Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1855 Page 4
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ICgn/inued /row iitf puge.J S359 to nrwiw*,'- 1VHT iwrk7 oaoa a we-A Lmtc Palestine rrory Saturday at It a m Arrive at Magnolia mim day fcy 12 a l4?Ta Magnolia Saturday at I p ra irnu ti Pa eatiaa mm da v by 3 p a ? SSBwsi Ijttper. BttrkoriU*^BuiT|^^CT^l^^^i 'ooo Feriy. 4tocaL) UiaarHdia, (l IlloMtrn, Cbanewilie, and Bimmrpot k*d FUver Landing, 349 dOm and back, i sw a wwt Leave Bunt#*iU? ervry Monday at * a m ' Arrive at Kid HiTtr Landing on seventh day by 9 p m . 1 oar* Ead RiTer leading every Monday at S am Arrive at Uuntsvi! a on seventh day b# 9 pa Bid* to end at Maikaville Li, and run thr-* Uinee a weak in (oar bona eoa'-hee. omitting and supplying ctbr in tar mediate oflic?e, and to run by a propo^d achdnle, will be con sidered bCdl i re m San Antono, ty ?oat Oak, 8outherland Sptings, Ycrktnvn. Co'etto, SuJpur springs, and Pierpjut Place, to Victoria, 90 milea aid baek- tiree times a weak, !o four barte ooaofcaa Leave Sao Antonio every MonJay, Wednesday, aad Kridar it 8 a m Arrive at Victoria next days by 8 a m IjtmTf Victoria erery Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday, ati p ra Arrive at rtan Anunio next daya by 8 p m Btda to ext-nd tht- ffrrio*- to Indianola, and to ran by a propoiei scfceiule, will be confid arod. H062 Frcm San Antonio, by ilalana and Goliad, to Victoria, 100 miles aad back, three timaa a week, in * ur kvrwe eoarbea L*w "an Antonio every Monday, Wednesday, and Fr.Uiy at 2 ? ci j Arrive at Victoria next days by * a m Leate Vict>t>a every Tnesdsy, Xbnrsday and 8atuidiy, at 2 p m Arriveattao Antoui) n?it days by 8pm ? Bida tj extend the eer vice to lodianoia will be considered, and ran by a prvpoaed ichedule will bacon side re1. Bida to ran on:e a week w*ll be considered b043 from Waabirgtin, by Mill.can, Bocnvill-t, Wbeelock, and Alta Hprings, to Springfield, 112 miles and back, iwioa a week, in four horie oca has Leave Wash.n;t?n evuy Tuesday, Thursday and Hu.uit .aj at 4 a m Arrive at Springfield next daya by 10 p m Leave t-priugflrti every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 a m Arrive at Waebitg-.oD neit daya by 10 p m BWa to ex end th- service to Waeco Tillage, M milea tuitber, will he eon g ider>? i. KEVlLCKY. (FrtnJu'y 1,1855, to June SO, 1S48 ) 8369 Piotn Blandvilie, to Calr.\ III., 14 milea and baCX, one a Week > Leave Bian 1 villa ?stir '.&j at" a m Arrive at Ca*ro by la m Leave Cairo Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at B andulle by 6 p ni 8370 Iron La^pbelltvilie, to 2seatsviUe, 16 mile* and ba k, o oe a week Leave Campbeiiavil'e Saturday at 6 a m Aruve at Keats-.iile -aine day >y (2 m Luate N?a *viiie batuiday ati p m Arrive at cam pbellavUle tame day by 7 pm 6871 Vim lo i>m ia to Caupbeilaville, 20 milea and tack, turee trnes a veek Leav? Columbia Tuesday, 'lbti; slay anl Satur day at l i m at Cam^b:lisTiile same daya by 5 p m Leave C<opbr liv He TureUay, lbur^day, and Saturday at ? a ra Arrive at lo umbia tame days by 11 a ta 8372 Frcm CutLbrriaoa ?cad. by Pait -n'a t*toie,to Boetcn,37 m I-iibJ ta k. once a week. Lrav CumberUnl Ktnl -Vlotday at 6 a ui An ire at Bo ton bj 6pm Leave nwe on Taenia- a 6 a m arrive at Cumberland l>ord b; 6pm 8373 From tir?yjun to ^aiLUvi la, ?0 milea and ba^k, on?? % week l^ava Urayson Tbur day at 12 m Arrive at rcintcviil* t**t dav by 4 pm L>ava Pamtgrnie Wedre day at 6 ? m Arrive at dray cn n?xt day by 10 a m 6374 Fiom LiW;ty to ^outiceiio, 43 miles and ba k, one* a we<-k Leave Lib*r j fatartnr at 6 a m Arr ?e at Mout-ce:i > knnie i ay by 8 p m i^ave U nQcello Fr uay a 6 a ni Arrive at LiUrty aam day by 8 p m 4378 1 com U*uka in Caareuc-) count*, by Bau trem'a Ktcre, Fail, of Tug KiTer, WarSeid CoM jiinicg Jompany, O?orge Otark'a of Pl*ern Cre^k, Va., to Lonvilie, Ky, 40 iaiie? add back, once a week. ? Leave Lou!*e Tu-aday at 4 a m Arrive at LcnVil!? i.ext d?y by 11 a m Leave ucn?l?> rda*su?.y n ? p ni Arrive at L>*?is> it day ty 6pm 8378 From Ote.r.ic, b; iiae d tia anl Oardiner**, to fcoaia bt ug*r Cre?k n ttal.atin oouuty. m ies and back, one** a wtek. Leave Owut ?n lbuiauay aiilao Arnve^at M uti of sugar Creek by 6 p m Le*ve jWuUt oi tio^ar Craex l>iiaay at V a m Arrive at U?eutcn tySpm 8877 ftr,D8 Point, to Wincbeetcr, M) mil. a and Uc*. ibree Umea a week Lea\e lari, McnOay, Wedr.a?lay. ana Friday ai 7am Arr.Vc at Wincbeate* by 1 p m L?ave M mc^Ler Monday, WednesJay, and f at 2 p m Arriv? at k'ans by b p m ** * a w~k are in 8378 Picxn Petinburg, ky BulBttevi'.Ie anl Can suave, to Ci^ctnna i,Okio, milea an?lb?cS oa e a wee* Leave Petersburg Mundav at 1 a m Arrive at Cincinnati by 12 m l*?ve Cincionati jlcoda? at 1 p m tcraAvrire zt frtertbirj by 7 p m V?? ? a furnace, by Mounf Savage Fur n^oe, to Ony^n, 17 mil*, aod back, onca a Leave Mar i urna.-e Wtdnebday at tf a a Arrive at 'Jrayaor same uay by 1! a m ^*are Qraya n Wednesday at J2 m cnAiTlir* '}'r Turn?>^ tame day by 6 p m From laike.abuig, V?,by Beipre, Obio, Lit lr~* gPCrt, Bkllev lie, Va^ Lc..g Bo.tou.*, Ohio, -i-uirayavLle, V*., Ha veaiwood, Vi,w, UUrt Falls, Ohio, SuiKn, l cm-?jo>, bhefflalu, M>at ?!n*r^ ' '-^^ire, Ohio, (iuthxie'a, ST Oalipclia. Ohio Bacooon 'LCr" k> Greer. Ik ttom, Va.. Xil l-rsport, < HP>, Qjakor Bottom, Uuvaail'tU h^rJ>V'KflGn*}' ???B?g on, Ohio, Callette burg. Ky Ghoi, Store, Obio, Uoa. Qrore. amaada. ky., Ireaton. Ohio. UaaSin< K- c^, Pr.nch Gram Orc?u? C. B, Ky., Frankbn Purnac Ubio, Whee"?!fturg. teiUaville, HaringvC.r, Ky .JPortawuin, obio, Frierd HcckTille, VaDcthor^ ^JT-# li mduUlio, 1.?""?^' ? and Manches^r, Ubio, to Mayviil-, Ky., Ui mii-t baoif, twice a w?ek. Leave F?rke?burg Suuia; and TLuraday at 9 at Ma^av^lie Lext days fcy fi p m ^mT* *?yril?e Tuesday ai d Saturday al 9 a m Arri.e at 1 azkertbu g next daya by 9 p m TEWMtS31?. , (McmJulg 1, isji, to Jtuu 30.18?8 ) bMO Irom Letn'a Marion, by Morristown, to Mouth CbucJij, 21 mi :** iiid btok, ouci t Leave li *a a 8*a'iou raturday at 1 p m < Arrive at Jdcuth of Cb-cky by 7 p b? Aloutb cf chucky batunlay at 6a m Arrive at Bean a tttaiion by 1U m 8441 Fr m B<an a tution, by Noe a Ferry, to Mor ' :i'town, ?miieaandhack,oijceawe-k. ' Leave tit ana Bia.ion Saturday at l?i a m Arrive at Mcriiabowu by 1 p m L?ave Morrl.towu b.tu.'lav atjl'p m Arnva at La.n'a auti n ty b p m 5642 frim Calhoun, by Ftarce and Oo.dfield, to | > and back, once a w?ek. Lfava CalAcun Satuiday at c a m Arrive at Dtutur by 1^ m Leavaxecatur 0 iturday at 1 p m Arrive at CaJbcun by 7 p m ?W3 From ClevdanJ, bv Centra, to Cuptown I Coppor Micee, *4 milea and back, once a week Leave Cleveland Sioi day at 8 a m Arrive at BuextowaCopper Minea next day by' !?