Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1855 Page 4
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t.NING STAR. TEX SOUL-LIT ITS Tlie diamond may -pa/ki*, ? TM' i 11 by may ?liin<', Willi liK'il >'Ml IU?> Ti? their o? ner < divine ; Hut Mier can diamond. i> ruby ' Utvif, In bnliance of lustre, The soul-lit eye. The eye hatli a language. I'botuii voiced it be, That all may interpret To all it is free; Convincing its eloquence, Warm it* appeals, And "wrifti-r than thought To the heart it ?teal*. ? How awful In hatred ! How * limine in lot*-! N"W Hem* a.* tlie tiger. Now mild a? the dove; \ll po^nt its gtanre i?, When- love hatii the .?way-? In a moment we look What an hour could n?>i say ! Mastfactouc of Port Wixb.?A London paper give* the following account of the manner in which port wine is man ufactured: When port is required to be manuiac. tured, two separate processes are deliber ately and systematically gone through: first the wine itself is made, and then the bottles are prepared into which the liquor is to be transferred. When th ? mixture iUelf is deficient in thefragrar cy peculiar to the grape, a bouquet i contnbuied by means of*sweet scented herbs, bv orris-root, elder flowers or laurel water. A vinous order is some times imparted by small quantities of th liquid known as the oil of win*;. Th pleasant juice ol the sloe imparts a port like roughness to the compound, and saw dust or oak bark effect the same purpose A fruit}* taste is given by a tin^uie e ^aisins, and ^rich, ruby color has prob ably once flowed in the vessel of the sad dle wood tree. But the bottles have to be crusteo This is done by tincture of catechu an sulphate of lime. The corks are steepe-. in a decoction of Brazil wood, and the ve ry casks are prepared with a layer o cream of tartar, which is formed at the bottom in glittering crystals. Thus a pipe of port which was young in the morning, is made to fall into extreme old age in the course of the aiternoon. Thess. are no exaggerations, and the following has been civen cs the chemical analysis of a bottle of cheap port wine, though for obvious reasons wesuppress the quan tities:?Spirits of wine, cider, sugar, al um, tartaric acid, aad a deception of log wood. In mosl instances, when the wine is no: manufactured in this country, th? consumer is victimized by a three-fold adulteration. The exporter adulterates, the importer adulterates, and finally the retail dealer adulterates. I'RKADrr l Storm at Naples ?Ther: ba.^ Utn much illness during the winter in Naples, and the proportion of death> wao, for a short time, as great as during th: pestilence of the cholera this last yt-r. Every oae has been attacked by influenza, r.nd several of our oldest resi dents have been taken off" by it. When 1 wrote last. I complained of the wea ther as having been verv cold, and hav ing inflicted-serious damage on the orange crops. I am now writing on the day after the severest storm which has been known here for many year-. It came on the evening of the 14th. fiom the southwest, and raged with the in tcruest fury till the morning of the 15th. In some villages near the coast of the -ea, which rose a^ if impelled by somt subterranean commotion, made a clear breach over the houses, sweeping then out completely of their contents, and uking them off to sea. The early crop-^ have been destroyed, and the oliv*. tree.' have suffered much. As yet we have heard but little ol the disastrous effect.* of ihe storm, but we are fearful that it has occasioned a widespread ruin.?Lo? don Morning Kcics. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS Sa?t?. Leave For Duv ii 1C** Boston Liverpool-Mar. -2 llwaui..?, Ureasen....New York., y^b. i; Atlantic Liverpool...New York..Mar 1 ' Haorc New York..Mar. I Liwarpool Bo* toi Mar. I Vii rica Live rpool.... Ronton .. M ir. 5 3Q^Tlie California nraam leave New York ?i \ i;iu va i s at i^oti'ItTlioiiEi. W illarda1 Hotel?h. a. a r. wrr.i *ar. J s Wvckiiff, NY i; Hunker, Ma*< i- M M'.m>. DSN j ? Brewer, do XV I Later, do f U ClarKe, do C >1 l-auntieroy, do Yfr Hellers, Pa . II llnwtril A lady, Va J Y Paine, do : MaHorv* do w Van Hook. NY l? II Martin X lady, d > #T B.jtierworth do P A Hargoti*. do W M Peck k lady, SY T L Bucknall.dn H l|..vl, pi Br?? na' H?tel?r r. a m. brown. W t Poiau.l, M .? II S Rillingaly, Ga J B Wi Itch' r, do VV A Young, do II Butfln-r, do Mies A Young, do J Van i ren. jr. Va ? Mis- S A Yuuiic, d?, rf '? Sharpe, Mrt W A Tnompeon, M?l J II M .an, Ala T E Ballar,!. \ r\ c King, NY Dr lloruer, Pa J* H llopkuis, >Id li S..ul? r?,u, t'SN W II Pye, do P J ,?.ut m I i.Jv \ i B N F rgu-' n and fady, (i W Wee?i?, Md ij,'1' J S W' r^Il, jr. U>i L TitTarij,?? i A Mor.elu-, J C. Il-rral.r Ten.i L X Wilt.>nf Mull 1J J xtk. W K Tnrall, O ?. \ an Winkle, do Col Merrick, Md Col \ Brewer, Md R Vas?., NY F Peter?, do National Uotal- g n. wunau Jrw,!w"T Jy Md v v R Wootto", Md Or W K Klnott. NY' F Sanger, .*,> V a^S: Pa A F u.l?,M^erfc brother, JV J ,K ? A 1 larling. N Y U , P II l>eor(? x lady, NH n H f' l?it?f-. Md J Perry. Ik; /. Berrv. ir, do J H buaar a l.dy, M j \ Clunr Va P t.Tj?<aeu, NY II * Bell, do A (' .aiming, Md J Learv a fauuly, NY W S >1 ridge, do J o Row, NC Maj ' r-K^nm, ISA Z Sa?-c?rr, jr, Md J L M, Run, Tenn J A l>all, lud T J Carter, III W R Ward, Mv, Klrk^ood Hoim-j. h. a a. ataawoi.D. J Thoro, iv,ba P l)olman, NY \VvJ'Lb,U' R T M l? irra,cti, do a Ke,UIIll< k. Va J Loudoii a Mm, Pa ?e i' ^r,r-' ^ J ^ Killing** ortii, do ' L arn.u., NH N P tau-in, DC Vvion cr**la* Lt Van R Morgan, IJSN j f| Houl-i. c. hackbut. J "wank do B Martin, Nj r Hhuitx," uo \v w U,lihklMir"' v* r < I'Bnen, Irvltind Graham, do Camion Ai?xtu4rl. v a. ibwto*. raoeaiaioa ^ JWDuna.Te, r KmTNi* F Lewis, Va E P Ta>l<H \ a T L Hal lord, do Mi#? E i lark P? K F Ro?-, do Mi?. Selluiaa, do W J Greea, d'> P I'ruwdale, Maw W II llulaney. do E Berkelev, Va Caw r Kandolph, d?? ?.*o| S Tebbjijdo T A*hby. do 8 j Astiby, do ? S Aphliv, do J L Adams, do ? ?.S>lunj- ^ K A Freeman, da K II Ihilaoey. d.? j Towlea It lady, du Dr B -fiumaia do J A MeClnaf. do ?