Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1855, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1855 Page 8
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AFFAIRS AT THE STATE CAPITAL. Exciting Debate on the Senatorial Question. t URGES OF TREACHERY AID FEftJlKT. Councilman Dunlap on Trial. The Whig Legislative Caucus, 40., 4o., &?, (new TOBK LEGISLATURE. Uiiatc. Albany, Feb. 2, 1355. DISCOUNT ON BANK NOTHS. Mr. SrwrotR reported adversely to the bill of Mr. Sherrfll, that bank notes should not be bought at a greatei rata of dlaconnt than one-quarter per cent. BILLS 1-ASSKD. To incoiporate a society for the relief of tHe widows and orphan* of the clergy of the Proteitant Episcopal Church. The bill for the prevention of gambling was pas led in committee ; alio the bill in relation to certain mining lands in St. Lawrence. To authorize the city of Brooklyn to borrow money for cchool purposes. MR. TOOMAS DCr.'T.AP I.VQFIRKD AFTKH. Mr. Vi HiTNirr offered a resolution calling on the Com ?niisiooers of Emigration to report why Thomas Dunlap i* allowed to ait as a Commissioner. Laid on the table, on njot.ou of Mr. Hopkins. Aiiemblfi Ai.hany, Feb 2, 1855. Till I'MTKD STATES BBXATORSQU*. Mr. I'htty'b reiolation wan announced, and Mr. Watkrburv Mid it was not necessary for hint to define liis position. His position was defined before the organization of this House But tnere ware men on this floor who would never have had a seat here, had they not taken aa oath to fulfil their duty. But they had basely broken that oath, and disregarded their du'y. He had been surprised to ace that at a given signal, the Speaker of this House had come down upoc the Uaor of this House and there decUred that he was justified in breaking his oath ? aye, and that he would do Bo were his oaths as high as heaven Out he was glad to know that such a man was a "Little John." Talk not, said Mr W., of Catholic Jesuitism? there was h Jjsitiain ten fold greater than that of ratliolicism. He w as opposed to the re-clection of Wm. Jl. Seward, because he was an ti-repub?ican, anl was in favor of giving the moms to Catholicism for its spread in this country. Mr. W. then reviewed the working of the Catholic religion, art uing that, it was contrary to republican principles. He also reviewed the course of Mr. "eward with regard to our common schools, referring to his proposition to divide the school moneys between Catholic and Protestant schools. Mr. W. asked what would thiK country come to if this course was pursued? would it be oue l/nitod American country ? or would it not be divided up into one of nectionalitr. Mr. Hut.l sal ! there were m-n here whi claimed exclu sively to have American feelings, but there was not a man here but experitnoed this feeling as fully as these exclusive professors of it He objected ts the midat operandi of carrying out this feeling. He did aot ;o- si <i?t it necossary to prescribe or take oaths to carry out this feeling. Americau feeling was too broad for that. Was i'. not American Jesuitii-m, this carrying out Ame ricanism as it wast It was nothing but Jesuitism? American Jesuitism ? and yet Jesuitism is held io such high horror by these men A man rises here and in a derisive manner calls another who his taken an oith, ? n an unguarded moment, u ''Little John." 1 'or himself, be cotfidt red such a man ''big John." Mr H. tlen referred to the public acts of Mr. tfevari. Auothor word, taid Mr. H., ahout th??e oaths. Immediately af ter the organization o* tins House, members were watt ed oa to take an oath. Me hold tiiat men were absolved from oath* which bounl their consciences that w<-re calcu'stsd to make them traitorous to their country. Mr. Lamport, oa his return from horns to this House, a day or two since, was surprised to find matters so well arranged. He was surprised to fiud that men, who, but two weeks since, had. ia a counting room at the foot of Mate street, declared sentiments directly contrary to Ihoae proclaimed here. The *?nUnimu from New York (Mr. Leigh,) bmi stated here that the aeatlnients of Governor Seward, in a message were not what they had been represented to I.e. H ;t that gentlem in had care fully withheld the fact tl at tioveruor S. Issued in ano'.li..r message sentlmeitl intended to quiet the ex citement wh cli had ari.M n in ilie State. It known, too, that a distinguishes State Senator, at that time, had endeavored to arge Oovornor y. to withhold hiB sentiments in the first message. Hut hi- urging was unavaibng, an 1 the aeutinieat weut forth to the world with the most disastrous results to *he whig party. And what would have been tu* olTect of Ms re-ommenda tiens to ojr public schools? It would have b.un the ruin of tba'. magnificent BTstem of public eduia'ioa. He al-o referred to the course pursued by Gov ernor P. towards the auti renters, and then reviewed ?lie remarks of the gentleman from Moiroe, (Mr. Hebbin- ) with regard to the doctrine of " higher law." He sa.d this doctrine had gained some ground in this Slate, to its disgrace, but it was soon abiodoued. He denied tut imputations cast upon those who could not accede t> the doctrine o' a "higher Uw" infidelity. Gentlemen talk about ta'ting oaths In violation of their ?ease No one had ukeu each an oath. But when ft man made dcclaratirn of Lis intention to rtipport u principle, he had a perfect, right to carry oat that de claration, no matter ia ? ha*, *hnp>- he as^nmwt it. He denied that there was auy disposition to pe-saeuti any one oo account of bis religious principles. It whs un true tbnt there was any intention to persecute Catholics because tli'y were Catlio'ics. He promised his support ? even to the bearing of arms ? to protect the Catholic from a prohibition of his enjoying the worfhip of his religion With regard to Jesuitism, he said, men in their roul were apt to go beyond the bounds of reason in what they FSy on some subjects. To show what Catho lie Jesuitism consisted of, he read the Jesuits' declara tion, hileit published in the public papers Mr. lit M>Y inquired if that was as binding as the Hin doo oifU? Mr. Lamport was opposed to that kind of Jesuitical oaths, and because he felt alarmed at thoso oiths, he was to be charged with t iking an oiti In violation of his con/-ci?nce. He considered it the duty of all Anieri /cati citi*?n.s to stand <ip against theae oaths and the work lo follow tbein. But ut the same time he denied the infcnt.i n to pera'cute foreigners, as such. Mr. L. .referred lo th,* recent e eetion in Ontario, where the question was fully before the people. The iiu?stion was between Hindoo and ? what r Fusion, woolly heads and abolitiouUts , and give "bam" one more lick at them, and there will not be a grease spot left. (Applause.) Mr. L. said Ue was a law abiding man. He hal under . stood !ha'. there was a cauous last night. Whatever was the esult? constitutionally cbttlnjd? he would abide by it Mr. b U Colk said there was a crisis approaching, .such as to feat the soundness of this Legislature. The quest mo of religious toleration had been mooted here, ^lut he t-iff v j *.0 discuss that question. It bad no con Aeci'.oii eita t ne I'niUd S'ates Senatorihip. nor had it any b?ar'ng upon the resolution before the House The reaolbll a saia we would n)t support any man who was not a frirnd of our State interests, or public school', sii ' of our country. Where was the man wh? dared to be otherwise than the resolution expressed 1 He was no faettoniat. He was a whig. He had dared to determine what was right and act upoa It. That made he a party man ? a whig. He would not acknow ledge himself a Seward man per tt. But as a whig he would vote for Mm. Circumstances had left Wm. H. f3ewsrd oo other choice than to take the side of free lom. Reiercoce had been male to osths, as if a man would come here with an oath that would make him act inde pendent of his official oath. Why should a few nisn at tempt to dictate to 130,000 men in this State an oatii which made them kneel to Baal and lieV th* dnst f Must a hi mea dictate ao oath to these 130.0W men which ma-'e them act ccntiary to th<lr oonvlctions. It was intimated, too, that committees had been sent here to work the destruction of one man . Mr. Rhomb emphatically denied that any such com- j mi f tees had appeared her*. Mr 8 B said it had boea intimated such was the case But this great effort was to put down "one man William H Reward? a man who, at this time, was the back boa* of the State Itself. Mr. O'Kf.kto had not intended to take part in this dis cussion. It was none of his business He was a repub lican democrat. Hut bis principle* had boea villitie 1. The gentleman from Westchester (Mr. Waterbory) had Mid this was a itoteetaat community. Ut, O'H, venM that thu was a I'rotestaat or Catholic community. The gootlemsa had said he would protect Catholicism. He asked no [protection from him He got his protection for bis religious creed from the Almighty (Jod. an I the con stltutioos of the United States and this State, which tolerated ell religions. Kefi rence had been made to the temporal powers of the tape. That poor old I'ops had no powers. He was simply a proscribe ! prince, hedged in at Bome Mr. O'K. went on explaining the action of Cat hollos recently; claiming for them as much interest ia the stability and prosperity of this country as aay other class of eittiens. He held that the Catholie Church was republican in itself; every office in it was obtained by ballot. And as to the Jesuitical oath read by the Kettle man from Ontario, (Mr. Lamport,) he (Mr. O'K.) took thu oocaaicn to brand it aa a forgery, and chal lenged proof to the contrary. As to Wm. II. -'owerd, he could not vote for him. He d:d not like his principles. But he kne v Mr. Seward'e friends could take care of him Mr. Pkitv followed, referring to what he termed tn roost contemptible conduct on the part of Mr. !