Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1855 Page 5
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City Intelligence. Brman> to Dkath.? Tbe woman Mr*. Lil?o McFarland, vibe burned on Sun Jay night at her residence, ?W Mot-. (trot-t, by her clothes catching fir* fr.<m the stove, died at the Sew York Hospital yesterday, from tbe ?fleet* o' ' be *evere injuria- r-c?twl on t ie above ev? ai**. An Inqueat w II b. beld on tbe b >*iy f.f the de feated to-day. The "laughter of the dee?a*ed w??, ai will be remetnbeiod, arrested for k~t':ug b-r mother a clothe* on Ore, but there is on probability at eatabliib iB( lb* charge. Tbe (laughter. Auue M-Mani* starei ihat the deceased we* intoxicated, aud accidentally fell into tbe fire. Fami Accipkxt o* tbk Hrnno.N Rivfk. ? A few dtjl ?tece an accident happened, on the Hunon rivir, to *.x ?en who were cr* ou ti e ieeal tt 1? tie.o* King* ton, when the ice broke and they were drowned. It ap pear! trom tbe evidence reoe'.ve 1 at the Coroner'* in <jneat tliar tb(T star'ed from the opposite of tbe river. It bad been thawing for the la?t t*o day*, and it wa* thought by sotce tbat the Ice woo 11 not Mar them, but the other* deterro n*<t to go. They lial not got 't iparter of the way acrooi bel re the ice oroke and tbey being together were all drowned. T6e bodies have all beea since recovered, but tbey were not rtcogoized. Jrrney City Intelligence. RoMimtt ox a Fkkky Boat.? On Wednesday afternoon, Mii. Palmer, residing in Jersey ''ity, bid her pocket pteked of a purse. containing 980 in money and a cuemc far $600. ?he bad taken out her purse to glv.4 tome j cbang to a beggar, ind It ia supposed that awicnan, ap parently a lady, who iat by the tide o' b*r. | loUed h*r pocket. Tbe payment of tbe chock ha* b?eu Hopped, but tbe thief has not been discovered. Cbrletlan Home Cor Ihn Urmfll of Pemalr ?errant*. ? Tbe undersized, wb. -e a a ices may appear aa aubscr bers to the fund*, an offlcen, or as pations of a pro'eseed organized society under ti e above designa tion, fled it to be a duty to caution .the public against being misled by tbe appearam ? of tlseir name* to an y document or paper connected therewith? as they Mle\? no regular orgaui ration of *uc.h an institution has bpeii effected nor can advantageously be, under the au*pi>-ea of tb* lady who has lately '>een soliciting subscriptions to It, with a subscription book ana other parers in wh*< U eur names appear? in some case* given under erroneous representations, and in others uaed without authority. N*w York, Jan. 'Jfl, 1864, A* Contributor* of Fund*, J. BOOKMAN, la Washington square. PETliR COOPER, No. 9 Lexington avenue. JACOB A. WF-HTKRVF.I.r, Lilts Hast Broadway, ft ?. ToWNSEND, C. VANDEKBILT, 10 Wsshin'on place. Nkh- York, Jan. 25, 1855. Whereas we. tbe undersigned, have been representsd a* officers of 'be Institution known as tbe " Horno of Protection and Instruction for the benefit of Female Hervants," it Is proper to state that we disclaim any right to be considered so, Inasmuch a* we never have been formally or officially informed of our appointment, and believe there never waa more than one meeting of tbe ladle*, and that go organization was ever effected. RSSKY 10WTEIA, KI.IZABETH M. RErtSKN, CORNELIA V. PARKER. The undesigned having, by their signature*, expressed their appjovafof the objects and ends of an institution to be known a* the " Home of Protection ami instruc tion for tbe benefit of Feina'e servants," beg leave to ?ay that tbey of cotirte understood the institution was to be duly organized and piaeed under the cure and su pervision of a proper committee of ladies. Presupposing ?neb an organization, they still recommend the object. Of anything beyond this they des're to be understood aa net living their appoval. New York. Jan. 25, IsfiO. francis i.. hawks. OBOROE B. CHKKVEK, J AUKS W. A1.EX A.VDKR, UEORGE POTTS. Anion ? Daguerreotype*, Large Size, for SO ?to colored, and in nice ease, twice the tine over takes for 50 cent*, and equal in quality and si/.o to any that are made elsewhere lor 92. ANSUN'.S, 6DU Broad tij, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Natural u the Klcpluutt are the Oafnfriw typea by the Picture Company, '2X9 Broadway. In fact, you not only get a perleet portrait lor 26 cent* at this es tablisbnant, but you will kv the elephant extra. PUnoa.-Grrat Redaction In Prices.? The largest assortment in the United States, comprising those of ten different manufactories. Superior ton?<i octave piano* for $176. Second band pianos at great bargaint; price from $40 to $150. Melodoong from live different manufactories. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. Exchange ? A Splendid Piano, Rowwood, al most new and warranted, will be exchanged for a secondhand piano, or (old at a great sacriiice for cash, necessity compelling the owner to do no. By Mr. Weoer'a permission, it may be aeen at 103 Went Broadway. Look Out (tor the New York Plcayane on Saturday ? First edition 40.000. ? A gloriou* hit at Cbeva Her WikoB's 'Courtship nnd it* Consequences" with the American htires?. Twenty -six rich and racy caricature*, ladies prepare! gentlemen beware' coquettes and for tune hunters where ars you? Price, as usual, only three centa. Newsboys wake up. 1'ha newsboys will have the Picayune ?n Sunday morning. Popular Trade? E. H. Loart beater, No. 347 Broaoway, is selling spring silks at -I*. ami 6a., that coat over 80 cent* to import; gentlemen's best kid glove* at k* : r.cb ribbons from li. up, and xhawla, bareges, lawns ana delaines equally cheap. Ltowm? Linens.? .Inst Received trom Auc tion, a latge stock of table cloths, napkins, doy Ilea and table damasks, which w* will offer this morning at great bargrins. alio 10 cases of tine shirting liucns, at 2s., '2a. U. and Ss. per yard, aliglitly damaged by water on the voyage of importation, and wrrth more by fit ty per cent. K. H. I.EADBEATKR, 347 Broadway, corner of I-eonard street. Grand Sale of Winter Clothing.? 1 |1 00,000 worth of clothing, manufactured by tnree of the leading houses tn Broadway, for sale at half price, at EVANS' clothing warehouse, t>0 and b8 Fulton street. Broken Bank*? Present Value? All city banks taken at par, Government Stock, 71 ceuts, Wheat Growers', V6; Bridgeton, 00; Washtenaw, 40, Lewis County, 30; Indiana banka, 00; at EVANS' clothing ware house, 00 anil 68 Fulton atreet Gayler's Reliance Salamander Safes.? Only t 200 I'earl opposite Fletcher street. No safe more ble against Are and burglars than (JAYi.KR'S. Hun dreds have proved practically useful to merchant*, jew elers, Ac. Th? Great Distribution Postponed? The Cos mopolitan Art Association announce a brief postpone ment of the distribution, from the 30th of January, to tbe 2Mb of February next, at which time it will po?i tively take place. Ibe managers lind it necessary to make the above change, owitui to the 'May in complet ing tbe building of tbe galleries and the rnoeptioa of work* of art, whieh necessarily deterred the publishing of the illustrated catalogue until late in December, thereby pre v. n ting the general circulation desired among the distant Secretaries and friends of tne Asao eiati >n To all those who have not yet subscribed, the hat opportunity is now preaented. Any one subscribing previous to the 2Hth of February, will he entitled to the mngasinea for 18hf>. The payment of t'i entitles any norsoa to any of the three dollar magaxlnea for the year lUI. Subscriptions received at No. 2 As tor House, nud at the Knickerbocker office, 348 Broadway, up stairs. Teas? The best Assortment of Vine Teas will be lonnd at the Canton Tea Company's newly erect ed and elegant store. 