Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW TfiKK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6770. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, MAROH 10, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE KITAL ENCOUNTER AT STANWIX HALL* Cwronn'i Invcitlgatlon-Rnraiil tor the Apt. prehension or Baktr-Arrfit mf Morr twj t *Ad H>Ur. BKCOXD I)**. Before Coroner Hilton. Th? on the body of the late Willium Pool# was TP>o:ntd v ?uterJaj morning before Coroner Hllto a, In the Cbatuler of the Board of Aldermen, City Hall. The room was from the nature of the exciting cao, crowded to ex cels wi'h the friend* of Poole, and those who took a deep ii.terest in the result of the ioTeetigatico. Before the testimony was resumed John riyler. charged with being ?connected with Baker end others, on the eight of the as ?mult apon 1'cole, was brought before the Coroner by Captain Turnbull, of the Eighth ward pol'.ee, and was committed temporarily to the Tombs. As ia the case of Van 1 f't and Linn, Hjrlar appear* to hare had tittle or . iiotliing to to with the attack on Poole, excepting that he was 'tta to enter the saloon in th*.* company of Ba ker Tnrrcr a?d Paugere Cyrus Miaj belc.; recalled, deposed as fellows . ? V- Dojrott recollect any other* belnj prevent at Stan wlx Hail on the night of tho rilRletuty, eicept those whoken?me* you i_i"nt I .ned yesterday A I do no'.; I aw satirfWd ttero were others thers that I know, but I eanioi &ivc their Hi m?* y W?* Poole iob*r when you entered the place V A. from h;* appearm". I should ?*y tliat a* ras sober: he krew what be was doing; 1 think' ho baa been drinking, but h? appeared cooler than usual; lie drank sjine win*) at fcla two pla<-e befom he went up to Stanwix Ilall; he tlrarl; elx it hall a gits* of two boitlct of wine Q VT''at happened after youenlcrei? A Mi. Irr'ng wanttu MorrUeey to go out Willi him, Morrlssey a aid, "I am u>l j(c:cg now, as I will be prepared in a moment to m??t 'hi- Amrricaa lighting eon of a b Q IV'Ut ft llowed v A. Morrlasey then wiii'perel to a yoorg man wboa* name 1 don't know, and he went out ; !<lif>it!.- after this louag man entered agu.u, aud handed Mor; j a pi*tof q ? What kind of a pistol wa? it A. It was a six bi rolled rerolTcr Q Tate what occurred. A Morrlseey then went to wards Mr Poole with the piaiol In hil right band; Mr. I i'?u Hteppcd up and caught hold of him iu tin a'.rrggle Mr. !>? : n tried to get th* pistol away from Mt-irlssey, wl en ;b? latter sprung away from him ami struck M*. (;evn with his band. Q Was Baker there.' A He was; he was along with Moriiesey, and bad a pistol in hia band. [At ? hi-- lago of the proceeding Morriisey whs brought bs'fue the Coroner on a warm nl, and was taneii to the eity T Hson by officer* Browne and Kceie, of the Color* ?, flic? H'U nun niton r?tum*l ? Q. What kind of a pistol had Maker In hi* hand? A. One of Colt's Ore shooters. Q Wed, what foHowaJ.' A. Mon'.isey moved towards rno'e when a of per-ioi?s got in between them; he pie e nted the pistol at Poolo over the people's head*, acd snapped the pistol at tbe deceased two or three Cm e?; 1 can't fay for certain whether the er.pi exploded or ooi hut I distinctly heard the hammer go down y. Pa you t>te cap* on tho pistol' A I can't say that I I .<i 1 was Dot dose enough to ?ce shetiter there wore or not. Q. You ennnet say whether th? -ups etplousd or not? A. Kt. I wnb paying >o much attention to Buker, as ).# ?as watching Mr. Pool*, with u pistol in his hand-*. i] Welt, what followed.' A. Officer Rue was prenent and he ancsted Mcrr.ssey, Kite was d'.uak aud noisy, and ttld tie Eighth ward police that Mnrrli-eey was his prisoner, ar,d that he waa goir.g to take biui to the ata j t.on Ijoum). OOiz-r liogan then came up. for the pur l>o!>t of arresting Poole, when 1 told the Utter to go out the bark way, and go to the Kighth ward station house, ami make a chargo *gu:n*t Morris soy. Thinking that liue would t rag Motrusey to the Kigbth ward statiou home, w went there along with Pool?, for the purpose oi n charit* against him. Wh*n wo cot to tlie BUtlon house, we found that Morris ??y had oot been brought there; and the othr? r thrre in comnund told Mr Poolo, v Mnrrissey had r.ot b< i n brought tbere, be could not take toe ch irge; Jim adi:.^d u* to get a warrant out for Mm in the moru iud we tlies returned to -tan t i x Htll; we stayed there i.nt I about fifteen minute* past one e'clock, wheo six men entered the salvia. Q. Wl-owere theie men? A. Paugen*, Bilter, f.inn. Ttinn*. Un Palt una Hjler. y. l-(d they come in together i A. They did. y. Well, what hipp'ne>i ? A. The m'nute they got In I talic seited Mr Poole by tbe collar. Q. \tithabut hand did tie acir.e him A. With lit* r'got fe I sMViId say ; PoMe wa* In roover-atot. with Vr. C'?u pbrl), and l'uogene had to reach a'TOss Camp bell <V. I'. i he fay ary?ii'ng .' As he ^caaght hoi 1 of 1 ixtle he sa-.ii 4 Voa ?re apretty Amer.ean son of a b? ," and then said " Aint ?ou a pretty American " Poole re- | pli?d by ???ayiB^ ' Ye*, I am their atanda.d bearnr '' I the* told Poole not to make any repll' *, in three or four ?it the |>artjr had pistol- In their bands. ? ti Wht. wvre til iso that had fistula in their hand*v A. Pavg'oe. B.'-er aa-' Turner, the latter ronceah>lit under hi sclca'-.l can't *?y that I saw piatola in tte b?nd*of any | . I J>e otliirs, 1 thought tbeae weio the tuoit desperato t I- . n?t' tte I*rtr, and ha l my eyes on them particularly, n tid my atU n'iou wa* so much drawn to them, that I enuk' tiot till whe her the o'.hers had pistols or not: 1'Hiif ? nr. ?lio ?till li "Id Pool" by the collar, ?aM, ' I t to lief t you; ' Poole made ao reply; Pauireoethen ? aiti, "Vim black niu.'.xlvd son of a b , 1 want to HjhV you-' ii-rde 'autjbei! but msde no reply; at th s tim \jr. <\mpt>eH tri"?i t^i ?e* out of the wr.y. when Pangen ??|r. to rauipbell, ' Vd>? t*?e jour hand down; I know ou Mr \ in l'eit ihea interfered, and irled to at ip XI e ijuairel; he took ko'.d of Paugene when tho latter it ruck him 1 think ; th?t wus the la*t I saw of \ an I'eli 1 t'l.ooght lie went out as soon as Paugece *truck at bo; I"a tgene, who still bad hold of I'oole, then eoagbisl aint epat in bis face three tinec PrK)l? then bnke k.tiee from i'augoti . and rstreatesl back as far as he. cculd get, botwoen tbe ojsttr box and the oar Turner th. o took off his co*t, thiesr It on the ooUDtsv, and s.vld, "J:oy?. let us hail iB anyhow;" he wsrel hia pistoli ?ivtr li hea.\ an ! tliea thi. party advanced towards Mr. . J' ole y. V ito composed tbe party t A. Paugene, llaler and Turwr Q I -i 1 i :r.n advar.Mf A. I eaa't ?av that he did; hi %nb prt -rx.t at iho tune, but 1 <lon't tliinl he Wit one ot lilt i arty tnat idvanoed with the ot burs Turner then 1< i?l'e<i Lii jdittal at Poole, renting tlie Mrr?l ?rr ??? kin if! I ami. wiun bi- putol vent oil and lie (hot kim mil ib the i>. 10. vj Wlmt l of a jNto' wa? it A .'t w.?* ? rery 1/ r><e -iire?i pi.?tol ? 'iu! 1 weigh neirlr twnlvu pc im l? ; it waa ? rertifcr; I i*j1? then put hi< 'mala bftore kia laci aiiil nimI, " My (jol, hv.-o you coite hue to tu-ird' .? h ?"* 'Inner, on shooting hfrnielf, fell on the fl -or, an 1 n^ Lf U? on tna lloor he rained his piatel . (IreC it, anl rhot Sir i'oole iu tiii knee. who stairgerc I and felt, fUV.'r then uprarf* rijkt on top of him, when Pangea* llred at C t.arlt s !?'?, who went to I'oolo a a-ialatance, ami who*, him ir ttebcad; tia tier then put hu pistol agiintt Mr. i'or.l* h lu?.iet. Q. tb? portion of Poole an 1 Baker at th'i timu A. I'obio vat lyin* on the floor, aoi Baker In i hi* i lie upon him, wbllo with hit lelt ! a ?i<! lie gra?|ied kin Mr 'he foliar. y. fteil, what next .' A. I went towar I* linker to Poolf a aakUtanco, when Baker lire i hi* |,l?tU, at tte time, " WtU. I g-jeia I'll take y.rn any how;" Ttirrer, ?t ? wasat'll iy og on tho floer 6red a thir.l allot wuri-'id I .o/t-rr in the leg: I th n apraag at Turner, aiul i.? t lHU>hod hi* piatol, it wrnt oil in the liirection of Mi- i'toli the povder ilMhcd all orrr my han-1 : th* party tU-n triod to g*t out ol ;lir pis"1, wnen Baker w?i ?toi.