-ave Lutkkwn Ctfper Juices Wednesday at8 >'.tv. at Cleveland next day by 12 m i'rotoaab for three-U*?va week aervice ara In viW. 11444 *."!!? by Mi.'Wa Ch-p?l, Beg^'a Lectaw uin, Q^la?>, and Dr. B ck'a, to Ma I i^.ro" 44 b,ck one# * we?k Wednetoay at 0 a m i ? Qr r* ?>y y p m Arrive at Dy^Cj ^Tp'L D>" fit t ram J.ckaborv', by U.inUvilU u> town. tO miies end Uct. i JMkW" L^ave Jackaboro' Ibnrs ay at 4 * si Arrive a Jamcauta u tex* day by 19 n Leave JactaUwa Friday at 'i p m at 2ae>ator?.' a?vt? ay by a p ta Mt7 Ff<m Jaakaboco'. by K.kQap, to *U1 amhto (WhjCey C li,> ?y , W uliee aad back, oaee a we*>k Leave Jackrhoro* Thurrday at 0 a m at WiUiama^ufg aama d-y *>y 6 p m Leave Williamaburg Friday at 6 a m A r?ivi at Jackab< nf aetr-e day by 0 p m IS48 F om l?bar.oa, by CturU>af? Uv jigataa, Hon roa Ab ny, Ky, 'acnta^Io, and Semen*:, to ;<taa or1C?, mi ca and oack, once a week Leave LaWioa Motiday al 5 * m Arrive at Stan ord cext Wedneecay by IS m Leave Stanford Wed a* day at ) p m Arrive at Lebanoa nut Friday by | p ? a- ^ropoaala Wii From Loudon, by Unlila iu<l Louis viUe. tc Marvtville, 28 attet and hack, once a irwk L?aye Loudon Monday st 3 a m Arrive at UuTirill? c <m? day by 5 p ra Lave Mary.,vi)le Tuesday at 8 a m Arri e tt Lou Ion t>*xe day by 5 p in 65) Proa MaryoTilif, fcy Vane* 4 acker's, to Tufck alecha* Cote. 21 all*-* and b^ck, once a week L^ave MaryoTille fneeday at 6 a m ArTiT? at Tuckaleaiee Core by 12 m Lexve Turka!ech?* Cove Tuesday at 1 p in Arrive at lfarvsville by 7 jm ?851 Froa Mo-gen 0 11 to Hunteville, 16 miles and ? * back, once * week Leave Morgan 0 11 Tnesday at 8 a m Antra at unatari)le fame day by 12 m leave Han'grille Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Morgan 0 II same day by 6 p m 8652 ProaMooot life's Store, Jaiapa I and Kimbrough's. to Sjringtown, 20 Biles and back, eaee a w?ek Leave Mount Vernon Thursday at 6 a m ArriV4at Hpringtiwn by 1* m y Leave Sprtngtoan Thursday at 1 p m Arrive at Mount Vernon by 7 p m j 8653 Proa Newport by Weltou's j?piinfK Ha-kK ?*?? Branca, and Eoakiville, to fie rier C U, 39 miles and back, orce a week L3aye Newport Thursday at 6a m Arrive at fcevier 0 II sam? day bv 6 n m Letva Sevier C H We-ineeday at 6 a a Arrive at Newport a;me day by 6 p m 86 >4 lr>a Smitbsville, by Crossing Laney Fcrk at mouth of Holmes'* Oreek, *o Pekin, 20 miles and baok once a week L*av? eaitbev He Saturday at 5 a m Arrive a' Pekin by 12 m ,, Leave Pekin Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Smithsvill* by 8pm ' Prom Tazewell, by Isaac Buchannan's and Ca ven Bobinw n'n, to Jonaviiie, Va , 35 mile* and baek, one* a week Leave Tasewell Thursday at 6 a m Arrive ai Jones* illeB. me day bv 6 p m Leava J ret v.lie Friday at 6 am Arrive at TaseweTl aame day by 6 p m 8656 From Walnut W.ley, by Luney'a Creek, to Nikaja-k, 28 miles and bick, once a week Leave Walnut Valley Tuesday atilam Arrive at Ni<iajack came day by 6 p m i^are Nicksjark M >nrtav at 0 a m * Arrive at Walnut Val ey s?ine day by 6 p m MISSOURI. (fnm July 1, IS35, to June CO, 1858.) #032 f ram Athene to l*a.rvit>w, ? mile and task, one* a w ek Bidder? will state distance and give schedule of arrivals and departures yO"J3 From Blorairgtoo, by Rice's Perry acd Milan to St John. 75 mLeasnd back, once a week Leava Blx>:sington Tuesday atipm Arrive at it. John n-at ftiurfldsy by 12 m L^ave St. John Thursday at 8 p m Arrive at B'ximingteo next S&turnay by 3 p m 9034 From Co.^nville, by Booo'h Lick, to Giagow ZO milw and back, once a wee t Leavs Boonvi le Saturday at&im Arrive at (J a?gcw samo day by 12 m Leave Glasgow raturCa atlpm Arrive at bo Rviile time day by 8 p m 90.15 From Castville, ty Kcah Booa's, to >'<-o?ha, 33 miles and b.ek, once a "e-jk Leavj Caesvill* Friday at 6 s rn arrive at .Neo>ha&ameday by 5 pm Laavt f?e fha Tnurrdiy at 6 * m at Ca>?Tii:e<aiue day by 5 p m 9038 From Ca*?viile by King's Prairie to Mount Vernon, 3i milei an 1 back' once a week Leave C*rsviUe riday at 6 a m Arrive at Mount Veri o.i aarae dar by 6 p m I<rara Mount Vernou ihurslsy at 6 a a Arrive a Caiev:l e rarne day by 6 p m | S037 Prom fcminence to "i'iioniaEville, 40 miles and back or oe a week T?ith Ka in nn? W?Jne~d?y at 6 a ni Arriv- at i'?oina.ovii!?9 next" ray by 10 a m Leav- Thoma.-v. le Ihumlay nt 19 m 1 Arrive at amiu^nce mat ut?y by 4p ui ; 9C3s From Kris by Lebanon, .loncho, Kaxlewood, tow k^o aal U g Hearer U Por.-yth, 130 m:lrs aiid back, onew a week Le?vtf trie '? oi.Jay at 6 a m A rive at Forsyth cext Thursday by 10 a m Leave Porft? T rare day at 1^ ra ( Arr ve at xrie next ?ued y by 6 p m 9039 From Forsyth to tanoltoa, Ark., %o miles and bick, on?.t? a vroek I*av? For yth Tfcur.Jay at 12 m Arrne at C'arrolton ne t day by 12 m Lenw Carrol oa Fr:day at 1 p in Arrive at For-j tb tei t daj by 1 p m : 9040 From Georgetown by Loo,;wo d to Marshall, 30 miles u l back once a eek Le*ve Ueor^e o - a Tut-nlay at 8 a ta Arrive at Vtarahall >hilc day by 6pm lAave Marsba'l f.rnday at 8 a m I at Geor^etd*n?ame day by 6 p m t 9041 Frem Green op, in rchuyler county, by Har* ford to Ceatrefille, Iowa, 40 miles aud back once a week L-ave ttreen Top Tburj 'ay at 6 a m Ar<i*e at Ceut.evill? ?am<* ?lay by 8pm I^iVi Ceatr?t Jle W adm-Kday at 6 a a Arvvt; at Green fop iiuue day ty fc p m 901i Frciii Liermann by li^hcci a u Ferr), Frt!^ Icssburg and bailey Cr<*k to Uca, 34 miles *ani back, o^eea L**ive l.Vrmaan Welr.e'day at 6a m Arri* e at ?fno same day by 6 p la l^ave Ulu Thur?auy at 6 a m Arnve at Ilermanu sa:ue day ; y 6 p m 9043 Prcm L'a&nibal to Naples, 111, 42 miles and ba?k, oncea we?k Uanu bal Monday at 6 a m Ar.lre at aples -aiue d^y by 8 p m i I> av? :>8ple Tuesday atCam Arnte at tl,DDita! Mtau day by 8pm 9044 * rem ILrmaua by Merrmac Iron Works and L'ckiag t) lloufctoa, leaas county, 112 m le^ ard bitk, once a week ? 