126 Chatham street, between I'earl and Rooeevelt. the hM tea eatatilishment in the city. We aaaure our readers t her can do better here than elsewbere, either at wholesale or retail. Ac Greatest Discovery of the Age ? That Is what everybody aaya who has used Dr. TOBIAS' Tsustian liniment lor courba, croup, (ore throat, ?happed bands, frosted feet, rheumatism. Ate. If it does not relieve, tbe money la returned. Price 26 and M cents. Depot 60 Cortlandt street. Holloway's Pills and Ointment.? Why Is It that Profsseor HOI.IXiWA Y has been presented to moat of the potentates of Europe? llrcaii'i tbe public Is not deceived in the intrinsic worth of these famous nisdi ctnea. Almost any c aee of asthma, or settled cold on the chest, la mm n cured by rubbing In plenty of oint ment and using th? pills. >old at the manufactories *0 Maiden lane, New York, and 244 htrand, I<ondon, and by all druggiita, at 26c., e!l',e. ami fl per pot or box. Tandrrsnlth? Bawrry Drug Store, No. I W, above Brooms street. ? A certain cure for chappcd U.tsds sad Ups, Vonderamitb'a camphor ice, it haa never failed in a single instance. I>r. Witmer's toothache lulls; it will cure any toothache in a few minute*. Dr. wltmer'a esuppositoiy . it la wariacted to cure in every case, it cured persons who hsve been troubled with the*n for tbe last ten years. Sold only at tbe Bowery drug store, No. 168, above Broome street. iVTEITISEVKHTS RKXEWED ETLKY BAT I.R( TI'RRS. 1MBBWDKNT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWf. ? POI.AR Star l/Hlge, No. 34(i.? Brother J. a. Ftaher will lec ture bsfore this I^elge on an interesting subject, at their lodge room, 29 < anal street, on this (Friday) evening, eommcncing at I o'tlock. Ibe uwmitera of the ftrder ui general, ano the public are invite-l to attend. Hy order. TIN*. ISI.ooD, V. (i .J R. CoKTiAxn Van Bat jit, Secretary. SPORTING, AC. TL| AMMOTTI NkWIOCSDUAND AXD FT. BF.IINARD til pupa, King Charles spanieli. Scotch and hu,ush CEck and tan rat terriers, and all the choicest iiraeds, always on band. Matchless dogs kept srpreeaty fur stork I lea -e copy the address. Ji.< Wat?r street, .or ner of Fulton, up stairs. BILLIARDS. T>1UJARD TABI.IW ?WE HAVE ON HAND A I..VRGE jn stock of roaewood and mahogany tables, with slate and rrarble beds, suitable for prira'e or pubhe nss. One aecoo'i band table for sale, at a be. gain. GIUF mil h DKCKKR, M Ana street. HVMMITnUi. F~~CRSm'RE ? ANY TKHhON HA\ INf! FI P.Nlil'RE for aaie 'heap, suitable for a small fain ly, may I ear of a coeb customer by addressing, poatpa d, Mr. Ml vf c. MuaiVi iff .'*U A ?alki at iccnoa. UCTION NOTICE. ? 1'J fit. So:.xToN FR1IMY, THE. j 2d of Fibriurj, at +4 'I Eighth avenue, h urf? and *rl' "?fOrlM stock ni' l-oots, shoe* and fiadlngs rerros cash, , approved not ? at two and Ujree m^urhn. Sa e to o'clock A. U. OH. WABSHtNO, AMly>w . A CUC3- NOTICE. ? M. DOl'iiHTY. AtTJlOVEEK ? i ?*Ij of excc'.lun. h jusetiold furniture, fed., * turdsy | ebrnar>& al 3 0* , o'clock, at 64 Sixth easts' m?bie"g of *?>*?? PlT ?*> -I ingrain ?? . ctntr*, *?leiut pW table*, initio fS. i. .?? vific, Mif* >i? l*t?ads l-)uag?>, nl?. , cost ?100: rosewood ant initio StfiLuaT , J>u- Jo , h?ir iaa:tresse?, f r> 1 i J bolsters on J pillow*, m irble top hie* "'nsion ami lu-ihojaay dining ta ^Pw,v ?Tal ,""m* oil paint ngs Jo-l engraving, clock* kitchen ltd 'omu^ <t0T., i, wl? r* '0l ' w,lhoui 'v rve, by order of JNO AN LKfcM >, Emj. , attorney for V)rtgA^#.. ACvTJON NdllCK -WM. t JONES. Al"CTl< iNEER - liy ??tue of an .execution ls.ued frtial lae Mar ue . ourt .1 llie city of N. w \ori- .^lU , for ttt pufclic aoctlon. on Fru'sy, Februai. ?> i?s-, iqv ? M, at th? vestibule of tbe City Mai Ju<, H|J%rM iD\h, American Freehold Atsoeiation, the ,,1-mrtv <if Harris (anhbcrg. WM. K JO vj) ConsUble. Arcnox NOTICE.? THOMAS BEI/., Al -rioNFEIt ? By ItEl I. A. HUSH.? Extra sal.' thin .,y* ,t10-' o'clock, at the sale room-, 'i"i Csntre it raft, a 'aantity of lurnitire, iu?u 's noil boys' clothing, fancy ?->ods canary bird*. At 11 o'clock will bo sold lor ami tri_|y.' IttO beautiful fruh imported c.'inary bird', uj<ntly ,, handsome rag en, now In full Hong, the tinest tr?oU am. selected; also, platform scale*. Auction sale.? samiki, osgood, auctioneer, *111 sell, at ui? (tore, 66 Nh-shm ?tr<-jt, this morn ?ng, a choke assortu.tut of rich furs and sleigh robes ? i lie (urn cou-ist of the best <-? !ler>- at auction thin *ea cod. Those in want ol gootl .'un lor ibelr own u e and alao th? trade would do ?ell U> attend thin > ale, at the manufacturer lit leaving tbe country, and all inuit ba aold. AgSIGNKE'.S SAI.E? 1?. HOUGH, Al CTIGNEEK, will sell to-morrow morning Saturday, at lu>; A. M., at public tale, all tbe k<mk!- containeti'.n tbe four ?tory dwelling "8 Warren street, oiipos.t*- I ha Hudson River hailr".*ul depot, consisting ot rich Torkey velvot, iirusaols atitlingruiu floor aud stair carpeting, two splen didly carvail nsewood parlor suits of luraiture, iu trench brocatellv, one elegantly carved rosewood piano fore, warranted, lady's secretary, beautifully tin "bed, Frcncb pier ami ovi.l glassea in elegant frames, aeveral very valuable oil paintings atd fruit pieces, by Street and others, rosewi.od centre and other fancy nmewood tables, with itattisry tops, roaewooi quartettes, brona telle and lace curtains, resept.oa and easyclnlrs In saiin cloth and gold brocade; ul-.> a variety ot' MM<viHKi, icHhogauy, and walnut gotbic and Ellzabethun bed stesds, bureau*, waxhstanus, aofas, tete-a-tetes, uiiihoga ny chairs, rockers, i|?ilta, blankets, hair mattresses of the Brut ijuality, mabogauy and walnu t extension ta bles, niiignlficcnt basi|iii?, |>aran ulu china vares and tigurea, of rich and dassu?l deaigns, gol<) band and white cliiua tea sets, oarian marble ilguros. Ivory ttble cutlery, silver plated salvers, castors, cake 'laskets, apot ns, forks, tea service, plain and crystal cut flai-i ware, wines, preserves, dt-cauters, al! to be sukl without reserve, BY C. A. WATERB1RY, AUCTIONEER. ? -GREAT AT traction. ? Ibis "lay, Friday, F?b. 2, at our store, ;W hrcad atrtct, by order of tho Importera, brilliant dia mond jewelry ; a costly invoice of line diamonds, sot in fashionable I'aria style; also, very tina gold watches, with extra cases and finish, made by Br?ten<r Frnres, Jules J urgent en, Tobias, Johnson, Roskell, and maay others of equal lame. Also, silver wsie fer table use. The assortment is various, and evary article is first class goods. Tliis sale is without any reservation, by cata logue, for cash, at 10)( o'clock. I^DWARD 8CHENCK, AUCTION EES ? EDWARD j SC1IENCK will sell at auction this day, at II o'clock, at bis salesroom, 10 Wall street, a niugniilcent as?ort ixent of diamond jewelry, anani'lled and bunting watch es, ,Vc. The diamond jewelry consists of clustar and single stone pins and rings, in rich 1'arlsian tettings, diamond sets of brooch, earrings and bracelets, ladies' enamelled watches, set with diaiuon is; Jules Jurgeusen watches, double time keepers and iude)iendent saionds, and a large invoice of Raskell, Tobias, Cooper, Rigby k I ent, and others. Buyers would do well to attend, as this sale is one of tbe best of the season. Sale positive. Terms cash. 17IUGENE B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER ? BY FRANK j LIN k N'ICUOIX, office 81 Nassau street. ? F. & N. would most respectfully announce to their frieada and the public that they will give their prompt attandante to sales of household furnituie, merchandise, kc., at private residences aud storts. GROCEhlE-, ROCK AW A Y CARRIAGE, MACCARONI, and haniwara ? This day, at 67 Dey street, coroar of Gieenwich, regars, teas, sugars, colfae, buckwheat, herriigs, chocolate, currant}, almouls, brandy, gin, rum, wines, cordis Is, champagne, >ar>lin?s, soap, can dies, whips, saddlery, knives and forka, s4*s, s-juares, scales and weights, balances, chiselx, shears, saloon furniture, kc. