Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1855 Page 4
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[CO>ri*riD r lOK Itr PPLUKVT.J *4i* i r:-u? Jot iagija, b/ 'djddle tidfa, Oak UiU, ? M&Ood:ugn, ?ni Ibiahle Oawira, loGriin, n? learnd b*c *, oom a w??k. Leave Cuvngutn 'doulay at 3 a oa Arrive atUrttka ?dh* ? br ? p ? ? i ru&Q Tuea~ay at i?.? \;r*B at OoTinjfton iwuw da/a by 8 p m ?414 fnn Lytbonia hy Flat Hock, to WhfceHooae .4 milr and back once a week L-iave Lj id ,iua i-riday a* 7 a m Vr- ve at vtoite Hoa* muae day by 12 sa l. White Unu^t liiiay at i p at ? 4rnn a: Lytnonia .-anas day by 6pm ^4l.'> From LytnonJa to lUKkbridge, S miles ud back cnce a * -*k bra** LytbscUlaaraiay at ? a m Ar.iw at Kock bridge *am* days by 9 a m. .*a? * Ltoekbridge l'bursday at 10 a m . k nve ?iL Jioaia ?m? oay? by Li m . ?H16 Fromrtcae JJoanUin, by Yellow River and r??eet \t 9ter to La*retc villr, 2l? mile" and back, bii time- % wtm s?v>n? a!oant?in, daily, er.* at Soaday, at 7 a at \irt*." at Law ??-..? ?aie uays by 11 a .. Le. eL* ca^il! daily,except Sunday,at 12 m. Ar v ai ikU ne dountaiu laoit day - by 4 p in t>417 r tj-. Srvne .V-junuio, hj '-in-.kiieyvUie, to ^ar-a", 1* mtlen ?bj &ark, ance a week !.<sa ? tti?UB Mountain -^Aiuruaj at 1 p m Urire?> it ardaa si'.'x- day by 7 p m. U ??*?> V?ar?aw ^tjMavttvjm \ at b*' n 3 Mounia'.a -ani< day by 12 m tAl'i /rem 'j,? atur, by I .nta-t niW, lacker'a iv ,1. na-i o Alston' Ujth, 27 m. .-?? all a-k. on?* a w^ek. UavclK a.ur i "day at ? a in Xriif* at .M?tf?n*uga wme day by 6 p at Leatt j cLo;<Ni]b aturdsy at9 am Desai.-t r;une day lyCpm . i ?.y Fr >tn Mcmnou^h. by Spi ug, to.and y Kidge, ] lO uhIc* f.D'1 ^k, ox.ce a ??vk. Lea ? *1 v aoa,-u iatur-a> tt 5 a o* An f*audv Hilge ?ua? d?i.v by lib at ? <av?. ;naoy tiidge S>'ur,ay atixm. A.nvf a; 3i ?- xcutt^ ?aiue day ?.y 3 p ui. < *-> : tvia i.-iWDou^h t" JcLesbtTo', 14 and '1 i l> time a w?*K <?i -v. 1> u'?arli iatly,exc?pt dULd/y. at ? - '.ji.-.t,;? J(>oesboro Miae days by 12 m i. _\c J-?tP b^r? 1 iy, esctfit c'ucd*y,at 1 r n Arriv v.?. JCtl>^no*?gU *.a?c d..y by 5 p in L4?t rt a?'*? a'.ibgtoB, by / ?uoar^. irter^bur*. fjiiucj"'" -Mtit-, r> c , and le^n n,ti> Ab-j \il'c J ii -u iu'1^9 ?-? t k, t?ke a we-, k 1 L-v* rtacLiwgtoa iu?;wl.y, aun ,-NitBi ;ay at j 94 4 B v- a. bt^?"-iiss C II .axi'^iUys bj 9 p i; r*" it *ii> of not i- ab UMaVmdM aubcbr. 1 ^..Fr m *V: ?ngtpii,by MaUcvrysviUe, Ftbdaia. iu-j ?' 'l<-u tw ?H?, 31 mlleti and' 0 ?. .-t, tt'-.! a a t?k. Learo lYa.-bl--:gL.n Fri<]j^ at 9 a rn Arrive j- Ei'i-rt*. n csnie day by bum. **ave L rtou Saturday ?. 6 j u \* i.