Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1855 Page 7
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fINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ?ORIl KlRKITi PthUT, Feb. 2 ? 6 P. M. The ttnoency of prion wm upward tais morning, ?Mk HBaideroble activity among the Ihncies. Erie advanoed i per cent; Illinois Caatral Harlem Railroad, 4; Reading Railroad, |. BUom Central Railroad declined 1 per cent; Virginia 1; Indians, t i fc. Cumberland Goal opened at yes tetdhj's prices, but fell off j per cert at toe close. 5Vre*ere large transactions. The bears are warking tssperaMy to keep the varket down, bat they only mowed In temporarily top rearing it. Any amount of ifctffrfinds ready purchasers, and buyer's option may ?em v aay trouble ths starts seriously. At toe second toward the market waa weaker. Erie Rail mad Ml off 4 percent; Cumberland, 4; Nicaragua Tjaadi, 4; Gkaois Central Bonis, 4; Hiriem, 4. Ailer the sdjcuramttLt ot theBaird the fcLlojtiug sates of stock* and bonds were made at auction by Iflmoon Dialer:? 91,000 Obi. & Hock I?Ui>d R B l?t u.t?! ?dd??i. 84 SMOOFwa and InriianApol" RR do do 73*75 >,500 *bu/H jnitn Gold Minio* Co 100 ICO do Ht?nl?xton R*ilro<nl (Jo 58? j9 'M do ExcsUior Mre Insurance Co 7'jj, 6 do Farmers' Trjf'-Co 8J ZJ4 do N. Jttm Kla*, Cotton ?nJ Wiol Co. 36 ? I0O nrri^ l.jrnan Cobb's Trust Deed $& V?w No 44 in flrars Chorcli |i!00 Albert H. Nloolay fill held a specie! aoc'.lot sale ofaiech.ajJ bonds to-morrow (Saturday) at 12J e'eleek, at the Merchants' Exchange. the ewntagi of the Hudson River Raiirowi Coin puty <a /oauary amcoAttd to 1209,511, again: 1)64,406 for the corresponding month last year is hewing an increase this year cf 16,105. The aarltc Bark h&e declared a dividend of fear t?r cent; the Oriental Bink, three and a half psr eerf, payable cn the I Ota Ins:.; Ljriiltrd Pure la saranee Company, foir per cett; Weill, Fargo A 9b. a Express, flro per cent. Fusign t?xeha?g? continue qrnst. We have no I cJtt&ge to make in qaoUtiini, bat it is tie iapres ms? that rates for the next steamer wU role lower. Judge Roosevelt, of tie Supreme Court, gave tin ?rder thm mornlig declaring tLe Empire City Bvi* msotant; that the a?signmf st made by tte back is veld; that the lajunction b? permanent, ai.d that the United States trust Company bs re.-eiver. Legislation is gTestly needed to prevent frauds ho ?Mrtanally occurring in our rmnroad co-spaaiei, my many of them never coming to the kao vleag# ef the stockholders until it Is too late f or aa adequate temedy , a beautiful ilius '.ration cf which Las htely been exhibited ? the affairs of the llama ftul-oad ?Mrpacy.kaonn as "Bcbuyltriam." Had tnert been, clung ala official conne xion wiUi tnat omrany, meithly rencit* if ttair affairs in a ooaciee form, as ie no* iu conVmplatxm, by aathority of the L^gis Ktuft, thora ft tide could not been coximitv?J> Directors oJ all ra'dro>i companies never impart auy iafarmation of Its affairs and boHinen to their stack, taldeis or anybody else unban compelled, and it is high time that onr Legiala' ore passed measures of ttio knportant character niw rx>ntempl<ted by then to prevent these evils. The non-publiontloa of the Hm!em report wan a mjstery anaeocoatable, bat it tesj lo losgrr. Wivh ttv exceptions the present di rtrSn rs of the Har>em ro\d were in the direct'on at tkehmo fichoyler wan (resent, aud that foralcog ttme prior to h<s sadden dej>artnre bnrroeed myoej tayayths dividends on the stock, aid thl?a;t:*ra m tb6 pi esaat report. If Me raanog^.'B of the R?i<ttrg lUUroal a t'bvi t Mpcrt of fiftf-sigbt pagoo Lad i flroUd a eu>gle one H explaining the if rations w ?th the Mi da Hlli and BehajlkUi Ilttytn Kiilrou'i, it woo id have ooaWiued mm valnalile information for the stockholders thin ail they have givsn put together. It woo 4 tbea have appeared Ida' several of these gentlemen are personally interested in vhia Utter road, whcL is thei>rincl>al feeler of the Reacting; and that the Reacsag aendi 11a cars and earine* over it a dis tance of liKBtj ou inik>M after coal, without getting tmj fay for the service; so that, 1n fact, there are fer^j-two miiea run on the Mine Hill ro&d, beatdee nlastj-tbree alien ma in retarding with empty can In u Richmond to PottsvUM, for which nothing U earned, making etc Ud of 136 m>*iran at a loss, aad only 93 at a prjfli. Nov, wbst real oaa in .he eeeh iivldandu oa seen rumiag ? Bull, the report eentahm mom veduau e IxJorjnatioa. It telle tbe etaekhuJdtrs that "the Licraise of Gajnlal etooB 1b atrrer to oetie *9 leap ?* le bcuonMS of tbe road fecreaseo." ?hia la jai:*ig the ball by lie h..-ms, end nouid aet hare hetn anwortty of th9 great tmamai*, af iu New Yorh and New Haven Rulroed. la pool of this pjl cy bsL- g continued, wa find thit Mm company ia subscribing 1300,000 to the Lebanon Vallr? road; that it ia pwrchaa:ng we know not how mnch stock in the l?ouat Carbon road; it at It hit bought the Willow street roc.d w* a coat of $150,000, ?m nJne ef which ''can scarcely be ovei?s?iiaated,'> hot which, nevertheless, ia in i^ah a broken down eendrtlii thai $60,000 more ia requisite to put it in odirv and ta if all tbis were not enough, tbe ecm paoy is going into tie water-supply business, and 'aegotaticis are aow pending with the PotlsviU) Water Works Company for a full oapp.y of pure water." Moreover, a "moderate expenditure" i* Mquislte f?r accommodating the aew connection* wkb the northwosi; the exact amount ia aot stated, Mt an assurance ia given that it win he "buigaifi. OMrteempattd w th the eight ?i'ioi.R" these eoaneotions Lave coat Add that tbe company la ll want of a msicbaaiite and passenger depot In Philadelphia, eetlaxted to coot$150,000;that it iasittj MMlsg stone bridges, and coveting more real estate fti ffciladelph * ; that it ia paying upwards of 1 10,000 aiMrfor "horse power la Br.iad street;" ia pur chaaing aew engines and cars; la iQ at wtrk oa Ma wharves at Richmcad; h m a monster mtcbino Mmp oa iia hands; has laid upwards cf n-ne miles ?f aew iron daring tbe year, has transported coal at an increase: expense of ten per cent, and through passengers at an increase of nlue per c*nt; aoi flaaBy is carrying abcat seventeen hundred thou aaad dollars ef fl ?tiag deat at exorbitant ra See of Merest? add nil this information towetber, and it dots net cqnid in valne that which 3 withheld ro epscttsR the reatMasof Ihe masag^re of toe ccm pauj with tie Mise BJ aad Bchuylk _ Ilsvea Rail mi, The saiul report of tbe Coaaecticnt River liil' road Grroranj has j^st been published:? n? re?f ipis from puwi^tni ht the j??r sodiaf D?t . 