Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1855 Page 1
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NO. 680. UMTfiO Sl'AlEs MAILS. I :ai Ornci Dw>A>TXfjrr > l broaiy 10, UU. j PftOPOML? for r?rryinr tb? mailt of OTnifod Hta jp^ r m Jchr 1, lt*5, to Jow? 30. on ?? ?? frl In iti# MA >K. VgK NT, MA*8 vCaL8ETT3.*n NEW Y RKjfroin f 1. lSi5, to Jane Cu, 1S36, oa the f dL'wtac j* la MEW J1R-??:Y, rtN3?iTLTAMlA. DEL are, MARYLAND and ohio; aad U m -ulj l?6>. t"1 J?n? 30 ia:s. oo t^# ?oUow!nz Ttmte? ;ti \bama. MldSIR?'P'l. >UtJlN<AS. loc:8l t\, TK\K9, KENTUCKY. ^I.VR-Sr*, MI3 *tri. iowa. ?ioiro *. iujno a. witouN ;iN, INDIANA, and MINNI*M>t\, NEBKAfKA, ? nl k *N8AS TerrttorV*, *r?! h? raori v?l at tha Contr- Jt Cffl* of the i ->t?t L. i^rtmrut, \Va?h in^tc . d. C.. ua* I 5 p. r... / pril * ?. IS36. tnb? ikiad by 3dtli of I'm ? irjotb, fjr ?&? n* *t p irt, rou es t*iuOiu'.id &y act oj A uiuit 3, 1S64.) VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. ?., FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 18o5. Maine. (F,(m Ju1 y 1,1855. to Jute 30, 1857.) From Hsyneaville, by Bacc-roft Plantations, to Weston, 1ft rril?M ^aJ b ck. twin a vnk Laave HaynesvUle Tuesday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at We t^n <ia>? day by 5pm Leave Weet n Tuesday and Saturday a 7 a m Arrive at Haynecv.lli- mii* day by 12 a. 143 From Ricbin nd by Kirbmoiid Ccru r, L'tch fl 1! t>, iv 1 Fav.a tua, to Le?istoa, SI mil#* and bark, tv n?> t me* a we-k. Leave Richmond Monday, M ddnasday, asd Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Levfeton same day by 1 p m L-ave L*?ljtr b HowiLiy, Wtdneaday, and Fri day at 2 p m Arrive at Richmond ram? day by 9 pm. 14-4 Fioa touthwrrt Haibcr by Cranberry Jaie#, 4 miles ar-U be k oaea a week. Leave PouthwKft Harbor ?aturda^at 1pm Arrive at Cranberry I.?le* came day by i'J p m Leave Cranberry I 1 ?? ?aturlay at 3 p n. Arrive at H.rbor ?ra? day by 4| p m 145 From Narr.gnaTas, Ly DebWs, t> B*l<iinct:n, %) m lM and back, on^ea week Lave >'an?fuaz*? Wedu-s Jav at 8 a m Arrive atBeddingtoo seme day by 2 p ill Leave B.'ddiog on We In*a 'ay at 3 p m Arrive at N - rrague ga< earn * d-y by 9 p m 149 From Machias by Morthfi.-M, W^Jey. Cr?w ford ani Alexander, to ? rinot^n, 49 mile* an 1 back, occe a wr? k Leave S.a*'ilas Tuetdsy at 4 a in a rrive at Pr;nc -tou sauw d .y by 8 p in Lsave Princeton Wein'S.ay at 4 a ni Arrive at Macb a11 same day by 8 p m. Pr posali to terminate route at BaileyrlTle, ousting Priccet-n, are invi ed 147 From Ma h ai toMacli aajort, 4 miles end btk, three time* a we k Leave Mach'a^ Tuesday, Thursday, and Fatur day at 8 a m Arrive at Ma:hiajport -am- dsy by 9 a m Leive Maobiarp rt Tursiay, Thursday, and 8alur *ay at 10 a m Arrive at Machias seine day b/11 > m. Proposal* to: aiz times a w^ek eerr ce are in vited. VKEUJONT. (FVowa Jay 1,1855, to June 32,1857.) 484 From 9risgfi;ld. by Nort'i Fprin^8*ld. to Gas aett'a btal on, 8 i:iilea and oa:k, fix time.' a week. Leave Sprtn,;fl(ll dai'y, except Sunday, at 10 am Arrive ?tG?seett's Sttlion <ime day ty 12 m Leave Gas*-*tt's SUtion daily, n; pt Sunday, at lpm Arriv^at ?pricgfi->lJ someday by 2p m. MA^SAliHlMKTTS. U Frt*i Juy 1,1*54. to Jure 30,1857 ) 709 From Xahant t"? Lynn, 5 miles and ba~k, r'x timrj a wwk from Jane 1 to Getcb-rl,and three tlm-s a we?k re idue of year. L*ave N?La-.t daily, except day, *t 9 a m .Arrive at Lynn umo day bv ; 1 a m Leave Lvbd dally. ex< ept tu r?d??y, at 12 ta Arrive at Mbhant sam- nay by ii p m Leave Ma)*au: Tues:ay, Thursday, a nJ ? .daj at 9a a Arrive at Lvnn a me day by 11 a m L ire Lyan J'uesiay, Taar?Jsy, ani Sa'urds y at 12 m Arrir* at Nahant same day by 2 p m. S?W YORK. (Frcm July 1, 1855, to June 30, 1857 ) 14o6 From CaatiU, via S: llflen^, Hi ver Road Forks, and B-ook a Grove, to rm?carora, 13 milts and b*~k, on w a wetk Laava Casti e btturlay at 1 p m Amv- at 'Xa c?:ora -an>e 3ay by 5 p m L*sV? Tu-u ora batu day kt7 a m Arrive at. a Ule r?? d*y by 11 a m Bi l* U^ '.ac t;ipi a week wiil Us coafckit red. 1487 From Lc;kp'-r", r a Coom'r, to Wil on, 11 mii?? and oa k. Kc? a w?ek L?i<> L:rk, irt caf irday ?t 1 p m Arrive rt H ^aiue lay by 6 p m L^ave W.l^ju da'ur<av at 7 a ra Arnve at L^rkport -ame day by 11 a m Bidder* rheuli specify the at-rm^diatt oflew. 14<33 from Otego to i>utu?rau&*, 12 nileiaad b*ck, one* a werk. L*ave *. 4*go Monday at 8 a in Arrive at Butteruuta raui? uay by 13 m Leave ButU r:u*s Mc nday a*. 9 p m Arrive at Otego came -'ay by 6 j> in J4<0 From Rou^h .nd it 'Vnite'a Ccrn^nt 1 evn*ylvaoia, 20 mtl *asd back, once a week L*av? Rough anl Beady Thur^Iay at C a m Arrve at White's Corners imuidiy by 12 in Leave Wkito'e Cornera Thursday a: 1 p m Arri.e at Boagb aid Roidy ?aine day by 7 pm 1470 From Tramacabur;, by S* arjbur^ anl Ft iao bur?, to North licet or, L! mue? and back, twice a week. L*avv Tromacjtburj Tu->'diy and Friday at 1 p m ?rriva at North tlflor same days by 5 p m Leave North Le;tor Total-yanl Friday at 7 am Arrive at Trtmansburg crnae days by 11 a m 1471 From Utic.\, via Kerb Ua?e. and Groreravlle, to Russia, 14 m lei and bark, twice a w ek. Leave tUaa Tuesday ani Fr'.cay at 3 p m Arrive at Russia Mine day a by 7 p ra Leave Rural* Tue-day and Friday ?t 7 a m a* Uti a rame days hy 11 a m Bids km- three trips a week ire invite 1. MEW JEHSEY. (/Win July 1,1!55, to June 20,18iC.) 9111 From Princeton to I.iw-en<*?v,ike, 8 milea and back, t^rae timee a week L*ave Princeton 1 oasiay, Thursday, and Sat arday at 8 a m Arrive at Lawr-?nc?v ille t aine days by 10 am Lrave L?w renreviile same Uaya at 4 p m Arrive at Princeton same days by b p m t ropo-aie far s>x liu.-s a wt?.. rerviee will be oc n iuered 9113 From Washington, by Taylor's Mill. Kerra Vllie, and Fi'inm* aud H- ay* Mills, 10 VI eana, 10 niiie* an4 tack, twi.