Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1855 Page 5
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Let the Connmpthrc Head Brandretli'l bill* wili eure oonanmptirn, Their mod* of enre >? simple but sure By the action ef nature, our boiies are entirely ohanped tnd mad# over anew, every seven years. Bran fhreth's pills to accelerate this change. that if they are lakeu ? vary day for a year, a new and healthy body can be made from one full of diserue. They vivify the blood, give toae m4 vigor to the stomach, and east out of the body all re faeeai.d diseased matter. In consumption. nature labors to throw off the tubercles ia the lungs, by iilfbt sweat*, by ^aagbing, and sometimes by diarrh<?, generally the bowels are very costive. In these htrnggles, the stemach is so weakened, that but little food can be digested ; the bowels also are completely paralysed, and uuleeipuature receives #ein?* aid, she eannot repair the waste, and death sooner or later Blunt follow lirandreth'a pills will r.lve the re juired aid. Whet in tbeir effect w hen taken in conanmptlve caaoa f Why, the patient recovurs bin appetite and digeation, and the torpor ofthe boweleia removed. The nl^ht sweats cease, bee aw tin pills make the intestines rfrry oflf the humors that tho skin baa been trying to sweat out. The cough die ?ear? 1' at a use the luiig tubercle beoomes absorbed into cirrulatina and are passed |off liy the bowels instead of telag cotubed op. Finally the root of the diecaie boinz re moved, the patient ioon recovers. Thus llrandreth'i pills, by aiding nature, will alwaya cure consumption. Animals when xick seek purgatives and noon cure them selves. man but follow bis inatlnct when aick, and he ?will alwaya take purgative medlcince; and If Braadrcth'a pilla are once taken, they will he found an superior to other irorgativea and ao efficacious, that afterward* none other will be denired or naed. fold it Dr. llrandreth'i Principal Office, Urandrotb Building? Entrance No. 43 Canal stieet ? at 25 centa per tea, with fall directions Alao at the Branch office*, So. 274 howery, and N". 241 Iludaon atreet. The pilli may alao be had of D. D. Wright, No. 66 I,ewi? atreet, corner of Bauaton. Only 93 in tor Fine French Calf Boots, with patent springe and shanka. made t>< order, bv A. HA KKK, lfl Ann atreet: douh)< solos, $1, heat French patent leather boota. from tft to $7. Neatnean, olieapneas and du rability oom Dined. The Woodlawn Mansion, on the Bloomlng 4ale road, to let.? Theae premises have been lor the laat Ave year* occupied by Capt. W L. Wiley, aa a roadaide hotel, aa4 proved the moat popular piaoe of resort for out of town aartle* efpleanre. recreation, and military excursions on U4 ialand of Manhattan. The plot of ground eompriaea twenty acrea, well wooded, and with aa extensive water hantage. It would be available for a private reaidence. but la moat advantageously aituated for a rural hotel. Apply on the premleea, or to WH. B. MOFFAT, S3ti Broadway, S. Y. flhger'i Sewing Machines, Improved, ao M to run wlthont noise, with very little power, and lowing the (neat thread without ever hn aking. The profit of uaing theae machine* ia tl.UUO a year. Keferenoea in almndanoe be given to aatlafy all who aro intereated that these bine* an raited to do every kind of work perfectly. I. M. SINUEK k CO., 323 Uroadway. Defiance Salamander Haftta? Robert M. Pat KICK i* th* sole manufacturer in the United Stat,-* of the above celebrated safes, and F. C. Gofllu's impenetrable de ?naoe loeka and eroaa bare. Depot No. 1V2 Pearl atreot, eae door below Maiden lane. hper Handings.? At the Old Katabllsh. meat, No. 43(1 I'earl street. Aa we are now receiving an entire ntw atoek. embracing every variety known to the trade, lor our spring as le*, we offer the balance of our last year'a atoca at remarkably low rate*. A large lot of rem nant* will be aold at a aacrifloo. O'SUi.MVAN A FAYB, No. 436 Pearl atreet. To Nervous Sufferers? A retired Clergy man reetored to health in a few daya, after many year* ?f great nervoua aufTering. ia anxious to make known the mean* of eure. Will lend rfToe) the presoriptiou uacd, on receiving a letter (postpaid). Direct, to Ruv JOHN M. DAQNALl.. No. A7 Fulton street, Brooklyn. N. Y. Harried, Ob Thursday evening, March 22, at the residence of %be brine'* lather, by the Rev. Dr. Millitt, of No. '108 Broo&e ntrn't, Mr. JoHcrii Gno. Uampbkli.. of Calais. Me., to Mica Alguhta Jamb Siiioxhon, ot lb Ik city, Died. ttaddenly, on Thursday mtcbt, Marcb '23, of congestion ?f tb? lungs, J. C. Zimmkkm an, Consul General of the Netherlands, in tbe f>6th year of his age. Tk? friendn of the family arc respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, from St, John's Cbupel, Varick it treat, this afternoon, at one o'clock precisely. On Friday, March 23, Cornmjch Gunn, agod it yearn. Hia luneral will take place this afternoon, at tiro o'clock, from bin late residence, No. 30 Pitt street. Hia friends are requested to attend hia funeral, without fur ther nntee. Ob Friday, March 23, of di*eas<* of the lungs, John Nkill, aged 23 ysai*, second son of Joseph Neill, rx( , of Kpringgrove, Iowa, formerly of IJahalong, county Monv gban, Ireland. Ilia friends and relative* are iuviteJ to attend the fu neral, thin afternoon, at ore o'clock, from the reaMence of bin aiiter and brothor-ln-law, M. J. and W. K. Macor mac, No. 471 Kigbtb avenue, corner of Thirtv-tifth street. On rbnraday evening, Mar :h '2'2, Ahram Colvkr H iR noa, eldest son of Robert T. and Catherine Hartell, aged S yearn, 1 month and 8 day* The relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe residence of hi* parent*, Mo. -9 Jones street, thin afternoon, at two o'clock. On Fr.d?y, March 23, at noon, of croup, Javkh Dkvk ijw, only eon of l'atrick and Margaret Develin, aged 3 j earn and 3 month*. Tbe friends and relative* are respectfully invited to at'ead the funeral, from the residence of hil parent ?), Mo. 1.074 Broadway, thin afternoon, at two o'clock. Oo Thursday, March 22, after a lingering illnaa*, Mr. Fraj?<im IK'RYKic, aged 30 year*. 4 luontba and 29 daya. Tbe friend* and relatives of the family are respectfully iavited to attend hia funeial, thin afternoon, at one o'clock precisely, from hi* late reaidenee, No. 127 Madi mob itr??t. Afflictions sore long time I bore? Physician* tried in vain? t'ntil God wa* pleased to call me home, To release me of my pain. Ob Friday morning, 23d ln*t , Rorkrt Brown, in the Mth year of hi* age. Tbe relative* and friends of the family are re*pectful ly invited to attend hi* funeral, from the reaidenee of hi* brother in law, 8. J. Rudderow, 1*20 West Twenty - first ntreet, this afternoon, at balf pas', one o'clock. Ob Saturday morning, March 24, at four o'clock, Cuiun Km ilk, aged 1 year and 4 month-, son of Etnile 1. and Clemence V. Cauiliois. Th* relatives and friends of the family, and those of hi* grandmother. Mm. Aline Jaci{U*lin, are respectfully invite*) to attend hi* funeral, tlii* afternoon, at one o'clock precisely, from St Patrick 'a Cathedral. On ? atorday, March 24, Hkmkt Malonr. a native of tlie pariah of Killamailin, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 15 year*. Tbe friends of the rainlly are respectfully re<iue*t<*d to attend hi* tureral, thin afternoon, at tw j o'cl ick, from