Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1855 Page 2
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v !*,\ 1N(J STAR. ? ? ?I ??1 \Y A H> Hi N GTQN 01T Y: TBlfM i tnitw :!.. March 23 m Zy -Vi?vbbtinium should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they nay not appear until the next day. ?TG&AOa.?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buiitfcngs." The central location and easy access to this store-room makes it ihe most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. "?pIHI'i 0? THE M')K5:5G PRES* The Union, replying to the Inuliigtne recent critioi*m upon i ts temper towards Sp >io, reviews, the Soule (0<tt?nd papers) correspond ence. to show 'hat little reliance can reas< c.a blj be pieced on the fact that Isabella's g< v. ernment has agreed to settle the Black War: i>r question on terms satisfactory to as. That i* as affording proof that she will satiat'act.nii., settle the other questions whioh we have a abeyance with her. Summing ap. the Unto? esy?: The case. then, stand* in this wise; 4h-? Spanish government has agreed to accord in demnity for damages in the Black Warrior .a' fair ; but to every other question of dilficul.y or ol interest, she expresses the same stubJor'i purpose to iefuse amicable acd satisfactory adjustments which has heretolore marked fcu . ?uurse When the Spanish minister made h. reply to Mr Soule, on the 31st of Janu?r; ls55, he had already indicated a dispoaiii-n To reconsider the Black Warrior rase; he he then been in possession of Mr Marcy's grea* argument nearly t*u months, but. so far froj ; indicating any disposition to make conoessiois to auy other cases, he emphatically deni<; j their justice, and a?sares Mr Soule that n. t arrangement can te made for more dire diplomatic relation* with Cuba. With thee, i vets before us, we see no reason to infer frot -ha settlement of the Black Warrior case tha> Spanisa policy will Ue more reascnahde here arter than heretofore, and, under this cci?vic j T?on, we should rtgrot to see our government; ?.rawing any such inference, and especially j >o:ing upon it in a case so flagrantly insult. > ing ?? that which occurred in iegard to the' mail steamer Kl Dorado. '?Wo do no; choose to comment upon lb?} ?set that the Spanish Government doggedlv ; refjscd to c 4ne to a settlement of the Black ' Warrior affair until after we ceaaed te have a j at ber court. If it becomes necessa ry htwaver. we shall not hesitate to dii?cu&j thisfeatura in the transaction in the manner winch otems proper to us, without caring to inquire whether we oomtnit another offence ag :iast ' gojd taste," '-good maaners,*' ana ffl-ial jrspriety " It is enough for us at present to indicate the reasons which satisfy ns that in agreeing to d) jastice in the Black *"? irriar case, the Spanish government ha" dane no more than the of Mr. Marcy's jeascnitig in shat case compelled her to do; as to all our other causes of complaint, we look Icr Lj char ge in her post policy If we aro mistaken a th's opinion, the early arrival ol our new minister at Madrid will furnish an op port-jn-ty for such manifestations of more re* so'.a^le counsels: and when ?uch evidence is lumUhed we b ?1; no? bo slow to express our gra ificaluma* the reeulta" i'he IuteUigruttr oails on all its readers carefully to peruse tha Qs end correspondence now in Cuur^e of publication in its columns; and hints that some ninety odd members of ;ne recent Ken ucky Democratic State conven tion wore opposed to the ivsoluions adopted, the ticket formed, and the influences controll ing the convention's counsels. I'he Scntin*' publishes an exposure cf the falsity of one of the New York TribuneM. gto-dog stones, showing that there ii no such psjer In existence as the one from which the Tniute professed to have taken the bug-a buo story in question. The same paper insists ' '^e northern Know Nothing party is com posed of ail shades of opposition to the Ne brsska bill. []^7"Tbe influenaa was very prevalent atd fatal in the city of &t. Petersburg a week pre vious to the reported death cf the Caar II the weather in that country was a* variable and violent in its extremes as here, the prev alence of the epedemic is easily accounted for We have had here d ring the winter and ?pring, acme remarkably sudden changes, at. tended by a general prevalence of inflcensv cold*, coughs, inflamation cf the lungs, bron ohia, throat, etc . and the effect is visible in our bills of mortality Salt is Illimoib?Ike Mount Carmel Ii > I Register is informed by a letter from S. K I Brown, one of the company engaged in search-1 icg for strong ?alt water at the old Saline] work?, in Saline county, III .that the opera-1 tor struck a vein cf salt water "equal to any I in America?so itrcng that it will bear an I egg; ncne better in Kanawha " It is the in. I tenti n of *^ae company to have their wcrksin operation in a few weeks. yxoii St Kirrs ?Intelligence from St I Kitts cf the l&th of February, men'.ions that! the cholera, whioh had been raging with de | etructive violence there, has now ceased its] i*s lavages, and the Government has accord* ] jLgly ordered, by proclau ation, the ob*erv?l ance of a day of thanksgiving and prayer for I the mercy of Providence in relieving the] is.ands of St. Christopher and Anguilla from ] the dread!ul ecourge HTThe progress of Mormon Proeelytlsm in I Eurcpe and es[-eclally in Great Britain has] attracted the sitentkn of Britiah philanthro I pisrs acd an eff rt seems to be made to ooan-1 teract the evil influences