-e a*Week Leave v>^tcn Wedne day and ;aturd*y at 3 p m Arrivs at Vleota raiae dtji by C p m L^ave Vienna Welne-nlay aid raturdayat & am'" Arrive at Wa.h'ngtco saias days Ly 11 a m PKN NdY LV'AN IA. (From July 1, 1854, to June SO, 1568 ) 9S94 From Fritd?nsbur^h to Kehoy'.kill llavan, 4 m le? and back, tfere* tlm/J a we>k L*av? Friaaenaburgh Tuceday, Ihurrda/, and ^ai uriay at t> a m Arrive at 8>dmy'k:il Haven came days by 7 a m Leave Schuylkill llaven asm* day - at 12 m Arrive at Friadencburij tame days by lpm Propoadhfor six tlsiee a wesk fervK?e will te coatiltrel. 9895 Fr?? ttorlon^vM a, by In*, rcoars*, to Hat, & milea aodback thre.* t'ai w a ?e k Leave Gordon vibe 'i'uealay, lliursday, and Satarday at 11*^ a m Airive at Hat raiue diys by 1 p ui l>iave Hat -ain* day at 3 a m Arrive at Gorden?v.ll * rame days by 9}^ a m Proposal^ Ibraix timei a will be eoaalderei. 9899 From O lumb'a, by Manor and lllghviiie, to Bafe Uaroor, 10 m lea and tack, three timrs a week Leave Columbfa Tuer-Uv, Thursday and Satur day at if a m Arrive at Fare Harbor fame days by 11 a m Ia?ave gaf Harbor Same days at 2 p m Arrve at Columbia rame days by ? pm Propoea a !er six timei a we k esiVl-e wdi b? eonatdered 9297 From Christiana, by ?myrra, l^ay, Qu?rr/ v lie, ani Me hanics' Grove, to Ch' ?"nut Level, 19 niles aid ba-k, three t ae> a week Lear? Chriatiaxa Tee d<y, TLur d*y- ? " ?** ?rd*y at ti a a Arrive at (.'Leetnut Lcv.lsame days by 13 m L ave L her taut Lvel days a*. 2 p m Arrive at Chriitiaua eatae .ays by 8 p m Propocals lor six tints a w?*k servfe.* will be uoasidered. 9898 Frost Kixa r".- by WiUlam^town. llarriaoa t-vwa, Fpriagaeli Ml.ia Uat anl Moaat Hcpv to lutaronrse, 7 milet and baak, ocee a week I**ve Kime:'? Monday at 11 a m Arrive at lntcrconr.* same day by 1 p m Leave InterY<ura* A?y at 7 a in Arrive ?t Kinaer'e >?ia? day Ly 9 am prrp?a'd Vr three tins a wc.-k jervtoe *U1 ba coa^-id ted 9899 From ?a?? Hail; r b/ Lib rty Square to Buck, 19 wiea ai.d ba a, t ioe ? we k Leave Bale TUtL^r Mcniay an l fntarday at 8 aaa Arrive at Bu&a. taiu days by 12 a L?ve Buok lueaday and Friday at 8* m A Tire at frale Hat b r same day* by 12 m I nopofala ?or thre*. thriea a week servlee will hi . considered. 9700 Fr> m York ga!p ?ur Sp ings by Bermudian, Hall and Davte,burgh to York, 20 milts and back, onre a wet k Leave York Sulphur Spring* Saturday at 8 Arrive at York atme day by 2 p m Leave Yvrk Monday at 8 a m ai Yoik tfuiphur Springs uot day by ? p Ui 0701 From Strasburgb by Martiasvil'e, Hew Provi dence and Camar^o to Quarryvdle, 9 an? back, three limes a week ? ? Lsave fcti as burgh Tuesday, Thursday and fat crJay at 8 a m ArriT" at Uunrryville ram t days by 11 a m Qusrryiilleg.m? d*ys by 12m Arrive at fc'trafbjrgh same >J ays by 3p m Proposals for six times a woek service will be , considered. 970J from Ster ingville by Lynn to Nicholson, 18 mile* ?Ld ta:k, mo? a week 'nave Meringvi 'e Tuesday after arrival of i .western mail, ?ay atS a ta Arrite at Nichols same day by 12 m L*ave Nichois Tuesday at'J p ca Arrive at Sterlingvilie BAine day by 6 p m 9701 Jrem Pehrercbar;h by phaffn r*s St?re to Wom*l?iorf, 9 mile* and back, tries a week Leave Rehrertbarg Monday and Frid<;v at 8 a m Arrive at Wrme'sdorf mm? dsy by 11 a a Llave Wcme'sdcrfsame days by 12 m Arrive at Rehrer burgh ?am* dsyc bv 3 pm. 9704 Fr> m Rehrersbirgh ey Mo nt Aetna avd Alt 7. on to L b?s.on, 14 mile? an;.' bi k, once .1 ' we?k L-ave Kehrer; bur?h We<*cea-l?y at Cam Arriva at Lst anon rim? day by 12 m Leave Lebanon WVia aday at 1 p m Arrive at K-trei&burgh earn* day ly 7 pm, V705 Frcm M-r-Lni by kiddle's Settlem nt to I WewmansTillj, ? miles aad ba.k, mce a ' week BiJdirs will ?t?te tke dia acen and prcpoee a schedule of d^paiturea and arrivals. 97C6 lrom >Ioe< Urn by Coxtowa to Piincetcwn, 5 mi es and back, once a week Leave Morei?>m Wednesday at7 am Ax rive at Prince own Bam*- day b? 84 a m Leave Priicet< wn Wednesday a? 0 a m Arrive at Moselein .uua d y by 1^ a m Prop sals !of twice a week service will bt con s dered. 67C7 From lUnstm by Milwaukie and Fald M*>nnt to Clark's Oreea, 13 m l?j and beck, twi* a wnek Leave Kans^m Monday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at C.arfc's Green pame days by 12m Leave Clark's Green *ame ??aja at 2 p m Arrive a Hansom ?am days by 6 p m 9708 From HolliJaybjghtoMartinburgh. 12mles and bark, six tloars a week Leave Uoilidajsburgh daily, except 8nnd v, at 12 m Arrive at Vartin-burgh same days by 3? p m L?*v? Mar inoburgh daily, exc?p fund^y, at 8 a m Anive at Bcllidaytbjrgh fains days bv 11' a m. * 9709 From La Grange by 11etch's Por.d t> Factory, viile, 8 miles and bsu.t, one* a week Le* ve Li Grange Saturday on arriva of Tut.k htmnock mail, e%- at 1 p ni Arrive at Fact ryvllle s;ia.e d v by 3 p m Leave kac orytiile raturiiay a: 4 p m Arrive at La Giange earne day by 6 p m t713 From Canton, sy ^deafbir*, to Libertv, 16 miles and ba^k, once a week Leav* Cantoi {Saturday at i a m Arri* ?? at Liberty aame day by 12 m L ave Liberty Saturday at 1 p m Arr ve a'. Gautcn Kauie J*y by 5 p m 9711 From Ticga, by Hammond's Cre'krnl Mill* Kid^e,:? aeely cieek, N. Y, 1? miie< and la k, once a week l*ave Tlrga toci day uStm at Seely Creek .?am? day by 12 m liCAVH ge?ly Cheak Tuea?lay at 8 a in Arrive at Tioi* same day by 12 m 9712 From Kn w tho?, by Kyl-rtown an I Graham ton, tutl-axfeld, 27 ui Iss and tack, twice a i week Leave Snow Stoe Tuesiay at! Ttor?d?y at 11 a m Arr.veat CU?rfi*)d tame day? by 8p ci Le^ve tleerfleld Wttdnesda-, and Friday at 8 h m Arrive at Snow Sbo? eanie dajs bv 5pm 9713 Jir m Mercersburg, by Mlvaa, to lianeo-k. Md , 27 mil's acd ba k, once a week Lrave Mercer?bur< Monday -*t 8 t m A*rive at Hai -ork Sf me d?y by 5pm L?ave Hancock Tue^eyat 8am Arrive at Mereer?bur~ came day ty 5 p m 97U Frcin Ner* Mills, by West Bar re. to Pine Qrov* M'lli, 10 u. lis ani ba.'k, one a week , 1 eave Nefi's tills ^a nrd y at 8 a in Arrive at Pice Grtve MUli stuis dsy by II I & in L'ave Pine Giove Mlils eaturd?y at 2 p m Arriv? at Neff b Milli wmi day by 5pm 715 Frim Uar:eo?burtr by n?iu Gro>v#, Slippery Rock, Borard's Mill-, and Ananda'e, ta Ncrtii 1 Hope, 25 m !? and i'ack. oaee a wet k Le?T* Ui.r!e..sbur.o S turJay a' 8 a ra Artivs at North Hope mime day by 4pm Leave North Hope Monday at v a in Arrive at Ilarlensbur* fain* day hy 4 p m 9716 Frcm Kittariiag, by C caran'n Mil a. tb Ap^l- ! !