-* ai. l< a iau^trn vaint* day by C p 14 t-tJi From " 4;ag u> C> ntrerai^ 12 u>Le? and b.t' >, 03C-? % ???rk. Leave *Vafhisgtr>n Friday at 1 p ;a " - at C^atr^ville day by b p m i. > Friiay at!?11a rr * at " a^hi ^:.>a p -cao d^y br 12 ia ? ~- s >" uat> rvslie. t? Lincoln i" i, 1* atid oack, ; >kc ? w??tk Kaj v ?!?: Taetd-y aad T^urrinT. at 11 am 1 !tc at L.nrc.uU>n same day* by J pm i-'i - L calntja Tu?iday uqJ Tj ur dcy at 6 i? Hi 1 Ar?ue a. K?y-ViUf ram ? dajs by id a u. ?%i.' ; r 'j. :-cxingt.n, by i oint FeU*?, Lrj*1 K ive:,! r 1: t-rt- a, iarmony.CoJ i Watff. JHoatevideo, v r.-?? r-, f. C ,Ho?*k jjille, vo l Moanta a c eak, to A:--i?rma C U, 6^ m :? tnd bk * .wie<*n??ek " Lene <4*?in^ti>u Tueidayaad Friday at c a u A"t at i^iut-rt^u -dDi days by ? p ia '.lurtUn HMnesday and I alurdav a? 0 a in 1 A.r V6 at Ao.IWfoc C 1J ^sa-^ day9 by i) p m, L i-v Au.jvrson C H ue da, aud Friday al'&; a a Arrive at ?!fwrt-?n same Jay? by 9pm .V - !b?rton Weiceedeyaad-atardayatSsm Arr^e at L^-xingtca w day bv ar?m hmu Lriia&too, to Liiitgtot 'Dtpot, 3 aU-s a . 'a fc. twelve :ime? a wet-fe J.toav? L x "Htun d-iiy, accept tu^-'ay, n 74 a m a- d 1 j? ?u Arnveat U vlDifa Depot sa a -'aysbySiam in-1 2pm Lrav L?ito,?cn Dep^.lui B*c- t Snaiay, a-. 9 ac. an 1 3 p ru Ar iv? at ?;xicgxa aam9 I 'j ;v 10 a m and 4pm C4i7 1 r -m Atkeiu, by iiiicibei, 'lar a j ny u rove. M*yaviiI;,GilLm.l3, 1'cpiaripri -luiim? bur^a^ Dawjtrj. to ClartrvllN, milf ^ndb?ck. caee a we-k Li Atteae Tutfc j-y at 6 a m Arrive at ClarkaviiW next i?r byf tm C rl.?vllie iLur;day ud aa .1" ire at A c ne n<xt day by 6pm fi.h tr in A!h"C-. by J?ff?aoa, ;i?ood Fork and 1 p :ii 1 to OalaeaTfll^ 4'j miles aad back M nna* a work '1 LfAVf Athca?, Tuf-Mar, IhafsUay and Satar aay a.S a a Arr.ra at HtjcMriile stmt days by 2p a , '. atei-aiii-sville Monday, W?in?-sdfiy tnlTri-' uay at 9 a m 1 \rri>e at Ataens ?-anie days ??y 6 p a fiii? rr.aa Ath-ae, by DanetarilU a-.d Madraon ,ug 1 to Caruesville, St Dilw and back, thr^ tune.- a we?k U.n. Athens u^i.?y, "hawlay aal ^alur "ty at 0 a in Arrive at Caine^vi !? aara? days by T i> m I*"*ve t-a neariile Monday, Wednesday end Friuay at b a m at Allien. ?au? dav by 7 p m f4c0 Fr- in A1 hens, by P anter'a itacd, t" Fort Lamar. -5 miia and back, on?; a we?k L-tv?, Atr.:jc8 Turtday a. s * a *rri>?s?. Fort L.Uij jr ?am day by C pm l#e-vt Fc:t Lii_ar \Vidati4ay at 5 h m Asilv a. Athcut .-unt Lay by b p ia. tail From Ma Ufa prints, by Jrark'io Sprtr.Ke, tx. -?r, :o H*nl?y'? ?b re, i ml?: and b; vk, one-j a wetW. ! hw 1 Is.u cprin.t Tue?ley at 9 a in Aji.i ?i iiet-ie^ a ctcns eam??av by h r u L ..v :L ni j't ^L rw ?Ve-iuenday at 4 a _a A.T.vr alMtdisun tarings rame day by 3 pm c?;. -r ci 'icy -:,'l , by Orove Lev-!, Hu.hri'ie -L^r lij?i ?agawortii, to ALea d? e, s! and bat'.k. onoe a w?