Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1855 Page 3
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f.V KNING STAR. L6cal Intelligence. A Crrr Clock ?We are glad to find that oar eitiaens are awake to the benefit! arising from a city clock. It has been sug?*?ed that one sko?ld be placed one of the towers of the Smithsoniaa Institute There i> row j ut each a cloek as we seed in that bailding, wiifch was oa exhibition at the * air. It waa constructed by the late ffm. Voae, and. is an eight-da; etook of adequate strength to strike a oe'.l of <siae and tone sufficient to be keard over the whole city. Ju tgea rf the article pronounce it an excellent piece of mechaniim, and apeak in high terms of the workmanship It can be eet ap by his son, who haa the ingeruity and skill required for the purpose. This dock will stnke^ne hoar, the half, and the quarter, and ahowa the time on four dials. We understand that it will be diapoaedef on reasonable terms. A few thousand dollars thus invested cool J hardly be expended on a more useful or uecei sary improvement. Homes?The oottages on Kendall Greea, advertised in the Star for sale or rent, by Mr. Stiokaey, are well worth the attention of those who ean appreoiate the superior oomforta ot a eurburbaa residence. Those who have never tried the experiment of living on the out akirta of a city, can hardly appreciate their raperiority over those of a residence in tbe centre of business and dost in cramped quar tera J.B Kibbey, too, advertises in the Star for aale a number of eligibly situattd lota or small farms of five acres each, situated about two and a half to three milea lrom the Centre Market. The purchaser of such a lot, by availing himself properly of tbe facilities for gardening whieh it must possess, will save three or four times as muck annually as the interest on the original cost of the property and t*e Improvements he may put upon it, baside assuring for his family that moat valu able of earthly blessings?good health?nearly always incident to the habits of oountry life ia close proximity to or far from a oity like ours Jim Myers's Br*beit.?Last night, the cir cas was crowded in anawer to the published serio-comic appeal t*, his friends by Myers, the clown. The entertainments of the occasion were pleasing in tbe extreme, and proceeded in the usual order till it was time to open the ball. Then came the jig dancing for the cham pion prise belt. Four young men of this city, Messrs. Conley, Porter, Moran, and Duvall, had entered their naoqes in competition with Myers for the belt, and contended ior tbe prise in negro costume The audience loudly applauded eaeh perfrmer as he gave hi* last step, and when Duval eonsluded his efforts the shouts were prolonged, clearly adjudging to him tbe prise. We understand the belt is one that he may well be proud of. Another fea ture; not introduced before, waa a song by M ile Rosa We had supposed that her talent was centered in her gracefal riding, and was surprised to find be- so good an actor in the pantomime, and also confess ourselves equally astonished at the f ower and evident cultiva tioo of her voice How she ean hxve found time to excel in these three difficult depart ments is p**t our ken. The evening closed with Cinderella. Myers must have '*made fomething.'' if we are to judge from the crowded b )^se Wobx foe thk Capitol ?It seems that the work laid out by the late Congress is ragidiy progressing. The Baltimore American says : " It is gratifying to know the Baltimore ar tisans have a fame abroad as well as at home, and that their handicraft is sought, not be. cause they will work at a lower price than other people, but because tbe workmanship is superior. It will be recollected that the late Congress appropriated a large sum of money for the Capitol extension, and among the itec:s are those for iron domes for the new Senate and lioase chambers, and for a new dome to the rotunda. The w?rk cf making the iron eastings for the Senate dome was awarded to Messrs. Newsham A Co., of this city, and a large number of them ara already completed at their foundery in Fremont e reet. Tfce heavy castings for the frame work of ?hedon:e are as smooth as forged iron, while the joints fit together as if they were reduced to a square with the file or slotting machine. "The plan of the work i3 a new one. It is intended, if possible, to have the whole im Vrovement completed before tbe next Congress, and there is a large force employed in making the eastings." Ebbbs's Org ass ?We understand that the superior-toned organs lately on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair, and which received the silver medal, are still at the Smithsonian, the cbapel organ having been placed in the gallery of the lecture room Our citiiens ean now have a fair opportunity of testing their fine quality, a thing impossible during the continuance of tbe tair, on account of the incessant cocfasion created by amateur performers on tbe various pianos. Pro'esaor Seheel, who is the agent appointed by Mr. Krben, will perform upon them at the desire of tboee deeignirg to porchue instruments of this description. ?? Tax Ciacrs ?M ile Kosa earned unbound ed applause. lasr night, by her graceful and dashing riding, while Aymer in his hurdle act gave equal delight to the audience Nothing could have been be'ter received, too. tb-.n the gymnastics cf King ard Le Rue. as well as the leaping somersets of Myers and King. Cin derella went off admirably. The little things who appear in it are becoming well drilled, indeed, and etter into tbe spirit of their re spective parts rov u more. The pi^ee haa be come an establ;shcd faverite in Washington, and will continue to draw for a week longer, at leaat. To morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the circus will be open for an exhibition, in order that children may attend. Accidental Sho?