r alt'' tha'l411"' 1 'Cgrdnj bill for cai rymjr tht mad on route No ?? ? c(.pie, b> the l'o>tina-ier Genet ai. toe odder s.i ...? tot 1-t da> of July, IDS, oi as soon TtW^SSSJI may be, entered into the required oblijr , e.i I I ? 1.1011 t?? itur form tin* service proposed, with goou am 4 hUUici?, t sureties. ' This we do with u full knowk-Jge of tlo t lions ami liabilities a?>unted by guarantor ^ uuijtf the 27th section of Ihe act of Congress of , 0 1536. } ' Dated. f (Signed uiuu ^ranto,,.) fbrm of rt Ce-i lijU ult. Tlie undersicned, postmaster of? State of , cert ties, mid* I his oath ? (.fliee' that he is acquainted with the above gnat nf!Tor? and knows lh"tn to lie men of property, and a-?ie to* make s?md tin ir guarantee. Dated ? (Signed.) fne uiboieiicy r.fauaj^R\o:s on prop s:ds may bi certified by ajm^ nf a court of rec? r!, and by post masters at the nving tiflkce.-, an no other*: For Califor|,ia?Anbi.rn, lllinoistown, Crescent ?'ity, Hiaiuoma Spriugs, Drytown, Fiddletown, Fos t<-r ? Bar, Jackson, Clinton, Volcano, Mamville, Spanish ! ia;u R.ntgh and R *adv. Grass Valley, Xv ^1". Y; id well's Bar, Mokelumne Hill, lone Va'lev, McKinm y's, Murohy's, Downieville, Oakland, Xl varado, Han Jo?e, Marnnna, Petaluma, Bodega. Bla cerville. Drytown, Uuartibjrs, Round Tent, Saera iiiento City, Sonora, Mud Spring. Algol's Camp. San Diego. San Fran. i?co Trinidad. San Rafael, San Ju in, Sinta Cruz Big Bar. and Yankee Jim's For Washington Territory Asuma, Ctunook, Farlili, Olympia, Catolameite, Heatt'e. Columbia Citv, SteUacoom, Cathlapootle and Tori Town^end. Condition* to fx incorporated in thr amtracU to th< extent the Ihyxirttnent may dr<in pr<q*r. 1. Seven minutes are allowed to each intermedi ate office, when not otberwi*e specified, for assorting the mails; but on railronl :tud steamboat routes there is to b? no mors delay than is auftn ient for ar. exchange of the mail ba?s. 2. On routes where the mode of conveyance admit* ?f it, the ?jpeeial agents of the Department, also po?t office blanks, mail hairs lrvks and keys, are to be conveyed without extra charge. 3. No pay will b?? made for trips not performed; and for each of such omtaeion* not a ltWactorily ex plained three times the pay of the trip m?y be deducted. For arrivals sofitr behind time as to break connexion with depending mails, ?ud not sufficiently excu-ed, oue fourth of theoompeufatiou for the trip la subject to forfeiture Deduction will also be or dered for a ?rade of performance inferior to that specifiedin the contract, lor repeated delinquencies of the kind herein specified, enlarged penalties, pro portioned to the nature thereof and thij iuiportanee of the mail, may be made 4. For leaving behind or throwing off the mails or anv portion of them for the admission of p*>**.ngers, or for being ooncerned in setting up or running an express conveying oommercial intelligence ahead of tke mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. o. Fines will b? imposed, unlen th? delinquency b* promptly and satlsfcciorlly explained try co tlfl ntM Of postmaster*. or th* *?d*vit*cn other cred itable persons, for felling to arrive In contracture f?r neglecting to take the ?i from. Wlw It into, a poet office; Buffering It (owing either to the uflsnitablensMi of the piece or manner of carrying it) to be injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost* and for refusing, after demand, to oonvey the mail as fre quently a# '.he contractor run*, or is concerned in running, a coach, car, or at*aml?oat on a rente. 