->fc 1^-^e ?ay-rillaTfearxday at^p ? ?-*iv# at Aiieodalr t.-x c?-> by 1 r m ? ?t* Atn-i JalK Friday ; 11| r m ? nr - a M^y"villa 3 "at day bv ?/ p m Pr c r,ain-f?llb>, 1, '.vhr lUM, 0>Ue?ilU, bu -?n ai:d>aalnaUI!ll, to Carn-?vi!ie. ;<e md^aud bark on-e a w?.<k Urvi l? Frid.ay at 0 am rri**" ^t day by 6 i) q ?_v.? .r? Carnrtillc fat jrday at ?5 a ta *r-iv- a. ai^w.vllleftrnc lay by 6 p m C 1 . Frem <iait.v?v L' New fcri-ig? aad Aurari ? ceja; 2o nn 1. a tad UV k, t hree tiia? a aetk. Laav ea.oocviUe Monday, Wedr et>day and l id >y at 7 a m Ar. .vva Dabl:>nen samb d^y. bv 'J p m L - L'abl?Ti?-?a Tot?adav, TLarr Jay aad Pat a ii.** ; t 1 p ra Vie at U*ire*ville . fjaedajn by Rpm w:-./ 1 m vii.e,by Gkc^snlle, Haithvi le, ! it 1.1,5a Tower, to.rd Tree! - r;-'J cJfflcgton, Capt'<a, FcMer ?: Oa., to Ktnwaij, 62 ii.iic ?ic 1 - at k, oul? a week. J L> a .e Oaiaeavilie Tae^day at 1 p m A ri? at Ft? ab n^xt day bv T p m ? -4V? Aav >.ab neti'iay a: 5 a'm Arr.v . a-. G;!D-*viIle n?xt day by 12 m f iit Fr a? ?; ???nie. b> Luane" tr^t, toClarkii v.iie 1 .ard bvk. three times a week I.e??B Iu?r?day, Ibaisday and Sat urday at 3 p m Arrive at t. laskoviile nu&o tiaja by 11 p m a/ ? Clari.aTille iaeeday, 7bur*lay aad Sat vrr'av Hi 'j a in Arr v at Gaine?vilie 1 am? lay b> 2pm ? 4.7 i cm Gaiu aaiiie, by Ar^o, to I'oiisville, 18 mi:ep and bick, <?&< ?? a w ek V t??n Wr.iii^av. ie FriJay at 1 p ta '? rr.ra ?-oikaviiie earned*.*- by 7 pm i-^av? F ia?vLle Friday atc'au , Arrive at ti.i .eeviile aameda by 12 m ,4t F; ui vt-r ifVille,oy IJa'd ?prin; and Era^tao ? -n, 30 mlireaad biack, oaci a week L?<av^ ( krnervil!e Saturday at 8 a m krr xK a JefT^rjon same day b> 6 p o ? v J-ffera -n F. Way at 8 % m A-r.Te tn e^vifie same day by Cpm ' f* m l*y'? store tb Walton'7 Ford aad bva, i-nee a ?^?k iii i-'.e. w.i- ?ta ?ta-* i>taa?e and pre pose a r?eL.du:*. ?0 ^ m D?bl >n*<a by Ctof^r', Cap.OaddiatoWn, "in T 'v.'.V'"Vanton, Hot Hou?a, VP*r iliae, ana, Bru h Creak HuJnn'a ijicre ana Farxav, ;., ;o fiaotoD, 63 rr.i ? au 1 ba k, once a w??a Leav- Dab on- n Tn *iay at 6 a m Arrive at Bentoa n*xt IhnTsd j hy 12 m L*ave I eaton V hamiay at 1 p m* Arriyr at Dab'ooeo n?-xt Saturday by 6 p m 644: F:om Dabbnera to U un 1 Hill, 13 miiea and 1 ^ek. once a w?rk i Leave Dmhije*** Saturday all pm Vrrve at wound 11111 ???? day.ayb p m Lra?- <.und 1X111 raiurday at t'u ;a Arnv* a' i>ahi naff a -Mtte day by 11 ra f!t-i Fr oa LaL'-u- ga, by Aniicalela Qata<wa,Prio?e ? i tJ,Cari!?ay, itlffjay, Taf! Creek. a?.d i.k^vatjv, U; -priag i .a?f, OS mil'* and b?ck, Ouoa a week / I?eve Dabi?n.a/a Wadnaaday at 6 a a Arr'v* a* rprn< P:a,*a r.a?