hi* late residence, No. 159 Greene ntreet. On F'rday, Marcb '23, of connumption, Ar?it7<er. only mob of Faroinand and Charlotte Krlmann. aged 21 year-, 3 Bionthn and 20 days. The friends of the family, and the members of the Mu sical Mutual Protection Ansociation, are respectfully in vited to attend Ins funeral, thin afternoon, at <-ne o'clock, fn m the residence ot bl* parent*. No HH Klinabnth s'.rest His remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery On Saturday morainv, March '24, of bilious fevir. John M. Morkihon, in the 4lst year of his age Tbe relative- and friendn of tbe tamily, tlie Wa<hlngton Chapter No 2,0 U. A , and the active, honorary and exempt member* of Houthwark Fngine Company, are re spectfully invited to attend bin tuneral from h a late re ?konce, No. 91 Chriity street, thin afttrnoon, at two o'clock, without further nvitation Hi* remains will be taken to York Bay Cemetery. On Saturday, March '24, Makuarkt Comuhum, aged 22 year* and H days. Tbe relatives and friend* of the family are renpectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at half pant two o'clock, from her late residence. No 138 Liber ty street. On rnesday. March '20, after an illness of two weeks, of William and I, Frrthucr Kknjamin, the beloved son WaUe, ag*d 4 years and 4 montl lary K. w a<le. agml 4 years ami 4 montha. His remains were conveyed to KaatNorwalk, Cobb., for UrteTaoeat Ob Saturday, Marsh 24. after a long and painful ill neae, Jamw H Stwiiicns, Jr., aged 6 yearn, 9 months oad 22 day*, son of James H and Susan Stephens. Is Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 22, John Cain a#, ?on of JamesCalnan, a*ed 10 years. 7 months and Aday<. His remains will be taken to Flathush Cemetery, thin afternoon, at three o'clock, from hia lato residence. No. *2 Gothic alley. Tbe friendn and relatives are respectful I ly invited to attend. ' Departed from this world far a better oo*, on Fri<tay, March 23, John Meant v a native of fa pel street, Dablia, Ireland, aged 30 years. Hi* friends and relative* are requested to attend his j funeral, this afternoon, at t*? o'clock, from bl? late re eideoce. No 32m, corner ot Be^raw and Hicks street, houth Brooklyn. Dublin paper- pleane copy. la Biaoklyn, on Sa^utday. March '24. Koward Oill, ?tonerntter, in the 39th year of hi* age Ilia friends are n-sper-tfully invited to attend his fuoe ' ral, from hi* lat* resilience, in Hewn street, near Bedford avenue, North Brooklyn on Tneedav afternoon, at two o'clock. At Jamaica, LI, on Thursday. March '22, of diaesne of tho heart, KuxASBm. wife of Stephen WyckolT, in tbe 3J4 year of her age At Cbapnagna, WrstrJiester eounty, on Saturday, .March '24, Mary Ann Lro*. Her funeral will take pl?-? from Friends' snee mg ?*e. at Chappagua, to morrow morning, at eleven 'clock. In Hobuknn, on Hatnrday. March 24, Catmkrhvc Mnar, - infant daughter of Mr. Peur Meban. aged 10 months and A day*. T* friend* and retatiws of the family are invitod to 'attend hsr funeral, this afternoon at three o'clock, from 'Mar father's reatdan<*, No. M Wnnblngton street, Ho nAKRY WORTHINOTmN. SlII'I'tlXKIl Tti ME A ME ehaaic 'a New Ynrk or llrooklya. may besr of i'<n> Wbia* a>tvant arsons to Mm l y ? alhn.' .b < M Bl/ R T. I tW all rtreet 'iVmUAfl'i.f HAVTRIi OF EDWARD MeBBNRT t 1 teylor who left Hrnoklys. I? I . na th* 6th of .)'in?.lM< [e-t " Mrs H li' ,. .".7 Ifott street. New York. Westers '??pern pleas* sepy IjnrotfATtox VAm?-or otto utm awh, frvri f.erili I ruiiu. ?l,r. in 1-1.1 'I,, ins 4ae as I lee "ttvs Jciert nt "I tiis fV NsanrtS'I V ssd itea Rb.iros < u?ip?Ny. bf llsrJt A Ca , 31 Br s i atreet, ?ew V.,it At Bergen, N J , a Friday. March 23, in th* Mhb year . f her age, Ku/a? *rn HaADroati, r?lici of Jacob Brad lord, fnrmerly of f .* city. i I be f.- leads of tbe family are n- pectfully invite! to f J attend the funeral, tr m tbe Kpis-opal Church at thst >i*oe, tomorrow sft? iooo at ball pant tbree o'clock, w sHbout further notice I, At Sbrewnbnry, N.J oo Thursday, March 22, Craruh in th* Wth year of bis age ^ I'oogbksepaie papers please opy. * WIT.RTlRlflEJiTS BK.IKWKU ETERY BAY. FER?Ol?l. 4^1 KOLOUT. STR4IUKJY . ,K ff.KCSf II t eU?l r%h f* , i, , r . f imi. i.,*, ' e her s s Mt*e.?r<< ? U rai*ik.b??4 i.r. MJKi- (UMi. mii WH AT AUCTION. Auction notice.-<2reat sale of jewelry. watche* and diamond*.? ED WARD 8CIIKNCK will mU at auction, on Tuesday, 27th inatant. at 10^ o'clock, at the aalesroom 16 wall street, a large assortment of diamond Jewelry, watches, Ac , consisting of ele gant diamond pin* and earrings, brea?tpin*, elo pant cluster and single stone rings and pin*, earrings, Ac. ; I adit)*' watches, enamelled and s?t on both sides with dia monds; also, others, via.: independent aeconda, double tunc keepers, fifteen day, English patent and detached lever, ?*o., all in heavy eighteen caret gold cases; gold jewelry, eonsls* ing of suits of bracelet a, pin and carriugs, broaches, breast pina, seal rings, gold stone sleeve buttons, do. studs, gold pencil eases, lockets, Ac., Ae, Sale positive. AUCTION NOTICE.? GREAT SALE OF FINE I* J\. ported wfnoi, Maudies, Havana segars, Ae.? KD WARD htllFSv k will sell nt auction ou Mnndn V, Mtroh 26. nt hia *alun rooms, 16 Wall struct, .w large llHiM ot thOM fine liqnnra and segars which havo givea such general suti* faction in our previous sales, ootli*UO( in part of llla.:k.>arii and South Side Madeiras, Vitoria, Harmony and Amontilla do Sherrie*, Hunt A Co. an?l Osborn'a Porta, Tokay and Viuo di Malvasia wines; also, London Dock brandies, Holland gin, whiskey, Ac., belonging to one of our olileat importing h? unen, now closing out their stock. No other liquors ad mitted. The wine* are securely packcd for transportation. AUCTION NOTICE? CHEAT SALE OF MAONIFI x\. cent hounehold furniture.? EDWARD SCIIKNCK will sell at auction, on the premises, tiSM Houston street, between Thompson ana Snllivan, on Wednesday, March at 10>h o'clock, magnificent household furniture, aold on account or' the owner breaking up housekeeping ? consisting in part as follow*:? Elegant tapestry Brussel*, Wilton, three nly and ingrain carpet*, rove wood suites of tete-a tetes, sofa, arm chair and parlor ( bairn, in haircloth and brouatello; tine rosewood piano, elegant Frenoh plate and gilt frame pier glasses, marble top aofa, centre and aide tables; rosewood, ; mahogany, black walnut and oak dressing bureaua, wash | stand*, dressing tables, Ac.; rosewood and mahogany bod steads, hair, feather and atraw mattresses, pillows aud hoi I at era; silver plated ware, knives, forka, glass, aud crockery of every description; woollen blanket*, quilts, window curtaina, Ac. The aaie will commence with the assortment ot kitchen utenails. Terms cash, in city funds. ALBERT U. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER. ? PEREM P it. tory executors' aale ot the balanoe of 206 desirable | lot*, gorea and valuable water front of the Milledolar estate, { aituated on 114th, llfitb, 116th. 117th, llMth and lltKli alreeta, avenue A and Firat avenue, Harlem.? ALBERT II. Sli'U ! LAY will aell on Tuesday, April 10, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, by order of the undersigned executors ot Dr. John L. Milledoler, deceased, without any reservation. | to close the estate, tb? balance of 206 very valuable lots and | gorei, situated on 114th, 115th, 116th, 117th, 118th and llvtil ! streets avenue A and First avenue, llarlem, comprising a I valuable water front on the Harlem river. Extensive im provements aie in contemplation iu the immediate vicinity ot this property. Tho .Second avenue railroad is completed, and is iu successful operation to Harlem river, thereby in creasing the value of these lots from 100 to 19UU per oout. i This nale offers unusual inducement)! for the investment of capital or immediate improvement, aud the sale will be pe remptory to the highest bidder. Seventy per cent can re ninin on bond aud mortgage for three year a, at seven per cent. The title of this property is indisputable, and will be conveyed free of *11 encumbrances. I.ituo^ianhic map* and full particular* can be obtained of ? h .. r i - n Thorn p* ?n, Esq., No. 9 Court street, Bronklui, or of Albert U. Nioolay, Auctioneer, No. 4 Hroad street, Now York. CHARLES II THOMPSON, ) _ CORNELIA GRAHAM, ^ $ Kxeeutor*. AUCTION NOTICE.? SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FUR niture, rich velvet csrpets. large mirrors, oil paintings, silver ware, Ac.? II. WlLsON, auctioneer, will soil to morrow (Monday) morning, at 10^ o'clock, the furniture in the large three story bonne 76 Franklin street, near Broadway, consisting of ono costly grand action piano forte, in rosewood; very costly and nearly new, elegant carved rosewood parlor unit, in satin brocade; mahogany aofa*, cushioned chairs, rookers; rosewood centre, side aud card table*; book rack, musio and corner stand*, elegant ta peatrv carpets, nearly new; large mirror*, 24x44; rich bro catclle and lace ourtainx, costly oil paiutin^s, extension tea and dining tables; bedroom furniture of the best kind, vU.: rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, bereaus and waNhstands, made in the best manner; also, mafic and other bedsteads, cane ?eat chair*, two elegant [tainted bedroom suits; bedding ?sheets, pillows, blanket*, feather beds, hair mat treses ; com mon washstands *nd crockery, bedroom carpet*, lounges, china vates. elegaut chiaa tea sets, bent cut glassware, cutie ry. rich silverware, salvers, canters with heavy out bottles, cake bankets, spoons, forks, rich plated tea service. Ao. The sale will commence with the kitchen furniture, which etn Iracesa large and desirable assortment of everything notes sary for housekeeping. Persons about going to houieke*ai> Inn will do well to attend. A cash deposit required from all pure harera. Tuesday morning, March 27, at 10^ o'clock, by catalogue, all the household furniture contaiueJ ' in tho large house corner of Charlton and Hudson streets, consisting of rose wood parlor furniture? suit made to order, ot the bo?t wori manshin; rosewood centre and side tables; lame rosewood bookcase and oeeretarv; rosewood etogere, with mirror doom and back; large pier and oval mirrors, French plate; elegant oil paintinss, by old masters; rich velvet and Brus n Is carpets, ormolu clock#, elegant china vases, dining and extension tables, mahogany sola, cushioned chairs, rockers, card table*, roseeood and mahogany bureaua, bedsteads, wash?tands, hair uiattreaaes, beds and bedding. Also all tne cblnaware, glassware, crockery, silver plated ware, cut lery. kitchen ntentils, Ac. The whole to be sola without reserve, ns the family are removing to the country. Auction notici.? j. boo art, auctioneer, by J*. Hngnrt . Tuesday, 27th inst., at 10)? o'clock, At the ? iic tic n room*, corner Frankfort ami William streets, lar*e assortment of superior now and second hand household fur niture, not an And sofa hed*teads, conches, mahogany French clmir*, oftrved mahogany and black walnut rocliers, marble tof centre table*, do. washstands, mahogany French and cottage bedsteads, divan*, ottoman*, Yoltaire onalrs in ii;recn and gold brocntel, walnut and oak eane bottom office chairs, pier glasses oral mirror", wood and cant seat chairs, piano stool*, window curtains, oarpets, India matting, cradles, feather beds and beddluir, cots, crockery, china and gla** ware, eipht dfty clocks, bureaus, kitohen furniture and uten ills, Ac. N. B.? The goods aro reidy for examination. A UCTION NOTICE.?' CROCKERY, ULASS, RICH J\ chin a vftses, enamelled tea and dinuer sots, French cut plans, wed<ewood tea sets, tete-a tetos, lava card baskets, silver plated ware. Ac. Private families requested to attend. Hale peremptory, Monday, March 2t>, at Xff F.i/hth av?inns, h?t???n Thirtieth *ud Thirty first itrcO. WH. SUlKi.E V, ! Anctioncrr. By iiriler of A, WcDON'Il. j Auction notice.-ubnry t. i.keuk wii.i, iei.i. to morrow, the, at 10% o'clock, the floods left from the last sale at 'J7V Ninth street, near Tompkius square, consisting of rosewood, black walnut and rnabogauy parlor and bedroom furniture; one painted suite, rich oval mirrors, carpets, oil cloths, marble ton, centre and other tables; bureaus, ? t ?* y ? r . . plush and hair cloth euitsis; oil painting*, rich China vase*, crockery. *la*s ware, *ilver plated war*, kitchen utensils, Ac. All deposits will he forfeited by H) ] o'clock, tLsdcon the last sale, ii not reJeemod. I BYC. A. WATERBURY. AUCTIONEER.-WESELLON Tuesdu) , March 27th of this week, a lsr re And unequalled j Assortment of "levant brilliant diamonds and ruby jewelry. ! set in almost every stvla and form for ladies and gentle men's wear: also eterlfng silver ware, in tea and breakfast j sets for table use. Fnll particular* bv catalogue on mom ? in* of sale, at our store, 3M Broad street. Every article v ill be sold without any reservation for ua?h on delivery. j The city trade, also W??t<-rn and Southern merchants, will | find this sale a fine opportunity for investment. Duncan a Ellsworth, auctioneers avd j real estate brokers, under Hank of the Common wealth, corner of Pine and Nassau streets, office No. A. OAK will j five their attention to sales of real estate at the Merchants' Exchange; also, to furniture at the residences of those breaking up housekeeping. Keooverod cargoes of all de scriptions, and make eash advances if required C1EORGE COOK, AU< HON LER? LA ROE MALE OF J elegant, new at.d full lona'de furniture, pianofortes, cbinA and ?ilver plate wore, fine table cutlery, rich lac cur tain. Ae. Ac. On Tuesday, at I?i| ^ o'cloofc. by Mtover A i o ok, at their specious sale rooms No. .'*M llr ?adway corter of I>nene street a larse And splendid Assortment ??f j rosewood, nalo^ny and walnut psrl ?r. lining ro->in and 1 chamber furniture, and h-uokeei-in* article* of ev.-ry de. j soription, conois *ing in part of snovrior 7 octave pianoforte*, rich embroidered lace c urtain* and eornaees, beautiful rose wood parlor furniture "en suit. ' in rich brocade *nd French 1 b roc a tel. etetreo* with marble top* an 1 mirnr back < French plate pier *la?s*s, in rich ewrved tit frame*, fine oil paint injre, marble top centre, side and sofa table*. quartette m l other fancy tables, mu-ic stands, comer whatnots, cust nn made e? tension dining tab'es, mahr any ?"fas, tela a tote?, I parlor chairs, arm do., rockers, rosewod and m? hogauy sex-rets ire hookra****, wardr"h*e, bedstead* of rosewood and mahopany in a variety of styles, msrb e ton bureaus and j washstands, hall ?tand?. hair mattres***s, puliinsee. Ae. Ac.; Aim. suits of enamelled cottage furniture with And without marble tops, n part of which are eery superior also, elegant decorated china tea sets, mantel va?e*, Ac. ; alio, a lar*e in voiee of silver dated wire, table cutlery of a very superior quality Catalogues on the morning of sale Henry ii i.ebd*, auctioneer ?by ii. ii. lbeds i A CO., on Tuesday, March .7, VVodureday. Uarch >, and Thursday, March ?