Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6T86. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-MONDAY, MARCH 26, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. i SANTA ANNA'S SWISS BODY GUARD. The E xtelenc* of the Scheme Authenticated** Interesting Official Uocamenta. It will be recollected that at the tine of the ratifica tion of the Ca'.sdea treaty, it iu currently reported and believed that a portion of the tlO,i 00,000 to be paid < by this government to Mexico, t? to be appropriated to the enliatjgeo^ organization, nod transportation to Me? ioo or nw bwiiR regiment*, to aerv? a? i-anta Anna's private body guard. This itory gamed currency, and attracted attention ae well in Europe aa la the United State*. But the matter waa then Mt at rest by the pub lication in er.a o! the Paris journals? la 1'atrir? of a letter from the Mexican Minister to France, Senor Jose Ramon Pacbeco, denying, In the most positive manner, the truth of the statements that bad been made. The 'denial coming from this high quarter, was, of course, cre dited by the public. We have recently, however, come into possession of an official docummt, of which this same tieuor 1'acheco is the author, which falsified hie communication to the French journal, and prove* ocn ?clnaively th? existence of the scheme to eulist Swiss mercenaries fur the service ol hit Most Serene High nee*. the President of the Mexlsan republic. TbU document we (ind in a collection of important secret and highly interesting diplomatic papers which have been published in. self defence by Sener Arraogolx, who had acted a. ppecial agent In the matter of the ten millions, and with w horn the Mexican gov Moment is at feud in Cjsrd to the commission which he thought proper to thhoid in remuneration for his service*. There are some forty State papers in the collection, ail of more nr lee* interest ; but we only select those in relation to the Swiss besly guard. We give first a translation of the communication ad dreesed by Fenor I'acheco to the 1'atrie. It is No. 24 in the list, and read* as follow*:? M??su. ?ditou? I request that you will publish in your esteemed .journal the following lme? : ? The Swiss journals have been recently occupier with a pretended project oi clandestine enlisment of regi ments intended to be seat to Mexico, for the purpose of forming aa eecort to the President, who design*, it i? aim, to have himself declared Kn.peror. In thisconnes tion my visit to the cantons Is spoken of, and Colcn<-l Sulsberger i;< pointed out as one of the persocs with whom 1 have had an understanding. lor the purpoxn of correcting public opinion, I must -ay that I have not gone te Switzerland incijmi'o, or concealing my rank. I have had the honor ol conter nng with the Hwiss author tie^ on tlie convenience which would reeult to both countries from the e*tubli*b ru nt of a system of emigration, Mexico requiring topu I 1st ion in licr vast territory, and Switzeiiand not being ? able from year to year to supply bar surplus population | with food. 1 have had occasion to explain that Mexico tindd herself under the necessity of guardlag her im mense frontier*, frequently invaded by the natiretribeg; aid that, tte-efere. it waa right that the emigrants who should foim tin first expedition should have the character ,of military colonists, a thing which is not contrary to the laws of Switzerland. Besides, this wo aid he a measure of security for the families and for all those who irigbt hereafter to emigrate there The .Swiss nit on, and it* citizens, are especially eteemed in Mexico, an i in serving the hifth interests of both nations I was at per feet liberty to proceed with frunkness, as 1 hare done, before the authorities and tbn wholu world. I had pre. viou*!y consult*', in thin mutter, tho Mexican Consular alien*. in Switzerland, who, tie n* an ex -silttn: subject, and a Swiss by tirth, could, belter than :iny ono el*e seive loyally both Mexico and bin fellow citizens, i had the opportunity of becoming acquainted with there pec ted Colonel Sulzberger, whose character i? highly es teemed in fwit/erland, but 1 have done nctliin;* in the way of forming a contract witb that gentleman. The purpose which, In these jonrnala, is attributed to the project of emigration, and the intentions whin the President ot Mexico la supposed to have, are entirely gratuitous. I hai no instrucuou* ?f 'hat kind, nor havo 1 since receiret! any. Iho suppotition that be di*i/es to wave himself created Emperor contrast* certainty with the call to the people which the illustrious l'rosiduot ha* m*t made? that they miy, by means of a universal suf frage, manifest their will conctrning hi* continuance in poeer, for the purpose of organizing all the hrane'les ol' tlie public a<i ministration. The effect produced by these publication* has been tucli that itoin all side*, appllcat'ons have been ad dressed to nn> relative to proceeding to Mexico .".nd form ing corps ot oilitary colonists. I avail my wll of this opportunity to return my thanks to all those who hava thought pre per to apply to me, and to Inform them that new circumstance* have obliged ay government to five me order* to -tispend all further action ((ode) for the present, and tliat as soon as the anbjrct i? reetirat i, I shall liantea to alvite thereof ? in preference? all those persons who h?v? been pleaseil lo honor taa with their applications ic-irt.ii). 'I ME MINISTER OF MEXICO IN FKaMCI'. fo ?iota .Senor Pache;o to one of tho journals of th i ?"rench metropolis. Noi let us compare tbe foregoing ?ubhshed at a'ementf with the ol'owing diplomatic n >te t i* froi? tenor Almonte, Mexican Minister to the I'nited to Benor Arran.oir, the special cwumis linuer to receive tbe firs' instalment of the ili^tot.ouo in-Wtr the list!' leu treaty. It will lie seen thai there I* i slight di lereu.'e of fact involved:? [Yer* prira'e.l Maitesa I.n,sTio\ is Tiir u. S. or Aup.k'.OA, i Niw VoliK, S?ip?. 2, is.'.t. )' Vot/nKi . rvrv? Cnd?r date ol ;he 5th uit. I have >een %rta?. -l I f iii* Kxcellent v l?on Jons Hwi'iti P.i ? ?heeo, our M.u: , , r in iranje, in the following .term*' ? ' Your Kjiceilency ? l have received, un<>rilateot 1st luly hist, Hi j fr Uowicg instruct ous from his Excellency :h<- Uiaiaier ?..f 1 crt-ign Allairs ? "^our r-.ct-ller f.v ? Owing to the fact that the pending .reafy wit! '<n- L uite-1 states nax ??eti exclmnge t in A'anhingtoii, fisnkn to the disposition msnife-U"! or hat goverumrcit lor it* rat'fication, an 1 Vj the inatruc. ioi>K on the subject given to hi* Moellency ' ?en*- r.. ! ai nocte, and hit- most Strene Highne**, the Prnsu'ent h losing It (it t!iat a* soon a* possli le tne ruti ling cf the hieehwi>s nf .m'?nt* contrscte l for by ymir Kx e ellenay hr lue aervieo of the country should tali" pla^e, (trnr/ri levi/cocion), Uis terene liighners wli-ites thai you Biuieoiately t?'.:e alt prt per means for thu r t r.i n h rartation here, for whi:h >-nd ^nu are emfiower d to draw cn the ssid fieneral ,\liuont?? to rhem due orueia are comm micaied by tins mt- ? ip to the fcnm of #600,000; ami in case of It not b?in^ loaelble for yonr Excellencv to obtain futil* h v r>'-*us if such dralt within auituble pmod, you may, wit'i ln? slvlce, oer*ual? for each umouut. I t ike -,tn> oppcrtu Uty of ru!. 'rating torou my ?steem uu'l coa-idnruti n. ngned, Bi>M>.t^. io his Exce.leni-y.Jtne Minister Plenl|?' entiary of th? Republic in France '' ?' 1 transcribe this lor your Excslleocy for the pur(0?n if notifying yuti that the ?iibieot is one of tlie gre ?te*t ngency, * > it has been proved to me, and a< .? ex iltm?l by the teim* of the winmunic.t.on tn sl -h I ave oaUed your attention, and that tbe eemnits?(on >eing ready f< r fulfilment, and everything be;u[T pre ?red by previous order*. I must very noon draw upen our Flxoeil'ncr tor tbe nece-ear> amount, aa wi ll as in aver of the (.otumiaaloner* of Berne on the ha nk*ri rho have luitanceo funds io me. I reiterate t' our xceliency the .isstirsnces of my particular e-l.'em. igned, J. H. Psi imro ' ' I have the hunor of forwardinj the foregoing to your xcclleocy for your informath'Q 'Ud action, adding '.hat le Minister 01 tor- ign AfTai'- ha* in realit y or- r : < deliver to the faid :-eijoi i'?