Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1855 Page 1
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' THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6769. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE CUBAN CORRESPONDENCE. I Mr. Sonic1! Final Note on our Relations with Spain* HBt -tiOVL* TO TIIE SPANISH MINISTER OF FOREIGN KBLATIONH. J,m.ation o? thi [Ti*TTicr) 8tat?s, ) M ah HID J JIU. 28, l&M. S Sir? At the audience with which I wis honored by your Excellency tl,G of the 13th instant* I took occasion t <f *Wrili you relative to the grave and delicate character of the relation* subsisting between the United States and tfpain, and to the crisis which they mijrht toad to, if the difficulties which had so seriously disturbed them wer * not speedi'y brought to a satisfactory solution. Though t had long labored under a painful state of despondency m ith vefereuoe to my ever being able to incline Spaia to a more conciliat< ry cour'e than tuat which the h ad heretofore pursued, I wa< still willing to hope, with the present more auspicious oosiploxlon of her govern* xnent ahc might recede from her pant policy, aud at last do jnsticeto claims of which no argument would impeach tho justice or deny (he mod* ration. Your Exeellency will see at once, with the m >st em* phatie assurance, that the government of Her Catho lie Majesty were more anxious to remain ou t^rins of friendship with all the Powers of the earth, and with none more thj.a with the United States. 1 oould not but observe that those were noble protestations, aet unfrequently made by Spam, but of which the United States had never yet witnessed the practical results. That -Abuses of the most a^ravated nature nad been Muttered to lie year after year uuattendea, and, indeed, utterly un* heeded ; and that they still ban* gloomily from the docket in which they stand r- cord d, both at thu Ameri can Legation ar.d at her Majesty's State Depart men t. To this your Excellency responded by the pointed remark, *' That Spain had done all that could be expected or her with a tendency to enter with the United States into convention, through which should be submitted to arbitrament all causes of difficulty now pond ins between them." 1 then replied that the gov ernment of the United States would doubtless have acceded to the olfer made by Spain, if it had not embraced Other oasee tbnn those depending uu disputable laets, or on principles of a doubtful import; that most of those now on issue wore of a nature not to admit of t*.?s proposed remedy; that, for instanc, the capture by her Majesty s armed crui sers. in time ofl pcace, auu within waters uot of her Ma leety's Jurisdiction, of vessels sailing under trie flag of the . Union, as had been the case with the Ueorgiana *n 1 the Susan l.ovd; the search practised on board ot the Manches ter, though found engaged in the prosecution of a legitimate voyage; the bring at sea into unoffending steamor*; the stopping to overhaul them ot mail hag* in their transit to the ships that were to convey them to their destination; thu arrest of peaceable citizens without reasonable cause : their confinement and seclusion iu dark dungeon*, and their judgment in flagrant violation of most solemn treaty stipulations, constituted wrongs ot too grievous a na ture to have given encouragement to the (-lightest hope that the United States would ev* r be induced to *ut> ifiit the plain, clear and indisputable right, growing out of them, to the perilous issue of an arbitration; -that the United States, iu their anxiety to remove all cause* of future disagreement, had made repeated aud strenuous .exertions to indue: her Majesty's 'government to establish, in concert with them, such reiatious between the Captain General of the Island of Cuba and thi ir Consul at Havana as would enable those officers to iuterpose their autho Tity whenever similar causis should occur, snd thus obviate the never ending delays and the unendurable disgusts ever attending their adjustment on a distant court, when they had spared no ? ?fforts to persuade the government of her Majesty to joia them in an attempt to oive efficacy to the expectations h?ld cut iu the second article ot the treaty of 170f?, by which the two contending parties the United States and Spaiu were to ^ivc their mutual coiam rce all the intrre?ir, said favor which the adv.irua^o and the intercour?e of^.oth nations might require: and that your Excellency knew by what pertinacity of re Distance Spain had succeeded in prostrating them alt; that It was timo the United states should ku >w what were Spain's resolve*; that I haiL trusted my hum do powers of persuasion would bring to bear on the government or her ? Majesty; that I had arrived at the nainiul conviction that it were idle for me to expect tha I cou 1 ever out, balance the weigh# of prejudice, which heretofore paralyse*! my movements su?d rendered ui> as->- rtions abortive; that unless within the coming fortnight I should receive from y< ur Excellei.ex euch intimate n.? a* might warrant theh 'pe Of a speedy change in the dispositions of h er Majesty's (government, I hould be compelled to return home, ari l make a report in person to the President of thu i 11 success of my mission. Your Kxccllenc>. after pleading that those were matters > too momentous to be dealt with in a day. left ni , however with the pledge tliat they would be ur e I nj ?? the consider ation of Her Majesty's governm<nt, and that in any change should inte rvene in it* policy I would be informed of it ;aud we part?io. Since then, sir, tifteeu days have elaps ed, aud 1 am yet to sec the nrst line ot a communication from your ExeeJIcuf.y on any of the subjects embraced ?w our conference, f feel bound therefore, to deem ai granted, that Her Majesty wishes not th >t her ;o/?rniu nt should re cede from ttic petition whi h ii now occupies, and tiiat 1 have only to ask your Excellent y to dir??< t n passport to he 1 procured for me, expressing ttiat I depart from Court with leave of Her Msjenty on my way back to the United Stated by France and England. 1 will also request your Excellency to take Her Majesty*, orders that I may be informed of the time when it will meet her Royal pleasure to adm.t the la?t horn of 1'IEKitK S n;j,E. EXTRACT VW.CM ME. If ARC Y TO Mil. BUCHANAN. Dh-ahtmmt or Stati, Washington, July 2, Kr*3. Sm? ? ? ? 1 ought tot to conclude thin communication without indi eating the vtew s of the President in rotation t ? the iut**r \- iiti? ii of Great lirituin in conjunction with Franco iu tho n Hairs of Cuba. These powers proposed to thin .overnni'iit iu April. IHA& to enter into a tripartite C"iiv? iUioq for miarantyinr the Spunisli dominion T. tfHfc s.tion was very properly declined t?y this .?.rnni 'iit^w this course ueitl ur England nor Franco ce tl 1 justly take exceptions; but tft?.y have < .on lo tl, ? x ; i- ^c l -lisiati* fac tion with certain parti of the li tter t ia> predecessor, Mr. Everett, rejecting their overt uri. In n future despatch I may submit to yon the President pin ung un n this joint protest, as he regard* it, a am t -?! ?-? ot tho doctrines con tained in that Inter, for the , u po ? ot having them formal Ll v presented t?> the < <>nsid< ration <?( th.? government of Ureat .Britain At tliw time 1 shall only -.tate the fact, that a distinct intimation is conveyed by both England and Franc ? hat they will reMSt th<- trin < r ? f Cuba to the United Mates, and assist :spain in < ii.? of any foreign inter*, renee n aid of the Csbaon, whether openly or covertly appied, iu I any attempt they may make t ? ? ? np. rum the >p ua?!i > kv. 1 he course of England and France in sending th.- r ? upi of war ob to our o?>ast during t li?? late di*turl > r- p?er tag that island, without previous notice or specification of Vbeir object, mm the supervision they claimed the right 0 exercise alonr that coast, were tto u? tho wild-xt "Xprestion) not reepecthA to thi r- puMie. T as tai-t can hot he disguised that both Enviand an I Fran - ?ipct th united States of a deaign to d* ta< h from Snain the inland >f Cuba, and appropriate it to t h< in-'lv*, witoostr ari To the rights of .Spain, or respect for the law ol nau his. Their simultaneous m- vum?M.t on that occasion U mi <>!???