Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1855 Page 3
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MK EKMEW8D ETEEt MT. truants* reoiitbr. " PEARL STREET. ? STORE AND BAsEMKNT to rent from the lit of May, bow and for l ?ine yeara occupied an a whaSaals general shoe ig basinets. Rent 6000 pet annum. Inquire of J. K. HOtTLE, 337 Pearl street. PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN BLEKCKEK atrtet, near Broadway. baring a larger house than require, would let the eotire second floor (fur d) to two or tlire? gentlemen, without board, refjfence required. Address A. B.C., box 3,404, it Offi. m ? , SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OOCT HYING A LARGE four story house,- would like to rent, whole or part, ompletely furnished with everything for houseke -ping, xoept silver. To a respectable family of grown persona, biala a rare opportunity. Poaaeiaion immediately. In [t'lre at 114 Waverley plaoe. BOARDING HOUSE ro LET, 170 MKRCKK STiEET, furnished, or will aril the furniture, cona'fiting of :gEtapar nienta, a Oath room with] hot and cold watar II through the liouie. lue home can Be had lmramli tely. ~G00D OIIANCE F'iR A UKNTEKL 1AMILV.--TO let, a firat clana house in ^outh Brooklju. The [wucr and lady wou'd ooard wilh the family, if mutually Wreeable, or tlie rent eau be paid a?inl annually. Re rrenc#a exchanged. Apply to THOMPSON fi S Tit KET, Nassau street room No. 7, second atory, back room. HOUSE TO LET IN SOUTH BERGEN", WITH _ atablc on ihe premises; four yearn' lease for -ale i'l'ly t? J. HU( 3HKS, next house to Sheriff Neivkirk's very l'litrry and convenient house, wiru two lot i, tach iO liy 100 feet, may b? at cured for k than $1,500, well located on Aoclphl street. >v?ar te Fulton avenue can, in Brooklyn. l{ou>w th'rtoen iom?. three story and basement, with court yard and ? ui. Apply for three daya t i KOSWKI.L 11. PitRCE, ne street, corner of Broadway, under the Metropolitan nk. . OARMNG HOUSE KEEl'ERS, MARKET OARi'EV _ era, drovers, Ac ? To let or If ase a large plot ol ouud, corof 126th street, Eighth to Ninth nveau.- hi inlng about one hundred and tif y city lots, fm .1 t?a twelve acre*, fit lor cultivation, with a goofl f.irin ouie, l>arn, ico house, a never failing spring ? ' - iod ater. Also, a large u<-w four story briet ouiMcug. "ty by sixty, built In tho bc^t manner fur ? i ?eei miiy boarding liouae. containing about forty rj J tn, iplete with every convenience, baths, water clo? ts, op sinks snd troton wat r on ivery floor Jw" l'o a .'Ty good tenant f no o'h'r need apply,) famnlilt term* ijl be giveu , t4ie nouse U partly furnished, to bo t?'.?n a fair valuation. Kor particulars apply hto MessH. Mil. i & THOviPSON, .01 Cortlandt street. fcWRNlSHED HOLME TO UT.? THE TURKE STORY brown atons houie, No 70 Weat Twenty Ixth irert, containing all the modern improvements, w.ll be ct with or without the furniture Apply to J. C. 8TONEALL, 131 Fulton street. BOISE. TO LET-IN THE VICINITY OF THE SEW York Hotel, with all the modern improvemtnta; furniture and everything in nice order, for sale; ow full ot tiri.t class boarders; location uuiurpassei; ickness being the only reason for dia|>oning. B. W. RICHARDS No. 307 Broadway. OQBB TO LET on LEasiv-NO. 469 BDOOVI street, one block we-t ol Broadway; house U.r, by 64 et, two atory and altic, all the mo '.em coove ienees, gas, ?n ?r, Sc , auitabi for buiineai, having a arlor 10 by 48 feet, with ami le accommodations for a Itmily. Apply on tlie prcmiaea. JF1CE8 TO LET? 116 AND 117 ALSO 110 AND 121 Nassau strte\ ^eparaUly or in suites, oonveni'iut City Hall, the railr<nda, kc. Rents mod?ratq. fu sion immediately If deaired. Apply to h. U. BROWN, 1 Wall atreet, from 1 to 3 P. M. Rooms to let-in thk well uqhed new bi ild ingi Nos. 36 and 37 Centre atreet, auitabi^ for luanufacturing or other purpo?ea. Apply at the Coluoi ian Foundry , 46 l>uanc street. btTORE TO LET.? NO. 260 HTLTON STREET, 0PI*0 j site Washington Market. A good location aad r-*nt pwwitl. Apply as above. H V. BCHKMC'K. L> IJOr ROOM TO LET? FOUR LARGE ROOMS, 19 FKKT wide by CO feet long, well lighted, with hoist *? iy, I -o. , on the first and second floors of a building in Hume trest, near West Broadway. Apply to THOMA* BOQI : CO., 131! Chambeis street. I'llO LET? THE Bl'H.DING 174 WILLIAM STRTTT, M. now occupied as office* and busineaa parposes ;Jao, a number of dwelling houses In the upper part of the city, at rent* from 6600 to $1,401. Apply to E. B. | ;iN8ftlilFR, 319 Fourth avenue, from ?') to 7 o'clock. LET? THE TWO STORY MODERN BUILT HOUSE, on Third avenue and lOfith atreet, furnished with fiDf*, bath, hot and cold wat?r, Ac. Also, tho house tnated on lOtith street, near Third avenue, with garden 1 (table if required. Also, tho dwelling part of the house, on Third avvnue aad 104th str?et, with and Croton water. Inquire of S. B. McOOWN, 1 avenue and 105th street. IH IJfT? TIOUSE NO. *75 PEARL STHEET, HAY! <0 forty 'tint room*. Inquire on the premie**. USE-IN BOBOKEN, WITHIN THIIEE MINUTES walk of the ferry. a few new first clan" boises, iu ver terra* e, with towers, , ornamental front*, and burt yards. commanding a beautiful view of the river kid New York . have all the modern improvement*, in tudiag gas and hot and cold water, and will be iol to rivate fsmlles of the highest respectability only. ? oarding boose keeper! need not apply. Inquire corner f Hudson and Second itreet*, Uoboken, of K. MAIU1.V. JHO IXT? THE 3TORE3, WITH BASEMKNIfl, OK SO* '1^ ft and < Nastau itreet. No. 7 will be altered end tinted to iait, aed iK>a*e**Mn cm ho had hj the flrxt of pril. Alao offlcci in same bu ldlng*. Apply to .1 AMES III 1KSHA.N hi, Xi Broadway, or Spring & Lrrlng, No. 7 aaaau itreet, second itoiy. I.ET? IN Till WHITE MABRLE BCILWNG 108 Canal ilreot, the flrat and lec.ond Iloora, well vis r>te# L>r business p . rpose*. I'oiisuion given iminediat?l iquire of A. 110 EM31.A1T, Mine building eiia'?ly. , in the m? THE CORNER STORE AND BABEMENT ON tbe Eighth avenue and Thirty third atre?t. one ' the beet corners on the avenue, formerly the Eighth venue Bank; nlao a store an] appurtenanccs, next Dune rang inif on 1 liirt? -third itreet. Inquhe of M. JlSFMANN, 6h llarclay itreet. |AO LET? A NEAT TWO BTORV AND BASEMENT brick house, containing oight room*, with fine IndercelUr, Urge jard. jjrape arbor, Ac. Rent ?'."?0. jo. 21 A IVan atrcet, eait of Foweri street, South Itrook Inquire of E AChKBA'II, 84 John itrMt, New Cork, f r< ir. II to 12 or 1-7 Rivifgton itreet, New Vork, urn 4 to 8 o'clock. 10 I. FT? THE ,-TOKE. BASEMENT AVI) CELLAR, all con n>' i ted, each flooi aboufryib fe?' by 100 duf>. l?o, a dumlter nf attractive ?.(Ti-e? in the upper part of 'he building. Also. 171 Greenwich itreet. I'ONHe-*|nn i the itore immediately. Apply to * E. MSOMm, 20(1 Itro.vlway. Pi i u? a m m m of m clam tmuma houlM wi .li ali tho mod' tn Improveia' at* In the pper part of thu city; alio, tho modern houses No* and 87 Greenwich avenue. Ca a b? connected, an 1 jultable for an extensive Ixnr llur home Apply to rJ E BI.OWMER. SW Broadway. iCnO IJ.T ? TO A -MALI- FAMILY. I'AHT Oi' A MODHUV | 1 built houie, iu a reipnctahle neighbor b <nl, with mi an'l untol water i- tages and carl pass wltkll tnlf ; Mo.