* day bT R P m j,?aTe epriiia i iare Monday at 6 a m ii^ve at Danltina^a next day by ( pm 6443 from Can ton, by Kadi Ground, HaZAM?Till<?, and J?no, 'o Dnhloneja, 40 miles and back, omwa ?hm ' ^ve Cantaa ?stardav *t 6 a m i?* at I) -u1ou?.k? same day by 6 p m J*a<? Dahijnega * rtday at G a m ** Cmutoa :<*me day by 6 p m ""m Jefferson, by Job a liaudolph'a and Caias, to Camming ana back. once ? week Bidders will state the distance and propose ? rchedule 6446- From Spwng Place, by Coder Eik|?. to Dal ion, 13 mile* a>id biek, three time* a week Leave Spr FTac* M roday, Wedneslay, and and Wt'day at* am Arrive at Baitcn earn* dsys Hy It m Le Dal ton Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 p m Arriv- .?*. -'priug P'aee na? days by 4 pm *446 From Jb- ?inmlle by Choesu*, Loudsville, and Pleasant rtetreat, to Dahlcnega, 34 miles and back, once a week Leave BlairsviUe Monday at Oam Arriv- at' fahlonega mcc day by 6 p m 1 eave DaMr new Tuesday at6?r Arrive at BlsJrrv >ile cam- dsy by C p m 6447 F.-ora Biairs-vill?, by Tojntc Cane, lo Morgan ion, 20 mil** and bar-k, twice a week i*?KTe ll'iJrsTille Tuesday and SMday at 9"^i m Arrive at Morgaafon same days bv ?2m L-ave Morgan ten Moaiay and Frid?v at 1 p m Arrive a" BUir jTir.e*arae days by 7 p m <>448 Ft a Clayton lo Blairsville, 40 miies and back ?oo? a week L^avd ClayioG Wcdne -day at 6 a m Arrive at BlalrsviHp same day by 7 p m Lea7e 8!airsv;l o Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Clayton ram? day by 7 p m C44^ From >!erg.?atown to ftturphey, N.O. and back once a -week _ % Bidders ?** ill state dietanoe md propone a sched ule 6430 From Bull Ground to Ell^jay and back, once a wee* Bidl^rs wfl( state the distance and propose a scbeddle 6151 Fro * M-rranton, by BlocRld|e, White Patk, Eiitjay, lalkirg Rock, Fa'rununt and Piue L*g, to Ca.iville, 50 miles a-d back, tiricc a veeifc L-av) Mv.ganton Tuesday and Friday at 1 p in Arriv s a*. Caesvjllo next d.iy* by G p m L ave Cae-Vill* Monday ai-d Thursday jit C a in Arrive ?t Morgan leu next cays l>7 12 m 6452 From Y ung Cane, by Skeinah, Stock Hill, J'ekenetly, ni:d Curtesy, to Talking ivcck, 42 mL<s and back, onse a week Leavj loom; Cana Wednesday at 7 a m Ardve ai. Talking Kock sime day by 8 p m IrraVu 1'alk'ni Ro~k Tuesday at 5 a m Arriv at Vo?ng Cane Fametdav by 0 p m 0453 imu Jitp r to Cassvilic and back, once a week Ifiidirsv l! stats tbe distance acd propoje a srb.dule 0W1 m L?wreuc<>vill0t by Cola's aud IIogM uu to CJaSnfsville, 5il raided and back, thr> e ? nn*- ' a we^k Lawe Lawr?nceviH? Monday. Vi i^duesdav and Friday at 19 m * Arrive *t G ii rr.ville ?am4 days by S p m ? Lcavft Gainerrtl e Tuest'ay, Ihnr.iday and Sat uraay ?' 