< .ioaahle evidemco that they then ludol. ed that belief, there is nothing in the hi-t ry ?r our pait c urse at a na 4on to justiff *o? li unw< rttiy - ; < ? I? h true we lave in the Is.-t fislf oiiitury r itly ? '.l%r i our *erri ories, and so hae*- (ir?at Britain ail Fr ?> ? t inUr.- ? I [ heirs; hot we have done it in u manner that may prju ily Ihallengethe mo#' riiii scrutiny o! mankiod. in out tef Kitorial eipaaftion iBleritUotftl law hn< been observed; the lishte of others rirorously rUMltud; nothing, In short, has been done to Jurtity the lightest suspicion of rapacity. | 'he government of the t'nitel Stat .?* i-. n t unwilling t ? ibmit its whole public conduct in tnix, or, ind - l, in all ther respects. the most h< mptiloim examination But r oar course nsd been le*s op nlv marked by houor an I onest intention, England and Frtoee should reluctantly he ur aocesers. w* need go no further hack than t? t .e Iritiah orders ia eutincil, and the imperial de r?'?*of France, ? show that we have been the victim >i the broken law of atWme ? not the violators of that law We have not sut> erted ancient governments or wr sted from :ee!<lo dynas tea possession* which thfy have held t??r a/ * t<? add new ominions to our own; but ? ??ry ? iiiiititn .? hav.- :n v do as been obtain***! by nn ? .^livsl i t v?.lnntar I . >? *|?ted -fit many rfMawou-* the t'nit?-d stat?*s fee! deeply inters ted 1 the destiny of C.'uba. They will never consent to its raasfcr to ettl^r of the int> rvening nations, or to any her foreim hte4e They would r rr ? to ? toreixnp -w e Interfere to uttslain >pani?h rulo in the island, snout I it rovoke resiatatw e too f ?rmidaMe to he overcome hjr .^pain ?rself. If hen oppression over a colony or dependency if so sever s to eaelte revolt, and that revolt b ? omes too strong to be ippreaaed by the power which prov ke< it, the oppressor ts assuredly no leitter right to invoke forei.n ai l. nor any tter excu?e for *mploj in it, t! an the victims <?t arbitrary isrule have to relief from th?- - >m- quarter Wh?n it was derstood that >pain had applied to the allied n >vorsi/n? Eeropw for ss*istau' .. to rocov. r her revolted colonies in meriea, the government of the United Stat*** prot -fted in |nphatie terms ar?fn?t such a procedure; an i it the pro nt bad failed in its object, thii , overnment would undouht ly have had recourse to oth? r ui* aus to arrest such intar renee. It is intimstesl, though no? authoritatively announcsd, at It is the dewisn of Hpain, whenever sbo clearly perceivss at she ean no longer retain p ??se?*io<i of Cuba, to r nder e island worthless to any other power at the haiari of iking it a eeurrw of annoyed - t . t , a ? nintrv. and that gland ia dispo^d to coi cur in snch a m> asnr* T n/ti willing to believe that such a schetuj is entertained ',y -am, orconfd he noneurred in by Frj.'ia id, yet the o .if* ?n is not too idle to attract ? io< attmti n We do not eomplain that Great Itrit nn "nf rt-e her treaty ipulation* t-> !*. %<. l ? i , ? ould prove to he true that sh* is u*ini< her inflo rtberanee of a de?irn to till that Hand with vinirrants 'B> AfHca, ia ord?w that when Spanish rul ? ?ver it shall pee it may become m A!r; an > ob-ny. ^iven over t ? bar ' rism, sh?* ought to he conpeioUH that ih' is cone rring in aet which in its con?e*|ueni'es muet be injuri ?u< to t ,? It^d fttate* African-" thu? imp' rte.l in I b 11 iri limit ? I vitude, aad elav<*M n" w on th ' island eotferh ! Inl % entices, would coa?titnts but another f -rm ot slavery, and reqaires th? t??t of experiment to sb??w h w far such a betitate. uuder the inevitable a uso* wltich w ? lid atUnd would mitigate tho evils of t! r r<? ?> itei,, ;uba. whatever N* it. condition, w Aether a de Indency sr sereretgu Utate, is. of necessity, our n i/V or. ' lies within sight of our r \.- in carrvmr '?ntr* l** be ?on some of our principal cities, oar vessels uiu<t pa? ?na its shore fnt*rcour>r with it is unavoidable, -tan I t In that st ars i?ni? al rolaM^n it is imi ? ranve up >u u ? t ? k?irefro? it. what.-v?>r may r ,t, ? -?? lit ,..r?. a:lth? eancrs imp-ts l ? y good neiirh' I. It muet be to the ited States no eatise of annoynnce in iteelf, nor must it be ?d 1} others as an instrum* nt of ann- yance. ireet Britain, which has so many reasons for maintainor ieable reiatiens with thie c ontry. should be nnerilling to ^nrd the mtervoi^ion of them y eoununaneinr or con ring inany Mieri in reicar I to Cnba whlcn in its eon r luce^wculif U adverse to the welfare tran luiliity of 1 t'sion ou are instructed to ascertain as fully as p*?s4ble the rsof the Kntmh govern rimnt in n-/*H to I'm %, aril et arrane^meuts, if any, she has entered into or ? ont#*m les with Itpwin. eith?r 'y h?rs< lf or c?nj intly with Lnee. relativo to that island V* should vorv much regret that the general eon litiou of ligt in CuhA, or any part :?? o'er " '- irr t,v* t .. r- ?h oi l Inch a* to act so pow?rfn|!y i|H?n the fcelinr* of individu lamong oa as to impel them t any irrer ar ? ?> .n and r bb hark. a? M.ime have lees, in unlawfil ? n* rprt?e? Inst that triaad. beit if, ur.napr ly, tnat should be the \i, the government of the fn.t* dSUtee will do ??. whole ? to hpaia swd -??ail t , r v a ? r f ! |nw or reunirod t?y henor, t . r .train ' ir .? . 4it , o I limits of d?fy In tbi< r< sp**ct Spam will t n . f. d " i to rompiaia >r any other natwn a U(r ? n ? | ens Cuba was mop# favored in her eoafitkm as e<he 4e ilent of n foreign power; If e enjoye I tT.- j olit a' nthts si|iave wio-if b. ea t rs-. ? ? i * < ? > , . ^ |reei?cvs, if r?*trt'ti r j ,, h< r i r> . , ? -m- .-r-r nor j r w. i rn ? . , , }t Arrk.. J . oieing wur w^u*ral r-iati .r,s with .?ra?n; sai ? ; 1 1 a ? the futwr* dee* y "f ?i??.er -a- J-*-in Ftate, or la h#v pre*eat r aay newuesiuciatioa. would e tew a Maw ef de?p interest, he th ettWlM the I r >1 of tko 411,6.; I bile ? net iont c- we ittitl t? !ptit| ^w^| ciprotftl duties to tl cm. At the earliest practicable period sftur our f* dural I'aion w an formed thin government iatur dieted the td.nvo trade. In all auction* of our country it i? regarded a< an odious and wicked traft:c. Tho aot ot Con fcre*i I rohibiting |it hat* been most faithfully observed n every part of our t.'nion, but Spain, though under tho most solemn obligations to abstain from it, ha*, an there are abundant reasona to believe, connived incoHsautly at the infraetiou of *ht;so obligations, and tolerated tho intro duction ol many thousands of African slaves annually into t ul a. What wo view with sentiments of abhorrence, an 4 have rigidly interdicted, we do not like to nee practised at our own dourH. In spite of all that ban been promised by Kpain, and all that ha* been done by other I'ow era to sup >ress the slave trade, the possession of Cuba by ?piia favors ts continuance, and is a formidable obstacle to its suppr vi sion. The strong derire to have this evil remedied, and the be lief that it v^ill coexist with the Spanish rule over that island, have contributed in uo iticonbiderablo decree to strengthen tbo opinion here entertained by many individuals that policy ai d humanity alike favor it* reparation from a < ourtry v I ich abuses the conm ction. If you should aacer tain that (J re at Britain baa entered into such en^a/eim nts with Spain to uphold this connection with Cuba under any modification ot it which is likely to be injurious to the LniU-d Muter, or to the well being of tho coverntnciiis on tbi* c ntinei t, you w ill have recourse to such arguments and persua-ions a.?, in your judgment, will induce her to abandon them. ? ???*? 