- Tnzi' , rt Me Will Inn o' J? hanon, do j i%rk-on D( Rev P B Sale*, do j h PoJ\d GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. JOU^ M&llLi t>eg* u> announce that h* hai? ju?t completed hit supply of the above, aH carhfully BHecten trom the stocks of the best growers in Eng land and the Continent, vix: Prince Albert and oth er early Peas, early short lop Radish, Early York, Large. York, London Market, early Battersea, Shil lings Queen, Flat Dutch, Drumhead and other very choice Cabbages; Purple Cape Brocole, Cauliflow er, Lettuces, Onion*. Beets, Beans, Carrot*, Pars nips. Coles' Crystal White Celery, Savoy's Leek, Turnips, Cucumbers, Melons, Tomattos, lierb* Ac. with all other vegetable seeds iu great variety, com hprying the wull tested standard kinds with the new varieties, superior in quality, and economical in price,to which he respectfully calls the attention ol tho-n; who require a real ge s ulne article. His I0112 expeiience in the ?eed tra'le fullr Justifies l^im 111 divine that hi< seeds cannot fail to give great satis- ! taction. Flower seeds of the rarest and choiccrt kinds, sc looted with great care and what are specially suited to ibis climate, are offered in single packets or co! lections, at very low rates. # Market Gardeners and others are respectfully in vited to inspect the seeds and scale of prices. Catalogues can he had on application. Seed Store, corner 7th and H streets, ma- 14?eo6l* %K W POSTAGE ACT. notice to the public and instruc TH??S TO POSTMASPERd. N OTICE is hereby given that, agreeably to nn act of Congress approved March a, !?&>, the lillow ing rales of postsge are lo be charged on av.( u'tcr the jirti day of ~ipril next, in lieu of those now C tablisbcd, to wit: On every single letter conveyed iu tin- mail be iwren places in the United Status, for any distance noc exceeding three thousand miles, three cents;] ?.id for any distance exceeding three thousand miles, ten cent". I'rom and after the first day of April pr*-payni?*iii >11 letters is required?excepting upon such a* are -o or from a lorcum country or to officers 1 f 1 he '?'> vcrnme.nt on official business. The Irahkthj i<i>.ilege remains unchanged. ?rt>ifi anil auer the lirst day of January, eighteen hundred and fifty Ox, postmasters are required to ] I' tee postage stamps tipon all pre paid letters oa vinch *uch stamps may i.ot have been placed by the writer-;. I.y the 3! section of the act the Postmaster Ger.e ? ?it is authorized lo establish a u.siiorai system f>>rj "lie registration of valuable letters. This provision o, the law will Iu; carried into effect, and special in s?iactions therefor will be issued to Posta*asters as >jn as the necessary blanks can be prepared and . tnbute.l JAMES CAMPBELL, Postmaster Gen*1. Post Office De artment, Marcli 9,1853. mar 10?JtawtA prill WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Office Washinoto* Ah kpcct, ( Wa hingtou, VI a re h 7, 16o6. / POPOS.V.S are invied for gradu ttion, stone itid Inick maso.iry, dams, tuuuels, and other] <>ork* of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to Uie tfth of .May Will be ? *,??*ned a'. 11 ?on of that day. Maps, pmfiies. an.I specifications of the work \v:l. I v r. idy for examination on and alter the lOth t uy t April neit. Proposal* will be received for the work of parti 11 ir culverts, prunes, &.C-, as described in the p! n :id specifications. Port">11- <?uly i.f aoini: ->t thu works can be ruin >'?-ted under the present appropriation, but aM ihe uitracts for unfinished work will he Mibject to in ure appropriations by Congress. The Eriginet 1 re ?ervf the nght to prescribe the umount of work to he done and ri.te of progress under such contract for < ach appropriation, and, in ca?e <4' the appro iriation not liobling out sufficiently, to deride tvneu and what works sh-JI be slipped until funds bcorue available. Iu can of the en'ire stoppage ol any pa-'icular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per e< nt will be p tid, if, in the judgment of tiie Engineer, the work lus been properly executed to lar as it t<:?s gone. pSyuienta will be made in specie checks upon the United State* Treasury, upon ..Ue monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will be a condition ofall contracts that the workmen shall t>? pai i their lull wages monthly and in specie. All bids sh uld he -ealc-4 and endorsed "Propo als tor work on the Washington Aqueduct." The United States reserves the right to reje< t an . or all the bids should they not he deemed advan tageous, aad to make such arrangements a? 11 .>j be considered most conducive to the |<rogre*s ??; the work. f Every offer must he accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by one or more responsible p>*r sons, to the effect that he or hey unde>take lliattbe bidder or bidders will, li'his or their hid he acc? p:erl, enter into an obligation, within ten days, with good and sufficient sureties, tor the completion 1 I the ivork undertaken; ?a:d guarantee to be accompanied b? the certificate of the United States district ju t United States distuct attorney, navy agent, 01 mmii officer of the Genersl Government or inuivi tu j known to tne Engineer or Department of War, > t the guarantors are able to make go??d their guarantee. Form of Guarantee. To Capt. M C Meig-, U. S. Engineers: We, the undersirned, residents 01 , in tie State ot , hereby, jointly and severally, eove uaut with th? United Slates and guaranty, in e is.* uie foregoing bid of Ik? accepted, that lie < r they will, within ten da s alter the acceptance ol *aid bid. <?* :ciitc a con'racl for tiiu same, with *'?od and sufficient sureties, to perform the work or furnish the arucles pro|iosed, in conformity to ih< ?? rui- of the advertisement utid< r which it was made; and, incase the taid should fail to enter into rfontrae- as aforesaid, we. guarau'y to make go id the difference between the offer by tin siii! and the next lowest bidder. \. H. C D. 1 lien by c? rtify tint, to the best of uiy knowledg* anrt belief, the above named guarantor* ar? pri.-d aud suflie tent. E I' VI. C. MEIGS, (.'apiHiu of Eugincers in Charg<. mar 7?cct dayfikwtf HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY OF NEW VI?RK. Ei C. SPALt'l ?.