1 wet* SUVtMO against tial.MO for Um rroosdmg j-ar. wad from fr??kt S130.MM s?sinit H 13, 794 for 1x63, nnH the tstsl >*??<pt* for tM jrsr tV>4 wsr? till, 770 sftamst a total ef ?ittS.Z'il for IMS. Tbs teUI ?sp*oa?s (?r 1MV4 were tl?o,64S, including tie 118 psKi for lot*re?tot> esVt, sd'I t'UI.OOO for root of ".h? Asbaslnt ratlroad ran ?tag Ittim B*aU Vrrron to Kcsoe. r.s art rsvoim* for th* /*?r tas Iimo Me.SSS. y*Wiog a ilrlitst-J mt 4S f*r (*atooth* *ld or nnpr?i>rroit srotfc. Th* wbet* a im W of |i**s*a(*rs csrrl*<) orer ths roatl ia 18M ?as Stltt'iO, ia 1U1, 337,00.1, ia lH.'.'i. MO OOT. Tt* nambor ?floss of freight tiacxportsd ia 1R64 was 104.H60, in MM, 9? W0, loJUoi, 73 Jl?. Ths ln*r*?M tsst y*ar ?a?Bt?oa grrslsr thsa ta* ia<rs?s? of 1S42 crtr 1861 H? same eaoses wblch have absorbed an the ia veam ef gr?s reoe^pte upon st her raU7oade have bad tte like ifltat open this. Its expenses hare feeea Mrge v iacreaaed by the mere asd coat of fuel labor aad maWHidf- la ocusaqoenoe of tbii the way (area have been raised from three to foa: oen'.i amlie, aal as aver tge advnaoeof ahoet flft:eaper eentkaa bw? er^btished oj:n .U aid pri^o for freight and v-jtatft transpcrtaCon. If thin dote aet snfflce for a fair profit the & roe tore iatead to ?hie another advan e in the charges, wiaely rs seivlsg to oh'Jkin a lament remaaemtlon fwthi.x work aad capita' .if it be poasible. There ie a pi ot however, a > wu h Higb fares wU either isv:t? a rniaeoe oempetitton or diminish the imount o i t raf fle, aad thieih?uld ho carefully avoided. The traaoaettoas at the AosMtast Trrasarer s of flee t-^iy were as fallows:? ?ssstv^ tw.tll 17 13.T31 71 PaM fo* Astay t?c* 101, OM II 3,eTl,?0} M The warrants entered at th* Treasury Deiart usnt, WaehlJgt'W, oa tbe lint alu, were? y?V fayiag trsasary debts $46,331 1<I nvUMsxstom* WUM i (kv*rM* latn treasary frowi wU* ?*ar?**,.. . . 1.021 'it k l?rt?V*r D*^artm?nt 11,000 00 Par ta* Wary at -. ajOO 00 ye*th*Iat?rter b*partia*et 0 514 .3 IV operstJraacf Uatttai 5n Philadelphia, daring tbo month of JHUI7, 1865, were u folio in : ? Ufird Surra Man, Paji.iDm.rHi a, Jaxcabv, l$i$. Depesii*? UoM buliieu ? t rvm California $4,360 800 Otk?r 8,000 Total (Old depoe $4,369,400 Silver tuiCoc Includfng ?flT*r porrhate* $17t,000 Total mid KnC Utm c?m ?it? >4,430.400 Coinage Of gold ? Ihnmto nation. So. oj Pi? ft. Value. Double eagle* 198,309 $3,865,180 Ea?le? 47, HO 477,100 HalfeaglM H,f)B6 83, 9W) QWHtar eagle* 47,508 118,986 Total 310,309 $4, 846,:45 Silver coinage.? . Half dollar* 34,000 813,000 Quarter dollar* 144,000 36,000 ItoH 1,420,000 142,000 Half dine* 780,000 39,000 Total 3, 368, OOu $339,000 11m Btkte Treeeurer of Miohigan bu given no:ice UuH the baaeta of the Gove rnment Stock Bank have been placed in the hand* of * reooiw, and that claim* against presented at the frcaaurer'a office in Laneisg. The annexed aiatemec*. exh>i>ita the vain* sad ?juantity of foreign dry good* entered at tbia port for connaption, for warehooae, and alao the with drawn* from wwehouae, during the week ending aw] isrhidi?g Thortday, Feb. 1, 1865:? Movemknth or Kokjbon Dh? tioouu. Entered for contumptUm. NiKvrACTtrBn or woor? *Anvr. or oorroi. 1'kgt Value 1'kju. Kate* Woollens 107 $114,310 Cotton 694 $138, 4*1 Cloths. . . . .... 61 30,(160 Colored sottoo. 3 Wonted* 148 70,348 Print# 16 Cotton* Worn 440 135,031 Olaghains 10 Shawl* 0 Blankets 6 Hose 0 Lasting* 3 ft landing U Carpeting 6 8,406 Velvets 16 (34 1,031 Km-,rotUroJ u? 11 87 8 l-aces 13 3,170 Handkerchiefs, 6 1,034 How ... 38 Spouto .. 13 Total 883 304,(06 bindings.... tuNVKAcri'Rm or milk Silk* 333 $188,437 RibbcoH 83 Patios 3 ?30 3,0)7 1,162 1,319 3,193 3,371 3 484 3,08'.! 10,006 3,414 465 Total 731 160,362 67,456 ? AKi'f.iOTi mn or riAX. 1,963 Linen* 301 $'9,HM Kinbroideriee 3 1,546 Do. ami coUon 38 9.979 Lace 10 17,4*3 Lmm 3 HM Velvet 3 1,390 H .oilkerchwl*. 19 14,350 Crape* 9 8. *34 furead 17 6 <103 Bhawls 16 3,663 Webbtnft 3 i;<5 Cravat* 13 4,000 Silk ft worst. . 97 46,60.! Total SCO 108,838 Bilk ft cotton.. 36 17,033 MiwjKU-Awnoi'K. Vesting* 3 1,8V6 Straw goods.. l&'J $8, 816 PoQgeen 186 36,311 Veath'rs to Ms. .167 33.310 Ho*? 14 4,033 Lea gloves. ..16 30,013 Clove* 4 3,436 EinttroderlM . . 96 71,028 Sowing* 3 8,400 Kid glove* ... 1 460 Hrd* ft boding 13 7,097 Suspenders . . . . 14 3,710 Baw 17 6,181 ToUl 409 128,397 TctiJ *36 396 8011 Withdrawal* from Warehouse. MAxvncrvKrij or oorrow. *Amrr*?roRw or wooi. Cotton 600 $84,080 Woolfcns.... 4ft $19477 1'rints 33 6,864 Cloths 10 Uingbams. Velvet* M annus Haodherch's. Hoae Hpsol Net* Total.. 4,490 Worsted* . . 1,004 Merinoes 3tt0 (Jot. ft worstd 1,888 Shawls 3 3,0o) 3,016 1, 18,336 1,674 1,634 3,993 674 $114,411 4,761 Blanket* H 8 063 Carpeting.. . . 14 3(o#9 Total 316 $63,676 MANl'KAt.TI NSH or IMI. NANi'rAiTi'Rfn or aiti Linsus 327 $38,813 Mk* 40 $33, 180 do A cottu 31 3,693 Kil>t>on* 4 1 43,330 Thread 3 693 Id ? ? Shawls Total. 860 $43,990 Pongee*... MtfCKlUHBOra. Straw tc?od* 146 $31,418 Lea gloves ... 1 Clothing 1 Matting 6,859 31,090 Hiikftworstod Hrin. ft bdg*. 875 Raw 1668 Total 454 $1)7.704 4 07 331 17 3 63 1,137 10,014 38,340 12 um 1,670 8,647 Itrtal 6,007 $45,041 Warthvuitti. UAtivfAorvum or oottgw. M.A.irrvAirruRw or worn. Cottoo 80 $31,817 Woollen* 24 $lf, iuft Prntd 10 l,6Sfi Clotha 11 7,8h8 Munlu) 27 6,SS4 WoMte<l* ... 37 li.HtO I. aces 10 !,&>'/ Oott. At do . . 14 4,?0i Ho>e ;.i 4,3 kU giiAffia 11 10,'iat WeCOing .... 0 3,7811 Total 101 963.34b Total 176 $38,222 M/muiuoTiiKietor run mNVyACTI'HIM Or KILH. Mn. lli 06 $19,031 Silk 36 $18.10* to. \ m-Iu 14 3, It? Ribboaa C 6,176 Mdkf* 3 1,074 1 ?