-k. Rent mederste. In | at 2H6 Weot Eighteenth jtrtet. _______________ ___ I" 'O 1ET- A THRU WORT DWKLUXO HOCKE, 210 Fulton <treet, neir Greenwich. Apply to j. P. ri'wn, 8*1 Maiden lane. IO IET? TWO TWO STORY HOIMM, HI AND 89 I owning street; also, a cottage, S3 Sullivan *tre tt, tod a two itory house on Main ?tr<et Mott Haven, near lie bridge. Kent, $176. Apply to M. MFJ K. at the ' ove cottage, from 11 to 12 A. M., or at 'iQrt Varick Ilreet, co/ii' r of 1 1* no- rsley street, from 2 t/> 3 P. M. 1W LET- THE THREE 8TORT n??t;?E 247 wear Ibirty-fourth *tr?at, with all the mo lem lm rovemen'.H, t'iree room-, deep Apply to I. M. WMf, 43 Weit Thirty fourth itreet, near Ninth avenue FO LET? TM STORE "M THIRn AVEVl'E, f ' W"l of Twenty eighth street, ene of the b**t staai'i for | uiinesi iu New York, an old ettablUhed eafMi ; a ' roe?*ry snd provision *'oro In connection with a i.iar tt would Coa larije busine??, Rent low. In; ;lr?of E. I!. KIV^IUMUR, 319 Fourth arenn*. Ko lf r ? at nAJTrNGMPON utdbon. a vkatt ?r tage, cowtaiDtng ?lght r^"ins, with a g' ol /ai len ud carr'sge house aitaehi-1. It i* bea"t ful'.y ?it iwe l pon the tank of the river, and witb-o ten m nu'ei' nlk of the depot. Pofsessioc alvi n on ts# fir*t of Mj , r looner if desired. Addres* A. T. II , Hertl ! clflc' . 10 LET? IN BKOOKLYV, A SMAIJ. (V)T tage. neailv new, an aboit f?or lota of groualc >n tet?d tfcen with in / irden an't frail trees, on the Hit ide of I'ortisnd avenua, tint house south of I .il ?n venue and about l ' 4 miles from Ailant.o, Wail tre?t an Fult<>n f? 'He . flu bo ih will be palo'e l, m>' i? P?doce?i. llent?r.'w. Ap| lv to I, M MOORE la rear ie above, or at 122 Broadway, New York. ) uet? iheT S3 on" fuE oSI ir"oi ? not tffn'h str?et sn I lr* ag pla>-e, being a fir t rate U!*t on > liter for * private Voart iig b"im> or a club ouie po ?e.?ion at on-e. Als to let, t> * pr'rite amily the house Ttt Eait Fourteenth itreet. Apply at ft l^ait Fourttentb itreet. 1" to i-CT- to a oentlexan and \ .vTT k w rraoi" r children the second story of bo'iie No. t? We?t 'wn:t j eighth street, near *lith avenue, con*iitiu< of ru t and back parli rs, with pait-les baww nad one ?drcoi.1 aljoininn over the hall, one bedroom on third o?.r. with back basement au I prlvilrgeof bath; hit nd cold water and ga* throughout the Coum. rnjnlro ? above. o i.i-rr factory," ?o rv'jo, wai*"k?wkr cai, w culatc-: f"r moulding ft ', engineenng, kr , ttiated in orarire caunty . 1 . hi r? from this city, an t few yar s from I?e ItaiUea i depot. Also, b. ise. ra and acre* of land. . lir. M MX* MOOR!" 77 Warren it^ct. sa - ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? IJiT-'lHF. IlWEI.I JNtt BOOM 1*1 FRANKIIN atrtet. a lew ioora weit of Hudson, n an eiealleut 'bborfaoo'l . Tli? boose is tbrce etoriei hr<ck fr.nt ?II be le? tew ta a good l?oaat Apply et7i4 ? h\ T?. TCiAmjmwras. mo I.ET ? A PUBLIC HOUSE, WITH SITTING ROOK, JL ud other ipartaMnU it rs%mlr?d. Also, twa Itm Momi, with four ?It i mum tdjoiilot, suitable far societies or military purpose*. Apply at 186 Qraad it mo I.ET? THE I'PPBR PART OF THE TWO HOUSE} X Nos lbO and 182 Canal s'rrl; tbeso houses are reonected, and are in a On* !<<? it on for a large boarllnr house. Apply to JOHN r t.STRUC, 120 Vsri?* street. I. FT ? A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, FRONT _ and back basement, parlorn, aud lix bedrooms, bal cony in fiout plazu In rear, a beautiful grape vine in yard, situated at No. 50 Sooth Third street, William* burg, three minutea' wa k from all the ferries; rent t >00. Also, a beautiful frame cottage, built for the owner, re plete with all conveniences, consisting of eight rooms ami beautiful parlors, two minutes' walk from all the ferries. No. fl in the name street. Heat t .<25. Inquire of DR. HEINE, 333 Broome street. TO IET? A NEW TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE on nortli tidi' of Eighty sixth street, near Hurl (.'ate f' TTj, between aveuues A tod B. blouse in 26 by CA feet, and replete with modern conveniens**. I/>t 85 j by 139 feet. Apply on the premises, or to JOilPH F01rLKF.'8 SONS. 4H South street. f|H> LET?THE THREE STORY HRM'K DWEM.IMC ! .1 house No. 7?n Washington street, (ear Jane, in good repair, to a good tenant; the rent will be >150. 1 A|ip)y to PAUL A&NOl'X M Wall street. TO LET? THE FOUR 8TOIIY H008S 338 FOPRril ; avenue, between Twenty-fifth an 1 Twenty sixth ! streets. Hhs Croton, hot anu cold water, bath t.ud gas. Kent $*50. Inquire of I'. JARDINES, 12'i Water >treot | mo u:t? until the vunov may next, the JL two parlors of tt',43 Kroad*ay, adapts! fur sh >?r | rooms, with c.isy access from tUe street. Apply at 86 Munay street. TO IET? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, YEARLY rent $>u>0, a supeiior tbr*e story brown ntoni liouso, : retaining fifteen rooms, wlih all the modern improve men's, convenient to the Eighth avenue can an 1 stigos; also, west of Broadway, in III ;ecser street, a llist-clitss bonne. II W. RICHARD), ;t07 Hroadway. | mO LIT? YEARLY RENT $600. P08>?ESril0N ON THE I Jl 16th iiiht , a nice two-story attic and basement house, i In n good neighborhood, west of Broadway, below Canal street. Also, ptrt of a hou c, from 1st of Miy, below i (seal street; rent >276. H. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broad- I I I TO LET? THE DWELLING HOUSE NO. 10 JHNETTA street, containing front and hack basement, wi ll , i n<' on cellar, front and Imck parlor Urst floor, front au I bark ronm bull bedroom, tecond floor, too rooiis, l\rg? i | art st ttm, Kent >.'i;jo. a r LECKLER. TO IJ-.T ? IN THIS CITY, <17 HOUSES, ALSO 17 Fl*R nislird houses, also 16 bousts ami furniture lor sale, atao 62 part^ of houses, also msny in Brooklyn II ihuken, i Jersey, States Island, and surrounding country. If you i desire to let or hire a house, you save time and trouble by applying to R D. GOODWIN, Clinton Hall, corner ol Hghth strotl and 1-afaystte place. TO LET, IN MORKHAMA? A DOUBLE COTTAGE, | very p!e:issntly situated on the pout road, only a ! f'sr minutes walk from the railroad depot. Address i Philip Ernst, 821 Bio*dway, entrance in Twelfth street, j New York. j TO LET, IN BROOKI.YN? THE STORE NO. ?.'l MAIN street, with immediate poisesslon; also, the dwell ' ing over store, from tirst of May: it is well calculated ! for a hoarding h'juse or large family. Apply at 17 Ful ton street, Brooklyn, from 9 to 10 o'clock A. M. TO IE! OR LEASE-AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATED Island, two now thres story brick tiuiMiugs, neir the i landing. The first story and basement of euch are do signed for stores, tbe upper storiia for dwellings, which ! can ke connected. giving convenience for a Urge boird ing house. The location is desirable for a first class i family grocery, dry go ets and generil furnishing busi | ness, also for a umber, coal and feed establ.shmont. They will he let on favorable terms, by applying to D. ! A. Coinstock, No. 6 Jatincev court, 43 Wall street, or to , liurdatt, havis A M?ln, V7 William street. TO LET OH IJCASE ? I'ART OR ALL OF THE DWELLING house No. 6 Bond street, furnished or unfurnished. ; I'ossetskn given at a short notice. Is a good location for a dcnt> st. T, T given, the stable and ciacli liou*? 