6. The Postmaster General mey annul the contract frrr repeated failures to rnn agreeably to eontraot; for disol>eying the poet oflioe law*, or the instruc tions of the Department: for refusing to discharge a carrier when required by the Department to do so; for assigning the contract without the assent ef the PoetmenterOeneral; for running an exprese an afore said; or for transporting persons or packages con veving mailable matter on: of the mail. 7. The Fostmaster General m?y order an increase cf service on a route by allowing therefor a pro rat* increase on the contract pay. 11* may ehanc* the schedule of arrival* and departure*, without increase of pay, provided he does not curtail the amount of running time. He m*v also order aa Increase of speed, he allowing, within the restric tions of the law, a pro rata increase of pay for the additional stock or carrier*, if any. The contractor may, however, in the case of increase of speed, re linquish the contract by giving prompt notice to the Department that he prefers doing *o to carrying the order into effect. The PostmMt*rO*ueral may also ?urtall or discontinue the service, at pre rata de crease of pay, allowing one month's extra com pensation on the amount dispensed with, whenever in hi* opinion the public interests do not require the ?ame, or in case he desires to supersede it by a differ ent Rr*d? of transportation. 8 Payments will be ma 1c for the sert ice by collec tion* from, or dra^s ''li postmasters, or otherwise, after tlie expir*ti >n of . i^h quarter?say in Febru ary, May, August, and "...v mber. i. Th<> distances art* given according to tli* best Information; but no increased pay will be allowec iU?-?ul;l tl.ey bw greater ihin advertised, if the point# to supplied W correctly stated. Bidders must in form themselves on th:s point. 10. The Postmaster General is prohibited bylaw from knowingly making a contract for the transpor tation of the mails with any person who shall have entered into, or proposed to enter into, any combina tion to prevent the making of any bid for a mail contract bj any other person or persons, or who shall have inodu auy agreement, or shall have given or performed, or promised to give or perform, any consideration whatever, or to do or not to do any thin* whatever, in order to induce any other persun or persons not to bid for a mail contract. Particular attention is called to the 28th section of the act ol 1836, prohibiting combinations to preveut bidding. 11. A bid received after time, via: 3 p m oi the 16th May, 1855, or without the gu?Tanty required by law. or that combines several routes in one sum ol compensation, cannot be considered in comi*-tition with a regular proposal reasonable in amount. 12. Bidders sht uld, in all ca^es. first propose for service strictly according to the advertisement, aud then, if thsy desire, ieparatdy for different service; and if the r gul ir bid be the lowest offered for tb* advertised service, the other bids may be considered; if the alteration" propo-ed are recommended by the postmasters ard citizens interested, or if they shaD appear manifestly right and proper. 13. There sheuld be but one rout" bid for in a proposal. . 14. The route, the service, the year y pay, the na tie and residence of the bilder, and those of eacL member of a firm, where a company offers, should be distinctly stated, also-the mode of conveyance, il n higher mode than horFtbock b? intended. The w >r?ls "with due ceb-rity, certainty,and security, io erted to indicate ties mode ef conveyance, will constitute a "?far iwi " 16. Biii rsare rrqueetel to cs*, as far a* pract! cable, t ?' orin'e 1 f rin of p op -nl furouh'd t y '.he d?p*rtmeot, to wiile ??ut in fu 1 the turn of .heir b.ds, at-d to re'ain e- pie* of h?m No atler d bids ran l> > coosid I. and no bids onco ^uMni'ted can be withdrawn. Each b.d must *>e guaiaot'fd by t *o responsible ce'Binj lieovrai gua an'ees cannot be adnnt:?d. Di. '1 it ? bid ^_u!d . e s a'e!; rut>ers ribed " Mai Pr )po-a'>. State of or 'territory c f ,"(>,s ?! ? oise uitv bad'lr.sift ".e<cnn1 \->ist?nt Pa-t master fl- n ial ' Contract Office a~d =e .t: y mail, n t v. or to, m'i std postmaat-rs will not ? nclo*e p-opoiiil-. I -ttern : i u*.y ^inl) tn toeir quarterly retuiue. 