Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1855 Page 3
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Tfce Cm* Rtnuuidn, the Ystuig Cokta. y?' ~ TO Til UITOK or TBI URALD. A MB dMlxwd to nod to your p?par trtuUtioui of do fe?unenU received from Dr. FrancUco Hernandez, and Which I now bog to do. The original* art in my poaae* fcloB, and can bo ma and iiidIbkI. I have also a lot* tar for the son from hi* mother, wishing hia return, which be can have at my hand*. CHARLES EDWARDS. Nkw York, March 5, 1865. TO THB CH1KF ALCALDB. Don Franciaco Hernandez, a native of thi* uiand, es tablished at Baracao, and at present residing id thin capital, appear* before your Honor, and in due form of law says:? That in the month of October last Mr John H. relix presented himself at Baracoa with a pa per and a verbal recommendation from my brother, 1 Don Klias Hernandez, that I should protect and assist raid person so recommended in the project be had of in Producing arms, and of promoting an insurrection in thut district against the Spanish domiulon, of which plan and voyage my aforesaid brother had given me no advice, di rectly nor indirectly, as all appears in the proceedings which are now prosecuting Luton* the permanent Mili tary Commission, agaiust the above mentioned Felix, Kstrampes and others. The necessity in which I wai placed by that step of my brother, of giving seasonable information thereof to the constituted authorities, addei to the meusures which they would inevitably adopt, brought me to this capital, and although here all mo tives of suspicion or doubt at regards myself were speedily removed, and I remained at perfect liberty, still the in evitable compromises id a political caune as the one in question, induced me, from the dictate* of personal ?afety, to remain in the Cattle ot the Cabana, wbere I continue residing, ax an asylum from revengeful feelings, or to avoid a compromise. But, as it cannot he expected that these may be appeased in a short time, nor that my continuance at tne Castle Can be indefinitely prolonged, owing to my own private Hairs and the car* of my family, I adopted the reso lution of removing with them to Spain taking for that purpoce the necessary measures lor bringing to my side 'ay eon Francisco Eli is, who was being educated at New York. To carry this out, 1 was under th* necessity of studiously avoiding its reaching the ears of my brother Klias, who, in the excited state of hi* idea* and senti ment*, I was certain would avail himself of tho inlluence which the imtitutions of the conntry in general, and th* sympathieaof tho people where he resides in particu lar, held out to him for opposing the return of my child, and thereby prevent his receiving that politictl and aoeial education which he, my brother, did not approve. The first *ten that I took towards regaining my son hav ing failed. I nally determined upon seuding a messenger of my entire confidence, and known to him, with preciae and express instructions to conceal from mv brother Klias my intention* regarding my *on, aud to carry them oat with promptness and secresy. That messenger was Den Cristoval Carnobali, to whom I gave letter* of my own, ot my wife, my portrait, and all that I deemed conducive to my child's decision, having alio obtained from, hi* Excellency the Governor and Captain Ueneral, Don Joae Gutierrez de la Concha, that he be pleased to reoommend the afTair to the Consul of H. C. M. at New York. When all was accomplished, and my son on board ?f the steamer, at the rnomant of sailing my brother Klia* presented himself on hoard, took my ion t>n shore, and represented the affair to the public a* he chose, accusing my measenger and the Consul of her Majesty as kidnappers, and got hlm i>clf named guardian to my son. The Court may easily imagine what are my feelings in such a situation. My duties as husband and father of other children, do net permit me to risk in New York dangers that even in this capital I consider tt necessary to avoid I cannot per mit that on my account, others should suffer for having rtrietly complied with my instruction*. I should also be unworthy of the name of father were I to abandon to ehance that which I consider so essential to the hap piness of all my family, and abdicate the moral direotioa of my eon, Francisco Elian. In none of these duties will fail to comply on my part. But the * plrlt that guided the conduct of my Brother Ella* ha* Ktrewn my path with obstacle* that I cannot overcome without the as sistance of th* Court; for it is pretended that I am not at liberty to act In this affair? that I have not provided for the education of my son, Fianclsco Klias? that I have, in fact, abandoned my paternal prerogative*. I protest, in the moit legal and (olenn form, againit such gratui tou* and false suppositions. I declare, therefore, before your honor, that I enjoy th* most complete liberty to diastole of my person, of my property, and of my family. 1 declare that, until the month of September last, I sup plied my eon punctually with whatever was necessary for bis expenses, and that, In the current account* 1 have with my brother Klias, I consider my eelf hi* creditor to a larger amount than that which ,'lie ha* paid for the last school bills. 1 hold my brother Klias responsibly for the obstacles which prevented my continuing paytiig the aforesaid pensions, as also from promoting my own interests, in consequence of his having mixed me up in hi* revolutionary projects, without first consulting me; and I reserve to myself the right that appertain* to me, where and when I may choose, to en force It. I protest, that neither now, nor heretofore, in factBor in law, directly nor indirectly, have I oon tided to >?ny One the fulfilment of the duties of father, for the education of my son, Francisco Ellas; and that, under the gtave responsibility that on this point I hare con tracted before God and man, In the exercise of the p?ter nal authority of which I cannot be dispossessed by any one, excepting in the case* ?nd manner prescribed by law, that 1 consider the residence of my child in the United States Injurious to him; that bis return home is indispensable .to his welfare and that of hi* mother and brother*; and that all atte mots offered in opposition to jriy express, absolute and inflexible commands to my son joining inn. and accompanying my family to the place I n ay see fit t* designate fur their abode, amount to com plete coercion. Finally, I ratify and us?ume as my own acts, all that the Consul of Spain, Don Francisco Hough ton and Don Cristoval Carnobeli have done in endea voring to seni to this Island my aforesaid *on. by Avoiding all knowledge thereof to my brother Klias, and by acting with the greatest secresy. And in order that all tne foregoing may appear in due form I pray that your Honor will be pleased to admit this writ ing from me, order my ratification of it before the Court, and interpose your Honor's judicial authority agreeably to law, ordering that the originals of the* - J proceedings be delivered to me for the necessary pur- [ poses ? an act of ju*tice, which I claim under the neces eary oath. FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ. Havana. Feb. 21, 1865. L. Ramo.n, Just. Havaka, Feb. liy IT>.