72 l?<inard street, with piivilegeof yard and Croton water. Tlie st.iule can accoma.oilato tc n horses. For term-i apply to EDWARD SMITH ""i North Moorf strsst. 0 LICl CR LEASE? THE LARfiE BMLDINO (NF.AR ly :i0xf 0 fee<t) No. low Hank street, as a d#e'liag, cr | for some light manufactur ng purpose, conttmuig sen nteen rooms, with new range und batb; well light ed. Sewer in '.he street. Apply ;n the office T1 IJ>rr OR LEASE THE ISLAND KNOWN AS Rlktr's Island, beautifully situated in tbe East river, about two miles above Harlem; contains about 100 acres of land, beautifully wooded, ami has a large, com modious house and out buillings, and a One new dock, that steamboa's can land at at all 'ides, the whole suitable for a public house and place of summer resort fcr excursionists, Ashing, 4tc., Ac To a good tenant will be let low for one or more years, and possession given Iramctlialoly. Apph at 66 ii.-oaJ street TO LOT OK I EASE FOR A TERM OF YE AR8 -FO'Tl story brirk honsn and store No. 2.17 East Twentieth strset, near First avenue; a good stand forsgrooery: been tMed as such for the last four years. Possession given of store immediately if required. Apply to TIIOS BI TTER, 146 West street. TO LET OR FOR SALE ? THE HOC -IE AN'D LOT SO. 147 tt'wt Twenty-ilxth street, itraa engice, nit horeo power, ehoftiiig, belting iawi, kr , all in s;ood order. Irumodlate po.iM ision if de ired. Apply to .IAMBS KWOOD, corner Thirteenth itreet and Eighth ar. TO LKA8B OR TO IJCT? THE PREMISES NO. 24 Orange and 65 Croat itreet, with ail the fixture* complete and la perfect order for doing a large buaiaex* in a brewery, rectifying and cordial manufactory ; aI?o for carrying on the liquor trv le. To a good biiMinMHH fieraoB the rent will be Terr low. Inquire of I'IUmA.4 I. ClIALMFRH. 24 Orange or 120 Hamernley itre' ta. mO 1 EA?K FOR A TERM OF VRARS? THE SPlRF-H A and bafementa of the IVarg- Home Broadway, oppmait" Itond street. A'ao the four atorlei of laia fcouie, 100 by 1IX) feet Alao thl itort No. 296 Brcud war, do# occupied by Chlckerlng, form'nar an I. with No. 6'i Keade atreot, Its# feet, liiqulre of <)EO. I'. WRIOIIT, 2l<9 Broadway. TO RENT VKRY LOW ? SEVERAL R"OM-i ON mf fifth floor of Trinity building, Broadway. Apply at "i Trinity building. rpo FJ.T OR EXCHANGE FOR CITV I'R'il'F.Rr*--* 1 bouee and ten acrce of land on the North Shre *a Lury river, in full view of the ocean, !e?* th?n hal' a mile Iron Port Washington landing. Alio to let. the three dory brirk lionae. HI Thirtieth atreot, betw,?n I e.xington and lhird avenue* and a bouae 12 KWin;'on utreet, near the INiwery. For per'ieular* Inquire of W. A. MaTIIEWS, a'.ove atore uo I k>w<ry between the houri of 10 ami 1 o' click. rro BAKUS AND CTfffl? ? TfT 11 Till flfWII 1 an t dwelling home 49 I'reaident Itfwt, Broo'iljn, H"ar Hamilton ferry an excellent stand for a gro ery or bnkerjr, with a good baker ort-n. Apply to l? O'Conor, 1 J) I irat avenue, New York. Alio, to let, m the uaw lionae l.'rt East Eleventh itreet, neat apartneott; a room and two bedrooma on each floor, with Croton^ water, kc. Apply ai above, to P O'f^N ?R. t*/ork mm to im cbkap, in the new Yf bulldipg N'o. 23 Dunne itreet, eighty Uet from fliatbiin wide etaira, eaay aci-e?? to any of the fioori. boiat wheel, with every Mnvenlence for manu'artaring purpose* good light front and rear, alio aide light : the whole or any part t an be bad by appiting to DANIEL SWEENY, N u. 08 Chatham ?tre?t. HOMKH, C IRHUOEM, <U'. IM.Tt FAI.F? A BAY HOR.-K, 14 HANDS HIOH, ?ound. und kind in aingla and donble haruem cm trot ijaide 'i 0. A Lao , a light trotting wagon. aUlgfc, one eet of baroeai. wblu, italde aud dre?i blanketa, ro*?>?, bella, kr. All to l>e aold together a* the owner n about leaving tbe city. Apply at 91 and 9? Murcer ?tr*et. "17011 HAI.F ? A HORSE, CUB AND IAMBI ? HOrt-Ut JO about eevon yean old, geotle, n n<t good traveller, gig baa been tiled about one year, ruitable for a bua n ?* man or phyticitn . Will he aold leparat* oTtngithar. Apply ui 1:1 LI. k ' HONKER, I ?!> Tenth atrwt, I >rj Ouek. Fur halt? work <>k three HtoRta*. with one, two or ibrte hor? a and carta, ale a kr Inqulr* at the Imt of A. MAK -11*11., corner of #at?r itreet an>l Co- nltei n ip, or WALTER TAYIvOH, lMAm?-tr at. LrVFJ;Y STABI.E, IN A CENTRAL LO 'AT.'OK. AND doing ? fine buaint**, for ial>, caneU'.iag of Hrat claai bor?e?, heary and Ugf.tearriajee, wagnu?, ih igtia, harie**, rokea, l?ell?, 4e., auitahle for city work. Apply to Wil l UM EOlNTOW, 143 Fulton atreei Lit U'.Y KI ARIJr FOR SALE? THE STOCK, FIX turn in : good will, tohether with a lea?e of fire yeara. tLe pr vilege of pur' buie of the atahle So. BO West Hlternth itrvet, dow doing' n< of the I?st tn <ine* in tbe i ltv Alao-ev. ral pr.rate oarriAgea and horaei for eile cheap. Apply oo the prami-ea. -*7>J<V<'NT BORMES? 8KYIR4I. YKKV FINE STNOLK V herse?? ?o?r of blg1> If ed Al??, tw,. pi r- of he<l haye, one pair full sixteen banda blgh. n' i.le carriage i.of e?, Jnst from Vernunt Apply at 2.'? 11 ? rum itreet, Pnekljn, WA>H!M!T'?X - FOR CAI E, THF r*JTT TWJTmO bay atalllrm Waa^lngren, IfiU hatdi high. t*n yeari olo ; perfectly aound and k nd. Waatilngt'in ia ennerior foal getter, u all hl< ?t<vk ha* prov?d. For full particulate apply at 94 and 'JC Mereer itreet. M ranted? an wmam mqcmUk mv mm goo<l aa new itr< ng, ban- me, and three fe?t ten I re he ( high above the leal, laquire at 1 14 Weat H'venth atreet. NlLUHEHIf (iOOIM. 8nuK<> rruAwa trimhxd and cntrimmd, ij>. Unt bwuietij jit opened? Imported expreaal^ for i H road way retail tra<!e AI?o eiU and rrape patera bonaeta, WM. RltOWN, late Itunimor* A lirown. 44 i Broadway. TO SOUTHERN. WBTERN, AND f ITY MIWIIASH. Mn LVON ISAJUW of Ne. i Wvijtoa etreet. wdl 0|?n, oa Moo. lav. Mareh i, IM*, 2.W? Pari" neta, each one dlTerent patter*. The trade are rteeert (u?f iaril?4 limllul MIMI u? rVeck raJUTOAL. BHAA Ann TO LOAN-ON Ml. ?DUU?Ul/U? BOnd?, watches, jewelry, m gan, pianofortes, merchandize, anil ptraonal property generally (or bought for cuh). Business contldaatial and executed promptly a' 78 Nmuii street, tint floor, back oSn. FJjORENCK ft 00. , Broken, 78 Nmuii si nnn To ^ ?N diamond, ?t)l)v?"vU watches, jewelrr ftr, or bought lor caab Good city atocka, antra, bonds anJ mortgages, bills of exchange ftc., negotiated Business confldeo tial, and promptly executed, at K2 Naaatti street rooia No. 2. TIlOMrSON At CO., brukiji and commission mer chant*. dh"| re /inn~ 10 WAN ON diamonds, ? JLtJOe v v/V/ watcliea, jewelry, segms, and iwrcbanfliae generally, or bought out. Honda and mort gagee tooght and sold Mouey con ?tantly oa hatid at 141, William street, near Kulton, up stalrt. KuKbLdlJ ft CO., loan jtnd commission broke'i. KOR ONE YEAR OK ? security, as collateral, oT fifteen thousand di llara in Tulue ol stock* and bonds nn<l mortgages, of the te-t au<l safest character. A literal arrarpetiient will he entered Into. Apply to HI AH I)A Vl'Nl'OHT, 110 llroai|n?v, batement. (Jiff FAA IN" ONE 8UM, TO WAM ON BHD Ol'U and ajtutgaKe on first clue* impiorei city property, fur fire yenit. nUo will pur 'tutse first n ortgegei to the amount of #1.