Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING 8TAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT rtUWDAYO At tkf Star Bmiding. corner Pennsylvania ami Eleventh street, By WALLAC11 A HOPS, Will lie wrved to mbecriben in the cilia of Wash ington, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, pnynble weekly to the Ajjents. To mail robscribers the mbscription priee to THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in adcancc, TWO DDL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR t* THREE MONTHS. {ft^-SmsLK roriitt oxi crirr. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. ?., SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 1855. NO. 693. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tito axcal^M PMd?y'?i< N?w? be found in any < i published on Saturday TO CLFM. Five Ten .. Twenty do 3 W ..BOO IS CO D^Cmi, imriiiiiLt u itnict. 0&- Siafle rop#e? (in wrapper*) can be prooarH at the counter, Matnediattfy after the ??ur of the pnper. Price?tiui ciki*. PoRTMAHTna* nrho net a? a?enw will be ?U*wr4 gocmmtosoa of twenty per cent. CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tfc. Qr..t Pmrldar of tl>. ?i..d | Hot a Ftrudaof Mercury In it! An PnutT lor Scrotal*. Kinr'a Evil. RN-umatisT, Owrtlaato Cotansoaa Ohmfa th* f"es' Boils. yrrvD'c Sor^ King Wcnn or Tetter, P-aM 7r~'' 5iiiTa?ntr.,M,d P4in ot ud T. UWrB' SjpWlitlc Disorder* ^?ba*2" Spinal Complaints, and all the iimira . ^ Irom in injudicious w of Mer.-mry, In. prudjnr* In ijf?t or imp^ty of the Blood. 1Medioins, which hu become oele brsted for th? number of axtra-rdlnarv cure*, erected through its agseoy, has isdocsd the prop ri ft tf* ul of thriT M?nd*, to dfcr it to the pnbik% whjol? they do with the uuacet oon. SJe*c? ib its virtu's ; wonderful euratiT- prop, art s Tl?e followin, -rtiaeates, ?1eetS number, ar?, however, sponger testimony than the mere w*td oftbs proprietors; and ?J?Jn fY.?* ?*ot''n, n we 1 known in their localiti*-, acl ? & Sg-'SSSSS^:?'" ?? Aw Cmu's Smtob in orer shundred ?*e??, ?n nearly all the di tenser . ^amended, with the mont asW iAipcIt good rerelti He says it is the moit ax trterdiaary medians he baa *ver seen. AGUK AND PSVISn?OR BAT CURE I hereb* certify that tor three y?*w I had A<Qe wd e<tti? auM: violent des;riptio?. I had several Phr ndana, took largequantities of Quinine, Mercury, ?ad I e?l ey? *1 ?he , otica advertised, but ail with eut P*na?*at reltof. At last I tried Cartel ^ two bottle* of which effectually sursd ??. and I am happj to aay I hare had neither ,r^rr;r; ??> cc,^d,r * **??? -h? world, ai.i the oalj medicine that ever JOHN LONG DSN. Buret Dirca, near Richmond, Ya. C. B. LOCK. Esq., now in the city of Richmond ^,T?I g" ? " SS P0rt ?*?? haa rfurh oouli^nca ?? the astonishing afflcacr of Carter'. Lh,t h* hM bou^ht apw?rds of |g Vt Jea, Wh-ch he baa given away to the affl ctad.? Mr. Lusk says he has n-rer known it to fell when aten according tc directions. ?*; MNQH, * practising PfcysMan, and formerly ef tha Oity HoteL In the rity of Richmond, aay* faJ Raa w meesed :n a auabjr of instancea th* eiWcta ol 222 8P"p h Mi?,tnrw' wll,ch were miTS;., rarpriPng. Ee aays la a on of CJouramption. do gfrlZLf L1";. ???i.?-? m^U?*LkM ef ^ ?^?kW M ' ^,c^mr'ad' ?J< ?ared cured of Liver Com Piaint of three T ttI. standing, bv the uae of tw? ooftlee of Carter's Spanish Mi *ture. W? ORBIT CURB 0# 8CR0FULA. The Kdiu>n of tbci Vchaonl Republican hid a "errant employed in tbir pre?a room, eured of vioknt Scrofula, com Jf! Wtth Kheumaaem, whi-h entirely disabled him from work. Two bottle? of Carter's gpaniah ? ? made a perfe. t <mre of him, and the Kdi u0tlc4r' 1y lh ^ " beerfully rt*r.m !K !ool!" w wlth *BT 4,"?aso 01 HTILL ANOTHER CURE Of SCROFULA.?Thvi of Scrcfula by Cartar's 8p?c'jh Mixture. I conai.J?r it truly a valuable *?? ^*5*2: ^ P- asd P. R. R. Co., Rjc*iEJcnd. Vs. BALI RH3UH 0? TWENTY Y?ARd STANDI3M ? _ CUKED ? *r" -,^lN THOMPSON, rending in the dty ot WM <nlr*J hy three bonir^ Of-Canir's Spaatah Mixture, cf 8a!t Rheum, which he h*d for tv?ty yeara, asd which all t'-.e physicians cf ooull not cure. Mr. Thosipaon i? a well tacwanfcr?iiAai in thacity of Rktuacndf tad fci? r* E--.-4 ?WJD*rkab?e. vTTllg of Ri-haaoad had a -arrant Si? V woni form' Carter^ l^pan^h MUtore, xla sajs ha cheerfuliy reccm 3 #E cc'Q-)i<i*s it a very iaTalvhbia me-ii ?? IN BJtt :0N, NR2'j?iiC!ier n1 the rermne, f}7s h,M r#ea lhe ?o?a ajfecu of Carter's Spanish jirs !n a aoinb,?r cf SyphiUtk -iw, and ia?# it te a perfect ?urr f.-r that horrible 'ii*eann. WM. 0. HASWOOD, ?f Rirbmood, cored of old Bcrea uai Ulaera, which disabled him fr-ia wiltinir. Took a few bott.e-' of Carter's Spanish Hirtnre. and was eaaUsd to walk without a crutch, in i short time permanently cure-1. Principal Dep?^ at M. WARD, CLOSE A (Vr, No. W Ma^dan Lane. New York. PhUade' hL * 80X?' N?"182 N0rth ^nd rt-? l ENN^TX t BBSP.?, No. 125 Main street, Rich BK?tiJ) And 5-.r sale by CHAP.LK8 8T0TT, Waah r-tcn ' VEIL, Alexandria; and by trwiif crerywhexe. w Pi in $1 ?>er bottJo, or six bottles for &. wp 81-?ly ^ Frivato Medical Treaties OTf TUB PUic!i*>Ut9I0AL Vlit* OP MARRIAGE, 8T a. B. LA CROIX. M. D? o-A N Y. P???s *aa ISO Pine Plain and Colored Litho* f rap ha and Plates. O- Prlca only Si) Cants *i* ^?ger t free cf poetage to all parls of the Uuicr,*?