Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT HUNDAYJ At tht Star Bmldt.ig, corner Peniisj/lvtmim mmmms and Efnuiilk street, By W ALLACtl * H O P *1, Will be ?erred to ?tib*cribrrw in the citi?*s of \Ynah> teuton, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CEXT3, payable woekly to tiie Ajjcnu To mail ?utacribcra Uie MhMrJptai price in THREE DOLLAR* AND P1FTY CENT* a year in aJmncr, TWO DOL LA!** for BIX MONTH.-*, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS. corn. one ctrr. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, MARCH 23. 1855. NO. 692. mE WEEKLY STAR Thif aicaUat Family ao4 Neva Journal?coo aining a greater variety of ipteroatinf r. adjig tLan >?n be found in any otbex?1* p*iMi?!t?-d on *aturdav mil. 8ingie copy, p? anmun -? ?ft ^ _ ? TO CLPBf. copiea........???................... ..????.??? ^ "I. ..Wi ^ '1 iKVaWivBi* ii i>viNr|. ? . * 09- Hinjle eopiee (Jr. wr*|?pe*>) eifc l?e procure*! at tlie ronnt? r. lmtn<Mi.v *Y after the *? ?<e of !?*? paper. Price? thru cm?. rofTXAoTEM who art aoapm ?m be allowed a ct'rni'.otfuou ul twritty pet c<4*i. DARTfRM SPANISH MIXTURE. **? Crant PirlAtr *f U? Biotdl Hot a Particle of Mertnry Is It! Am In4LU3ii Rxmdt lor Sorofhln, King's Evil, # Mwaauuo, Otatinate Cutaneous Bruptions. Pimp lee op Pu-?;U4*? on tbe fke?, Blotefc^, IVmIh, Chroni 3 Sere bye*, Kins Worm or Tetter, 5? -aid B?*d, Enlargement io l Pals of tbe Hone* end J?u>U, Stubborn Ul?rs, Syphilitic Disord ?rr, Luabafo. Spinal Com pi* nts, aa i all the dise^s arising frr-m an injudicious a* of jler-u'y, Im pru<" nee Hi U#e, or Imparity of she Blood. rpms valuable Medicine, which hu become cele? JL brated for the number ft <xtruordinary cur??. effected through its tg?ncy, bni induced the propri otora, at the org nt rr-qqaat of their frfenis. to eff;r It to the puftl't, which they do with the utmost ct.n> M-nce in it* ?irru** act wonderful curative prop erti a Tb- following certificate, selected from e large namber, are, however, stronger t-stimonv than the m?r* wovu of tbe proprietor)*; and are all from gentlemen we'l known In th*lr localities, and el the highest respectability, many of th-in rer ding in the city cf Richmond, Va. V. WOYDSN, Esq,, of the Exchtcg* Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere aayi he has won *he MHk wine called Cultm's Spattsh Mixtuxx, administered rn over a hundred ease3, in nearly all the diseases tor wbiohit Is recommended, with tbe roost a?ton iehingly goed reunite lie says it Is the most ex traordinary medicine he haa ever aeon. AGUE AND FBVEH-GBEAT CURE-I hereby certify thst for thro* years I had Ague and Fever of tbe Bkoet violent description. I had several Phv sicua*, took l?rg* quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and I bel eve all the Tonics advertised, but all with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which eff-ctually cured me and I am happy to say I have had neither chills or fevers since. I consider It the beet Tonie in this world, and the only medkine that rver reached my case. JOHN LONG DIN. Bi&vm Drroa, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LCCR, Isq., now lu the city of Richmond and for many years in the Post OfB:?, has such ernSienoe in the astonishing effl-?cy of Carter's Spanish Mixture, that hs bu bought upwards of 12 bettlje, which he has given away to the afflcted.? Mr. Lack says he ha* never known it to fall when taken according to <lirections. Dr. MINGS, a practising Physician, and formerly ( f the City Hot-1, in the city of Richmond, says be has witnessed In a nnsber at instances the effects ol Car er*s Spanish Mixture, which were mo:t truly surprising. He says In a cue of Consumption, de pendant on the Livsr, thi good offsets werj wen ocrfal ind**d SAMUKL M. DRINKER, r.f the firm of Drinker * Morris, Richmond, was eared -nred of Liver Com flairt of firee Tears standing, by the weof twe settles of Carter's Spanish fixture. GRB\T CTJRB OF 80R0FCLA?The Editors of the Richmond Republican h?d a servant employ*! In their press room, cu-=?d cf violent Sorrfuia, com b.ned with Rheuci-?ii?n, which entirely disabled hfai from work. T?o bottles of Carters Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure cf him, aai the Ldi KTi lu a public notice, saj tfcey "chserful'.y recr-m enl It to all who &re aSLictsl with any disease of the blool" STILL ANOni?R CURB Of SCROVULA.?I htd a verv valuable boy cored r.f Hrofula by Carter's Spanieh Mixture. lc^ -'Uer it uuly a valuable ?sJliins JAMBS M. TAYI/^it, OondU'itor on the B. P. and P. R. K C . R^hm<%nd, Va SALT RHEUM OP T*VSNTY VEARS STANDINQ C^T.^ED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reeidin* in the dty of Rtrhmond. w<s cured by three b--?ttles cf Carter's Spanish Mix'urd, of SJt Rheum, wbi<*h he hsd for ??arl/tVMt? years, and which alt t'a' physicians of thacty mi' I not ccr?. Mr. Thompson in \ well knew* w?'sb?at in the city of Rtchnondf a ! his ii m?H| ?vear<?bie. Wit. A.MATT11RWS, of RIehrioid ha I a servant cured et "wphilie, in the wors; frrm, ty Ca ter^s Spanish Mixture. He eays he cheerfol'y re-om mends it, and oon4der<< it a very invaluable tr.eil.1 cine. EDWIN BCBTON, c^cal-rioner ol the revenue, snys h? has ?*?n the ij^od of Carter's Spanish Mixfenre in a number 01' ^yputuuc cases, an 1 says it U a perfect eurs f. r that horrible disease. WM. ?? MAItWO)D. ef Richmond. ?*ur*1 of r!d Soree and Uleera, wh ch disalded him fr?m walking. Took a few bottler ol Carter's Spanieh Mixture, and was eesBM to wal*r without a crutch, in a sIitI time penaaneutly cure-1. Principal Depot* at M. WARD, CI.08B A Co? Na 5S Mai-iso Lane, New York. T. W DYOrT A SONS, No. 181 North *ee?nd st, Philadelphia BENNETr A BKE12, No. 126 Ma!n rtrcet, Rich Bend, Va. Ani for sale by CHARLES STOTT, War'alngtou, D. C; 1IENiY PEEL, Alexandria, and b/ Drugg.