|v ii by a man n amed At: er. who trl??l to hol l Mm ilakr-r froad, sn l ait'l.e w?nt o it ot ti e ?iuor *.r ? Afla'mo 1 '? I nave ti? n that nonet a t>? any low ' Turner fiJloaedckMel-ehn 1 linker, and at they <ot ouU.'.r, I heard n auny u* twj or three pi?tol *not? in tl.< Mr rat I think one of the *botn m*? Turner'*, a* hi < p r <<i I ~ ng of a lai^e a:*e, wai micb tou 'nr than tho o.h>' i*. g W liap^eniil to Po-ile i?ft?r they wrnt out ? A. Pool* then iaK?-l Vuceelf fiom th-) boor and raught h >ld oi tb? cooi . 1 h .id to kin. "You aredao^em .ily woun>l< ed,' ? i? n be roplied, ''lftn?i not; 1 am cnlr ahot in the .i if," I toil .ilm that he *? alM> (hot lu the b ta^t. ai I aaw lha piatol diacharfe<l lato him. Poole fUed for ?hout bl'.een Minn'.e*, when be >-omi<i<njad to luint Ik- look < d blue in the f ur#, an!, fainting away, ?aid "Cyrca, I am dying.'' 1 caught him tn my arm , and Mr. ' aiapl>eU tie. ping me, we plared h.m ou the ?ouater; I told Ur. Peagff to go out the b?ck way ant bring n unit axiatan- <j; th-' p iU e arrir?l a* w'e Ui1 him < n the ro'.nter. Q by a Jaror? Di>] any otbir than B-tkar anl Turner .h ot Podaf A. T c:.n'? nay. but I'augaai . r- S kin tl^tol tlno or four t-ni'-t, rbootiug Lu/.ier iu taa kwl. Q Di-1 you brar U.e cosc.b drirln* o'l ' A. I did I !<? ard that tl e rum''eri>f th" '-oach ?aa!lft, 1 w at told liiat e"?a of tba party went off in the coach r. W. ? 'a*pl-ll, Wnj .'uly nworn, aaid? I lire a'. 4.,S Hr?e-i way f wa? at -tanwlx Hall on I be m<bt of the 4 Hi -ity , I know l'aj^ane I heanl Poole *o'i U m. abo'it ail we? ka ego, at bi* >alion, c rner of Brotlw>\ and Hot ?rd rtwt. that if he woul t not k*?*p '>ut of Lii be wtoi-l line him put on JUa^'.well ? Inland? wbarn?K-n fV.gni.- '4-1, ? You ran t dUhmca me much - I .1 liKnt tu'i b'* took off hie co \tt ar>( I wanted r?ole to cooae on Uld.- ttia do ir and fight wi*h ti in Mr. Ia.,1 *a?d to t?i< boy, " P: k. gat a imlleemia." a pirty or n -o, whom 1 ?up|K>-? t were i'augen* ? frleud- got hold of Jim, and too * !. Jiuver to the Kiguth ward elda of Ri'-wdway. y l>o you know 'be nam"* of thoee Men-la of p*n g< tie Uiat : ou.fifa.. of r A. So, I know th- to l.y >ight I ?!.In they Bra In the F.igbth ward, I never hearX any 1 Ibnata madf by any othor parties ay a net F'rx.le opto the l we 14 tbfjiiootiag Miunwi at Httnwit Moll i } Ju <t r>nt*all the clrrcrastancc* atten-zio; th? af frai at UnwK 1 1 all ' A. On the eeen'nf of th? 21th '<* I'ebruery 1 went opto -taawix Hall in tompany with Pr< k am) -nmr of hi# ft .en le aa-i tcjk tujp?r ti.cra to .iber; wt.ilewc wer? raking our enpper att'iet?bl<, , n ? oa* n?t-iT<l and tol l M'. Poole that Morr ??ey w .? .ti ?t( ba< k ro.ioi. Mr. I >oU> thereupon repli?J? " A? long a- Mcrlfay lease* r?* alone 1 will leaf* h'm alotte i'nolf a"B r np fioai tliaUtl* ami itxxl In the uptra batWI> u kb? i-attag oonator ant tne dr okia* on', anl ? ' Hi mm} talkli-< k. hi* frlenU that w. rj lUndlag tTMict* bin ?!i n M rrl?*ey <*me otit or the buck ryim, ??nd, t-ta?< ag fi??ut of IV.Ie aai I to h' ?? "Ah! i it yfrtljoa ar , jou Uaek mu/rifl ?oo of a -. ? ' Poole no r* Mr. Irr!n* rot l?twc?n Morrl<-ey o.l t 'lcifc" aai' c,i<-(y?.Ja<i in t?aiag M>Tri**ey awar to !lif ?i'Vr .i a of t' <? ft* it, : Ihe nert thin* U?a'. ait CM ?1 ny ?1 v'rr< i wb'?j^r'#T t? i ,n. ??>,., went out eeemlngly in a hurry; in a few minutes after wards Ibt joung tun n lurswl, ud jtHoi uk behind Mrrrls'ey, the Uttor drew * pistol ? ? si j barrelled one? and mapped it two or three t>m?s at Poeie'a haad; I j don't think the caps exploded; 1 think I *aw cap* on the pit to); he mapped the pUtol two or three tiroes; I suppose 1 was twelve or tlfteea feet from Mm; I never Haw the pistol before or iluce; the parties, Mr.?Irvin* and Mr l ean, then jot between them; I never heard Morrissey thieaten to kill Pool#; in the principal facta of the shooting, aa atated by Shay, I ean concur. Here the testimony of Mr! Campbell close I, and the cave was aljourned until this morning at 10 o'ctoek. 1BK II AYOIt'S PROCLAMATION? $500 HKWABl* FOK THK ABUST or BAKKB. By a reference to our advertising columns it will be eeen that Mayor Wood has issued a proclamation offer ing a reward of S.'iOO for the npprehensioa ef I.out* 1U ker, the ex poUcemac, wlm is alleged to be the party who uhot Poole, on the night of the 21th of February. Program of Um Miantrlpsl Revolution. Till . tAhDINIAN PltlOaTK I'KM SBNIYB? 11 Bit PAH8KN OK118 TO BK AI.LOWKD TO LAND MMMVOMMMOa BATVKEN THK MAYOR AND KAKDTNIAN OONSUL. The following correspondence has taken place between the Ms; or and the flkevalier Valerie, Actiag Consul (ienoral ot the Sardinian government at this port, In re lation to the passengers on lioard the. Sardinian frlgat* Oes t.entya. It will be seen from the letter of the Mayor that he consents to their landing, as it has been aatls factoiily proved to bim that they are not convicts, as was at lirnt supposed, hut political offenders, who ilecl from their own countries int? Sardinia us a pUce of 1 relugo:? Hif Sardinia*" M.utmr's Covsrt.ATE (Jkvi.u.u., ) Nhw Yohk, 8th March, 1856. j MR? With reference to your Honor's letter of thi iiotli day of January, addressed to Mr. Vice Consul Kahricot ti, telatlve to passengers on board his Sardinian Majes ty s fr gate l>es (iencys, and now in this port, 1 hive t'ae tonoi to acquaint you, from officii 1 information, .n addi t or. to the official communications made to you by the [ Marquis Tuliaenrne last month, that the said pasheui H> rs aro all subjects of otber countries than Sardinia, whtre they iiave only lied as political refugees, and where, iliome of them have lx en at times uniar tlie surveillance of the polite for political offenc-s, not one hns ever bi?n a convict. It Is uot to to faiily supposed that a national vcttiul would bo allowed to lend heitelf to the tianeaaisaiuu of convicts and cast thi ra on the shores of a country with whirli there exists a treaty of anally and friend ship. Sardinia repudiates auy and every such intention, sod you insy be assured that yofehavs l?-n ipproiciied by repcrt* injurous to inuoceut Strangers. I enclose a ol the nivru-s, nativity ami pant ocoup itions of said pasicngeri , which will give your Honor a correct liistory I ol them, und upon the truth o' which you m?y rely with great .-.esurtty, os it comes to m? from an oflicial source which I cannot doubt Hut how far it may bo necessary to give lhi.< list pvbl'city, is a nuo.stion I leave with your lie, nor. 1 say thin becau-e, II Ihuse men had been persecuted, 1 feel sure that Americans will not be disposed to ad'. eitlie and add to their sufferings. I by respectfully to have it urcerstoo'. that I write officially, so ns to coeur my country's vessel and her eornin-ui '.er, and "-how that they come on a voyago of mercy and of klclne**. It may be will, lik< wise, to say that tnf gov ernment, desix ng lully to carry dot a purely k nd inten tion. hsvo atrnnged to place :n the hands of such of these ircii a* art; without present means, sums sufficient to keep thorn Irom becoming a burden to your city. I avail mjself of this opportunity to ren- w 1 1 your Honor tlx- expression)! of high t-speot and consideration with which I hnvo the honor to be Your most obt.dU.-iit, humble servant, J1I. VAI.KRIO, At tug (.'oneul-lii-neiai of Saruiuia. To his Honor the Major of the city of New Vor*. Mayor's Ouh'k, N.h York, March 9, 1855. Sir.? Yottr communication of The 8th inst roiati ig to tie pirsons now on board II S. Majesty's frigate Pes (ieneys, in this port, ii> reoeUnl. it is gratifying to have the strong assurances which it contains that they have not been cinvicts, sod vere sent here rather as a protec tion Irom p>'ualtirs for poiitiokl ntlen' >??? than as a ban ishment for tlia perpetration of erime. Tiies? represen tation* rorre-pond with the results of toy own investi gations, which, together with the ex.iminat o is of t b" agent of the emigrant ('omicisfioncrs, the ll-nlth (itlicer at the Quarantine frouad. an<! th? L'nite.l States ltevenue ofil'trs, lead ur to tbe conclusion that there ran exist no valid reason tor their longnr do enlionon boar l. If no other offences hate b- en committed than opposition I to the golf luuien'n cf wl Icli they h..v - !> nn I ? | we woulu not exclude them and 4eny tham ?n opportunity of living under more eulightenad and I ios'l'.ti [ tiojs It is certainly mv wish to encourage rather thin oi.