*, at l??*i o'clock -ocli day, at the e> tensive warer^H me nf Me srs Mctiraw A Allendorf, No. V*'# Broadway, large and valeAble ?tock of eAhinet rnrnitnre. All of the latest and moat approved styles, manufactured of the best materials, and by skilful iud e?puri**n ? i workiuon, for the above Arm-every stUcle warra-tted?ar^i are t<? he sole without reserve, as they ar? about closing on the husi nese? consisting of elegantly carved parlor furniture, cov ered In t we eolored crimson krecat dle, two rnlomd gr**en ditto and other ewlovs; also, ? rmplet in m isl a, arm, parlor and sewing chairs of van us styles, on*! superb ro?e wood bedstead, riebly carved, valued at f I vs?; aleo, a larpe aseortaent of rosewood aed mah #any French and fancy bedsteads, a largo a seortment of their patent premium e??fa t-edsteads, mattresses An.; superb roe.- wo . d df* eio/ he reaus snd tables, richly oarved, lined with *atin ww?d. i Also, a largr nsoortment In mahognnv and t lack walnut, very superior extension takle?, in ost rosewood and ma hojraay, with eAeee. book cos* > and 'adies' secret air^s of ro?e wood, mahogaav and oak, suj>erh rosewood. maho?anv anl oak etegeres and buffets, aideboar ls. Ao Ai??, a larr<- a* sortmerit of parlor and ebamb?r fnmitura, enameil>*d in the , newest and most expensive Mvles and esecoted in a stvl* end manner throughout superior to anything of the kind i that esn be obtained at any i ther establishment in this city I The above ean be examined at any tirnt yrevions to the sale. HNNRY II LIED9 A CO , AUCTIONEERS. -HOL'flE h? H furniture sales.? Henry II l?eod? A Co. w|U give their personal attention (as thev have done f >r rnauy year* past) to the seloe of household furniture, at the restdences of families treaklag up houeekeeping or remixing. Thejr will aleo havo regular sales *? their auction rooms. No lit Nassau street, between Pioe and Cedar, for the coaveaieooe , of there who may desire this medium of sal" | L. YANOEWATRR, AUCTIONEER ?AUCTION el, sals of standard rosee and plants J. I. Yandewater will sell on 7n*eda> March 27th, at |0?j o'clock, at No u Maiden Ian*, a ebo#ee solution of ros?s and plants, from the nur??ry of O Bqjl. liftleth street and Broulway 11 US? ELL H WEMTt OTT AUCTION' KE R. ? Hol'^E J\ held furniture, rteh ear fete, elegant roe?*weod piano f< rte, Ac.; on Monday, March 9.. at o'clock at hoieo No 71 EUhtk avenue, emnrscina the entire nan?tsom? fnr nlture of \A reonr.s?every article to he feremptortly sold ?' without reserve, rain or shine? consisting in part of pari >t I furniture of svery d?aeripti?n, elegant roeowo^d pianoforte, rosewoou parlor suit in crimson br eads, marble top tablee, piste glsse stegere, tote a tetes, *ofas. arm chairs, roekers, i sprmc seat chairs, earved booacaee; French nlate mirrors, i in- *i<? ?aat el eaese, Riday elaeh, eaihrnii-r. i . and shades, several fine oil peiatftags. Ac , r ^sowood be i | steads, bureaus, aed washstnnde to meieh, iar/e hair mat tresses, feather beds, oval and oth*-r mirrors. msho#aay I b reaus, do. washitands, toilet seta, pier and *o?a tames, < with a valuable assortment of basewent furniture, eston I sion dining and breakfast tablee. sidehoarde, oil cloth, 1 lounges, eofa bedstead, rieh china silver wars, balanoo { ? anile cutler). *la*e ware, crockery, Ac. i'ataloguee at i house r?ep?.*it* required of rvery pur?*ha eer |> f KEMP, AUCTIONEER? SPECIAL AMI pf. ; It* remptory tale pf p.aaofortee at auction, ay orJer of the ; mortgages.? R ( KEMP will eeli at auction, on Wednoe day at 12 o cl'^k. at his salesror ms. XA Nae?au street, two I doori f rtm Fultea, fourteen esifeflor rosewood. and 7 octave ptanoferU?? ef eirallent tone and eaien, some of which are Hchly carved aa 1 very beautiful ir.?trumeale: and all of which s re fully warranted, and are perticulsrly worthy of the attention of purchasers, as the whole will h sold without say reserve. Tf. ORN 1 Bt'H AM- n?>TEI PR* ?PRI 1' T?>R* ?WILL bo sold at public suction on Wodneedny April Ith, at l('|o'ul??e.k A M . en Flushing nvenwe, Hruokljm. N Y ? 2 largo 34 passei ,?er ommbus#s. l.'s) lar?e 12 pae?^nder emni Fnees, MW sets harnese, KU extra wkeole. aed a larte aeeirt B>t ? t of but s, e^c kss and ftMloee, eeoeo?.ed Tt.e al">ve sale press nte a fine ? pfKfiuaity for persona m want ef the iibove names* pr<>f?rty A IWtt ffeaertiee ef the on e ! jeeehavo t^eo t nt littlf afeH. and will be sold' n* f**f ? usian H N rOShfIN In. -M ll;tM e2r?;uts*mt. Iroeltyn.jt f BAUnn AT^fUllOW. ? S. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER.? BY HOUflUTON A * MELLOR, to Borrow, Monday, March 36, at 11>S o'clock, ?t No. 9t Prinoe street, eorocr of Mercer, inic mil. . ir household furniture, being tho entire household effects of a piivato gentleman. Tue furniture wu uidt to order by one of oar first ? lava house*, aud is worthy the attention of ladies and < ntlemen. consisting of el? fantly carved rosewood parlor furniture en suits, covered u rich hrocatelle aud plush; rich centre tables to match, ' covered rosewood etegere, marble top and mirror backs; two I thick French plate mantel glasses, in rich silt frames. co?t I $200; rich French plate pier glass, with slab and bracket; several original oil paintings and engravings, purchased in i Europe without regard to expense: rich broeatedle and laoo i window enrtsins and cornices, rich French ohiua mantel vases and fancy articles, elegant tapestry carpets on four 1 room, thick three ply and ingrain ditto, two elegant ?Ik ! light eacb gas chandsliers and gas fixtures throughout tho house, rich%ideboard, Mo.juet table covers, velvet hearth rugs, tapestry stair carpet, plated rods, hall Ntrtnd anil chairs, superior Lnglinh oilcloth on tltreo halls, dining rooms furniture, elesaut extension dining table, cost t> I "si; chairs, Ac., to inatcfi; plated ware, rich cut glass an<l china ware, chamber furniture. Consisting of elegaut suites of ma melled furniture, ierpentine fronts; pl*r glasses, oil p.iint lugs, toilet sets, tluck hair mattr-sscs, leather pillows, holsters, bedding, Ac., together with the usual variety of kitchen furniture. The above furniture is in oxorlleut order, and such as is rarely ottered at suction. Deposits required It tin all purohacers. TIT A. CAHTKR, ArCTrONEKR.-GROCERIEtt, I.I vv ? qucrs, salmon, ri< e, s-vac i -67 Hey street, corner Green* Uh. Tuesday, 27 th met., at 1()>4 ?'clonk, brandies, wines, gin, rum, wt.lskey, almond*. herring, mackerel, flour, liardwsre, riding saddles, whips, harness, match s, maccaro ni, pickles, chicory, coffee, iav? iron safes, At. Ae. TITII LIAM WITTERS, Al'v' HONEER, WILL SILL ll on Monday, at ICIk o'tltt*. at 152 3evouth avenue, the stock and fixtures of a dry good* fancy store, oonsixting of general assortments; also count era arid show cases. Sale positive, as the owner is removing. Terms? cash. IVKW PUBLIC ATIOTVH. JLLLILNS NEW COMPOSITION.? 