3 h m Arrive at L'vwrvne? ville ?ms day* by 11 a m 6455 Frtm LawreoceviJ^, by Cnintiuepiu Grcve, A ?b;?rn,.uulberry, and >.arrua, to Jefferson, SO rniler an ! ba*k, cn<*e a week l^eave Law re ;ice villa Friday at 8 a m * rrirc at Jefferson rame dcy bj 6 p ta l.'-av* lefli .ion Satu rday at Sam ArrlTe at Lawreteeville sa ne day by 6 p m Fr xn.Li?wreneev 1>, by Suwannee, .Sheltou vili ?, I av-j 0: - ok, Cammiug, and I/3Wi6ton, tt liigh iow?r, 36 miles and bark, twice a w ek to Sheltjuville, aud once a Week the rae iduj' I>rav* I^^rn'1' yiilt TueMlayaad Friday at 6a m Arrive at St-e touv:L? saiae day. by 11 am Learc ?h'l.ouvilie ^uet-day acd Saturday at 1 p m Arriye a' La?rreireTille -aro-; Jays by 6 p m L"tve ibtkotville Vri-Jay at 12 ia Arrive at High Tow^r iiuur day '07 7 p ra Leave Hi^h " ower Saturday at 6 ? m ^Ariive at ?~iheltouTii^siime aay by 12 ui t?457 Fr<'m vi< uiu Youah, by Leo rkit^V !Vlou3ta:n. avd Polkvilie, to ircp ar f priag, 26 miled and bick. once aweck. L?aye Mouut Ycnah Saturday at 5 ? m ArriTe at Po. lar Sprinif f.\xc.* day by 1pm Leave 1 oplir Spring Saturday at 2pm Arrive at Mount V..n- h . rune day by if p ia 6458 From itlatts, by Uiioy,i;aadtGwn, Camp be J ton, Dark Jorrei, VLla t?ica, and Uick'Ty Level, to Cairoli? n, Go mi!e? aud ba :k. th.e^ times a week. Leave A Janta Monday, \7 da?wJay, an J Friday at 12 m Arnv fit Carrolltrn next dais by 5pm L?ave (. arroiltou iloriday, Wednesday, aud Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at At:anU r.ext days by 2 p ia Proposals to run by FliDt Hilt *? d ?end Hill, cmit-ing Hick L~;el, a'e invited. ?j4?& Frezu .-.-arietta, by Boswefl, Lebanon, Farm houje, Bi^ ue It, Cucming, Coal Mountain, Crc-svillv, ani Au.ana, t<J Danloue^a, 64 miite and back, tiree times a week. Leave Mariettd Monday, Wolnefldiy and Til day at? a m Arr:T? at Civmmin^ ?ama dayp by 7 p m Lenve umming lu.-sday, Thursday, and Satur c a~ at 7 a in A it ve at Dnbioneg". ?aue day? by 3 p m Leave Dahlontga MDrd::y, ^'edne?day, 6nd Fri day at ? ? j. Arriv,. at .1 ?? ? Pime days by 5pm Leave Cum i'-L^dsy,lbartday, and Satur day at 6 a m Arr -e at M .r ? tu *au? ctyt- by *i| p m 6iT0 From vari ta, ?:/ ^ n< ay ?nd Woodnb-ck, to CaitUtn, *21 mles slu lack,three times a wfk. Leave Marietv'. I u*) . 7 ihursday and SatuT^ day a*. 7 a ui Arrive at Cta -on v*medays by 1pm LeavM Canton Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Marietta ?