<??*? II 1,804 Thread 5 800 Htfkfa H3 10,11)6 (rapt* 2 en Total 117 $21,480 Uamo 16 'i,otiO MttCKLLANIOCH PiU A woraul t7 40,643 h'traw gondii . 639 $^t,343 Bilk At cotton. 1 km) KtaUn * Urn 1 201 1'oagMa 362 70,967 Ki I glevt.-i . .. 2 h'dtifiga,. 2 3,770 Our..t<t 4 006 Haw 82 21, " Tf a' f.47 $174 681 Total CtC 1/6, <1CJ Mu^mcLtrtoir. ttnlerml for t'vniumjimi I'kyt. Vmlue. Maou!.\rtura* nf wool khi $164,?0fl ' of cottoa 781 160,3*3 " *r ailfc 636 906,806 " of Ha* 360 108, MM Miarallaiicotia 400 199,907 Total 3,036 $1,166, 9WI WifMrtwm from Warthmua. llaoufaitumi of wool 316 $(>2 f/76 " of cottoo 674 114,411 '? of (ilk 4 1 137,704 '? ul li.x 2b> 44,000 M>rccllaa?cu? . .. ,. 6,0*1 tf.,041 Totti) 7,601 1308, (ol h'nlertd far Warchvuit kiaaofactarva al wool 101 $f>3.146 of cotton 176 " of illk 647 174, ??8l of flai 117 26.4M) t! KPAJkOtoul 644 26, 66^ 7x-tal 1,687 1318,503 1863 1864. 1866. KaVU fcr coon upturn. 1 3 184,062 I2.WJ.K.8 $1,166,080 Wit'wo f:cm war*liou?? 131,340 330,768 392,711 Total pot on markeV . .$2,71&.401 $2 636,726 $1,M0,7J0 Eut'c for ?a/?hou?t $81,874 >343,466 $J18,:tri ToUl morm.nt $2,707,276 $0,999,193 $1,878,313 Ttie vtik'a^uUcM ?a dry gacdetaa bean a Uubt more erteaeir e Vtaa itil of tte p.~evieua oh; bat the effect of ib la flight toereaao is io\ v?ry ea::o<ag iag, m the partiU revival hat b*?n brocght abw. only by acme tiirW ooooeaeiaae m prcee, eepeisiaUy cf domeatUs 69tto-^?- Vbe rorf ly of waich .a (??(? tad aero freely offcied. Dow if .io .cockenw ji> a boat cm cheap now uttiej urofipn (ad to beoom- , ar.1 vhla eirnnntaaco <? ?U:)u&r t ?th*r mo:e a-iea tlos to then from buyers, pecticaArly tnwt the remote coon'ry di Kir#*. Forego labrtca hare aot, hr yet, bteo macb istioed; tat with ? *%i*ra? quati'?y b> maike*, ud4 :a ber !imn?d Lapt*:U, tLtr* ia ?n?id?n.b.e (LraiLfaa fim; UjeJ by ttctorr, mbo ue Kkialag griutei cotldcf o? .a tLs futar* .if the boaiM aa. Cboloa Duk?B of Lrcin 8MtU&ci> mm! Bhirt.iK" ?re n. fab reqo?*t, uid tUmtj, vh'ue bltacbad gooda gf cerally are ^c. a lo. i?f ? y ?rd alMapa*, yet liMth?. Cotton flttaaala are <|a*t and laag'jjd Oealne are doll aad deolaiag. A m >iarate damaad pnvtUa for oilUh at firmer pricta. Duok la baconv (ng pWitler, aad 5 a very teaty. (iiaghaaat have aot varied ?neb. lan>? ure m active aad acmv what aocuoal, la privO*. Two aautioa aalaa of fcwaa have been ItJd, aeeordlag to pievwua aa. acanremeat, this waek? oee on To?d?y, tha TOiti alt., when tfetara. Haggarty, Joaaa A Co. aoici 660 mim of Led! iavaa. Tit aala wan a peieaptory cie, n eight mectba wdit, aad *ite Arit ict eSrred traa oWuaad at ?|a.; the laat lot br:ugkt 6^c . aad waatte oaly lot aald aader ?e. tte higheet prlee rea itaed vaa 9je., aad tb$ avtrage ifttewhoM aaiewaaS^o. ?be !ota moat Mgeriy aid for wen aaddar ohooo^ta al Its., aid b?a?ii aad white at f)|o.a 9|fl. Extra Im ohiata broag*) 8c. a A 4c. The eeooad aalo oe?amd oa Wedaaaiay, Jaaoajy 11, wh?n Meeae. W Ujieidinga A Mton diapuMd cf 800 caiea of Ue roilnMath aad Bad^y Pail a lawia. The gooda war* all froaa the prkkMry of Meara Jaeob Lhiaivll ft 0*., aad Mr. Brcwu, of that ftraa, Doperlataaded tte ealt. A very .arye c?t (any of firat claaa bouaes were repreaeatad, antra: lag a flaw ftoia PhilaiaJpbia, (rata aeaeh taa?er aovi bar, ta proponiea, frou Ba.ti?ore aad Baatoa. The deeigae were ackaewledged to be ia good taate, aad the priatbg waa btaatifaUy a*eoa?ed. Tha ptl^a reaiiaed were b?t?w tha average of laat yaw, br were aa tigh aa we expected, cuaaidaricg tha tlaara. Tha raage waa aoetly 10c. a Ufco., ever aging ab.ot I0|c. Tha average laat year waa life.; average to IMS, life.; da. ta IMS, HJo. Ifaah-aa Mad aaav barge are wttacot eeeattul vailatica, betag d-'l aad heavy. Prtatlsg cloUw are >a rather better re (|MOt, al ateady rataa. A few freak etylee of prtata are ta ieaeaaa, aao are Oim. Mr^paa art nuhw Maker, bet a ltttto easier. Tlcto an artU abundant and dapnaaed. We law bo importaat changes la weoltan flthfica to actios. Tbe aupply is fiairenacgh (lor tbe season. while the demand ia aa extremely United om, though it ia gradually Improving. Prices are abont aa lev aa they can veil ge. Any altontlsB in theee ia moat likely to be fbveraUe to fretor*. Markets art unchanged. Fancy easel aers an 1b aoeae nqwat at former ratea; vhile elotha, doeskins, fennels acd jeena an generally quiet and depressed. A little more activity ia notioeable ia Hnaeye, mainly at 14;. per yard. Mouslin de Iaiaee an attractii^ increased attention, and an vety Arm. Satinets and tweeds remain abost the same. To reign. production! an not over abundant ; bat (he ab teace of aoy hing like aa active demand debara any improvement in tbe buaineaa therein. There an aeme oouttry dealers here, bat they have not ae yet begun to bay with mncn freedom; and cor local jobber i> may be said to be dctng netbing at all it the way of purchasing; for, ao ter, their operation have bean quite iaeigniflcant. Meanwhile, it ia onoou. ag tog to notice that importen we qoit? ^ is Hjji; iniade regarding the faton, as tiiey have Awe every thing is their poier to prevent any new reaction that might be tnjnrlona to the trade; and to the sup plies are not likely to maoh ezeeed the anticipated wants of consumers, pricjs are acq airing iaureaaM steadiaeu, and an apt to be, at least, wet! snppirt ed, partcnlarly in the caw of some favjtite styles ol disss gcods, whereof then is not a great <W bem, and there promises to be a tontinuons scarcity for some time t> coma. Theee circumsl&scrs nn .ture the hope that we have t assel by the ar-st trying times, and will, brnoeforward, be able to discern brighter prospects. *30800 Vlririnlft ?>.. 95 V IOCO IndKUte Va.. 80 4000 Erie '2d M lid- 1QO fOoO ErieO mi.BJ 73 1004O Kri? Baa of 'lb SOV 100 46000 do .....MSO SI 160 600 da SOW 2000 HudM^tMB . 100'a' to 6000 Pan Hd'2?!i"bl0 9H IX) 6000 do .... jJO 99 15 26600 Ul Ten H Bd?. 72 Si ?>0 Stock Kxetuuige. ThcwwaV, Fab. 2, IMS. 100 *be Cum C1C.k60 Ai. \ 200 do .... b30 36'. 