%< On nt live par -ent die count. Applr ''or three .lav ? to R0- WEI. 1.0 l'lKilOi, 1'ine sti*et, corner ol Broadway. ?Q AAATO f?,0M.-4GENT WANTED WITH Oil '' J" the above amount, ready u*ali, to i? ( eive rotixignnieiit* of fht-ri liaiioise an l sell on commie aion The agency will be lucrative without risk, and rent frea. For hii interview, mn I real a<hlress only, to J'nnulacturer, box 200, Herat I office AAA ? WAMKJ>~ A Man CAPABLE ON #" /' ' v'? condurtli g tbe lluanidal affairs of a $10,000,^^1 ?1 rnn ern employing several hundred hsuda. to one with the above amount, an interest bostde* salary would b? giv? n. Address box 10-. Herald office, with name and residmee. t^ASB ADVANCED Of *NY AMOUNT, ok HMCIUMCIJ j at sight d>aa>oo<ls, watches, rich juwelry, and valuable p>moual protert' general y. It WOOll, HW Fulton street, aacoi.<! H ?r, fjot t room, from 0 A. M. to 4 P M. C1AHI LIBERALLY AI'VANCKDON H HTaEUOI.D FUK I nitnre, d'auijmls, jewnlry, gol l Witches, tireatw*. i.uuMi kJ )i. strum nta. meruai'ics' tool*, an I personal nrci>?rty,of HI ) de-".riptinn, lelttob" ?<M at an. tiou or boi./l.t out tor cash, nu I lilgi ent prl. - piid for at '11 t atlnr ne *tr?et, by MuCtl Krt.tY ti WAUIBt IRVING SAVINGS OWN UTlON, 04 W tHRUN * rRH,CT uce door trum Greenwich.- t<p?n daily from In A M. to 1 I'. II , and 4 to 7 I'. II. interest at tLe rata of all per cent allot, ed on all sums from 41 to$,'n*i of this Institution are (ecurelt ni'oHelin 'Minds sad mortga^ei i.i Um* *ity of Ne* Y"r?, w.iriii loubla ths amount I'taaed, and in bnmla this uity. CA'.EJt i W< HJi HU'_, r.ealdeat "Yamiikrhii.t *. Bi.'iton, Jeer etary Money.? cash uberally advanced on iua. mood*, wittcbss, furrtitiiie, dry govda, piano fottes. or an v other property , at the s^enoy an I loan oflica, 304 Hroadway, rorner of Dusue -.triet, aecond fii/Or, room No. Contl'lence and honor may be relied upon. Branch office, H4 Wext Sixteenth street. MrLOPGIIUN flc O'NEILL. MISCKLLANHOlfM. YAKD3 TAI'HTRY CAflgtltW. 50.000 Of ingrain sod three ply. juat purchased at the recent auction lairs. IAJKD TAYLOR, C. rani atreet coruer o( Chryttin. fljj I AfWl A?.AIN-T $.',000 IK H. T. LOVKT ?JJ) I V's?/ V/ L/ fails to produce 1 and gentle n>n from fifty live to reri nty year* of age that have t.i i n grey sou bald wk<> bar* now an parted b?a<li of bslr ?? when young, by the una of Loret'a walip?n?. Office, 7(12 Rrondnay, tcur doors above hi^htli street. | ,;r CANAL HIKKkT, NklAK VAK1CK W. * A, j J OO VAN NOTki'H grate aiul fender, kitchen rungs, lummrr rang* and stove warerooms. Wo hare e Ia"gi aaaortment of toe latent patterns of mantel grat*u raugcs aud I tore* , for sale oa reeeoneble l-rma Orata> aiul range* set and repaired, range* lined, brass foced ?is' an j jeweilera' furnace* built, stoves lined, bake:-' oveu* buUt nun repa'-ed. Befad for am. ' laroe^t and hkht in tiik city. ? Coup* i " It with other* In weight, color, n?retne-? ood nutritiou* i|ueliti*s. Treadwoll * iiakery, 60 Carmine atreet, between Bt.lford aud Rleecker. Brick moulder - patented ih.r>?, warranted. are etroDg aL<l durable, and not liable to net out of Older. An oidiuary hani can mould ;i0,i/00 |*r day easily, nnd superior to hand-made brick Price fix Weight about iWi lbs. Kur < . cuter* or maobinea, apply (pout |*id,< to RII'IJCY k Kr.hl', New iork. CU'RF. rOR RHEUMATISM. ? Wll. DAWBP, 6C6 8IXHI J avenue, N. V. Magnetic salve, 12)$ rent* a Hoi. Curra all rLeumatic pain*, fold wholenal" aod rt'eil. I Mr tawee' (aire ia well MMMmM He is Mini. and In* family in want. It will b' a chaii table act to buy of him ? Kd. Tribune J Db. oinDrsfiH' yumtMMM dOQBH syrup, for ' conglis, colds, influent*. ami all <liaea?c( tending ' to coaruniption . the bent remedy in me Alao hU I'sua era, the greet blood purifier and h> alth restorative. 1 New ii the season to ua? thia great health invigoretor. , To be obtained at no Murray atraet, N'r w York. ei UUVBfS paten "r wa?rr la u'^dbymkn f *ili Cod a very great ravng. by using the GteaAeld patent March ROIthRT HOME, No. S Piue street, New lork, s'l* agent for the United Statee CI REaTcURK FOR COUGH AND "COLDS. ? DR i ~t>. J Rose'i rough ayrup l? d?ei>ie<11y the m <4t value bir comrtound (or couuhn anil eolda. irm c< nauoiptlon ie ruratde if attended to in time It allay* Irritation of tl.e luoga, rtmoui all broaebial affn t oua, and ia a certain cure for auddtn cold, acrompanlrd with ?or#n?<? of throat and cough fold by II H HARTrifloRNK 1<*2 !? ulton atreet, op|?>a le >t. l'aul'a Church, and Mr. aod Mra Heyea, Ilr< oklyn. T* J MiOIANTH' f?rOhK RILI M, WI1 1( ST*? .K.n'i >1 1? I-K ,i?J ?'^n?, bill beads notice*, receipt*, elrealara, prl;e hVta. p<i?t'ng and handbills, labels, aariia, &e. . printwl in bimi'Hoxe style, at ah' rt notice and raah prirae, at 1-tJ > ulton street, betwtt n Mrosdwar and Saaaau atm-t a war Til Oil Ah E. 81.TTON, Plain and fancy printer. Tiik new york foundry and iron railing Company? N 'e manufacturers of i rowell'a ceiebratod ratt Iron rail n< without rite's, (sating at lea?t twenty Ore centa per foot.) also of Crow ill's oew strle of wire railing, decidedly the ch*ap??t In the United ."Jtat?s. All k^nos of rastiu^n, auch aa columns,, ailla and lintels, gliders, re rand as, brackets rault e?.rer?, window and d" r guar<la, kr. Krery kind of wrought Iron work f'.r buildii'ga, such as doora, abutter*, aoetica grs'in<a. Ac., cone ut lowest prices an I with despatch Hpe.