Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1855 Page 5
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or oBcers. I do further doelare thai the doctrine XT th* church of England, the CalviaiMs. Hugunots, and of ttteii of the i.anrt of Protestant, to be damnable, and tbey tfcr irv lirnwi, and to l>? damned, that, \vill uot for Mke tho eamo 1 dt> declare tl.nt 1 will help, a.iint, and ad >iM all Kiiy bf hit Uuliscst's agentu Lu auw place wheruver 1 may he, iu 'ili.Klaud, Scotland, und Ireland, or iu any othec territory or Mafdem 1 thall eoino to, and do my utmost f, catiriuie 'he Li retical l'reteftants' Uoctrino, and t? do ?troy all thiir pretended powcri, regal or otherwise. 1 da further cromv ? and declare that, uotwitbetaudinz I am diatiwwsed Vilb, to aanuiue any relUiou h' retical, ior tho ireMf'Rtinfi ol tho Mother ('hureh'a int. rut, to k^p accrot aeva fTivatM all her agenti,' couueuls. tram timi iu tim", ai tU) intrait me, and not divulge, diwetly oc ludircctly, ky word or writing, ur eircumatuuce whatso< bnt to excent) all that rhall l>? propped, given tn charge, or diecoverod Mkto un> by.ycu, my father, er any ef this aaurod con vent. All *!ucli, 1, A. H., do uvmac by tao bleacod YYinity, Md Itciwd St.trtimout, winch 1 man now to reoeivo. to por torm, and on my part bo keep inviolably; and do call all ttio J>ea? iul> ?ii 1 pLrion i Host ot Htavrn to witueai the o my ital intvuti'.' >:fc to k?ep thii myeath. In tebtimony horeof, I take ll.ia holy and Wuesed runnat of tho Ku-eharist, and wttneei the -awu Airtber v> ith aiy band aud ??al, iu the fear x>f ttiia holy count, thie day of Anne l)um., Ao. Itr. 0'K<" to next took the Uour and defen led tie Catholics from the to imputations, and unequivocally pronounced tfce article re?kd hy Mr. Lamport, purporting to be the fottn ci an oath taken l>y Catholics, to bo a palpable forgery. He owatendod ttiat tho Catholica of this country were auder no political obligations to i the Pope of Home ? that the stab ment ao f toq ucntly ut tered by political Native American!, that lb*) l'ope li"U any away overtbe minds -of the Catholicsin thia country, ao far a* concerned their temporal condit.on, was ljr faille; that from beforo the Itevelution down to this moment then- were MM mere loyal to this government ? theie never baa fceen, nor ever can be? than the Ca tholica; and the three millions of them in America weuld aacrifice their blood and their Uvea an readily an any ?ther data todei?nd tbe liberties and to protect the :u , atitutfons of tbe United States. And, continued Mr. O'K., should b uch a thing be possible that the Pope of Ken* ahouli' att> iript to mteriero in nny of tho uifairs of ttus government, he, for one, though no military man. wouio bo auioagi t the most forward and <;a?ly to cub off hill sacerdotal head. We can folio v him no further, ?a our limits will not permit. With the moat strict ?i knee did tbe very closely crowded auditory, as well an ?very mtub r ol tho House, listen to this gflntlemau'a left ace of the religion of his earliest ancestors hauded down to liimtell. Mr. O'K. declared bimselt a firm democrat iu every t-ense of tbe word, and never had the least id*a of departing troea that faith; but be would not pledge bin self how hn should vot^ if the abuse of William ll. Seward was oontinued with the rancor which hn<l thus far been evincod Other gentlemen addresaed the House. Among them, Metara. P.hodt-s, Ernana, I'etty, and Uleason. l'o-morrow ?Mirnlng tbe discussion will be resumed; and a* things now bear an aepect, the question will he taken on Tuce Jay morning, wlien not a vo'.f will be found against it. During tbe B<-iialon, Mr. A. G. Thompson, of New York, iom to a quextioa of privilege. He read from tbo "Now iork Times of jetterday a abort sentence to wliicli be Ityected, as suiting things which never occurred, and lrawing inferences entirely unwarrantable as to his con tact as one of the counsel for Mr. deldon, whose sea', was mnteeted. He roncladed, by sta'ing th&t he was will ingto let the matter rest until to morrow, waon, if no retraction or ap. logy appears in the paper from the arziter, iheti be should move for his. expulsion from the Boor of the House. Mr. O'Ket-ff, a>i an associate counsel in the case, who was also impbca'ed in th? ofleusive article, rtatet. that he had volunteered his serv ces in order to aaah-t h:? Iriend in retaining b s seat, but enpbatxaily lenied having received any retainer fee, and would take none for Lit services in the case. Mr. Stevens alio ruse, and raid be waa mentioned in the article read, nnd that bo occupied tbe exact position with Mr. O'Kee'e in this matter. Tte thought of a retainer ? tho thought ot re ceiving pay for tbe assistance thue rendered, never en tered his brain. What be >dld was no more than any otber member would do under like circnm J atauces, and that waa for tbe sake of justice. li? cared not what action was taken in this matter, though be thought that reporters who occupied p!a:es ao the floor si oold not abu-u that privilege by reure aaatiig nieabcrs in a different light than that in which they really at' oJ. Nothing further wai said or done. Mr. Whitney introduced this resolution in tbe Senate, via.: ? Resolved, '1 1. at the vommistioners of Kmi^ration he requeateu 'o inform bhe Senate by what authority Thomas Dunlap baa teen, and is, recognized as a mem harol their Hoard, aud permitted to take partialis proceedings. It waa laid on tbe table on motion of Mr. Hopk'n*. It ap| ears that Mr. Dunlap waj nominated by et-Oov trnor heymuur as Conimiaaloner, bat the Senats did not aecm to think Tom's tree soilism and poftneds very es aentlal lecommendations, and rejected him. M.\ wait aey very naturally inq'iiies wbat right have tbo Com suitaioi.era to recognise the i ejected gentleman ai one of their body. Tbey may at well prepare an aanwerat once, a* the Inquiry will reacb them in a day or two. lieut. (iov. Raymond oji*ni his parlor.), at Coojrress Hall, on Monday eveniag. fhe election for Senator j off the next dn>, provided &c.. Ac. Tbe result of the caucus, supposed to elect Sevard, has thrown tbe gr>ggtrie* and rum holes into complete enhillratioa. The friends of that gentleman are already ?penly Oeclaring that there i>htli be no proh bitory law Rd during tbe session. Mr. Coleman teems parfect lighted to day. Let the temperance men take I auBotber look into the faces of tbe exuberant ^aders of the dominant party. f 11m Hew Jersey Prohibitory Liquor Law. TnKNro.