1 am, >ir, respectfully, your obedieut servant, W. L. MARCT. Jam** Bi chan an, Esq.. Ac., Ac., Ac. MK SOCLE TO MK. HA HOY. (No.JJtf.) UivxTrii 8tat*? Law ation to Spain. J London, Oct. 20, IHM. \ Sir? -Herewith I have the honor to transmit to you a joint communication from Mr Buchanan. Mr .Manoii and myself, embodying tho res ult of our deliberations on the subject about which we bad b< M ifbr togi ther. The issues with reference to whieh we were instructed to express our judgment, were of too momentous an import not to tax nil the discernment and discretion ic our power, an<l it wns with a deep sense of solemn responsibility that we on tcrcd ufon the duties which hud been assigned t? us. May we have accomplished our tn*k in % manner uot un worthv of the gTeat object for which It wascontsrred on ui. M\ colleagues have b%d a full view ?f the ditftoultUM and dangers which the question presents and you will see that t bey have not hesitated to join nu- in the expression of senti ments according strikingly with the intimation* repeatedly thrown ontin your despatches to me. I do not know if we shall be found sufficiently explicit in the language through which we have attemn'id to convey our Impressions. 1 trust, however, that it will be found suf Aciently free from ambiguity to leave uo room oveu for a doubt as to its true meaning. ? * * ? ? ? ? Very Respectfully yours, PIERRE SOCLE. To tho lion. Wjh I.. Ma lev, Secretary of State. (iHtM a\ Oikk a at Niblo's. ? We learn with pleasure that George Christ, Esq., in conjunction with a number of our moat prominent German merchants, has made ar rangements by means of which the German Opera com pany now in this city will be able to commence a short season at Niblo's popular and beautiful establishment, on Tueiday next, the 13th inst. The management have secured the services of Mademoiselle Lehman, Ma<lam<? Martini D'Ormy, Madame Siedenberg, ami other distin guished artists, who will appear in a succession of popu lar operas. An excellent orchestra and effective cho rus have also been engaged, under the ditectiou of Mr. Unger, and as those under whose patronage the enter prise has been started have already secured a largo sub scription list, there is no doubt but that the Gerrnau Opera at Niblo's will, so far an success is concerned, compare favorably with the late ciaaatrous and exciting campaign at the Academy. Ihousands of our citizens will be gla?t that Niblo's doors are once mere open, and they will Oil the houae, even though the codfish aris tocracy should turn up their noses and stay away. We ?ball see whether our German fellow -citizens are more sincere in the\r admiration of the Opera than th<> parve nues of the Fifth avenue. Bk.nmtt for tiik Empioyw ok tiik Academy ok Mrsir Slgnor Brignoli, Signor Badiali, and M. and Madame Mu r.Uek liavo sent letters to Mr. Phalon, offering their services gratuitously for the benefit which in to take nice on Momla y night, for the employe* of the new Optra Hon lie. Elsewhere we publish a letter trom Mr. Olt Bull to the pa mo elTect. Tl>e oj?era in to be th?' " 1 ucia'' Hignor llrigooll making hi* appearance in it for the Brat lime in thin country. Heport .peak* highly of the artistical merits of this gentleman. T,ik Roman Catiioi.ic CHf?cn I* Barclay .-trkict? Donation by Lai.ii* or th* Co*0RE0ATl(.!??80me ladies of the congregation worshipping in the Catholic churc i (St. Peter's) in Barclay street hare presented to the pastor and clergy of that building a magnificent silver wnctuarr lamp, manufactured in tbi. city by express direction, and lately exhibited to one of our reporters. This article deserve! notice for two reason. It com pletes the interior ornament of a very elegant church, and will remain as an enduring erideoee of the onward piogress of American genius in a p-culiar I,, ani h of the Kllver.mith trade, hitherto much ....gleet ed. The lamp is of pure silver, and measures, from tlie point of suspension to the extreme end of the bowl, four feet. This bowl is twenty inches in diameter, and its sides are ornamented with some of the richest em fco.sed silver chasing,, in delicate tracery, cherubs in the act of protecting wheat st?!k,,vine tendrils and other fruits with which the W.rd ha. ble-.eJ the earth The bowl 1. supported by three long silver bars each of which is divided .nV. three parts. These parts are again united by line connecting links, tbusallording an un,,ue blending of solidity of appear ance with delicacy of execution. An inverted cup, rich ly chased, affords a point ?' union for the bars and from this point fall down line silver chains, to which .s attached the little lamp, in which the o.l is lighted on pnleran occasions. Binding at the entrance doer of the hurch on Barclay Street, and looking up the a.sle to the Brand altar, the effect of this lamp, when lighted, is very in posing. a. .1 ?>?'? out in great brilliancy just oppo se the dark ground of a line painting of thetruciflxion. We tielieve this is the lirst sanctuary lamp ever manu f? tured in the United Mates for a.. American Roman Catholic church that la St. Patrick s Cath-dral having l.een selected in Paris, and the remainder imported either from that city or other capitals of Kurops, the artisans of which think they should enjoy a perfect monopoly of the rich trade Bowing from the ?applying of all the silver and gold vessels and oraaments used either in the cere moniex or decoration of such a large number of churches as tha Catholics now possess. This Is not fair. If any clergyman believe, that our New York trade-m-n cannot ??< I u .1 1 , if not exceed, the Europeans in silversmitbing, as well as other handicrafts, let hiin just take a look at the inner part of the don., of Ft. Peter s, when he will b? at once converted to nationality Mr C. H. Jooes, late of t?t Louis, Mo., superintended the manufacture of this lamp for the who presented it. Political Intelligent)*. TIIK ?TlHKrON MOVKMIMT. Tl.e Trenton correspondent of the Newars A d. 'r tyr In regard to the Know Nothing m .veiuent ia fav..r ??r Commodore -tockton for the next IVe.i.len.'y saTS - The remarks I have on sev. ral occasions made in re* t.on to the Htockton Americau movement wa? Intended to apply solely to the condition of ada rs in this Btav ? I nerceive as vou have already noticed, that ramitCa nuns of the movsmeot have t.een eiWndedlnU other -tales ai. l that the effort to . rent' a . -toeMon party .<???>? to he concerted and t canned with conaiderab e vigor. lad.cations are apparent that journal, to sou. of the large citie. .re to be pr?.eornd er established and .e. ret organizations maC.- use ol for its support. But n this SUt* the Know Sothiofs aud the B-.r leutnwu or.lwr, Ibo .Thereafter work in Saison. d? not ^ogn^ th. mo.ement, and It i. not prubal.le, therefor^ tha the.r associates in other Mates will give it co^iVentnceAs an independent candidate, standing fr?e (rota any party IhackU-r which are now generally felt to he bor tenjwme tbe < ommodore may be able to secure, through his wealth and dl.t.ngu.shed ?erv.ces, a reepec table par t T , although his pro*re? is not vet **'7 f.orr""1*b''\ these t rues, prediction, concerning political even s an idle snd the position of things >n l?58 canaot t>e aut ci Dat?l But If a scrub race Tor the Prem len^y between ?t.iirs and demo-.ats. free so.lers, In on men, Kaow \othmg-. American., foreisn born cit tens, and other pa. tie. -I.ould take place, Htuckton will not proSably I* a laggard in the heat, TIIK K*OW sOTfltM'l OBLIUATIOM. A movement is on foot among ?. m? of the Know Nothing* Of llo-ton U. do away with the pre?eot old ga "?.on which is said to be lmpoi?d upon the m-mber. ?f tl.e or ler >om? of the lea.Ung Kaow Nothing papers lo Bo.ton and in I b.ladelphla have lately conUiae.1 artoHe. In favor of doing away wUh the ?cr-.y put of tne.r " " Uo? Ml that nomination, can he made opeuly ^nUtln, at Trsntoa. N J , lately, tbi. plan was ad vocated. ^ |, .1.1X01(1 SIKITOI. We lean, from the Chi. ago 77t*une that '.ove -nor Matteaon ?7? he will not give Judge a certificate of hi. election to th" 1 " V*. He ba?es kl. refusal on the ground that th- J udge s not eligible ander the clause of the ^.n.titut.on. wbich pro Mbit, .ny Jndgr of the Supreme < o..rt rom a e*P*'nf any other office daring the term for which he was eleet^ el Judge nor for oae vear afUr tb? f. Urm Judge Trumhell ha. reslgoed the office ? ,f hi- Ige, but the terra for which he ?n elected ?f,t 7*t 'third cowa**?nio*Ai. DisraicT of cohkicticct. The Know Nothings of thi. district nav. nem natei Bev. Kirtnev Lean for C.jngress Mr I?ean wa. a meoi her of the'last legislature of Connecticut, Wat