Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1855 Page 6
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kommmm xsjtewo stikt bat. OOPABTNUUIHIP WOTIC**. Ml Q AA A-^?^^ genE nd partner, with the above amount ft casnT u> a business or the highest respectability. Se Vint/ caa be give* for the capital. The bMt of refer jWce* tlm and required, l'leaee address, with real Same, 1. T., Post OfBce. <011 AAA ?WANTED, A PARTNER, KIT USB ?liiUUv? ipeoialor active. with the above amount, to establish a branch of a highly respectable and lucrative bnsiuess in the oHr of London, Knglaalt ''artles answering mu?t be men of standing, aa references to well kaewn busiaess men in thi* city, will be givsa and required. Pleaie address, with real nam*, bos if.lW i'ost Ofloe. flJQ rAA ?A RARE CHANGE FOR ONE WHO pJ?UVU? wishes to engage in gentleineu'a fur lahiog business. A amall but well (elected * toe It af x>ia on hand, and a good business already established, i a dertraMe location on Broadway For particulars lquireofGHO. S. CARUICHAEL, 80 Nassau street. JfcOAA TO ?800? WANTED, AN ACTIVE PARTNER D^ivv with the above sum, in a business that \rill yield him a? many thousand is six month*, to go to Bon ton as ag?nt. Call on J. H. BASSANTER, No. 7 'Thompson ctreet. 42b -g (TA ? PARTNER WANTED IN A 1.IGHT MA nufacturing business, without competi tion, and paying large profit* ; one who will assist In driving the business is desired, aw may easily be inferred from tlie small amount of capital repaired. Apply toC. B. HOWEfl, #7 Na^au street. T\LsaOLUTION OF COPAR 1"NER3HIP THE FIRM OF _LJ Murphy A Quin, marble cutters, 897 Greenwich afreet, was tlue day dissolved by mutual consent. AU .i/luineas of the late firm will be settled by P. L Quia. MIL MURPHY, New York. Feb 1, 1855. PATRICK L QL'IN. The buainess will be continued as usual by P. L. (Jain. T \ ^SOLUTION OF PARTNERSHH', BY MUTUAL CON I / neat. ? Dissolved, the partners jip heretofore exist ing between A. W. Wetmcr and J. Merklein. A. W. V etmer U authorized to collect the MMts. DISSOLUTION.? THE PARTNERSHIP OF ANDREWS, hchultheis k Andrews whs dissolved by mutual enfant, January X, 1866. Mr. C. Schultheis retiring f urn the firm, tlia business of the firm will be settled by ti e remaining uartuers. JOHN It. ANDREWS. CHR 8TIAN SCHULTHBI3. GEORGE R. ANDREWS. OTIOE.? THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EX isting under the name of Robert Stage k Co. is "?.is day dissolved, by mutual consent. R. Stage is l ine authorial to settle the business of the old firm. STAGE. SIEPHENS A JONIS. Dated New York, Jan. 4, 1655. The business will in future be conducted at the old i t and, boat No. 1, foot of Spring street, North river, by the subscribers under the name of STAGE, JONES A CO. FABTNER8HIP? THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE FORMED a partnership, under the Arm of Andrew* A Bro ther. ana will continue their business of manufacturing jewellers, at 6E0 Broadway. JOHN R. ANDREWS. GEOSGE R. ANDREWS. New York, February 2, 1866. THE UNDERSIGNED ADMITS THAT HE DISSOLVED copartnership with William A. Brown in October last, and united with him In publishing a notice of dis solution, In which it was stated the business of the late lirm ot W. A. Browjait Co. would be settled by the said W. A. Brown, But that was for convenience of settle ment; and the undersigned made no assignment or re lease of his interest in the assets of said firm, and has now tl<e same right to collect and discharge the debts t>f the said firm that W. A. Brown has. Feb. 2, 1856. DAVID S. BROWN. AN TOD ? A PARTY OF MEANS AND UNDOUBTED respectability, to take the exclusive agency of an English manufacturing concern. Objection made to a party already engaged in othor buMnes*. Address, with particular* and real name ouly, for three days, G. B., rooas No. OS Carlton House, Beeauway. ANTED? IN TOlJiDO, OHIO. IN A WELL EsTAB lished wholesale drug house, a partner with a cash capital of from three to five thousand dollars; one who is acquainted with the business, and willing and coaapetent to take charge of the books, and do tho cor responding. The house had a large, well established and rapidly increasing trade, and facilities so fur ax room and location are concorned, for doing a safe and profitable buaine ss of over one hundred thousand dollars yearly. It U new something over five years t-iuce the opening of 'he establishment, the last three and a half years of ihieh it has been owned and controlled by the present roprietor. Any responsible person desiring such a situa ion, will be advised of particulars, by addressing the un trMgued, box 60. Toledo, OLio JAMES M. ASHLEY. Reference, M. Ward, Close & Co., 81 Maiden lane. WATCIIKS, JEWKUIV, JStC. CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS? BQUAL IN BRIUJANCY and apprarance to the real diamond. Tlie-to dia mond* are cut from California <[uartz, and tho bent judge* are deceived. We have them net In pins, rings, ntudft, alc?ve buttpun. earring', V-c. l'ricoa very low L. A .1 JACOBS, 407 Ureal way. -? a on past pare gyre. -Tredccisd phmh.~. JTjL Watch**, Diamond* and Jewelry.? Tlie auMoribet Ui?Ung all descriptions of the following articles, at re tail, musk lower than an; ottoir bouse in tit city:? jt lja' Jt'ltUt.VSK* WATCHjat, Warranted pert*ot time keeper*, trout $le0 to $250 ooopa* wn. uu, Duplet aaJ levers, from $125 to $276 ltrrmrFWDioT 8KCvxv And quarter Heeond Watches, f?*s timing i horatM 1124 to $250 ! omnoom, BpUodld Ookl Pocket Cluoaomstar*. perfect time a*ej eps $124 to $260 . Boat PAY WATCHKS, Which ru eight day* with one winding,. . .9140 to $186 XNAMIL WATCUB for ladiaa, torn* in hunting aase* $36 to $100 DIAMOND WATCHBH For ladies, some in magic ca*e* $66 to $30$ ' MAGIC WATCH 10, Whioh change into three different watches . .$100 to $176 WATCHWI WHICH WHID Vt And tan tfce hand# without a key $85 to $140 Alt KINDS or WATCIM at r<ow rsu w. T\mi <}olfl bepine Watches, four holer,. . . ;. .. $'.46 lia* Gold Detached l evers 30 Sold taiatlM Watche* for the ladiei 36 ; Gold English I'atent Lever* 36 i Geld English I'atent Lever*, bunting case 60 Stiver Pitent Lever* as low as 1* K liver Itetarhed l<ev*rs aa low aa 14 Ladies' Gold ekts, Earrings, Finn and Bracelets. $16 to 76 | Aarrlng*. $2 to $'26, ptn*. $2 to $25: BTaoel"t? 6 00 to SO 00 "3old Lookets, on*, two and four glasses 3 00 to 25 DO 1 did Guard Otialna id 00 to 60 OA told Chatelaine Chains 10 00 to U0 00 fold Vest Chains SO oo to 85 00 ioM Kob Chain* 0 00 to 26 00 An* Gold Wedding King* 3 60 to 7 00 fold Guard Keys 1 00 to $ 00 fold Fob Keys 2 00 t? fl 00 ?fold Fab Beam 3 00 to 12 00 fold Thimbles 2 M to 6 00 fold Pencils 1 25 to 7 00 4 old peaa and l'encil* 3 60 to 16 00 hMtoad Rtatf* . 7 00 to 250 00 ' Naaoad Earrings .100 00 to 300 00 * ? ?"*-* lia* 16 00 to 300 00 fold Crosses 2 00 to 12 00 foldFiagw Ring*, with stones 2 00 to 15 00 ! lold Sleeve Buttons, per set 2 60 to 12 00 Void Htud*, psr set 1 60 to 10 00 Gold Spectacles, per pair 6 00 to 9 00 flsllbre Glasses 1 76 to 6 00 Silver Teaspoons, per set 6 00 to 9 00 Silver Tablespoons, per set 12 00 to 31 00 Hirer Tableforks, per set 18 00 to 28 00 HUver Caps for children 6 00 to 16 00 Mver Napkin Mags, each 1 60 to 36? Geld Araslets for children, per pair.... 2 60 to 9 09 Plata Gold Rings 7i to 8 00 Chaaed Gold Rings 1 00 to 6 00 Silver Thuablea, atlver top* 37 Gold Bearf Pin* 1 00 to 7 09 GKORQB C. ALIJ5N, Importer, Wholesale and retail, 11 Wall rtreet, eeoood floor, Mar Broadway. JD8T RFXEVKD? SOME SPLENDID CTJT CAM KORN I A diaatoads, which we hav* set in enamel ring*. We invito all good judge* to call and see them. Price, large ningl* stone, set in enamel ring, $12 50 ? ?