Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ... ' . WHOLE NO. 6771 SUNDAY MOANING, MARC3 U, 1855. ??TCE TWO CENTS. COUP D'(HL OF THE GREAT METROPOLIS. I ??e Xrfgbts and Shadows of New < York Ziife. A Night with the Bell Ringer of the City Hall. Scenes and Sights in the Streets by Snn Light and by Gas Light. The Material and Social Life of the City, die., dK., dtt. f One, two, three, four! The ponderous bell in the fiupola of the City Hall has struck the signal far a lire in the Fourth district, ao<l before th? echoed have died away all the bells in the eight fire tower* of New York have repeated the alarm. Tbe firemen, who ap pear to hare been in possession of the new* almost be fore the man in the look out himself, rush from ?all quarters of the city to tlie scene of the conflagration, making the street*) resound with their cries. Now they Address their engine with the most endearing terms ? for -oarer was ship better bred by her captain than '?the machine" is by theu ? and now they urge each other to renewed exertions: ''1'ull together, men! pull together!" they shaut aloud, in choru*. Yankee Doodle,' ha! poll lively, men, pull lively! hi! hi! hi! Where is she vow?" Mew they sweep through the nsrrow thorough faros like a torrent, out into Broadway, while omnibus drivers and hackmen, who are even beyond the control of the police, leave a wide berth for them; and now they Are in front of the burning building, working with their asual energy and self-devotion. But it is not of the firemen wo would speak, or of their services to the com munity ? our readers are already familiar with them ? their achievements have been so often made the theme ?of public eulogy. While the bell U yet striking the alarm, we will go up into the cupola, and there, in company with the bell-ringer, spend a few hours la the contemplation of the magnificent ever vary ing aeons which the great metropolis presents to oar view. It la now five o'clock. The courts have ad journed more than an hoi* ago? the clerks have aban doned their desks in the Mayor's office ? the complaint book ia closed, and both branches of that worthy body known as the Common Council of New York have just 'assembled, and been called to order by their respective Presidents. Passing up the spiral staircase, as devious as tho ways of justice herself, we reach the grand corridor of the second story, and turning either to the right or left of the circle, are stopped in our further progress by A grated door. This is generally locked, but on the ocea nion ofonr vi ait, the bolt a an withdrawn by the warder Itimaelf, and after ascending another flight of steps we 'stand upon the corridor of the third story of the City ^Hall. Here the jury room is situated . but it was vacant, and the only nound we heard as we passed it, was the Mho of onrown footsteps. Another staircase, growing narrower as we ascend, and then another, and alter passing through a trap in tho Boor, we are in the look-out of tbe bell ringer, one hundred feet above the city, which lies like a va?t map J>eneath us. Mr. George Bevies is on the watch to day, and is at his poet in front of the belfry, ready on the first signal or appearance of fire to strike the alarm. The long wooden ahaft, within arm's length of his seat, is attached to two iron rods communicating with the tongue of the bell, and as fee works this iiae a pump handle, his ears are greeted With the sound as of a thousand cataraets, and every {utlde of furniture in bis little rocm trembles as if in atiact with lifo. It is indeed a ponderous instrument, woigfcinf over twonty thousand pounds, aad when the wind ia favorable, it can be heard to the remotest limits Of the city. Tbe apartment known as tbe lookout is about ton feet by ten, and is furnished with two or three chairs, a stove, a writing desk of the most minute dimensions, a looking glass, a pitcher, and a few Other indispensable artloles. In the centre of the floor, yml running up to the celling, is a large woolen case, or |)0 x , enclosing the gigantic pendulum of the clock, the worka of which occupy tbe apartment immediately over in. Above this, again, is tbe dial room, which la il luminated every night by a dozen gas burners. Another room, remarkable for nothing but a most Intolerable odor of dnst and decaying tim'urs, and the highest point fa the interior of the cupola is reached. About fifteen foot above stands the statue of Justice, bearing in one hand the theoretical scales, and in the other the sword. Tho minute hands on each of the four dials hsve tra ISieeil half their circumference since wo entered the City Hall, aad when they have accomplished the entire Cirouit it will be six o'clock. The day, which bat been none of the brightest, is becoming still more gloomy as the shades of evening gather Aver the city. TTie sky is ahut out by heavy leaden colored clouds, which have threatened rain from early morning, compelling carsful ytopln ^ encumber themselves with umbrellas and overaboee all day long. The stages going up town are crowded with pasaengerv and in an hour or two more the lower part of the. city will be as deserted as If plague atricken. Nassau street is crowded with working girls of arery occupation ? the prees feeders, the corset makora, the atraw hat makers, the book sewers, the button maker*, the gold leaf packers, the fancy box makers, tho pecketbook makers, the boos fold era, tho umbrella makers, all are represented in that thronged thoroughfare, too narrow for tbe hu man tide that obbs and flows through it every day. There, too, are the merchants' clerks, the clock aad watch maker*, jeweller*, engravers, engineers, plumbers, hat makers, japanners, locksmiths, mat ' makers, shopmen ami messengers, and laborers of every kind. The various ferry stations are beset by eager crowds; and the boats, hardly large enough for the hu man freight with which they are lovled, are preased down nearly to the water's edge. The tardy gas com panics have despatched their messengers over he city, aad the pale glimmer of the lamps is struggling with the fast failing light of day. The heavy eloude re flect hack tbe glow from the illuminated city, and as the ilsrknass of night Increases, the North and Rast rivers are more easily distinguished by the innumerable lights auspended from the masts of the shipping. Biz o'clock ? tbe factories, the wareheuaea, the a to rat, and aeerly til pltMi of bimoMi in the lower part of the aity, are deearted; tb? docka,whieh all day ware crowlad with Mi Ion , merehanta and repreaentatlvee from the t oQDtrotti departmenta of the mercantile aud commercial -world, kan euddenly become depopulated. At U?e raaf lc hoar of ail tho material life of Now York it paralyted, And ita eocial eommencea The poor light their re? aad the rich their fai, and me cheerful Are draws the family circle aroaud It in pleaaant ooaverea. But there are hum** in which it 4M) not horn to brightly, en! in which , jri at or poverty haa thrown a ahadow on the hearth. What revelation! mi|ht we not behold fna oar lookout 1m Me Um Are ball, could wa, like I * [liable Boiteux o 1* Hage, rata* the roefa like a veil from the 11 ft/ thon ?and houaaa wkith make up what n called the gr?at agatropotla ' What varied ecenea, what aunabme and -what abode t There, ia that moat wretcbei of all tbe miaerable loraJttwa of New York? the fire Polnta? the children of poverty and vice atill realet the efforta of the tMnevolaat to ratae them from their degraded eoad:tion and to etovat# them eoelally and morally, an) th< re they WiO eaatiaue to raaiat then ,ao long aa th<>ee efforta are Miadiraeted, aad ao i?o? aa poverty ia retarded aa pyaoayaMaa with vice aad crime for what haa been dene towarda ita reformation let all due pra-ae be award ?4; far altboot* Oow Hay ar. l Marderera' Alley atiil emt. *' Hone ' for the poor l.aa i e* a erec'.