*>, 24 mile - and tuck, encs a week Leave Kitlanirg W?lcevav at 8 a in Arrive at Apoll same day by 5 p ta L-ave Ap l o fu-'giay at 8 a m Arrive at Ki'tatila^ -aa)e day by 5 p m 9717 Frcm Wo>dc *k, b7 TeeplVa and Fr:sby'sSet tlement. to Wa:crford, 23 mi!, a and tack, cnc a week Le^v- yooJro k WeJn^sJay at 7 a m Arrive at Wa'erfrrd tame da? by 4 p m l>?ave Wa'er.'ord Thnr^li-y at 7 am Arrive a' Wiodjo^k Fains d'y by 4 p m 9718 From ^luhltfnbargi, by It>se, Sweet Vsllsy, an i l^tke, to Lehman, 18 mil s an 1 Lack, ' one-a Wewk Lrave Mul lenbur^h MouJay at 8 a m Arrive at L?hm?n F?.me day by 2 p ui Leave Lehman Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Mu i enbtirgh earn- day by 2 p m Pn>po?%l-? tor twice a week set vies will De ron S derid. I>ELA WAKE. ? ' (Fron Jane 30,1856, to Juiu 30, 1856 ) 8814 F cm Newark, by CoO?h's Bridge, Olargr-sr, and Summit Bnltre. to Mlddl town, MJ., 17 mll^s and b*c<, three times a we?k Leave Newark Tue.'day, Ihur.'day and S.tur day at 1 p m Arrivi a* Mil Uptown same days by 7 a m L*ave Midiletown sam? days >t 7 a m Arrive st Newark fane da>s by 12 m Proposals to run six times a week will be eoa fideted. MARYLAND. (From July 1,1855, to June 30, 18^6.) 9017 Frcm Anasostia to Mount Wt Iby, 4 mil*Mar<] bsck twice a we-, k Leive Anacottia Monday and Friday at 8W a lj at Mr unt Welly samo day* by 9^ a m Leaew Mount W? l'ty sam* days at 7 a m Arrive at Anaeo&t;a tamedays by 8 a m ?>918 From Mount Airy ta Lamiccus, 7 miles and I a<*Ji, noe a week Leave Mount A:ry ta'urday a' 12 m Arr at Dana cui fame d?.y ty 2 p m '*? e Dama-cui Saturlay at 7}^ a m at Mount Airy ta<ce day ty 9 a m 9349 Fr m lait New .Market to Crotcbett'e Ferry, (?n l orcbester county,)8 m l^s and hack, once I a Afsek Leave Ka?-t New Market Saturlay at 8 a ui Arrive at Crotdiitt'a Ferry Mime day by 11 i am L?ave CrctcLett's Ferry Sa'urlsy at 12 in j Arrive at Kaet New idarkst canu> day by 2 | p m 9950 Frim Snrw liiil by Na'aLigo Fu nace ti Pri^ceas Aon, 21 miles aid bick, once a week I. ave ?now Hill Tuesday at Sam Arrive at Pr.noess Ann ?*m* (Jay by 3p m Leave Pritcea A-.n W'dn--iday at 8 a 111 Arrive at Stew Hi 1 sema day by 3 p m. U>ol Freui White Haveu to svii.e, (in Scui- I ersV. ocuaty.) ? in lei a-id ta-k, once a j we' k Biiders will state the dutaac-*, and propose a i aebedule of d pafturas aud arrivals. Wsi Iti m CanbtidRe o But krtcwn, 10 m >? and , ba< k, on e a week Lsar umVil^ *>1 leslay at 7 a m Arriva at buck t wa by 10 a m L ave Uu k-itdwn Wedoerday at 3 p m Arm e at Caaabr die fami day by 6 p m. 9.'&> Fri-m Glen Kock by Het ioa'sA Kroll's Mil's to i Maucbeat-r, 13 mlUsani back, three timet a week Leave Gl<n K/rk Tttnlay, Tbur day ani Sator d >y st 10 a m Arrive at Manchester sam3 days by 1 pm Manehwiae' saae days at 2 p m Arrive at G.en Hock same days by 6 p a Proposal for tHx times a w?*k service will te considered. oeio. ( Frcm Ju'n 1, 1*55, to June 30,18*6 ) 10480 From Bloomingion to Crow Roadi, 4! miles M i baek, onee a week f/6uve Blromiagtnn Saturday at 1pm Arrive at Crow R^wi same day by J J p m i*ara Crt*s Boad^ataniay at 3 p m Arrive at BloMnlugt t t>ame days by 4| p in Prop tain for three tim? s and for six t met a w?k ar^ iuvlte i 10481 From Cnnnomrinirg to Ada,12mi egandba k, once a we-k Mare CannonFburg Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Ada win* <Jay by 12 m L)ave Ada Sara? cay at 1 p m Arrive at Cannoifbu^g rnn ? day by & p m 10182 Frcm drcinnari (b/riviT,) by iiigginspore to Geo-getcwn, 51 a?d buk, once a week Leave Cincinnati -aturuav at 5 a m Arrive a Georgetown Fame day by W m Leaya 'ieorg*to*n Haiard*vat 1pm Arrive at Cmcinnari sam - day by 8pm 1*1'iposale for tar<e and for li* 'ini -b a week are invited. 104S;: *rom Ctfcevl.'e by rarbyvllle a^d Five Ki ita to M .unt Sterli.g, 8l" miles and beck, twic - a we*k I*aveCircleviile Tuesday ond Friday at 9 a m Arm a at Mount Me: ling kime days bv 4 p ta l*ave Moant Sterling Monja) ;iaj Satjrday at 8 a m ' Arrivj at Circleville uuik days bv 3 p m. 10134 From Circleville by East RiigoiO, Hedve'a Store ?i.d Tea UsrJen to Litbcp lis, la mi es and ha. k one*a *eek laave Cuclivill" Friday at 6 a a Arrive at Lihop.ll? same i aj by 12m Leave Lithopclts Friday at 1 p m . Axnve at Clrc eville samaday by 7 p m 10436 From Preeburg to Liuis'llle on Ohio a d Penn?y vjniarailrui 1, 8mil -a aau back, one* a weak L ay# Frrebu g Saturday at 12 in Arrive at L >uitville samediy by 2.', p m Leave I. a stille H*tu:day at 8 p m Arrivekt Freebur* samedsy j p m 10430 From Gree firid l>y Good liope iW Wa hiozton, 7 mil<*e and b?ek. once a ne^k I/?