1*17# litsrmaun a* 6 a m ArriTe at Ilou.t^a i eat Saturday bj 6 a la ## I>avo Ilous:oa Saturday at 12 r? Arrive a: Hermann n? xt 1 ueolay by 1*2 m ?>45 From Jsffar^ncity by Wm. tuuta f, Kicbard Il^owcan's and Latham's t> Lit le riney, 6o mile - ani ?net a week Leave Jf-ff -r^on city Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Little u- at day by 6pm e Li^ile Piney W edueaJav at 6 a oa 1 ^i?AyiTe a^J'-ff rrton city neit day by 6 p m 9046 From Kanan fcy Wiandotte c.ty, /e.rasVa 1 arkville, Mo.ani Hampton t9 Platte city 3) mile' and back, orce a wt-'i I^ave Kansas Tu^-day bt 8 a in Arnve at t'latte c?ty >-ame < ay ty 6pm I^ave Plutfe city \?eine da_> at ? a a ArriTe at Kintal =ame d y by 6 p ut 9047 Pioaj KauiiB by Westport, llarrieoavilie. ra|MOjki.l^ Aai CurtDage to Nwhov ltt9 mile? and baca, < nee a ?*-*. I^ate Kausan Won iay at 6 a m Arrive at Naabo text Fliday by 6 a m Ltuve Ne ho y utida" itHata arrive at Ka sas next Friday by 6 a m 9048 Prom KirksviU* to vott^erille 11 Aiair county, 12 ui Is and back, ccce a ?<ok Leare Kirk.-v he f riday ?t 6 a m Arrive at C( tfoevilie by 0 a m L?nv? L'otf-.e. ill FiiJay at 10 a m Arrhe a fcir.?>ill? by 1 p m 0549 Froi.Lel*nj? to Wayneeville, 30 aila and back, once a week La?.?e latbanou Friday at 7 a la Arrive at H ayne-rill* mci* day by 4pm L?ave UavLe v li? Iburedayat 7am Arrive at Lebenon aamn day by 4 p m 00 yO From Leai gtjn by Aumom Vounj^s KKjah Giaiic 8, t r?n.jr m, Kiikpatrick's m;lls, and ?>o .ulster to Calhoun,60 miiee and bask,once a week Lave Laiimnn Mon'aya* 7am Arrive at Coiauun tux day by 12 m Loa-e Calhoun Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at I ezi Jgton neat day by 6 p m 9051 From L?b-non to Ilouaton, Texas county, 65 Uilee acd lv.k, a week Leave L?ha d "onday at 8 a m Arrive at Hou?tno n*at day by 12 m lieare HoastoaTne day at 1pm Arrive at Lot anon neat day by 5 p m 9052 From Lit 1? Prn'rie to I'ra. e cm k, ? miles and back, oncea ?e**k B.dders w^H *t*te dlntan -e. ard prcpose schedule oi depa. tures and arrivals. 9053 Ircia l Mount GiLaL Ta'' Carj fcDte.'o Sto.e, to l'iattaburg. 24 milseand ba* k, on.e a w*ek L*ave Lib'tty Tua>.;ay at 6 a m Arrive at Plattsb.rg faun Cay by 12 a L4?ave Platraburg Tuebcay at t p xa Arrive at Liberty 'ante day by 8 p m 9064 From Nineveb, by Dirtford, to Centreville Iowa, 40 mi es aad back, onc? a week L*ave Ma t-h Tu'niay at 6a m Arrive at Cent-?vil!e. am- day by 7 p m Lt-a** 0entr?vill? We>Jneaday ai 6 a m Arrive at Nineveh rain? day by 7 p m 9C54 Frcm Neo-he to Albam^rtine, ^c'w Mexi'o 801 m les and back, oi.e a month Leave ?* -aho the first a*y of every month, at ft a m Arrive at ?ltuqu?rque iu twenty five days Leave Aitu^uer^ue the fint day of averv io >nth at 8 a m Arrive at Neot-ho In twenty five days 9056 Frcm Nevada to Llodl.v, 9 miles and lack orce a w?-ek ' L-ave Nevada Monday at ? a m Arrive at LinJl?y by 11 a ui Leave Lind<ey Mcu Ja'v at 12 m Arrive at N?vad? by 3 p a ^067 PrcmOcrcla to llar.'idonvijlrt, 65 miles and tack oi o? a ?vek Le veCee? 1, Th';r?dar at 1 p m Arrive at Har i*ouville aaat Saturday by 12 m Leave llarri* nvilie Tn siay at I p a Arrive at Ooeoia neatTiiur.d?v by 12 m ?0&8 Prom Q inc?, by Uu!iuan?viile a?t 8 M>n? taln h Hon'a Store (i"orr-ersvtl'e,) to Pre m at. 3* mil?s and baek, one# a we k L***e Qaincy Monday a 7 a m f*1 Frem. nt fame day by 6 p n V-r *T*m?nt Tuod y at T . m 90&0 *wl! ?l. QuinfJ "aa* day by 0 pm Mo 1 dn aaui^'H"*?4 M' ^"8 *?d ?'jr ?mHSSi l?vls>, and Dumey's MilJi, to Milan, 76 mi>| and bsck, once a wt?k Leave 8helby> ills Monday at 6 a ia at'.*? at <il?n L#xt d?.y by 7 p m L?av? M Ian Tue day at 6 ~ in Arrive atSbelbyvilie nest day b:7pm 9061 freak Sp?niikii to Iietaiwt, bO miles and back, onoe r ?Vek Leave ?pnn/fi<14 lussday ?t 6 am Arrive at Frem.ntneU day by 10 a m L*ave Fremont Wednesday at 1 p m , Arrive atSf ringfleld next day by 6 pm 9068 1 rcra Uq'od ta V' Frittklin county, ? mile* find back, onoe a week Bidden wHI tUte distance and propose sched ule of departures and arrivals. 906S Fiom Fp iDiffl.ll. l>y Linden, Joel Hall's, Ileiod Holt's Wall, and r rat ton's Bt ra, and St. L?fr?r,t<i B*ldiu, in Ful:ou county, Aik., 133 milei and b*ck.once a we*k Leave Springfield Monday at 0 a m Arrive at ?'a n*xt Wednesday by C p m L^pve Salem Thu'Sday at 6 a m Affile at Springfield nat Saturday by C p at 9064 From Wyre:t">n to Washington, x6 uiilat anl'btA. once a w*t k Leave Werrenton Thursday at 9 a m Arrive at Wa hingten fam? day by 5 p m L?a?e Wasting on Friday ctdam Arrive at Warrenton mute day by 6 p m 9C65 From Wa*bbourne> Pr?iri?\ bv R. Koter's Bridge, Abner Jenning?, cn White River, f nd Lewis ThomaoniV, cn War Kagle, to IluntsviUe, Ai k., ? miles and back, once a week Leave Washbotrne's Prairie Tueslay at 5 a m Arrive at Huntavillefame day by by 8 p m Leove lluntjville Wedmaiay at :> a m Arrive at Wmhbonrne's Prairie at ire dry by 8 p m IOWA. (Fr m Ju'y 1, 1855,to June 30, 1858 ) 9139 From Apple Grove, by r.lhl, Carlisle, and (h -en n^h, to Wintaraet, 48 miles and back, once a we?k Leave Apjle Grove Fridsy at 6 a m Arrive at Wintamtnaxt i'ay by 12 m Leave W internet Saturday a; 1 p m Arrive at Apple Grove text day by T p m 9439 From Adel, by Pon oa, and County feata of AuJuton and Shelby, to Magnolia, 120 miles and bark, once a 7evk. Leave Al-l Wednesday at f> a in Arrive at Magnolia next Friday by 6 p m Leave Magnolia Saturday at ft a m Arrive at Aael next Mo- day by 6 p ia. 9440 From Rconsbcro', by Mower, to tort Dodge, 40 mile' and bank.onr* a we<k. Leave Bo ntboro' Monday at fl a m Artive at Furt L?o ge SJ>me day oy 8 p ia L *ave Fort Dodge Tue?day at 0 a in Arrive at Bocmboro' same (Wy by 8 p m 9441 From Kloomdeld, by Drakeville, Union villa, M>ravi*, Iconiun, and Greenville, to Chari ton, 56 miles and m?