-d on th' eite nf the', abode of thlevea and bomiri : ? ? tbe Old Brewery. There, too. within a atooe'4 throw ?.( the I'ouita, ita maaaiea granite walla dimly v.niblein the gloom of areata? ?tao!a the Hall* of Jaatica. more appropriately entitled tbe Tombe, rail ng up the fearful tem.niarvnsea >f iu hiato Xy. There it ataada, aurr' urj<1e>l by the poor and the Tkioua, aa If there wa? eomethio* attr* tive f jr them ia ita gloaaiy look. There the JuJgee dinpraae /, (jgd tho criminal reoeire* tl. pumahinent awaile! by the lav? the youthful eflen l-r l? aee-Kiated with tbnae Nrfcoa Use haa only aerre? to harden ia crime an t than, too, the createet penalty fli* law iaflieu ia exe gaMta praweef oflh 'ao'*, who crowd to the hor I rid >re tai*le m they would to a place of public enter taifiifc^M *fiiM of thto fr.ii] j And willing to pay. >? they h*vd diue, a high premium for adariasion. Terrible a* It looki, the denizens of tbi l'oints har? become 10 familiariu'd to it that they bare long aince ceased to re gard it a* au object to be dreaded, if the frequency of their visit* may be Lak< o an a proof. Nearly two houra bare elapsed since we entered the Lookout, yet la that brief apace New York hae under gone a transformation as wonderful as those we read of in laatern tales. ThePsrk ben?ath and the whole city, are illuminated with innumerable gas lights; Broad iray has put on a new aspect ? its thousand bazaars almost datzle the spectators with their renewed brilliancy; the theatres, the concert rooms, the operas ? white and black ? have been thrown open, and the doors are l>* seiged by eager crowds of pleasure seekers; the spirit rapper*, too, hare formed their circles and are receiving important revelation* from the unseen world; billiard rooms and bowling alleys aru beginning to do a thriv ing business; the different meetings that take place nightly ? meetings of beueveleut associations, clubs, li terary institutions, worklngmeu out of work, employed workinguien and religious societies? will soon be organ lied, gambling houses are Just commencing the business of the night ; the faro bank is opened, and the cards and dice brought forth for the newly arrived players; the driAiug saloons and the dance houses of Water street and similar localities hare already commenced opera tions, and are last tilling with the dissipated and the depraved; New York, in all the varied phases of its social life, can now be seen to advantage, and he who would behold It in some of its most favorable and unfavorable aspects will have abundant opportunity between this and one or two in the morning. Eight o'clock brings another change in the ever vary ing scene. The lights in many of the store* have been eatinguUhed, and Broadway is deprived of half its splen dor; the shopkeepers have balanced their accounts for the day, and are returning to their homes, glad to be released for the few brief hours that yet remain of the evening, from the cares of business; the restaurants, the ice cream and oyster saloons, the liquor itores, and the segar shops, are still open ; for this is the time at which their customers make their calls. The programme of nightly performances ia New York undergoes very little ohange, except in a few details. To the bell ringers it is ever the same, and it is only when a fire occurs that their interest Is aroused. They are actuated by the samu feeling of rivalry among them selves by which the Bremen are diatlngnished, although they have not the same field to exhibit it in. He who first sounds the alarm receives due credit for his su perior vigilance ; and as a full record of every fire is kept in the look-out of the City Hall, his name is entered as soon as it is ascertained. It would be wrong to suppose, howerer, that the firemen always receive their infor mation from thum, as it not unfrequently occurs that they are the first to communicate it. Only those who are initiated Into the mysteries of the Fire Department are aware that each company has got videttes posted every day in the most favorable positions throughout the city, and whoever first discover* the fire, conveys the intelligence as secretly as possible to his own company, which is thus enabled to be ''on the ground" in advance of the rest, and even before the bell strikes. This fact accounts, in a great measure, for the ?zpsditiou displayed by them on such occasions. Some times, however, the videttes are discovered before they have informed their companies, and the bell-ringer ia immediately notified. Mr. Owens, the indefatigable ope rator of the police telegraph, calls up through the speak - iug trumpet which connects the office of the Chief with the look out: ? "Mr. Bevins, take a look down Broadway and see if yon can find anything there? VI has just gone down on the sly." Mr. Bavin* accordingly look* down Broadway, and <Jll aoveraa light emoke, indicating the Mmmtvinfit of a Die. The bell Immediately strike* the alarm, and the member* of U1 ure defeated In their attempt to steal a march on the vigilant bell ringer and the other rompa nieii. The telegraph interfere* great I j with the ?ueceai ful operation of the Tidette system, for the moment in telligence of a Ore reachei the police station of the dis trict in which it occur* it ia communicated at once to th* Chief'! office, over the wire*, and immediate!/ after, by the (peaking trnmpet, to the bell-ringer. There are alio wire* connecting the lookout with some of the bell towers, and information is often transmitted over them bj one bell- ringer to another. But this arrangement is not so perfect as it should be, and the bell ringer* of the City Hall hare justiciable grounds of complaint against the Common Council for the indifference which they have shown in this particular. The wires are *o placed as to put the lives of those in the lookout in th greatest danger during a thunder storm. Althmgh the constant apprehensions which one must feel at inch a tune would render exposed situations like this rather unpleasant, yet the effect of a thunder storm, particu larly at night, as seen in and from the cupola, is said t* be truly magnificent. The bell ringer's little room !u a moment ia lighted up with the bright, vivid dashes rendering even the smallest objects visible, and the neat becomes as dark as Erebus. The duty <i bell-ringer in the lookout, though simple, is not of the must pleasant nature. Kor eight hours he is required to keep iaceisant watch over the city, every district of which he must be thoroughly acquainted with, so that he may at once be enabled to tell the exact locality of a fire. As none, however, but firemen are appointed to tbe post, there is seldom if ever any complaint about their Incompeteo. cy. There are three bell ringera to tb* City Hall ? Messrs. George Kevins, John Hopper and William Crowell ? each of whom watches eight hours at a time, the day being divided into three watcJMe. In the long, eild winter night*, their situation is a