-coura<e emigration to this city, pro. ide l it is o a j character to ado to our industrial wealth by aiding or I developing the ugTicultural, mint ral and manufacturing [ resources of the country; but when, us in sew'ral recent | instances, the indcl?nt depraved and dlecatiod fro smug gled In ujHin us through the agen'-y of foi-ei.rn gov errments. 1 slall use every means lit my conimhid | to prevent their ingress. As to theie per* >ns uow on ( Mwrl tltn IKfs Ceneys they tuve noth n? to (War from o>.r sovemment cr lacal authorities If tb?y will obey th' lawaand n spect our reguUtioos for the pre?err'. tion I ot the f eace anv itorals ol the communtly. all ob,. ct on.- to the.r lsmling. I b?g to ren:proc*le the fHenalv spilit of your Vttrr, and to ad I that in the many interviews I have L id with the Mar'iuii Taliacarna and journ-lf on this subject, that at no time lias any other Ui-poaitiou lieeti manifested by elthe-, than a desire to nn?t my wishes and comply With wh.tU'vcr ?emu my n o?e of duty should dictate for the preserva tion ot the : tits re?ts of thif city, and whic'j would be compatible with the honor of voui o?n /overnm?nt. j 1 am vcrv truly yours. I KftN \.\DO WO'ti, Ilayor. I'o the Chevalier Ju. Vaijmo, Acting Cans il 0en?ml ol Saidin*a. THK MAYOK,J COMPI.AIHT BOtJg. ! That bjys play ball against compi.itn.iut s hoiix*, I corner of a\?nue A and l'ourtei nth street A countryman complains t at he was defraad' 1 of >" for a worth!e?s watch, by lliatU.i Jackson, of So. I'> Chatham street. Ihe uiouey was rvco'.erwl by olticei Wltes. lhat the occaj of the upper part of h . a*e 17 I T\e?t 1 Fourteenth str ?-t, < W.iucts tbe windows with * ^11* That the o?n Mi '4 taran 1M 1 1. * t hat" riiK'l tluir hout ?nr ?tui/ lililur tlitii allow*. | ai- '.he well j up* only ? -Ul mrne* thick. tbe fat lioiiif^ establishment *1 Z7i \V ? it ihlrty j eighth street in a porfect nuiaam ? . and that tlio nt'-noii and Citli are cicee. -njlv unhealthy. Ibat. Uuip? have liv-n plac?d la Fifty fourth utreet, ! 'et*?eu lfltb art fciixtli areimoa, lyste Liter bueu i lighted s!neo tli-y wire placed in aiiid atreot ? now ! Marly *i* moctl.s i That the aldtwaik in liberty street, adjoinutit the Post Cilice, i* an intolerable nui.?inro, beinx for purpnsea for whluli rear prrm'sca are Inter, led. ihe i ^nie.; ar: -ir.g therefrom ?i<-t.?Btn^ In iho cvlretno. !Upeat?d <-omp'.aintH of til* nui?Auc? btic beuu re ceiied. Wm Kolin, o' iX l'i,.?ion ?treet, complains '.hat the j occupant, of 2'.'.), ?i.a.? street hunj* out ? lace il irf , irnin the (?( m I ii'.orj of hi* ni.ilmorv e*U'<!i 'innil, to the antoyanc- of hi* ne:jhbora, snd in noUtion of tlio I city ordinance. Mr*. Oatlirrin' K*r!e?, of ICO Anthony street com plain* that abe left a ta-ket containing marketing ami a I linn i! 'if fourteen t.uintde coatu at a gro er- ?tor-*. So. ? 44 i alton a'reet. for * fi w momenta on tiie lit of Mar^h, inti'uding to roturn to take them to her rt-i. denee; tin* after being absent a !ew moment*, tUe tu | i turnc 1 an 1 found they bad been delirnrrd, a* toe clerk j ivar-, to aOciman wsinuri, woo bad helped Uer to csrry thi to the atore, acd woo obtained tin in without her knowlcJg* or constat. Robert <'Ainpb*l:, of Iff. tVaihintftou Mark'-t. ? foreign I er, kOidplalnti thai tt" Mill ia wirhal Insist ? lcvyi.g ? upon h * ehattela for cosi* ana nw for not .loin* mili I tary <laty, for which U? ia not liable by the 1? ?? of thi* | State, and pray* that a stop may U pat tu like extor | tion* on b iu*elf un<l destituteeountrynitn. In tbiaeaia i the M.tjor aaya be ran grant no relief, and thai the am 1 plamant must be left to the mercy of the Military Mar I ?hal. Accintvr v'rom m.iariw ko- k*. Mr. Archibald < rlere, r? '1'ng at Fift eth street an 1 Broadway, appeared a' the Mayor's ofS'-e and ...?de a complaint aga!n*t ifiiin, '-octractor, frr eareleady I blasting roekii near hi* houae, by wbic1' his little boy ' aaa aerionaJy lnjare-1. It appeare that hit son ahii* | ait yr ?rs o|.i, wan plasina iu front of h'? houae on i'rl I day, the 24 inat , wttb other children, at a distinr jof UOi r 200 feat from the Mast* wli?n th?y w*re dla | cbaryel, and that a piere n< rock ?trnek him on the right inn. hreakini- it wt |e bla thlgb wai lUo <e rioualy injartd. Ike Mayer rrftrrtd tha r^tr to Justice j O'born. Aitmi ^riiD for (urriKft uo< ?*?. Justice Oelorce, ti Thure-iay. I?su?.| n!oe war-a'its fir 'he orieat of k'epart cf rtiaori!"ily houa^a on and ntar tha 1 ire I'oirits, and yisterOaj *ic of the j?art!e* ' we;e t*keu be'ore Mm and required to bail in tho i % ;in of 0 ea'h. The followioir are the nen,e? <,( the parties arrea'ed ?Ann (Ulroy, Ttomaa louirelln lain<? MeOauly, Jarnes M?< lian Ann Its ine and Mary Murphy, | all of whom vero cn?ni..itted la default af hail W< n Id I it not be well 'or '.be police t'? l*atosr some of thalr at tention on tha keeper* of similar houae* In Mereer street Ch'ireh street and other more fashionable |o i calitiaa? It ia aaid that the reaacn the estaMiahmenta 1 In Ui'>ae atraeti i re allowed to remain nhdiaturl^d la ! in eot-e^ience of sotr.e anderata=-lia? which eilata | l et we n them an-1 certain offlcer* If a crusade ia to | be earriad on against tin m wor.H It not be (wtter to | eoBtwao* in thoae loea'iltiea further uj. town* The l/?tr Rrseiu frnin Orownliig. Tor, t.-f ?'?.*, Mat-ho 1?'V to thi kditor or ra; MrnaLD. 8in? t rind In th!a t*]'r IIkkud a parsgratl* r?lat!?e to Ihe aavinK a# a n an * no Nil vti i boar l from a ship going to aea, 'n tow of a ste*rnti.|, by the erew of ooe of tba baigea of the I cited Htates An..y, U'.itriKir'i lalatd. I l*r jon wiH pleaae ri.rret t an error I Had In tie same, an<: mmting the aamr af (<?poral HirlU and craw, cf l.oTaraor's Mu4, In Uau af 8>rgeant f^aun 1 tlar?. fce. I fsel aaanrad that you will x *b to njy r*^. .est. *ee ' ir| thtt jour eeluwi.s aor.oun r Qte ahosa by tta title of "hunor v> wna honor i< <se." , OfOPf.P If AJ XXT., of aar ;? ttw. a Alleged FIlllNUbrlni Expedition to Cutau miTUf HMris DISTRICT 001 RT. Bafott Iloo. J ud^e THIRD DAT. March 9.? Tin Cnittd Xtalri ?f. the Stramer Mattacku trtli ? Th? tirnt witncwi called iru I-omnzo De An<elU, who depoeed? I am one of tbe ofleert attached to the Mainhal'i office; I knoir of the eteaaMr MtiaachuietU, I nmde the aeizure about the -6th of January; ihe waa at anchor nearly oppontte Jerney City when I aetred her; ?tbe wan in tbe utreain in the North rtrer, Mr. Horton and *ix revenue ofllctra boarded her wlU? me; there ap peared to be preparation making for talBag; it wim be twem 11 atd 12 o'clock in the day when 1 aeized ber; I don't remember tie day of the week; the captain waa not on board; I nuked lor him, ??<! they nail) he wax do there; Mr. Manon, (be second mate, aaid he ha) charge of the vearol; there did not appear to ba any paaieugern. there were a cumber of ini-u, apparently the crew, and tbe eDgiupwr, I informed tbam of the attachment. Mr. Dooohne objected to tbe declarn'.ioaii of person* in charge. \ IUe Coutt allowed the declaration*. | W ltneaa continued ? 1 naked >1 men when abe waa to Mil- be paid the captain wa* gone aahore and woulrt be awn'v an hour Mafon raid tbe veaael *M bound to New Orleans, Mobile and ehwwhere. bat where he did not know; I kept charge of the ship; I had a boat alongside of her; I aent for aaalstance; I brought the vessel into nier No 1. tie captain came on board while I wan there; it wan lit o'elock when I uw him, but hp might huvt) l?cn on hoaril befoie; I had no conversation with him i?t that, time, that I recollect; 1 left two men in charge; there nan sometlilBg ? aid by the captain about the Spatllah coneul; I can't recolect what it waa; I siib-e.ju.-nUy ei am ned the lading of the ve?ael; 1 found a very large quantity of coal* and unite a number of caaka of water . I fou nd no water In tanks. nor no water tank*; 1 did nut find a large boiler; I aaw >-ome jiolo* there; 1 could not mbv thev w. re tint poles; I found wagon*, hand carle, baroesw, aaddlee ; I did not ?ee any pina: 1 believe there were life boatt on hoard; there were a large number of life pn-ierver* piled up: thev seemed to be old an 1 to ha v'i been onboaul a long time; they wore piied up in a l,eith in tbe ladies' cabin, there was a l.?g? .