<ti5g ?Yesterday, a boy. tbe eon of Mr. Hugh Ilughes, of tbe First Ward, while gunning for sky larks, acci dentally shot another boy, the <od of Mr Bar ton Hackney. Tbe load of shot entered his stomach and inflicted a very dangerous wound, inasmuch as it will probably be impocsible to extract them. Just now, bjys of all ages, in gangs of from three to a doxen, are guuuing >n all directions in the neighborhood of Wash ington, and tbe wonder is, that such an acci dent haa not before occurred hare. Thb People's Theatre ?It seems that we are about to lose that excellent actor, Waloot, and that to-night he takes leave of his Wash ington friends We are really sorry for thU, for he is tbe best comedian that Washington has lately seen. We wonder if he can't be induced to give another " last night." At his benefit this evening he plays Don Caesar de Baian, his favorite character. Give him a good audience, and he may be induced to prolong his stay among ui. Wabhingtom Hall Kestai'bant.?There is not a better fitted up nor more accommodating place of the kind in this city than th:s restau rant, kept by Meur.'. Denter A Dubant. Their larder is pmv.ded with all the delicacies of the season, and their drinkables are of the choicest brands. It is said their cigars are of such delicious flavor that some eat their oys ters in order to get up an sppetite for the de licious aroma of the cigar. K Stbebt Baioiis.?We oongratualate all interested, on the fact that the k street bridge acre** Rock creek, wfll be thrown open to pablie ffse in about a week, the work ou its re-erection being nearly completed We un derstand that all who have examined it crlti eally. are much pleaaed with the manner in which it has been put up, and also with tbe plan. Amotbbr Bkbbkit ?On Monday night. M ile Rosa will receive a beiefit. Beside the usual performance, a lot of valuable prizes will be given for tbe best oonumdru as, among which is a beautiful silver goblet valued at 930. There will a'so be a foot race for a silver cap. We predict the Isrges' house on Monday nigijt that has been since Murdoch s benefit. The faa seen at Kunkel s, where the ocuum> drums were presentei. will insure that, let alone tbe foot race. Hut the principal attrac tion will be tu see and hear the little fairy herself. Clocks ajtt Jewelry went eff rapidly lest night at Thomas A C>'s Dii' Views, at Odd Fellows' fl?!l Twelve u: .re of tbtm, in ?d litioD to jewelry. As . wiii be di? libo'ed to ugct Invest ? quarter, abd try y<mr chance Hellbr's Concert.?Carasi's Saloon last evening ?out*ined a brilliant i?imMi|ii of beauty and fashion?indeed on* of the ?o>t select audiences w% mr taw within iu walls? a flattering tribute to tba gtniai and maelerly performance* oi Mr. Heller. The etteutton of tha music ret down in the programme waa marked by saoh a display of ohaateneei and ?kill, that drew down the hearty anpleuie of the numerous company assembled Tne aeoond part wu amusing and bewitching, especially to the gentleman who commanded the table to "go from whence it came''?a feet, the accom plishrrent of whieh ceased the most oncop trolleble merriment. We hope Mr. H will give another of these rechereke entertainments? Mi lit art.?We understand at the meeting of the Washington Highlanders, held lest even ing, far the eleetioa of first Lieutenant, Mr John Watt, the eileient and gentlemanly su perintendent of the grounds about the Presi dent's Mansion, was duly ohosen to fill that honorable post Mr. Wfctt is a Highlander by birth, bnt always ready and willing to answer the summons of his adopted home. Criminal Court ?There was but one case be lore the Court up the 12 o'clock to-day. Qeo. F Cottrell was charged with keeping a disorderly hoaro, but wm acquitted. Mr. Woodward is s i;l acting as District Attorney iu place of Mr Key. Mr John 5 Develin. jr., was admitted to practioe at this bar after a satisfactory exam ination before Messrs. Morgan, Oarrington. asd Laskey. John McCutohen was discharged from jail. Wira Whipping.?This unmanly practice continues, although the two branohes of the police have been very strict in attending to the arrests of such offenders during several months past. Patrick McGuire wes arrested jesterday for beating his wife, who is said to be worthy of a better husband. He was taken before Captain Birch, who sent him to jail in default or bail to )ceep the peaoe. Is the Wat.?Some of our neigh bora in the Seventh Ward complain of the manner ia which trees ere planted along the line of the Maryland Avenue. Some oomplain that the streets are in a manner fenced in by them. If this is the case, we presume the hands em ployed were ignorentof the manner in which the streets crossed each other When tbe tact come* to the knowledge of the overseers, the trees will be removed from the obstructed points. Elders Elected?On Wednesday evening last, Messrs. B. L. Bogan and Richard T. Mc Lain were unanimously elected ruling elders in Rev. Mr. Carother's church We learn that on next Sabbath morning they will be ordained and installed into offioe. Mani a.a Porr?This morning, a young rann named Reed was taken to the County jail for safety. He was suffering with that horrid complaint mania a-potu ; an<? had the notion that parties of men were efter him to kill him Before he was so bad, he desired to be oonflned Watch Returns ?There was bnt a single lodger in tbe guard house lest night, who was discharged this morning Henry Smallwood, colored, drunk ; workhouse 30 deys. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Fatal Accident?Arrivals of Flour?Ktverss in Trade?Rev. Henry SHeer?