moat unenviable one. the wind beats with unreitrained fury upon tbe windows, and tbe snow and rain And aa entrance through innumerable crevlee*. The cupola, aa a fire tower, is inferior in many respect* to any of the ether eight, although it oseupie* a commanding view of the city. In the dimmer time, however, many of it* eLjectionahle features disappear, aad tb" view from it I* truly magnificent. At morning, th* rising snn throws a flood of golden light over tbe *ity and, a* it ascaads, lb* dew i* transformed into a silver mist, through which th* emerald grrro of the graa* ia seen a* through a veil. The vapor* that reited all aight on the water* of th* two rivei* that wash our island city are rapidly dissulviug, and th>- shipping Is gradually revealed to view the white nails on the hay, which at flrat were dimly visible ar* becoming more distinct, and Governor's Island gradually rises from tbe waters like a new creation. Out th* cold wind which whistle* around the cupola, making the fire in the little stov* more grateful, rem nds us that it is winter, and the soow that cov*r* the earth like a shroud is too substantial for ml?t. It I* now the hour which the fashionable world has appoint ed for the opening of bails and parties At nine th* pro menade commences, and by three or four in th* morning the >-nl of the programme is reached. In that crowded ball room, too distant for the music to reach ua here the gay throng appear to have been traoaformed ca tb* moment into lunatics now they rush forward and grasp each other by the handa, now they form into a ring , and dan e about as in a magic circle, and now. locked in each others emhraee*, they whirl In rapid gyrations nund tbe room. Yet withal there i* a method in their inad ties*, and although from where we ctand they look like maniacs, let aa but ewter tbe room, anl the music of tbe orchestra removes at once any false no nr> ssions which we may have formed as to their sanity That dance which resembled tbe wild aaties of the mad is *ail*d a waits, and ia regar le 1 a* one of the most graceful, that is the schottiac.h, that th* polka, that the quadnlie, and 10 on. each different movement uf these lunatics helog dignified with a name I he light* are suddenly extinguish*!, thagay parties fatigued with pleasure, have dispersed, but to-mormw night the same scene will he repeated, the only chaug* being in the performers. Three or four hoars *laoe the theatre* snd other places of ammemeiit w*r* deeerte ! the ill o and tumult of tbe city, which Mnimia here like tb* mar of th* waves, as they break In storm upon the beach has gradually ?abtid*'', an 1 the silence of the night is only disturber by *ome revellers returniog from their debauch or tb* l.savy footfall of the policemen as they patrol the deirrtcd streets, keeping w?t-h over llie sleeping eltv. At fiv* there are signs of returniog life? a few hundreds have ma<?e their appearance out of doors. They are Mie early risers ? the gro<?r, trotUn* dealer, miliois*. and all who do business m Washing tea I iMm, and th* various market* and store* froas -hicl. w people receive th< ir daily ..apply of food. Now the faint blue smoke whecb ascends from the chin n*y* is the first Indicatioa that New York U awaaiag to the labor* of th* day th* tumult increase* hourly, ! the atreeta are lieeoming more populous and by nlae or ten o'tlock all except the sick, the idle, tbe uooaiployH i snd the printer* on moiaiag papers, are tagged at thair "Ktojat obi. THE STAHWIX HAIL TRAGEDY* Meeting of the Friends of the ' Late William Poole. IBBAIfCEHEIVTS FOR THE FHER1L. EXCITEMENT AMONG THE AMERICAN ORDERS. THE INQUEST, dM'., 4f., *e. A meeting of the friend* of the ltt? William Poole wa held at the City Hotel la*t eveaing. On motion, kCapt Jamim M. Tihnkk wan called to the chair. The Chairman addresaed the moeting, atating it* ob ject ? to make arrangement* to join in the ob*equle* of Mr. loole. on Sunday. The Chairman eloaed wtth a few word* complimentary to the character of the decea*ed. Ou motion, Meaar*. W. Janeway and Thotna* Bouton were appointed Vice President*: Mr. C. W. Sebafter Secretary, and Mr Jacob Acker Treaauier. ThoSKClKTAKY presented the following ? Whereaa, It ha* pleaaed the Supreme Ruler of the l ot >?? r*e to remove from our inid?t ( imn* the huad of nn asaaeain) our friend and eattemed aaaociate, the late Wm. Poole, therefore, Revolved, That thia aaaemblage of friend*. not only of the deceaatd but of bia Borrow stricken family, do at onee revolve tliem*elvei into an organized body, to b? known hereafter at the " Poole Asuociation" ? theobjeet of which org initiation ahall be to co operate with other friend* in paving a juat tiibute of roajieet to liia earthly ri main* by lollowing them to the grave," and after ao interred, to erect a suitable tablet ol reaped over the aame. Resolved, That we do proller our heartfelt sympathie-i to the bereaved relative* ef our dec* used friend sincere I; prayicg that He who removed from their circle the doting ton, affectionate husband, devoted father, and uncompromising friend, will. In Hi* providential mercy, provide for and restore peace, health and happineaa to the afflicted family. One hundred and ninety seven persons then came for ward and signed their nam ea aa member* of the Anauoi ation. The officer* above named were conlirmed aa the permanent government of the Aaaociation. The following Committee of Arrangement* was ap pointed : Edward Chine, Joaeph I?wi*, Frank McCabe, Kob't. W. llrunb, and Joaeph Smith, and the officer! of the Amoclation or officio. A com mlttee, conaiatiog of W. Fay, N. Bertholf, and C. W. .Schaller, were appointed to draft resolution* of sympathy to the family. An adjourned meeting waa held at ttie City Hotel, laat night, the President. Jame* M. Turner, fciq., ia theehair. The room in which the meeting waa held waa draped in mourning. There waa a largo number of the Aaaocia tion preaent. The Chaik gave the following order for the funeral cortege to morrow. OHDKB OP PROCESSION, On the extreme right, facing the house of doceftsed. Band. (innd Marahal ? Jame* M. Turner. Special aula ? C W. Schaller, Wm. Janeway. H1KST Divuuon. Samuel A. Snydam. Hpecnl Aid. F. W. Brush, Aid to Ornnd Marahal. I'oole Guard. J nine- Banner, Commandant. Poole Association. Thomas Ho u ton, Vice Prealdent. Engine Company No. 34, C. L. Miller, Foreman. Mviaioit. Special Aida ? Samuel Brevoort, I-ewia Parker. Citiiena of the Ninth ward. Rynders Battalion ? Major G. B. Hall. TUIMI) 1)1 WHOM Hancock Chapter O. U. A. Other chapter* of ? a me Order. Clergy in carriage* o BO'?T, o o ' o oooooooooooeooocoeoocoooooo Family and frlenda of di-ceaaed in carriage* The Secretary preaented the following letter ? or Cnmr or PouoB. ) Brooklyn, March 10, InK|. f Ciirihtia* W S'iiaftkh, Ka?