>. I have ratified Don Francisco Htrnaniiez, in tbe pre ceding writing, according to hi.i prayer, and by the re sult thereof the necessary provision* will emu* Fnjx I.ANCia, Royal Notary. BIT.STO. On the nam* day. month , and year, I notified and gave copy to Doa Francisco Hernandez. SANKUlS. Id the aver faithful city of Havana, on the 22d day of February, 1865, before H. H and I, the notary, appear ed Don Franciaca Ilernandsr, native of Havana, estab lished at liaracoa, and casually in this city, married, of ?ge. and by prefeaaion a doctor of medicine, down on hi* oath declare that he ha* -aid tbe truth, and having been examined oa tbe preceding petition, after having read it, aald that he ratified it in all ita parti, having been drawn up according to hi* instructions, and ratify ,?g in like manner the siguatare at the foot thereof, which be acknowledge) a* his own; and that tho demoli tion under oath in true, he read it and sigred it with hie I honor, which 1 certily. FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ. BUSTO. Before me, Film Lajicw. Havana, 23d February, 18S5. Vwroe:? In virtue of the atatemeat -en the preceding writing, ratified by Don Franciaco Hernandez, the pro testa and manifeatation* expressed therein are admitted, according to law: and for it* greater validity and force, tbe undersiged interposes the judicial authority which ' be exercise*. orders that the original proceeding be de livered to aaid Hernandez, for the purposes ha may deem requisite, agreeably to bis prayer. I/)REN7X) DE BCSTO. Fkui I-Ajfrts. . (>n the same day and month I notified t)on Francisco I Hernandez, by reading and copy of the preceding writing, which I certily. l.ANCIS. Hwiasdo. Non..? I have delivered the*? proceedings to Doa Fran cisco lieraandez, as ordered, which I certify LA.NCLS. Houuinms. 1 The notariea of her majeatr the Queen, (whom Goi preeervel who hereto affix our band* and aignet*. cer tify ana attest, . that Don Lorenzo Del Muito. bofore whom wai presented the foregoing writing, and Dsn Felix I .&ncia, who authorizes the act* an I prooeedin<* which likewiM precede and in continuation taereof, the flrat Is the Chief Alcalde tercero ot this city and its juriadiction, and that the latter Is the royal notarv of theoourtof aald Alcalde, and that to both full faith and credence are given judicially and extra-judiciallr In testimony whereof we give theae present!, aealed with tbe seal of our Koyal College at tbe ever faithful city of Havana, on the'i'id day of February, BUI. FKI.II'k FOltMAKI. QCINTIN DEL KIO. RCFINO PACHEOO. oo.isolati or rnx cumro ittatioi. Havana, Ci ha, Feb. 22, 1HSS. I, Wilham H. Robertson, acting Conaul of tbe Coiled Mates of America, for this city of Havana an I Ita de pendencies, do hereby certify that Quintin Del Rio, Ber. Felipe Kormari and RuUno I'acheco, whose signature* and mbricka appear to the certificate hereto annexed. < to which oertibcate is also affixed the seal of the Royal College af Notaries of tbia eity). are notarie* public and member* of the taid Royal College. to whosa oflicial acta io.ll faith and credence are and ought to be given. In tratimony whereof I hereunto aet my h?ad and afti-x the seal of my office, at Havana this 22d day of February, 1*5? WM. H. ROBERTSON, rowgll OK ATrORVKT. Be it known that 1 Don Francisco Hernan 'e?, af Rara coa, end accidentally In thla city, do berehy grant lay full and ample pow. r, as by law ii n<-ces*ary and may be required, to Don < rlstoval Carnobeli. detained at New . York, owing to the commission I entrnsted to him of bringing to ?? my son. Franciaco F.I las Hernanlez, with ont tne knowledge of his ancle, Don F.lias that in my name and representing my person, rights and actions mj said attorney may rpresent me in tha proceedings and judgment*, both civ l and penal, that may be requi alte to eironarat* from all responsibility my said attorney and theCaaaul of Her < athelie Majesty, lion Franciaco Stanghton, who assisted him. aa also all others who may have Interfered therein, that my aaid attorney may con duet here ta me my aforeeald son Fransis Ellas, and do whatever may tend to his interest and that of the family ia general, thereby enabling me to determine hia reel denee, mode of education, and other circumstances, which are exclusively reserved to me aabia father To this end my aaid attarnev or hia delegate may appoint and change coanael, solicitors anil any other person who nay be eoncarned In this matter, appoint such substi tute aa he may think proper, and revoke tbeaa at plea aare maae abjections to Jn lgee, joriea, and witnesses, and finally, he confera to hi* aaid attorney tbe most ample, special, and general power ia due far-n of law, to act and perform in the yremiaea all that the grantor <*t*nld eiecate by hlmnelf wera he preeens, laasancb as he wiuet not omit acting m whatever may concern tbia vaatter, from the oraisstoa of any aperlaf or general rlaoae which may not be herein weeded and for the obeervance aad fulfilment of the foregoing he binds hi* P"??erty according ta law. Datad at the aver faithfal city of Bt?m, this twenty-eeooad day of February of tho year 1864. I. the notary, certify that I know the grantor; that ho ao declared, ratlBed and.aigne.1 it before the witaeaaea, Dr. Mariano Grobaa, IK Joaa Eliaa Sanchei aad Dob An tonio Abalo, of thia place, an t pn>?ent. FKANCISCO HKRNANDBZ. Notarial certlflcatea verified onder tha American ConaaL Tho Charge ol Cruelty agalnrt Mr. Anderson, Principal of the Seventh Ward School. 