>eigb, in retting him to offer the resolution before the Bonae. Mr. P passed in review the public course < t Wm. II. Seward, wbotn he considered a political gambler ,an enemy to our Caioa, an i netny to onr common schools, a propagator of aaatchy through the "higher law" doctrine. Mr. P. also i e vie wed the speeches of Messrs. Leigh. Stehbias, IJttlejohn, and others. He said there were fifty mem bers of thu House who were pledged to rote against a certain man for United :-tates Senator, but wha had ?bemeful'.y violated their fledges. He could never be lieve these men ia a conrt of justice, even under oath. I*t their names, aaid Mr. I*., be sbronded in Idsokjj and take Ibelr places beside that of Dsnedict Arnold. What JpfloeDce* have operated upon theee men* The Governor lias atrtala appointments to make, but they are kept liack until It was known how certain ones voted. More than tins, even the taaesgeof bills depended upoa the v..fe? ?l members on the SenaVitial question. A col ?--e^i. / bi? havlny several bills here, was told that i ? l.i' vot'd for the promteent canlidate. his U.J not pass He totiSed his ronstitn #?',** i *i cotjdi *00 of aftiirs. A me-tia* was let- ?..! ?? > const 'tie ots, who in.'trueeel h'm to 1st bia bill* go to tkt Tombs of tbo Ctptltta? bit not vote for Senator Seward. That man. ho vevsr, wan pre aaat at the caucus laat night Mr. P. aUo rilaM 4 oat* in which hia brother waa Imprisoned in a foreign coun S. . Ho bad called upon Senator Seward to obtain his ercetsion, and received no encouragement. Bat bIbc* then, while in New York, it waa intimated to him ? indeed, he wai told directly, U lie would vote for Mr. Seward tliat gentleman would intercede for hit brother. Mr. A. 0. Wilijams ro'e to a question of privilege, and pronounced tome allusions in the New York Timet Albany correspondence, to hia course with regard to the contested seat case from Oivego, unqualifiedly false. Mr. O'Ko.kk, ali o alluded to in the name connection, after faying It wai customary to act ai counsel in sn;h CMN, laid he had not retired a retainer, and did not think he would accept any. Mr OrcvKKH alto disclaimed any intentinn of acting in any manner which might be considered as even disre putable. lie believed tbe House would justify him in what part he had taken iu the case rsferred to, against this foul and wanton slander. Mr. Ouusow addressed the Hons* in advocacy of the re turn of Vm. M. Seward, and In reply to the remark* of Mr F?ttv. Mr. Khodih followed, saying ho saw before him men pledged to vote against a principle embodied in William H. Seward, violating that pledge and ready to voto for tbe return of that man to the United State* Senate. H* asked how many men were here pledged for the Maine Was It more sinful to pledge against William H. Seward tban it was in favor of tbe Milne Law. Mr. R. proceeded at some length in diiousaion of the public aots of Mr. Seward. Mr. Rk'ckkm>!? moved to strike oat of reeolation the words "in the present distracted state of parties." Mr. Stkvkns moved that this subject be made the spe cial order for to-morrow morning, immediately after the reading of tbe journal, lie made this motion In order to afford an opportunity to the Speaker to reply to what l ad been said, personal to him. Tho motion was carried. Mr. Kickkksom then took the floor and addressed the House at length, inquiring why all this consternation with regard to this resolution. There was nothing in it but what all good men could vote for. But gentleman here acted as if they expected to be started by the apparition of some spectre. Mr. K. believed that the man to repre sent this State in tho United States Senate most not only profeta the principle against slavery, but he must have tbe conrnge t? practise that principle . Adjourned. The Senatorial Caucus at Albany, [From the Evening Journal, (Seward organ,) Feb. 2.] THE WHIG LKOI8LATIVB OAUOtH. Tho whig member* of the Legislature met in caucus last evening, in the Assembly yhamber. The galleries and lobbies were tilled compactly, as were also the aisles and spaces on the floor or the house. At half-pant 7 o'clock Mr. Blatohtord, of the Assem bly, called the caucus to order, and, on hii inotiou, Senator William < was cnllod lo the chair, and Messrs. C. P. Johnson, of tlio A?semlily, and Klchards, of the Senate, were appointed Secretaries. On motion ol SAiaior Robkrisox the roll was called, and sixteen Senators and sixty-four members ot the Assembly nnswored to their names. Ou motion of Senator Koiikktsun, the caucus proceed ed to ballot for a candidate for. the office of Senator of tho United States, and the Chair appointed Messrs. Boynton, of the Assembly, and Crosby, of the Senate, as tellers. Tto ballot resulted as follows: ? Whole number of votes cast 83 Of wbich William H. Seward received *4 Washington llunt 2 Ira Harris 1 Millard Fillmore 1 Blank 1 The result, when announced, was received ap pluuie and checrs, and, so soon as comparative quiet was restored, Mr. I ittlefikld, of the Assembly, said ? Mr. Chairman, I am aware that tho ballot just taken was an informal one, but it is s? nearly unanimous, that it is perhaps hardly worth while to consume the time necessary (or a second bailor. 1 move you, therefore, sir, that the cau cus declare William 11. .Seward their unanimous choice for the office of United States Senator. Mr. Won, of Eiie ? As ouc of the minority, perhaps I ought to object; but ad it is quite apparent that tbe gentlimon I voted for is not the preference of the cau cus, 1 will pejoud the uv-tion just nude. The Chair? Gentleman, you have heard the motion. Tbore ol you who desire that William H. Seward shall be unanimously declared the nominee of the caucus for tho office of United States Senator, will say "aye;" (a most emphatic response, apparently from all parts of the Home and lobbies;) tho.^e opposel will siy "no." (rllence rrirned for an instant, wh'n the hill again echoed With the cheers and applnuie of the multitude.) Mr. Senator RoiiauTSON? Mr. Clia'rmtn, the whig mem bers of both houses, including tbe Speaker of the Assem bly, having given embodi ae'nt to their vlows by an ex pressive ballot, I would beg leave to call upou tho Presi dent of the Sf cate to tell us what he thinUs of our even, inn's work. (Cheers, and calls from ail quarters for " lUjmund ") Mr. Raymond responded to the cill In a brief but eloquent and forcible speech. He congratulate I tae members of the caucu", and through them th? Stute, and through the State the Union, upon the decision which had jutt been reached (Applause.) Tl;e result indicated by this meeting is lojkml forward to in teu-e interest, not by the penpio of the State merely, nor of the North, nor ol the Union, but of the intelligent -.vor d. This anxiety arises not alone from ven-rition for the itiatinguished genllemin just presented as a can didate for re-electiou to the United State* Senate, but because he la the lecogn'zed champion of principles with which freedom, justice and national greatness are iden tified. (Applause ) Mr. R proceeded, in a strain of unusual eloquence, to speak or tho long strugglo which had been go rig en between freedom and slavery, of the triumph* which slavery had achievoJ, and of its aV lr.ost uninterrupted control of the exocutivs and judicial departments of the government. Its pre sent stri-ggle was for soprenucy in the national legislature. It was to ontribate to this purpose that that crowning act of degression, the Kansas Nebraska net, wa.