*t* everywh?rs. Frk? $1 per bottle, or six bottles for |5; ?eo i>?ly Pnvata Medical Treaties ON ?HS pinraioLooiCAL view of marriage, 91 B. LA CflOIX, n. D? ALBANY, X. V. SeO Fagee and 130 Pine Plain and Colored Utho grapb* end Plates. ?#? Price oni y 39 Cents f| 4^Bent free of postage to all parts of the Uuion^jt CHEAPEST BOOK KVSB PUBLIellKL, and containing n-?rly d uble the <ffasntity of reaMnc matter In that of tbe FlfTY CKNT3 OR DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. It treat- on the PHYSfOLO- , GY OP MARRIAGE, and the secret! &rmiti*?s and disorder of youth and maturity, re sulting from exuersrs, which dr>troy the physical nod men tai powers, with obeirvabcus en marriage, iu? Dalies and 'li^uaiificaMons, and their remedies; wit!s lithograph*, illustra'ing the anatomy and physiology, and diieeMt of the repro ductive organs of both sexes, their structure, ueee nod functions. A po? ulnr and comprehendve 'ree bee on th* d >?:es aa l cema1^.* . f single end nar tied life?La^py aivl *ruii:tl aJ,'M.*ee, mode cf se* I curing them Infei'cit^P* wv? 'Ljeitlle ones?their | eOviation and reauoval?iA^-rt?nt hi eta to tbexe oontemplatlng matiic^my, th?t will overro-ne ob jeetioue to R; nosa. !Mwer?r. should take ihk Im portant a'ep w'tuo'Jt Irtt conealting its pages ? e^mmentanea on th.* alseaaas anl medical tr^taent ax fe-naiea frou u .^ncy to old a?e, each ecae gnph Imiiy illustreted by beautiful lithographic piates? -.erroas debii'ty, Its causes snd cure, by a process at once so simple, -*fe and effnetnal th?t failure is impoa4ble? rul?e for daily management?an eajay -u Sp rmatorrhara with prar'irai ofiecrvm^ns on a I safer, and more wcemifUl mode of tr**fn;?nt?prr aauooaaxT h>nt? on the oviis revolting frn . ?mpi.-i sal practice??n e.'^ay on all Meoases acting from Icdiacretitm, with pl*fn an<l shnpla rnlaa by which aii partem can cure themeelve? without mtfury? remedies for those relf indicted tnisprlee and dL?ap point-d horea so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a tr-tafal adviser to the marriad anl thoee i^ntemplatipg marriage. Its perusal i.> var tx-ulariy recom?-ad* l to p-rsons entertaining se rret douots of th-ir pbyel<-- eond<ti>n, and who are eonscioua of having b%aa: i*d tbe health, happineas and privLegei tu which ?T?ry human being is eo> tiUed to. Price Ueenfs rer Ci>py, er five eopise for one dol. | lar. Mailed frr^s of poeteg- to any part of the Uni ted Steles. N. B.?Tb'ee who pieier may eonfult l>r 1/ C'XOU npon any dthe <Jl*a**s cpo whiei* hi > book treats ?ither . eracnnlly or by Cia?l. JTe'.^clns ser.t to any part of the Union acot-rdiog to llreciious, safety packed and oarefoily seeure.1 frcti nil ot?ervaticn. Address In M H I.A CKOIX,No 31 Maidea Lane or Poet Ortoe Sox k'v, Albery. N. V. OAce open -Ui.y from VI a n? ta 3 p n, atd on Sunday from i uctll i> p m. ?#" 'Jfl's Kiatova l from No. ti Bearer at., to 31 Slalrteoi Luke, Albany, N. Y. dec T * MARTINI! L'NRl\ Al.LKli CL'H AR- - I'iuea of ihe?? ?uperb m^irunicDU are now <>? exhi bition for a limned p< n<jd, at Mu>ic 8l<?re. The <-barm<?/ t>eaui> ot ihe?r tone ? licit* the univent.d fflCQiuniiu* "t Pii?lr^?nr, M<id \ urn. IIII.KL'S A 1111*7., uv J1 8o(<- -. LOOK UE R K!! ! MORtBOl \TY 1. IMi Til ,11.1. a*ho m-iyi d in *J?v W4* eiuce 17'JO, m!i>-Ui< r a. Orticcrs i?oldiep?, S<il??ri, >larntee, IVrk?, Imlinea, Cha,?. lain*, Wagon M wlen, Teuuu*(.r?, l.-ui<i*ni 11, (or their w idow* or uuuor ? iiiidr* h) who have mm yet received full 160 -icxo, umU have bw n 111 ?er\i?-i 14 <iay?. will well b. wru>- U> unand ili?ir Land WumiiH wiil be (tfw;irdt j 10 |Ii>*ih f??i ilic above iju^niify, and n<?clt?rr?- ?< ii?ey iwh ?*i it. LLOYh iv i (?., l.'Uiat AfW't ??rti.- ?, uppoeil*' I'. !*. Trrv*nty, \Vukiaf<"? t'iiji, I) 1; Ubr A ?Hin a a-L ITKA1G "* HU Wl "Z the C't ? 1 ' ? FhnUJ'-* Cal ib*?. 1 i? iH-scnption "f Powe8*s lt.' Picture OiOtfir Of IUS CUiJUUt'* wf lite ;'3lrP,t t-f .V. fpn 4^-Js;* DOCTOR HOOPLAND'S CKLBtHATED 0ct*man Bitters, ntFiiu Bf DS. C. X. JACKSOH, Fkilad'o., Fa., WILL BirrECTUALLT CVU UIER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, 111111911% Chronic or JVeerou* Debility, Di?aaet of tk* Kidney $, and all dieratet anting from a dis ordered Liver or Stomach. Such a* tJoustipatimi, inward Pile*. Fullness, or Blood to the llea.l, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, iicariburu, Disgust tor food, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink mg or Plutlitring nt the Pit of the Stomach, Swim miit; of the Head, Hurred Mid difficult Breathing? Plu.tering at the lleart. Choking or Sod'ocaiing Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dot* of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eye*, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, lie., Sodden Flitalu s of Heat Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imagm inr? of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. 