* CHEAPE.ST BOOK LVRR PLBLfoHBD, and con^idning Btrarly d ubie the quantity ol rea !lr?" matter in that of the FIFTi CENTS OR DOLLAR rt'BLICATIONS. Ft treat* on th- PHF3IOLO GY OP MARRIAGE, and the SH-rrec i flrmitieeand disorder of youth and maturity, re mlticg from exceesri which dsKrpy the physical and men tal powers, with ohfvrreuont oa, iu Jut;e= nud disqoaliflcatioca. and tteir re&edie*; li;hograpuj?, i!iu?tratiaj the anatomy and physio!?g,<, j:- I uideaaes of the rnr. ?HPUre organs cf both c?tes, t.b'-ir structure, oses an<i fuocticne. A pc.-ul-r and oomprehenaive traa wc en the du'.i^-, and f single and nar ned life?hs;py?uj '-nitreI a>! ai-wt, m-'le tl e*. ??nng them?infe.i' -*U inf^.-ula ones rbeir ebriaiion and reniwrs;?a?pt>rtani hints to thoee wnt-mpiatin^ m?*ri=orny, t2ut wlil over<*i?:s cb to it; jio-i". bewevcr. should take tpia ia> portaot step w -jout Crat oon-ulting its pa-es? ?omicntariej Oj th- aisaa.-^e aad me- i! :al ?re?ta?at ol teraalas frot, !o^ncy to old ace, eaco ease grAph **|y il-'jetratr i by beautlfol lithographic piat6?? cer?oaa debility, fta caua.?s and c::re, hy a prc<je*s ?t onc-_eo aimpie, ?f? and effac;u*l, that taiiure is '?poesible?rulea for daily manag?neat?Hiewpwiy cn epormaVJiThoea with practical obrerr ? iio_?s cn a *nd more :?acoee?fui mode ?f tr?atm-nt?ore eaotknary h'nte ou the erila rf?ulting ftom empiri f** Praedee?an ea-ay on all arlfiu^ .iom indiscretion, with ..lain and rimple rul*>j by which Vr rsona car. torw theaieelTee without merciiry **OT?iJea for the is ?eif .nfiict-?i mL-erise aud uie?p F.ntal l?. pes ro acfvilautsiy prctaUaw in the 7?ing. It is a trcthfol ad*i -*r to tha married aad thf?e ecntearpiatifg a?rria^e. Its perui<al is par tieaUrly recomm&l'd to p-rKni autertaiiilng se ' sret <Joubts oi their crtjitka, and wno are I Cfnscions of hxrin^ n?aarde<l the health, fcappieeas and pririiegaa to wilch sve: - hutkan %?SDg is fcn UU? I to. Prirr 25eem? copy, or fre noj le* fzz cue dol lar. Mailod fires Of j;age U> any part oi tue Uiii U ; Ftafes. 31. IL?Tbcae who preflrr ojlj ooneoif X*t IjlCscix b^<h any of the diseases opon whi<th bL? book twats e.tht r -,e-tf :nally or by mail Medrttce s:nt to any P*rt of the UaJon according to 'Urwtfcjns, raf*i? packed aad car-ful!? sseozsd irom ail ohMrratios. Addne* Dr. ?L B. LA CK'JIX, No El MJdwi Lane or Poet Otije box 678, Albany. N. Y. 4SW" Office open uauy ftoia 3 a ci> f ca, ct:d on Sunday froia S ao'Jl Sen. OtSce Ksasowatl trw No. M Bss^crst, tu 31 MsI4?m L.s?t, Alucsy, N. Y. dec 7 MARTIN'S UNRIVALLED UUlTAHd.-Three ot iht* ^d|?rrb iDsuuiiicotn sire now oti eibi biU?m for n limited period, ui?ir Muate rttore. The cniminj 'xauiy of th**ir tom- ? licite the universal tnco?UHim.<> >A ProMors and Am iteurs ' IIILBITrf * nITy ?W Hole Aj. wts. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAN!* TO jILL who served ut AXY war "!ir-c 1T90. trhetlier a? utti-era Soldier., 8iilur?, Marmt-a, Ciefk^, Indians, Char> l.uae. U'agon Masters, Teain?urs, Laatfsmni. (or ti??jr widows or iuiucj cii:idr?n) who have not yet received {'tail 160 acres, and ha\r been m service 14 ilay^. will do well v. write lo us.po-Jpa'J, and their Land Warrant^ will be -forwaxd> d to tlum fU| the ab?>ve ^usiiuiy. and no charge if ih?>y do not s?i u. LLOYD S. CO., Ciaia A^rm't Often, of?p.-?sire IT. 8. Treasury, Wa^hlngtoa City, D. C mar 6?;!m ALL STRAKGfcilb vi*> isg ?hr City Sij.-iulJ^e linnti r's Cat ai^o. His Lkaenpiion of P>M* eli?e ^r it Iheiure ahigae cm ixic curtumuev ol me Patent oih< ? irb 3?* DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED (German Bitters, FUPAftlD BT DS. C. M. JACKSOH, Philad'a., P?., WILI. tmcTDALLT COM LITER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chronic or Nervous Debility, Diseases of tit Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a dis rrd?rod Limr or Stommek. Such a* Constipation, Itnvard Pile?*, Fullness, or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust tor food, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Hour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim ining of the Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness ot Vision, Dots of Webs before the 8ight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Tempi ration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, fcc., Sudden ('lushes of Heat Burning rntbe Flesh, Constant Imagin iags of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. I^HE proprietor, in calling the attention of the public to this preparatioa, docs so with a feel ing of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stoed the test of a ten years' trial before the Aiuuri can people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by auy similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by lite most prominent and well known Physicians and individuals, in all part* of the country is immense. The following from North Catohna is respectfully subnitt d, referring any who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmers and Families, to be had gratis, of a!l the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal otfiee and Manufactory, 1510 Arch st, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. IF. Smith, of Pine UtU, RiJi mond Count*/, AT. C. Ptne Hill, March 4th, 1854. D*. C. M. Jacksojc, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst form, for the last five years. Such was my condition for twelve months that the physicians and all who saw me said 1 must die. While in this condition^ I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, 1 ennes see and North Carolina, but was not benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherford ton, a small village in North Carolina, te try the effect of] some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to gel some medicine for my child and myseif. There were several of the village physicians in the store, and one oi them seemed to take fome interest in my case and, after asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and iiad been greatly bene- j fitted by the use of "Dr. Iloofl nd's German Bit ters," prepared by yru, and he insisted that I would try ttavBiUvr* He also called the next day at my room, and insisted bo much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, | and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say 1 was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to | me for a presciipuon and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) am! i nave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which ?*fleeted much good in his case. He has often called on me for more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but I have not been able to gel any more for him or myself since-; will you, there fore, please ship me a doten or more as soon as pos sible. Re?pectful.'y yours, W.SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake ?>>., N. C.,, OMober 24.1853, says:?'? Havinc experienced ven ereal benefit from the use of " lloottand's German Bitters," in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, j 1 am denrous of obtaining a auantity of it for the J benefit of my community. Vou will, therefore, please send a lot, &c. Sic. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Hcntstillz, Yadsih Co , N. C.,Nov. 1st, 1e53. 1 H. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow ine to ex press to you my sincere thanks for your discovery I of a medicine which, to say the lea*tof it, has ef- | feeied a cure that all other medicines, that I have taken, have entirely failed to do. "HooflandV Ger mau Bitters" have cured n?e of the most stnbho>n and aggravated case of the i?ii.ks that, perhaps, ever fell tothe lot of man My case is uot a ttran?er in tins community, as I am well knowT in this and the surrounding counties and can truly sav that my re covery ha* abounded all my friends and relations, j a-< I had tried everything recommended, and nothing did me any good until 1 was prevailed upou t?fry the Bitters. You are it liberty to ivake any use ot this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly youra, ' WM. j. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely tee,eiuble, they iuvigoiate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and can b'? used for infants as well as plaits. Frtr sile by respectable dealers everywhere, and by Z. D. GILMAN, Washington; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and J. E. PIERPONT, Alexandra, mar 1? ly _ tTh. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTORY, *71 Eighth St, adj' !nlng ft tint's Livery Htabh OWING to the increased tr?de which a geaeroue public h&s bee towed upon iae,l have be-n ecm pellei to erect a n ;w and larger building for the c?rrjic? on of my business. Here I ahall b* en abled to xecute all orders entrusted t? m? witti trreater lacilKIes end diapatqL, and I would reup-ct falv aolicit a continuance o; the publics patson?(rs. Carrirgi* an 1 Wagons, of the moet modern styie, built of tht) beet materials, and warranted to &iv? satisfaction, repairs ot every description punctually attended to. For sale, cheap, a second-hand Clarence Cajria^e, nearly new. cec ? tl PALMER'S PATENT LEG. ?THUS AMERICAN INVENTION | stands unrivalled both Lti thiscountiy and m Europe. 11 is woru by 1,0u0 persons, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other substitutes of the best I reuch, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the oiiiT mudal at the World'b Exhibi tion is Lohdom, as the l?eat artificial limb known. In ihia country it has been thirty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in the principal cittee, and has, in every instance, received the award of the highest or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna tional council, the " First Premium"? i _ onlv Silver Medal given for Limbs?\va.- awarded the inventor, at the New V ork Crystal Pnlace. Pamuhlctf giving full information, sent gratis to every anwicant. B. FRANK PALMER, 31H Chesnut street, Philadelphia, feb 'Si-3m PROSPERIS CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PKOSPER1 begs leave to in form his friends and lurmcr patrons that this band has Ite^n fully re-organized and is now under hw direction~<ujil he is fully prepared with a band of the most ?dS'htific Miwcjpns in the city^ to fur msh music for Balls, Panics, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursions, fc?