*ms, real dia mond, would cost $400 L. <i J. JA00B3, 407 Broadway, 9 KXPREIS AGINCnta. - . - . ??> ? FFICKOT *T!X3, FAiUiP * 00. '6 NEW YORK, California .and Ear* peaa Eg ^TMfaMd Banking Co. , No M Bread way Md S New street .?New Tork, Feb. J .1966 ? A dividend of Ave per eent on the capital stock of Well*, Fargo k Oo. ha* beee declared out of the net raraiag* of aaid coaapaav previous t* the first day of January. 1966, and will be paid at the oftic* of the com paay, 92 Broad war, on the 16th Ktbruary iaitant. The transfer book* will be closed from *12 o'clock M. on ths JI2th, tin til It o'clock M on the ltKh Instaat. By order rf the Beard of Directors. T. M. jANE*. Treasurer KPUUTCAI.IIM. pmmTALBM? PKCOND VOLI ME, BV JDDGE ED _ , K0ND6 and Dr. DEXTER, with fin* steel plate en Kravtag*. published thU day: M2 page* octavo, beauti s lraviag*. published tnis any. TOU,V| lully bouad. 10 009 copies of the work have beea pub lialied, tad nearly all sold or orderwd Arrangements bar* bm ai*de bv which the publisher* will be enabled to supply Mm further demand Price, $1 26; postage Ahirtr oeal*. A liberal discount allowed to the trade. I'nbffshed at tl>* o?c* of the Spiritual Telegraph and peered Circle, <W0 Broadway, by PARTRIDGE * URrrrAN. rtmrrriRK. -TMMfrrrR* for bale or" exchangiTkor . X *tocks. ? Peroral fine rosewood *ult* ef oarved par V faraitwr*. covered la velvet and French brocatelle, #? suttog or sofas, tete-a-tete, marble top table* 9k. V ? whale tr part can be aold. I'lease address Furai ?. Mi raid Mce "" DEHTUTRT. ' f 4 VETS, UK GOLD. $1 TO~^TonTt L mmMj whole *et*, $26 to $190 Four pre ??> ? M9?(w?d Ladle* aad gentlemea iatereatod are e "d'aily inrltod to eaU ia at Dr. Maae^a's Aseer.eaa ? Vwt al /a*ti t t?t e roooss, m Rreadway, near White street FOR IAI.B. dhlO AAA ?FOR 8ALI, ON WESt FOUR wl^tVVVt teenth street, scat Fifth iwm, a splendid four story brick hoaso, price $12,000. ono three jXatj brick house oa Tweaty-foarta street, uear Seventh avenue, a thrM story brick house oa Tweaty-aixth street, $5,600; a splendid throe story brlok house la Twenty eighth (treat. Also, 200 other ; houses la thia eity; prices frum $2,800 to $30,000. Pro- ; pert* of every description for aale or exchange Apply ; to A. SERGEANT, IS WaU street. | filA KAA ? roB T"* SMALL THREE ' POtOvV- atory brown atone front basement dwelling ho km, No. 176 East TwenW-th'rd street. replet? with every convenience, Crotoa water and gas, fuMlW, Ac. Price $6,600, including via fixture*, halt oil clothii and furnace. Mortgage $3,. ">00. Apply on tha premises, or to ALBERT WELLES, 37 South WlUiaaa street tfjfr PAA ?FOR SABK, WITHIN TURKS MX Vr? nutes' walk of South terry, Brooklrn, a brick houae, three story, basement and sub collar, with gaa,-bot and cold water bat ha, and all the modern improvements. Will be sold at a sacrifice- Apply to tUa owner, 24 William street, room 23, N. Y. <8i A ? A SF.OAR STORK FOR SALE, AT A ND'tOU. great saeriflje, aa the proprietor i? com pi lied to leave the city on account of his illness. The atoie ia established for the laat fire years, and doing an excellent business, in the lower part of the city. Apply immediately to C. 1). BOWES, 07 Nassau street, up staira, room No. 0. dhOKA ?FOR SALE ? THItKAD, NEEDLE AN1) ?IDOt/V/e lancy store, located on one of the beit avenues. To any one wishing a place or this kind it offers superior Inducements. Ii ia well established anil the rent is low. Apply at 212 Broadway, room No. 10. SIMEKS A PURDY. UbOrk/l ~F0R 8ALE> THK STOCK AND FIXTURES NPOu v? of a temperance grocery store up town, located in a good neighborhood. Any person with the above amount of capital, and with energy, can do a good, profitable business. Address W. M. DANIELS, Herald office. ' dfal r ?FOR BALE, MEAT MARKET, ONE OP NplOv# the best and cheapest placeH in the city, ice boxes, gas fixtures, and everything ntce?sary for carrying on the business; been established two years. Apply at 212 Broadway, room No. 10. SIMERS & PURDY. A GOOD CTLANCH. ? FOR SALE, AT COST, 60.000 segars; cheap, the very nice fixtures, or the whole store; in a good situation. The monthly retail $120. Apply to FRED. E. ROSSBACH, Seventh avenue, be tween Twenty-fourth and Twenty- fifth streets. A RAMS CHANCE-FOR SALK, THE STOCK AND J\_ fixtures of Mario w's Union stove and tin depot, 76 Grand street, Williamsburg, L. I , with the interest in the lease of the house: also, two wagons, hone, bar hess, Ac. Inquire on the premises, of WM. MARLOW. A FARM FOR BALE? CONSISTING OF TWENTY four acres of excellent tillable land, with a three story dwelling containing sixteen rooms, situated in the town of Flatbush, about four miles from the City Hall, Brooklyn. Price reasonable. A portion of tha money can remain. Apply to CROWELL A BALDWIN, 45 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Bone burning and boiling establishment for sale, or to let ? situated within a few mites of the city, on the North river, under the Palisades, aad out of tlie reach of any annoyance. Apply to MR. WOOD, 410 Broadway. Bakery for saie.? the first class bakery No. 183 First avenue, between Eleventh and Trelfth streets, with oven and fixtures, and a four years lease. Price $400. Apply to W. ANDREWS A CO., 74 Pearl street. CAMI'HENE FLUID AND LAMP BUSINESS? A CA- J pital chan.-e ia offrrod any one wishing to engage in the above business. The stock and goodwill of an es tablishment doing a good business will be disposed of on account of the present proprietor beinj obliged to leave for the West. Address K. box 37 Post Office, Albany. CHEAP FOR CASH.? FOR BALE, THE LEASE AND fixtures nf a bread and cake store, ladies restaurant and raloon, elegantly fitted up, and doing a good cash business. Immediate application to 51 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, will prove ndvantugeouv COUNTRY HOMESTEAD AT PELHAMVUXE FOR sale ? a large substantial stone bouse. 30 feet by 30 feet. It will require $500 yet to finish it inside. Itoon tainx twelve rcoms, fire outer doors, and twenty-one windows, and bait an acre of garden, well, and other conveniences Lowest cash price, $1,000. Apply to James S. Diack, at R. Hoe &C? :s worka, ll SUeriti street -pwRUG STOBF. FOR SALE? SITUATED UP TOWN, | XJ the owner being obliged to sell in consequence of ouier business. Apply at 411 East Twelfth street. i Drug score for bale-is one of the lead I tng avenues. Is doing at present from $4 to $8 per day. Will be sold cheup if npplied for this week, Ssatis | factory reasons given for selling. Apply to DUNCAN A I McMII.l.AN, 103 West street, corner ol' Liberty- , Drug store for sale? a rare chance? a nicely fitted up drug (tore, doing a good proscrip tion business continually increasing. I'boap rent and unexpired The pioprletor having other business is obliged to dispose of this, and will aell very low. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 30 7 Broadway. Drug store for 8ALE.? a smalt, drug store, neatly and elegantly fitted up, situated in a first rate neighborhood in Brooklyn, can be bought at a great bargain, if applied for Immediately. Terms and reasons or selling can be known by inquiring at tbx bookstore; 1 ?41 Broadway, New Yorl.. For sale -the house and wt, 42 first avenue, between Second and Third streets; the house is twenty feet front, by forty deep, and the lot about seventy seven feet deep, For terms apply at 100 Tenth street. FOR SALE? A HOUSE, $2,600: TO LET, A REAR house, at >'.0 per year, in Williamsburg, near the ferries. To let in New York, house 12 Elm street Small stores, apaitment* and basement.