8TATBXXMT OF TBS SCHOOL OKPICIRH OF THE WARI). To the Public:? The undersigned school officers of the Seventh ward, agreeably to notice previously given, have fully investigated the charge made be fore the Mayor's clerk, by Mr. Michael Doran, against Mr. Anderson, principal of Ward School 31, sparicg no pains to get at the facta as they existed, to which we herein briefly refer. The boy Doran was called up for punishment, for having rudely and maliiiouBlj pushed aside and grossly insisted his teachcr, by using vulgar, profane and threatening language, in the pretence sf his classmatoa and others, because Lis teacher bad reported aim to the principal tor previously striking another boy, and loudly ueclaring that he would aot go to the priaci pal lor correction, as directsd; and waen askei tj extend his hand for correction he i>ereniptortly re fused to do so; and when the principal (tad urged the necessity of complying, and wan about to insist upon the rule, a struggle eatued, tne l>oy dodging under a deck, receiving a lew stripes from a thin ta'.tan (and from nothing (rise), whici neither touched his ' head nor spite." During tne following two days the toy was missing from school, when on the third day the mother returned with him, xta ting that hs had been playing truant, Ac. The principal declined reinstating him at that ti rn ?? , Laving concluded to report his ca?n to tho Boarl. The mother then and there learned, for the first time, that the boy had been whipped at all, and she then, with the boy, lett the school. Nothing more was beard about the matter until some two week* afterwards, when it was reported that the fa ther was " determined to have satisfaction and the following day he apoeared before the Mayor's clerk, making his statement which next day appeared in the public papers, which sUtemeut was su spotted to coma from the Mayor's book, but whi h never has appeared on said book to this day, aad which tun Mayor disclaimed knowing anything abont, until he read it In the morning papers. The committee, on the night of notification, repaired to the house of Mr. Doran, and saw the boy aid pa rents, whtn the latter informed them that they ware sorry the case had been made public, and further, that had they known that their boy had us. J such language, Ac., to his teacher, they would have chas tised him themselves and exonerate! Mr. Anderson from instating uikto his rule; nor would they have made any complaint on their own account, and that they had beca advised to do so by others. The com mittee had the boy examined by Dr. C >ckroft and Capt. liaggerty, who reported him as being in per fectly good health and physical condition, showing no marks, &c., as spoken of iu tho complaint. Full aad ample time aad opportunity have heen given for the party oomplaining, and their advisers, to give any satisfactory reaaon for making the oom plaint, and they have failed to do so. Tna boy is now, aad was from the first, roaming the streets, and tree from perceptible injuries. The undesign ed mush regret that so great a publicity has bean given to the matter, and likewise regret tha . the same or like occurrence, should take place in any of the schools nnder their charge, and however mnch they wish to assist in oarrylng out strict discipline, they prefer that like boys, for such grosa miacondu ;t abould be dismissed from the achool, than that the principals of our schools should be compallei to in flict severe corporal punishmsnt. A detailed and complete statement of the facta in the case, has been entered upon the minutea of this Board, and the un dersigned are ready and willing to give any further explanation about the matter, deemed nece&wy, by any party or parties whom It may concern. David Webb, Abraham Denike, Geo. A. Buckingham, Jas. B. Bnusin tde, Zebulon C. Innlee, John Gray, Geo. \V. King, Jas. P. Bremner, Wade B. Morrale, Benjamin Parkhurst. ?lames W. Barker, New York, March 5, 1855. FINANCIAL AND COMMEKCl AL. HON K T MARK ET. Satckuay, March 10?6 IV M. There wan a more buoyant feeling in tho mock market thta morning thin we have noti ea for some dajH. The upward movement in Btate stocks and Reading Railroad stock continues with undi nuniahed vigor. With transa tions to an unusual ex tent the market cloeed firm at oar quotations. At the first board Indiana 6 a advanced 2| ]?er csnt; Ixmlsiana 6's, 1; Illinois Central Hoed*, Mca ragua Transit, 4 per <*nt; Harlem, 4: Heading Railroad, 1 i- After the board, Reading iUiiroad sold at ft) per cett, c&ah, and'was in active de mand at that price. All fie other railroad stocks were in fair request, without change In priced. Cumberland appears to be settling down under tie dividend question. Nicaragua Transit sold more freely to-day, at an advance. The change made by tliia company in its charges for pi-taage to an J from California, will be of great advantage, an<l give a great Impetus to travel. It can run ao much cheaper than the other line that it can make in juey j while the other ia not paying expenses. At the second board the market waa firm and ac tive. The advance of the morning ?u fully sus taiued. Louisiana 0's improved 11 percent; Illi nois Central bonds, j; Krie IUiiroad, 4; Harlem f. [Reading Railroad opened at tho second board at 82i, an advance of 1 per ccat on the closing price of the first board, and closed at 81 f , cash. The bu siness of the Reading road for the month of March last year, commenced with 2^,. '100 tons per week. Dy the 1st of August engines and cars hal been supplied In suflicient numoer and pawer to transport 54,000 tons per week. The business for the month of March of the prtsentyear, commenced with 40,300 tons per week; arid as the road can I now take 54,000 tons per wetk, if offered, It lsi evi dent that the company can be prepared, by the first of August next, to transport 70,000 tons per week. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to-day, were ai follows:? Koeeived 43 I'kTOMIltS 0'i,HS7 57 1'mirt for A ?nii j office H.l'l 2S raid on dwbnrmiin cb?ck? 11,387 1 W lltliica,,, 4,440,131 44 The Rchuylkill Navigation Company has pnb lished Its list of charges for the use of cars and for toll on anthracite coal from the opening of the canal to the 1st of July. The charge troa I'ort Carbon through to Philadelphia is HO cents per ton. I?st year the opening charge was 70 cents per ton. There is a corresponding advance on the charges of last year from Monnt Carbon, Schuylkill Haven and Port Clinton. The charge is on the ton weight of 2,240 lbs., less five per cent allowance for wastage. The tonnage on the Reading Railroad for the week ending oo Thursday laf.t, reached the very large amount of 40,382 tons, some twelve thousand tins more than the tonnage of the previous week? mak ing tonnage of the year 334 ,862 tons, against 2:>8/)97 tons to the same time last year. Those acquainted with the productive capacity of the mining region and the working facilities of the road predict a very large and more tiiaa usually profitable Mason's business. The warranto entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 8th inst., were:? for thn r?<l?inptloo of stock ,,,.111,712 71 For p*j>nn Treaeory debt*.. 