1*HE proprietor, in calling toe attention of the public to thin preparation, does so with a feel ing of the utmost confidence in its virtnes and adap tation to the diseases fbr which it is recommended It m no new and untried article, hat one that lias stoad the test of a ten years' trial before the Aracti can poo pie, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well known Physicians and individual*, in all part* of the country is immense. The following from North Carolina is respectfully sub-Hit ?t, referring any who may still doubt, toiny ^'Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book, for Fanners and Families, to be had gratis, of a'l the Agents tor the German Bitters. Priaeipal Office and Mai.ufa?tory, 130 Arch st., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine Ilitl, Rich inond County, N. C. Pim Hili, March 4th, 1854. Dr. C. M. Jacrson, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: 1 have been a subjcct of Dyspepsia, in its worst f rm. for the last five years. Such was my condition twelve months that the physicians and all who saw me said I must die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but wa* net benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfordton, a small village in North Carolina, t? try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the la<<t of the week. 1 went into a drag store to get some medicine for my chdd and myseif. There were several of the viM ite physicians in Uie store, and oueof them seemed to take some interest in my case and, after asking me some questions, said tie had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use of 44 Dr. Hoofl.nd's German Bit ters," prepared by yu, and he insisted that I would try the bitters He also called the next day at my room, and in^ted so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it Cian all the water and medicine I had ever taken After reaching home one of my neighbors came to m-? for a prescription and medicine, (lie a dyspep tic,) and i nave him nearly ail the Bitter* i had left, which effected much goo t in his case He has oft' n called on nv- for more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefited by it than ai.y other he had taken, but I have not been able to g< t any more for him or myself since; will you, thens fore, please ship me a dosen or more as soon a-pos sible. Respectfully yours, W.SMITH. D. K. HOOKER, Roger's Store. Wake Co., N C , Ov-toher 04.1A53, ?ayg:??' Having experienced very great belli fit from "the iLse of 44 Hoofland's Germ m Bitter','' in Chrome Dysentery and functional de ring ment of the Liver, and iis concomitant evil*, I art de*irt>us of obtaining a nuantity of it for the benefit of my community. You will, then fore, please send & lo*. fcc. frc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. \TWOOD. Hi ntavillk, Yadkin Co , N. C ,Nov. ltd,1&W. IH. C. M. Jackson?Dear Hlir: Allow me t> ex pr<;?*? to you my sincere ihri.ks for your dweovery of a rnetiieino which, to say ti?e lea?t of it, lia? ef fected a cuie that all other medicines, that I have taken, have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland's ?Ger man Bitters*' have cured uie ot ih< most stubtHnn and aggravated case of the riLfs that, perhaps, ever fell ta the lot of mail. My case is not a stranger in u:is community, as I am well known in this anil the surrounding cuuntm, and can truly <iv that my r* covery has astounded all my friend* and relations, a* I had tried everything recommended, and nothtog did ine any go v! until I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You art at liberty to make any use ol this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you rosy think proper. Tntly^oursj ^WOOD These bitters are entirely er?rt?iWe, they invigoiate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and can b-: used for infant* sw wtll as adults. F?r *il? by respectable dealer* everywhere, and by Z. D. OILMAN, Wa-hmgum; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and J. K. P1EHPONT, Alexandria, mar I? ly . T. H. MUUFS' COACH FACIOHY, 477 KghtL 2t,adjoining Xain-j's Livery cUblrt OWING to the inrrea.sed tr*d? wht*h a <enerous public baa bestowed ope>n m*, t h*Te bw>n com pelled to eieeta new and larger buildio; for tas c*TTj\n* on of tat business. nrrs I shall bs ?n abltJ lo .-xecuUi sll orl^rs siitrnstod I- a-' wiit; gr??tert*i*.lities sad, an J I would lespect fu?T solicit a continuance o: ths publi '? ratsonsge. CarrU^B ani WtgcnK,of th* most mo-i rn s'y.e, ballt of the best mtenals, and wuraatisi to (jivr satisfaction, repairs ot srery l*scripllon punctually attends; to. For siis, theap, a secouJ-hani Clarence ^arria^s, hsarlT Ciiw ?-#g28? tl PALMER'S PATENT LEG. THIS AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalled both in this country and in Europe. Itu worn by 1 ,t)U0 persous, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other substitutes of the be*t t-rcnch, English, and Genuau manufacture, it rocciv?;d the award of the 9iiat hidal at the World's Exhibi tion in London, as the best artificial limb known, in Hus country it has been Uiirty tunes exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs ui Uiu piin< ipal cities,and lias,insvciy instance, received the award of the highest or first piemiuni. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna. uonal council, the "First Premium" - Sitter Me>!al given for Limbs?^was awarded Ui?-inventor, at the New Vork Crystal I'slace. Pamphlet* <rving full Information, seut gratis to every applicant. B. FRANK PALMEIt. 313 Chesnut street, Phdadelphii. ftb Ori?3ui PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PKOdPERI begs Inave to in torm his friends rind furmcr patson* that this baud has i?*;u fully re-organixed and is now und?> his direct>oi?rud be is fully pre|?red a band oi the most ??