Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1855 Page 1
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CHE EVENING STAli 11 BUSHED EVEKY AFTERNOON, (LiCCn IftL'NDAYj At the Star turner P?nn*glvanim ?mom mud Mt 'nlk xtrt*t, ? 7 W. ?. WlLLACl, WW be *erre?l 10 ruhsc/iter* ia the of Wuk u.jvoo. Georgetown, 4)?*ndria, Baltimore and faUdrtphia. at MIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, (. . vaW* * rekiy to Um A genu. To Bail safeenben ilw subscription price is THREE DOLLARS AND t tFTY CENTS a few In aivanct, TWO DOL LASS tot SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAt k* THREE MONTHS. (57-Sisoi.e coritH orb c?*r. ?P* mm VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, MARCH 26, 1855. *. ' NO. 694. THE WEEKLY RTAP. Tide wcaJvr.t Fanrj acu Wtwi talntrtf a ymw mtaj of to? * 11114 en hr fart la a*?y ?Uw?4e 01 1IIUW. . | .. . V W T?* 4o itu I'weaty 4o HCV 09"Ca*u, uv^uaAlt ta i?ruct. 0?- Sirile copiw (in wrappers) car t? procmed at ihe counter, imi(i?diar<4jr after the toes at i? 1 paper. Prire?THas? crrrm. PorrMtTsx* who act a< a?'T?u wCl ta attor:.^ a CMi?;wi?ow of twrntf per real. UAK I BLK 3 SPANISH MIXTURE. I fca On?( P?rlfl?r of th? Blood I Not a Particle of Xaroory la It! Inuwu Rutsi (or Serofola, King's Kril, Kteumatisa. Obctiuto Cutaneous "*ruptioas, Ptmi lea t Pustule* on the fac?, Blotches Boils, dhrooi: Sore Byee, King Worm or Tett-r, Said Heed. Enlargement and Pain of the Boom and Joint*, Stubborn Clomy Syphilitic Disorders, l.uc4a?o Spinal CcmpUuts, ani all the dlMafi arWnf from an iajailJoas ow of Mercury, In prnd ncr in I ifc, or Imparity of the Blood. T*HIS valuable .Mrd'c:ne, nhtch hat become oelo brat?d lor the number of ? xtracrdinary cure* ?decked through its ?g?acy, ha* iad iced the propri e-oea, at ta? nrj at r>.iaeat ef their frienda, to offer rt to the public, which ta?y do with tbe utmost con e J-oca iu its Ti-tn-s and wonderful curative prop ?rrt s Tb* bilo?ii< ocrU3cAt*et (elected trom a :?rft nat>?ber, a.-*, how?T?, stronger tMtimon* than the mere woe I oft^e proprietor: ; and are all c?? gentlemen we'I known in th^ir 'oca'Jttae, ami a^' tbe highlit raapscut-iUtj. mas? of th-m res'dina ia the rlty of &?ehiaji-d Va. 9. BOTDCX, c; the Hot*!, Rich nufd, ku>fn ?Tottvh;N ctyihalis?ifea'h<i Med Wine eaU*i Cak?er** S?Avrin Morol admin-item: ia over a hurired ca*-? in ne^riy all the dim: ?w icr which It \i recommeaisd, witn the moat a?f,n ^a*fy good rvsu't* Ks aays it is the mo*t ? tr*srd'n?ry medl-Ma* he has seoa. AtfCS *ND FSVEft?GRKA"? CUitX.?I iwr'oj certify that ?r th??* ycare I had *g a mid Fevei of tb? ao. t vuiantd* '; I hvi several Ph? took l*rg- quantities of Qulolue, kit-cury aad I bsl eva *11 the T >nk* *dverti<<*d. but all with oat c?;m*a*n: reiiw. At ix*i I tried Carter1 rpudeb Mistu^?, rao bottlsa oi t;hl;h effectually cu'?l me. aal 11 a happy to say I h-tre hid utitbor ?LiUm or fe*?.~s siaci-. 1 oPBikier it the btnt T.>ai< i* thi* and lb4 only ujcj'-aa that ?t? naahsd mv?a:e. JOH:* LOXQ&SX. rtxiTii Uit _e, sear StahaK-nJ. Va. 0. 3- LOGS, ?jq., nsc *a the city of Ri.Jiiaond and far uiiaT years ia thi I'ust Oiflos hi) ?uc" oaAdeoc* la u?- asl^nij'iia; eflj??y of CarterV !^nuh Histure. thit h? bat t>on/Iit upvanls of IS twttL>3, wtuch h? b?s jiT-ti avay to tho rfii ;L'J.? X?r. says he ha.* n?7r^ knrja it t > full ebaa taken a^.ru'.ng to dlr-stijai. Dr. iil.VJ fi, a pr%ctl?'iiT I'li73lolii, aikl tbrxcorl} II iht 01 ty Hotel, ia t-^e nlf of r.kiiia;nl, **jj ht 1 M vltaeMei ia l eviab*r of les ut.^-e?th? e.T cv o1 Oar er'a ?pan;-U Mn;cri, wLich vi? trulj ?urpd9txii. Ue 3?y? La a of CianasUi a, d? js?oi-nt on tbe L!?ar, th* good 'Hi*-.* w*r? woo werfal ledsed. SAU17SL SI. DE1NS21 of the flraa cf Dicker 1 b^KTu, VJebjiicd, -m eared cured of Lwer Com plaint of thrrt ??cs<(uding, ty th- use ol t? lr ttlas of Carter's 2^aai h MUturs. d?8ATCUr.ii Of dCftOTULd. -The Uttors o> ths ftk^hmond lljpabiixuih d a wvant employee In their praei rooa, of vio^nt Scrofuta. cum t *1 with Rbeautaiwni, ?'ulca ta^rly -ilsmolei tlm trom w< rk. T*o battles of Cartwr'd t p.cja': 3>iutur? raai- a perx<<ct oars of him. ?u 1 thu Ld. tos* ia a puUle iwu.-', **f th^y *xhMrfdl<y recom aMBi it to all who are ^fBiOt^d witb any JLieaM o* tlie bttO?Al" STILL AMOTHKR CUiS Of SCSOfU^A.?Ihac a rerr Taloabli boy onr^d of STtcfuia by Carter'* Spanish Mixture I cstyLb r it truly a valuable ?MiMn?. JAVU M. 7AYL')X, Coodacur en th> K. F. aad P. R.A.&). K4i-bm^ad, Va rAI.T EHtD-tf Oi SWi.STY Y&A&d 3TASL'LXG CU-.J5D Mr. JOHN TTJOMPSON, re?ldl?* la the city o hMhxa>nd, was enrol by ihi>? b ttie? of Cartel rpanish cf Salt r bcum which he h .d soi aearif k^oafy f^an. ail ibe pLys clan; o?tb? ?>?y rjiid not cm* Mr. Tuiaiip^w :s a wel i tC%U in the o.;y oi Iu.L. aud hi to jco-1 t ^rkabi-'. Wtt. A-it-VrT-USV?. cf rd:b=o-d ha-1 i. c#rran\ arei ?/ Syphilid, ia ts.^ worac form, tj Ca ter't i^nnSefc Mixfore. Be be ch-^rfuiiy r-^-oia t-Muis It, fcad o>ny J?5.iJ i: * ray ;craloahl? uedi clan. ?DyiN BU&*V>?f, rosa,a;?;?*-oner f-t tb-? r?Teca>* ??7? he has seaa the ^o-jd eflecU of Carter's rpeair.1 -iliatnre in a num'ujrof Syphilltio ete. ?, and s*ys it Cf a perfect eure f r that borrtUe di*??9e. WM 9 IlAllWOJD, ?f Hiobmocd, cured of oH t~rss t?i Clw?, wh cli dltablei h!n f^m w?ikla? :ook nfcw bottloi of Carter's g,-aa;?b Mitture, and ?aa en-iited to walk wtthont a , ratch, In a sbor: PrinSpy 'cepoU at H WkUD, Ct/>38 A To,, *o eh i?aid?n Lan-. Mew York. T. w a ?sccod?t. t adadelptu BKMNa'TT i hica*. Sv.. 1^ Mala rf.wt, Rieh ntvi, Va. And for eaV by OHA"!