47,478 For tl * < attorn* 27,605 14 (Mtrritig >nlo treasury from mm ?oare*s... 3 00 J-f>r tl.? War l*perim?Bt 4r'4 31 For re paying ia the W?r l>epar'.iueot 4,'.4 31 For the Naty I>epartm?nt 6,344 73 I For tbs Interior IVjiartBont 74.879 28 The Cleveland HnaJii publishes a table showing | the value of the produc* and merchandise received and forwarded from that ctty by the railroads cen tering there, during the year 1864. The following i* an abstract: ? Anminl Amnunt l.vfl/ti received. fvr warded. Total (1>r , ( olumhn' k Cincinnati ftt.Ml.ltS ?J9,?1,234 ?8H,714 486 tie* aid Krte.... 10,834,015 12,384,811 23, 0< rt.SM Dev. and Toledo Not dlv.* 1,778,400 3 17'.!, 000 3,960 400 ! Clev. It 1'ittsburf 7, *37, 481 fl W? 416 14,436,493 140,363,178 360,897.460 9107. 300, AM I-aie trade for 1814 93, 438, 4^1 Total ?J00,e.")9.0?? ? The trade on lh? southern Division of tbe C % T IUiiroad is included In tbe report of the C. C kC Ki! road. The report of tlis C. k P Railroad I* foreleren noaths The I trade, owing to tba scarcity of the crops, I* naatnallr email, there bWng a great (aU.a< of in the leadiag article* The hm Tad attentat exMbha the qoaattty aid valM of oertaia artlelee, other tiua foreiga dry good*, imported Into this port daring the week Bal ing Friday, March 9, 1865: ? CouaKKCk or rim I'obt or Nrw York? Wmki.t Ixr.ina. Barley 1,747 Bottle* ? ItriitlM 5 Brootea 3 Bruxbe* 7 Book* .1ft but ion* 16 Curu 3 ( balk 4 HO Cbeeae 102 China 148 Clay 93 (loci ? 3 Cigars ? Coal, ton* .1,186 Collee, bag*. 6, 193 Cork 1 I>ruga? Aloe* IT, Alumn 36 llarytea 202 Blea powder. <'140 Mora* 124 liriniNtoon . . 1,224 I aotharMeg. . H <*?tr>r oil ... . Cbemiral* . C re Mil tartar. ( ubfbn Iljd potanh. Quinine Hliubarb. Ni la aiilj Oyewood*, k-. ? Annatto 122 t untie ? rk/u. 1'aine. 16 Indigo. 1 o^wood. Madiier.. 13 24 ..1,033 Color* 137 1'alnts ?0 V biting RiO Fruit* ? Currant*.... ? (linger 1,404 IjMiiooh ? Nuti ? Orange* ? Plum- 1 mo Pre?er?e*.... 10 Prune* ,{?& 1-ji^rhv.ugn .. 0 Karthen ware 702 I>ry . . . Felting Kiahing t'kle. Fur* Fancy good*. Clang 926 <>iaa* ware... 200 (iiaa* plate.. Hair cluth . . . Honey India rubber. Muaical ini-tr. 2 3 2 ao 01 32 8 280 RO 18 8?,401 3,267 1,375 604 2,051 7,50# 3,111 3fi8 477 1,143 0..13# 836 387 15,500 6,550 6U.600 89 280 331 77# 4 0?B 1,406 1,70(1 4,767 443 373 I.847 256 296 030 165 3,424 927 1,108 3,044 18, MT 2,1.14 :i,3uo 1,172 2,860 201 1,174 2,333 1,034 8,984 6,753 fi 400 217 6,160 3,463 23 168 413 1,282 1,472 7.712 II,378 li,M03 3,750 3,622 1,C00 4.6(13 1 270 3,518 Pkgt. Nautical mat 1 Optical do.. 4 Jewelr y 0 Oil painting*. 17 Muatara 117 Liquori ? Ala 2,035 UraoUy 16 Porter 3f>0 leather 26 Kooti k nhoei 3 Itmiim akina. l'o<lreH*ad ,1a. Metaluooda , . iJ? 80 1 221 Bra Copper ? l'er'n cap*. . Shea tb nig . . Cutlery 48 Hardware..., 185 Gun* liio Irou, ton*.., 760 Clia na 66 Hoop 2,086 Pig, tin*. . . . 1,000 Kailioad tie* ">57 Hbeiit 403 Slat? 987 Iy?ad, pig*. . 1,020 Nail* 117 Needlea 4 Plati*l ware.. 2 Saddlery 14 Silver ware . . 2 Tin 14 00 J Marble 62 MolaaMI. . ..2,176 Paper 78 Taper bang'* 320 Perfumery . .. 62 Pipes ? Ruga 1,204 Ititlan 37 Halt ? Spice* 977 Stationery. . . 25 Sugar, hhda.4,723 I >ii. bza As bh'H 323 Tea, ch...,l&,073 Olive oil 115 I'otatoe*. , . .4.505 Tobiocu 231 Toy* 4 Watche* .'16 Wins* 1,667 Champagne.. 100 Woo da ? Brazil, tona.. 150 Cam ? I.ijrnumvlliv. ? Maliogany . . . ? Willow ? Kloek* 10 Watte 138 Other articled ? Value of mercbasdue put on the market during the week it, SOB, 488 Co. dry good* do. do. do. 1,503,268 Totatal import* for the week Total exporta do. , do 82,708,722 . 2.061,247 Excel* of import* ovar Alport* ia the week $667,476 The most important items of import during the week were so follows:- Segars, $15,690; coffae, $59, COO; Hhcathicg, 1(1,317; hardware, <34,023 ; iron , $:i4 ,00/1 ; tin, $90,735; molasses, $43,335; sugar, $193,290; tea, $l.r?2,HG4; watches, $68,901. We no tice ao importation of Laney last week, valued at $0,491. The leturns do not show where it comes from. Ti e aggregate value of imports for the week, including dry goods, was very limited for the monoo. Ttmsnnexed statement exhibits tbo quantity and value of certain articles exported from this port dur ing the week ending and in' luding F.iday, Marcb 9th, 1856, distinguishing the destination and extent of shipments to each pla e: ? O'Mmkki-e or tiik 1'okt ok Nut Vuat? Wikly Kxi-ort*. UVKRFOOl.. Quant I 'alv*. Quant Cottou, ba.. 1,608 $86,639 . . I Hour, bbla.. 662 4.K84 S?*iijg Macb Corn, bu*h.92,44'.i trc* . . .. R77 I nrk. bbU. . ? 411 linrt>n,!l>? ::5.'l,.r>4fi Hair, Ualaa... 10 .-[> oil. gat. . 4,608 Uh oil khI 12 262 I'oain. bill* . . 1 (rtl cloth ca.. 4 Lea cloth, cs. 10 V aram do, r.a. 1 Cold, box>'? . . 15 V> h'boar lb- 1,800 lurK& ?'< KlUcts. ea., . 1 Ilaaf. lea... .1,384 I 'ork, bbla . ?>3.', Faeoa, lla lil,!(7 l.ard 34,767 I lour, bbl* . . 382 Ti'R, rlitcti . . Tobacco, t?.. leather. r* . . II 'no hair, ba Clock*, pkg* Tobac. lb* 24,684 l'o?ln, bbla.ll 636 Hum, bbla.. . 600 VMi'foota, ea. 2 9:1.1 4.'t ?6,870 It til 9 16 182 1,420 6.912 li ?;oi ;(,4.i4 620 l,'-'72 r..o 602,887 1,170 1S1 ltl 2 6 1 9! VI 4;i 459 Hardware, c* Hook* I>ome*tic*,c*. llin** ba . Seal, time* lea ehaat* Hp Turp bbl* 000 Tar, bbl* .... 631 Oa'l, buah . .7,786 logwood, ton* 44:t Tobacco, lba 6,861 lloous, bdla.. -4o SUv?H 9 'K)0 I'alu*. ? >'x>0 H.iO 111 601 244 4,068 371 7,.1T0 3,204 1.770 7.8.-.H 4,344 1,380 800 650 Total $897,907 e.'ii fi.i 16 ao 71 LONDON. $17 811 lUlr ?!??, pn? 1 $,J.> 9. 19!) K. wnr?. c? 18 T.600 13.618 Hp'm Yatti. -a 400 6 007 3,467 Oil ek* 34 7,770 2.088 T'p'tloa lib!* 470 1,606 10,141 itaga, ba .... 16 680 4,(>oo Banks, c*. . 2 no 979 Oil r.'iku, bbl* 600 2,0*0 | fi97 Ooitoo, tona.2,160 10.'i,l20 1,260 f p. tuxp bbl* 3'.8 6,897 3,730 Oar* 2 179 1,800 . .38,000 3, .'126 $241,344 Hour, bbU . . 46 llama, lb* 18.600 Htavaa 6,000 Hraad, bbl* .. 60 llocka, bx*.. 7 ToUl Cotton, b*. . 1,7*6 I.' nu.xnl bbla 600 lirol, t.-rsaa. 11 I'ork, ca-k*. . 6 Baron, lb*. 72, 749 Krathrra, ba. 7 Statue 1 Potaab, bbla. 61 <; ut? k^ita. . . 10 Cadar, logs.. 147 J#w'lr?'B*he* 41 0 llopa. bala*. . 89 Copper, lba. 2, 158 Itu|/?, ca??* 13 I'railaab, bbl* 26 Cotton. 1 ala* . 8M Tar, bbm 20 ('< (Tf?, bar*. 6. 414 I a H, It.* II 618 Roain bbl* ,1 742 Total 20 411 fltava* 8,260 155 Total,,. OLABO'iW $387 Ho <ln bbla .1,704 1,480 Hp turp 160 370 T*r 1,409 2A0 Hon * 12,000 4NTwcar. $11,708 l.o?woo<! 'on* rto 60 Pntaabaa I. hi* 136 61.804 Muhogaoy 347 1 147 Havaa ..... .2,820 AMHrmtoaa. Cotton. M?.. 116 $.'1,639 W bOM, lb*. 1,060 I'ork, Ix 4 fp turp , bl* 1.'6 Prradatoffa . . 37 Hoain, tx .. .. 416 Pearl aah** M Turp t oa. bj? 300 VaiL:ab, bl*. . 12 170 I>rug* e*.... 1 2 147 Tobacco, btl. 12 242 I/>^wo->d,Uin* 1 1 *64 Htaraa /> 601 1,618 Mabuganj,lg* 67 826 80 ToUl ofoaro. Cora, buab 38, $38 $86,811 Htaraa I ogwoo<l tooa 72 1 6!<2 Haacmga. Fo*in. bla. . .. 726 1.280 Hiacult, tin*. loO ltl Total... .81/20 , 2,400 $8i,384 $10,948 $6'J6 i 144 Cotton, ba. . T86 Oora, bua. . 