*riurtc Mmie?ii? in tnevity;to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, lie Nics, Ex curcious, he., at tbe shortcut notice posMhle, by ap plying ui FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader,CHAt PtttlSPCRI. Conductor; HILBUS k IIITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVL'L'S, opposite rfie t; vti?C4L Garrison street, Navy Yard, feb 19 JW* A BARE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at ihe Smithsonian Institute, teur superb PIANOS, which were mad<> ex|?ressly tor th s fair and may Ue relied upon as superior instruments. We wilt dis po*? of them upon very reasonable terms, give any reasonable time on them, divide the payments into small notes, in fact, make any reasonable srn ng? menls to suit purchasers .We have also on hand in store th? largest and mo?t reliaMe n- oriment of Piano* ever itflVred in tbw citv, troji the renowned manuf ctortes of llal let, DaviSj St Co.,Boston,and Bacon h Riven, New York. Old Pianos taken in exchange. New Musk* and an assortment of every article pertaining lo the music trade. 1 8 JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Penna. avenue, near Tenth street, max 13?tf FANCY MILLINERY. ^^^MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and ?is ^^^Bter have opened a FANCY MILLIN-^H^H ?^EKY STuRE on Pennsylvania ave-W^^ ^?*nue, befv*een Tentli and Qeveath -trcet-, south si !e, No. 4T7, and would respectful ly call tl?e attention of the l.tlics ? f Washington :nsl vi;ihlty to their handsome an.i raried 3ssn;uneiit -if .wipbrtea and z. mufactured Milliner.', lattn ?tylft; ' * Vc> rort-, au1 London fas&'ions ol SWlit, ^. k. Crape. Lace, Velvet *rrl wher Bonrect- A1 Q, ind other Cap* A-l onwi*. lu the Milliner? liaf ibgakfuiJy i*ceivcti tiid f9?tftfuii^ attfodsd t#, ikki ?#?i8?* R. H. GULLET, nm C?*.,,,,l#r ** C?W, ""Weace la Franklia Row, corner r./H tad Thirt<?nth etre?t natttg-wem BAXXIHO H0U8K OF PAIBO ft BOURSE nnNns^r1^ UnUed atatet ^'oary. .D and sold an ot,lof purchased t,lr rate of six P*'r renl IM'r on""'" ni ^P0*"* when left for 30 days or longer, jan M?Qui >. OWFK. K. OWKK * ION. -*.~?!?1TAliY AND NAVAL merchant tailors, fEHKITLVAlIU AVENUE, Between Fourteenth and Fifteeuth street*. WASH'NGTON CITY, D C. ueS???.'Ud M"itary Vnifnrm* Sggjfl** OAjlNET MAKER * UNDERTAKES. TIHS undersigned would respectfully"ir.foro bin I hm^*1 40(1 P?blle fanerally I "'brT"s?JZZlTi'l??"?'??? he shortest notlc, and In the h?ct *^nyu.i tanner. Adi* yrettrvtd to th? mtUpnftst wwr* niti twi m (ht Mmof v-tatXcr. fmT0TP? be would rwuectftaMv J0U31*, and will endeavor to merit a eoo*?aaacM o* tt'iL ANTHONY RUOHLY, , ,. I* *7?" ^Md?- f^tweet, ?th and 10th its. I Rw.Jencs: Mr. Martin's, No. Jtfo, D atre?t, f 't6 K?QM (cat ol T th atrest. ?? T7?1? 1 MORE ABOUT LOCKsT JROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE in w^S? _ .>;OD,'M(n|1,y called the WORLD'S r /ilR LOCK, without key or key hole, it the Lock ihat secured Uie outer-doom of the Herring Safe tb?t contained $1,000 At the World's Fair, London, 1851 I it being neceaeary to unlock thin before other locki ui the safe could be unlocked. All parties interested ore referred to the following notice : THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICE. ??uvV,Vbi! day wld *" Metor8- STEARNS fc MARVIN, Manutacturer* of WILDER'S latent (Salamander 8AFES, New York, the Patent right ol "ifoTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK Commonly called ??JONES'^ANTI-GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOL'K." 1 The latter title was acquired in consequence of thii Lock be'"* placed in a Safe at the World's F air, with $1,000 in the 8af?-, to be the reward of anv person who could open the door. The gold remained therein for a period of fom five davfl, whilst ihf visitor* got tired of turning the dials, with jiich |?oor prospect of succcas, the num ber ol changes being 24,300 000? Rankers, Jewelers, and MeruHnts who d-sire to have these Locks upon their doors, can have them by applying to Stearns fc Marvin, No. 140 Water street, who have the exclusive right to manufacture j said Locks in the United States. V W m, . . "EVRY U. JONES. Newark, N..J., January 20th, 1853. % STEARNS k. MARVIN, Sccf.'fsoRa TO Rich !t Co , n,?,.?MLVKMAR A '^A1MAN D ii R I ?A.-LS, combinin-i WILDER'S and RICH PAT BSC*: . S. M. HOWELL, Agent, .ur t - Jim Georgetown, D. C. EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTTO. WE have j-Ht receive,la fre^ lot of PRUNES ! FIGrt, ORANGES, LEMONS, &c. Al*o a ! rase ot SARDINES, put up in superior <tvle. (*ivr m a call and judg** lor yotirM'fve* " fl!V>n,nf?rs';tJ!^1N"'49? ^'Venth J-treet, op:^. f>dd I ellown' Ilall. " N. 11. BaIN, Part'es, and Families supplied on ihe i most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the ehnrt ?rt notice. RYDER k. fl.ANT. mar l?lm v??i A' UNION ACADEMY. (>.rr\*r of fhurUenth ti. *r*L Nrw Yorlc nvrrru*. J P.W m; re j.apilc o*ui b* rw<dTe.d to rnxXs pn ?k. tha limit*-! nuiabsr. Appllcntiio must U m*?Ie soc.n. The dWctplifaa. Ixistruitloa, an 1 roesns of illustntlou are such aa to itieore satisV-torr gre-* in tLcxw vuplia ah?> ai? puartual, rf/alar nud obedient. Circulars &t the Bookstores. 1'f it)?'i?n Z. lilOP ' nT>? iM..' - 11/ A A'C i* *,S, " ?V JEWELRY, SILVERWARE PEARLS. DIAMONDS, FANCY GOODS, 4c. &c. Ai cxtrrmely LOW PRICKS, bv ? CAN FIELD, RRO. it CO., Baluiuore sucet, Baltimore, Md. mar 14-tr PROPOSALS FOR ST AMI' 8. Post rrrict rKPiarvrxT. pRo?0<AI^ wl'l be rjc^ved^atTh's*7l^krtirln^ X unt 1 h* 30t!i d?y Of Msrch nsxt, for fjrn sh ing stamps lor the use of the p >*t offl(-s !n the Uni ted ?ctsa fcr fbur vetrs from .he let dty of Aptil next, wh'n ordered by tte department, of the f !? K> *i?g ilvetiptioos, vii: The nam- of the efflce aid State fn e.irjular ft rm cat from a co id block of hardened ftee'y an 1 cade m such manner as tj aimit of I?tters and fl/urtH to deaiga?ta the ooatb and day, wph ? thuusb aerew to ?<*) such letters and fl^uws in p'ace ? Such st imp, and th? letters c-nitv-si- f the same, to o.? of tbo ramesiss as tbo?e now manufict* r d acd inuss. A turned uahogany handle, rf the s?me Ilka af?