*ave Grjenfi-dd BaturcUy at 1 p m A rive a Washington t ame d*y by 3 p m L-ave Washington atunUy at CJ o m Arrive a- G eenfie d fame dry Ly 6; p m 10437 From I-ontrn by Ltwrenc. FarLace, Mount Vernon Fnrnace, olive Furnace, DickerK.n's Forge and Washington Furcaoe to Oak liil!, j 32 tuib s ani b ?ck, cr:c-? a week Leave Irootun frrijay at ti a m Airive it Oak Hil' ram* day b7 ft p m J j >ave Oak liili haturd *j at 6am Arrive at Ire nton sua-! dty by o p td Pr p eals foi m re frequent t ips axe invited 1043* tram Ironton by Ballard's JtiilK IceCre.k, i Greas* RiJge, hankiu'* ttor* and >o.thrup'? | to Ga-Lpo.ii, 45 milei aad l-ark, cucj a week Leave Irontn Friday at C a in Arrive at UAili^oll^ sam*? dsy by 9 p n J^>ave(i 11 poiii Sataidav at6 a m . Airiveat Iiontm etine d y by 9 p m ?. P opoealBfar moro lre-i Je -t tripe ar* ln>ittd. I043S> Fri>m L ma tj Arc<toia aai V?u:'0J. to Mcr- j ? c^r, ^5 mil-*8 and back once a week. L>*ve Lim t Friday at S a in A.nvc at Meic-r 8ait<! day ' y 4 p a Leave M*rc:t 8 tur.Uy ai 6 a m Arrive at L<r.iu sai ;e day by 4 p m lu!4) Kr< m Malve.n, L> O^idi .Vl.iL, ?0 J Leavitt, to Le^fvi IHI mil sanl bark.oace a we?k. L-ave Mal'tra at 0 a ia Arrive at L'<-,viII- Fax.e day by 4 p in L-ave LeeM-riil -tfhiu day ai'Jim Arri-.e at Malvern same day by 4 pm. 10411 Fr >m MilfoH, ty Bel ast, M.-nton, and West, to Blaschaaio.. ^4 mil s and bark, | ra.t ?? w?ek. lie ive M If >rd f ri 'ay at 8 a m Arrive at l!!an lic.'ter H.vnie day by 4 p ux Leeva Llanchester Saturday ut 8 a m Arrive at >iil <rd tam . d?y by 4 p m. Fn ;x>"r h f -r twice andtbr.e timtb a ?ctk eer vie> arc i^vite-1. 10442 *ioiu Mil-arsbur?, by O.rfcrd, Kiiback, V?n liurwn. and lvtd^f, to W^rtaw, XI milci an 1 back, ou<-e a * uek I^ave Mllleraturg f riday at 3 a m Airive at Waxaw fume day by 1pm L*?ve Wa-8rtw Saimd^y at 8 a in Arrive at M ilfret'ur^ caiae day by 3 p n. 101U From Bcio, (Ilarri-on coonty,) to Carrollton, 14 mtb?a and back, once a w?t k. Leave Scio Saturday at 7 ~ in Arriv i a Carr ll^n :a se d^.y by 11 & m L?av C-rroi;ton Saturday atlpc Ar! iv; a' ?cii tame ila;? by 5 p m 10441 r'm Rainabor. i.^h to Tiaaquility, 21 mil;a id lack, once a wr?-lc. L- ?T-> lia n.sboroufth Friday at 8 a m V- i^e at Tranquility?4mi day ty X p m U- .ve Tranquility ftatnr tay ut m Vr ive atlla.n b roa^h sine day by 3 p m 1014S I r in Republic to Bucyras,2ii mild; au l btck, (nee a w?? k . Le kte r.epublic Friday a' 0 a m Arrive e.t Bucyrua iam? da/ by 4 p m Leave liucyrUa Friday at S a ni Arr.i e at Jiepublic a?iae day bv S pm 10448 Fr m Itichojc ni DaV, by Gille,pietLis, Eag'e M'll>, and Bliximing' vi,le, to Logan, 4> m;le4 an 1 back, once n we>k. L? a ve Kichmon 1 Lai^ Fcicay ?t 0 a u Arrive at L?g n aam.- dav by 8 p m lie vm Lo<au datunl y at ti a m | Arrive at Kichmoni 1>?13 ?am^ day by 8 p m f 10447 From .'t nbenv.ll-, by Bar era btiop, to Mount Pieaa n?, iio milea and bsck, ouce a wtek. L'a\-e St.'ubeavills Friday at 8 a m Arrive a* Mouct Pleasant ame day by 4 p m I??av- Mount IM^ai^nt Siturdav at 8 a m Arrive at ^teubenville s^me de'y bv 4 pm. PropoeaLt f r twice t> werk serv .-e'ara inilttd. 10443 From Van Vurar,, by P >rt^e Cr*u RoaiLi, Ten Mile Cretk, North Hid^e, a:.d Anlmu e, to K:dg?laod, 'ib miles and t-a k, on e a w#rk. Ii#ave Van l)ur?n Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Kid,* laau s* ?e day by 4 p m L-%ve Bidgeland Sat irday at 8 a m Arriv* at Vaj Ba:eu ssm day by 4 p m. A |?oi ti n of this ro 'teupo.n to be covered by ex^t'ng service; If roT1:nisy net be let 10149 Fiom Baak ? ill' to A'lstXroagb, ? m'li* and buck, once a week. Bidder* w II a'ate fl'stance, aid propose a sched ule of depar ure and arrival. 104?0 Fr m t ircleville, Vy Kingston, Cdtnp Char- I I tta. Tarlcoa, and Cie?r ree#, to Amaada, 27 mil -s and back, thr.-e tim^s a w?ek. Leave CirsleviUd Monday, Wedn sjay, an 1 Fri day at 7 a m Arri e at Amanda sa.u.i dayj by 4 p ra Lea.e Aim da Tuesday, Thursdav, and gatt'i^ dav at 7 a m Arrive at Circleville s?me days by 4 p m. ALABAMA (Frcm Ju-y 1, 1855, to June 30,185S ) 7175 From An.'alu&it to Mil cn, *U^ and back, once a week. Bidd rs wtll state the diita^ci, aad iropv* a schedule. 7178 From Carrollton to BridgiviMe, 14 milod and back,' lite a we?k r* Leare Carrollton every Monday at 7 a in Arrive at Bridg<>viil3 ram* day by 12 m Ldave Bridge nils every Monday a 1 p m Arrive at Uarr.llt n a ?me d <y by 6 p m 7177 From centre, by Haun.gaa, to Oavegpricg ! Qa , 22 in'1-8 au t bick, Ouce a we^k ' I Leave Cent ? every Tue<d?y at 6 a m Arrive at Cav? Spring sum^ d?y by 1?'m l^ave Cave Spring <?Te?y Tue^l.y at 1 p n Arr .ve at Centra same day by 8 p m 7178 Froui Chulaflnn . by Blus Bidge and Roct, t j Bowdoa, CO miles and ba;k, once a ?ovk LcaveObuiaflatie ev ry Tu sday at 6 a m Airive at Bowdoa tarns day by 6 p m Lt>*ve Bowdjo e?ery ^eiaesday at 6 a m Arrive at Chulaflnue rams d?y by 5 p m 7179 From alytoa, by Fire Mill, Abn^r Wood*8, lt? bon's Cr ?? iiuad-, acd feander'a "erry, to Jas per, So rnil?-a aud back, once week *1> ton ?imry Tua day at 2 p m Arrive at Ja<per next day fcyfipm Leave Ja*p*r every ?l^oday at 6 a m -Vrrive at Klyt-n n?xt d :y by 12 m 71S0 From Bnfaal?, by Buit/s Cr ss Road^.QolJjn Na'. ey. aod blue Sp-ing-i, ti ShippeaBvllie, aad b?ck. oaoe a wetk ? Bill rs will irtat-* the dLstan 0, aal propose a ?ot<elule 71*1 From iirard to Oawichee, iu Raise'.I c -unty, 18 m lee and bark, onee a weak LeaveGirard every l'ue day at 1} a ra Arrive at Oswlcbee earn* day by 12 m M l^aye CB?:ch?e e .try Tuasday at 1 p m at Girar J Btiue day by 7 r ra 7162 From GcldviiU. by YonD(r?vilU and Lea'* ( ^ 1 Eaatklpa oouoty. aai btck cor* a week ' "ih'ii iii'1 eUU d ,Ur#'? tni P-opoaa a 1 7188 Frcm Greenville, by tha Croaa Roadi, Gay Ba h i ch'j Bridge, Go3ben rilll Precinct, and Fiak rrap Bridie, on the Ccneoab,;to Troy aal back, o^oa a waek Bidden *111 ntatvth* dl.ttnn, aad propose a <ch?dulo. 7181 From Joneaboro' to Wallrop'e Mills, in fon county, and buk. r>Loe a we?k Bidders will state the u itinof, and rr pov a achedoK 7185 P. ofl LoufevUle to Scrogglntvill;; tni back, one* a wack Bidden will state the distance, and ptopiie a schedule. 7136 FrcmLouiavil!