*, Feb. 2, 1855. The majority of the Senate's committee to whom wa* referred the b U for the luppreiflaa o' Intemperance, yesterday momng reported it back to the Senate with ? aumber of aaaendmetta. The ameidmcnts relate priacifially to minor particular*, and do not afreet the really vital feature! of the bill. The section* which provide ihe fotm cf bonl to be given by the agent* appointed to *ell liquor*, are stricken out, and provision that all *uch bond* shall be in the uau?l form, without impoiiog extraordinary conliticns. The section which disqunliAes a person engaged in the unlawful traffic of iatcxicat ng 1 quor* from nerving a* a jurjr in any caae arising from this act, i* alio stricken out, a* are thtee parts of th? several sections which for instituting suit* agaiait olfenderj in the nune of the township, city, borough, or town where the offence ?ball have been committed, and those other clause* which direct that all forfeitures of fines for violations shall go to the treasury of the township, city, &c., in which they occur. The minority of the ci>mmitttee also reported, a bill providing for the holiliug of an elect on in November next, whereat the seme of tiie people shall be taken n reference to the law ol prohibition. They report no law, leaving that to be made by the next Legislature should tbe j**ple decide they want one. nomination of United States Senator for Wle conslti. Bcttalo, Feb. 2, 1895. Charles Durlee, Esq., was nominated, on We inenday, aa the republican candidate for United States Senator, by member* of that party in the legislature of W scon* n. ?takln| of a Miaul salppl Steamer? Probable Lou of Thirty Live*. Nkw Oxi.xaxs, ?Vb 1, 1855. The ittamer sunV a few days c n:e, in tlie Mis esaeippi, at Mum I'oint Bend, a little below Memphis. It 4a feared that abont thirty 1 ves were lest. Ocatinctlve Conflagration*. Kill* AT THE OAI.T HOCKS. LOU. 6 VI I.I. E. I, Feb 2, 1855. A ire broke out in the room of llias Makeab, the actress, last evening, at tfce Gait Ho jse, completely de etreying two rooms 1 ae damage by dre and water la estimated at tlx or eight thousand dollars. The ward robe of Mis* Makeah wan entirely consumed. nvrat'CTioN or tub court uousb at ikkkiiold, v. j. l'uiusnvM'niA, Fe i. 2, 18S5. The Cenrt flouse at Freehold, Hon south county, New Jsrsey, was burned do<ru tfcis morning. The surround lag buil* escaped aith slight Jamagn Accident to a Railroad Conductor, Wiimf Rjvm JmcnoK, Vt., Feb. 2, ls*5. Mr. Walcot, conductor on the Win'' "jr freight tran, as the V'rmont Central Ra lr< a.1, was seriously injurtd this afternoon, hi* head corning in contact with a wood pi1#, while hiking ont of the window of tbe aalxin car. It i? thought be will recover. Arrival of Ihe NaehvlUe at Ctiarleetoo. Ciiacik-toi, Keb I, 1855 The >te?m?h.p Nashville, from New Tork, I bare this afternoon. Mar beta. N*w UBLkAjm, Feb. 2, 185S. Obie flour is leiling at to l!V,S per i?bl. and n Loan ?tt? 70 t orn s t?? c a Me i>?r bushel. For nr>*-n purk $ia is aake.1 Ilscon sides are 6^c per I>. The lalss of e?.l!ee (or the ??ek have been 10 Mb I tag*, lite ?teek e?. hand is *7 l**) hags, fair is 8|{c to Jc , an t prnr.c, per lb Whiskey. 30 c. Tit ught exchao/e, Hthea 1 X i *r eent di coua' la asked Ciuausnm, Feb. 1, 184' . Ibe 'ales in aur cotton market foi the pa>t wee* a Id up 11,004 bales, at prices ra'King from 6c atf'.C., aa advance of per lu , on tue prices of the pre VH'M week. 'Ihe rcpts for tbe w?ek fcav* b?sn " ,MO ha'?? The stock, evdosiv of sri>pho*rd, is .?,750 bales Tie rirr marktt is un sitlej, sn < 'nvore ayera fai'S m?.l* at 4 '%c. a 4 per l?. fM leeetp'e ,or the w>?k amount to 4,25u tierces, rhe stoc. oo ban I >s fi.MHJ tlerc?s * Supreme ? uurl SfMclal Term. Hefor" H u J .!gf P.?bsa\*lt la 2? I'a>td (Xt<Un Murray t the -ira' m and tsibsjii-fi Hail 'Kid i\ mj-nny ? Jn 'gm-o' f.<r | If la roneeqeeaee of tl.e demurrer b*.i>g irtenl^us. A ?on a nsgnrrrnilyjKa, Urge 8lie, for >U sasti ? ei.u red, aod la nee <-aae, t>M '-tie > ro ever vakea for 50 rtsti. and eenal is Reality an-t s>m o sny Xkat ar? ma .<? < euere for U AN? ON'.'*, sW Broad way, opp"a<te uelr .|.oli *a iiotel. U rente, ."'0 tenia, t< and ? ? Oistaln the Uest isfiff:i''':P's the i.rt of picture makiog prodo c< by Machinery and l'ait?d dta'^s pstrr- ',<? it!* ca jMias at tte eit> ml ve depot of art, 3M> Broul if Albert 11. Hkolsy will hold n *|*<lal K, tioa sale ' f s'o. b an I b>ittus this dsy, at 12jj o'iel, the Keirhsnte' Fschange. frtr f nfj,cr paitiealar* ?ae bte ealkhfoe, ahich -aa be bad at Ot eflW, s0 4 ?naad street Clear Jfc* 4fMsk UJast out this msrilnf. ma for 4? fcn ue <rs depot* in the city ud by all the ??'"..etjojw, tbe Now York lleayune, containing % 8l?*\?iu? Hit at CUevaUer Wlkoff's "Courtship knit it* v,n??oucnceK" with tlio Amertuan heiress. Twenty-*!* ficfe end racj caricatures. Ladies prepare ! fent>mea tinware ! coquettes and fortune hunter*, where are yon't l"rice, ai usual, oal) three cent*. Newsboys, wake up. The newabeya will have tho I'icayuce on iaunuay morn ing. First edition, 40,000. Pu polar Trade.? K. H. UnitbcnUr, No? 347 Broadway, is Helling spring silks at 4a. and 6*., thatsoat aver "8G cents to import; gent'emen'* but kid gloves at 6a ; -rich ribbon* from la. tip, and shawl*, barrel, lawns and -delaines equally cheap. Llntnf?TJMM.-Ju<t Received from Aue ti*; q , a laige stock of table clnths, napkin*, doylies aod table damasks, which wa will olTer the morning a', great bargrins; also 10 of tine shirting linens, at 2 (d. ai d Hi. per jar !, slightly damaged by wa'er on tb<t voyage uf importation, and worth more by UHy per cent. K. 11. LEADBEATKR, 317 Hroadway, corner of iAonard atr?et. Grand Sale of Winter Clothing.? $100,000 worth of clothing, m&aufact jre.l l>y torn* of the leading bonnn in Broadway, for halo at lwlf pri e, at EVANS' clothing warehouse, 66 and bb Fulton street. Broken Banks? Present Value.? All city bank* taken at pa?; Government Stock, 76 centa; Wheat Growers', 96; Bridge too, 90; Washtenaw, 40, Lewi* County, 30; Indiana banks, SO; at EVANS' clothing war*, house, 60 and 68 Fulton street. " fkbaalopol not Taken yet."? Old Song. "Eebastcpot not taken yet." ten thouaand tongue* nave aaid; Sebaktopoi net taken yet, with twice ten thou.iaud dead. Btill the moaning and the groaning of the dying '* on the wind, Whilxt death alone cries Victory, over body without mind. There is mormur tn the camp, there >* wading in the hall, For the ?lat>gbter of the brave before Sebaatopol : Tbi* the only air of late our trumpeter baa blown, "Ths lion wtnt to battle, hot let t hia head at home." London Time*. Decidedly the best place in the city to get a cheap and fashionable ootttt of superior clothing i* at DhVilN A JEfc'tl)l"S, 33 and 36 Johc street, corner of Nassau. Genta' Fnrnlshlng Goods, comprising Shirt*, collara, cravat*, acarf*, gloves, hosiery, dressing role*, anil fancy good* of every variety. Shirt* made to order, and perfect lit warranted. At BOOTHBY'd, 3"U Broadway. Parla Boot*, Shoes and Gnllera-Jaat re vived from the celebiatcd manufacturers, of fForra, ruo Richelieu, 72, and Melies, Place de la Bourse, I'ari"; and all the celebrated makers. By EUGKNE FEKKIS, 6i Naetau street. How lightly falls the foot of time, 'I bat only tread i on flower*. Ladles, If you wish White Satin, Kid and 1 nen gaiter I oots and clippers for balbi, part e*, wed dl?gs, {;?? . also ladies, m MM, boy*, and children's boots and shoe*, of all the various styles, pationtie J. 3. 