-' pissed, lhat vast territory, large as the thirteen original States, and on:e solemnly dedi cated to freedom, is now, if the people slmn*>er, to re cede the black brand of slavery. And for what? That, by the application of the princip'o of a lav* represen a tion, the Sooth may obtain control of toe Le^islatum. That principle was embolied in tbo constitution. He would not disturb it But he would have the people *'.e to it that it was nit rendered futthsr available to ala very by the consummation of tlis ultimit* purpose of the Nebraska iniquity. No whig proposes to interfere with slavery in the >'ate.s, but all true mm everywhere would struggle again* t its extenaiou. Mr. R. very ably reviewed the various st*p.s taken in the aggresai.ins of slavery; and referred, in glowing term*, to the bold and ftarlees and digniile.i manner in which Mr. Seward hid discharged bis duties as Senator of the United States. He had, under all circumstance,), amid tho rage of ala very and the treachery and timidity of Northern re presentatives, been true to freedom. Whoever iniy bave faltered. he his stood llrm. Even his enemies appreciate his power ; and in evory contest he bas stood llrm as the rock upon wbich the Capitol is reared. Nor is there a mau in the nation who believes he will falter, however fiercely the contest may rage. He may be overwhelmed, but he will still ctund true to bis principles. His enemies may sty that his principles are wrong ? but he had yet to tee the man to prove tli ? m wrong ? but be will never desert those principles. He has, in his whole public life, been actuated by a seme of duty, anl if ho falls, hn will fall with ilia pneciplr*. to again take liia place among the chaiupion> ol justice and freedom, whtfi., as they must, those principles reach the ascendtnt. Mr. K. said h? rejoiccd mo|t heartily at the result of the caucus. The election of Nr. Seward will falsify the predicti jns of the South, one of wbpse statesmen remarked ? few days slice, that -'Mr. Seward would not be returned." " Why?" was the inquiry. "Oh! because you men of the Noith always back out " Let this prediction be falsified nut.', by the return of a rain to Vie Senate of the I'ni^d States, who has never faltered. Mr. K. pilm'.ed to other existing evils ? particularly to the -dministration of the naturalization laws ? which he would gladly contribute to remedy. But this evil should not V" allowed to override all others ?of pressing importance. True American and free dom are In banr.cny: and the most pressing danger tdiouid t e first arrested. That which cannot be postpon ed, must first he attended to. This queatlon of freedom must bediciied now, or the North will be bound, not w 1th gr??n withes, which we may sunder at pleasu e, but with tbe IroD bands of slavery. William H. Seward ii tbe leading champion in the contest, and the whole North desire his return to the Senate. The champions ol slavery fear him as the friend* of freedom love htm. They do not despise him: they respect, but they fear him They do not dislike him, they bonor him tor his consistent feailessness and ability, while they despise the cringing dooghf*?*es of the North. They f-sr him? not as an enemy of the Union? but because they know thst be will never cease to wsr against the unjust and uncor sVtutlonsl ? rcreaefcmente ot slavery. And ft must stand by blin. (Applause.) Let tue wo?w ^ou have ct irnenced to n:fht be cob? .iinmated oo Tuesday next, tnd the free North will thant yon. [Mr. R spoke for half an ho- r, anu was constantly applauded.] Mr IjTTLrjoBN was called out and i spoke briefly, ex pressing tbe opinion that more had been done by the C*Vtus t9 ?ave the Union than hid been dons betore for years. He congratulated bis associates that, nutwith standing the utusual efforts which had been made to overawe them, they had so nobly recor.lod their verdlot, and predicted that tsfor* the IM "liyil'l set ?n Ttf-flajr nei?, the electric wires wouU senl forth tli? gloflotft news that New York bad been true to ber favorite and most reliable son. (AppUn?e ) Senator Caosav alio briefly lesponded. congratulating tbe caucus upon the happy and auspicious termination of its labors. Hsdr w a gl.iwirg picture of the great struggle between slavery aud freedom, and appeale.1 to his associate* to make every other questlcn subordinate until this great battle bad been fought aad won. (Ap plause.) rotator Dhmxso.v al<o spoke, briefly alluding to the piominent feature* in the puhi'e his ory of Mr Seward, to the influence of slavery legislation, and to the glo riou a result just reached by tbe representatives of the people. It wss a proud night tor New York, anl it was a duty which the 1 egi?]*tur* owed to Itself, to the State and to God. to ratify Its action Mr. l'aro, of Albany, wa? called oui, and, alter thank ing the audience for the call, cited various interesting re nifnirctncea of a similar ca>icu*, of which he was a mem ber, In lN4i>, when, tinder a far severer pressnreof opp-isl ti?-B, Mr. Seward was fir*t r?Urn?d to the Senate of the I mted State*. Then, a* row, men were threat* ie?d with annihilation if they dare.l to ijppjrt hlin. bat then as now, the people's repre?SBUUv.s sjvjrnel these thrsits. And the result ju*t:Ded their ?:ts, and continued their wisdom. No annihilation ftdlow?d then, nor wli anu hilaton follow r.ew. The n-ou most se retely tlir*iWae 1 with annihilation wss (he ttrst to be ritmnid to the As sembly, and now occupies a seat oa tbe floor of the Senate to ?{aln cast his vote under annltvr threats, tor William 11 Mr T. ccutinu^il hia remsrfca, Ari?l coEslnded by remarking, that New York never before more dstrrvi d the aj |*llation of the K nptre 8tate ' than te night, when her represent. -Urei have, with such prtitifvlng unanimity, eij rested their appreciation of tlic high qualities of tli?ir not)* and fsarlsaa Seostor. Calls were made fcr "Blatchford," "Fitch," "LUtle )? Im," and other*, but, Oa motion of Mr Butcafoio, UtctieV *-ij">a?aei. [From the Resistar, (Kaow^ Nothing central orgn,) Th* caucus was called to order Mr BUtehford, of New York, on who** motion Senator William* wt< ohosen chairman. Mr. Btatchford than nomlnatad Ur. Richard <i of the Senate, and Mr. C P. Johnson of the j Aaaerably, ai secretartea, and they were duly elected. > Senator Robinson moved the calling of the roll. Seventy- j nine members and Senator* answered to their names. Mr Roblason, of the Senate, moved that the caucus ! proceed to ballot for Ualted mates Senators, and ths | Chairman appoint two tellers Carried. The Chair ap pointed Mr. Crosby, of the (Senate, and Mr. Boyaton, of | the Assembly. The caucns then proceeded to ballot, with tho following result:?* Blank 1 Millar* Fillmore 1 Washington Hunt 2 E. D. Culver 1 Ira Harls 1 W. H. Seward 74 Total 80 Mr LrnuaiiLD moved that the ballot be declared unanimous. Mr. Wbxd ? "As one of the minority, I should object." Carried. In answer to loud call*, Lieutenant-Governor Raymond appeared and addressed the meeting. He aUudal to the Slavery question and the position of W. H. Se ward in relation to that question. He was a man the South feared, and New York oould not do mote for the cause of freedom than by returning W. H. Seward to the Sin ate. lie was happy at the result of the caucus, and at the prospect that on Tuesday next, this action would be I confirmed by a vote of both houses. Mr. Littijuoiix followed in answer to repeated calls.? He had heard much about the Union, but the State of New.York hsd done more to night for the preservation of the L'nlon, than they oould do In any other way la a quarter of a ctnluty. He predicted that before the sun set on Tuesday next, electricity would carry to the dis tant parts of tbe country that New York had been faltn. ful to h'r favorite son. Ha was followed by Senator Crosby, when the caucus adjourned. [From the Albany Argus (soft shell) Feb. 3.] THE eKNATOK QUESTION. The whig caucus, held last evening. Indicates pretty , clearly the to election of Mr. Seward to to the United States Senate. Of the Senators, 16 were preseut. Sena- ( tor Barnard, who was out of town, it is understood will vole for Mr. Seward, which will orlve him a majority I In the Striate, wiiiiuui counting tlit vote of Senato I Field, who was not at the caucus. Of the members of the House, 04 were present? just one-half of tho whole number.1 Of the absentee), Messrs. Chester, Piatt an-1 Wlsner, are confidently count ed by Mr Seward's friends. Unless some iuiprobaVe change occurs, itis therefore likely that Mr. Seward will receive a majority in both brunches of the Legislature. NA1SXH OF MEMBERS PJtKSENT. The roll being called, the following were found to be present Sknatoiu? Messrs Bishop, Bradford, Butts, Crosby, Wm. Clark. IHcl.ln.on, Dorrauce, Hopkins, Monroe, Prau, Richards, Robertson, tsherrlll, Walker. Williams, and You? 16. Mr. Bishop stated that Mr. Barnard had been c '.Hod away from the city before tho call for the caucus had appeared. Ak8kmblymks? Mesi-'ri. Baldwin, Baker, Baocher. J. Bennett, J. P. Bcunott, Beyen, Blakeslee, BUtcUrord, Bovnton, Brush, Bunnell. Churchill, Clark, E. Cole, S. B. Cole, O'lemau, Coma tocL Davidson, Douoan, Eamss, Everest, Fairch'ld, Fitch, Gleason, Hull, Jiminerson, C. P. JohiMon, Kuapp, Kirkland, I<elfli, Littlefiell, Liurie, Maclian, McKinney, Mallory, Main, May, E. Miller, Mun ro, Paine, D Palmer, l'ennoyer, Phelps, Ramsay, Ray mond, RicLersou, lthoda, Robinson, Schuyler, B Smith, 8 Smith, Speaker, Stebblus, Stuyvesant, Terhune, G. Tompkins, I Tompkins, Van Osdol, Walker, Wee.l, Wells, G D Williams, Wilsey, Wooden? 