1 HE HUTU IIALL SCUOlTlgCllE. dedicated to FANNY FERN. With a flu** lithograph. J. THreie, New York, and all the music sellers, Boston; R. II Wade, Oliver Dltson, G P Heed and N. Richardson, J'hiladulpLia; Leo k Walker and J. E. (ionld. From the Musical Review. This is one of Jnlllen's characteristic compositions? lively, brilliant, sparkling, aad prettily arranged. Tha title page i? vrry tasteful. and has a most superb lithograph of one o( the handsomest ladio* of the present time, gracefully sur rounded with fern leaves, and bearing tho autograph of Fan r ) I ern. rrHE LIFE OF A FIREMAN. -N. CARRIER, I A3 NAS 1 JL nau street, nearly opposite tho t'itv Hall. New York, tie [ sires to notify the nit tubers aud all interested in the Fire l)e lartment, that he has just, published lour very elegaut co lored prints, nnder the above title. HATi; l.-TMK Niniir ALARM.- "SI'AMT III.U LIVKLY, HOY*." Represents the rolling ol tho ongiue. The cloek ?<*?n in ? side the house denote* that the hour is past midnigh . but seme of tho boys are wide awake and taking her cot naud some I y The lights of the signal lantern, gavlamp in taout of, ai<d that seen inside the house, are beautifully managed, and make up a natural end exciting picture. I'LA-rr n.? r?t>: mack ? " jfsr iikr, nova, ivmt urn " Is a very spirited picture, showing one of the first -lass Citrines, ith a good >trinjr, closely pressed by a smart party with it hose carriage, passing the City Hall and Park, in tbe city of New York. 'I he vivid glare ot the Are illuminates the front of the Hall and tops of the trees, and the tor* men of tho two companies ?e?m, with trumpet and gesture, to ur/c their men to put their " bost foot foremost" to be first in at the set ne of danger ri.ATK III. ? Til K VIHS'.? ' "HOW, THIS, WITH A WILL.."? "shark h a k tip, novs " A thrilling representation of an extensive conflagration. On the left of the picture stands a truck, from which tho uientht r* are taking the ladders, mme ar<J already raised and from ar upper window of the burniug building emerges a fireman, rescuing a little child from the (tames wuioh seem to pursue their prey. Conspicuous in the foreground the Thief Engineer appears, giving his orders. Men am seen upon the laddere with axe in hand; hose upon the roofs of neighboring houses, and all the details incident to the oc currence of a hre in the citv PI. ATS IV ? Till Rt'lJt* ? ,*TAMS: t P."? "MAN YOUR ROPr." On the right arc tbe ruins, tin which the flame* ?till ap pear, and a htavy sm ke rises up: but t he enemy i* eon quered, and the ftrem* u are limbering up ' and startiu^ for borne. The positions in?l details t?f the engines ar< b-nuti* fully represented, and the scene is very pleasing and im pressive. Tho abeve prints have been in progress f.?r over a year, and no pains or expense have been -pared to render th**m correct in every particular, the app-tratus and tiguros being esrefally sketched from actual sceuos coming under the artist's observation, in hit atten<lance at fires In many of the pi rrons represent d will he rec??{iiixed portraits of pro minent member* ol the New York Department. I'riee f.leach piint; $12 the set. Specimen copies can be fen at the s tore of the publisher Copies Hill be carefullV enveloped, and sent by mail, fr-e of postage, on receipt of ordtis and remittance ol the price hdvertised. Addre. t N. CI'RRIER, l.i J Nassau street, New York LKCTVJltK*. DK Mi'KLIIKK a n will lecture on the ana to mica I ail intellectual rltirkeforiHici of the Celtic aid Saxon rac** of men, iu the S*uyve*ant**. ? ..%? Broadway, on Tuerdav evening, Mar-h 27 at H o'clock, 'iicketa, cvii tii. Toe lecture Mill be illur tratol with dranim;*. IECTUKES TO LADIES AN D GENTLEMEN.? U V A J apodal n tu. ft, Mrs. Lydia F Vtflir, II* D., will five htr >et ond cuur*e of aix lecturoa on anatomy and pny >iolo It) , illustrated with a *kcleton, manikin, model* and draw men, to ladiee and gentleman, m Uleeeker llulldlii/i, o?rn?r ot M-rtoo aad Blo< e*er *trc?ta, cuniiif ncm* Muuday ir?n inf. March 2t?, at 1% o'clock; to continue every evimiug during the wnok Adiuittauc ?; to oacli lecture l.M t c? at*. COAL, Ac. CIOAL?FOR THREE DAYS, FROM THE BOAT ON LIT; / t??*t red aah atove {tit l*rg? nnt, |A. Ordere for the coming K?a>-on, *tovi- or ? ?:?, $.? .VI; not. $4 Ml At tha Mechanica' foal Office, ."W North W illiam atreet, * -rn?r ol 1 hatham, and 7- 'third *trov% between hnt aad Sicond Ifmufc. CHI EAP COAL.? $C FOR VKHV BEST ICED ASH KGU J or fctove ?ii?? coal, well *ereene d, and delivered out of )lNt corner of Hfteenth atrait and l"ir?t avenue RICHARD C LI KTOJt. rrilE PEOPLE'S f OA L.?TIIE HKsT RED OR WHITE J. aah cdl will be delivered from boat*, oorner of Cinm r cial and Summit a tree t?, Atlantic ba*in. within tin# hlook o Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn, at the followln/ t?rio?** ? E/< c? al, ?.'? 3U; hto?e coal, f-i fi<>; Cheanut coal, ?4 < "? BILMARM. ll ILI.I A RD9 ? TIIE NEW JEFFERSON BILLIARD J J roome, corner of ?lxth avenue and Anoi atr?et, oppo fit' Tenth atreet, containing aovin table*, antne of th< be it in the city All nkentary persona who with to enjoy thn !>< althful ei*-r< ise, can do so at the reduced prie? of one ahililug per na me, in the day time A dun room to let, with n table, a I oat shilling per day each. Bill I \KI> TABLES WK 11 \ . K IN V KM ED A % I (ieri<>r 1 laatie ru?hiou wbi'h ie the only orrwoi ouahion now in u*? Hover* will do wi ll tu call and examine two good eecondhriud table*, for lale ch- ap. i. KIM fTII A DECKER. ? Ann itre*t Dick, o.ate with oti? held, at tiie irving Bourne,) has opened th? liram< r?:y Billiard Room, *fi| I. re .id w ?y, corner ot 1 wontieth ?tie*-t, wit h live of l.?K>nard A lienjaiuin * ttr-t f r? minm table*, and would be triad to ???! Li? Irietid* at th? above pi err DICK, Mnna.'ff and l*roprietor. LKitORll, AC. A CHOICE SELECTION OF BRANDIES, SCPER|(?R claret ar d other winrn, rnrnr, !kot?h and Iruh wki? k e y n, London an*! Dublin porter Scotch ale?. d<nin*tie al? and tarter for family 1 ?e; ivrup* and 'OrAlal*, for ? air, l>y U y II. UNDERllILL, t.jO lirooiu- ?tr*>et. ?orner ( ruby PI KF. 1 ON DON D?H ? I. \ N THE* EAST IN IU A Madeira*, Duff ti .rdon'* pnle and trown ?l*errie#. San 4?*inan ? and London p*rtn, am. rnrr?, whiakeya, all war (anted pure and ?f our own nnporiati' ii It E MKlsKN l.KR A CO., rroprictora of the Fulton Wine Vault# .'?? Fulton ?trert QCOTCB WHISK II Tflg GENU I MR CAlll lH ky brid/e, mountain dew whlnk'-y, in dMiui^nhna k<*/? or nnnrheona, for eale by LETHBRIIK2 E A l>OWLlN(i, houth atreet. < 1 .411 I II M . AiC. /<AfT OFF Cl.OT II I Mi ? #J WORTH WANTED ? " firntleman bavingt aoo4 auperllnoua elothtag io dlepoee ef <an oMam thr full value by aprdvin* to Jam?i Moroaey, at hi* old eataMiahed vtand, No II Orange * ro-t. (now rail r.i Baiter atieet I trrdrra thronch pc.*t punctually a* ten I ed JAM ft.." M11RON F. Y, II liaatrr atreet \*<-i f II A N II CUILDRRN 1 LOTH! If O Jt^RPH 1 B < LORE, BAILEV A CO , No. ? Park plaee, opp ??ite tb? ( if Hall, have now on r?and the bent a?aortei Nprta? and annimer tlock and atyVe to br found in the (TiUtod Matr?, and anltable for all a^aa, from thr?? to twenty yeara eld. at wholesale and f r r greatly reduced pri<ee. HIK1ELM. Hotel brk?hton, boum?onl *si r mf.r , France ?Te familtee K?tn? Ui Eerop# a 'entl^inan lately from Eurob*, ran aa?aly rrremmrnd the M Hotel Bn<hUiii a? n? t onTv the b?it in the place, hot an on* of tn< r>*et in E?ra|>e. Situated at a ronvenient diatanea from the rail r?