1,970 Tobacco, ea.. 62 U?'b*r I KoaiO, bbl*. .1,761 .-p. turp !'26 Kx logwood o60 w. bow, lb . altp., bag* . 821 Cotton, ba... 262 Corn boa... 1,700 itaef. bbla. . :>f* .-p. turp 4<o Tocaaco. ca.. 267 l/f ?oo<l, to* .''27 Toba'co.ib 21,921 I'rarl a ah, bl* 218 Haato 2,200 W aj.f 'l,Ci.. 3 2 Ki log* bx. 300 aamai Hour, bbl* .1,3$$' Cora, bna. . . 2U0 IKMROKi; $44,686 I. clr>tb. ca 12 1,070 I^kwi^mI, tna 289 7S6 1iib?. '-o lb* 10. 867 1,1 ho Oil. -I it u*. ca.. 'JO 6, ,29 J i??.l 664 I'. aab?a, bbl 'JA r>ruga 64 8,866 1 968 l$,40t J 9 260 .$42,160 $1 381 4,702 8.4 2,910 8,600 779 4,610 ToUl ?... .$M,330 ?KinntN. $11,078 vi boax lb 17.262 Tarp , bbla . luo lap mu lia* . 6 Kc> cka $0 Haraap , ha . 21 S. p- r? bbl* 100 Urd.lH* .10,888 Miaaral*. bt 1 ilirtnai ca 1 Pot tab , bbla. 100 1,700 ?J.I'fV 6,748 7.7V4 6,682 2,lt6 t ,967 3, .'.*<> 2:6 M> 1,678 Tout robtii * ?traj' * * > <11/ <im $11,047 <V>rn in -M.bla 1 I 217 Toba< j I ba . 4,072 $6,914 807 718 860 76i 5U 1,1 w 3,000 %'?<> 3.4(8 .$68,462 $1 .700 671 Total $13,637 Wl,aat bna 3, ( OTD. bU? . . . I>o. a>*al bbla li??f, t<-? Haia*, lba . 4 lard, lb* 12, Huttcr. lba. 4, llopa, pk. . . . lod go, bxa.. Hat*, ca .... ftraad, bbla. . >1ald. bbl* . Paper, no* . aarrriM * i ,642 $8,214 712 740 t? 161 808 6*6 672 2 3 7 240 2 39$ 293 1,676 1 ,4'"0 8Ai 86 31$ 282 1,?^8 63 3(6 KT 1*1 II W ToWn, lba 2,106 ? *ot a, bia 1 K'tU M?tcb?* c* -VI U r ! oil k?I 1 288 Wh. do , gal 8.'l Vl??((ar c?*a 70 I 'iota, ca 2 l-aa* baa .. 80 Ch?aaa, lba.. 3, 000 *M ra .... 3$ <>?! Iir oil, ea 6 II ?r? 160 OtW artlclaa $180 6,7"? 1 8-) 1 031 ?2 338 102 69 $81 618 116 !*'?? 144 Tatai $<16,111 Fleur, bt U .. WW iwf ISO I'ork 240 Cora, ba* .. .. 60 Hr?al, bbla.. 640 l?rd. lba ..20 600 n>??aa 7,700 llama 10,000 Tabatee. lba 26 'V, Viaagar. 66.. 3$ fl turyaatina. 88 foralara ,. 12 Totai,,,,, ,?,,,, 8i maa m $?.^60 l'apar. roaa... r>00 181 Tar, bbla ... 78 181 I?a4 M bxa. 230 704 I'aaa auab.. "if* .2 80 62 1 tttavaa 4, WO 6i 8,180 3 OoO <? 2 09$ 2,400 847 600 Total $19 469 irrrUUi $? 4.' 1 Wagaaa 4 4M IM I<araaa' 'a ba 128 * ?04 676 Limber ? 12 6* 430 ? _ $81,237 Park, bU*. Floar, bbla. . . 100 Cornmral, cVa 70 I'ork, bbln. . . 26 Hana, Iba... 1,200 I rug*. bx?... 1 Hotter, lb* . . 360 lard 3,3X8 Cbeea* 1 3W) I'otatoea, bbla *o Onion* 26 ICIca. tea 10 1'appcr, bagf. 12 llama, Iba. . .1,300 Cut goodn, bla 162 lAcea, box ... 1 I'l.meetic*. ]ik 38 llrt-ad fc cr. bx 2 Ala, cka 60 lion, ton*..., lf>8 Paint*. pkg*. lfiO lean, keg* . . . in t'innanx n, ba '.2 I rujra, bbla,. f>i Croct ery, ca. . 15 I einijobu* . . 267 Oil, baa 62 Paper, r* 202 ltoKin bbU . . 110 Ike. ft l?-a lit 2 Cheeaa. Iba.. 6, 970 ( ruidlea, bx* .10 ilatcbe* ft Tin plate* . . . . at Cocoa. bay*.. Mi (iolil laal box 1 Totai TOVtAW. 6,000 I'OBTO ?K? $'.?hO Kiafc-, bbla.... 120 ft..' I Cod ft*)*, Iba 12,300 ?<37 Krautj, ca. . . 4 124 Tobacco, Me 1,000 ft Candlea, baa. 60 ki stui i 338 lloarda, ft. . 10,961 UK .Shookafcbbdit 31 2 M Hoopa 1,000 >16 Other article* ? 11?*? ToUl $7,783 *_'H4 lift MXXIOO. $130 Marble, al.tb?. t I'?pper, baif*. "6 Kiali, boxe*.. 15 1 9,!'X6 231 734 Steel 24 6 6 Wire, caa*it. . 100 1 31 2S 3 2 242 Co(>per, box. 7K7 Hardware, ch 61 J Wood do., pii. 1-6 Corks, ban*. . 1,200 Soap.boxr* . 674 Muaicul in?t. 610 Tobacco, bla., 1J0 .S-gara, CrtiB. IN Yuru, colla. .. 122 Furniture, bx 48 66 1t*a, eano*... ft 9:, Whale oil.... 2 697 l.ioa,-ed do. . . 2 111 Indigo IV l'O I. uin ">er. ft 760,000 2UI M.isU \ eparn 18 29X Otber article* ? 73 02 1 KM Ileef, bbla.... 145 Pork 3H0 llama, lb* . . f>,nX9 Haron 3,616 l*rd 64,848 Putter 6,327 Furnit'a, bxa 58 Tallow. Iba. .7,300 (ill, gall*.... 205 <be?'?e, lb* r2,344 Cji mile*, bx*. 477 Kano.j good* . 1 Klce, tea..,. Ho llaidw'a, bxa !i9 leather 1 Iron, ton*,. .. 22 I'irturea, ca. 1 Soap, bxa.,.. 4?ft Drug*, ca.... 33 Oakum, balaa 30 llri'Kd k Cr, bx 60 Cement, bbla. 25 Floor, bbla.. 206 lksef, tierraa. 47 l'ork, bbla... 128 llama, Iba... 1,700 Uutter, Iba. .4,776 lard, lb*. ...2,422 Cheeae, lb*. .1,262 I omee'ica.b*. 31 Hum, bbla... H Tea, ckeata... 20 Mine, caaoa.. H l>ruga, caaaa. 301 Oakum, balaa. SB Hardware, pa. 24 Shoea, eaaea. . 16 Inbaoeo caxea 11 K. (nod*, ca.. 7 Saabea k blda. 71 Truck* H7 Total CORA. t'.*41 Hry gooda. bx 4,420 potato**, bbla 6t*4 Onion* Ki*h, bxa.... Taper, rtn*,. Mnch'jr, caaea Salt, aacka .. Tobacco, Iba 4 Ice, tou* Co** Tar, bhla Tobacco, lila Ten, ra Wb oil, k1h..1 Shk*, blida. 10, llnda, &0...2 Stave* I Hoard*, ft. 192, lloopa Other articlea 362 6,512 1,419 610 870 152 1,308 2,126 72 3,043 VHt 70 73ft 70 691 876 112 1 120 28 100 780 14 4'K) 1117 20 30 6 3 ,002 673 ,390 ,(X'0 423 60 .$27,007 $65 891 01 60 263 648 (100 6X6 66 163 00 6i>.i 111 682 20,974 4,8X1 80 4,768 5,01 1 1,818 125 ToUl $'>0,761 IIONM' $1,017 603 1,822 170 1,162 247 1X2 1,719 340 b!<! 376 1,671 104 8H4 1,160 706 760 660 688 RAX. Caboaea Soap, boxen., Fl*h, caaaa... Hrea.l, bbla.. JUca, tierce*. . Candle*, bxa. Sugar, boxea. Chocolate, ca. Onion*, ca*e*. I.iquor*, bxa. Urn tea, bxa. Cocoa, bag*,. Canliea, ca??* Mach'ry, c*.. I Uv. balea. . . Hoard*, lit* t.16, 000 Ma*t* At *para. ? Other ajlichta ? 32 17 109 12 100 10 4 10 12 36 2 6 40 60 2'JU 202 705 293 354 207 101 57 166 115 382 62 360 100 300 5,000 1 ,322 Flour, bbla... Mil TaJU.w, lb* .. I.' 10 II ware, bxa. 17# Caudle* 701 l'rjr gooda. ca 26 Suk-ar, boxea. Crocerie*, pk. Sbeath cop., I 'rug*, c*.... 1'ow k *bot.. Taa, rhahta.. Furniture ci. Stationer; ... 4 Wine 62 I aper 2 Tin boje?... 4'i Pepper, bag*. 60 Wax. Iba... I traia It, ea.. . Snap boiea.. lead, roll*... :i3 261 4 307 401 7 32 137 16 66 .'(4 Oakum, balei 94 NKW II $'?,HT4 67 2,148 3.00X 8,783 600 1,470 410 7,259 2,450 201 268 189 1,279 94 474 624 62 1,171 166 402 378 RANAI1A. Hope, coil*... Iximea., bilea Tjrpo*, pka. . . Curia, ca l'unento Eaada Ca^ia, matl. Matcbea. ca. . I. It. gooda... Hag*, hale* . . Twine pka... Dair. goodn, c* StllU Torped'*, bx*. Tar, bbla Al. Kaney if'Kxl*. IXiai d*, ft . . . . ?taraa 1, (itber article* 6 16 6 1 56 46 160 21 20 2 1 1 40 200 .$26,634 $157 731 139 115 149 126 105 331 88 450 61 1,0 13 950 ft'J 12' I 108 200 01 77 2,144 ToU; $:iU,68'J J, as4 Hamburg 96,330 Itrcm*!! OK , Hiit AiinUrUui ln,94H Toulon 110, 6M KriUih W. Indian., . 20,161 Australia 31,237 I'nrto Rn-o 7, "SI llonduraa 2.\&i4 Hir*riiluno>?. Ijv*r|.?Kil $S97,907 Antwarp. I xiod'jo - 1 1 I < ? Irnnf nw 12,201 Havtp 8*8,700 Oporto 42 1 < ?.'i Mr N A . OuloniM. 13,0*1 Miitmh (luinana.. 19 4'. ' Mrxlfo ... 