17. The contracts are to be eiecutedand returned to the Det v tment l?7 or l*fore the 1st of August but the service iuU t b c mmencedcn th- rna'i dav next after tha date, wh'th r *he c ntnutf be cutel or not Nop cp sition :or tran fer.< w 11 be con-ile-?.i u'i'il the <?< ntracis *re ? xecut d iu dne f,.iu ?iil received e.t ^he d-ra?tia*nt; aid hen ro traosfers uil! 1-e ?i lovrsd unl^M gcod *n-l fu ?.cient reasons therefor n:e given, to be determined by tbe department. 15. Section IS of in act of Congress, approved March 3,1H45. provides that coutracts for the trans portation of the mail sha'l be let, '? in every case to the lowest bidder tendering sufficient jruaranties !ur faithful perftir Jiauii', vithont other reference tc the mode of sueb transportation than may la n?-ccs ?ary to provide f.>r the due celerity, w-rtainty, and M* Jrity of sii'h tran-{?f:rtatK?n." l.'nder tin.* i?w a new description of bids ha.1, been received. It does not specify a mode of conveyance, but engages tc take the entire mail each trip with celerity, certain ty, aud security, using the terms of the law. These bid- are styled! from the manner in which they art i^-i^nated on the b-<okF of the Department, "*/<ir bvi?y hd 1 they will be <-i>nftrued .i provUing f??r the entire uinil, howver l"ry, and u-.'iut-ro w;try l-t ih, y,nd' '-J i.vit- j/.ii'-- noct^saryto itivir* its " I'lcrjy, crtuiuly, and ttcurity.n In all ch*s wlterv the lowest (trade of service It believed to ?>c ^utKcient, the lowest bid will *e aecep. ted, if duly guarantied, iu preference to a " star or sp<-cific bid. \lVhen the lowest bid i= not a star bid, and spe -ifje? either no mode or an inodsquatf m aleof conveyance, it will uot be accepted, but set aside for a specific bid pr ipising the n?w?s?*iy service. When the bid d.?i n >t specify a mode of con veyance, al.-o, when it pr'pos?*s to carry "according t> the advertisement," t ut w ithout such spe cification it will be considered a propof#, tor horseback tier vice. i9. A mollification of a ' id. iu any ?.f its essentia* terms, is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot be received, so as to iuU'rtere with rt-t?uli?r competition, aft?r the la<l hoar set for re-*? iv';n? bids. 90. I'ostma^ters are to >>e careful not to certily the sufficiency of guarantors or su eucs without knowing that they are jpereons of sutfl'-ieut res[>on sibility: and all bidders, guarantors, ai.d suretii-" are distinctly notified that on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts f,,r the service proposed for in the accepted bid* th-ir le^al liabilities will be en for^l against th-ni. 111. I'rejeut coutrii<-:ors at,d persons Itnown at tie Department, iikisi. equally with other-, procure guarantors and certificates ol their sufficiency ruU BTsatislly in the form-above pre-eiib?d. Tb>* cvr S of sufficiency mu?t lie signer! by a postmas ter, at one of the plac? b?for-? n^med., or a judge of a court t re-ord. JANiKi OA MPRRLL. ros m<nter General. i?o?f .-lyb't: DiPARTMEUT, January 1J. Ifcoft. jan -a?Th?w B' . ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JL'dT received tu > of the above unequalled in !