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. QGEOUGK COOK, ACCTIONEER? FURNITURE, MAT treaaos, crockery, kc.. ?% 17a <ir??nwicb strset, between Dey and Cortlanat streets. CEOKtir. ooud win sell as above, at 10,1; o'clock, this morning, a gmieral assortment of new snd second band furniture, extension dining tables, desks, counters, mattresses, pillows. bed> stesds, crockery, 10 dozen porters' lamps, platform scales, Ac. Sale positive for cash, without regard to weather. HENltY H. IJCKDS * CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? BKAU tifnl fansy good*, Ac. Henry H. Leodii k Co., will ?rll by (auction, no ,Thur?ilay lit, ami Friday id, at If )? o'clock each day, at the Hale* room*, 10 Na*?au { ?treet, between Pin* and Cedar (treet*, a large culb>< tion of beautiful and coatly Italian good*, ju?t imported from Italy by ,8ignor <t. B. I'andollinl, all of tne la teat etylen got up in Italy, confuting of large and coatly vaae*, , txiai, Ice., an i table (or niche*, pier*, Ac. Alao, a targe collection of alahanter groupa, atatuette*, figure*, A*. ; etruecan, hebe and other beautiful v**e* ; of varloua I airer aod atylea Alao, the balance of MtielBeld plated ! ware, to be m?M without reserve Also, bronze*, fancy | aoap, port monnniea, gold locketa, ami other good* te clone t?n>l|i omenta. Henry h i.kki>8, auctioneer ? bit u. h uxm k CO.? Jriday, February 2, at 1 o'clock, at tlm 1 aalearootn, 10 Naaaau at reft, beautiful aale of atulled birdn, prepared by the celebrated Mr. Oalbraitb, being tbe firat collection erer brought forward by him, con airt:ng of large caaea of bird(, do. in gia*( abadea; bird* In group* and aiugle, mounted on iprtg*, from all parta of tie world. To be told without re?-rve. HKNKYT. I.FJCIS, AUCTIONEER. ? SPECIAL 8 At. R or aleigh robe*, thia day, at 10', o'clock, at the *tnre, 1S8 Fulton itieet. couidatlng of rocky mountain wolf gurnet, that name old c?ou, a-tra mi, lamb, tortoiae six II. and uncy do Thi* aale i* well worthy of the at tention of livery (table keeper* and a porting men. .-a In peremptory . H ova ANI> LOT AT AUCTION. ? TO BK S'?IJ? BY ' alieritt'a 'ale at public auctiou to moriow fFrl nay) Feb 'J, at l'i o'clock M, at the Mer"bnnt?' Ex change, in tbU city, the hou*e and lot 108 Kaat Mi teentli utreet. between tbe Firat and !<ecc ml avtnuea, in the imim diate vicinity of railroad*. public ??(iiarr* and 1 fountain* 'Ihe lot ia iO feet 10 Jnthea by 1(K1 fe<-t 3 1 inchea. Tim houao, four atory and high baaement. con Itaina all tbe modern improvement*. Mich a* ga(, bath', Croton, rhamielirra, Ac., court yard aud iron por'.ioo m front, built in a ?ubataut'al Bauer; title perfect; term* made known at the time of aale E. H. LUDLOW, Auctioneer. HAl!I?*'ARK AUCTION NOTICE -J E. VAN ANT \\ ERF A; SON will rail thl* day, at ten o'clork. it 'iltt I'earl atreet, a Urge and general aaaortaent of Bir mingham aud BbeSeld hardware and Amerirtn good* alao one caae Sheffield bra.-ea aud bit*, ten bag* bor-? ceil*. "d, eighteen ca>ka wrought Bail*, ltd, 8d and HM; twelve boxe* cut tack*, !DiO ?h.p augur*, J'W (vatti-r n tea traya, match lioxea, aimlTere, Ac. Alan, for account of underwriter*, one cane bor*e ra<p?, 'iaouged. Terra*, ea*h. JOHN W. i-oMIRINHYKK, AUCTIONEER. --MmkToaOE aale of laimdry (Ixturea, Ac. ? On Friday. Feb J, at 11 o'clock, on the norlneaat coiner of Citih avenue toil Forty ?econd ? treet. the following good* one IwiWr, 70 t|?n?, ttrwe furnace*, "team pipe*, Cro'ou pipe*, waali tuba mar gle, table*, and other moveable property ap pertaining to tbe laundry bu?ine-?. Al?o, a food bor*?, wagon a ad harse**. JOHJf W. fOMERIVliYKE, Attorney for Miirtja<?? 8HERI1F S SALE.? BY VIRTUE OF A WRIT- HP eiecution to roe directed and delivered, I willeipo** for aaU. at tie veitibuie of tbe City Hail, in tbe city of ' New York, on tbe ?th dar <>f March, 18'. >, at 12 o'clock at boob, all the right, title aud iut-reat of the I xtt ng ' Obeervatory A**ociatluB, wbicb they had on tbe "tb lav of October, 1464 or at any time theieafter, of, in and to a certaia lea*e of ?year* aad !? month*, Iron May 1, 18'.. t, at a rest of tl,10>), one thouaxnd one hundred |>4' an nia payablequaiterly. The following i* thedeacril^d pro perty, to wit ?All tbat lot, piece or parcel of ground utuate, lylnK and being in tbe city of New York, da* ?cubed a* follow*, rli. ? HcKinning on the northerly tide of Forty econd street, dintaot two bi.ndreil awl thirty four feet easterly from tbe aortbea?t :or arr of Forty ?e<-ood (treat aud Mitb avenu*, runaing tbeo<'e eaaterly alotg Forty (econd at teet twenty <li feet, tbenre north ' erly, on a lio* parallel with the ijiitb avenue, one nun dred feet ami live inchea, to tbe centre line of the bicck, and e-| iil-l latent Wtween Forty-aeijond ano Forty- thiri *t i eet a, thauce westerly ami parallel with Forty IMOBd ?'.net :wenty atz feet, tbenre miIIwi't an I parallel with ^Ixth avenue ene hundred feet and five la<-lie?, to ?aid north ' tly atde of Forty aecoad *treet, the point ?r place of t.egianing. Ami al*o all thoee three l<jt(. p -?c*? or pan el* of ground which, takes together, are deacrlbe 1 a* follow*, vi*. ? Benlnnirg on the v0.,therly ?i ie <4 Forty Mi 'd *treet. <ilatant two hun rwd *n I eight fewt teeterly Irotn tbe *ontbea*tarly corner of Forty t'ur l atrret ami >i*tb areoue. runn n< tuence aaateriy aloo^ tha raid (Oiitberly elde of laid atr? et aereoty l"et, tmjthetly and paiailel with aaid .^Htu avenue ' one ti'iB-'rt'l leet and tire Incbwa, tothaceot"- line of * the block, end e>|Ui li?taBt between I'orty-eoooad an I Forty-third *tre?ta, tbeooe weeurly on the *a.d >?Btre t line aevr ty ei^ht leet, theBee northerly to aaid Miuthe ly line of Petty third atr?-i one 'niiHired leet aad five i if bee. to ilia point ?r place of tiefUam* Alan, Vi>- 1 Urge aud coetly bulking thereon known aa tbe l.>ttin< <??.*? rvata.ry. Ai*o, tbe Urge Iiruminoo-i light *rart>| , t in tb?- W>p of *ai "beervat ry. Ala. a Urge 4u?ntit. ef barroom aod -awu flitor-* u tae I >wer part of thai ot>?? rvatory. JOHN 0WKJL l*?rlC Till M I AHI.IN . It-p.ity .^harilf. I ate.1 January .0, lki,&. SHKnilFXKAI.k. or DM IMJODf, *< -<?N ?RIIMY, >eb. 'i, left ? at lOo'cJack X. M., at .ilo Broadway, | <-? i.*l(ll?g of a general ??atrtiieal i>f dry roae!a. Ran , p#>! Ma>?Vt ?, '.UaUti , 'Utt1, ( |>>l , BAXJCa AT AUCTHM. BO0ART, Al CT10NEER ? BV 8. BoiAKT, SAI.B8 s room* corner of Frankfort ?i.d Willta-u street* ? ?irtooll attention will 14 given to ill* *al? of ajutehold ftirrrture. at the rmMn'ii or families breaking op house- ecping. and i j out door aulu.- geuerily, aa<l at tt>? ? n?, ?f furniture. dry k<m>i? gr rriea, ic. (<oo*la etored, injured and a '? .mces naiie ?'.en r-.ju:r?l. Firit regular sale at tbe salesroom*, > u .VcJn-aday, Tth February, In?t. JOHN KEESE, AUCriONBEB? BOOR4, STATIONER/ an J valentine*, utthe moms 377 Bro*d*ay, at seven o'cloca, on Saturday eveniog. February 3. Tl.e boos* ar<* apart of a large emi'ignment ot pi'l'iber* e\ cbn?g< ?, comprising ibout 800 dtfltrent p-'jiular an<l *ate able work*, kale of a blch will bo continued n<>tt weak. The vi.len'.inea arn iu a great variety ? vini' ol them very splendid, and ol the hffhest mvoi:e price of aay import ed. fatal' bu?* and go. Ms at. theeu.tiou rjoui. LV MAN tc CO., Suc0es"0* to Oooley h K??