< k. occe a week. Leave B.comteld Muuiay at 1 p m Arrive at Cbanton next d?y by 0 p m Leave Chartron v> eisesday at 6 a m Arrive at Bioomfield next day by 11 a m. 9442 From Camanche to A bany (111.,) 2 miles and btck, once a week. Leave Camanche Monday at 12 m Ar iv- *t A bauy by 2 p m Leave Alb?iiy Monday at 8 a m at Camarche by 10 a m. 9443 From Camanche to Dewitt, 10 milen and back) once p. woek Lsava (J.mac h? c* urd-y ut 6 a m Arrive at Dewi;t by 12 m Leavr Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at CaujaLch- by 7 p m. 9444 From Char estor, ty Lover and 8al-m, to Mt Plea ant, 30 miles and back, thrte tiuits a week. Leave lb?rle&ton Mot Jay, YVedmaday, and Fri day at 9 a in Arrive at V?t Flenfant by fl p m Leave M.. Plea a a: l'uet>aay, Xhxirsdy, aud Sat urday at 10 a m Arrive at Char^etlon by 7 p m. 9445 F cm CaJar 1'all- to Clear Lake, ^O miles and buk, once a week. Le.?veCedir Falls Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Clear Lake nvxt day by t* p m Lea-e Clear Lak? Tue a-y a; 0 n ia Arrive at Cedar Falla next day f y i p ui. !U46 Fij.ii CeLtr-viiie, ly Coryd.n, South Iuie peLden;Couuty ?e its ot R cgold and T?y lor, t > Clariuda, 13S miles an i bt.< k, once a week. Leive Centrrfvilli Tu s !av at 2 p m Ariir j at Clarioua u?*< Ft id av uy tip in Leave ciarinUa .-a uruay at u a ui Arrire at Ceutitville next Tuesday Ly 12 m. 9417 Fr in entre-.i'l.-, by Iconj^jp, to Cbariton, 85 iuile.4 and back, <"ii'V* a wtA Leave Cenareville WeOnesd^^t 6am Arrive attCharit^n Miae day bydpm Lea* e Charlton ihurmlay atd a n Arrive at Ce?tr>vu.e ^ains Oav ty 6 pm. 9443 Fr-m Cei-ire ! by M?ryt>vi la, Curke, Brandm. Frmck'1, Ktrterprise, loo. Cedar ft'll*, Jayneevi!le, ?.nd Wavw-iy, to Bia f-rd, ?0 mii^a ;<nd tack ei.04 a weei. ?Leave CeuUe ?oint Monday at 8 > m Arrive at i<radford n? .\: W.-?irief>iay by tf p m Leavo liradturd l'hu. ed yat !>a m Arrive I'en re P 'ui ,.ext Saturday by 8 p in. 9U9 Frtm Coun 11 b'.ufl.;, Lo^a, to t maha Ci y, Nt-b.-aik . leriito.y, 5 miits and back, tnree timw a week. La*ve Oounrll b uff? Vonday, Weineejav, and F.iday at 8 a m Arrive a* urna'ia It7 by 10 a m L-av-i Omi'ia O ty Monday, WednoaJay, and Frida) a'- 3 p in Arrive at Council bluf[4 by 6 p m. Propo?als f.r s.x-iimes-h. weea service are in vi'ed 94)0 Fiom Council BlutT-, by Waluut Grove, Cal h md, Mx^nolia, Amqiod, Coanty Beat of Wocdbury, (now tergent'a Bluib,) and Fl vi'? fcl .flfi, to S:oax ?. Ity, 100 miles an lack, three a w ek. Leave Cvua- il Biutl? M nlav, Weunesday, anJ F.iday at ttam Arrive a', fci n U'y next daya ly 8 p m Leave fci ux Ci.y Moad y, Wedneaiay, and Fri day at 0 a ia Arrir? at Cou- ell B cfTd next ilny^t by 8 p ia 0461 From liyten to Larcjscer, (Wis,) i4 mils* and back, o?-o? a week. Leavs C.aytun Ihursday at 8 a m Arrive at i.anca*t^r .-auudfy tiy 4 p m .Leave Lanca V> eUntsia^ at 8 a m a*. Cla^ ;oa taiae il?y by 4 p m. 9452 Frtm Clayton, by Gataavme, Llkador, Wag ner, and Clesmoat to Wat Ution, 45 uiilea atd bock, onej * w*?k. L?ave Clavt u Thutaday at 8 .v m Arrive a West Cni >n uea Gay by 12 ux Leave West Union Friday al 1 p m ai Ciaytou next day by 5 p in. U4&3 Prom Oouticil B ull-f. by Winter Quarter*, to Fort Calhcun (Nebraska Terri.ory.) ? iailtu and lack, once a u eek Eidlera will sut<? distance and jr^p^ee sebclule cf depanare't aud arrival*. 9454 Frtm Dubuque, by Pt.rt Did<re, to Sargcttt's B.ufTi, i.'i milfH aod back, onou ? Wtak. Dubuque >1 >nj.iy at 0 a m Arrive at fc'argeml's Bluflj text Fnndsy by 0 p m Leave Sar east's LlufL) Mon lay at 6 a m Ariivs at Lubuqu* next tuuday by 0 p in Bloa to run by n ?JiffereLt scLediile wiil be ccn aiJcred 9156 From Dubuque, by West Unioe, Auburn, and Old Mihkiou to Decoirab, luti uiles aud back o^oea week. ' lieuv* Uuou^ae Mondav at 6 a ni Arrive at Dtcorrah n^xt Ji ednwday by 0 p m Leave tfcorrab 'lhorsJay at c a m Arrive at Dubuque next taturday by 6 a m 9460 Froai Dubuque, by N?w Viae, ri.rawberry Poiot. R Lei t on'a aw J, and We t Un'on, to 1/tcorrah, 100 mil* s and back, onoe a a erk l ea e Dubuqua Men lay a 0 u aj Arrive at D?c rrah next Wedtesday by 6 p m L?ave L'eeorrsh Thur?d y at 0 a a Airive a! Du?iuque next Saturday by C p m 9157 Finn Ldcyiille, by B uff Cie k. Irish Pilnt, Berry, Colunbua, Leading's foint Hidge way, asa leaver, to Fort Dts Mo.otf, 74 miier ?? d back. oa.e a week I^eave Ediy vii e M< nday at 6 a m A ri?e al F^rt Due Moines next day by 6 j? m Leave For; Dea Mcinta Wfdncaday at fl a m Arrive at Kddyvi'le next day by 0 p m S408 From Faixview, by Bidga and Jordan'? Grove, to P?ri?, 18 miles ?i d back, once a we^k Leave Fairvlew *a urday nt 1 p m Arrive at Paria fame day by 7 p m Le?ve p-rls saturoay tt 6 a m Arrive at Fair* iew eame day by 12 ui 9459 Frtm Krt Des M lrn< by 8?ory C U (Ne vaJa.> to kldora, C6 mllea and back, ou'o? a w fck L ?ave Frrt Dcs Aloices Monday at 6 a m Anive at E dor* next day by (j p m Leave KMnra H e inebday at C a m Arrive at Dae Mojn-g d^y by fl p m 9460 From F rt De i Moices, r.y Nevsda, to Marietta 6 m:M >.ii'i back once a week. L?ave Fort Bes x?ines Wed' ?Mj?y at C a m Arrive at Marietta nex' day by 12 m I?*ave Mar eita lhuisday at I pm Arrive at Fjr D s M iues nex . day ? y T p m *461 Frcm F^rt M-dis a, by West Point, Big Mound, and Utica, to Kecaaoqua, 42 miles and back, nc? a week Leave Fort Madison Vor'ay at T a m Arrive at Keosaufiia sam^ dsy by 8 p m Leave Ke^sanqua Tnesdny at 7 a m Arrive -t Fi<rt Mudbou s?me day by 8 p m 9462 From Foit Madiarn, by Frankli . Cwtre and, t3 Farmington, 27 miles and tacx, oree a week L? ?va Fort VI ad la >n Friday at 8 a m Artlre at Karmagion same day by 6 p m l^eavH Karminttron a'urday at 8 a n Arrive at Fort Madia:n a-me day bv 6 p m 9163 From Glecwncd, (Mills e? unty^by hebra ka Dapct, to ^e' ra^ktCentre, 20) miles and back cnoea wa?k I>?iva Gleawo d Tbnrsday at 0 a m Arrive at Netraeka Centre next Wednesday by 6 ftZQ Leava Nebraska Centra Wedn'sday at 8 a m Arrive at Glenwcoi next Tuesday by ? a m \AW?J | p IU raham Centre, to Muu ice ^ wrek a> o ? m wS^t 9164 Firm Lewli, by Qnln-y, to Clarlcda, 45 ?|b?? iVd lMfk, cur* i irKt Lea vc LewjF Monday at 9 * in Arlve at fbrinda next day by 8 a m L?Tr Clvioda Tueadxy at 10 a m Arrive at b next ? ?y 'by 2 m 9465 From Mar n?*o t?- M- xirt'r. 6. mi!ej a^d b?fk. ?once ?w fk L?? ve Var-ago In-*.'ay ? 