*, by the Frae 'ridge, to Skip peusville aad bark, once a w??k Bi der; will ttat? the distance, and tropoM a nchedulc. <187 Frcm Mflivill*, l.y Ekain's 8loro acd R*yce*? Bridge, to Andalusia and bark, one* a w'rek Bidden will state the disiacce, aal prop^e a schedule. 7188 Frcm Newton.l.y Ilish Bluff, oi tfce Cha'ta hocchee river, to Oene\t HLd lack, ocot a wfpk B dders will i tate the distance, aid propose a Kh?du'e 7189 From OpVika by L?fayette, Mi.ltown. Loul<*. Weei.vr*.-, Kockdal*, mid O-tkfusky, to Jack sonv.lle. nod ha- k, cncs a week state the distance, a^d propose a erhrti'ue 7193 fr..ra Utger villeto Coutt'and, 11 miles and back, one* a week L>avc PogorsTille Taeniav at s a m Arrive a' Courtland fa "i day b. 12 at Ccurlatd Tuesday at "l p m Arrive at Rnce-Bvil'e rame day b ?p m 7191 Fr m TiiFcalnofii to Harkv 0 * meat's Mil's an 1 back, ri>c? a week Bidiers wi 1 state the distance, and propo e a tehedule. MISSISSIPPI (From July 1,1855, to June To, 1868 ) 7466 From 0 yka, rr the Terminus of the New Or leans and Jackson Railroad, l.y Brockhav r. Gall tin, Sbady Grove, ?ni Newton, t.f Ja k e*n, Mi*e , 91 mil- e ai-d ba k, daily, in four horse or cbea Leave Osyka, or Term'.nm of Rsilr^aJ. daily on tte arrlva of the cars from New O.liaof, say at 2 p m A-ri?e at .Jackson nexv day bv 10 a m Leave J<ck?on daily at 7 p m Arrive st osyka, or Terminus cf XUil.oaJ, ntxt day by 3 p ui. (For conntctu j ral'ro.d rcuU, ze. 7i>05, Imu si ana) 7467 Fiom ib? Termiaus of th< Mobile nnd Ohio Rail uad a'. tiuitmuH, by DeK-db, ?nd *. iu -o:?fto Coi'imUu, J 4^ an Its and bcck, thr?? ti<a?s a *?ek, ia four hor e ooacuaa. Le-iveierm uusof , ailrual atQuitiusn on ihe arrival of th* mrfl i t Mobil*, .. Mo-d y? vVadneedHva, ar.d liid -ys, s../ at 2 p ni Arrive at Co.umbus second d-iy hour-^ by ? pm ' ^Colambua Mo days, Weinn^ays, ar.d Fridays at 3 p m Arrive at (Jul'man se <-nd d?y (4S hours) by 3 p m Bid i to rua by n schedule will be on sce.-ed. Proposal* for .?>** t'mcsave fc e.vic^wil b? c nsidered 7468 From Co.umbia, Iy Pop;'g Milla Red Cre k. and l^irInirr s. to Mi??i'.?ippi citr, ? mil's ? nd back, ooce a w e k. R d l*rs will etnie the distance an J pr pce" a fched.le. 7199 From Gaine vi.le, by ?'Urton and Pasi Cbri? ti?n, f> Missluippi City, !?*? mljeji and back, once a week. I^save Qaia-fviile Mc nday at 6 a m Arrive at Mif.-isa ppi City V*ei:.?-duy by 1J id LeHVe MiiM-iippi iity V eJne-u.,y a'- - p la Arrire pt r, .jce vili? Friday by l J p m. 7470 From Ormada, by (iakiaud, P?.n >ia, anl Iler naudo, to Meicpbis, T. an . llu t it n ,nd b rk, ( U e a we k. Fitave Grenada "ouday at6( u Arrive at Memphis n^it WeduedLv by 12 m J ea7? Mempb s ^ wlaee-iay at J p tn Arrive st tir^ral* ? fjir trday *y Id p in. 7171 Fiorn Gai ii.t/lie, by -a^ogb, l a^s Ckr stau, Micsi^pp C ty. Rilo.\i. and Oceao ?P"ic?f5, to I'a- cag.?ul*, SO miles au l back.on -r a wj*k. L*ave Gaia-sviil ? Tuesday st t a -i Arrifc a? i'ascag.u a next day bvlti p a Leave P?j ag.?il;? l'Luraday at o'a m Arrire at Gain.-cville next day bv 10 )? m. 7172 F;"f in Faoldi ~g tf> Italeigb, Co csilfs au-t lia- k on ca we> k. Lhit* Paulding F.-id y atfi n tn "* An ive at It lei^b s?iue d?y b> tJ p ui !?*. ve R4l-<gii r'atarday ai 6 a m Arrive at Paulding fare day by e p in. 7473 From Beaver bam ti> v a:K.iVi':!e, la mi.e* and bwk, one) a week. Lm.v,? Beaver Dam Paturiay st 5 ; :a arrive at Maeksville unm da> ty 12 m I/uav<5Macksvllle Saturdsy at 1 pu Arrive at Bearer Dam game d?v '? y 7 p ra. 7474 Fro a Itelfefoata'ne.b/ lltstorou ?h, U-Oxford, 11 mi'e.< and, once a week Lvave Belbfon'.aire Monday at 0 a ci Arrive at Oxford n* \t Wedn.-*fav : y 1-J m 1/-?tc Oxford Wtdue "day at 1 p ci Arrive at Be.letbQt'.ine n?:.\f Fii v bv 10p m. 747 5 Trrm Bruefa, by t ittab.>rou^n and ilart ord, t*> darepLt, cti mi.e aud b ca,on ;e a week. Le*v< llencla Tuesday a bam Ar.ive wt ^arepla next day by i'2 m L^a?e Harepta W'edoe d?y by 1 p ui A-rive at B?nela next day by lop in. 7476 From Bir xi, by Lirchburg aid Jackson C. II.. to Mobil.?, Ala, ni.l-.- an I back, once o week. L*av? ti oxl Monday at oa ui Arrive at .Mob li next Wedne-<Uy ' y 12 m Iyare MoK!l-t \Vedu?sday at I p >j Arrive a? B Ion nt\? Friday by 10 p m. 7i77 Krom P. JlucUh, by Philadelphia, 3' mil's aud b?ck ouce a wetk. 1/eive Bulluctah Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Hbiladelph a'aamu da7 by 7 [ u\ L<*ve Philad" pbit Saturday at 6 ? in Arrive i-t Bulluctah day by 7 pm. 7478 From Carthage to Uriou, 36 mil-s and back, once a week Leave Cactha^e Taf-ejay at 6 a m Arrive a* Union same day by 7 p m L ave Uuion Wednesday at o ? -.i Arr-ve at O>rthagf same uay l?y 7 p in. 7479 from htl- m by b?aua?s rtiil.-, ^I^-?1,) Mott'd (l^ca1,) hickory Pla'l, aul U-cky Ford, to Laf?y?tte Springs, 48 milesawd bvk. once a wh k L avs Selem Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Lafiye te nex dtv hy 1) a m Leave Lafayette TuVday at 12 in Am?* at daleai next day b*' 5 pa 7180 Fr ra Maoon, oy Situate,"(I ^?1,) an l Brook ville, to ' rawiordjvti'e 5'i mil aad bac k, once h w?ck Leav? Macon Friday it 6 a in Arri.e at Crawfor svi lunext di.y by 11 am Leave Crawfordsville Saturday ?t l_'m Arrive at Maon next day by 6 p in 7481 From land*, by Caluornia, JaalanJ, and Preston, to Grenada, toi?s , 45 mdesand b^ck, three wirveg* w?*k LwvaPintl Mocday, Wednesday, an 1 Friday at 6 a m A'rive at Grena ?a sain v days by 9 p in Leave Grena la Xue day, Thursday and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at Panola same d?ys by 9pm 7182 From noblte, A'a, by VVinobe-ter, M:sj , to IVruiinas cf the Motile uu t Ohio Railroad, ? miles acd ba.