-K8 STOrT, VV?.hinR-,cn L 0; BUNky PiS!, uJ t, e??ry where. f rwa $1 pei U-ttla, W t-j bcttJ<^ f^f **< m a:?!y _ PTivata Medical Treavics c:< ma pHYfioijoaieiL v;fivv o> iiARiiiaz. BT M U I.A caoil, M. D? ALBANY, X r. a5d Pag?s ani 130 Fita P'?ia i.tthO ^.'apha at J FUi>s AT Price o*iy 25 ( ?uU. "%& ## &ei?i ire* of po^U^ilo *11 par*? 'i t? ? Cuion"tS CHEvPEiT >X?U KVKR J1S7, ?i_j c^-a'elnlag nrariy a ub'e tbe qmatity o r?a 'ia? raii.^r In taai r.f tht Fim CENT5 CB M?i.-LA1? PUBLIC iVIOS 8. It treats oa tbe t'dV?I0I/> GY O*' MARhlA J r. r.nd the ee:r?t 1'flTDifi?;.<acJ Ibordei ?* yo'atU ud uaturity, re fi-m eicerto?a, wbie: %\vXk^Sh drsireytbephyeic\! aad men **? ?-?C ftW lal ob* co marra^-, its uutSeJ Jls-iasi'iScnLir-ni. &cd their ramedi e; with llibogrsphs, I'daatratiag the anatomy acl y_TeicU--gT, ?l1 li?e??.3 cl t'_e r-pf iactire cr^uu of both b?x-s, thr'r trrccltiii, aarf aad faneUoitfi. A po^u'i. ta 1 tami f?h:asire !:?? t s? on th? a :tL-s and f eiugle and ratr riM lite?happy aad ha^-' mo<le cf re c iHd( them - Infet'jciic . * ^*_a '.ufj.cile ouei?tbt h b&riaUon ted recnni?'jiijv.rt^iit hint# to thc-c conteuplatij;' tosltX.- ?.J that wiii ovtrccsie oo jjotioce to it; aoa-, hrreT?r. ebcalu uis this ua portaat sap w'rbout Cr&t cca*a!clcg iiB ps.ree? > cunentarks oa tbe aise^st-f &ai ice li:ti tr^?taieat c?l lemvles trc.r_ uuaney to old a e, each ca?e zr^ph iuhy iUu/tratf i by beautiful iitho^iaphlc platea? uareoaa debility, it? caa^s sad c.r?. by a p<ooe?r at one*- an k^i^le, aa?e aud tff- aual. that Uil?X9 ie iiapco4blo?rules tor daily maua^<-soat?an ass'y wtt 8p? matcrrbcea with practlad o?>oerT3tlons >>n a uUr, aad mora mecc-?fai rac-Je of ?r?atii?fit?pie ia'iC.nar / h-'ut* ol the f ils retultlr* fro ia etapiri cai practice?an e: 3*y va *!i dii as-; ariJng Jivm iwdla-reUoc, with piaio e.nd rule3 by v aicb ail portoos can cure theOF'-lrsa ?;ih^ut mere1 ry? tamodiM for ihc^e re.f jafiiotel mlarriea aod cL?ap pciotol hopes so uu&.r:aa^Uly p.^.ralent la tk. yovag It U a trathful airi/er to the Kanlzi aad bkoae contampi.titg mai?ik?*. ltj p?ra^l ij ;ar Uoalarl/rrec^mmerid'd to p?r<crs tcicrtain^ng se arat dcubta of their tond'liia. and who art cooac^ons cf haviag hexard d ihe Laaltb, bappiarsa aad prirua^ci u> which ?T?ry Lcia^ ia ec d to. Pries 2i s^ntJ per copy, cr ?ts cn; Is? fcr cu.? del >ar. Mailed he* of po?t?^e tc auy p^xt vf U>e Hal lad BtsiN N. B ?Thuao who pra/cr ia; teas alt Or Lx Oacts apon any of thedineutea tp-.t eblob tlx b-oi trmt# aCth- x ^awrualiy or by ciall. Mtdlcice fceut to any p?^t of tba Uuion a?ecrding to du?'.foos, saH; lr?akad aad earrfoiiy aecared f'oex all ct.^cr^ atk-u. Ailrvee Dr. M. B L\ CttOli.No 21 MaJdjC lane cr Poat Cfftsa Box bU, AlUnv. NT V. 0&o? ^ptn daily ncta V a a U S ; ut, t_J cc ?nnday frota U atU'l 6 pm. 4^ OOca Hcaaovad frcra !To C<5 Pra?er *t, a31 Maidea baat, Ai'oaty, N. Y. Martina unrivalledat:iTAR3.-Ti*pe <W ihe?e <iiiperb uxtuuinents are now on exhi Muon ?o? a Unufed wrV>J, at our Mu??c Suxrf*. Tha ritarmir>| b*aut> oi th?*w tone ? liciu the univeraal vneamtum* <>f Profe#Mr? and Annteur*. HILBl'8 ? HFTZ, nw 21 Coli' Ajfiilt. LOOK HIRE!!! MOBK BOUNTY LAND Hi JILL who a^rred in amy waJ aince 17'JO, whether ** t nfi 'eri era. Suiort. Marinea, Clrrks, lndiane, fhap lataa, Wafon Masu-ra, Tmunatefa, i.indam'ii, (or ib?ir widows or numir chiidrrt.) wtrn have not y?-i received lull 160 acre*, and have be? n in aervice 14 Oaya. will do weil h. write to postpaid, and their Ijlm War ran i J will be l>wward*d to tbem lit* the above quantity, and bo char*** if t)>ry do not get it. LLOYD h CO., Oatm AfentV Office, opjwit-- 11. H. Trea<*ery, Wnahinnioa City, ft. C mar >?Ibn ALL ITHANOV HI rbl inf Uie City Bfu-uld aev Hunter1* Cit alsn. hw Iteaciiption <-f Poweli's great Picture ?i<>xue ui* the curiosit? s of ttf P tieni office. DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S OKLE It RATED German Bitters, fk?paui> bx DR. C. K. JACKSOV, PhiladV, Pa., WILL KrreCTOALtT CUR* LITER COIfUHT, DTSPEPSIA, J1CITOICE, _ Chronic or JVerro?? Debility, Diseases of tho Kidneyt, and all ditcatrt arUing from m dU ?rdirod Liver or ?koma*h. Such as Constipation, inward Pile*, Fulliwss, or Bl'xxi to the Head, Acidity ol' the Stomach, Nau w?, Heartburn. Disgust for fo<idt Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink in? ut Fluttei ing at the Pu of the Stomach, Swim minflf the Head, Hurr ed and difficult Rreathing, Plu tering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensation* when In a lying Posture, Dimness ol Vision, EKxh of W? h* before the Sight, Fever and IHill Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness ot the Skin nnd Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, tic., Sudden Flushes of Heat darning in the Fle*h, Constant I mag in in 59 of Evil, and great depression o(' Spirits. I'll!! proprietor, in celling tne .mention of the puMis to thU preparation, does so with a feel ing of the utmost confidence in iu virtue.* nnd adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended It is no nmv and untiled article, but one Umt ha* sumt the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen can peo, !e? and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony In its favor given by the most prominent and well known Physicians and individuals, in all pan* ot lie country is immense. The fol! twing from NortK Cailina is respectfully sub i iu d. referring nn> ? In may still doubt, to ;uy "Memorabilia,''or Prac tical Recci;4 Book for Fntmers and Familie?, to be bad gratis, of a I tlie Agents tor tji-i German Kiu re Principal Olfice and Mai.ufactory, 1*40 Areh Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLIVA. CerHj'ucfe of Dr. JV. Smith, of Pine Hill, Rich etonif Count}/, a. C. Htt.f^ March 4th, 1854. D*. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Dear S:r: 1 have been a subjcct of Dyspepeio, in it* wor?t f rm, for the last live years. Such was my condition fn twelve months th*t ?he physicians and all who raw 'lie ?;uj I mu.-t die. VYnile in ttiis condition. I was cairied to the watering places iu Virn.nia, Tennes see atid North Carolina, tut w*< lidt beneiited by any r.Mt?r to wbich 1 was taken. White on my way home, I stopped a week at Rj'heiforliou, h small village iu North Carolina, t* try trfe ?tfect ?:f some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for mv ch'ld nnd myseif. There were several ot' the village physicians in tho store, and one ot them seemed to take some interest iu my ~a?e aud, afler asking me ,-onw questions, said be had beeu a dy?pepuc, and had been grea'ly bene fitted by the use of " Dr. Hood n.1'j German Bit ters," prepared by yu, and he insisted that I would t;y the Bitltrs He also called the next day at my room, and lust-ted so much that I would try them fat i ashed him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and ( do say I was more benefitted by it than ai! the water ane medicine I bad ever taken. After reaching h-?me one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspeo ii<*,) .iu 1 ? cave. htin nearly all the Hitters I had left, which effected much goo?l in his ca-?e. He has oflen called on me for more of the same k ud of medi cine,,a>ir.g he was more b-nefitted by it Uian an) other he had taken, hat I bave not been able to get any more for him or myself amce; mil you, tber?? fore, please ship nie a dozen or more ax soon as pos sible. Respectfully yours, W.SMITH. D R. HOOKF.R, Roger'* Store, Wake Co., N. C-, 0-tolMsr24 1?53, ?ays:??* Having experienced very great benefit irom ;he use of " Iloofland's German Bitters," in Chronic Dysentery ami functional de rangement of tho Iavcr. end lis concoartanl evils, I a^i ?tecirous of obtaining a onantity <>f ?t for the t>enrrtt of tny community. You wiil, therefore, piea.?e send a lot, fee. fcc. CERTIFICATE OFWM. J. ATWOOD. Ilr-rrsviLLB, Yadkin Co , N. C , Nov. 1st, 1853. D?. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to e* prees to you iny sincere thanks for your discoveir of a medicine which, to .ay the |e ajt of it, hns el- | fected a cure that all other med cine*, th?>t I have taken, have entirely failed to no. ?'llor tland's Ger man Biuera" bave cured me of tba most stubbmn and aggravated rnUe of the mlx* that, perhaps, ever fell t? the lot of man My case is not a uranger in ti:l* community, as I am well knowi in thi- and the mrrour.ding counties, and c*n truly wiv that my re cov^ry has astounded all my friends and relation*, as I had tried everything recommended, nnd nothing did ine any it" d until f was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You are ni liberty to leake any use os this communicauon, for the l>?nefli of the afflicted, yrn rnav think proper. Tnny yours. VV'M. J. ATWOOD. These blttrre are enHrrJy tegduble, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and can b i used for infnnts as well a* a?lu!:s. Fnrsdeby respectable deaicri everywhere and by Z. D. OILMAN, Wa-Mngton; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and i. R. PIEKPONT, Aletandria. mar 1? 1 y T;h. paiLLiPS' coach facToby, ~ 4T7 Kl^hth st , sdjciaiiir ralo-y's Livery jUu'm OWING to the ln;r^ar-;d ty-d* wbl-h a itenarou^ pubU Lh bestowal usoa ms,! ha.? k?eo rcta j-eile-.i to ereit a atii Ufgsr bailing f-r th> o rr .icg on of si; li'xsia?u. JI?re I sbtil t * en abled ;o .-secu'e ail orders entrusted t~ in * wltt. {-<?*trrtic.liiUx azd tiiipa'uh, and I wold rMoic,t u>7 solicit a nor/iouancu o.'the puhii.'s pat onv. Carri?g?8 an ? W.^cni, of th? most mod rn ry e. beJl- ot 'be best za?Uriald, aitd w?:ratted to giv. ?aas?setlon, *.*pairi o! erery ieiu>rlpMon punc'cally to. Tcr sils, cheap, a st^A.nd htc? Claicr.cs Cania,'-. anariy uev <m23? tl PALMER S PATENT LEG. THIS AMERICAN INVENTION X stands unrivalled both in this country and iu Eiuo;,e. Iti* worn by ^OOOpctrann, and with most astonishiug success. In competition with 30 other substitutes of the best trench, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the u aT>iiuL at the Woat.D'9 Exutai tion in London, as the brat artiucial limb known. In his country it hns been thirty times exhibited, in competition with all other.-, at the annual Fairs in the principal emed,aiidftai>,iu ?veiy instance, received the- award of the highest or fir&t p. emiurn. And a* a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna. tioual council, the "First Premium" ? only Silver Medal given for Limbj?was Hwc.rd*d the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full Information, sent grMis to eveiy applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, 37 5 Chfrmut Mreet, Pliiiodelphii. feb 2d?3m PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 \T R. FREDERIi'K PHOSPERI beg- leave to in ItX loriu his friends and former patrons that tldr band has been fully re-organixed and is i.ow unde his direction, ayd tie is fully prepared a ba .d of the most Sjlf fiufic Mnsieians in tie city, to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nic;, Ex cursions, &.C., at Uie shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK. PROSPERI, Leader,CHAt?. PRilrtPEtti, Conductor; HILHUH k HIT'/'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TAl.TAVIJIj'S, opposite the G artisan. Garnson siratMn Navy Yard. feb A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhtbiuoa at the Fair at the Smithsonian Institute, four superb PIANOS, which wera made eipr?a?iy for lii s lair ami may he reiied upon as superior in?iruaienu. We will dis pine of them upon very reasonable terms, give an) rtatonable time on them, divide the payments into small notes, in fact, make any r? asonabl* arraign menu to suit purcbaaeia ] Wc bave also on hand in store the largeat and most reliab e as oilment of Pianos ever offered in1 this city, froii Hie renowned manuf clones ol Hal let, Daris, &. Cu.,Boeton,and Bacon R^vtn, New York. < Hd Pianos taken in exchange. New Maaic and an assortment of every article pmlrtVloth. n.uSou^(BN p ILL|? 