111 LI .Kit U CO., 134 Canal street. Gnyler's Reliance Salamander Safe*? Only depot -U. I'e.irl opposite Fletcher street. No Rife more reliable against fire and burglars '.ban OAYLEK'S. Hun dreoa bave proved practically use'ul to merchants, jew elers, -He. tfeOance Salamander Safes? Robert M. Patr <MiK is tbe sole manufacturer in the United btatas of &? above ceiebrsted safes, and F. C. Collin* impe.uo itahM defUnce lock* and cms bars. Depot No. 199 '-?Ml streerr, cae door below Maiden Ion*. Wedding Cards.? An Assortment ol Ever* dell'a elegantly engraved wedding cards, envelopes, bo , can be bad on application, or sent by post to any part of tbe country, i.stablistiej 1840. JAMES Ev'EKDKLL, JU2 Broadway, correr of Duare at. Teaa.? The heat Assortment ?f line Tens will be ound at the Canton lea Company's newly erect ed and elegant store, 126 Chatham street, between I'earl and Rocrevelt the oldest tea establishment in the jity . We assure our readers they can do better here than (Uewbere, either at wholesale or retail. Fifteen Dollars Only for n Country Resl (' Valuable buildlrg lot* aod farms will lie divided snog <00 subscribers on the 6th of February, IH55. Kerb subscriber, f<r only 115; will receive a warran'ee ceed for four Lite. 25 by 10* le?t, or a farm, from tw ? to twenty acres. A few shares lef\ Apply immediately, to CHAP. WOOD, 20f< Brcadway, where maps aid pam phlets can be lad gra'is. Easeiicea of Cider Rrnndy, Selgnette, Hen aesey. pesrh and otard bratdie*, Jamaica and 8t. Cron rum, Schiniam seheappa. ann'aettfl, abaynth and cura cao. tbe most favori e brand of oil of cognac; oils of bitter almonds, juniper, pimento, atarranuis, absynth, ?aiaway, pepp^rmiut, Ac.: p^atina, bismuth, mangauese, cadmium, nickel, bromine, iodine, cyamde, potanaium, oisul'ed mercury, byposulpbide soda, Thorna'a astraci eopaiva. fjmigstin* piatiles, carmine rouge, Ac. i'ir safe by Dr. L. FICCHTWANGEB, 141 Maiden lane. Hyatt's Life Bnlaitm.? HhenraatUm In lu nr.' ? 1 1 i. Tul Irro*.*, alio scrofula. old ulrcr?, and the *r rpt caiea o' iliieace of t h<* Mood, great debility. lirar complaint, kidney, incipient consumption, Ate., arc moat certain Jjr cured by tb!* yrcat purifier. I'rloc pal depot 240 I. raid ttreet. 75 catta per bottle. Cllrthugli'l Improved (iooaamer Wlgi, touptei an<i latlie?' bead dreasea. ? dpcciinana of every <iuelity, die and color, may be aeeu at bia factory, M'J pulton Atree', w?at tide. Broadway, oppaaite .St. I'aila Cbarcb. Biandrdh'i Pllla? Hold In the Year IN.?? of tli??e pill* one mill on eeven hundred and ttf'.y thou Mill boxen, and tbeir aale In a* ill on '.be increaao. 1 aak If tb in m to be wondered at, when thejr per.'iirm ?u -'i worka aa thoie a'a'.ed below 0. UK A VHKI-TII. New Yohk, Feb. 2, 18S4. Pr I) Brarmutii ? From '.h* great nee of tobacco I becarai ?o debilitated about eight yearaago that my phyaiciana coudered it ImpoaaRile for me o recover. 1 wa* worn diwn to a'tio and lone*. wa? alllicted with chronic dypepaia. and eve ry thUg T at* diaaijreeU with toe. 1 bad con ittut p.iln In my chut my bowela were co?t1re, and arldom moveJ without recourse to medicine which dehilit it?d me m and mora. In th e condition 1 >ai reromtc n.ted to u?e your 've*?table universal pilla " I did ?o and gradual ly became reatored to excellent htal'h through their uae. They mildly, yet energetically purged, and after earn portion I aetmrd to be endowed with nee life. My or - fna) robuat health wan ?oon rea'ored, an l I thank (?ol am now a vigorcmi man of fi'ty ait. B it for your pUll I veilly belltie I ?iiould be now in my g-ave, I it all be | letted to ae? any one a', my itore, acd w.ll atate further particular*. I am. vary r? apectfaily , your obedient servant, JOSEPH KERR, No 81 't Broadway, atove El?vei.tb atre-t, of at '.La Irvicg Hcuhe, Nrw York (?real Novoua Remedy ? Cure for 1*11? Dr. Wll LIAMM' nervou* piila, >ol<l only at hie depo', u't I ulten itreet. Brooklyn. 11 per box. Piano*.? (-r< at Induction In Price* -Tne large at aaaortment Id tha Ini'ed 9ta>a, couipriicng tboaa of ten dlll?rent mauofartorlea. Super. or toned fc>, octave planna U r 817S. He ond bar I pianoa at great bargain*; pr ce from 840 lo 4160. Melodeoua from Bv* diUereat manufactories HORACE WATERH, 333 Broadway. | llulieway'i Ptllr? The I.lver, the ^tniuarh, tte kidney* ? Thia celebrated me.l cine ii .o combioe-l aa to act i m mediately npoa tha great organ* of life, uot merely aa a cathartic, purging and weakeninc tha aya tern, and In the end rteatroyirg Ufa, but tbia grand r?iredy givea tene. en*rry and vigor to tha whole or ganic 'yatem. Sold at 'be mtnutac'or.e* 80 MaMen Tare, N*w York. and 244 Strand, l-oxdon, aud by all dreggiata at 2te , 62c and II par box. .WO Agrnta Wanted In Every City In the I'n.ted Mate* and Canada, to Mil tae Iari?aat, hand ion eat, atd mo?t eorre- 1 view* of . ebaat'ipo) aud Cion ?:a?l:. of ea<b view, $1. Agente. by remitting j 81, will reee ve < ne cot y i f tarb pr nt aa tamplaa. ? M. hlliA' C, il'3 liioadaay, i uuliaber. balm of Thunaand Flowera.? 1'hla womler <ul |repara*ion aradi -at*? every blen ah of the ak n i* II e moat del ciuua, Iragrant and ceal'.hful wa b aver placed <n the to let. Ketridge * ?'? , iloaton C. II KI>?U ll>2 Troadway I rice to c?nt'. Ruahtoii'e Cwd I.lver Oil.? Tlila article, an g'ttrally prw?cri>ad l>y t hyinat" at ihta aeaa .no' tlia >ear f< r cona'in ptloa roagt t. eoldi Jke , to lie Itnurel 1 gmuloe, mint liava tha gnatnre of F V (tl -?II T* *M . fold by him, wl-oleeale and retail, at Ma drug ?tira. So It' Aator Raoie, <orn.-rof Ba* lay atr'et. sad 117 ilreid way timer af anal ftraat, Brandreth Building t oDkhl, t "Ida. Iloaraeneaa. Hathnaa, H ire tl.r< at aed all lung airartmna, are ?p> ?<l ly reli* ved and cure.' by urlnglr. Ho ? ? '? oat hra(e.| -.,irh -an-ly. ( b.ldn n wboare ( re-oi?|io?aij t'i 'roup are ei'aet tally r-- 1 lit ved In a very ?bart time It I* pi a. ant to ? at. rtold ev?ry*b*r?, defOt 3?U Broadway. Public Notice.? The late firm nf Raaht-vn, UarkkCo b" log lve.1, by the 'eat*! o' ICr. " nV.oi Ike only p?rion of Uie name of Kuautun ever o-,n rt< l with the firm, the b it n??a w'll te eon'ln.ted br IHilr.'. MAN, Ci AKK k CO.. auiv.ving parmera and ? >u K. a, Kf, and ill Bioadway, a'f 'O nor t.oo wl'b Hie r'o ? 10 /(torHoui- belugd'tcontlnuad. Tbegaaiiin*r ,l ; hv?r itil will b? pri i+T' I oulv i>y ^a a< liereto'ore. Oir Ur Clark weat to Sew .ndland to aiper nten.l l a ' n.ieafa-t- re and .? the druggiat who hai be?n tine to make the oil and aa ho w II toutlcue bla avper- , of tbat branch of oar bndo' aa, w? can warrant our ? I pure aad itlgiia, nd aa tuaccaa depenla up o I : a p.Mtv, be particular to i>e tbat '.ha na'C* Ifa^einan, CI* i a k Co. a ovar lie coik of each bo'tl*. aa v.iitowt it It l.i a?