-ial aiientioo giren to n ntract* for all '.lin Iron work lur bull ing* of every clan Fo indry foot of F' rty sixth atr'et North rirer. f?m| le? iu ae -t.ons of al work at 11. e war-ro.nn, Nos. 7b and M Duane atreet, a few Co<ira eaat of itroadnay . ritUE BAClliJ.ORS ftBUff-t KAfCHtHi i LACK J lng, sold, whol*nale, st (MltBANAIl U ."OR DK>, lt?7 < enal llNit, MMf SfsdgOV, To lie had at ail re*|?rtabl> boot and gnx-ery "ores in the V'n t?d ,utat>a sod Caaadas. Hole agen't for Or Molt a health regulator, ria m ?oui.n Nu r in a BEArfirtx iikad TT of hair f Hie rrrwipt ot a V>e tical prsparatioa ? Mcb ha> nerer FaU*<l to r> st> re the ha'r altboiign used In thousands of eases The r?'elptwill he s?at to aay direction ca the receipt of a letter <-oateln>ng M cents la postage staaips, post paid, to lh. KU's, Br^tway t ost OCoe. letters adi wared liomxliateiy. IIOTK I.H. Hera. H?I.KHTfiNK, IN PARIS. NO. 0 P.' t. DB Castellan*. This hotel, situated near the Made, the Boulerards, the Tinlerle? and the Caauip tli?i'a, ia e|Mcially frerjiiente<l by Kntfheh tramllera, and now kept by so Am-riean la 'y, with new and sis gsnt furniture g'<xl arrangeineota and el'antiae<i. Tb? attendance l? perturmed br > Oaflioh servants, and nothing is "pared to reader the hot?l one of the m ist table in Paris. I^droooii and apartment*, bisak faats and riac rs at iao<lerate teima. ^IWBMUCiifi H??l HK. ?2S aaain?.v_a n^ii J rbib^uka (lorg aargilh a (water pipes) . pur* 1 iilklah eoffee ebeib?t, pastry, Turkish tobacco, as^sra Ac are ai>rv<d In true oriental atfle. and also tbe mot delicious looooms or gsouine Turk ah fig paste can be had tier* only. ?yon _ FAMfET ?tflSj N B w imiis.K ffHR, J I. ungate Hdl l>oadon ?The ab"t*- house is rea ti ally situate has an eirellent code- rneu tenor t?e|re private sitting ro<m?. between fortv and llfty light a ry tecrwaa. a good amok log r oa warm c?|j ar.d ahow>r l*th?, always leady A night porter in at t>adane? A llaed 5! ar<e for aereaa'.a. lie New Yn-t ?era Id la died 1HOMA8 QCARTEHM AlNf /a'ao pro cr.ctor of the Cioeu atd ; ca^li*, end Hb p Taverns, Orewawlrb 1 tenders bis ?r*'?'ul theoka to hi- A<a-rt?*a Irlei.ds for the 'aro'a h* baa *1 loag enjoyed ?? tleir haa'.s aid aol.rits their eoatiauol patroaaga end re conuiendatlon. PIIIIPIIHtl.M. I^MX'f^Aic ? oi hck or iuioovntNon fir th* Aliuabott't lebrusry 21 1"M. ? Ua>. reaaaw' end < e ? "-esled piopml) will l<e r*"ired by the finrnicfl of the A tollhouse at their od-e Rotuala, Park , tm' .1 2 o t U, k I' w ' *lte Ith day of Mareh aei t Inr fum'f binf and d? Irer n;- at Bellevue II ? pi tel. foot of Twenty eiith a'reet aueb 'luantitlea of Nn< end e* ir.ent of he lest 'quality a' such tiaataa nay tare quired for the Luiking of the new wine Pr >p^e?b to state the ilaeeriptioa ot llaM aad "irwii to he furnish ?*, and the c' ntracer will be retjairvd tt bats th* berr?!a ?r??l?rly bllad whet* any der<-i?aey enata Alee, for forriisbing and de'itvrlag on BleekweU'e and Ke*deU's Wlaada, al>out 47/. t/.oa of pure le?, not l*?a thee t?n Incbea thick, ?acb 'on to e?.n-ist of 2,24o lb* , eod the contra' tor ta fumirh acoeipeteat peraoa to eai?rtat*ad tie atovagt ia ttie ice house, tor farther laf rinailoo a* to lee epply a? the oflee aad for lime aad eieaasnt to Mejor lisrier, hap*rintsnd*?t et liellevu* B&SnrmtZW - < ura? S FW orrvr or tli* 0alt*d Hteta* Mefl Maaailiip Co?p*ar , IT* It etrvet for the eotistrac'Joa ?< * pter aad kasia el Pavoale. Hedaoa reaaty. N opposite the fool of Wrrrva street. Pleas aad specsfleeUnaa wtll he prepared sad eahlhlvd to hidd*i < oa ax t- >aU*a et th* ?*" ft 9 BVM.V r munau. fTCR UTOPOOL.-UMmcD STAIO MAIL VRAM r abip BALTIC, dept. J. J. Coma tack, eonunaader. ThJj muiklf ?U1 depart with the Calked HUM! u li tot Evope, paeitiveiy ea Weilacniay. March 7, aft IK ?'oloa M., from bar berth, at tb* fool of Gaaal etreat fur freight or puup, haTtag unequalled aooomoMxlattaa for akgaaoa aa<i eoai'ort, apply to KDWaRI) K. COILINM, M Wall atniet PuMD|tn are requested to be no boird at 1 1 H o'ciook A. M. The *team*hip I'acAie. will au.caed tb* lUltio aad aail Marcb 21 Shipper* plf?ut* Uk* ootio* that tb* *bip* of tbu tin* cannot carry any gcod* con'ra band of war. TIOC BRITISH iNI> NORTH AMKRICAN RUYAL MAIL 81KAMSH11M FROM NKW YolUi TO LiVfe.lJ'OOL. Chief cabin pa*a.ige JUO beciad cat in panaaxe '5 FROM fiOBTON rt> LIViaU'OOL. (Iiief cab. a paaaa<? |HD tfecond cabin pansage to The ehipa Iron lloklon cull at Hal fax A KAMA, Capt. Judiuia, AWKItICA, Capt. iang PklL-lA, Capt. Ryrie, KUIlOl'A, bhanuoa Ai-lA , Ca|it. t (1 1/itt, CANADA. Capt .^t-iut. AKKK'A, tApt. Harrison, NIAOAl'A, -/up.. .mu en. These Vraaela carry a clear unir I ?lit at ma<t hoad ?(v?n on ktarboanl bow . mi on port bow. CANADA, ritoue, leaves lto?Vou, Wedneaday, Mar. 14 Al' F1CA, llarrieon, " Donton, w?.tuu* lay, Mir. AHlA, IjOtt, " Ronton, W?dn**day, April 1 1 AMKKK'A. i mig, " Ito-ion WedneaUay, April 26 ileriba uot i?oui*i until pai.i lor Ad e*pern uce<l surgeon >m b.tud The ownern ol tlio?? ships mil uot b* aev*ouotalii* ft4 gold, ailri't, bullion, pecie, j> wolry, ptMioai alaaM ot melata, unieaa bill* oi Uilin* *re fgc-od tb*rorur? ami IV value thereof therein exprewed. For freight or pm-annr H| ply tu K. CUNAKI>, 4 Bowling (ii?a<t There will !>? nr. *'"sm?liip* of this liu* from 'J? fork until n.rtiier no Ik * Couip.ioy ii leii.J st.ilin* their favorite ateami . (?I i'Y Of HaN IJI.M Kit ,, ,1126 toai.,r?bL VVyil*. '11 Y OF I AL1IH0HK,(ribw).U.&.'Ui ton*. .< apt. I'll Y OK W AhlilN'i ION , do. 2.710 too*. . Capt rt Iain's feHnon $!>*', ?' i and t !>!> , accoroiug to elate room A 1 ii * 1 1 * ft number of third elak.i pan*, infers will b* taken froB I'Mlauklphia and Liverpool. and found 1* provlkiunn tiom 1'Lilarte'phia. ... *10 | Ifrum Livarpooi tit 1'aiMn* w'aliiiijj to briuK out tliull IruruiJi can outala OertiBcatM of p*'**,;e, kO'l dra"* (in 1.1 "rpooL 'n atun> of ?.1 ^rMu* and upoarla. Appl* S.\M' Kl. HMITIl Agftnl, 17 V\i>lnut ?tn< t, 1'hilaiM Iphia, ivnd No. 7 UioaC waj, Nnw Yora. fOR 8011 HAMPTON \N i> OAVTUt ?THE IT. S. MAIL Mfamcr hi. LtililS. J. a. Wotton, com in ?n l?r, will lratu for llavr>-, touchluK at tauthamptou t" I ml tbr mail* anil (MWIMft on 9?taN?y; Maroli In, at 12 o'clock, from pl*r i.l North rl??r, IihiI of Itnacli atrast. 1 rlco of pasiatf*? J'iiat calm 1130, arcuud do., 176. I ? mtk.i durinK iln> >o*ai(>? nliould bp a?Bt on l.carti the ilay b?>? ?.r?- n. Uu?, marktd "b? lo# " So freight f'^in nllrr Tlii.rii<l*y Uarcb Hi It For freight <<r pa>?aKc apply to MtJUllMKH I J YINiiSloN, A|{ at, tu llruadnay. elTViiimra I1KIVVKKN HAVRE AND NKW YORK ) dlr?M t.? The iteamahlp Al.l'rt will ail from H.xvre <llt?i!l for N*w York, (without ctllin< at any port in Kr.|(lanil ) on .^atur lay, J.'ith nf Noveuiber. lb* r*"-* of fr?i|(lit acd pa>n\i?<' in 11 rut ami aecond cabin* will lie tery modrraie The railing of the iu caedin^ (taamara witl be hlimtly auQJunced. Tin- rate of inkiiraoi'a in l-r*n(i'i? lean l>v ?bip? from llavra direct f>r New York tban In uhlna calliugxt an Kngl'ah port Apply in llarrn and 1'arif, 17 lioul. vanls dea Italiena, ti iKioaM t'urr f, or iu Ntw York to 1 t.T.'NARD, No. IMto?lin? <irMD. TTMITED STATU HAIL LIKE KOH CALIFORNIA. U Aipinwall and I'amtma ? C'alliornmm arc luform<"i (by author. ty from the l'anama Kailroad C >mp*ny i tlmt the transit of the IhI> inu* will be mvte by railmail from oct an to occun. No more mui? trarol? no river boating On MonOay, March 0, at 2 o'cloek 1*. M., from the pier ?ii h ot ol V\ iii . en atreet, Noi h river, will be 'le>patcli*d the lite', uli Hnuh p GkOKtiK IjtW, I 'apt O. V. Koi, U.S. N., to connect at I'anania aith the new and superior ateam abip UOUiIN AtiE, Capt J T Waikma. A ate boat alaaya k*pt al l'auama to prevent .Ictea t)< n , In rnai' of acciifent No fr(i|(ht rccilvnl after 1 o'clock on Ihe >>aUlui{ -lay. forp.w*ire, apply bt tbo coinp.nj's offloe, N?. 177 Weat iimt, to J. W. EATMOMP. DBPAKE I INK FOR BAN FBANOIOO ? TIIK Mo; nilloriit A 1 tl rat rlaea clipp?r ship HH'CilCHAITr, liitnan mast?r, la now receiving b?r oar^o at per S'o h Rait riv*r and will aall for .iaii Kr^ocUco ou or b"for* Ttieailay. Uarcb, an I la expt . ted lo finmli lo.i iin^ on Tue* lay nut. 