Thus aMormonite] was lately made sensible of his error by the] tracts of the London Keligioas Tract Society, I directed against Mormonismv and has been the | mesas of induciag more than one hundred oth-1 er Mormons to renounce that creed. March in Kabsas?The Kansas Pioaeer of] March 7, ?aya: 'With this month spring has] made ;tg appearance with us The weather is | as mild and pleasant as May. As we look out | cf our sanctum over the beautifel prairies of Salt Creek Valley, we imagine that we can! see the bud and the blosaom, and hear the] warbling of sweet sieging birds." JBT lb* ?' itens of Missouri are forming I Kansas aid emigrant societiee in opppositios the Abolition societies of the North The PionttT tayf : From every quarter glad tidings reach us I 'hat Southern freemen are preparing to emi grate to Kanaas this spring and summer. I lhis ia indeed, eheenag news." 17* Gov. Baker, of New Hampehire, has I appointed Thursday, April b, to be observed | as a day of " public faaiing, humiliation, and ] prayer," ia that State E7*The ' Ameneaa limes," a daily organ of the Know Nothlng party, 'recsntly started | in New York City, by Augustas Duguenne has ] expired for want ef support WiMllMGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Hotel*?One of the uoit remarkable fea ture* of our coantr j is its hotels. There ere hardly any two io the United States, frequent ed bj Americans, which are alike. In Europe, however, there are for the most part bet two classes of hotela?those for the entertainment of folks with pockets full of monej, and those for the entertainment of the olass who care fully stow awe y in their poekets the odd lamp of sugar left of the quantity regularly served with the cup of ooffee they haro paid for. Ihey are all alike there. That is, each one, in the habiie and appearance of its habitues and employees, and in what transpires under its roof, is precisely like eTery other me of its. olass Untrivelled Americans will realiie 1 his fact, on turrir.g over in their minds the habits and ccKtoms of houses of entertainment around them patronised exclusively by the foreign born, of which there are now more or less in every American city. New York; howerer, is really the city of hotels. Though its popu la ion is so much less than that of London, wa fancy that at all times more pi>rsons bleep nightly under hotel roofs in New York than ;n the mammoth trans-Atlantic metropolis j J here can hardly be less than 100,000 stran gers (non-residents cf the city) always in New i ork^ as nearly every body who goes away ir^ui home for business or pleasure takes New Vork in the way. In tLe St. Nicholas and Metropolitan fr ?ai iOOto 1,000 guests are always to be found, ^hanging, every man and woman of them, on an atorage as often as once a week. To an out sider like ourself. the sceoe therein preheat c i of noise and confusion and variety, which i- so bewildering to a stranger, is momentarily i uusing, next suggestive of reflections uj on the vastneae of our country's present and the 3*ill greater premise of itd future; next again cf the vanity of all things of this life? fur ? at is no leu displayed in the piteous de. Meanor of the meniioants loitering around J:e portals of theso housss, than in the seedy n-ibiliments ol the olass of decaying gentle oion who frequent all Ameriom hotel salles. a. d in the buoyant oountenances of the re oently arrived strangers, as they emerge from die barber-shop of the house, after getting off l< air traveling beards and coats of rail-car . it and dust?taking on instead an al Iowa roe Phalon s last lotions. We can stand every thing in these immense caravansaries but their tables; not believing in the possibility of ?-coking well for half a hundred people in the 3:?me kitchen for ten successive days. They all do as well as can be done in that line, but accession of one hundred guests more th in are e.pected at the moment, ?? scants7' evtry one in some favorite dish, insures tho giving uut of cold victuals elsewhere than at the bask door, and brings down any quantity of anath emas from that hardest worked class in tbe world?hotel servants. To our tas'e, the best ho'el in New York is the ?? Union Place Hotel," kept by John a:?d John H Wheeler?th? latter boiDg no othir than the member of Congress of that naat. ! It is of a class which is fait besoming popular with Amoricans who bare realised the toiid comforts of the first class hotels on the otler | side ot the Atlantic?a house to accommodate not over t*o hundred goes s, naif of whe m lave private tables, wherein money can pro cure any and every thing that good taste, re. tiuement and we 1th combined, may desire The ?' Clarendon1' is another such house, fre quented, however, principally by Knglisbmtc t? such establishments everything is as quiet it ail times as in the private residence of any gentleman in tbe country. They are eschewed by the noisy, boisterous, and the splurging, ss *eing wholly unsuited to their tastes and habits. Such tablea as are found there are to be enjoyed in no- other class of public houses in northern American cities; for tbe ?lass of people frequent them principally are New \ ork, not bent on mak>ng money, but on spending it Ihey think more of good eating an<f drinking than any others on this side of 'be Atlantic, and to achieve their patronage i: necessarily becomes the chief oare of the proprietors that their appointments for tbeir comfort shall be unexceptionable. The Union i*lace Hotel is, to our taste, the model Ameri. ? an house, i be