>t genuine. The bii< o*<* wnl h< nda ted tlis ?ama aa ben tofore, aa Mr. Plegtinan, altiioagh h a name laa i.i t b'en prerain*nt in the f, ; m baa ? n in tlaeea taliiialnieat twenty at a learr, ant a n nl<er of the irm i var twelve y?ara, and ba' tne pr a. ., *1 aup^rl <un >f tba* and ao exertion will ba <p?r~l to ae-ure the aatiafectluii and Intereet a( oar A.ft'ia raeipaa ef W. L P.uahtain, P an i n It A<>t ? all. Raaht n * < o . and'oa, Clark * Ca are Ir. ir p<> , ,, i ? I ba prepared aader Mr. Heg*m*i tpai the aaaM ae tit tierdy year* Met, aad 'J? "iniae taaa BitJ ijuaii'y giaa/anUed by UwUlMaN, CLAMk * CO | 4DTE1TMMENT8 RENEWED ETEEY BAT BALKS AT AUCTION. Albert h. nicola y, auctioneer ?positive s?1* of thiity -two valuatde lota on Nint'l avenue, 1061b and 107 th streets. ? Albert II. Nicola y will sell at auction, on Wed?e*day, Feb. 7,18'5, at l'i o':lo-.k, at the Merchant*' Exchange, N. Y , thirty two v*l>i?Me lot*, an follow*:? eight si'mited on the west *id? of Ninth ?vfouo, comprising the b'ock between lOflth and 107th street*; t.wtlru on the north Hi !e of lUrtth street, commencing 100 feet west from Ninth avenue, ala>> twelve on the Houth side of 197th street, commencing the name distance went of Ninth avcuue, all in the viet ni'y of tho new Centra) prtrk, where ex'ensivs improve ment* are in contemplation. This Hale o'ters unusual Inducement! for invcitmeut of capital, and it worthy tho attention of parties that are ife?iroa-< of obtaining a handsome profit on the'r purchases. Terms easy and title perfect. N. B. ? In paymtnt will be receive] caooks on the Knickerbocker BaiiU, fordeposit*. or on the Knick erbocker Savings Hank. Fit further particular*, apply to lLBEBT U. NICOLAY, Aacti>n?*r, No. 4 Broad street, N. Y. A UCTION NOTICE.? 11. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER.? A. Mortgage -ulc of excellent household furniture, flic., Tbi* day, February 3, at 10 M o'clock, at M .Sixth , avenue, constating of eleg<nt three ply, nn 1 ingrain | carpet*, marble top centri', aide and pier tables, maho gany cbaira an-l rocker*, sofas, sofa bed-toads lounges, . secret', ry ksnd boakcaae, rout 1100; rosewood an! maho gany Krtnch bedsteads, cottage ilo.. hair m*Ure**ei, {ikliantea, feather bed*, bolster* and plilowi, mirMo top ?uieani, n do , extenaion and mahogany dining ta ble*, piernuid oval minor*, oil paint'nge and engraving*, clocks, kltehen and common lurnlture, stove*, Ac ; the whole to be fold without reaerve, by order of JNO. AN DREWS, Ka<( , attorney for mortgagee. 4 L'CTION NOTICE ? THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.? BY J\. I H.I. Ac HI -II. ? Thi* day at 11 o'clock, at the salesroom, Ne. 27 Centre street, will be closed without reserve, by order ol tho assignees, the balance stock of the choicest wines, liquors, brandies from the I.oodon Dock, Scotch and Irish whiskey, pure Holland gin, old Jamaica rum, tic., in lot* to suit families, or for me dicine; every article warranted. They are in bottles, cases, jug*, dem>jobns, &c. No complaint from former purchasers. Also a lot of furniture, counting house desk*, fancy goods, he. Also beautiful table cutlery, table ware, Aic. Auction sale.? sami ei, osgood, auctioneer, will sell, at his store, CA Nusiu street, this morn ing, a choice assortment of rich Tars and sleigh robes ? tbo furs conilst of the be*t olTerea at auction thi* sea son. Hose in want of good furs for their own us* and al*o the trade would do well to attend this sale, as the manufacturer 1* leaving the country, and all must be sold. Assignees saie? mortgagees sale ? notice is hereby given that by order of the assignees of Mes^r*. Kipp ? Brown, ami also under ami by virtue of a chattel mortgage executed by said Kipp A Brown, the valuable line of stages known as the "Chelsea l ine,'* formerly belonging to said Kipp U Bro ?n, together with the horse*, ileighs, carts, harness and all tho property sod appurtenances belonging to or connected s i It said line, will be sold at public auction, at the stablt* in Twenty-sixth street between Ninth and Tenth rvenuee, on Friday, tho 0th day of February Instant, at 11 o'clock A.M. Sale positive; term* cash. BY JOSEPH HEG F.MAN, AUCTIONEER. ? MONDAY, February 5, at 1 o'clcck P.M., at No ? Vanderbuilt street, between Myrtle and Park avenue*, a smalt quantity of elegant rosewood ami mahrgany parlor and chamber furniture, comprising couch, armchair, and liz chair* richly carved in crimson satin brocatelle, two rmewood etegi-res, rosewood beds tea], enclosed wash atsnd, commode, cottage caned chairs, office chair, small mahogany secretary and bookcase, two pier glasses, rich royal Wilton carpets, rug*, oil cloths, rosewood hat atan 1. Brussels stair carpet, silver plated slair rodi, rich painted chiia vases, silver plated coffee urn, cantor, crockery, lie. Also an excellent rosewood Fntch cot tage piano and stool, oil paintings and engravings; a Mot'?' patent kitchen range and kitchen lurn lure. The while of the very best manufacture an I In excellent or der. Tuesday, Feb. ?, at 12 o'clc'k M , at the central ?alesroom*. coiner of Willoughby and i'earl atrce's, 98 United State* musket*, altered from fliu'. to percussion lock*; 18 do. damaged, C 6c. tlmt lo.aa, damage J, from the Lnitcd State* rn irlne barrack* Term* ? ca*b before deJ'vcrj BY F. COUPON, AUCTIONEER ? MORTGAGE 8 ALE j of new and xcondhind fiiTciture, oil elo'hi, U-ls, mattresses, mirror*, he ? F. I'oltin will sell th's day, Saturday, Feb. at 10,'? o'clock, at the auction rooms, f 9 lleekman street, a very large aud extensive tssurtinnut of new and secondhand furniture, comprising in part of mahogany and rosewood sofas, tete a-tete, French bed- | steads, marble top, centre aid card tables, bookcases, mahogany chair*, dining and extension table*, French plate, mirrors, beds and mattresses, carpet* and oil { cloths, cottage furniture Ac. Also, all the furnit ire ol a large boarding house, by virtue of a mortgs^e Also, a lot of porter house furniture, counter*, bittles,scre*ua, and other furniture. Al-n six dozen cottage bedsteads, su. table for the trade. Sale will be peremptory, w'thout regird ta weather. Ds Horen, auctioneer assignee's sale . Tlil? (Saturday) mo-.-inn, at 10U o'ct**, the ccbUb'a of the large fouratory Loow 7H Wiirrcn itreet, ocieting of tbe following articloa, viz:? IklCUl at ? tarpet, q lclotbi, ttiihoganjr ??'.?n-l jn tva ao.l dining tail**, mufcogany and cottage chair*. aofax, m'r ror?. dork, oil painting, china dinner and tea lit*, cut glar aware, silver ware, irory c itlery, Ac. K*rlor? ? Rich ly furred ro*ewocd auit* in brocade, arm and reception , c> air* to match, centre ai<le and *of? t*M<? mpcrior rosewood et?gere, with plateglaa* ' an I tack, very j romly roivwood pianoforle of *pl-udid tone atd flnit n , (umouJ bookcase. ei.p>-rbly .