'Hh I h i a famoua clippar has" tbr*? voyage* to San Franeiceo, In 101, 107 aad U7 day*, t iieceaem ly. . hlpp*ra wiil pl'a*? hand iu their billa of lading for aignature aa soon a* their *n< laments are ctmpleted. .-pecial Notice ? The vessels of this line will berealter be ad^crtire 1 for a oertnin date, an 1 pua! tively sail on or before the duy named. WT It IN k CO., 14 Wall atreet 3T"iR C A II Ki H'.N I A ? N K W YORK AND i'ALIFORNIA ? Meamahip IJne, vi^ Nicaragua. ? Acceanory Transit Company of Niearagua, proprietor*. ? 7o0 milea alorter tban any other route Tim apWndid 'loubl to^nn ? STAR OF 1 HE W?T, f2,00n tons burden, i tanuiu lorner, will lear* pi*r No. ii North river, at I o'clock V M prociaui/. for mute Arena*, on M.? u la/ ' March 12, eonMctln? with the favorite -O-amsblp sierra Nevada (2,ooo toaa, ) over the Nicaragua Tnadt route, j having but twelve nulee of lani trau^por^tion, by Urst t l*k* carriage*. Several new aad iwlft Iron ataamiioats ' have lkt?ly Ixen pat on river and lake, which ?>uirt"U the time oo the trinsit from ocean to ocean. Tlicai I ate?mera are unaurpaaked In their reotilatioo and ac cnmtiuelaliona . For information or pa-otage apply only j t<? I IIARI.Kr4 M'l|:OAN, Ageni, No 6 Howling Qrven. l etter bag made up at the ?Blc?. I?tU ra 26 c*nt* per lialf ounce. A I TRAIJA.-I'IONFJ 11 J .INK. ? CAlUlYIN'tS TIM I"nlte<i Htalea mail. ? The new and elegant clipper GMJlGEH, l.XWtona, for r(ydoey anil Melbourne DOW Wading at pier Ne 7, Ka?t riviir, will poeltirely ?*J 00 Ui? lilt of March Tbia abip offers a mrw up|,<irt<inity for di? -baoi''?. laborere, and domestic servants, desiring ?o emigrate to 1-ydoey, wliam immediate employ meat U obta ned at enornnrjaly high ratea o( w*ges luiljr $71 re-juirsd to be paid keie, aud 140 after arrival, to bo paid oat ?'( ?aroint* Is a Uoorxes will ha followed by tli?.'. lie beted Clipper ship# Ocean ?t?ed arwTNglitingale The for mer to >a.l about March 16, sod tb? Utur April 1 j lloth three veaiels, oo their aooond voyages, hiring male tb? ilort*?t pe?ai?gi b on reeord theOrean W<1 la ' n dp da) a. and tba Nightingale in levant/ Ave d.V". hoi freight or *[)p!j on board, or t?? It W. C.I Ma BO*. 110 Wall street. MS YORK AND NEW OflUUM milWPOM' J\ pal ijr tor Siw Orleiln, stopping at llitani ( ?rrj rn the t. ni'ed Mates mall ? The ?<?ain?bip llf.V K \t AjtKluM, <'s}t Jann-all rullo.-k, will OMBaenoe ra reirlrg in igl t oa Vtedaeedar, Mar It 7 and sail for the s'ov port on PatnHay March 10, at 12 o'clock pr? n??ly, iron. pl?r at f..ot of attaat, North river. 1 1 1- >n '.t 'or \'if Int. i lor aod for MobU*, ? onsi^iud to our s^?i. ? n Ntw Orleans, Jamaii Coaaily & Oo. ?ltl lie forwarded free of tomni.#?iona Paaseogers for Havana it u-t prcuia b?lore tearing p' *t IMls of L l lnjr niu-i b loot lu for algli'Og 'he ev<-onig previous te tL" al Ip rail ii - tor lifi iht or naA*n $>? apply to I,IV|M./I"n ? HOCUERON A CO . Agent*, ill Hroa '.war N. B.?Tba Tahawba, It W ft U'lfelJ . commander, will nu 'fd the Illsc? Wart. or ao 1 aail oo Monday, March ? t. IT Kit tO J-TATKB MAll. mUWHIP <*i\H'A*r.? | J lor llatana and New Orleans ? Oa Krllay, Marr'i at 2 I'. M , from p er foot of W%nen afreet V R . I<r tlewi.l Li?? i> anl favorite etram?lup I Ml f . % f>f!f .r MIA J*an'R? rin b* ..-cured at tbe eotnpaa/ a olli e. I>. ?l.t to New Ortear ?, Ml cents per riMi? foot t*li I'prr? will be supplied with bluuk bills of Isdln/ of tl t t o ? i . . al|ii.>d by the rompany on a| (1 "?'.on at t'i r ol* ' e No other lorria elgn*wl. an 1 no b:IU of lading w.U b< ? aft* r tbe boar "f nailing lor lulrl.t o pa?*age, apo'y at the of th" ct ?? larr No 7 W eat atiect, ccraer of Wairea M. 0. ]T?01l HOMIMMM AT HAVANA T?l l.tMi J oaaa'-'iiera the faa*talli>ig ?>ainihlp CNirill HAT/.X, I UA ton*, will leaie berth at foot "f North M< oreetraet, North rlrer, on Tbsiaday, Maroli 1, at 'J P M. lor Mobil* ?fe Parana For frelirlit or paa aaire api'ly to ??eo. HTAN.NAltl), Jr agent, 104 1'ror.t at I not havankah and rwitfDA- tNinci) .?r?r?< kliii line ? Ike hew and eb?aet at-amiriip KN<i\. \ 1 1 1 I t npt C. I? I.udiow, wlD leave New York f r f* raanab 'H Saturday. Marrh '1 from pi t No. 4 North rtrer at 3 o'eloek 1' M Mlla of la<!inir aimed on board li,r << fit apply on board wv for pa<?.i to - AH1 I.I ? I MiT I Ki I.. Ii Ilrra4way. Kor Unrlda tfcrwwfh tfn'i fiorr V> ?* York to Ja. ?i*.nrtlle, $ | to Hilt U a t '.i i..e Florida, < apt M. H. W<ortb?II, will ivceed, aod le?<? oo V- Id .'ay. Uarrb T. Vyik 1 IIAhl KKfOM ANO n/llilOA ? tKnTwUJa' If J I t ti mad ? Tbe he* aarf M f> nf , e* earner jAMf." AliOBH, f Torner. im aahder, will ' eate f,*r No 4 9f?rth rlrer o?i rate' ay M?r o 3, at .1 0 ik'i. I' M precisely Ir.r fre^'it app on -ar', ? I.e?? a i b 11 . la da; will oe ?i?oe.| m' for '? ( a' the' 8..eofi?IOH<iHl<, Tll? .<?>? *."> , .'Xi liroaUar. 7* raufb tirkita ta Morbfa. aa fnlluwt ? To JaeigMirjf', HI ; to fMatfca, |U, Tlae M itl.> rner w(U n^Md, laar ay oa * e oea.'ay. 7Ui. E'tft NORxnjr nrrKhj-m t'ji and ki'mm-i.c - 1 ia f'n te.1 "tatee Mall |Uan, blp J A 'IK<TO* I. 1 'rr?h niwmaader, will bn p er i.i North ? w, ort Pat a iday, March ? r I , a* lork, p M. , w. I at - >? la Norte!' tl.e neit a'teraoon, aod Feterabor* a- l I' "? o?< n>* the foliowiag mornlr?? ( roai Norfol* t f< r tb? ."?.ijth erneoad by rallriad direet, w ih thr rh flrk?t? f r> rn We doa I* *ilri ; gton A -t I I'a ? ?aye an ! 'are to Norfolk ?" to F*ler? rg and .i n.?ia<!, HO, a1eera?a half pr ?? Apair V> 1.' Dl AM A H fA ? A NW. -it Brt^lwajf. hlNlHTIM., <V4 . Hl- A VI J?V IIAN1HUHK, MM.M k f y nter -io f will be two yean '14 1a April r?e waa ar.rx 0*er Uet ?aaer.n I* perfeeily br ?e a- I a pood rr'f'Mtr ?or prlro aod f nriLut par fcr apply to A 1 KWnWUtO, M Weatetreet WAMwom Nrw???ri?f)i A.Mrt, kihi niu'U' aad Meahetai apaoleta V/>v h aod Ra?!<*b 'or riare, epnrtiag doc*, wateh dega, Ike , togeuer wlta a variety of 'hoioe breode, for aali al?? eipreaaly f?l Stork at JI4 Waisr etrwoi, ran of t i.t-rw up ''awe FWae tmff l>? i?Wk ____ FfVi WKTHMAN - \ I1).K?>N MAT II ? I off oa Thq radar 1st Harefc, at on* a 'lark, at Oarer <Wfw4 a ftalfway llaaee, oa wbk?h '.roa?aa a aepe'b I'ja will be 4b?rt far r;t aty ef MnIM ippn AMUftKMICCT*. TJKOADWAT THKATKE.? *. A MAJMHaiX. ?M> I? iNMr-PMn open it ?)<; mmnmu T o'cloek. Tburtday 9itmug. March l.vtU be perfor?e4 TUB BCYPTIAN. ZlMil. Mr Hmr.npor t Abtiochua.. Mr lUnchHt I liana,.