27 007 Cub* 06,701 N>w Oltuili..,, 3(i, .ISO Total t ulna of manhandlae and kpeeie aipori e<l during the k 6-, 061, 347 Tt?r? rHurnn contain an i-xpnrtaUoii o.' gold to Lifeipool of $?02,889. The returns for the week endlrg ?ri*li Hntarflay, the HMh iiurtant, allow an ? xportatlon of Hpocl* iirpfi,nttri(f to $ 1 ,4-??,4'?0 50. We do not KP p*Hrtly where tin it^ra of $002,889 came from. The H ilMo lMt WiduMdi} look oat uj ward* of a million In different shape*. The m<xit impoiUnt ft-al'ire in the above return* ia tho large exportation of proviaionM and breadstuff*. To Toulon, mi thousand h&rrcM of pjrk were shipped lt"t wetk, valued at one hundred aud ten thousand dollara. Thin ia on account of the war, and at thia rate tha war in tbo Crimea in likelj to do ua nnro good than harm. Rtork Kirhanur, S*ti ai'?r. M> rrh 10, INfti fr.COfl Ind State flv?a. 80 12000 do aS S 1 in OO do,.,, *3 87 % 6000 do ... . a.'l ^ 7 \ 1000 Louisiana 6*a. 90 S SO?i do #1 K09 do . blO 01 f.o'0 do. b30 91 4li00 MI*?ourl 6'a . . 94 ?; 1(00 Nortli Giro 6'a 9# ]',W Virginia A n .. 96J; 1000 Krnturk jr 6'a. 10'i MOO Mlebigaa 6'*.. !<h 100O f'anfar V? '10. 89?< !.i* 0 lul 2H l^r r. . f<l 100U Albaaf f i <tf? 36 1< MM Krta bda 'H3. . . f?l S'SX LriotxU '76. bJ 86 3M0O d'/ MV t'l/oo 00 mjJ COO Ilud K 1 mt btl? 102 11000 Pan fell 2d ia 107 I li 0" (.*0 KK Bonds 75 1(000 do bM 75 4"00 do 7 bKt 8000 do . . b.'iO 76i, 3000 do 7*1* 4M.0 N York < an 7 'a 99 ^ 200 do........ W, ?IIH> Kt At ( V mi Hda to iMi ah* Mach ltan< . . 116 20 Marrb a Kicb ilk INK 1 Bkof 1M ^ 6 Bank M< ith Am 10O 1 18 Am Kirh liank. . 107 If T*araan Hart 101 I M Nicholas l!k. . h'l 102 M'-r. bast-, tin I 'M) 6 1'HTruatOe.... 102 .'-6 M?nb tan l.aaGo 126 26 CanUiu C> . . a'l i!4\ ?MA> do b?4) 24 7tn Me'ifi* 1r l>, ?.l 10 MO do b.10 in OKCOND 17000 Ind Mata 5'?. . *: ^ 100*0 do " &000 'lo b.1 'j *1 Virtriala o'a. . . to <X) Mif.ourt C'a . . ]0(inri l?u!- aaa 6'a.. 5<i00 do 20")0 do b(ft> Kri? IVU uf '75 M OO In! Hk b4a. . . 111 (>o RK bda 6000 do ...a.? &:00N Y l'?n 7 a 1 '>'? alia Nl> Tr O) 100 do b60 2<>o Cum < <'*l Co. . .c 2?0 ?'??,. c loo do 100 200 900 100 do. <lo. ?Lo. do. 14 N V On I'.R 100 <lo bO do 60 Klia KK ... 11 *1 . an blO bl 400 vs 100 (M) .'>00 1IK) M do., do.. . llo do.,, do. . . do.,, do. a.VJ b ? *10 4<>'i llarlam RR....C 100 do ...b-KI loO do b'W) lto lU, b7 40 flaad:iiir KK r,H0 110 _00 1"0 100 ir.o 10<J 1'0 ''41 do do do. . do . '!?> . do ,aK) .a'/> 16 84 33X 8>K 3.1 % 04 \ 94 94*; 4-5 X 4^', 4H, ld'4 4n?t 4>i>< 46',' 46 X ?2? 32'i 32 ? , 8 ?S' S.i?, *11 Hl'< HP, SI \ Hi 20 ahaa IVnn (9 . 1M UB Coal. . . . 87.' ?7'.: 96>; 94 a 92 HK *7 7?X 76 % Wl'i b.-i M i?j at 360 HdJa'in lUt M 4i ...alU Wi 4a.i?,bM ?? do 1/60 75 Panama P.^, .... 70 111 Ootral KK... & do 4i '>T? h 1'ltU KK <? Th:rd a? Kit... If*' i>? ATol RKb W 160 do .a) BOARD. 26 abaa NV <>n R r 2'") (>alana \ <J>i K . 1H CbifcK/Kk UK lfto KK blO 100 do aft too do. . a 60 100 Kaa<I'n/ RK .,*3 . . b.V) HJ?; at 39 ;t8', 1*8 107 <K'i 97 40 ao 73 7a 94 x jno :.?? 2'K) J-0 300 do. rlo do . bj . . b</? aa*a ?60 blu 3>JO Har UK 10 Pan KK 46^ 46 \ 16'* 81 ?IV 81 81 S I ITV TH4DK KKIM)??r. llftUiiT Ma/cb 10?4 V M A irm ? Iba aalaa vara ?oi?U, irllhuat rhtag* >a 1 ? ?? fouirxmrra. ? Hoar. ? Tha markat Bfoi, with fO?1 'laraaod for <-onifno? da?-r [it <>n? l*a??l?a iMilid up about 6 Ww l.kla rooirrv n to r.l a at 6 ? a |>fft ronnca to >oo>l Ohio. M ch ran, livliaaa ant ? ifnin raafMl from 19 2T, a I < HI aa<1 fatn'a v> nlra brand* no , at 6 > 76 a 111 ft" at'ra (?aa??? an:d at 111 1II2 Mi 7aa ?ai?a -if a?>'i' Wn trin 1? raa .'1 atrfiut l,7t*i hhla, at ?? a |9 76 for iafaf,?r to f<? ft i?n4< aad99 8| a 110 76 for fan'* aal ?itr? aod ,'v 0 tbl* Haiall ?*r> fapartod at llf 'aafllao * ? ? th >ala* of aboat 8f<> a 1,000 bbitf . dot. at IV J7 a 1 10 M?. larlndla* '?omrr.oa U< ?itra * ??' m;?a o' k ?Oo hu*h*l* whila P?nn*f!?ari a at |i '?6 I. 1 aa-l |KO 'lo (?l ta li i<na^ 0 I . ? ? ..( i da. woaU>om wbi*.*, a'. I: k 1 b* *a X of r??rn wara eonBaa'l to ft <a*> a 6 >*J b i?h ?!? inrl'i>' n( nltad aouthrra at liv , a*d *7' f >r vattarn miiad, la *tora on I a tot of ?<a?1 a?itharn y * Ur? ?M ao!4 at 94c. H/a ? <tala* if 3 (Ml v??hal? vat a mada at 61 81 a II 44 Maal and ry fi /mr aara ua'fca i|'4 Ilartaa ?u wltbnat aJtaraU</a 0 rria- T^a a*arv?t -anUo .~l to ba aieitad a?l tha t>mh f.r*v* salon* of huVtora eb*rka>1 l'aoa"i o??. ao-t (Mrrrad-* ?a*a Wt hiffca*. Malaa of nb-iat ka?i K.o a?r* mada at 10 a 11' (<?r a ?TV a?W iavk*4 abas*. 1 ,000 ka -~* at *t?al/ pt ca? 1 ?.lotfT" ? Ta liaarpool. a bo -it 860 k?i*a bav?? ??'? *?(?(ad it I*? a 16a B4. MO a 491 bai* aat t ar^aa ,ar 1. *a 4 la ba at aboat 14a 64 a 17* ?ai?il lota a' a^vara r aiyr?aa*d rattn ??ra n?t( ad at ial fuufl tai?4 at W4 , with a * ma I lot a^aar* Y, at k <i4 t n l al??t 9> ?"0 batbal* af oara at 44 la ba * T? 1 ?rd?a, about 44 a 60 kalaa boy* vara ?a/afa4 at S lb Draaas, to bb4* littin *m *hh* ai ? ?* , a?i N?Mldt w? ?7*. M f and MO bbla. main at 2a To Harrtv rats* were ?oc.Van??d To California, r*U* varied froo* 34c a 40c. B.*iuPMD?t PltriT. -Tba? ?Im *mbraied about 750 bo an* dry rai ain*, at li* 40 a *14,'.. Ha*.? Tb* mark*t *ra* aota* firm?r, wltb aalaa of (00 a boo bale*. ??Mc a 87e. (Hon. ? rale* ?f about 75 torn* ;4cw4?h |M< wer* ma lt at rw a KJO M Ijuu waa linn, and aalaa uniinportaat. WftAdKah. ? Ahoul .'jOO a t>UO Barrel* New Orb-ana warn aoM at 20c. a 27c. Naval J*n?R?c-? ? ."alea of 240 bbla. ?p*rita turp*ntla* wer* made <>o private teraa and about '*M bbla euwa nn> riMin weri- reported ?t 41 rt'.', par J10 )l>e On continue! llrin for Kntriiah liowwd, at rtOa a without much doiug Wperm and whale were uu eli alidad. I'liovL-ioifH. ? The market waa Mioyant but 1mm artive Tb" ?nl.-a t-mbran-d abottt l,i>0 u 1,900 bbla., inolU'lud In which wera hOO a ii0<> bbla. al l me?a, at #11 25, 200 a ?'IIMI uew do., at $1 1 76 . 100 do new prime, at ft.'! >17 . and Tildo pr ni* mive, Weatein. ||)U Baal? ->ala?o! MO bbla. beef hania wer* made it 511. Country nieae aud prime wera uncba<iK*d Cut iMata were nti-ady without change in price*. I.ard ? Kale* of 150 a 200 bid*, ware Made, iu lila, at U>,c iV'.r lU r. ? The market continued firm with aalea of 200 cu*kK, at fic . a 5 '4 c. for gun I to prltie ?{ imlit y . Hricm? About 2ii bab-a clovea war* mild at I >'{<!. Kcikw? Tlutlabl embraced about MM a hoo lib la. New Orb-ana at ?%c. a 6c. TALI.OW,? Salea of about 16,000 lb" were made at 12c. Touacco. ? ihe market coutinui-d firm, Willi moderate Hie*. Wni.'Ki v waa dull at 32c a .k e I for prlaon bbla., and (?mia.ll were reported at cent oil ADfEliTlShlKNTS KE.1LWKU KV lilt Y DAT. TKNANTH' HlUJIHTKR. A RARE ClUNCK POR PROFIT Til K OCKAN VI KW Companr Invite propo-ali for I'mi leaae of tint Koition of their xruumla (about tin aci *i) win oh baa ?en not apart for hotel purpo*** Ocaan View ia cale brate I far and wide fur the beaut/ of ita poaitlon on l.ynnbitven 1 teach, at the outlet of (Jh-aapeaka llajr, ita noble reach of > bore, It* delightful aurf bathing, lt? ra Ire-long -?? breerea. and it i grand and imprexaiva VI*W of bay mil ocud lbia beautiful watering aite ha* re cently been purcnaned by a cutiptoy ol wetltby gaulle ni. ii of ViijtJnia, Carolina Mi l Maryland, who li??o lia-l tb* aa me laid nlf In beautiful lawua atraota, ptrka, .