f.irnv-r f a Methodl.t preacher, but of late has followed the bust ness of sho? making. II jo Poland Jones who represent, the Fourth distrl't of louisisna in the f ailed ?Utes llou*e of Represent* ttees, has declined a r? nominal on Rev B H (Iverby, of AtlanU, was nem nat?d for Oo vernor of Georgia br tbe Temperance ( oaveation wU.?b pi, t a1. Atlait* vtl 'L* M ull. fatai Termination of the ?floating Affray *t Htaiiwlt Hall. HP. ATH 0\' 1'OOI.E? CORONKK'8 INQtfJW ? KUKTHKB ARjJKNTS ? UAKKK STIM. AT I.AROE. The public wert* startled yesterday morning at th.i announcement of the demise or Bill Poole, who for many days pant hail been gradually sinking from the ellects of wound* received in the late bloody encounter at gtanwlx I lull, in Broadway, at the hand*, aelt la alleged, of ex policeman I-ouis Maker. The particulate of that Crura* liave boen fully published, but neverthe less the gieatest anxiety prevailed throughout the city an to thu probable result of the l>attle. Having lived se long after receiving li in dreadful wounds, many, parti cular^ hia frieEds, were of opinion that with the natural strong constitution Poole was |M>s*i'Ssed of he could outlivo injuries, but they were mistaken for yesterday morning, at 6 o'clock, the injured uian breathed hia last, retaining up to the moment ot IiIh death hia power* of speech and thought. The deceased w:?* attended by hia brother uml other member* of the family, who received bia dying requests and declara tious. About half an hour previous to bi* death, know kqftkat hie hours were numbered, he arose iu the bed and gave directiona to those around him for the disposition of hia body after death, fleatrongly deaired that a (Mint mortem examination should be made, and also, that he should be placed in the coOin with hia clothe* on. He even went to far on thin point a* to name the particular article* of clothiug they should decorate hia corpse with. According to the wishes of the deceased, a poat morbus txumination on the body was made yestercay afterooou, In the presence of a large number of physiuians, an I tha friend* and relative* of the unlortuuate man. <>n a cartful exam. nation of the body, in the neighborhood of the wound, tbe ball, which, heretofore wu* supposed to have fallen out of the wound at the scene of tlie allrsy, wa* discovered rmU<l<lfl in th' Kmh>. that I'oole should have lived so lung with a pistol ball in hia heart, ia most wonderful, as there are but very few instance* of auch canes in the record* of medical practice. The excitement caui-ed by the fatal >e?ult of tha at tack upon Poole lias, as may well be imagined, been great throughout the entire city. A great ileal of 1 sympathy was felt lor the family of tlie deceased, I particularly lor hi* wife, who i* dan/erously ill from the ellects of the shock received "U hearing of her hua'jtnd * , death. I'oole nan born lu Sussex county. New Jersey, and was about &1 year- of age. tor twenty year* h? ha* been u resident of New York, and was engaged dunng the greater part of that time in the butchering business at Washington market. We understand that a few days previous to hi* death the deceased naada a resolution, il he got well, to a new life and shake oil tbe disreputable companion* with whom he was *ur loiicded. The decea*ed was formerly one of the pro prietor* of the Rank Kxchange Saloon, in llroadway, but had no iutetent whatever in the concern at the turn# of his death The funeral of the deceased will take place on Sunday in xt, at - o'clock, when his body will be removed t<> Gremwood Cemetery for interment. Although strict i<earch has been made for llaker, yet he rema us at liberty, and it is pretty generally sup posed ha can ren i n perfectly safe as loog a* the author. tie* refuse to oiler any reward <iold would have placed the fugitive in the bands of the authorities the very day alter the tran*?ctinn took place. 'fho*? who know hi* wberraboutn, whether they are police officers or not. are only waiting for the Mayor to oiler a liberal reward, before they will disclose his hidiug place, or ef feet bin nt rest. Van I'elt and I.inn, who were arrested at the time of tbe lra> a* and were admitted to bail, were yesterday re arrested and consigned to the Tombs. to await the result \ of tbe Coroner's inquest. Van Pelt wa* arretted by officer Keele, of the Chief 's ofln " Hie evidence against these two men floes not implicate them with linker, Turner and others, In the attack upon I'oole; but, never theless, it was thought proper to arrest them, a* they might prove Important witnesses. Tuitge Stuart has lor some days past paid a great deal of attention to this case, and is now actively en/agM assisted by bl* confidential officer. Mr Hiier, In ferreting out not only Ilaker but others, who, from testimony in possession ol tbe Court, may prove accessorie* to the killing of l'< ole. From what has already transpired, no doubt there are others besides those already spjken of. who were concerned in the attack on Puole mi l it i* . with a view of discovering who tuese persons are. that tbe ( ity Judge is thus |>erforming the nuties of a magis trate. Tinner, where removal t<> the Hospital on Mack well's Island we noticed a few days ago, tia* not Lin ptoved since his removal. On the contrary, it Is the opinlsn of Ihe surg' on* in attendance tbat if amputa tion is not instantly proceeded with his life ina~ pay the forfeit. The patient, however, will not consent to the operation at all, saying that he would rather risk his lile than lose his arm. ooaomort iNQfEAT. HH*T IMT. Coroner Hilton proceeded yesterday morning to the late residence of I'oole, 104 Christopher street, for tbe purpose of holding an inquest upon the body of the defeated. Tte t.oun- was crowded to excess with the friends and relatives of the > ei eased. Tbe proceedings t > day occu pied but a short space cf time. A jnry of the following genth men tsete en>| annellod to Investigate this exciting can- ? 1 II. N. Wild 2. t.eorge J. I1 rank a. .in- h. it-u 4 John W Moulton f>. (ieorge Huth A. .Uinta M. Byrne 7. Vim. It liraka H. .Iainen H 9. Archibald H. Campbell 10. K. Welch . 4?>( Bro m? atreet. .134 bilth arenue. . 4.1 Greenwich atrent. . runt Spring atreet. . >?4 Rooeetelt attest .193 Wmi Forty-fourth at. .309 Weat Kurty -third at. . . 5 llowery. .221 Weat Thirtieth atreet. i . 4W Kr.inklin atreet. Cvrua Phay, being 'Inly sworn, that hi- rnM? I at No. ftl Ituj (treat, I knew the deee ?aad, William I'oole, lor four or Utc yeaia intimately, and barn known him for filtein or mteen jiar* by haraa y I have bean with him almoat every l?y for tne !.nt four or live montha, eicept on one ocoaaioe, when ho went , tettuahington the deceased kept a drinking aaloou at the comer of Howard ?treet and Broadway; !>? 1m l a i difficulty there, about two or three muntha ago, with a young man nannd Morria i.unntgan be tried to tl.;ht I'oole, but wma too drunk to <1 ?? anything that, how ever, tail notli rig to ilo with the cat" at laaue, I.un mgm ia acquainted with l'augene and luker I'augene'a bueiceaa win that of an emigrant runnar, while ilaKer win a policeman, detailed at the Mayor a office, and connected with tbe emigrant aquad of tha police fore* l.unnigai) la a runner alro. Q l?> you know ol any other difficulty that I'oole got into of lata. A. Not b/ng ago. while he waa walking in Krcadway, at the corner of Veeey atreet, with on? Mr Williama, they ware met by Paugent, who Inaulted I'oole, when the latter turned away from l'augene and ?aid, "Oh, yon are not worth makinx any fuaa about.1' thla occur re nee took place on the aidewalk in front of the Alitor douce, in Veeey atreet, deceaaed told witnean that I'au gene on meeting him < n thin occaaion, addreaaod him in the?e wnrda, "You are a pretty mm of a b ? h, ' and I'oole *aid "1 am too ?milt for you, an I then laughed at bim " Poole then |>e-eel on and took no further notice of bim Pangeie went j into I'oole'a home one night, when the former waa abaect t r< m the barroom, and asking for a whlakey akin, when be got It, threw the contenta of the glaaa in the face of the barkecpi-r, whoa* nam--, I think, la Hick on doing ao. he aald, "I wi?h your ma?ter waa here, and I would >iTte birn tn the rami- way," I do not know thla of my own knowledge, but Mr. Tnomaa Willlama, who waa preaent, toM me the facta Mr. Poole mite the b?iy go to Jn?t|re Welah and procure a warrant for the arreat of Paugene; the complaint being made, I'angeoe wi< arreati- 1 and held to bail to ariiw-r It waa a common tning for meu to come into Toole a houae and talk of I'aogi ne, anylng tbat they thought l'augene could whip Poole; tt>y w< >ild talk of the place a- an American louae. and ?ay that Iriabmen had aa good a riiilit to come in there aa other i <w pie. hn t.arke?