04. Mr. Winner was stated to be at home, tick. Personal Intelligence. Mr. Victor Conslderant and family left Brussels on the j 10th of January, for TexjiH, where he goes to establish a ' colony. The New Orleans Picayune of the 2&th ult. says: ?The i spacious and elegant drawing room of tbe St. Charles Hotel overflowed last evening with the taste, beauty, fashion aid gallantry of the city, and, we may say, or almost every section of tho country. Among the party were Mrs. Gen. Gaines, who. as usual, formed the centre of many a group during the evening, whom (ho charmed by her ever ready flow of conversation and tho attractive amenity of her manners; and Mra. Oettvia Walton Le vert and Miss Levert. both of whom joined in the dance with great spirit, aud with whom many tender leavo takings were bad, it being tho eve of their departure for Havana, where, having pissed a few days, they art to embarl. for Europe. Mrs. Levert appeared, upon thW occasion, in th? superb dress she wore on her presenta tion to Queen Victoria, on lier last visit to England. ARRIVALS. At the St. Nichols? Hotel? Prof. W. Hooker, New Havsn; C. M. Roche, Baltimore; 11. l'enalon, Porio Kico; John MUf.ce, Ksii., Ilntli ; Jud|(S Wilkinson, Alabama; \V. II. Barnes, Bonnie; Col. S Seymour, l'iermont; Samuel 11*1 lett, Horietuvllte; A. Lamhnrd, lloiton; ('apt. .1. I.. Day, Norwich; (!. II. \\'a<ner, Vir ;inis; Co'. Story, Illinois; 1). 1 1 <>1mi> an , Philadelphia; J. Hons, Gustier; C. J. l.arne I, Baltimore: T. Ssi.dt'ord, Mol.ile; S. V. Taleott, Alhsuy; (?en. C. M. Hoed, Erie; 1'. ilnbbell, Charleiton; J. li. Welcu, Augusta. At the Metropolitan Ilotcl ? lion. W. C. Warne, Pa.; Count do Gurow lis, Uusfla; Major John Freti, Caliromis; W. C. Wsfcley, Illinois; Sol. Uillers. ilaltlmors; T. Ilillen llunt-r, Ssn Francisco; Col. W. 11. Juhnson, Clnolnnsti; (Jeo. 1*. Doan, St. l.oni.; S. S. Mark, Louisville; J. E. Eddy, I". S. Army; C. Gordon, Savannah. At the Prrscott Houst? Hon. C. W. Ernst, Cooperstown; Rev. S. Noble, Pa.^Col. Fuller, New York; Mai. K. V. Thou hand. New Jersey; Mr. Holhrook and lady, .Nsw Orleans; A. S. Ripley, Esq., Mass.; J. Ripley, Esq., Mass.; Sam. White, , E*<|., (ieneva; J. W. Hull, Soutn Carolina; U. B. llowns, K-r, I. unit Inland; Dwi/ht M. liahooek, Cooperstown; Col. | R. It. Nelson, l.ako From New Orleans and Havana, in tbc s'-osmsbin Black ! Warrior? 1> Anthony, J A Stasis, J Borlon^a, F Neyrsy, i Thi xdore Stur;cs?, Mrs A S Butler, D Tilton, C Tears, Misi j A Bullock, J MeCarly, E Holland, lady and two servants, ; J S Alfonro, l'edro K Dune, E Morales, It J Tucker, Henry North, J l.srooiie, J Pcnelas, M de Estrada, M Estrada and nephew, John Pcchoman. , Married, On Tuesday, January 23, by Iter. Jamo* W. Alexander, i I). D., Hkhry M. Haij<kt to Aii.vh Stuart, daughter of I John Fliyfe, all of thin city. Dltd, On Friday, February 2, Thomas Brush, Br., aged 03 year*. The friends and relativae of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from bU late residence, So. ' i'j Delancey utrevt, on Monday morning, at ten o'clock. Hii remtins wiil be taken to Springfield Cemetery, L. I., | for interment. Newark, N. J , and Jamaica, I. I . papers please copy. ! On Thursday, February 1, Jamm 0. Ward, la the OJat year of bin age. HI* fi lends and those of the family are invited to at tend hi* funeral, from bis late residence, No. 61 Irving place, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, without fur ther invitation. His remain i will be taken to Greenwood for interment. On Thursday, February!, at bis residence, No. 104 ' Green street, cf a lingering illosss, Hr.vrt C. Allix, aged ; ?r)l years. Ills funeral will take place this afternoon, at one o'clock. The friends and acquaintance* are respectfully | inritidi On Wednesday, January 31, Damn. 0'Mkaua, aged 30 i yearn, 2 months and 3 days The relatives and friends of the family, the members ; of Engine Company No. 40, and the Youug Kan's Gene ral Democratic Committee of the Stuyveaant Iustitute, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, jo-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence, No. 2 Centre market place, without further invitation. On Fridaj morning, February 2, Cor.viuus, in the rbth year of his age. The funeral will take place from his late residence, No. 049 Fourth street, this morning, at ten o'clock. His re mains will be taken to We?tpor;, Ct., for interment. On Friday, February 2, Jakes Sbaxabox, in the 44th year of hi* age. His funeral will take place this afternoon, at one o'clcck, from his late restd?nce, No. 139 Twenty- eighth street, between Second and Third p.vennes. Hi* remains will be taken to Calvary CemrW-ry for interment. Hil liiendsautl relatives are respecllully invited to attend. On Friday, February 2, of coniumpt'on, Catharixr, wife of l!r. ?;eorge Waller, aged 3-2 years The relatives and friends of the family, and the mem ber* of Hope Chapter No. 244, are invited to attend the fund a 1, to morrow afternoon, at two o'cloak. from tho houie In Fifty-ninth s'reet, betwetn Second and Third avenues. Ob Thursday. February 1, Mart E. P?rri**, wife of WIlHam G. 1'errlne, aged 4 1 year-- and 6 months. The friends of the family "are invited to attend tb* fu neral, t? BVlJVTr BMUlntf, at t alf past ten o'clock, with out *art\*r invitation, from bn l?te rnilence, No. 09 Grove atrret. On Fnday, February 2, <>f inflnmm\tion of the lungs, 1 Mary Axh max, only child of Catharine Jane and John | Bell, afced 4 rears and 11 months. The irieudsof the family, and those of her uncles, I Hugh 11*11. and Richardson and Robert W. Flanagan, are respectfullylnvited to attend her funeral, to- morrow af- > ternoon, at two o'clock from tbe residence of be^^hor, ; No. 20 Mongomery street. Ww San Francisco papers please eopy. t?n FjlCi" i'fbruNj 2, vl <?[ hnjs, ; OroMt H. POR1AX, eldest son o( .boma* H. and And > Dorian, aged 2 years, 3 mouths and 2? daya. Ibe funeral will take place from tbe reildenca of bit parents, No. 93 Weat Thirty-second street, tomorrow afterncon, at two o'clock. Hie frieade and acqua'nt- 1 snces of the family are requested to atteod without far ther invitation. On Thursday, January ii, of coosuoiptinn, Mr*. Eliz?. trim Solomon, aged 34 years, a native of Holland. Boston and llulllmore paper* plea** copy. In Rrooklyn, on Thursday afternoon. February I, Gra<*? Hujm, only daughter of George Henry and (iraae 1*. Hogbes. aged 2 year* and 23 day*. Tbe friends of tlie family, tnose of Rdward Hughes, j Keq., and Jan>?* M. l'lurab, K*<| , are respectfully tavite 1 to attend tbe funeral, this aft'inoon, at two o'clock, from tbe residence of her parents, No. 79 Saad* street, corcer ol Jay street, without further notice. I In Br?*>' lyn, on Krlday moroicg, February 2, Sarah, ! relict of the lata Abm. i*gr.inw, in tbe did year of her age. The friend* of tb* family, aid of her son*, John W. Walter, N. and James A., are respectfully invited to at tend tb* funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of ber eon, Ja?. A. Degrauw, No. -1 Amity street, between Clinton and Court streets, with out further invitation. At Williamsburg, on Ttiur?iay, February 1, Mart, wife of John M. lusiine, in t'te If. th year of her agt. Tha friends and acquaintances of th'? familv. tnose of ' 0. M. Bodltic, all o ber brother, Chsrle* F. Townley, are mpeet'nlty united to atten 1 her faneral, tbia after noon. at on* o'clock, froui ber lata resMenw, Second street, between South Third an 1 Fourth etreeta, without fi.rther invitation. la William- bare, on Tliurelay, February 1, after a abort aad severe tlloe?s, is??c M. Ki-nrn, aged W ya art and t month*. Th* rtUt.vta asd fr'eals of tbe family are respect full r gT>l*d to a'.'.eil tbe funeral, to me:")* a'Wrnaoo, a*. two o'clock, torn the M K church, id wa,at* Second ?treat, between Filth ul Sixth etroeu, wttho." ?*?her invitation. Suddenly, ef di*enee of the heart. Laouiuk MoCa-.""