|antity or the in ? I chould think there waa nearly 300 of them ; f have not got a o ietin'-t reocllection of them, to deecrlbe them: they were made of tin; they w* re about a foot and a half loiig, they were iminted \t each end and circular; aaw trncka there; Mr. Cook know, minora about them than 1 do 1 did not ne? any grindstone there, there waa quite a number of boxen containing harness, saddlea, pistol holaii ra; the caddlea wir? v?ry heavy; the sal lilea and holat r? were In the after cabin, in oue ca?e, but there were several cases holsters; there waa no name ou the boaes, t-o place for dlrectian. nor d marts oi numtrtm that 1 raw , 1 -aw souiu hoat- on deck, about ibree or tour I fhould think, 1 ua? no tents :1 aaw some wheels- thwv were about four or four an l a hair feet In ai M. heavy tire a; I'eter Cook, who ia attached to the Martbal'a ollico, aud Mr. Horton, agisted me in the aearrh; Isaiah lender* and atveral officer# from tho ( ua torn Iloiife alao aaaiated me. Croaa examined by Mr. I.oveil-1 now rexido in flroomc htrict ; 1 waa corn in New York, I have beru in tbo Pa cific ' 1 never waa in Cuba ; 1 do not apeak the HntoMb Uneuare; I know Mr. Chacon, thoHpaniah Vlco Con-ill; 1 do not know any other Cuban gentleman I became ar.iu?inted with Mr. Chacon at tbo Marshal's olllee in lfe.'l 1 have bad lnUrvl??a wlUi tke >panlah Conaol; I have met Mr Hiacon, perhaps a hundred tlm->? at too Marshal's office ar.d fifty time* at theOartlon 11. >iw ho ha a never called at my house; I have been oolr at hi* bouho, I believe, but once; I once handed the Consul a letter at the InMrlet Attorney's office I know people in tbe ? Qjploy ol the Spanish Consul; 1 have sent those persona to the docks for specific bullae.# connect* I #lth tbe District Attorney s ofsieo; ttii.i specIflobu<dne.a was not cor ncct.d with tbo Massachusetts, I hive empl. yul i)*raooa to watch the Maa.-aehuictta. IJ. llavoyou ever employed peraoua by the direction of the Spanish Con ul of v ice Consul to watch t~e placet of binin ae of rertnin | irtira A Never air ij. Uave .you been ever diiected to Uo iob/ the DUtriet A lbel)fetrlct Attirnny objected on principle, though he did not care for On auction hccu e be would But be performing hia duty il he did not endeavor to find out Iiartki cfaganv'd in violuling th? laea. ihe Couit aaid it waa very proper for tha Matricl At torney o tlie Oonaul to??puiy peiaoue to wutch .tea Huh|wcted of Le'ua a? ??K?aed Viltni ia contintied? 1 ne?vr waa ao ? i rested by the Uiatrirt Atu rney ; I and othi ia in the otU. e have bee a directed to wat* h certain partlea auppoae.i to be con nulefl wltl. Ue Ma'McbaeetU; I revw waa emiAoyej W watch property ^uppoe. i to be cot necUd with Ma? fachumtt , I have intt ? congregation ol p?.r.oi.- who have e*p re ined tbemnclvea favorable to revolutioni. mg Cuba uT.1 -hfui iu New Voi>. atd In New Orleain, I in New Orletuia a NowruOer ..od Ili-coiW l,i.;t; I waa cot aent tl.iit by the L>- U.ct Attoraev or tn. ' ouaul in relation to thi? hoaiucaa. I wa? cent th<-re ?.n other btiai^ " ?a bv thu N ' . laty of the Interior; 1 waa em,,loy.?l on this bulinc*" of the liiu?*chu?etta on my r iturn fiom >-, w ?>r ;? iu'. I know the Maaeacbuaetta for n veara I waa h re t i dlormi J of tl.e Ma .aachuactta by a Jlt;?n of the I n, ten Stau-a, Ueorge, who la at t? ched to the Maralul'a office: lie told me who informed hiiu I ia- mfonnc by the Vlc? f'on?ul aince her a i/uie thi't ahe va r:,>ing to Cuba; I do not kruw of any P' r fi n who had been watching around the M**#aobua?tta Uforv her i-e..ure, I .ma aalarie I "Woer lhave ftia I hkVu no contmgi uciea in t^i* matter, i I ive revci itcived a dollar from e.liier . pan i,'h 1 1 in \il or the American govirum.*nt iu re letiun to kbit matter I o. .er remve.l a cant to ia bi,i e to |...rtica for f. rrtlmg out thla bua.nea* Of th.' IhamcbnaeUv I not know the length ol the v, I wr >.)ar chili th' -oal, but did not find any .hlng I under it I thi..k M waa hard coal; 1 kcow he . oal in I the a-f't ? ablu w?.i hard coal I dtn t know a* to the haratb rof the guat bulk of the, I tn^nk t.iere acr. beriola of bit I or pork ut the bottom of tli? reaael I ia ? uo apiiearant '? of any attempt to conceal any of UoK article! which I have ipacitted; ?li? lay nearly op w.itc JtraC. City, bead Jp atrraia, and ab<< it tV.? i.nnilrc.. yar a fiom the Jeraey nhore abe waa at an .-l?or ati l id all tbe apparance of atirting t " ?ea without touching any w' arl .'.gaio. tha haineaa waa iu ca ^, ? tio<l i. ? while thti win o ,/? a a J , I o not r .Ue t thone co.? a ivort mar'.eil it H. ; tl ere might have V?n I mariatn them an i 1 Lot notice them, aaw uo mark of . A. S. u f...' bo*e. the mark nn*ht have btoa on them -.nd I i,iit a c t. aaw no mark of P( S. M. on them: I d,<^ tot cxan,:. e tl e outa le ?? much aa I did th ? in 4 , | wik k4>: in,' l< r the coft-ot? I '!?n t *1 ! k tin f wlncU th?o went to tb" BJOtn i thlullU** whtcU eoulil bear - ciunoi, t<< abe N.tiu.k, and t'l 1 <aw there would ma.e a W4. cn ill :t taelve ft<t long I <!f>n t think I f?w any ceS Uata o : her I den t r collect >e?i?.g any aiteia t i. na or late re^ira io h< r: tb. re were l*d? on boe.d, 1 I thm:. there wet. n.ore thnr. wai lufficlent to aceom mcdatr the crew then wen- hrdainall tb. berth, of the "'Me rocria I think I examined th'in all, th?re w. re M.DW of thee app. aie<l not to have bwnOCeutiM on. cf the men ftid they occupied th-m, I did not ae? any on board etcept thoee who appeared to be in "as.-! in tb. teo^d, a< the crew eng.teere, and firemen I . n t *k tfc'rc were more ttiao taerty live or thirty men Ui nil on l^ard, an1 there might not bave beau twtn'y fi ve I I iUf ? trd then, to get up the anchor, an 1 tlty a.i i id je* e??rT facility waa affor'ed me. I aaw no attempt at ronreafn.ent by anyb<aly I did not nee any tunning to and fro. I .ion t think any of the men had ant ^aut* to do an;, thing out of tnr aighV I di ' re t/dtle r nue . ffictn to dutrlbuu th' nia. Ivea, to 1 tbnt ?othing ec Id he eoucaaie<!, and I beli?ve the vea I n<d wa hreoght to the pier jo t aa I Mired her; it wat | ta'l'Uof in tl.e kf? ahal'a ottlre iora? daya pre.lona | t,, ij,, 1*1 nr< that tbe via el waa pr'ptrlng fot I ae? I .Id uot h;ur it aaid cn the prevkua .Hfctur civ Hit abe had cleared; tie Intention to eel/e I J ? It lel.t 'ate '..en en Catnrrtay without my know \ut bu' I new up^ oe it waa not tlie caae the Kp?ni?h 1 ( cn?ul or Vice CcnauL 1 tinleraUol, waa at the Mar fhol ? ' let *eeB Matur .ay and tb" lay tbe rr.ael w - " Hit I did sot aee the m tb are I aahp>rnaed one of tte wl*! .Mr lie lev . .? tlr.i ea.e, an-Uavo I'-ter ottM to ' er i ? , I ?Jid not pay the witn*ae I aub ^?ua.' .t la iot eoetomary to pay witaeo-a bef. r* ' lothe I' atr'rl >ttor-ie. -1 ?houl 1 thin'. '"-n? of th* |,?1M c i.* . n tl " h?ine?a wen' ten l?"t i nf , an 1 probably four feet wii'e . To M: 1 4) rati ? I think tbe boloteti were affiled to the a-adi'lee hct 1 am not certain; they ware tbe ordinary ,ue i : did h. .later., about the ire of an ordinary hor.e n'atol ?h< aaddlea <?re no* all of one character I thiak ?h< - were two rtilferent Vinde? one what tbey eall pack -a- lea haavy. for draft the other* were aaddle. for tc.en 1 'do not Un.'W bow iru'h harneaa there waa there ., -e ae - ral <?'*', I eho-iid tblok there were over 6 ee 'hi re W. e doThle that numb- r the Uacea were wi<t? and very heavy. Tc the liati iot Atltorney-Th- biraeaa wa. new waa , t! e.i | 'i.i meut o? the I'nited .-Utea Marahal at the t m at the *>? re of tbe Cleopatra I . aa engaged In ber M- lit' Were thoee boiea elmilar to thoee fojad on ?he Cleopatra (Objectod to? ruled out.) I have oot received nor t*en pmmiaed any money by any per.on ?n behalf tte I nitd htatea government, for any agency ia ^i'it?rC*H ? aleo emplovv J In the Halted f?tate? Mar^ at ? I'a office, deputed that he 'ound a gr?l deal of coa (r. boatd the Ma<ea<bLiee't?, but could not Ullhow ' ?k |t wae uo .er tbe ladlee* cabin. I ilaould think tl're win from 300 to .'i40 or 100 tcna r ' coal It waa eott coal here were water tank, on hoard they were 0. wo teiow tk< kitchen, I eounteieii w.