< heeo up ;? ^h.; amo . i; of 5u0.000. Your Excellency will plesee tell me in .'cr!y bat it hs* appesreo pioper itr yoa to reply to Snor aciieco. Cod and libarty . J. N. Al.MOVIT: F. ua Aiirsm.oi/, SpeciU F itr.miwloner of the Su rente govercment in tt? I'mte .-tatrs. this Itttrr ar.d ita '.ran cript give the most indabita le evidear" of 8anta Anna ? design to Import three re iaientaef iswtss guard- to f?. -m a special escort an J rotedion fr ' Hi* Most berene IligLne-s and a' the , aie tiaii t'o'/ show that ben- r Pacheco'g letter to Iai i'tv can*.), i be chaiarterinO ai true la alt ite | art*, ke design has been, for vari< u* causes. abandom-J. td we on.'r reci. r to the subject for the purpi*? of i-i biting the reiactou*aess of Mi tican dipltn* Ists. Mnp*iler Court* Ron . Judge F'twoi and A Jury. MP. i ISO A PIANO TO TWO |M?r-h dr. apt. William K. j %'mtrdit: Hitfl action wan t o jht by th? plaintiff* ' i the (?wr?l i'iijmw of <.arre' W. Rj< kmin, jr , to ? u??r tb* ?jlue of on* billiard taSle ktu two chin :?t I Tha | r< t'ft/ ??? purcUarcl at auction br ftyrk au c? tb# *. e?t/th day of May. ln:>3, ?t tti* 'F/!*inl 8 Hudaoo, aa<l pntd for tho pur*haM>r It ' nr.? obt nfl *.li? ccni<?nt 01 iiudaoa tn a (loir th* prt. rty to r*r:.4in ic hi* pot**?*l<>r' a (aw dftya; (h?a to be I aioW i o t. > coon, j of <*?????. what* Rjrkmau I letlnf a total Hbortly a Iter tha aal? to Kyknian ' t vo ?t?io nold lha pr?r*rt? to one ?br> rold ' i <VIrmi?.v. ind tfcat nritbrr <?' 'Ur l??t ntaaM p'tr I ? ?r? had ( otic* of tha a tie to Ryfkman It ? i?r> n p ? ?r?":in< ' 'no*, that the ? laiot " >?* ! 'r*'|a?ally <f?. l at >?'. ll?? , r< '..T'.y cf I! id?ca Whllo it r>'Oi*in?'' in h!? 1 wxupioo. J |h. Bf&ff KMMQ, of iMMclfbrtto d?'*n<fcMrt, In- 1 . Mt WMNH a? NH|ll)Ml] fWMI> hy th? I n*J pi. toitrr in tha |-?'-??loa f tb* ail'-' 1 grfl; a:ii r in^ tba T*cdor rh I^MltlllJ of il'ertrln* t [.'air* -it, in inonrin" purrha?*r of t'i? nana, tin- | Hat't* ?? ? ?ot mtit>d t' rreorar r K > Bro?c, of count*! for th? pla'ntiifa, wn I ?o tk|t 'ba Net tha* thfrt wa? n t> Actual c* arc* "f ' feraatet. < I 'ta property o?,!y rar(" -r? 1 th' -ontnrt or j rb*#?l; <i""? pl?lnt*<T? ?M*aor prf"3B rtlT#lT fri-1 *nt ar.' r*?t Var nnui }>r ?> ' jtcn the ; >;ny*< hoar ?< faith In tba *al> . and that tb? bratSde* lx>. i. a fboeatly }>ro???i HaJmU -btr^'d IS* jBf?'*>?t the onj fact f r rr to i"? ? b n.* waa. ?r- tb?r tb? plain' *>i I v! n l*t th* |r,-v:.'f:o ? f ' ' '? m 1 . .1 I r Irbovtat tr? tb? ? ro' ? ?'? ??* I '.fl-'*' t tho 1r,ti'T? U good fa ?!" *??' w'?b?at any iatr-.t to da ad a?ba?qo*a< prnrMw . ? ' th?f 9*r? ?n'it'M k rardl^t if nut th* ? .1 find for '?f-o'aa'. Vcr t tor pla o' ffi a HftO. THE BLACK WARRIOR CASE. Important from %uti1d? I>el?t* In the Span lab CoiJf# on oar Cnbu flotation*. We translate from the official government orgaa of Madrid, the foll*winf extract fiom a recant debate in th* Spanish Cortei, on the relation* between that country and the United States:? 3*.m)k Ramkh ? My purpoae la to draw from the Minu ter of Foreign Aifair? tome explanation sufficlsnlto coun teract the effect of ctrtaln facts which have ceineide I w.tb the departure Irom this court of the Miniiter from the United atatea, Mr. Soulo. By some res ^e -tabl mcinber of tills chamber an article ha a bwo published which asciibes to Mr. Soule the idea, or bel ef, that tit rapture of our relations with the United hli(?< is inert table ; and the pretext for auch an extreme caae la ?up poeeo to be the alight with which Mr. houlr and th < ooaatrv be represents have been treated by the Spanish (rovsrnment. Coinciding with tin* fact, in itseif very important, a pamphltt haa beeu published, with tii exj.rcss purpoae of attributing to the Spanish gorera ment all the various difficulties now existing between the twogcrerBmonts, or, at nay rata the responsibility of not baring settled them; and Mr. Soul? U so praise i in it for lila benevolence towards us that you would almost think that he gavo up the interest ef ike country ha represented. Besides, in tome papers, Information baa been given about Mr. 8?oule having received in the latter days of bis stay several slights from the Minister of Foreign Affair*. OTiese facta have urged me to ask the Minister for some explanations. I believe that, considering the especial circumstances of the case, and theaeriou* anil immediate interest which our country haa with them, since it is the only international ii'iestion we hire pending, It la expe dient to correct theeilncts which may be produced by the store facta. The beat means of rectifying public opin ion, both here and in the United States, where i i is very important to place it in the right, aa far as it is poud ble, as the facta will be enhanced by distance, and aa usual made fruitful by the American ei-Mmiat*r, who will be anxious, doubtless, to repair, in some measure, among hi* friends and partisans the failure of his unfor tunate diplomatic campii|n in Spain? the best means to arrive at this object would be for the government, in view of the particular circumstances of the case, to bring to the chamber the documents and correspondent which hare intervened in the course of this matter be tween both countries. I know Unit the Minister ot Foreign Affairs wdl not grant this, and will be unwilling to put aside the cus tom called diplomatic leeway, and which we observe to an exceM, in my opinion ic. Therefore, with due respect to the right of the government on such sub jects, 1 limit my request, to ask the Minialer if h? think that the reasons and facts 1 have exposed possess the gravity which I attribute to ihein, to give some explana tions, sufficient to prevent the cousequenoes wnich I anticipate. tenor Lxzt'RlAOA, Minister of Foreign Affairs, replied? He expressed his pleasure at the opportunity offered him to make explanations, to satisfy public opinion in Spain and in tbo United States, lie denied any alight from motives of courtesy and duly. He said he tun no time to read what may have been published on lb* subject. He took for granted that the publications baring been participated in l>v members of the Cortes there would he in tlicin nothing unbecoming, l'bat the govern ment of the United States determined on the 15th of Ja&uary to replace tho Minister to Madrid. When the news reached Madrid, Mr Soulo had left, but the government ot Her Majesty bad learned by a perfectly regular channel the language in which it is officially announced to the Spanish Court, which is in haiirony v.ith tho relations of peace, amity and good understanding which exist between the two govern ments. "In thia state of the case," add* Seoor Uua rista, "the government of ller Majesty, who. 'n the sight of all. uiay now set of its own free will, from its own impulse, after having received th'* news, has ordered that all pending difficulties with the United States lie submitted to a new investigations instructing especially those charged with it not to seaach for argu nreuts to rojeet the claims of the United .Stiles, but to study simply to ascertain what is just, in order to grant it *pontau< ousiy, freely, as It becomes th* people whom it governs. It hi resolved, by its own impulse, to grant wtaievsr is just, without any preasuie. The govern ment i? confident that the sasa* fe?lings will be found in the government of tho United Statas. Tlie ('resident announced it so to the House of itepreeentatives. that his sole object wis Juatio*. We are, therefore, per leet'y ugiejd, and sins* there will be, doubtless, the ?sine since t it v In both parties, the government cherishes great bones oi arriving at an entirely peaceful solution." Tie concluded, protesting bis devotion to ^ood sense, just ce and reason, but did not enter at all inio tue mutt* of the case. Important Portal Announcement. TIL. PUKPA1MEM' OP POSfAtjiB. Post OjtJi.'K, YORk., March 24. 