20Q do ?3 aa* 200 di. 1.60 36 ^ do 630 34 <0 a3 38 V 60 NT Ont KX.i|? do teo do ... .bow do. ...aovk do 130 7'2* ?2H S'aw Janey RR. . 120 t>0C0 2000 do *3 72V lOOONYOcSRBda *7 1 600 NY On 1 * . 0* 6000 do #!. 2COO liar let. U HI* H 6000 1,'blr ft K I RR Bd Mi 3000 Ind Hank B<U 70 7 abH lUoovcr UK H'i 13ft Mvrhau ce Bank 111 42 T.ank cfi'otn 104;, .*>0 .'anion Co., ,b30 '23 260 do 22V ?'.00 do.... .MO 23 100 do b 1 22 V 300 Nit Transit Co a;t 17V 100 do f 3 17^ 2C0 do aM 17V 100 do ,...t30 17V 100 (umb Cua! Og, .. MV ?9 f 9 ao do MO MOV 60 Rrk? RK ?3 260 100 100 100 100 100 l'X> 4fl 40 do e do ....b?0 4fl,V <lo 4rt At a3 44 'k do .... toll 4?V (to ... . Lift 40 V ..aa 46 u ..bJ :'0'? 80V do WO ;to>4 30',' ?0 3AV 201) d, ftij 35V 200 df> . . KJ 3?V 12^ il?) ...... 3*<V KO do ai'O ;t& 20 J d< b6<) 36 V 200 Oi b(H) 3 i V 100 da ?60 3?V IOC do >30 35V 191 ('Sic * R I RR. . . .00 IWtatoRIl . 30O do. .. 400 6M> do...... 45 do 3100 Rea.iinff RR.. 100 do bM 73 " 210 do a 30 72 V 10<) ,|o ??I0 72 V 100 do ...1,60 7:hj 62D do a3 7'2'i 100 RT. .. *3 37s iO do ft'! J7? 60 do.. ??) 37 60 do e 37 '? :'8 Haii?K.a RR. 60 200 III On lUi 60 do. do btO 'J8V tlOO: iMiaaoari O'n 4000 Virginia 6'(. 70?0 ln?l Mate 5'n 600 111 On RK Rdi iOOOKHii Bi?of '75 ?0V 20') 07 ?!V M 8CC0ND IvOaKD B2V I*' a li? Cutnb C Co.a3 ,\C V 96V MO do ... ftfO 36 *0 100 K?ad.O|{ KR ... 72 72V do 73 2000 fan Ba2<l>.b3 2000 Ind Raoh Hda. 26 abaMetrep'o Bk. 101 5 Ohio Ufe h T C? 17 V Nt V Jiwj Ztae 00. 2(0 Nio frann Co., .. 100 do K ICO Cumt Oal Co... 100 do m do . . .it. " let So.. ,...M0 3?V !CC do ...MO MV do. .130 73V 9S loo Harlem Kit 30 78 V 200 Hodaon R K. i/Vj si 660 ?ri? Ril 40 100 ikj aUO 40 1(0 So I>60 46 5, I0O >kj a J 4<. 5 do 46'; 50 111 On RK *-> s 2(A) do WiV 100 Faaaiua RR OH M) do b' O 50 N Y Oa RU otff 8?V 4 "V 17 V 36,V 36 V CITY TRUlB RKPORT. Pair.AT, K?o. 2?0 P. t? Ahiijv ? -?l? ::0 blilt. poti were reported at I'j CtS a tij 1t>. Bk ra winrrn. ? Ho.r ? The market wjjt un bangol tbaogti dull at pruvijus rate*. Aboat 6,800 u bbl* ??r? ?i.H ? malading avrne let* of MHMa grad"* Btate ami Canadian for aiport Oommcm and *tr?ight fitate lold at $fl 26 a 18 M), g?mm<m to choice f*?te'n at IX i<2 a $0 M, and IV w a 10 60 for eitra Michigan $1062 far aitra Ohio, and CIO 80 a til 73 for e*tra tieaeiee. In Canadian, <00 or <00 bbin. wf re told at $1 87 a 99, in boad, uad at 10 '26 a ? J 74 duty pail Common brandn H->uth*ru ?r?ir< negleeted, *ini th? b-l Her grade* were In fait datnand, wt'.h nalan of fane/ and eitra* at $9 37 . 9 I# '17. Py? floor ?a? at 84 2t> and $6 31 fer Bno aixl a u perdue. M-al ?** ?t It&OforNa* Jtrnjf and $4 87 for ftraadywiae. Wbtu,t wt? ',u.<jt, with email it I* a at $2 40. Rre waa naminal at $1 iij a $1 'JU. Cora wait icarae and htltlabcre the riawa of t>uy?r*, and no aaiea uf momant *?ia m?<l? on Um> ajot At>?ut 21 000 baebeM war* rotl on ?blpboa'<t, u> Phiia dalpliia, for Cork and a market, with frvigbt engaged at 9 Md., on private term*. (V rrty ? Tbe ?al*a am' rared 800 bag i Rio ittlM. a I0\e. Ita nalei of St. Domingo yeettt lay aboutd kave been 2,4CO foot 24,0)0} bag*. CorrOR.? Tbe market ?a< act v?, with ail?? o' at ??ut 8,000 bale*, induing 1,800 on tba aj?ot and 3,M)U in traaaitu? all at full prioea. Puiort*.? Ratal were aow l??r attire, with Angag* mint* of 3C0 Daka of cotton at ?'<*. 8d. per bal*. ttot?a< ?n 20,000 aad .T0,tX0 buabala of corn w are ?ngaa?2 at 64. in balh; ab'ut 600 botee beef a at 17*. dd. To Dr?u<<.n. 100 )>bl?. (Jeneeee Sour war* engaged at 96a. ; 2,00? gal Ion* oil at i)fc Mr gallon, 18,000 fbe. whaU'oae at V and 100 b*k? (ai*c*lUaeou? article* at 2a. 81 per bale. Ta Glatgow, 60 baiaa heavy w tight wara erg .fed at 2fla. Toiiavr*, cotton van at tie. a He, ; a hae 94 a 97, an) proTtalvoi at 76c a 80c. To I'auforcia, ratoa wara ua hanged. Pruit.? Palca of 400 bona 'try ra.a.ia wara ata<le at $2 20, ami 2?0 do. w?t, at $2 1I?T. ? PaJia of 400 a 500 bale* Wfl.*# ata^.s at 90s. a 9fir Mo Li Mm ?Hai<? of 400 to 800 b>Ja Va a Ork<ac* wara sua it* at 17r. a 28c. Natal fToaan.? C? ?? of 104 bbla. (plr.ta wwr<) KA<la at 40*. Boaln waa dull at $1 70. Cn..? Ibara waa no to aotlra la i.naoad, ar.d aalaa wara linl'ad. Wb^la and aparm war? .atbanrrd I'aoTVinwi. ? Tba markat waa for o.d t aaa, an 1 aalaa of about W) bUa ??r? uada at 912 37 a IU&*> Haw aaaaa aad ariani wara uxctaagad. H?f f wa? .a got' I daataad and about 300 a M<0 t-Ma. country aoi i at old rata*, iro bbla ppiw maaa aold a: $21 ; 100 bbl* b^af baaaa at 81 8; aad 200 da VaraKnt and EaaUre, a? $l?! Cat naata r?ntii.u?d m good dtoiAB'l, ?lia Mklaa of OO.OCOIb# ?ac or in tbda., at 8k : ; 7b ti?rc*a bain* wait aal I at 8c. , aad M io. alouldera, at r>\c. I.ari ? Prliaa tu at??dy at 10c. in trill and 11;. in k<g?, witb aalaa of 200 a 300 packagaa. Him.? Tba aalaa am'>rM?<l about 8j0caak? g<o<I pr'tso ?I iaitty, at 4>jr a 4%e. vri'"?a.? t'aaaia waa Arm and it waa a'.atal that Mj(e. waa dael.aa'l far a Urg* Uj'. to arriaa Hi-nan. ? About 600 a 600 bbda Jfaw Orkan* war* -oil at 4^c. ft SH?.? at tb* latter flgura to tba trade, *nd 2,C0>| pkula of Manila wara aald on pr ra'? tarm*. Tohaook? Tba aii?a t*abra3*il 7U bfea*. Kantm.iy, at 9Uc. a $C , 10<1 bbin Havana at 24c. a M 76 do CaVa, p. t. , 50 raaaa ?*??! laaf, 12:., 44 4o TV, rida 17c. a 26c Ti a whole ranga wita !r<m 7?. a lie Tba atock an *-ba lit mat af*. wa* l??a '.lian It bad baaa for two or 'br?a yaarn paat, aal pricaa Lava iniad btgh*r than naaai daring tb* whnio *?a*an The atock in tba To?p?itioo War*h</uia on th* 1*1 iaat., waa aa foJ.wa ? 1*83. 1?84 IMS iiog/baada ?,90f. 7 W3 \m V -a larky ... $,700 0 92U 3,07.) Viigiala and North Carolina. 1$4 189 277 Okio ? ? 1J Talujw waa 4?ll at 12o for dly render*) Wrwivt.? HbI?* ?f 100 bbla. ware ata-le at 32>%c ; and 1.0 do. Mate priaoa, at 83d. Rrtall Prlrrai ut Karat Prtdota 1* Waaiafng. ton Market. Mtate of all kind* atiU eoatlaoe h gh. with light aai<*. fitltry baa ad?aac*4 from oa* to two cent* tn tba roMmoaly noad at. ,rti*e Tb*ra I* bat a mail qaan'ity of fewl la market, witn tb* 'ingle ei option of w.