-truineuis direct from the .Manu- .(ff-j: : factory in Dresaen, Germany. l'i:iti<>c having both after a lorg and luil arrived in perfect* ? \l ? tune, afford .mother gu.irantee of their superiority in keeping iii luiic. 1 ht-ir beauty and power ol tune tie higlie-l eucomurna from nil tiie gr> at mi:-aal critics of Lurnpiv IIII.BUS fie HIT7., Mu.-ie Uepot, cor. i'a. av. 11th ami ?' ?ih. jail 8 - tf h. semken7jeweler, .Vo. 330 I'a. ur'W, iefwcti 9lh and I0M stif'ii., Offers f<?i >i'l? a magnificent a>?ortnient ol" DIAMOND JKYVELRY, (?old Bracelets-, Urcastpins, Karritij , deal Kings Wedding Itii.r , Fob and Vest Chains, Heals, Lock ctw, PenciU, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All articles are warranted aa represented and fold unusually low. j <n 10 >Rm.-J|! STATESMEN?Lives of Aberdeen " Ru-<-e||. P.ilmers;o:i. Graham, Gladxtoue, kc., 1 vol, London, ltf54 Till.ty Years of Foreign Policy, a lii-tory of the 8e cretary hips of AlM-rdeen and Palmeraton, 1 vol, London 1855 Beedcll's Brit.ah Tariff for lbo4-5 Special Report to Parliament on the manuractures of the New York Indus:rial Exhibition, by Wall is Special Repori to do., on the machinery of do., by Whitworth Special Report to do , on the Raw Materials and Agriculture of do., by Wilson Special Report to do , on the Geological D. partment of do., by Lyell Bantield's Statistical Companion for 1P?4 Rickard'oon Population and Capital, 1 vol, London don complete Set (scarce) of the British Almanac and Companion from itscommen e nient in 18}ri Jan 2fi F11ANCK TAYLOR. PAPER MOISTEXER.?a New fnventinu for moistening the leaves of a Copying Book, Post ago Stamps. Envelopes, and moisten the fjngerf wlten eouutios bank bills. Also, useful tor Various other puiposes. ft will ho foiind an iudisiien^ible article for vtr> desk. It is p rfectly snftple and cheap, and mus* come into ??'iie>si U"?e. TAYLOR St MAURY, Jan 18 Agents for Washington. SATHOLIC BOOKS.?A large and varied assort inent of Catholic Works, incliHing St. V\nc?n' nual, Christian's Guide, Gems of l evotion ; Do nay Bishop in plain and elegant bindings, at the low est p ice, jnst received at TAYLOR k MAURY'S jun 16 Bookstore, near 9 h ft. CHARLES WALTER'S GENERAL At.'ENCY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE NO. 959 SEVENTH 8T. OfrOSITS CENTRE MARKET. Office hour? from 9 to 13 a. m., and from 2 to 5 p.m. jan 17? lm* TR.Wr.LEWS' IIIRBTTORT. T ATHAM'M L1!?E OF Ml Bill K % I j win Alexandria at ?, TV, and 9% t hi. l.'-i aiul p ui. Willi leave Washington atfijli.aud Ha m.,3* *ari~ P m Beau can be swrnrt at tl?e < Fairfax ft., and N'ewtoa^ Mansion Ifou*e ; in Washington, at nail's Sctar .Itomol Kirk wood Hou-e Thi? Line rua- regularly Winter an,l summer l?.r the sceomraodation of Ui?* Public. Passengers called tor and taken to tin ir residence* if not too Tar. FARE?F?>r the flr-t trip irp *nd H>t trip down, 50 rent* ; all other r?f?lHr trip* 25 eeal?. Trunksextra. LATHAM * COOK. jan 8?tf CROM WEIL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LTNE BETWEEN -j, NF.W VOBK BALTIMORE & BCtfTOV, WILL dispatch a Rteamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week from Bo*ton to B dtiniore and Baltimore to Boston. Thia line a/fords unequalled facilities to Uie bosi new men of the. District of (Columbia. The Agent.* at either point will receive freight and five a through kill oi lading to Washington at the lowe-t rates oi freight and no commission* chargwd. Applications fur freight promptly attended t? by the following Ageiu,; A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange Pi ce, Baltimore. II B CROMWELL, Corner Wa=hlngtoji arid Albany sts., N. Y. JXO. W. SCHANK, Jhu 14?d.1m Foot of India Wharf, Bo-tr?n. FOR THE U EST AND SOUTH. HALT!MOKE AND OHIO HAlhtLOAD FMPROVRD A "It.