1855. Notice is hereby given lliat, in aceoidanre with '.he act of CcBgrrss passed March 3, lH&o, from and at ler the 1st of April next, totters will not I* dispatched froui tuis office, in the mail#, unless the postage thereoa is pre paid, e\e< pt en.y letter* addressed to places beyond tue limit.' ef the t ulUnl Mates, is those cases m which such fetters can no* he sent without pre payment. Inquiries having been mute at this office :n respect to the promoted disposition of letters e>pi*ii?d without prepayment, a letter from Horatio King l>t the 1 ;rst Assistant l'osfinastcr General, is subjoined hsruto, < ommunicatibg the instructions of the 1'ost Office >eparlio? nt uj on this and o-lier points of interest to he pubiic. l. AAC V. FOWLER Postmaatcr. Po?r OPTick DlPAKTsrvr, ) Ammmnr Orsicm, March 'Jft, JSJV / Sik ? Your letter of the 28'b icst. is received. In answer. I am directco by the Postmaster General to in form <ou ? 1. The act of ,nd March. Iht.V making no provision for I unpaid letters to places within >he United States on the 1 same rr <*ay follow1 n? any such unpaid letter or letters I befnir put .nto a Post Office, the P"Straiister thereot will I pod up c?o<T"euouslr tn his office a list of the -ame, i eta 'ing that i bey ?r? held tor postage. If not attended to. such letters must be returned montlUy to the Head j letter UC?e. U letters part paid should b* despatched, chargel will l the additional postage due at the prepaid rate, accord | iutr t" cistance, established l>y si id net eirsj where | the ' mission to pay the correct amourr is known to have ! I>een inten>i<iT<al. when they should be treated the same j t, letters wh< liy on] .Id. ? It is proper to forward a letter when requested, in ?vrlCnjr. When forwarded, no additionsl pottage eho 'Id ! lie ctanr'sl if the letter, contrary to its sdd-ess hssl?eo ini--*nt. It it has beeu sent according to fu address, end then li.r warded, it must be charged with s-'.c.itional {.osteite at the prepaid rate, f-sordiiig *o dlstan s eslab ished by the act of March 9, 1846, aforesaid. 4. Ship lelf rs as they cannot be pre paid, anl are not suppeseo to ! v embraced ;n the new set, will onntinue to lie de*i . i tebed agreeably to the pr<>v sions of the 81* tsenth section ef the act of Msreh 1 S JS ism, rt spectfully, your obeditnt servant, HOHATIO KlVtt. First Assistant Postmaster i.ensral. L?Jts< \ *ti? t mi, Postma-ter, New York. Wllllamebarg City Sm*?. Bmm tt. ?*ii l*ir Fiaderick Peek, colporteur, <>n rday called at the bou-e of a < ermaa ba-k><t maker, niurie Wloent, real ling n l>*ahata avenue, for the purpoee of tearing kuc tract* and apiritual adrlre. Wlnent, very nngeneroualy, it U alleged, became en raged. and eei/lng a c.lnb, bent the colporteur until he reaaheil tb? atr>et Sergeant Sterret an>. officer Murphy of the Fourteenth wan), arretted a<vu?ed m '.he charge of aaaault and battary aod be .{are bead* for hit ap fearaae* Pmiiwt Horn Loaj'iu".? On Fitu?day niph* Serjeant cter-e*. mid oflioer Motrin of the Fifth IMntrlet poUce amxUd two owim runne*. nHm?d Marc M'Kord and Vfm. who had bunked m tt>- houae of Inline Co. No. 10, tor the nvht. Thty were locked up Lii.irr Wnutm -On Saturday, a grocer/ keeper named lioyle, oo og - in Grand atrtet, wn aned by the Dealers of Weight* and Meteurea, before Juetlce Jacob 1 . I ? an, to r*coTcr thr poaalty incurred l>y . ? n,' light wefKi.t?. .'ame* Mnitb, oue or '.he eealara, in t ie an Mb raTtt that he reg?lat< I thu weight* !n Boile'* grocarr, anlafew i*y? af.erwarda, on gr'ng to the ator# the *e?ond t me. fnrnd that t'ia weigtti hi, \ again be.-u al t'Te?t o tt at they were much lighter th^a they #Uool4 he. Tfce c*?e wae adjoureed to ijatnrCay neat. (Il 43i> Laukni.? On Saturday. f<erg *nt hierret md ofltri Morrfii. of tfte Fifth djrtriet police, arreatel Mary and Michael lican. and Thoe. M < ney, on i warrant -huglof t'lera with "tealing ?*aru,g appar ra ue^t at ttO, from Rotert i.reen, ?C North Serenth at reel 'lhej will fcaid to anewer. Since U>e eiforc-'iiM-ct of tba Sunday law. the keeper* of ic>nr of tbe porter boa*** cioee np' tee f r?.n* dr?r* an ' kbi- "peu ihe aide <<r l?ck d'<r?t?i- their ooato ntf*. Iipj'i n? i? conducted with caut i.a ?nd nod.?* l.B. Tin h rt*s?op Mil HfOAM. -C'ootmlv'oaer lie y pe^ey baring Bade bi* tannai report oa the cor ?i;,.ja of the Indian* within our tat or.:.) tou'era. w* pla*e b> fen ourr??<er<a a/nopala, fcl!o? eg a | reseutatico o: all the intern tin/ facta connected wit!, the M-chigaa In I'iara, whlcl. we think will b? adaptable In thia quarter. T>e Ccmmt'fi'jBtr autea that It U re<( neite that rew ar r&agi-i ?nt? eltb theae Indian* beietere<1 Into, c^anglrg reUuen with 'he geiteral goTerrraent aad Hiate. fnrh ari?ngeti.?oti carr.edcat wonld ex^-aae. ?Od <'0Ci<-f ? I a e ipcrojri*te<l 410,000 for 'hat The r?foit of Mr t.ilbert. the .n'.an Ajrenv of theStaie. ihowa tl.e ti inil*r under laa charge a? foliowa ? Oiipj^ewuc ?" Othwii 1.1WT I - '' V < hi||?wjaof Laaat?up?hor 4,iyo Thf I j.> "^up- ricr fhipuew ?? n r!llagea l a?e echo?le en '. cL'.- .bee, anT |h? tan. aectai)>aa ..v la of fit!' >fd ITe <!re <a l!ka tha whltei, cultifa^e the eif, kp |.r?ci?te *li ?? floe of mm or and o'.kir prr ;<e't/ ? la?a m l ititeUljiuct, an ' In m?Lf t.aex r?a>l and ar their i athe to-jue aal onr u*n language alen 1 .if, b"w ? t?r, ta not tl. c*ee wi'.h aH of ike larger tni?; a ma Jorttj ere lb a t.-?oe.tnrj atale, anlthe talanc >rr *ded n the < t ' me 11 e m>a> .onary aol echoal re^x '? upua 1be eon^ittob <f th largant part of tbia p*ap> g re ( r ? o -j* irf.-M'nt u rejji.-ila pre^reea a?J it < to ?-(eev a efcarye m Ihete mattare th.t Uila "wafnlUitiu rtage*an'." ia rootem^avod, aad Uke appaapr.a . <<i ItiiXi io ma '? Dramatic and Hnatcal Matter*. Tut Aoadkmy o* Mima, under the otw direction, bid* fair to proper. The company i* foil and efiioient, and tli* Italian Opera certain]/ wan never (riven here with ?e much att>ntlon to detail in the eeeantiaU of costume. ?oe aery and properties. There vlll be no performanca thia evening, but on Wednesday " Matte di Rohan," which created quite % furore on Friday, wilt be repeated, with ?t*.ffenone, Vest rail and Badiali in the principal character*. The fliuiii Opkra at Niblo'i flourishes. " Ifr Freit cbutz" waa produced on Thursday to a crowded house. Miss Caroline lehmaon made her debut, and a ver y suc cessful one, a? Agatha. This opera will be given on Tuesday. l'ARom is expected to arrive hare shortly, to join the &iited forces at the Academy. At tbe Broadway Thkatk* Mr. Forrest commenced n engagement last Monday, and has played Hamlet, Rlchellcu, Othello and King l<ear to good houses. On M< niiay and Tuesday nights the theatre was crowded to exwMe. Thin evening Mr Forrest will play Othello lag0. by Mr. Conwey; Cassio, by Mr. Grace; Desdemoan, by Madame Ponisi; Kmilia, by Mrs. Abbott. At. Bvkton'h Trkatbk tho chief novelty daring the week has been the appearance of the new oomedtan, who has played twice, and made a favorable impression This evening "John Bull" will be given, with Messrs. Burton, Hall, O. Jordan and Mrs. Burton, in tbe prin cipal part it . At Wallace 'a Tinu to k there has been nothing new Mr*. Stephen* had a good benefit on Friday . Thia even' Ing, Colley Cibber's comedy, "She Would And She Would n't," is to be played with a good cast, including Messrs. Blake, taster, Brougham, Dyott, Mr*. Orey, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Brougham and Mrs. Conover. At the Bowutr Tiujltbe this evening Mr. K. Eddy commences a short star engagement, anil plays " llam let." The after piece ii ?'The Avalanche," a drama from the French. The version to be given at the Bowery was written for the Surrey Th<atre, l.on<lon, and had q lite a run there laat season. Mr. K. Johuatou plays the prin cipal pvt. At this liou e, on Thursday night, Mrs. Woodward, a very pleasing actress, will take tier farewell benefit, previous to retiring frum tlie stage. Mr. Charles Fisher, Mr. E. Eddy, and other favorite ar tists, will appear on this occasion. At BiK.iuaTfl Mismm "Love's Sacrifice" is the prin cipal attraction for to-night. Mr. C. W. Clarke, Mr. K. F. Taylor ind Mis* Meitayer enact the leading parti. At MarauNioe' Ham., No. 472 Broadway, a good bill, including the farce of "Black Blunders," is annooucsd ft r this evening. At Chikisi Ham., No. !