*,t-be securely fastened to i he ttmn. Th souths ot ihe Tear abbreviated so ai to con'aia but threa Utter.) of tha Fa pie size mw jn use, and to b> cut Irom solid blocks 'f hardened st?el. Vi*. ures tor the dajl cf the month, from 1 to 31 Inclu sive, to be male of like hard u.ed m-tal, and' cf the six* last iitoreeaid - 1 Alao, 'Uttpa with the words **<1 '-fr^ ? o th- f ?rm of tboM now In uae, with turned ban dies. Also, stamps with figures denoting the rates of poatatfe, and similar to these now la wi b turned bandies. Also, atam^s for foreign mails us^l by the New York and boston offices. Al! of the stamps to l?e mad* of liarleneJ steel. The proposals must a!so contain M-parate bids fir the ci-cu'ar stamp, with the mouths and fieurea Abo, for each svparate p'ec,?, ocn'.alninir the month, sonjistlng of ttree letters A so, for each separate pi ee lor the days of th? month. A Do, for c mp'.ete sets of months an 1 flk- ures Also, for each ?pirate piece, with tho words '?paidn and 4 ftee." Alao, for each separate pi*cs, with the fl7ur:a de noting the rates ol pott ge. Themakiogof the cTit fir? nt eeU will not, bowuver, be g.vea to diff rent contractors, b *t the propt ral for the whole wbicl? Is deem jd moat favorable to th?d?partmest will b' ac oept*d. The dep\rtment re^errea :o iwll the ri,/M to r'jtict all f.-> poeaia if the price ia deem*! #xtrav agant, and also th* right to wespt proposth 'rem tbe same indDLiual or Arm fcr thecircu ar rtamp with namea of months and figures of hard-n-<i at<el. at4 all tbe other 8tamp^ of other mattml if deemed advisable. ' Propose s * ill be r oeivel rnd cona dared fcr all the staapa abore oftii-d to be ccmpo:ed of cthe* material tAaa hardened at?-elj and the >iepar:ment ree^rr?a the r.gnt to accspt such proposal* if it uha 1 be deemed for the interest of the department to do ID. Specimens of the various kinds of s am s required (on stMl.can be seen at the Appointment ? ffi o oi this dep*i tmfiit. jAME j CAUPBKLL, ?ail-Uelw Postmaster General. CUIRLKS HlvKtNS, Architect. {Fa. avert at, hetw:en Tenth am,I Eleventh Urnt,,) WaSHIXUTON, D. C. WILL contince f?, lurnubTlans, detail working Diawings, and speof^il! uu ol build.ngs o: every dcscriptioii.aiid alsro to (AJpenn'end their?rtc lek I ? ? GiOBGE C BiiOOKlS, ?' ami Couaitlior>at?Law, JPPEB MALROROUGH, *? MiRYI Al*!), Will practice in the t 'ourts ot Prince C^orge'N, Cal vert, (;t!arlci< and Sr. Mary's Cwuuliee, and in THE COURT OF APPEALS, Aud five prompt auttniiCMi to the collection of all claim* in either of the alstve Counties, mar 16?dJw LOUDON WALTZ. /"lOMPOHED and dt-dx .tied to Uin ouuj ladies Vji^alwri. Va., ? y prof. J A. Youiif. A very pk?*Tg ?oin|K>ietinii, pai,M*h*d at the Mumc Petm * ia , HILBUB * MITi. ruar 14?if PLRHY'O AHb re,** vju.ow kind? and ?utes, boagh; in per on from ate maker* and w?D<ia(^ii genuine. ** # TAVi^Og, Tmasukt DsPAkTMKirr, March 5, 1&15. Notice is hereby 61ven tolhe holders of Mock of the United State* deecrioed in the fol lowing notice of 3d Janonry last, that for the pur pose nf completing the purchase of the amount therein named, thin department will continue to purchase, upon the term* of mid notice, to the ex tent of the residue ol Hi* sum proposed not yet ob tained? say 3' ,I5S,5r<i 05, II' said stocks are <?flcr?d and received here prior to I lie lirst day of June next: ? Trkascrt Dcpaktmbxt, January 3, 1855. Notice is hereby civen to tlie holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase. at any tiuie between the date hereof and the 1st day of March next, portions of thorn stocks, amounting in the ag gregate to 91,900,U00, in the niarner and on the tc ma hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within tire amount stated, preference will be g Ten in Hie order of time in which raid ??toeks may be offered. Tb? certificates, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are lo'rccei ve the amount tiiereof, must be rnnsn itted to this department; upon the receipt w'mrreof, a price will be (.aid compounded of the following particulars: ? 1. The par value, or at.iount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the s'ock of the loan a'ifhoriz d by the set of July, 1846, redeemable November 1-2, 1(456 ol '2* percent.; on the stock of the loan au thorized by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acta of 1847 and 1848, a d redeem able, the former on tli 31st December, 1867, and the latter on the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the stock of the loan authorized bv the act of 1850, and redeemable 6n the 31st of December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity,) 6 per cent. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the Isi cf January, 1855, to the date of receipt and s?*t tleinent at the Treasury, with the allowance (f<?r the money to reach the owner) of one day's Interest in addition Payment for said slocks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the Uni'ed States, on the assist ?itt treasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties way direct. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actu illy received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st day ^f March next. JAMES GUTHRIE. mar 6?dUuncl Pecre aryof the Treasury. BOUNTY LAND-ADDITIONAL. ALL my old filends for whom I obtained Bounty Land, in less quantity than 160 acres, are In re by informed that their names and a record of the evidence, with tin- dates of tbtir certificates, are on my book, so that 1 cau, with facility, make out tl.eir declarations for additional land. Tho?e who fan - d to obtain any land for want of sufficient service, many of whuui are now entitled to 160 acres, ctn find the time allowed recorded by mc. Others will find it to their interest to call or write, and I ?.