*l dackt, which baa* arrival la'aly >n grant abi.n<las a. There m ao evidence of the ratae besoming lawtr while the weather eeattnoea a* at prea*at MRAT*. Beef? Wrloia, r><au>t, per lb 1* a 18 liib, rvaat. prime 12 a IA Rib, efcnch 19 a 19 Hi i<>m ateaha,, 14 a I' rerterbouae etaaka a 19 Ramp aWate,.. . ..... a 14 Platea aad aarel*, coraei' ...10 a 12 Mottea, par lb 0 ?8 a 0 l'i Umb " ? a 0 14 Vaal ?? ... ? a 0 14 Veal, fer ?j?arter* . " 0 10 a ? Teal retlet* " ? a 0 18 Park? Pretb, per lb 0 10 a 0 11 Ham*, aoiok'd, per lb 0 12 a 0 13 Pbouldere " " ...... ... 0 W a 0 10 Ndea, " " ..... .. 0 10 no II P?e*. ptebiei, 11 ? a 0 11 Jowl#, - ? I 0 OM ?aootad beef, " ? a 0 14 '?na'afee, " ? a e 10 Hoteg aa I o. ? a t II taM, " 10 $ ill TOlXTbT AKD OA U. Ttrkai* . per fb 8 13 a ft 19 ?? 11 a o lit Dacha, tame, par pair I 90 a 180 0aehe, black. ?? 0 92 a - Dacha, reAead '? 1 99 a 1 $9 Doche. raaT*a*W> t par pnlr I T9 a 2 00 Chlchena. pat pa ? . ... 0 92 ^ a I 2b fewia, " 1 99 AIM baia*a te. ?? 9 Ml a 79 PartrMfaa par pa>r 79 a 1 00 Qantl, 9en??..,,,.? 2 41 a IX rn. Ban*. per lb ? H ? " taflti, OH ? W Uackflab. " ? ? 0 "? Cod?ah. ?? ? Oft ? Pfckerel, " 0 13 ? ? Puaflsb, " 0 !? * ? " 0 10 a 0 12 Perch '? 0 00 ? 0 10 ykmndem " 00* * ? Abater*, " 0 00 a ? Crmfca, per do* ? IS ft 0 IS Malt aaftckcrel, per lb 0 11 ft ? Salt ?had, " 0 11)<ft ? Saioked halibut " 0 10 ft ? Sak'd Dftektrtl 1 0 13 ft ? Hoond* anil U<ogi?*a, per lb 0 00 ft ? Smoked ibftd. " 0 18 ? ? Bouaed aalmon, per ran 2 00 a ? Unioked ealmou per lb * 10 a ? Dry eodflah, " 0 04 ft ? ?HXLLriSH* Orttcra ? Print*#' b*t. i?> lllO 0 02 'yi ft 0 75 Virginia ?' 0 ?23a a 1 00 Clare, Khrewal ury, p*t ,00. 0 .'17 >5 ? 1 00 Little Nack, '? 100 ft 300 ?MWfAMAB* IVtatoea, par ball-pee* 0 1* ft O US Mercer da. per bbl 5 W ? 4 Oti Juno do. 14 3 00 ft 3 W Twr?ip?? white, i mr balf-iwk ? W ft ? * Uimaio. ??r fljf ? ? Do. ' p*rbbl .. 3 75 ft ? Online, red. per half pe?k 0 3b ft ? wbita ' 0 10 ? 0 13 Cktbagen? new, aoei> 0 10 ft 0 15 rtd, " ... 0 04 ft OU ;*aToy :at-bag* 0 00 ft 0?W B*et?, per buocb 00* ft ? Ckrrota, ?' 0 0(1 ft ? Celery, " 0 12 u 0 1# .Salad, ea:h 0 0# ft ? Oyeter plant, perbuaek 0 12 ft ? Applet? Ppi'-ieabergva, p?? bbl 3 M) ft 3 75 Da. per balf peck 0 ;U) ft U ^7 > Owning*, per bbl 3 10 a ? Mo. pet halffeok 0 .'10 a ? hot raaat'lM, per bbl H Oti ? ? Do. pn half i-*!k 0 35 ft ? Cranberri**, per bbl 12 00 a 14 00 kl-TIKB, CJIKXAB, ETC. Butter? State, )*r lb 0 25 ft 0 24 Orange " 0 V* a 0 31 Delaware " 0 a o 2H Oieeee ? per lb 0 10 a 3 12 Kugl'ah. per lb 0 U ? 13 P neapplr, each 1 'i'i a ? Sapeago, ? 0 V6 a ? K^ga, fife far. .... 0 12. >4 a ? Retail Price* at Flrmovd In New York. Virginia pine, per r?rd f7 '>0 lie. Uo. Iva-I. 2 IK) ft 3 76 Jcraey pift?> l*' cord * <K> I to. do. load S 00 ft 2 36 fleorgift plaa, par cord 'I 00 Do oo. load 3 no Hickory wood. par r urd H j0 Do. ao W ad 2 50 a 2 75 Oak wood, p?r cord fl ?j0 Do. dn load 2 00 a 3 25 floft wood, eheatcut, At<\, per oonl 0 OU Do. do. do. load 2 00 Dogwool. per load 6 00 IDVBETISRSEim RiSNGWElTdVBdY SAY." . MVtnOAV. ~~ BARFS, HARIH, IIARP8.? TH*: BUIHOUI'FJW apect.'ully laform the maal'ftl elite oft!" I'n.fcl i* thai they* Juit raaeived fr . in Pane, fro'n tb? It vector, a ettall guitar harp, ft ftaw Inevnttoo. an .a ia?y principle, adapted for accompanying ataglnif, rio gle aad double artioii harp* madi and repaired and war rautad. Old aarpa taken In exchanK*. H?-|M to lure ami piano lar tale. R.kL LKWIH, 301 (lowery. MUSIC MOKE IN JKHtil- Y CITY.? TliK UN UFA mufi begi taaea V) mferin he 'rltn*.* vnd e l)?atbe ta? ja?t opaced ? furiign acl il'uaeatlo nuaic ? tore, at 50 WuatgoiMrr atraet, where ha will a*H all kindi af ?heet muaicatNtw Y vk prices, an-1 a>u ?ieal Ini'.ranienla o t ?r*rj dwcrlptton at the lowft terue. Dvftlera and yurcbaaen tbroodbout tl.e ? onntr/, a* well aa *ehiH>lit, At., will ba aup|uie-l by a<H tefnln^ E. A. KIlU.MKK, 60 Uoatgoaery atraal, Jeiaey (My, N. 1. PKKUIIIM riANOH? RZHRY h iMROUli, Na. 237 Breadway, bate |uat reeeiead a Mean auppl* ?>< ? aper or unproved eeala aad action p-acMia. fr< m lial ?tt I'uvie k ?'?. 'n eelebrawd aftU'ifaa'ory; wt. ;b *<.rpa*? any tbat we hare before art* red. Bbyin( lor *a?h. wa are able to to. I at eitreuwly 1 -? prion*. r*eond ba*<l plaoo* for lake and to let at mhued rate* N? !m|>fi>T?d"miKlel niei-etecaa. wi''i els (y'aven, for pale or to let. Muotbly payioeut* U en f >r pait el tba aaeouat. IAKOB, MKUillKONH AND "kHJHIC? ? kIuT KFV ductx.n in price*. ? fleauliful and celebrated piano* at aa'.reaacly low pr.eea- au ftMOrtuieat >?l all earl ^ lee, c*Diprl*lag tbote if ten lilT*r?nt maaufasUrle*, mala deoiM at ft l*rg? dirtnna*. from l>i/m?r (ir.taa, a iti^a eariaty of all Ilia variooa *>y b.'H fro-n tire diilerent u.aa i factoilea, aeeood band piano* at great baifaoe, prln* from 140 to llbC; j .anen to rent, muelcal metrnn.'^ite ef tU kisda, aotic al the re.)u?eil rate*. Now aetina rapidly, "rfpaitbag I'ulka," by Tbonw* ilaker, prlc* ii cant*? ft Kiuet beautiful nrvdactlon. IIOKACK WATaUt, 233 bmulway. SECOND BaND i rANOfTAT- (Iraa F BA R<7a lN-i.~ 0"^' Chickeriug p-aao, raaad erniii, a even octave, wiib ?*uIdiD<*, fret ile*k and (aucy lege, price |4ft0, be?n uatd about teu an> ntha w II bo told for 1375. Ooe Il?w'* J iaoii, 7 <? taee, n'elu roand <-<.ruer?. pr e ?il) be add f^r 1240. kUn octaee do , prli* 1315; *111 be (old for <200. On* far fl7&, 1150, II 40, 111", 9100, tfcO, f M), aft') $40. Hmou-I luand m*?<i<oii fi.r t*.0, oaj do (or $b0. New planoe n,: 1 on ni ^otuly faji"?utf. UURAnT kATfCHH, V'J Broadway. CHV 'i-OOOH. AC. DM*'H TRIMMtNOS.? ON MONIiAY V1IK Will JAN., ?? niiali '.oznmaa** to etoaa Oat the Nalanoo #f ' ? ?jiUr.d d (toek af ri->h rihbona, aulabla for .Ira-* r*a>iu?. ?cam, > HAk ml mantilla triaimtfaga for ? ? ? I, ttca bud tr*m*at*, at cm half ttKir ur final coat W. II l.ltalTKNKrtlN, Udla*' llrtra Tritnr ,r< 8? H omtrj, otmr H"Ur *U?a'.. EHXTK.s-1 V E* ~KKfM TTION Of TWENTY HV? PER | Mat aa ail oar alat ar *U> k W ho*t*r* *.Ut. utr. Of. and ottM uDdaraafti, and boat, for uadr-o, kwli?, aad ,?? j'-Mtf n 1ap*rh<r kM (lav**, d?? iLUIiM*. a*. I'KTKR KOUtan A CO , .lift l*?