effects of the energy and em phasis of character on the part of the father and son, which sent the latter, hardly mere than a youth in age, te the Congress of the 1 nited States, is visible in all the appointments and arrangements cf the eatablishment?sys tem, order and oxactltude being at hand, turn which way the guest may. When Jno. H. Wheeler was first eleoied to Congress many of the newspapers sneerei at t^e idea of placing in such a position, a verj young man. whose previous training had been behind the eounier of a fashionable h<,tel. He proved, however, to be a remarkably in dustrious and attentive member, and soon ac quired a knowledge of the details of the real duties required of him in his now position, su perior to that of most of his felloe members, as the records of the last session's traneact.on of hen* Jide business show One Jias but to quietly observe for an hour the multifarious requirements made on tho patience, thebnin, and the decision of character of a manager of a firdt clasd hotel in this country, te appreciate the fact, that to be successful in that oalling. one mu.t possess faculties and habits of busi ness fitting him to discharge weil, almost any line of duty to which a business man may be called in this country. The Ovsrland MaUTo the Pacific -A mis apprehension exists in the public mind on ;his subject, arising from Colonel tynton's letter, lately appearing in the newspapers. The route has merely been made a mail route. No direction has been given by Congress to estab lish service upon it It is the custom of the Department to advertise tat servioe on all new routes, and to let them. If in the judgment of the Postmaster General the lowest bid is not too high. That is, if it is net so high as to ex ceed the probable benefit te accrue to the pub lic interest from running the mails over the particular route. Our hope is that in this case it may turn out that parties will offer to perform the service at a rate whieh the Post master General will feel at liberty to pay; in asmuch aa we believe that a service upon that route will speedily result in settlementa-oi frontiermen every twenty or thirty miles along that great line of emigration, which will in turn leasee the eost ef iu protection one-half at lea*i A* Interesting Letter -We have before us ? ?"?*>ript ???? from General Washington, ? we believe has never yet been printed li *? full of interest at ;his time, because It Is tJ 10 * Caiholio ?to his Xxceilenoy Thomas Sun Lee, then Governor of Maryland Its purpose wa<* to aanounoe the surreoder of Cornwall**, and to notify Govesnor Lee that a portion of the prisoner! would bo sent within hia jurisdiction. Gov. Lee, by the-by, ad ministered tho trust reposed in him so satia factorily that ho was re-elected with great unanimity. It appears tbat Washington re oognited and appreciated tho fact that In "tho times that tried mens souls," none were mora faithful to the American oause, and nono mori prompt in making ?acrifloes for it, than the peoplo of Catholio Maryland : Camp hsar York, October, 1781. ] Dear Sir: Enclosed I have tbo honor of tcaosmitting to your Ezoellency tho terms upon which Lord Cornwallis has surrendorod ths garrisons of Yorir and Gloucester. . We hare net been able yet to get an acoount of prisoners, ordnance or stores in the depart ments, but from the best general report there will be (officers included> upwards of seven thousand men, besides seamen; more than seven pieces of brass ordnance, and one hun dred of iron, with their stores, as also other moveable articles. My present engagements will not allow me to add more than my cor gratulation on this happy event, and to ex press the high sense I have of the powerful aid whioh I have derived from the State of Mary land in ocmplying with every request to tho Executive of it. The prisoners will be dividod between Winchester, in Virginia, and Freder ick. in Ms yland. With every sentiment of the most perfect esteem and regard, I have the honor to be your Excellency's most obedient servant, GEORGK WASHINGTON. *.and Office Clerkships ?There seems to bo a great pressure on the Secretary of tho Inte rior an?f the Commissioner of the General Land Office for clerkships in this bureau Tais arises from a general belief that the functions of the Land Department of the Gov ernment, as connected with the new bounty land law, will oome into operation immediate ly. This is not so. It will bo some months before warrants issued under the new law will be in such condition as to oause tho General* Land Office to begin the extra labor which it is eventually to perform by and through the enactment of tho law referred to. The additional clerks acoorded to the Land Bureau, to enable its head to carry out the new bounty land law, are not to be appointed before the termination of this fiscal year, as they wore acoorded in making appropriations for the service of the next fiscal year, which begins on tho 1st of July next. An Army Officer Resigned.?Brevet Second Lieutenant Thomas H. Ruger, of the corps of engineers, U- S. A , has resigned, to take effect on the 1st proximo. The Current Operation! Of Ihs Treasury Pepartm?nt -On yesterday, the 22J March, i there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the payment of stock $116 33 * or the t/ ue toms .???????????????? 