> * native of the county Longford, Inland, aged 68 ye ?r* Hia frlenda and acquaintance*, and thoae of hi? aoorf, John and Joeepk. are respectfully Invited to ettenl hia funeral, from h? late residence, No. 1S3 South Third ?treat, Williamsburg, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notioe. At her realdenoe, in Ureeaborg, We*tche*ter county, on Thuradar, February 1, in the 87th year of her age, Mr* SiiuH Bahkik Tomtoms, relict of El'jah Tompkins. The relative* and friend* are retpectfully invited to at tend her funeral, at the Freabyteriau ohureh at White Plain*, thla morning, at eleven o'clock. Carl leave City Hail at eight o'clook. In Bergen, N. J., on Friday, February 2, Ash SuoratT Gilhkkt, wife of John Gilbert, deceased, aged 78 year*. The frlenda of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, from Grace church, corner of Erie and South Seventh street*, Jersey City, to-morrow after noon, at two o'clock. At hi* reiidenoe, in North Deigen, N. J., on Thursday, February 1, in the 88d year of hia age, Mr. Joaarfl Wcub, formerly of New York. The relative* and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-mcrrow afternoon, at two o'clock. Carrlag** will be in attendance at the ferry, Jersey City. MAR IT 1MB IHTBLH GEN (JR. ALMANAC von new roll? -TNI* DAT. ibs niiae 7 08 I moo m bisks 8 80 8*72* ??TS 8 20 | HI OH WAT* A 10 09 Port of New York, Vebrnary a, 1855. CLEARED. Steamship Empire City, Wlndle, Havana and New Or leans, M U Roberts. Ship Harvey Birch (clipper), Nelson, San Franolsoo, Sut ten A Co. Bark Delegate, Glllan, Nenvttas, II Undsrwood Bark II Morton, Uulkley, Savannah, doranton A Tallman. Brig Acadian (Br), CrowofL Trinidad, Hamilton Bros. Brig Eastern State, Gamape, Sah Juau, CA, C Dnraud. Brie Dcvonthlre (Br), Webb, Bermuda, Pennlston A Jones. Brig Billow (Br), RUhbone, Halifax, D R DeWolf. Urig F Fabers, Jackson, Philadelphia, G W Bernard. Schr Mentora, Wsrdwell, Sledge Creek, Brett Son A Co. Schr Uenj Harrison, Spouoer, Wasbin/ton, J G Williams, Sloop Blaokstone, Reynolds, Providence, master. Sloop W H Bowen, Hallook, Providonco, mister. SHamor M Sandford. Sandfsri, Philadelphia, Saniford'i line. ARRIVED. Steamship Black Warrior, Bulloch, Now Orloaas via Ha vana Jan 28, with mdse and passengers, to Livingston. Cro cheron A Co. Jan 1, lat 37 3i, Ion 74 42, signalised ship Cal cutta, of Boston, steuriug \V [from New Orleans for Phila delphia]; at 8 30 AM, signaiiied a steamship steering 8 by W, Bark Elberta (of Prospect;, Hioliborn, lvioa, and Uionl tar 40 days, with fruit, wire, Ao, to Gomez, Wallis A Co. Experienced heavy westerly weather. Schr Catharine Ellso (Olden), Ohens, Angostura, 23 day*, with hidei, to Hennisgs, Mnller A Gosling. Steamer Parker Vein (Cromwell's line), Vaughn, Balti more, with mdse, to John Riley. BELOW. One ship, and two bark*, unknown. The ship Westminster, reported below on the 31it, was not lnsightthis evening from the Highland*. Wind during the day, 8W. Telegraphic Marine Report*. NEW ORLEANS, Feb 1? Arr ships Sarah, Karitan, and Toulon, New York; Mary, Boston; Wakefield, Rooaland; and Jacob Badger, Sesrsoort. Also arr ships kartells, Memphis, and Boiphorus, Piiiladol phia. s Arr Jan 2 ship* David White, Glendall, Gloniy, and Burke, New York. Sid ships Yorktown. Swltierland, and Empire State, Now York. Herald Marine Cttrrenpondence. PHILADELPHIA, Feb 2, 4 PM? Arr steamer Kvnnebec, Copes, New York. Old steamers City of New York. Matthew*, Boston; Ken nekuo, Copes, New Fork; hark Elk, Harding, Bostan; tiul nate, Charleston; nohr J p > ickerson, llall, Fall River. Dim* ten. Sinr Qujtn or the Wkst. ashore at Carmarthen Day, hat tad nearly all Lcr cargo landed without rnuoh damans, and arrangements are being mad* for hiving it taken to Liverpool. A small quantity ot baoon, which was duminil, bai l ten advertised for sale on the spot. [ By letter to Ell wood Walter. Esq ] Br Ship Qvccir oktiif Seas, ashore at Liverpool, NS, has been driven high lip on the beach, her bottom knocked ont, and spars all gouo; she is not worth repairing. [11 / let ter to Ellwood W alter, Esq. | Ship Witch okthr Wind ol Halifax, from St John, NB, for Liverpool, is stated in a despatoh Irom Halifax datbd 1st lost, to have been pasted olf that port, dismaited and aban donod. A steamer had loft Halifax in searoh of her, and if fallen in with would tow her into port. Sho is about 130# tone, valui d at fliO.OOO. There is i.nuranoe on the veisei in y Y ork and Philadelphia for about $JU,0(X); balanoe supposed insured iu Great Britain. Ship Favorite, ashore at Baker's Island, was in a bad condition 1st. Sobf 0 B 1'rinlltj. air at Boston that day with 61 bales ootton, and reported steamer R B Forbes wai getting the chains and ai-chora. Ship Spirit or tiik Times, Klein, from Valparalio, below Baltimore 1st Inst, when 9 dart ont, experienoed a very se vere gale, iu whioh lost bowsprit, foremast, main topotas', including main yard, m ien tjpgnllaut mast and yards; ilgited Jury masti, and made the remainder of the passago is 46 days; also had very rough woather in the Gulf btr-'am. Ship Grky Eaule, Kimman, from Philadelphia for ilio Jsnolro, ?t< tewed back to P 1st iust for repair*, having been cut Ly tho heavy floating iee on the cijbt ol 27Hi uU, while at anchor off Bombay Hook. Lark Cn.MTil,in eontact with bark W M Harris, had hulwaras stove, lost miron mast, main esil, spanker and other sail*, and loit overboard John Kxton, of Boston, sea man. HitiiWM Harris, lost la collision with bark Geloetia, had 4KI bales cotton, 20 bbU iuola*ses and 6 bales wool. Bark Formosa, Hyder, from Smyrna ot and for BiSton, wa< wricked about Jan !i, mar Me*sina. No particular* gives. The vessel had been strippe J, and the cargo would probably be saved. The 7to3ton Fraarcript has h"*rAg>f MS, 000 insurance on her cargo, vis:? Manufacturer's office 92U.U00, Equitable Mutual KH >, Triton Mutual 53W. Bark C W Poult.ikv, of and from Philadelphia for Sew Orleans, was spok< n 17th tilt at anchor off the Ureal Isaacs, with Inks of foremast and miteu topmast. Br brio Cr.VL.on (of Coruwallif, NS). CoSo, at Long Island, Me, with masts out away, was bound to NYork, but the master will now sell the cargo, and take the vessel home to Nova Scotia. Brig Waccamaw, of Boston, lost at Joremie, had arr off the fort Jan 7, during a gale, and was unablo to obtain a Filot. In beatlug in st.o missed stsyj, and got up >n a reef, eat over, and was rnn ripen a beach to prevent her sinking. The vessel had been ooudoinned and sold. Brk R D M> rhiam (not Merton), before reported lost on 1 Oeracoke Stioal, beat over tho shoal and tnen tilled. Vessel and cargo a total lo?s. Cargo was iosured la Savannah. Spoken* Ship Northern Chief, from Boston for New Orleans, Jau 17, I lat Ji', ion 71 (i ot as before). Ship tlcean Chief, ToMn, irom Liverpool fur Ilobart Town, VDI. Jan 11, off the Saltee*. ship Com l'errv, Maadell, from Liverpool for Launcestos, VDL, Jan 12, Smiles NW bv N of Arkiow. Ship John Merrick, Irom NOrleans for Liverpool, Jan 17, I lat 2S 02, lou 81 IS; ships Soreamer, and Northern Belle, from do for do was seen same day. Bark Iddo Kimball, from Cardiff for New Orleans, Dee 26, lat 40.^, Ion 21. An Am bark iteering S, painted black, snowing a private signal with a black oall (appeared to bavtia number of pas sender;), was signalized l?-e 11, lat 32 N, loa 122. Foreign Porta. Amov? In port Nov 23 i-ark utranio, Hayes, trom Hong Kong, arr Gth, unc. An'iosTi RA ? lu port abt .Ian j brig Angostura, for New York 20 days. Katavia? In port Nov 27 ship Witch of tto Wave, Shrove, from Bojton, Sept t?, arr 21st, chid I or a port in Kurope, ldg; lark* Brothers, t. row "11, YnrAm .texJam, ldg, to complete her cargo on the coatt; llonier, Swett, trom Sydney, NSW, arr ll)th. tine. Sld 22i, ship Daniel Sharp, lie-set, Singapore and Boston; bark Falcon, Holt, .'Singapore, i'enang an d Bos ton; rhip Hover's Bride, Nasos, irom Sydney, NSW, arr Nov 11, nnder charter to load sugar for Sydney, but having get upon a reef, had proueeded to Sourabaya for examination and repairs, it necessary. Banon-ona? Ait Jan 7 bark Luciada Sears, Heard, Charleston, and sld Mb for i'ert Mabon, to perform ?, ;arau iise; after dlsg at Barcelona pioceeda to Messina to load for Boston. Bristol? In port Jan It ship Agnes, Scott, fron Cardiff f, r Portsmouth Va, te go into dick for examination, and repair, if necessary. Bvenos Arms- Arr Nov 2C brigs Dante (Ital), Ferroni, N York akt Aug 2V; 90th Don Quixote ( l!r), Best, from do about Ang 23; uo date, Regulns (Brem), Weneke, frcm do abont Aug lb. cap* Hayties? In port Jan 10 t rig Tarry Not, ? , from St Croix just arr, tor Boston soon Chkiii r, NS? Arr Jan 27 brig Ocean Brido, McGownn, New York, aid dm to leave .1>th for Halifax. Glasoow? In port Jan 19 ships Windsor Forest, Oraffam, for San Francisco, Ids: Java, Jackson, tor N York, aooui ready; larks Mary Morris, MoLeary. for do ldg; Fame (Ur), Trelry, for Bo, ton do; California (Br), Fowler, forNew Or leans do. Calcvtta? In port Deo 7 ships Orissa, Sears, for Boston about 7 days; Hamlet, Roundy, lor do ldg. At do Dec 4 ships