|>era would tell tbem that they did not want any Ir1?hm?n to ? (end their money in the houae, and I'oole himaelf would >ay whenevi r hi- heard of any auch occurren-e, tbat he cid not want any man In hia houae tbat could not eat meat on Friday; deceased never had any difficulty at hia place with Paugene, but baa bad a 'ew rowi with thoae whom I aup poeed were tbe frienda of l'augene , about three m ntha ago a man nanied Neiaon, rea.dlng In tbe Kigntb ward, cam* late and waa ?*ry abuaivc to Mr I'iKile roo'?m iDg l'augene, aaymgthat the latter could whip Poole d? i eaei-i told Neleoo that If he did not behave bimeelf I e would put bim out ol Icon. <4, Hare you ever I eard I'a igene apeak In a threaten ing manner ahoat I'oole ? A I hear t lum aay on one occaaion that he "would take the bla'-k mutrle l aoa of , a t) aome day from the manner in which be ( made tbe remark 1 !e)t ooarlnoed that by tlna threat ha meant to put 1'i.ole out of the way thla occured in I < burrh atreet, in a houae eailed the Seaate ttile waa alttr the lifflcoity tietween M'irriaaey and I'oile at tt?e | foot of Am' a atri-et de. eaaed waa not preaetit l'augene ' addreaee l hir-elf to aeveral peraona preaent; I dou t I ?now?.f any other threat* made by mr party aga nat I I'oole on Saturday night, tbe 2'ith ult . I waa n I'fKtle a hou?e at the corner of Broadway and Howard etreet, when a' roe one came in and aai 1 tbat I'oole wn tt -*t? . wli Hall, In Broadway and had aome difficulty with Morriaaey. I went to the |.Laee in queeUoa, ant waa accompanied by ofp.eer John Ku" who waa In I'oele a houae when tbe aewa came ta, he aeked aome ipieetlona, , h?fe I gave bim no eatiafactory aaawvr*, wbea I got up , tofUnait llall? tbe hour being ateiit y*, oVloek ? I ua Pool* at the end of tho drinking eo inter . Morriaaey waa walking up aa I down tbe bar room, and waa talk mi alood, laelag inputting lan/uaga to tbe ,e I reateo, |'oo|e waa talking back t/> him I d n '. re>?. le t the worda that paaee4 between them both men n?e4 threat' alng language towarda ea' k other Jame* Ire ng I waa preaent, and ala<i John Hyler, Motion Fairekild famael S-ujdam <'ai.t. I l*w? John ' (lean, l/irenr.. l??agle. Tliomaa Wllliama. Oirnehua Campbell, Mr Jaae way, and about a doyen otbera 1 he caia waa then adjourned an' 1 the n-?t atlOo'rlock Hn i a erideace w fl l?e reaanae l at the f'oroaer a ofl!e#( fhambera atreet. 'orneliua Lien waa arreete.'. iea<ir)ay. l>r e4lleer liar trn of the Coart of (teneral ^ea. a? oa a warrant It eaed by Jadffe uart l#icw Ke?fe a:? ?-re?ted Van Pelt, 'ba'ged with be ag coare- tad With Itekey aa I otbe^^o the attaah oa Utrae. r?' TV UK Chr Caatr of the Youiik Cuban .lllu liWHr wf ?nrnolx'll fro in A rrnt. BCTKIl 'D? OOUHT? HPKCIAL TKIIK ? DKC18IOV OK JI'l'OB IIOFI-'MAN. Bf a Ren J. ? K llrrnandrs, an infant, by cittodr. An*mt k U tifjf friend, vs. CrUMml (<nro?/<?/i.? Mat Ion ta diathargr tb<* tlefendant froet mpriaonnient under an order of ?r*at, or to mitigat* the l*?il Mr. Tlieo. itrdgwick tor th<r plaintiff. Mr. Charlert lidward* fur the defendant HorriUM, JuHtice. ? The dafendvat ha-, fcwn luel in an action elated to >e lor fain* inaprmoniuent, or iwiitaull and buttery. Hie complaint in not ye; filed, hut the caae preacnte} uu the affidavit* nhitwa that nuili imnt be the caune of action and the conn -e* for the jlaintilT 1 Mate* that th? action ii? for the former cauite. There , ? two point ? rained ir> the caee an now before alt* ? Int. It appear* that an action wan ootucaenced la the | Hmtrict Court < f the lotted State* agamet tUo preie at i defendant with Kraiicia Stoughton, the Spoiii-di Con*iJ ' in wblrli the defendant wan held to bail in the sum of $'2,000, and the oriler to hold to h.iil endowed ou tlk" i capiaa by Judge Itetta, in dated the *th of February . ISii.V j The affidavit* on which order wan founded, atate |ire ' ciaeiy the name facta an t aupply identically the a a inn I caute of action an thoa* in the |xe-f nt aoit 1 hi' arreat in the putt to tne District Court took place on the Hth of K* bruary. OntheDthcf February, ou affidavit* ?woi a to on that day, the onler of arront wan made in thin action, ' and a oetamer ?a< lodged with the keeper of the j Hldridge atreet jail. in which he wan a primmer. l'hui I I uudemtauo the affidavit*. At any rate, It in not c Ml tented tha' he under procenn of arrent. and rcjuired to ' give bail in theae two Mute. Tha action in the Dial rict ' court 1* admitted to have been commenced becauee of the want of jurladiction in auy .state court over the ppanihh I'ou-ul and Carnoheh, the defendant lien-, la Hade a party tlier?, on the auppo.ition that tb*< juria- i diction over : he Ccnnul may carry with It juriadictlon over othcrn, oiherwiw not amenable to it. Tiie language , of Judge ltuirglen, in delivering the opinion of tha Court in Valarino ?a. Tbumpaon (3 Mdden, 6K'J>, aupporta thia ( fully in ca?en of a joint contract. I'eruapn there la no ground for adlitincuon in actlona for tort Hut without attempting to decide tlii* point, there waa no necaaalty for the plainull inakirg tl.u praaent defendant a party to i the auit in the Dlatrict Court. He could aue tUougbtou an a Ireapanaer, or join the defendant aa he umrtit h < ad- I vised (Clntty on Pldga . vol. 1, p hi. and na-en ) Kira then, it a plea of al?olute neeeenity of joining him in that cotiit could avail to juntiiy a double arrent, that plea la not founded, iu fact or law. Hot the idea in to inn to- . tally inadmiatible that unuer any difliculty of proceed In/, , or upoa any ground thindefvndaut ran he twice arreateii by pi ocean nut of dillerent com t* in the name State lor j tiie name caune of Ai tion. A number of canon upon thia Mibjnrt aie collected in IVterndoif ou lia.l, I I .'ill, 1 1 ?? l iorary vol. 10, p. ".'IJ, nee alao 1'eck vn. Holier, (l< ' John. Itrp.otU.) l'hei|uentioa then, la. wlvether the ile fendant, having hi en laat arrentnd by procaea from thia court, la not i ntit ed tw an at>ni.!<ite diachiirge aolely on thia ground. Hut an the plaintiff might, parhapa. he entitled to an election, I have proceeded to conmdar the caae oa the mrrita of the application. A better practice, however, la to reduce the bail to a ruerv nominal amount, | nimilar to the diacharge ou filing common hail under tin* lot uier eyetun (Carter v?. Hunt, I Cnitty 'a Hep,, 'JW.) 1 The I'oue now permit* the partial trial of a cauae upon amotion to diacharge an airtat. Tbe '20itb an I UO ith nectiona have introduced tfci* new principle in the law of bail, or extenued an>i racoguited a rule which to a limited extent, prevailed in the (ourt of Common I'lean in kapland (Teteradorf ? n Hail. r.