|.? Dear Mir ? Will jrou oblige me by iuformiog the bnrfr at wlitt time and over wbat ferry, the funeral cortege of the late William I'oole will cro?? to thia city, aa 1 deaire to b? in attend aoce with a body of police to accompany the aame 1 i the taut reating place of tba de<ea ?ed at Greenwood. With reapect, I remain youra truly, JOHN H FOLK, Chief of PolU*. The Sk rktaiit had iiten the required information The ('hair aaJd that it bad been xuggeated to him by a perron of high official atation In thi* city, that the friend* of Mr. Poole abou Id refrain from bearing any emblem, or wearing any badge that might have a bad tendency ou thamindaof those who might not agree with them IheCbair had aaaured the gentleman that the friend* of Mr. I'oole were aatinfled with tearing bla wrong* to the law The Chair further aaid in relation to chargea that had been made againxt I'oole, that be had beea m election bully, that It could be proved that be waK far above leading any man into place and power until be waa worthy of it. He thought tbat the time would come when the virtue* of Mr. Pool* would be made known, and the errnra of the preaa on the aub ject would be corrected Me would aik of one preea in particular what would become of the life of a peaceful, unpretending citizen* He hoped that no member of the A*aoc ation would apeak one word that could be con atrued into offence until the trial* were over, and tbea abow to tbe public tbat they demanded only jurtiee^ and that <bey will ha;e The Hiair. In conr'.uaion, made an eloquent' appeal in favor of placing a tablet over the re maina of deceased. Mr. !t v iiam. from tbe Maaic Committee, reported that Dodworth'a Band (fifty two piece*; had been engaged. Mr. harvoonr, from tbe Committee on Decoratiena, reported progreita. Tbe Chair presented the following form of badge which will be worn to-day ? C06O30S00O6OSO90e0000000e*0 o o o Tho' loat to light, O o To memory tear. o o WM. POOLE AWOCI ATION. o o o o CRN. o o o o Tboee who knew him etn beet appreciate hit o o worth ant oar loee. o o o ecoooooeooooooooeooooooooso The I'oole Aeeocintion meeta te day at 12H o'cVx-.k, at tbe City Hotel Tbe Ky tiler* Grenadier* at tbe Coooer llouae, at tbe aame boar. The Chair aaid tbat the body, by requaat of tbe fami lv. would he borne on a bearee inatead of a Mar aa at (frit arranged The line of tbe proeeaeion will form feur abreaat Dre?e? dark clot baa and white gbrvee. The order of pro ceralon will heap HirUtoahar to Bieeeker atreet, through Bleecker to Broadway, down Broadway to tbe Sfeuth ferry . 1 be Cimir atated that a delegation from Albany had already arrived In town, to Join the proceeeiou today. Alar. tbat a I'oole Aaaociation bad beats formed in Chile delphia, and would arrive In the tea o'clock train. A meeting bad been held la Baltimore, tad a delegation would lie [ireaent frem tbat city The For? net Light Guard have alao held a meeting, tad vote4 to attend the fuaeral. Aleo, aeveral ehaptera of the Ortet of United Americana . Adjeutntd It i< furtlrtr atateil that an unknown aaaociation of Native Americana Intend* to join is tbe prooeaa.oe, aai ?that they will tarn oat 3, WO men . The proeeaion btda fair to be one of the largeet ever aeen la tbla city. There i? a great teal of excitement all over the rttj about It. and an attempt La* been mad* to makt It Kline a national aapeet. U la reported that Poet* aaid juft before be died?" If I die, I 'liea tru Amanean? an 1 what grtevee me moat la the thought that I am murdered by a aet of Irlah ' Am?ng the frleada of the daceaaed thee* worda ap l<*rtoba*e made a powerful impraeaioo. In all tbe c ity taloona, In tbe market place*, in the engine hooee* tod tba a tract* even, bat little elee ia talked ef for tba time being. It I* it* ted tbat Poole wxi aaaaulted laat mmo't by a number of lr?hmeo aear the Jeraey 01 ty Ferry. The cauaa of the affray waa tba wearing by Paolo of a Know Nothing or wideawake hat. At that tiaae Poole *ue oeeded la beating off hi* aeaailanta, but there haa been a bad feeling agai net him ever einee, inereaeed by hi* affair with Merrifaey at the foot of iaaea atreet, a month or ao later It i* farther itatrd that Paageaa, ooa of the arretted partiee, intend* to tarn Htete'* avtdenoa to die?loae a plot firmed *<me montb < aince to murder both I'oole tad Thome* IJyer, and tha* endeavor to aa?e bit own Ufe. It 1* aaid that tan tbouaand dollar* have been ralaed ia New Jaraey, to reward any per*on who au'eeed* ia cap turing Baker. root.! * own grow. Tbe Aid* to the Graad Mareha! are req ieeted to meet at the Adriatic corner of Hu4aoa and Barrow atreet*. oa thia, Euaday, tft?ra"-a at I s o'eieek JAMA- M TVHNKK Oraaj Me: (Ml C W(jta?rrt?, *j??<el Aid. FOOr.E ANl'OCHTION. The mtaiberaor thf AMociaw'"1 *r'" "NuenteJ to r?**t ?t the City Hotel, oo tbn, Hunnl,y'.l4ft*rnn"n' 8t '?'i o'clock, for the purpose ol participant ,n ,l"- obhe^uie* of our deceaeec! friend nod aanoclate. *m- 1'oole. JAMJAi M. TUKNfcil' Pnw.-itut. W. SCUAH KH. Sec. ItVNDBKW RATTAMON. The Ak ove battalion w duly ordered to me?-* at the Cooper Ho? '*f ? corn*r AntLooy ntrf*t and fl rm%Aw*y. at lik o'e. "*k Si , thi? dav . tr? Join in the fnnerni obeequieA of Utfl friio<i, Wai Toole*. By oriiwr. 0 .''OHQ1S it. ilAUL, Major CoiuunuJ ??. Judge AdTocste, >**t A- Scvda?. 0. ?. ?, The member* of Flimoai''' Chapter 14, 0 If. A., are hereby nutilied to meet at room*, oorntr of Cbriatopber and lluilHrm atrertt'i t Suuday, al'ler noon, at 1 o'clock. In full ret;alk' .'or tin purpose of at tendion the funeral of our lat? brother. WB Pool*. Member* of other chapter) are re<j *> '?te<l to unit*- with us. By order. J. J. Uj'uvI'KV, SajUoin. C. A TnrrnriR, c. of C. THK CORONER'S INVESTIGATION. TIIIKK DAT. TESTIMONY OF I.OBBNM) DKAOLK, JOBM ?. DKKS, JOHNNY LYNtt AND OTIIK1W. Before Coroner liiiton. Tbe Oroner'* inrentiga'.lon into the cireu?-?teuci<ii attending tbe death uf Poole w?h reauuied yvaterilay morning at 10 o'clock, in the chamber of the Hoard o1 Aldermen. A* on tbe preriou* day the room was crowd ed with anxiuua and excited kpectatora, manjr of thorn tbe moat intimate friend* of the deeeaaed, who tiek a deep Intereit in tbe proceedings The excitement cauied by the fatal termination of tbe horrible occur rence aeemed to increaae an the cane l_? the Coroner progreaaed. Tbe jury, at the invitatieia of the Corouer and I>r Putnam, paid a vinit to the fJovernor'a room, where the lieart of the deieaaed wan exhibited. l)r I'utnam explained to them, in a very aatialaetorily manner, the nature of the wound, and the reaaoti why death waa delayed. The ball, panning through tbe car tilage of tbe cheat, entered the aternum, and waa found embedded in the aeptura of the beait. Tbe rnmor publuhed in one of the evening paper*, that I*augene bad faa<!e a confeeaion to Mr. Arculariu*, dmcloeing a plot to take the life of I'oole and flyer, ia, we are informed, totally falae. Hr. Arculariu* inform* u* that, viaiting I'augene at the Jelleraon Market Police Court priaon, he aaked the prianner, in preaenre of an officer, if auch waa the fact, when Paugene held down hi* bead for a moment, a* if for reflection, and then aaid that he did not know of any auch conapiracy. He however told Mr. Arcularlua to call and nee him the next day, and to ccme alone. Mr. Arcularlua, however, did not accede to tbe rrquent ,cf the |*i*ooer. and wiahea H to be particularly underatood that lie la not "a groat friend of Paugene'a," and that he doea not deaire to aave hia life by making bim turn Xtate n evidence, a* mentioned in one of the evening journal". It hia b- i-n reported that, in additien to tbe reward offered fur the capture of Uaker by bia Honor the Mayor, tbe aum of |!i,000 baa been raiaed by tbe inhabitanta of New Jeraey, tbe native Blate Of Pc ole, for the arreat of the fugitive. Coioner llllton encouutereil aonvr difficulty yeaterday morning in obtaining the attendance of the nec?