* ii| send forms and instructions for reasonable and f:iir compensation. Any old Soldiers, or their Widow*, unaMe to pay for preparing their papers wi I lie instructed gratis by calling at the office JOHN D.CLARK, mar 6?1 in Agent, Washington. D C Unttea State* Patent Office, \ Wauuhotoh, March 9, l?i>5. j ON the petition of Ja?h Purrr, of M tt*a*ua, New V.ri, praying for the extenfion ct a patent grunted to hint on the 10th of July, lei'f tit improvement in ' Key Wranches,'' for *?v?n yrara from the expiration if rsid patent, vi>: h takes place on the 10th day cf Ju y, 1865: It I* ordered, mat the ssld petition be beard at the Patent Office en Monday, the 545th <ay of Jan-', next, at 12 o'clock, m.; and *11 person* sr? not'.V?d to appea: and show cause, if sny they have, wlij said petition ought Dot to be irrunteJ. Persons opposing the extension are required to Lie in the Patent Office their objections, specially 1*4 forth in writing, at least twenty days before the ley of hearing; s.Il testimony filed by either party to ># used at the said hearing must be taken and ii n* in itted in accordance with th* rains of this Oi.icti which will he furnished on application. The testimony in the caw will be elowi on the 16th Jon*; depositions and other papers re!i?*t up on as tetimony must he Qi*l in the ofl? e on or Iw fore the morninif ot thnt day; the aiganient , L' any within t*o days thereafter. Ordered, also, that tMs n?tk-e b? published in th? Union, Intelligencer and Evening 8tar, WasftingU n D. C., PeansyIranian, Philadelphia, IV, Scientific American, New York: and the Port, toitcn, M.;--u onc? * week fbr three successive weeks prevlou. tv the 25th of June next, th- d?v of hearing CHARLES MASON, Commissioner ot Patents. P. 8.?Editorsof the above pape rs will pl?a-e cocf and aend their bills to the Patent Office, with a p? per containing this notine. mar 10?la*;'* FRUIT AND EVERGREEN TREES. Xaa Tlic undersigned has a splendi<t<g^(jj^ Wb took of all the "tandard Fruit Trr.? ? large, vigoroy and thrifty, viz : Peach Trees of very superior quality, all the leading kinds Pears, Anples, Pluius, Cherries, Apricots, Gupe Vim s, kc. GO,COO English Lancashire Gooseberries, the l.irye show kind.-, fine and strong 20,OuO Currants, Victoria, Red and White lurch, Rod and White Grape, Black Naples kc. 10,000 Raspberries, Fas to It), Red and White Ant werp, Die. 1,090 Rhubarb Roots, Princc Albert, Victoria CI: am paiene, fcc. Shade Trees of best quality such as Silver and Su gar Maples, European and American Lindens Luropi an Ash, Mountain Ash, &c. Evergreens in great variety and rarest kinds, viz :? Arancar as. Arbor Vtt?e, Cedrus d? s ? nra, C. Libani, Fnnebral Cypress. CrypComerla. Ja ponica, Tit* Royn Patagonia, Lihroeedrus, Cliilensis, Princes Chimbra, P. excels*, P. Gerardiana, Picca Webbtana, P. pimlrou-, P. Pichta Abies Menzienii A. Morinda, Irish and English Yews, with many otlier beautiful Ev ergreens. all at moderate pricts. JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, corner 7th and 11 sts., Waahiugton. mar 14?eo6t* United Statai Patent Office, WaaaiMOT^ir, March ?, I860 ON the petition of Wiiliam 8 Oioanz, of Haiti mere, Md. praying for the extension of a pat ent granted to him on the 'JOUi cf Mav, IS 11 t? r an improvement in *? Machines for Rivlnc ard Dreesing Shioglee/' for seven years from tb# axpi ratic c of ths said patent, which takes nla:je on the ^Ott: day ol M*y 1855? It is ordered, that the eaid pctiUon be hesrd at th? Patent Office on Monday, the 11th day of Vay, n*xt at 12 o'clock m ; and all peruana arc notified to ?p pear and show cause, if any they have, wby said pt> titioa ought not to be granted Psrsons opiH^eing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, apecially 1 et forth in writing, at least twenty days before the d > of h -arin?; all testimony fll?d by either party to I* os^i at the said bearing must b* taken and tr. n? mitted in accordance with the rules of the off ? which will be furnished on application The testimony in the case will be closed on t' 4th ot May, 1S55 ; depositions and other papers re lied en aa testimony, must be filed in the Office c or before the morning of that day; the argument*, i 1 any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Washington. D. C4 Arjtud Baltimore. Ma.; Evening fipus, Philadelphia, Scientific American, New York once a week for three successive weeks previous t? the 14'.h day ot iiay next, the day of hearing. CUAKLKd MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will pleaae copy end s<*nd their billa to the Patent Office, with a pi* per containing this notice. par!<??lawSw TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS /?Nl? SPOONS, Ac JUST received a large a*M>rtni?rtof superior T? ble Cutlery of every variety. Al>^?, evev st* le of the finest quality ALBA T MIRKS, SPOONS, TEA SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, fce. M. VV. GAI T Sl HIO., 35i4 Pa ave., bctw. t?ih and 10 h *ts. mar ld-tt KAFNICSS ClIKKb?The foil..wing Uk"-n from Scott'a Weekly: DEAFNESS?We undcrrtwnd that the micce=s which has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOl TIC OIL, in cast* of Deafness, has been abtono in?, thousands of |?ersons 1 aving beeu cured. \vlio>< cases were considered hopeless. The calls >or this medicine are from ail parts of the country, it being we believe, the only artic'e betore tlie public for tlic cure of that distressing disease. Be pnrtieutar and buv of Z. D. CILMAN, Wash ington. D. Cm and S S. II ANt'E. Baltiuiore. Md ,oa there is a counterleit article in toe market. I'efe an?