-nrved, Udiaa' roaoeood ' ea rtt? ire, with plate gla** doora, auperb tapestry car I ? t - a otal u.i ? ;? la^e -. a I w curtalua, 18 ckosoa oil (.ain'.injra in rich frame*, Krtnch engraving", rich rLica varee. blague and Parian fl/ur*a, twenty one >! ay orn.olu c.'0(-k, clrltitt ipiltooci, Ac. , Ao Drawing room ? Mahogany iuit In crlm-tn pls<b, oral mirror, lace cur tain* anil rich*, rich paintm^*, m.intal clock, t'ncle lom Cabin vam-a, elegant roxowood belataada, bu reau, waatrntand, en auite. gilt toilet aet. Alio, the choice furniture of acres bedrooaii, comprising roae wood, mahogany and blackwalnut. ' beda and tolling, bair mattreaiea, Ac. Sale pomtive. IjUGFNEB. FRANKUN, AUCTIONEER? BY FRANK 'j UN A MUM., office 81 KaMtu atreat -F. A N. | *?.ul<: most if ipe< '.fully announce to tfteir frleoda and t lie public that they w ill give tbeir prompt atten.lan-e to. ??Ill if loua-hi lil furniture, merchan.lioe, Ac., at private rea.dencei ui.d itorta. ]M)W SCUF.NCK, AUCTIONEER.? EDWARD 8CHENCK j will aell at auction on Saturday, Feb. 3, at 11 o'clock, a*. tbe ealearooinx 11 Wall ilreet, a private gal lery of oil pain;in|i, btlng the b&l auce of the gallery of a gmtleman recently deceaied. Including many Hoe 1 iMdacapea, marine, in'eiior, putoral, A- , tic , by the moKt diattnguiabi-d art lata of the Duaai IdorfT, Italiia, 1 r> neb, Pelg an. F-'nglmb aad American fchoobi. To be ?oid peremptorily, for ca*b. H0UMC8 FOR SAUC AT AUCTION, HY A fl NlCb IAY, at the Merchac a' kvoang*. on Widneaday, 7tl? Inat. at 12 a'ciock. ? Kiftt claaa, all the modern i? provi moot*, four atoriea;.eb baieineut brown ?tooe front built by day 'a work, juat completed. 2 i Ninth meet, between Fifth abd Sixth atrm.u. >!?. No. eitra tn.?b, 78 frel 4 inche* wide, ?t uui" pU.e and hour. Terma ma.le known at tne ?<tle EJiltY T. LEEU, AUCTIONEER.? ai'K'.'I A I. HAI.K ol lich manufactured fu:a, at 10 ti o';li'k th ? 1 day, at the itir* corn*r of Hroalway an<l Walki-r atreet, <obi>Uting of atone n.arten, eab'.e. roya' exii. ne, cb n chilla, I ondon luatrr*d lyni, and other tin* for*. A No at o'cio:k con innat.on of aale, ?beo ?!ei?M. rove and neveral aplendid cap^e will be loll. JBOT.ART, AUCTIONEER? BY 8. IIO'iAUT, JA!1H t rooina corner < f Fraakfort ami Will. air. atnata? , I'eia; nal attention will be given to the aa!n of br>u<obold furniture, at tbe reaiden-ta of familiei brraeing up i houteLeepiag, and t<> out dior aale* icenerally aad at tbe aalerroon.i, of furniture dry guooa, gr >ceriaa, Ae. ? (i'oO'Ii etoied. iniure l and a ivance* uua'.r when lint regular aale at the ?ala*r<x.mi, on Vfelnxlay, 7th February, ioit. J ob* w. mmemtmuL icotrm cat? mor i tage .and "ale of l?ger b*er brew?ry, liaturen, bortee Ac , tbi* day, iu Fif'y Uiiid alr"t, le tw<en f ighth avenue and Hroadwaj. IlO ' lo k, on- ' ?i'tibg ot cop^r bo ler, r?n! irig vat* b< er li' ^"Iiea l<, bireli, keja, Ac. aluo, all th* lead p'pe, al ?> ten, 1 ' all* y anl ipfaratia, two buy h-rriea b?i r wifti >nd rlelgb. iImi nomeh<dd and barn om firm! j re a'ovex, do , alao beer in kiyi malt, Ac. Qltf. F WAT W, Ion. table aud Atty for Mort igr.*. IMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, Wlti, f*KI I. TIIH * day, at 10 o'clock, at 123 (.'Latham itree:, a f.-od aieirtment of furniture rroir par'iea removing ai-o fnm tber be<le, eirpeta, Ac AI*o, fn m icaci'a .tnrer', a l?rge aaeortmtrt of furniture anl other Koodi. Sale poeibvn, ? thout regard to the weather. IARCE HAI.EOF FINF WAN HE-t AND RH'H JKWI I, J ry? A M. I HtTAUJI, aue'.i Tie* r Ti Rowery, w U ?ell i n Money, tth Inatant, at ink o clock, tie- * i<l , pint earrioga, neekla-ta guard an : fob chain ??1 1 aud ? Iver wMekM, ind "ne ? leer keye>| Bute, g >n- an.'. pU- , toI?, Ac t A-. Alio c|o. ki, ec'jiitere, gai Bit,<ree tt* t being tl e atoek o' a watchaaker. r~kmi' Mc npMte? rtn* aUNM mmm, i , ?c _ Thur-'tay, lr 'l?y and hatudM Febr i*ry I, 2 and a at loij, o'clo k earb day. at 441 hr.i* way, nor a?r of Walker. K C. Kemp wiii eeil a* above Ibcba'aa a cf ?'o k of fure, U> eloae ti e wncern. (on- ?' *ig of a. I tfre ua-ial ririwty of flrat claae fare. CaJ ai<ifiiaM, and buy If you pleaae. tr in wT" w kk t ( < , i r , aCc noVi.iJt -iioc ft ??le of ruperb furniture on lion lay mo n n a'. 1"> o'clock, at i. I ghtb .??n ,? a>i donra turn lour teer th -K W. fKWXjn *IU e?l| by c?U " i*?, aeabove, tb? eo'ua ).at? '?ome furn ' ira coti 'ainod n the hoij e. Hale peremptory, without tiger I to w-a er. : Ail <a fir.e oider, and c uaiata in tirtof r-"w< {and nabc/any tote a te e*, on* aiagmT eut roaew^od ? gere, >rericb plata rtanrn len rptaodil Ji'er flaaen.1" H. with alab? ,.n<J iia ?ete, r ?? w >od parlor furni" -r ? a brocade am' ka r clotb, en i .i'*, armrbairain ?elv?- a-wl buirrloth rearvied Mtbli top "en .re an. aofa '.???, I divaae, ottoman i, ??rre'.ary* b' <.k a??, tag.' //, ' royal Wil'on and <><her enr^*te, laee eiirto ?a aod*lt*d>e, , wltet ruga, api??o I maul vaoew aal oroi'iiewtn. "t ?M'iu clock', atlver war*. ra| ? a t og-, tjf-f, t b caatod, cake baaketi. I:mM, .'ork ?, tar 1 re ? ? ? a K Ac o a rnnMr o' boao'l'tl pair' ug? in oval fitnN roe<w<?<i a> '1 h' i aay i<o atead* mart e ','v Itoee o^ bt.reaoe, er. kr><?d wail^tand*. ?k>fai.t k're .. J < on U ilit eel*, tuper or kair rr attr- ?.?i. 'eat>ir ha'i, >>ai n.nror*, a> r*e igrlig Mt rttira, lrii(e>, rr,l <|? at> I d.o hk r*<>wi chair* ei'er.eioa daiieg and tea lakiai, am loth, ctrtaloao warw, rkh etuea lew acta. e<-ry utery ' ? k,ry. Jr., eoabfa'Uag a ipkadid va ruty of eeery Ultra r. te f. .ind n a bilnVnvii fureeb'd I. ? Catalogoao eoa bo okteaoed at Mo. ? Cboaubete lALKf AT Al tTtOW. Bich and ii.ain FUIUOTUUK Oil painting*, , extension dibit* t.- b Itui o 'of w 0. Ilurdt ? IL'MH MORKKI.I., ft 'i ? t . ... ?r ? T?i.,. lay, Satui.'.ay at 10W o'clock, at tb? cuutlt u rooui 3' 4 B -oadw.i , < urm r of Duaoi itrr?l, ivil hout any limitation, ivi.i i.d oil by auction * lary.e ?to?!t of f rat rat* furniture, comi.H ing of roeewood. mahogany, t>ak, &c , fur pailui.i, dtnleg rouBi?, lull*, litmrien. 4m. Tim lUkti IMIlUliiCI M| be placid in the quality of tlie furniture; ivory article la warranted. A'. .1 1* M. * ill be nold, it the ?au>u place, a Urge stock of r.i, of uuuun brauda? aoiue aupe llor. Sliipptr* will find facilite* iVr boautf. SilKKIH'' HALF.-SY VIKTI OK A CERTAIN writ of execution to we directed and delivered, I wi'l < expoae to lulu at public venduu on Saturday, ILi* 71 l.iv of February, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at No 112 I Seventh avenue, roruer of Thirtieth atriM;'., 1 quantity of liquor*, he. caaka, hot I lei, counter, IWturei of a'.ure, ? kc , ic. , an.l a*. 