*e. BC. KEMP. ATlCnO-NEBEt? rt Rf, SI.EHiH ROBES, ,, Ac.? Thursday, Fr day aiul *aturday, February 1, 2 and 3, at o'clock each day, at 401 Broadway. cor ner of Walker. U. C. Kstap *? tl 1 sell as above, tbe ha! in:e | of stock of fur*, to clo*e tin cod urn. < nnals'ing of all i tbe uiual v irlety of llrat clu-s fur-. Call and eximina, j and buy If rou plea*e. SpoKTisi..? wham sold at At'cnow, ?t knby II. UK' 6 .v I'O., auctioneer*, No 1M Naaaitu atreet, 1 1 hia day fFrida.y), Fehruiirj -J, a 12 o'-lo. 'i, a pair of ! Inglish iiud gr?y squirrels, untie ?ud fem tie, lar^e and ? beautiful; are gr- at pet< play tcgettier like kutOB*. ' lliey arc tbe (meat am; liaailaouest ever offered lor , Rale. TVN18 MORREI.L, Al'CTIONKER. ?A STOCK OF rich and plain furniture. uiide hy an *\'.eniite I J" nulactnrer, will be *uld without reserve, Oil* mirn ) 'Kfivt 11 o'clock, at 304 Broadway, corner of Duane street, constating ol rosewood, Ac., parlor, chamber, hall, Ai alao, extensive dining tables male by William Haerut; *so, a nuinb*r of oil painting- in r'ch gilt frame*: al*. ?ofas, chairs. rocaeri, suitable for ship pers. Wm. wirrKia itrniiiinr sEx on 5a turday, at 1> i4 o'clock. at HI Canal alreet, all tbe genteel parlor, cham^r and kitchen furniture, consist ing of tolas, rockiug ? i.| other cbatrs, Fr-ocli plate pier gluaeea, llruaaeli and o'.b.r carpaM, ml clot J, bo .Una*-*, marble top table*, exten^lou tables, mahogany an 1 other bedstead ?. hair and other flMtt-eaaxe, feaih-r b?)a, bbink et*. mailde top drt?slni{ burtin^ wash stands, ward robe*, cooking ataven, erwkery, a>d pla'edware. PKlUOKAL. INFORMATION WAN1TO-OK NATH? StEl, RK.S .void*, of the city ot' Now York, who p?*cna**d two lots of ground troni the "Vinton Company, of 'Ltltimore, in 18&'. By adoreifing a line to M. J. Kerney, bb Kayutto street, Baltimore, a 111 near of kom?tbluK to hU interest. INFORMATION WANTED ? Kf> PSOtOfO WIU.IAV! Maddoi, a native of l.ivisrpnol, KngUnd, about lorty year* of age, and atands about Ave teet Ore inches high, has bl*rk bulr, full bla< k whisker*, and rather dark com pletion. S> me tbrae year* ago M worked a* a laborer at the Novelty Work* In thl* city, aud is *upp.Mied to have gone We-t. Any Information rt ap^'ntlag the above ptraon will b<- gratefully received by hi* family, and may he communicated to John Trippett A Brother, 02 William street, New Yoik. IF JANK I) N, WHO WAS FOR A SHORT HUE nt Mr*. (Juillinan's, No. 0 John street, Minorles, Loudon, will addre** a letter to Templu I^ne, this otllce, ?be will hear of komethlBg to her advantage. LOWBX, MASS. ? COl'LD Nor MEET YOU AS I'RO mlaed. at the "Ous^eldorf." Just returned front tbe West. Write me a* 1 directed jou, at tbe Herald oflice. H U Mary millkr, tohmeki.y wet nurse in the family of E. Karlesou, No. 133 Cr>?by street, will leam something to her a<lvunta|(e by calling on John i'. I'emberton, No. 'iHOflrand street. Mary haugerty, from skibbfjieen, coi vty Cork, passenger per I.ady Franklin, who arrived mbcr 21, I HM, T* rei| nested to call at the oldest of Samnel Thompson li Nephew, 'IT!) i'eail atreet, to betr of her friend* ?\|R. THOMAS }H^l>ER<V)N, OF WIUJAJISBt RO, JjJi will will please call on, or write to bl* sister, 434 Hudaon street. J. II. PERSONAL ? THE RELATIVE OFOEOIUJEF. ALI.EN, recently mate of a ship out of thi* port, and *up , posed to be from PennaylTaain, ean bear something ta their advantage, by spplylni; to JAMEft W. i'HILi .IPS, 62 South street TUB MILITARY. -I7ETEKAN8 OF THE WAR OK 1S1X?A RBDDLAR V meeting at the Star, on Frio ay the 2d February , at 7 P. M. A. W. JoNfcti, Commandant. INSTRUCTION. (fit f?? TFKM.H KB) CICOONK HALF- O.-IVEH B.UOLD ijPO CMITH H aademy of peumanahip and bwikkeep iog. Broad way, corner ol Franklin *tr*e* I.adm* wrt ting chm at 1<i >4 o'clock A M daily, excepting daturdnya '. " -*?? ?, at u>4 A M *uJ ?, k. 7 and 8 1 o'clock P M.. daily, excepting Katnrd.ya reriu.i .. duced Ui $6 for ten or $10 fur twenty live Itaaona, in eluding utatlouiTT. Payable at the commencement. I'ri - vate instruction, U'i tor ton, or $.6 for twenty le?.on*. ha' li pupil la entitled to a neparate parlor. Ilooakaepuig ? term* reduced tbl* week : reduced from t'20 to tl'i per quarter of tlirei- month*. Honk* ami atationery, $1 50. Arithmetic In 'proportion. Term*, payable in al vance. The < hlrographlc ait ia much more irrpoitant to man kird than it I* generally conablared, and Mr. BiMittli may very well cluiro to be considered at tut he id. ? N. Y. Courier and Kn'iuirar. Iner?ry profession thera ia a recognised leading man ? one whose pn eminence ia an decidcd, that nobody cilia it in que.tloii. Among tbme wbo teac>i the art of wri ting, Oliver i) (taldsniith ia ju*t that indisputably pre eminent perron and re< ogni/ed bead of tb* profession ? Horn" Journal, June2-'<, 1863. ufl F ? HOOKK KKPINO. ? MR. IIOLBBAR, mm MM) 1 1) way, ha* just opeua<l another t"> cl?a? for teach double entry practically, without the uae ol text book*. A f< w vacant seat* may be tec tired tliia day and evening. Come prepared to juo, If you wi^n 1 > become ? practical accountant. ?JIXJKKh KCpTlTI Alt U I VI Kill" ~ WltllTVi,. KTC , fj taught upon very tavorabl* term*, by W. J. I'.KN VII 1^, No. 289 broaa way. Kacli student ia * and carefully Instructed, and enabled to readily apply in practice the knowledge Imparted to bim. Open Irom :> a. m. to # r. m. DIXON * (it. (,IV>. IN WKITiM*. [; arithmetic and bookkeeping, day and evening, at o. 340 Broadway, f Appleton'a Hu'ldin*,) wbsr* gentle j?? are qualified lor tbe counting bouse, ia an or pa litiou* and *uperlor manner. INHTKlCnON.?A PaRIKIAV (.IMI.F.H W II A VIVO juitt returned from a ."'out hern college, when* 'tn liaa fulfilled t* .i yei?r? ? ngagement, withe* to aire private lr>M>n* in hi- native Un^ua^''. Term* pei montn , every other day, fii ; every day, $'?. For 'urtbei partlrul#r< apply at .1. Ko-niai.n't, 767 Broa ! way, corner Fi^hth ?trcet. V^I'Al O t i v Ive iarguurfe l? ?illin* to t?ke ?oui" pupil-. Term* reasonable. Addira* K. I?K T. HOKKKKo, ' i \ artek vtreet. THK TRADEI, AC. GOI KHlN MAKKR ? WANTFJi. A?.IK)D PKV aria der. Apply immadiaMy to it< O'.eil A I air cb lid. 1: 'I William alreet Ta, A.N I KII? A TlT t ATMMK Tu KU N 2 g CASMM a E? TT ? ngiae, by an active man of t?? nty year* erjw rieuee; iin>.er?taod* cbaln and barrel pump>. n by tra le a bia.'iamitli , no objection to the country. Can b? well recomm?nued. Addr*<* J. T , HeraM otli> e. WATCHES, JKW r.l.ltt, ?C. CAIilOItXIA MAMIlVIiS? Al. IN BRIM I AM 'V and appearance to the teal <Uamood. In. ? ia mood* are cut trom California (iiart/ and Ih- l>e<t judge* are deceive-l M?a have them net in pia>, rlni(4, ?tod?, *lee?e button*, aarr ng?. \r. 1'riee* very low I- k J. JAUim, W7 Braalway. I M RKUVrl ? .*<<MI. .-i'l.i ViUDCm ''.WJKiItN' v < iaaioo'H. wliuh we hate -ei m UMliMp, \ invite all good juilge* to call and ?- e tbaw. Priee, lari(e tingl* atone, ??t n enamel ring ti'i M? aame, real dia mond, woulu CO?l 1.. k J. JA00B1, 407 Broadway. LOST AKU *<OUXD. L0KT? ON WKOMEhltAY C\ KNINO, rl.-r UX, A miniature watcb Irom a lady * bracelet, in goim( liom No. 1 K>*ex .treat, tbioogb Hml?io ?treet, J?r??y City, .ncro** tba terry to Courtlandt *treet, up??rernwl. n, between \ e*ey and Harciay, tb- nee in a <>rant street atage. to tbe <'orn> r of North M'- re and H i'lou ?treet", I New York. The tinier will be liV-rally reaarile-t by ap pljiug at No 1 Ke.ei *traet, Jeraey ( ity, or at ^1^ Atabington -tnet, >>?* York. OKI? JILV 1 i A BANK BiioK " - ill. lit I bar* ftreet I'aving* lionv. Hie unuoir d >*i tbo< k I* 01. 441. beiongiag to J .ho l.ockwood Aay j er-oo who ba* found tl.e aaioe will tuucb oblige t ie owner by leav.ntf it ia tbe Chamber* Street leaving* Baak. Lukt? on i hi; ?iki m ja.maky, <.oin<; nf?M Wall ?irv?t N. Y , to Jer? v l i'y, a pr' u*w?ry note, ma<ie by Llalano for I'h, dated tb? *'??!? I "e ember. 