(Jtojh? Market*. Georgetown, March 23,1865 A sad accident cccurrcd yesterday near Hoover s lime kilns, in tbe First Ward Seve ral youths had prccured a gun, fcr the purpose of shooting at a mark. While it wjs in the hands of a lad named Hughee, the gun was accidentally discharged, the whole of the shot lodging in tbe abdomen of one of his com {anions named Hackney . The wounded boy ingered in great agony cntil about 11 o'clock labt night, when he died. The matter wae purely accidental, and the two youths were on the most intimate terms. We hear a very general regret among our eiiisens. at the removal (by appointment of the Conference) of tie Rev Henry Slicer from among us. Mr. S has spent quite a number of years iu Georgetown, as one of her citisens, and few ministers of the gospel have enjoyed, in a more eminent degree, the confi dence and esteem of our people of all reli gious denominations. Mr. S was tbe first pioneer of the total abstinence (frcm intoxi eating drinks) osuse in our city. And many a (now) happy and prosperous family in our midst, still remembers with feeling of joy and gratitude, the great temperance revival which occurred in tae years 1834 and 1837, brought about through his effort*. And tbe very flour ishing denomination of Christians (in th<s pUoe.) of which he is a preacher, will ever feel that they own him a debt of gratitude fjr his untiring efforts in securing for them their present handsome and comm.dious house of worship. We learn from many of the f irmer* of tho surrounding country that, notwithstanding the unfavorable winter for the growth of grain, the growing crops of wbea' looks fine, and promises an abundant yield, if no unfavorable accident befalls it. We are also informed that tbe quantity sown last fall was much larger than usual. This was caused, doubtless, by tbe enormously high prices at which wheat? indeed, we may say all kinds of grains?has been selling for nearly a year. Most of the fishermen on our river are at their landings, preparing for the spring's cam paizn against the finny tribe. Some have al ready commencing hauling, but tbe number taken as yet is very limited, owing probably to the cold weather. A small eargo of her rin^s reached our wharf yesterday, and sold at $22 per thousand From a little piece of information which we have obtained from a very reliable souree, we incline to the belief that when the reprri of the committee to codify tbe laws of the Dis triet shall be presented to Congress for their final action some of the richest scenes which ever occured in those bodies will be enacted? ?icenes which will not only astonish the people of the District, but agi'ate the whole country from its center to its circumference. Mark what we say. During tbe last few days several lots of corn have been shipped to go up the canal to sup ply the deficiency in Some sections of the up per counties of Maryland and Virginia, caused by the drought of last summer. Heretofore the main bulk of oorn which reached our mar ket came from that direction. Our oanal is now in excellent navigable or der the length of tiie line, and prospects are good for a heavy trade. The affairs of the oanal were never in a better condition, as re gards the management, than at present. Up to the present time, during this week, there has reached our market by the canal about 1,200 barrels of flour. Flour is held at $3.87Js$9 for standard brands?extra a shade higher. Market in clined to droop Sales yesterday of some 5,000 bushels of wheat, white and red. at $2 17. Oa*s, 55o by the oargo. Corn, 88aV0c. Spectator Allegany County, Maryland, i Maroh 21, 1854. j lo tke Editort of the Evening Star : Gentlemen?You will favor me by publish* ing the following reply to an undeeerved and rude asaaalt made on me the 12(h inst., in the columns of a paper styled the American Organ, published in Washiugton City. 1 refer to the article heade l ' Chesapeake and Ohio Canal?Foreign Itifiuenoa." Whilst 1 expose the shadowy and uomAnly ground tbe author of this article stands on, 1 shall make no effort to beauty ef style; my sole purpose will be to present to the reader the simple and unembellished truth. The writer com mencts with the old song. " Another icsta: oe of tbe effects of placing foreigners in respon sible stations, occur-ed on the 1st inst, at 'ho meeting of the Board of Direotors of the Ches apeske and Ohio Canal Company. ' Again, he says - ''A#aeaney had occurred In the superintendency of the Western Division of Canal, and a na'ive born eiiisen of Maryland, highly reoommended for bis peculiar fitness for sueh a poet, was an applicant " All of the applicants were native born citi sens, (and there were h.zdj ) Further, the app intee Is not only a native-born Protes;anr oitsrn of Maryland but a resident of Allegany county oue i<f a numerous fauwly. b rn ami lai.'ed here, whose ancestors were among tbe Mrlj plooMrt who penetrated the dense forests of this Motion of the State, living oIom to tho canal, bringing with him before tho otntl board tho strongest and moot irresistible proof from tho moot rospeo table quarter that ho Woo tho rot7 man for tho port. 80 oonvincing and satisfactory woro hit toatimoniala that every Ctmbor of tho board in attondanoo votod for m. I haro boon partionlar in this statement in ordor to exp?se tho author's unfairness. for his design was to loavo tho itnpresiion that tho plaoe wu given to a foreigner.. I care but little how much or how often he fabricates staff against tho foroigner to .food his readers on, or to gratify his inato prejudices. To him i: is tho most indispensable and profitable por tion of his stoek in trade. Without free and oopious publications of tho same sort, be they even made at the expense of truth, the sale of the unconstitutional merchandise ho is traf. fioking in would be of little value. Further, ho says: " A majority of tho board had signified their intention to bestow the ap pointment on ano'her person, bad it not been that one of tho directors, a Dr James Fits oatrick,.of Allegany oounty, Md , (who glories iu the n&me of Irishman.) claimed it as a matter of oourtesy, because bo resided on that division of the canal," &e. From whom, I a?k, does this astute author obtain his information? The gen lemen who compose the board are indeed courteous ; but whenever any of tho important interostsof tho canal booome tho subject of deliberate consid eration, however inclined they may be to gratify individual preferences they have no controlling influenoe over their judgments and deoision. I do plead guilty to tho charge of being born in a foreign land. Of this I never gloried, or have I any oauso to regret. If I failed in tho observance of a dutiful respeot for the country of my adoption, or in a correct appre ciation of her institutions and Constitution, the fault is not mine, for when but a boy I learned from her toaohors, listened to their admonitions?they taught me to bo obedient to her laws, and to cherish those principles of union whloh should be tho purpose of every one who values the glory and prosperity of