-er Unk. t.i?y wire a Urge aire; I aaw n w^tor caeVw '.liferent elrae aotre won d 1 < M ?t*tf g?H' ?? -?eh and w>?* may have hean et iall?r 1 thmk the tank ? woaW b??l<l 1J0 gall/.na i^b l ei = miacd the ca.k- but ant the tank.; tb- -a.Vi "nUii." ^?er there w re ten four wbe.ded U7?i? eUe tbere ware h?*e. to the wagone there wef e< me thirty po>< twelve to fl"een V?,t wng aol y iu cliciirfereace, and fifteen band "ee 1 boiew; I i?* t?n bag. In which there were t?r . v r ' lnf?. 'bete were al-o -orr-e teat nine th/r- w r- e t o^ 1 ranc a' life I a'a atd nne palm nf oar? he"i wee aererel bandrt-l life pre erv"r. there were foor truck# crCator.e and a beliewa and forge bet. w oa tlia roal there were two boilet* ia the ?"re rwn * iteeae 'oaltauad to dearrlhe ? w>? o"l. other art. -lea .pee fled ly Mr I'e Argelia, and waa a . >rljr cioe. eiim AdjoVMd. A I. til KiurTRiw 0?r* Tb? Hnact Uk?. It to atated 'a now frt re* cvee a' the wrrthera ead fwr wwr tni>? Tbe Ireii ? foot ?hi *k, ait 1 h<*ae? an i b .?? re OT*f tn t>e ^ke to i.ea. va Tlia lake bet a?) " o*? '???a cn??id c.0 tbe ke, la ?V|h?, na>e IM?. Mr. Boole anil lite Cotton Junta. Mr. Moult hH declined the laritatteo to a public recep* tioo at a dinner or otherwine, Inxltrtd to biro by the Cuban Junta of New York. Hi* refnaal U announced In the following communication fri m Mr. D. de (ioicourla, the delegate appointed to wait upon him la Wa-ihington, to hia brethren of the Junta:? - Wa?hiNUTO*, March 8, 1866. PrAR I have approached Mr. 8>ule, and tendered to him the invitation I waa eonrarimioned to offer. lie dccliaeii being made the object of an; oration He wax much pleated, however, with the delicate man ner In which I had been directed to deliver my meanage, acd ipofee in glcwing terma of acknowledgment of the flatteriuy oompliraent wliieh it implied. But he ineiitod that whHat he war a* it were, on trial about the iaaue* which had grown eut of Ma late mUmon, it wuuld be unbecoming in him to let the public lie fore stalled b j any demon*ti?tion through which h:a fried* might be dippoaed to xfanw Kin their aympathiiir. Ha u calm, dignibed, and chi-erful. He utter* not a word <4 disaffection ct reaentmeat. Indeed, he aeema '|U.l? con tent witu tin* roaition which be occupiea before the conif try. Of the rrowd of frienda who hare vUited him Mi ore lie arrived here, there in none who d<MM not apeak with artmiratioa of tLe !sftluea* and magnaunuih lie diaplaja, wln n. vi-r he ia brought to allude to the .-cla tiona in which he to l.rneral Pierce and hi* or.M net. I leave to .sorrow for New York, and, until then: Your* ever, P. DE GOiCOliRIA. The .\cw Slml MH?f|tlnK Machine*. SI t,'CK8S?t'T. KXI-RttliH-NrAI.,. t'onii<leriibl? curiohity wa* exritfd ye.tenlav In Ann *li?et, by the appeal a nee of one of the atreet *wo*ping machine*, the arrival which fw>m Philadelphia waa nnrotinred a lew day. rince In the Hkrai.d. A* it U likely a trial of thene machine* will be lmd in the city ehortly, pethapt a brief de.crlption of their eonetru.-tion and mode of operation would not be nnlntereating to our 1 reader*. The evident neceaaiiy f?, Vhe employment of acme Ujnd of irricliinery in cleaning *tr**ta, and It* *u priority over hand aweepiag ha, Uang been recofnUed in England, and from time to time Ingeulou* mm hare projected rou-hlue* to ai?j.ena^ with manual labor, all of which have failed to nenire public favor, with th ? ei c,,tlon of one Invented by a Mr. J Wmtworth, whoa* | machine, with ceruln imptoremeuU, U the one now pre. ? | 'toted to our rltl/eos for theiHn?peokion and approval* lu the Knglj*li machine, the apparatus couaiau of it I aerie* 01 broad broom*, initially about two leet *lx inched w ile, attached to an eud]*** chain, running over an upper : ?n I lower net of pulley*, which are auapen led in a light Iron frame behind the cart. the body of which I* neir the gn und. A* the cart wheel* revolve they giro a rotary j motion to the pulley*, earning tli* endlca chain aud eerie* of br.wm* around, which latter being mad* to bear on the ground .weep* the aurfar#, and carriia the *o 1 up an Inclined plane, on th* top of which it ladepo.lted I Into 'til* ho*. The broom* ?ro of an oblong *hape am to thla eircuinatanca I* attributed much of the efflolenrv of these machine*, a* the outer circumference of tiiu hrooua aequlici greater velocity, while pacing around I the pul eya, than the chain* which carry them An1 i again, the lu..rt uaed velocity of the l*ard of the broom when pa Being the lower pulley, blether with the midden ehang# of direction, act* most opportunely In cleanaitig tbim agaiaat an iron, ternie<i the "doctor." It ia eMimoted that If a home tra<?h three mile* per hour I be Velocity ol the broom on the ground ia nine uiiica' bot the aoll la tarried up the ioclined pl*n* at the rate ol alx Rule* per hour. A cironlar broom i* oh|?ttlona*>le I , ae tlie dirt would fly In every direction, an.', beald**' i caneealoM of power by friction Two opjectionn will immediately occur to thr u*e of tli*ne mach.n** ? Hrat, I hat tl.ey will be of n* u*a In a *tree. filled with tliik mud ?bo toe ami I Fecoud, lhat win re there ia an laden taMon, hole or 'Il.even > in fare, in a cobble aton? pavement the cleauini; would )>? ,tnp< r'ect. Ihe prujaetoi* do cot pietend, w? believe, that they i an reoe ve ioo?fubd m ><t and Ice, a* that it the work ??I tu | lcl?x?, not tna bioom but that ? lieu once r.Uanad they can prevent it nc umulatlug, at one third H e coat with |icaUreBi ?n-y than tin ier the pre*?nt I )jtim ILe aecoad direction I*, howevq-, the f.., al . a* ho f?i piovviita l tlmlr general adoption in >"? In itict* that lie muooth and *v??u pavod | with *'od or *t< ae, tbey are of great aervic*. aul than we ijn,i that In Illrming liaiu, M*nci.**tar, and New ?atlo, n. it one. art much u-ed, while in I-oadon onac "i . "Bev*" l>?"ment. fhiy are oon.iderd fall Oliir a I rr am t, TlL'0 IttJ Ifl ftlictl ol 1 ? 4 * ficln a? ?r< co?pftr?tfr?i/ ?*<-*4 ?ui fA IU /\n" r raii nntent^a, however claim to hay. ob vtat?<] tfi# ?! rt ? ultr In fh#ir machine, by th* appli j ot w e?l, to he loaer part of tn? incline I pbojn to , en.l.le It n-ore cltectnally to a ?pt lt<*!f to the irre/u laritle* ot the pavetrant, and by addln/ eoctmnal plate* \ to 'be lower tnd of the Incline, | phui-, t ler^liy enabim/ . ! the l t oiu? to p all looae loil upon the plane tlio ' plate-* adapt ng themeelrej to t'.e lrregn|?rlti?* of th ? | pnveir.ent 1 hey have alao Irapmrel on the Knfll*h mi , chine by in erraiiirtinent w hire by the car', bod - c*a 1 1- li t.,i he I from tlie fi i me conUiiiin* the bnnuc* ta tii' ? * 1 or iliitup th? dirt. I!i? tmeil en iii*chine? are of two Lind>, one adap'ei) j fi r li,e mobile of the ?tr?? t sad the other for the <ti|- 1 ter? <in the latter, the hru?he* work no a c|lln?i*r .loin three hi five ft et wido. Hie bro>?n'i *fe lua le of a ftroDjr aea *ra-* brown a* "p .i?aT i,'' winch I* ?ald to ' le- *u parlor t o hiekoiy or nhilrbone, a * It *welli and I* ' ! '|iilte itrcng. We ondrr-tanl that th' ie machine* have been ap [HOved of l,y M*y<r Wood, Coi.inr illoner hbllog I"! the foperinten.l .nt of street *( Mr. sfott, aul u the *tr?ngth of tie aeaman-ee thty r-* C'lve,'. i he patentee*, Me**r*. Mnnth At Ncklee h*Y? already . iou?ht on t<i tht* cltv, from ("hiU-lelphia, wh'.elhey have Irn/ teen In i*e, JiH machine* andm^^. ? .r.? Uie Leiug Uken u. lav* an eihibiUuaof tueir I eei " ? * *oor. ai prac t.c ebi" Th?* evpeiiiuent ye*t *rday w tb i :.u of the gutter macoine* in ,^o *Ueet,wa* de.-me I b'fblj i tKCeaafal the mud beiai: removed with r?inar??ble ' " " ') V. it! out venturing u> e?pre?? an oplnl u a* to the utility of then- ir adiln- *, we cert i uly ho|?- Ihey ? .'l.jroie luccee* rul, aa tti lyitiig at preaent 14 uae J'1>a h n a d. ; h-ratle failure. Our city ha* heretofore h > the reputation of bein? th? dirtie*t in the I'niteJ ,-.itii Slay we not hoje that tinier Mjror f 'oi'* *J mil. ??*t.on it mayjbwoiiie tue cleaneal. (live the m ifhlnje* a chan<e. ? ('mart uf lieneral Meaaluua. lie fore Hon. Kacorter Smith ATTKMrr AT 0KA> D LARCCNT. Ma*< 11 # ? Jame* f I.Hridga waa cootrlcto-l of attnuiM ingtoateal a watch and chain of tha value of $12 j, from efTleer IVvoe, on the night of the Id of J ily U*t ?1.' e. !Ik folio* mg cireumetancea ? lievie, cn the r ^bt in 'jiieetion, wa* at'ra~'.ed by the e'lipfeiou ? appearao e of two inro ia the Cark.and to watch them ha <a$ on one of the chain*, concealed by the .ha, low of an adjoln'ng r" ? n ^1- thr fjrt?