* Mr M'alt?ra Ilujua Mr Ix-niiigw-dl Agrippa Mr CutUr Tntua Mr Whiting | llinuor Mr. Vincent llulluia Mr Oaridye | Julia Mum I'omai Aurel'an Mi Sanfoid '/.cno'ila Mr? Abbott (Jrtcchua... Mr. I euirgau | Widow Mre Kranc* la* Stul Ml<? I'noo HLACK KYKli H SAN. William Mr liaveujiort Ur Al I At K M T1IK \ 1 KK. IMOAHWAY, SHI: Urooiue nlrt-Ht. ? I liuralay. M.irch 1. TIIK 111 HYUODY. Hlr Krancia ?irip? Mr. Hake Murplot Mr haatxr | Miranda Mr* ll>? y Traftlck Mr |lroti|{haiii | Uafemda Mr*. Conore! Alrj Mr l>yott I I'atcb Mr*. MvphMf \\h.Kj*r Mr Vincent | Pcaotiri U. . Mm. Tbonp*?a TIIK \V INIiVIII.I h-emtMOti U?( Mr. \ incent I Marian Mr*. Ht>-phrn* I I lor Mr. MUM | MlllklllHH, Mr*, I luo r Marijit ? Mr Ch pp< ndal ? I ' > (llliivrv & WOOfi'H MIV IltlJ.S, SO I, J I'ruat way, I M. cbantc*' llall ) I'rvbrinUu* Ilmiry Wood .V (.'??. Chrlaty '11m aetk, a varied and i.l<-a?iut{ IIIIIOI'IAN rK.UHlRMANCK, cohilpucIdk pvi-ry evening at 7), ?' clock. Ticket*, 23o All Iiumikm* traiiaacleo by lleury Mood. L* A' It alio OnjtA? mith ciH-i Ririio.v hi'im. HtlltAY KVKMMI, M.lltCII ?!, will I" peiforn.iu I 'i?ii i7?-t1 > '? giaml ?*>j> <?!>?, in four a. I* at 1,a PAVOK1 I'A tfecond np|i' aranre of the prima donna un tie'to, mk.mmina i Ki.ic 1 1 a vi>rvAii the rcbowbcd, MUNOH CRHAHK IUI>1AI1 l-ecnrra, tie King'* Karorile Signorina Krl ' lla \ nnt.-il lui/., lirr < ulII lanl Minora \rogriidii 1 ? IU" ndn, a young Novice of IhlCiNKnit of ft .lame ?d^nnr l.nriai liallbacar. hupiriorof the Oonvmt Sigiior Coil.ttl Allnii*') l*ing of J -till* Mlgno: IViirn it* I % 1 1 I'ou (>a?|H-r, ttn- King Mm aU-r ilgnur (Jnlutii (horn* of courier*. guard*, monk*, page*, pilgrim^, Htti ri i * ti ( ? , ladie* <?t llie ? uurt, Hpminli m*iden?, A>v '1 lit* new mid beautiful accuery i* ptntftd b) Hignnr AHegrl. Mumcal Mrcctor and Conductor Mm M.uel/>k I'm m open ut 1 o'clock; pi riorum uci'? loinnieii .? at i o'clo' a. Nat* can be wnitnl dully from OA M until 11' M , Ht tin- l'o* ofllce ol tin* Acndt'ioj of Mumi; , Hall h .-k>o' >, vail H romlwajr, and V*n Nordtin ti K n?'?, V\ nli ?tr?nt, KKMi'lU'JS AND KK<;il.\rl??\ <??' I'H'CH Dl' AKMlirtlDN. lanjurt, l'nri|Uot Circle, anl Urea* C'irclo $1 hecood Clrclo * 'HI i'i.*utn (ialUry 20 rent* hcculi'il I In. it# Sr It t M, i to 1>|- *ei-inrd in till) d.ijf ||W only ) SO MMta 1 rhatn Itute*, l.oldn x from four to t*uh ? per mm*. ft<- MirdinK to lui atlon (rum ft lo f Ji| H iiboi iiHIliNMI-l, tli - celebraUil Teuur, ? til m?ku In* debut ou Munda} rvrnlntf. March 6. ACAIT.MY OK MI/'HIC ? Ol.K Bl'l.l., I.K-WKK.? ?\_ ? ni>r i.Min a? hacukii eoNCKitr, HarvmuY Kvminu, Mmrii :t, ou w It b Oci ?' |"U u ill he Kiten arlrrt inn* from IMWMM'rt T A 1 1 A T M A', MKM KIIKKH'S I K I'ltOIMIK TK, mil 11 IK 1 KAY HI KKOM Mli-il., KV Till' VIIOII HTItKNtiTll ok Till: IT M.IAN' pl'KRA COMPANY, TllK tillAM' OUi IIMTltA, and ? . K A N I ? Cllom s. C'oodtictor ...Max M?r*twk fKltm <17 AI"??!VI|iiN ? Roue*, Pars net. nid !>r?et Circle, $1 , Kamlly Circ le, Llir. , (iullrrv Wc. .^eal* may b* arcure i wlthoii'. eitra charge. Kcr | artii ular.i ?? smi.ll bill and future kilrertme ?Beiiti. ? BRo.UHVAY THKATRI HllDAY, MtlU.ll X? Mil. DAV I- l Kl'.l '.-i JI>.NK?IT, kill] lint bill ?>???>, on which 03CU OO Ml*rf rANNY VIMNO, fn in 1 'r ii r t lana'lb Jltra, I D'lou, v> >11 n: ? h ?* liw II r I up |.earai.ce in America, in tba rhtrtetrr of Maiijaret 1.1 mote, mi Lout a jilnr of I OVK HBACRIKI' K MORRIS IIAKM IT, author of " Harioua Knmily," the n lebrat" 1 ilnnnUil ? n?l ?? tor. hai km'llt roluritewiad, mi l will in tin own cbaracti r of Monaleur Ja^ijm a HrAII.A<K*H THEATRIC.? MR DTon RUil'l. 'I' fully annonncaa bia lienefit for n<"?t mii' W kvi-minu m vie ii Vlrtt Ulna in tbia theatre of John lliwarl i iiat'i drama (I.AKI. INK MAJH OK Mil, AN ItoUmo Mr. Ilyott | l.lari . . . . Mi?a Rota Huiinai t Alttr which, Willi a hp ?' i-nat. C- Jmtn 1 comply II IK. I'lHiH HKNfl KM AN. Tli" following f?*oritea wtlt appaitr ?Mr. Illa'ae, Mr. leatir. Mr I ?y Ott. Mr Ilia ml, Mr Rr?u,;hiim, Mr. htewart, Mr Hliuwart, Mr Cbl|ipendr la, Mi Vi scant, Mra. Hoey, Miia U. Dennett, Mia Itlakc, Mra trailer, Mr*. Conoaar, Mra. -te|>haii<. Box book now o;. ti. ftRjUHUlf Mi>H M, KO. M B'?wriSY, NK aw Y OfipoailD it Kowary Cbra'.r* l>r'orm?i.r<a *y~rj ailerooon, at 3, and taenr artning, at 7 N. II ? 8tian|*ra will r.baera* that trie KranalTn Mi ae ui la the oaly j.Jae* in tba I'nile.l Htatei irk ate tli? Modal Artiitaa art ? ihiblted, other original entai Ulnai >'I|U. lie mrmtxr, No t:s Howrry. ?|)0t OMUI& MtCTCW, fAtBB, PUBLIC AND roiiimlttr a mertinga, \r -CbiDM I loom a till la'lwaj, (tetwtrn tba Metropolitan and the . t. Slclia lii, ItMcatl and Coilamore lliu la > Koomi, t>. ? sum n.oilate from'. i to I 600 per. one. with or a t.iont aaata, 4 c. fjber ii arratigi menta woubl be lua la Willi a rollg mil idciilj for tba large room to Hun laja. A;iply to T III 1.1, Haparlotmdant. TARIEAIX VIVA NTS, OR I.I UNO HTATIARY, IN I ratKh .>ii ! Roman ?tyle, at tho International Mu n ii ui tl ftltlalon atre?t. oppoalta F.jrajrtfc Twilia ?<? ?| knill'l Talitaii' tUla w?ek. Anting Ot'iare, the lirule'f In? a :i< Chamber, Huaanna r . -j.-i ?? 1 In Itilh, the I bring (ilrla, \enin aritb bar l'*a la t"i? I'ath, ti e hapa of tba Hat. in* ^ llM Ulrtli of i < n it (urreuQitr.! by Nympln and Vaio'lt. \ ? AiUaiaaiun ah'l 12 , cant a l>qora op? n at 7 o'c' >ei U) r- im 1 14 n> >? at ?>. ATIIRN.I IM, MOOKI.W. ? MltN ANI) I 4.ST (iraO'l Con ? rt but our, on Iburt 'af, MarrL I of tba Itr ? t h?~ ra Mnllnihauar an! Una 'Vclla fflaiiflaMiar VlrjP V I II Im* ,ia> <le t.y tb* tw Vo'* i(?rr?a<ta, a cborua of a ,;b'y ?"??<?? lioma ot n at 7, '??'? to coir mfn^a at 1 o clonk. Ti-kata ii)c?n*.a. rpllIRP txifll slT1"N <1 H .-?i ftVAH'll* I>:\| IM. J llall, No. T'.'i !troa<lwar, on H?? irlay Mar:h .1. (iraO'l tin m(mat'h, /rnul aa'>rr ma' !i a '-rr laa m nual with the ran* a??r.-.* maou J wi'b ' . -tick < la i banda AluJIUa"' "Hi* tikMa. oaatA To eoinii.' rea at 7 o'cl ? I*. M jr.'i-aljr. lit I II \ Pit. CP. NAVY H\ll/>rw A>P OTflKH." ? rXTRA I'AY ? I rnuiptly !?? 1, bo'inty !aa<l *a." aoi* ?>'>' n#>1 l?u(llt an I (Oil , p*n?.on* yr if 1 lialuii ? a una ? r? of d< c?a wil I H. aaa?j"a cou?<t*l anl aJI aiu* a of cla ma a/, aat tb- I mt<?J: tat" racoraf * by KltWAl'.r) '-TT I., Afpnt and lata I'ura'-r C H Nary, IT Wa'l atraaL Ml III! tr. A C all aad (?t tka M' a*'.- r of AND <.RFAT IlWOVWIT IN MUlU'lVI Hi r bifb ajwmatorrh'a, or loetl w-?V !,??<. n*rro<i? bUity laoituda, l'?>a ol oianiiry arartlm t? ao< iatr, diuinaaa, tn'l Ita ' i ??!' m' 'ompU nt c\i> l? currd wilbout n ?*lt M** , w i t^> ?en'. u|.,rt r< *? i<t of $1, i .. 'J oiia- 1 i to I r ?f liKRIlV, k i.lia ll iar, l,nr, lutcb??a ronnty, N. V. Dr.. WAItrtj-N, ui.':'/:; o> Till r*?4?'.r m 'ii of I -ibllo afc-l K<linl.nrf h, a*'ar 'a (?? at kla > ld ' a*i?!iti*bflM ofllra, 7 1 Ma.Iiaon atrao', i a bar r. a, wb -re ha < ;v i f j:.?i ?< Ilia at > i \ tool' )? i j auraa oa racid, without r'atralnt In dial ur buainaw Dr. Hi mot. no * fn mom rrnurr, skw r<>rx, ?o and >rably kaooa to Ifca / 1 a may be c>aaul.a>i at b > o!u ?? ^i.lltbad iCi'?. ?l- la oa L*a pr ?r'.aaJ la r.a? bran b of ro*')i' '?