* downtown. Rents low to good tenant*. Apply to S. C. SMITH, No. 50 Rose street . For saijc? a decided bargain? a handsome three story nud basement bouse, with counter cellar, in an excellent neighborhood In Thirty-first street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Also, a first class house in Thirtieth stroet, very cheap, and on eaay terms. J F. WILLIAMS * SON, 300 Eighth avenue, and from 2 to 3 o'clock at 115 Chambers street. FOR PALE? THOSE IHREK BROWN' STONE FROST homes, delightfully situated in Twenty second street, on property lately known as Moore's Hill, be tween the Ninth and Tenth avenue*. Terms easy. .T. F. WILLIAMS St SON, 3lH> Eighth avenue, and daily from 2 to 3 o'clock at US Chambers street. 1*OR SALE ? THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK ' lionse and lot, with under cellars, 226 West Nine teenth stieet, between the Eighth and Ninth avenues. Also, the three story brick bouse and lot 326 Spring street, between (ireenwich and Washington streets. For further particulars, apply to W. F. PLAIT & BROTHER, 290 Greenwich street. TVsORSALK ? THE STOt K, FIXTURES, AND LEASE OF jP an old established grocery store ; one of the best corners In Brooklyn. For particulars inquire corner of Hudson avenue and Bolivar street, or at the corner of Johnson and I'rince streets. For sale? a hoise and lot, on bergen Heights, one mile from Hohoken ferry. Also lease of store and fixtures, 16 Beekman street. Inquire of FRANKLIN & NICHOLS, 81 Nassau street, second floor, back office. For sale ? a beautiful fakm of ninety acres, in ahigh state of cultivation, good and sub stnntial buildings on it, situated near Springfield, Mass. Full particulars can be had on application to A. G. HAG LEY tt CO., 277 Broadway. F)R SAI.E? NO. 10 ROSE STREET, NEAR FR4 NK fort. The valuable three itory and basement dwell ing, witb shop In rear, and very favirable lease of the lot, (28 years to run. ) An excellent situation for a manufacturing jeweller, gunsmith, or the like 92,000 < may remain on mortgage. Apply at the oflca of EDWARDS ? MAM, 64 Wall stroet. 1 FR 8ALE ? A VERY NEAT THREE-STORY AND baeement house, * ith counter cellar, and all the modern Improvements, situated on Fortieth street, near Sixtbtvenue. Price Terms easy. Apply at ttft Sixth avenue For sale? the stock, fixtures and ijease of a first class book and stationery store doing aiool cash business' price, $l,4uo cash. Ad Ims W.O.Z., Hers Id office. For sale? ONE new four story house *? Eaxt Twenty-fourth street, near Fourth avenoe. 20 bv 55 feet. Has all the i an prove men ts, and will b"ar thorough examination. Price $13,000. Terms liberal, and immediate peeseseion. Apply at 44 Bast Twenty fourth street, or 44 Wall street, to CHA8. H. SMITH.* For sait? in Brooklyn, a neat cottage, with all the modern improvements. Price, $t,00?. Terms easy. Inquire at 10 Hanuver place. Is MR SAI.K? A NEW STEAM JUWWF. AND BOILBR, ! 10 inch bore, 24 ineh ffr'fei Ufcorse power; boilor 4 feet in diameter by 1$ np? Jnjig Wtlliim Burden s JToet in diameter by 1$ Jaiig Wtlliim Burden s Hake: will be sold cliesp foli csih. Apply to POOLE \ HARRISON, $ and 07 Rutgers slip. ITUiR SAT.E CHKAT*? A I! i >OT AND SHOE SI^IE, ' with stock and tlrt'irei, in a goo<l location, doing ? g. o<I cai-li business Will be sold low as the owner has other business to attend to. Apply at 266 Seventh ' avenue. ______ For sale or to urr? a very desirable new three story and hirh basement brick house, beau ! tlfully located on Morton streot, near Bedford avenue, Hrookljn, and a few minutes walk from South Seventh : street feny, Williamsburg. The house has all the mo dern improvements, marble mantele. washstands, gas. ^ ^ ^ ?rs apply to K M ETHER. b< aters, speaking tubes, ranee. hot and cell water, shower baths, Jtc. For particulars No. 247 Front street. F>r sale or to urr? at melmsk south four minutes walk from the depot of the lUrlem Rail road, a new bouse and ten lots of gror.nd, beautifully situated, with a large aamber of oh* ? fruit and shade tree*. Tba bouse Is finished In the best meaner, has eleven goon roonw. Tft per turn* of the money can re main on bead and mortyH* _ S * roWLFR. **> Gran* street. XfH)R BALE CHEAP ? THREE NUT THUICK STORY r bMMBMit brick houses, U ^beautiful ui healthy location on Fifty third street, nearSeoond itmiu, finish ed in good styls, with *11 tho Modern improvements. Will bo oold cheap, or exchanged for rood available lots. Apply to FOUNTAIN k RICHARDS, on tho prtnliM, T7K>R SALE ON CUNTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN- A X handsome brlok house and tlx lota and stable, on tho corner of Gates and Clinton avenue*. Tho houaa is 30 by 46 feet, contain* all the modern improve mints, and the situation ia most desirable. Fulton aveaut cart pasi witbln 200 feet. Apply to ROBKRI BARJKANT, No. 1 Jauncey court, 41 Wall street. />_MCAT BARGAIN.? DESIRABLE HOUSE AND LOT V)f Tor sale, situated at Yonkers, Westchester county, nTY. tfbe property at a low cash estimate is worth $4,000; will be avid for 98,300. Terms, 91 300 cash, balance to remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire of HORACE WATERS, 383 Broadway. House in Brooklyn for s*le cheap? only 9800 in morn.y la wanted; 9*00 more will be taken iu good stock, and the balanco uiay remain on mortgage. It is a new ' three story basement and under cellar brick house, very complete, and on Cumtorland street, nrar Fulton avenue. For particulars inquire of E. Pratt, 03 Fulton street, up stairs. J I VERY ST A HI X FOR SALE ? THE STOCK, FIX 4 tures and good will, together with a lease or tire veer* with the prlv.lwge of purchase of the stable No. 60 West Fifteenth stivut, now doing one of the best business ;n tho city Also several private carriages for sale cheap. Apply on the premises. mO CARPENTERS, PIANO, CABINETMAKERS AND X others.? For sale, lot on north side of Thirty-third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, '26 feet front and rear, and 100 feet deep, with three story shop on rear, with cellar; also, dwell'ng on front, with gas and Croton water, all in complete order. Inqnire of PRATT k HILL, on the premises. Also, a horse power for kale. mO NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS AND OTHERS.?' THE X proprietor of an old established cash newspaper in tho city of New York will shortly retire ftom business, and he would dispose of his establishment on favorable terms. Should any newspaper publisher wish to pur chase, without the types and property, it will be so dis po->d of. The circulation or the paper ranges from 22.000 to 30,000 copies a week. The property of the es tablishment will probably be less than 96,000 in value, and parties who can furnish this sum, either in cash or approved securities, will be treated withf-none others need apply. Address R. B , box 2,033 New York Post Office. VALUABLE COUNTRY STORE PROPERTY FOR SALE ?thirty six miles from the city, in a pleasant, healthy country village, now doing a good cash busi ness of 912,000 per annum, on the premises are a large commodious dwelling; store 40 by 40, with other improvements; twelve acres of land in a high state of cultivation, abundance of fruit, ko. For further parti cular*, apply nt 212 Broadway, room No. 8. WATCHES AND JEWELRY? FOR SALE, A TWO years lease and fixtures, (stock if