>30 Broadway, to-night, Ooni ?/.etti's opera, '-The Elixir of l<ove," will be given in re gular African style by Buckley 'a Minstrels: also a pleas ant concert programme. Tiie Dramatic FrM> Ball? Tbe programme for the tableaux at tiiis affair, which will take place at the Aea (f t my of Music on the 10th April, has been published, it includes tableaux rirnnl t from ten of Phakspeare's plays, and the characters will bo represented by about fifty of the most popular actor* and actresses at our cit) theatres. Tbe ball will undoubtedly be a brilliant affair. The directors have hit upon a very sensible pUn t'cr.tbe celebration of the anniversu rjr o( their institu tUtiOB. pHJLAm lthu. ? A new domestic drama, called "Chari ty's tare," hs-i been produced at the Walnut. Miss Fanny Vicing j layed the princl]al part At thaChestnut a Oraraatic version of Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" lias oeen pirduced with aucctiis. It is said to be a very good play, and will, we prisnme, rank with any of tbe (so* called) moral dramas which have preceded it. Mr. Mur" dock commences an engagement at the City Museum to night. Mr. Brvugliam'h drama, '? Night a art Morning " it underlined at the Arch. Mr*. A. Parker succeeds Mr*. John Drew ui th* leading ousinesn t? r the ramaimle ot this season. UofmiN ?Mr it. Hayne commenced as en>'ig?iment a tie Bo?ton theatre la?t Mcnday. (>n Wedn-sday, Mr. K FargfDt'i play, ' TL< Pr?tste . (baaed cn the p. ra o " i rma,") wis plnyed for the first time. The Courier ?y? "the play, a* a literary production, will survive its popularity oa the stage. The ?ume paper says lli* "Priesteaf ," every body *uppo?od, would be the thief attractive, engro?*ing character of tlie nUy , but it v>a* not so last niybt. and never will bo? in Mr?. Julia llavui * uveailt- retdition of the pari. It wji surely cOL'.empiHteC by the anther that it thould lie a tran sni cent cbarai'er in the play, but thn lady s coucep tion of it Wis far froin beitg transcendent Thero was a lack ot royalty in ber inelu, and the high n ability was wanting. It Is a character demanding physical energiei, ?c<-peof Intellect, visage and lower of expres sion to porirny it truly, which J'r*. llajne does not poneM. and in the absence of tbe-e Lt*?*sur/ endow ?cents in a treiric actrvs* it s?emi a little strsnge that *he shoul.i have hazarded so elegsnt a play by aemimtng the chiet hetoine in it. Mrs narrow could have played it better, ant so could Mrs Hudson Kirby. A I'ruid high pne-teis ? Mr. Sargent's high pnestrs*? is some thing incr* tban nitdiocrity ; she Is a 'ar alioie the oiti.uaiy rank of btr set, eUe how couli' sii" inspire adoration > ? but Mr* Hayne <ioes net see a to appre ciate his. We say it with regret, tiiat it was unior tunate that so dim a mibstitule was placed in a position whetc *o much of c<rllliant acting wss demande-l. Tie schtierly perl rmaD Mi ol Mr. P^nnstt Iwlped to awakon tbe auui'tice to a realization of th* defert* of Mrs. nayue * } rfcKte* '. It was only in tbe fourth and tilth acts that she did anything worthy ol partul piaiso. fbe Tim-J fay* there ws* only a two-third kuuie Lverybedy, including the author, was called out. He maoe a ipeecb. |Forplot, Ate , of the "l*r!eit?,#?," *e? tbe Po*ton letter ] At the National theatre, F. f1. Cha? fraii wis announced to play on Monday, but the ma*.esns "struck" for tiiree week*' salary due tbera. It was act paid, and an orchestra from New York wis obtait.e :. Tlie house was closed dating the week. At the Upward Athene- ua, Mr. and Mist Charle* mm mence i a ..-t*T enge^ement, pl tyicg lri*U tod Yankee piece* on Monday. Am. n- .? M'm Mackeah baa brt n ; bv ? Dg Wre iluxirf tbe j i t wtrk. .-hegce* next to the Nationftl tb< atre, Rcitoo. EsLliHOBt.? A series of Eng.'isb operaa have been givtn at lb* Holiday strut thtetrr. Mr. rrttiar, Miss Ko?ai.e lhiran-1, Mary Ann i.anr.on, an>l Mr. Lysler are the pr ncipal singers. W.t aiM.rox ?Tbe People'* tbtatre I* open, with Mr ( harlt* V.'alcot a* the tar. ilAairofci), Cr. ? Tbe theatre here i* open under the nanigement of Mr. Wyatt. ttsge manager. J. J . Prior. Piu! Juhen gave a sucoeitful concert liere last week. . totiiitacx.? Mrs. Farren is till playing bare, *up jofed by J. H. Oxley In 'he lending male character*. < it Hit a, OA.? Mr*. Cb.irlee Howard commenced an eflgN^enent liere on tlie l Jth in^tent. lil >KAMicro ? "Macbeth' had been pro>lueed at the An. irVan. with Meier*, heu'ey. Neafie, Haan and H.vas, taking tbe part of Mact,eth by turns. Mr. N< o bad a benefit on the ',17th of February, when Harney WiiliatM and Mr.. Barney Wllllain* I ayed for bi n. The Metrcpolitan was opened oca ?:'/Dally for opars. liart'.l Iborne's benefit was an anjtc ifcr be 1st of Marh. M te I/ uiaa Mowbray, a *no?nc?d a* a " popular actres . fr< ra tbe Arch street 'Jloatre, Phiisneip' la," was anoouaeed to make ber lr?t appearance in Cal.fornla cn tbe lit of Mareb. Miat J M. L'avrnport bad not arrived at the list aecAmte I T eatrical* were In a bad way altogether. Mr*, i'elby '? sat atatuarj had '?e*a told at public . uetioa Cau < ita ?At the last aecooot* Miss Kate H aye* had ' created qnita an excitement among the '<v>/(<if"i e' j II ndoxtau. A fall account is given below OprrMlr Trouble* In llliirioatan. Our 8>? of Calcutta papara Inform ua t'.at M ?? CaUi ftin? Mayt? bad arrtrad at Calmt'a from .(nrtnlU aal tmt (rtod "C?e?rt at tlia Tc??n HaQon ?b* 1MU jMaarjr. On thil occasion aba ?a? aaaiatad by Mr Uwau at I Mr Van 0?id?r Dm prwramaa* inrsjii4??1 a rta'ntf by a?at#or " Ah ' mm BU," ?'f?? alKtb," ' H?ppy Birdltn* ' an I " kathkro UafuiH>9 br H'M fit;#* two burlo t"D|ra by Mr Iar?oit, ard Ttr'tun Ir.atr immtal pa*fonnaa<-aa by Vaa (?ald?r. Tl.? |>( '**a( ?4tm*?loa ??r* ll> ri| r?? r|* '??; for -a#?rr?'l ??*ta , 10 top#** (9* for aduait*.?n a. '.a out -*??it?4 ??*!? Tim arrival of Kiu Hay#* <"?* ??! ? r>* t ate ton-ant f1i? ?u U? Brat yii?? '(<im ?b-> M4 ?r?r vaitrd iia 1 wliiw and |taml wn^i ti wia ma 'of pri'?? Oa# ec/rr??;?t. !?&,' uf ^b? /'-w Ofcxton aa/? M ?.? Ht. ?* ! a? not iobi oat to Iru.a a a*U>n'ali all *?*?? M? ? a- pioatDtot L-rr?it in '.in ell r ?' pa Arc < far lb* fro aod tLa *rtal*riau?? bar yr.caa a. a ??>.!"} to nod W. lir-m aba OiL oaly tiac I ?cut b? wail '? M . ?? U* i %? to locona.tirr ti a* pr.a*a, ao4 Mil tb?? ? 'be n*aat of a- ?l? ?an, if ?Ua -?*,;y aaat< aupf f t it lutatMio wiathat ?o?t no- r.laer ?? antancrb* lath* fatrx/Ua Kaad, taartrt* Uta *?4 tfc# orphtai of tbo bra ?i td-luri >M bar* hJaa i? Ik* *!lfe tuai, \h%m girf ta Va M m [ Hayee' nnprroedtnted exwrbttancy. It H laaaeatable I that ahe abould b? *o ill advined I But it nwi that Mim H?yr? did very wall, sad f??i another concert, which the Knglitknan aotioo*, "eying that the Governor General patronljed It. On the 17th there win another concert, thua an aeaaoad: ? Inprecedeate<1 combination of tateat.? Ftoat gra?d concert of vocal and instrumental innate, to be given by Madame Claviaee <?llly, formerly prima donna of the French and Italian Uporaa; Madame lieniiee Krery, flrat premium of hunor on the v olin, of the Royal Coneerva tor; of Bruaael* ;md Mr C. L\ Krary, the celebrated yianlat from Par t, on Weiuesdaj, tli > 17th January, la the lower room of the town Hall, which will be entirely carpeted for the occaaion. Tha price* were lower than thoea of Miee Haye*, vlx. : alngla ticket 8 rupnea, ($,'! #8 ,) double ticket for lady and gentleman 12 rupee* and two rupaea ex tra for reaervtd aeata. The programme en la with the loyal cry " ViYmf Htgina rt J'rincfpi !" which waa omitted from Mi*? Uayea bill. Thia trcvpr came from California, and one of the Cal cntta writer* aaya.? c* the party now on a viait t'? ua under the direction of Monaieur Cailly ! ,?i able to ?