( Wa>hiniton, Agi nt 'I?IIE Howard Life Insurance Company, p is, 1 ing an ample capital, and every taeilitv i-?r > t tending its opi rations Ufn.n tne most secure ba>is, make? every insurance against Life Risks upon the most fhvorable terms. Parties insuring upon the mutual plan a?' enti tied to a pro|M?rtioriate share of the profits ; or ii|>oii the joint stock plan by which they pay a low er rr.te of preiniimi, but do not share profiH. * Policies are granted cither for life, or for a limited period The Howard commends itself to person- in ;dl stations, but especially to every head of a fan 11 y. Military or Naval Officers off r-r on duly m v be insured in tune o' peace. Persons in-urcd in ibis (Company have th'* privi lege of crossing Ihe Atlantic, to port < in Europe, at all seasons of the ye;u w.; unit extra premium. Special permits for Calrorma, Austrnlia, or the San<iwicW Island-, at a rcrtuced rate ol premium. I iffiee No. 33^ North D street, one door-ea^-i ot TcnUi uiar3-colm m m (""kFEITE No 51/4 Seventh street, three doors ) from Odd Fellows'Ilall. SPECTACLES and GL V^SES suited to every >ight, on a true aud -et entilic principle See circulars, to lie had at Hie office. f'.h lm? PROPOSALS FOE OIL FOR LIQ'iir.HOD8LS TREAPUllY DEPARTMENT, ) Ol -IOK l.tOHT 1 lot'sK Bo*r:>, V March 10. Ib55. ) ^EALED PROPOSALS v. ill be received at ih's ' O office until 1 o'cloc k, p. m , on Momiaj , the *J)S|h day ot March instant, 1?5, for supplying the light-houx );?tablishuiint with five thousand (5,(00) gallons best quality spring strained ?'perm eil, n slroujt, -in.ii ir<>n Ixiund casks, 111 prime order, frt e from leakage, c it at mug trom thirty to lorty gallons each, and not exceeding an average of thnty-fivo gallons each, to be delivered on board of a ship at the city of New York within ten days alter written eotice jo thr contractor shall have been received I > iiuu, free of charge, other thau Uie contract price, to the United States The oil contracted for undsr th? foregoing propo ses to be ?ubjected lo the u-<ual tests ot specific gravity, temperature ot which it will remain limpid, by burniiur an-i such other means as may be thought prop ir by the person or persons to whom tha duty may be a?stgtied by the Light-House Board, before | it will be accepted. All tests and inspections to I e made ptiorto the transportation of the oil from the contractor '? warehouse or other place of deposite. The oil to remain limpid at a temperature of 40 degrees of Palm nheit or lower. All bids must be sealed and endorsed i4 Propo als lor (Jil lor Light-liOMstt"," and then piar**4 in an othsr envelop"- and directed to the Secretary ot the l.iaht-llouse Board, Washington, II. C. The board, under the authority of t?e department, reserv- s the ngl t to reject any hid, though it may be the lowett, from other considerations than its amount. Ey order of the Ligtit Aouse Board : THORNTUN A JENKINS, mar 13??oc?mar Secretary. LAW PARTNERSHIP. SI'PREMEl'OURTOFTHEUNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKSR and LOUI5 JANIN have lorrorvl a c "rsirmenihip under the name <n Walker and Jjmin,"li?r the argument of cas-s id lb* ^apteme Court of the United States, at W1- I1 ?ngton chy, whrie both will atte nd throughout the IViinre Missions of that court. They ma* be addressed at Washington, N. York, '* Ns* I Means. Jan ll?rota* 4 MEBfTAN TLaR HOOKTIFTIUrS and An f\ enal of Srienti"'* orery for 183T., 1 volume . , nT"''1 * itAttCE TATT. OB. fate i? 1 PROPOSALS Ton KAIL BAGS. Porr Orrtc* Drpartwckt. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at tins Department until 9 o'clock a. m., of the 23d of April next, lor furnishing for four years from the l?t day of Jaly next, in such quantities and ai ?dc!i times aa may be required and ordered tor the mail service, mail bag* of the following descripuon to Canvas Mail Bags. Size No. 1, (43 inches in length, and 62 inches in circumference,) to he made of cotton canvas* weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width ? tivVi^" 01 lhC ftbric 10 '* douWp<l and twisted and' Size No.9, (41 inches in length, and 48 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvai-s, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first size of bags. Size No. 3, (32 inches in length and 38 inches in circumference.) to be made of cotton canvass wcighniir 10 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width' and th cloth to lm woven as above described. Hie canvass bags of sixes Nos. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufiiciei t number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their Boutin. All are to be well and distinctly marked " U. S. Mail," and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. Leather and Canvass Vouches. Size No. I. 18 in. in length, and 60 in. circumfereticc Size No. 2.41 do do 48 do Size No. 3. :*6 do do 42 do Size No. 4.36 ?!o do do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The body of the leather (touches id to be made i?f good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, weigh ing lor Nos. I ami 2 not less than 8 ounevs, and for the smaller not less than 7 ounces to the s<|. foot; the bottom and llap to be o( good skirting leather, well tanned, and the >ame to be well anil stro .gly secured with the best iron rive s, wril tinned. The canvass pouches arc to bo made of densely woven Canvass, s as to resist water, or at least equal to that of which the pouches now in the service are made. Ls-alhtr and Canvass Horse-mail Hags y (in eaddle bags form.) Size No. 1. Body 43 inches long, and 42 inches in c?rcunif< renee at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of * me. 44 by 26 inches Size Nn. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 36 inches in circumference at the widest parts; ends or bottoms of some, 12 by 24 inches Size No 3. BoJy 42 inche* long, and 32 incites in circumference at the widest part?; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bap- are to be made oi good and substantial hag leather, well tanaad, ami v. wishing not less than / ounces to the square f?Nit i seams to be well and strongly sewed ; or it" rivetted, to be ?o dons as not to chafe the hortcor rider. The canvass horse mail bags are to be made of t!ie same quality o[ fabric as tUe pouches above de HcnW. Canvass and Leather Drop-letter Pouches, (with side pockets.) Siae No. 4. 30 in. in length, and 36 in circumfercnce Size No. 5. 2b do do L'unvass \ririjnifxnr Mail Baz?. Sue No. I, (48 inches in length and 62 inches in ori iun!i.'r? DC?i,) to bd made of ooiton canvas* h iglitng at le.-ut 15 ounce* to the yard of 22 inches width; th- yam of the fabric to be doubled Sind t? i-ted and five-fold, and the ba*^ to be s? constructed a* to ix locked and to have n handle at eacii end. Size No. 2, (41 inches long and 48 inches in cir euiuh renee,) to be oi the same material and man ncr ol construction with size No. 1. Proposals for improvements in the construction of j any ol the above-described mail-bags, nr in the lua jterials thereof, ire invite); and the relative value and a-laptatioii to the service as well as price of such improvement will be considored in determin ing the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with s.miple* of each article bid for, ihowina ibe contraction,ijualuy of materials, and workinan s.up proposed, and also with evidence of -the coiii |ietei?cy and ability ot the htdder to execute the work according to contract. The specimens niu-t he delivered at the Depart ment on or before the tOA daycf April next, and will in connexion with th? prc-smi* ,-ym tic bas s of the contracts. Speelawim dep.