1,?J4 !or one month from .late, paja'.lr to J K. Coat, Jr , or order. The payment having '?? eo atop|e>d, tbe publte are eautlr ne i ?g? n?t ti.* negotiation, fn# 1td? r will l? lultably rewarde 1 by leaving It at the ufli a of J. K. Cmk No. 4 >*w atieet N. V. H4vr. i.or ~tCi or iwTyaod ov SIPPOM OTO H the oUngbter attle, tarreu on 'be i.gbt * de. Dm tin >r will h*r< w?r?Jed by U a'tng word with John He?v??. on.? t .it lai tent ant llouxon atre?t?, ?r at I. too* ? |ric?r/, . oiaer ol Orchard *nd ItonatOo -?.real-. UlTAlHAfm B" AUJC-MRINO THK BAU. hCAMON. TAYI/MK .'alo?>n, t.? twe?n I'naoe and Hprtag ,-r et* w.ll i* kept open till owe d'alorW, to acromm ? ate |*-f i?4? lug to take *<ip| er vTowmni. -u n> in inv iiitvcrntl I 9 .lay r? ived a .opeeiof let l^tiu l?*y levra pia, well k bow a lo -on I h'-rri apteaarea, a bi h I aill aerva ap, and w?l to aay part of M.? ?tty . Mm. a lot of fnpeHor oyator* TM??M44 |aia*\|V?i, .??. ? b. wa-1 aU??t> nw rt' bucatioii>> ABKAfllKI L RuMA.VCfc !? ^EVKNTKSN ANI? HE', enfjr or My I'w j IVtrctbala? A harmlDi; ,1 flint! tal**, by Ml 4* Vlrijinia Town-end. m punted untlio m the True Han for tbe coming week. Sol 1 b< all the oew* dealer* lor lour -err ? a cony DEXTI'.H & BIO 1HI.R, wholesale agent* 14 aril 1*' Ann etrMt. I^X-JI 1KJE HAHNE'l r> AHlil MI'NT ON idH NEW j ark l'at-ut Cum wilt he i*?u?d to-morrow, In pamphlet form. Nothir ? baa 'wen <iven to th? public in thla city ol no r* aVIIty. !t< l-ugtli prevent a new* paper report, a* ??> flrat iu'euJel. The uai it.m. i commotio*.? MB ntUOOUKl ol n li aa'cunde-i. ? Fiction ii ?re powerful than money. STANHOPE BCttMEICH T HI J K ? r I T ? IN 01 R Hints. A So\ u. ? ti'. Hi i.kv Uuu The in'ere?t ?*xc?l??i at t e St ite capital by >hea;.p> ar ance ol th ? w ork b?iiily iggiMln. It ia exam n- I for t?'e p? rtr?itn of utnt .?uu imninrinu* r i-n whs btt? been bu?y m our political Held* an: a?a . ng "he ??m m for haive-tlnR. II. *bo veart a crovn la aatd tj lute a thorny pillow, bur, our pollt . aua can not be in i li m ire ; bleaeed lliun m< nurrlc, if tin* ? xpoaition of tb. .r Vru/- ' Xli'i for place ?nd bower be not ? s;ii:Ker?te 1 ? at t in con ceded ii in not Mir |? lit.cfe) i'ip< riiturc of tde valu? of a rote if made very appartnt in tin < remar!ia-ile volume. The maek in wti ipj ? <i irun politician*, ami the glna-i Mt ' up even lor tbe..i u. Vbot.! toe atalure of their own dc { funnity. The political woiUi i? uo louver a myth A powerful bar d 1 m torn a?a> ih>- veil, ami tne riddle which but few UHrili!UI have ev.-r attempted tlex- | pound for tlieniaeltea ia exponnled- a? aortie tliiuk by I one of the wry print* uf U e political altar. Tne figure* I thrown by tin* tmveilit up. n llm ctnvai. are boldly ' drnwn. and the iMtlvil khw Ktui'l thmu are-trougly ' depicted, Tbi* remarkable work Ih ue-rly ready tor pu'j- 1 Ilcatiin. STKINUKR .v 1WN8ENII, I'ubliaherx, --- llroadway, N. Y. InOE broadway ff which so iikii baa heeu *a?l, la out lor lllia week, inpro7ed ami riclt. N?w*boy* be on limid tun Friday morning. Pu? boy* can now ?e|l the Heile without tear, two oents a | copy, one dollar a year iu advance. T.K. HARRIS, ell tor and proprietor; ofllce lO'-lNaasau atrae*. . iraciAii ?iuTiua?. " " j A MASS MEkllNO or WORklNOMEN Wil l. BB J\ held in Tom til, iik ?..uare, at 11 o'cliicn tlii i, (Kri.l ty ) morning. Mei bauica ai..l laliorera are eariKMiiy invited C to attend. Hy Older of the Committer. OMi THOI I.KICS OKKK I , CITY HAI.I., WtOOKI.VN, January 'J IMiV ? Notice la hereby ^iven to all p<?r ' mna having claim* against tbe citiea of* Hro Alyn, Wil { lianiaburg an 1 i ie Uurn ot lluahwick. prior to Injn, that 1 th-*y b? rei|uo?t<' t to pr?-??iit the i-aiue. wi'.U the voucher* tliereol, at tlieoll oe of the Mibarriher, a* a?4in an prac ticable WW. H. LKWH, Comptruller ro or 0. 9 - HIE MKUilKltS OK OOWrniSSTAL 9 Lci' ne ho 117, I ii. ?l i). K , are earnnatly re.|u?at ed to attend the regular iu>>eriiig, on Kri lay evening, Krbroury 2, ?t ihl'lr roOW, l.iz linweiy, a* amen tmeota to the by lilwn, c< nnei-ti .1 ^Ith the tioanrea of tu* l<o.l?i*, will b? prt*e?te j (or tl.eir u -tion a .I'. tur- will bo de ' livereu by a J'. li. of tlie Liidao. Py orier, 0. W. WIU.IAM3, N. O. XRViNti ununso anh m i.. association.? thk annual ?..*tniK for election ol otli era will be hell ou Friday evtninK, Vvbimry at 'A* (>r md atreet, at 7 >? O'clock. .1 II. WKKilk.N, i'reaideut B. Comiip, Fecrelury. H0I1CE.? ' THE C0i.U< Mil OK THK TOWN OF I'KI ham Till meet at the North Amrican Hotel, l<ow?ry, eortter of ilayard atreet, to rccaivx '.aiea of unrtaident owner* ot lot* at i'elliamville and Pro*p>ct Hill, in *iti<ltown, on tbe Id and Uth ol Kebruary, in Uie I city of Nl* York, Iroui ?< o'clock A. M. to 3 I'. U. ItENJ. F. IIOMION, Collector. Notice? a i.i, i'Eioons iNiiKtirrai ro thk fih* of !? rant i- k Ma*on will pay John F. Manon, corner I uf i'earl ?tre?t and Mi i tie avenue, lirooaiyu. JOHN r. M AS0>f. HKW YOPK ANI? 1IVEKPOOL INIIEO rtTATBH Mail bl?am*l.ip Compauy, .'>D Nta 1 atreet ? New | >ork,ieb let, ill -?(>. Nonce ? llie tnunal election lor j l.lrectcra of thin Company will Im hehl at thia olBce, ou i Thurtday, lat March next, b-tween the houra id U \l. and 'i I*. M. WM. I.. YOIJI.K, Secretary. B0TICE-1HE ANNUAL ELECTION FOR DIRB0 tai* of the Uovernoi * Cieek Steam Tranajioru ion j and Mining Company will Ie- held at tktlr ulhM, l*tli I in*t , at 1 '! o'clo< k. So. 'i Mariover afreet. S' OTICE? THE I NITi.Ii sroNEsErrKK-l AhEHICRKIlY uitlfled to meet in Mitlrmau'* Hall, corner of ntr nxth atreet and Seientk avenue, on Tu?*iUy, the Citn met , at H o clock I' M . tor tbe purjioMi uf mvl.l | iug fund*. Hy older ol the I'reaUient. IoHN .sVMtlhlW, decretory. T l-HbORKHH AMI MECHANIC* NOW OUT OK KVI ploy id the city ol r?*w York.? The recently retained from Nehraaka T rritory ?n-l the We tern stated, lit* gu? aonl ol a<l?ic? to ifire 10 tl.ur* uow out ?f employ iu ;he city, provided they, or tite r triendu run Hini-li the ffi' a 11 ' to enable them to rcacli Nebrtn-ka They can t her* tind employment, ui<l high wagee, in etery brau< li ul mccuauic labor. Ooe ?tiMD't work will a*Ci.r* a home lor t ermclvaa an 1 'airil', a, u> tht flit; ? njaymeut ni ?| natter aovr leignty on IM qurWr aeuliou ( li ?1 ac rwa.i ol tba linl Uml ii r.der beaten? lar |> r? ler.ilihi to nil t ?? lia? 'arm or liomratead bill* bftniM Cotigrmia. Tie Territory of N* traaka l? fully rnuanixed. The capital In located at Otoaba < ily, opposite Council Muila, iu low*. Ibe Ij-giv lature ia now id ?*aaitn in that city, occupving a a pa dona brick building errctwi au<l formatted far their accommodation. lwo Urge hotel", bu It of brick, aeveral l?arding bonaea titty or nitty private Iweihoga, a rtnam aawmill ami uteaui ferry boat an> now Id full operation On tba 1 at Cay of June last not a liou e or t??eui*ot eiietcd Id ttiat city. Tu practl -ai tirickmaaer* mil brick layer* I am autboitrri! to oiler advanlageoua rontracta and permanent employ rm-nt Inquire of the aubacrlbcr, I'eekakill, W*atch*?t*r county, N Y , h*'.w*en tliia and the 1Mb February waKH H IIOWaKD T'O T1IK KbllOK OK 1 UK NKW VOKK IIKKaM) -IK I erinit me *0 alula tufough your columua. t ha ' the ci mplinDt againat tlic proprietor <it III" liroailway Itelln about aim b mi mucb baa been -all iu ' tie dally paperi, baa, by tbc active and cfficieH' eff irta of our couriael, I^/ieD?