306 Penna. avenue, near Tenlh sUcet. mar 13?U* FANCY"MILLINERY. ^^MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and[ i^ter have opened a FANCY MILLIN-^^^B OarEftY SPuREon Pennsvlvania are-MKT ?"n?e, between Tenth and Eleventh eirfets, south kile, No ?77, and would respectful ly call u?e arteuuon of Uie ladies of Washington vuinity to their handsome and varied assortment ol unportedand manufactured Mii^tfiery, latest styfes; New York, Pans, an I London fashions ol Straw, Silk, Qrape. Lace, Velvet and other Bonne**. Also, dreae and outer Caps All orders In Uie Millinerv line thankful) received and faithfully attended to. ' oar 9?lm* TftiAMJtY DePARTMiirr, March ^ 1855. N rWRE?Y G,VEN 10 ,h# Mdennf ^ Li"le(l 8ut(* dPscrit^d in the foi J,n?ry luat, that for the pur P"* of co? Piling the purchase of the amount ?.r7hf d,f *????? will continue to J*Jf uP?n the term# of said notice, to the ex tfcot of ih(* i?udu6 of thft 9IUU prnnotd not vi!t Ah. anrlJ|ay/f?'1 05, if said strtcks are offered and received here pnor to the first day of Jua<* next; W^J^V January 3. 1?3. 1 U^reby f,v,,n tn ,he holders of Ui-fdl !rriSiTrib?d "lock" ?r the United * tales, that bis di partmcnt ia prepared to purchase, at anv time betw? en the date hereof and the 1st day of Mar.-h next, portion* of those stocks, amounting in the ac ?regate ?o *1 990,000,,,, the manner Ld on & te inn hereinafter mentioned, to wit: c,!.min?">t competition, within the -f?T "*?'P^fwence will be g ven in the order of time in which said stork* may be offered. The Sie if.r^.h 7 signed to the United Sntfs by S'rsjs::" tiflcare1."* ^ va,u'"?0f M ?*** ?P*o?*d in each cer 5L A premium on Ihe stock of the loan autboriz d i w i i. lifr c'nt i "n the 8lock nf lfce u,a" au i ter^MLi of m act ?f IS?' redeemable 31st Decern oer, ?eui, ot 10 per cent.; on the stock of the Joan* afErt* U'e acU;of 1817 and 1*W. a d redeem able, the former on th 31st rieeetnbT 1067 and the tatter oa ,he 90th June, W68, ?f. ^ind^i Uie stock of Uie loan authorized by the act rMtwi'n!" r?te*?*We on the 31 at of December, i*c , r,,"n? y ? U* T<,la,, 6 1 ?.?' VJl* par of "*ch certificate from the Im i , f Januiry, 1R5.., to the datu of receipt and set Hi 01 lhe Treasury, with the allowance (for , iS addS'? rM'* rtWn<>r) ?, on* da> '" ?'*?*?? | 2a2? ss; &N,w ^ - ??? But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of th?iw?l W 'Ml l<H ** actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st day of March n*sf* . , , , JAMES GCTflRf g. mar 6 dtJunel ary of tte Treasury. . [No. 531.] nottr? of the temporary continuance of the I lMud Office at Vincennss, Indiana. N compliance with the act of Congress approved Feb nary 13,1H55, which provides "that the of "w^n^'Vnd an<1 rec ,iv"' 8ha" be continued at V mctmne,!, Indiana, until after a finil report shall the o7fni y ewnmi^wnera, pursuant to K approved Jolv twenty seventh, eighteen hun.lred and rif.y tour, ' entitle.' "An act thiTstailff n'i '".f lhe tit>" tn CertH'n lands in trie btatn ot Indiana," notice is hereby given that the order (No. 5-2^) dated January 95,18M,dtreetin? the discontinuance of certain Ian I otfl.?cs in imiiana, "U^PWiJcd in its application to the nfti -e at Vin Wth1 JWv" 1834 ^nrK?irViCe> by lhe actofl fl, .7? 1S^> or the commissioner, ulta'l have beca^fully performed," of wit ch due cctice will be lh2l!rVl,a,,,>ri^!,an','alt,M! c,t>* o' VVa hlngtnn, this ljih day of February, I8.S5. b ' ; JOHN WILSON, ... , ? orami.^iuner General Land (>tflce. feb III ? law6vv Y0TH;E To FLUTIflM?LlSLVBRANDT'S el.Z w?rKr n a"on,r Flutes and Cla ion ettes will be on exhibition and for >ale for a few dayaat UILBLS & HIT7/B Muri.-Oepot. niir J9 1 PSC?^^LS1 *0Si lU^flSUI^G PAPEB FOH THE PHELIC PEIHilifO OfFicr Mt'rracvririDKXT Prsufl Prikt!^?, Wa.bip^ton, January -ij, I0i55. IN uureliance of the iirovUi<>;>s of the ;;ct entitlad. An act to provide for executing she pu lie porting, k.? ap|*ov?d Au?un 96, kia, scaled pn?|K?Ma s wi l bc received a' thus ortioc. in th- Cap Kol. nmlt Uedi;e*Jay, the 28di dav of March n? xi at U o'clock m., lor iuifiUhin? the following uoau Utnw and descriptions of writing |>uper, to wit: o^OO reama, weigbins9d ptmn?ls per tram, and taea auring 19 by 99 laches ' w 3,100 renma w-ishins9B pc.und< per ream, and men aunng 18 by 95 inches loo reams, weighing 94 pounds per leam, and mea sunng 18 by y9 inches 340 rcanM.? WP,^1?in?1?2 pound* pf:r ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 inche 400 ream-, weiabing W pouiidi per rcaiu, auJ ,n^ suring 12 bv 18 inches l? be ?r Ulf< bt? material*, and hi:>*hed in the be^t manner and Iree from adul teration A contra, t will be entered into for tuo plying the qnanuuea stated, at ruoh tunes as the publi*1 aerviee may rwjuue. but the privilege is re ?- ordering a greater quantity of either kind I should a greater quantity be required, at such times 1 and i.i aiien quaniifies as may be deemed neti djari ki"d ?f pa|^r m,ut -^company eatii nil, and all pri^po^s and samples mu>t be ! transmuted to this office, l'o?