(>?ak In more deciaive terma. Thoie who were in t'alcuita aome ten year* ago caouot forget Mad. me Cailly, who arrived with a Krench compaay, of wlicb aha waa prima ilonna, and made her flrat appearance In the Sana Soaci theatre in 11 l.ucta de Ijnaw rmoot " It wiU be leaembered that abe poa aertaea a aoprano voice actaewtiat above the ordinary iaoK*i though perhap* It Mold acarcely be considered an alto aoprnno. HLe wan then remarkable for iloep ex pre?jloa, rapid and brilliant elocution, and perfect oor rectneaa of intonation. But it appear* that the munlcal public of Calcutta wete not able to pay for to mnuh maaicui luxury all at once, and u r?ry aeaaible, practical suggestion ia made by a correspondent of one of the paper*. He propoaea tLat the llajea an t Cailly eompnaiea ahould coaltaoe; but ?aya? 1 Imagine that the p-enea -e of Mailame Cailly may prove M?e hindrance to iho proposed coalition ; but aa ahe woulo te liUewiae a gainer in purw, ?he might aurely take a place in t* e "tableau want," winch would ren der the "wbo'c ' harmoniomly attractive A word t# Miee llayea, or the party benellcially interested in her perlortnancea. She or lie will Moon diicover that "free trade" in all thing* ia the onli.r of tint day that "free trace" principle* are identical with low price*, anl th?t "low price*" pay, while high price* Ion*. A /,rima donna ia a tableaux vlvant' Where are all tha mlaaionarie* who have been sent to India ' Tree trade In muwic! 1'olitlcal economy, trllla, roulade*, shake* aud cadfnzaa! What shocking barbarian* the CalcutU con nolsiteur- mu*t be! Abother critic account* for the decline of muai:al taxte in Calcutta by the ' Philharmonic ftxtiety, which allured the treniu* of harmony from the Town Hall to the exclusive ariatocratlc circle*, whore for want of fro* ventilation, "cribbed, cabin'd and confined. " aha liaa barely auxtalDcd a miserable axiatecce. " The O pern tin War. HUFEHIOK Cni'BT - tlgNEKAl, TliKM. Hefcrc JuaUce- Oakley, IJoiworth, Sloeann and Campbell' M?i. i n 24 ? Mar MumLtrk ami i r\fr, apprllantt, aijaihil die BuU, ra/pondml. ? At the owning of the couit to day, Urtarn. Han<lfcr4 and Itilliii,;*, couneel for api* Hunt*. moved In t lu> appoal taken fiom the deciaion mad* at the ?p*:iai term, 'll*e harming the attachment herein. Mr. ^anlford, in opening the argument, contended that although the eou'ract up?n which auit la brought should be held by the eouit to be raid, yet, a* a princi ple of law, where a wite contract* ami perform* aervtcee, the huiband can recover under it (or thou ear vice* that the allegation In the affidavit that ttx ion of $300 we* due. entitled the defendant* to recover under the quantum meruit; that one of the auppieniantury aft) la vita ahowed that Mra. Mvret/ek: had authority trom the huabaud to perform for her own beneli' and that thn aupplivd any lUleot In the But papers . thai defendant clu ha;; tt?* hou*. gate plaintiff* a right to eur, although to aould h re bi <n due otkerwUe, that the plain tiff* were not betmd to ntate tbt grounia of their claim particularly in 01 der to obtain the attachment. in a nn.?t carnnat manner celled upon the court t<> re vine i he i.etlaion at apccial term, upoa the gr<iuud* he lore atate-i, upon M Ct * h2 U* commented at i-u^th. Mr. 1. K. Ilnlkt Ji'jr, eouaiel for the respondent, (He Boll, xaid it waa due to him-elf t ? atatetbat he 'Id n it draw the contract* upon ?Utch thle enit I brought ; that they wete forced rpon hii cli?nt before h? h?u bevu tailed Into toe opi ra allaira a oouniel, they were 'Iravtn up by Mr Aatun, -i Iri-nl of 'h r eUinuda, who, it wa evident from th* c a rant itaelf, wa? no Uw Ier. lie would not cotnm?'it i ;. n inn manner In whu:!i Ir. iluli'a eijnature waa oblai tad, at it ltd n it anpiar intbepapeia which had OMM up !rom the apecUl t?rm for r*?l. w. lie felt bound to take every legal exception that i lUted, hecau** lie ruon: 1 r- 1 ilii form ot prl??e.| ing attain t i man ot the itiarar.ter aod po-itiou of Mr. I'm1 mi t etntempUbta. II the Mad mie aa* performed :tny n'rv.(f? to which -lie in entitled to be paid, there waa i proper way to pr->ceed to enforce hei ..laim lie tl en proceeded to it view the argument of pUfntiffa' counsel aa follow* I amateioaa to know ?ne re my learned opponent tinda any lew authorising a paraon to recover uiuer a void eoati act. Huppoae, aa the ;entln Biar ctnV nd , that .'Jr-. Marnt/ek b a performed m tcea, r'??-a that give her nounaei the right to ?le lete lit on a blank [taper to recover '.hem Will it l>e pteVuded that aje couladeclare upon .? promiaaory note, *l i tben in the oext purafrnph aei forth " a promiee to pay ' without ignature. date, oroue of the reijuiaiteaof a note, aa (he ground* of tier < lalm " Would the allega tion id the attt'laTit ?' that the *um of $M) waa due therecB ' upoa which the euutiael ha* laid ao much ?tree*, <ntitle her to recovff un ler the' paper' the -tatut* |>te>cril*a that in ho ?pj I cat on 'or an attach meet 1 '* plaintifl aha1! >?t forth the groimla of the claim II it mean* anything, r mean , thet *Jie real grounor *h?ll be atateo, unl tiiei they aliall in them Fr'.tea aa tatid, beaufTinint. Aiitur.Ung, aa coan-el ci Dtfij' th it there did en*t as uaili-ratandtSK b< t???n Marel'tk aod hia wife, that ike tiuKht cer .orai for her own bet.rfi' that dm * riot en * tlin tltiil 'lef? t to th* i d tract, vi* the inh' n ot <11 a. silitjr .n th* w fe tom< ? tie cotrnauU thrmu contaiaed, or to per'oro them rhi 0 lukce It *a- in the |> >w*i of the nuahaad lo draw bia wife from tbe atage lathe vary milvtorth* |? iformance of'an opera and m> mittw what Uie lam tgt night ke to the defendant, he w?- without rente ly rltLer aa ajra o-t tlie hu*b.<n<t or the wile. Where tun tnal ct v?i.ant? ur* cnf?r J into b? we?n partie*. unle both re fp? from any 1 -gal ?i?ebllit7 to iuo?.e ,h' ui, ao ! ntilea* It ia In the power et *?c^ t< enforce them ?|ain?< t.'.e other, both of th*cevenai>' a tall. (Xiuii*el aid them ?er*f everal euthoriti??clted <>n LI i p^tftte m hl?U L? ?l.ooiii bar ! up to the Court, an] h* could ool Ule tip time it ruling them nor '.id lie think hir oppr>ri?at ?oul l ptetend to <tenv that ench v n t&? w. The aUegaticn that the -urn of l^uO *aa due lo*a not tstltle p iaiut:ff? to recover un ler the ijwiulvm mrrvil, boeauae it ref. r* to the contract and eta tea that ttai- aurn w >? due thareun. The iftioavit doe* not even allege that aervi e* tiare been jerf'-riirfd. e moat ?> entf..l ali<vti"n wi.ere |>lalotilTe area t?> retover unt'er the '/ttue/ui.i *trruil. There i- not a pretence In the pafer* of any n'tim except upoa the written contract . nd aa tbe plajotif have derlareo up n it, termuit MMM| fall.''' th> ootradMiall be ad j jdgeil, ?' od or bud. Mr Hnlkele^ then, in a very ci'- r aoo lorctMe argument, anewared t be other poli.ta ri ?? I n. plamtitfa' c >urmel and commented Bpon th* affida vit* alleging that they coota.ned no fuffici. nt groun 1 for .'.oitllor the attachment, either ? to tb* point of t n oeiaimrnt, or the aaeertien that defendant wa* an ab at ondinst itebtor. ai.d <? illed the utle;:tion of the Co irt to U.e fu' that the allegation in ih* af.daiit wa that he h?d ah-, on ed , or waa alent to tib-e^nd ' whkb ? .a ei.uivnlant to an aa ertion that a [ ? ra 7a ha! deeeone thing, or wa eboqt to do tjulte annilwr. Alteram ata e'imi: 4k i. of the d < teila of tlie ca ? lie cloeed by rUar a'-ten. ^ <n no mlH terma the atteT.p* of plamtifl ui atta b <Mvi'.aut'* property a* e MM eale-l lei.tnr wh< n, a?V aaMkft.ey well a new. anil tte ?(',il*vi! abnwel.tbat tt.* e'efee. 