100916 3* ?for the War Department 38 109 79 For the Navy Department 175,790 88 For the Interior Department 27,183 81 PERSOKAI.. .... it is said that Mr. Patton, the knur Nothing candidate for Attorney General in Virginia, was anti Van Buren in 1832, and tor Van Buren in 1836 ; Rivet* Conservative in 1837- 9; Whig in 1840; State-rights Republi can from 1841 to 1844; Democrat from 1844 to 1848; Know Nothing in 1855. In 1848, when Mr Patton was picturing the rise, pro grcs, and decay of the Native American par ty he described it as " thf kellJiorn and hell bound parlyV .... The Richmond Enquirer is wrong when if says Mr Cadwal'ader is the only anti Know Nothing elected to Corgres-J from Pennsylva nia. Florence. Packer and Glaocv Jones are <s much opposed to tb* Know Nothing orecd ii Mr. Cadwailader is. .... Bishop Ives thus writes to a friend in North Carolina: ??We are now pleasantly situated hare cn 'he North river, in the summer-house of Arch bishop Hughes. My employment is that of professor of rhetoric and pulpit e!cquoncc in ihe Theological Seminary at Fordh:im. and as lecturer in two neighboring oenvents, while support is ample" .... C. F. Trigg, Esq , of Abingdon, Va., is the Know Nothing candidate for Cosgrets in opposition to the lion. Fayette McMullin. .... Kossuth's recent letters on American .ff*ir<J, are another illustration of the fact,? that ail men do not die when their brain# are out. .... Pierre Choteau, the great fur trader, ii now stopping at Wiilards'. .... Henry Ward Beecher says that be would is soon go a courting with his father's old love letters, as to go to church and carry a book to pray out of. ....The Annapolis municipal election takes ;dace on the ^rst Monday of April for Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen. The Know Nothings iia\e nominated Nicholas Brewer, of N , for Mayor; Dennis Claude. 3d for Recorder, and Daniel T. Hyde. Spedden Wilson, John John ston, Edward Hopkins and Gration Munroc for Aldermen It is said an opposition ticket, composed of Whigs and Democrats, will be brought out, and, in all probability, succeed. ....Edmund 44 Bundles and" Burke, tbe renegade Democrat, is flourishing in New York oily. .... Gcrret Smith and Senator Seward are getting into a wrangie. Mr Smith says that Seward's abolitionism don't amount to much in the District cf Columbia, as he goes tor ab>liticn when tba people there will assent and when Congress will pay for the slaves liberated And that Mr. Seward is committed to admit K?ns^ as a slave State by hia Cali firnia rpeech. Thereupon the K o~.ester Dem ocrat, tbe Seward organ, denounces Mr. Smith, and the " Buffalo Democraoy" impugns to him all sorts of bad motives iu giving land to the negroes in Franklin county, Ac. .... At Clarksburg, Va., the other day, when Mr Wise was expected to speak, but from some cause or other did not, a Mr. Price, an unnaturalized Welshman delivered a dis course in favor of Know Nothingism and on tbe dangers of Catholicity. The Know Noth ing journal, from whioh we derive our infor mation, lays 44 be warned the American peo pie to guard their civil and religious liberties with more vigilance, or, before they were aware of their danger, secret Jesuitical schemes of the Roman hierarchy would envelop them in tocial and political anarohy. Many unques tionable historical facts were brought before the people by Mr. Price in an interesting way. He closed amid the shouts of tho people, whilst the Clarksburg braes brand moved off slowly playing tha? significant tune 4 Hail Co lurnbia,' bearing Mr Price in triumph through the crowd " .... Ex-Governor Metcalf, of Kentucky, has written a letter, giving his opinion of the new American organisation. He sajs that foreigners should be content to share with the native-born the blessings whioh tbe laws of the country guarantee, without insisting upon the right ro seize the reins of Government. It is the ex-Governor's opinion that all tbe evils with whioh we are surrounded have been brought upon ns by the demagogues of the old corropt parties, and by adopting the prin ciple that to the viotors belong the spoils Tbe Governor is a true Know Nothing, although he denies the insinuation. ....While Mr. MoDonald was admiring a 44 beautiful collection"' of snakes at Madison, Indiana, one of the largest of them eoiled round bis body, came the anaconda twist, and broke three of his ribs. .. ..The Democrats of Pike, Johnson, Floyd, Morgan and Campbell eountiee, Kentucky, have pa' led resolutions recommending the Hon. Linn Boyd as their ebeioe for the next fieiidency. ? .... ' Woolly Hone" Coleman, who ii now local reporter forth* Philadelphia Ledger, is about to give sketches of tbe different Bom bers of the Philadelphia eit j oounoi), at $10 * he? 1. .Some of th? Philadelphia papers giro him 41 fits" for doing it. .... Bishop Hughe*, of New York, reeeatly a'ton led ? soiree given in Rome, by a Presby tenia family from Georaia Mom. Bediai was also present W ALEXANDRIA. CORRESPONDENCE. Fin*? Fatal Accident ? .IVstr Clul ? Busi ness, (fe. Alexaeoeia. March 33,1B5>. Last night, ahent 12 o'oloek, a small frame hail ling, in the vicinity of bailor's Hill, was dircovered to be on fire. The alarm soon spread, and the doleful tones of our old fire* bell awoke the firemen to dntj. Moat of oar gallant companies were speedily on their way to the scene of action, but fortunately^ the flames were extinguished without their aid. A most distressing accident occurred upon the Washington turnpike last evening. Jhe coaches which connect with the eveninc train fr m Baltimore, were dashing full speed down the turnpike Whfn a fee rods beyond S*. bastian Springs, Mr. Francis Weedon, an en ergetio young driver in the employ of the