<>n?r waik'^i pu?* h m, ind i> turning in a *hort time, U, I hU hand upon t' airant ? kt?a, p>e?lng It gra?liia!ly upward* uatllhe tti .lly <ra*bed b'? wat< h chain On I ?vw attrmptlnz to * e-t the ptia. 8?r a imfflu enaue 1. out with the a* '"'ai 'e "f at.othcr oftic r, he wa* II nail * ?rurt '. Hen 1 ti nr? re?ened. Bi MLART IN TMC TRtRP BRURKR. Henry ]Ut-.m Inhale, fertmand II- :irjn, aiiat John Wey?i?. andjcha ttilaon, were jointly in il. ted for . otn rdttinga borgUry on the prermae* of Hugh llirtln ?Loe maker, corner of John itreet and Itnadwiy Tlia attention of ofheer Klaair wai attract tl towari* the ae 1 ab<i?t flva ? ck?fk on th* iuornin< of th$? l?th of ! leUuary. IIoj man wa* atandmg by tie collar door V : I eo r, waa coming up tbe ate p. .nd H^>obiiiM 1*U waa tn the oth.r aide of Bro^lway. The au*f.cton. ?f tbe | cf rer being arouaed, he returue.1 after w.lkln* a *hort dlelase# I u \ fo.iO'l .n tb# p of Ino I rmer ! trlM?i-ra a bag, a ehrnel and a Jimmy Hoth lleTman ! ? t i Hilaon attacked the oft1 er wh'n ha attempted to ! ? rieat th'tu. and all three ran off, and f the moment e. a fed Iteaa ?*.ertain.d that a p?* *?. bad t?en 1 wre. rh. I from Mr Uart.a * -liar do. r, wh, h . a . bore ' I t!,. mar. aol a ehiiel. Mr. 1-p.iear, tor the defen<e 1 cobteniled that there waa act au Jl :ent evbien-a to -on | ? jit Hloermlr^ ^l.., and that a* to the ,tber? tli* crlioa | r.,old only be robatrued in*o an al>mpt at burglarr. a< I there wa* aopr^fof an entry Verdict of guilty of an | attempt to rommitborglarr a;-alnat lloflmaa and WUaon and not fuilty iga net Hhx.ming.Ula -enUaco re.e.-e* i. A MAC IT WITH |ATK>T TO Kill.. ' f.b MK n try waa Imtwrted for aaa? .Itiog C,j i,>A 1- aili a vn Te and pl.tol rn thaeve ,,n IF* , ol lautiarv. |t f, lb, | evlt'ence tbat complainaat and priwinT, iif' ?'h other* were placing it a* id* in tt ? f./rn er * bo iae n revente.Lth *treet. In the -our** of Mrt\jrr? a ; fired U>f "* 0f cleetin, Th.. ? r, b(, ltt ( n tha ?if ew?U, where a --n<fi* .n? ?d Iwrtrg whirh j I ogue accordlag to hi* own 'eMfcaonyl 'r? e >, mv* : ral ?(.??:< on tha face fhm a kalfe wofrh Mi. rry he.l ? in hla han't He alao teeti6e.| that M'',tirry ? i.a -e-l a ; frtatol at hir The e*p ?nc? aa the Re,or<W laid a c?*rgla? tha inrr ??* act at aU *:-ar that th* Wf.nd ant BM-ltl aintte-bemgoa th* f??.ad at It- t m 1 heldtrwn y I ogn* a at-pag, a*iirdy ma* b* inII ? ha??<fr*w? ttfrnni hi. Th* ,tei/?ua 1* alved r. ?..! h*i* Vea? got j, the a-u'le er L. UtA milt/ s i . ?f?$?n( t. I a-r>h > V, an.. TVa.. Rilay w^ ehar, d wlt'i, .te?ln/a b.r-f,?wiohaR,??1fa ton, foU,?hf.?t | near Ninth avenue 'a tl^ m/ht ?? Jannarv r> Tie ccm|la aar' wha a????d halfwitted gave rr r fa | (need te -t a.? *y It *pne*rM that th* a?a , wae i|..,|y . a rnnV.n f 1 aa? that O.e > endant* who riee, -ed ' * !"? tb.*r" ^ rn"" ih*" fca-1 a f*toa?aa intent Ve? i<1. aat g*ilty, j t'l'BOt ART III THrnD rm-.HCl . Th'^ aa K? :h waa chargwl e'th hnr* ar. -,*lr eater ei?VV?nl' ?* Itchard >*!ty 12 I'aek a, f oa the | eight >4 ?ebrca ry I*. i.fH-*v Tr?e, arr?e-el ine Ml -r er .? tte at? Uea II, M . ?a<! ?a Jurj tell h aa gv *J '?"?o'lat. ? v. two .e* ? 1 the I "-U'e ft ^ _ Our FruHjlmUi Cin ??pi?<iiwt. i'omMiu, Pi., March 5. UM. I'oHptmrmml tf (ht E ltd ion nf Pnitrd Statu Hrnatur? j Mr. Hvrhanmri to be run ayainif (kmermfor the S*n*U ? Pari jr t*o4fer, rfc , rfe. The poatpeoement of the elrotio# of a United Btsrtee j f-rnator, by the I-rfi?>ature of I'ennayWania, hu given j ri*e to innumerable speculations, anil titers to scarcely ? lawyer in the Cummewwealth who U rt moil uotuercl fully pelted wM queat'osa ooororniog U. (*f court* lb* legal fraternity are not much inclined t.t anawer their prolific and inquiaitive questioners. They are too shrewd to retail their ware* for nothing, as<l never giva opinions as lawyer*, aii<l fcr which rhey are willing to ba held re : ipcnuibiT, unleaii remunerated for their labor. The rutted btatei. Senator a elictc d undo*- an act of the legislature wh, eh prescribe v the ruoda and manner of thu election The two bou*"* are required to in*? In convention at the time appointed by (aid ao ', and, after having properly organited, the convention RbaH pioaeed to vote, anrt if tone of the candidate* named nhall r? ceive a insi.irlty of the vote* of tha members present \ second poll shall ha takes, and no on, until an r'eetlor* be eilectod. One iKtion of aael net provides If thw flecl'on he not completed at It* Drat m*eting the presl dent nhall adjourn the convvr,i.'i>n to ?urh time a* a ma , jorlty of the mataher* prenent -hall I'etermine and to from time to tmn until a deHaite reeuit be ohtaiiwrt. The con\ mtion recently held, not lieing able to elect, adjourned to the Urat Tuesday in October neit. J-ome of the Journals of the State an' jiropo-; iting the opinion that If the I e;p?latura now adjourn* 11V d* r, irtilch it no doubt will do balora very Iciifj, the election cannot take |dace. lint l>ody not having the power to meat again for tha purpoae. ITiey forget t.'iat tbe Honaiorial Convention i* a llilerent and dUltMet creature trotu the legislature; an ' thoimh coin|?)*<d of tha name persons, ^it i* olllerently governed, and eie-ei*es quite diif-rent function*, living a separate Imdy, < reate l for a specific puri o?e. when oi>ee convened it mutt act of Itael! under tbe law* which govern it. and if in, the action of aim- j titer body cannot luterefere wltli It ? ' long as it* rijhtt and duties remain a* they now are lh? ajom unun'. vl the Convent kn has been in strict accordance with lt< power* . and the npinion circulated that tbe legislature may yet reach Uie subject of the llni'rd Hates Ni ?t?rshfp bafore It finally sdjnuras, :mght apj.ear simply ridiculous, w?r* t aot for the pri vilege rested In the fSovernor to interfere lu the matter. U In provided thai, whenever a rican y shall occur In 1 the I alted State* nate, the legislature, if in teeaioo, ' shall, within eight day* after l*mg informed of the ume by the (iovrruor. proceed to *up;>ly such vacancy. l>dcr this provision, It la contended, i aire particular! y ' l>jf tbe Know Nothliix*. that the Governor ha* not only ! the right to order *2 ? lection to he hell, but that It la '.it* duty to do *o, at 1 thu* *av? tlia eitra eipenae that ' vtould necenearllv he Incurred by tbe re aaeemhllug of tha (,'onvention In October next. In thl* they are, of courae ( p,K)?ed l.y the coinblnatlonn a<^ain*t thani to aether a itti the n.?ny can''idan * who are analoui- to ?'lepl&y theii patriotlnm in the eervicc of their country. ' I anu who labor uiidtr the Impreadon ? not without *i>m* | | rta*on, it mu?t !>?? couferae I ? thai before the pren nt l?gi*latnru there i* no chance for any man but ('? ,,? i en II tbe rlectioa ran be ativcd oil until ihe nett I egi?Uture convem *. who kno.Mi what may turn up Tat the diaapnointed bang on to luck ? m iny a uian i* mora Indebted for the preservation ol hi* neck to good lortuue than to hia own diecretton or worth. A Dew *cb< ine by whleli ( am nm an<i hi* crew are to I he frustrated, ha* .eme to li*;ht llow lur It hae pro I glean I cannot be told. The friend* of Huciian/in. per Imp* ile> pairirg of iwcurlng him the Presidency, Iwauan i l i< " father win an IrUhmaii," on which fart 'he Mini* ter to much pride* himtelf, now want to put him on tha track lu^ainat I ainarwn for IhaSenatw. Ihe chief of tb" KicLapooa against the Wlnaebairo ! It i* *up|x>*ed that lli.cJianaa noulil gladly conaent to the u?? ct hi* name (or the SenatorablB to heat Cani"ron, tx lieving that ihe ? Icction cl the latter would be hi* own |?dltie?l death warrant. lie ha I b?tt?r take warning by tils fate of tit* defend I onferance, which may be regar l< 1 as an ouieu of lutme had luck, lie and CaBteron were friend* at one t rue, and ruiKht have anotinaed *n, but the *tan liag I candidate for tbe l'ie*iden< y can have no Iriend* unlets they cotiatnt to be exrjuslvaly bia men. Thi* I'awton would i.ot eudsr, and be accordingly struck out for him rislf. therein ! f olfeuded, and aoon found the wti'de Hit cliauan jack at hi* heel*. Bring out lluc.bauan - h? I* of no use in 1 on don, lor tlarey ean ait-n I to thu huainea* ? Die tlaleud prugrauiii'e lias b?