*u? TEWARTX SKYI.IOUT DAOUEitLEAN ^ Rood*, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa lvoi.vs, u vrftere U)e public can havetplrndVd pi?tur?take? atmoep re-.s-'naUe prices than at a*ry other roon. Mi tbi) rtiy. call 9sit?A?Upn tireib tut EVENING STAR. LAST H0UB8 OF A SI HOLE GZWTL1M4W. This morning. November 11, at hair past eleven o'clock precisely, an unfor tunate young man, Mr. Edward Pickney, underwent the extreme penalty <jf infat uation by expiating his attachment to Mary Ann Gale, in front of the alta railings of St. Mary's church, Islington. It will be in the recollection of all those friends of the party who were at Jones's, at Brix'on, two years ago, thar Mr. Pickney was theie and then first in troduced to Miss Gale, to whom he in stantly began to direct particular atten tion?dancing with her no less than bix sets that evening, and handing her things at supper in the most particular manner From that period commenced the in i macv between them which teiminated in this'morning's catastrophe. Poor Pickney had barely attained his twenty-eighth year ; but there is no be lief that but for reason of a pocuniary nature, his single life would hare come to an untimely end. A charge for the better, however, having occurred in his circumstances, the young lady's frien<l> were induced to sanction his address?*, and thus became accessories to the course for which he has just suflered. The unhappy young man passed the last night of his bachelor existence in I :s solitary chamber. From half-pa*t eight to ten he was engaged in writing letters. Shortly after his younger brother Henry knocked at the door, when the dooimd youth told him to come in. On being asked when he meant to go to biel, he replied "Not yet." The question w** then put to him, how he thought he would sleep? To which he answered. 141 don t know." lie then expressed h > desire for a cij^ar and a of grt j His brother, who partook of the like re freshments, now demanded if he would take anything more that night. lie sa d 44 Nothing," in a firm voice. His affec tionate brother then rose to take his leavv, when the devoted one considerately ad vised him to take care of himself. Precisely at a quarter of a inmate to seven the next morning, the victim ot Cupid, having been called accoiding to his desire, arose and prompily drefrsed himself. He had the self-control to shave himself, without the slightest injury, fvi not even a scratch upon his chin appeai i d after the operation. It would seem he devoted a longer time than at his toilet. The wretched man was attired in a light blue dress-coat with frosted but tons, a white vest and nankeen trowsers with patent leather br>o(s. He were around his neck a variegated satir. Ktrf which partly concealed the Cor razz io of ihe b?>som. In fiontofibc scarf was in serted a breastpin of conspicuous diinen sions. Having descendei the staircase with a quick step, he entered the apartment where his brother and sister, and a few friends awaited bim. He then shooks hands cordially with all piesent. and on being asked how he slept, auswereJ, "very well!" And to the further de mand as to the state of his mind, he said that he "felt happy." One of the party hereupon suggested that it would bo well to take something before the melan choly ceremony was gone through: he ex claimed with some emphasis, "decidtd Iv !" Breakfast was accordingly serf ed, when he ate a French roll, a large round toast, two sausages, and drank three great breakfast cups of tea. In reply to in expression of astonishment on the part of a pcison present, he declared that tie had never felt happier in his life. Having inquired the time, and ascer Lained that it was ten minutes of eleven, lie remarked that it would soon te over His brother then inquired if he could do anything for him, when he said he would like a glass of ale. Having drank this, he appeared to be satisfied. The fatal moment now approaching he devoted the remaining portion of his time to distribute those little articles be would no longer want. To one he gave his cigar case, to another his tobacco stopper, and charged his brother Henry with his latch key with instructions to deliver it, after all was over, with due solemnity, to the landlady. The clock at length struck eleven, and at the same moment he was informed that a cab was at the door. He merely said?4,l am ready," and allowed himself to be con ducted to the vehicle, into which he got with his brother, his other friends fol lowing on behind in order. Arriving at the tragical spot, a short but anxious delay of some moments took place, after which they were joined by the lady with her fr ends. Little was said on either side; but Miss Gale, with cus tomary decorum, shed tears. Picki ey endeavored to preserve decorum; but a slight twitching in his mouth and eye brows proclaimed his inward agitation. All necessary preliminaries having now been settled, and the prescribed ne cessary formalities gone through,' the usual question was put?44Wilt thou have this woman to be thy wife?' 4 I will." He then put the fatal ring on Miss Gale's linger, the hy menial noose was adjusted, and the poor lellow was lauuch ed into- matrimony I?Punch. Baciiki.ou Oddities.?Some years t?g >, a rich old bachelor died in this ci'y, leaving behind him two dugs. In lis will he bequeathed the dogs to a partic ular friend, and left $2,<X)0 to be appro priated to their maintenance and burial. One of the dogs is dead and buried. The other is still living, though far advanced in age. Half of the money has been drawn, the other half will be paid over as soon as the living dog become? a dead one, and is decently buried. The do*'S Were to be, and Will be, according jC the wiii- buried one at hii lead, Wt other si his $et