11 o'clock A. M , aaiuo ilty, at 410 Kignth avenue, corner of Thtrty-aecond atreet, * quan- | tity of Uqucr:<, Ac., carta, bottle*, counter. (Inure* of , more, Ac , Ac. JOHN OiVKil, Sberiir. Fkkii'k L Voitk Deputy Sheriff, Dated New York, Jan. 27, 28)6. SurmrF saik-by viiituk of a writ ok job* cutlon to ue directed and delivered, I to *ale at pubiio vendue, <>? Saturday, the 3d day of F*b , at 12 o'clock, at noun, at 447 ilowcry an 1 28d Broome atreet, 18 wide power loom<, abafting, twlting, reed* and fliturea; oue Ur^? cylinder, beaming and Iwiallng louctilue, 17 dor hat frame*, clove 1, bo ler> and future*. 20, 000 yar.'e cotton cloth, lo,0')0 yard* do., 30, 000 do. <10., 200 piece* buckram, 2,000 yard* laee, 4,000 yard* thick Wilton lace, 40*> doa. b> nne'. frame**, !>no lba copper wire, 20 piece* oil h>lk, a lut of manufacture 1 good*, counter*, dock*, atove* and *tean> apparttui fur making bonnet frame*, Ac. JOHN UIHKH, Sherid. H. CaVNMJi, l eputy ,-herllf Dated New York, Jan. 2tf, 1 H&5. II7H. WITTER*, AUCTIONEER, WIM. 8EU, THIS VV day, at lOfc o'clock, at 187 Canal ?tr**t, all the genteel pai lor, chamber and kitchen furniture, conaiat lng of lofaa, rocking and other chair*, French plate pier gla?e?, llruaeela and other 'arpe'.*, oilcloth, hookcaaen, marbUtop table*, externum tablea, mnhogany ami other beditead*, bair and other mUtrearf.-*, feather bed*, blanket*, Ac., marhle'.op dreiaing bureau*, waah ?tand*, wardrobe*, cooking atovea, crockery, gla** and {.'.a ted ware. 1KW PVBUUATlOlk. A RICH FOUR CENTS WORTH OF READING MAT ter. ? For particular* ??? the NEW YOltK DISPATCH For February 4. It will contain nearly til ty column* of ch'.ice original rtad'ng matter, on every variety of auhjecta. For *ale by all uew*vend?ra and uewahoy*. Otllre, No. 22 Week man itreet. IPKC1AL WOlltiCt. CAUTION ? WHKRKA4, A CERTAIN PKRSON, A HSU ining my name, baa been obtaining money on my presumed reaponaibillly, thi* i* to give notice that I will not be anawerable tor any debt* contracted by auoD party. JOHN 11. lIUUliKH-', No. 8 City Hall place. 10. O. F.? THE R. W. 'iKAND ENCAVCI'UfcNT OF s b'outbtrn New York will hold the terni anoual *e* ?ion in it* r< om, O. F. Hall, coiner Orand atreeS, on Mun day evening, Feb. btb, at 7 o' slock P. M. By order, JOHN J HAVIM, O. Si-nbe. * "? f Af-8 MEETINO OK TIIF. WOKKINiiMEN WH.L TARK Jl| place tbl* even n<r, at Uecl.anic*' Hall, No lbil | heater (treat, a'. S o'clock, by order of tbo Hope Chapel au<l Conference Commit!***. K. AR11IUR HAlI.KY. Ch Hope Chapel C<icn BijiJiiiis Pair* and a*t? hi run, Se. 'a. IHA II. DAVIS Cb. Conference UimuiitUc. J. 11. 11k>ry and C. L. IticuTKK Hec'i. Notice? the coijjxtor of tiik town of rw*. ham will meet at the North A?ericaa Hotel, bowery, corner of Itayard "tree', to r?;eiv? ta*< * of nnre*. (lent owner* of lot* at Peluamville and Proepeet Hill, in raid town, on the 7d >nil Uth of February, in tt.o city of New York, from 9 o'clock A. W. to :j P. M. BENJ F. HOHTON, CoUentor. ?VTOTB* IS HEKKIIY OIVEN THAT THKHF. Wll.l. HH Xl a apecial meeting of the atockh J.der* of the A w>ri ran ana Ft reign Iron Pavement Company, at ?helr oTi?-e, ItO Hrca'*wiy, New York, on the l&th iiay of Febr lary ueit, at 12 M? for the election of levii tru*:ee*. New York, Jan. 24, lt<}9 1. H 8AOE, Sec'y. ?^TEW YORE AND IJVE8P00L INI 1 ID HIAT'H 1^1 M* 1 b'leamahip Company .'.li Wull *tre?t ?Ne<v Yi>rk, F?b. let, 18*6. Notice ? Tlie annual election for l irecUr* of thi* Company will be hel-J at ttna ullii ??, ou Thuraday, lit March rait. l??-tw?en ihe hour* of l'i SI. and 3 P. M. WM. I . YOt'LE, Secretary. V OU^F? 1IIK I NITE1) STttNF.-l.'m.lH AhKli! KKHY notiOed to meet in Milleman * Hall, ooroer of Tw?nty.?l*lh atreet and Seventh atenue, on TueaiUy, the Ctb loat , it 8 o clock 1'. M., lor the pur;-oee of dlvia ti'g fuhda. l'v order of the Pre-idect J'tHV SYHMKKS, Secretiry. B OUOC TO BACKUEN.-YOO AUK RF/J'-eiTEIJ to at'fnd h in < tinif at 22 WMtc *tra#?., tbi? ?Y?n!t>g, at 6 o'eket, cn bufin<-M of in AMMAN V gtJClKTY, OR COLUMBIAN ORDFK. - Hrolbrri? A r?Rular inmtl?K ?f the Institution will It h?l?l Id lbs council cliambtt of t, ic <. Wij*am on Momlty ?v?n nf, th? !>fi lDtt., at bull ao hnur ?ll?r th? ?? t.' nn < f tbf auo. 'hnrrul ami punctnl atttad air# Ik rcqatated. I'jr oi<!?r. HJJAll >'. I'l'KliY, t'aaLattan Ptajnn f f !-'n<>w?, 8t(?4 Moon. Year of Il'ncifirtj .'!82, uf ln<?ep>n>ltt:c? 7Vtb, a n ! if th? Icatltu tion the fftb Brrrwi* C Innrr.*, Strrtury. <fr.wi<l Sii herr HAH1) TIllKi. SIXTH WAP.Ii PUP ASSOCIATION ? TRBASOBM J report ? Tbe Trraaufr a. krinwle ^fi tb* ic-aiptof tli* following d< natluoa lion li ? U> '. report ? Jan ??? Pbaioo, L*< i , IrtkHur of hall fur tba reliaf of tli* |<wir tiuo Oir.iu ?iiiwr? of kraig:a'.ion 50 lly mail fromOwago & Samufl *VmeolIy 6 l'err?! u? Driiroll 10 _ Total...... . . ... M70 From Mr. Vonglnbn, un? Kundla rloth?. Irons Mr. Hbarman, Kior -nr* Hot**, 40 Ioktc i bread. Fiom Judg* I "girt, 30 pounda tn??t. Kr< m J?in> ? lanptoll, 104 Bayard ?ti?? t, lO} lu??e? tread. Kick (lark, 10 IoaT*? bread I'onit ' n? io mnctf, clotb ug, ko , will l>? r*C?T?d al tl.a atniebouna, 44 and 4<! Ihiubr itmt, or ly :b'i !>??? turer. kg Un ?tri?t, wl.leb will bo du'.jr a<-knnwl< !{?<] OWEN W liKI.N'N/.N, Tr-a-ur-r PKEMI.1AJU ^tHAhl EH HAH MCrtRKKD KKOU BOrilON. T | F.M'.Y STMNH AIX>KK WIHID.H lllri HIOTHEK. J I Auru?t i-t?iiilih) u??r, lo tbn (im ?( F'jiDn (?ui 1/ cro:u>klaDc??, ?? quick an (.o?nib> to ?pea?. IHKfOMIATION WASTED? RE- ftC/TINO WIII.IAVf Mmldoi, a native of IiTTpol, Eogund. a beat forty traraofage, and ?t.nd* about C.efeet At* ncba? bigb La* black hair, full ble^k wbiakern au'l r?th?*r dark ei in plcilon. H me tbrae year* a go h<? w irkel ai a laborer ?t tie Notalty Work* >o thla city, and la aupp t~t to ha*e t"nf *'?t. Any !nforn.atl"n r??p?cti3g tb* abora perton will Lo frat' fully rtMirnl by bafamly, ar.t la ccrnmun'r-aU'! to Jobo Trippatt k Urotfcer, 42 William ittHt Saw Yoik. IMOHMAllOS WANTED? OE OANDX .?'IlLKII AN A 'ill I'atnrk Whit*, of M?rn l*?e, '.ujiitjr harry, Ireland, w?r? m Hilhborougli, Highland county, "/*;??, lai An gu?t, ?u?l la?t board from >u I'aru, Illinui*. Any Infor mation will to kindly raceteed by Dana ? Hbeaban, e?re Timothy I'TMiibm '^*4 Wat?r atrcat. INFORMATION WANTED ? OK DATUM* FUN* Y, of '.ha par. >b of I'ally McWard. e.uo'y <<?I%?T, If* land, who arr'Tal hara In Marr-li, l*W. Wh?n ^(tli'ard fr?m ?*? In tba Hta'? of Obi n. Any ln'> raiitiou m? ruling! m wll b* tlian? fully ty bl? bri'U'f, 1 bcuai f?n#?, at 10?> ALtbony ftrat', Naw York IF iANE D N, *H(l W Af i FOR A -ItoKT ilMK at Mr?. yniil'nan ?, No. 1 John uraat, L> ndoc, w.ll aU<1(a?a a latter lo Tan.pla 'ana, tbi? ufTca, iba will b?ai of 10n.fJ.in4 L,: a<l>autag< . 11 I HI QIK t l.f.M AN WHO 'AMID X1. for iaformat.on an I bad ao*4 >a d{ *? mil h ? frtjn J?r??y, will call on A-laii ?? ?o <11 a? ((>??. b> ba Will b?ar of ?na?t).is( to Ilia a !>??'. af* MK 1I10MAK BXNUEKftlN, flF WfUUMfVI w;. w 11 will pla?ie caU 00, or wrtta la t.a rlatar, I hi <!*on J- II Fei 'O.'