*., ed by ludd?i which may with safety and cvnvanicacs be used it. the mail service mil be p*'<j fur at t>e rates rre (sised by them. A dnsion onjhe bids will be made on or before Ui? fir t day of May neTt, aad the bidder or bidden chosen will be required to eater into contract on ?n helore the 15th .lay ot Jcne neat, with bond and ? ulficicnt sur-tics lor a fiuUfw Kifomm c<" thf ojligatious as cu:err*i isso. All the urticfes eortracted for are lo tx- delivered ? the contractor's expense, at H?*ton. Masaachu Vork and Brfak,. N. V.; Philadelphia a^d Pittsburgh, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.: Wellington D. C.;Charleston S.C.; Augu^UuGa.; Montgomery A a.; New Orleans, La ; Nasft^Je, Term.; !,oUi ville, Ky.; i incinnati, Ohio ; and St. Louis, Mo., <r i such quantities and at such times as the Denart nienl mav require ; and thev are to be rigidly in spected before delivery, and none arc to be rer.eivec aril b*'? ,B,er'or specimens or stand To enable bidders to estimat- ihe numl>er of ?|,? diflerent kinds of mail bags which will probably b< ! r /iwred, thej are informed that there were fur mshed for the use of ,he Department, during year which ended JO li June last 2 135 leathci mail* baprt ? canvsUHPr?uc''?? 5 450 leather hor-e " ISTma^fb^ h?r!,,i U,a" ba3'; and 17,IK The projwsalsshomd be endowed ? Pto^mU toi General. ? JAMES tJAMPBELfj jan 15?lawlgw Postmaster General. beautiful wiiite teeth II KAiMh Y?CU.M8'ANrIA hukkt breath All who are desirous of oliiaimni; these bene (in, s ould use ZER MAN'S CELEBR \TPr I i?n?. I lVA!<11, "UK df,,'c'"us arucle combine ? fl!1! arr*S "'at It has now bt I v ru p}?! * , ,Uv?r?tc With the Citizens o? N. w rk, Piiiiad'-lphia and Baltimore. Dentists ore Ncribe It ill their prac:icc most successfully 'an, ?warded7L-?,,rCe ^ ?r< , rilrj'i11hu1.?11,1 Uewlin? *U," J humcliately lH-u ? nt ed by us use; its action upou them is'mild s.K>thing and effwtive. It cleairses tiu- teeth j thoroughly, that they are made to rival pearl ir whiteness, and diffuses through the mouth siirh f delight! ul IreshnesH, that the breath is rendered ex quisitely sweet. It dismfe.Ms all tt.ose^in,mint.J, which tend to produce decay, and as a couseouenee It ia used and recommended by all the eminem Fl'AN,'rd ZERMAN, Drugcbi ^i?h . a"'1 ^'hanne streeu, Th'la de pb.a, and sold by all Drn2!r,sts everywl,?n , af '* an I?' Z1'- ? W- ? ?'".LmTn, jau 17-3m Agent for Washington Cay. REexf?ther ar^r* VaFor ok T1,t ''AM t.K SIKLKr, M. E. C'HITItnr * r.nfot^yto ^ r MdlT"' ^ and ladies of high M inding of our .'?wn wed kn? LI Men,. '??. ' pleasure in saving to you that I havn u<u>j your "ilauipton's Tincture'' wuh very i^reat rrofit I WnOUl't ,r0*1 my general h l/th I lad betome very much impaired, wh?>ii I com ir? eir ,10 "se 4' "amplan's Tincture." | found '< effect* up.,, ,?y general health most ?ihita?y - JS'i" 3; 7."? d,?w"' ?ii? lriin''i-V?naeVPraI recommended it to my IrMnds, and in every ease, as far a> I have been in form?*d, they have use it with success. Your* tmly, L?"AHAH,Pas|Or i?f Lxeter st., >le. Chircli/Baluuiore. i bleedinc; of the lungs. * uZtZ."-c-Pf6-'"?? I thal r,ut aeo k ?> a severe hemorrhage of the Luit^s and had four attacks of it I was advised to trv IiT larripton'a Vegetable Tincture I procured" one to aJloersoiis alni^P"' reco,"?" the Tincture iu aii persons alfhcted in uiy war. 0Ur"' Geo. W. Wkaklkt. CURE FITS?READ ! respectable Dn^r'n^u^ C^|^.?, the .. ? ^HABf.tsTOM, 8. C. Sent. 21 lfii.1 mmmm ami 'see^ur^'of rrf"?.PnH|cnitis, Rheumatism, Neuralina riv? pt.[>sia, Nerrousnehs and General ' i y ilune5SS??.inC ?r for deUc*tc chiJ^?n we "believe Sold by MORTIMER fit MOVVRRA v is., n .. town; and C. C. Utnav Aietinf^? Ct Geoige flats everywhere. ' l*n?l'?af and bv Drug ?^ i<;b 21 ?-tr pUTNAJft MAGAZINE for March. tavt.of, TKAVELr.KS' ' IKKirtoKY Mott BedeU a Lin*. jBk NYHr YORK .ALEXANDRIA, WASHINGTON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. mills} LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY 1 from pier 14 East RJv^r, New York, and oflener iFnec?*#safy, and are computed ot (tie following flrst Cla.*- vessels: i*rw srhr. A. V. BoteU, B?'deM, master. Now schr. Mott Hedell, A. V.^Tredwell. Sclir. Ann D., Win. Oliver, muter. - Sch'. folani, L. A. Smith, muster. Schr. Command rrin-CJutf, VVogl ui, uia-u:r. Schr. Greenway, Wilson, master. The* vessels are all fa.-i sailer*, and ti:c master, men of experience in the trade, and the ouly regu lar line ol Washington City packet*. MOTT UK ELL. Wall street, N. Y. 8. 8. MASTERS fc SON8, Alexandria, Va. T1I0M \S RILEY, feb 1??ra , Washington and D. C. CBOHWKIT-'S BALTIMORE STBAMSH[P LINE BETWEEN NEW BALTIMORE * BOSTON, WILL i<is|?tch a Strainer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week from Borton to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line afford* unequalled facilities to the bun new men of the District of Columbia. The Agent* at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates oi freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freifht promptly attended to by the following agents: % A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange PI <ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL. Comer Washington and Albany *>u., N. Y. J NO. W. SCHANK, jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIliKOAD. IMPROVED Alt RAN ? * M e.NTS FOR TRAVEL! IMPORTANT LHANQK3 OPSCHMDUDE!! rh.nwBwn The Iste completion of tb 3WI<8H^^^B|yC?ntrftl Ohio Railroad between Wheeling and Columbus, uniting, u U doep, I y ?o short and direct a line, tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the W?*?t (an-) North and Southwest,) gives this rMi'e er?\tly 'n'nwi airantages to throo^b ir. ihH< direction. On and arer MONDAY, * ? e7. 