desired,) of an old established watch and jewelry store, situated in the best business location in the Bowery: the present pro prietor has cccupied it for the last eignt years, and has made it answer his purposes well. Suoh an opportunity of taking hold of a paying and established business sel dom often; possession given middle of AnriL For an in terview and particulars address A. B. C. , Herald office. A dwelling connected with store, and rent low. WISCONSIN LAND.? WANTED, TO EXCHANGE FOR improved or unimproved lands in the above State, a house and eight lots, beautifully situated on one of the best avenues in Brooklyn. State quantity, quality and location, and direct to West, Herald office, for three dsys. F HORSES, CARRIAGES, <3tC. FOR SALE A LONG TAILED CRAY HORSE, 16 bands high, sound and kind in all harness, and can trot very fast. Apply at 04 and 00 Mercer street. OR SALE? A BAY HORSE, 10 HANDS HIGH, sound, and kind in single and double harness ; can trot Inside 2:60. Also, a light trotting wagon, sleigh, one setofharness. whip, stable and dress blankets, robou, bells, Ac. All to be sold together, as the owner is about leaving the city. Apply at 94 ana 90 Mercer street. For sale-a fine English Durham cow, just received by the steamer Washington, and for sale by MILLS k THOMPSON, 61 Cortlandt street. FOR SALE-A SECOND HAND TOP WAGON; AldO. a no-top buggy, one new two scat phaeton, and one new no- top buggy. Apply at the livery stable, 68 West Twenty -third street. For sale- a splendid pair of kentucky mules, 16>? hands high, Bve and six years eld, color dark brown, weighing two thousand four hundred pounds, warranted sound and kind In all harness, and will be sold at a bargain, as the owner has no use for them. Please Inquire at the National Hotel bur, No. 6 Cort landt street. * E0R SALE CHEAP? A LARf.E. STRONG YOUNG horse, six years old, warranted kind and sound, a .ht bay. seventeen lianas high; also a two seated rocltaway, saddle and bridle, set of single harness, sleigh bells, Ac., together or separate. Apply at No 7 Piince street. OBSiT' FOR SALE, ~AT~ A BARGAIN? HANDSOME color, Ave years old in the spring; hat never been driven angle much, ia very stylish and a first rate travel ler, kind in double harness, and will improve every day he is kept. Will be sold for 9126. Address, pest paid, box 2,476 Post Office. fllF LET?' THE BRICK STABLE 203 TWENTY-FOURTH I street, with an entrance from Ninth avenue, just finished for a club stable, with ac:ommodatloni for fifteen horses and carriages, besides turee rooms adjoining. Rent 9600 per annum, and possession Immediately. Ap ply to F. AXANCHET, 290 Sixth avenue, near Eighteenth street. ACHING TON.? FOR SALE, THE FAST TROTTING Tf bay stallion, Washington, 16H hands high; tea yearn old: perfectly sound and kind. Washington is a superior foal getter, as all his stock has proved. For full particulars apply at 04 and 00 Mercer street. ANTED ? A CARRIAGE, SUITABLE FOR ONE OR two horses; must be strong and well made, nearly new; also a double set of harness, nearly new, all in llrst rate order. Any one having the above to dispose of cheap may hear ol a purchaser by addressing Commu nication, stating price, condition, and where to be seen, R. S. R., Herald office. TXT" AN TED? A SECOND HAND IJGHT WAGON, wlTH W or without top, in good order, very cheap. Ad dress F. T. A., box 021 Post Oflice UOLSK8, ROOMS, ??., WASTED k PURCHASER FOK A RETAII. IIOOKSTORE MAY be secured, by addressing Bookseller, Herald office. Real name and location required, but treated confiden tially . A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY WISHES tO RENT A two story house, or a part of a hou?e, which hai the uhtial modern iinptovements. Posj'-sion required us soon as possible. l'k-Hse address W. B., No. COO Fouitli street. rl.EA3.4NT PLACE WANITSD, FOR PRIVATE HE- 1 sidence, between New York and New Raven (in- | elusive) preferred, with or without bulling* ? (hade trees, good society, churches and market indispensable; fruit troee, shrubbery, &c., with water view desirable, i Will pay cash, or exchange improved paying city pro- ! perty. Address, post paid, (Juinnippiac, Brooklyn. N. Y I H~OrSE WA NTED? WANTED TtT PURCHASE, A neat two or three-story house and lot, witn or j without the modern improvements, west of Broadway and not above Twenty-fifth street. State size of lot and honse, alto chain of title and price, and sav you will pay expense of examining the same if found different from representations. Address B. P., Herald office. Ol'SE W ANTEI >. ?WANTED, A TWO OK THRHE ?tory house, situated between Bleecker and Grand streets. Possession will be required on or liefors the 1st of March. Address, with particulars, box 1,714 l'ost Office. Souse want>:i/.-wantkd ro purchase, a neat two story brick or stone hou.->e, for a resi i, la the Eighth ward, in the city of New York, or in tbt upper put of the city, in a pleasant, street and goei neighborhood. Price not to eictod 10,000. Terms to suit the i-eller. Address G. Cohen, IS John street. TTOrSE WANTED IMMEDIATELY? WITH Al.I. THE XI modern Improvements, for a small genteel family. Location somewhere west of Broadway, from Twentieth to Thirty -fourth street, not beyond Eighth avenue. An English basement preferred. Rent not to exceed $000. For a good permanent tenant apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. "FT Ul'f'K WANTED FROM ltT OK MAY? A SMA1.L XX two or three storv honse, between HIeecker and Fourteenth street, and Fourth and Sixth avennee, fer a family without children. A family occupying such a house, and wishing to give it up on the 1st of May, can nave themselves from being bouse hunted, by addressing a note to H. H W ., box i.'ja:; Post Office. Must have the modern improvements, Creton water, gas, furnaoe, He. i If suited, ?5 will be paid for their trouble. wish ton part ok a hoi hk, throTor FOCR rooms, on the flint or seeond Iloor, with a respecta ble family Rent must be moderate. Address, post paid, stating location and terms. E. Albert, New Ro cheUe, Westcheater county. New York. FFICKS WANTH>? UNE OR~T\VO~ UOoMB, rN PLAIT I street or apifbborhoed. Address Mercantile, Herald fffice. WAN1VD? HY A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF A houae, for kitren months from the first of Feb ruary Kent must bs moderate, and the location below Fourth street, the east side of the city preferred Ad dress K. N., Herald oSte. AMED ID HUIE-^A MOI'EltN BUILT DWEI.IJNG houae. furnished or unfurnished, suitable for a small family. The location east of Bowery, between Riv ingtnn and Fourteenth stmt, and mult have all the lai piovements now in use. Possession wanted Immediately. Address E Evans. Comptroller's oftioe Wmm ANTTJ >- ON THK F1MKT OF MAY NEXT, BY A respectable family of four persons, a -.mall bunee loving k*' and t'-otos water, in a (food neighborhood, sl-ove I'sion squre A reepoasible tenant will take it for no? orawre years. Addtese Mett bex Ne. 130 Herald offieo, naming terms and location. autkd? urifiinfikr rooms, parlo* and bod room, for two or three young without beard. Ijoeetioa below Uainn square, near Broadwav. Tetsaa not to exceed H*0 per aaoum. Address sutler terms a?d Inratlnw, AmerUws, Her el J offiee. AMD LODOm. 17 ?C) BROADWAY? AN ELEGANT SUIT OF FUR I t)A niahed apartment* to let, with board, to ? family or aiagle gentlemen. Private table only. The house contains illiU modern improvements. 