>a.t*aj. __ IMET1IU, AC. m-ammoth MiwFm'HDi.AMn and :*r. bkunaud Jf| F'>p?, KiOf HI, aria* apabltM, Scotch aai KrglUfc kL a and Ai. rat tarrtara, and all the <b'la?a*. kraaua, a.aay* <>n band. tlatchl"* kapt "'piaitl/ .'or a toe* Flaoaa cop/ tua ad<lr*?*. VO- Watar *traat, ( ar ?tr cf Paltoa, n; ataira ?iluakm. 811.1.1*101 YAR. n ? ?K HAVB ON IIAWR A LAROS ?took ?f raaawood as>l aabofooy Ubl?a, a I Ik ? and btrMa b*<ta, *altahJa for pr.vaVa I r par !* a ?? t>?* **t?no kand ta lt? for tab, at a kargala URli rrr?i a deckw, to iu -iwt TO MK'tr HANTS ANITOTHMW.-ANY OJNTLJtWAN | alaliia* a aaparla r bill aril labia, for aithrr katils or prtrat* una, ara raaaiadtd that T. O'Uonaor, 41 Aon airaat, tka oai.rattad aaanufac ur*r of patent ralraoimd India rutkar < aabiontd billiard tab'**, 1? pr*(i*r?<I at all kinm to f.rniab labia* 2ft par cant k? tliaa any tlmllar n'aMUlnirat la Naw Tori ? 'n malarial, wonicanh {<, anJ Hunt, ara uartaalia<i. Ooon'l*<*jr* and .malaara ? ill And It ta tbtlr advanuya to aiaanaa ?..? itwk laf'.ra purebaalcr al?a?kara TOBIAS C O'CONNOR, 41 Ann *r4?t. UMAX. ROTICRP. TbT E # yVbK NuVb tHK OI.'Kr, KI AH II Orat;,-J. Cario a bratoaat. triit^ of Mr*, tjaan. W. Bra* ad. againal II* or/ Uurvo and Aiv*lia '?? Vro In* ?( a, J*ramiab Hiio/n<u>a, (,'harlaa M Smoaaun, Mar, Him'ioaon, axaantor* J a* K Maorio. a?a?uU>r. 1 A* HjWax."* Ljaa an<l wkla. Htaubaa MTillatU K>l 'wu'i \ WlUatta. 0. Jaadoa k Ca, (linllanoMi Maria, Hi kar l Katrvrk.- To Haarjr Caatro ??. . tnvlta (Jbatro bia *lfa, I 7*u ara k*r?bj aummunad an<l ra?|air*<t to aaaatr tba I '.anplalat In tbla actiaa, akieii vaa Blad la tha oflWra <4 iba ' l?rk af tba Osuntt of King*, .t th* 'It/ Hall, In tha [ tit j af Hioualja, on tba alitb da/ of, 1*64. aad ta aarra a cap/ af taar auaaar to tba aaid ronifUini i.n tSa aabo-rlbar, at Ala afllaa No. H Wall rtr-at in U-.a ill; of Naw York, altbia twaat/ da/* aftar tha -nV* af tbia aaauona on /oa. ai(lu*ha af lh* da/ t?f ia?b *?r?l?? aad If ,ob fail ta aaotr tha miA aoaipk nt ? Itliln iha tnaa afvraaald, tl>a plaintiff :n thai art?n<i will aaflv ta lb* Court for tka rahaf taanand"! in tl>a -*m pbiat WM RIJtMYniUXimCX,riAk>t.r (Attr.ra*/ | Uaia4 N.w Yaik, Oa? H BUIRP.MK COt RT UTT ANU OM HTY or HH ? Tork ? Char la* W I./ada agalaa'. kli/a Hu^ |ta?? Mn(haa>, rarab ). !<*>/. AUahau. <i lav/. PradatUk It. Martin lowav Una**. I, U PWroa, Kutarl H AtV-rkar/, tkilkaa* Vlamlng nod Aar ?? M. B~rr ? Ta Iba dafaadaata, Harak J. lai/ aad Almbam <1. !a?; ? Taa ara b?r*b/ anaiaaaaad aad raaalrad to aa ?war tba < uaaalalat la tbM Htua, vbt'h L< 'aar, tlad ?a tba aB?a af tba < Vrk a I tba tH/ aad aouat/ tf Ha* Tark. at tba ( It/ Mail, ka tba ait; of Naw Taat and ta a*rv* ? *apT af ;anr a aawar W iba ??>??? ?an ??.> t <?? tba iabaaribar, at b(a aflaa N" IOmiI l tu . ? | l/a altk n t?*att da/* aftot '.t.* a. r aM< an /oo, axiJaaHal/ of th* da; aad If raa fa I ta aaaaar tba aaai t ? h n t* ? Una a" roa d tba pMat > la tbla a-r ? b ? U apt' ; k. tba tairt fat tba i*.ta( tmtadail .a Jaa ?a|? i t Da tad Uaa 4. .?i4 CMA :t|JR & irWDK, r% a^ it * Attorn*/ COAL, AT. CHKAI IflAl^l* T| TO (iK'K3W a"?U 17 TO Hl? fa? Hat rad aafc, an ar atoaa la*, aad l< M far aa* all ara ?alli?raaaa4 and datlvarad (r? 'J ??f X. M. B. TV'a M aa aaaaiaoaatlM *b ataaor fraa tba t* t?r?ji RU HaHX) CUITTUN. ttdfral aoaaa ^in*:*p coai. -?a m rm ujwib rid a*h hvt. V aaitalta f-r loaafl e v-Hnj aUrraa aad fT 9m ka? *f| ar ?!???, 34 oaaka taaa v? araeara AR a?* a*n ?eraaa*4, aad faHrarad fraa af arUca N I' - I 4aa *. '.ry to aviire.aia 'row tb* *bo-? tanca il?a i4Mr '&a da**ari abo Adtt rt aa cbaap Rf'ff A<tll CVR1W If*. tM ftrat liattia ? i . 11 . i i : -a lATWlHHAZ. . 1| ATR1MOMT.-A TOI Ntl MAN WBIUf TO B?? A<a* ' JOT '? Wriwai adtk a yaaag My of f - ''?'*aa*t aaf;taya?aa?lM dlaiaalMl a lafaraa-a ra? ^r?I aa4 titkaafad Mam 1. ft , Maraid aAea X) ROADWAY TTUUTHC ? fc A. MARMH l!J>, J3 Leeaee ? IVcm one* at IM; -wibum at 7 g'sUfc-fc. Paturday evening, he'ruary 3, will be prrK>MBf 4 CLN'DEItDXA. Print# fallj Mr. Rarrle< a AUMora Mr. R?-a Dandial Mr. Borrani Pompoiino. Mr. Uorooaatle Pedro Mr. Bavi-t?a CMwlt MlaaPyue Thiaba Cirlottt Pert mi n i Cinderella Mlaa Loaiaa Py na BONA FIDK TRAVELLER". B itta Mr France | Ji'o.!ma Mine J flougoaheiin Waliai'K'b ihkatke, ur?adway, near Btoon-.e ?tr<*1. ? Saturday evening, Feb. S, TOWN AND OOUNrHY. ItiMiUlnrojr. Mr. haatar (Vy Mt. Blake Trot Mr. Brougham 1 laetlc Mr Stewart Owen Uienroy Chippendale Hnwbaek Mr. Vlar.?nt Koaalie . . . . Mut H. Hennati Mra 'llenroy . . ,iMra. Hoey Mra. More< n... .Mra Blaka THE critic Faff Mr Leatar I WhUkerando* . . .nrongkans Snear ..Mr. RIaad I TUbur.aa. . . . Mra. Htepbeiik Dangle,... Mr. Chippendale | Cniittdaut ... Mlaa Carman Gr? ClUURTY * WOOD S MJNKTRK1.H, |N OONSE I %*eaee of the deetructioa of th?lr hali, U4 Broad waj, by Are. will perform eeery eveaiagat MECHANICS' UAJI, iTJ BH'JADWAY, I psdar the e<niroi ?BO CJUcIPTY, J Proprirtart. All fiuaar*ad by M. Wooc I KMIOI'IaN MINSTIHItl.HY, BCHLTAQra ofKKA. I.UIHT FAK'U* DAW, IB, cm. Afrt *aaii*d by tba moat a* ? orapliahaii company la tM ?<rli A iliac tT* ??' pfYtainiu* every evening. DvitM Open at 0>? o jlccl: ; tt ?wnuueaea at 7 H pr? ?Idly. CVHI ' METROPOLITAN nunua HAMrt A I J J. J. Nathan* Proprietor' ran pre at oomb.Ml trrupe of AMERICAN ANI) KI'Ritl'KAN RIDEM will ap| car tbia ("atcrJay) afternoon anil even of, in all th<ir extraordinary faati. .Ham ljhtbrop, flown A'tmlMioa ? K rat Cirvle, !Hj centa; Seeood I'ircia, Mt truli; Print* Boxea, |u Third Clre e, li?% centa. IVk ra open at performance* cbinnwoce at 7 Atw aya over before K) o'clock. Extra eaterialan.ent* given on tV<< In' ???lay anl Hatur day afternoon. QKRMAN UPKRA |OML HO* 17 AVI) 1M BOWKKY. ' Saturday evening , Fab. .'1, will ba performed, for the mend time in Aanar i'?, Adau'i b> autiful colon: opera, LB BfUCSECR HE PROTON, (the Ilrawn of Praotoa ) Tba Sr?t characieri will b? auntaln*<l ky Fran sWan tuif, Hemn Vilnt, Viaka and Mnllar. Conductor, J ull ii a Pager. New dr?