.a, ? ? i- r ? t; ?, r* atitly wiata of a ?L.? ml af Ibia port ?a<: ?wp pc?r<i to b? Mm ItDuayit 1 a, can baa; ? .u?"*.k r<| lb?j ?t.??fctag?, by apply iaf Vo J AMU w7ThILL;J-H US' *tk ?raat St 1* E ? k'lMif.i:* ?hKnMtic ? ouiivob*int i in ?oant /,!<<?.? I da In Ibaul da F' n<l ? a or a i' at t a-, >?<? d apnplasla, aon eortM a H* trawpMt. * la f'ba .? <lia Fond*, ?ki il a labuna- a??- toa? ?? boa nt it 1 in>i.Uii*(, at aalti d .0 rottrg* 4'an ?.?.*? ? |?.raonn*t. KKMianti somite. 1UY M f. Ill TTON, l> U WILL OEUVi.H TIIC .IV ? ?b'h dlno iraa c?f< rw tba Va .if If i-W * A ? ? f.ioo of lb* Rafofmr.l Let'lk (hufti, T w-a4f (Irat >tra?f t?a 1 With amw, (H?w A K. Vao Naa , fa t r ) n (b'atb ??r?la? na?t lab 4. at 7,0 . ? All young I*' -yla art ln??ta-l lo b? praa?nt. i>?.U !r? i ? ;.v R. f* ,p 0 , or mooKi.r^, *? ? 1\ Oalitar tba a*. ?Wa Ik d?? -nfta b?f<?r? 1f aY?*iaf Mm ? A. n>- *'m>b of tba -outli Ditch fb?r*b Fifto a? f"?f of Twn'y frat itra?t, en nait ?*b ?atb aiibiar 41b iiai., ai 7 ?'rlo'k. ST f-Tri lOh-HCMlTUM. IKYUK I'hlv E KE TO : ? Ik* r >*t if a ,?< af atfiMW n..l ba 4?i,?ar?l '.ow^rrww f^aik'ay* ai'i.iag la tta ??.<-?- ta >*' ??! KtM?? anl(kr*btilr*>u tt lk? ikt U Ut li-Mato litlrr, Pii>?i? tail Dakap af Now Iota. "w??.?a W> nuart at Im' peat ?<>? ? r|*<t rr:;> h ?. ^011 n tjilHi i- 1. ?n . ? *?Ji 1 'W fowfatntfc 4ia?wwree ta'm im ftroK *??>pia a f fn.? ,n A??oraVrw ->f <a'?art *a??at f>a? S fa*? y ?k rd rtrart, Kir l|IH to Mtff? tta ..?g. at 1>. ?' tW.fc. ifurpino. Son iJViwooL-t'Nmto itatkh mah. *h!p I'AMKIC K. "-ye IVmuiander Tila Meim | ?h p will il?"( a:t aith '.be i in' >1 Sta'ee nil U for K i im rcait velj on <t?K?ii??doy, February 7, ?t l*i o'rlo ? M. rrcm Mr t< t'lL at lh* Toot of rannl ?tw<jt. firrtdjlil or pa?ffi(,e, bavin# uneiionlled acOOaniOtfUtloiu (or ele gaoco ard comfort p?dy lo KUWAHi !(. OOIAINB, M Wall ?!-?<*. Paaaetj. ere we r?|ui' fil to Im on luanl ?t I ! ' ' A M. Ifee Allan k wilt hocciniI the Pacific, and -nil Itb, 21, -llp^eia i 111 t ? talc notice that the eiilpa of '.i.ia !ui catibot arrjr any good* ror.'iabaud of war. fY'HB BR1T1MI ANl> NOW ft AMERICAN X KCYAL MAIL BIKAHMHIPH. I RHII NKW YOKK 10 UVikKPOOL. Cbiaf eiMt piaoogt WJJ Stand .at in .. ... '? H?>W W*'ltiN TO LIYEKTOOL. ("hirf rabln pi a??;.;e. .. . $110 ritcond "abm p? *ag" ?? Hie il!p? irrm /!<?? t. n >-all a' Halifax. _ Alt AI"A I' -if I. Judtioa, AMKKICA, ('apt. t-aof, 1'HolA, I 1 1 1. Hyrii>, Kl ItOI'A, Capt. Shannon, ASIA, rij I. I ti. I < <t, CANADA, CaptStooo, AFRICA, .ajt. |I:im?o*, N (AO AHA, Capt. Leiu-h. Tlit*e vi i . ? 1h carry a riear white light at iuaat hna-l; <t> tu on ?lurk, ant bow; red no port bow. CAN'AI A, stone, leave Potion, WtJueadiiy, Jan. 31. At 111) A Harriioo, " Hon ton, WedoMdny, V?tb 14. ASIA Lott, '? lineton, WidMMlay Keb, !2H. CA^AllA, KtOM, " Hon ton Wednoeday, March 14 Icrtba nut ?iiut#d until paid lor. An riperi n> ?>?? aurgoon ou bonid Iheowntn- of tbete ahlp, will not be acoountahla far gob), ailver, b illion, . peeie, jewelry, piecioua atone* or ??? lata, unlraa billa ul lading are ? Ignod Iberulor* and the value tbrreo: '.herein cipr? ned. I or freght or p;> ?j 1 1 v to k~ < I N'AMD, 4 Howling (Ireen. There will be no aieamahipa ol thil line (rout Naw York ubt 1 iuitber notir*. /TUlIC I J V k-KPOOl. ANU 1'llii.AllKf ;'ltl A KfKAMHIHI I, Conpany !nl>nd tolling their favorite at*?mat.ipo? CJTY 0> MA NCH l. ! W?. . . . ?,1U? tu ;a.. W ylia. JtTY OK BAL'HUOfti'^,(MW)2,&38 " .Capt OITY 0? WAHHINWUN, ?kt. 1,700 ?' ..lUpt. R. Uil4k ?uau runjuiKiima. orry Of KANCU^V^K rh..ri?1?y, Jaauary 1?, 1S44 nu>* i iirkwni. (i."* or HANuaja.TKK. ?fl-lmofiay.Obrnary 14, 1IH, Oa'oon ?CO, J'.6 aod IAC . accord' oy tw atala r<? x. A Mnltnl nuinltar of {bird Jaaa paaMngi-ra wit' b? kiiict. fttiLi >'hiiadalylia asd luvtrpool, wic fobod U iNlltlUI rr?m !'b>lav!alph:a tSii | Troai UiirpooL ?41 FarUa* ar^liisg to bring out tbaU frianla oiu inua* Art 0cal*/i of paaar.K*, tor ilwft* on IjTerpool. In rum? of 11 nUrun,: and upward* Apply U> HAMUKj. n^.ITH, i^Mt. IT 'Valn'it I SiVitalpb.*, u<! tlo. T Liruad w. j , Kair Iterk f. OK I.IVIRI'OOI. ft OM I'lULAbrXi'SIA.? TIIK NKW i ai.ii fplrndid I'tnUdi'lphia built aloamnbip KOKTfl < 'AHOI.INA, l.-Oo l<n?, Capt Wanning tun Wyminm, will ta ready torrceiva fiiight at hatond VVItarf, above Vina ? iraet, on W*?i,eailay Jilat mat . asd anil on Saturday, 1-eiruar) 1), at 10 o'rux-k Kalra of paai.t^e ? halooa bertk>, ?"0. incluiilug at* ward'a (tea 1'hfr 1 claaa |aa itoyi-ra ? A 1 mittd numbrr of third cl ia, pa*M n^rra will ukio li< in I II! ai'.tlphia to Urar)>oo|, and found in protlBMina. at $?fi. l.rn t? ou a^tuta lor XI and up ward*. Kor freight or pacaaire a|.ply to TIUlM AM HI''H. AHlit-tiN k Co , lii tiaaiiaajr, New York, and U Walnut itreet, I hilailt Ipbia. T.-OH t-OlITHAlIPTON AMi hAVKI..-TllK 1'NITF.L Jj ^ta'aa n ail ati'tin^r I NH'N. K Adam* Coromaii'ler, wbl Va?e Naw Y'oik Im Havre, touching at Southampton to laud the mail* nml paaai-ngera, ou Saturday, Keb. 10, a^ lit o'rlocll, from |.i?r ;7, North Hilar, loot of Hatch atreat Price of rMaogo- Klrat (Wh'n $i:u u ? foroad l ahto T4 1 vryt-er not want' d on t ?>? voyate abouhl be aent on N ard tb. day bet< f malka i '? b*h>w " No 'rei^tit wUl t>e taken alter Ihiinulay, I'eb b l ot fre.ght or puaaa^t *j,p!y ti MOKTIMKTt l.lVISliMTO.V, Agant, h.'l itroadway. yTEAW II I ' I I I'V.'I I ?: J1AVKK A II VK'-V VORK cirei I. ? I Li - tea ma), if AI.l S will ?.<11 frc iu Havre dl rect for S< w York (wit-. nut callinj; at anjf |? rt In Ki>( !aud.) on Vii'urday, Vf h of ^oTlmller 1 lie r;it?a of fiei^lit a i.i! |.a.??>" in br>t and iwnoil c.ih'nn will be vi ry c oiiera'c 1h*Mll'ogvf the ?'iec< < *\ng attamara ?i!lb'> ilor'ly unonui e?t The rai* of In^uranee a Kiatu't i? leaa by ablj ? li"tn Havre d.r??t lor New t ork, thi.ii lb atlpa .ill nn- a' aa l uglii-h port. Ap;ly in Havre and l i.r>a 17 liuulcvai > '.t ? llalleu-, to I ? i. il l ('mrie, or id Ntw Ydik, t K. '"IN/HI1, 4 Howii:g 'in?. U NJlHiblAli-; II Ail. U ifc >'OH t.'AI.Ik'UUKI A, VIA Afpiuwall and I an ? a fllKwiUl are inMruied (i y autLortt) fioin tlu l' Coinpany.) tkat the tiaaattoi toe latl.inua Kill ba ui^ila i.y ruiiroad (roaa 0 ? i. ii to i i ai No Uinr Ciule traiel No r.v> r b- aling tn Unuday Kb t atSt'ehc'a I*. U , from fWr(i?itof Warn u it.iit, NotlL rlvi r, will he d..