713 BROADWAY? BOOMS TO IXT, FURNISHED, to gentlemen, over Weller ft Son'* saloon. f)Q A TENTH STREET ? PLEASANT FURNISHED ft'J'x room*, with ?U the modern improvements. CM? Ik PWJriu in a private family, with or without board, Immediately. Neighborhood unsurpassed Refoi encee exchanged . 1 f*S? EAST BROADWAY.? a GENTLEMAN' AND lUU wile can be aecommedated with a pleasant fur nished room, with full or partial board. A few tingle gentlemen can aleo be aecommedated wittksinglo room*. 7A FRANKLIN 8TREFT, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF I V Broadway, neatly furauhed room*, with bedroom* Attached. on the tirst and aeoond floor*, for gentlemen ; breakfast aerred if required; also, one or two single rooms, for lodgings; cleaullness strictly observed. r /? LISTEN ABD STREET, NEAR BROADWaY.-A OO large parlor, handsomely furbished, on the flrst floor, for gentlemen, without board. PQ BLEECKER STREET.? ROOMS TO LET, IN THIS OO first class bouse, at a very moderate rent. Cro ton water and gars. Inquire on the premises, or at 31 BoLd street. Can bo seen at all hours. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO FIND A SUITE J\_ of rooms, consisting of bedroom, parlor and bathroom, wl'h gas and flre. Location between Four teentli and Fourth streets, and Fourth and Fifth avenues. The second floor preferred, and where there are no other lodgera. Address Alexander, Broadway Post Office, for three days. LADY, RESIDING AT 66 SECOND AVENUE, I? desirous of letting a pleasant back parlor, with ird, in a house with modern improvements, to a gen tleman and wife or small family, where they can have the comforts of a home; also a room for two single lu dies or a gentleman. Terms very reasonable. FEW PESTRABLE ROOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD, on second floor, to families or tingle persons, at 49 lleecker street. A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WILL LET A FEW neatly furnished rooms, with conveniences for flre, with or without partial board, where the comforts of a home can be enjoyed. Bath room in the house. Appty.ftt <Ji Macdoufal street, between Houston and Bleecker. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH BOARD, AT J\_ the table of a French family, are offered to a gen tleman of respectable manners. Apply to the French teacher, 202 Sixth avenue. k FAMILY OF FOUR GROWN PERSONS ARE DE9I J\_ roiis of obtaining a handsome suit of room* in a private family, having a house with all modern improve ments. They want first class accommodations, with a private table liberally supplied. Unexceptionable r-fer ence* given and required. Address box 2,498 Post Office, postpaid, stating location, 4c. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH TWO bedrooms, to let, together or separately, at 188 jpiing street. . Meals sent to the rooms if required. Family small. Location desirable, being near two lines of the Broadway stages. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO A gentleman and hi* wife, or two single gentlemen; bath adjoining. Fire, attendance, and washing done if de. sired. Only two in the family, and no other boarders taken. Price moderate. Address W. II. P., Herald office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR ONE OR TWO J\_ single gentlemen, can be accommodated with plea sant. rooms, with board, by applying at 100 Eldridge street, near Grand. A PRIVATE SPANISH FAMILY HAVINO MORE room than they require, would let to a respectable tamily the second floor, consisting of front nnd back room* and pantries, with full board, on moderate terms; bath, ga? and other improvements in the house. Ad dress X. X., 2,669 Post Office. A ROOM TO LET, FURNISHED, TO A GENTLEMAN', J\ at 42 University place, corner of Eleventh street Board.? a nice parlor and rooms attach i.d, with the best accommodations; also, a room for single gentlemen, in the new brown stone house, 192 East Fourteenth street, near Union square. SOARD? POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATE!/?.? A I parlor ami ohamber, in Montague street, the moat ' rabls xit nation in Brooklyn, can be hail, on immedi- ! ate application to box 3,136 New York Poit Office. Board? at m bleecker street, near the Sixth avenue railroad. ? A few single gentlemen can be accommodated with furnished room* and board, at tbe above first class bouse; also, a large room, fur nished, suitable for a gentleman and bis wife or two single gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board.? two single gentuqiev, or a gentle man and wife, can be accommodated with u large pleasant room, with a private family, and in a house with all tbe modern improvements, and a very respect able neighborhood, by applying ut No. 110 West Twentv flrst street, between Sixth anil Seventh avenoes. Board? with convenient apartments for families or single gentlemen: s very desirable location for gentlemen doing business down" town; cars and stages passing to nil parts of tbe city. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, second house from Hank street. Board ? rooms and suit.- of rooms, tor gen ' tlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, can 1 be obtained in a highly respectable family, by applying , at No. 9 Perry street, Ashland plafe, accessible by oars , and stages to all parts of the city , rooms furnished or unfurnished. Reference* exchanged. Board? with elegantly furnished rooms, I in a first class house in Tenth str?-et, near Broad- ' way. suitable for families or single gentlemen, replete with all the modern improvements. French and Spanish j spoken Dinner at 6. Reference* given and required. ] Apply at lfil Tenth street. ?QOARD.? FIRST CLASS PERMANENT AtXOMMODA r> tions In a private family, with home privileges, for a gentleman and his wife, on St. John's pari.. Price for one large front room, S25; with bedroom, $30. per week. Address G., box 1.211 Post Office. T>OARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, IN A HOUSE It where thetv are positively no boarders, balow Twrnty-tbird street. Prices must be low Second or ] third story ; gas and grate, with fire. An elderly family preferred. Price* must be given in an*werv Reference ' given. Ad?iTn? t' F., Herald office Board down town.? pleasant furnished rooms with board. suitable for a family or single gentlomen, may be obtained by calling at 126 Chamber* street. Reference required. BOARD ON BROt KI.YN HEIGHTS, NEAR FULTON i ferry. ? A large square room and b?droom,furnisheJ; j also, rooin for a lady. <i?ut*el and pleasant location, j two minutes walk from the ferry. 4o Middagh street, i ore door from Willow. Board in Brooklyn ? a gentixhan and hi wife can find a large and handsomely furnished room, at 38 Willow street, three minutes walk from Wall I street or Fulton ferries; the bouse is famished with g*i, j hot sirs, Ac. Also one side room. TiOARD AND ROOMS? AT 222 SIXTH AVENUE BE I J twren Fourteenth and Fifteenth afreets: pleasant locality. Rooms from SI M) to So per week. Breakfast and tea, >2. full board, S3 60. A family of highly ac complisned French teachers in tbe bouse, who instruct classes In the French language, music and drawing. Board, with rooms.? a large comfortable room on second floor, front, with pantry and gas, will be let lurniAed or unfurnished; also a room foroae or two gentlemen. No 13 Beach street. TJOARD WAMED ? BY A YOUNG LAD?, IN A PRI X) vat? family, near Broadway and below Houston street. Please addreas Miss Bird, No. 40 EMridgest. Board wanted? bt two gentlemen and their wives, below Graud street and west of Centre: price not to exceed S*. Permanent, if tutted. Refe re sues exchanged. Address, by 12 o 'clock to day K. N., Herald office. Board wanted? by a young gentieman en gaged in the wholesale business down tewn? a dsomely furnished room, with partial board, in a private family, for which a fair price will be gives. A fmnily occupying a house with modern improvements, located below Eighteenth street, preferred. Address Hubert, Herald office. 