**ary witneaaea. and it waa nut untli be threatened to laeue attachment* againat tbe partiea refuaing to apjiear, that be aucreeded in *ecuring their attendance. The following la the rejiort of tbe third day's proceed ing* of the INQI'BUT. The flint wltn?M placed upon th? utaii'l wa* Ixjrrn/o peagle, who, In ok >lu I y aworn. d*pote<l that he waa out of tin* proprletorx of ."tunwii Mali, No. -.??? Hroatway. I wa* iu the nalovn on the night of tb* I'-ttli of Mruujr, from an early hour iu the p wumtf until tS? next morning about 10 or 10'; o'clock on tuat nigh', Momaeey tod llyler came into th* ealoon an I look a. drink, and then went into the back aaluun, where Mr. *uydam and otbara ?i r? drinking wlue ; m a fuw minutex afterward" I beard Morriaitey ?ayiag, " away I want nothiog to do with 5011 ," 111 a few ?mnutm afterward* Mr I'oole ram* in Mr Campbell, Mr I>eone, Mr. .I?nrway and two gentlemen from Now Kochflie. , wm* * with P ?*t; Cmt nary u* 'j> yv? it*. ?vt 1 took a dim*: one .if tr.t AtchimI'i friend a want Into the back room y. W! ?t wa* hi* name'' A I think hi* name w?? Rartoif, Mr I'oole and Mr .laueway then want to the ronnfer and got their lujiper Q Wan Murrfaaey aober at 'he time he ram* in'' A I tli'nk be waa not eirlted, but wliea he fim? in 1 auppoeed be had been drinking, wblla I'oole wa< eatinir hi* aupper acme one came (?? I'oole ai d toll! Mm thkt Morriaeey waa in tb* hack ro. 111 Pool* when lie got up from hia supper, came up to inl and eaid. "Old man, 1 did not know that Morrt?**y waa here or 1 woald not hare <nme here, I did not o-ineher# to make any dlaturhanre, hi t m?r?lr to (ret a drink,'' I'nole wax preparing, a* I thought, to leave the preral***, when Morriaeey rame out of the hark room an I walkin/ about balf way down the room, came toward* Poole *nt etanding opjpoait* him, aatd, "Ah. how ar* you ' an 1 th<n MM. ' ' 1 iiu are a pretty American Agh'in.' non ?:'a h? li " Pool* aald notbirg; MnnrUaey kepFon addrcaaiag I'oola In thla manner, when Tool* put hi? linger up to hie ooee Morriaeey then ?aid lie could link I'oole, a h*r*up"D the latter aaid, " You aaid tha'. once before at the ot? Hotel, you taatel me, and didn't like me much Morrl**ey raid, " You ara a cowardly MM of a b i'"Ole replied, "You ara a ?laiune-i liar;' the excitement then aiauraad a rery aarloua eapr<t there waa quite a large crowd atan ling around I'oole and Mor riaaejr, and they aeem*d greatly **?lt*d. Mr. Jama* 1 Irtmg then entered, aud guleg up to Morriaeey, to<jk hold of hia coat and tried to get hia awai. '.he excite ment thea, aa I thought, >11 lulled and I went op to Mi.rriaeey and told him I did aot want iilai to c rente .nj disturbance in ml boua* that would gire It a bed name. Mcrtieaey replied to thi? and laid 0* did not want to create a disturbance, and that he did not 6Ame there to Injure aw, ?? the good name of mr hone* Morrl?**y waa (landing with hia hark towarda the wa!|, when a yen tig man rame ia, with light mouataeli* an J (oatae q. What did thia young man do? A He want up to Mr MowlMay and then went on' again and returned in a few xnlButea, a* J when lie did ao Mnrtaaey ruataed |.,rwar< With a Ewatcl In hia fund Mr Ir*. ig aaid. "You (lansed fool, wnat are you doing Morriaaey bad the pi* tot ia hie hand aad praowa'ed it at I'oole ," Mr Jtna way and Mr. Irrlac were ia a etraigbt lia* between Mor ri?aey*lid I'oola. 0. Wb*t kind of a pUVol waa it ? A. It wa* a Br* barrelled reeolrer U Did yoa hear the plitol ?n?p * A. I can't a?y that 1 did there waa *o much tMtiae and ?xel'emen1 at th* time that I could aot aay whether lie eriapp*! the *?a> Mil or not ; I'oole wa? ataadin? on a low platform be h<*d the eatiag counter, an-1 app^re<l perfectly cool all i.e?a?*d excited except I'oole hlm??lf there waa unite ? larg* crowd arounl them at the time, an ! the f rat thing that I mw after waa rrty partner Mr Iwn, rlalng from the Boor, he hariag been knocked down by M?ma*ey Mr IVe n and myaelf then neat for tje po lice ?ad "ITIcer* Roa? ard Moore, with 'itber p>>ll*e, ao'?n ram* In Mr I loan told th? police to arr?-t par t.e* and hare them taken oat of the bnuee, officer Rue then came forward aad took Morriaaey away, while ciifcer llngan took Poole ont the hack, through Xeroer (treet, to the Kighth wardatatiou houie. Q. Where waa M011I? 1 y taken ? A Me waa taken away to th* fourteenth ward, wbara I underrtaad lie waa aet at liberty on hia the officer to go boaae about tea minute* after M'.rrTaaey left the place I beard that ha waa aot taken to the ata tion bouae that he waa taken down Broadway a litUe ("letaoca, and that bo weat to the flty Hotel thia waa the comiDca talk in the aahxm anon after be eft It it waa aboat II or ll){ o'clock when Pool* <n>r*l ta* place, aad aaid to me. "I am d? d aorry taat th a *b*nH hare wicmd I dlda't com* up for th a ' he ' <*? *aid, "Old man. I am eorry for th!* hat yoa raa't blaaM m? for It." I "eaaaail then called fwrtwo Lottie* of wiae, aal Paola.Jaaewar aad throe or four othera, drank th*cna? nne . after (key had f.niebed dr nklng Jaaeway *aid ?m* leta* go down " whores poo Mr Poole aald 'No, I am gotof boaie " Jaaeway tbea *aid, ? Vail I will M* 7011 good algh'., ' h* a book baada with ktM, aad then left the talooo Br a Juror? <) What ttm* did Mr Jaaeear go awat ' A. Aboat 11 IC o'cleah Q Do you kaow aaythiag farther of what happened on th* n ght ia ?]u*?tlowt A All that I know U r?a tame-: ia the affiAant that I made at J?*?nwi Market Police f oart on the Huaday fottowla.; tha day of the at carreer*. The Coroner then read tike a?.',a? t of '.he wtteeae, a* publiahM In tbe Hmui oa Ike imh ult. H* a tat ax ia thi ? affidatlt that at or hefor* 13 o'clock w* t?n ror help to put up the abatter* aad cluee th* hooe* at hletm* Mr I'oole aad a aumher of hi* frtaad* were in the hoaa*, and fc?' tieea drtakiaf wtae I wa* then ?ateid? o> th* bar, talking t? one of our help; 1 heard Mr Pool* nek Mr. Paen, one of th* partnera. far a kettle of wto* Mr |M*e replied, oa W?<klMt at the ilant , that ta* anv nat Had c!oeed- meaning to aay hia baataeea wa* 4a?~ . then I waat from th* harroeta tea etere pentrr or eloaet vtf from the barrncm. oa tbe earn* feor : I took my o*er-?i?t at . got en to aa ke bos. aad catered myaelf ep and lay dowa thee "a* of my h*ip came la aad a* ted If I ia tended to par him weakly ar monthly I aaked b m how he wonw Ilk* to hare It. aad told him I w uld pre far pay tag hue weekly, aad ia wait uatil Mr Poet* %o l Li friend* had .*ft aad I a?U pay klm. aad to laa ao new p*r>on* la the itwa, 1 thee got urto a al**p or itiH i *ad I ahoald thlak ia akawt twewty miaiWa ?r ha ao kear not to eieeet half aa Hour on* nf the I help ram* 1* aad ranaed ?*, aad ruled 'h--? waa llke.y I to he a diffiealty la the boa**, I got ap aad cam* o?t im'r?diately. and told klm to go aad fetch Ten* ? ull wtth a poa*e of odUara oa gntag lair the ka-fwi I a aw ratrtm Mcla-ighllo, alia* Paagwaa, ha?* bold 4 Mr I oot* hy th* Uppel of the eoat, aal talkiag la a load *ad r afh akoat Mtlig Mr PW? aa*d him *er*ral timea to Ut bia go, Mrtaf thla tm* Jam ea Tv rn*r w*a between Poote aad HcUughita Mr faroer tfter a few a*ena4a gat bMwaaa then aad t?,i held of W laaghlta * mat aad tarao: k m amiad Mr Taraer tb*a walked t- /ward a tke ?*ddle of Ik* > rm aad tkrew hi* coat epea lliikiikt a h* t areaad hia aaraaa, whtch raa/*<a?t a larg* ? Itl rtratry. < T?| UWf f** n b?t; flitn Mclaughlin broke ??; irom C'hnrlen Van I t'alt, had kola ?f him. ati<l r?n up to Mr I'oole T^iBf rot, " Vou ion of a b? b, ffht " Mr. 1'oolt, Mr lau,<hlfn, and Turner were on * lint* . Mclaughlin nt?