*k, thrje times a vvtek, in rail rocd can Leave Mobile Manlsy, Wedaesdnv and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Terminus cf Railroad by 1 p m Leave Terminu-- ol !tai load >:onday, Wedueg day, an i Friday at 2 p m Anive at Mobile 6ame days \>j 7 p in ARKANSAS. (From July 1,1S55, to June 30,1858.) r848 From Am ty to Hot Springs,30 Jiilesan-l bask, once a week. Leave Amity Monday at 7 a ra Arrive a* Hot Springs rauie day by 6 p m Lea re Hot Springs Tuc day at 7 a m Arrive at Amiiy same dav fcy 6 p m. '619 From Aututiw, by etewart'a and Captain Tate's, on L ttle Mis.ouri river, to Camden, 60 xuilcs and baok, on e a wn-k. lieave Antoine Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at t amdrn next. ay by 0 p in Leave Camden Wedueaday at ? a m Arrive *t Anutlne next day by 6 p ui. 650 From Aberdeen by MoanJ City, t > Memphis, i Teun , 110 milns and back,? n?e a week. Leive Aberdeen Mco-la v at 6 a ai Arrive at Memphis u?.\t Wedce clay by 7 p ui Lmtu Mem-bis Ttureday at t a m Arriv; at Ab.'rdeea next tatuiiay by 7 p m. 651 From Beu'ouvilK by J. M. Hogo'a, to Fayette- I vilie, 25 rnila* and buck onre a week. L ave Bentonviiie Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Fayetteville rame dar oy 6 p m Leave Fayattevllli every Saturday at 8 a ui Arrive at Bantunville same day by 6 pm. 662 Prom Brown*ville, by R!ohwjoj\ Clear Lake, and Bocag?'s Mill, to Fine I luff, 50 mllei and book, one a a week. Leave Brownsville Tuesday at 4 a m Arrive at Pine Bluff 8a j e day bv 1# p m Lmt? Pin* Blufl Wainecday at 4 a iu A_r.Te st Brownsville Fam* day by 10 p m. i fi58 From Camden. by Ilaa^ton, Warren, ard Mon tcell>, to Gain-a'a Landing, 130 miles Mod tack, on e a week. L i?T9 Camden Monday at ft a m Airive at r^m!ne Landing nevt K elnexda* bv 10 p in L?i e Urn b*j Laaling Tkaraday a*. 6 a m -i-AALTa* Sa'ur ay by 10 p in. . <V?4 J r in t aml<n, by Buena Viata. The gensica'v and F.vid Mill, -o Ma cnol a i* nil e' a- d H V ore a Week I eave amden Friday a'hn Arrive at vaun? 1 a fame Cay by 9 pm Learn Ma;n 1 a Patorcay at 8 a ui At m at Ca-sden ta o? dav by 9 p in 7656 ft**,, ' am.'en tfl Beech Crr.i, in Clark county, 28 mile* aud lia-k. ou<v a week. Laare ('ami, n Wein tday at ti a in Arrive at P'-eil Cre?-k 'am- day by 6 p m L**vh ?H<eoh Cr* k ThrrM-y at 6 a m Arrive at Oa "<1? n 'am* day by 6 pm. 7*56 Fiom Carr litoa, by Mo th\ to liock Bridge. Wo.. 100 nrltf-i a->d ba*k on*- a w?.k. Le^ve Carr oil'on No* day at 6am Ar !?? at flc-k fridge Le.t We na-fav by 10 p in L?y? Fo k Bridge Tfcu-a'ay at 6 a m Arrive ai la mllfrn next ra urdav bv 10 p m. 7667 from . anv l!e. by hore and B.iflf" oi>, to Mil ?on <1?la eatt?V, In Fcott cojttv, ? in le- and back rrreaveek Bidders will r?rate t-e ui-I.tvre, acJ p rpo~e a ic'ie.'ule ?.f departoiva <nd a iix*K 7fi5S From f> Ar? Bluff inttrK-in^mil'tarr real, near Calrua la ry, by th* ?ay of Lefiibcrir. l^m-nea Ferry a d I?ar "an; )?*. to Fcr Snr. h, voo m l.?< and lark. cno- a ?e k. l<*ave Dos Ar^ Llutf MouUay it't a in Arrive a Foit in th rent Saturday by 6 v a Leave Kc r. Fm'th a* 6 a m .?A'r,Tf ' e* Arc Bi' ff l*xl '?t.'rday ? y fl i? u., *';,m ? r '!."vV' l!y c,ift'a Mni'. to Kwirmr iw, 12 m I*m and ba-k. on e a week. Ia> *ve *alt P ay aaturiay at 8 a m Arriv: at cMenavjIle ta e jay by 12 m I. ave >weDsvill.? Ha uriav at 1 p ni Arrive it Fair PI y - au.t> -iny t y i p q 7W0 K:oin lirand Lakj ly Ma?oii a, to Deerf-ld, 1a.- 6(1 uiilMj'.d l?rk o.^c*} a week.*e(J aad la e >!rud?y a" 6 a tu Arrive .?? i -er* tl 1 r?-.\ Jay by 6 p in L-'ave Doo'Col 1 Welno 'lay at 6 a in a: Grand Lake reit day by ?? p id 7C$1 fn>m ? ?utrv:Il-, f.y Lo*ih W Tccmpco/?, < n Mar la le. J nni'pg'? on Kbit? hiter, an I I?.cie .'s Kidrfe, to Wa^'jtw uinc ? Prairie 00 in e aid ba'-k. tuse a *cek. L?avo Hunt vill > Toecdaj at t> a m Arrive at Wa.-?'.)K)uriicN IrarL? m*\l t*?y It Mm ' ' !'?'? ?'a bi- am *a TriJiIe WtJnea'av at 2 I' "> A li. catilu-itsrir.- n?-.\t <1j7 \ > 10 p m. 7G?Vi Ja koi.poit to Will ilau?, in IzaH c-un y, to m lei And ha?.k, our* a week. ? "aye Ja :k*? ;|*.-t Monday at 6 a in A lire *t -VI ii llnvt' Ltxt .#v by 2 in L?iye Wild Ilau Tue^- ay a. 2 *> m A ? rive at Jacktorj^r: \ ? day by 10 p m. .063 From J.vk*'nj> rt to Koir Ptovrn, IcOml'es and ^a-k. < n^e a w?ek If Jick ojprrt Moiriay at 6 a tn A"r ve ht Nor ii ovn nu<< a?-?lay by 10 p in L?itvj - ?.rri-t-?rn Ttu at ft urn - *rr v" a* ?T,( k<0:il0'< ^aiarday by 10 p m .til I ruin .la per, by Kfnj^tro, to Hunt?vil!e, 40 t:i e> iiDd la i., on cuteek. I.eiVe ,(ji per a: t: * ;n AiriF^ .i hdut vlIUrrliiermf l.v fi p ni l^i*e ii?:.t ri le *?altir .ay at <i a m Arrive -.t Ji^jer iauic d-y by 8 p ui 7tito From Kia. by I'a-k i la. lVjaadott, an 3 Munpo', ti Plafe Ci?v, Mo, ? muei an i 1 a b, cut*? a w? k. Bi Jd?*rt * ill ?ta e tve 'i u-c%atd propose a. * b du - of dep,r lire; a-d . rri?a'a. , rrij l,i t e K? rk by I'i irvr lln I'anti le I'r; >o p ;cn;. Rc-ei-.l-, s sl "? L^rlrct n, to Foit Fmitb. 16o mil-.< ani bi?ck, on e a wteli. I. av<! Litt'e Kock Monday at 0 a m tl F^r: f iri th d>-\i fata Jay by ?* p m I**ivr F rt 8m:tb M ir.d;?y nt 6 a ai Anive at LiU e Lock n? xc Saturday by 6 p m. "Si" From l^?jaii n to Lover, 60 ia ij8 and back. (U(et wtok I/oaro Lebaaoa Tu- ^ ?ay at 6 a ni At i<?* at Dj\i*r next Cay by lil m L ;iVe Direr H'cdii.'day a 2pm AvriT* ut U?^a r>f\* Jay br 10 p m. 7Cos Frrin Lsb:ub, by Hotb?< od. t?ctorer s i?ia, ? i:?i!?? a d b.t k o_ce a Ti#'k. BidVni wl 1 -t-#e the dl t uce an! prepo^e t. Ecb'.'lule i.f ii> pa: tares ard arriial*. lOO'J l'rjin L btoa, Vy M^unt I!o ]?, Calhoun, k'a? ntl-ju and IVr h at, tj I^-fcviUe, lt> mile and la*k, osce a ?? e.*k. Leave Li b:n Moniay a". 6am A rlvc at lie^iNvil e ne.xk da* by 12 c. Leiv ? Lew sviile iYt-tdty 11 2 p m ArriV; a Lia^o.i nexi day by 10 p n. 7670 Frrin h apol-oa, ly .To^n !* F.e*man'-, ltoTid V. .1 e, and ?'crv tVil iams'*, on bayou 15 r thol m-w, to Wiley vile, 40 ui:lej anl ba;fc, cnc - a miii. I>??ve >'-|,t.l-on Fri.