Messrs. Whalley, accidentally let allp the reins, and while grasping to recover them, the coach gave a sudden jolt, which precipitated him from hi* peat. In his deaoent, his bead struck the swingle tree, and as be touched the earth, one of the wheels of the ooach passed over him Before the coach oould be stopped, the express wagon cf Messrs Adams A Co reached the spot, but teo late to be of assistance; the poor fellow was dead. The deceased waa a native of Loundon county, and came from tbe'vicinity of Middlebury. Our pleasure seeking people are making ready for the coming season of aoireea and ex cursions We notice tbe organisation of a capital club with the following energetic offi cera: W P. Collinaworth, President; Wm. Shock, Vioe President; S. Straus, Secretary; J. Eiehberg, Treasurer. A pleasant summer *o you, gentlemen Weather very An* Ba?:ce*s improving. Am. [From the New Yprk Fv m'?; P.wi, ??' )J Col Kinney and his Central American P1?es. The famous Co'.unel Kitney, of Texan and Central American renown, is among the gueits of the Metropolitan. Notwithstanding the re ports S3 confidently made that ha had aban doned tbe project of ooloniaing the Mosquito country, the Colonel still maintains the deter mination of following, during the present month, the parties in his interest who have already left our ports. According to his state* ment the story or the failure of the expedition arose from the fact tbat ha haa disconnected himself from the Central American Company, and now purposes to cany the enterprise throu h on hia own shoulders. At the conclusion of certain negotiations now pending, it is his design to take passage by a steamer from New York to the land of promise. He will first stop at San Juan, where the people, at the last accounts, were anxiously awaiting his presence The disturb ances in the neighboring state of Nicaragua are rather p'optioas for the arrival of Kinney and his pacifis riflemen. Diftractcd as the country is by tbe contest between the revolu tionary party under Csstillsn and the con servative property holders headed by Cbo morrofthe sword of the Colonel would prob ably turn the scale. In fret, we understand that Col William F Walker, the ex-President of Socora, d-3 gutted with his ill-success in foundingan in dependent government lor the lower C+lifor nians is already in the field there with one hunilrod and fifty men under the banner of Caatillan. This is proacunoed the true policy for an enterprising young filibuster "just com mencing b-isiness," for Castillan._ having no thing to lose aud everything to gain, will be sure, if successful, to confiscate tha possessions ot Chomorro andjdivi-ie them among bis adhe rents " Col Kinney, however, aaserta that his ob j-ctr are still peaoeable and entirely consistent with the doctrines laid down in Secretary March's letter to Marcoletta relative to the ex pedition His severance from the Central American Company, ho thinks, so far Irom damaging him, only puts him a better fooling for carrying out his designs. Certainly the great expeditionist tss both the prestige of sucoess and the qualities befitting the Romu lus of tbe prospective Central American re public Diplomatic Difticcltt at Hatti? Iepig sitt to the American Coescl.?It seems that Mr Knight, cur oommeroial agent at Port-au-Prince, got into a difficulty with one of tbe members of a commercial house in that place in this way : He was asked by the senior partner of the firm of Pouilh A Sons to sign an invoice, bu refused ta do so without the pay in advance This enraged the merchant, high words ensued, and Mr. Knight asserts that he waa struck by his opponent. The Emperor boulouque was appealed to. Mr Knight, choosing to make it a national affair, ai d he directed it to be aent to the tribunal, where Messrs. Pouilh were sentenced to imprisonment for one month and a fine of $25. The terms of the sentence were ren dered, not from oonvlction, but through fear ?.f the Government Mr Knight represents It appeared in the progress of the trial, that Mr. Knight owed Messrs. Pouilh A Co., for borrowed money, and hence, in their indignation at tha refusal of Mr Knight to sign their ship papers without pay in advance. The American merchants offered to inter cede for the release of the Messrs. Pouilh, but they insisted upon remaining in prison until the expiration of the sentence. Kaow Nothiso Know Nothing organizations aro said to exist in New York, aud are represented to be waging a fieice and uncompromising warfare against each other. That branch to which the epithet Hindoo is applied, and of which James W. Barker is the high priest, is said to be rapidly de creasing in numbers, in consequence of the inroad made upon it by the other branch, known as the Allen which claims to be the original, rejecting the practice of the Hindoos in making separate nominations, and insisting upon its adherents voting for them, and which may, we presume, be re garded as a sort of terd* r to the Seward in. terests of the State. The fcui is waxing very warm, and tbe indications are ibey are about re enacting the gamo of the Hard and Soft Shells of the so called Democracy. The Apotheosis or Rascality ?A New Yor& paper says: "Last week, a worthy and respected citisen, named Robert Kermit, died here, and was followed to the grave by a small number of ouiet friends A few days before, a prise fignter, win had been killed in a drunken brawl, and whose name had constant, ly been coupled with tales of Tiolenoe, blood shed, and brutality, was buried with pomp, eclat, and