- of piHta^e or of icr expend * Each proposal must be ,ig0ed by the individual or fii m making it, and must specify the price pe pound, and the consequent price ??-r ream (and but one once) of each description of pa tier. All the paper must be delivered nt such uJace cr places as my be de-ignited in lVa.-liin.ton city; in i?ooJ or.,i r, free ol all and every eztra charge or ex pense, a-iu subject to the inspection, count, weight an 1 nn-asuxemeM of the Supeiintendeut, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons applying fortheiu ; and ir>ne will no taken into consideration unices substantial I v agreeing therewith. ' Bo..ds with approved securities wil! be required; and the supplying of an inferior inicle, or a failme to supply the quantity lequircd a; any tim- will be considered a vtolauon of the contract. Each bidder L* required to furnish w ith his prop-v sala satisfactory evidence of his a'ulity to execute it and any projKwai unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "SuDcriotPiid TZ P,UbliC PriBti!'K' Capitol of the United Supplying Pupetf""' "Propoeab for ? A. C. SEAMAN, Bupenntendciil of the Public Printing. jan 29? eoid 8 rATCHSS, JKW'ELRV, SILVESWARR. FEAELB. DIAMONDS, FANOV GOODS, kc. &c. Ai extrrmely XOff' PRICES, by CMNKIELD, BRO. t CO., mar 14 Ba,:in,or? street, Balumoie, Md. CCRCD.^The following is taken from Scott's Weekly: d-E^K ^NEdd ?We understand that the ana esa ?ir?T7>.. .fc,|,owed the use of SCARPA'S A CO 1/8 11C OIL, in casea of Deafness, has been astonish ing, thousands of persons i aviug been cured whose cases were ccnsidored hopeless. The calls ft.r this medicine are from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only artie'e bei'ore the public for the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z. D. OILMAN, Wash lngtou, D. C., nnd S 8. 1IANCE, Baltimore, Md .as there ia a countt-rfeu article in the market, feb 98 ? 'm OTE .VART'8 SKYLIGHT D A U U E R R eT\ ^ Room*, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. av. iiue, ts wticre the publrc can have splendid picture* taken at iiKtrc re.taonaJe price9 than at any other rooin in the city. Cull early. Satisfaction always gireu. ?iar 7?Imi UNION ACADEMY. ~~ A^Z.}fT..0^ tL ami A?w York avenue. Itv, iar rs pupils oan be recalved to make up the liui'?d number. Application must be aaads soon. The discipline, lostru lioo, an 1 ^nvana oi lllcsUstlJn are aueh as to insure tatiafketory pro l" "toae tnpils who aie panetual, regular and obedient. Circuit,is at the l> ?kstnru. ?lee JO~?m 7. rjOl/ * CHARLttu I1I8KINR, Architect. l a- *ce*ut, fobocaw 7WA and Eleventh itrseU,) iWlfl ? ashisotok, v c. W i conH,a-? *? TurnUli ri.m*, dHail working ff Uiawiayi and ?pec?fcaUaus ol buildmes of every description,ami aho tosupfTlntend Ihmr? ioc tl,m feb I?,.!? W TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS /.ND SPOONS, h? JUB T received a large aasortmen t of auperior Ta b!?' utlery of everv vunMy, Also, eve.y at le of tne finest quality ALBATA fOBKd, BPOONS, TEi ?Eli, CA?K BAS KRTS. CASTORS, He. ' M. W. OALT * BBO , 394 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and lOtVau. mar 19-U BOUNTY LAND-ADDITIONAL. A Vt-SW fnend* fof *hom 1 obtained Bounty quantity than l?0 acres, are her/ by Informed that ineir namm and a record of th? eV^LC' *"i? ** date. ?f tbcir cetifteatea, are^J my book,*othat I can, with facility, make out thwr declarations for additional land. Tbo*e who foiled to obtain any land for want of sufficient service many of whom are now entitled to 160 seres can find the time allowed recorded by me. Oth.-r/ will find it to their interest to call or write, and I will send form* and instruction* for reason tbl ? end fair compensation. Any old Soldier*, or their Widows, unable to pay *>r preparing their papers wi I be Instructed gratis by calling at the office JOHN D. CI. A UK. mar o-lm Agent, Washington, D <1 it. n. gillet" Cor?UMllor at Law, 03k* anl reoide&ce la Trillin Bow, conur o/ K *nd a htrtevntb srro#t. a At c qq BAHXUtt HOUSE OF FAIRO 4 K0(TRI& _ Opj^mU United Statu 7Vasurv. O and told 411,1 OU"*r 3Pru,',i<M purchaser! "interest at the rate oi\#i* per cent per annum al ?n'?-6m ^ WhPn X **** nr 8 a ? o*vtx B. OWKN Ot SON, ' ^J*U'L?AKr A*D kaval merchant tailors, KXSJTLTiXIA AVMCI, Bttwro Fourteenth and Filteenth street. WASHINGTON CITV, D C. ?J* Naval and Military Uniform* executed in the neatest myle. marjj-eolm CABINET MAHilfi & UNDEKTAKSR woull res?s*tftj!ly fnfcrsi M I fr^nuffAO-iaa^jtaacea, an.! the pub'.b fecerailv ?f? aa at... cOitiaaes to execute ali orter* in hit VotSef3V3 'n ^3t ** thechorf sf?rnw "k'2*1%'-'^ shortest ooUae, and in tie beat W uj..E8r. S. Siez jrrzhtvoI v* Oii ttiiti vzrf&zt tnev *sr, ez-en ir. iht, vtan twit wed?, sr. *a.akfaifor ftrt favor*, he won]J respect/*^ iolv*i , >c . *?!? c^j-savor to etrit a eontixiiuxs'!* o* ANTHONY LLOHLtT tetvMn Sih aad lotn eta. ??2-3*cccj i:~, ,\I%rt*u's, No. &?3, Jj street, t*'fd Mmmt ct ?th stree?. rx%r ir_ i, MORE ABOUT LOCKS. TONE*' k< ?TATIVO PKKMUT ATlON PLATE r,Ji?w ???n,n'n!y called the WORLDS . " uiihout key or key-hole-> u ibe L0/*k ihat Fj cor^d the outfr door* of ih'e Herring Satethut contained $1,000 at the World** Fair, London,183 it beiuf necessary to unlock thi- before other locks in the wie could be unlocked. All pH-uee intere*u~,i nrc referred lo Ui^ followiftg novice : 'J HK WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. KOTica. ,!av 901,1 to Me?w. 8TEARN8 & MARVIN, Maiiiifr.cnirers of WILIJER'S I'aUnt Salamander 8AFE^, N^w Vuik, Ihc Patent righ? of Rotating permeation plate lock Commo-ilv called MJONF.?? ANTI GUNPOWDER LOCK -' .?? ' ' THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK." '| Tli?? latter tlUe was aroimed to consequence of U"f L*k bfi'ni ida^rd in a Saie at the Wor!d> Fair, with $1,000 in the Hate, to be the rewaid of I any per??n who coul J open the door. The gold r? mait,?Hl t!i?rein for a wrind of iorq tlve dat?, whilst the visitor* got tif'd ??t [iirniug the I dials, with nn h poor prosnect of wc 11M_ il;e nai I bcr of chnnfcii b^ing Q4,30d OitO. Binkers, Jp\*elers, and Merc hauls wIio d^ir* to have these Locks upon tin ir doors, cbh have them by applying to Sieann k Marvin, No. 146 Water x.: a, v.