> n eiploded let him now hi Ip to a i|>etiut*uu the v^iulla. No matter II he did i>tn j tha Knb> Nothing* at a lata (lay , the a 'am hr.a It, ' b?t ter la'.e tbsa nevir." HU friend' u??d toar^nathat the r?|< ntant !cleraU?t made the heat democrat, let tliain raiae tl -i cry that the man who repudiate* hi* parentage make* tUe best l.uow Nothing and 'all ntav vet lie well " .1 tMK' Wwlliriiatlon In Ml< lilgnu. lb' foll.ivam,; U>, entitled a lull to protect th* ? n(l,t??L i Utmtlea of tit* inhabit nta ?*/ tin- tale, ! he a (tiwil the l.<-;flilkt<ir? of Michigan ? i i 4>m? muple af the flat" of Th/in anaet, I _ . V ,lJ ik the pr i'' nii?( ? t f ernejri, ; ?Itbln Hifir rwpMttfe ?-?untiee, wh ae?ef aa/ loiiaoi tent of tine 8tat? ia aue.tiJ ..r claimed a- a fujritira "l??, 08 bt!ag inforin-id thereof, dil ;<?uily ao I laitti j full/ to uae at! iaiatul nieana to pruta t ?!* nd an t procure to be din .barged, mrj au- h i?.?<o ? ? eited ot clalnvl a* a f?xiti?e -it. a -v 'J. All pernio* ao arreatad id ! claim-' : an ! , < tiie ?)*???. ahail Ira entitled to all tiie iieni'i ? o( tie Witt ill I a a* eorpna an t of triai by J'lt r. Jfiu. n arit a# babaaa coriua ahalt be ? i" oil In vj atiou, and if, ipon tlia hearing of t h - u. ?, ' ie pereoa Iniiiit^on'd, arreit/rd. or claimed ?? ? igtllT* ? late, ai all not lie lit liatg-J, auch p< . ?on ehall I. ?? eu trfll'd to an appeal to the ' Iruult Court foi Uie o'intj In which avrli hearing ehall I ??? l*?n had, na t rn all Inn ?ucb ball an ! ? thin auch t.n.e at >b? ? luce (ran*. I ii K the writ Oi hearing the c*w> al.a'l , .ge p ?a u?M* or proper. Me. 4. 1 lie/ ii irt to wh rli inati app<*l la :a hi in I any co rt to ahirh a ?nt <it hab*>aa c up ,u -half of any iucb | ereon rla oi' dor arretted tea ? re ilate la made r'lrnahle iii 'j ir 1 iball. on application of either part/ to auch pro-i 'ta*?, alli? a ad I'rect a trial bjr jury on ail , metioM of ! ac*. .. Man ' iweee the partial in the matter afor< ?ald, an ! the taietili a*ta of (Mk trial at ail ' a charge* Me t<? the fttato wlioncrar | tbe lame wo'ilil in) other?i*' ?"hargeable to tli? , *r*oa arit ate'i > r plained a a fugi'.ire aliao Vtr fc. No peraon <o ai reated or claimed a* a fugitlr* e4*?e ahall fie Impi i?'?na ! in an/ Jail er alitor i r i-in I n this Htate and an; (* r>on hiring the < are or nt >1 of ' an/ pr.nun an j' rmit. n# the Tn?|.i o?na?ot at ? icli Hbfi fug.'i , ? i ? th-r in. aliall lie ul ' '? "ie |>ej i ml of a e? ol not !e?a than lit) n nt ! more then ati< tliouaaod dollar*. 1. J lire p-itun mL'i al.all falael j ><-lar' r?| e ! arnt or pNlnu that anr ft'* pe.?mi en' U I I" frr loal l? e or n?e? aerelce or *t?or to an/ pera'm or ,?f aona, ? lb intent to proe'ire, or a. d or eaaxt in proi ir Inj the for' ihle ieir i?al of i mil fro peri' n from tl>.( flat* a a alert, nball be lvfri'gM4 kot Itn Uua line e-ir than 5re , ? are la ' I *Ute prh'ia ^'e^ 7 V ery |.erM>Q who ahall wnnffnllf enl mall' loud/ aeir-, r ptoeare to be aemd, aoj fiee yr eon an titled to !um, n'e#t Ui hare i i<h | raoe l.?l ' in alarr; .h- : pa/ a One of one tho .?n 1 loUan, and I." 'tiiprlifiir . Hie yeare la the .-tat' pria' n He* v In all ii?? artaiac ? u ler tb? prwlilai of ?n 'Ion- ???? n an ! el?ht of Ui.a a t, the tfith of an/ Jerlara' in, repre>' ntation, or p-etenee, tliat ? n / per? n beln( or ha ? n* fen Id th a !a or wae a elate r j o?*? <rr di I 'me aervlre or laVir Ui an/ ither |'? a,* I'raoai ahall not >e prove! ? ep? t,/ the t-et.miri/ ef at leaat two credible ? It a^aeee teet<f/iag to 'a 'a Ire t 1/ tending to eatah'lah t!;? tru'h of eu< . Ie laration itre, or rf;.re?en'ati'.n , ot hjr :?gal eel l n ? "(a ?a l?nt tbr -eto flee 9. Wo laelaration, preten a, or repreeeatatlon lha' an? erioa la or wae aa appreatleo tor a ti?a?l tera I of jearr e* owee ?r did ow# >er? oe merely ae a i ?, aj' J prentire f< r ia< h fit" I term ahell be 1eeir I probifc.'.ed hy tfcle art an I no (orb de .arat.on preten" , or rep e~ ee'ntatfnn that a a/ peraon I* "? ?a? au'h ao aj pre e, for au'-b I Urn, or owe* o- lM oee aer* < ? m? ely aa autb aa apprent -e, for ? ich t Itl t?ra>, ahall 'i* I eM* loan/ p'r.aity nn'ier thla ?-! .-*? 10 411 I' 'e, or pa 'a of a '? ^onfli't rif wl'h the I pr< ??*ie a of till* act aie hef ' y ealed ? ? Ttie *<|iaideh I omul and (lie Ptlm 'tun* in in* ?.nrT'i? or mi Mrnit.n. I* I. Hiian faja< **>.? i Waaarx'me, I la., fob. iu, 1 - , * la the IfraaU of the l?th matoat It ia t'l H that ' *h* rer. 1 1 inn >.f the | .n ?.') i'.aaa) on li .ar -e , I ntte ! -.a'ea ttNner I i u-e'nn at K?-y Wi? pre-en'a the elnr'ilar ej?erta'le of the wt ? ?* d an er part/ r a r j ? hU* dt.ekLac tbe Itaaltb of the </ve?a of -paia a .4 ; r?ir.a ? ( ?eate4 d j? 1. 1 Uie Ho. 'if f that <M I'rwl dent liar re ia '.bare la a e!Ubt?nrt ?' V 1 tl.u paraf raph, I !.'f that 10U Will al>e n e to t' ft' ' ' it. '>ii tb* arrival 'be Pi jwetoa a her We*; Uie "?< 'ip e ere v*rp ? o-l to aa ' dM all a ' h r p'lWet t ' , ! i aie oair tlaee arraea 'e Aa arkanwla ' e?t f. r | t tliOfr eleil tf e tbe (thread rflleera <i?e a dina". U? ? bi.ii a!<? t toeat; 6>e p?-?? a aat d><ea ???e - f au leiUaM of the l aile-1 ,-taVi The . mu iii (Vi mii ao ar lltai '? !.( pr"e?t, waa aetlarile, ??',!<? a' r tl>er* ? aa w. ?- cait I for tmpn-iaf Ika i.?a "n of ibev-ieewtf p^ai aor waa aLe iwentnaaei I ii u, n.anaar th jlaOvt tbe enUrVuaaiaeit (H< fa* cat.air bowaier 4# f re! a ad owl/ to*et of a poStie ea*ee*o*r?4 prepnaed b y tke preeldiag oflteur ta tbeae ?'?'< ? "1m Maltll af III I'r aat '.eat of owl fto i o ja ?fi.a bappy o rttlj ? ah.'b ? a a draaa atau.04 I hj #?*? ? oae pr'a< rti V a'liraapMadaat kM at/?*r-lT IA 1 '/acatie! ttk? 1 ha; a tei of tie I lieera t4 tl.< !.??/ if he a ppoeae 'bam ; tH.hUof w'tweaalat Ullll or e'tfca .1 raaafetin* it , ?? ao'er iwk eo laa.l' 'o '.-.e Oblaf mpatraU f tlae r "? ?ti? pai'.fo er!/ H V<ei4 ?f *1. Jtioef ea ma ? f war 2b , ? U e to Ilia oW ir of the I'r.oie'r ant ? w.'t a e ?w '0 <*y p. t. *1 atop trap, 1 h pe JM j ? ill pa t-Uah lh a letwr H K DIIWI"#! leea'eaant ( aita4M?ta> Wary t.r. d K i*meo?- Tha ljf?n />"?'? j 'bet 'to Nahernaen of >??ai?| *??.'. bat a i"a' '1 of I !?'? teat oeeb r??rta?w aeaaata eaip <?/ ef ' ?* ? eieeorapet aad tb* piiyeafa of tbalr U'*r a?a - -ata? , ? 1.,": Ti? Mb aaM at ea v? a?* "f ?' ??? "wtaa , 4 p? .? ? IV faaee'. '.t? <we r,ft' U ? p?1 "ka 1 ?? ? |a r ? < 11 a ir a la w a -> ? a %k* | a* a t t raw Tfc* Opeimlte Hir> AN0TB1 It BKOAOHIIII rilOM Tfll ACAPA OF W ??< ali.miii ni mr out ?rt.L. 8m? lh*r* U on* part of tb* t*tt?r which A ppaar*4 lm the Nhw York flout p of Krifey mora**, pA KwM< U Mr. Jimfi I'linlin, I'rraldaal o< tha Aea*N? Maa*?\ touching tUbeiwIlt of th- lutlata aalampfcy*# loft paid by you, that prr. parly Ulooira to ma t? r*)#? *?. ** tbfir act In* rhllnun. tba olf.r yr n haw irada a' your ?< r through a daily journal ?a< ytobkWIf mivi ">*? <? win public approbattun for a (*oaron* aet irthlc\"* jour ptirpo**, you a/a vralccnaa to the adrantrft; % ,l tSa wrrifM thrmaalraaar* raapactfully bnt unaolvftaat d*-Moril by tli* aald artlita ami fmpltTri, wli-* la* upia your propoaitlon to play th* riddle for tban m at*a-1 of paylag th*ro tlitlr joat claim*, a* adding Icml to Injury. Th*y *r* furth*rTnor* <? stloird tliat your appoaraotr" at th* trailvmy of Muair, <n Montlay nott w< ill I add no ' a dollar to tb* attraction* o^> pnpuWr opera, a up port at by th* uplriid d talent ? of tb* n*w Irnor, hig HrtgauM, who baa rhaillably com* forward, a* wall a* by th* * other dl*tlBgui*h*>l aitlMa w!?o ha?* roluntan r?l O th* contrary, thay ar* d.apo*-d to think tkat .aar bat ii>K anything to do with tb* rx -a*lon would l>* a*rinu? draaback, a* many o! tb* public would, llkaly f JC thai riaaon aVn*, wltlih Id their pttrooage In cloaing your lattMof l rtiia/ naor oinir. ran talatg* la | MM MMHH ubraaci k to yoar " aa<-r?U duly ? Pay, j Ui tbi' i itont or your abllitii a, lor an) n-r?lo?? wnlila may hata bi?n rendered to jou 1 Aa I am a ? i(kr<* a I<> i>k with th* t*at. will you allow ?? to io<|Ulra w if, la ? t*a<l ol making aurh vacua ilacUra.Mi.nii l>*lor* the | aMl ?, \ you do not rail jour rmlitora prim i*ly together, aiit^rw poa? to redei m jour Habllit *a, ltaa >a iium-it ma t la I whole or In part Or If, on tli* utli*r bant, you ai tan tlr*ly ilealitutaof mi-asa, why not frankly ???y *a?, ia4 throw roumplf on the K*ren?lty of th* poor y -pi* jaw aw*, for a Iran imitation of tli*ir dum Inaload of tr'. lay with th* publla, It ?