this great country. I have lived too long among the honest and virtuous citizens of Maryland, and am *oo well known to be affeoted by coarse or inso lent attacks, no matter from whence they eome. Mi??iltft may bo hurled at mc?they fall harmless at my feet. 1 still feel as full of conscious pride iu the rectitude of my course as though the author had uttored oom plaints, instoad of misrepresentation and vile abuse. An unscrupulous man, curbed by no restraint, may oontinue to wage a war ot de traction and calumny, but tho impartial judg ment of the people (an unerring tribunal) will exact ju9tioe from the wrong doer. I am charged with having strenuously in sisted upon this pretension, and in doing so1 induced three of the other directors, one of whom, A. B. lianson, of Frederick city, ad mitted that he stood pledged to favor the ap pointment of another." Col lianson requires no advocate to defenc his courso, but I think hi* coarse in tho boarc has been, unifoimly, never to commit himself to any question. His sympathies in the ab sence of information may have inclined him to favor the application of another before tbo meeting of the board, but upon the examina tion ot the testimonials before him. the only true and proper guide, he did, with a com mendable fidelity to the great interests of tbo canal, voto for the sppointmcnt of the present appointee But I am charged with having in* fluenced the other members of the board This ?s an insult to the intelligence of these gentle men. I must, indeed, be potential to control 'their aotion and decision. Why, the author should have known that many of them have had great experieuoa in the public service, and have become master workmen, and were bo and I (though my vinuiotivo persecutor) to combine and exact from them any favor ex hibiting distrust or suspicion, oven though we might aid in elevating them to place or power, their honest and xsalcm devotion to tbo in terest of the cannl is a sufficient guarantee that our application would be rejected. There are six superintendents on the canal as he properly states, but I am indebted to ' him for information which I did not know be j fore "that three of them are foreigners who < were appointed over the heals of American ap-! plicants " I know but two who are no? native born, and of these I can spozk of my personal knowledge?they are men of groat experience and mechanical skill, and the company has indeed been fortonate in having had the ben efit of their services. I am informed that one of them has the offer of near ^ix hundred dol lars a year more than he i3 now receiving from ' the Canal Company; a pretty strong proof (thougti a foreigner) that merit will be re warded. I will inform the Editcr of the Amer ican Organ, that this will make a vacancy. Now is his time to present his favorite; bear-1 ing in mind, however, that competency will bo required, (he will have to bo a know some-| thinjr ) If successful, one of the wrongs of which Uo complains will be repaired, aud it will be some advancement in maintaining an infamous proposition "to disfranchise ard pro scribe the adopted citixen." JAMES FirZPATRKK March 2.0 ?It. ft?HAKhR'S PKKS11 M IllTTKRS.?Mr. Editor?You would k>? astonlsued, though true, In my travel through Virginia ? short tim? ftinrc, t<> hear of lb* faith and r?<?ui ni?uliti')ti tliat i< given to BaKKR'H PRKMIt'M BITTfr KS. sever*1 ladies an<1 gentlemen Mil they had lia<l the Dyapfj> aia for many }mri. 'uut never had found anything to m&k- a core of It but Baker's Premium Bitter*, and wme would nay it Imd cured them entirely of the nervons liesda-'be, and other* would aay If It had not been for tlieee Bitters thev would h*T? died with l!ie cholera. 80 we M.r, su ces* to BAKER and hi* PRKMIl M BITTERS. Every family ahouid keep a few tattles 00 band Frt<-e K rent* per bottle. To he had of CHARLES STOTT A CO. Washington, D. C., CASMY A HATCH, md SKI H 3. HANCE, Baltimore, and by Druggist* ev?ry where. mar S3?eul?* D. OILMAN I* desirous to cloee up hts business lor J?' the past, and earnestly re<in?aia all who are Indebted to him to rail and settle without delay ; their bill* are no* ready. He would further give notice that ell future bill* which Bay be contracted with him inuat be made ouly with the distinct understanding that tli?y are t" be closed liionth lj, uccpt w!Ui hi* few friend* who have al way* paid on pre ?rotation H? would much prefer to eell goods for cash, *n-i will offer great Inducements with regard 10 price to such purchasers, feeling contideut, froni maDy years' cipurtencr, that this i? tue oo'y irne way of doing business. mar 23?St __________________ fTHIS POETRY or PHYSIC.?A YER'tl PILL-*, glide / lagaf-flKyl, over tL< (Mftlid, but tbelr altliougb wrapped up, ta there, aud tell* with giant force <-n the eery foundations of disease. There are thousands of sufferer*, who would not wear their distempers If they knew they eoaid he cared fir J> cent*. Try Ayer's Pill* aud you wi!I know It. Purify the blood and disease will be starved out. 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They ?>?ve Wn thoroughly tried In Washington, and found to act like a Ch*o'd"by sll Druggists iu Washington, Georgetow n arid A1 exaudrla, Va 21,r 1^^IU PREMIIMS AT THK VAIBW^.-WHITfcH b-S still In the asceudauce.?The juries of each of Uie Iste fairs at B.ltlmore, Richmond, ami New York awardedIt ? r Hgbesl premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority Pho tographs, stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. llr. W. also leoei red two Medals at the World s ?alr, Lon don, aud a premium at Crystal P?Uc*. New York. ? Uo. tb? flr?t Aw^rdt of Ui? M%rylwnl fustitut# fcr tLree 5 "wMwS^irft's Gallery In this city Is on Pe- avenue, betw. ?M and 6U1 streets. rv?T?A PHENOMENA IN MEPICINK.?Rronchttis, O.ugb, J?' Dyepeosta. Llrer t onsplainta, Scrofula. Ac. ^ diseases of th^ KemVe Hystem It Uta?Se prsl eusl ?e ?L a Ulergyuiau just lulorms us It has enred htm of Broucunis of s deape?ate ck?racter?rartlculare hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTt'RK?By iU rnlld ac tion on the atoma>*b, lt?er and kldneya, i, ?la, Congn, Astlima, Bronchial and Luug In tbe Back, Side and Brea?t, Consumption. BcrofuK Rhea ruatlsm Gout, Neuralgia, Pistula. Bowel CompU'nW, I He#, Worm" a-id Nsrsous l>ebllltie??wltfc all arlsly trca inpure bl -od, ?n4 Is the>est frm"rt!L L, ?,Tula Invaluable med'ene I* worklM wpnderu t^V^huma: f-ame Vva?y. ?rt I trio% fttanwfoi reee!?ee all theuew ?o"ksacd New anTr.tsfsa; as published. Helsags.tterHarpurMMi.luU ,11. uli? sal oar read-IS Will Sod s 1 'i,'rgs aad gJd a#s?rtMent ol DUa* books and 11 I fcii'iMkitori Odeoa ?alid?af, oor Fa. ????? aaS *% ??. For Bala and Rut T71URNISHED ROOMS FOR REN P.