|ntcbf ! the fleet ateaioabif UKOl UK 1 AW, (apt. O. V V(t, 1' . K N., U. r.obnojt at I'aiiauta Willi the new and a'.ipvrtor ?t*au>ibip fcONOKA A ?p? re Ink t a alaaya krpi at I aoimt to 1 it \ent U- leul ou iu cuae of aicideut. !'u Irtight re (.Cited alter on- o'clock ? i. the an Imp i'ay Kor i a?. apply at Hit ?cnpany'a, 177 V ia', alreet, to J W. tiAYMONO. l\:. Mill: INI rtR ha N Fit AS'nWX) THKNM J/ andcliK'nt (Ir't cl??a A I differ >blp y.tMl'Kt W li ' f.Tl' Fpittr, n.a>t?.r, is r ow loa ling at p er No. 27 Coat; ? and having tb? grvat bulk ol her cargo ?n Ifjgtd, a,.i htv> !ha uabiil ill patch of thia I n- Ship I ei a .o ."a I- > ii. r.claco an pArtti u'aily r< quK la-d to v^il th- f'.rr. u? 1 V> ill. tu, and j i ? f ?. ? tlicviac'vea of her aitpe* rior aaliiiig uaiit ? a, ahe he'eg oo< of tt.e al^trpcat b pe vi w load. i & for 'lie aU ? (. ,rt For the bulan 'e ol b?r >m*ll '.ap*cl'y diMiia^yi >. a ; jl o I'l 1 ' A ? I . ' 1 Wall itcral. NIW YORK A.M? ( A1JH;KMA tSIT. IMHIIP LINK. * la Mrait?ua Tranait Coropaa/ of ^(?n(u, 1U tji-iijj <iuubt* ? ii,[ib* i :?aniai..p -J Alt t'K 1 111. HI. f, . , OC'J tuu? l<>irth?u. ' apt Ttit-ar * til Irata li n y er It. #, N' rtb rher, at 9 o'clook 1? kl for 1 iLli oh Mou'la j, I ? ti 12, (?nwlc| w 1 1; tl.a * 'iHTfH, 'J.l*"i t< ?>? buitban, i?**r liiMi aiagaa liaimlt ii . Laving i.ut litiK milnd labd 'rnr,?^<rti,ti'>n t>jr 6r?t ? i*aa fatrlaara. Bar?ra) ?*? m ?Mi ?>? ilt I r (? n at- a n. I.< ata t>i' lat>l;b*?n j ut a tfca r ttl ao<l .air, wblol a.otlaoa tba tiu>? on tbo tranait frmi or ran to oer an. 1lir?r lUiBifiair* uanur* m lit* i * (dilution aii'l accouiutx.^lioiu. I'ur mlqrn.attou < i j* a?sf, ? ,,.plj oult to <IIAH MOIUUN, / ft.'. So 6 It- Willi* Crraa letter lag** up at tba efltea. Lc;>ra -4 Hull |*l ball o.fatr. AIM IiAIJA I wm, CARRY I NO THK I'M ta-1 h'at?? n.kil ?Iba naw A 1 alnp | btiuHitt1, KIlUi , Bttli l, * ill ik.l bu?II.Trlj on or I*- , j for* l?t rf Va'cl . Tba aoU rat?<l clipper abip 'mh ht*?it, 8. Cox, n *al *r, will tall '0 or bafura 1Mb M in h, to l? loilowad fj 1 !??? unii iaJU.1 rlippar ?bp Klghtia|alt, to aail M or ?afor* 1't.a April. 1;a'><-*ao j H< *0 ix.a * iai laal ac/agr .ij >w <la; ? arj.t tea Night ! Ufa!* !b 16 <aja, tba t* ?? aLittvr' oo r*cord from tt.ia "O'ift'r* Kor fra-ifM or pM't(< a|.|.l/ to I! W. t'AMB RON. US Wall a tract. AI'HTRA I.' A? MOV I KK UNK? CAKKTINO TIIR I*. I D. Wall ?For ? . 1 M lno.ira*, tba naw ltd ab-gaut > lit p- r ri ij> t?H In. r I, -(H) toaa, >u? Ij |M a*, pltr No 7 Mat rlrar, a ill poltn.lj tall tba 1 at of Marcb, < flora a raic opportoaUf for ina taank* ? o4 Ul>< r> rr 4a wall aa fa mala dmmatlol, la am (rita WMm; wh*rt r*adjf WBplOjmaal la to ti# oktaJna't at *i. rmeaalji b *b ratf* of ??,n. liulj I ) t? |Olrr<| t'i b* | ai'i bar*, ai.'l I 0 a( > r arrival U< tc pabl lor la work. ha?!dii.g anil board furo abad ab.l* oo tba paa mt- applira! n or ' ?ar y, aa aolr a liai >1 ?*?>?>* r ? l I* '???o A'plron i. ?i l, or to R. W CAMBitON, 11? Wall .tr??t Now *orb. tD'J.hO* RNK At " TR All A 1HK "If II" TARTAR l?iiut foil. ' <oai|?> ?? ? .1 j ?a.? a*od m tbo r biila of la if l> r Mkr,atui? A ftar [>a*a?i>|(r> ? aa t^ ac > ai- ' IT' illtit at lo? rata* If . ? m- n'a aj |lt ai>?s 1* u.a a ob b'Jird, k>. [ It r Ia?t rltrr, or to MAULtH 4 MfKk. 10<t Wall MINI. I* K 1-AVaNNAII AM? 1 1 iiVljA?l NlTKf? rTATf? Ifatl ! .b* - IL* aB<: (p'eiicb: >Uam?h J KV'I VII I K., < a | ? A I". I ' fl'i.w, oiu l?a?* N*w York for Ha ri???h rr. Matar lat ??! X 'r<.a. p?? r N'o 4 N ,rUi n?? ?, at t ft'flffk I' W mil nfla '.iof ? * I.? i oo l??ar ! I'vr lr? ?lt . (fir i t U?i1 or I'r l*Haf*, ta HAMI Il.t* Mill lllll. IJtraotMf. f ir I U-r.i'. a tkiaafk MkrU Ira* K** Yifk to JirkaoaTili- I il to PilatAa. I 1. Tba J'nr14a. (apt W H *' '.b .11, *Ul aarxOBd, aod aaara '.a Wa 'aridaj, If h. 7. r oK rdiuotn a:<;? ii/j.uda -j<uii *?kki.v I I M'a-t .''*)*? rr.'. 1 In.' fba B*? aftd faat t'/tra ?IrafltrllKO' lUi R i* ? .noar OfBamaaWr will >a?? p a: So 4 ? ortb ntrr ' o a'.ur lajr, l?Vr.arr S at 3 o'rk -a I' ?< for 'rtlft\ a pal/ oa Uiart, ? b?f? ail I lia ol la- lit* *ill ba alaaad ar.4 lor r?a?r* at *L' oflr* of BTOVfOlUt TIIJKTON b OO., to Mr-.^i' ?a| r i 'j r bstif k a ? ? ;o IrWr.'la aa fMloaa ? loja^k Wilflk, #il to l*.latl a * -1 Iba Mart .o o.?i w*4, ib4 .'<a*a ob VoImi dap lab T ri'O ftUI/IIIIRM IRAVKtUJlt ?THE CNITM' ifTaTM 1 aaa ) af?m>bi| JAIUjwW 'iaputn I arrtah. ?i" ' aw plat It >'i>rib rl**r aa ralai4a; alt?raa?ia, I'aaraa rp 1 at ? ? '!??*, for k hi . o4 *mi i?t?rab-.rf, U.. I, inf at N'frtaib, wHara '???'f>?-ra r??< f*nla*r Ha ftb rao taka a r?.at'r.->o< ? ? w ?f ra aa. tla<"?(b < ar?.l na, (iMiaa, A? U 01 A M 4 I'IJA ANT"" 2 !!? ol?ar R l! fk'f.ora out pkaaaaaal 4up ?U raaalpta f r JOt'J*. r IkK AUTH> t-T V A* KMINR't p\Y M Cl/VK KT IIAKO - . ^ i'via? la r> aa! frBtl*o>?i. a' - to But wii\ to lat tl. ? .?1' f'ar t ??? ? fa>'T*VU to lofara, fo b f ?4b 4 lat I'f .f B( tl * f.?i?'t* of tb> r 'bo ?a *I?? .U ?? a t ana olur it, i r?<?l?a < ;? ??; ?x two tbraa '* foor (?'ci.r .lai to '.ba v a'.'.t aa ial.l ? pl*a>!.t rilta'.wi. Ml' a( ? art tb* Ot-V TaWBUa.a aj.kb ba** rr ? ;**4 Ik* i ?rr>'t ?tai y '4 (ap44. Ik' at- aa"aota4 AD or4* ra va b* Irrai ?4 *o T tk UtOSU. UamVI .arr. 7% Maata , . r~t N H ? laaiara *b? <14 owl at ' i*a fa* Maa .if ? r a* a !? B itillar riMpla kU *? o'.ai. iiHl ?''> nlra* '.<??( til 4*r rtptioa* rr*n.if m.m v;i* or m.w r?rkk i-? t u 1 lalliairkw lM ?ta?l I'r aliH ?* .l? *> ? I ( /..a'p?l aba I Af*bi* ?aata.' I uU>> <4 If A 1AUU At OC> , in ?r ? ' *ap trrtir r i mmum 0?n? ? (/V ".ail: ? Mall 'I SO. M- HU I S WM - 0? t?r* arr aaa al lor tbo :a.ilwoi*f pro; r'.y tap )W*4 ta ba*a b?*a tukaw ? "a* *ar**;ift a .aatf iOMat, J la a nai <|ar; raaa at Um fkrat ;a*t#>-t Oao't, (foatv*. < ? ?Btia at fa at,; tkrao aaa ar^aata. at tb* T?a>'| iBaoal ' atr *t ata*. -a k?>'.aa |tara>r of liflUt a* a aaa aal 1 ??ft'.b r.i*at). 0' ? W MAT KIT I 1 thiol ' f Nom. I w Aim*. A fITVATION WANTH'-HY A I'fcOTMlA , : <v7). f\ Lin, i> it niuD'.i.t) nor. a, or to ct of * Eaby. City refartuco K' ?u. Apply at No. J Von .a a'.. A- . r. A I V OK l.'IK MI'.Iilj lability, ?i>l:ri it tttiiAtlwi ai liouixl><'f(>*r .o % |i?W?U fum ljf , would no (ibj?\jU.ju to l>t a com panion to rn invalid l?Oy at bom* or t ri. ? ? * liM < . *? not>r*h*?|.< r. *b>- baa ba : *i.?t aipariro 4, - <>1 * >u K'"> tlia t rat ni i.-fcrrnre Ad !t*M A. 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Aiccuta an> r.ow u aUi g Irorn 96 to $20 |*r day. <<to<l * a#?*? miiireJ , no riak ? taWvar. Call ami ?xauiina at 2V0 iliotriaity, iMca No 1 In twean U A. M act 4 I'. M. IAi'Nnms wanthi -an amkiucan, KNoi.itfB j or coiori l w. iiMO, *? laumlieaa, In a prival* fa mily < r.p *bo thoroughly uii'W ratauda In r baaiueni. Apply 7ft Ma Tw-nt) atrvat, from '1 to I'J M TO MMlNIKf-A HO.MH |.AI>V, MPKAKUXl I* oh t 1 a >1 , hatniff a long e ? |ierien"'? and an aii-alienfc taate a ? a u liltaa r ?l?o apqualntail arlth Koutl.arn ;ra<!a, la dPiitn 1 ? of fltiil'iifc a a.toation an foirai man In a wall ??a'ebiiai I.mi?p ol tbo H?H. Kor further partlnuUrtf io<|Uiic at "0 Wa'k?r itrrlt. rro IAWYKM A Y<?1'N? MAN, OK ABOUT TWO J If . ri' atamlli.g at tin liar, a (oml apaakar and writ trail Iti the la* la <i-lroi>> ?' aaacx-iattatf honaplf, <u? |artn?r, *Hli ?ou>' liiajrrcl lirat rat* at I tl?a ami ?i tPnalrr J ra'l I a, ?i fn'r(; ni aotarprUa ? lir.oOail urn pi" r< wild M'lrni I. L. 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