* X JEM-NTS F?>< TKAVM.I IMPORTANT CUANOK8 OF-SCHKUI DS'/ f^CCBSHSBE] Th? '.?t- completi->i cf th* OVto trt**vi> Wbe-ling and (>>iuml ua, rnitlrg an I* do-M, *T so ] <hort snl direct a 1ln?, the RalH re an<i Ohio H-dirt ad w th all portions of the w. (tn 1 North %o1 Southw??L) giveathla nute greatly m'*reiiMid alvantage* to through traveler*, in Oat dire.Hkwi In and sf er M NDAY, November ".7, l*i4. th' trains will be run as Nlovt: FOH THROUGH PABSKNQ Kill. Two f*si train* daily wil< run in ^acb drectlon flr*t?'The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Cam leo Station it 7 a. m , inste .d Ol 8 o'clock KB heretofore, (except u Sunday) an 1 arriving ?t w bse'>ng at X 40 a. in Second?Ttte EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , instead ot at 7 p. tc., as h*r?'o<t>re, and runnlrg ?hrt.ugh to Wl ee'lng n about 17 hcurs, reaMdrg there *t 11 * m. Th's train will ?t< p at Wash 'ng'on JutKtlor, 9yk -?r<ile, Monoeacy, Hbr-xsr'* **rr?. Mar'tnahnrg, *lr Jnbn** Run Cumberland, PHlmont, R..wleeburg, Newbnrg, Vertenr.a... r'artu ;ngt?n, Oitnerou and Mou'-d'vl'l? c.'v. foi w.?o* | *nl waic-r and meat* B tb tle^e trairs niAk* i?rompf enl regular frwnftioB wi h th* err.' of th. Oentral ?->hl?5 Road f'nr Cacibridg-, Z*?t svlile, T ew irk, Ooltucbiui. Cin inniti, Loi.isvi1!*, T'sjton -anlcskv, lei I . tetr it. Iniiana'pi.s Ch'.c-no. M Ix-.tiif, etf ^a^0-Tigers iefving 1 aiiimore by ihr MallTr-'o; *i 1 re<c licci^nsti f-r dicr?r next ley, while by th? Kxpre^s Traiu th?7 arr v ther ?t 12 the Odrt tilgh% b-irg Kept hut one righto* the route by -i'Vr train Paj?5r.<-rf fr>. tie Ni-rthwrt via CIcva'and and all in term-* hiit* poicte can m^ke a direct prose film with he tra!n? upon fh' C evelaid ?=rd Pitt? onrg Ra lrur I ?? a': tiuies wh?- the Ohio i-< ravi^a >l? f>r s'^aaiers between -^htellni; aid W 'll. vSUe by leaving Balt!mrr-? in ihe Ma>l Train af 7 * r-. Hetnrrhg. 'be Trains leave Wheeling a* f.-.!'?ws:| The FXPRKbS TK?I.^at430p in., r-acLI. < i'a! '?iTio?-e at p.,*?0 s. m. Th? MAIL Tlt<*IN at li 4 ? j a., read irg imoie at 7 p id tHjrThrough tickets by b at from W tee'in^ fcr Mcri -na'!, M^dlsiti \. u srl'le, Ft. t ruls atd otL-r J Hirer Cities, ? fl Ve so'd at a 1 time'' wLen thePtagr of >?*?' r - 111 a1rr,i?. ?S-T hr u?>h -i.'k ts Ve 7-e-n Rsl'imore *^d ?'jl a'l tbe linror'n&t cIH * ?nd t an? la B'?st,are s/ i;v*. th? T *-e irfit.- f the | Cmpsnv. FOR -VAY i?*8s;:n BK3 till MAILTAAIN^leavingOMBdsa Mil -i.' take pr.Meutrers f r aM IV ? I'-aul stepping pl?'e* o* the Road Ite'arnlng. l- s ir-tii; le-v.^ M hMlhi^ at 11.1ft mMn?ght. Cumb rlacd e 10i5a. ni., ar,j arrivec at Hslt'oior'1 r- 7 p TilK FRVTiK WK ITCCM VOPATIO* TliAIN, fbr Fn"derick jp 5 i '? -n.odlHe *l.i -' , xi ! ?* irt 4 p. ra , <?aily ( .< >?t Sun-'av-) a. n n t ia Fr- ln irk at T.4'1 ki ?iT"ii ir ???11! h-ave Fr.-i-ri -k at v> a m., &rrir'i!< e.r L'.iltirrsor- nt l -'.'W. ;i >u THE E! LIC )TT- Mil.. - AtV- M'-li DA ? ON ?fill be r is ?! - lv t'1 p'. f nd? toU?*?rj : L ave i'-umJ u tu* i >n at 6 a u ?ud ? p. ui Le?-e J i!'< a: ' !H) i ia. a.uJ u. WA?!ilSC T')N PIJANCH RAILROAD TB*:Xj AB F H.V ^VS: IL.xX r. dki j, t > -al -j, 0 tr-i \ * u j 1 :i ii? ? ,? ia. C ;i .*i?a y-'; al ?. u to e*i: f? : l?:i. ."u re >?? ' ? aud jiu; a.l - I 3 P Irt. Oa tr wi.<t 5 r Th?c i?re .j> .. ? . i ?-,c i 'Lio C.r tl e : :.rr l v ?r?:nc! 1 aTm^ u. v a ia kiiJ I' p u Pot I Ml ??*. ti-L'a T;n.'l N.-t^ V -.I ttl b*< a*r w;>d 0 ^ :d For } i r.j V, :.t S>'t % n ,.u " r vi. Fw.' ??<?(.cKi ti' .? p ij. T H PAP. 4W, A:.n.i Partfeu sr ; M ?? <Ioc k ??