18S4. the trains will be run ss foil'* FQRTIIR'U.;!! ViSlt5 Two fast trains d?si:y wil i. ? iti First?Tbe MAIL TTiAl'.. ' ^g Camdca Station at 7 a. m., inntend ot i . Vloc* hin.eretofore, (exoept on Sunday,) and arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m. Second?The EXPRESS TR4IN, leaving at 5 p m , ia'tead ot at 7 p. m., as heretofore and mnnlug tbrough to Wheeling In about 17 hours, reach! ig there ?t 10 25 a. m This train w;ll rtt p at Wash* ington Junction, Sykesville, Monocaey, H?rper's r rry, Martfnfburg, Sir JobnN Ran, Cumberland, Piedmont, Rcwlejburg, Newburg, f-tterman, Fsrm ingtoo. Csmerou and Moundsrille only, tor wood aud w&ter erd meals. Both tL^e tralc* risk* prompt e.nd regular connection with th? oars of tt.. Central Ohio lload for Cambridge Z"?n?rvllle, New ark, Coluiabu.% Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Sandusky, Toled?, letndt, Indianapolis. Chicle, 3t I/ouls.etc. Pawengers leaving Haltimore by the Mail Tr*'n; will reac Cincinnati f?<r dinner next dar, while by the Kxpre** Train they arr ve th?i<? at 12 tbe nest night, l*dng t.ept but one nigbi r.n the route by eith?r t.-ain Passenge.rx for tbe Nor'hwe't viaCleve'and and a'.l intermediate p-oiots can make a direct rrnec tion with he trairu upon th* Cleveland and Pitts bunt Railrord at all times whei tL?* Ohio is naviga ble f>- st?amvrd between Whoellng acd Wellsvllle, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 ?. m. P.etorrlog, the Trains 1?ave Whee.lng as folle*?: The KXPKKSvS TRsIN at 4 JO p m., reacbini? ?al ticore at 9.50 a. m. The MALL TRAIN at 11.46 p. D . recrhiug Ba timcre at m 7 p. ?^?Th'-rnffh tlcVett by br>nt from Wb*?Mng fvr Clieir-nati, Midis^n Louisville, ftt. Lruis aM other River cities, ?i'l no'd at a 1 times when the stsge Of WH??r will admit. Through tirkets between Baltimore and Wafraington, and all tbe important citiei and t^*m. in the W^at, ?ire sold at the Ticket Off.ces rf tbe 0 mpsny. FOR WAY PAMKN^ERB TH5 MAIL TRAJ*. ??avin/Oi?ridea StaHon v.iil take p*es?nR?-r8 f t ^11 tbj- u*ui?l stopping pljv-e- on the Road Retumina, ihi? train leaves Wh^elini at 11.45 midnight. Cum.berJurd at 10.15 a. n . an t ?rrives at Baltimore nt 7 n id. TIIE PRtfDEHlCK ACCOMMODATION TP. A IN, fbr Frederick and iot'-medi .te ilaces. %ri'l s'art at 4 p. m., dally, (except Pun ayr) arnv^ng in Freder ick at 7.40 Re'nro'.ne * ill leave Freder!ck st 9 a. m . aniriog at baltimor? at 12 30. <->nnn TUB RLIJOOTTd MILLS A<XX>MMODATTON will be ran daily, (except Sun>iavn,) as followM : I .en re Camden Station at 6 a. m. snd Leare Jtllicot'.'s Mills at 7.30 a. m. and 6.39 p. ns WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILRO AD. TRAINS IvCN AS FOLLOWS: IE AYR dally, ex-?pt Sunday, at 6 and ? a. m J at>d 3 and 6 p n. ? On Sunday at 0 a m f.n l 5 pm. Leave Baltinnr? at 4^ and 0 ? m; and 5 c-vl S p B. On Sunday at 4V a m and S p m. The ccnnr<cticn? with Baltimore A Ohio Ra Iron; fbr Ike TTest an by trains leaving at 3 a in and I P **? For lUls.delpbJa and N?w Ycrk at f, and an and 6 pm. For Annapolis at8Sacitnd6pia. For NcnoUt &t 3 p m. T. H. PARSONS, Agent Particu'ar atteotion Is '-^lled to the Rule reqair lng a responsible voucher lov any person of caloi who muv wl-h to pass ov .r 'he road. ? dec 13?dtf 0RAHUK A5D ALXXANDEIA EAILB J AD On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, WHS Oars '.eave Alexandria daHy for Qoplone X and iuterta*di?te stations at 7 if o'clock, a. m., on the rorival ot tbe boat from Washington giving ample time for breakfast on board O n naetla^ at Mac was .lunct,au with a train for Str?s burg, at Warren ton J d otlon witb a train for W ar renton, and at Qordonsville witb trains on t'n Virginia Central Railroad for Ri hra^nd,Chariot:* s villa, ?nd dtaumon The cars te* ve OordonevlUe daUy for Alexandria and iatermediata stations, at before 12. a. nu. or tbe arrival of the trains of the Vlr^iola Central rail road from MicLmond. CUarlott?wrill?, and Staunton THROUGH TICKKTS. From Alexandria to Warrentpn $2 00 ?? 44 Gordongfille............. 3 50 " . " Charlottesville 4 26 M " Staanton 6 CO " ?' .^Iraebcrg - S 1.0 " ** Lynchburg fl 76 " ** ^Vlnchester 3 bO 4- " l.uray 4 26 " u U >w Maiket ...5 00 " 44 Middleburg 1 46 K?r Lynchburg, c^nncct'og with tbe ctsgee at Chart tter.vllie, oh Mondays, Y/e-lnesdsy^, aad Fri days Fnr Luray and New Market, eonneot<ng r;ith the s acor. at Cnlpever, ou Tueadayp.Tboredsys, sji4 Sat urday Fnr Winchester daily, wiv'a th?> ttagei at Pirtdmf it For Miudlebarj < * llli the ttagee at the Plaint. Per order: V?. I) 0 i- IlETT, Agent dov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. round trip $1; from AIox ar.jrii 75 eent^.- The THOMAS COLLYKR leavei Wasbinpton at 9 and Alexandria at 9S* o'clo-k. (Jodcb#-* leave tbe Ctpitol lor the boat at 8Ja c'rlk. Crich ti? ?0 cents. Persc.i-4 vi.i^tng the Coaches will leave thflr re#J dsnce with (Je,o. =t Tho?. Parker. Itefraobnents on tJie boa*. Oct 28?dtf SAM'L QEDNIIY, Capt THK HEW YOUR * LIVKRPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. THE SIIIP3 COMPRISING THIS LINE A TIB 1 Y IIK ATLANTIC. Caj?t. West PACIFIC, Cant. Nye, BALTIC. CapL Cerastosk, ADRIATIC, Cap:, draitou. These shijw have be*?n built by contract, evpreef ly for Government service; every car? b.i? be*n taken in tbtiir wnstrueMon, as in the Rtigmts to ins ire strength and speedy and their acccmmoda tl^ns fbr passengers sre unequalled for eleganoa and comfort Price of r?a*aga from New York to LiT^rpord, in first cabin - .$120 Second Cabin 70 Kxoloalve use of extra dae state rooms 300 From Liverpool to Now York ?M and ?20. _ An experienced eurf -vm attached to each f^hlp. No berth oan be secured until p^td for. For freight or pa*??*e apply to EDWARD K. OOLL1NH 4 CO., M Wall str??t. Ne t York. BR3WN, SUIPLKY A CO, Liverpool. E. O. ROBERTS A CO 13 King's Arms Yar-L London. JOHN MUNROR A OO, 26 Rue Notre Dame dee Yictoireti, Paris. GEO H. DKAPkK, Havre. The owners of 'ne** ships will not b* acornotabla for gold, river, bullion, specie, jawalry, precious atones or mstalt, unless Mils ef lading ar* h?ga?d thersior, ac i me Tiiae tfcsreof thsrsln nor !??dip } NAVY SUPPLIES-:185&-,56. N att DruininT, Enrafcu of Prenatal* anl Clothing March 16. 1st !< SEPABATB rR0r0ML3, sealei *od eulorwd "Proposals for Buppliea," will te ??? ri-vrt it this Barai until 3 o'tlnel p m , on flat ?r '*y r. ? 14th * ?' Of Apt?I ?ext. for furnUhlcg ?n?t Cil ve ? in# (ob rMtivinf t*>* d?y tottc^ except for MJtuitf f r which flt? &?yf ?(ti ?ibtD be |lt*i !? r y tventj thousand pound* saquired) at Uw U al t ?-d EU**e navy-yard# at tb?il?:owm, Mamyhu rt?s, Broklyn, N?w York, and Oi?I? t Virginia, wi--h quantity*. cn/y cf th* ftflowinf articles as uj ?? require*! or ordered from th? extractors b> ?? c chief of this hirwit. or by the r^-p* ctive ccmin-n^ log ofleM of the Mid Mtt-yir^ during tbe k.i! J Mr nding J #m 30,18W, 111: Flour, bifcolt. whiskey, wg**, toe, ?????