#4 i Tha Court of Ap peala liaa int> rpmteo the I o le to admit of aiu n a partial trial aitlithe new to ti e vacating the arrent, H onu'ii ve. 1'ieetand, 'Jhel.en, f 1 havn before ntate<t the principle upon which It appear* to ine the court i* to at t in aucW a cane That la, that the inquiry in to be, whether, upon the whole caae an preieutad, a verdict ought to I# riven by a jury, or a iu 'gmeiit hy a ainirlo iudge. for tiie plainufl or defvu lant. If trie i|iieatioii* ar doubtful, then the plaiutill liaa not mace out hla caae, and the deft n<lant nhould be diacbarged. It la in thin par ticular that I dllfer from Kiai? abU' Ju'igen, who India* to tiold that the defendant . - to ioal.e out clearly that the plaintiff cannot nuccn-d I have ohaerve<l iu oilier cane* that the principle of the l ode in very nimilar to th? lie of a Court ol Ki|utty, upon a motion to dtaeolve au Injunction, or ? acharge an r f?al when the <|ueetion ol the caueeol action I* for auch purpone* exaniioe-l and determined, although the caune ptoceedn, and thw ac ual prcajln may change the reault* entirely In tent ing tl.e prenent cae? by tliene principle*, it ap|?'ar* to me the plaiutill tin- not, a* now exhibited, made out a cauae i action. Ihe extent to whiih the i-a*'- male ny him can be > airied U. that tbe father of the plaiotnl wa< induced b) the promine of the Cuban authorit e< to liberate him or the threat t<i continue hla Impriaonmnnt. to direct lua ?on to return. aBl for that purpoee to cm uuaaion tbe defendunt to l.r ng him to Hie United Main*. The fact of a full and eutlie authority in form ami lau goage, given by the father to accompheh thin purpo e i cannot be denied. The letter io the fpanmh I onaul of I tbe '2.1.1 of January, that to the 'on of tbe name date, a* well aa the written inntru (loan to the iefen<lant are ? < plicll anil deeu'ed The ^efendant, then atandlng in tbe pla< e of the parent, one- the very mean* which the p? reot .direeta, of baate and concealnu nt Uj accoaiplub bin purpone. lie uie* no unoue force or p-reonal vio h nee. Ibe conduct of the *on may well d? accounted for in hi* winh to ol?y h a father on the one aide ami a reluctance to leave hla a*?ociale? an I the freedom of bin nituati' n, for a land which could not but l? dlataate ful to hiin I am happv that I am not ' tile 1 to Interfere With hi? freedom of choice but, to bold that tbia agent and aubntitute of the father ta *ub,ert loan action of an*anlt and batury. or fa *e imprlaouinen'. for *eeaing to a> complnh the winh and oommaml of <be father, nven If ee?tutial to hla redemption from a prmon, *eema to me totally linear ran table. Hie defendant unit h* dia chat(*d from arreat ami tbe ur'.er varated in Utia cane. | I lilted State* Distric t Court. Before Hon. J ud#e Hill AN OLD HOT yOU A OOVKKNMICNT CI. AIM. Mihoi l.? Tht. I mud Stale m n Jam** V'mr>* and fjfhrrt. ? In thi a can* Mr J 11 ant renewed the motion on behalf of the defen lent* to *et aside the judgment taken ajrslnat them, before Jadfre Hal!, n December laat. Iht \ nitwd Htatea Attorney, Mr. McKeon, in oppo?itioo, atnted that during laat week he h?l receired a iett#r from Mr. Cutting, on ha half of the defendant*, wiahtng for a postponement of the motion to tiiin la y Ife htd, in reply, telegraphed the deaired wort ? 4,ye* this inorn m* he ( Mr M^K ) had reerlfed a !e*ta?r from Mr (iouverneu r, which he would read to the Court. It is as fellow ? ? John Mrk?ow. Iwj , New York Sis ? I has* bsfor" me a < *r|?jr cif your letter -if they'd January laat, sddreaaed to the ? ? re t?rv of the T r?aaury, and. in eomf>hau< with bit r. j ;? *t. ??!>< lonng " a cony of the rotrlN on th- fiiatri' i A I l* rney ? docket/ referring to the caae of the t nlted State* *irain?t Jan.* ? Hour e end other*. V"u ?tete therein " tf.?t it f t>| f ar? Mr. Oosrerssat endorsed hi* a|>|" ?rai>'? os the capiat, and that l#orensu lloyl, K*| . snpesred ?? h ? ? sttor ii' j I hare nam in* a theae ? ntriet with car* , and I am ut t* rly urahle to find that cither of your aaaertCna in .?? 1 tainV i by them. The flr?t entry aata ?" 'l ook appaaraiH ? of all ifefetidSnta sndoraed on <apfk< Now ir I wuiil.J ? ?k f by tbat entry, you were ju-tifled to atteui{ ' to falaify cx> > declaration fto your?e!f in writin/ at.'! to the ^-eretary . n "feral seraeton*. subsequently confirmed by my oath, that, to the teat of my knowledge and belief, I bad nee^r tern aer% d with any proreta In that tuit Vti'h eut ? ???n referring to tt??? poatible fart that aomehrxlv else might bav<- endorsed Un er pearan' e f ?ll the def?n lenlt. or? th' ? apiaa, by w hat right or authority a* an tTi r t the court. ? r ?? a gentleman, dil yon undertake t . Mate that I f ad ?aid tbat which wa? not true r Hut, air the tpirit aod character uf your aaaartlos I* the m >re ettrvr dioary and exceptionable ?h?n taken in 'ouoeetion with a fciihte ju? nt part of your letter You cay Mthi? It ?uffi isotly r^rnlar t ? iretent the jsd/mest f r m b**tnf dittsr ? J hy the court for tbe tfregnlsrity areten led i y Mr Oouteruetir I make ?% thia time so further e mmeat, it trir.geimply my of jeet t tsvlte your attention th" termay u l?av?r t t#nt jr jert u?e fn the letter referred t , and to wan f r ? j ex|iai.ati'>n a? y<> a may think \ r p?r to mak? r?*tj "tin/ th?m V "T a#i?? rti s re c pee tiny Mr l.orenio II >t it not mjut ? jned hy ft ||B|1? Word in tkoan Whtrtei. sod I pf" I me t? at >'-o ar? >t i?-att indueed t ? do?ht th* a" ?ir*' y ?>* It by the &f\ ia?*t f hat hied c f whl' fel you h*t< teen ??-r .ed *!?h a cop> ' tbat he did not *j -f<ear a* Mr IJ js*erneur ? actor j ?) Of pera^ naJ apph< at ton t?. Mr. ?> r/e Vt M rt-ri I feel fully aotborited to nay that )?q mutt have toiaunder *t< o $ t hst fefttiemsri If your Stft t Hon at t th- -t sternest mpaU I t'. lira retta osly or. veftsl e.,pmurt|. ati n wit mm \ u noil M> aware that th? '-a** ' ?hf > r letter refera ha? I ten r?far4ert hy me at one f ft- at hardtbip. deeply iseoleisir t<?th my mterettn snd fe? hs*? If ?n yu tt dlovtat' defeat my appeal* to your twj<#r r? f r re i f you t??c ..d any t^tein* nt of fa? % espat ie ..f l ? i't ? r e?e? V i - * -e|?ti P T f. i?i a right to ? ?; * t' at tt will he pr?mjt y ?f oot folly, rorreeted. at las at, pro|#rly ?*| lain td I mi, Mr renpertfelly yowr obedtest t*r*af * Mar'b.t W. |? I ant V fclfMM ' M Mr MeKe#?n then *s d, tbst. in sn? war to the !e*.'?r, ? he wouid re a?l the following ?!?/? ?yn.ent* Irowi the file* I entered n this suit in IfcU ? loatri' t C urt ?f tbe t olt#d Htstea for S#*.tkern I>i#tri# t 1 of Nrw V rh -fas. I. f?ouvera?ur K ?r i ktml*i? eul I Jau>ei id' ut ?* ad? th?- Called Mtat'-? of An * a f I laaee ttt? ftttKt thst I am retain*-*! for the -i- ?a Ua'i ia i the fthoes est!tl*d toil. Mew Ysrk fe? rsary * IHS4 '? ! I BOTt, for 4cttsdsata lo A f.t4 , fur plaintiff* ? ? . ? ? ? art af Unit Jsmee Mwsrwa ?nd other* t ? the l/fbite I Mate* of Araeri' a i'l"a < aef?sif? fit A ad the taid Jam?t Muwr^e and otb-r# 4*f* ?ds *.a ta this ? . It, hy l?oreato llayt, their attora* y e?,a?e an t te f?ad t ? wr f.a so l ?e. - r> wfcea. k? an aa? t ?t t rid a t nnder'afce aad pi.tniee ia sassser tni * mw taw j raid plan t ff? m tkia asit bars it^t* there >1 see'af d ? t a *?t the rai ' Jetcftdanta. a? d af tbta tla?f pat tl.'f ? t op a tbe eosttry tnd the taid f It atif ? ) i ? ? w i t e k* I. llOtT Attorney fwr 4- "eadaat. A fi?pr of the eaptaa for $*? 009 iseoed in liJ a^a n*t J a- Moorre ham) I <?o yreroe-ir sod Kir - srd I K-m hiw waa neit read On the h*".fc of the es^ at w?? ?+ following ? ?Wa ber* by agT*e to Sf jetf s* the return ' f * ' <?'th in wnt. snd i ray the murt U aattr , .t app^a-f. a^ eor'iingty I ated January l? 1S.i4 (/*gn**i M'?nr? e ?4 I hM?ana?r Hi'hsrdl KeastU *? p f 'f Hrfi lab 4, 1 ^ an Uftotry H. ^S'l .^li l Marsh si.'' l>ie D"t es of trini tstwsd be Mr J I'rea '4 Hs l **a*i i f H StU/rney /O tb August 1*61 t?a oet s1 ts ' after a? ma tr/afi *ot the f *.?rt ' r?We? ? e f ? ? ' ? , j e^snd otar 'o neit ^st-.rdsy wesi. for the f ?* p a* f*( pT'adurlr ,* other a^ ' Sfitt Tti^ !> rtaftoti Mtrllng at TaavaVtwr' ) ? TO Tlt? It'fTO* Of TMK meal l? ! rr 4 " ' a* m ? i.aa* appear a- ' ? '? Cre*,. >ut# n tie p?Sl abe-l I ?t ef ?,/*..-* ' e ?e.ft nr^evinr at I so ma ay ?n Th n g' * '? p'e?#?t i>f.r aia gay name ua?i w?ti a r ?? t *?r fcrv w.e-.ya ! am t r eV>*sftl ZlBMrt* Ml SSS W ?#? af' ot ? U k* pnrlt/aaka w o "ae??i *4 a* r.g , 4 / ki tfc: I Poller fulfill fnrr. I'll A It OK or t'ALHK rHlMNOM. Yeaterday, officer Sweeny, of tl?? J???r polio* court, , ?fre?te<l a prrw n, named Charle . II \V. Cook, on* <?f the | prapriatora of (hi American ISmrt, ch? r*e?l, on the com ! platat of CharVa C<d?, of lb* Brn of K< 'Ut Cole, p?|>?r i dealer*. wltli having obtained a |i.autl y of printing |>i per for thia new paper un<Vr fa'? ami f "andulent pre Unnti. 'Ihe ninplainaiit nllrf* *Nat the' acniaad ap pHrft to brm for mmr paper amtabfe fur tb?* oew?pap*>r knaint**, ?tatmg that he purch?eiO|f >t ? <? behalf of tt* proprlMnra of tli* .1 mmran Tim 'f, mi l th *' he rep r*?entnl the capital >to-!k of the proprietor* an 'ounted lo $!