*:!.to th - Rule re^u:r in? a resfourt'e vouch-r ii>.- : ?y (k>i. u of coin ?liO ta y ni-h to j.?ag cv r the ioul. dec !,1? ttf CHANGE AKD ALBXANDBIA RAILK)M) IWP On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1*>54, T'HK Cnra loave Al?xa:.dri* di iy tor ^l^rloni r''!e and interna'di le tations at 7 a o'? lo.-6 a. n., o tli* arrival ot th? l tr^ia Within,!. : 4iv1n,r nn?t'e time f -r b.eakf*?t on bonrd t". :> cectin^ at Mana-v^s Jaaot:?ii *.'.h u tr*sn1o- j'tr-. '?urg, at Warren n J j 'tion ?it!; a train t?r U'ar ronton, sni ai Oinlftsrll* with the tr*ins <"n iIk Virginia Oeatrol Kailrow f'>rIiivLuici l,C!iarlotUf rllle, ?;ad 9taunt<~u Tbeiam leav- (... rd- osd! e daily lot sj.- ii ? i.nd intHnuediaf. rutiot?, \i before li, a. di., ot tbe arrival of the trains o> the VirgiuuOent^a! r?ia0 Trrty ri.-lnuik 1, Cl".-r!ot'nnll!?, ?l1 Stauutc-u C iKOU31i Hi KKTS. Frm: .M *e.n 1: ?.a 4 ? Unti'Lt n (-2 00 M " ('??r'fKTille 3 50 '* " Ch ir'cttea* ills 4 21 44 ?* h .icn'oL. ....H b VO *? " Stra- but/.... 3 Cs4 " " L>tirhbutg tf 75 " " Wliicbrttrt 3 >"? " ?' ! i r h y 4 Lj " ?' N.w V.?rket C? 00 14 44 Mldlleburg 'i'lb For Lvnchbnrg, CLnr-.-t^^ *? th tlia elates a 0b*rl'?lLtS'sHle, on Mbo-'.?ye, '.V^dntsUay*, au4 Fii lays For Lurny an; N'ew Market, tonnecting with th' s age* at Culp'-per, on TuesJiijt, Thursdays, arid tlal uiday F: r Wirc> e?tcr drJ'r, cot.u* ling *lt*i 'Lj stu e at Pied nc.nt Per Mlddlcburjr dailv, ronnerticp with Hi.* sta<e. at the Plaid^. Prroplar: W B. liROOKEiT, Agent no 7?dtJ FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS aaJ FRIDAYS. ^Fare round trip tl ; from Alex audi!? 76 v*i.t. Ihe TllOSfia^ OO'.I.VKR letv? Wasl.h.g'ou a. -.1 au l \!?xa.idria at o'clock. ? 'oach?^ Lav- t^ie C^piiol !c r t* et?it at 8j^ ' 11 CoaoL f .re '0 cents. i'ar cdi vistilu^ the C?a.h^t will l??.>.e r. deuoe wi h Q*o. 4 'J hoa. I'at Ver ltarre^hmeiit' on the bo.t' net M otf ^A'l'l. ?iEDXrY. Cay? TilK NEW YOHK A LIVahlMJUl JIT HO STATES "MAIL STEAMERS. ''PUB HIlIPl* COXfRIdlNO f ll}* LINK AF.E 1 THE- ^ ATLANTIC, Cspt. West PACIFIC, Caot Jfve, B\LfIC C'*.pt. OanBtock, AU'tlALIC, Ctpt Otait-'i! Theae ehip^ hare be<n built by contract, eij.. ly for Oovercta^nt eervire; erery c?re has t--- ? takei. In tn?ir c.%nstrvedoo. as in th? Knjin.- r. insar.? atr^ngth aul i>pr?l. aod 'h"ir ?oc aa.,-;,. tions Jo- |.kHbeugoia are uue^ua'1?! for e'egm^ and oinfort. Price of paa.sage frc?i New York to Liverpool, ii first cabin j: 8aooiid Cabin 7C K*~ii:riv* u-e of extra Bite ata;e nx>ms 30" From Liverpool bj New Yorl ?3> aud ?20. An experienced surgtcn atu-L".' toeaeii <,hip. No berth can 1 a 8'ejr'yl until phld l'or. For freight or pa-fs^e aj>t'iy to KDWARD l?. A CO., 6rf Wall street, Ne? York. BROWN, UUIPL&Y A Co, Liverpool. e. Huberts a co, li King's 4r-^a Varl, Londcc. JOHN MUNKOi: A Co, kd Ru? Notre Dame des Ti LitM, Fari<. ObO. H DRAPER, lUvr?. The owners of .he o hips will not be a^ccuntaLle for gold, silver, bullion, fp?cie, jtsrelry, precious stone.- or metaU, unless bilir o( l-diag srengneo theref r. an) tlu> value thereof liie<ein cxprafe d. nov IC?dly Y COUKTBIIIP AND IT800Nf<EQlT\r?N? ?<v Henrv Wikofl" M ? _ The History and Poetry of Finger Ring-, by ?'l?:i? Edwarde The World n Workabno bv Ea btnk The New Congrett mal Direcuiry at TAYLOR at MAI'RYM jau 15 Booksturv, neai ?iii at. Minn imtnamB. V| JKRIK VAItDKM, LSCALE MAKBK, 8?utb***t corset of *-wCHA*I.S'? * B*LI?:R8ToN ?ill*"#. f?b8? Ij laltlwArt, >"?. iraiiu I HITS CMUI D. ??ITS. l>. SMITH * CO, MrtB^OiriH Ml J . T^alers ia ALCOHOL. CAMPHTM, ITH* RIAL OIL, Aa. Ho. 84 8. CALTRRT STRR*?. er K?ca Wator ??!, BALTLMORR. MA ??t n-j* IV DIX? BOCTOft. a a BPnrcKit OffrwtiU Pr-fa?