> Kairtank*, Kmj., Iwen di>rnia?ed. The report tbat we hail bi "D belli to iiail in tba aum of I IK) ia in correct. No ball baa ever reen given or rei|ue*t ed. Ill* llelle will appear tliia ?eek ami berealter aa ?mual. without eiDUianf. aa ?? truat, any art Idea olleD* re to tin- uioai reliii'il taatea. It l? our intention to maka it a aplcy, witty and humoriHia heel, ami m thing ii.ore at tl a year, in ail tunc*. Youra. Ac , P. ? H.thlil- Editor anil Propr i*tor. Office, Itroadway llelle IOJ >a??au at "ajjT A K If II I I ? INIil CTKIAI. I10MK A"4' X.IA HON, W No ? lb? <le|iiii|ue?t m-moera are hereby noti fie. I thai on paying up tbc air* arai(ei now dun fiom tbam, th? tinea will be |eui!tt*l, prcvbliOK tb? aama ia pai'l br March - Ily orilar o' the a-ao latum J A. HAMWHI CH, H?cr? tary. 1IAHO TIJUMa VPCHIIC MU.TI Mi OK IT IK TlimreKNIH Waul Hclief A?oclatio 1, will 1>* b. M on 1 1 'l.?y ? telling, iebtiiary V, at o'clock, at On lent lOV'a Hall, corner ol ( Imtou noil liiaml -treata. llie ciMaut of the ?ar?l ate intileil to atteii'l, aa bumoraaof luipor tame will be I rough! '" 'me tin- mealing. JOHN II HKIMM, l'nt.?|. fit. \S *. II M. 1 imkUt, ^er. I???l. I'. HaMMia, Tri ? rTm. . 1 1. a 1 hi k 01 im. iHiKTKK.srri waki? X. I'-eiief Aa-o< lailou rttuinahia ?men- tliauka, in behalf > f Ibe ? r^amrallon, lo the Kev. Kite I llauka pa* t< r. ami al?o to lb" truat** a, ol the M I". l.hurt h in Al totticy at n ?t, near I?tlanc?y, lor tbe liberal coUactiona ? nil ' onatioua taken laat Mimlay alleiiKwa, amountlui( ttlVM, DAKL I'. HAMMIH, trHlirar. TH1 inUM MJt lIH. IHiHIH.MH WAKH I Ip* of e ,^bl ? Ollara troai liewla Kpatutt, li| >n? 1 por' on ul the proceed- "! a c n eri glten by the Tin babif ik Mueic Html, of Penui/leaaia. in aid of tli- po <r ami ? ? tut* ol tbia city. fttftl r. 84Vttltf, Trea-ur. r rpiH litFAM-KKK 0* IKK TIIIHTI IMII ? . A 1 f ? J l.el.el Aaaociall'm giaietully a' ?uo *l?Oge. the re 1. pt ol I..IHI, be In/ the port. 01, a?ai<Vr<l to tbein uf the proie- -la of the 0|?ia liona* Itall for the relief of the pi or ami awfler.n/ of Hi* eltjr. a n'l al-o lieyt !?at. to latum lb' -inceti thank a of the taao? lation to J. 1 1* pet ater OJ'IHI, t.a.j , for htak .n^neaa in a>|T?? atlng their tlaiau. llANICL I-. .-AMMI- Treaaiaror. POIalTICAla. TO 1HK KI.MTOH.H W Tilt. KT Til COl SCfl. I I trkt, lourtb wafl. ? At a legalar m**iing of 1 >t? I ?mocial.c K'publicnu Ward ( otriroiHe*, of the I ourlh aatrl.ln i'l on the met,, It ?? utaiuco" If Heaolteii, that thie committ** act aa a Ttg.lanee > ? u niittee 'or the |>> rpoae of fnrtb'nng tl? electtou of John Hauleh. the regultr CetoocraUc ran utet* 'or ' ouu I m in of tbe I it'll 'llatrict, al the ap. Mai ?i??ton to li* beld at the Miaaap* ar<- Hotel, un I n *la; a< ti, tu* ??tit ol lebn.ary /oa*|hl'.o?e William llalrd, I'atruk t oyl*. r liarlea J Ikiugharty .loa*f h Mather*, haataiu' llatcto. I'atrick M< rrh k , Jimx W. 1 pum John W A teiy , Joaeph Hilton i>iot|t Hargaa. f<eorge I'. Ittckfoid. 1 H l.yona, h inaa ? -heit aa, I II. I olla'lny , Kfi.auu*! Joaepba, J. II UofHt, Patrick Mct>*?, Ja.litt -wa.uey, lau*a<a? A It i ioaa P'*t> ?. .,(,lin K.'l..r f? Henry 1 lit.raMt, Jam** 1 o<irtn?j. lota I "J I', i'a. l-l W Clara*, T. W Oakl*y, <>*org* W Kay John I iim.iii, W ll ein lla'lal Jo>'n Kearney, Pat l'a hi*rb?o llarman Uf-, P C. Martin, Henry N?m ??, Jam*< Mooa*y I'.ter M?*ft, loan ?itta i*r., Patrick Urn*i, John I'arrr. I?a aa. n ll. w ? I It, Mttrl Murra/, Oeor/* Terrell. T w OAklCY ' ka.r-at'1 cictor *r. H*r, )? . . MH.I.I.W, ^fWretanee ami m man ffO 7111 Pi IT Jt THKKl. Id NOW |>< ATTlMl 1 an * at Hr IIIJil'>.K?iN'rt o?e? I a Mr ?*'".* a j r?ifaer u1 ? ? ra let eiraet. eight p*r?ooa who w?r* kltal iroaa itltiuMtiat, l?t who bate l?e*a r?kx-4 "a ? |k> I) tba treataaani ?1 I?r M wtthia lh* p**t lo?r a*?*0.* A II per aa int*r*??e?t are ineitwl to -all aa 1 'i?aiK lor tWaeaeleoa, between the kaan of I J a?l I P M U r O ?e-e <???* %an* ftf tkeaa ra**a b*? ? W*a a* i?t*4 MM ItM too jeate to* iflMaiy, M|M?I C.?a*4 ?W nurw. a boption -a i.Aitv and aomjoiAN BAnm J\_ no cbil>lrrg nf their pwn, (liliri to adopt a fa li' U' orpl an, from one to three yiara oi l; It mu*t tx fc-*ltby anil > <?m1 looting, the child of honeat p.irenU either An.ero an, I ughtb i>r Scotch An; peraon know in IT auch a little I'll" will ba doing a UMat-i, << It wil he brought up ?? hh own child. a ifita , Irwcted for Adaption, nod li'It at bom 116 HerelC uttlce, alalia* wbria the cmld can lie acen. ? ill be ut tended to. AWIU, IPCCATD) i EKHAN OIlL MOOHUIIf, ' want* a *itu'ttii?i ?* ?**matrra* und to do up atairn work or nureing. Bin la able to iuxtruct children iu the ! Siluic Utigu.ige. Ci?*S referenceg given. l'L>*it? in quire at 44 1- ir.t atreet, in the rear. loom :t. AN AUKRICAN WOMAN', fBMOCOBLC ACQUAINT ???I with buu ?fl><-i | 1 0|r, would Ilka a *1 '.nation to in-lit la 4 ?DHil< family, or to do up -Ulri work HD I plu n wwlng. Residence. No. 'J4 Fi'tletlt afreet. I t>r r? i r< nee .? i>(j1> at IU- Krcadtray, cecond door, or .121 Fourth ivriu*. Wage* inc"rr*:e. 4 KWkCTABUC AMI RICA N WOMAN WOULD tali** lba araahing of tome geatlemeu or lamtly by iin !i onth or i!i /? u. it leaidetMt; doni* In tha m-at ? ?t il)l? no ? l)i? not iroiltritr tcini* beat of city refennoc given Heaae rill at 17 Kn-t lwuuty liftn itraat, betwa* d Second anl Third avenue*. A hWtofl WOMAN, WEARING rRKNCii, WMOM A tltuatioii *a ai anil ourae. or in willing !?> u nl ?' I rrtelf generally unlul ("an ba m en at -1 Wash ington njutra. a GOMFhTKNT MILIJNKR, WHO VJU'KRSTANIW A thoroughly the arranging aud aula of at till> 'al H*>?er*, and who ha* nerved already to a fancy atnre In tb*t rupui i'T, can find a nood Hltnalinn ny adilreaaing a line to box ? 1LH poat Ofllct, ?UUng all the particular*. A ROTATION W.tXTKD? BY A RB?FAGttaUI J\ young woman, to do i-hitmberwork, or it* wai'?*r. Good city refenu ?? rnn t given Irom her laft placa. Can ba at en lit i??4 Graauwich Uriel A VOl Nti 01 HL WANTS A HITt \TlON A.l WAIIEK J\ and chambermaid ; would i--i-t in waibmg and Imn'ng, or inin<l children, (loud city referent* given I'leiiai' call at 14il Third arentie, l>?tK<'-*n Klftnautli an l Slxlvenlll atrneta. fan be avun lor two day a If not eu _ ASRUAXMN WA.n1 I.I), By A \ Ol'Nti WOMAN, Wllo ' an k, wa*U ami Iron ao ;ia to glra aittlalai'tioii, rr would lal.? eara of a ainall dairy, or would <lo bou?' work iu n Miiall launly ; uo obin tiun in go to tint eouii try. Can be ?? i n lor two liaya at 83 OrinualcU ?tr??t, third floor, back room. A YOl!N<!(.Ihl I* ANIS A HITl \ ri? >.V A< CHAM \ beiniaid and waltor. The li??t elty ri'lerencn ran b? ulvi'D. 1'lteaeiall at 06 atm t, iu tha rear. LItviI a your iu lu'r lnat |ilai-e. ABttKPlOTAJILB YOtHO LADY, (ROMAM OATH" I II',) wl?h?a a aitiiation iu a pnrate family it rapablx oi (;iTlug primary lea??iin on tha planoforta, d'l l>:ain iwwinK, and wcuM make heraelf gem rally ua*l ul . nn objerlion to iravi I . good Mleraaca. Apply at <11 1 Rtoailway, riom UU, third Moor. a KOl'KCrAHIJC (.IKL. ABLE 1<? 1K> OOOO PLAIN ccoUiug, uaaLiog ana iiou.u,., or honMiwork, ??nt ? a anuatiuu, aha baa beru eighuan inoutlia in liar laat place, ia not nlraid to work la a (rood baker; no objecUuii to abuardlng h<>uaii. Apply at th jdice, 1X1] tjgblli are nue. No 'harK?. a N DRK3HMAKKT1 WIHHIX TO OO XJl out t i woTa by the day. can give every aatlalactton In catting and fltt i np ladU a Mre?