-p |H*il <>n use lid*, le.riuK Mr 1'oolv e*iK>n?d to tlr Tit t utr, who wen ?fit iu Hue, Mr. Turner then nail, "draw," IiiiLomM " or i-ome nuch remtrk, *11 I then nul/rt hin p"?tn. out flora bin belt, and m? k ni^ht. mth hi* rent n< ' ii h>? leftann; Mr I'oole tirrw up bm mmi. and rii i.iUf l. " l)o jrou w.nb to murder u.e Mr Turner llir ! ?nJ by lout* accident he either let hln pinto) f?lt, or r?i-i ?l In urin, ml nhot It i to le If 'hrotftb the aril ^rrjk.n? it. thin ?u the Itrnt ?but Itred nail Turner fell ou the Hiur, lie ritliti flrrd the hi . dO'l nhot while falling. or while oc the 11 >"r. and ? but Mr Poole through the lev, which canned hint to n'ajiaer and fall. 1 then naw Mr liar'1*' either on or o\*r Mr. I ?,?>e, with a pmtul in liu anil while i'oole wmi !> iiift on the floor * r. Ha^er nhot him id the left ?ire. near the region of th" heart, af er thin, nnd wh'le Turner ?n? rtitl l?mg on the lloor, be knpt filing hta pmtol ir lincrtm'nnteljr, ami u uit have akut Mi linker, if In- n nSot . wh.'ie thin wan going i a, Mclaughlin win at erer> bo<ly n^ar bim who wan epponed . ( harlnn ln>/ler ran to f'nole to rane him oil the lloor, and, while Hiding him. part of the rruwd who were np|>?ne<| to I'oole, and nlif nun around, While paratng w?l, turned and fired at Mr l.waier, who wih ai 'Ion lilm ro rant- li m fiom the flbor . at abwuC thi* t inif the police nii?, mi l I hnaittvoi rthree?h.r<* kred outmde ot' the hanee. n ri<l thl* la ?t?>n> a full relw tien of the circumstance* ?? they occurred, to mf k an w ledge Hy a Juror? 9 Hid yen hear Maker make *1.7 remark wbeti Aiken teo* hold ef in the doorwa/f A I can't *uy tliat I >! itl (J- L?i?l you dilfovfr any blood on Iiakor when be went rut 'r A. 1 tliil not (J. Wliil time did Morruwey leave your place v A. Me tweeu ti a and eleven. U What tiaie did the *hootingt.iike place ' A I can't eiartly aay. It min't lia^i' brti Iketween three quarter* paat eleven ami one o'clock (J llidyou hear any oai- Hay thai he had "taken the *011 of a li. bV A I dan t tli.ak I did. but I think I hran! iiaker nay, wlnn n.i top nf Poole, that he would "take the aon of a b ? l> anyhow. ' <J. lud you hei r ofllcer Rue atate what he had done with Morrl?M> ? A. I did not, otllcer Hue might have tx-an drunk for aught 1 know Q. IHd you aaa Van I'alt there* i t no, what wa* he ilnlug A. I nw him there, trying to take 1'augene awn* frtm I'eole Q Wan l ion there * A. Yea. y What wa* he dalng ' Wa* he aiding them* A. I *?w him thore, but he ?a* not, to my knowledge, aidiug them. Q did yoo nee Hyler there f A. I did. Q W hat waa he ileing 1 Did he aerin to take ar part in the nttray v A Me waa there, tMit apparently a looker on, ak lie took 110 part in the alliay ; I undaralntid that Raker limn-elf drove the coach oil, but I d?a't know that fact of my own knowledge. 1 he examination ef thia witnen* here rlnited John K. IVaa, one ol the proprietor* ? f Htanwli Malt, being awurn, depa??d? 1 cau concur in tie evidence of | the previous wltr.e-*, Mr Iieagle I waa there whan the , MTWIMWli; I ?aw Morrinaey go away with Hue an l ilv Ivr nflu er Hogan, I believe, went *ubM |ueutly to I the Uity Motel and ?aw tlirm thi* wai al about half : paat ten hu> may have Venn a quartet to eleven .de cia>e>l waa taken out of th? bara waychrough Meroer etreet aud returned In about three quarter* of an hour . I then that occurred n* utaled by Mr livable 1 >a< pre ' rent alien the errand party came in it wan probably twenty minutea alter twelve when they came in I'oole waa In company with AcLeraon, l/Jibr, Hliay ,and othera he wan tnlkinK with me at the time, at half paat twelve o'elook Turner and Mylar came in together 1'aug ne fol lowed, ami luiined atelv alter (taker, f.inn and Van I'elt rame In. tin re were ten Acker?ori* (brothera) there at the time: I'oole aaaatunding with In* bark againit the counti r ?t the time, and he aiked Turner to take a 1 rink when h? came In furnef de -lined l aiigi-ne then came In. and, standing in the midille of tlie lluor, *all to I'oole, "W l et are JOU looking at I'oole made no reply, and I'augcne then aald, a'M lioran lick me " at the aaine time walking up to I'mle, and a* k n/ him to go out in the yard and fight I'oole aaid, 11 No, you are not worth it.' with that l ung' ne took hold of I'oole, and Turner rame bet wkoij them 1'eugene had hi* two linger* In ! 1'iole* button hole and while in tki* poaitlon he apit in In* lire thri" tin e , he i;mn dared I'oole to go out In tin yard to fl<ht him I'oole aaid there wa? no man In 1 New 'Irrk could lirk him, for t.'.Od, Turner r?peat?d. j " No man in New York can li<-k you for I'.OO iv?le ' waa atandicg al thia time with In* bam againal the bar about ten feet from the front doc r I then walkeil tu the other end of the bar. a* I turned I heard Turner nay, " N'ow, I'oole, draw," and with that lie threw hl? cloaa oil and drew Ida own p:itnl, an l Hour ?hing it in thaair, lie preaenttd it at I'oole, crying, " Now, hoya, go in," I'oolo ti.en bad backed to the eitreine end of Ut counVtr. 1'augen* wa? anuanng at him, aay im, * It* ,?*. rf 1 >i ? , 10% <fe?n aaw. l'rfw WW rndvavorlbf to ih ?ffJ Tamer had lev* lied hli tlftnl orer hl? left arm, walt'ag far Paagwne to get out of th? way the piatol vent olf and he ? hot himrelf through the arm lie Immediately fell oa the lluor. aad while on the floor be flred again and (hot Foolw through the lag Mr llaler, who wax then ataadlag with hie hack agalnat the front door, flred h ? piatol twice In the dlrertl?>n of 1'onle they wei? protmbly four feet apart neither 'if theee ahota took efTert on I'oole when Poole waa ?hot hy Turner be ?tagger?d to the other aide of the h'Hiw and fell atralotl tiie wall Maker then weot ariOM and tfcrew hllnwelf on him, and holding bin piatol at l'i-ole> hrea't. raid. "I'll aettle you now." he then ur'd and ?hot him In the hreaat U.rler atepped forwanl to pick him up, and aa he ati?>pe<< down he waa efeot by I'augeee in the head . Turnar kept firing hia piatol* while j od the floor In theOirertion where Po le lay, working I himaelf along towarda the fri.nt d<?r I think l*aug> n* ' flred rr ore than OOM 1 don tknow who Are I the i.all ?hit t<rf)k effeet on Ixirier'a leg * flyl?r d d Ml interfere with thfm Van I'elt nnly nterlered when tie trleil to | atrip I'augerie who I think, attuek him. I die! not r*e Van I'elt alter thle I'augei.e and Turni-r Brat got out; I think that I inn an I I'augen* returned j and pulled lieker out they all then weat ?w?y after ' they weut out I heard one ?hot In the atreet In the flrat 1 aflray between kf< rr ?>er and IVMile there were no kn ea? I u?ed I'oole oftrred, however, to flfht Magulre with tw > j kntvee To a Jaror.- W>en Morriaee* got the piatol I ?