'ant ? -* livie* to a pul.h fw < t in Hroalvay, diein, et the pubi'r table, an I '-oaatantly in >n-l aboat all pert* of the hotel, aid la the pnl.l.e *tre?ta ai.'l pU.e* of aiet.aan ect fTven thO't ??? the ci ir.a*l for pla.BI 'a ! rr ght prtwfttre lite hvadred aXdarita of parx.o* ata. a/ that tl.ey i a t know wh*iwtl:?y e>nit4 im h m. t weu I not Weigh a f*ether ia th* are e'. gaimt the *?.'ence of Mr. (ttaatea, proprietor of tb# Kew Vorfc Hate! *ti all [ fc"* elrti, that ' ?'aadant tad for ciore tfeaa three m alba hie.l there opa nly, Ilk* a.iy ' I If g ? ?' Of the i beu>e I i?lnt *?' ro?a**I followed w th a '?lef ei*'im-nt n Ifplp. t/ r?a ..t>g apple -t. ? , ry a >ii!a ' o' *l?t Ma"t ?k h i e f./other Wife aa 1 Mi* ? gee 1 by a iarg? auKher M 'her peroaa, wl I ?li ?'atid that t my ? It unt km.e that twkahli r?a,.t? l at tta New hut ll"tel T.e * ou/t took the paper*? 4er . ? ? wijl he g v?n Mudhf 1 ii lie el Alalia ( nai?la>lniiir'a (out I. ?I tin. a- > to-'. eey ?f f'h.tlT a' <S' l*f< Mra >|i ?We art re^ eat *4 to ata'e t^et Ika Mr ion ag rw-n t oae-1 ii tr.e re;??t ef t . - ??' oe . at .r ?? a* ?.? f the pa .??r" to whrK. 'He lour w a <a- 'c ia ??, Kr Voe?r ' ' of 1 ' ti, Moore h Ma* i 4 Hrw*l wey "itie it?t w ?? la the f ? >? of that ' -*? w <ii *t< lee Marine Affalra, I ?''' I h* **W ( iO'bOA' laiWie I' "f* ? 1 * lewwi'l"'? a* fear e'eiaak ttia if'imn ' en t.e* H ?f Me "n W a'eeveit'i Boni k f>a A?t ?f Xfcaalfew .t*ee?. P> rw*al lafeliV|rii? 1. iuinu. at '. a Me'r a* >aa II- ?? - T *??> ? a- ?ei a, D il 4aa i'-r*. Maaeeakaea'ti. 1 H?*e* I.' */*/, Ca a M Ct t a, ? 'ig.a"*ea i Wa?.lait?t>. ;? ft ia. ' a*a4a fa W Aet'-i'i, lai.i< ? J *1 Vaitae* liatwli NaT Ka' ? Itar Oe*e*ia J II Ma< ie?? la laaaal Ira ?aa * Tfa.Tie- (tear C Tea ?? *l.?Jae?j ieital ,ie- ?. lam vi Mrterwuk W Mil fiv. turn/ Ucaao (MM I be ifefauto ?emdey frM< | Krvia the Handay illo, March ?6. J The er?p of wvurderer* in tho IduIm ?* wry larjo, and ?lDMt tUiljr hacfea<wai; :V?en imirder trial* an* eat down far the Oyer an?l Terminer, u?mmquii( oa the i Brit Monday of Apr l Thlt lUt '.to* n<it embrace tkoae connected in tbePout" -ilrey. There U aleo ona peraon to be tried for araoa ut the Br?' Uegrea, tla* punUtiumnt for which W death (Kroat the Miadit* v.onrW J NKWT HTf.K *?? iRirillHW. We pttbliab the following fiece of nhdwophtc ai a?4 erudite cht'ctam on H i lirfoa'a perfeetnenre of Villl Linii uml bin fhnah for wt ia worth, Mich, wo mu-t eonfe?a, i.i net. much, with ih? mm pie a'alemmd: that it wa* act (?? tbka aWco, thfmgb ahnuidu't ba jut KUed to Uam it wm intended fur " ? reornlng nroal" a Utile higher up in the waf utreit* Mh Wti.LiAN ? BrnT>Ji'? Vintaisa *jrt> ;?* Ppah - la the ye ar something bmniircd i id faat a?lmp, b<d<ira the time ol Cbrmt, there wan ! .11 mm in thn lard of I'*. l-kxne year* after *r*.-da there wm bo.n anotli-. rnan in another land- -for Inrth - partUuUr* rotnuli thn I'enny C'j clopedia, wlxch wtk tall alt about it; and than wn? the hn aortal him, aateater of the bat tar, ao called from hi,* dealing u . aurh bard knock* to theacarlet abon.iiiatlop o' ilam on. llndied, and ?be, bavmK a aoft br:irt and a ?* ? mental fr.oc?, married tlj?> Inrber; the brighl and |<k i ia ileal, tliororon1, of Dinah in aaaoclated in the r"i ! >f tba t?n ter mi l pHtlo iMipbical atudent of humauiU with HUn ol K| neaul and Alexander the ailveramith, or INnnetrliia tba nop ycraimith ; glortoualy, brightly, t> ? ? t.f jily vivid ?< the ambient pearl* dropping from the an?ethl*tyoe aeal"? ol Ampbion'* dolphin. Tba uuud i La earlient. and Biont on joy In < lmprea*ion>< 10 tba infancy of exlateuco, when the plastic imagination yMhl ibelf to the golden Tiaioaa of young ambition, ur.iV, wttli itii eager ?ye flteil 00 ibe future, area only the ralnlHjw tinta beepangle the glorious *ky of a?ir Immortal hope*. The Dinah and In* YiUikin* of dr. Itart.m may poaae** a certain charm for the Virginia Know Nothing*, or even for the Tom llyera and Kernasdo Woda of ? roarne and relenilriiN city, but we have a d attoot recollection of Uriai'a Norma, and the traditional aplrudora of I'aata ? rum mi rifottlo, to both of which we ?; <a .Her 1*. infinitely inferior. Morton 'a voice ia not that of a high tenor, nor jet of a "fog aU> eoprano iUiitneabtcli, ia bin enaay oa the vox humano, an 1 the learned Mafliabecrbi to aay Dothing of the peat variety of ?Haleelt and iaii?vlona ?f the voice pecu iar to the world ri nownnd I 'arilltial Mei wilanti, bavu nothing like Mr. Kurton'a manner of ren daring the munic of Vlllikina Villlkina, it mu?l borne in m nd, ia not the dreamy, Untaatic. though brilliaal and melanchuly Blabop S* i L na, whi in??n*?'i tba Klying lulaudrra, nor la I>iua) th? higb born and baau tiful goaldeaa ao celebrated of old, aad no adored by the, gidilen haireJ mniJcna in the teraplr ol Kplreaua. Mr. lturton'i |ieraon ia not ao graoafnL r.or hia move menta mi agile and airy aa Uoae of (Vrlntta llrial. or l.iic.lle lirahn, nor *>en of ('onto. Ilia alnging of Villiklnx and bin Mnah may pieai* and amuie the groumilmga. aa it no doubt dor. , may nplit iheirai<l?H nightly io laughing at hla eoaran and grti tev]ue humor but we liave bad no baaitat'on In giving it a^ our decided opinion that lie in <|iutr nue iU'.l to t ??ta Diva, nud in Con Hpiriln tientil would break 4n? n If he attempted to imitHle Mario Tlie Bigh ideal of Vlllikina pictnriHto the ? iad'* ?ye a gentle youth who ha* the mt/<forttim to be the offaprtuK of a groat but a cruel pa rent, and Dinah ia cue of tltoae lovely creaturea of tlie ima^iaatioD which In the color* <>f the rhlnbow etintaud play in the plighted cloud* of the heart'* teoderrnt a? pirationa They were born In a regira remote from citiea, (xiunded on tba north we^t bv ? lofty Imagination, and i<n the eaat by a warm (*>?' < (ampernik'nl, 011 tlie aouth by Ma*on and Dijion'a rlotkea line, and on tbu j ?outh ewat by a purl ng brook which wandir* at it* own *weet will, and fall* Into the (>1)100 lle*erroir H?n?e it follow*, 11 the Maine I.i* ahoitM pa*?, Villlklna aud , hit l)iri:th will lie invited by Mr. Orwley te take '?<?ue- ( thing," and Burton will t>e eoniptlle'l to ?iV'? up the in ebi i*te tcene In TiMHlle*. till usilijeot Will he continued weekly until further uotioe. tub rowan of i he mrs*. 'llmre in no ii?* in pting to n<ht with tl?? prim, tliar* is not an lunUnc * known in hlatory ol anybody *t*r iiu- '??*din* , but, In thia country, whar* tha praia ti enmparathiTr frito, thi* uan i* ? wiio ha? ta* praaumpUcn t<> pul hlm?rlf iu oupo-itlon to thi* power. Ah another iu.~Uii<-?' of Ci*lu(C la to tli* power of 111# ?r*M, it I* it?t?"l tint th* nuuA(*r of IU< ,W'imy of in sir in I our>*utta treat bate m'i>l In to th* IIihai i>, anil jr. i n Hi alitor aril proprietor a iIuki* hot for hi* ok n | rltaUj u?*. (Sot true. | They h??a ibown their (owl X'Mf arid a Ja?t appreciation of tha powarof th* prr m b; ao doing and of co ir** they either baa*, or will, appropriate 'he other tua bulcooy bote* 'o the um* of other aditora. Wl hoi, tU'r artU not put tha ?ditor of thi* Trtbu ?i? nut t?i tin* IUkUji, a* tbur>e w>r tl.iea uvfht (???< nto ? tljht ao d olaturb th** auitianca tf thay trrri too near r, ? r 'liaay "ho 'Id '?* plaoal hi oppoalt* b* ven, -o tl.ut tin-* iu/ ha abl* to look *?cb oth?t full in the fa< ? with (lirir ifini i(la? >?? Tbc tin balcony 'jo-m than will t>* occupied. a* a matter of riiunc, (>y the oditor* of th* Herald, Tribun *, hi' ts Krprru, O.urier ainl I nywarirr, art' I A'-amy /'off, ? nil the audlaoc* wiM tnjoy Hi* pbitnuia of aailiirf ilia 'listing '"l""' tfe'ilh nu n >ii 1 tba tl-alT of tliea* popular alHo'ti with thairtditx* nightly An for tba n?t ol ua, we ahill hate to b4 * Oulrnt with lit ? bant a*ati in tua parqu* I < r tl.a hrat ir?la, unlet* tu? ioaii*Kefi* of th* Academy ahouM otiermiiie to make a tulfiriaut nura'wr of privat* bote* to be able to ?lt" 'inn to evh p*p?r Tbf 7t i/'f if aii-i th? /in.*" will Ia?l thatnaalf*" iiirlily J horn! by lb* diitingnlthid couM>.'*fatioo with wn -a I thi ban in ?ta?l the r nri??t nra A rtXIU IIKAKTMl Jt'JXtM. I On I'rli'ay la?t, Keeoruar Smith aenteae?i Kiitaoa too forger to 'wojaar* ?nl a half In th? Htit* (irlion a *?ry Bi'?t*rkto pomabmaat for tba <>Ahmw ol wni"b ha wan ron?irt?'l Hat Ki**ana invtf a fn>lln( ?