- ei. I'leanc call a'. W? at 'Ihliteentt atreet, t' p Im r. A HKM K'TaIII.K VOCNO WOMAN WtMIFS T<? oil XI. tain it altuation In a ?uiall pr<\ut? launly, to do the c?oltiug, waKlnng and ironing, or to do cliamheraork and aaaiat iu waahtng and i'oninf good city r> feren a if required. Can be wen for two Uj a at IM av uae \, betwiea Ten'.b and Kletenth Itiei ta. A HITl'ATION WANTKD-DT A I'fcOTRSTANr WO iV. man, aa a uurae, or tt> t tke charge ol a fcaby. City relerenca given. Apply at No. & Morn ? at. AREJTMTAIUK OKI: MAN' OIRL WMBB A Biri' Mlon a* Mamatrvra and chambej mam. Iiaa no oh jectlon to take car* ul cbllcrtn. c?n be aeen fur >e?eral day a at 411 Weat Hroailway corner of Thome* atreet. A!41TI'A'II' 'N wantkd as coachnan, hv a young man In a r?ape?t* ble fkmlly; la j<?rii ctly ai 'l ualtite.l with (he ci'y, Mud thoi iu^hly uu'ieratauiM the care and management ol lior-i> ia highly recmii imndad by hia Ule elnploytr. with whom he h.m lived the laat three year*. Addreaa J. B, If- raid ofhoe, for two day*. ABPBi WAN If HI CANVAM this citv anii tl.e country ri in to fli capital IMjulreit. Ageuta are now making Itom tb to per day. Oaod ? age? enaurad; no n alt wi.ataver. ? all an l examine at Hinadway, i.llica No IJ, between t? A. M and 4 IV M. ACAHKH I. SH.k< HON Or -kl'.VANTi FOR BVH'.Y ItalUiB, ptovided tor r?apertalile lannl.e*, at ? ?? lonrtu ii'ii atiai'l, I u.i n aotutre. l.<t?Wtalied m 1 ? ?<' , uuoer the patrt'iiage of the lu-v lir? lyug, Cllre vi r, llaaka, Itauil Kaircnild, l:*v. 0. T lleuell, A>: , for the prnteci ? n of enipliiyera in the aelection of )>r vent*, and lot the gui'Ui>i ?' of prrMin* a*ekiux>>'nipeiy. aaent. Ji/ilN 0. OAl.l AOiiltK, Agent CiHAMIUtMAJD AND l.r.NI I'.Ai, IlMI'.ttMAiU i Mtuaiion aaotailina** lam ly by a reaper | taf?ie (.iriuan girl, goo<l CUT reference given Apply at 417 l*iienaicb atreet, forte*/ day* J ptit.K WAMIKK AND IRONiJt ? *;ITATI0.V WAN I eg in a private family , uo o; jectroa to the country (.<<>. I city reieieuce glv* li Apply at ^ '<1 Knr.iliefli I atreet, for two day*. COOK ?A II 14 . 11 1 V RISPKCTAIO.E WOMAN lir-IUK a aituaiKn aa brat rate meat and paatry , .L ran niake ail kinna ol j* llii-a, Ac. no obje< timt t*> a te?p**c'* Me hotel or lHiar<liiig lion-- haa gieel i ily re, ru n e. I an be ?**? at .*>1 lloxety. for two '.ay?, ]7?Xf H:lK.\CEI)lfltKVANTS WaNTKD 1MMKDIATKI V. j ?An American nur-e . alt Jit i' I two ladtea meida, twolnn h aalw> and eeuiuatraea^-, laundrc*# paatry rook, lour lii^liali or .^o'eh itrtaMt of all work 1 he ait nation* are excellent and now ready, at the .?er?enl'? laatitute, 14'' 'iruul ?tr-<( i.ngl.ali -ynik lor I Ilea *7 I.I N< II ' ? <4 ?K W AM I H A Mtl'ATlON. II* A F hr?t i l l- ! rent u coot <*n? thai UitderataD'la frencb and I n^iiah cook ng *n all : t a oranr iee. i n apeak the I n^liah language to ,uld have no ohje t on to a Drat cla>< b<nrd,iig hove (an furntah t >??? mi *4t aat lafar'ory nty releren -a from Iter U?t e npli-tn * A Buta aorn -r l fri ncli < *>k, Derail olfiie, will in**et ?ith attention (i (H I) !-| V.H.* ASt> lKBIIOII I KEK* WANTED- TO (<HM> ??m ihiiliKi 'aat? ao<l btaiba *1 1 alio iw |w ft ? ii bioldrm ?. conatMt ? ni( lii) 1/ < nt tu4 goo'l aag*a will l>? | ?i ) Apply to Jobu * IvanaM, liMiliif, n??r WhHa I W ANT A S I MBKR Of Vol S?. I.vri.f 'UTTI At Ml A, alio li?Tr ? arna'.l <apltalto Mart with, to ?? licit aubarriptioiia It r a '*1.. Ij pap?r ?( a r> lip 1 1 'I. af ar tar, wliieli aiU alloril a ?cuif< rtahla llralib <?4 to any ona * bo will un l?i 'a? - ? aa tb> pa|?r l? ><t that nature 1 ?inj f a 11 1 1 jr mil fura >h UiamaWra 1 aitb It S H - H ?l ?#ll l?r -l?m?li' ?4 A Ifru, or <-oma (<?*?! nalij lo m y oftia, IS' a *???*, ui?.n 'j a art II, in tlia moiiuiif THO* W. UlS'WiV SIH'ATIO.V WANTO>~HY A %&nt1AMM OK ?? 1 man ?< i> an who ? pvaki- I n<l. ati >? ' "> l'i *lil t? iapa> ily alio baa > ?< u llt/ai* M r l>? ??t 6(t??n m< nt ha In a Drat rlaaa Aaiailrau bona* of ? ii- 1 tj. A vliaaa M hpahn, M l*(Ua atrarl Nmtk It' oklj I BIHATION tiVTW-IT A Ol UNAS' I1U/TE-TA.VT __ yirl, to <!o b? ial bou?' aula ?(???! ? ??? ao'l Itiat ral< ?ul.<r ud iiain .u* l*?i of < \j ralirtaca fen . 01 tbiltiaii, ao'l fro <<?. .-.?><? ta fo in ll.? foutitf/. i'i?a-a ta. 1 at v, ; ItitagU B tt|a?t brat lit or, for tao aaja. SllL'ATK?fl * ANTtH-lir TWu HPt.KU.SfTI) Irotaatant |iil?, oaa *?t b/ a< luoataal jatrj calk, i? ai. ir?ii> at ?a?b *1 aa-1 ion?r ; tit* oi',-i at maaib?i*i Han't ??.Itr or aura* iwl lainlcu ia l/tat of r It/ rafaran* ?-? Ap|l a' So i'l ' )Nrj at .at Bf'iklja mo tikitiu uiu* - fAim, a vt/Hmator I rip*tWb'?'l I .aa<1a ? .? aaaa'tllaa .0* o'li'ta taafctad Apply tftia all. iawo-t at So Da I 1 at I'M T> Bumtt't irev h umr ?>takiso I Dtliali, I al .B( a klig ? pfia-i - an 1 an ?t aiiaat 'aata aa a 11 llilfca r ?la>. a('|U at I w?t ?. *?utbari? Ira i? (>.iik(> at 6a<j ag a nt ? > larea n mu m a ?aiaMak*4 I > ' ?'( ibakiM* ^orfaitb'r part ">Ura m,t, ra at Z" Wa -?* itrMi Our. JEI >E MMffK I JtR WTl'Allov, iana 1. a? lani' ;*t* r praa ra . ?. n ?alanu ? t aaaalra aiM ^ .. ? r, a r, ?? . r > jwiat itafia ?? '? urair 4a b> m ?? ?? ? mo.? ,a< ? traa? r MA I Hi j a'atk -lit ? ?a*" la KMkat Ivatlt (MraBaat 11/ AMI I A III A?;< % lit A M.-l M TAltll. Wo TT aak, ai |wi mi taiMr atl ' ?? .ai a ???? (?I' ll* la iv ai la W .???'?ra 1 ;?? ?if 1 ^ Ial trlMlli Itu ajaat Jfi I . Bpilac a I t , Iroat Ma M*> i> I ' rt W AM III- III A I'l,. HI* li it* KU WIM4V, J a aiualK* aa .aWiaii ? , aala aa4 aai'ai or ta aaa>at ia a thing . ?. ' rot. ?? '? Aa '?i?ral b??a* <?11 laaitall Ian Ii ? a '? ..'iifiii, ap* a ^ I H'll.V ! aat* a a ' I. tf?? t |l/.? Mil -A .11 A a :os m ? /' -11/1 , ,| |. Tf f i.?aonaa ?. ?.,??? , t? a?* a. Maa *? a- - V- a t?. {aarial la'/,~- ?. baa4 cllj r?f?r???? !"????? ail ?? ? - < a rt i ?? /*. ? |i/A>mi i v a i-i ii iai : xorrHoilt' , t Tf aa rotk, ??ah-r aa4 M?*rr. ta aMI ??- I f?<tra?*al aa?l baa 1*4 raroai mMMMM*. Mm i i 1,1 . at ki', I ? ? l"a alraa (law ! raMKM, ap aiaiia ll'A*T?l HV A O" Ai.MkS A Ml Al . M *'? r* a t* an i !*? a a!?o ^a rio<a 1 H'..ra l. *?--! ba * i* 10 (.. a a i"|>a -<a'Aa lo^rl - - kaaN <? <*4 'a, at a? w*at ftl(1?i?'1. UraH, ? 1 1Mb |K hrllaaiKM. I?a ba aa a ???? . W nT A IADY. AW IkXi'tJUKNi HI f*A< U YV ? pt?aa*?rt* abt | ??.' r, aa arMarly ??aO?*ta , ia a rvrpwtabta- private la . 1- | ly ia rrtata |. ? ?l . b a?a aaaU flfa hr?w?a la it * , al?a?a iW f #aa< ? a a f.?4 iaa>Wa'?a' Ra HW*?? CHkai|ra. A?Vt<?a laJ.r, Ua.MaaAaa. ' w w ANTKIV- A I'Kti n> r A XT IMiMmnt'. AM fJUCA t piWtrrrad. ao<l middle ?<??), ta w*ir?l to .in *hi? (t-nrral bouaaworbof a linil; in ' be count.- ? , ft t 'r.i> ta ! ? ml of I on* la'and. Apply at 70 Twelfth a iat', a (aw doora ?rat of Slith tv mi?. \1 ' A N 1 I.I i - A dttUATlON, _BY A IWHTrTAK I W woman, i e<>ok. and un't-ra'an : ?> I I? ?'T, In ? private family . ?Ii? undcrataada bar bun; beat of city ra'aiaoja. FImm call bi 300 XUtU a?*n ,r, Iritmvn Twenty Oi?r*l and Twenty- fourth (tfw'ii. ANTKO BY A KIM'ROrABl.K' UIKL. A MHJA on aa cbanilw-riuaid iiotl wai'ar, 01 to aa? ?" i watlitny ?ad .r. n o? if rc.junwl. Pan fra Wxa Iw It* 4tya at K2 DuArld atirrt between Johoaoo an Hilary, Hiooklyn. WrANTHi \ sitt ATloN. I1Y A tJEUMAN <4Utt , olio can ap-.ik I i . lull .and Spaulh, ' do 'ham biraurk or '?ka car* : cllll'lrw ; nil M tli ? Mt0 tit gc In tba < mntry. Can h* <rfll racommau In fro", her laat (,1a ?. I'laa .? call a-. No. |:t Wfttb i^tuu ? /??", tliir<! boor, back ruuui WANTKtV-MY A YOI Nt. I-NUUMH tftU. A 8fTU> atioi 1? -cai t|i*aa aail to t?kr i am of chi'itfOB. ('an cut ami inal ?? <Uil tr?B ? clotlnuK and r.aka i raaaM. i'iiu 1>* .if? fjr tw '.ay? at ? Kuurlb r-? itwaen am mi-- l> and Irwin ?'i*l. 1*/AKIKI?- A .-*1 1 ? ITIOS, BY t HKifl'b TAI'tR W ??<??.! Ii girl, to l > ?h?iiib?rwork . or to tak. ofcblldrtn if I ifOod MVII, andean ifWe tha baV vf r*ftr?n'?* Iroki (rr la?i |ilac?. i hi i? wi .nt ' rn? gaged, at 140', W'aat Nini l.rutb atraat, ?aci,nl floor. "117 ANTFD? A -IITI ATION, BY A HWI'fc TTABI>: Jf I'rutratanl woman, aa good 'ook, wilier u.'tl Irmt r la u good bread ami paatry '?alcr. W tgn tot a t mucli an oljact aa ft comfortahM h una for fit a o '?r. liooo oily nbKHt. Can be atcn for twa day . at 1) 4 Wot Twnllth atraat. w ANTKP ? A HKAUIIY AMI KMTKITAHI !?, Y(H Ml wi.nian, ft* ?