# or li a .1 ai.i l/ia 'a lien rule* than any "tb'r ar?>n In Ika r,ty 1* ??o? l??ia- r,, of f*r?< r.a fnaHaiad la'or?i?la awa of a b.< i. be baa pal Ml <al'. a to rafar to aa lij-r?'>^. ra fiirpi iirfMarat* aid ta a I ra^a a mra (nanataal. lautiU'R M > rr- a' mm j, II n*?i a r#i! ? o^ raa n j ?' r.? I aaaUre I'H/r fl. - 'l-al'b. Dr I t HltY ll? WfoT HROAIlWAY May W. (JJS a . !?' ? I a?|?' ? >y ?i'.n a -a.ta.n'y ?/' t'. -a aaa.n/l laM.'-t iibt-itj ?t"?'.ly anther watnt ririr I a ('/j ' ar 'r?at'?e, 1V> lant lr?M (|'a*ia/ U>?ri In iu I Uir aii'i f la ' , aatmaire Dr. r*iR:niT i? i<? avk tmrr, *4* itac w-v ?I >1. I a 14 e?nf.i*aii . i? |rmt< la "a f "? Ma |i?il >i{f wii > Kf M jtara be 'an | iiritVaa |amaa Mai r<r?a fl a 'i ?lm?r ? 'be aar aa Uat |>ra tiawl by ? ba gr<at J'-a" i.i ol rai a ai. arc ?',? uol^aa ;?r t' tly 'ir"l h Ii In I t aa w>nb?f uf tlta .Saw Y r rk r?l?artit>, with otbar 1'rtf >?aia af a bagfc ci.ara ta* a ay ha aaaa :a a a off a. ? | h jwum i< in ani mm, kai rwuM J t ?) *a??a of 4l#a?? ia; ii'W aa ?' a n .n to S'a l'i-ra. I'r J a Iraataaal u ka'a >?fa aa4 ajpatitioa b'a aaaltr >.*? ar* baruaiaaa awl aa '?* Una aliliua'. fear >A lat'rUM I kaifaa ne^arala aa I 'la rif) l?'aa?N If eat^r* aaUafacUoa ia wo' ? aa. ? It M AM! - 1 rt, ?- hi I ?? 1*0 RN >?N J / la lie M rai.a a f ???? York aa Iba roxat a *e "aafal pra tMl aar In < ?*?*? U. a roaawy aaa b< ?at of all . ??-at, to ka n.aaalta4 al b.a !A\ o?/w t'liti'ai Ik' an'trto- a'a and oo*a>AaU>>? ta ? a-r ? ? r r ? ?a t N !' I "r ' ( \'\u v*aa a mra a a. 1 taa*a a* wUl a or no charta naada MmW'ivi, iara Alan irrt i?n rtiTinA'a # at.' ?f?<-a ?i'.Ur of Uaa M?H<mJ Adtlaar aa I l<a da tiaata tk* al 'tad a kla ifafil t; *1 II Raaaa r raat inwt ?<, frwwi II A M U I*. aat '1/, T a/" a j i aiaa.ta i TVeaa a* a dartaoa I" ?<a4 by aaall aaa! N B -RM tka^rvc at??a 8 tRt f Rf.-tlR WARIi MTfll IIV INr/Rtf nafcaa fHawd 'irew wbao w/la a? ataa will ' araa aUa *41 atlaar tainga fa . TV*aa 4 aayi-j-al?' Vy pra tew-: era aarraalat a tea '?r< C4 'aaaJ e??aa4. awa ?n?a aaa? of Rrwa. way At aU aal^ilahad a?aa rarea aia aarraalaf la aeiry <aaa v*? k.te ^a aa frwt^a. ||? </ ???* ??? Bl'HTON'h TIlKATRk., CH AMBKKH STKJIkr.? TMlIKai (Jar ?A great night for uoimcality . ?jm; BLACS SWAN Tli* ra.ltal plaea of THE WANUOMNO MIK.-fTKEJ., ia which Mr lliirten will ilatail tha awful blilory or Villikln* it n 1 In* Dinah, with appropriate muilc by M' tonka. 'Iba eoinady of I l\ IKfl Tlrtl KA.KT, with Mr Jordaa Am Vr lauirbabti- ,,,<?? of TIIK fl lTT lit*:. <?K THi: COt.'KN KY AH.OAI To morrow, Vil.Uy-THI HERIOUH FAMILY and THK toomjvh BOW I K Y T IliJkl III - l'lUil KIHOH AN'I> MANA44I.K I r WfcUiiuu . H?pi Mn'niir, llotwrt Jo? ^leaa of Ai!uil*aati.u -limn, a r??to P.t and liaUary, t*)? caul*, l'm?U lum ? $&. Thursday atautM Marcli 1. T III'' III Ni IIH m K THI S A T I \ ? AMKRK'AN. HalMBt* L ?'*> llEWAKI) "|?l'(hlJ * M-'UI NAIil lUJ, Cm IIHOALlWAY. I) OIT> kltfcl Ml. HI T K K M R N D 0 U H II IT ol tl.?' new pit''*, 1 WO roMPEYf, wltirh wllll.a r ?- 1 ?? -! < I a?rry ninlil Una iiaak I'lmiiry No 1 K. "?-'???f V i lilay l'<'Di|i; No '2 \1 . I'rrcival I'iim piling tlm pir- a. .V I', alUt MI,V-TUIlL?V I'tnriirt at 7 , o'ckck. Tlckala, ii.1 ci'DU , ruaetta* >Mli, Ml i i nt ? 1> Al:M ?'fi AWKK1CAH MISkUM. ? lRUR-OUT > kiauh I V truing, at 7 * o'clock, UNCLE TOM'I (.VI IN, aitli all tin- orl|( nal ar'-urrr limair, \.a AfVar noon, a< :i ? ?'.<? * . .Ill WK^llll'JU trf'K, I( IIAIMIIlH 1 1 1 M I*. ? atiil tin* K| in li rroulia .'oiiia. Admittance, J ciii'a. child r< n r tan, 1 ? cant*. ?V] III. O X ? ^A'H KI'AY, MAIM II I.IlAMi < *?X ^ 1 r< rt. M lletaroliua lalimaiin, from tl.a "p'ra. fioval ?t I <'|'i-iihavi>n, raapretfully Infortia bar frond# uiul li . j ut In1, that h(i? >111 a 'irmd Cuiio-rl 1% N bio ? haloon mi a 1 1 > r ? ' a y anting, March <1, aaaiataA t') tl i' following i null' D I uitiati" ?Mr (i Kattar, th* ilia" iikiiIkipiI pumal, Mr I II. lliMitlcr, tl.6 c?lebrata4 In ir Vi.<r A'ltun I'ri'ln, 1 1 i'do'iot n, ti iIkU, kliar? Ni, II, tiolntiil, l!?yir,alt j, llcrgnar . r'olouoalla Mi Iviwat'l I . I i'. ?nn lluli I Mr. Iltnry C. liaiui will prraii i at ti. ?? |i ii ao l'iiii.i -v*i I'Mi i ? 1. ijuirlatta No J. for plaao t<'rli't violin alio :iud v.olwtn * lio Mraara >;ullar, Noil, Hiiyn anit lla-rgnar, In four mot ? lunita, Mindalaaobn 2. m ? n? anil Ana fii'Ui i rr lnl> la it x ?Ml In I'ac, hui* I cliiiiaxin , WpI.i'i I I ' i i lo, on tlmuiaa fr*>ui 1 Mnaai. ? llo"? kit H'lw rl 111, num. lulun 4 i,rr li an I'nalui ? Waiaja. I. II l i utlri Ailaiua, Uriba aul t ill ilnl HI n . /.wii'ig, b. Tbu lUkliug M'Ua taiiilii.a lilliann Srlioliirl. 1'htii-A S.OH, "Tli ' Hriglilr?t Kt<ni "? Mr. I. It Ronllvi i tiKflli. 7 i.rni'l cana, "\a, ilitalla,' Iroiu "Hi l?rt Ik I'ml'l" M I < arol ac Irl.maaa. Matar I. ?r u. I' uti'i'iuli* Kolu, A ? MinuKtlo, Matait, H ? - MinuHtu, U ? '.l.ini-n , I Marcia, ii. tiallar Mr. li. hatt?>r. W 1 l'ra)?r Itob'it Kiaii/ . it li?lir.atnio Hrhu maun- M II'- ? hioIiuk I i liiiia'in In iJuarU'tta, "Kant *fll to til*' Wm.ila Mraara. 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"hi tb" Urnta Whwa lir?t I Mat Tbaa," Du> t, from th- 0|>?ra of Linda l)onl??MI Hwati at. I Mario r I Am Frrr, " liu' t In wb.^h toa Hwan will i ho a t wo 'Hat ill' t ?oli au l raa^li t bitty i na ' laar nolaa In Ilir arala. Tbia |iia<a waa wrtttan aiprraal) lor hrr by Mlotra litoiar, of Ij.ui'oii T.rki ta t" ? atita, to I* ha I at tha nanal pljfaa 1 . nvi Hunt ?? at?, to 1^ ha I at tb?' ball durn ?lay. II . fi<.or? f?an at f. ' , Conrrrt to eomniKiir# at 7Ji o'l ]"? U T I M ? 11 Al J., MM K'JIADWAY M)W J'JttH j K. h- mi Hi a OHANIi TOCK OF ECTlOI K, To which la a w a.' Ii'd Till. HIHUE OP ."KHAfTOI'OI^ tiklMM wltb dlitln|ubU'l mrwu la tba prinMjpM elUaa of ("nropa In O odon It waa aiblbiir^d tUM^ 1 e ptaaa aa tba Urfaai and oo? ? f tha moat afaifaot aa4 mK. i atlngaiblMtiona la tha wnrl4. ahowlag "Ml ur tit, hki> M inn, fcrlr fr?t wM?, of Ilia principal ? iill.x ?sn ni un lj ok is Mtiiic- 1 iv rtiHOi-u. "pan for aabibltion a? ?-ry aTKnlr^r al IK o>U* 7ba mualc by Mr Al'wloliald. of |y>n Urn, wIm> will tm troiaoa, for tha Drat tltna In tlra toantrr, tha o*w lm >(r oi'iit of tha plauu aimci. A 'la.tUni-a, J aaataa Oiil.ln a half pt fMVIIT THUTCK ? Amur ati ra' ri ?m ? Ji im rt-inir aiuin imu. TV a" Jla* agu a |j a ? ! artla'a, Ml', f I! I'iSWA* >'l> MIL." I II (OVWAY kl ^k?p??'i . trag.'Vr of M V'HI TIL kfarhath by Mr. f ' fuaay I ' y by .. . Aiau, -btti a a K now Wa n>M*dy THI I K I II A Jl WiMraka. Mr. k laaaay I onatan a. Mra | ''anatif roit IHK IlKNkl 11 <11 Mr. k U'fckHt till t'Xjk aow op>n Bowery tii i atk i w k j'WMrioM. the n? pula* 0||( Am< rl.aa a t< r, l.aa ?n toja^al far two ai'ti, ion mm la < m. Moa-Uy, tab "lf>. d 'WMT Mjtlkf IIIMTI'.I, IIIII.AItkXI'lllA, ID lait, ft i T> aatrlral TVrfiti laiani Ointaii* ' ? j ^ m, aranadata I'oc .n n r an liatal* Apply ?m tbapranlM* or It I i<! 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