* ***? molaseee, vin-|*r, tickle*, be?na and d ried ?PPj?f The flour sb?n bs superfine, and of the mannftc tare of wheat grown la the jmt or l?4*; but shall in *11 n*e? ? ? manufac'urwi from wheat o the crop immediately preceding the datee of the re qu oitWn for the aame; shall beprfeetly sweat, ard i i 11 respeeta of the beat quality, and 'hell be del it er:d ia goo i thippiu orr'er, freeo' all charge to to* Un.ted SUtes in the beet new, wall-eeaaone?, aoun l ., I right barrels, or half barrele. as the eeM may be^ I, th- stavM and heaTOgs to be of whl e eak of the |, best quality, strong ?ud wellT?roped, with lin ng Lo p' ar ucd each bead, end equal In aca:ity t<> I m np1? barrel at *a:d o?t? yard*; two half barre's to U- ooiibliered aa * bar"!, end not more than ore sixth the requt'ed quantity to be 'n bal barreli Th bi*cuit>-hall D- made vhclly from sweat ru j erflae flour, of the manufacture cf the year 1864 or 186 but shall in >1 r?M be manufactured fiom II ?ur made of the crop immediately pnoed'n/th ? da'es cf the requUitioa* f>r th- Mme: end sh?h I e folly equal it. quali v, and conform in aiae a*d Kbapt to ihd s?mpl?e which are d?poait?d in tl? nald nary yard; shall be pr perly baked, tb?rong ly kiln dried, well pae' ed, and delivered fre* rf charge to tb* United ."tate-. io good Kuid. w? ? dried, bright fl.MK berr-la, as aho*e deecri'ed with the head wel' recur d; or ia air and water<i;^ t whiskey or eririt barrels, a', thetption of the hu reau. Th* wh skey shal be mad* whol'y from gra v ound end merchantable. >d lis t) ty per ceo - above proof aec.rdinc to the Unit-d -tatM ouatom. houee standard. It shall be de'*eer-*d in good, t?-w s-T.d, brfgh , three qu r'Ti ho- p d, well seas u?d white o ik barrels, with white e*k heed', the beads to be made of three pi*ee b-adi - g and well paint- d; tne starM not to be less than 5* >neb thick, Mid the h?at* not less than % inni tbt k ; and ?acb bsrn l gh*.l beooopered i- addition, wit* on?three-p? ny iron-ho-'pon eachbilg"' 1V$ icohin widti,and 1-10 i inch tbi'k. and on. three-peony hoop on ee h chime, 1 * inch in eidth, a' d 116 h inch thick, r.s p? r diagram lhe whole to b- pot ia gocd ah i pin* order, fr^e of a'l chargo to the Uait d Statea. the siwer shall be aocordlnjr o sampl s ittbi raid naTy yards; attd be dry and fit lor pickiui. The tea shall be of goo. quality Young Hyscr, rqusl to the > <imi>!a.- at said navy yard*. ; he orffeefha l be he best . uba, accorJicg to cample Tbe rio> shall W of the e*ry b-st quality, snd ( f | the crop n^me tatelr pre.el'ng he da"*s of th.- r qufcitfon: fur the seoie. The m' la? re sbal: b* fully equ?l to tto eery le i quality of ew ?r ean? m lasers a <d all* 1 be <1el \ cred-in we 1-soasonwl ?ed cak arr Iaith whl ? p n* bead* not leet. than IJtDchthtch; the e?*T?-s not le?a than ^ inch thi k; the barre's to be tbr-f ! qiinrter* hocpj I, and. in ad) tion to h -ve four iroo hoops, one ou each b<lge, 11 ii.t-h in width aid n* mx -*>nth iccu ih'ck, and one on each chim* . inch in width, and 110 itca thick, aad fbail K* tbo (ughly ocope ed and placed In the best thl^pir g condi'ion The Tine*n? sha'Ibe ofth* flrst quality cider t'.? ? e^ar, equal to tb?* atard*rd of the United states I h rm .opsp-a, snd -ha I contain no other thm ac?nc acid; anl ?h?ii l?e dn-iT-rea in barrels *iuj lar in all respecti 'o thest- required ior moia? ?*, with the a^c p:ion that white oak stavs ani hradF th II be substituted for red oak s a?ej ami wh te P'ne h*nd?, and shall be thoroughly coopertd auJ placej ia the best shipping ordw. 1 he p; k'es i-hall b" put up in ir<"D 1k?uii4 < ?k?, an 1 earh L.i-h (hallconta.u one gallon of onio>iS. ooe ga'lon cf rrr-er*. snd th:rteen gallons cf rtn*li cucumfc-'r., ard Inn "????r^:ab'?,s in '*acb shall we-cb nin:tv pourids. audthey onlv be paid for; aau esci c;_ *. r j?r laen lu tilled with white wine Tine^ar o* | at |.-.?sr 42 d?**rt*s of ?-trength. and equal to Kr*nvh viro;#r: tl.e ct'k*, T*{r?tables. and rlnegar shall i% ufi rin and be e^ual In all r?spe ^tsio he *anip'** dep; sited at the abore named nary yards, *nd the contractors shsll warrant acd gwaranty tha* thv> will ke?;i pood and Foand for at le-st two y?ara. Tne shall be of the T?ry best quality w .ite b?ans. and fhall be of the crop imtnediati-'y jrtc -d rg the da^ cf he requisition f r the sa*re. 'J be dried Rpp es ahad be cf the bert quality, and si.vl be pn:paicd l y . tin-drying f nly, and shaH b) | of th-? <"rop of the a'ltumn imm^liately p-ect-lin^ the datea of the re-ju sit on* ior the asme. All ;he foregoinjc d scr he*l art'elea, ??mbnu inrf ??ask t, barrels, half bsrrels and box*s, ahell be eu - j^c t* ?*ch inspection a? the cbi??f of thi? burs?t may direc', the iuspecting ofli-er to he spp inted 1 the" Navy Ufpar ment. Ail inn^tiocs to be at t-j? J place of d*liTery. Biscuit may, dewsver, be insp^rt e t at the plao*of ntanu tarture. but will in all case be subject to a final inspection at the placd tf deiir i'ry b* lore bid" are slt;o*d tliercfor. The price'Of all th- for-pons artie'es to he tb? ram* throughout the y^ar, and b id?rs may clter i? r one or icore article*. All the c?*fcs, tarre's. and bslf bairel*, botes, 'r tackMfs.a^a'l be marked witn tbeir content* am', tbe contractr r'd ntooe Ah the barreis and halt | tarrels of flour, bread, and pit kels shall have, ia ad iltion t > th* above, the yeir when minutacturei or put up, m*rk*d upon tbem. The 'ample* roferre^i 'o ia ttls adverti?em*n* rr ? I tbo e *? l*e ?d for tb* enduing fiscal ye?r, and her ] *<> r'frrtnee to ruch az hitt been prtvicsly exhi-1 hibtiti. , | Thi <jusntity of theae article* which will be r^ <|uir*r-l c -nnot be precisely stated. Th*y will probe Lly te ab)ut? To be offered for Flour 1 200 bbla per bbl Bi cirt 1,000.0001-* perlOOlbe I W hiskey 36,000 gala per gnl Sugar 2rt0 000 lrs^....per lb Tea 20,000 lb* per lb OfTee lOOOJlb-* p*rib Rice 200 009 lbs per lb M- lasse fO.OOO jcals per g< I Beans ? 6 <XK) bu? b.... per bosb Viue^ar CO.WMJ ga'a per pal f'rWd apple* .SO,000 IS' per lb P.ckle* 1 JO.(KK) lbs per lb The quantitie< of any or all may be increased ?i diminished as the aervp-e may h*reaft?r re?iuire Tue ojutr?cta will th*ref rs be made, not Lr specs fi- quan^t'e , tut for ?ucb quantities as the s?rT may re>juire to te delivfred at those navy-yarda re spectiTely i I Contract rs not res'-tlieg at ths peaces where dv i 1 liTeries ar>* re'juirel au-l e?tabb>h a<ei He* at stv li p'ace?, that tu> delay may arise in turaiabin^ may be r quired; aud wh n a ?ntractor tails promptly to *oirpif with a rrqui?ition, the Chiw of tbo Bureau vf I'rovifkus an i CI thing shall be a * thjiitei to direct i archive* to he ntada to tupp'j t*"e de3c e'.