*?>a,aa? aevnary. Hour* op -it at? >? ; to t?DB?tr> at 8 o'clock Tiokuta will bo ail.1 in i be ofllca frr m 10 iu>til i o'rluck. ImANKIJN mm M, NO 63 BOW IT Y, NKAHt.l 1 opjioafta th? Bnwary Thcatra. P*rfnrni?ncf.' arnry ?rrnnn, at 3, and irirr (Troinc, at 7. N. B- ? St#?uK?ra will ebwT? ititl tue F-.?n Un Minwum l? Um oii, | aio a t)a (:ni!ad statan wha/w tb>' Mo<lal Artlata? j ?ra afblbltan, w.tb ottar ?rlfleal ?ntorUlaaanU. Ka aji't bar >'o. la Bo wary. EHHUIMV THIATM.? TBI MANAQEMENT BEOS ) to aiinounoe. that in eona?i|i>aoi.'a or tb^ eroa la 1 uoatuo to (ain admltaion to tb<> t)kratr? during tba pet | twa wraka ami Ibe ra[iaat<>il danixod' at tba box olli ?? for ?a?ti to wltniMi tha bra itlful fairy opera of CIN DERELLA, that it will ??? pre M>utri|, for a fi* alalia nKire, witti ita uB?<iuall*d caat, liaa ittful ac?n?ry, mif> | nifl.rnt pti<rtoa ind imnwa, traoiformatlona, kr., Ac. M ?? I cuita l*y ri< will ?in>, mryaianlag, In tba third a't of tli* oparn th* baaulind aria of TUK HK YLARK, prono ky aS to ba tta rtry |i?rfection of ro:i! Iiation. ?\\r mjjui'v TBXATftE.? MR. IH.AKK BMPEOT- I V* fully ?ntiou?-oa that >.'a HKNKi IT will ta?? pla< ? ON TUEHDAY EVKNINO, FK3. d, ihiti <?ill ba (wtrformau, for t1 a fl rat * ra? ik-i- ba?iii< H?a moat kindly pr*ianta<l l.y tba a itboraaa, M. 4. ado* <?r a Mowatt'a pojular Atsari'-tn comedy i>( FAHHIiN, fa?t with tlia oatire a'.r'iigth ol tba nompaay. Adh?. fraaman <hia original char ?ct?-r,) by . Mr fV ? a Wilt, by apvi lal (ei|ua?t., and foi tbia o? ? .i?o? only, the faTorita lr-nia < f TUK LA-T MA V. tie iflrtj Pk> t'j'.l pArtieukra >iar. I HANKI.IM Ml'SK M. Nil L3 HO VKRV ? 1A? K J d*y, Fab bo'h ia ti:a aft? r 'i an I a ? u loir will b? f it T?ik: BKNIF1T OP MtSri EIJ. N MAY. ii a wbk-h ?(?>iun a boat (t Tolantar- tal*nt will ii iitar. TWENTY BIX YOI'N(i I AIlIEt vlUapv *' ?- tba M<>d<-I Artiaiia, and, among other pie inre*. w lah win 'r? rtfNMktod. -? ? u w found ? THi ARFRK fl.AVK. FAlKIt^' RRVEt.RY 11ATI! OF PUMA. HliJCIiNO llEAtTY, W:tht*eiity mh>r apian' 1 |< ranulll''.4tiona of 1 i ng Htat.aiy.'a l>Diale 0|^ra Trunpe, r igtpoaal antir?!y of la' a? w'?b a grant aaj ety of or.^loa' ant?Ma :ih> big, for tb>* aay 'inly R*m?mh?r Pat 'i 'lay aftarnooi. at 3 evening at T. RAMATIC HCADIN UH, BY J H. BROWV, AT TI1K RtiMiklyo Atnan j-uin, on Vfrnday aTfn-iig, l'?b a>ai.t' l 5y tua farar U Miaa K?iU* Bri !*??, wh i for Um laat Iwlva mut 'h' baa weirod inetrnitl'ina Itom him in "locution, and who haa tin 11/ aolantaarad aiao, tha aalabratad ijaar'a'ta and ill? Clnh the .fiul'ana, wh < have eoiauteared their aerel^aa (xirinf thi ??< n ng relerllon* fron a ?a - play, written by J. II llrown fur Miaa K. .?rl.lfee, will l;a raad Tlekata, SO Tu oaiamrnee at 7,^ o'?l? k Tlcketf t ?> b* had at all tha principal bool tnl muaic abirae. aniei>? nx YOinra ' ? ooon ?iv.;>k and 'iaB<-?r? t? travel with a band ol a*r*ne4*-e Apply tbia day, at tha Nor*.h Araariaaa lintel mar of hT H"i Do* k n<>? 0['* w ??r, Ikiwery tad Rayaid (treat, krteeen I aad 4 o'elo-t. _ uoi oiu,m;. PA/ 1 < ahkh or HCi'W.idH a.AKicr, hkanhiks, O* 7v7 wia?t, ratr*, Sro'.ab ai.J Irtah wbl*t*y? ?OD'lua i>i4 Dakl'a |or*.ar, Votch al*a, 4'.r?*?ti? alt arU SCrt*r. far family o?a Mro|*, aa>l ror<liala, far ?*U Wit H. l> DKKIUL. , lu> tiruomi ilml, eorqar of a. by Choice io.hikjn dock hkanmio*, oij? amoniii, lalo and Yna:ta ?h?rr!*? Ka-t Inlla ?>?-! VrH*! mmla.ra ! toden (>*ck |>*rt, H"IUn<1 fin, h m l Irtali oti.akay*. run, Hotnt *#??r* a* I .<? ?ir:e*a. Of* a t'll II r.'flork Hatarlaya, U> ar|uin??Ul" boa* wbe bit (? r "unlfty H K M?P"INUKR k 00., M rullnn *tr**< HEDHAL. ! I)' Dh warren, wkmbkh or thk roujuir or '?r|? f o f Dublin ?o?l bliabarf, otto*, 71 M*<U ita, atrtat c*ar r?tb*rtaa. R. JOHNFON " HRDK1NIW TAN KK OfrTAIVCI) AT bit oM ??1aii?l/ -J ofHr?, Ho. 11 I>< >n? alraat. ?a boan, ? A M to * P M DK. COfl|!?.Tr. SO IB DCANK KTHCTT MEMHE". Of ?.ha I'm ? *i *lty ?,f Naw Y?r?. S H --Hoa f?r. I . ? iiplorna in bia < lie*. Hour*, fioui I A M ta A f M ,1' CtHil'h Hkl'l'ist- ASIiHIb ? t? it Hi:i of afpii atloa t" tb* l?r at h ? a 4 ?*Ui lab* 4 ? Ibca, N?. 14 Iiuaaa tlrti, trvm * A M. to ? P M Tto REikVtrt'H llir KJO- A P.ITIf KI. CliK ,V man, r?o>of\ to btaltb in a fa* lay*, a'ur tt?f* of (r>at o? mm ?ulforl?( u aailoa* to otakn tla of ear* *111 >?n l ('raa) an/ah. r? ti* prt*?ric*..ea aaal on rar*1ripf > l*tt*r / p??t yt 4 I IMrtet to lav. JOItX M Ut'.NAlJ , 67 raHoo atraot, ?raatlya. T" * -*s? ' MwtiicAi lAwrxTuFThk'iui Mr mwyrirY, af Hoabary, baa illa?'>?arod la <?aa af oar (aaaoi l**i ota woa4* a r? in-* y that ??rM *?ary klad af baaaor, fraaa ba ?vrat acrofala <J?, ?a la a faa mnr ?i**pU K- baa trva?l it ia XV 1 IK1 >aaaa. a?4 na*ar faiM ai iapi ta |a? caaac, Mt U?o<l>i nam 'f lla baa i*o a ia bla pannala a ?rn In bat>4i?4 ortllialM af lia rtrtaa, all ?ilkla taaaty la laa af Kjato*. Two bo' i<aa ara ?ar?aaia<l t? ?ara a aa-?la( ao-a aiaaiA. Oaa W Din batUaa ?>U ??ra tba ??t>t kla4 of pia oa 'f a faaa. fa* to tkraa battlaa *ul t ara tb* ?y?t**n af Watia 7 ? o ?a< < laa ara aariaatxl ta car* tba ?rit 'Uirt a t ' *a?tb af iiiui'i 7b??a ta flra batltaa aia ?arraaU-l ta cara tba a <>>t aa-? af niilfUa Ona ta ta* bvttiaa art vanaa'ad ta a^ra all baMor la tU T?o Utt)a> ?ra ?arraat?t to to 'a r 'j ? ? ?# <4 tba ay*a ?a4 blaUbaa (ucraf ua ba r Faar ta all b< itla* a>* aarraat*4 la far* '?mft aa4 raaa>?f alrara Oaa b''tt?? ?fH ' ira ani|>t.< ? af tb? <bta. Ttl t? lkr?? battlaa ait aartaaM t* ' *r* tba v . at ? a?a of rlof ?ora> Tc to thrao f ? IU?? ar- to ctn tlx aiMt f?ii??ta raaa of r*a?ma'i?T TSr*? ta f ar Va'Ua* ar* ??ruW la rira tfc* Mil rbaaai ||r* to a(f : t b><t> ia* *|Q tora t'.? ??<??'. taaa af Kf> f.U * ? *tt lr alwajr ti|*tiHi'*^ lf*a tba flra* bottM, i ?I rr.otot abaa tfc* ab<r?a <)?aoU</ ' la?*o lr?.? 1 m//1M rttr ? lV/?iaa< WtWa if iku la |li| fi?tail;?f M'tat I ?-??? *fca afl^ta jf It (a *?ar? -a*a Pa r.f* a* *a??r a't att'afaUb tr*. ao *ara ir?1l U. ia c >ra btaar la??