noise, five thousand persons follow ing him to his resting place. Such is publio (pinion. Bet:er to be a bully and a prise fighter, than an honest and worthy citisen." ty Kborsrew Pacha, who died on the Id ult, was the oldest servact of tbe Turkish empire. He had served under five Sultans, and be had filled in succession all the first poets in the State. He was very vain of hav ing been born in the same year as Napoleon the Great, Chateaubriand, the Duke of Wel lington, Marshal Soult, Mehemit Ali, and other remarkable men. ty A terrible torsade passed over Nash ville, Tenn., on the 12th instant. Tbe State House was unroofed, and damaged to the amount of $10,000. The first Presbyterian Church and a number of other buildings were much injured. BF"Tho Barnsville Flag, March 7th, says that the troops that were going from Mata moras to Vera Crag, on board the Mexican war steamers Iturbide and Santa Anna, were the first and seoond oorps of the line Quite a large quantity of pine apples from Matanias, and green peas from Havana, made their appearanoe in tneNew York mar ket on Wednesday, the first of the season. DIKP. Chi the 33d loet-after a protracted ???* ??> fj iht birf v ith cMQU mtomtifn, Mr?. CAVANAUGH, in ib?? iw*uiy ?m yw i.? W r ***. Her fo natal will lake pl*c? fro" *** r?*?der r* ?* ber Ibtber,Oeofft McNaufbtonjOn????. ?>?*??,0 ?daIwu.irFUn<u/, the liu. Instant, at ?'i ? 0?JU?d .* M-ck. Mr*. J*X*NOTT 81 El (Bait San P*?? eofZL?-^.? ^ Suddenir at, the 9id inetant, GEORGE: VVI1. LIAM II \CKNKY, ?en of Barton and Dan Ann Ilaokney, in the 17th year of hie ??*? the friend, and acqadynceeof * inrited to attend the funerd AfffSrr ol tbe 94ih instant, at 2 o'clock, from the residence^ hit lather, on K near 97th ?raef. ~ h On tbe au instant, K. H. JBWELLE, in lb* rear of hi* age. . ,. Hx funeral will take place at the Mm. E. T DuvaJI, on Saturday morning at 10 aH-l . tii* friend* are invited to attend. On tbe fid instant, Mr*. EMMA L , wife ol J. K Marah, of Roxbury, (Mwj.,) in tbe 28th year ot h? r **On tbe 23d instant, Mr*. CATHERINE STUCK LIN, in tbe 6*th year o( her age. .nsw* In Georgetown, on the 20th in*., JOHN ADAMS in the .'<1Kh year of bla age. . J .UNION CHOIR ASSOCIATION.-THE . _ regular monthly meeting of the Board < I Manager* will be held at the Thirteenth street Bap tist Church on FRIDAY EVENING next, at o'clock. The election of oficars will-take place, and other important business transacted. By order: THOMA8 McGILL, Rec. Sec mar 3>-8t JET. MEC- INSTITUTE.?NOTICE . _ 'All persons having accounts against the Met. Mec. Institute will please prawn! them for h with for settlement, as it is desire*! to bare all out standing bills settled by the 1st of April mar 2^?^^P;MPEARSON:_Bec:^ec^ MERCHANTS EXCHANGE ?THERE . _ will be an adjourned me? ting of the M-r chants' Exchange at their Rooms. Star Building corner 11th street, on FRIDAY EVENING, 23d u. stant, at 7* o'clock. - There will be an election beld for all tbe omct'i# of the Association, and it is desirable there should be a punctual attendance. S. BACON, Piesidert. J NO. F. ELLIS, Sec. mar21-3t MESSRS. EDITORS ?Hanng read an article in tbe last issue of the American Organ, i ? reference to the violation of the 8unday Law, the Onanist *a> s, that Feeney invited the Mor igomery Guards to bis place, and that they caroused in big" glee. Now, Old Feeney thinks (though not much of a niUFiciau) that tbe muric of the Ot|in ot^tl *i occasion was incorrect, for this reason, thst < 'id Feei.ey invited the numbers of the Washingt"! Light Infantry rfter llieir return from e?oortin? the Richmond Blues to tbe stcamb at wharf, on tl?r night of tLe 24th of February, and ah the ciinet i that were then present, and not the Montgom> r) Guard*. If the Organ would endeavor to procure a more coi-petent musical director than his informant Ola Forney would be apt to ctuuie in liunsell. Hoping you will find a space for those few re marks, I am. Messrs. Editors, yours, kc. mar 23?It* OLD FEENEY. OUND?A PURSE CONTAINING A M M of money and papera. The owner will plea*, apply at No. 96 Treasury Building, between 9 and 3 o'clock. mar 83 It* AC*RPENTER?FOR HIRE ON REASON ahle term*, for the balance of tbe >ear, a e?'W ored Carpenter. Inquire at this office. mar 93? 4t OS. NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI oiincelloe can be seen at our Muaic Drpot. Amateurs and the profession are invited lib call and try these excellent instruments III LRUS It HITZ. Agents. A good Contrabass tor sale low for cash, it imme diate application be made as above. mar 33 TO THE CLUBS! 1'HE officers and members ol the Empire Cub hart by warn tbe various Clubs in the city agaiu^t risking money in the hands of Wn. R. CLArncr., for the payment of debts due by them. This Ciuh h^ lost bv the operation, and feel sure Uiat th? game will be played upon any other* who will place us much confidence in one so slippery Look t" your interests, and let your business be transacted by your proper officers. By order of the Empire Club: W. A. CtHO, President. Rcwnaro Cox, Secretary. mar 93?It* RETURN TO BUSINESS. 