6 a in Arrive a: Marietta next day by 6 p m Leave M > ietta Thirrdtv ? t 6 a m A rive at M?rengo n*xt d-y by 6 r m 9466 Fr n Maren/o, by tole o, to Eldora, 76 mile* and back, one* a w-t k I-?wv- Marengo Tue-day at 6 a m Arrive at Kid -ra next day by 7 p m Leave Eldnra Thurad y at 6 a m Arri re at Marongo next day by 7 p m 9407 From Maoednnla by BftbUh-tc, to Qlcnwoed, vl milee n d back, one* a w?ck Leave Macedonia 1 hut-slay at lpm Arrive at Qleawnod asm? day by 7 p m I^avs Gienwcoi Thursday at 0 a m Arrive at Macedonia same day by 12 in <>16? From Monona, by Roesville, to Waukon, 20 mile* and birk. one? a week Leav MonoLa Monday at 0 a m Arrive ?t Waukon by 12 m ) eave Waukcn Mcnday at 1 p m Arrive at M<nona by 7 p m 94GO From McGiegor'a landing, by Elgin and West Untoa, to fc rad ford, 80 milt* and baek, onoe a week L?*v ? Melrejor** Landing Mot day at 6 am Arrive at Rrad'orl na?t Wedu??day by ti a m Leave Eraltbid Wednesday at 8 am Arrive at McGregor'* Lansing next Friday by 8 a m 94*0 From Mi-3re^orViI-and!ng, by Moron a and Clermont, to West Union, '8 mllrs and back, onoe a week L-ave McGregor'a landing Monday at 6 a m Arrive at West Un'nn i<m< u?y br 9 j. m L^ave West Union Tuesday at fi a in Arrive at McGregor's landing fame day by 9 p m 9171 From Os"*o'a, by P arie Grove, to Pern, 17 mile* and lack, onre a week Leave Oscecl.i Thrrsday at 0 a m Arrive at Peru Thursday at 1 p m Ij?av i Peru 1 hur.-day at 1 p a Arrive at OsCetla by 7 p n MICHIGAN. (From July\t 1855 to June 50, 1858.) 13162 From Adrian to Parker's Comers, ? miles and tacit, one# a week Lid'-'e** wi 1 btit - distance and came a dbbed ule ot d-parture* ar.d arrives 13153 Fr. uu Ala oa t> Homer, 8 a ilea and back, sis times a vr ek Ijeave Albion duly, Sunday, at 2 p m Arriva at Ilcmer *an>e days by 4 p m Leave Homer daily, except tut day at 5 p m Arrive at Aloion same d*ys bv 7 p ? 15151 ro-n All g?ny by Trowbridge, Chesh're, Bloemlngdale and Waveriy, to Paw Paw, 21 mile* and ^ak, occe a we-k Leave Atl gan Tuaed?y at 7 a m Arrive at Few lav same day by G p m l/e?ve Paw P?w W dneaday at 7 a m Arrive at A'.legan fame d*r by 6 p m 13l5f> Fr m Ba:t*e CrteV, by Ab*. ta, Union City to Col lwater, u.i.e, and back, three times a we*-k Leave battle Creek Monday, Wednesday, and Frida at 8 a m Arrive at Coldwater same days by 6 p m l-eivi jold a'er Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day at 8 a m Arrive at Buttle Cr<?ek same days by 6 p m 131?6 From Charlotte, b i hntsr, Eoxana, and Dauby, ta Pcrtlanu, 25 m les and back, onoe a week Leav.-* Ckar'ot'e Wednesday r.' 8 ? m A r vp at P rtiano r&me day by 6 p m I .eave Pur 1 <nl Thuml ty at 8 a m A rriva at Char otte i ?me day by C p m 13157 From Coruuoa, by Humphry ?h?fk's in New Ilavea, to Cbeaanirg, 15 milea and back onc-e a wrek La<<ve C. ranna TT?dnesday at 6 a m Arr v atCheM>niHgFameday by 12 m Lpbv- Chesa ii R W^dne day at 1 p m Arrive at Co'-nnni sance day by 7 p m 13158 F cm L'e?ter by Ingraham Centre, to M| 41 miles and bank, once i Ie*ve Desvr Thnr day i Arr v?- a* Mason Fame day by 6 p m I^*avv M??on Friday at C a m Aniv at Deiter same day ty C p hi 1316'J From I ecatar, by Little iTair e Ronde, Mar cellus, Un on, Flow^rfi'ld, Centre to Three l:iver*. SO mi es ani hock, once a week L?ave Decatur Wednesday at 8 a ni Arrive at Thr< e Ilivers sasse ay I y fl p m 1? ??e Throe Uivns Thursday at 8 a m Arrive a* Decatur e^mc day by C p in 13100 Fro n Fun'iee, by Summerfield and Lamberts vll'e, to Toledo, Ohio, 24 miie.? and back, ones a week l^eav- Dundee Wedne d-y nt ? a a Arm"-' at T l<da fame day l.y 5 p m lj??av- Toledo Thu^td-y ?t fe a ra Arrive at Duoaea . ame day by 5 p m Propo-als for tii w ek y serviceare invited 131Gi Fr ni r?troit, by Miuot C.eJien* and A1 moTit, to F.npeer. (ty the plank read) tii miles ana back, oac? a wee* Le-ve Detroit Tu> wlay at G a m Atriv* at Jj??pe?r tam lay b" 6pm Leave Lape-r Wednejd^y at 6 a m Arrive at D? same Ony by 6 p m Bi'ideis wi.I speoiiy the intermeiiate offloet to be supplied on the route Fropowis for tri weekly and six times a w?ek service aie invited 13162 From JCs* ? Liver, by Beasley'*, Torch Lake, For ?ge Lake, aud Uought n, to Portafe Kn try, tJu milrtfl and liack, on<e a w?ek Le'-Ve ^agle hiver Wed je?d:iy at G a ra Arrive at ??<rtago Entry next <1ey by G p m L?ave Foitsge Entry F >d\y attiam Arrive at Et^le River next cJav by 6pm 13163 Froj; (ir?n! ltapids. by Alpi .e, Hpirta Cen tre, rlcI C-iinp i ? k?, ti Croion, 40 mi es acd bark, ?jnoe <% week I eave Grand F.apids W>dnee>'aT at 6 a m Arrive at Croton same day ty 7 p in Leave C oten 1 hursday at 0 a m Arrive *t irund 1.a; i s pamcday by 7 p m 13164 From Green Bay, by Little llay, ^oqu-t, Es conou^a, Carp Hiver, K?evena# ta., Eagle Kiv^r. o Harbor, and Copper Harbor, to Fort Wilkins, 374 miles ani back, once a ? e k Leave Gr?<m Bay every Mon-lsy at 6 a m Arrive ;.t Fort Wilkins 15 day* thereafter Leave Fort Wilkin* every Monday at 6 a m A'rive ut Ore n B?y 16 days thereifter Proposals to commence at Carp Ki?er are in vited; airo, prep sais for pervicefrcm Nov?m b.- r 15 to May 15 in each y?ar, are invited. 13165 Fi^ui Uoo'lrich, bv DavlsonvilTe, Davison Centre, Richfield, Forrett, Vassar, Fraxk-n muth.anl ILoon-fiMd, t j 9*glaaw, 65 mileJ a*i;l ba- k, once a we?k I^ave Goodrich eviry Tureday at C a a Arrive at iraginaw next day by 6 p m Leave Kaxiuaw every Thur;d*y at 6 a m Arrive at Gi o rich next day by 6 p m ICleo From Groveltnd. by Roa*, Ilighla d, and Mil ford, to Mew IIud?on, 25 miles and back, once a veek L^ve Gr^v.-Lnd TVedntsday at 8 a m Arrl' e ut Se? Hudson same day by 6 p ? Leave New uu^son at 8 a m Arrive at Grovelaod day by 6 p m ' 13167 F:cm El stlngt to Woadland, 12 miles and b?ck ono?a week Lesve Ilestingx Tuesday at. 8 a m Arrive *t Woodland sama day by 12 m Leave WcoJ and Tuesday atl p m Arrive at Hattings same day by 5 p m 13168 From UajiingH to Galeoburgh, 28 miles and ba?k, occe a wo-k Leave liaptir g* Tu?-sdjy at 8 a m Arrive at GatePburi<h nxne day by 6 p m Lea vr Gale.'burgh Wrdiieeday at 8 a m Arrive at Hasting ea^:* dav by 6 p m Prrposa s to tup, iy Cedar Creek and Hickory Corners on ti>e route are invi'ul 13169 From ?lilitdal*, by i ansom Wood's Corner*, a*d Caw, to Medina, oOmilea and back, once a ?eek Leave llilivlul- Wed esday at 8am Arr ve at Medina same day by 6pm Lea ve M.