>ad, aad txiinft in the middle of a larjr,* car den, thi? hotel p<>reea*?a all the aomforte daetrahle for wealthy Termite* f| II E < OLLI N s II ? ?T r I OKUAI II F.LT 1 will l*t, with i.?.ard flee Ikrfe pari - f? an I - 1 1 - f r m? tcr lamilie*, alao aevrral eiagle rooma, on most raa?oaarde term* 1 he hoove front* the rivef* with A foil view The ie<ation 1 a untnualleO TAl.l MAN A M APE*. Proprie|#r? HEMOV 4 f.. ^ JOSEPH LEI Ml *< If r a I M> R? HAS REMOTE? from bib hi"?d way to (?il?ey'a hulldtnifa, \t/J llr >ad?*Of MR H<m>|>, HAVING REMOVED II I * DRAWING aohool from 1*3 Br'adwav to lit* r"Od?n<* ;il Huih avrnne roitiaooa to ?lv?> pri?ete inairuetHme in hi very fftMiietia* and truthful ayatam of |raiutmi| tr m natural aeenery }i VI I AMERO*? AUSTRALIA PIONEER LIME !? h *< removed from 116 Wall atre?t to No t, B <wtin| f.rH?n, foot of Broadway. AFORTI^O, AC. ^PORTING. - RINO CHARLES AND BLENHEIM U *par>iel pop*, manmnth N?"<fouadUnd pur??, !V<ti?b aed ftnfliah terrt- r*. Eoir1i?h tr* y hooad*. aad a ear.ote uf other choice treed* Ktoek dora of thr pure*t MM. I'feiM e?py the addre?a. Aj6 Water itr**t corarref Felton. up taira. a S* fOITIJUfl. ? FOR ?AIE % TINE RF.D ?ETTRR ?*li broil*. Li? ??m?. >Im, ft poi?t*r 4?t '?rj (.? ft?ufil, will l>? kH rb?ftp. Ift'ialf* at 19 ' !>??? ?. ni.\ riM 111 . ? *ARI : OI-rORlI'MTY ' I Wll,|. *AKI ?0R ?> A J 1 I.* ftftlifftl 1,4 ?Mful ' . t t,1 ? 1. 1 r I ? <.?? *??t( ? 1. ( *1 1.1 w(|, in lh? "mil j>lft*?, ??r i>>.' f.., 1-f^^ i.#<i ?? I >?r uijMir. "I ? n ftq k ?? l ' I w i ? ll ' itrtlMl IMNIMIU IlK N A I OI.K'IN rlkiRKIil ,1. Itr-.?T ?l ll. ??f) nm WIM.KKK) mmiw. fAMRn nctii, jamiifii * ?. o ?H>iit^?ir. V '? VtXrtftl u; ll v .,? W, XI ? n?t iMiloi >',ii ,? i ,, nMi, uftftei ftft. Itftt >ut. Ml a 4 ? n. , . t,!.j , ? . 1 1 ?? u? ? l-.ftO??) Mft*W. I. , _ WAjrwu A WELL EDUCATED FRENCH LADY BTI9IIES TO encage ?'?raelf u lady 'a in m?? reep??ta I ble faintly, or to teach the fr?B?bUi(UCf to children, oo I objection to travel; boat of rWmaio dTfi; an agreeaNo homo ia preferred to a high aalary. Pleaao addr? ?e A V ; box B,l4A r?ft Oftoe American woman wanted in Brooklyn- -to take can ot children and do tlie aewing, and whatever 1 cl*o it neceteary I'rr them None hut au< h at can the | moat antisfactory I roofs of good character correct priori 1 l?a, and kind, cheerful temper, ne?d apply. Such an <>ne # deecrtbed, uiay addrcaa h., postpaid, boa 1,1. VI New York oat office. AMII.L1KFR and DRESSMAKER WANTED?TO OO to I'oteraburg. Va. None but thoac experienced hi the business need apply, rail at room l?7 National Hotel, Mo. j f> Cortlandt struct thia day, tat ween one aud three o'clock ' KM, _ A SITUATION WANTED - II V A RKSPKlTA RLE y ?ung woman, aa plain aeamstreaa and child'a tiursi, in city or country; goon city reference can be ??iv. n. Apply at '264 Walker s?r??et, ot Mm. Detuiara. Can be aeon for four dnya. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, IN REDUCED CIRCUM stances, wishca a position as superintendent of house hold sfhiirs, in the house of a widower, whore aho would re ceivu tie retpect due her, aa a lady of worth and education. Good give a aad required. Addreaa U. C. 1)., I'oat Office. A YOUNG SCAN IS1I GENTLEMAN, OK UNEXCE!' J\ tionable character, educated iu New York, who known with perfection Spanish, French and English, and nnoake tolerat ly well the German ana Italian languages, would ho very happy to obtain a situation with a family or merchant going to Europe, to act aa interpreter or teacher ot the afore ?aid languages. Salary not much of an object. Un<|iies tionable references given aa to character and capability. Apply to Thomaade lietaaoourt, 74 Franklin street A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO KIND NOME I' ARTIE* J\ to practice in Englinb, several hours, twice or three times a weak. Address H. S., Ilroadway f oat Ofiee Best servants for hotels, hoarding houses and private familiea. ? Irish, German, English and Scotch cook*, pantry and waiting girla, chambermaid*, nurse* and girls for general housework, can always he oh taiucd in thu greateat choice at MORRIS A < 'Oil N EllT'S, 1>7 Brtadway, corner of Read) street. Al*o, porters, waiters, farmers, gardeners, coachmen mechanics anil la boxer r? in thia or in the branch oftlee, 102 Greenwich street. BOOKKEEPER -WANTED, AN AMERICAN YOUNQ man, in a first class grocery, up town; mint be a r-ady reokoner, and rapid penman. State age, experience and re ferencc, to bo* >1 L'nion M|uare I'oat office. (lOVIJtNBM \ SITUATION w.wn.n. BY a X young 1*4> with beat of city referencea. Will give in struction in Kretich, German, Ac. Ac. A good home iu a reapecta* l? family more ot au object than salary. Address G Kr tnch, oflicc of the Journal of Commerce. JOHN OUNG, AGENT OK THE PROTESTANT Ho cicty'a nttlov, No. 7 i armine *treet, has now a number of ao"d Mjrvauta for situations, in town or country. Families oan depond on Ihii ofll< e t<?r punctuality, Ao. ORGANIST -A SITUATION WANTED AS ORGANIST, from 1st of Way, iu any -hnreh or chap. 1 in New York or Brooklyn, by a gentleman who i* perfectly able and can give the best testimonials and references aa to his capacity Addreaa Music, Herald office PORTER WANTED- l\ A WHOLESALE and ft|t \ 1 1, grocery atore; must come well recommended. Ap/ly b?- , tween 12 and I o'clock, at ."a, 9 liroaJway, corner of I'rinco atreti, mi Monday QITUATIOW WANTED BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS . i; chambermaid and waiter Good city r- fereueo piven. Apply at HO East Twenty aocond atreet, rear t uilding QITtflTIOIf WANTED BY A YO UNO WOMAN v leundre?? understands I rench fluting; lias no ??hjoc* Hon to assist m the ohamberwork. Good city ref?r?-uce given. Apply at 110 Eant Twenty second street, in rear betiding. TWO GERMAN OB B If 01 ISM OiBLS II AN TO OS A na co<k, waaher and ironer; the uth* r as chambermaid and waiter; references required, wages, $7 anil Apply to Mr. Al>AMh, Mititon avenue, Brooklyn, aecond Uoneefrom Lafayette avenue, <a?t -ide. "1X7 ANTKD A WRT NUK^ GOOD KKKKItKNCEl ff rw|?ir*d Apply at Ul Pr^ikdint bntwocn Co luiuMa and liick* htrooti, Bro*kl/n. WAMKU-BV A RRHPF1C TA1ILK I'ROTKSTANT lady, who t un th" !??>? t ol city rvtvr -non*, a aitiw Uor M NitniiticM In ? Ktatcel fatnilv. or to ?t t ????<! a aton-, cr any ruciMi'tftlilo buiinum, i? willing t?? in*v? l??r*??lt ti ?? ful At ft small roinpcnarition. Pleas*' rail at 1.1 Sooth 1 ir?t atrwt, WitliauialmrK, or addreaa D., bo* J.iJ, I'oit TIT A Nl KD? A SITUATION, BV A KE4PKCTA flU*. f T fc ir I . ft.- took, waal tff and ironor, uri<i?r*t iitd? bAkiuf ftnd pftntrv Good city rffarouc#* ,i?wn Apply it 1 10 Kant Twenty ac? ond atrtot in tho rear hnildinir, l?r 'wo day-. "\\I ANTED ? A SITUATION, 11 V A RESI'BC ( A 111.11 it )oui?k worn ft", a* chambermaid And plain otitrxr, ??r :m cht1drt<ti'a maid ; vb?' can produce the h?-rt <.f ut% t?f?r>:n<i^ Can bo atan lor thrac dtya ftt 54 Univarnity plu?, oe< ond Hoor, back room. W ANTED? II Y A RE*PKCTAill.E TOUNO WoM AN, ? V ft aitaatlon aa cgok, wa*har anu ironcr, "C to do /Onrral bou??work; undi-rntanda b?r hualn*--* p#*r(p"tly w?M. ha* K'?c-?1 < ity rHtrrme. (in l?o >?**? lor two days, at 2I'? Kant I ouitr?