0 MY FRIENDS AND THE PUBLIC GEN ERALLY:?I have tliis day bought of Cat*. W. Haveknek ' is interest in tbe Loaf Bread and Confectionery Business, and will be happy to serve rny old friends and the public generally with any ar ticles in my line tbey may require. Superior Fsmily Bread and Biscuit every evening in lime for tea. Buns, Rusk, Pastry, and Confectionery constant ly on hand. ' Bread de'ivered in any pa t of the city. THO. HAVENNER, C street, between and 6th streets. m:ir 23?eolw DISSOLUTION. THE - 'v<:tnership heretofore existing between U>* ?ub^cribers. under the name and firm of T DASTtANEbLi fc. Co., is hereby dissolved by mutual c intent The business ol the late firm will be Ft (tied by Messrs. J Gai.uom k Son, who are authoiixed to use the name of the firm for that purpose J. GALI.IGAN h SON, T. BASTIANELLI. February 19, 1S55. r|M!E SUBSCRIBERS, intending to continue the 1. business, would call the attention of purchaser* to the extensive stoek of useful and ornamental arti 1 cles on hand, which they will dispose of at a vt r> great sacrifice for ciuli. mar 33-eo3t T. GALUGAN k CO. $50 REWARD. RAN AWAY fiom the subsenber, living iu Not tingham District, PnnceGi orge's county, Mary land, on Friday morning last, ths loth instant, n?y negro man EMANUEL, who calls himself Emanuel Gcugh- He is about ?5 year* of ^ge, dark commit x ion, has a full set of teeth, lias a scare on bi? f< re head, one on his right arm, near the elhow, is fiv? feet eight inches and a quarter high in Ins boot*. II* bud on wbeu be went away a rait of drab cloth and a black slouch baL I purchased him of Mr* enrah Harwood, Saratoga street, Baltimore. t>nd she has a brother of his living with ber; and hi* mother ta free woman) also lives in Baltimore. Hir wt'e belongs to John L. Dufief, Esq., near Darne town, Montgomery county, Maryland 1 wi I give a reward of twenty-five dollars for hi* apprehension, if taken in Prince George's county, arid fifty dolla a if taken elsewhere?in either case he must bs brought home or secured in jail, so that I get biin again. TIIOB. R. EARLY, mar 23? tf P. O. Nottingham, Md. Tkf ILITARY HISTORY? JXL Drmkwater * Siece of Gibraltar Scbimiuer's Sue of Vienna by the Tnrka Knolly'i Russian Campaign ot 1812 Jomoil's Military History of the Waterloo Cain paigu Buckle's History of tbe Bengal Artillery j ! Nolan's Cavalry, it* history and tactics Gleme's Military Memo r?, Campaigns, Battles, and Stratagems ot War Military tlistory and Detail* of the principal mili tary events of the last century, ? vo'* ! Napiei's Penin?tilar War NapieiBattles *nd Sieves in the Peninsula Samuel's History of the Biiusb Anuv Bntish Military biography Gleig's British Military Coimnauders Stocqueler's Wellington, Robiuson's Picton, Ali son's Marlborough, and many others Tbe Subaltern in the Peninsul i Mar ball's Military Miscillany Schiller's Thirty V ears' War And many others of the same class, French, Eng lish and Americau. FRANCE TAYLOR. mar 23 United StaUa Patent Ollce, | J O' Washington, Mar. &2,18U. lS the petition of CitAai.>f W CorrLAxa of Ne? f York, N. \\ prnying for tbe extension cf a j-t ?nt granted to him for an improveasnt In '-the manner of arranging the low preftnre ate am angine to ai to adapt it* parts ta be wed by tmf? a fcr ocean t?rvk*," for seven yean from the explratk>n of said patent, which takes plaoe on tbe 11th day o! Jure, eighteen hundred and fifty-five: It is ordered that tbe aaid petition be beard at the Patent Offloe on Monday, the 28th day rf May, 1855, at 12 o'clock and all persons aae notifies to appear and abow cause, if any they have, why aaid petition ongbfnot to be granted. Persona oppoeing the extension ere required t< file in the Patent Ottoe their otyeetione, apeetolly set forth in writkg, at leaat twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either perty to he used at said hearing most be taken and trans mitted in accordance wiih tbe rules of the oB~? which will be furnished on application 'I be testimony in tbe esse will be oloeed on tbe 18th day of May; depositions and other paper* ra iled on aa testimony most be filed in the ofloe on or before the morning or that day; the arguments, H any, within ton days thereafter Ordered also, that this notice be published In th* Union, Intolligenoer, and Evening Star. Waahiug ton, D. 0.; Argu*, Ba'tla oie, Md; Bvening Argna, Philadelphia, Pa- Scientific American, New York and Inqnlr r, Otnelnce'i. Ohio, onoe a week for three enoeeeslve weeks prerlous to tbe 9Bth day ? May next, tbe day of bearing. CHAR.LX3 MASON, Cc mmisstoner of Patents P S,?Editors of the abov s it per* will please ccp) sni -end their hills to the Patent Office, with a ps per containing this notice. aaar 93?fclv PEOPLE'S THEATRE. (LATE VAIirriEI.) *r * iUfiiMirt Pnr-*< ?Ofcw^U? Cham SO cts.; Pas* i|it :: 3*^ t ents ; Regular Ticket B cents ; fli ? t**? l-?ii ? ?3 mad fj. BK1KPIT AHDa ? last m;;it bi t one of *r. _WALoor. THIS (FRIDAY) BSKMtKG, Mvcb ?3, On which Mtnoon he will ifpcv as Dea Cm+ar De Ruu, m performed by hiia^krr 80 (omtcallu tugbu at lb- Olrwp*-, New Wk DO* CJVCtAR Dl BltlVl Dob Crar IV Bum. Mr Waleot Maraiina Mr*. Wilroi Serf mi Scene from school run icavdal. Charlos Ko face Mr. tVaieot Lady Teazle Mr .W ileal mm 9i? u CUOWPEP HOUSES' CHANGE OP GIPI'S AMD PROGRAMME TH JKAt ft 00 t D ISSOLVIWG VIEW S. THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, March Kid, Ob wbirb mcimoh eacb ticket will eatide ike par cbaiter to a (mi cmiuoih( owe tf tbe ftilowt.<| named article* i 18 orders for a beautiful C.ock, purchased of Mr. Robinson, Pa. avenus, valued at f9 50 each, which may be seca in ibe tieket o* *, and will be de livered on tbe pr M-nt.?Uoa of tbe orders to Mc Bar* ktipk 3 pair of beautiful Gold KS? Ring*. 1 magnificent Mosaic Bracelet, 3 han it-'HH- Go'd BreaMpm^. 3 Gold Locket*?dilTi rent liSM. 1 Hpieaditl Gold Fen .ind rent 11. 3 bandmnit Gold Pencil*. 6 Gold Finger Ring*. 94 Silver Thimble*. 