-dia% Thursday at bam Arrive at HMl^dale saoe cay by 6 p m 13170 F om "udfOD, by Cas- ani Uomestie, Ohio, to V eat Unity, 23 miles and back, once a Week Leave Ilu3ron "urs'ty at 8 a m at West Unity same day by 4 p m L>ave es t Uni?y Wedneec'ay at 8 a m Arrive at Hudson same day by 4 p m 13171 From Lexington, by Bark Shanty, Cherry Creek, Whl oomb's Mills, and Brakemao's Milla. to Point aax Barques, 73 miles and b-ck, onoe a week Leave L-iia^t >n Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at l oini aux Barques next day by 8 p m Leave loint aux Barques Thi'raJsy at 6 a m , A-rive at Lexiiigt n next day by 8 p m 13172 From M-nomitee River to K ewenaw Point Uk? 8up?:ior, 136 miles and back, three time'a month from November 15 .o Mav 16 in each Tear ILd lers will name a schedule of departures and arrivals J**P ?al by the trip are l .vited 13173 From Minnesota Miue to the month of Cnto nagon River, ? a ilea acd back, once a werk Bidders will state tie distance and name a "^bedule of depariure.s and arrivals 18174 From Minnesota Mine, along the mineral i* Re by t*e r rest ani Norwack Mine*, to Lake OgoyiUr, ? miles and back, once a Bidder1 will etata the distance and name a schedule of departures and arrivals ii.*rr2E'*'LfoT monthly serv.oe ar- Invited 13176 From Monr a, by Flat t ock, Taylor, Rrowna town and DearbornviFe, to Deuolt, 30 m.les and back, three times a week I eava Mcnroo Monday, WeJneaday and Fri day, at 6 a m Arrive at f>stroit rame days by fl p m iSTo J>^roltTn*?<1,kJr?Tll,l{aJ*7> Saturday Arrive at Monroe mma day by 6 p m Proposals to end at Daerbornvllle an tavlted 4. 13178 From Moscow. brScmc^et. WfcfVlaad, tad niMvil, to flnd^n,*! uriirud btr*. row ft rwk Leave Mc*?w Wedcaeday ii$? q *%ri Arrive at I'utfOr. mm* d%? VJf in Mud ju T*?ulti*%v I.Ik D A t.v? at a?.- my bj i |i n Jo'77 J r.'tu Hi aut iJwtiieiM ? > ou?' , tit Plar.k Brad. 2u m ??v aj1 bf*k, iiive tltaoa a *e k ?, L-ave Mourt rtfr m n* every Mcnday, Wodnea day and F*W?y a* 6 ? m Arrtv* at I cm* ' am- d#y? ty 12 m Leeve Borneo Mon ty, WedT.erdity and Fiiday I at l p w Arrhe at Mouat Cleatas mm* day* by 7 p m Proposals ft>r tlx time? a week service are ia tltfd 15178 From Cn'onngor to the eoutLea* qvar'er of ?cction eleven town?h'p fwy nine, ran a ? 1 fbity-ODe, In the connly of untaoagoj, ? miles and back, ot-re a *??? Bidders will rtate tbe dictate* and cam* a ?eke -ok ef departnro? and arrival*. Prrpo?aU far a< m.-mcntlly letvlc* are ltr vftH. 15179 Irm Portasce Lak-* to Li Anae Bay, ? milr> and ba'k. one ? a week Bfcl era will s'ate tbe distaae* and Lava a pcheOulo v,f d<par:utes aid arrivals. Ptcporala for temi-mcntkly service are In rit d 13180 From Pin* Run it? Geneve c ?nnty to ArlvJa Centre, in Tuaeola county, ? mil a and b?ck. one* a weak Bidder* will rt-te tbe dhtiDM, and nam* a schedule cf departure* ant arrivals. 13181 From Pontiae ty Clarkatoo, Itail* UK* Go>i r.cb, Davil*onv.ll*, Dtti^rn Centre, Eu?b fie'd Forreat?nd Va* ar to Lake Saginaw, 100 miles atd tar-k, oere a we k L*ave Pc ntiar Mondcy at?6 a m Arrive at Like fa;inaw next Wedi?e*d*y bv 6 p m L ate Lake faginaw Tbor day at 6 a m Arrive at Pent'ac next Saturday t y 6 p m ? rorofal- are invited to end at Goodrich. 13182 Ffecm R<aa ujti idinlurg, Cbar Lake, In diana to Mi ts, 20 miles and bark, one* a week I>*are Beading Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Mrta fame lay oy 12 m Leave Mfts Wednesday at 1 p in Arrire at Reading fame day by 7 p in 13183 Fr m Saginaw. by the o is era ride of tV 1/iwer Pen nsula and Dun as on Sheboygan Bay iOMackinac, Y60 milliard back, ?i~re a week Bidders wPl name a ccbedul 3 of departure a and arrtv al* Propxal-* by the <rip are inviud. 13184 From Soutd Haven to fa gaturk. at tv>e in;>ut*? of Ka'amazo:), In All-gan couu'y, 20 mile* and ba k. olcv a week lj#ave S< uth Haven Wednesday at 6 a ni Arrive at ^auga'uck aaniedav by '2 m L?av?* faugau k Wednesday at 6 a tn ?Rive a Sou h Haven staed-y^y 7 p m 15185 From 8*arti creek, in G?oti<a> eounty, b 7 Gaiees to Byron, 16 mJea and back, one* a Wrek Leave Swarti Cre*k 1h"rsday at 6 a m A rriv* at BvTon fame day by* 12 ui I/dnve byrun Thursd y at 1 p tn Arriva at Swart? t'r?ek ran e day by 7 p m 13186 From We-t Hirer by Aor^j j* -o itolhiCen're, 2 ? miles ar d back, o ce ? we .k li*ave We?t Riv^r T&ur day at 8 a m Arrive a* t'elbi Certw eame day by 4pm loav DeltiJ Cenirn Fritiay at 8 a in Arrive at Wet Liver paiL* day by 4 pm. ILLINOIS. (fVom Juijf 1, Is 55 to Jur.e 30, 13628 From Blrom'ngton by Pekin, Castoa, Ma romb, OaTtjhjr*- and 111, to Keokuk, lo?a, 150 oil* h H'.d ba k. olc- a we? k IiOare BloominKton M< n?Jay at C a m Arrive at Krckuk ntx' i'tiurrday by 6 pm L ave Ke< kuk Frid y at 6 a ui Aniv?-atBioou-ingioa ut^xt rut.dty by 6p m Bid era will m-ni- tre i*_termed at- offlc a. Propi aLs for tr-week'y and six time* a week ieiviee will be e n*i ered. 1352M From buffalo Urovo by Lrcokville, Whit" Cak Uror^ ai>d (iro^e to trert.crt, e and b?ok ocoe a . *!>k I>eave Buffalo Urove Wt^inefday at Ba ui Arri e at Fre |? rt. am ? imji i.yfi p m Leav ? Fr<e rt ihursJai ut S a m a* Buffalo Grove yui- day by C p m 13630 From Cairu by t^anta Fe, Ibebes and J E 1 tecUret s to Ji neabarcugh, 58 m.l-aatd back, on? a week I^eave Ca r > Tueeday at 6 a in Arnve at Jane b rr u^n at x ? lay by 12 m I^eave Jone*b rough H'e^netd-y at 1 p m Arrive ?c t^ri i e\t day by 0 p m Pao -oaals to ?>m jie .Cj at birar Or ^ek Landing ar* invited 13631 Fn m can t?Cha listen, Mlaouri, 14 milea and ack.onre a ?etrk Leave Cairo Ti ur?day ar 8 a m ^ At rive at Charleau n Fame d?y by 12 m ]*ave Cbailes: n ;fcu;fd^y?t i pm Arrive at Cair^ amediybyaptu 13642 rrom Charles on l>y tuiiiiaa to Decatur, ?0 m kfind '?'k,'n ea ?e?k LeaveCha le?t?n Tu*-*4ay t6am Airive a i)?calur n?.t! day f.y 12 m Leaxe Le a ur WedLttfay at 1 p m Arrive atCharlesion nri oay by 0 p m 13(33 From ? harl-et. n, by Oln^y, Ne / Maaaill n, Albion aud Grayv ils to i ew llarmmy, In diaca, 116 mite* . nd back, onoe a wttk. Leave char.eoton >iond?y ttttam Arrive at bitw Harmony next Wednesday by C i p n* Lmve New lla-mooy Tburaiay at 6 a m Arrive at Cbarl-et >u r?xt Sj'.urdav by 6 p m. Propo?.?)e are invited ti coianicnce at Greyxill-.. 