80ARD WANTED BY A GENII JJIAN AND HIS WIFE. in a private familv? full board for the lady, aed ler on Sundays for tLe gentleman dewn town would , be preferred Address .lohnson, Herald office Board in hobokkn waster- hy two young I gentlemen, in a respectable private family, French preferred. Location in Hudson street or River Terrace. Parlor and bedroom required. Address, stating Verms. Ac., I. S., box 2,?9?. l ost office. Boarding? single gentlemen can be Ac commodated with rooms and full board; also, large pleasant rooms to accommodate a party of four gentlemen, at 122 Chambers street. Day boarders ac com modated also. Refe.snce required. Boarding. -a gentleman and his wife and two or three single gentlemen can be .enteelly ac commodated with eery pleasant and handsomely fur nished moras, fronting Broadway House 7RA Broadway, ccrner of Tenth street, and nearly opposite Grace Cliarch. Entrance 136 Tenth street. *>OARDING ? TO LET, WITH HOARD. IN A PRIVATE fl family, a beck parlor an# bedroom on second story. House has all the modern improvements. A gentleman and his wife preferred. Retesaces exchanged Inquire at 101 Second arenue, or tVrs* box 101 Herald office. HOART1NO-AT 375 SBOOWn AVENUE? FAldLIF* and single gentlemen can be accommodated with large parlors and bedrooms on eery low terms, fur n.shed or unfurnished; two parlor* on second floor, front; gas, baths, ke. 8. BLAEELOCK. Board, and the Spanish language.? two gentlemen cen be accommodated with partial board, on moderate terms, la a highly respectable American family, where they may have Issssns In said Ins^nage without any extra charge thohewee has all the ewtern i n> i>feeemewte. Apply at 138 Trey afreet B hoarding Airp MPtrtwa, I (OARDING DOW* TOWN, NO ft COLL WW CLACK > ? BMuttfol location. One large front room, suit able for a gentleman and wife, or two or three single gen tlemen bTtnl smaller rooms, aulUbU for two gentle men, may bo obtained on Moderate terms. T1R00KLYN ~ A FURBISHED FRONT r A It LOR, WITH X) connecting bedrootn, om second floor: also, a fine front room on third floor, with partial board, In a quiet now house, containing gas, Ac., and but Ave minutes walk to either Wall or Atlantic street ferries . Terms moderate. Apply at 242 Henry street. URNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET ? WITH PARTIAL board if desired, and the use of a bath, at IS Bel ford street. The Houston street stages pass the house on their route. ?EU RNBHKD 1 tOOMS TO LET? WITH PARTIAL BOARD -Jj if required, in a imall family, and a desirable loca tioa ; the nouue hs> all the modern improvement*. Apply at 91 West Kltveuth street, between Fifth and ijixtii avenues. EUBNISHED ROOMS TO LET DOWN TOWN ?TWO or three gentlemen caa obtain very pleasant rooms, without board, at 20 White street, went of Broadway FURNISTIED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, to two or three young men of steady habits, where economy can be used , clothing repaired gratia. Apply at 102 Canal street, third floor. Gentlemen def:ring furnished roomb, with out board, can be acrommodac'd at 10 Jay street, near Greenwich. Also, a ? front basement to let, suita ble for an office. Apply ns above. PARTIAL HOARD.? SIX OR SEVEN YOUNS GEN tlemen can be accommodated by a widow lady, who will make them comfortable in every respect; two minutes walk from the cars. Inquire at 78 Seventh street, iu the basement. LAIN BOARD WANTED FOR A YOCVG LADY IS A private family. Terms must be reasonable. Ad dress Mi.ts M. G., Herald office. ERIVATE BOARD IN A FRENCH FAMILY ?TWO beautiful parlors, front and back, on the drst r, also a backroom on the second floor, all furnished or unfurnished, to be let to a gentleman and lady, or gentlemen alone, with full or partial board, or without. The houce contains n bath room. Private tattle if de sired. Apply immediately at 603 Broome street. SOOM WANTED? BY A SINGI.E GENTLEMAN, with or without board, between Bleeckar street Union square. Address, stating particulars, J. D. N., Herald office. Booms.? desirable suits of furnished rooms to let, with partial board if required, for one or two gentlemen, In a brown stone front house, with all the modern improvements, convenient to the cars and stage*. 71 West Fouiteenth street, flrst house west of Sixth ave. rLET? A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, TO a gentlemen and wife; also, a room for a single gentleman. Apply at 75 Chrystie street, between Him. ter and Grand. FI.ET? A FEW APARTMENTS, AT THE CORNER of Twenty-first street and Fifth avenue; possession immediate. Apply to C. SCHUMANN, livery stable, No. 6 East Twenty-first street. Also, rooms to let at No. 10 Downing street, at $4 and $5 per month. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC commcdated with single rooms and full or partial board, by applying at No. 2 Leroy plaee, Bleeeker street. The home is provided with the modern improvements. Dinner at six o'clock. French and English spoken. WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD? A VERY HANDSOME suite of rooms, on flrst floor, furnished, bath and ?:?h; private table If preferred; one block from Broadway, ooking into the pleasure grounds of Grace Church, 80 Fourth avenue, opposite Eleventh street. WANTED? A SUIT OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS, IV a house with modern improvements, couveniently situated. Address A. A., stating particulars, tenm, &c., Herald office. P IU8CE1XANKOVI. CASES SPIRITS TURPENTINE, containing four cans of Are gallon* each, put up in su perior order, suitable for the California an<l Australiau mnrkete, for iale by LOUNSBERY It BEXT8, 32 Burling ?Up. 1/}r CANAL STREET, NEAR VAKICK W. Ac d. lOO VAN NOTE'S grate and feniler, kitclten ran^o, summer range and atove warercom*. We have a large ' assortment of the latest pattern* of mantel grateii, range* and (tore*, for sale on reasonable term*. Orate* and rangts set and repaired, ranges lined, bras* found Ma' MM jeweller*' furuaeea built, stove* lined, baker*' | oven* built and repaired. Decorative fresco painter of the German and Italian school.? I* read/ to decorate In the I most approved manner, and In all atyles. Address. at UOt Spring street, New York, UEORGE FICIIT. I, LFCTROTY PING .?THE NEW YORK ELECTROTYPE 1 j establishment i* offered for sale. 1'ernon* wishing I to engage In the above busine.s will do well to inquire of A. II. JOCELYN, 68 and i>0 Ful.on *trcet. ^ FSCHMID, NO. 471 PEARL -STREET, MANl'FAC . t ure: of jewelry cake*. Order* executed promptly, aDd in the nsatest manner. JM MARSH'S PATENT CVt.INDER PRINTING MA ? cliine*. ? machines are cheap, compact an 1 expeditious, verv simple in their construction. eaiily ) understood, and not liable to get out of order with ordi nary care. Form* can easily be made ready on them, and can be worked by boya? one to turn, and one to feed, and from twelve to fifteen hundred sheet* per hour can easily be run off: or more, it steam be applied. They have been in ?ucce**ful operation leveral year*, aud are for tale at o Eldrldge atreet, price f2.'i0 and ?500. LEAKY ROOKS Cl'RED. ? ALL KINDS OF TIN ROOFS repaired and coated with a patent metallic paint ? one coat being equal