-tio rave the ex^h^ive rirht to manufacture | ajid Ijocks in :lic United States." v . ? , , , HENRY C. JONES. Newark, N. January L^ih, 1 e.*3. STEARNS & MARVIN, e?rc:/?dor* to Rich & C'o , jyEONLYMAK $ OP^S A L A% N D i! R cwnMniri* A |LDLR:S mid RICH PAT KNr?- ?. HUWELL, Afrnt, ? 4 - Ifn G^orretowu, D. C. EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTm \\71' have j>i?t received a fre?!j |.?t of PRUNES >> FIGd, ORANOES, LEMONS, 4ic. Al^, ca-sB rvf SARDINES, put up in superior . t\1c. Give u* a cull and juciae for yourm-lvex " iMh't rjrget tUc No , -19?J -rven^ .treot, oppo. Odd Fellows' Hall. N. 11. Balls, Parties, and Families KupiUiod on the most reasonable aad satisfactory term^,at the fhort e-t notice. RYDER k PLANT, mar I?lin LOUDON WAT.TzT COMPOSED and dedicated to the ouna ladu-s til Leesbury, Va., y P(of. J A. Youna. A very piea-ing comp .-Ulo<i, pnblish? d at ;l.e Mu-ic Depot nf in , IIILWHB fc lliTZ. mar 12?tl Uullcd Mates Patent Office. i ( Washington, Mar. ltc6. / ON the peUMon of Cuviu.?.B W CoretASD r.f Ne? Ys.k, N. Y., praying for th^ extensive if a pat I ?*nt granted to him I r an licprcvement in ' the min~a?r crurr^n^ing the low pre. ture it aa ?nfic* bo a< to edipt It* parta ta I* u^d by veo e s j< r ocean ^rrice," for seven years frcm the ?xpir?tif t of said patent, which j,!*,v on the 11th day ct ( Jut e, ruhteen hundred scd fl: ty-flve: It U ordered that the said petit oi. be he^rd at thr I Patent (>fflc? on Monday, the 23th day cf May, ? 8i5, at 12 o'clock n?4 and all pe?eons ere notiflei j to appear and ehow cause, if any they have, wbi said patition ought net to le grauted. | Peisons opposing t*e exhn^on are requi:ed tc fl'm ia Uis Patact Dfiioe tht-iroljoctiocs, specially ?vt forth iu wrliLg, at least twenty days tafor* tbe rfsv of hearing; a!I testimony fiied by efther p-:rty to le | utai at the raid hearing mim he !a!:on i?ni tree; I in w:co'M?n(>? wi!b the rul^eof the Utl.r j whir.i will lie furnished on application. The testimony in the orse will he clnettd on the 18th day of May; depositions anl other papers re | lied on as testimony must be filed "In the office on or bifere the morning of that day; the argument ii iny, within ten days therealtrr Ordered also, that this notice be published In tht Union, Intelligencer, aud Krvuln^ gur, Washiog ton, D. C4 Argus, Ba'tiiLore, Md; Kvening Aigus Philadelphia, Pau cientifiu Amtricau, New Vork' and Icq^'r r, Cinclnua 1, Oh.c, once a weak fcr three succoaaive weeks pruvioua U, the 28th day o> j May next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 3.?Editors of tbe above papers will please copt and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a pa I p^r containing thia notiun. mir2:?rSw United States Patent Office, I WAiHUtorojr, Stlar. )1,18,'?6. I ON the petition of CHirats F. Uibs, cfN. Y(-tk N. Y, praying for the extension of a patent granted to htm for an improvement in "tl e man ?. erof making <iv sl'des *f ex'emion ttbles," Icr s*ven years from the expiration of naid patent, which takes place on the 121 day of J<in?, eight een hundred and fiftv fr?: It Is ordered, thet the aaid petitlou b? heard at th? Patent Office on Monday, the llth day of J use next, at l'J o'clock, m ,and all parson* are notified tc appearand show cauw, if any they have, why aaid petition ought not to be grafted. Personsopposing the extension are required to file in the PatentOfficetheirohjecUons^peeiallyiset forth in writing, at least twenty day* before the day ol hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be tu-ed at tbe said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of thiBUffioe, which will be furnished on appliuation. The testimony in the case will be closed 00 the 31st of Way ; depositions, and other papers relied on aa testimony, most be filed in tbe office on or belbr* the morning of that day; the arguments, 11 any. within ten days thereafter. Ordered, a so, that this notice be publish>d In the Union, Intelligent, and Sreniog ttar, Waehimr ton. D. C.; Argni, Baltimore, Md^ Kveaing Ar.ns Philadelphia, Pa.; aod ScienUfia Ameriean, Nt? York; once a week for three cuocettlve weeks, pre vious to the Jlth dsy of June neat, the day 01 bearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Bditorsef the above papers will please copy and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a papet containing this notice. nar 2i?Th-Hw DR. D. MeKARLMi DENTIST, Office?No. 332 Pronsylvaitia avenii', n?m Vuitb street, Washington, P C. mar 30?eolm* FOB SALE-At the ftERATE STABLE souih of tiie OapttoL three good work Hot sea, sod one fine buggy bay Horse. Apply at the Stables, or Senate Post office. > mar 33- eolm* EVENING STAR. IBOM CO*tri*TUjPLS. The following is an extract from a let ter from a gentleman attached to the American Legation, dated Constantino ple, February 19, 1855, hi* brother in this cit j ; The news from the Crimea is stale enough?nothing whatever going on both parties