Panther, Weeks, lor London (before re Erted for Uoitoo), ldg; Resolute, Mckenzie, from Hong ,nr, arr Nov 20; Courser, Day, from Singapore arr Dec 1; Ed>.in F orresl, Crocker, from l.ondon Aug hi. Washington AlhtCD, Homer, from Hoeolulu; Northern Light, Hatoh, fron San Francisco Sept 20; Uoiden lUur, Nagel, to load for Boaton; Racer, Alnsnorth, from Sydney N'sW Sept 24: Raduga, Lam*<n, trom Maaritius Oct 21; Vulture, ? ? , to load for a port iu the United States; Meteor. Pike; lltrk ship', Williams; So'Jth America, Howvi;, Uowes; Herbert, lltJge, nad Ans'iis, Gardner, for Botton ldj; Jo Jatt??flb, for London, do. t Id Nov 2S ships Bom' ay, Wilson, Iirntr.n; 29th, Juniata, Wilson, l.ondon: Dee 2, Wslpole, Symmes. Boston; 3d. Geo Ballet, Howes, do. Went to sea irom Saogur 24th ship Mar cellns, Uartlet?, Boston. CAnni ^ia*? Arr Jan 21 brig Keoka, Treat, Matanias; sohr Alice Day, Aahbt, do; 23d, barks Canada, Dyer; Sarana>\ Bl^ley, and K n Knight, I.uscomb, do; brig! Ocean Wave gbaw; Wm Crawford, Perry; Washington, Bibber, aud Kan, dvji'iUM-i Cv ? AUitfi VRm l1 ' '~i ;< ? fas, l>ow. Jacksonville: I-w, ?ws BtufitVtot, Ha vana; 2!tV, sebrs A K McKenlie, Drake, Baltimore; Marion A Gould, Bowdoin, Portland: M Scwall, Load, Boston; JJtb Trident, Pierce, Pcrtland: 26tb, brii Octavis, , KUs Worth; sebrPca Breesa, Cheney, Portland. Sld 22d bri|s E A Reed, Reed, M ork, By Leeds, Little John, Portland; John FVeree, Melville. Boston; rchr Ade, laide, Jameson, Norfolk. , CiKxrckooa? Arr Jan 18 bark Lniliae, .St 1 nomas; 23d lebr J F Tobias, Hand. Barba'loes. Sld ISta brlgt Roamer, Mebola. NYork; 22 i, Sarah, GHflla, Boston. C?s?TA^Tt50Pi.r? In port Jsn u >-ark Eagle, Mathews, disr, use icon?e<|U(Btly did Rot proceed t.i Baiaklavai. Kw iiowroo? Is port Nov 24 ship Cygaet, Boott, fer 1 ??iid?n ld|K? GaROA? In port Jau 13 ship Geo Green, Rulman. for Tra panl taot aid pr--'Vi..usly its report'd); barks Ceres, Hmitt, ? ?r Sumatra soon; .1 A Hazard, Williams, chartered to load Ut Vera Crus. Sld llth bsrk Pamphylia, Riee, Palermo and Boston; ) Hg Joseph Ilslch, Bursley, do do. osaitvoca? is pert Jan U ship Ostervald, Jarvis for N York. ldg; Br Lark Claasmaa. Mel.ares, for Savannah do. HALii ax? Air Jan 23 brig Harriet Ann, Ellingsr, NYork; 24th tebrs Labrador, Taylor, and Billow, Day. Baltimore; Narier, Philadelphia via l.nenburg; I.oee Aliae, MePbee. Ni w York; 2?ith Heverly, Kelly do. Cld Xld sebrs lilnenose, I.enbv. Kiabm.ind; t7th W A Henry, Cameron I'ai ladelabls, I ' Mate1. ant. Elteshaur, BnlMmore; 2?th, Cami lla Kt- on. >lo or I'blladelphUa. II ai A'A -Arr Jan 24 schr S J Peters, Smith NOrleasi; 2Mb bark Solomon Piper, MeClure. i'ortland; brig Geo Amoa. N't- hoi*. Hesrvpors; schr I age mar, Arthur, llnston; '.tth. bark llMaoaaa. Libhy. 4e; brig II P Cm bin:, Ulfford, Bristol. I> lew at ausJo a aa Atu ship, a beta and two liigr naB'"s unknown. BldStb, atestnablp El Derado, AspiawiU; bark Albevtl ra Bsrto'i. NYork: eri- Marsoni, Ames, Boston; Mth. ahip jnne l ai' r. Howa?r. Mat-anaaa I !>ef?re reported sld 21st); barka W elkia, tiiovar; J C Mokols, Mehols;, lly Huok, I*eu dletosi au'l U II llamii'as, Means. C ardeaai; orbs Orxlatbo, Roso>'rooks. do . lieo Washingtoa, Da? . Sierra Morena.sohrs Chelsea. Lowell. Bers-oa; Esfnr, i :?,??, Charleeton; 27th. hark John Avtle'. Hart, Cardaat ;; aehr Mary I iMate'e, nTBIMt**!1***1* Mitehail. and Bri?k, Morrison. Car, 4?ssa, 2Mb, backs (t?, Bihbtr, Dsjtes; CMVaUtr, Knaghl N York; 36th, &*txh B UaU, Crowther, Card*''*" brt* Tmi k??, l'oland, Portland; Albion Ooopar, fora*.'*. Oalmlto Mkr Wuteiuoyeli, Moon. NYork. , P0*' *7th, ahips Lady Fraaklia, Smith, wtj; B."*J"t**i . ?'k*; Jobn Kara, Olan; Marengo, Alexander, and Wa tamo, Hilton, dl*jf; kuki Joha Baaaoii, Uaraaolater, to* M York 3Uth; Ann wood, Spa tea, and Slmwood, Clark, fo* .freight or obartor; fM Jo aoph. Kempton; Caico, Collin*; Tiotatore, Carver; Sol 1W, MoClure; Virginia aad ?*tel lint, Wilkina, aad " Wm Boll/," Barrow*, dUg; Lyra, Bj mia. tfud Kmuin Lincoln, Watte. for NYork, ldg; Mataajaa, Libhy, about dijaj; Chieftain, Haven*, wt?: Tamaro, A ray, for Cadif, Ida; Jamoa Drako, Jo iki, uno; brtj> Lilian, Oian; L K Palmer, i'arker; Xenoution, Doak; Foreater, MoCarty; J Hotter, Atwood: K K Haiiklna. Sproml; Geo Stookkam, Oliver; Queen Kather, I'ondl*?ton; Arcadian, Wil*en; Grain pua, t'owera; Toeoa, Stinaon; I'rincatoa, Allan; Northern Light. Walker, and illkeraia, Walton, for freight or obar tor; B Eaton, llatohinaon, for Portland next weak; Henri- I etta, Harner, une; Adela, Hyeia, for Charleston aooa: 3 J Pvtera, Binitn, for Nt>w Orleans next week; Adama uray, Henry, for do 28th; Kate, Kadoviob, fordo noun; Go n Boyd, Clark; Anna A Tyng, l'ieruo, and Uopublic, Snow, wtg; Carlann, Amea; Nekraeka, Mooora: S Merrill, Mean*; Goo A m o , Nicliola; OrUon Adama, York; Loretto, Nor Jon; Km ma, Soubatea, and Northman, Froat, dUg; UPCuah ing, Godfrey, about diag; Parthenon, Savage, rapg; Angola, ?Morton, for Boaton 2Mb; Jeannette, Button, for Amatoriiam. ldg; achra W H Sprigar, Willet, for fit or obatter; Jad^o Tanay. Toothakor, ldx; A Dovoreiu, Achora, for Saraanab 28th; Poeahontaa, Bulkley; Ingnmar, Arthar, Rjokiugham, Valpuy, and Margaret Aaa, Smith, dlaj; Hook port, Stake, abt diag. Steainakip Faleon remained 28th, but waa expected to Mil naxt morning for NYork. ? in port Jan IV brig* Itebeaea A Franona. Ray, for II York next day; Webitei Kelly, Heagaa, for NYorkS; aohr Maria Jewett, Penny, for do 12. Kinkrtok, Ja ? In port Jan 10 brig Jamoa Gray, Checver, for Liverpool, K;*cbra John Clark, M'Kay, heuoo; Liberty, , from Aapinwall. At do 7tb, brig l'amaho, Adama, for NYork, ldg, Arr at Savaua la Mar 3d aobr Falinoath, Warrjn, Biltl more. I.I.UUOHD- lu port Jan 13 bark* Jaooba Catharina (Datoh), for Boaton ldg; 'loniiaia, Hill, for NYork do; Tovori (Sard), do do. LivxBrooi., NS ? Arr Jan U bark Sylph, Ueaderaon, New York. Malaga ? In port Jan 9 brig* Putnam, Creok, from Naw York, arr 0th, unc; Angtlo (Sard), Canealo, from do, not commenced diag. MABaaii.LKS? la port Jan IS Br brig Albert, Grigga, for Palermo for Boaton IIacao? In port Not V> ah I pa Boy, Mor*e, for Sandwich Itiauda (or Callao); John WaJe, llarding, from Singapore, arr ltitb. MaTanzai? Arr Jan 24 brig "Almit, Branaon," E'la worth; 25tb, bark Gold Ilaater, B?rry, NYork; briga Kllta both, >'ernaadex, Norfolk; 26th, Beronda, Morton, Boaton Sid 23d bark Lo i.iaa. Lindaay. Philadelphia; auhr Alio*. Ca baret, NOrluana; itith, bark Binnettn, Lancaitor, Ooaton; lulgaLuuy lleyward, swatt, do; Kliia Meri'.haw, QrilAn, Car denaa; 27th, l ark Coi In thlan, Edgeoomb, Pro'idcdoe (wna reported for Hoiton); brig* George, Kowe, I'enaacola; Maria Wait, Berry, Bagua, achr J P Koae, , NOrloana. Mkmina? In port Jan 12 barka Ardounea, Lambart, from Genoa, arr Deo 28, for NOrleana ldg; K A 1'arions, Webb, for do do: brig Chatham, iinrdy, for li^atoa *ooa. did abt lbt bark Mary II Voao, Crow oil, Boston. Palermo? la port Jaa S bark O^mauli, Gordon, from Smyrna, arr lat, and takea up for NOrloana. Mottkoiiam ? In port Jan Iii ahip Tarolinta, Kearney, for New York. Id;; bark* Van ISoaae, Uoevea, for do do; Noder land (Dutob), Rniter, for Boatou to oommenoo ldg aoon. HioJahkiRu ? In port l>eo 15 ahlp Sophia Walker, Gray, tor Now York or New Orleaua. id,r, achr Uaanihal, Kialu, from New York. a?r ketweca lith aad ISth, diag; and othora before reporte*. Arr Jan 21 brig Civilian, Webber, Boaton. Sim. Afoai.? In port l>ec 4 alilpa Iiaak Walton, Burnley, for NYork next da*; Hurricane, Ycry, frt m II?n^ Kong Nov 21, arr 24tb, for freight or charter; Rialto (llr>, Maia, for Boatoa ldg; Lark Moriia, Weiton, do do. Sid Nov Si, kark Hungarian, Champlin (from Koochowfoo, having ropairod), NYork; 20tn, ehlp Wixard. Slate, Ilnng Kong. S h v k k A ? No Am vcaavl la port Jan t>. Sid Nov 28 bark Volunteer, Mayo, Boaton; Jan 6, Gay Head, Groea, do. Tiusidai)? Sid Jan 2U trig Sarah, Gibba, Itoatoa (ootore reported aid lltb); achr Klla, Swaaey, Charleitoa. XBiKtTK? In port Jaa 12 bark Utah, Farrar, from Boaton, arr 11th; will load at Palermo for Boaton. Tanor.A (below Panama) ? In port Doc 13 ihlp Delhi Knapp, ler Cbincha Irlanda neift day. I i KK 3TKAMSI1IP ArniCA? IN ADDITIO.t. | AfiDRosaAN ? bid Jau 18 .Native, Crosby, Boston. In the Clyde Ostervalil, and Mary Morris, fur N York lilg; Clannmau, fur Savannah do; John It Moller (Ham). Peterson, for San Fr.