-, at the shortnotice possible, by ap King to FREDERICK PROSPER!, Leader. CM A& (lll'ERI, Conductor i IllLBUS & HIT'Z'.S Mu aic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVIJL'S, opposite the <;Garriaon street, Navy Yard. ?l^awB* feb A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at the Smithsonian Institute, four superb PI ANUS, r'liich were made expressly for th.s fair and may be relied upon as superior instruments. VVe will dis pose of them upou very reasonable terms, give any reasonable tune ou them, divide the payments into small notes, m fact, make any reasonable arrange ments to -uit purchasers We have also on band in store th? largest and most reliable as-ortment of Pianos ever offered in this city, Horn the renowned manuf.clones ot llal let. Davifl, h Co.,Boston,and Bacon k R^ven.New York. , . ? Old Pianos taken in exchange. New M isic and an assortment ot every article penaiiuiMt to the music Uad^^ p ELLrg 306 Penna. avenue, near Tenth street. mar 13?tf FANCY MILLINERY. MISS AMELIA r-R'HKAM an i Sis-1 lier iiaveo|tened a FAN! Y !ILL < -I ERYSTXlEEoii Pennsylvaaia ave-i --??"iiue, l?efw^en Tenth and E"Iv.?'!'h_.ctl-ui ireeu, soulb ?le, No. '417, ly c ?!l the attention of the ladies of W a?hmgt vt iaity to their handsf<me anw varied assortm impor d an<1 wauothctured MilHnery, latest st^ , Ntw No k, Paris, an I London fashions o{ Htra , Silk, Oiape I,ace, Velvet and ether Bonnet*. A1 ? di'< .? and ??u?er Caps , ? All orders in the Millinery Une tfwukfullyireceived and faithfully attended to. mar 9 1? fruit and evergreen trees. T,le undersigned has a splendid__2te vfc,t#cl1 <?al1 *??? standard Fruit TreesfiMfc 'W large, ?igorouf and thrifty, viz: kinds* ?r Very 8',perk)r 1ua,itJ< alt the leading Pe?r*,^Apple?^Plums, Cherries, Apricots, Grape 60,000 English Lancashire Gooseberries, the, I arse 8?ow kinds, fine and strong ?0,000 Currant* Victoria, Red and White Dutch, in nnn^i *k ? GraP*1. Black Naples Sic. 10,000 Raspberries, Fastolfr, Red and White Ant werp, kc. 1,000 Rhubarb Roots, Prince Albert, Victoria Cbam paigne. fcc. v.'hade Trees of best quality, such as Silver and Su gar Maples, European and American Lindens European Ash, Mountain Ash, kc. evergreens in great variety and rarest kind* via Arancarjas, Arbor Vit.T, Cedrus des dara, C. Libani, Funebral Cypress. Cryptomerla, Ja ponica, 1 it* Roya Patagonia, Librocedrus, Lhilensis, Princes Chinibra, P. excelsa, P. Gerardiana, Pjcea Webbiana, P. pindrous, P. Pichta Abies Inensienii A. Morinda. Irish affd bngtisn Yews, with many other beautiful Ev ergrcens, all at moderate prices. ? ^ J?HN SAUL, _ Seed Store, corner 7th and H sts., Washington? BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. ? A VL '?y friends for whom I obtained Bounty X\ Land, In less quantity than J60 acres, are here by informed that their names and a record of the evidence, with the dates of their certificates, are on my book", so that I can, with facility, make out their declarations for additional land. Tho*e who failed to obtain any land for want of sufficient service, many of whom are now entitled to 160 acres, can find the time allowed recorded by me. Others will find it to their interest to call or write, and r will send lorms and instructions for reasonable and fair compensation. Any old Soldiers, or their Widows, unable to p?y for preparing their papers will be instructed gratis by culling at the office. JOHN D. CLARK, mar 6?1 in Agent, Washington, n C. R. H. GILLET, OomnUor *t Law, Offloe and residence in franklin Roir. corner of K and Thirteenth street. nat 9S? BAH&1F6 HOUSE OF PAIB0 ft H0UBSE, B Opposite United States Treasury. OND8, Stocks and other securities purchased and sold. Interest at tiie rate of Mix per cent per annum al lowxl^on deposits when tft for 30 days or longer. }3u ? om B. OWES. S. W. UWIK. JE. OWEN * ION, MILITARY AXD NAVAL merchant tailors, fENWeVLVAWlA AVBMtTC, Between Fourteenth and Fifteenth street*. WASHINGTON CITY, D C 39* Naval aiid Military Unubrms executed iu the neatest a-yle. mar 2-*eolm JABIN KT MAKER & UNDERTAKER. rHK ins Aerated would respectfully inform bis friends, aeq aain tances. and tlw public generally oat h* mill eontinuee to exacute all criers in his ma of butfnwe fu the best marner and at tie ihort- i s?? EOtan. 5ir?K KS5?. f^atiLm".d Prr?PtlJ ?xaontod. j ru.ik.KAL8 attended to at ~ fi.~ ? be shortest notice, tod in the beat owner. Evditi preserved in the *1**2 pirfest mzn-1 >\tr, even <*? iht v^naesl wertler. ?a.nkfof fcr pant favora, be would respectfully] wUcit, and nil; r to merit a eont!nu*noe of! '?bataiae. AtiTHCNY BUCJILT, , ? ^ ??