>?,9t*l, $12,MH>of wNit li had already o^-ii |..n l m, thai, the -n mplaiumit bahe-. iu,j tt e reyr> a< n".>liun* i >' Cooae to b*- true, aold biui pap?*r, for ?l ich lit hhi to I** paid every Monday ; that ha In* never *n?n?l any |ort of tbo i.isnev one "'e concern, which unoiDt* l<> about f.'lftn. Tht* ro?i( Wlnant fi* "ther that !<>? ha ? dn i-o?ere.i the pta'emetit ?? trade bv tHe aciuae! to ha\? been falue, that It. ri uveraatiun with the accuaed, he ?t mi tied tl eie hud n M be-n a uj part <>| the iu?e?<*?l in the concern by hiai or ai;y of the 'itlier proprietor , 'Ihe accuanl waa breuirht before Ju?tlt/? Connolly, at tie l ower polirr court, wheie he waa hcM to bail in the i iim of f'lHito anaeer tbe charge of faKi pro??*?ce*. Ilail laving bir ? prin i rml, tlie a :cuaeil k m liberated froia eoatody. CMAIUIK Ol (IAMBI. C90 AT TKXI'IVI*. Yeatenlay. a man nittn*d I'eUt Doraey i*tipe?.c*d before , .tuati< ? Connolly, at the Totnba, Mid profem-d a ohargo of gambling agauiat unr William laiwe. '1 1>? rot-tplalu int ? tab a that he met the accuiad ia the lie (hi arbooii of Catherine ninibet that he there iudu<*d bur. aero in putty Mm to a tropin alley kept b y Montr<tvil!? la>wnrre, No (1 Cherry atreat, ami there join with bun In a ao <1 game that while there, with U?w*, he mu>l>- xeveral j bi'tn on tbe reault of tbe ^amea ? the amount1! 'aryinx lii-tn llfty eanta u |> to twenty dollar* that he liet nutil he l< at about which waa w?n from hint b; l.ow>' ? ml Otliera. Juatice t i.nnnlly, on heanuK tlie atatem lit ol thu I'uioplainaiit, tanned a warrant lor tbe arrest of I tbe accuarii, who waa taken into custody by otbcwr Rue, and held to luttl uijtlie -mm nt J'iimi to answer t lie | charge. cnAuiiK ok I'ln^iNd ai.triuih ni i.i.i. Y eat* nlay oOcer Kauch, of the Ki^lith ward police, arrf?ted man iiMtnotl FrMiTick. VVilklnn, who Mian-id clmrR?Ml with two |>i I ! h . From tbo coin plmntM hi A'l*' n^innt th? locu??i it Aj>i?rar< that he en t+r?d th? ston* of H.inri.ih Ottoo, N?? 1 v?S# I'Hm.w itr<*? t, j in 1 pMM<i Upon li 9 r ft 0D? Mil HQ tlMI OliMtll hauk, i f lh?? city, Uit??r?"l to a II v? Jai i** lVii*ll?t>ury, of IH4 l*rilft*r?" t?'*til^??ii tii ii t thH a? PUS* I JI an All I a onc? dollar bill on thi? l>?poalt I tank of IMiwur*, alter* i to a five, in for hoqi<* meat tltat ti*> l?oui(ht at tt e htore of tiifl complainant. The ai.ctiM>?i wan i?r<?u^ht ? fore JiiMticc l avi'ou, who committe*! him fur itumin i U?m. No t?a?l or counterfeit money wan found in t!k?? I'OiM*.*hiou ol the accuHed when arreate?|. HT A Hill NO CAHK. | A man cam.-d llanjamm Htewait wMtUn'Uog io front of bin roaldaara, on tba Kith Pafnta, on W-Mnaalay rr.4? ::^u,s i ansa? - ??"???" - "? Al.f.KUKI) KKI.OMOIH ASSAtfT. Y.-au-rday, I.,. Main, ?f M'J Broom. ?.r~t. ?pp.?r*l b'lor.. Juatlce I?avid..,0, .t tb? Haooqd Dutilot Col,?, Court, and in*. If a ciuplalnt agaioat hi* m*i. Cbarlaa Maira, ? youth about 10 y,.ar? of a*#, who, h* .ib-go |, atabbid him in tli.. arm with a abaatbknlf*. The ?. 'ilZ'nil1!!" V""' ''.V Ut* " *"> t. tin ? hi* nt*. mi l j,u <*r.c*Hioi? r* fcrrc ri t ? ? h???in/ r... r> i'li'l M I1'! hr ",l ', r 1,11 li'" h* a kni'f* ?I'1 I ??>*(?> wo,.n.| In hia fait. or , *mi M.? pilaooar ??> to bava aaii.-d |? t|?. Atlantl.- a aht rl tin,.. b".";?r \iimZ*r*u?irhv uru '""!. i.i.on,fnT.uutofJ;"X!rTUun c,","n,u-1 f CHAItOK OK RKlKIVINO *T0|,|Tn- QOOM. Ytalarday aflarucoa, offlr.ara Wabb and Hmltb, of tb? r (:"urt, air?U.| * ,:?.iar In aaoud hau l : j.walrjr, namad Jullua Ifavia at hia atora, No. 410 P*arl J alieat , who ?tM,|, i:barK?| with Laving bought a ' tot atolan from Abn.r Km bar.!.. of Cumberland .tmK ; ?<???>>???. .tola,, Tha *,..T w , m ??t,?b ? u,r naonjd Win M.iormaek for tha .,f fJ n'l,wuth It i* v?iu." I v tha owMr at |ao n?. , < mni'i i : ?* u'? l"?"? I'oll. - court who committal In m for ?XAmtnAtioa. ALI.KOID UHAN/j I.AKCIflr. A '."man woman, namad Catbarioa ( rat< waa ar ! f'atrd *>on. a.lajr b/ol?l,ar Dmlon. of tha Saranlb ward iuio*' ?h,r'rd.t,"i-' i1"1"!' * *?" -?u|< ??! no THii.ll at . fr. Ill Ai.a lr??-', ?f |u|n,,f.r I 1 .7 f "" tl.a a. who waa ronmitUd for tr *1 by Juatira Walab. CflAKOK.M OK OHlNf> I.AIH fcsy, I'afrirk Mi-Knarnjr waa arr-abdby o!fl ar Murr?? of tha 1-aron.l Matri^t |-ollca Court, char, ad ... tba cm pbiint of I hlli,. MrI>oual.| with kafin, .tola. 1100 fr,?? I ?h'l? ba wii partially into, I, ,u I T,? e,?M j pUltunt .Ufa. that ha boar, ?| with tba ?? , | that, n tha 17th of January, >b la ba waa in an m I t...irala.| atata alltin< l-.,da tha at?,a in tba houaa ..f I ntr, U* pUf Li? hMo?l into th? k. t of ? 1 .'">??t ?n'1 U..k tb-raf,? ,h? ,um ThJ : I "f tl.a a> ru.a ?Tordla< to M la ml ? afTI la> < UlYlTk!. ; f/"' "" !h* ' '??* *?' ?? nay f r..|n tha po. kat of tba romplaioant Iba r, .??ar w*. u?a? b# f i . r ?* I .j,? ,?,W blm UlJ t<) %u >h* cbirgft biin A woman namad Aon- K?, . waa arra.t-d by all^ar ...ii 'i' ( ' **r'' f'""' *"?' brought ?-f r* Juatira I arlMin, .h.ri(. .! with baaing ?|,?an I , fr,,,,, ?tbarlnaMeVvillaa, of 61 Hart."" ?t?. t A portion '.f ..nil" "D'\a." " '? alla^a.J, f.,?nl In ti '' t h" *" 1 """ Uk' i, J i,.,'. 1 bail bo r'"""'il",n",r '"r trial ln.>f,?:t ./|j t llAHUKf) WITH HK( HVIMJ HTOLKS ?k* fgaaal* Maoabald ari l Hinltb, of tba I/, war Poll.. ! ? ?.url,] ju?. Juw,ph< %n,, . Arant, nali i a. .,f (iarmany, eharf* I with bano? la(1<bt 1 a uantity of a.U an I ..tin ?.a,!.,^ ib. u. ! h??a In. n .tfjlan 1),. rhar<a waa laid on tba a?|.Janr? of a U.I nama.1 -mdb wi.o taaliOal ii,?, . ,,u .i,a r-?da fr-^a a at/.ra m V lu.n t , thr? . ? pr, .party to tba ar. oaa.' ?!,? [,a aila^a. k?. m tha 'o ba?a barn .li> bonaatly oLtainaa] wb.a In.y p.irrbaaa l ? otarl of lirnrral Naaaluna. lMo>? Hon Its. ordar Haitb. ?<[ ASH I.AIU Ma*<u S ? Joaapl, HlnrJalr, a youth of aViu? nlnata- ,, jaar- of a?a, waa InJi- t. I for .lwalln? two wal^haa from JuMpt. Cafaabln of ?l Naaaau .tr-at Oimplainant ? tatad that tba prtaoaar eama iaVi bia ai/. ra on tha I .ill 1 'f Jaa.iary. and aai l ba ha.1 laan aant tbara f.y Ja.-ob I'aaia, ia frlatd of conplalnantj for two waUltaa Hia watebaa wara not ?i>?n Io b.nj, and aft?r ba lafi tha ?U.ra tba Wat' baa wara m ..a.) <> io| .Inant narar aaw tha boy baf-.ra ?nd lla quaatluW of lta?!,>y n.ain p?.int for tba coaaida ration of iba i?ry Vardicl fcot (fuilty. in n>ii.A*r in thm tii ihii ninare. M'lu?ky a .;.iap data I y, ,(), ttf la. O ..r .Ulaan, w*. ? ba?*-i ? b buriiai .<??. , an'. no/ tba j?ok .bop of (/?.? Maalaan, 310 at t(l* l. *btof tba iTlb f Jaa .ary, ar. I a'.?i u,.,,., . .(..anily of I..H lin.n r.?. Iba faatrrf tr.a a aa rl.-arly pro tad, and for tt. dafaora, u* *, aai.ity ?*. aa I ?p l?-falbarofl|.apr,^m.r,I,B-r-.1^1 to pro'* I bat ha waa of ?.?a lnUll?a> I a bar* aw , . _ or, tba Ma-rda, .a.., tl.a, ,b. p, ...wr tol ! lb.* **. -bo arra.!^ him, tbat b- -?.i4rf. Ul. ba rr.mj.u r an- ri.a,.a n?i a?! H h* ? ,a a ,aa ?#!. for tba r, u I. la r at an of Iba ;uf? a(l.,h,r a alair.ant aouUj baa. |m, tlii. t,y ??. kn.,w rw V fa 1 11/ lb. pr w,J ba aant b. tba llouaa 1,1 Hatof r kauir m th* rf?*r him* ass. I / a hrr unar, a '?rruAii, au ni?'?d '.,r r, ,r? ,,, ,.|a ? b'atlnf lb* dw.Uif,? fa., ,. a ii M,,,.t ?t/.a .iir. of ?? buary laal a,. ; airai r.( tbaa-a ta.. wa.rouata . oa kak,r,/ n( Io Mward l> Mai- <>l .a! i, |. i . ., | 'dia (bar t~, ut ug la. Altrart K. Maaoa a.iyad at II ^i:jiam II itarbar, wHaaaa pr.aiu ..i hy t ? 'a* tlflad that ..a tba ? .e, ?,* n a.t. ,n .aa ar..- ,?a? .1 .tar ir>a bail o*.r ? f tbia boaaw a <b a al^ht i?a "bat . l a,, a*] through 'ha .. i. Hfbi. at?| aa a ?4,. , . , "ala ia?baa>(?a?tir ,?aa>tiri~i by I'. air , >r,ar> , 'r-m "" an tbat w ,i.a ? f, a.wr waa ar,Ua ? u W.aka o9 with tiaam k? wiiaaaa, arraatal aal to. '. ! bi? tir-t U> aa r.m^.r ? n Iba !a<-n~ ? ?,ntw,. ?bat Ibara waa no pr<-.f . ' tb. ^ra.r ^ , -?... antly ao .. '.a . of t'^. rr r tia , ' *U ! o If.. Ir?d ? nam la l?? yaara awl aa i nth In tba cuta priaoa. wmcia, J'.aapb r. ' ia 1 ' Mwr, . bfa.aifa,,. ,w4 n,, ,.,,4 r, tha >* 7. :V f 'r t" l-tn , Ha waa ?? taa I'aai'.an A4^?i?n) fw tb* Uy ""Mflpal Klartkma. IHOW *CrTH|a? ^ T0B TBOy r t -a.i_ . . Tao?, Marai, : u^.?. ' '"?" ?