to five of ordinary paint? and war ranted water tight. Rooting depot, No. 91 Mangin stieot, near Stanton. LUXURIANT WHISKER OR MOUSTACHES FORCED 10 giow strong and thick in nix weeeki, by my oiigu ent, which will nut stain or injurs ths ikin; >1 a bottl* sent to any part of the country. R. G. GRAHAM, 10T Nassau street; Hayes, 174 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 0~ ID BOOKS BOl'GHT ? AL>0, OLD ENGRAVINGS.? The highest prices will be given for them, in any quantity. Alio, constantly on hand and fur *ale, old and new books, engraving* for parlor*; al*o, for scrap books, portraits, studies, line aud lithographic, at the Old Curioiity Shop, No. i>6o Bruadway, above Prince. PROFESSIONAL LETTER WRITING.? MRS. IT I NT TON' would be happy to write ?nd indite letter* upon general coirc?pou'lence, at moderate charges, to tbose who would wish to avail themselves of her ?eiViee?. Apply at the basement 863 Broadway. rpti THE MERCHANT? OF NEW YORK CITY.? WM _1 B O'KESON, of the firm of M'/.indon. UKe^on A Weir. Attorney* at Law. Ijsnd Agents and Collectors, Springfield, Texas, is nuw ia the city, stopping at the Ir ving House, ana will be glad to meet with sny merchant* who may have land claims in Texas, and are desirous of having responsible and efiicient agents to sell or look alter their lards; Mil also any who may bar# an) claims for collection in any part of the State Mr 0 Keson will remain in the city one week, and sny mer chant* who may deaire to have a conversation with him can fend their curd* to the Irving House, and he will call to see them, or they ran call at the Hotel. We ham a general acquaintance throughout Texa*, sad can give responsible reference* both ia that State aud other part* of tha I nion. T, NEWSPM'EK PUBLISHER ?*, MERCHANTS aNI' I others. ? 1 collect debts m Hartlorl, New Haven. Middletown, Meriden, New Britain, Bristol, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Waterbury. Naugatdck, Ansonla, Burning ' ham, Seymour, Cheshire, Southington, 1'laiaviUe, ami otLer places in Conneeticut; in Springfield, Worcester I aad Boston, Massachusetts; and in New York city and j Brooklyn. Persona entrusting mo with busings shall have it correctly done, if done at all. References, if ne>ded. Office with Mr. Cage, 1MM Main atreet, Hart fork, Ct Letters may le Addressed thus ? B. HKYES, Hartford, Ct. 1. UI.MSBY. BANK NOIE ENGRAVER, NO. a Wall street ?A practical experience of mote than twenty year* In every branch of the business sn ables him to combine beauty with security. In a manner to please the eye and baffie the arts of counterfeiter*. His ptices are les* than any other establishment can I possibly afford. Thoee who are desirous of seeing speci mens and procuring plate* will And it for their interest to gtie him a call, or notify him of their wishes by mail rrrnHCATK ibom aaaas. Nrw Yoke, February, 1M3. The undermgned Have examined hank notes construct ed and engraved according to the plan o( W. L Onnsby, to prevent alteration* and counterfeiting, namely. by employing one vignette, into which the most Important letteiing is interwoven soja* to form an iategrcl part.)and do not hesitate to say that ia our opinion the invention 1* new and useful, and of great Importance to banks and the pucllc. ? F.IW. Edmonds, .Acting ITesi '.cat Mechanic' liana; D. Learitt. President Amer.oan Exchange Rank. R. Withers, Cashier Bank of the State of New York; John J. Palmer, President Merchants' Hank; K J. Ever itt, Cashier Broadway Hank; J H Cornell. Caahler Me ehanics' Banting Association; F. Dobbt. Cashier Nation i al Bank, D. Ebbets, Cashier Union Hank; Jaa. Van Bos | trand, President lierchaata' Exchange Itaak: A. B. j Hays, Cashier North Kiver Rank; K Van Duser, Presi dent New York Exchange* bank, K. A Tucher. Cashier Nassau Bank. The above is a true copy of a paper on file in this department, and of the whole of s>icl' *r , tiOcate. D. B. ST. JOHN, Albany, March 15, 1*?J. Supt. Ilaak Department. nvnuciicn^BT Ceo. C. B. Stuart. Engineer in Chief I". S. N : . Prof. S. F. B. Murae, I'oughktepsie, N. Y.. A. G. lla/anl. Kaq., I HaxardvlUe, Conn.; Mason Cleveland, Kaq., ILimpton, Conn.; T. A. Alexander, Jersey City, N. J. ; Harper * I Brothers, New York City Selew k Co.. Cincinnati, Ohio the President, Directors an 1 Company of ths Carroll County Hank, Ne* Hampshire. \\f HARK ARl YK A' GAIT*', YV To the nptown resort, Where hot mutton pies Of the right kind are got. Al.EX P. TARBET, 40ft Hixth avenue, near Twenty fifth . street, reepeetfully announces to his Crieads aad the puBUe in general that he has opened a bread and fancy rake bakery aad aonferttoaery, with a aeat and eoai modiows nama attached, where ha la prepared tojser?s ay hoi aisttsa pies, tarts aad ereaa, oreter*, loo er^am. tea aad is?i, kt Mr We. lllng aad parly orders gnt np on t*e Mertest aaUee Pss't feegsrt Mft Wxth are aae. TMAWTS' Rscuvram. Apart ok the three story and basement bona*. 190 West Fifteenth street, near Eighth nne, constating of four or At* rooms on first, second tad third floor*, to lot to a null fans ly without children. Rath, gas and water, large yard aad collar, a good Milk borhooa and near stage aad railroad rout on. Root $260 Y) ROADWAY BUSINESS FLACK-ROOMS TO UT II for bualneii purpose* on the firnt floor a ( th? itt bull ing 836 Broadway, southwest comer of "Pjirvaeatk straet. For a writingmaster, merchant tailor, miUiaar, dressmaker, dentist, hairdresser or tha iltuaUoa ia unsurpassed. Apply to ARCUD. WIGHT, areUtMt, front raom, second floor. OY S SCHOOL, DWELLING HOUSES, LOTS, ETC? To let, in Bridgeport, Ct., a moat sligibl* build ing for a bor > boarding and day school, which ia muak needed there. AIko, for sale, on excellent terms for in ve?tment, bouses *nd l'?ts In the moit desirable portion, of the town. Bridgeport 1* oua of the most plensaat and tbriring town" New Hngland. D. W. THOMPSON, agent for P. T. IJarnum and W. H. Noble, Bridgeport., Conn. FURXISHED HOUSE TO LET? A SMALL. THREE story bouse, nearly new, and baring all the modern conveniences, located in Thirtieth utreet, on the wait aid* of the town, and in a pleasant tieighborhcod. The liou.w is well furnished. Itent Address F. W P., Herald office. Kipp & Brown's, Fourte?nth street and Nlnlli avenue, and Efgth avenue stages, and Eighth aad Ninth arena* cars p near the door. FURNISHED HOUSE TO 1XT-IOR ONE YEAR AND threo moat ha, with Immediate possession, yearly rent $1,U00; furniture xuperior, new within niuot/dAys, everything complete for housekeeping, with baths, gas, ?handtlicrs, Ac. Situation very pleasant, nsar Eigkth avenue. Furniture may be purchased if desired. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. HOBOKEN ?TO 1 EASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS, IN conMquence of ill h>?lth of tLe proprietor, tkt well known report, Washington House and Gardens, Hudson strest, abo.t two minutes' walk from tUs ferry. For particular* apply ou the premises. JOHN IRELAND. J" OTS TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN.? FIFE LOT8 ON J North Second street, running through to Not th rst street, convenient to the river, and well calculated for a coal yard, having been used as such. Apply tv g 1EW1S HITCHING, 88 John street, N. Y. OFFICES TG LET? SINGLE OR IN SUITS, IN THE new banking builllrg northwest comer of Naneau and Pine streets. Apply at the Bank of the Common wealth, or of JOHN LLOYD, 18 Nassau street. OFFICES TO LET? OVER THE MARKET BANK, 00R ner of Pearl and Keekman streets, likewise, a srnal ?tore and office under the bank, on corner of Beekmni street. Rogms and OFFICE9 to let ? rooms and office to rent, in Appleton's building, suitable for busi nesk men, lawyers, kc. Apply to D. APPLETON & CX).. 