*-! B. fids, between Dth and 10th etfl. j ReeJdanee: Mr. Mwtir.'a, Kc. S3fl, T> ftrset, t< !rd I aouee east oi 1 >h street. nu 17?ly MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JONES' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now vommonly called the WORLD'S FAIR LOCK, without key or key-hole, is the Lock that secured the outer door*of the Herring Safe that ct?utamed $1,000 at the World's Fair, London. ltSi it being necessary to unlock this before other lock* in the ?fe could be unlocked. All parties interested are referred to til* following notice : THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. koticb. day aold 10 Me*"*- STEARNS Al MARVIN, Manufacturer* of WILDER'S Patent Salamander SAFES, Now York, the Patent right of my RpTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called "JONES' ANTI-GUNPOWDER LOCK'' or. "TUB WORLD'S FAIR LOCK." The latter title was acquired in consequence of this Lock being placed 111 a Safe at the World'* l air, with $1,000 in the Safe, to be the reward of any person who could open the door. The gold remained therein for a period of fori v five days, whilst the victor* got tired of turning the dials, with such poor prospect of success, the nuia ber of chance* being 24,300 000. Bankers, Jewelers, and Merchants who d<*. ir.- to have these Locks upon their doors, cau have them by applying to Stearns fc Marvin, No. 146 Water street, who have the exclusive right to manufacture said Locks in the United States. L 1T , , HENRY C. JONES. Newark. N. J., January cJ0th, 1853. STEARNS & MARVIN, SccotssoRs to Rich it Co-, t44 & 146 Water St., V Y., ? ?NLY makvrs of salamander SAt BS, combining WILDER'S and RICH PAT EN TS. S. li. HOWELL, Agent, n?ar I - lni Georgetown, D. C. EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTTO. WE have just received a fresh lot of PRUNES. FIGS, ORANGES, LEMONS, &c. Also, a case of SARDINES, put up in superior style. Give us a call and judije for yourselves Don't forget the No ,499 Seventh btreet, oppo. Odd Fellows' Hall. ' N. B. Balls, Parties, and Families supplied on tiie tuost reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short en notice. RYDER fc PLANT, mar 1?lm UNION ACADEMY. Comer of Fourteenth it. and New York avenue. A raw more pnpils can be received to make np the limited number. Applioation must be made pood. The discipline, instruction, end means of illustration are such as to insure satisfactory pro gress in those pupils who ate punctual, regular and obedient. Circulars at the Bookstores. dee 30?3m Z. RICH*?**? w ATCI1KN, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE, PEAEL8, niAMONUS, FANCY GOODS, kc. kc. At c.\treiiKly LOW PRICES, by CANFIELD, BBO. & CO., 999 Baltimore street, Baltimore. Md. mar 14?u ORNAMENTAL TREES FOR SALE! SOf the beat quality, for streets, avenues cemeteriea, and lawns. They arc all secd-.S? ling-, free growth, free from suckers and insects, and are not stunted. No. 1 Silver Leaf Maples, from 12 !o 15 feet in the clear, aud well furnishe.i; Horae Chestnut from 4 to 6 feet high ; European Sycamore ol rich toiiage; do. Catalpa, of large size, Of the above trees there is a large stoek on hand. Pricee according to sice and number, from 25 cts. to #1. Come aod aee for yourself. Call upon JAMES MAUER, mar 10?S3w* Public Gardener. (Bait Sun law3w, RRICH ARDftOK'S LlnkiM I have just received a full supply of Richard son^a sort finish Linens, in every variety. N. York Mills and other superior Shirting. Mu-iins. Eitra heavy T^ble and double Damask Diapers. Full stock of Housekeeping and Family DRY GOODS, of the bes and most deniable Fabrics, with a full stock of Mourning Goods, kc. Also, BOOTS and SHOES of tbe best makers, at the lowest prices. J. W. UAllNECLO, No. 383 Seventh, betw li and I Ms. mar 13?ec6t "CHARLKIi IIASHLImsT Architect." (Pa. avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh itrctls,) WASU1NOTON, n. c. WILL continue to funiiahJ^ans, detail workiiu Diawioga, and 8j?ruflglL<His of buildings of every description,and also tolnjicfiuUnd their ?tec Don. fab 1?? TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS AND SPOONS, kc Jl'ST received a larg* assortment of superior Ta ble Cutlery of every variety. *!??>, every st.le of tbe finest quality ALBATA FORKS, ?tO<>N8, TEa BETS, CAKE BAH KETS, CASTORS, kc. M. W. OALT Is BRO., 3-44 Pa. ave , Imw. am and 100i sis. Btur 14?u EVENING STAR. " WAIT FOB THE MOENI5G " TO A rRURD IK A/FUCTIO*. Watcher ! ?ti* dark, And the dwelling is lonely? The night lamp shines dimly, and so does thine eye j Tliou art thinking thy portion is weariness only. And ihou wilt dp glad when 'tis thy tu n to die f Wa;cher, look out f where the day-star is dawn ing? Hope in thy heart let its promise awake. And tireless and sliunbcrleu, " wait for the morn never a night bat its morning shall break ! Wanderer! 'tis dark, and the tempest is roarinf - Roaring above thee and rattling around; Demons of terror their vials are pouring Right on thy pathway, where pitfalls abound ! Wanderer! 'tis bettor to bow than to bide it? Harmlessly o'er thee the storm-king shall ride ! Deep is the chasm, 'twere death to bestride it. But yen is the valley both sloping and wide. dark, for the angel of sorrow w'ng^ ?'er ***' lan<1,,caPe the gloom of his No hue from thei rainbow thy sadness can borrow, w*?J?r *? thy b?8?m the spring-time caa bring. Weeper, despair not! there is that can cure thee! a ^e,<?K.Ve? l? the heart 8ick a balm can be given A drau^M that shall comfort and gladness insure Dnuk deeply?drink oft, for the fount is in heaven. 