13S3* Fr? m i n.tten es, by Lltil- Muddy ?nd or**', t * F'odon-a, 24 n, lea ana baek, once a Week L*ar? Chi te-.d n \V?dne.d-y nt t a in Arr ve a'. Fi*='onia ?sm* dny ty p m leave Frcd'<cla rhurruay at b a u Arrive at Chittenden aim - day by 6 p m. 15535 From Clinton, by Wayueevi 1-, to Atlanta. 18 mileo and tacx, one- a w-?k, I.eave (JJ..ten iburaday at 6 ^ m Arriv? at Atia ita Fame d*y by 1^ ia L^a\e Atlar ta Thur>day at 1pm Arrive at Clinto i same day by 7 p ci 13636 From t lyd* to L'tion tire ve, in VVhiteeides com ty, 8 and back, oma a wnk. Leave Clyie Tuesday at 7 a m Anive at Union Gruvn same day l?y Q a m La?ve Union Gr jt? Tee-day at 0 a in Arrive at Ciyde same d^y by 12 m. 13537 From Clermont, bj Stria^t wo, and ?t Ma ry'e, to Neatun, *4 milee and bark, one* a week. Proposals to end ct St. Mary'a are invited. leave Clermont Wedne*-d-.y at 8 a m Arrive at Newton fame day by 4pm L*ave Ne?tim Lcrway ?t 8 h ra Arrive at C.'erm<TQt time d.?y by 4 p m. 13SS8 From Carrolifor, by Aprle Creek, Bree^a. B df- rd, MouUsiaii., a d Aliiton, toi'itt. tielJ, ?.S iu lt-s aud bick. once a a u< k L?av ; CVrro'.lton Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Pitt-field ame day by 6 p m I *ttrt Htt-fl Id Ihoisday at 6 a m Arr.vj at Cairji'ton sume d?y by 6 p m. 13539 From Pieeport. by Reek bun, Howard, anl Harrison, to Rockton Sa miles and back, onoe ? week. Uare Fr<e*port Thursdjy at 6 a m Arrive at Rt1 k oa came day bv ti p m Leave Bockt n Friday at 6 a m" Arrive at Fr-epjrt ssme day Ly 6 p m 13640 F cm Freepjrt, by Mill ? rove, *e low Creek, Hailevood, Meat, Waid's Grove, I".um Biv.r, cr Dcrinda, to Galena, 64^ milta and back, cn~e a week. L ave freepor; Tuesday at 6 a m Arr ve at G?!ena n*xt day by 12 m Lrave Galena Hedneaaay atlpm Arrive dt fnepoit^cex: day by dp m. Proposal.* ft r tri- *-kiv Ntrvi e are invi'ei. 13641 irem Fort Wayne, Icdiana, by Rochester, Bensselaer, La on, lliim li, TcuKn, New Boston, Toolsboro', I- w?, Wapello, Wtisblcg tcn, wkalooaa, Indianola, and Wlttera*t, to Coancll Bluff, Hi; miltaaad ba k, cno a week Bidders will name aschedule oTariivals and departures. 13542 From Gal*ca, by South Hollow,to DunUetb, la miles and bank, on re a w-ek I^eav* Galer a Wednt-ed^.y at 6 a u Arrive at Dunli<-t.>: tau>e dav by 12 ra Leay* l>jnH th We inwday at I p m Arrive a. Gal- na iat.i^ day by 7pm PfopoeaJa for tri-weekly service are invi'ed. 13548 Golconda, by Bic Bay City, to N?w Liberty, 22 wiieF and bark, oncaa week l^aVeGoloond , Thursday at 8 a,m Arrive at New Liberty namedity by 4pm Leave New Liberty Friday it Sam Arrive a" Qeleonda fame day by 1 p m 13541 From Gmyvil'e, by Albion, Parker's, Fair view, Olney, St Mary**, Newton, and Green np, to Cuarieatou, 120 miles anl back, once * week Leave Granville Monday it6 aui Arrive at C aKeeton next Wednesday by 6 p m L?n??f Charleston Thursday at 0 a m Airive at Grayville Dext i^auazday by 6pm Proposals for rem! weekly rerv c? are Invited. 13&H From ilnrssnvill*, by Annapolis, to Bell Air, 18 m lea and ba:z, once a week Leave llut*rnv.ll<? Saturday at 6 a m Aariveat Bell Air ram* day by 12m Le^ve Fell Air Saturday atlpm Arrive at Hutao vil e sam* day by * p m 18546 From KnuxvllJe, by Maquor, Fair view, and Indepetidei'Ce. to bewlitown, 41 mile* auad ba^k, once a w-*k Leave K i.ox v He Friday at 6 a m A rive *- L^w.stown i-ameday by 6 p m Leave Lewist.wn -a urday at 6 n m Arrive at Knrxv l!e same day by 6 p m 13547 Fr mRnoxvllleby the Fuqda settlement, liobinV Fa?, lUd Oak Gr? v* and Oam bridge Court to Ce?cfc?o, 41 miles and ba k, ono* a ?* k L^ave Kn*xrlUe Monday at G a a Arrive at Gaseaao ?-ame day by 8 p m Leave Oeaaieu Tneadty at ia m Arrive at Kn^xville mm da^by 8pm iTTFi I :> , ? ti ?' ' v * i. , 13(4$ Fr.>rn !Jcu dli |'e M iit ty Hoik;aa'? (k<?*, and Wai. I." Brfttoa*a tt Bra ? ten, 22 ml lee t?J back,on'e a 1 wk Leave MoaMag Friday tt 0 ? m Arrive at teaten puic day ly 6 p m Lev* Ben or. 8 taioav atlta * rri ? it M uJd?*ig ear** day by 6 p m i3MV? Fi >wi M !iea.i by Cbeleej, Oi*? Or -ken, W?llin?-t id. rtevoe. IfletmvUle, koarb? mat* to Kataaake* l>. ot, &* mil?e m ba*t. em ivak Imv Mckena FriJa- at S a m Arri- e at Kaotakee ?aroe day by 8 p m 1 e*v- Kaur.akee fe'nria? liSim Arn ? at Mcluca untdiy by 8 p m 1*1*"p ?*!? to end at Gften Garden are la Ttt?d 14650 Fr ui VioVooa b/ Hadl y, Onodlag1! Orcti, Fa O Utid lw X.ltM, S4 la lei aad tack. pl ? a t?.k Ltwte Mo! - a fcatnrday at 8 a m An ive it M,. Vena < an? day by M p m 11461 F.oib m u'it Cnrnn"! 'o PiumUd Indiana, 11 mile a u b? ck, once a *Mk i?av> Miuiit r# tar! Si'.ardaj at Ian . Arrive ar i r tc ton fame day ty li tii Leave priuotiou fca urcay at 1 p m Arrive at Mxiiturutl tut* day by 4 u m 18642 Froai Mjcd: Ca ro-1 to Utnovtr, 1ft aallea and ban!:,. n.e a week >!oiint (h rt !l T uftdar at? 1 ? Arrive at liaunver aar.." day by IS m L*-ave Uaaiver lueaday at t p'm / rn\e at Mount C.rrol i>*me day by 6 p m 1 Soft ^ Kr in Ly Mu*< n. Clanoo aa?d F ar mount, to l>wigat, Zl aad back once a week Leave Mor.ia Hatorday a'6im . Arr Teat Dwight name d?y fcy l'j m leaf* I wghi Sstuicay at 1 p di at fecrrij aam* aay by 7 p m 13!5i.F mi kcni* by Li.bon, Uoldarau'tCroft, N?wa.k, ??ll n^tun and A*bbury to Hand wich,24 ni.irf tni b*ck ciice a w<-tk Leave Mvrr:< Friday atSaui ArrtTa at Kudrl b rnu.e day ty 4 p m Ua*? San'taich a>a.u*day at jj a in Airive at Morru utne day hy 4 pa ? Ciiii From New kr u ly Htddaa'iQroTt MrCca V c?L'a tiro v., H in-low and Uady'a to Moa toe. Wisest*' Jw aul-a anl la k, otoa a weak L?i v. New L'i u Monday atCao Arrive at konrce t-azne day by 6 p in 1 ?ave Ucntie 1 u-e.ay at 0 a m Arrive at >?? kiiD came day by 4 p a I'ropo ali f?,r trt-we* kly ae; \W Wiii be eoaaid eied; *1k>, j rape, uls to and at Wa:daa'e oioveare auud. 13.5 0 Fiom ft ear Liavn fo Eini<>n, 45 a ilea a r*i lark occr a ?e?k Leave ftew lia.ea Friday atti a m Amve at Leut n c?bim aay by 8 p m Lrave B otcn 8atoruay at b m tu Arrive at haw ll?L<*u ant d ay by 8 p ? 