CkfMlion Advocate, Tire Whitk HotSE.?1The house in which Gen. Washington was married, was in New Kentcouniv, V*., and know a as the White House. It has been donx>' ishci, and a new edifice occupies i's site. A correspondent of the Baltimore I'atriot writes: '?The White House mm it now star is, on a slightly elevated bluff of the 1*1 ? munkey, is the conspicuous object of the country around. The site was selected with that controlling regard for the pic turesque which is the charactcrisic of Eastern Virginia l?ut ihc builuing in its exterior is unpretending -to plainness. A stranger is slow to realize that so rich in historic associations, this is also the mansion oi 8,000 acres, busy with 13<? negroes, and an annual yield of wheat alone, of 11,000 bushels. Yet it is not by the exterior that a stranger is to ju .lge of the Old Dominion. "Washington married at 27. As the widow of John Parke Custis, Mrs. Wash ington was entitle! to one third of thr New Kent estate, and forty five pound sterling, the reinainirg two t: iris bein divided between her two childr n, a sou and daughter?the grandson, ti.Hirgc P. Cu-tis. of Arlington, is th<- pro-ent pro prietor of the White House estate." As a matter of general interest to our readers in tide water Virginia, we w ? i state, in connection with the above no tice, that a line of stages lfW s! ortl v be established on the route betue-jri Rich mond and the White House. '* in-nce passengers can take pass-ige in the \ River steamers for any lan.l;ng m l\: ?>?; and Vueen, Gloucester. Jar:. < ity. V< ?rk, or lor other points aod avoid i'.i .an i about way which they are now : not.I to adopt. In some future number of our paper we propose to embody se?tne facts that we have collected with rtg.u ? : i , country bordering en York li ve. ? \ cannot fail to prove interest im:. ? Licit' moi.d Dispotck. Tub Us cut Laws.? It is Slated that the legislative I Council pa sed a bill intro duce! by the lion Mr. Moore declaring any rate of interest legal and u ?\c? a??1?. The bill, however, does not ex d 10 banking institute ns, corpora.. > insur ance companies, ?V.c. V.en" rii ntsou to doubt ihat the bill wi!' at once bo sanctioned and passed ly the lower House. In the Assembly Mr. Cauchon intro duced a bill to amend the !?; -r al Act reuniing the provinces of ' , ;-er and liower Canada?the Legislative Council bill. He explained that the bill intro duced by Mr. Moriu had bein dropped, and the present was a new bill, luc following were the features : The Legislative Council for the future would consist of 48 elective members, hut the Crown would have created new councillor. The duration <,f the < tti es of these councillors would 1- e fi.: years, l>ut one fourth would go out every two years; in order, however, to s . tt<r t!io representation through the count if. th< y would be grouped in clusters ct u till tire system was complete. The rni|i< r'y qualification would l>c 11 fw>0 : fu rther qualitications were- the same, with exception of the ditlerence of divis; ms. The power of dissolution would lot rc>i with the 1 Government. Trie ak'r to be appointed by the Crown, i.e pres ent men remain in ottice, divided equally between Upper and Lower Canada. T'uv property qualifications for the lower House abolished.?Monlreal Transcript. American* Muskets for Fob sign* l sk. There is great activity at present among some of our American gun manufac turers, induced in part by the w.-r ia Europe. The Windsor <Vt.) Journal says that (he Robbins A, Lawn ice Com pany, of Wiudsor, have just contracted lor the manufacture of muskets to the amount cf some four or live hundred thousand dollars. The coatract is made for a company in Loudon, and ; c arm to be manufactured is the Minnie rille with some modifications. The fulti ment of the contract will require an additional force of two or three hundred meu. The Boston Chronicle has the fallow ing : "Aside from the extensive contract from the English Government for gua machinery, now neatly completed at the Massachusetts Arm's Company's works at Chicopee Falls, we learn that another of our enterprising gun manutactories has lately received a contiact from the same source, for about twenty thousand rifled muskets. The muskets arc ;o be rilled with three grooves, and to catry a hollow conical ball?which makes them, in fact, a modification of the French Minnie gun. A similar mu-oket, or per haps the old pattern altered, will be in troduced into our service." His Tims had Come ?A few yea. s ago, two men of great physical strength were elected to the legislature in one- of e>ur western States, the one an excitable law yer, the other a blacksmith, bat unfor* innately a little deaf. The latter was very troublesome 10 his frienl-. Ilis name commenced with the letter A. He frequently voted wrong, by inisuke, and led others wrong. Bv arian^emcru *\ith the clerk, his name was put down .scooud on the list, and lieing a ?? regular." he submitted, an . voted invariably with the leader that had been made thus uncere moniously to outrank him. One day, lus athletic friend ?iiu hi other legislator, the lawyer, got into "an cx eitiug political debate, the lie w.i j css?d, and in a moment the lawyer had hu# coat off, ready for a fight. This unlegis'ative attitude' {laratysod for a moment the House, which liad become provm bial for order and decorum. Directly, however, tr.ery person's attention was dtawn to the gigantic blacksmith, who rushing up to his rontTade,- exclaimrd, jx?in mg to waids the oth??r side of the "hou ^ ??You fit?* the back seat, aod I'll t?k* it* front." I c4o'i WdeUte, bat I fob* lik* !.b? ? ? i ? ??-? ;*? ?

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