tired out. This war has taught the world and the English one ar.e not a peo ple , that like mastiffs their soldiers pos sess but one requisite-courage. Ia the held, it is true, they won't nn ; but in the camp, it is equally true, they will not work. They think that Government must do every thing for them, and con sequently will not exert themselves even to ameliorate their wretched condition, by performing little things so essential to their comfort. Vou have gone through a campaign, and you know that to be a good soldier requires something more than courage. A soldier during war is not ?lw?ys fighting. For the e reasons the trench have proved themselves to be by far superior to the English When the spring commences. I arn sure, of the a nS2? T* ^ ?Ut b*7 Great Bl'tain. 5 OIK) will npt have survived the winter the vast majority being killed from exl posure and bad management. The last accounts state that they are literally starving, though there was plenty a* Balaklava, but six miles of!'. The officer* eat their scanty meals from their silver service, and the fable of King Midas can be told of the British array. Though the French have been silent, though their suffaings have not been ess severe, they have cloaked their losses by the immense reinforcement* ? hey have and are still sending. Ihe Zouaves, a set of uniformed outlaws have been again giving trouble. Becom ing disgusted with the dilatory proceed ings of their generals, and finding them selves daily decreasing by sickness, with every prospcct of suffering still more severely, they have refused to do anv dutv The emeute bec?me quite serious, artti was only eventually put down by order ing up several other regiments and shoot ing the ringleaders. They are fine fal lows for lighting, but have always been insubordinate. They are principally composed of-the mo.uvais fojeitn of the army who have committed some crime, and, instead of sending them to tlie aal leys or the penal col?nits in Algeria, they are formed into distinct regimenb ami attached to the army. For active campaigning they make good soldiers ; but for the service upon which ihej are Rrc almost worthless. \rt liave uo longer an army What lew efficient troops that remain were employed in the rather suborelinatc duties of porters. stiaining every nerve to |meetthe rilies in the spring with an overwhelming force. Large masses vf | troops are pouring into the Crimea ane concentrating at Odessa, Khershon, and Perekop. Success before Sebastopof is all-important to both belligerents. The conferences now Leing held at 'f^iT111 ne*?r- 001110 to an7 decision untd they are driven by the victorious cannons in the Crimea. Austria is far too wily to provoke the resentment of the Czar and hisimmens^ and well-appointed forces cow threateningly hanging on Gal .a na as long as the allied powers ar?. kept before Sebastopol. nor will she de clare against them if there is any hope of their success. She will, and wiseh too, maintain her present strict neutrali ty, and in the mean time prepare herself for either fortune. Iler tendencies or late have been,?however, toward a west ern alliance, but believe me they have been considerably checked by the bellig erent opposition of Prussia. From th* very commencement of the difficulties she has been wedded to the Russian cause ; nor could she be dragooned iate. the ranks of the allies by the combined and continued attacks of the English and French press. Enraged at the uncere monious manner in which she was treated by Austria in the treaty of the 2d of De cember, which she justly construed to be an effort to displace her from among the five great European powers, she has most positively refused to accede to Austria's proposition in the Germanic Diet, shortly to be held at Frank.'ort, to mobilize her army. In this she has nearly ail the large powers of the German Confedera tion with her; and this clearly shows that they are determined, if they do not join Russia, at least to remain neutral. This will certainly neutralize Austria's increasing belligerent propensities, for in joining the western powers it would have been under the hope of drawing with her the whole of Germany. The present tiff between Austria and Prussia is the old one broken out under a new phase - their supremacy in Germany. Being the two great powers of the Confederation, since i he Congress cf Vienna it has become the object of both to become its leader and the exponent of its principles. Austria thought this war offered a most excellent opportunity of rendering her influence paramount in the Diet, and has conse quently been thrusting herself for ward and endeavoring to keep her rival back. I am sure that one mill, busily engaged, would scarcely have furnished paper sufficient for the diplomatic notes which her ministers have written since the commencement of the present difficul ties. But in her anxiety to take the lead, she has run herself out of breath, and finds that instead of distancing Prussia, she may be placed herself iu that pre dicament. Much more to lose, and fat less to gain than her rival by a war, hhe should have carefully avoided any course that would have that tendency, unlets she had been perfectly certain of enlist inf on her side the whole of Germany. Am it it, she finds herself entirely in the minority, with her frontiers lined by Russian troops, the rett elite of her arait s. Let her once declare against, the Caar. tod her territories will be oremm, and her discordant and discontented pop ulation in open rebellion. Aided' Lj Russian gold and Russian baronets. Hun gary will rise en masse, nor will she b*3 