^c., have aeleated lute fur private cotta(<>a, and raaarval the cboiceet p<irtion for liotal |iurji'i-e^ Th?-y deairii to laaee the liotel trart to koiiii* reliable permn or ftonput t* erect a amtable huuaa fur tbe accoinmo latum of viai tera aad thoae ow oii'K <-i>ttai(ea who may profi<r to boar 1 at tiie hotel, Tbe varum* railroad an t at.-amlMiat llnea wbit-h centre at Norfolk from near an l dl <taiil Htatat. will furniah acceia for the whale aalt air *eektn< publlo. Tbe company will eitend liberal terua to it man of eatur priae, or au i-ner/i ti'- taaociatum, aa they ronaiiler tb* publi) claim for an I'atabliahmeut of the aurt to b? tinjia ratlve. Addreaa The Ocaan Viaw ( ooiiuiny, Norfolk, Va BAKKRY TO I.KT? AN OLD STAND. IK A OOTID neighliorhiiori, with a fine uvea Alan, at No. 7 Clark atreet, han-laomi* apartment*, roualat!n|( ul four rooma, for aiiiall neat fauitl aa Apply loJAS. TUH.V IDUi, 54 H Broom* atract. COI'NlltV HKAT TO LET. ?TO K ?X)l'NrRV SKAT AT 1'elham, W**t< baaUir co inty. forniHrly ownal and oocnpied by O*ori(e Kapelye, Ka< |. , contalmnd fifty four aoroa of laud, will lie leaaed fur a t?rni of )eaM to a r<Kul tenant Kor Urin* apply to AlfAM- & I.UCKKV, 75 Naaaau ntreet. 8TK.AM POWER TO LET.? APPLT AT NO. 5 PLATT atreet. riui LET-THE TWO BTOK Y MODERN 111, 1 1 .T HOI'S K, 1 on T M r ? aren'ie nod ltMtli ntrnet, furniehed with r?n(f?, b*th, lioi and cold water, Ate. Aluo, the houae nltiiftU?1 on 10*. th latrtet, near 1 laird 14 venue, with garden an>1 Ktahlo if required AImi, the dwelling part of the brick houae, on Thirl avuouii an 1 lt>4tb i'rwl, with range ami < roton water. Inquire of H. II MiUown, Thlril avenue and 106th Htreet rtw LET? THE PRMfCII'AL PART OK A HOUSE IN 1 Eighty third Street, between Iliird and Fourth all nuee, Yorkrille, cona'etiiig of front and hnrk beteinanla, U.i- parlor floor, ami a room anil belroom on third floor. AUo, ai(oo<l two atory taurkahop in the reur, for a light, clean boat ueaa only Kor f u rt li?r particular*, apply to 8. SAU.IUI.i., lfli Centre ?lr-?t T) LKT-A ROPEWAUt, WITH HATCHEL 1HHSE, atalile, one large houae, an 1 rooint for eight fami rtcx. loijulre of THOS. E. ALUM Ai HON, 1?1 Waah Ingto d atieet, up atair*. TO LET- FACTORY, HO IIV f. 0 WATER POWER, (AL rotate 1 for luoahliiig priutmg engineering An- , actuated in < irnoge county . I', houra froui Una city, ami a few yar'a from Ella Railroad depot AUo, houaea barn and -!i anraa of laml. I>r. M. THICK M'HtRK, 77 Warren atreet. mO LET? 7 HE, WITH OAKl)IiS, COR _1 tier of Hf\y-ae*e?th (treat an<| Pint avenaia beinf pieaeaiitl) rituaWd, an<l ii'-ar the n?fr and railroad, A.. Apply at Htt Itrmdway, from II to 12 o'clock, Of at IM K/i?t Twenty mmsdiIi atrwit, of PKTIR A II JA< K -IN. rp? LET? THE LA ROE HOUSE AND KTOHE NO. 4#7 J Kighth avenue, thn houae containing fifteen room*, t<enid?a the baaeuienta, r tillable for a II rat claaa hoar ling houae In let reanon ibly, Whole or iu p irt A j i ? I ? to UM NEWMAN, 4I#7X Eighth atenue, or to M COOIER, ot,S IHvlelon atreet rivi ikt-at HVUID, nOMlTN, a hoisk, I C"Ma>MW eight roonit, end ahuut Mr acre of the bent land on ls>Mf laland, abundance of rbo aa fruit, good board for tin1 proprietor an.i hla " age ?i? and a Fall yearn, in eicbauge. U'julre of Wl 1 IlKitMl Soor 0.1- loth manufacturer, ? above Itfi I.KT ?THE PIRST KU?olt OK THE HOUME N<? fkndafreel, will b? let t > tr-niiem o in alalia ro><ma or f'v ther. or to a dent it The houta i< tak*o and will bt OWtupM U a faariioriable dreaariiaklnf e? taliliiboiant. Tli? Boor will !? let for a MlUioary < r fanry buaine<i?. In ; ure on tb? prein aeg mo I.ET OH LEASE? Folk fis . oit MURK V Alta J fnrninhed or n'M,a? may i?<i il airad, a ??ry n "luntiy houae, built in m wWn atyle, with trriara houae all eonipl> '? with abiut I ra acre* of Ian I, ail in (toed order, aituhto'l at HiglibrM()'Ti!ka, :ire-lly optct aite McCoinb'a darn, and ba'. in^r a apien lid Tiaw llai lain rlrer an4 tha mi ro'in tind i?ntr?, the h ? i?e IxSng on an e|e??t*d aituatimi. the Ian I bin la on the Harlem rlrar, where tbi re ;? ijoo I bathing, flal. in.-, . Apply at ft.*> llroal ?tre?t rPO LKT, BROAHR AY A KINK STORK, RA -t.MEVT 1 and auhieliar, M by 1'i.feet, Willi a* y I if ht ' ro. t?Q water, tie , aituatel on the w"at aida of i^iuadway, near Cortl ndt atreot. In ertllen' ?l<ir'' ail location for any estenaive bualneai Apply to W VI WAHb, lii iiroadway . riM) ijrr ok euk maix? hie kj ahi jt property on 1 north elda Twenty fourth etreat, Ijatwean Third nnnae and l^tin|ft"ii aren ie ,'<Oil<ai, e>nittlniri( au'. atantlal baUd.oya Alao lb* bii<-? ata'ile on Tweaty f.ftb etreet, 'a rear of tha at?>?e llim'l.a'i p. UN) oo given Apply Vo E II KI.N -UIMIlR, .11 '* i o .rM, ana<ie, 3 to 7 P . M r|H? I.KT OK >0K RALE ? 1HKEK MM A LI. THREE J atory brick houeea on M r'er atreet I /el ?.-erj HprinK and I rinee ttraete Rant $'? ?') or pr'?wied?r at* oo e?ay terma. Apply to E 1) K -II1MEH, Jltt Fourth annua, ?: t?i 7 I" M TO RENT VERY I/)W? ^ERAI. H/aiM-t ON Ttfl fifth floor of Trinity bu ! i.^ l?ro^!w?? Ap^ly ?t 'Ai Trinity buiMlaf Oft NASSAU !?TMKKT r>! I.KT THE BPA? U?U* brewa atone fleat aiore. baeeaaat ael aallar, i"? ? i a < will be let lu a l*naai -.a r a*' a ia terma A , , y ta M I.'iN, V, *?aiea atraat BROAIiWAY H70RE TO I.E1 -THE s ri)RE?? HK >AI> way, t ?tnjr 25 faat wi U an4 -'V feat I* [> I a rear alreet. tbe beat li>< \ti .i la tti eit| t <, r ti? I mrin ? r , i t lag a large r<>' m . ela n.< ?n?r i ?l >f ??. i kailliaj te i??. laqaire el I. MA Hi i'. m ili< 'i ra ('i mm: uol-rm t<? in s I'Hirt riiim J atreet,'"i t\ f*N a-. I -ii'fi **??, H*a* $l * twe buaaea, wttli all ??n -an r, 1 1. i j #n? #if-a? >.aeia Tl. rt> ?? i.t.iraa< f '? IICIKYPfAWK 1.YN, "I Hal Kurty tit'U ?trr.t ;? Mi Hr t wa 1 1 CioTTAOB TO LET a viirRTtro ? r< / ?. r m-ttakk / r.r part ef it. witi. ?na an 4 a kalf a- ra <-?ln?a?a4 |ar den. iraiiiiag O ? ra,lr?al J ? at '?l a?ll ? W eat >a?ir t fiaatv. C?r? iaare lit/ llaii at rj Im .r f/r?a i i a Heat flpi I r , ,ira ? f IM ea-r ' ft \ K I ?. S l.i lf if. N i>KRO, ? C'baa> bare alreet. Saw t r? / <' KKNT1 IM BR ''?RI.YM ?TO LIT. THE V ibree etery k'/aea. eilk ai|tt i?ai lei ki'-i-aa la a? ra'.laal arlar, Na V1 Itar/er. ?* re?< keawaae < .an aa4 J-a/itki'reeii a faw aitketa ? walk ' "aatk f rry r? a year, wii.ii eait t aim amal! 'a r ? A ' ?? i a#f * at tai* kaeta with t?* r ?? r.t ? ,nn ?ar^?a ? ?rt t art Wall ?'