01^ye*'LChr p"ff<:rin? anfl toiling and sighing; Oh, >e who in darkness are groping your way : Who are weary of hoping and weary of trying, d?JrC "Ure that thC midnight wi" "ev*r bc I charge thee take heed to this counscl and warn by y?Ur duty' -vour God? and your right! ASrlVi, m !rU,hful lh"s wail for the morning, I Assured it will bring you both healing and light. THE LAST CA8E OF MODESTY. Daniel Meredith, in a soiled coat that might have been claret-colored once, was desired to plead to the charge of intoxi cation. ''Indeed, sir," said Daniel, "lam over whelmed?struck all of a heap, as the saying is. \ou see this crimson suffu sion on my countenance?(Mr. Mere dith s countenance was suffused, but whether with ingenuous shame or old Holland, we can't pretend to say,) that suffusion, sir, tells more plainly, than words can speak, the distress and an guish of mind I feel at being arraigned for the low, execrable, detestable vice of [ drunkenness. Sir, my ears tinge with ; the word; I feel my cheeks scorched by I the damnable consciousness of my of fence. Oh ! in pity allow me to hide my face fiom this respectable assembly, and especially from your Honor, who, i being a perfect model of sobriety your | self, cannot be supposed to have any ! sympathy for the weakness of others. ? I My modesty, sir, is shocked above all' healing remedies. Where, where shall I hide?" continued Mr. M., glancing wildly over the floor of the office, as if in search of an auger hole. "I am glad to see you so sensible of your fault," said his Honor, "aid I have strong hopos that a man who experi ences such a humiliating sense of his guilt, will not be likely to err again in the same manner. You are discharged Mr. Meredith; go and take better care of yoprsclf." "That was spoken like your Honor. Yours is the most exalted kind of virtue that can overlook the missteps of an erring, frail fellow creature. Sir, there is one thing more, if I might dare to speak." "Go on, Mr. Meredith," said the May or, kindly. "Oh, what a model of goodness !" ex claimed Mr. M., with uplifted eyes and hands. "Your Honor encourages me to beg the loan of a quarter, I'll pay it faith fully, sir, as soon as I am brought up again." "This is modesty with a vengeance," said the Mayor, with justifiable indigna tion. "Begone, you imposter ! and take [ care that you are not brought up again, or your sham modesty shall not save vou from the extreme penalties of the vagrant act,' "Heavens ! who would have thought that asking for the loan of a quarter could make such an alteration V' said Daniel, meekly, as he retired from the tribunal.?Sunday Mercury. Sedcction Case. ? An exceedingly pretty little girl, apparently but 16 years of age, wearing a most bewitching hood, appeared at the Mayor's office yesterday morning, and said she wished to make complaint against her lover's mother for abusing her. From her state ment, it seems that she is a native of Auburn, in this State, where some 14 months since she became acquainted with the young man, (a moulder by trade) whom she calls her lover. They met several times at balls and parties, where they became acquainted?and he, professing great affection for her, pro posed marriage, and after a consultation with her mother, she accepted the offer. The day was fixed on for the perform ance of the nuptial ceremony. All things went on smoothly for several weeks, during which time he succeeded in se ducing her, which becoming known to the girl s mother, she ordered tbe young man never again to enter her roof. This quite exasperated the girl, who, in turn, declared that if her future husband could no more enter her house, she would leave and find a boarding place where he could visit her. The mother only became the more angry at this declaration on her part, and bade her do so if she wished. The young man was made acquainted with the whole affair at the earliest op portunity, and he, like a true Chevalier, offered to find a boarding place for her and himself in the house in which he was then stopping. This arrangement was agreed upon, and the young lady, true to her word, left her mother's roof in anger, perhaps for ever, without a parting adieu, or word. Some days sub sequently, however, the girl's mother traced her to her new quarters and tried to prevail upon her to desist from her course and return to her parental roof, but all to no purpose. The authorities were next appealed to to compel her to rettxrn, bat her lover getting wind of the affair immediately proposed that she should accompany him to New York, where (Ley would be uuited in the holy ? bonds of matrimony. She consented, and started the following day with him ??Q ErriviDg here, he took her to the residence of his mother, a very respectable widow lady, and introduced her to his mother and sisters as his wife. They received her kindly, and all things passed off pleasantly for gome weeks, during which time she frequently impor tuned him to perform has promise to her. He put her off with frivolous ex cuses .until at last the secret leaked out that they were not married as represented by the son. Upon the mother ascertaining this fact she became highly indignant, and very properly ordered her to leave the house. This the son refused to let her do, de claring that so long as he had any right under his mother's roof, his doxy should also remain. The mother then impor tuned him to make her his lawful wife, ihis he also refused, alleging, as an ex cuse, that he did not believe in tying himself to a woman's aprong strings. The mother, unable to help herself, (as she was solely dependent upon her son for support,) was obliged to submit Consequently they have lived together as best they could, up to this time. The girl, who is now cncienie, accuses the mother with frequently abusing and mal treating her, and asks the Mayor to in terpose in her behalf, and compel the woman from ill using her : also to oblige her lover to support her, or pay her board in a private family, so that she may leave her tormentor?N. Y. Express. A CAUTIOUS WirHISS The Cincinnati Enquirer tells the fol lowing story of a man named .fames Mc Ewing who had charged his friend, John Holland, with stealing a pistol: James, when called upon the stand, however, exhibited the bump of cau tiousness in an eminent degre. 