*iitb atroct. "II r A N 1 f I Bl a 100*6 WOMAN, A SITUATION TT ?? lAunrir??? in a *oi?d t-rivntp lamiiy; aho thoroughly undarrtanda her burtwo*? lias t lie best of city reference, t an to n at 8M (iroen** atreet, room N o. 'J VI ' AN'I h O ? A 81 II AllOS, li> A UIOULYUUU l'S< I ^ T? 1 In ai d aoll recoil. m? iid?-d n'tr\ to do cooking, wftihin* and ironing, or /?ti?-ral homitwurk, in < ity or country ; ia a hrat titf wa?hrr and iroo<*r, and ft *<?od cook and hak?*r; will tnftk<* heraclf g?ii?*rallv nwfut. Sftlarv not ao much au ob )*ct ii ft Rood flom. rl?<aae call ftt VS'A Hn??rv ANTED ? TURKIC GOOD MAMt* MKN KoKTIIK Ktl tftil dry i <ood? buiio?r LANK A JMKT^K, No .'?! l atliHrmo street. ANTED A NUTATION A* 'COACHMAN', IV A . . private family, by ft reatiootablA young nun. a 1'rotta tar.t, who thoroui'hly undorntano* t !??- car* *?f h<?r?*"?, and m ft good t ftrvful driver; haa no objv tionM t < k<> a *U?>rt di? llillil tbctou.try (an wt<l? got 4 fftti r?fif???N fr'.fr. bi* l*iit ttjepl ysr. < in f.a ?*?<i f ?r two dav? l'l*ta?? tnll tt l in. T Virtue i Gr ? ul.o ??ra?r T irty aiath fttid Mftdl^'fl 4f*r?T1A W ASTRO? IN A I'A INTI.R'H SHOP. A MAN OK good fetifttnena babitu, ti attend to tb" aliop, V** writliiy;, and mak? htu.a?ll fwrftll/aaifiil. t.'?n?tan? -ir. plc>n>fnt t?? ? um v. hu auita. W?f?i from $7 t?? $!) p??r w uk A j | ! > f O ll? r . i I H ; Mi . ' H ? r 1 1 ? ? llr > n "fir ANTXV> ? AGRNTS \> rRAVtL rjftOVOBoUT ? f th?* I ntt?*d ftfttf* and *bo Tnnndll, t ? * .'I ' ? ?*-t map out t..m?k?? rnrnry nn-~th? Mirr??r of So* \*t?pol, *i?.l map "1 t ho Nia^k .^*** And OimtA; newaof thi? htifilcon^ tho Blftt-k .So?a, I'attk of Inkormanu, pTtrait*. ?%?; Apply to Fulton ?-tf**'\, up atair*. W AN I K.r?? A VOI NG MAN or GOOD ADDHKvH \NO " < hftr " t? r to?n4*v illu?trat?d work ? of art. T< i e?<mp* t? nt |wr?'?n a lib* ral (??KitiUiionind aalftry mill b? fiven N?? 4?*p ??it* r> jtirad Apply in u> till ll' A M At :*.? l)?y ti?<?t, fourth fl ? ?r Ufr AN'TRD? AN AMI Kh AN FioV. I'O* OPIIt fl, fi<?u? II t? l'? y ar? ?M Apply t G?rrtftb A l-.tninr, ahipwrifhta. J7<^OUtn atr ?t ANT E!>? A ?MAK1 ACTIVE AMRKK AN f|OV. a l"? u t *i?t?*-t, itAr* of ?*<-, in tho ?W< ?.* of a fancy a inntmiasi' n Puiiok. *l*ry iir?t y?ar fifty dollar* ply in hftnd .. rlt ?njt ul th? applicant, t.. A 11 t Iltrald W w x:>: "II* ANTED? A lioy, AlJOI'l HfTEKV YKAR.H 0? ? ? -i, wka r*?ftdoft with hi* j?aron?a aad wrtftao woll aad rapid!} Aj-ply t?. HOl KWI lJ. A U I N To.N Hi C ortland! at r# p.t. fA KXrERIEM KDMA.NTII I. A MAKKIts WANTED ?)"" Raal ?ui*? and constant work Apply to H . 11 M< IRN/IK, 17 f anft I at , llrat drath Hnlldiaft* Mil THADRH, . 4 YY.\ UN rifoROi 0111,1 m I* r E D W I Til j\ tnAnufM' turinc of anamolUd carriaf cloth and oilo 1 ?Ilk. w? boa (o obtain a attuAKon t< * ak- ' baraa of an %lr??4y ???taMlabad builnoaa, or (<? oitor into a partnrr?bip wttn a prr?r<n of anroo rn^anii Tbo v?r? boit of rofirMn<*?i a? t<* ? a i a t'tl it % and rrapat 'ability Addr**? Mitnofi?iiir?r, Niaarit, N J . with rt-al aad it will ?-o promptly fttt?a!?d to II' AN I I I ? A 111. H M - II KM I" BtR .1-11 HILTRR rf plated r?fl?otofa. Apply to IV m I'ortor, 17 I'latt ? I f ?? t COHAKTMICIiNllfP ROTfCBI. ^?41 (1(1(1 -ANT BNTRRI'RI" I S'G MAN. WITH ?i ^.UU", thia amount r?a bar<> an *'?ual int^r^at with in* ^v rii**r In tha flour trada, taiabliah?>d throo yoara, w th a ?clett cIsim ol tnnt' ini-r- ita?t '*1 raforaoTa# |)vm i? ?.d aaehanrad. Addr^aa, with r?al aatat, H ii.. boa 172. llr r Aid ufHi'O l/'A BROADWAV. GM.SHT ? HCII.DI Nii I %TE \U> 1*)#/ UroAdway, March 1. IAS6 ? Joa?ph I '** r - ?f-?tfully teti kr* hii thank* to hp? triood* aad tl<? piiMir for t??? vr-ry ltfcral patroaa^a l^?to wad upon bim durm>: a i>ar,od 'if oUb t#?? yriirt anil bwfi to infann tbom that K?- ? a ? a*?<i?i?t ?d in tbo Kuiriiiaaa, from tk# aboWa dAto, hi? ioi>Uni, Mr. An draw Kaa (for ma ay jraa m m hla catahllahmont), aud vir G* ?rjrw lfli#barn an 1 with ibor t ?iui tn*<d ? *ar?ioat *ro?t# ? 6Uinrr a i' <btinnania ,f (hi ir lavort Jo?+pU la A ( ? m r?mofiP* to thalf naw pr?mi?aa. apprt?f tf.?ir fr -?t?l? tnat th-y baa* a#la#t?d with dUcrlBlNation ah ?n'iraiy aaw and #>f*gftf?t aaa* rt-mont of br a4n lot l>a( plain ? .1 !A?i?-y tai*t m*t' ? ??Iks, ca?bm*ra aad Mara?::i?# roatiac* ?? whtoh tk?y attention T vIRMjf.ffTION ? THE COP A HI N RfCMl I f* flf-RETo J I fore aiutinf hat waaa tko aakaTi' *r* nM*rth- Arm of A' fMN i DVI., is orrahr diaa'-lv?4 by ( ? ?? ial < ya?oa4 Wiftir Aifkia ii aloaa aotanmrd to aotti# tb? %fairo of tho UO 4rm ? A i i ? ?t 41 i KM Marrh IV IV/. ^011 1 >1 i- ..ill ION -TV I CO PAR TNI BRKKTl foyo aaiaOnf h*tw?aa th? vaborfibar *. t*d#r tb? firm of Tbomi?a?n I >ar*?nt. ia h? rabj dioo^ltod ty mn'utl a? a Mff o|ORG? A THOMISON. No # *4 a* nf ? | ?fir kot, ?Vti*y atroat ?iJo.> M^OtlCR IS HF.RBBf OiriK. THAT Till, ? ?PARI nartkip b^ratoforo iit?tia| b?two<n N'Miu ift llo. >4 a?.d Ifora em March o nd^r tho firm naa? .<f Hai l A Mara' . wa? on tko Mb Fahrnary, MUWi, d.taol ad 1 mataaJ t?a witt Ihokntiaoa* ?il| bo o a mod ?.a a? nana ?' no aamo pl??#. by tko 'nbarritiov HOlA( I ilAHIM I) FRoM LIARTNER WAR TED? It I TM A CAPITAl ol 1 lo $1* OIW. la tba jobkia* doa?* ?4? ha ? a o to |o'o *'fto wl?o ha? t**n aa^ifo?S ia tbo ahott '.*< <<a*?? f * tarn or twolaa y*ar? a?d bik* an ??t*Dilv? a a -T ar.? ? ao 4?a4o ia Ota aad oonatr; Tko u*t r*f<rat- ? / ? *a a ; f qoirtd *ir?otlf toaadoatiai. Addraoa A. R Hr #wa. M*ral off. * o, with roai a am* and roo>4oaro pARTNF.R W A NTEJ4?IN THE I.I MftRK B ^INE ? I * . a| i tal of fHif ar it ? ifcimad ??? tj ?? ad*'r M-r -bo la ao*|aainv*d ? * ?. ? i?u? < baa an ' lUaafao a^i?i<alaa?* ?Mh f?r?1 ? U?a ? ?H?a#? ard *i? M*o (bo a? ?i aainfirtitf rofrra - <** *i to cfeara t#r a 4dr* ao Uabar tmwUr. Il?rald *rfk wit> roal ?w OAII.IIAEI n ? . . f. ^ 4 . i O * fltb i p#ro?^ witb ? amall rapHaf t> <u? An lot w la th*? ?t?ta ? a*ia**?, foort*?a f t* muH. ' * ? i ^*i *fac tory ?*? oe?ato will b* , i*o?, by a44r***ta?r * * aD Araao Bfatlii *iat*a litaad. |?^?t|.atd. w?#*, ? t ^T*l! r COPaETNER^IIIP IIEUET?> .? riMTINt I Votwooa tbo ?w4*r?<?aad -ad-rfl^ - ' ? '?.<ra*.a i Oifltlaf d, ? .? -lay # i?? 1 t r i*. ? aa* ? lb# ??? tl*a?at of tbo bu*i%ooo will la t- * J * -t of ' partr.?r*. wba w?JI .-a tb* aa .? -f v# f ? u j m p*'00 *t?l r.f * <?! MEN T?. Now Tori, Mar a U. JnNN oil H and r Mlktf^FR* *.A l.4l;T a* } ??%! a! 04 ?? ' <? ?w ana 4a4i*> AIOLODOONI. nioAnwAV.-KiNE m;ith of will fitr nithe* room* for gonttem* u and their wivae; ale<> room* for emglo Dinner at rf o'? dock H fireu. fi i iich?nir?4. nun BROADWAY. COINKR OF PRINCE. I!\ fj\9 ? trauoe hli Priiice alroct ?To !et, arartraeat ? -u ' gaatly furnished, in rail* or ataglo room*, with every cm, ' ventrnce. y** and bath, may now be aeea an t engaged, with immediate |M>m??ilun. 2^ OBBENB STREET ? A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, ?/ or two aingle gentium n, ?an ho aceomtttod.?ted with a | very h andnomely furnl?h?4 room au the aoeond or third floor, and full or partial hoard No moving m Ea> It-: I ferem-ea ?*< hanged. i) BON U ftTBKKT? ROOUtt FOR K \ Vf I J | ?H OR SINGLE w gentleineu Dinner at b al f pact tit Acknti kman am?hi?k or m pinole ukn tl< uif u, that are willing to pa> lihorally for gwd hoard, can be accommodated with a ? uitu of rooute, m a tlr?t cla?? houae, in the neighborhood of L'nton * lutrr; n illmr boar. I era taken. Addrea* W , fur on* ar k, ('nun euuare P??