-a> at 6 a in Ariive at Wiley-illu saaie day by Spni L^ave \V 1 y- ilk; ur ay at 6 a m Arr v- at ^ap le^n faxe day by 8 p m 7671 Fr> -ii 1' ne B n5, v Mabocv's Fe-rv, JaTiies Hud oaV, w ra 11. wi^ hn B 'II use's, Iiruai y <Vocds, S.or.?t?'a. and Jobs K L gii fy.j-V, to'..*111 :eu, to iuiljs and ba:k oioe a * ee'v. L'a?! I'ice Blclf McaJ v at 6 a m Arrive a'. ObiuJcu w x*. WtdDo^day 5y 12 ui L?av< am ion M ednes 'ay at 2 p ni Arriru Lt iae blrO nex. lr d^y by 10 p m. 7672 Fr&ir I'orvhat?n, Ly J^me? Ct.lidrei ?, to iiairg ?i 1-. 41 m l - an 1 uU' e a k osk. Leave Po-hst in Saturday at 6 a m A rivoat Gaire.i.l ? a:ue d-y by lOp m I.'itt < i.ii -vll e Fri'Liy at a ;u Arn",e at Faffhaian -ameday by ?0 p m. "673 irj.i ea.ty, by August* acd W ttt>t<ui^ to Mti^jhi?, Xcuu , 1 iii l;g -1.1 tail;, oiii e ft we-i. Leave iear- y Mo iday at C a ra Arris-* ut Memrhi.i next V, e-n.^sdiy by 10 p m Le -r? Mempi is lbu sday at 6 a m Ani-a at r'e rcy nett 8 tur ay by 10 p m. Li ?? t ? cuim-uti a' A ijjv ?ta and ena at Wit ? biii^ will l?o coaslie-"ed. The ache iule Kh-u.d bi 1 r >| o <;d. 7674 Fi'uiu ^^..rcy. b/ Quitman, to (i<&lou, CO aiilefl a-.d ba1 k. uaee a Week Leave Searcy Mouiay at 6 a 01 Airii e a: CliJt n n?xt day l y 7 p ui Le ire . 1 nton ?Ve 1 e -day * t 6 a m Arriv.- at tr a cv ttxt day Ly 7 n m. 7675 ir'tii'iat .v/lle, by Po*ba'au,i.bildr***, Man fo k-:r * ; tit tin-: t. <Jrcen?btj-o', and B livar. to ta nt Frauc'f, loO mFeJ auJ ba.k, otce a w5 k. Leave ^mithyille Monday at 6 a m Arrive at taint Franciszuxt We ine day by 12 m Leave Saint Kra.cdi Wednesday at 2 p m Ar ive at tudtbville next FriJay by lup m. 7670 Fioji - uny Point, in Wbits cu mty, Qu't tuai, ia Van Bareu county*3ii mil a atd tack, occd a week. lieiu e it?uy Point Friday at 6 a ra Arrive at Quitman fanid day by 7 p Hi 1^-are Quitmm Satuid v at o a m A' at fftony Point eon Jay by 7 p 111. 7"i7 From V\.i?hii.^t?>n, by ie.Tia Iitm'j an] La mart'ne, t j Ma^tolia, 60 miiea and back, on e a w. ek. laave Wa-binntcn 7u vday at 6 a m Arrive at Msutboiia neit aay by 7 p in ljeavj jiagnolia Thursday 111> a in Arrive at Waahl&^toa text d*y by 7 p m. 7673 Fr. m Wa.-bin^t.n,by A1 any, to Launrt ne,50 m 1?9 a^d back,one>a we-k L'ave Vi a.^hinatf'n I hurray at 6 a m Arrive at Lama; tii e next Cay by 12 m Loa?c Lun-rtine Fr d y at 2 r m Arrive at Washington nexc dxy by 10 p m. 7679 Prou Wildh m'a, by Union, to Ben Lett'* b-iy u, in tulton o.unty, 3J milca tnl ta k, a wek. L'avt Wiii1 ara'? Morilav at 6 a m Arrn 1 at Beinett'a Bayou fame day by p m lieave B nf-tt'a Bayou Tceaday ittim Arrive a: W ddhaui'a same day by 6 pm. 7680 From foeba'an to Potabo tas, 20 miles aad back, onca a week. Jr iva l owhaUn Friday at 4 a m Ar ivi.- at IVciboatas eac.e *<ay by 12 in Leix-e Porabjnta- Friday st I p m Arrive at f wh.Ua 1 tax? day by 10 p m. 7581 From Wa,biu^ir>n, by Pprln^ rfill, Lewiaville, and Walnut d:i|, to ibrevep r . La., 120 niiivi am back, thr.M tilfiea a week in t??h"ree coiich<-a. L*ave Wjfh Tg'on Tuerday, Thurelav, and gat urda at 4 a m Arrive at clir.vep^rt text da>? by 6 pm Leive Bbrere,ort Tue?djy, Tharcday, aud &at> urd-y at 4 a m Arrive at Washington next daja by 6 p m. Bids to carry tbe moil infour-hom coafb">,and a do t > ran by a differeut schedule, a iu be oon aidered. 7682 From Kap^Wn by White Liter St Ch-riea, Ca t Coe, Mauct Adama. and Crockett' - Bluff to Aberdeen, l'S mile* an 1 hack, three tim^f a in steamboat*. I L#ave Napol-on Tuesday, Tharfday, and J?atur day at? p m Atrivit at Abo.decn a.xt days by 10 p m Leaf* AWii^a T^cOa*. JhwaJav, aad *.tl r day at ft a m Arm* at *r?f>->i*o? ??ai dart by 4 p m B'd* * TJn bv a aroyoaed eehedale Wi \ be ccn a: and ateo to raa twice a *wk MM from UK, a?#k. hp Mary. hmnUk to A V-d?? ej n l ? and ftaek, tv?? u.f a *?ec*?**h. vfnand rn l 2"t*> ? ?*bj ?? ?. a.Lrei * * piopo^ l.'oJul, v| J t? e?Q. aSgtSSaS <H? tr A gh, te Bab*, iiu, '.T9 antlee a?4 tuck *JC? * w?j?k., le uteamboila. %?) JackfcjiiB,,. R*d rafLtoe !u <-ho? ?T-W P ' It- v* Aberdeen Men.ay mi ITeJaaeday a: a Attn* at Batrxrille reit days by ft p q U*t? Pat^Tll!* Moaiaya and Rata; lays u i I u Arrive at Atar'.fu cut d?y? by t p in 1 ide to raa fcy a propreel echduie wall be cos tlier d, aua also to ran tbrra t mta a ?wk L0DISI4NA (From Jf'g 1, lfc?j, t? June 80, l&ft.) 77SC I'.otn Batrn Kov^e, by Kotert lioaatoa'a, n LiTinwtoa *-atl*h, Coelfc, the Pr-ncli Rett la me i , aud Bayou htrbary, to Sara gfleld, (0 mil:* an I ba*k, <>ane a wark l'?*a B*tou K^aic Monday at o a m Airive at: prin^f-d Mil day by 12 m L"?t? fcptiugil>'.J Tut?iay at 1 p m Arrive at K?u>n Rou^e rn t daj bf 10 p u 7707 .'rcoi Be'leM-w, by IWok'*, <roh?r.l O ora, La-eaville, U\nl? Dale, aad I>orch?at, to Mignolia. Arkajeaa, ftu aiaik-e and ba k, oaoe a wee k L' ve br|l< Th? ??fr; Taeed >; at I a m A rl ? a'. Mrgnoiia next day by ? p an Majrnol a Thursday at 0 a in A: rive at l!*IVrt*w n xt day by ft p m 7798 i rem Iak? Cnarler. in the Partrfc of Oaraaiea. by Wa'ir, to coiith of Caleaai>?u u?er. to eab'.u; f* ?? in T?xa?, 90 miles anl Uil, onoe a we k Lt iM lake C!i?r'(s jlonl-y at 4 a n A rive at Sab'te Pas* n*xt -jay by 11 pa L?~e 8?h n> !'a*e Wf In- a lay at < a tu A il?< c t Lake Cb>.lc? next day by 11pm 773f> roj X a Orl m.r, by Lara,a trtil meu'. In ri .ja-ii toe Pariah,? mii*? and back, cnce a *?< t?k BiidorK wilt aui pro;u*j a chrfule 7*v<a> Itali.e Rid**, tn Winn Pa'S h, *y Cr y'i 3 ora, to .Voaat L? b*uou, 40 mil<a cnl tack, ?nr? a v??k L avi hm- Rilge Friday at 0 a ui Anlt?> at Mount L?b?n- n wo* Cnv by 10 p a l*?ve ituat ? et>?uou ti' urday at G a m A rive at' ita Rll*. aire day by 10 p m ? 