-FIVE OR X ait gentlemen can be accommodated with com i ratably fbinlabed rooms, situated over the music and stationery More occupied by Mrs. O Anderson, ? T6 Pa. avenue, seconu door from the Kirkwood House. To permanent lodgers the rent will be mod era' c. mar 23?eo3t* FOR BALE?AT THE SMALL STABLE south of the <'4pitol. three fttod work Horm, and ooe fine bugsrv bay Horse. Apply at the Stables, or 8enate Post <.fficc. mar 83 -eolm* Three houses for balb? a family wishing a n**at and comfortable dwelling House ha* en opponcnlty her* of ob ai-ing a new frame house, contains seven rooms, on north I a'reet. I*?t. 4tli and 5th streets, near llie Rev. >lr Camber*1* Church, and within five minutes' walk of the North ern Liberties' Market * 'I erms, $1250 to be paid a* follows : ?900 cash ; balance in monthly payments, running live years. Address No. 833 City Post Office. mar 23?3t# Rural retreats ?several of those cottage residence* at Kendall Green being now vacant, application may he mane t'< the undersicucd for ren'ing the sani", with privilege of purchasing on liberal icrm', either by letter through tlie |?4?<t office, or at his residence after office hours. l Tlie I nation is healthy command* a full view of | the city, is hut a mile and a quarter fnun the Post Office, and is in every respect desirable Gaidens of two acres each are attached to every house. A permanent omnibus line communicates with Georgetown, bv wav of Peana. avenue, twice n day, at the usual fare. WM STICKNEY. nisr 23-lf 1UVO PLEA8ANT FURNISHED BOOMS FOR rent. Enquire of JOS. HARBAUGH, No. 403 Seventh street. mar 21?4f Rooms to let-in the rear, sun a ble f-r mechanical operations, on E ^nth street, between D and E, west side. HENRY JANNEY, mar 21?d'w 34 8 Pa. avenue. A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A F?>R tune.?A lady having acquired a competency in tlie Millinery business, is now desinm.. ot dispos ? u(* of her establishment, and retiring into private life. Her location is one of tlie le st in the city, and is a rare opportunity for ouc ^acquainted with ilir Int-ines*. For terms a nl particulars apply at litis ! office. mar 20?4t Furnished house for rent.?The sub scriber will rent his House with the Furniture nndthe stable, to a careful and punctual tenant, No. 403 Thirteenth street, between G and II. It may be examine J and the term* ascertained at the bosse. F.?r sale, a Horse and Carriage mar 16 -Ui* CHAHLES DUMMER. For SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in Washington. A two-story Brick House and Lot No. 970 H st. west. Part of Lot No. 15, in Square 532, on T nrd st. Lot en Sixth street, between Louisiana aver.ue and C sL I Also, a three-story Brlrk Hou^ on High st., near | Bridge street, Georgetown. Will be so:d low and on a long credit. Apply to E K LUNDY, No. 138 Pridge street, Georgetown, mar 10?tf riMllRTY ONE BUILDING SITE*. CONTAIN | ing sbout five acres each,on a credit of 10 years within twenty-live minutes ride of the City Po-t of ficc for sale, lying between Washington and Pla densburg. nistant from the central portion of the city Iroiu 2J4 to 3Jf miles. The tract presents n fr >nt on three public roods, is in a eood neighb t hood ar.d rapidly improving secticn of the coun ry. We will ns'11 the above lots on a credit ot' 10 years and on such terms as we are mire will insuie to tiie purchaser an easy mode of payment. On many of the above lots there are line grove* of oak trees, ot the original growth, and also some fine Springs o! water. We offer these lots to residents of Washington, who wonld re>ide in the country and at the same time be able to att"tid to business <n the city. Also, a tract of eood land adjoining the sa'ae of abot't thirty five wres, improved by a good dw I line house ; has oil it a hue spring and spring bou e, two groves of large oak wood *, and i? well fence i. For the above other improved or unimproved c:iy propelty will l?c taken in exchange at a fair valtia uoii. ? For lithographic plats of the ground and further | explanation* of the term* of sul?r inquire of J NO. K. KIBBEY, No 4 Columbia Place, Corner 7th street ami Louisiana avenue, mar 21?col2t 70R BALB?A FARM IN MONTGOMEI Y county, Md This land adjoins tlie properly which David renzh lately bought of the tieirs of W'li. Gaitlier, a*d th^ lands of Mrs. Reale and Dr Duvall. It is about four tuilus from the Seventh st. plank road, and betw-en nine and ten miles from Wash in gt on. This land is mostly covered w>lh wood, the soil is very kind and high susceptible of improvement. It is well watered with several streams of never failing water, and contains a large mnouui of land capable of beiug converted into meadows. The tract contains one hundred and seventy two acres There is on the place, in the process of completion, a very neat Cottage, contain* mg four rooms : and lour thousand new Chestnut R?.|? ready for fencing I will sell tlie whole tract or eighty acres <?( it with the h?n?e. The terms of sale arc on? fourih cash ; the l?al ance in one, two ami thr-e years; secured by a deed oftriwt. LOUIS M ACKALL, Jr. Georgetown, March 2?2awtf FtlR RENT?ONE OP THOSE LARGE FOUR storv Houses, No 43? G street, opposite the Patent Officv, lately oe.-upied by Senator Toombs, of tjeorsia, containing seventeeh rooms, with bfh house, ga* and fix'ure* complete?pump in the yard &c. Enquire of S\M'L MAGEE, No 441 S^v enth street. mar 21?eo3i" STORAGE.?Those having Furniture. Dry <Jo? ds Groceries, &??., to be stored, will find ample nc enmmodatious in the large, airy, flag stone pav> d. and Dry Basements under ilia s"tar office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?if H0MES FOR ALL.? Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feit front by 130 feet deep, on graded rtreeU, can, until spriug, In* ls.ii.-ht at the exceeding low price of payable $3 j*r mouth Title indisputable. Union I-and Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellow*' Hail. Jan 9?6111 JOHN. FOX, Secr? tary. Wants. WANTED?A GERMAN BOY TO LEARN the Blacksmith business, between the a^e of 14 a d 16 years One who can .peak some wind* of the English language pr? ft rrtd Inquire of R. L. PERKINS.Uiiiniifown,near the Navy Y?rd Bridge. mar 23?2t* r?MIE ADVERTISER WISHES TO OBTAIN X the services of a young man as salesman and general avoidant in a fancy gooda store. '1 lie age required between III and 23 years. Addree "M A E,!,City Post Office, giving name, address and ref erence. mar 23? 3t WANTED?A MAN TO ATTEND HORSES and do laboring work. Enquire of J. W. THOMPSON fc BRO, 5409 Pa avenue, 1 door from lllh street. mar 22-2t WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN or dining rooni servant, who understands his nusines ? perfectly well in both capacities. Addn as '?W S," at this office. mar 21? 4t* A NUJ4SE WANTED-FOB A CHILD TEN ^V. ui utha old A colored one preferird. Enquire at No. 470 E street, between 3d and 4th. ma 21?eolw* , 4 House w a n t e d.-the advertiser wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story bric< Dwelling, suitable for a small tumily, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address "S F A," through the Post Offi<?, slat 11- location, pricc, kc. mar 12? lm* Boarding. BOARDING*?Six or eight genteel boarders, by the month, week or duy, can be accomiiio dated ht Mrs. DEMENTS,No. ?TT B sU, opposite the Mc'ropolitan office. inar 9?3w* BOA11D1NO.?mrs. DUVALL, No. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several very desirable rno.ns, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she would rent witb board, on reasonable tcnus. She can also accommodate 6 or 6 gentlemen with mealj, without lodging. Wanted, a good diniti; room servant, 'hat can come well reeoinmended. uiar c??tf NEW MILLINERY. On Saturday, March -Jitli, Miss S. KHJ. Thompson will open our new stock Hflrof tfprii.g Millinery, eonsisting of t^-e very latest ?t\les of BONNETS, FLOWER8. RlbBf)NS, fcc , which she has "elect ed from the latest importations. She will a.'so con etaiiUy make to order every description of B"l?net d? sired and hopes to be able to give satisfbctMUi in every customer who may favor us with their patron, age." We wou'd also take this upiwrtunity to call to the remembrance ?d" eitisens and strangers in the Dia trict the fact tha' Miss Thomi son was the sucoe ? fill competitor, and |herefo*e rained the highe-t pre mium for Bonncu at the Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Juat closed In ih?s cltv. HUrCHINSON ? MUNBO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avrnit**, First d-n>r we?t of Walter Harper fc Co.'?. U>ar 21?6t tOrgan) Auction Bate* ?r ?*??* * MOT*, tMUMttll. Household amo kitchen furniture at An lion?On THURS AY, the 22d u>*t we shall sell, at the reeirfmc* of Mrs. Wrll?, nn 1* Capitol Hill, near Ptnniylnnii avvnae, at 10 o'clock a. m., an excellent assortment of Furni rare, via: Row wood eelvet covered Sou Mahogany Divans, parlor and rocking Chair* Walnut marble top Sofa and Ce? tre Tables * Mahogany dining, i*r akfast and card Tabloa l*i dressing nod other Bureaa Maple and walnut Trench cottage and other Bed ' stead* Do painted Wardrobes and Withstand# rarlor and chamber Window Curtains and Blind* (roma, glaaa, crockery and stone Ware silver-plated Castors, Spoon- and Forks, Caadlc Mick* Feathor Bed., Redding Straw and shuck Mattress*-* A large Jot of table and bouse Linen * Girandole*, soi*r, hall and other Lamps H?.rtiUS?,n' a?d '"If* Mattiaj r^IL JH**' * e'' ,fH of Oilcloth An^mn? <|tf"r i' and 1 n"*H Glass.* Andiron*, Shovel and Tongs. Fender* With'^'a!^ <>thM Btorea ee?2? T J 'lrUc,M which we deem uau. cesaary to enumerate. Tenia: AN suai* if and under fS3 ca*h ? ovsr ? ssrs ssasm?aar*21 "raka? Jj&- Tb? abort ial? la Ul TUESDAY, the i?ih instant, same hour a-d GBEEN k T'TT. ? ? Auctioneers ?F J C. ??ttiriaK, AaetiaW I^XCKLLEVT FURNITURE AND HOUSE JI keeping Effect*, Superior Fa*"iJy Hotm *c. at I uhlic t'lliv- On THURSDAY morning, the 29Ui instant, at 10 o'clock, at tue rcrd. nce of ?,of. C C Jewett. corner 15tli ar.d II -trcsts, I s^all salt a tor !ng'-!" c-vc*"*"l Fu.'iiitun and Effects, comp i? Cinuaon piu-h-coveied Frtich Fofa, Arm aud I'ar lor Chairs Uand'onx' damask aud chinit covered So in* Lou life* ? Fancy Chaim, Ottomans, Footstool* Beautiful Egyptian marble top Ceuue aud Pier Ta bl<*? English. velvet and other Carpet* Music Stand. Canto i Teapovs, Tea Trays Ac. Mahogany spring seat Cli nr? Caiiff <^t ?|u Bronze Hat Tree. Hall Chairs Mahogany French and Iron Red*i-nd? Superior spring and hair Mann--*.-* Iland?me ro*ew.?>d Dnsamg Buieau J2?ln do Walnut, mahogany and pant'd Wardrobe* Marble-top and plain Washstands hxcellent Itoofcshrlves, Curioin* and Shsdr* Mahogany Centre Tahiti, Bookcase Gilt frame French plate Mirrors Mahogany Sideboard, pining Tables ^rockery and Glassware. Refrigerator* Co king and oilier Stoves. Ki chen L'tensils, he Alao at a o'clock - A very superior large bay family florae, shoot 8 y>-aniolrt pefectly pound and kind in tiarnets Also, a fine Boston built Lancewiod Chaise w :th H*rn*?Fs Term* ^f sale: ^JOand underca-Ji; over that ohm acreduofuxty aid ninety daya, for nvt?* sati^l.u' torily EMOHicd, bearing interest ilo . J AS. c. Mot; CI RE. mar 23?d An<tiont<-r. ?F Wcai'lRK, Anttloacar, CJALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND Kitci.en Furniture.-1?n TUESDAY iriorniiic March 27th, at 10 o'cbick, at the resi<t<-ne?> of D??e torJ.G JewHi oa sou;h ride of I street, hetweei. 9;h and IOUkI shall sell a;? excellent a^rtinent ot rurnuure. ^nisfstma in part of? Marble top mirror rront Pier Tabic l)o ?ofa Table, Handsome Clock Mobogany liair seat Divans Solid nithogany H wkca e and Secrctarv "'at parlor r nd nicking Cli.ur J 1 " Side Tallies and light stand ? V.. l Bureau, Wor.ataad Beautiful Aiib?