\nuiico. Arr at Tnrbcrt lAtb Diadem, Rood, St John, NB Aktwbrp ? Sid Jan LI Hour* Kood, Dsarborn, N Vorlc. Sid from Flushing 10th J ii Kversou, Latham, and A.ina P Schmidt, Mullikon, N Vurk; lltb, F B Cutting, Rookwell.ilo; 13th, Hampton, Brown, do. Anjikr? Pasted Nor 1 2 Jenny Pitta, Snow, from Shang hao for London; 17th, C \V E.lward, Kleiuhouer, from Baia via for N York; 21st, Starlight, Chase, from Manila for Boa ton; Torrent, Trundy, from Mtilbwnrnu for Batavia. liiimroi.? Cld Jau 18 Prince of Waloa, Humor, NOrleans. Bhkmkh ? Arr Jan 8 Augusta, NOrleans. BKf:MK?HAvjM? Sid Jan 14 Panama, Karon, for NYork; Philadelphia, Sanders, Philadelphia. Bnuuwi rniiavkn? Sid Jan 12 Isabslla, Hitydon, Balti more. Bordeaux? Arr Jan 13 Mary Acnah, Battle. Nantes. SM 13th North Sea, Fabenii, NYork; ttnu from ttte Road* 7th Marshall, do. Adr Cludad Bolirar, Glbbe-lor NYork: Athena, Plum mer, tor do; Anua Dorothea, Phillips, do; Ardudal, Paulson, for NOrleans; Skatan, Ororgard, do; Mary Annab, Battio, do. Bomhay? Sid Deo 2 Maitha, Sampson, Calcutta Can to. n? Sid Oot :w Hamilton. Cunningham, Shanghais; Nov 6, H B Forbes, Ballard, Nlork. In purt Nov 27 Nightingale, Mather, for NYork; Ilaideo, Tilliufthast, and Tuskina, Cushmac, uao. Cauliari ? Arr Jan 1 Fanny, Smith, Leghorn. Coxstantinofli:? Arr between Jau 4 and 8 Arabia <?), Judk inn, Maraeilles (with French troops). Cadiz ? Arr Jan 4 (Jenl Joues, Hod^don, NYork: Oth Stel la, Hillort, do. Sid 1th Artliur i.eiiry, Costello, NYork. I'AiAMiA ? Sid Jan 2 Greyhound, Uulbrandson. NYork. tvxiiAvtj- Sid Jnn 1'J Liida, Newcastle, K, and NYork. Clomabii.ty? OtT uo date Do Witt Clintou, Dunn, from Li verpool for N Y irk. Cowca? Arr Jau 18 Union (?), Havre for N York (and all same day;. CAituii k? Arr Jan Id Hamoset, Groenuitgh, Ilavre. Sid ISth Mnyflower, Falcs, NOrleans; 17th, Shondan Know lea, Cole, do. Di al ? \rx Jan IK Dovonsbire, Lord, NYorit tor London (>u>d sld 1Mb); 10th, ynicksteji, Cook, Loudon for NYork (aud proceeded). Uoih.imji ? Oil' Jim l.'i Isabella, llayden, from Rotterdam for Baltimore; 17th, Leila, .-itallord, from do for NYork, aud landed pilot. t'uLKaaTiiHK? Off Jan 11 Anna P Schmidt, Mullikon. from Antwerp fur NYork. (lALWAi ? ^ld Jan 17 Praacls, Moppet, N Orleans. II t Lvo >'i ? Sid Jan lb Utl lo Ur.the, l.arieu, Boston (having ?Id loth, and pat Lack ; Luila, Stafford, NYork. il avri ? Cld Jau 1A DcFdcuionu, luroiiam, NOrleans. Sid lltn, Harriet A Iruncis, Keix), Cardiff and United Status; Leauigton, Stone, NOrltans; i.Hh, St Paul, C'rabtroe; Ophir, Hai>cr, and Express, Bardlet, f?r NYork; 17tl), Afab, Bal lard, Cardiff, to loud lor tlifl United Status; Union (a), Ad ? mr, NYork. Auv New York, Edwards, for NYork; Wm Tell, Bonu?y;, Kobbius; llinliiia, Murray, and Thurese, ijitnt, do; Laaiugton, St. ne, for NOrleans; Desdomnua, Famliam; Mul houae, Stilpiien; South Carolina, Grows; F W Waiioy, Koop uiui; , and Lorcua, Vr^uhnrt. do. Hoitu Komi;? Sid Nov lu Hamilton, Cunningham, Shin* la e, lltb. Geo K Webster, Fulgcr, San Francisco; Itit.i, I'lelaues, Firry, Aiu?y. In port Nov 128 Alfred, L'pliaui; Cyane, Unrineialer; Lucaa, Daggett; MoiiSoun, Willottn; Morrtaou. l'owusend, and Jaml CnurcLiuan, Ellis, for San I'rancisco; Comet., Gardner, lor Manila; Kluabeth Ellen, ltrightman; Ladv Pierce, liurr; l.conori, Scauimun; Louisiana, Crosby, audrotomao, Stone, use. Liv: npooL? Arr Jau 12 Emma, Alpas (not Airy). Savaa nab; 1311 , Muntr^'ima Power, Mobile; Uth, Flora, Yatea, tt Cat.'tarines via Milfvrdhaven; Flora McDonald, Skinmr, Havre; l>>tb, Blanehe Mooro, Cough, Boston; 17th, America, (s; Laiii;, do; 11/th, Sandusky, Kic?. Savannah. Sid 13th Ml Washington, Todd, Airica; Malabar, Civcker, MOrleanj; 14th, Star of the Eaat, Ayrcs, (not Hudson) Manila: Jaa Nesmith, Mills, NOrleans; Sonthamptoa, Austin, NYorit; loth. Imperial, Moran, Mobile; ltitn, Ellen Maria, Lennea, and Lime Ibompson, Smith, NOrleans; Excelsior, Hadlcy, NYork; 17th, Canadian, (s) l;alaklava; Leouidas, Watts, n Orleans; Cbas linek, Siualley, do; 18tn, Tempest, Brewer, and Coliah, Ulair, <lo; Jobu A Albert, Lathrop, Savanaali; Isaac Webb, ilryer, N York: ltftb. Jane Henderson, Knowlei, Baltimore; City oi Brotklyn, Mitchell, NYork. In the river outward bound lDth Wild Wave, llewiston, for San Francisco, rrp;; NasarcLe, Doran, Ue (has been reported sld Mb); Hi^bttyer, Waterman; Benj Adams, Day, and David Crockttt, spencer, NYork. Adv Asia (?), for lloston .M Inst; John K Thayor, Samp sob do ^d ult; Arlantic is), for New York 27th; Vanguard, A /, ami Aurora, do !lst; Driver, do 2tth, Andrew Foster, d > 2btb; Columbia, Princeton, and Albion, do lit last; New World,- do Oth; Emerald Isle, do lltb; X C Scranton, do villi dc.-patcb; Jaa Brown, lor 1'blUdelphia ,24th ult; Tus carers, oo 12th inat; Westmoreland, do with despatch; Flora M'lionsld, lor Baltimore 2Hth ult; Motaado, and Arlington, tor CLarieston; Gov Langilon, for Mobile 22 1 ult; Muutecu ma, Power, do with despatch; Llnie Harvard, KoMnsoa, for Ntw Orleans 21st ; Keveniw, Kobinma, do22d;St Pat rick, Kinney, do 24th; 1 aunv oiffney, Moody, do i&th; lie lols, Nason, do lVth inat; Wiaditatrs, WUton, and Simoda, Na>on, do vith despatch: William Bradems, for San Fran claco; Jas Llttl "field, for Calcutta; Blue Jacket, Underwood, lor Melbourne March 4; Great 'i as mania, BeauuLamp, for llobart Hun, VDL. Kntd lor ldn 12th, liaac Jraaet, CMpmaa, Philadelphia; litb, Bi Uitay, Kuckc, Suvannah; 16th. Eagle, Chambers, City Point; Jeremiah Thompson, Blake, NYork; 17th, Sua ny South, I humpson, NOrleans. Al.oin port l'?h, Bostonitn, Malinz, for Honr ICong; Oriental (new), Kobinson, for Boston Feb a, to load lu Train a line. Lorcos? F.nt Inward Jau 13, Typhoon, Goodhue, from Calcutta; lofh, Susan llinks, Clansen, NOrleans. Cld 17th llouachau, Scott, Mobile. In pi rt l!fb London, Hubbard, for NYork, about ready; American Eagle, Moore, for do 2Ath; Khlnr, Moore, .In Feb 1; Ama. oi, Him), do Pth; Woodeook, Laml.ert, tor do, Idg; Hindoo, HoLlman, aud Skimmer of the Sea, Hogi{, far San Franeisc". Id?; Asa Packer, BroomleM, for Sydn?>, NSW, do; Da\id Brown, Brewster, for Bombay 2ltn; Talisman, Thomas; Josvpbus, l'aiae; Portland, BrasUr, aud t^j.'onof the East, Bartlett, for Calcutta, Idf ; Romaaoe of (he Sea, Her.ry, tor Hong Kong and Canton, to receive goodt until Jan 3); Oravfna,, ror Sbanghae, do do. Lin BUM? Arr Jan 2 TtMEle, NYork. Maaai'ii.i.i.s? Arr Jan 8 Mangola, Creen, NYork; l<)th Geo A Phelps, Sherman, Baltimore; 12th Hosa, NYork; Al lert, Grill gs, Wilmington, NC. Cld 16th, Orphan, Kemp ton, do (and Is alto atv for Manritini aad Keunlonv Up, Ercdtn* and Jules et Aglae, for NYork. Mai f ira? Arr l??e3"> Nuwe Folia, NYork (and aid Jaa 4 for List.' a). NawroRT? Arr Jaa IS FrcJk) Warren. Jonea (British, fortA'rly cf Boston), London; ICtb, Charlemajne, Havre, to load for St Thomar. Ofoiiio? Arr Deo .11 Uardlna, NYork aad Vianna; Jaa 1 Santos II. NYork; 10th Maria Joea, do. PalcRmo? Arr Dec 23 Henry Shelton, Coombi, Oirgeati; Jan 1 Osmanll. Gordon, Smyrna; 3d ltnsca, Baxter, Mar ?till os. Sld Dec 2D Conductor, Wymoa, Boston; Jan 3 Re vival, Phillips, NYork. PtRAitb? Sld Nov SU Sarah, Y< ung, B?Hoa. Portsmou (M? Arr Jnn lu O-.-jan l^uecu, Sp ncer. London for NYirk (and proceeded), off 1Kb Francis B Cutting, BcckwcU, iron Antwerp for NYork. Urn .Nsrow.N? Arr Jau 13 John Uerm ana. Born haldt, N York. Rotterdam? la port Jaa 17 Nedtrlaad, Ruiter, for Bo - tea; Tarolmta. Kearnry. and VanderBoet, Hoover, for Now York- _ SHAHI.HAI ? Arr Nov 6 Penguin, Wheeler, Hon; Koag; Alboai, Llttlefiold, San FraaeiOee. Sld Nov 3 Andes Davis, NYcrk; 4th, Sea Serpent. II >wlamd, do (anJ passed Aajler 21st); 17th, Surprise, Ranleit, NYork. In pott Nov 2U AltHiBl, Litlletield; Hero, rinlav; Laatoo, llofAAB. and Joahua Oatai. EMt^rbiook, for N rtn kuii , W heeler, unc. *;i<1 otberf. _ . sx Na?aib> ? Sld Jaa 14 Atheno, Plammer. Bordeanx. (to i 'tii ass r tor ? Arr Jaa 17 White Faloon, It 7 an, L mdon to Wad provision* tor tlit Crimea, oa aoeooat of the rreach r0O?Tthe'start 10th ?t Beraard, Mather, from Havre for N Yerk; 11th, llora M Donald, Shianer, fr?? Havaaa for Li T"sfd^r?mS?illy 11th Marathon Vandyke (from Liverpool tiR Filmonth), Philad?lphi? M . Tt si l? Sld Jib I J Tfriftt*, ?i* lloriiMiwi, Sarannmh. lORnow, Jaa IT? The Am ship Typhoon (of N Yofk), flood hue, from Calcutta, which arr in t&o river last week, le do f alncd at the bnoy at Blaokwall, until the opriag tlooo, to enable her getting tatn the Koet India douki to discharge; row ? a JTn iJ-flie Woe lbme, fnm CaHllftor Portland. Mo w Uic'h pu? ib hero Doe 2, leaky, and has boon nad<r somj rn air in b!r upper works m leavin ; the hatbor to day ia tow. tooh thorr"'"R"l Royal iaeht S<inadroa Hoaso, *nWi *?oi" 'Van 13? The Hnlyoke (of Bostoa), Perkins, fiem StJohn, NB. tor Dublin, got ?a the suakea rocks close tc Taokat, oa Thursday, ia a very thick fog- The oap fa la laadod at I ->ri.e and prooeedod on to ^ ateffaril for a tea steamer, with the expeetatloa oi her ot if the weather tontladoe ?odevato. jan l?? The H 'iyoke has 1 oea pot 'dfhraUJ fra* Wa UffotdTb" L?l tr Tclfklt, raa not ?nhnMOttMU^!' Tli'" !*w lliMhMgiBj BALTIMORE? Below F?b 1 A ip Spirit of the Timaa-Ile fr*m Tongriy via Valparaiso M it T.'T*** ' 1 atcamer UmiI Point, InM*, SYork; barka WhmI lett, Hall rlt. Boston; J P Jofcaa ?