44 You see," said he, addressing the Court in an extremely confidential manner, " Hoi land slept with me a short time ago. No (correcting himself) I won't say slept for I am on my oath, and I won't be cer tain whether he slept or lay awake ; but, at all events, he was thar, right in my bed, art! I do th;nk I hearn him snore ; but that I can't swear to, as it might bt only hard breathin'. Well, at all events next mornin', John, says he, 4 Jim, have vou got anythin' to drink ?' 4 in coorse I have, says I, 41 allers keeps itgo, with that 1 hands him the bottle, and he takes a snorter, and then I takes a snif ter myself, and then I up with my pil low, and sure enough the pistol had gone ofl. 4 John, says I,* old fellow, you've got my pistol.' 4No, I ain't,' says he. NV ell, says I, 41II go for a p'liceman, and then we'll see but*jest as 1 got to the door, 4 Hold on,' savs he, 'here's your pistel, Jim, I was orniy in fun,' and he outs with the weei*>n from a side pocket." 44You're both carpenters?" interro gated the Court. 44 Why, yes," responded James, 44 we are brother chips." 41 How much was that pistol worth ?" said the Judge. 44 Ah! now you've got me," returned J;;incs, with a knowing lee ; 441 ain t a gun-maker, and I'm on my oath.'' 44 What did it cost you ?" demanded the Judge, waxing rather stern. 44 Now you talk," replied the witness; 441 paid a dollar for it." 44 Now tell me," said the Court,44 did you not think it was a joke, or did you believe he meant to steal it ?" 44 Now, my dear follow," retorted James, executing at the same time a la pid succession of winks and nods, 44 tkat is popping the question a little too hard. You see I'm on oath' and? 44 Sit down, sir!" wrathfully thund ered the Court; 44 this appears to be a prosecution got up for the sake of perse cution. John Holland you are dis charged. " And John, who is a burly, good-na tured looking fellow, marched trium phantly into the street, where he had taken about six strides when he was tapped on the back by his old crony, Jim, who congratulated him upon his escape, hauled out tfu bottle, which, with sparkling eyes, James clutched, and holding it to his mouth, was, when we last saw him, intently gazing upward. Order of 44 Spotters."?Startling Developments.?The case of Jame6 Par malee, George Judson, and others, on trial or under sentence in the County Court, now in session, demands some thing more than a passing notice; that the youth of our city may by a timely warning, be saved from so disastrous a fate as has come .'upon them. The two named, are respectively 19 and 20 years of age, and with four others had united in a secret society, for the purpose of theft, burglary, highway robbery, &c. They had a constitution and by-laws for their guidance, which they had signed, together with a pledge to screen each other from detection, and helpeaeh other out of difficulties. The took the nafte of 44spotter8," hired a room for their meet ings, and provided themselves with dark lanterns, slang shot, two clubs 18 inches long, painted black, the ends being load ed with lead, also a pistol. They selec ted Parmalee as their leader?and, by j their articles of association could not *d~ mit a member, or enter upon any scheme without his knowledge and concurrence;' and whatever ho directed they were bound to follow. Judson was the unscrupulous abetter of his leader. He is a native of a sister city, where has been connected with a gang for similar purposes. His conduct has been such as t# cause his ex pulsion from his father's house?in re venge for which be broke into and robbed it of $300, for which he was arrested and tried, and esaaped by hiring witaess e3 to swear him otL He then came and took up bis resideuce in this city, and assisted in forming, if he did not origi uafe, this plot for living by preying upon the community, ihe other four were induced to join tbein, from reading the glowing descriptions of such kind of life, as set forth in the trash called "Yellow covtred literature." Parmalee and Jud son on two difierent evenings. have beeu out into Hillhou8e Avenue, with the in tention of committing highway robbery, and did not do it, because thev did not meet any whom they supposed had mon ey enough to pay for the risk. Yet they hare done enough in the burnings, bur glaries and thefts which they have com mitted to show what they were capable of doing, had they not been providentially arrested.?New Haven Register. A KICH JOKX Or, A Keow Vothiag in Search of Lodgicgt. Not many days ago a certain married gentleman arrived at one of the hotel* of Greenfield in the evening. Having regis tered his name, it was soon noised about that an Hon "M. C. ' was in town, and his brother Know Nothings, cnioying themselves at a feast in a neighboring hotel, invited him to join them- lie sat late at the table, and on returning to his own hotel all was quiet. Silently feeling his way to his own room, he found it locked, and an occupant on the inside. 