?kt w II i, trail aaJ* tr ?? ? M > rr ipect. a-ar riatbaik ??? *, a' ai i<? ? <ta ? waik f f*fr ea fare ti, -ai i *. t? *-/?? r*al|l4 a yr I' aaeaaiai of lei* k uai t.a*- iy Ala ?t re* w aay taiad t aeiaaat in?r far'.a aa< f . r# ' f ??a a I - ? ? . ^ i ./ al .J A i.ati, lit I ??n i - i in ? a. rati I I i? -rljr ?' reel 'el "e *i/fa *oa V rk. h a it ii It e a -?k LSAfTtlRY TO ?rsT * I A M'lR r A' 7 ft r wiTfl i ear ? f M b' raa }*?>r at' a t> I t tall* ' r i?tl a ef aay . t i??r Inrre keai ? ? ' t not, i,' a -i fr a Jut V'-rk Afyly at IT? H?4e?e aireai L /R h RMT A ri?.r. ??i ra it T I -alTf r * * ratllLt r wutieg a a*af rtakla raai 4?a?t ?a i rartaa la ' I ? ily A tai. ti?r> > r,^ ?e> I'at ? Mfeaea aeraee ? f f r <t/>'tt*re*l J'ftey' ' r, t r-v r wit;, a , arte* t a te.Mnf f',ar*"a I- 'a ? ' tr -al ae<! e ?aetM j r f a a?' ?a frail Ireee alee, a amaa* i. , ? eat tie aa far ?f?ea wki'b aey ke real* ' we ran* 1'ra.t A|(ly ta In ? M. U. I OIT, ?a Wee M'a.ei _____ imikd H?u r. r inr.HT roR i'H r ?>? ii I* aiiatki fraat May lit. n I'.iaa t-, :>?e> a?I fir<,ten ' ftf talai *wt 4tef|Mii letati -4 ie Tweatett itrt,i latt I fib att H'itk attaeee laialtttf 4 b ?' < % IW>MER Y, >e II" Iiraw4ea; HOI ?* T?> I.RT Tilt 7HK?f. H7'<MT a7T|i a S Ii ka? T??at kaaea 1J W rtar ft ? ? ,'o! ? -ka fr m ? aaalttr-ei AfflytaJ >*AM M Dai n riaea HOC 1 1 Ti LIT <-R lift MIR TllUtmom' trtek t aaeaaal aa4 aitia a?aee M fault atee aa aail a*ea*r ef raertk Mr?at Ifw I fft?ft at1** bW ft* ? * Ha laaaai far tt ree jaera Apt y V, 1 M nil fi, tl llarray ttreei tr . aa 11 t* I a'eieak llfil'** T*' l it -A ?"l I *T ?IY RM I.I <tt l*?R I I e.aal k'.aaa , ,e t vr\f aiel k t' ea/ ? lata. ? a lit -?a t e ? f a*4 ll?ktk ate, at Tka kaaae la >?> e?4 aa. all ? ? "4era taarre*a?aeta rat a?4 aa ? rail ?a'-f 1 atai a? Kan ?f tfc. fare, tare let w Ik heaaa if mi ?.< Bael .??. r r par* talari apply al 1X7 I ?t( eietk etratl | ANOI R'X Mia tO LIT ? CITARI I f>R Al f 'l? I J ?ti er aatlaly aaatiata at eae:iu uai iw a iaa al reare aa raeatatalea tenaa la; wa at Ra WRaaw; aa tba elate liffir'lNtM BARRSRST aoCWR *'? ?S ???t t i' T>.^tt eat ? | etreat l? laa 7 1 -?rpaaa e at aa, I a f ?eetrtl Rtkl *** ??'; ? ika j???a tt? J jik R M^RJiAk iM h? ail**. TKKiimi RKil*TRR. P~7m t or A UOtTSI TO I.KT-TO A KAl l. HKM-tl'r " Udiiix, without ohll lr?n. 123 tt T?antj -- ,,r,J h. tch.?, ItttD'trr, front f.?r.of, IhrM r vu>. m thirt ' ?rt i* kaih room, .al?-o*li?r; >m i ? , >ti<>ul, r**miintl<'r orenriUJ br th* uauii, ??nK? u.mi Mil wiK* ' ,#rB ?'*? 10 A ? U~~lil>?l> O* ?"ICt!?. STUDIOS KOII AKTIITn ??i at Ulf ,r* """'7 f"r la tli? M Hal llailli ?**' Thi? ?Jittna ooiuna out lin?4r>* >Mn all fltlol up lor lUc ?uoobb?4*. tin i I.OUMIIMI 1,1,1 lbt profo??lo?j Apply U * x B MorriT, ?? Ul"Kl. r..un>n'* ^'N in I! IM.NCi ill K LAKUK <Uoblo?tora K?ll?? ?troot, now xjonpiwd a* a ulotbtftc rior . w?ul4 w< w <t iu tin*!' itvrn ArrAn**m?nW ? au b? ?a4o tgr imiuo4iAl* !?"?????? " ?* Apply Al tbo 3o? VJliol* T? I, It T? TW?? WBLU U<?IITKD LOfTfl, .U>*Jb with l .w r ?t ry if iro4. .u.lal.U fur iu) m?. ?hMiiit NiIiin * i ir rmiiml '*?"* nnl rll ? Hi Ari>? AUilratt bu?int?a *i.d a*ut?, bo* |</7, H-rol 1 afltoo. To I. FT riOM mi rilil "P MAY. rill THIRD four of boutw *7 C, U ? tiiauj w.t ???ul naHrM. Kt<nl $ 1<> ft month in Advanc mo iitr-iN riXHiiisd, i.osu ii.anT', vvrrui-c I thirty uiinuU- * Joi ru<-y by rt lr nvd from lb# tfikf, iU> hAndfuiO, lor.'o tito litHMo And mM-#un? < npn^l liy Mr . l.url'. 1*, <'ii Mini ? * r ? ? t , t??'*f llrl J, ai>4 nait >!<mx |?, M? # Tun Vt-U p'0 milhunrv 1 u juiro of I. It'll! ' K N tTKIN , 1*' llow.rjr It'' n t U7.V f I'll Lit RIHT ftAU? TWO Ktw AND II. BO AMY I brown tt<>n? KniMtth f w?niul bou*o?, in h* ? '?u I plA?o, tftn?'ii Couyt an I .-Mint i ttrv?t?, Ilr> oklvu, complete with, eoi.vt i.i< n< . ? J I a' li r 'inn, wotor <;!?> ???to, rao ,* ?, hot fid ? otcr, Ac ii 1 b? l?t to jfu .1 ii< i.-liUri vuiy. A|>|>l|r U P,N UTIBBIN : ? i ? rpo 1 .KT? ' I4UOM5 UN k< ??N l? ST ??iy AM> I t?* ? ju%r? u 1 1 1 r- oii??. in h ?o#' ,?7 H\rr ?w utro- t Is <j uir? ** til*' flift-lo ?"t <r?i o|?j *it ll?iit $ ' > rnn I. KT A I.Alil.t KOUM. UJiAJ. 1 1.1. r.k i.*r KUK I HLnJ.' il or MlifortiUh' 'I t'i <.|4? t t ngi? A on ihu | r? iiiuhi, to Mr .HINMiiNtt, ??! rpilKI ONLV Tt# sMAI-LFAmillCS. N UN t. <?TIIKKt 1 i< ? i i i ?rt? i.f h.?u*?? And null* of .*i?*rtia<??u in ti.erw of >. h|t,. | Hint *4 m %rf?li?*i f r? ? ?? t lmu?e* ?o TfUrtj , if tl I ? tfi I ? , ,i. i i i 1 1 IViRilM, N < M| ii , nu, m 2S4 U jo.rwol J?H1S IIA IIN, III ill# rro iKr at r< *u. i> ii a m a i aiim: htunk Iioi/SB, I mm* f?iirti*n r< hi? with m ? lorn mtprov laonu*. out in t ii it- ? w alb from iU? ?l? |>ot n??r .Ht J ?iiu't omllw In ,i.?r?! at No 4 Allen ntr? or <>n tl.? nr?Miit??? M IIA iruBD mu i k i f nr. t' it i it I'Aitr ??k iiuimb no 17% 1 Hotitb ><tr?- t ?'?? f K ? 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AUo, ? n- --r ' ? u tui?ll h Ht iiu) r ii <1 |'l ?A? rant A MPly to I, 11, 5if h tirth Aveniin, from .1 to 7 v m rpO I KT Til K H?IIC HTORV 1 1 o I ' M B 1X1 |*f( I VlfK I ttr??*t. i -a r M a> ?long nl . h"U?? ' ontAint iutt?R r<i >wi? with bAtb. b-t a n ii cold wAttr, gt?. Ac , Ant w a? r<H>?at Ijr nAintfd ?ml |'Af*r<??l H?*nt. Alt / it l? t li ? it?t to lot in tli" c|.i ?r purt of tb? ? itjr A |>|?ly to k II KIN.llilMKK, .Ml'' fourth a*' liua, from i to 7 I' rro I.KT Jill o| 1 ? F S 1 A It I IMfKJ) IUM RWM, IIOUHB, I r ru?r of Uro?hwl< ii au4 t bArlto ttr*< u, i???maa ?1 At ? from bft? * u to tw?nt> I iAr4?r#, *n 1 will h? Ut rn*?t? A' ly to a ?,<! t. i,Ant I '??' ?< n m*t?i on thu 1st of M Af . A j> i'l v to 11 A J II IIAHKiOl 121 t ' harlot ?tro*% rroi r.r an Ri.i<;mkK iiochf in I tit? Mount M ? rr i ? iiuiri, ??i 1 1'<' Ii ttrwwt, ?ttu r li t and col l wAt< r. Ana btti. i . r,i% v? thin m?in?!?<r WAlkof tb?- llArltni HAilroA I l??j- .? AUo a h iiiM, tiioi t Ant! v tltu At?d, fo?,t .f i ? I ? t ?tf * t n ' 'Aitk of tbt liar If Mi M i % ?' r Atply to WN L IIAI.k, I v< (i.athAitt ? | iv?, or ?> H ATHUr*. fond Agent, II at i*- in rro iff ihk t ii ir r r, svou ami nAiMKNr I boof* No ij W ? at Twfiity ?i/htb ttrofl, on* block froa Itroadw A|, l>Ao4tom> ly I? tt? d, vritb m > Jtro iiii|*r>i? cn.riii, A<-. In ju r* on tb* |f?inltrt rro I KT T nr. TIIIIFK MTollV ItHIt'K flo(THI WITH 1 l.i, I* botti.i nt aim! nnd'i fflior, N Ik. ?.l?nt ? < pi m**t <ompl?*t witl. aII modern ivti| r>o m< uta A|*f*i/ ot ? fttr?-t. op ??alrt rro i I I T II K I A If OK Hoi, M KoltTV I f K.T - - g I r A K K. I In t bo bri? k toiMiiur. bGI iJontt<m ftra?t, noit to tbt r? rn^r ?f llr?''?dwA*. wrll lifbtwd I ) window* Intolro ot J U RY K li ft tftddUry , 6)1 lir Ad ?*), c rn r of llouttooi ?tract rro i.kt ? a iikAi tiki i t oi rAOk h itim ?a< ii I I.'.I ? 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