3 Silver Sbii 'dr. 18 fine Peu Knives. 'M Cornelian Finger Ring* 718 articles of Perfumery, French Article*, Paacy So di", kc. Tbe exhibition will commence at 0 o'clock. Ticket. TWENTY FIVE CENTS only. mar 83? ~ National theatrr Increasing popularity m the Splendid Circus Company. OF HYBERS dfc NADIOAP, The be*t Equestrian Company in America. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE Emy WBTRR^DAT and RATCROili EVERY kVKSISB, G iand change of EQUESTRIAN NOVELTIES, In which appear* MUc F<va, Mr. Thos Kiag. Mom Le Ruen, A. Aymer. W Odell. Masters Mulr gan, and Charle*, Mr. H. P Madigaa, William Foster, and the THREE FAMOUS CLOWNS. Jim Myers, Carlo, and San Long. The performance will conclude with tbe fairy spec tacle of CINDERELLA, OR, FAIRY AND LITTLE GLASS SL1PPEB. Characters by the juvenile troupe of Tktrty LitUt dlHwa. aaorcTioR or raicaa. Private Boxes, $4; Dress Circle and Parqoettr, gentlemen with ladies, 25 cents; Single gentlrmaa, 37 cent#. Family Circle, 25 cents; Colored Gallery 83 ce? u. Bar 5 SPECIAL NOTICE. ALL persons indt bted to the subeciber are hereby notified ibat their accounts are being made ont and will be ready for delivery by FrtCay, and it is eavaestly requested that they v. ill come forward and Mitle, either by ca?h or no:e at short date, aa it is necessary that my book* be < lo-c.1 by the 1st of April. All account" Handing open after that date will be placed in the hand* of a col cctor, without regard to persons. M. L. \\ ILLIAMS. mar 22-3t THE SUPERB PIANO, Manufactured cipre**iy tor the lateeihi tion In this city, by Bacon k Raven, and which received a mipii., is now on eihibiuon at our store. This magnificent ppecimen of >uperior nkill will he returned to New York at aa early day, unless di?po?ed of. We are authorized to sell rt upon very rcusorable term". We have also lor sale tbat beautiful instrument, inaaulactiired by Ilallet. Davis a Co., Boston, which received tbe first diploma at tbe recent exhibition We have always on hand a large and superrar stock iu lactones. of Pianos from tbe above manufactories. Old taken ui exchange. JOHN F ELLIS, 306 Penna. avenue, n? ar Tenth street. mar 28? WAN DERI NC8 IN CORSICA, CORSICA; Picturesque, historical ai.d social, with a -ketch ol the early life of Napoh-on, tran-lafd from tbe German by Fdwsrd Joy Morn-?|.ncr % 110 Lecture on 'English Literature Irom Chancer to Tennyson, by Ileary Reed, price .$1 85 Just published ami for *ale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S, mar ?2 Bookstore, ne.r V b ?t. BRACRLKT LOST.?On Monday evening the 19th instant, betw. ?ji the residence of Hon. Ji?hii T. Towers, F street, and Sam. Bacon, E?q., E street, a BRACELET, ot Panama Chain*, sub ?losed clasp, having the owner's name on the inside. The finder will be liberally rewarded by k aving u at the Hat Store of TODD k CO , Pa avenue. mar 81?3t REWARD -Lout, rni M>>ndi', the Ifkh instant, probable at the Smithsonian Institute an engrgved GOLD CROSS, w ith moonst<>ne cnt/e and two lockets, one containing lia:r, tbe other a miniature The al?ove reward will be paid if tbe ar ticles are left at Gait's Jewelry Srore, Pa areaae. mar 21?3t* Patent Agents or others"wanting Offices will fir.d two veiy sui table and well to > ated rooms on Eighth suee?, tbe direct rand to tbe Patent Office from ihe avenue. HENRY JAKNEY, mar 21?din* SAB Pa. awenac. |)RlSVE8l AtMUlUr, Palm and Mader 1. ra Nut? 1 bale Princess or paper-ahrll Almonds 2 do Proviuce Almond* 3 do Palm or Creaiu Nuts 8 casks Madeira Nuts 1'icah. SHEKELL BROTHERS, No. 40, opposite the Ceutrc Meikl. mar 22 - lw DR. D. NtFARL A DENTIST, Office?Ra 332 Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, Washington, D C. mar 80?eolm* I^RKNCH * BPANfbH OLIYkl fresh . importation, lor sale by SH!?KELL BROTHERS, Na AO, opposite the Ceatre Market. mar 28-3; IIME KILN FOR SALE?PART OS THE J whole of it. Inquire on L street south, tetweeu 4th and 5th streets east, No 301, Navy Yard. mar 23?2w* JEREMIAH VAN HOIN. IRON SAFES. A X invoice of Stearns k Marvin's Iron Safes, /V Wilder's Patent, with*Rich's improvement, just received and for sale bv A. H. HOWELL, S W. corner High anl Water vu., GeorgeCn. mar 24?3t NIGHT TAPLBB, Wax Matehe. foTrale at LAMMOND'S, 7tb si. mar 83?3t INDIA RUBBER COMMA of every de scription for sale at LAMMOND*S, 7th at. mar 82?3t LADIB*' HEWING BIRDS, PORTE Monnaies, l.idia Rubber Drinking Cups, kc , lor rale at LAMMOND'S, 7th st. mar 22-31 ~DENTI8TRY. RB. IK>NALDSON, Dentist, late of the fina of ? Hun k Donaldson, continuea to manufactare and insert those beautiful/ (s>rc?lain teetb, with or without gums, fi?r specimens of which (deprvited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held iu this c?y These teeth are canrcd and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemble nee to tbe natu ral organs is so perfect aa to deceive the most prae tised eye. Particular attention alto paid to filling and pre serving tbe natoral teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest eonier Seventh and D s s ?ea trance on D. . mar 81?km TO THE PUBLIC. 1 HIS is to inlorm tbe public tbat tbe un<W~?gn< d has no connection or inter** with the Drug "lore on 7rh, be; v> en D and E streets south. Island, having told oat to Air. Walsh on the Bd F traary, 1855. A?? per-ons Indebted to tbe establishment pri- r to the 2d Ftb nary, are reepertftil!y rcguested to r?ll at my store cn 11th street, Po? Hall, l?!ind. and clo?e their account". mur 81?J." PAWL i. CLARKE,

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