*re wlner to taa* ?>** or tba at'ia* ?f the>* mora atraightfur wai l cc?f?*a V?i Ir your*, J. AUJNIMI. ?ThTFMIIXT r?)H run THrAfl-KW (?r TIIB Ml '>T. Xt* Yuu, Mail h 9, 1UI. T* Tin mihir or n*a iir.uu>. ."nt? In a leadiag articl* if your Jon. -aal tbla aaoralag, on th* aubjitl ol th" Aiailrniy of Miuic, uodar tlaa dlrratlop of Mr Ol* Hull, yoa auk tb* |aratiou what haa b< caai* of th* pro?*?d?? f th* p*rli?rm*?'*? It I* aN UM Dior* n re* n.iy tlat thm ln<|u!ry aLou! I b* mat at oora, ami ilUtluctly, aiar? Mr Ol* Hull haa, on inirv iliau aaa orcawon, L'*rliir?d h* had r*i?l>*<l no loooaal af th? i***lpt ? at lb* 0|>*ra btua*. Thin aa**itloii, 1 li*g to aay , U not corrrel, alnea Mr. Hull In naraon. ?ml l>y 111* atlornay, Mr Italkalry, vara r?-?ular'y ami rrp*atri!ly lnlnnn*<l, hutb lurlnt bl? ad iiiimalut on air I al th* rloa* of It, of alt that oeruir*4. (o con * to tli* main poln i ot tli* ixc*lj>U and *ip*?4l ?ur*?, I ilaalra tu rail attoution to th* following biW *ta'?nn at I ' m ? nrf r i Arrvunt of ll'rnjiti an<f f.*j?*?dUwr?? at rk' tfi ?' .'iy nj Wune, /nmi ^Vbrur-** il?, to Maroft It, 1HI.6. I)r. lotfcl *monn' of r*r*lpta lor ?l\ op*ra< *a4 on* ihjbti rt ?0 Dui'.'ainta 1'balrn lor haianr* of inon*ya a4 raorad (MM Total M.WT M Cr. It y Kiinilrr *ij-*par? a? p*r rou h*ra MA* 6fl Batoriaa, Ar*., paid by Mr Wittaoo, Ki'c ri tnry Zi laid Mr. Iltilk?l??, utto rt*y for Mr. Hoi) ; oo lliottri baoK notaa lo b* r?< r mad by tli k*t a*ll*r? 4 00 11*17 M Tk* al i ?* On rourlaf atat*iii"it <4 my arount aa Irta-mii ol llii- ?indi niyol Mualc, ui.dar tba nuaafa n.i ut of Mr. Ola Hull 1 1>* amo int rtct .rM In aubaerta tl* >B n fni tli' lai lT* plgbta' poi lor iiiancw, a? .nnouarad, (mi ol ahlrh hari' >\pir*i|;, wm li> 'g*4 In '.b* handaal iruat***, wbo arr rnpuwlw to lb* milk rtl?*r*. aaat whi' h I liiin uot tli ?* i? lata *<*ii lit la lacluda la ih? kboia arii.unt. (I W TlYl/lR. Una- Hi. l.oaala I ?rrn|iaiiilaiiM. Hi. Um, Kah M, MM A'i'i fr'.m V?' Ui/iw ? #V.?n of IKt Jg'hani ? 7V<r Ifyir-lati m- Vi.iia C 'ali^i >rU I trrrxer, 4c I bar* r*':*l?*?l Uli-rraohl'- d*apatrh*a from In t*paa d?n *, ft I In ; in* tli* U<'>t n*** from S?w Mati-o Tba mall art I rod at that plara laat a** uing. lb* oajilp? m*t with tb* K i'iwaa on Ilia < Iniai ?? wb?ra th*y raa ?neaoiped. T l.?y afl> t*J |r*at frla . !?Lip (Mh*r baada ?' iaar* .Nortlwro tr. k. wir* alci ?aooustarwd, bat tkay all pr*l?U4~l to ba frH ri'lly. 'I h* aafaty of tba aaatl, b?w >ar, d?|<*a ? -t ,,a N? bainK wall guaHad All th* 1 1. liana alon^ tb* rout* a.. <2iia0. <ta4, a?4 pr?par*d *4 a iy I'li.-nt lar any out rag* tt>?/ iau vwu.uil* wlUh iiup- pity Ib N?w Mrilro tht ulrcwi confutloa bb4 ulArm pra ??Ua. All U'? Indiana a tla* I *rri mrjr, an 1 arouad Ma kTl'i" !.??<? t-au?a l t bo-tlla Bttilnlt Kanrlia* M* nra itd t?ny '* w r, ? nr uarlfrkl, ct(tla u4 l?. rat? rV.l. u trd wrni'o ?n i rt : lr?? c?rr.?<l ?u? ? iM.-imx Intra to la to aa\ b? :taltty. Ttiv tolnUrj I ?n l? m.oilT to tka (.rota- Una ? I lit* ??>: r?n,i bv> Wbila ? |.a?tj of drafoona art tra ' l.? p?ltl<n 0( tbr roob"ri?? kuti atar i#r? ?ra |"r|?ir?t?l lu aimt.'r 1 h? band* vi? aa nm DiMout tlikl it la IHl|?"tUilo lo hava ti am ij. I' (XjiM, ? ltd root") oantiy li.i|>*uil>b to th?l or purtna t??o> kit at < nc J i? ?h?.la a< Mlart.aat a. tlia Aiktaaaa I uobfat liaa btan driven m' at. I ilt'?n tif tli? i > iinUi ailU4. Tli? ''?tl * II butta* ?nl ' I if tit* InlltM. < 'tin >?? Itm ?'? a.etirilB* nlioiat ?iary lay. ai>4 la a?t ry 'Iii? U<>n f>r!y t?" ?i ???fill atl'i ij>t Lara ln*-u tna t? \u ra U i' lit' lilt' ??? by < a; I S?wrll about tba a*a4 ? l? of !>?? irr ar 1 t tia a?. ? i.'l by I "it M urflt, t'*?ta two a*t?. tltfrnili <?|.l Naaall il'j kH lb* Hu ? kill * *;acb? in t)i? acrt ixitu M'inn'aiaa, ??>! ??? laWad n klll't * t??l?? of lb" fat *li ItM ml tb? party ma.'? < ?l tb< r ? t taut M ir(la far lt? tn. otar!- ?? ? |*art j uf A;.a?' at, klxut tlitf uttlaa O' tth i' v?nta If klil? I Uiraa or f r uf th*m and ra r*|>* 'id ? 'Oi ? Vraba>i*r af >*ttla ml baraaa. H>rt >? ?o <"< mflaial ?f ? wan" of ?> t ? It tod tigflaaaa ?.r. V ? (.uf of tha n. liUrj but tl.< ia U jBtt Ml lMf dint W 'a ion vr'b th? forarnmant for ka*<a( a arbate jro('? to U.? m try i.f fti4lrti(? bordat <.f aaaafa* ?.?ti fiarltB't t.a? tb? rrapontiHiJtr ut raJUay lato ??r? ' a n t ? ? on. Miiwa of tor iu .it' ? Il? '??*! IW rra^it for It, bat *111 I.? rwli? it An I will tb*a? aaa b? fKMftij j a s fir t>i?ir i arari ?a>l ???r1ftaa? Th* roil u ?-t of tb? |ir*aMt < .j|.|fra?? l? not ralcalttH to la ?pu ? ? ' < i '? that l'.'y wl). W? b<r? aa U? ?. a?*a I of not a M. Indian TiiaM'i ?? (lie | fw HI tka I 'laarll I Jaffa (lo?* HigU i<*> I ?> J. Cliall t? #t< r '?a i? la ?-nrt I*# i 'MM ?f rtrlfa >a4 I 1ukIiI'<| i^ai Mr Milrri br **.? la' .?a? -?atl?aW4 Ivi aftrB br iaU>iica<lon bf tlia lr* aatar of ti?? alula a an ' n >?r ara ao? na>r l,'?* ?f tl.o Ma-mtaa "WJI l?( Ilia r 'int.ra O'.rtb tlllinf atu'k m l l. *a?e't alaal l> i our, ?iM fon-mittir ( many otb?f -ta|M "<UU?M apaa >( a rlbx i. a la tba r*^..n uf tr/aaat't Idaffa ta.t ???'. a jarl^ '?/ lb aaa In 1. aaa who IMimt o f?f a> ?| I'a'art ' n t? " Miaalaa PJ.I rt??f fit ?< p a ti?- arty w 'b M>j?r Han. I'M win baa baas i tralar aacMg lUn for " tua n??, a tvl 'ut b.m all l/> p4a*a*. btlMaC I. ?n ? ?? a' f Ma. r II. a. a a rata atnl \j 'ipcrlaaaa ar.'l wall knowa a> aa *nar|att? frautiaraaua A baa<t of tba aama nm> It Mr TLoaapaoa t rmrm '*.( an-l t'.oh 'or a tbwfr botaai ataMaMt/ Mr. 1 '>?'k a b<raa to paf, but tba rolakina anaa rttwralt w 'b f >inaaa<l otbar waajoat Xn paw?a tba.r boraa Mb fir- if r?al?Uft too I'm. of laft |?r i?? pwaaaat M I at will ba tka aad of all tbla ..a t iaaatbiaf la {'It* I'f tba ro??Bni*Bl, aa rtMi ? la. I A ??aa'l >A tba taiaa In Aaa? bawa aaa afWr tka On, aba a got oat ki'|, aa'l fr/a'Vaa poaata IW / ar* Bow pfoal a* a'aut aaa- U?a iwratk of tba t*>tr ktaa ? , aa<l tba aattcaiaata ara la 'aat.aaal faa r .if thatr rilrtfH Hatal IkltlUgaat*. T)a 'ma 1.4a aow t< taa for tba ralknf af tl.a Marf.Uw fit?t I ( 'iilf n, tad CatitUr; fMkbta baa ea ?a?< lb fngataa I ? ?fr< ?* at>4 (.'aaatallaUaa to k* ( >t r?a 4f far at ll.a; ara aow raady la atarjr r*an?ft ?i"fl tka' tliay ti? a t(i?at n * r. an ) ifllMri Tba iftl art !a S tl ?!;?* t' faat aa paiaaibla, aa.) att; *m"9U ,l,# '* ? ar* ?| tlflr t til b? *? at Wl tli.a atal ?? Tba ? ?/a? ? a U i any tFa broad paanaat but ab'i will l? ?? ? a 4 of tlaw raliaf t>|>.adr. n It i* t y" ?aa-.?-> ? Many uftei n ara ^raatinf tb?lr i* ?? U. t '*'? (> jat B?B? haia baaa aaaw?rad I* ? ?*?? "??'J* % tit f'<>c|r*rt alO Itr.d oar aaalr tpf <'t! ' P^a.B at fa'l! Tba rwl af a.aadr .a a!U aat aa.l ?a4a ? it atak* p. i aaa a I ln?#lll?w i.ra.' ti ? a,,, H . *'ta I ,'.a. ? ? Ibal tat faailr f^a r... II ? a A' - ? la' '?a ll k ai-a -??al , ; t)", ,, f" "a .( . H ?? ? T?aa^ . al. Mall aa ' a I ! f -aaa " tf ? " ?>'*'* Mlllatfw H-a Jj I rul) a aal .r va iat?a I araaa < w?B?a Mva. I ? a l-.?? a ' al f ara a a I a fraiar II *a* li t ( r aa Kajtai 'atll Mill I aaa I. ?a. A I ? a Q**tr.?ia, . i" i i aaw< aa'lta4 T <at*> aAaf Kbit a- at J I ri" b-> ? ?a <a Tat ll-a n A *aaal ...... i ?? fr ?' vt II T/t.r l,*i.?.|t ?a? , ?'* v?,*, 1 ' 41(1- l io M ll aa- I ? % W >'t?4irl '"lawalaa.4. ' 1 1 a It aa t r t' < ?l ? a ?b alar < laaaaaa* '? llaa |tw<t, kn4|it?n tk M aaaa if I. I it taa |nr>|v> 'at II . t ? l llaa < barlwa baaaa* I' " #,??, r *??? II a 1 ?|l II W. S aa v ^ a J a ?** ?? |iu >*? ? ? aaN'aii la I ata |.aa-'?'r. faa* a <*|* ?'? ' <i' ?"t ? I Il??aaa. la' **r* f aaaal (iaiii 1, a >wWt 'at* M " fa*at | iM>a (l ? try l a.ta# T< fir a a r a .at 'aa f. I Via* l^att t for I. a M la. a T I wa ?a? ?t?? if.lf' - rfa??tat*ftH?a.aaaa a?aaa?*a,.' *' *??>? ? I . ? ? ? l?? ??? ?? % ? M

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