(*.-??>al Mtiim tr> the Mmm of B* ? tfrnor*. i rwr rur* all ktod? ofCaaoeT*?tak<'-be* oat w?tb.-ot paio or tha ?a* of at y kaifb 1 a*a ~or? mM kri of llti and 8p*f>i| RWaBitk Paiaa. Oneaamrtioa, Drcrry, Dytpeyala, Pllea, M?J, or aay oth*r ailment lb* bnxaan 'amity art K.hj*?t to. Ho oan ?t T Bl**d1ng froir the Lkui or Boo*, at ? iWtanor frcn the pat'ent. Vt knowfag tho paltasl's aaua. I tn hem Mini, and taa fMM ?rrr?l r*art order an lndi*a Donor wU w*a ibmj tB* olid Indian' thirteen y?r?. DB. RPKNCtR baa ramovad fro? Mr. Buokl?f'a Boardiag Houe*, to No. SA, HAXOVKB 8TRBKT, anc II?tf itoltlaora, MA. \T B V\ BOOK, PERIODICAL [M AND NM nSPAPKR KUTARl.IXNMKffT, WM. TAT LOR 4b CO., Otmr- 9f Mfeun atui CJkmritt strict. BALTIMORE M* KM. IA TLOR < CO. be? Int? to eal! tb- a>t*a roi of t*?? r? adlag p -cpl* and aW dea'a? la R&v *?, to tbair n?w BOOK, PKRJODJf AL, ar.d XIW* PA/'MK LSTABLISHMtLW, ?U r* can U Urn ad ? laip* an i p*r.*ral awortmrBt of a!] tb# late popu ar | ublioa'.wnt of th? <la?. Tr^j a?*? k.^ep on haari ? ?rleadtt aaeorta *di <?? jls:uacd fancy r /*IOM'KY of ?T*rT d*?*r.ptx j. Ail order* tbxakful'y tv "i*>d and 4ll*d with d? ,-etch, end Mat by T*tirra of r ail, *xpr*.?.?, . r '?gm, or ia aoy ctb-r way tV- j re** or A*rmg ?at liroct. ?iookaalU r*, Newa Apeui*. Pel'.aii. uJ * 1 cth*' with any Pv>ka, Ma<ai:u'?. #'c., at tb* C?Mt titMl Auy Book publUheJ ia Um rs awfcy c?a bo b J *T *^n^1ag your o*J?-r to a*. V?M TAYLOR A 00., 0??r. -xlUiaoro and Ct.arlaa Ma., BaiUaora, MA. najr iJl?tf ? * ?> ii i Mr At rn.tUCmAil'l c?i??*r. <I<1 ^u. I ?f. iijUi**?CTt urttt lr*lr*>irt. Ma. I V'iB < >i alW?- otvort oC tbia iiu.'t jtkn la to ; 5fs ta- .Mkii cMBd;?iJr*'j? prc.f?r ta-ilitit* lor ?! t d^.hi r a tber j?b at.J pf *:t!cal nmacLJo odd ?ti id. A Tfu'i/ inau eau l??re cbtaiu a ncra ccr m rxtov&g* e.' raatt^p la a fcw ?r*Xa th*n v-vj b^ awtlr^l ia a, s>anyyearaia aaf ?? ? -.u:>ioj houc? r/ur* '-?! rtai> (ab?tn? dcrb't-^ntry beck a!?.ita[.<lMUlk.ii to Tarioaa d<;-?rurot>u i ' jr:r_?rc8 un' traia. Mtiiai:ti!o eairi;'uiik>o< *-p^r-;tii:.- ts# ircct apprsi^d iretbv^*.? rtcti - .1 I>r.a?i-.rjrld7, eoun:e!c^ rapidity cf rT"vti ?> a ?!?.** tooT-ty rf con.?*ructia'i \fttrr~ ipon - anti!* liv. vpon varices Uui>?rtaat tJti ? ."'ti, bci'idf ?iany cLLor points aocraaory Tor a or I U> oc 'tr.-ucJ. Tin.* : ?vry fir a rt>j io rtc(l?Utb? courae Tirl*. '?? S.'j to c:?.ht wfcka. TLtia bring uo vacation, rriiCinL icttrct any *'are at?5 attaad tatb 'a-, anl rr-r.".-*. Vmaiattlw, trf b(U at atatod ;er;odfi, ar I dipt^rj arrtir Jod to tb"-ar wbo gradu< t-. Tor toTin:*. writ* an4 ba** a circai*r flbr h: r - ? frh 4? ., s FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. MAI,L BUILD1NO Li>r^ cf 10 t*rt or a?r>rt-. la *arkus ;nr?a ol t^* City, and G*>-gotrvn at w pric^ ?ci ??rnip to ? iit. LLOVD A 00. DI'M<1HW6 STOKE, For . -Vivratl* a* tb* C&bfI, or Wbarr?a m ??a?biR^toa. 0*.^r<^to?r., or Alexandria. LI OYD A CO. 'Oh arr*?t, oj^ Tr**?oi-r P-partn* u It W 1 UOUGIIS, COLDS, nOAKSKNES, iS?tt*rtn Klv* ntnutoa. 1 FLF.XS COMPOUND OUH ARABIC STB CP. 'I'HD ,n<*reati?; r dt-naad for tbi* moot pl*a~*nt, L ii*, ff.iid iop* tot all piiiu-onary , ba" ?nnH*l tb? pro^-iiotor t ? r*duo* tb* ?r"> \ tu [i!? ? It vritliU the r?^chof *]i ria'M. It* 5 8; ? rforlt* o*- r rr, <i* ^'It."ar t- "pai :? ,oni< ia at ' s t!-"?* t-uiw-rt L ? m!*d. ?i'tiu I. *to ?ya ?i? is ?h*?i th^ ?su?: rrm* ? fe'.*-:;- .1 17 *Ltfl itrj (f ftur t^i* at rr e;i;ar:?- ab? V .r., L.. | ,t jj ;jJejr ?M?)Ui*a K>?t -i; oo i'Tf and . ar- wut? ? Ttilio< r-u.-. -?2?f r s.t, | .