**-n Carpet, Matting Handsome g it fram- Frer? li p aUi Mirr-.r Kuhy and \care Va^es, ,M?nt?l t? Ilcc.-tt a-ls. Mattrcasoff, Cot and ri?ddiiig Fine Cottage Set, cumbering 10 piece* French Chini and Glnwware, Table Cutlery S.lver plated Cantor*. Spoons, Forks Venitian Blidds, (loth :?nd Linen Tabic Covers llrouze Hatrark, Fire Screen Brass Andirons. Shovel, Tories. Fenders Hoartli Rug, M?ti, Strtir Carpeting and Ro<I? I destal, Bus * Figures and Pictures Refrigt rator Together with a p-neral assortment nf Kitchen K'/ri-^t^a, whi h it is unnecessary ti' mention. li-rms: .530 ond i-r.der cash; over that simw a ere. it *2 and 4 n ont'is, for no)e* sati>lac<orilv endorsed, bearing intcre-t. JAMES C. MrGUIRE, mar 19?d Aucrioneor. By jr. c. MeGUIRR, Anellonaar. IVXKClTTf U S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE j Improved Real E<ute?On MONDAY atter iiooii April 16Ui, at 4}+ o'clock, on the premises tile suhsc-ntM r, as executor of the late Chas. R. Da vis, will sell at pu". lie au-Mioo, the we?t half of L< t No. .>, in -qnare No. 377, fronting about 3; feet on L street north, l?et?vee,i 9th and 10th sueets west, running back a:?out 150 feet to a 30 foot alley, with the improvements, consisting of a two story llrick Dwelling lloui-c and t?aek building, containing 12 room*, with a small hrick office adjoining. Phi- property is hands.mely located within a f-v minutes' walk <?ftbe Post Office, Patent 0?hc?. th Avenue, and Centre Marker, and is very deeiraMe Jis a private resid'-nce. Immediately aRer the aliovc, I shall ->ell, on the premises, Lot No. 4, in Stpiare 105, fronting about 2.) feet on If airec-t noith. beiwien 18th and Ittili sts west, running back 130 teet II inches to a wide allev lyipreved t?y a substantial two ftory brick dwelling House and back building. This property has a ?ood (Kived side ailey. in ndnition to the rear alley Terms: One-halfea-h ; balance insij andtiveive dioiuIih, tor notes liearing inuiest secured b?' a dcr?J ot truf t 011 the premise*. GEO A DAVIS. Rrecutor. ^ ^ J AS. C McGUIRE, mar 20 - 24triula Auctioneer. =Ty ORKK.1 4l SCOTT. Anetl^ara. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF G ROC ER1ES, LI Store Futures, &c , at Auction ?On MONDAY, the ?6'h ins ant, I aha 11 sell, at 10t?V.?.i a. 111 , at the_ g'oceiy store ??! Fraucia N Roche, at tile corner of Thirteenth ami F streets, by virtu ? 01 a deed of trrsi to the ?ubscriber, bearing i-ate the ;:2d day 01 Febiuary, 1<&5, and duly recr>rdei?, a'l the Groceries, Liquor*, aud Store Fixtures in the establish pent, vig : Teaa, Sugars. Coffees, Ci^ari an-l T?d>acco Liquors mid Wines at e?t ry di'scnpiion t'rockerv, stone, earthen and Woodware Stand Casks, Mca-ure*. Scales and Weights With a large at-soitruont which we ?ie 111 uune cesaary to en'imerate. Terma: $2i and under ca.-h; over that sum a credit of bo, aud 90 cava, for note* satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JNO. C. HAMILTON, Trustrc. I h*? store will be for rent uumediatrlv alter the sale, and u considered one of the best stands in the ??"v. GREEN fc SCOTT, Aucti?wns? rv. Br J. V. AleOUlRK, Aaetloatar. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PBOrER ?>'r?On MONDAY atternoon, April J>l, ut I o'el'H?k, 011 the ;?rem!M*s, by virtue of two deetia ot trust to the tulMChher, ?ae d itrd Mav 10. 1847, anc recorded in liber W B , No. 134, folio 163, Uc , ike otbe.' dated June 10. 1847, aud recorded in libei W. B>, No. 135,101(0 470, kc.. two of the land records for Washington ctuuty, in the District ef Columbia, I shall sel , on the premises, lot-" numbered 10, 1|. 13, It, 15, and 16, in square No 355,Irontingon llt*i street west, between F aud Gatreets south, with the improvement*, ei i.-:sting of an excellent two ?u?ry brick dwelling house. Perms : t hie third cash; the residue in six, twelve and eighteen month', with interest, to be sccured to the Mtisfacuori of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAM. Trurtee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?eo Auet ioneer. By ORKKN A. jOOT r. AaaHaasara, VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the23d instant,: t 5 o'clock p hi we shall aell. in front of the premiaea. Lot No. 25. in the subdivision of L >ta No*. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7, hi Square No. 536. The lot fronts 90 feet on aouth D, between 4!<J and 3d streets, running back 103 feet to a 20 feet alley. Terms cash. GREEN h SCOTT, mar 19? d Auctioneers. TO MEMRERS OF CONGRESS fc OTHERS .SILVER SPOONS, FORK8, ?tc.-M. W. GALT k BRO. invi e special attention to their ffciek of pure Silver Taide, Dessert, and Tea 8poons and Forks, Lc llcs, Ru ter Knives, and all other ar ticles of pure Sliver W?re, whi' h ia larger and more varied than ever offered to their customers. M W. GALT * BRO., S34 Pa. av-uue betw. 9th and 19th st*. feb 23?tf OAA RARRKL8TAR d5UU 100 Iwirrels ROSIN Daily expected j-er schooner "P^ovKlenee,', and for sale by FOWLE * CO., mar 19?lw Alexandria, Va. NOTICE TO FLUTISTS.?EISENBRANDT'S iN superior Premium Dia.vinic Flutes and Cla'ion ettes will be on exhibition and for aale for a few days si lULUl'S Ik HITZ'S Motic Depot. mai li ClbOt Kf, CLOCKS, CLOCK! I?If you j want a pood Hock, wan anted 10 keep time. I ali ai the store of j. RORINBON, 34W Ta, ave., oppo. Browna Hotel. leb 28?dim telegraphic: DAILY EVEWIKG ETAP ?aria* PiMitar, 4c Cbablbstob, Marob 21.?Tha ahip Ilarka* way, from Liverpool for Ckarloaton. with a cargo of4 0M imIu of rait, ia a then at Cap* Komaiae and it ia foarod will cot Da got off. Ska ia luaurod in Europe The oottoa market l? flta. with on Bpwari t.