*t Off ce. At KKNt || OKNTLKM AN DE IKES To life. ACCOM undated with full hoar I 1st an Atu' rir*n private family, of tbia city, who hate four or nvr children. '?> it* ?truct them in claa?ical French and *p*niah la??<>ua, or elementary drawutg, in excheiip;* f' * the notrd. Al?" u * fimily coinpoit-d of ladiea and geot mm, within* to r a perfect knowledge o* the above u. tti mod branch**a Uood refer* urea will ho given. Ad<ir<*a? 1 '. M , If > ratd ?iti A I. A DY, WHO HAS KEPT A IKST CLASS HOUSE, wiahee to moot with a gentletnui wb ? bat a largo hone that he wonld rent, and hoard with the occupant, or a oartjr of gentlemen requiring a pernon t?? lake t-harge of a Uoubc, wt nld And one in ever* ? ay capablo, by 1 1 tre*i>iog a note to C. C., or calling at 78 Kaat liroadway A LADY LIVING RETIRKD I V Til K CPPER PART of the city, couveuient to car aol *tag? r ??te?. wo.tld Iriaueatlv f urnuhWH parlor and i ? Irootu to a /entlaman doairing tho freedom and c?m' r'.ut a h nu? l'l<?a?e ad dreaa / o. 1 Broadway I'oit Oft ? Apritatb fa m i i. v, without childrbn, would let to one or two single gantlMtnoa < r a gentle man and hi* wife, two elegant parlor*, or a par ?r and b? d reem fnrniitheil, with or without par? .al hoard. The hu nee hae all the modern improvement', and i? d-airaMy I' c%t d ?.'?1 Fourth et real, optoaite U a?hiugton '|nar? A GOOD OPPORTCNITY roR riK+.-K KII.1N J\ <| >1 it* hi i g ho II He keeping A gentl'mail % >1 ?r C?:i nil tain itome unfurnished apartment* ml hoard. In* /?nt< rl hi tme, frt?m May nt *t wi?f? a >mall, r ^pectahli* ta n ly who take thin method of reducing e?p^r.? r*ta \ ? tt?. i in a pleasant one, twenty miuotrt walk ir m the l)lt> ilali ?nd not far fr< ni Kant Broad ?l| I fnd ?uht- ? rtference will ho 1'iven and ro<|tnrotl. Addreix (\ W. H , ll?*ra! I -tt^. e A SIT II OF ROOIIh AMI Sl\<;i K. K t \N HE J a had Bt Nr. M Ea*t Fourteenth t?et \I.L FtRSONB LOOKIM* FOL 1H?AR1i '?K HUAKD cru are contkil?*LtialIy inf ru d th .t .h r? i < u> ther way of finding ?uch, ao anre, ao re?|K tahle, r satij factory . hi* thn ngfi t hi* ?-Hi ???? Hoarier* Jiroetod *r? ?- -if char/ t. t 'Iftea, riintMi Hall, corner >>i l-.i -la ? ev ? -* * in I l?ifayette place. Hoard? with convenient a par r nrnta for tamiltea or aingle gcnt.lutu? u, in .% fir?t cla*i privite hoarding b mae up town. Locality de?i; kUU for th** buiu irur; |K??ae*fCB every facility of m v.aa t-> %ii j ar?? of the city. Knfcrencea exchanged. Apply a ' N ? i Atiogd u aijuure, went oide, aecotid tloor from liank atroet Board.? a front pari. or ami ii>:i>Ro<)M ai* Ji'iiiiny. < a ae>;ond floor, au table f-?r 4 gent 1- man and hia eifc. Alan, two or three ainyle gentl'-m* n -an ???? a "ont modati d w Ith board, at ll t, l>uao< ??r? t s . m .vin< ?u the I lit .>1 M?? UtiAKIt -A I.AUV A^l> I.I SIIKXAN. WITHOI T 1 ? I ildrtn. can h? accomUi< dated, i t the iH>tt atyle. with ? <t;?r?i ai.?l l.irnmfnd ro.?i I In r* t f.? narm lath til marble warhitand in the b< lr? i. i'i ,?.iuall f.n.ilv wiin 1 rut childr* n and no other hoardera Apply at >? rraukllu I rtreet ]S OARU.-A iil-.N1 I I.MAN AMI I. A i\ AMI t?M OK ?? >0U0K ? ?'lltl?"lnen, i HJ? to (J M.iurii ? let ?d *|i|i ami full or partial t#- ? .? r i at.*'. Markit atr-et, So r rt of May . BOARIHVr: IOR (iKSTLRUI.S A M> Till! ! K **'! \ 111. *Ik?, lull or purtinl hoard, f?r niu-iltcmt men, ?? t r-?? ??u ?hit Opine, at 104 lin k- i r . ? f t 'Jrvoklyrt. Boarihno?iw a hj:w\\t i.orATi?v for ? iiil? f citiiviiM'ii or irei?tl?Mui u h* ti t itir t?t 4 ? for the ?iimto'T ?r lormanerit hoard f .r ? y?r ll?u?#. .*? A>- Aj? ply at I'.ll Wn<t I ?nrto? n? h ? !i?t .? ? .1 f in I #4, i >>< , IV M BOA KOI Mi ? Tu A Kl R.HT t J.A>* lAMIl.t I S 'IK irr??i tba grvao r pur'. <?f nu eJ.iart f?nr ?t <ry and ? ?? nu ll t boon*, in * int> i Im ah(i ul ?iOi.?iin, - n nt<< I ?a'?i te? Dirt The ou n< r il< mr??iii t ?? l-oai ?t h ith or to' ar I t ?in, atth?ir< ptlon Apply at l'J4 'A - f , out/ r u ?i t?t Boarding ?nihi.v itrm ntu no<?.i- n i.ict, lor lamiliae aS<t aiitgln j^ nt l*m- .1. At >ml 141 ? im 1-iraatrirt I he b< j? ? aru a* v ?> liirat?U?d, and ?"?tupl*ta ? ith <-v? ry < ot- v* no-i ? ? with "lugi* and lout., rn<<mf ?*?! room a for 1 pnrlv of thn ??r f r h aider* i*tt ?U"? l a a < umii.ddaii ^. Itrf? rnn o r**>|mrv I BOARD in A KKHI'Kt I ABI E iHl.Nt'tl ft'AMII.Y want* <1 ? y an Am?rtr ?u u-ao, * .0 <1 in ml i|?a t* the ) ranch lingua* ? I upper ?> ?r V of tit* dtjr pra'vt?"i IWil ?f fflen m il i lftn aid t ?? \ uu r? 1 A t |r<M# II. IMA Vi t43 IS.eto I ifftr ?? BO A HII IN A I'KIVATR KAMI I Y ? A OKRTI.KM %N and hia ?if?, or two or (Ur*-** alu*l? .*? 1 t|? man , <?% ,t a<*t ? iiiii>o(|aifd * ith bom I . th- ho tat ia j?ioa? ?ntty ail i I, ??< mm in ding a tloo via i? . th* t< 1 in 1 ar ? Kr, - a ad %ir? , wit ? fr<?nt a 1. (I Ifk parlor*, Mid 1 ul* ony iu (rout Attp / at N ."J Thir 1 amine, oar door fr?#m tho ? ?rn-r o I .Nir*rtt'i -tr^t BCIANI# AMI HOOHH a I AKdh IIAN'IHIIWI I from, with a hrd room attaahad in *h? ????? >?ro*i? or >n hou?*a, containing ail ili?|a?4irii tniruvHaMli No |ifl and I' I fcait lourt*^nth atraat, nvar I tai'm a*ju*r?? BOARfl I I' TtiW N ? P'F.lfSON |.| IKMl ? nV I H in? p)*a?ant rootnn, with toard, or an.t* of r ? . ??? ? *>1 uiodrratn terioa, woul I do ??,li t?? *ppl? ?*" >n %? K >><rth av*iiii?>, aa ?<-tne hav< baeu fa ?t# l lii< to-? k bu-i a <ni? othrm to ill ta aoon B" \KI? IN BK^iKI.V^.-Tiro ?INCI.K. (.% t Tl.tHHS rM find fnrniahnd r> <???? ta a i?r?*a*? fam'lj wit' par tial Uurd, thrca mlaiu**? waia from Hoti'L ?r ^ V %l I atr?? -t farn? ?, aad no movinK in Majr, at <1 J ra!?m o ?tr???l *" fVBffirtl flltiM (T?d |>OAIlf> IN flKO?iK I.VN -? A ? In II I. MA v % Ml .VIM J J tr ttooi-r thriN ?inrl- ? ? f' m-u ran ' tui r rn? ?rfth 1 a- and 1 ar t in ^ prn*t?> famiU at I ' r %id -tl ?'r'ft, to)thinli'i? minute walk of llamtlt n f?rr> ?u1 t 4 >t Nulk fttry. 110ABT) |V l!H(H?KIA> A MAI.I IKIVATL l \ l> milt 111 Itri4,r 1 i.??r I* ? ? t'l'l '.'u?i?" ll>(l? f??'l?ll' lo I i?* I ?' ? | .t .,{ Ma>^n??t. l-rt-ali fant ami t. a ??nd 'iirft'r < -i w? ^ lay* P?ay n ?y f urt?i*h their oton r ?<?i??- il tN?* !? -if T?raif m ><|* ra**, and km t it r"|* ? tal '?* p*-r "n* 1 "t l<fr*? 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A 1 romiiiodat??| on r*-a*oaahl*- tir <? 0 II TA^ I iK t CO. f 'Ol NTNY floAftll MTANTI ? ? K?#ll ?" I U -T ??| MO? " a tarn hou^ pr?tf?- rr*<i * %?y >! ?.? ? . O,-* . ,ty, for a r*>ntl?*iton aod h-? to i<?? Atfdf'?a I. * I' *' > 'fit ? 1/IMiAsr ROOM*. KH??NII\i. AA^HMITON I 4 *M|Utor< A itri'dl; ^rlvat? f* < 'P*? * ail *Ufaiit prittot*' r?ai?i. . ?V r llr** ? .rt Nonaa, ?"?ld lat to one or ttoo fantlaiaiao of L 4 . r??p?"t.abiUly a full of apl?n?lid)y f?irrtal*?d apart' -m? ? .? ? p-r at ? -ard nrad in th#.r j arlara. Uirta*. *?t j, fult ,? ?a d?n?a, Joornkl of t'amm?f?? f*i'? F^RKN< y, IIAM'II. AMI AMI HI' A> R' ? A It f?( Vi. honaa. 1,1 H alk?r at r?M A partwnt 1 t ? |%t faraithad . r .?i fori I. With tof %| ?r f .<? | . f'??fin,, for fanitli?>c or tiuiiia <|aeiti*!?*? I>ia* at lior^ a*a l?K k Rirollaat taola T-rm- Ou dartt V/I/IJ. iM.ARh WITH A vmv rifff R*m?I I MAT M? 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