|H>reli, an'l aliad tear ami the auft !i??r! of tb* Jo i(a wai toncba i. Ila atntod that hr uit?nd??l to ha??- proflouocod a ?<>r>-r# aantctioa, but b? wna moUifiail by tbo pri ooar'x ?b> queues, niananr th<nln<! biK honor Lm-lly. aad th?r? wa* (jnit" an iffactloc aoaor. 1:m lorf[*T lal'l all tba blatD" ol hi* IU comlict at thr 'oor of t,a 1 adria*' ?, ari'l w? hara no ilonbt hut h? wan Urartily ?orry f>r bi* rrtma, u mi><t rnfMa nr*? when tbay ara 'lota ?? I Wa ilo Mit rnrifor" tin* t?ti '.i*r bfurtr ! ctiMpM oa of tha Ki> cordor, hnt w? apprrhaod that i' will b?* <-??!?? of ? .1 many ilmtliu ?p>*ri < - t?lnr toai a by th* futnra <*riml* oala ?ho are bioogbt lot" hn- nmial l' jir?a?nra t > r? oelv? thair iwnUurn tt I* ? I'aDK'roua >n'?* im for ? criminal J'ldc* h* aa> l?tu'?* ' to laitl <??-* a ? J tait ct* iiy aa aflor? n* ?p??ch from a B nri'rt (frOH tha Han'ay fim'? ) Till KIMUNK CAHh. Thajury In thl ? i:aio ??t tL iu I an ainal 'at >?? an j'la, for th j rtodeMi tbi ii fari!l< t afiar Bra inlouU ? dab rration whan t)Me*uBa?J *i*re four boun m iun mtn| up rhUi Imij tall. It in ^aot aoian ot tha I'm rotx in tbaar ! ua* l/ir A i In (? r, worn a birrlatar, aaad to ?ay ttat it eoun>'i who ?p > a mor? tlun an hoar to a jury, il?M*r?n t to low hi ? ?ult ao I a>- ba*a r?a4 i.niawl.rra that It waa nkiil ly a a *t alli ut I'-i.iatielpbla law jtr, " I cltbar hara a good i a- ' r ? ooa. if a (TOiHt oiia, it iloti'' a*+ '? a lonf p?>' b- if a owl ona tha laaa I ?a j about It tl a batti r Naw % ork poheanian ran lai.a th? p>*m from Waatarn ?na? Tliay b?va apprab' n !?? I tti- |r<ti ,a t'- t o I tha " Maitlia Waahi'n.ti'ii c> ? aB'i out tbato au'oaw lullr in 'jiiod. Ouriaaia-i. hi.* Mt ror*ot"on thai MM ? a mi ait nti pan'ioua I rami raaaltlnf in iu iriiwr. Ma<ar?. UHM ltd ? "l?, with lima olhai- iiinB?|a<t to ' ?UuiU* ?ilh tba < of a Waatrrm ?t*?mar. aiil hara i'.iui bl'la of UMiair to b?< k u? Ihnm iofto aa of (laxla ablp < )HMi9iciU|iU10>f* ?'f? ri ? >tv Orta i m aa't | tha pA'krti, iTa beat h.o a U>uabo? aarfo aa-1 wli? n ?h? ? ?nt oil, l<iolfl ?ar r f.'min [?n ???b. Tli ? " ibain" ' iriahal baan h? ? '/ ln?urw*l l<i <lifar? ptrt? of tba I'elM ,-Uta< W !l? boat wn iiwut oppo* uta Arkanaaa. ou Iter 'inwn??r*i t*ip, ?l a niHIM Bra aod. hom>i> to r Uta n, *ni ?af tba paa>?m?ra wara liurn?'l ? r (Jrow^ad. Ih'n t wn t;i?*. laima on tha Inijraara riimpaiiK* war* nw. ta and ^ald Tfiara "?ra many par -on* ? i<cafa*l lo th ar??n C"B?i iriwy bowarar and aa u? aanal, 1 1? >y i?r !>? '|Mrrallia( an l tbua many of tba diabr>'i> al nrm'.inaiiraa Uakad OWt Mcma of tba j <rty w< ra io' irt<<l t '^Mianall, but www ac'iuittail on tnal for want o' rrt-'jora f-ub?a*t .?ntiv ? tnal waa ba<1 ta .trkaaaat for w*an u jghtrr ~tt?? hill inc tha paaaani*'* kj ?*vi< Of ?' tha boat It . t iu tbf* ea?a too, awoaaaa foilowa<t tb' "i|u? f?r th? Hi'.* < i nrt i iiiad >t bad ao im ilat on of tba bn'aing OB tUa Miaaia*!) pi rtyar THfc MUOKTAI. WHitk. I'ot.a la to hat* a luor.amtrji h" Ii t ' ?* ?* r<i?o/j ? * ap* ara t? 5<a rtaio'<l afli r b.ui ? **r'i*'' ailoraa abraaia a b- ? ; ? av 'I ip? ?|a? .*? botta rallwt In bl* tauv ?* ioa ? * atm/an 1 ant* for L on "It Vimi ? ' Mwawhila ' n* t?w ?!? *ra g l> n# biai a lift, and a?t 'ha la?at o/ than rmb tl.a follwwlnf ? aoaarr o> uaM a ?iuiwn i.t ??. tt t,t u nt wii-tiaa it ? ?.io* wtaima l*maut*d J>. ? la ' hafrtat : r-"ot. mj I ?, ) i.adar wlMloa ooth 'a iw tawall Th' faw>' ua row, "? in H'ajiw.i .fa That uiar ?rou? I* >t t?a*. tfc? *?< u U?* I 4 l Th> fa?a aa | *ito?w. ? tra- 'i ?? 1 ?iy ayaa nnatattiof >t >a? wdat* a lofwf*, Uta W la f ti I *ta? ? " ?t tha a?*" >*f ra Tail of aw* banl'a traw a ? ? ?. <?. jl * c?o* . at' 1 loa w>.?* yat < ? faw ?r* wilHai 7o bay th* p? ? tra t, tt>*" 40 t t a a?..i mt Ah ra;ii r*v>wa Mil J'l ttaa |xl I 4 kit Of ath*r ?.????# ao Ihrr rha ? ? a- ?or* >1 ' all o' :ha?a in.nt 1 aaa 1 <to?*. < r ti . ika MUUmi J'oo*?, ara 1 w, a* w 1 aa, ' fwwara. ' Bi a t ? m "J*. V k' .aitl m?i a aa to dUatw tba ? It A-a<* w'?H h'ii r "t'.r ' W ? t!. ak oar ?* a* -a of n-atikx'. 1* ..?f. r' to a'iliW t ?l>?? r? w. i'?la-aao*it W'.*aia na if ttiata wi-ra h?.iwa to - . i, I Mttwd af b*ra?a If Hi'fan i#l? Win ' > * a tnrw?i(h < With ah* wl '? kit I a- aloawi ?? a, ?r. liot w* rJ.? M Ktrtflk. Jirwy tHy filial tyanr a. IT > n ,*? w iiT'i ~f?n C?* ? U ? *ia*lm tha or. . ? if IU fl w*r 1 ih^i r-*i fttf w? I la tha ath?iolk???a? .? M'-ar atwat aa-- ?*wi ?vd fa**.a' Wbit'^k ? ' la* ? 1 Gabb far AUi-ait, 'm m r.V "'** *t * a a'tralar .'il. ci'i.i' */. Iha a a Apr . I ??ra?rw A*"?aaw? ?*W mwIm* >? a' 'viw ItMi'^y, a* f^ibbs fT^*M?t?T !?r Ha'aM r '.awty, a ?>* I1*"* a# M V a v WHfM, wl ?a ta a >f *?'.* baa??^??l, waa ra;i*ta4 la tia?lbi*a"ai of *?? ?? ?" ** ' '*/ !?*' ? ty a %oa# of ilba?* !t '? -<?a *' waa a fraa a*uw is IM*. ao w '? t a? wa,? ..?a a* ?m - Mi-oa* k^ fwra- ? *f tha ' '* ?" A p>H. Wa.aa war ill !??* H aV !*??? f*aa |n?< iat '?** * ' fit ? ha waaw r*?al roa ' iataw f?i ',o?ar* ?? f?- Im p***a?t W a. *4 ?h*t a*M ( oronrr't laqMM. MKLMICHOLT lUIClbC OF A ToChU M&JUt ill UAOT. YtvUriij Corouar Uilton ?u ealted upon to hoU tm ln,urat at No. ?i Wo?t Twenty Hirth .(root, uyoa too body of Mr*. Mary Uirard, wifa of Kdward Uirard. Jr.. who >u fvand doad in lt#i bodiooro on titnrdftj OTO E'S, with her throat rut It kppoar* from tho tooM ? moo y tahon on Lbo iaquoat, that tha 6*raaood hod loa* mil mouth pa?t boon laboring un<l?r norxooa flt? nT eicitomont, that ?ho ??< in a lata ??f prognavy ?nd &C tat* bad boon a<> much affoctod Uutt h?*r huaband liot >in? ?orloualy alarmed for bar ifttf. On .Saturday morning Uio doftaao'l npyoarod in inurb bo I tor uptriU than uaual, and about 1- o'nloflk M. >h o t<4d the -orrnnt iftrl that <h? waa going out to tube a wall, a? the day aoouiod a rmf Max one Thin *aa I bo U I tliuo doco<?od waa ooo ? am?. About ft.', o'clock Mr. fSirnrd. returning frocu hi? ?tor* down tow a. iaquuod for hia wlte, but Uta do?o? 'M? declared they bad not aoon hor *l*o? tliay bad hoard hor iioterminnlion to go out ami tako a walk Thinking iirobabir (hut Mri. (lirard wa ? in liar bedroom )ur huahand |irttceoUed thill. rr, bit found to hia aoUtw b-hnaont that thn door wa* Inokod on tha inaido, >a4 n<> ?ot?-e anword him Irora wthm toarieg that M>m*tkiDx ixri<>u? uMxbt hate happoaod, vho door on forcod upon when to tho horror ot tha hii-bami, hi* wlfo wan found '7'ng d?id om tba Hour wollerlng in hor blood, with a raaor boaldo hor Tha b?dy, upon ? lamination, waa found to bo porfootl|r cold; ?o iba procuration ia that tba doooaeod roatmii tad auicldo at an tariy bnur in tb? aftarnoon lbo da eaaaa<1 waa tb? widow of a Mi itolly prevlona t> hor mari-tOKo with Mr lliraid, and waa n-tar bar contao ui< nt when tha ra?h act waa committed Tb-ro can ho no ra >HO aaaigned for tb? rotuutuaioa ol tba ?uirido> other than temporary infinity, and tba jury on lioanag tho in tba < a*o rrudoied tbo following var dirt " Huicidoby cutting bar throat with a rotor, whilo laboring under a temporary lit ot iiiaanity. " An aoat of tho i!'?aaaa?l conimittad aulrid* In tha oarne ruannor noma- yi itr* o<o; and, although Mre (Jiiard navar throat onod to dadroy horooli, atill it In au| |*>ao0 tuat a doap improomon woo laft on hor mind by tbo tnah act of bar roiallte Ilia deceased wa> a boautllul woman, and hat doatb will bo drapiy lainontad liy hor buabaad and ? large rrfreio of nuanoui Irlondi anrf ac>|?>\lntaanoe. Mra. IhriiKl wa? about twonty Mian jeara of ago ao4 waa a untlro of Miuoai'bnaatta. Tbo inolancboly otfat baxreatod a groat iloal of -*i it?m?nt in tl?o ubpar of tbr rrty, wbor? lh? ht? nml ?!*??! for ytnfi. llrvoblyn Cltjr Ntw*. (It ?ti- tenon or am On a*n Cmuta mu? a* V i hi ? Ihe extensive alt and i?s<lle manufactory oa Mm rot nor of liold ami John ? lii-ota waa entirely deetrayadl by tiro yaiterday morning, together with lb? mttlunri ami material*, both raw and nitiin(i< lured, wntilil therein, Tha hull ling war of hwi-k, three >tonee ba lirij'lit, ami eovertd eo aire of eight lota. (rooting oa ??old atreet. It wu i?w i bj *n ri?