>l nur?a who can 1 niii{ gic.l f rafcraaoaa. A-iply Immediately ?t 41 tliff >tif?l, tvton 'J and 4 I*. M. WAsm~*i a guwaovAaiJi room a ? itoatii.a to do booaaarork In a prl*a'a fan.ily. lb* b??t oT I'lty refi-rrnca c?u br had from ln>r lft?t plft'<>, ?b*r? ?b? Utm tkr*? y.ftra. i'luw all ?t -t> lfM ;i A, drat floor. "MTASTW? A 'ITIATIKS, IIY A HIXI'KfrrAlli II Vf youui( ?i?u, >? ItUiltfia and ehaci. - a?Mor waller ia will inn to uiaka likra*lf afrroaliln :ua|irH?4 f.irinly rii.- beat ?f city rcli'if d> * fflvan. I'i?a>i' ail at 10t. Wc?*. NinaUmtb "tiaet, for two daya. \jk' AMUV A Hill AHON, BV t HI ' K. IAI K Vt )' iinn woman, in auu.r r<-aprctaM? lain f, aa liral rata cook ia a (imh! w aabar ami in>n?i tlfta* of la'VtwniW kIufii Can he m?ii for two daya at 7J Malta airaat, <j* l? crn f. racn f Icb and TrrANrrn? a -rn ation, am cHli.H'.i wefter ? .o Vt 1 baint'i ruiaid, i v a mat youof (irl uf ? i x ?ii >li* la a |(im?I . Iia in bar ma id , a will OK Ui aaant In waltlny, and capabla to waab and lion lor tiia our wi f , can i o bifrbly rr. ommendad br ?, w.tli city r?'?raucr t will taka tbrra or four Uollara a month fall or aai. i ? Dot<r to Firat arrnua, flrat floor, back ro >u WANTMl- BY A MMtnCtAMM Y00M 0JKL, A aituallon aa nura* or cliaml?rm?iO . I. a- no .b J? tion In no travailinc. cm u >? tka btat of c y aafar met. I'li-a-a rail at 4 i Harry a'ri *t, in tba r? ai VI r ANTK 1' ? A HITI'ATloN, IIY A RMUCT A lll f AUf Vf rlian girl, a ? cook, aaibir ana Irooar or to ''o |M> ml bouiaWork to a auiail prliftta family. /. |j j ai I4f> Cb?rlc? aticat. WANTH>-A BITf' A rit)M, BY A iwfilwr young wnmtii. to Jo cbaml arwork , of aa c?,. a t wftkbar and lionar, or in flo bouav?ark, in a aiuaii Uunij . 1 lie tia-at of rr|ar< n< ? a can b? glian. Apply a'. 14 W it loi'lf liby airaat , tiooklj n, for t wo day a. VI' vSIM A BITVAtlOM, BY A Ht-l-IXJIAItl R W )oiiik woman, m a jirnata faurly.cau rooa, aaab ftlnl Iron llaa jikkI < ty Oau ba WD for two daya a' 167<<tli afr?a?t, In "ba r?a WANTtlt- BY A Kll SO WUHAN, A SITlAlloM in a prlvatx family a? cook or laun<lrw?a Ba I M city r*f?rr*nc<-gl*?n Imjulrwlo* taa day* at ffo ? iia mliton aunur, |lr<?.klji. W' a>tb>? it a tnnoriaui, raonitAMT Itou b woasaa. a < bnd to ??t nuraat. ?t Iwr own bona* Aj ji.y to Mia. Wbilbawd, IW Kaal Kuurt*aa|b at, VI7 A.MM' BY A MVKOrAlU MAKItilUl WOMAN, VV a ?ituullon *- Wat outaa <Hia that ha latal^ loa?. b> r baby baa no objactioii ?o traval, or l? pi ft abort dUtance in tba roontry . ia fi lly com|, 'cnt t? 'aka rara of an Infant. Uix.d talfntc* cau b? gi??n. Plana* call at IMI Mitb ataaua, balwaan Cojrta?i.iU aail I if la-aib atrrata, Brat flini bivk rmat t'an ba vri fur t wo ifayi. WA%r?.ri? MY A YIM OU VfOMAM, A mtT'AIOM aa chkU'iarma d OI walt> r III a |o ?a a fftinll*. Tl.< Ix-.t of rai?nn r? iiiai, f loin bai laat pla " Apply MlWlltl'llUl MlMt, brtdra I iflb ftli l Boll' . T* ' iwa. WAXTlli- BY A RBBI'UYAIMJC UKRMl . A Mtiiftlieo la laf|ra?Hl Ik'Mt nih. Uan ba aaao f. r two daya. Apply at &4fi l>iaaawlib atfMt IMf ASTKIk? IX A UKtr t'l,tu ORIM UtY. A Ydl'MJ TV man, In r 31 year of a<c, Ihit ta a -( im nt wltb tbt 'lty#trada, aud . a?ltrat*n la b^ikka*, a/ ty ataxia. Iftt.) Vuat prolo ? u no uaaltollft! ,r 1 maia frooi b * la ? ' am^lo. *r?. Alao, a buy ''>.|fli> a koraaMMl maka h aiacii i. .. I..I A.l 'raaa J |. (? Ha rald oWiw, atfttitijf r mw awl rwf.-r?o ? W'AMKIi-k YOCNU MAX I'I 'll la r<> ?. Y til* of aga, ia ft actuation uf t>Hip>Hlaibility ail', tf-jat , rrjuat ba Iftiailiar with a< cua. ta, a.. t d?a|M#a> . ta maaw biinaalf (-naiftlly uawfai I n toubia I rafarao.aa win tf r?|?ll?4 aa to ? barftrtar au4 a* parity A lur a* fur tliraa daja ia tba ban w 1 itia( of tu?* api>i. ?e w it r?f?i' trai, I , b.,i 4. j. ia ay < t / f> at flikaw, ?.rap? o WANTH) A JifH AtlOV, IIY A YOI M M%N I <</iM rtoulli i aronna, aitaar io a whofc-aala <ttj gra>la VT clot l.i i>( I.*.., a r< a oa'la ' '"MM pa a aft t la'l wn,l ta a k j,**# tr.l < in a.ia tb? l?a.a; of raft-rau- AO.rtf Ii Mafttiattan Hotal WAVJW-BY A YOI XU MAV, WHO |? A !.<*!?? paomaa, 'onact al Sf< taa, aal can cm well ifaiinarniM i.otb from tba ? ity aad aa tuliy. a a *t?. to B aa aaalatant bt?aka?|^r or antrj lv j, ,,, , u,m m* r aatabliabiiaaut A l ira. a I . j v MM ? laacftia .1 Y. HfASriO-A YfM'X', itrrMI^ UK ?1M <4 aiifaaa ao.l algbtaaa yaaif , a?a wb aagx ! wr Ur aa.i rorra t a. . oa .tint I ta b?. t of , \<j n ... ? B.?a r? uir?.; ."aK.ry t.'n par tnairn ai.t na p* o. aa.i of tba a bora ?; talif. a*i oa rau a.i-ir ?? a a- a to II 11 , HtraM ' ffica, ?latiag i a>ra, a41raaa, aa-. ra'ar ? a-t>. WJMH' MY A K>J*i H (Alll> MAKlt ?"? N?? A ai'aatioi, I*ib( IB I III) r "?! ? al r* ?r ? ftlt liiitiii, nr it m) ??( bauii'M ? ? ii .?( lu I.itkt IuhikII ? "??rail; umIvI rm raal IM ?r ?? a?il ltln>*iH. Hu ??!?, ?'!<??? ??#? ? ? ill>?( i* lata ? r ?<? ii it 1 7 >ha n+j t ???>, A I y)f 'o JuwitK fUa 0, It Hid ?tl?t b??f Jiitit II OTf.Ji- hT A ^ Of Ml MAN I?r i.O<'f? I" IM.*? If bab n, a?> mfai'i'iil ?? Mllnn, Mtil 'til ?r ?llMMt, Iltdr; |?ani or u??r. aal.Ja fci <a? a bbnaMijga ?4 WtikM* ik it a an ar*. at <1 ri,ir.?t ?' i.u.ilaa' Fa'ttla lui) l?lrr>iai kr At ?. 4.1 . M'laM WASTrj* AT Mill U IA MAkltrr. ICi'lll Mil. A ? lint, N u'h IWM4l}a, t ? Iigla> 'ii a a a> tjt'Ui, ? na l ha' vt<l?iiU?l< l.ia !? ? I?', ??) ??! ilaa4i ba ?? .Si.? a otl.ara m ??l a^t I jr , l?<|iibi UfN>|jii '<ml n '? ? r r. > , "-HS ? VJ *17 IN II l>? A V??l NO MAN AO I ?T'.NtJ r?IM*K ff I rir I .ar.a a I Br. I rat- - -fkrr.aa ? ? J Af pi/ lu Ji.l i> -tunl, Jr , I Lit iliwt t*r ANTtD a man ?<r < om> niAK?'Ti ?! A*r> r\ V> IMJMi iWfc ll^llW* >? lafMlnf ini INI'* Itllnir (ilka a|>Ula 1 1 to 1 1 ??J. a I. Wain a*a(iUll()t?i "??? tj a4<:iaaui<( C R. I' . No I l?a??r allaat. M'AMIJ IO I T*( l?OITIIY MAN l-Ni?l;"K|, Tf a allaall' ? W lata ilttlfa ?( Mflblt| (Mn If at It |ii|mi?4- lb* 1,1 Ofliraa, wllarl t( af i*?|( ar |ailMi ia a nut> -ah turn bi> bani a ato*l U< ?i.> Hilar A I ?? a-t4i??>?4 X Y baa llh llaiall >t?, l>i Ibiaa ?'aja, aball Ma attai, ?1 la IJL'AMH'- II V A YOi Mi M?\ H"A ' ' S . ? ff ?ait I a mil y a ilwfl 4iU..<a at I r*l b fa; ?? a dint; t f4a*ia Ian il> pral<r*ola A rftax I f, I *. ham u|?aia l*?al AM f I IN A I.AI WIIU I I All M ' f-. ff M?l l^nraxa m4 Ml tK-rt, aha fat-'H ? it l'ia ^at>?l> ar (Mf a* AMl'M kti A ? I ??'.<>* a, t i^litaal'a ?? ! ??/ i'al i< a?? ul naai t(f ANTVIi- IN A l-AWYId'l llUKY A I Al> I "M ff ' n il I' #M? an ;<a <1 ??( ?/? ?la ar.iai a 4 b?? 'I- l/ta vb'i rraMa* ?Ilia bit ^ai*? a M 1M ?it lb* >Hj ?ill W yftmmA A fy*j al lb* ??'* t* Mar r*f aiMal. Hr A Mll> - AN AMI WAN Nil lltf/f T I* TUM "4 *f*. |'-l> a ba? itH a a ilk III ^aiMla | '? '<il"l ( I* IIh ? ft '? ?< aa Aia-i aai?4lni|'i '** / !?' a ('Man >al*H HinaiM Paar; ;??' M" d ROM, ll.iak ?>ra ?r *? A'.fNTrf r"* ' tf ANII J55?J tattllf t? aai' aa a/U la i? ??1 i?r a. Aa? .??/J tit at* II a I' a .aj, "lib "alata a n?tl ?* ia4 ?< rtat K ft -I ulailia iimbi'i M Iba *Nffcb Hit <4 ?*a A >1-1/ al .<? ??"a. a |. a? l ,f . - MM I AT 4.1'f1tXM?N II A VIM) A ?A#TT %!. la ?>?!?! b?4 ?l-?4; >aa^>;aa>?'. a t ?a>?, I mi it Ui Me tf a-Mn tm?? A lallai,, '?al?a ? <??> ai ... > -/'.I. ?f I fUlMN k MlfUlAM 41 KM <?i?iia?4 n'mmmrn by r?t?r* M* l ?PIIUTI M iNflk S* fimr*;Ai ?aimm, \nIi wmn?... |p < 7m n tillciHiatbi'm-lclyK 1>l *>. a4a|i a I' )? I ?,alb. m, I ? ?>. 10 t? I] A < . j ta i ai, ?? ? ? V lal.fl) a ??? |? g at.y M * n ^ini. a'. IIK4-I al IMII lantearaa ai? fit* r ??? aa al III ????? A|*iy aa abita, SMHIU Al l?M -MM"- 41'IJ All* *? HWTM. >>??* trtvif aa4 llft**| >? mm >i?l) ?"?ii'A? li*w 1 till 4 ? 4?ra a*l'?7 ?? fiaaai 7 Hi| 1?. iil'Va ! (t Ibrf mi i?* ??? ??. Iarfr'*a aff*;?tr?r, *? < IMh-i ??? * a wlll-'la

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