345 aad 348 Broadway. mO LET? WORKSHOPS, WITH STEADY STEAM 1 power, on the corner of Broome and Mercer street*, size 28 by 100 feet, heated with steamplpes. Well light ed water closets and other conveniences. Also rooms without steam. Apply on the premises of WM. GAL! & SON. mo LET? THE EIJSGANTLY FURNISHED, FIRST! JL class brown stone front dwelling house, 38 West Seventeenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. It has all the modern improvements, and affords a rare opportunity for persons desiring a .pleasant and genteel residence. The Louse and furniture w!ll be rented to tether, and possession given immediately. Apply H. v I. SMITH, 289 Broadway. TO LET ? WILSON '0 HOTEL, ON THE CORNER OF Liberty and Greenwich streets, with a good gro eery store attached . AU the fixtures of the hstet are complete, and can be had, together with the lease, on eavy terms. Immediate possession given. For particu lars apply to WM. WILSON, 109 West street. TO IJCT ? THE NEW WHITE MARBLE HTORE US Chambers street, five stories high, with spacious cellars, near tlie depot of the Erie and Hudson River Railroads, and well suited for a dry goods jobber or hardware merchant. Possession immediately. Rent i3, C00. Apply to C. P. White, 68 Rrondway, or betwten 10 and 12 A. M., at 36 John street, to 8. B. HUTCHING3. rr?0 LKT? THE UPPER PAKT OF A HIGHLY RF I spectnble bouse, to one or tiro families wltliou . children, consisting of Ave room < on second floor, auJ five room* on tbird floor, with basement. No moving in Cord reference* expected, Inquire at No. 14 Watts street. near Vurlck, in the basement. rO Urr, ELEGANTLY FOBNXRHbD? A HAND noma brown stone house, on I>exlti(ftoii arcane liou-e in One onler with modern improvement*, and furnished complete throughout; (flan, oklnu, bed ana tabic linen, Ac. Will be let. for 12 month*. K. IS. KINSHIMER, 1119 Fourth avenue, S to 7. TO LET? THE NEW YORK BAY HOTKL, SITUATED UN the New York Bay and on tlie Jersey City and Ber gen Point Plank Roud, two and a halt miles from the Jer *oy City Ferry, commanding a* it doe* one of the moat Hnlendid views of the bay and Narrow*, make* it a noil MMMHMMM fccttm wiahing to spend the iu mer month* in the country. The hotel, together with the furniture complete will be rented. For full particu I*r?, inquire ol pVni'.R BENTIJCY, Esq , Jersey City, or of Capt. Geo. W. Howe, South Bergen, N. J. TO I.KT? SOME GOOD LOFTS WITH EXCELLENT light also, a convenient store on Morris aad Oreeawich street*. Apply to JOHN LLOYD, No. 18 Nassau street. TO I.KT? IK" in F. UPPER PART OF BROADWAY, Bfc tween Twenty seventh and Twenty-! ighth stoeet.s. al*o between Twenty ninth and Thirtieth street*, severs! store* and dwelling bouses, to one of which can be added a larjfe rear lot. Apply to H. M SCHIF.Fi ELM, No 11 Madison square, north aide. 3pO I.KT? A FIRST CI.ASS FOUR STORY aND BASK L ment brown stone front house, corner of Amitr aad icka street. Brooklyn, two blocks from the South ferry, containing twenty -tbrte room* and two kitchen*, well calculated for a boarding house or two families. Pos session given immediately. Rent reasonable to good tenants Apply to J.G. G0TT6BERGER, 12 Centre street, corner of Chamber*. f|"0 LET-A FINELY FI'RNIHHED RESIDENCE. ON I Fourth avenue, near Union square, completely (ur nUlied, and in excellmt order: no better location in tilt city. W'U be let to a private family or for a first claw genteel l>oariling house. Apply at the Union Square Real Lstate Oftiee, No. i) Everett House, corner of Fourth eve me and .-eventeenth street. KKYES A: HOAGLAND. 10 let? two adjoining keet frost, fhl-t dais three story house*, with gas throughout, baths, water closets, ;?e. , in Grove street, near South Light h, Jerssy City. Heat t&M) Apply to HENRY A I'OOKAI M, 39 lirua i street, New York. rpo 1 JCT? AT FOKDllAM, A OOTTAGF. ANLI GARDEN, J. with abundaure of fruit. Three minutes walk trom the depot. Also, a house to let, (No. 9Thinl street,) with all the modern iinprnvemeut*. Inquire on the |>r< mines, or at No. 4 Allen street. r LET? HOUSE lu ELM STREET, A HOUU IN VAN d*wnt?r street, a house in Rote street, a house In Ann street, a hous? in Varick street, a house in Pearl str?et, * house in Mott street, and a hous* iu J antes street. Apply to S. C. SMITH, ?>w Rose street. T> I EI? ON PROA I 'WAY, WITH LEASE, A SUPERIOR house, CMita.ning twenty- tlve rooms. Location, without exception, one of the oest in the city for a 6rst class hoarding houre; new occupied as such. * The farm ture tew. Within niaetv days will be disposed of at a bargain. K. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. rpj I.ET? POfSFs-TOV 1UMEHIATELY? THE FOUR J. story house 111' Last Thirteenth street; rant 11,900 AUo, Us* English bimeiuunt four st?ry bouse 165 East Ni notes nth street; rent ?"0?i. Both houses have all ths modern improvements. Kor particulars, apply to IRt Jlf.l 0, KRaSCIU k CO , Agents. 106 Wall ?. f|X> LET (POgRRPSION IMMEOIATFLY) ? COTTAI . E X No. 4 tisr len row Eleventh street, near Sixth av? aue also, house No. 11 ? West Thirty dfth street. Both houses in com p'ete order, aad will be let at a bargain, t?> good tenants, Inquire immediately, of D. W. I lie TON, lt!7 Broadway, up stairs. mo LET OR LEASE ? THE sfTORK AND DWELLING, I on the northeast corner of Fourth avenue aad Nineteenth street, a splendid location for a grocery store: also the st >re adjoining on Fourth avenue Poe session given imine<liately if required. Inquire on the premise*, or of A L. USBoRN. at M Canal street, frem I to 7 P. M r> LEASE ? THE HOtSK AND LOf NO. .'W4 BROAD war, corner of Franklin street, will be leased for a term of years Apply to ADAMS A LIT KEY, 7J Nas eau street T? LEASE- FOB A TERM OF SEVKN YEAHS, A fonr story ho'ise in the neighborhood of Cedar street, suitable' for a boarding house, conveateat to the shipping aad steemhoat Landings. For full partlouhue apply to B. W. Hl< HARDf, a07 Broadway. fpO LfcA.- E? 1 HL HOC HE ANI> STORE 717 EIGHHI 1 avenae, on the west side, between Forty ninth and fiftieth street. A )<-a*r of Ave years will be given at a low rent, to a suitable tenant. Apply at tub .-Hxth ave nee. TO KENT? 1H1. IPPllt PART OK A NKAT Tff'i . story house, situate ! n> ?r Broadway, and near two stage routes family mall. t'ossossioa immediately , Address Cvmlort. U< raid oltioe. PV NT? A lTRNlSUKD I'AI!1X)R, I?eT)R< V?M ""AND kltehen, with gas and Croton water Rent 910 per week. Address M S. H. Broadway Post onto*. rfH? RENT? eToRK NO. 6 CANAL .srREET, NEAR X Centre street, the lirst story and basiassat, with oc i w itbout steam power Inquire at the store. t O I'RTGGIstH^-TO 1 THE FINE BTORfc ll i the new house ea the west side of Sixth areane, between Forty sixth and Forty sevsath street*. It is well aituatea for the rfrug business, a* there is ae othei ' store ia the neighborhood. The windows will be ar r| rang'-d and gas pot ia for an approved tenant Apply a I at 0ttt Sixth aveuus. . I HTMI two NfW fTVK STOUT I tRICK BCrLDfNw , rl I b?-f< and MO Pearl street, near Broadway, aad three - 1 !^s of the aiidd'.e haiMiag ..W vill he let or leaned at jl moderate teem*. the*e !iu.!dtngs, which caa heocctuted U Imaaedialdy, ate provided with v a alts is RMt, MM S he Maaeeted by arches tf wanted, sipressjy hnflt fee ? i i | -i - r|

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