able to suppress, even with French a> sistance, the revolutionary outbreaks in ? j 0 ? pends upon the conflict now waging in the Ctimea. Russia once victorious there, she Incomes the great and leruiu;? power in Europe, aud nothing can EUv the irresistible influence of her strength. Like a mighty Alpine avalanche, sha hangs over the rest of Europe, ready tj sweep away and crush every opposition, held but for a moment by the fate of S ? bastopol; loosen this knot by a compi le victory over the allies, and she will foil with tremendous destruction, end bury beneath her weight ersry thing thai dares to resist her orerwhelmiogstrengt It is fur this reason both belligerents arc straining every nerve to guarantee suc cess. The French are sending iarge re inforcements to open the campaign i:? the spring. For the present they hav ? abandoned all hopes of a successful a * *ault, and indeed it were madness to think of it. If the fortifications of the place were strong wheu they fii?t rou? mer.ced the siege, they have b?en rer dered tenfold stronger by the additional ones that the Russians have .,ince erected. All military writers agree that to car ? fy a fortification by storm, the besieging army should at least be three ?iroer, many say live times, greater than the be sieged. In this case, 'tis the reverse: the Russians are not only more numerous within, but they have a large armv with out tho city with an uninterrupted co-n munic&tiou. Beside, they will not on1.> have to take one fortification. but a se ries ot the in, and even should the whole of the southern portion of the city fell into their hands, the enemy, with ti?o commanding fortresses on the northc-n cide, will be able to pour upon thtm a continued volley of shot and sh*ll. The fact is, the active generals, in their ea gerness to win glory, forgot the old adage, "Look before you leap." In de siring to pluck the fruit, they were for getful of the difficulties in obtaining it, and now tind themselves in the miser able situation of being unable to retreat with safety, 01 advancc success. The hospitals here are leally springing up like mushrooms, fo great is the num ber of the sick and wounded daily ar riving from the Crimea. Should the al lies cortinue there until Spring, I fh\U go up and see what is going cn. Th? L'uikish ticops landed at Eupatoria aie dying oil* rapidly, just as I anticipate '. The Turkish commissi iai, if one enn call it such, is nK?6t miserable, and so i* ev erything connected with the country a^d people. Were it not for the excitement of the war, the place would be unbear able, unless one were anxious to enjoy a. state of torpidity. Grx. Jackson*.?A writer in the South ern Literary Messenger say3 the follow ing of Andrew Jackson: Jackson s spirit, if not more active, wss less fitted for the council hall than t'.. battlefield. His was not the tlabors" eloquence of the Senate, fcwords, no; words, were his arguments. Kis was th? true Demosthenic eloquence of action. He had neither the temper nor tl e abili ties to parley. lie could speak tersely, vigorously, movingly?but his won:~ were the brief words of command. Ac - tion followed speech with him, as lea ning the thunder. He had no patience for the solemn forms, the dull routine, the prosy speech making, the timid pV itudes, or the ratiocinations o. legislative debate. Sudden and quick in opinion as in quarrel, heart, soul and mmd all mingled in his conclusions, and the en ergy that conceived a purpose, star lei it into overt act. With him to think and to do were not so much two things c.. one. His eager and impatient soul would have fevered o?er a dehale or p: - position to declare war or to proviwL* means for prosecuting it, as the kci^h Ivanhoe on his sick bed in the castle c; Front pe Boeuf, when he heard the clan? or of the warriors storming the battle ments for his delivery. Like Job's wsr horse, he scented the battle from afcr and at the sound of the trumpet cri eel hn ha! The first man in resolution and daring in the community in which 1 - lived, he did not so much rise to the com mand of the warlike troops that tiocaed to the first standard unfurled to him, a., by a native allegiance to greatness, tho work in distress and terror turn through instinct for safety to the strong. Putting himself at the head of his raw recruits, he moved upon the Indian camps aud con quered, as easily as he found, the enemy. His work was as thorough as swift, lio did nothing by halves. A war with hiui was nearly an extermination?always a complete destruction of the power of the fee. He took no security from an enemj except his imbecility. He closed the war at New Orleans by one of the most hig nal victories, everything considered, upon record. But to do this he assumed pow ers and responsibilities from which Nel son might hare shrunk. But the erent sanctified the means, if those were indeed equivocal. Arbuthnot and Ambnsta were hung in Florida, notwithstanding the finding of a court martial, and the Spanish soil was no protection to those who from it concocted designs and lent themselves to plots agatnst his ccunlry. His military career was short but brilliant. Without any military training or educa tion, hediscoveied talents of the first or der in arms, and brought raw militiamen to the strict subordination o! the regular strrice. He was a rigid disciplinarian. He could sit beside a sick soldier all night and share hit last crust with him as with a brother, and could shoot him next mor ning for sleeping on his post. 13?* At Chicago, Illinois, wood is sell ing at #16 per conj*

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