-aught hold Of It to fet it away, and we l.role the hand I- t.m ' then atrnck n.e that in what I mwk the c I large for he i knorkerl me down in the flrat aflray and aimed a piatol ! at me be mapped the piatol twioe or three time* at j I'oole; Hue returned id about half an hrur after takiag Mnrrreeey away when Turner had llred IV U aake l wUe ! iher they had rrme there to murder blrn W tne-?. ? I aaw I'oole with a piatol in the forepart of tl e evening he offered to fight Morrlaaey on an ex| >iali y with a pf'tol, fcreaat to hrea*t that waa the only time I aaw him with a piatol either in t'>e flrat or aoeoa*] aflray I ?10 not remember who told me that the partiea weat and came In a roach lta*er ahot I'oole ahout half neat twelve o'rlnek I undertUnel that nftii-er Kne, with Morrteeey and llyler wen'. Int<i Abel'* on the way down, to taka a dr 11k they weat from There to the t'lty Motel and tbeare to the American in Uepeaarl utreet an l then hr.rne The evident e of Mr. I?en waa here eonrlude-l Jawea Arkeraon. being aworn. d?poee<t 1 wa< present during the laat aflrav 00 the eveulnr of the 34th of P?!. ruary I have heard tbe evlilenee of aad ronenr In what haa l>een raid by Cyra* Hhay thia la all I know of the nattar Jarob Arkaracn, halof aaorn, ?|?U tb? unwtxti Mirny, in lb( ??m* ??'? *? Mia IMt viltMi <) rruua Harmon l*ir<< ??urn, <lv pciaarf-. I vaa p-r r>tl on th> ti(M la 'iiMtinn ?n>l corroborate tha ?? ' ?? ? nf lorni/i (>'l>aa(ta I ka?* Di.tblu* ffiT* of Utn aa'ter. O V ll?Kin )???( ?w<rn oflxr itlMktlt lotbfll' *1 lofl'f I ?H I'fWDl ll 1h? altarrat i, a lataaan Mnrrlaaay and I 'rote I U-'ik poola tha Kfl Ih van! lUtn* hnu a* l? I. a : a ratoltar ,i> lilt ban-1 oban I l?ok him to aaa than >Im4id| is Ih* rr oaa? forinai] by tl.a bar l>??n t"l<l rn? '?< arraat IT rr aaay ail'! loot* I oral nut ?B Hi" a.flawa I anrt iti.i tha n an bD Hut/ thrra to (Ira th? alarm aa I .art r?aar>n to ? u ? p?rt tlaia voalrt lx> *>u-? "lilbralty ahr n I rat-irtial I ator?l . thr ??rr|<>nt?>> tl.a tar with ih" platnl Id hia I an<1, i ? .niart tetinUi Morriaaay ?a? pofi.nnf kia piato! at Poola lh? alarm hart baaa ftaaii a i > ' 1 a- toa tao T flf'aao p. *i?aa i?m Id vnh roa I U?M <in? of than, to rn<l Morriaaat I ar raatart P-.ia a>.<1 ha vaat vllb m> i want wiijt bin out af tha ha- ? aaj ia('li("?t of th' at<la ? "ra-ral m*tt fuah?1 tataaaa at a?rf hia a md P ?la f?,t ahaa<1 of uia, tut t atar-ok him va want to tt.a luyan h'.aaa at th* a'al* ? houaa I aaiU 1 for Mr I *?? %?> mm a ad Bjaka a rharf* an<t af, .?? tba-a ?tt'*aa?4 raakaa'harf. atalnat Hwiim; a i'k aaa ?o'. arrapiart ha aatl bla Ufa aaa a <*ae>r*r I u, a>.t an - what bv<M?f Marr ?*?? Br a? thlar a???at tl.a at*.*' ar I '"'1 *** tall Ml iWa that M'-tnaaar a?/.pya*t at Ahal a that l??ht I aav f??r *aa that a.fM >?? aaamt'l rary ?u'b aitito ' ba I. a/1 Mor- *?ay >a roar/ awl aj p*f?ill?, ha . b? 4 of ? I 4"1 a*1 Wat lLa p ?1ol tr< !? P?>l? ohan F aa? it r bi? ? a?i J?>h* 1 j ?f t? ag ??aii ?~1 I llta la M I'lwrafHi'a' at' l? ?lk?r. Q !*? tk<* o? aa; Taarral ?i?*? n? Mt??i, thaaa Brttaa ? A I ko?? 'hal Hal ar ?r^ 4af*aaa4 vara ha1 ai>4a I tt?*a? b?*H Haaar t*r?ai*a to tab* h>a llf? f iva *#r ba?r<t *< rr m'J m tai w? ?b? rAhm thfaaVan to lata pfx to ? Ufa abvit * of ? ?>lr? "? tha >m, v o/ tha affray a 7>'?ac ???? ?aa?a ?? ?? 7 pl*'? arv-1 ?a. l that Mort'?J mH Ki?<U ha/ a c. W'alty atf*?aa<r > Hall b* aal '? Pooka ha<l a ptatol a". I tlaM ar fur MorrVaaaj; I a* .4 t li*'l n-aa I b a?? tba fo<af nai by >>AI bat raaao' raralla-t bla aaaaa llitar *a? a I ti ana at *?* tlaa? ba aaba^ aw what tha foaa f Mae ? awl, aa4 I toltf laar a* tva ?ia ftaa afWr?ar<U ba a aal oava -bavi aa. a? a bar* ba >aa rMnf bbarat Bra mtaata/lftar ba ba^ fona Tnraar raaaa la a* 1 aakart aa If I ba4 baar l lb* aaai I aaavara^. ? Vaa ' ba ra'arra^ to Uka illaytt- Mtaiaa Kianaaaf aal P* ui ba aa <! ba h?! kaa aaaT f"T bat hart aaa vara-t pu a j <>at ba aaaM M? fa> ba aw ' that ha vaa la aaa troasU, 1 aMt *"hat ta f?t oat of <ba? ba ?tar> aaM Utat la Ibeaflf Umn?y aaa tl?ba Tiraa*a<ka4 aaa tbaa to lata 1 Ileal ? art I 4raa. atth h>ia ba vaa par actlf a<>b?r at Iba 'im* aa loan tmb rayara vaa' nto tha fr'rtit rwta a art aat Mat by tha tra a'tar aa bat Ma (krr? la a of Hlaat -riaa'aa b aaat aa'. Vat 4M a"t aay alar, ba aa. |"la? ?? ft a haw rar hrotbar la , la* a art Mr Rbaa'raa a aaa vrti ?a aaoa1 n't?v w aa'aa aflat ttsa Itoaar isaata b--< to ka- ? ? a lb aaaarbl dIWo, atnaa aaa>*a 1 If) a .1 raaolla*t a faa a'aalaa af'a- Mamaaar aaa* .a l;ra aal Vaa pa't | tb*r? vara vilh h.n ba ??aar t ?ar tU'brt Pia|*M vaa artth b ? ?? M'/niaaaa va? la ah a >*a a' o?<*r II ?? ba aal>l f?* a V,*tv af Viaa, aart vnfla <t?a?- r ? "f"* "* I aaa aa4 Tai Palt aaa- to aay ?r-"? la tbat tbay fits ? |i?ib?* I Haa," kapt by Mr Allen, No earn- frotn "Tim A n?? - afrlaiared to faai alia ht<~l at !h*r tu*i? u uii, u4 I h.A , h%,t <1""* *"rai-a#y thra hft ii? I bad twoorthr*. orinka alter a. , *.?*! ruqning ; ?it iith. * 'u"n" ?* ia m .. V. V, *" '""i who waa atan unarlw ills of til* loom imunikril that New York _,,T i>lay?<t out lie iiirtl,., want*) to go bom* to . ?.Mr bia wife, but (Jul not i*ar* to da *o, li? llraa id tn* /"v" part of Maun i x Hull. Tu i n? r and Maker both roluti *7 <??1 to go with him , Turner and Dakar aokad I'ai.gati" ? go too, but be refuted them ?n.t?i than llvi. r a?k?d I'aa urn* to go. and he w ut Turner, l*augva*. Mylar, Ha k*' mid Van I'alt leit the houa? togatliei 1 do not ln?* whether I. inn waa pieaent or not , I do not kuvw wba tb? r they weat iu a carriaga or not I ua-1.1 atcod that they all w*nt tog*lh<-r tn prot?ct Hyi,.# fron* l'? ol? or anyone rla*. Ihar* la a door l*a<lia? t?? tin' upper part of Ptanwii Hall, without being e,*n?*l??t witli the bar, I beard no threatening language froin *h? parllea toonlr any on*. I raw no arum In (hair p??a>?? ? ion Turner ai.d Maker initially carried arun, aa<i I pri* atima they had aeapona then, th?y wrrw g"oa about thrrr quarter* of an hour, when Turner caui* bark eo rrred with blood frrm a wound la hlorm Ktinoui in at'Oiit the ?ame time he wa? wounlad by a ball oo the left aide of tlia boad, and be bad another wimnl froaa a ball iu Ml right groin li* aaid that ilarrla ha I abut him in 1 lie* bead, ami that I'ool* had ahot him la tint I -ell * he ralo that he bnd alway* h**?*u afraid of bftnn allot at hut lie would not mind going in I/til T irurr wo faint >n1 weak, aad lay down on the Ronr frarfal leatlhe party which had wonadel them would fnHrrw, I aent to tha N*tli ward atation buuae for a We of men , ten nr twavla policeman ran*. Hayed a few momrata. and laft Ven I'elf and I'angene ram* In and oat aaracaA ??aiea I did not eiaiuin* 1'augen* to aa? whathar he waa wounded I took Turoar and ftafear lnt?r the rooai off tha bar. and aent for aararaft dortara I ?r ( lark rame I b*li*v? ba llrad In IV Walker or Whit, treet, < anta'ii Turiibnll of the Rghth ward polire, rauie to my liana* and artet'rd I'augen**, IWrnor, and \ nn Hell about an h<>tir alter they rame in. no nil r?r trwd to take ltakei I don t think the ofhrara knew be waa la tlia bouaa, tke la?t I ?aw of Maker lie wait lying on the table while |ft (lark w-<a probing thta wound in hla aid* I'aptaiu Turnliull rame to nit lo ?i*w, aad not knowing who he waa I rrfuaad lllm a*lmMta*?