44 Hallo, there?what have you got my room tor?" ' - It's mine sir/' says inside. "No, sir, it is not, and you must give it up." 44 Shan't do any such thmg." The Hon. M. I', started for the land lord, aroused him frcm his dreams, and related his wrongs. " Sir," says the landlord to inside, ' Mr. B. took this room, and you must give it up." 44 Well, I'm Mr. B.," says inside. The M. 0. was astonished to lind a namesake in his room. Both being en tire strangers to the landlord, the latter was perfectly non-plussed. not knowing to whom the room belonged. 441 can couvince you," says M- C., pulling from his pocket several letters, addressed to Hon. A. B me, M. C. Landlord says sternly to inside, -4 you must give up the room now." 44 Shan't do it, for I'm the B me who took this room, and have a pol'ticM speech to prepare for a New Hampshire meeting to-morrow. Don't disturb me," was the reply. 44 Well, I can convince you," said the Honorable, very much excited: and he commenced unbuttoning to disclose the name marked on his linen. 4t ?ee there, read that!" The landlord on bendad knee, the light in close proximity, read to his and the "Honorable" gentleman's great astonish ment, 44A. Murzy.'* The outsider found lodgings elsewhere. He had roomed the night preceding with another gentleman, and they had unwit tingly exchanged shirts.?Ho yoke Mir. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Xc.w.e. Leave Por Daw. Africa Boston Liverpool ...Mar. 26 Hermann Bremen....New York.. Feb. 23 Atlantic Liverpool...New York..Mar 10 Union ilaora New York..Mar. 14 Asia...* Liverpool Boston.... Mar. 17 America Livti^ool.... Boston .. Mar. 31 (fjy-The California steamers leave New York on the 6tii and ilOth of e\ch month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTEL?. WUlardi' Hotel?u. a. a j. c. wiutic. Mr Jessup a friend G B Beii?on k lady, Pa (1 Bell, Md J M A<11son. Va 5 W Howord, Ma*.- D A P< rry, Md \ Soule, NY P R Menson, Masi ri B Buckner, USA G Steele, NY Mr* E Conklin, Wis K M Blaze, do G G Martin, NY F Uisdcn, do W R Pu'ir, Va Mrs Jay. child and uurs?. 6 B Washington a fain- do ily, do XV Kearney, Md Mrs J A'Washington, do National Ilotcl- -t. p. wiixard W F Boone, Pa A B Horner a lady, Pa W T Booker, Va C Oreen, Va J A Clements A Schell, NY II Carpenter, NY N IV C Jameson a lady, J B Dtdier, MJ M?ss J Arthur, do J Hancock, do J Cohen a lady, Va A B Till, Fla G S Wright, O Mr Keen*. Md Mis* J E Bead, da 1 Newton, Pa 5 Reilicy, Va I Newtou, jr, do T E Temperly, Md II I tarns a lady, V* Capt J Kearney, NY Miss Flcurnoy, do E C Salisbury, do J Pleasants, do H D Birdsall, do J K Lee, do J P Merkle, do J Raird a lady, Pa A Storer, Me M io* A E 1 IcasanU, Va ?rowai' Hotel?i r. a x. aaowi*. 6 Rom, Pa AT Jackson, (? C LeRoi, do P L Weaver, do R J Mining a lady, Va II Jones, Md S Roll?, do O Clark a lady, do II L Roberts. do J C Wood N Y JGRixey, do * MrWi U rhoff, d<> J T Stark*, do Dr C I)sve*e, SC J S Mealey, lady k child, W A Porter, Va do KL RaglanJ, do Klrkwood Hoait?J- H a a. Kiaxwoor. L A Gum is. Mo T McCloskey and fatuity, F B Miller, Va Va S Wall is a lad NC J H Shannon, Md C W Godwin, Va 8 Clark, do Miss S E Godwin, do Col Durang. do United States Hotel?a. c. backkkv. A II Bandall a mothtr, J Mfkinewn, la Pa W H Elliott, Ma*. TO LOVERS OF BUTTER. THE attention of those fond of good BUTTER it called to the fact that I hav ? ju-t received Id kegs of prime fre??h BUTTER, whirh i* offered at the lowest possible prices, either *fR>l<,Mle or re tatl. I am constantly receiving fresh Roll Butter, which cms oe lound at my stalls either in the Cea tre or Northern Liberties Market, and my Store, at cor. 9th and L sts. W. C. JOHNSON. feb >4?eolm* DH.AFSk.88 Ct'RKD.-Tk following la taken troin Scott's Weekly: DEAFNESS?We understand that the siicrr** which has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in eases of Leafness, lias been, astonish ing, thousand* ot persons i aving been cared ? hose cases were considered hopeless. The calls ft.r this medicine are from all j arts of the countrv, it being, we believe, the oulv article beiore the |mt>iic tor the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z D. GILMAN, Wa*h ingt in, D. C., and S 8. HANCE. Baltimore, Md., as there is a counterfeit article in toe market feb aS-im o TEW ART'S SKYLIGHT DAG^LIi R L A N Cj Rooms, over Gait's Jewslry Store, Ta an nue, is w here the publ.c can have splendid pK tur^ taken at more reasonallf prtoes than at any oth**r room in the city. Call ea/ty. Satisfaction always given. am 7?lm L0UD9N WALTZ. /^tOMPtfSBD aad dedicated to uie ounj ladies i Iv ot Lesshurg, Va., Prat J A. Young. A very ' Dhis'M rnMi?he<! at the *1urtr > of UILtL> a H1T7. I mat 1?? u

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