* ' Maa. ?? u?a ,*!-r tba ^, thai t?^ - SMI o?a a, a ?d ^a-h air -aatua,^. <b? aU#f .-a a,l , ? . tb. Mairaf.u., altto. ^eb II ... w?, 1^,., '"l* ' IV Mayor ba. aoi if. p w.r / ? Itf '.Raat or rail .! ?ay app- ,a'.a???U akaUra, ?A' <??WTl?a row a ?i a. ftr?* fa. I i..?f c. i*,. a. ,*4-. Kaow Hal iaf? 'V, Sfm t't vaaP* w? Tlir 0|M inil< War. TO TMfc U?)TOH or Tlir. MKKAI.P* N*w York, Ma-cb 7, 1N&6. Diufl HlK-^B#lieriog It to l*? your dee ire to *"t*te n^T facta rcLatlve loth? preaent nu l the pa?t of the An??W?JT of Muiic, 1 bf'K tocfirrf t the xtatement of the iBMiilt of mlaru'* which n |?|H-i%r ?*?! in your imup of yertterdarf. 1 he follow nif it a correct ititimrnt of ulirt^n kn agreement ?? ... Malame Herturta, per month. 9*00 into ?tvsfcottli IM M .*lgaor liarill t>00 mat H'lO lfc?lcn?nl MO ?? 400 M Rocco ,4 *00 44 tolettl. .too *< 44 Ha dm 21 1,000 44 1,1.00 | Bignorlna ?tat?ali *00 hoo ToUl %l IM) *.,?!? The two a i tint* LUriH md Holri<*ftt, wen* only i-mfAgetft fo / two week a, w>th privityfa of re mgiiiftiiiwt, an4 cam not, theref.*re, he fU?aed i*notig t !?#? regular current peinea. Willi Higaorina \ tatrali an engagmient ?a* piiiiiiiy a f c w daya jirerioQM to the opeuing of the Academy, at flic rate, accordrag to hrrown pr-'poaitmn, of f |i u |#r mouth -the only ?lifllcu ty being, the* ledr rr<|ulri?g t'ire? umiittie engagement, w."?tle Mi Mhrwleee ??h onl/ willing to engage for ene month, with the orl * liege of renew ug lt>?* eugAgeirent I: imedlataly After the op?*n tig Mr <M* Hull n< hlev?d an engagement ertlli the lady at $MCM |M*r mouth I *r thnh uiontha, wllta ?euiltv Higtior Ka-HaI I.a alw.?y?? in the |,aai rereiv?4 ffom Mr Maretxefc fHOO |i?r month, but thr frienda of Mr ole Hah *u? ? -edt-d in nrrurniK hiir for ft ? 00 |ier oonth for V?ur b? with good aecurKj tor ita pay ment fortn %btly, in Advance Mgnor ling noli a ?i?lary eannot It *111 ed among thw heavy eijw which broke do?o the Aowleiny '?f Manic, itH hi ? engage wnt not r??ogni-*d by Mr <H?? Pill up to ^aturdny evening. Mnr?h ?1, "although hie nctwe wa? nil vwed t.? atijear ? n the bill* of the Academy every da y from tlie ilbtb of February Ibe canaea *?!???? h IM to the preuir % ?i r ?* diaaohiti?ni or the operatic. *?a?oii at t!ie Academy ol Movie, ar* ua?ny nii<! VArioue, uml will form nourmua, moral, ami irntruc live hiatory The aeveral *tuteu??nt* which have ap penred, una the numberie hi rnmora do tr tluUinf About, do r#et <1evelo|M?' the lienrt H the auhjecfe I hAve t tie honor to be your oh#.|l? ni uromt, HKNItY C WJirHOM, Hfirvtiry of the M xwAretn#nl. OL? BVll. TO MA. JAM KM I'lliLKS. Nkw Yom* llorai. Marc4i H, I'kak Sm? You Are |4?rf??rtly AWAre of th# ctrcawi atAfi<e? which inducet! im* to attempt to nwt Abiith Uio ilpera in New York on a aeuure, rn?"tcrAt<? ~-fni p?*r??A neut ba?ia, and ' f the efrnumntAOcea who h piewenuwl the renli.Atlon of our mutual wUheH and of our uiti matt* intrntton to t rttatdi h a conM-riraioey of mu?4o w htch would tend to di?e?*inluAte a gft*ile SMid rWinitMi art and accoin|OUhmant among the p?-<?pi? grnrrAlly % and obv ate tn? uecr?alty f<?r Am?rtcAo? asking muAi * .1 Instruction in I uroj which might an w?*ll i.r given to tliem In their own ountry. Kr i-orti w>tl? which you ?rw well Ac|?iAin4ed, ohligt l un to cU??o th?* Academy ??f Muaic the lil aucceaa ef which I will not attenipt to mpUia t4i you who ar* a<a familiar with all the aOwt' ?? M|< umatAio ? a wliUO pre v? nted a n..f<)ial aupport on the part <?f tli^ pul?A?c You ar?* not ui.acquAltited wltli the fact that I hAtw had rio account ?<f the ie? elpta of !h? Opera, and ttiat lontmuiDgae wr had r o m ra vn I w.iul 1 I?av4* lrivelve?fl my limited m*eu* fat h?)on?l my pecuniary alohty. and my cona? * m;e MJKg',*ted to iu?- the propriety of rloemg the Academy at oure, inet???<l mt ???? easing i?y llrh?tiU?rf? to an i i t? at to which it w eul4 he imp? amnle tor me ever to reaj ? b*i Hin? e th?* cl< T g ??f the e t Ahllahnn-u t I have MM?fi a?iu dry mdicea <?< the public pt>bt?, lo who h I thought It Incnnalalet*' *? ' b my chara<t?r and reput*tle<i to maiiw any r?*ply,but having o^aerv?*4 that you had kimltjr oj * a*"i the A ew.y of Muaie a- a com ett rwoin fortbw *????? lit f the Avtiata rttvl ??mphiyoa of tl*a late ( >p?w a^ troupe r although <t?> biii taieit by the e Iter ta of toe wcrt Cental injury ebi?-b happen?*d to im- thA aerowd day a! ter the op? ning ? t the (iy?va,) I hAVe tl?e honor t?. pruf fer uiy |arMin*l aervttrf, humble ai they may >?e, to f* rform aa an artut , ujr ii the aaeia o? aaion and f?*r ih?' lairm purpoa* At the nau .? time I wlah that you and all the |et*"iia who may be Interested im tha ? o?plo>. in the late oj ? ra c< inpaiiy aht uld bvlte?e tUat thia ? H? r *?f in t w-ro-M Sa not mt* n-i? d in th* bant d^grea to vitmte the ??MigA tlon which la to ina> a aat r?*d duty, t pay to the otnw*at * itrntof m % atohtn a ler aojr pervtce* whlrh in%y Ua?w le?n rtn ^.'d to mef and of which I have auuia^-l tto*? payment during th? |^rio that I wa? e?ftru?|e?l wiii* the mariagemt'iif of the s>\*r a in the A< a demy of Mum. Youre, %ery truly, Of,t Hl.l.!.. Jamkh Vhaikk. K?(| , ( nloo I'Uce, York I lly Inla lllgf m a-. I.i'Tinr ox ' Tiik llna- a ' nr Ho* 7.1IMK'? I>*tt Tli" liora* imf lli* (ubjcrl a lartufa bafr f? lb* M*'baa n-* laatitutr l**t night, tkr U tur*r b? n< tha a *4 Ztiiocb l ntt, tli* a??lt i jr Uon*r A i*<i*'(ti>l? lod ?Dr? <m In tit ntllao- ? -?iM.n< tai ih ? l'tlur^r I* tha Ian I from ah. b tin* nobl* * ilata ortf.uita t fart at* ah i> par' ally |iro??4 ' r tha lack of ln/r*> a Arabia In M?i u, <1 - tlm* al.a-o I ti? j *rr? I 1*M f in ' Ii" '< rna* r " uitr jr Mr I'ratl /i>? a rapt I ili*lr*i q( IIm ui ttit Mir * It* laa<litag va- Maa, unit tli*n | r'ir#?<l?'l Ui data ii'.a* ?*v?rat ot lb* ataat ral* brmtaa] rara bor-at tb* ' I tilllara al l ?linn I'lfr'hff with art *. 'i jl a,f tb*lr |a*'l ?!"?* Tim total ?at inatt'i vilua <4 tlx' b>>ra*< in thi* rountrj m $. i*i fjf*j i i in, rb* l*-at tr< tiara *r* of < mi !i?n ""(la, abiV tli? Aral an h< i?- ? i ? ? I la a ? antar K nia ?*lut>ila i. In' a*i* id?*n a* t? <b* b*it riM*a* of l-r**-! ng liorwa Altar an ?nl ' 'i ? tf i u tba no-la i)ualMt*a of tba born* t/ a Irrt ii r*r ron- In la 1 hi* ra mark ? I ba *u<! *a**? )l*(i*ia*'l in tc . (ila??a l tn<1 al '.?! Willi tl?*j bail brild Tna S'*? -r??rr ?r?i .?<i Mkii >m W* us t*r*tan<l tbat t> " *tr>"t ??'*) >?( ' ? n??, al. b ara t? r*afir O* II- Hi bl**aih( of '!**? atrrata ao I a ; jf fl**l rtl j, bii**rr > *1 from I'lilU '? lj bla, trail ar" no* ua l*r Ua? 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Mr R/<Ui ' >* an aaarann* of I ? im i|i* HI M?rk? loauran-' ( "?#??/ co b a ati ? **??! m b a boaaabi 1 f'lrn ' .rr ?? I - la?l?- aa* init a jur*4 Mr 1U> i.a b I aa ao ><? .rati'* o' II Wi a* laiM ?to?k, '? tb* HI. Mart a *b'l f Jffi on bia faraltara ? .*i 4n A Mitrbaia litra an hiiimx of tAKt on IWr at' ' ? In tt a Attor an t ? 1 Mar* ? la* .ran * 1 'ruipaaia* lba loa* alk |Mk<f a 111 (in.)**' If iiu>. .at t o?ar I- '**? Sra ||i *'?> i >r? i I wrr >iti Wa bata ratal rt4 tl.? " lar fa >.*? >)la|*>a*ar jr ab h ka< b**n Of^a^H at So IW I <>a ! *t>a*t, ia4?f (barfa of l*r fall#ra0, far tl.a fie nt>'*rla( of k?4 rim *n4 a4i>* ta tba rrat a Tl.a mr*\ nilMtt li-in >? (>??' -it |>ra?tit*'*a ? r* n t*l* etlf ar* arr ng tba Ittt of tb* ??? ??* ;b;*l'kaaa 7li? ? f '? linMa ara ba* a*a>i *M - rif^kl* M, forMa/a *i?*p'?1 rb . a. I,? i??a, ? I * ao.ii'l ' tpmattf "*ta? ? ?I lb ? 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Mi aa * ? ? *a*r aaa 4 * 7 r*a it tlva ? ba>-?a *' I at>? | .(.Hair V* Kaaal' > Wa. or ra.^rat fito , I, a ?? ? I'r ar traadi *a? 1. Sf nlf i a "4 -tola*. 17* Irahual *41 'aaraaaa r ! aataav "mtti." I' Tiara ba** baa? p in i a* ipckl ^a-'a-.a r ' l.Wl pr*** a I tuaaaa 1 a r/Mt Ii ? f. ?? ? aa .* i II. *aaa>a**t *<? it>ri/a tb ' ?aatr? ' a|aaiataa-Thla l*af. IN flU i Vara' S aaa | i bl 5ati )W. I 'HI, l'/IV I "t- I 'M, lot |('M 1?M I* * I ' ' I l?\ I ItM, I'HU I'M I' M I Ht I'aW l??: 1 >*? I' ??, 1 -W, Mb I IWJ, l<A?, I ?* l*T. ItM l?t. mi, !???, I"/*, Vh*( i -.'( i?r4 1"*?, v.?, -.i

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