>?. Crockett, CtMrfMp Induf, Tbompaon, Bahta ?< ? ttarkat; actir Jtki Oil Smith. NYork. _ r . ? .. BOtiTH IIAY ? Arr Jan B aeftw t0V. Rooklaad for NYark; Wtb, brig Jen* V for do; aehr John Bell, 11am, BoeS BOSTON-Arr Fob 1 itiiMr Afn* ? <B*>. pool Jen ?, fit Halifax 30th 1 I'M: * * tb*?clt7 I*-1' M; abipa J.n. H UIM<len. Jack ton. N* rU^? ,5SffS Timy ler, Gregory (lata McGrath. who dUdf a ? n* *?nalLht 5th alt; Corsica, Molcher, N Ottawa* A iH.i.iii Baa (new, of Bolton), Hickarda, Brtatot, " ? . ? ?A8? n . barka Avoln, Keadrick, Charleston; CM f ,{*? , mora? aee DUaaMro; Modana, Ryder, a at aana, Baltimore: brig* Sunn Duucaa, . ' JlfVfc,?. Hon, 2Cth ult; B Young, W< oater. TtlM Hole: L P Snow, I'lerca, Jacksonville; *? T. *?*?"? 5! ley, Darien; Brookllne, l.elghton, PhllaMjl Sparki, Jaomel 19th ult; Uondurai, I'uia 'jawt* I nil, Tla Holmes'a Hole; John Elliott, Swam, ,* y Vj* nit, Tla d?; Yankee Blade, Berry, Carlaaat ??* Avondnle, taker, 8t Marys, Oa; Peuuajlvanla, Frederick a bu rg ; Elliott, Smith, Richmond; K * . 1^" Pnrvere, Taualer; T P Johnson, llrooka, Raltia CroweU, NYork. Signal for a brig. Cld hark ,5" ,,, Weaton, Trieste; Starlight, Kendriek, Baltimore; lagalla, Cardenas; Franoea Jane, Bean, Peaiaoa i' Crow all, Philadelphia; schrs Mary 6 rot on, Bmct, y*?* Howard. Crowell. NYorl? Ktwcne, Parker, and k taa*' Baker, do. Nothing aat led. Bt' CK8P0RT? Arr Jan 24 tehr Northern Eagle, & r#w Norfolk. BATH -Cld Jan SI brig Matailak Skolfl.ld, Harm "? BRISTOL? Arr Jan 31 brl* Alcouus, l.adl 'U, Proa ' J to flaiah ldgfor Jlatanaav: whr Sea Bird, Chase. Nan ' lloop Rhode Ialand, Dnll, Providence for New York. CHARLESTON? Below Jan SO a aehr, tnppoaed t Mckeraou, from New York. Ia the offltr a brig, aapt the Emily, from do * FALL RIVER? Arr Jan 31 acbr Alexander M, Chria NYork. Sid Fab 1 ichr John W Rcmsey, Taylor, of aa< NYork. HAMPTON ROADS? Arr An 31 ahip Cowpar, Pal Callan 79 daya. MOBILE ? Cld Jan 27 abipa Cauiloden Cai 'a (Bil.laO ell, Liverpool; Jamea Guthrie, Chaie, Tout.. ?; hark lighter, Paine, Rotterdam; aehr N Crowell, l rowtll, Pk delplila. NEW ORLEANS? Cld Jaa2C aliipi Pyramid, Hendari Havre; Bella Mood, Tncker, Liverpool; Br bark Port* Bruce, do; brig David S Brown, Marahman, Phlladelp Toned to Seaitfth *hlpa Soldan and Olbera. ROUND PON B, (Bri tul, Me)? Sid Jan '23 bark Two tera, Kukinaon, ; 2ith, (hip E \V Farley, Niohola, I Orleani. 8AVANNAII ? Cld Jan SO linrka Arab (Rr), Evorert; pliia (Br). Bradahaw, and Kingaton (Br), Murray, Liven Alnah, Creech, Matansae and a mkt; ichr S J Waring, ? Yoik. WILMINGTON, NC- Arr Jan 30 brig Ellen Hay. Howard, Cardenaa. Cld *J9th brig Samnel A Edward, I mood, Martinique; aehr Silly Ward. Ward, NYerk; S brig Francia(Br), MoKinnon, Guadaloupe. ADV KHT1SEM KMTS RENEWED flVKRTf ? CONCERTS. Broadway sunday concerts. METROPOLITAN THEATRE. The eleventh Concert of tbo series of 1 lioia pop and eminently successful entertainments will be give TO MORROW, SUNDAY, FEB 4, M'LIJC CAM1L1.E URSO, the reuowrcd Violinist, will perform a new Pole Mom. Vieaxteaipi. First appearance at these Conc? rts of the celebr baritone, BIG. BERN' AI>I. Selections from the operas of " La Flglia del It* mentc," " lie Prophete," " Lea Huguenot*," Ac., Qi American Fantasia. Conductor Herr Kreutier Manager Mr. Frank Hug Admission to every part of tbe house 25 ee Reserved goats 25 cents m For particulals see programme in to morro v's Hera MAD'LLE CAlllLLE URSO, THK RKNOWN'ED V linist, will appear at the Metropolitan The* to morrow, Sunday. Feb. 4. S1Q. BERNADI, the distinguished Baritone, will make his first apt ance at tbo Broadway Sunday Concerts, to-mor Sunday, February 4. GRAND ORCHESTRA. Entire change of programme. For particulars see 1 day 'a Herald. $5" iCg, ac: M8TRVCT10N. ?WANTED, A FhW GENTLEMEN WILL - v m taken to learn a substantial, light in-c business, at which can easily be inade 92 to $1 a ? Full instructions and the apparatus furnish# J for ! Apply at No 6 Catharine street, corner of Divia room 12, third floor. ?TERMS REDUCED ONE HALF? OLIVER B. GO SMITH'S aca<lemy of penmanship and b^okki __ 302 Broadway, corner of Franklin strees. Indies' ting olasaat 10>? o'clock A M, daily, excepting Saturd Gentlemen's clauses, at l')f A. M., and 8, 5, 7 aa o'clock P M., daily, excepting Saturdays Terms duced to 16 for tan or $10 for twenty-Bra lessons, eluding stal ionorj . 1'ayable at the commencement. i ?ate Instruction, >16 for ten, or $'.6 for twenty lesae Each pupil is entitled to a separate parlor. Book keep ? terms reduced Uis week; reduced from >26 to |U Kr quarter of three insnth*. Books and stationery, . Arithmetic in 'proportion. Terms, payable la ?anca. The chirographic ait is much more in* portant to m kind than it is generally considered, and Mr. Goldam may very well claim to be considered at i'.i head.? N. Courier and Enquirer. In every profession there is a recognized leading mat oae whose pre-eminence Is so decided, that nobody oi it in uueition. Among those who toacti the art <K a ting, Oliver B. Goldsmith is just that Indisputably p eminent person and recegnhed bead of tbe profeaslaa Iiomv Journal, June 25, 1863. A YOUNG LADY, WELL VERSED IN FRENCH A German literature, having several hours in the ternoos ai:d evening disengagea, would be happy to ? vote them to the instruction of pupils whose atteati may be taken up by business duriig the day. A" Zenobia, Schuberth's music store, SUB Broadway. A SPANISH l.A#Y, WHO 8FKAK3 ENGLISH PI fectly, and has an evening clasrf at her reaMa* wishes a few more pupils, at $0 a month, or will teach thair i essences for $10 per month. Apply ITjO Wa Twenty -first street. TIW8TKR, DtXON A 00. GIVE LESSONS IN JP arithmetic and bookkeeping, day and ? railing. No. 844 Broadway, (Appleton's Ui .aiding,) where goat men ate qnalideia for the ooustiag-hoase, la aa aq litiona abd superior manner. INSTRUCTION.? A FIRST CLASS TEACHER ( mathematics, bookkeeping and elocution. U waa$ as visiting teacher in a boardiog school near New Yoe Apply to Mr. P. DEM PS BY, 143 West Tweaty-4M street, before 12 A. M. or after 4 M. P. pbiancAt^r TjNION CLUB.? TOE COMMITTEE APPOINTED J U the "Young Men's Democratic Union Ctab"< make arrangemanta for tfaa celebralloa of Waahiaftaa birthday, are requeated to meet this Saturday evaaia at 1 )i o'clock, st the Chlneaa Building, 639 Broad we CORNEUUB CARNES, ~ * "XT' OUNU MENS DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB.? A I executive session of the elub for tba traasaaMi of Important business will be held this Satards evening, at 7 H o'clock, at tbe Chinese Rooms, K Broadwsy . JOHN COCHRANE, Presldaa*. C. Ciua, Secretary. iTkcttjrkb. (1ARFER AND CHARACTER OF O'OONNEU A IM j tnre on tbe above subject will be delivered la Ua Broadwsy Tsbernacle, on Monday eveniag, Februapr 6. by Thomas D'Arcy McOea. Esq Tickets 26 eaa* Can oo bsd at tbe poor of the Tabernacle on the evealv of tba lecture. ?BI TKADII, M. A FEHFECT GIMP AND OORD HPlNNkR, WHO Hal ii. the best references, wants a situation. Addrsat , by letter, J. D , boa 26 Herald ofHce. rUNK MAKERS? WANTED 1MMKDIATELY, ral trunk hands; also, two or three boys aait trail box makers. Apply at 69 First avenne, betweea S aA 3 P. II. ANTED ? A SITUATION TJ RUN A 8TAT10NAI engine, by an active man of twenty years aw rienje; understands cbaln and barrel pumps, Is by tr ( a bla:ssmith ; no objection to tha country. Caaba ? recommended. Address I. T., Herald oBlca. UO*T AJf O FCWJWP. ' = 1 (JUT? BANK BOOK (NO. 7.H3) OF W JJjf j llesrty . on the Kmigrant Industrial Sarin/ t e linder will pi asa leave the same at the baa' pf0 Chambers street. Lost ? in Brooklyn, on thirsday kvenin etthar ia Fulton or Court streets, a r?d Isatl portaaoanale, containing ab>ut $<00. A saltaMa ward will be given by leaving it at 14 Ur ,U<|M are Brooklyn. L Or*? BARBARA SHCllRIFER. NIN g YEARS < age ; left her home on the 30th of January, 1? Any Information will be thankfully rar aired by bar | rents, at 402 Twelfth street. T OKT? ON TUESDAY, SOTH Ul.T at A BALL Jul Nibla's, a caaKH. pin. The ftr .dar will roaalvo suitable reward by leiving It at 144 West Niaatooa ? street, or at No. 1 Wall street CK/apier express). (Sf-oTT SUNDAY HVK*y NO. IN BROOK LY T Irom Dean to Coart aad H nry l(nNta, a far oak , ? dollars rewar A will he r .Id on delivery, at ?&Ba 4tt b?low Colu nbt^ f fTOOkiyii. LOOT-A flt)L0 WATiy i KKY- AND SEAL. WITH ' dagaemotype eaalo Th, Bnlw will ha a. , \ -WT* lkA.1 X*. I Downing w stfwed irRRAPrN i ?? t have ti ? T" red a superior lot of Lina Say hisgTer' pm, wen k t0 .Southern epieuiei, ahicli 1 ?? aad send to any ;<art of the Wi Al#% * I of su^ or o/itert. TTIOUW fljiljlW), ^ 1(0. 3 Brjfcl dtfee t r

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