*ndaccy?aaloa of 2,740 bales Snow Storm ia lbe South Colombia, March 22.?Wo ezpr riere>el a ?dow atom bore laat sight wbish, v ia feared will produco great irj iry lo the oropa Son eoe ? of Kiaaanr. ' New VoaK, March 23 ? kiaaaae ha; jua: r jceiroi hia aontooos to two jaara?a 1 a ha f io Sing-Sing Prima, for tbo late forgerj laltimore Markets BALTtaoas, March 23?Flour hat dedinei ainee laat qur a'ioca. and the market is loae lira; buyora are holding bark fjr tbo Allan, t'c'a new*; we notieel pome arnall aalea of B iward itroot at $8 74. Wheat ia unchanged and doll <o n ia a little better ; recasts of 20,000 bur Lola ; salta of white at 87 yol low at 883. few York Market Now Yobk, March 22 ?Cotton ia npward r.rd firm Flour is upward. and piicea ?re a triflo higher Salta <>f 5 000 fcblr gucd OLio at $*J 87 a $V 75 Siu'hetn ia firm. is upward and f ran Southern white at (i 2o a $2.Sit Corn ia upward and a tufle b<bc: Salea of 16,000 cusLeia old western m xe l ?t $1. Pork if upward and tirs: i.eof u ;.n ehangod. L%rl is nnchacged with a n.od?ra,o demand. Whisky is firm Mew York 8toek IF ark at N?w York. March 22 ? bto^ka are let'er. but a net. Money ia oaay ai 4?6* per rent, for abort paper. Salra ai the mortii.g boerd of Nov York y* of '55 at lt?fl; Mtaaoari *'a, WJ; KtrntitcHv 4 ?, 9I(; C!e- o'a' >1, Col urn' tif aud Cincinnati Kailieal. 10?i: Indian a'*, A4; New York Central Kftilr"?d C?.m' a^y 0 | Cumberland 0 >al Cotntacy 34$: R e -td i n?r Rail road 84 ; trie Railroad, 481; Cantoa 21 \ Bhodo Tslaad Democratic Convention Pbotidbhcb, March 21 --The I>cu.'crafo Slate Convention met to.d?y. a*vi i ?< uiina ed Americu< V Potter, of ProT.ienee. lor Oov ornor, and Nicholas Brown, uf Warwick, for Lieutenant (J oven or. for Representative* to Cocgreu, Eastern district?Tboe D*f> of North Providence. Western District, Uenj J 1). Thurston, ol Hopkinton Ixeitemen: in Prorideeco, B I Pbuvidkhcb, Match 21?An attempt kae been made to get up an oveitenient about a young lady ol thi?city. aa.d ti be c rdaed in tne con?ent of the giater* of Mercy here Tbe-e ia no foundation for it, excep; ib?t a la* day has joined the Siatora agaiiut be urgent, wishes oi berftiends Prow Storm at Korfblk Norfolk, March 23.?A terrible tr?. storm ha< been prerailicg here titcc earty ; his wor. nii.g The anow ij now tiz inches deep and ?till falling. Paaiage of fpocial BirJc E.l!a Trbston. March 21 ?The follotvie-r apoeicl bank billa were (.arecd io the llouee to day, with the stockholder liability; Mou-it Ho'iy rechartcr; Cumbeiland R??k, recbirer; Farmers' and Mochauiee'. Can: '.eu ; liur'irj; ton County Bark. Medfotd. reehir'er: FVm. era' Btnk of Iluutordon ; Sus?ix Ba^S: New. ton, rech*rter ; Newark Citr Bark recjartfr; Newark Banking ard Irsura .-e Cucup.iiiy re obsrter; Morris Cuanty Banc, re-.'bat rrr; Burlington tack A number ot otters are jet to come up. and i' is thought they will &U paas. The h?vo alao to rcpari the Serste OB KB FIBLMIX'S /KD CIVIC BA.ll. TO B? a I VtN RT TRK Columbia Fire Company fc.l AT JACKSON HALL, EASTE? MONDAY MIGHT, April 3ih. 1R\5 1HK nt" tl?i* C' m;?any th' *?? that nothi'i'4 will be ktt undone i?? mak? it ?>:?? ??l" the be?t t?all? of iti? ProfeMor l?<?uis Wrb?uV c. lrhnOil (Vullt'ia bar.i be*-n enpajfd for th?- "cru.-'i: 11 Fireman are requfntul to Knptyr in iini'<>rai. X > or ca?> wilt l* a!>o? t?l tu the hall cicept LJ.vr* wuni by M>Wf. Tiokeu <J>E DOLLAR?ailnntur.K on" e?ntib nian and laltea; lo Ik* had at th>' principal hut*!", and .H ill*; d*?or on th?- rwaiag <?f the bstl. KXKLLTIVE fOMMITTEi: Tt?#. Younf, Ja* Low<-, '1'iio*. lrtrvcf, J a* Martin, I?aac iteer.-. Hrcptio u Coni^ttf Ja? Martu, J:i- Coleuiai^^ l?' F Pniallwnod, T K Vouuu, II t'ardy, R Harnno*?, F H Sag^, A MalHrmott, M .Marc?ron, I Bi*ers, (' Uiawa, Jm Mateaiaa, P J F.niii*, D VV Jarbotr. utar 7.29, -1,.\|?r2,J,4^5^,7,^9 NEW GtJODS. /^EX'TLEMEN'd CLOTH ING.? We a i* r.?w " T i?*c?ivii>f owr apriag pujipliee of new ? '-?tij!.. t_ as!-iiuer?!>, Tvttd?, CMahimrett-. SiM<ai r t lotn-. Linen Drills and Ihirke. White ai.dcolM Ala'c. iJI.h, Silk and Satin \>?Ung?, B.o . ? i e ? ^ ft rmny nf ucii new and ta?ltinn..Mr (h<??. << f?ir X atkaa-a'a wear, to be found in 1U19 m., wii'th * ? wi'.l makf to ??rd< r in llie mo t :o|?r m 111 ?'iik?fn uhI iuMi, awrb c beta per ihrnt i|i< <*u*i cii> prices lor {rods of oiu^l qnr-'itv WALL a. CTEPUEN't; 3'45 Pa. ave.f nejt to Ir-.e liatl AI mi, tlir* *? d?xiis ? ksi ol Nat 101: a! II >,c . mar 21?3t (laulaNiwi) TAKK SOriCIC. NK SPRING AND SUMMER <i'JK>l?S. PW. HROW.M IXC, M?rd>aat Tuilor, ui.lar s lh*r llijiifJ Suies Ilottl, has .uit rwtivej a l.trzv ?U|i^y of ()prm; an<l funnier tiooda, and is now prepir d to offer Kreat bargaina (o a'l in want of mh1 fit.k:011alile cloUunc. Hi? ** Bc-aJi nia-te Clotiiin^ " wdl be mid at ibe fulluwiii? luw pr iceii: Wb I* ?utti', <'~iat, Pant tloona, an 1 Vta,tf t'lin cloth o' rk.--i<iMre, Pir #12. Fine Black Fivk and DrtK CoatE, from ^ 1 to aUk Good Bu-in>'f>< Coata #7. Bla k an^ Fancy Panu, itoiu to $7. MarMril is ni Silk Wst-. frum $2 t<> ?yo He kee^i alwayn on band a large a?*?rur.fnii ut ban ailicie-*, Jit':li as Stuns, Gioveo, Cia\a .?, ' brel'as, k.c. ' Sole Aeentfor the .a!e ?l Sewtt'a l>hiont *' mar 19?tj. IjHJK SALE-\ VERY FINE SADDLE AMI . BwBOIM. IWInaweia {eaaafi\_ c ntlc ai.d M>und, and ol fiii? ki n k ; w< make ?ifb ra very ttne carr.a~< bor?c? ?-? a very plea-aiii ridiKg aorie. Also, for sale an eiccilrnt work l?of!"', |?rScct"V s und. Apply to No 43 Dumbarton -t.. Utcrfsi'#. mar I?laurtf WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT KEIlU? ED PRICES. W'E offer our enure *v ek nt ?le?a?.t GOLD WAITHEH, RICH EWIJ.HY, HIE SILVERWARE, ?? , at fie.i:l> redu -ed raiea Pers??us would do well 'oexamine our a-^ ?e|p???it, whieh is hv far the larfe^t, iiKMt lVI.ioi.uhle, *m.I be?l selected ever offervd to??ur < u-;ooo rs M- W GALT k RHO , 32* Tenn avenue, between 9th and 10th ?: mar 12?tf COME LEARN YOUR FATE MU^ GVORir.Ut. of Ellwand, wi^ii-*a to inftriu the ladies and jenth men of W? bins ton und Georgetown tha' ?heean be ?*en and eon ^ll l-Ml on tli? f?*i, present and fuiu"* events, at th' late residence, No B4 F *ireet, between 21st and Sil tansrt*, First Want, oppadtr 'be OMwatwy. ? Her name is on the d?>r. Honw fr-swi 9|ai to 8 o'clock p m I .Allies 2_??Genllenten 50 cents ft-b26-lm* STOP YCHIR COUGHING. JC8T received. i? r Ana- a C??.'? ha?r>M on? ea.e ui Ma HaioV Aew York G?Wd Ktw'a' GUM DROPS, eonawmus <4 It-naua, \ aniiJa, Ra?| berry, Lemon and Uor*bo?.nd flavor*. A'ao. a complete ?eortm? nt <?:* i,' - icbtruaud t "le?c*?ia;ea? of oniverwil repjtau >r and vt.bow riial in the IJnUed States F<* ??!*?< Z. M. P, Kl Vu'.a. 465 VontoQt avenu*. c<?ji;.*t I ?0" Mar 19?0

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