<-y, und-r the p?asit%' to be eipre/s?a ia the cantrsf-t; t^?- reof>rd of a r quiaiti^n, or a d?i li ra's ropy lhfr*?fat the Bureau of frovirious aod l ?th'ng. or at tither of the navy-yards afor-M'd, nha I 1-* evid nre that auch requiaition bai teen nuJ'- and recelvt-l refara-.e uffera nius' be na'eior Mch artie'e at each ' f the r.fore ai n\vy-y?i<i-; and in ca e more than one art cle i^ oontf in?d in the cfler. tbe Cki-st of the Bureau wi'l haTe the right to a^ieptone or more of tb-< articles cor tained in such ofler. and m jjet the remainder: scd bidders whose pr?ios?ls are tcrepfed (and none other*) will he f rthwrith notified, and a* arly aa practicable a cor-trert will be transmitted tc them for ? vacation; whi' h or n ?ra-1 mnrt be ret >ru<-d to the IlurMU within ten 'ays eiclon'reaf the lima ruiturei for the regular tran'mesion of the ma<l. Two or more ar provel sur^tiee, In a aum ef|-al to the evim?t.rt amount of t *e re-p^rtlve rontracta, wi I be rcjuired, *nd ten per centum in addit on will be with'el I from the am unt of alt p^ >meita on kCoouLt tliere<f asco late al s curity in a id't.or, ?og'cure its |erf rtnauce, anl not in any ee?nt to b^ pa'd unt lit is in all re-pect? crmplifd wi b, nicety per rMsm of tlic imjont of al dtliver ee mad* wi I be lift by t"e navy agent withij thirty days af er bJH duly authent'c?ted shail have be?a preeenUd to him. (lank f rmsof prop.>?al< may b>obtaiu?d on ap pli<-at.(-n to tbe navy agents at Portemt nth, New tiaccpHh re; B-sbn, New York, Thiladel; hia, Balti wore, Wathingt^n, No.^olk, Penraeola, and at tld? tUTMO. A record, or duplicate of the letter informing a bidder of the acceptance of hia proposal, wilt lie deemed a notification thereof, within the meaning of the act of 184'.'. and his bid will be made and accept eJ in conformity with this understanding. Every offer m&de must be accompanied (aa di rected in tha act of Congress making appropria tion for the naeal service for 18 Ml '47, approved 10th August, 1840.) by a written guaran ee, si.-nnd by one or more responsible parson*, to the effect that he or they undertake that the biddar o? bidders wi'l, if his or their bid be a~?epted, enter into an obli gation within ten uaye.with good ?*d?ulflcient sut*. tie*, to furnish th* artie'e proposed. Tbe burcai * i 1 not bo obligated to proposal consider unices acrora pani?d by the gi.arantee required by law; ttecoin peten'ency ol the gnarantee toby tbe oertifed ? y the^invy-axeut, district attorney, or some cfflct-r ?f the general rovcrument known tothe bureau The attention of bidders is called to tbe mui| l*e an J description of arti<-lee required, as in the in *perti->n fjr reception, ajtjst out rigid eomparie. n will be p ade between tbe ar'iclee offered and "he! sample a d contract, reeehing none that fhll belt w them; and their attention is also partteub rly di-I r*cind ti tbe annexed jerat reeolution, in addit on to ' the act of the 10th Aogurt, 1846: Extract from tkt act of Confrti&pmriird A?tut( 1848. "Sac 6 J*d bf it fu.rtk?r enacUd, Tfca' from and after the pa*ag* of this a-t every pro oaal tor na t?1 supplies invited by the Secretary of tha Haw under the rroTi-o to tbeyenaial apprpr at b'li ?or the navv, apprevrt Mar^h third, ht a Jped and f-rty three, ?hail ha aoecmpa .'?4 br a wr!t?sn guarantM, ?igne1 by ons or mctv r?por,>-i bit perw UI, to t*? afreet that to* or tha? asdartvU bidder ? bidden wiU, if his or (kmr Md b* awp??a. eat*r Into u obligation la iaeh Urn. ** mar b* praec Ibed bj th* h*or*t.ry of tb* *.ay, wftb good nd so foci-nit surrtMw, ?? furafc* th* satl plies prep mo *?*"?"?' ' ^nl _ MMwp**i?d b; m<-1i ?n?niu>>f If attar tb. ax nUsi i at n peoptaal ?ad ? duQA atiaa thereof to th* Wider cV bidder* fc* o h-y ifcall 'nil to at t*r into an u within tt r- t am prmt tb?d by lb* Sac *t r? fh- Kavv with c?od aad safoeWat sur*. tie*, v ' i l-ia# the lappti**, thea tha Ssetufery of * li' .'.i tj tiall pioMrd to nakitt with mm* C,lhr p*% v ?f* f peraoas far fu'nlabtng the aald nv p i< it.' I ?' i '1 forthwith cause the (UfTareac* b>'? t?f.< Tjfluut eoatalnad la tb* ptopoea] ao (??11 t.-*d .ret th? amount for wtncfc he may ba** " flrtd supplies to xmtiiar ?I tor farnl Hog th* Hid supplfostor th* wbol* i eriod ?f tb? pro^po*?! to be eha*g*4 0r iia'nst sad NM rrr Mitra, aad bit or thatr gaa>< mtor orguirsn ore; mod tk?<ta* aar b? laaMl* itely riwrwfd by tha United Stataa, for Ota aaa of the Navy D*ptrtui?nt. in aa actio* of debt an a t ritbft? or all of aaM prrwu* Public, Ko.7.] JotwT KESO'trtojr relative to Uds for pnrUg^ clothing, and email stores for the aw of tha aavy bt the Smcu and Hmtm of Itmrrmu* ti*es qf the Vm'fd Aa'ej of Jmrruxi in f>mores* **. temblM, Tt at all bids for ni|ptiae of provfctona. clothing aad small storm for tha una of tha aarV may ba rejected, at tha optica of tha department, tf made by or.e who is not knova as a manufactarer of or regular dealer in, tha artirla proposed to ba furnished, afclfh fact, or the r?tarw. must ba dis tinctly statei in the bid" offered; that the bids of all paraoos who may hare failed to comply with tha oocditiona of any contracts the* may baaa prev< ously en tared into with tha Uaited Mats* shall. at the option of tha department, ba redacted; that if a or* th.m ona bal be offered for tha supply of aa article on anrourt of any one party, either ia his own name, or in the dkioo of bis partner, dark or any otbar peraon. tha whole of such bids shall be ra jtcbxl at the option of tha department; i partner* of any firm shall not ba m ties for ei. Ii o h?r; and that, wbonever It may ba deemed aeesaaary, for the inter**! of tha govern ment and the health of the craws of tha United States varerla, to procure particular brands of floiu which are known to kaap best oa distant stations, tha Bureau of Prcvietoae and aad Clothing, with the approbation of the Pai-rotary of th* Nary. ba. atd hereby la, auth<>riaad to procure tha aw* oa the bast terms, in ma k?