1^557 From 'Htava bv Krai le Ctntry, uptur aad No OrcTe to MecdoU, '2:1 ulleo aad Uvk, cnceavfrk - Leave ut;awa Friday at 8 a in Arrive at AI>*Ddota >am?* <Xaj by 0 p ui l?avc MrnO <ta Satoida > at b mjn Ar. i.e at Ottawa saiaeday by u p ? I >i6b F om fka laS alioby aad Mata mcrv, to tfprlcg Bay, a.iie? aad back,oace a w? k. Leave I'anuli Thursday at 6 a m Arnre at Spring Buy rame day by 0 p m Laavj S| Hay Friday atti am AiriVe a*. 1 a in. 1* Mine day by Spa). 1'ropoeali t-ieud at Woooio rd are iovi>J. 13L40 Fr< m 1' r;a to >ew Got Lea, ? mike* aad back, onoe a week. B:d era al.l &t?ie duUnee aad name a tebedule of d-parturn* and arrivals. 13160 Fr m Fekin, by epriug L.k?, to lUvaaa. 36 mil -n ana hick, otce a we-W. I<rave i ek n M nday at 6 a ni Arrive at ilavaua tame day by C p re l<e?\e ilavaua lueiday ai ti a m Arrive at l'tkin aau e uav by 6 pm. H?01 ft' Ptor.a, by Mjriao and Poraey, to Con cord, ? uiiiM and back, once a we^k. Bid! ri w.ll ita'e the dia are. and name a rcbednl* ?f departur nanl arrival*. 1U162 From K:bin* n. by cU?ug and Willow Hll! to >'<?*u-n, iiS in 1m at d back, once a wet k. ' Leave kotinwn Fnaay at 6 a in Ar:ive at Acaton miu? day ty 6 p m L< Ntwtor. Sa.utcay at b am Anirt at KoWn. n f&me day by 6 p in. 13i,6j kr. m l:u. Lville, by jTou'b Mi la. Pioaaant lli ig.-,? Lrtcn, BulI'b M 11#, Kin?attn and KioLiand, to llai nilal, Mi souri,COm:baaad back, once a werk. L?are KusLviiie Widneiday tt 6 a m Arrive at IIacial?i ? ex. d-iy by tip u * Le*ve Uu.-n bul FiiJay at 6 a m Arrl> e at Kui-u vui? u? . i c*y by 6 pm. 13564 k rem Jcott, by liennt, Waupoaaie Grcva, and Mortiti to Maxtm, in UroLdy ooncty, ? iniU? and > aek t u. e a werk. B1 aere wi 1 utate the ifUntc and name a t<?eJn> of a. lival, anl Cepar'unu. 13566 From Savana ty baluU, Maqaofce?a, aad Marion, Iowa, ro Cflar Fapkla, ? milea ???< back, otce a week. B dderj wirl t-tcte tfce ditin.'c and name a Fcheiul' of departure* and arrivals. Ib566 Fr?<m Urbaua to fa'ie, in fcdgar county, 61 m:les and back, onre a week. L? a?e Ui bar a Jue day .it 6 a di Arriv? at Prris aejt Jay by 11 m Leave Paris Wednesday at 1 p ki Arrive at Urimna nex: day by i- p m. 13667 Frrm Warren, by V\ ardi Grtv-, to Mount Carroll, 31 m le* and bark, oaeo a a eek. Leave Warrm Wedne day attam Arrive at Mount Carroll Bauw day by 6 p ? Le*ve Moun t'airu;! ltursday at 6 a m Arrive' at w arrtn fame day by 6 p m. 126SS Frota \Vincho-t :r, by Uxville and Eieter la N p!-e. 16 mllei ant ba k, onoe a week. ' Leave in.:hes!er Thurnlay at 6 a m Arr.v- at Nrplej sase day ty 12 in Leave .? apl*8 '3 horfday atl pm Ar.iva ae Winchester earn? d?y by 6 pa. WISCOKelN. (/'rosi Ju'y 1, 1S56, to Juru 30,1858.) 13%? Fpcm A; 11 trn, by Centre ??d Kl Snfftcn, to Bavina, ? mil a and back, once a we. k. B dd-TH wili atate tbe djunce, and nauie a rc':?lu e of dep^rtarea and arrivaia. 1.T809 i'roru A;(le um to Wau;aoo, 42 mDej and barit. cert a week L??av> t pplet a T Larsday at 6 a m Arrive at Waaparo same day by 0pm Leave VV.upano Fr:cay ai 0 a m Ar;ive at App eton name day by 6 p m Bi'lltra viil name tbe iatermedia'e otic** to be Supplied 13810 From Chippewa City, by Chippewa ialV, kau Clala'rt M 111a, Aau Galba. and North Pepin to Pe^dV Landicg, in M.nnet>otn, mi!e? asd ba"k, once a week Eidde s Will a at-* the distaaoe. and name a Ki'udul?rf J?i4.:t;-*e? nnd arrivals. 13811 from Cau U?lla Sduv, byfa^yrtnd Mid dl , to (Jpper MinctB' Villa, ? mil a and Lad, 1 nor & week Bidder# ?ill ttateth' di^tanca, and nam* a aetvdn'e o* departure and arriva'a 13S12 From Fo t Atkinaon. brOakland,Chriat'ana a-d Ct'ca, to Stcughtoa, 21 mii. a and back' once a week * Leave Fort Atki^?on VV deeaday at 6 am Arrive at Stoo^htca same day by 12 m Leuve Stonghton * ,dne-dav at 1 p m Artive ut F.-rt Atkinson arme day bv 7 aa 13813 Frvm Gewr's F^rry, in C^Ur "ooanty. bv Hpriagdale, to West Liberty, 1ft aailes and biwk, onoe a we?k. Ijeare Gtwer'fl F?iry Thursday at 6a m Arr.veat West Liberty same day by 12 m Leave W, rt Lib-rtv Tbur day at 1 p m Arrive atQrwnJa l^erry Kime day by 6 p m 12814 Fiom La Cro?fe to Pottage, ? miles aid beak, once a ve?k. Bidd.ra will apecify the distance aaJ offlcea to be fupplled; a:so, a athedtl-f of arrivals aad doparturra 13S16 Trcm Madion, byt Albany, Spring Grore, and R">ck Gr -ve, to Freeport, Illinois, ftt) miles and bnck, once a w? ek. Leave MadiM>n Tursday a 6 a d Arrive at Free pert n?-xt day by 6 p ra Leave Freepart Friday at 6 a m Ar. ive at Madlaon n< xi day by b p ui 1'ropotals to cement at Albany are in aired, also, propo*a'a for tri-woek'y tervace between Albany and Freport 13816 Fioja Man^oowoc t? Chilton, in Calamst couctv. 28 mii'-s and bcck, cnoea week Mani'oowcc Wt Joe*day at 8 a m Arrive at Chilton aame day by 4 p m keave Chilton Thuraiay at 8 a m Arrive a: M ni o^woj aame day by ft pa 13317 From M,n- ral Point, bv Linden, llighlaad, hicila'd Cvnt Pichland C. 11, Kerd'a MitLi, Vinoqua. Iiadaxe C H, Spr:n?v;^e. La Croaae, Onal.^ka, Albion. Black Blver Fsll', Ja k'cn C. M.. Gaffe's Mil'*. Chippewa Fa.l-, Chi{ pewa C U , CGall.y M ils, Wil low Hiv.r, v\ lie, and Stillwater, t St. Paal, la Miune&cta, ? miles aud back, once a week. Bidden will (tata the dbtance, anl name a rche-lule of departure aLd arrivala Prososilj to end at Flack Elver FalLa are in vited 13819 Fr m Monteville by Galesv lU and Doag> ;:k's M 11a 10 B ack Kiver Falls, ? mitaa aad back once a week Bidders will stale tbe diatanoe, and name a ache :ule ot d? p?rtaree and a'rivals 13919 From Pardee villa by Montello and Dakoteo fo Stevea'a Point la Partaga ooon'y. 61 miles and b:ak, onoe a week Leave P)ixd?eville Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Steven'a Paint next day by 6 p m L*eve greven'a Point Thareday at 0 a m 4 rri re at Parleaville next day by 6 p m Proposals to end at Manteilo are Invited. 13420 Fro* Plover by Graad Rapid*, lagle Point, Black ttivr Falls and Oaol ^akee to La Croaaa 120 ai'lea and back, onoe a week Leave Fdcr<r Monday at 6am at L Crease n?xt Tnuraday hy ft p ? Leave La Croaae Friday at ft a m Arrlra at Plover next nnnday by 6 a m Prrpieals to ead at Blask River Falla are In vited [CtftrMad cm tktrd yaga-J

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