( ?n of Inulrl dual*. under the Utle of the I'hinla Oil and Caadla Worn The preilileut of thri < ? uipauy .? Mr < hariaa A. Cm, of New York. The fire originated lo the priM reom which wan ultuated about tt.e centra of the range and fiom whence the tiraoommuni -*ti?l to tb? all mm o'btr lullatuinable aulm'.anne*, aad '*>n en?elo|>ad the whole bi, ill', inn in one vant aheait ol (lame, will :b Hiatal naleil the atmocphere for mile* a'tr n-tjni: thither people friHn all quartern of tin- dl) ao I from 'n? \ ork. 1m (Ire <y inpati e? of the Waialeru dr Incl iltrook ljn> a>4 K?f!?rn dlnt'lct ( Wllllamahtirg) all tunia I out and ri trtfd thetnsalve* iu alayin/ the |.ro#rei? of the flame*, which tor a lime threat- ned an ettaaeir*.- conilagralaaa. The great Im at previ-ulnl the tin-men lro>3 am the homing atructore with that eitei't m*) otherwlaa would bare done, and no directed their attention toward* aavlng the J rcjiei t y on the opp?elle aid** of l.ald aad John atreeta, in which they auciee-W adnurably. Aa ruiell tanemrnt on John ?tr*et , owned and occupied by Koliert Halfpar -nj. wan laaiaged to the ? < tent of abaab t'.'OO, anil binldlag need aa a atore hou-e, oa Woi4 atreet, waa ale ulijrhtly damage-i. I'll* factor/ waa completely lew liabad The ioa* li estimated at akoab $110,000, an<l tti xgent la of the opinion lliat It ia eaured f< r nearly the full amouat in New York and Hroebi)a oBirea. Tit* (aui? of the tire la not known Cm CocBT or Bkookivii Judge Culrrr pro-idlag - - Ike Itottedy of a WklU Child Htmantirtl by a \e0rii Jfe tkrr ? March ,4 -A litl la girl, called IJnaheth iiart.agad about thirteen yeara, waa brought beloia .lulga Culvaa ua * a lit hi liabeaa ror.-u ? eue<t out by the mother, a ce urtd woman turned I- lieu Allen, who ..amende IU raa lad r. The girl (irewnM an in'dMttOf appeareece waa well and neatly tWnxd, and bore no rtalbie tr*"*e of bar African origin liar feature aia regular har romplaiiaa ae fair ae Moat white children, aad liar iawir ia aralght and of a dark i> li no l< r The a-.aleuienl of the atataar piaerut* Mae interxtlbg particulars ft appear* thai aha waa formerly a alare ,n Misal* Ippi, aad waa uveal bye white men named llutler who, he aliegea, la fa tlier of th? < i Ud on ? tiilit" a >e?r( aim a na aat bar lire, alter oiitcof eriag >ha< ane ?a< n'4e?le. and aeat bar to New Yor. hba aubae <f?arotly r?itno?rd to Itrawklya where Uie < hlid Wae bi rn )*h? took a * o( It (or alenaA two yaara,when abe get) It in >aep L. g of a famiiy uaai 4 ll?rt, :<gr*alnf to pay a c> rlala ana per month far ita ? iiptort ,-he pa. 1 Ike ua a/real upon regularly tmr about teo \eara, whao U lu j 'aken aick abe aa Mi loBftrabie ia pat Hi" ? )? 1>1 In the r->eaatla>e, w^a well t?k>n rare of and ??? ktaowi, by ll<? naaae of Mua oelh Mart, which name abo nut retaiaa. :?jaaa Uaaa | alter the u,' ? r-r<iTery (nim bar lilnaea abe aai i ia4 a tean nar ie?l Allen Tlta 'Inld having arritel at tba neeol die year* waa (Hen In 'bare;* of I he aew Yar% I ? ami" '.rn ra of tka Alaeliau ?, tb? people being oa b r.gar abia to ?? ep It an ! wae by Um iu l<->ua 1 not taa Mr. an*! Mra. V ale of Ki rtiath atreet, n.b Y?rk, with | out the k twiwladre. and ronae^ieamtly 'he i-on*ea*.,of tha mother who waa kept In igrx arm a* to 'ta > natae j |i? >e>>n oi < igbt y? ara, alt I Ougb >l,a hao male - arneai i?4 repea'i d ,U | ulrlea, tut il*a;t r?(*lre,| etaalfa aa1 ua aatlaf* lory <n)iere. hha ? aa at length mforaa- 1, haw eaer, that It had baen gireii to a tamily in Near who noted to H- ' liaeter. and tfca> In < hllJ waa weM taken i a re <f I pou th a in' nn ti- n eb- pr?" vtaad ia ?eareh frrr II and a (e? week* alaee n ? - le-' io la-lla^ her, ehan aha inatitotad tbe i ie.ent proei-eilliaar- Tba foalar peraata ? er? Lreaant in (on-'., aiad ? >1*1 ikal they ha I enl? iiarwl In llnd lh- t-vHler Of tha chill pta?b>i.a to rooting f< K-<ba?l? r. b ; <1,1 not auc?aa4. that tbey had branght jp th* child ?a I heir awa, ib t) e l, educate 1 and kewn* a'.kacbe>l to It, aaa thai n< w <l,?y did o< 111 e to | irl w.tli bar.. Hla Robig t 1 not mna any tinaj or-Wr, bat | leak orraiion to atate Dial the foater |?r>ata d I rary wr? ng n >ie| iui/ tbe motbar in l| aaiain a of the rbara ' about ? of bar chil-1 Haitian ialormo-1 tlaam ibat U ay | eoul I keep bar In their > uatody leff t' a ; raeen , with tba ?-noratandtng that I ha mo'liar ?ew bej wheaaear a',epVaiM ari l Ibat tl?e j r abe, ill l.aae lb* right wt gall X 'o ? .ail !?? r ntoUier Totbla arrauju.i-o'. tae girl ' lad all I l.a part a? in lb* r.a<* gaaa <>.? eat. | and left tfc< <w,nrt, apparently aatlale W ? >* nr Alf.ri 'a -A n.e J )lgg*1 t,r tiaa m*j?t !y of Ilia iir'?Ai)ii I earn on < until prayiag farr i the paaaage of aa art |>y Ilia l>? ..atar* la maka Uaa < (I ee of Ablei maa a aaUrie-1 ooa Lae baea t aaaaiill?<4 lo Alhiay. Tlia ? oaipena>t>on a- al fag i. II par -lay tar regular uwaatlar*. anil I (or conm.lHea at'etinga I fnrrraor * rwa Vm Oirat-1 tb aa Oaalaria " m ? r|. of an aggravated aaaaait aa ! battery apna ttaa i/iaer in board the aa?h- n?r a .La, roine tin,* alaaa, aaa oahalur'ar n nteo'e 1 to o ,< eaar imprlaoamaaa i ia tba pen leat'ary sad to pay ? :i>? af |">ri Pol lee let f eillgeaa?e . ALLRWKD AOOHaTATRD Ulil'l f. Yea'.erda y, "Scar llarrla, of u.e Nlatb ward pahaa, arreatod Fa'r. a ' urraa, of No n? '<rar*a,'t> alcwat aaa a r har re of baring aaaaaltad a lay narae 1 I'i'.rr. Mae tin about twelve yeara of nga, -a a aarioa* aaaaaar T>.? rca>pUiraat I'atea that wt * be m all urtlog Outai < tba uoor of tbe a ce??e^., Uw lattee raataad aat a# tl.e hog**, aad, air .ag biaa ? th lata hat I kaaabal Ma iloan, aa' then ?^k?l b ru in Uaa ia- ? a r part af Ua ?le-' wvew, la. R -Ua# a aeveea . r ip" r- ihe W y wae I I". arey. : ?? the Matt ward ate' i a be aa, ia ginaA agony wbera b* waa atlen-V by a ^V-r Tkav aagad on liaia; >r ight lafc-re ) ? Hr oa.a, al tbaa !?*(' ad llatritt l'?4 ?e I ?. r1 JePe-? o a'<M, ?>a (aid 'a ball a l: ? aua> < f % f to a?ae>r tbe < arg* < -irraa aayatla' be *a lylai aic'a n ?' aad iaeaag la-aly by a ? ? ? ' ? f bo? a ovtatata bia -toav be waa aa, texaaee! at Ibe.r 'oaduct tnat ba aa* b?i to a I t' tbe ia. irwi aa tbe bar Ma-t.a ant iatea4iog, al liaa oa> t.rr ? to be eo aa vara ia b a ? baetlaeaaa 1 I'lAa/ii r> aiTil fit nail rocirf- IM ain.lMlllM> ? l.'.aa Ihcnapiaa waa arraetai aa ^ta Cay agbt, by 1 ? l.'mt Na ? -a a, a' tbe Mia b wa:1 p ?** -bargad, aa | \iu0 r x.ia/it of iana aalaer V liS Meet T weaty I *? I>nu> r'-eat witb bavifg pa ? ' fl 'a bar paekM a I ' ana e 'aalaiu ag l|y uf ?? , e Via aba aaa rW-i?i| la ana of ???? t.gktb avaa-.a -ara Tba ' prleoaer waa roavayav! b*tora aat ?? veaae ? al 'aa -e ' t feelf i v, . f, ft, eba ao>aa:ttad ba 'ae I trial Ilia MiMtif I'mmw*. pi aii- ^i nn li iti-i< |t , , a ??! .fix Wayec, ? / V., r*. ?. H W v.* . v ?' ia ' - ' ' ' *i aaa u racaaar praaJ'.y ?f , r* :< ? ai< each '? r aftew ar artaaaa baab aear tea 'wa*1 ?fr?al <4 .'alaa aa'a ivra W' ee ra p *4 Iba J ?* b.> tnara -g f<*l ?'?fmtmX aga uaA ?a a > at aa f?' t <* 6 .a/a aad eaal aad ia t*-ag m atate I tba* ta* r- aaa* iter viiid. Was | **ra aco , bl, t?< ndae taol a> ?aaarr or a aaa pa at ?f t - r-f b- <a a a. ta-at o? a .f^r auf 'a<t a e-iw ?bea.'tiraa* i ?* r.i . a i* ma.. or r- nur'f ?|a< tk? (aa?|/kt ar 'lavab nypaai* la I ...I, I' ! a of ta > !af t a p *f kaajia# a* aa I/. a k -a -tba- aba 4 - aa . ?? ae far aaa o ;.-.** e al* .ar. ?ada* t * pa aai 't o' a?* eetfa'a <. <e Ita, a a ?? - ia aa'b of Uaaaa aaaaa e * ta wi a aa ba eaaaA eata*c aadiag or b. a r ai ,.' )-ra,aa bei>.a( ta lata* ? -?aa , a are a it taa <ar:naa ta * ut a- i iae m tba da i In. a?.'a p ? *' - ?a '.aa lr??. a p- *%*? p*r?aeaeaa tar ?f eat/ ^il to p>iieeaea ia wa*ea ran* ar* p * te la 1% ? /aa tba aa aea.i la* tba aaryaa at r?ea- fag ?r ?a Mrartag ga-.te ll,'-a u.Vaa Ian aa MaM| Ui wibtaa i* ia (a'*?*va u paaa ' a. aa'. Mi aaiiiatlajM.

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