-a, lie burnt the door In, aa<1 *?ked who waa hi the hauaa, I told bltr there wa> a wwtiuded man In my rooru b* aald he wanted to iw him I admitted him to tha raoaw, aad he then arreated the |?rtlea I have ntaiarf. wbaai I got liark Into th* rtoru Itokar wa> goaa, I waa aaly abaent tbreo nr four ininutca, Ih Dark waa thara a? night waiting <>n lurner t think Maker gnt out of ttu? houa* befote Turnkull rame thara he aauld nat gat auk on tb* roof. I hair* not heard from alnr* U lio you krow of any paraon who knowa wbarw (taker UV A That I decline anawering. Coroner ? Tbi-n I ahall bare to commit you. U Hair you heard any |?iaoa ?ar where b? Ur* A No I liar* ne?er ?e?u him ?ln''* he waa hung my table I don't know wher* ha ia. Cap'aiu Turn hall aaa very animux to get him that night I don't kaav an* |4tr>ou whom I l.rlietc knowa whare Maker ia (^pl. Turubull avair li?l tha liouao, but waa unable to tail bun U Ho you think that yon could flad lihii if ynu triad# A No. I hare heard no p*raon aar whether lie la gat ting l ettar or not ainrr that night. I hat* heard uothiaf at all about him To a Juror ? I hare aean the roung inan who ranaw after the plalol haiore I bar* beeo introduoad to hint, but forget In, name y (in what ground did you decline toaaawrr tha 'Sana tion put to ynu a >hurt lima ago' A I anawer th* qnration now, I know ivi paraaa wh< m I have rearon 'o lielieva knowa where IU k?*r u Wito^i^Whon lUiLf^r c?tTi^ into mjr bouMi ift?r tb* ? ft rmy, I rl i?| nut <?b*?>rv? wh?th??r or not Ifokrr * *4 Um?* !<*k**r A<!mitt?d to ni? tbut b? shot im tl<?* broMut Ili-rr th# invfutljffttifln w?<i r!o??*'I for thi? ?I?J, ??'! tH? ran* wftR i-ljouni^'l until Mon?U/, at bm If V o'oimak. THK SEARCH FOR II A K Kit, Judge Htuart and tm rr tarla* S?w York p?ifir*? ?a rlailad J*riwy Oty nn Krl'tay *a*n>nr lamainad 4or Inr tha ii'ifiil, *ii/aic"l in aaarch of l?uu llak*r, tha murdrrrr of I'oola. It *u auppoard that h? iui*ht bit a*cr*Ud In th* liouaea of boiim- ari|uaiataBr?* In Jaraay (Ity, or on ll*rgra I'oint It in aald. tiowerar, th?t I taker wa? H>1 wit )>i ii two or three daja alter lit* iMtiill u|i>m I'bole, < 11 Imard tli* I'biladelplua tram at Saw llrueael*k, on lila way to Italtiuore, ao<l that !>? bad a ticket tar HilUwiri. LKTTKR FROM JOHN HYI.ER. to Tin buiroii or tub iimkai.d. Naw You, March 10, IUV llartr ( iif.tii *d In aavaral |?|.*r* that I wai armtal Bf Chpiata le retail, a* . pa.laon>4 .?a.r?e* ?? ?< baiag eon?aUd la tba lata ahooilaf affray, I *aai4 ?tat* that I ?o|tint?rlljr fa** in yea If up to tha Oirmi, ? n't daman. 1*4 th* mo. I rl?M aiaraloaUoa. aa Mag a parti, ipat of or ia an/ aray ruaserled therewith. JOHN IIYIJBL PfORrra* at (too Municipal It* t nlutlaaaa. iiinriD rot a iii'i.tsnatiio milb. Tha jartl*a whoao uaan ar* ??ntliiar<l In tha folov li't ?Bii*a?Ma w*r* arraata<l yratanlBy aail lak*a b*fora Juitir* Oeborne, by wheat th?j war* bald to bait ia tfca ? urn of $4<<i *ech The Major baa already romaMv?4 tha war agaliKt all who ar? engaged to tlia rnaaufactara ami aalc of adulterated milk, and haa *1 praaned hla 4a ttrtnlaallon to proeerut* th*m to tha ataait a a tea t a t tha law. Ttil* boalnaaa ha < h*an r arrlad oa w itb par fret id; | unltt (or tha pact twmtj j?an and mora, aa4 all attempt* that hat a heen iu*4a to au|pr*aa I' hara I rood uaalaaa Otar two thirda of tha Bulk aold ia Saw Ymk l( obtaload aithar from tba nua (ad oa awitl, or a<lultarat?<l. and It i? ao deleter oua that taauaaada ill children die annually from airknaaa pr<*du'*d by It *? h?pa tha effort* of th* Major may ba altaa4*l wlUi that aiicceaa lha| ijaa ar?? H*nr r 1 II "p* of tha Third ward police, alt* b?l al rraaant to thai Maf ofllr*, baina duly twain aa ye Lbal he haa read th" aftilarlt of William Itoll.n* h*rwta aa B*t?d. and knovi the *ta'em*flta .antemed th*ieta ka la tru* of hla own knowl*ig*, *?r*p' aa to tb* data af I th of March mat and th* pia* <t**>gnat?d that tba folia, wing oaii.*-: p*raoaa to w t Arthur Moot I'bllip II Idahiand Michael fleriki and .) Martin*, ar* aoea* a f tba ab<M 4* potent haa *a*n Hi th* act of adulterating tkalr milk aa rtatad In aald afftarll, at tha aura** of forties It and t***tatr*?t? whart da pa riant aaw ibara tb a morning And ^?|*iDaat jatlaMaf aa w th* aald ll*Btt pat nt<i '.o? of hla 'ana aoaa* kfa4 o' a jawdararotba luhatane* frtrt i a papar Aa4 da ptnant fuitbar rat* that a < 1 of aall jaraoo* ha?? paintaxl cb th*ir aafoua, " <rr?nf t oon'rr Ml k " HUSKY C ll'HTt William Itailllaa h*in( dal| aworn daj ? aaa ao 1 aa/a ? lhat h*|raaidaa at Si, ;??: Uraanwlck atraat oa 'ha ?otfmr of Jay atr*a', in tl.? eity of K*w York, a?l that >aa tha ti. orai og of tn* 7th Marrb 1HJ, a autsbar af y araaaa who af* la '.ha huit??aa < f a*l!li.( milk aBd aha Bra ? known aa, hut narr.aa >ra uskaoan to d#p?a?nt drora thair in. Ik wafona ap to'a puaip ai'wat. *d on Ja? itr**' n front of d?i?o*iit ? | r*m **?, frwaa which tl *j ar>?-ur*d watar and t larad It in II * caaa all* tha B'lk- th* aatd inllkm*n alao ffilta.) with aail a?!B and watar a whita j. ?->i rw**r:iblfog 'halk >>r wkltfaf, tall furthar *aja that f. r m> i* ti,an a /*ar pack th* aald ft lik man ha a* l??-n ic tb? pr a- ' .. of a? lap. I'll haa frav<?BtJ/ a?t a; aa : m Ik toaa what tha ?aKI wh t* I'.wdar waa ah*a I bay wi Id t*ll h m it Waa aall l>*|? o*nt d<*a not t>*lt*aa khat th* aald p?w4ar waa rait, a* it had rmt th* appaarania of :t Aad '.riw lta? riant aaith not W M l'.'ll J J.fJl rwi rn tafi'ce ioa, ttia ?lh >'a^ of Mar'h I V.t H ? I'aliaa JiitlM, tUaha HackBian |of Ko l?Ja/aira*t batag duly aaora, ai;a ha haa raad th* 'oa*|'/in( a^ daalt of WiiMaaa Rahiat aad kaowa th* atataaoat >*t f'.rth Iharala ta ba truaof biaoan knoal*>*f* af 'apt aa Wi tha partirnlar 4aha of tha Itb of Mar'h )*''< d*|< o*rit ! irthar aaya tbat ba haa **a b aad ka> ?n th* prari -?? mantiooai Is **?! aJI ?lant to ha aa h*ar, carrt*d on hy *aid rr lka?*a ain'a tha B' nth af May, lk'*3 KJJ lit Rt 'IMAM, AMBfrT ro? ATTVM TTIH tAB?kL?.r. Mul.auiian.b aa Haaliah thiaf waa ;aatar<taf ariaat ad aad Woufht bafoca J a at-' a itau.raa oa a aharga af atuaptiaa to ' ak a a packat b>"4. ".ataiaiaf tit*, awk of tha p??ak?t af Mr Jaaaaa f. Mil Jar, abU* ba waa par ? haair.f a '.akat at tha ? Maa of tha H?daa?ilifar Haai ioa4 Iba I.m-ai and b>? or *? aa f **ra a? - otapaoi-l '.y Mr Miliar who made an aif>darlt awtUnf forth lJ?a '?? r?ri.ataa'*a of th* ' aa* Wl*>* bafara Jaati-a oabaraa laiak <WbmkI tba ac/t |aa< baaaot ? " I bag yoar jardn a.i , aa.: ba ? I 111 oat of af tha V ad ' ?'<h rartaialy kat, lapiiad tha J .Af* afaoara* i wtknow that ? I 'aa aaaara roa that I waa aat war th* f*a! -aaa ' ?? fib rartaiai* Bat ' r*p'at*a*, tha J?id? tha aroat latpartarhaWa aua,laa**, at tba wa* t'aa* rtfaaaf ti * t^rdar far hi 'aaap- iar; raaaiaaal l(* aaa I baa tabaa wfaia tba tlal vf lot*'*, li abaaa praaaara ha waa aaafltad Thia la Mr laaa> aa.*t'ao?aar In'r^ta- -nf b aa to tha ?of\bJ <#aia T.,a aaot^aaao ba ad4*4, ? baa haa a ra?r t b tba aat J atiaaap.ia? ta p -a a Bil l b*^kat . . . "Ab,|*a aaad th* ' ' *' *a ? w rig #? t.ia a aa?rch *' IU ?lt It if* A tad Mr la> ??? ' ..,f.ia.r*J " taka I ? f ar baa^aaa a, aail Mi Ma' tail ?? My what air at fo?r baB.aaua Mr ? I doa t ko- a abat yaa r-aaa e.i ' laafk ryt?a>a ;<,akaoa rar; wall "?car, U*? aff kia '-a' " Iba raat aaa lak*a a*, bat it raaa.t?4 aalp la tha 4U crrj aa a a labbai watar pr?w/f Ctafatal Itia wa'fh raaa'j a ?a ?/*.har *aU.abl?t aara ?a?*r 'I n k a V. Ca ratt-na I a aa hit 'a ran of aarrvaa , v aa* aa* of a-. ? p . ' - aatitaf rat alaAil hara af p)ra4 1 Ha waa t) a a c taaa Mad for aiaamlaa AacrTKM Tmia'Tk rwwi Tr airman ?r>ci*rr r% TM* MAIOIt. A rafrt of tha pa?a? t aaa of a ariaatlaat t<f tha ' a 'at a v Taaayaaaaaa aaa raaataad yaatar'ay by th* Ma aaa, taa oaaratar; Mr Jakaaa, '?a\a a a< ta* f'lliaa |S| law latka laa< rad That thia 'aranA Waatkaa. C af T , Matkaa Saa Y ?rt baaa * taaaaaad w:tb I *a<a ra tb* <a~a ?*? p r aatd kj tba Maa I araaaa a * oa?: May?r of '*? 't j -d S?? Yrak IB rafaraat* ta Wa ?b? .tWa ?' V<4 'HaAaf i'ja?? traMc

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