- m, tj irfas >.om4 |i*nM W:t . T- ry :.i-* i" s.,'. A r., it La ?fii'.Ofc It ? r..; i,:n,u jon r. ? t". Luioa ti ? ?" t -ii C it ' ??nait'ii*'* rrli^i, k d r. ri'lj . nivs in a dar >r t??,i. f- t.'-c ? th Hi t '<r IkIdib, or r^ .d*r:ne :> - . '*z> ir\?.r<? r : .t C^-lAa, in ? j' it* Ai'J. *mi, (f.i.;,- ??y 1' CYottf., .J t;, Ji.,/II, J 4.*.8 Lu*)f{, n*A (wwvkp 'i 'n, it ?iuaj'<< vi .7 b a?dcl?i Mi l fai.j, ?Lt?n . -n r-1 :u tl^i* tr~ t k euro. Pn.'.O "J ? <-<"U /.? (?. bv'.tl 'i * U ?Vt;-r* ?. u. ixaim. Su-tt A Jc., R.l;e!y A ?. ' >r. ju St la by Prol A Steron1. la Qecr r?town .... ''Ir (Vitui 4*tf- TYLt.^ x ,c 1 ARABIC CJ9SDTDS )J'S; a s-Iaiitar .-..-sjCcT::.- to tb* hWtj, bat ia a miM^r *?i i r.;or- | vv-.n-;.? irrtr ; <b?-y vt !:'?* a cbana j a a trcob'-Mifii' *. ..1-1 el t^?? threat tsi r.?*c*j tb*> C')mL..u i.r'ii u> '"u, *tro parti' j - l<r!y r?of:-\iii. J-d S,r rL'ldr-i:. irr j i<i t*r? ofpaV rabll.-a. j.abMc fir^k-r^ jid;-., As. ?ii o l-li tad etuU per ki. "?-?r <?ab? at ocit I>rug aai u*ndy Storta ost IT?tf SOMETHfNG NEW. / \P;0S!TK TM* M.VRKKr CN PKN'NSYLVA V" NIA AVKMTK 4 doora below Nlavh ?tr?-t I- ?< iVKW OLoTUlNO STOKE for M*n and Boyc tbis da... f*,'.CRK*t,r n* of tb* cbnapoat 01 tbiag M*reh*c'a ha tb-North, has determlnT| .?n to th? citirens of Waahiagtoa aud Tlciai'v Um esceil-nt Clothin?r*t tho luweat Northern pric^4' ,1 r ca^b only. Ih-rc tb* t*(JOK MAN ? ill find jast ?ucL a Clo;Lini? Sum* a<has l^tc b^'t ?ani*d iu Wasbinjton. Hu Eotto in cbeat tor ca-^b, and : kk paica owlt. A good substantial wolUc coat be will **11 m $t .S; and h*ovy wiuti-r pantj., w.dl lln.-d. tor 11 and U. * coat*, cr*rooa'i?, and To*t*. io prcporti. u' u^^od wool and cotton un lor<hirt?, b>i?-ry. clo?^ Ac., cbt-a *r thin lb* rli*?p<nit. hot II- ti ' KIRWAX'B VVOUKsir Pansli and orhor P? ncilh:i?<< ?."??? R?tu?niam at Home, Letter* to tii. i Ju-ti. e l ac. * ? Tu? M< 11 u,d Tilings a> 1 smw th.-m m iliu>?pe 7.V l.? tti-rs to Bishop Hughii, m mu^,,, 40 . ^nts. ium ?U cent* Antei icitu Principles r.n \ali.N?al l'io>r-,.i?r ? tiiank^pivi' g sHinioii, piix r lo? JAY'S Wciltk'ri. r Auto^i'tfrrapliy and ReunuLK ence? of 1 lie Hrv VVni Jay, wuh iu?*s of <lioiiii8iu.?|ied i*?tui<-iuu<<raire? *11 *2 vol?, <j 1 [to Feiuide rtoripriire ?"ha after*. >1 Aionung aud I'veuiti^ IIs.-n.-i-e*, i v?.l- <j rin* 1-dm.>11 n|'ihf Sanio ia 4 \0| tlirittisi; t\ nutinplated 40.? to_ OKAY RALLAXTYXK, !"1_ 4>H Seventh ?treet. VKW TfIMC . 1 J, Sr rilMLWllKll. "I do not a?k to ort. r thee." t Wrv .(rrtt. ? ,? '.Kh Higdou, Portsmouth, Va. iri I ITe frn*""'" ,M '"S variaiioaa on Thou ar'g'-nc from niy gate, "Uf s'^-l bcnerith lite- moon'* b udit rar? "a ^?HitSS!SS?^^. ton riiv. Fttiry^taffm,! Sar.beam 8chotU*ckm, S|>aikh?ic W al?2 Old Defender'* Quiek-.r,,, at th. >|L< , mu?i, and I ancv Store of ? JO,,V F ELLIS, 1? 1- -tvonue, between ?bli f nd '30th *t j^n 10?tf Mmathematical instruments rts. O. AN0t;R<j .* has r..v;l,ed a latg* %ud rompl*^^?rtnieat of M*Umnaicul foaii^T m^uti and Dnwing Materia * at ?"Mtu. The Math m.Mw. rMcr^u ar?ch^r ^\ U/' maBuf ct>ry in a*s, a * w?u Water oolorg and oJ colon. UrawlLJT rU"*r'1; *ry quality. rawlusr pa^ra of *?. * ' 0 p?en avenue NEW STORK, NEW STORE \f R-Thomas' ?Elkan^ JML th* attenlion ct the 7 In*it*a ftoek of GOODS, whi b h* ha. iJ ^ bla arenueb*-t**Mn Si.-h ? j cP*aa^ on Lonai?na the Bank of Wiabi .i-. ^???nth ^tre?-? CLronit* t'oae ofV^, ^--.^ of all 2?v 1W; Win a anl Liauor*1^!' ^"opowdar. and at ^he lowest S3c?7lr ^a! f ?rt*' *Mch can .a itZZZZltZ'T, o""i" *i?: Br omi, Bu ke^a tv,i V ^ erT **Q*in*f?, Ae PI*a*a aall aai cm 2? Tu^"' M?tct*N b> no* 2?_ha 1 ** ,or ielrea. ^ y b7u'. "Sr.lSTi -kg?- ??

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