01 1 r> ni t hr v?p rt, to IItn4a:aon, tfuo 75 int'e* *nd b ck. ? ncr a w. t-k L'-ave thrtveport Moad.y at 6 a m Arrive at Ue^dt-rron n?a.t day by 11 p ? ! ???v?? llftdt-noj WfdiMndij at 6 a aa / r %e a: Shr?n*p>rt next *?ar by 11 p n ?^OJ I rcm 8tony I'o nt, bj W in m A lanla, io L.\ing>t3n r*ri?t, t un an Blue'*, and Au aard taaip**, to ^pii'gb'A, ti mllea aad b kcc. onoe a v?*k I (>*?? Stony Point Frith./ a 6 a m /i ire a 8^rin^^< Id mm - c'av \ v 7 p m L?<v? I'j r ng&cid ur ay at fi'a m Arrive ?t -tuoy ?'oint fame da* It, 7 pm 7*0* Krora AVXandtia, by Cotile,0 outi?rMi,le and I?le Crerille. to NaUh t'che , Ho m>lee and tack, th ee timed a w.ek, la two horen c ac;w. I4 ave Al xaadria Jfon lay, Wadn??la> and Iii day it 6am Airl * a'. >aihittthff n?*t days by 6 p in L <\Te >atchitoche# Monday, Wednendav, atd KrVlay at 4 a in A irive a* Alexandria a<>st Jay* by 9 p in Cilji toonvey tbe mala in four bcr>? ooaciee ?i'l b< conail>'t*'i 7 01 f rata Tu r n f-crr, to ? Bt?ocn, 3? mi!e? anl K?r'T. onoe ? *?tk U* e Burr's Fer-y FriJay atCan A rrlr i at A na 'oco lanie dav by 0 p >u Leav?' An?*o e S .tcr-lay at 6 a m Airi?e*t llurr'a Perry psbi* d?y by 0 p ? 7?-)5 I>t 11 N>w r e?n? it> fltata I. d?, M miles tad back, da ly in rai.'ro*-! ear* '???ave N?w \J loan* daiiy at 0 a m Ar-ir-< at ftate i Ue (tern nua af rallrcad) by 1 p in 1 em* jtate Line (termincs of railread) at . P K A-rire at New Orl ana by p na r?v-t? trcia Aleaau iria by Sonei, Winfield, Saline 'ill a, I'iu- Utdg<t, a?lin- fiparta. Mount La la .4a and A then* to ilctner, IM mil?a and back, twice a w?ek L-avo A'exanlila every Monda/ and Prid?y at 7am Arrtvaat Doaer e?fry Wednesday and 6cn d<y bv 5 p m Le>tT?> ltom?r ev?ry Uotdij and Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Alexandria erery Wedieaday acd h a u>-d? y by 6 p m Bid* *o ran by a <liffere<.t erhedola will ba eon a d? r?i, \Fjt c^nu c.vng iiagt route, set 7466, Jfmiiifryi ) TEXAS. (TronI Jaiy 1, 1855, to Junt 30, 1S6?.) v04i 1 om Brenham by L<cg I'oiot, John DoAd'a, l'octcr lLI idiy'a, I.->in,ton and A Ijiw r.-no-'i to 'jeor^t?.<?n, 1W miles and back, tiuea v?*k * La*v?* B.tb! tm If (mlay at 4 a m Arrivt- at Uac>rg*town i??xt day by 11 p au Lento Oeor^ot^wn W*dn>?t)day at 4 a m Arrive at Brtuham nev' day oy 11 p m ^Oit> From Cott??Ti 1- to Marshall, 3w miles and brck, ouce a week L-* ire 0< fleeville Tsnday at f a in Arrive at Martiholl muu? da/ by 6 p m l ?%?re Manthdl W?4n>#d?3 *ttia m A:riT? at C. >!??*<;* iil? -aiLr Jay by ft p ui .J 8047 From lire?uTl k* Fy McKniKht'S, Modwn lives, ColroaatPa Xlii* and McKlnuey to Alt.n, ftw un.o* fcfcd, ca a a Vcvk La\? Givuivil e M nLiy at ft a m arrive at AltJU nt-xt <iav by 0 p m U ive A'tou V. fjnes 'a> at ti a ci Arrive at tlr?util e next d-y by 6 p m &048 * rum Jrfter ?^i by Fiojd'a berry ?u lol ri?er, t? Fu tun, Art., 03 a. led aul back, once a week Le.iT- JtjJTera'm XI niay nt 6 a in Arrive at Fulton iiext >? -Klay ly 10 a la L are Fuitf.n Wednesday et I - m Ari ivejM^-r-on ne*t Friday fcy & p m ^OiO FiGiJ^^P by ! eu 1?t -u, Alaurv, Low aul 1 o.t Jo<u,i t > Grand i <.vr ,01 aui>dU4 Laos, i n e a w,t k I*?-?< Villa j Tueedar at 6 a m Arrive aud G and E^rc t.cit day Ly 7pm Leave Uranl C ore Tbu s uy at G a in A r ve at Milaa next a\ by 7 p m bOdO F o n t?aa Ant.u o to FtviericeaUurg, 66 nil'ee au I 1 ack uuoe a a eok jtve Sac Ant-vat?< WedJistay attain Arrive at F edj Llt'Ur.' ceit Jay Ly 8 p m Lerite Fruden Kabjr^ Irida at ft a m Arrive at.^au AntDiiio next day by M r m 4051 Fr> hi chelv v lie to lieu eraou, 63 miiet sod back, cn:ea w ek Leave ebel&y vi le Mood.iy at 6am Arrive at U> n lerron next day by 7 p m Lea-e Utci'e eon ffeim-silajr at ft a m at -belbyville Bext day by 7 p in EOjI P'om ShribvTille ly Kjr ck'? terry to Gr?nd K~or*, Louis'aua, oO auiltv and b?ca, cnoe a week Leave 8tel' yville Tuaedav at 6 a m Arriv- at Giani Fc< r* nest J ay by 6 p m l?a? e Grand JCcore Thurs.'ay a: ft a in Arrive at shelbyvill?te\t uav by ft p m S053 Fr.mTcwt Bluff by Ma^n la fcpr i^s, Cort Un<1, Belgrade. La, anl Temp-ey's lale* to Iie eyville 140 raii?s aod bark, once a w.*k Laa'e Town Binff Uon'ay at flam Arrive a'. Uhenevvill) 4th day by 0 p na L avf t heueyraile Monday at C a m Arrive at Town Blutf 4tb day bv W p m b051 Fr.ia Nea Orleait* by B-rwicli to Sahiae Cltja, 4uo m lea aLu tiack cace a w#ek Bid* t j cjnijience at B?ralck will be conaid eied. Leave "?* ?>rH nt Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Sabine City next W edi.etd.iy (in 49 hour* by 8 a m Luave babiue ll:y Thi rsJav at 8 a m Arrive at New O.lems f atuiday (ia 48 hoaral by 8 !i m ? . 80/6 in in Xyler by Ilamborg, Pr<>wa?bero Alh*n?, *n<t Ccr eoana by Dremten to tVaoro ViUafe, ISO mi e* a id baca, t^rra times a waek, tu lav h'^ree ciask- a Leave Tyler Monday, Wedneadav and PriJay at earn * Arri'e at Wa?i Village every focrtk day bf fl a in Lj^ve ?V*coo Village Mosda/, We inesday and Friday at 6 a an Arrive at Tyl r focith day by C a m Wd* to supply ot^er intirm diate oftees and ta ruabya differeot achedcle, will be eonsfai ered. 8046 1 ram Walllog'i Ferry by Cott n Tlant, Frs ?Ionia tullenler *n, 40 uiL'e? aid back, a w.ek Lca'a a'liiog's ftrry Friday at 8 a m Arrive ;t llesd?i?on same <l*y ty ft p m Leave liaudcr.on fstnrJay at ft a m A rrive at Waalling'a Perry ami day Ly 8 a au 8057 Frvtn a uahua - by bour Lake to W uouvL"ta, Ho miltf and baok. on a a week laxve Anthuae Men day at 4 a m a* Woodvule aext day by 11 p u - Leave ojdvJle Wedn? day at 4 a a Ar. ive at neat Jay fcy 11 p m 8969 Fr. m Liriugat n ta wooivUia, 40 miles aad back, nnca a waek. Leave Mflagstoa <* edii8eday at 6a ai ' Arrive at WovdvUle same da/ by b a ? l^eaye Ay'oodvUle Iharsday at ft a m * Arrive at Llviagston same day by 8 f n eltiwiWilBdj omjpurik pft- J

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