*r aok a battia of It bat tbat >'>ly ajK (> ?r aftar a tnoi It a'aa;< ?f**kr for Itaalf Wra tr* t?i U if ? aWat liKbfrb ifeal *pf?ar t? ?a ?r yrl'iaf- lr*t tbat It fraa* -a a?r paataraa la *mm >!*<*? aalta^WaLfal. aa? rat it* raiao baa aa**? Wa laaai aattl I #la?aaar*4 I .a )M? Ulat n ak*?M r?r* all kiaAa af ba aaM la i it ft?a aaaaa 14a* af lb* at 4*aa r?a taf lOft.arltjr Ikatr atry. I r ,1 *aat* tbat la Apr' 1 1W. 1 K4" a?l?atl at- at ft t?tO*a yrt <a j (a Aartl, 1*M I told a*W a U>?t ?at 1 battta* aar 4a f af t Va Aaaa* of 4M or** ao??? * af fi Dwao ? ? ft t*tO*a yar ??*/ fa Aartl, 1*44, I .tar a tktt ?a ft I battlaa far 4a r af t Ft *a?n? '.I M arar aaa* *ar| . tat tba l>**t taa >ta f*t aa4 *a>Mb af H. Im u*aa for a*a ? A4aWa. oaaa tabi* ?j> -afj far 5aj *?> IfH Mi' |*ar* laaarr* ipr.afil ab>Mraa f*oaa In ta atf fcl i ?* i a taa ayaaafal. Aa aa 4:r**a -a? aaa *a aff'J 'bkl* W All aaaatitattaaaa lata raAataat to afartta *? lb* (<rv*t? tvtaa a fey Mr Kaaaa4; aire* aaraeeU at !a*4i*?a la b*a caaa* af tor ft la Mao a fart a r*-! Vy I ?aal4 Irmly Ma l*?ar >attn*?. R?itaii Maa* Prta* tt Wbalaaal* ar**?* fa fra T'w* 'Vaa H *'af . Ma l?l SraoAvay , '? V I k*aar. Ma. bl llaaalay rtmt i b ID ?aali Ma 141 **J'oa atraat ao4 ra auM ay all r*afarta?at 4n?/tta >1 KToVS THliTKB, CHAMBERS HTRBKT.- -ATIR da r ? Thraa g rant pit em ft I rctraaaly auecaaarul drunk of WOMAN'S Up* aa Mail', Wlfa and M??U?rr; With Colmaa'* i-oiu*iy of tBuM IMCV11H; An. i tb? faroa of TUt. BALANOB OK <t> MPORT. Mr Hurl <>n in tw? ef hi* boat aJjan^tara, with aU U*? Ulra'rd Br ra barn of tba oonpaay. On Monday? A M* place hIIn THK PLATER '8 PIXXI. TiOWKHK ni^nuk? PBOPBflfW* J*PMANA(;rt / 11 I. r Waldron, (Hag* Man??*r, Robert Joaaa.?Prtai j of Adaiiaaiou : ? Buiaa, io ciuU, i*lt and Uailtry, 131 J crata, Private Botea, 1 6. Hatcbo** Kvmi*o, Kcamr 0. IRIBH A89RI ANTE AND YANK Hi MODEKTY. OIR OAL. I THE H4PPY MAN. TUB UAMK (O K (V TUK WIUWW?? B 1 BUKIJCY 'D ?OCKKNAUKRH. US MtfUDWAT ?THL mriuldur ourreaa of the grand new burlaecvie Ml LDCY or I. AMMKKMOOR, la fonr acta, introducing all tba " orig nal gema" af tIM favorite opera. WHICH WIU. RE K UPRATED AU. THIS WEEE Preceding the NfclRO MINHTRELir Concert eonaaienraa at ? j,' o'clock. Tidkata, 11 oantaj Rraarved 8aaia, 50 ftenta On Saturday aicuitig. fob a, benefit of E. % Hood, Much neat. ARNl M H AMERICAN Ml'tElM ItUfR AMD beautiful parfoi uan<-a? erery afternoon aai atao ing.? Mr. John R. r^ott will appear on Hatnnlay af t?in<on. at 3, V*b. 3, ?< M Ai'llkrH, aroiated by P. W.' Clark*, lladaway, he Kerning, at i*4, BUCK IT UJ hi -HAN aud DOQBIJC BJCDI'ED HOUM. Iba nv Wal Hta toary, the U?ini( ( Happy Kiuolly. h4., to b? ?ran an uaual. Adw.tlance, .t> cant*; children uaAet 'an, 12S' efttta. DONAI.UiONU Ol VllA HOlWt Tlx aitd 7 SO Broadway, Oypo-te the N?w York liuUl. Of'I'.N KVEItY NUIIir. Tba iiw t t*i?n*ad ami an tiinf COMPANY Of MKOHO Dkl LNKATOIW IN HIE WOFUJ). 1'loiMH.i lb ataU Donra open at' <1 ^ , tu Knuowa at o'clock. .Saturday aftrrroon? Concert for tha ?'#em*od*tloe of lailiri and children, omnaj-nrelntf at .'I oVloob. N. B ? <iiaud t->itliuo,ilal Va W. I*. Iioualdaaa, Thura da; arming, February ?). I!E IMMKNMi: M( a MS Of I'kKII ? l ? ETHIOPIAN Troupo la Boaton ha* lixiuco^ Uiea to prolan^ th?lr atay. Pur notl -a will ha glv*n ?if tba RK OPENING OP THEIR OPERA HOI CK, M:i BROABWAY In tha ovaawhila, that haantiful -KUbllabBMBt will b? r?nl??l for lonrat'o, I* turn*, am) otkor raowaetahla anniKU). uta. Apply a' I'arhain'i <iift tlckat Ofl! a, In tha building, whora <lllt Tlrkat* and irfi rmatian U ra latl<>n to Ibr oatarprliMi ran ha nM*iurd. TNTMlNATIONAI. MVKE1. M, NO ftl WVIkUOM I ?tr?at. naar Bowary.? TahlaaiT Vlaanta ? LiTlnr Htatuarr ? l*rcfriaor H?.?r'a troupa of franc b an<t Kalian Mo?'?l Artiata, M<1 SapnrtU l>a 'oto'a rampanr of aar?nad.?r? aik.'.lt at o'clock thUaraniag, Ad miraixa, 'ii ranta. Bowery thmt k -iiiht benefit ok wh. Jil'NN ? W?dii<*? ay or?nli?.-?, l<liru*ry 7, whan In addition to tba rntlr. Iramatf? and mualrai atrang'U .if tlia ompany. tba following linat' i>a array of volua tlx r talant will apuaar Mr <i. t'^arUa and datar, Maaara. C. Ka-lkr. <>. (' Ulna, Tiai ..or, ilk*. J. Milan, (1. K. k'orrt, O. Ilaa, J. Iltyaa aa' 0' (of iba Broad way Oprra;) Bhrltun ? A marlran Hraaa itaowl; ami Wblta'a Mtnatral", by parmla.lon of ?' Whlta, Kta. tha p'eoao a?.la-t..l aia ?I.IFK Ak :i IS, TUB TWO ORETiORlBS, HTAB K*'AB4'1JCIi BAN M R, aad OLANCV AT NtA YOKK. On.* f niln/ a nail attraotWa Mil; and Mra l>unn - nfld ntiy hup?a that ihla, bat Brat ap p?al to a New York pu M it ay t*a ti. m l w.irtby of thai patroBiga ?h? ha etm ? r i n 1? u?rl: Uoi ho<k now open. Jll'CKlKYB HI'Rt.N AllKBM, 61U lllU)U'WAY. A ..ItKAl HOI. HaTtanai 8, F< i Iba br nail c I Q Hoo1, H '.c"i*, Tha if and naw '.urlaao-.a, I M V Ol I AUMEHMuOH, in four arta and agrra' eaat. TTUiNONK AYMMAKII'M -HEM1 ANMIAt RXHlfll b 0, i. 'v? rra ' f th* al?i^? ?> ?>' i*bnt>Bt wi I taka alar a ?? tli? 6th, 7tb, a?.i l?to ,f MllMf l?Mk. MamWra' tl< ??ta how raady. J* II H Wooll, Olroator. N"AT10NAL TIIEATKK, WAMIDiUTOV D. C - THH tti'a'r- atll op?r< lut tl. -ra-on "? Mi.nday. I'abru ?rj 12. Lad ka a*. 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" S.:Q>>rand -'re ' of Mr ?II, fi.pariataad - ratcf tbr (7i'arar taari'.blf Rooi.a, at Ujo - r <11 ll^aa rranlng of tbr ball, ?jt of any vt iba at ri.'aia af tba Jland OAliIlO KnhkMlt:*. Daxcikh aiuumy. ii uoward Rtrnjarr CAWUMM. VK/IK.V- ba*t ?... to Info at U.a aMit, Dm*. akt ti?? a (.? a?l h*r .a'-iag fflm; for hi? lulmtlw 'if IiuIim .04 a* <iU'tii*a, la 1 M aa"at tljIUl 4*aa<-?* ?' I). lay C ho-.i loi ?? B half ptat him t'l '.a a'tiaak. (*1 1UND BAVCIHO 4CAMMT, Jf?> i? II <M? -tHBTT. Jf - M Milt trot K tiaa ilia plaatara la ta'araa Ika puliU-r ILal hl? 'Wit? III O'.. <.j?n -* a ' I jr , lt>r Brar'lwi la ? ll lit* modaro 4aa?**, fitin # A M in'il 10 r M. ?* 4,*a and f*al!i rn-a *fcVm a-t-at'loa or (.r?'U<a '.it alalia t? aura of at Ma (Mail th? moat i? .<| ? fMtil'" If. J A fl 'knaaMa a 'J A Mta't kail ? 111 k* |l??n at ki.rtetn* 'ft Tu?a<laj, ftk. 9, ?a4*r bug tela llnfMi. 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