*t (?vert Approved 17 March, 1864. mar IT? )aw4w LBTTHt SICK ltl?a THI TaCTn. CarratN HkmjaMim ? Wberraar known hi* tml aoay will be <*<mHusive. Rut lest those who *o not know tlte Ciiptain should b? sccpucal. Dr. Uaa. M?n h. Bro., with others of tins bast know n and uxm highly racpectahie citizen* of Eaaton, endorse hi* wonderful cure by Hampton's vegetable nvcrru. - ? El,TO". Oct i, 1?04. Meatrt Morhmrr <- Mow+ray : Gentlemen?I feel it my duty to yot and the pah lie to ccrufy to th- effects of (lampion's Vf*rtaW* Tincture. I wu lor more ih'in fire years labariiw ?mder a di-'ase of Chronic Kheuiaauam. and the ?ro?t part ot tliat tiit.e 1 was so helpless that I had to be helped from my bed and dressed in my ctothea 1 became reduced to a m?rc ?k'-lcton. All the aaed icm?-* I U> k done me aio goo<i, and I continued to grow worse. I heard of llampinaV Tincture and thought 1 would give u a trfal. At this u??e I dad not expect to live one day after .mother. 1 J>d i>at take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, but hi a short time I was w?-ll. f tliat daa.-ase. Front the ??fleets of your '1 inctnre and the he p of <;-kI 1 am n.iw getting in g?iod health. I wi?b all the afflicted to tr>- Hampton's V? frtat..* Tincture, a* J have d we, with the same .-Sect Uut it has on Your oltedteni servant, laaac B?Jima. We are acquunted with Isaac RenjiraiMi raid him some (it Hampton's Vigotablc Tincture, and be lieve the above statement correct. Dawsoa k Bao. Froru oar knowledge ot Captaui Benjamta w? ara confident tliat the above statement is true and un ex age rated. j. A.^ohnsos, ? , I'Riaua R >aia*OR. Call and get pamphUts (gati?. and aeaemvaut Cough, Bronchitis. Rbf umati-m. NVmucia, l?v? pepsia, \ervousn<sa and (General Weakue.?. Aaa female me licinc or for d< licate childien we believe it uneq?t<itlpd. Pold hy MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 110 RaJti more street, Baltimore: and :*M Hp.:i,Iw?v. S. Yorg Chas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moore, f?. B. CLaaaa CLaaaa A Bowum, W. P.LMUT. and H M' Pnta box, Washington; aitso, by R. H. K. t jsert, G?<orga town, and C. C. Ilrrr.y, Ah xandna, :ibd by Drug gt-ata evep-wbere. jan y__y COUGHS, COLDS, II0AKSENKS5, HaMaff lia Plv? niaataa. 5 (:?XPOrXD GUM AH ABIC STRUT. rl"JR increai n? demand for ?hia most plMtuat, L wfe, anl e?i**i(.n? r-?.edy total! moaary J?<aaas, has ecab!*d tha prortctor to r^dae* th* price 9o is to plaos It within the reach of *11 rlnran*. Ite aap-eric rity CTer moat aiai<la? rreparationa is aV taatad ^?y many afaicant y>b>rtctan? who Lav* bara S* vitnansa of ita ap?e*ev vh*ti th* nmal no* *? havs flailed; a'ao by thca^and ct t or moat r* spw'abie ciUaeaa who have used it in their 'amBiw both a? previntfrs anl care with new tailing roe ***? th* ia?t twenty yaara, Jurltg vbich aaaVnl very llttl* aid from advertising. Ae., r ba padoally sprsa.1 rewuta lon ever tha whole Union. In casw of raeent Old* <k>ufM, afc^ ,t gives .cimsdiate re'i^r aej gen-rally cure* in a day or two, without Interlacing with diet or bosta*' r, or raudering tha sysum mora aaneptfbl* of OMo^.ta cbrotk) eaa*, At\*>%,* ng Ourh, Bronchitis, Ajfction; of the Lur^t, aid tion, !t is always aery b^netkUl aoj s-'.4on folia, whan commenced In tia? to frfoct a curs. Fric* 2a aad ?0 casta a bottle. Said wbolaaata by Patterson A Mairo, Btctt A Co JMgely A Oo. Alexandria by Peat A Stevaoa. la flaoriteto^n by Mr. Cbaal. mr TTLMICS GUM AS ASIC CjSXDJ DSOFM a nuiilar ooapc?i^c.a to tha above, but ia a milder aal n*r- portable form; they act lik* a charm oa a troublesome Oough, aad clear th* throat and voice; they eoctatn no injurious drag, ara parting larly reeouoended for chlldrsa. fr*qa*et*rt of pub> Ik aaaemblles, publia speaker*, aingers, A*. Price and 86 cants par box. Por ?!e^at most Drug and Oandy Store*. PHILADELPHIA ~ LAGER BEFR DEPOT, 381 Pj. ctxnue, btixven 4 J| ar.d (UK sfreeC \WJ L have at all times the best Philadelphia La * * Cer Beer on band, and offer it now for aale for $3 per keg, and in quart bottles fur ? 1 50 ner dozen. We send the Beer free of costs to all part* of the city. Many (ihysicians have recommended tins Brer a* one of the best remedies lor weak stomachs. mar &?Im? F. C. fc IV. GERECKK WATCH ICS AMD JKWKtKV. have Cii hand a r?*l supply of fine WATCHES and JEWELRY alaTch will be sold very cheap to suit the time*. Gold Le v?r Watches as low as f-Jj, warranted to* kfep good time. Call ?uid tor youryflvei n{ t he BW>reof J. ROBINrtoh', e u j. P#- ave ? Browns' Hotel, fob 2c?dim GRATIS ! JU8T PUBLI8I1EH: A NEW UI8COYLhY IN MEDICINE! APE\^ words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Sp?Tiiiatorrhea, or L<?cal Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, IjOw Spirits, Lassitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Back. Indispo- i ?tion and Incapacity for Study audi Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Los. of M--niorv ^rsi-n to Sofiety, Love o. ^.tud. TrnTliL?/, Self Distrust Dimness, ||-ad Ach.-, InvoluiS Discharges. Pain in the Side, Affection of th? Eyes on the Face, Sexual and other ,nfinJu? FIROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANBY. 1 l.e iiiip(>rtant tact that the*? alarming com plain t? may easily be removed without Madicaae is. id this ^w?,y aud I he entirely new and highly successful treatment, as idomed bv ?uthor, fully explained, hv means of which ev ery one is enabled to cur* himself perfectly, aad at the least posMble cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums ?H the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and (Miat free in a sealed envelope, bv remitting ipn?t paid) two oost age stamps to Dr. B. DELANEY, No. 17 Li-p*nard street. New York. j*? |7_^? PIANOS FOR 8ALE AND RENT. MIE subscriber has always on hand a asaort' g uieut n< Uermitn and American ANOS, from Hi- very -t mai.ufaetur* r.f^VpPI which be offers for ^ale at lower pneta ? ?' than can be purrba^ d in the District of Columbia and on the aaoat a( <MHiimodating term*. All Pianos (mrchased (rum me an- warranted to g{ve satfofoc lioo. ? Fitinos tiken in efclt^uice* C het?/Bi. ltKW8' ******* Of Mfcaie?, eb ^ K.rtecnii, ?lreeu. T FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BBlLDLNtt LUT8 of lo feet vr more, la various parts ot tk*City, aad v?eo-get?wa, at law prices, aad terms to suit. LLOYD A 00. ? VILUI n O ITOIK, War ?aia, dalfcrerabU at tha Canal, or WWtm ia Wasblngtos, Oecrgetovn, ot Alexandria. i.i ovd a oa ll'.h rtreat, epp. Treasury Dapait<a??t. ?* aa -1. ORGANS FOR SALE. AKrpEHluR toned ClIAPCL ?HM?AN: and a fine Rosewood PARl.OR t?KOA X. baaft now on exhildtinu ai ilia Mur ipiliuu M?< hariN-.- Fair. They are from the (naoalaatory d" UES ?: v 1 EbEN of>W. York. For tanas. Ac . ar^iv t? fret, ^THTCi.. ca I4ife ?tpft. oonh off BtNRY tR8CN. i?b * - rwf

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