>ame date by 1pm 6?61 From Marie it a, by Vowder Fpriogn, to Salt -prin/ , '7 mils* d b ?: , twice a wt-^k. J.aave Marietta Tuesday and Friiiay at 7 * tn "True a:i5*lt Jprinjs ?toie days b. 12 m 1/e.tvc a t Springs! utfdey a^d Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Marietta sam- days b 6pm 64i>2 Fr m Mai'ftta, by Lot Mouti'aia, to Di'li*, IS mi:t8 ?nd back, one- a wwea. l**HVe iiari-tla We^nesd y at I p ?u Arrive at D l>a? wtm**day by 7pm Leave ballad Weiiueeday at 7 a m Arrive at Marietta same day by p m 6i?3 Fi m Carters vide, by StiUabor-', U> Van VVer-t, mil 8 and hack, twice a ?< e:;k. Leave Carterpvillf Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m ArnveatVan Wert;aat days hybpm Leave Van Wert Monday and Thursday att'am Arrive at Cartersvill- (tame days by b p in 6.104 From Caseville, by Little f'ra.rie," ponora. Red bad Free t ridge, and iH Uy "reek, to Spricg 1 l:ce, 3*J in'les an J ljack. a week. Leave Caa^vj.le Saturday at 6a ui Arrive at -]>ring Piae?? tame day by6 pm Leave Spring ; lace Friday at6am Arrive a. CaaaviUe i>amc day by 6 p m <:46o Frea Kington te Koine. Is 3-6 mile* and back, MX times a w<ek. Le&ye Kingston daily, except Sunday, at Sam Ar ive at Hi me same days by 9^ a iu Leave itc-me dai y, except eunday at 5 a ai Arrive ?t Kin^iou same days by 7| a m 646t? From KeFaca, by Sugar \ aL?y Vi lanou, Lar fsyette, and i'oud gpnn^. to Flick's Gap, 39 miles and bark, nnct a week. L> a?e b??ar* Friday at 6 a in Arrive at Frick'sGap same day Uy 7 p m Leave Frlek'sGap S'sturiay at 6 am Arrive at Ke;sca paiaeday by 7 p m 0467 From Kiaggold, by Wood's ? ration, to Lafay ette, 24 mitnd back, twice * week. L^ave Ringgold Monday pnd Thursday at 1 pc Arrive at Latajet'e fame days by 8 p m Leave L%iny*tt< Monday andThui>day f,t6 am Arrive at Kinggold same daye hy 12 m 64^* From Chnttau<?g?,Tenn.,by lvOssvilk,Ga , to Fri< k's Gap, 26 mi!?* aad t a^k,once a week. L?ave ChaUao<x>f<a Wednesday at 8 a m Arriv? ?t Frick's Gap sane day y 6 p m Leave Flick's Gap Tuwlay a' 8 a m Arrive at Chattanooga stme day by 6pm 6409 From Chattanooga, T?inn., to Head of McLe inore's CaVe, ?>a^ and ba~k, once a wrek. Bidders will ft'-?te the distance, and propose a schedule. 6470 From L-.fayette by Ko;k Spring and Snow Hi I to Koesvillr, 22 miles and back, once a week Leave Lafayette Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Kowvi le earns day by IS m Leave Kos-ville Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Lafayette fame day by d p m 6471 F'cm Lafayette by Chestnut Fiats to (Gordon's Bprint^s, 9 niles and back, once a week L !?ve latfavette raturday at C a m Arrive at Gordon's Spxing-i same day by 9 a Bx L aye Gordon's Springe fea'ur 'av at 10 a rr Arrive at Lafayette eame day by i p m 6472 Fr-m Home bv Armucbee^ Dirttown, Moua Hickory, SWimerville and Tri n Factory to Li&yette 42 laile? aud back, twice a week I. av? Rome Monday aud Thurniay at 5 a m Arrive ai Lafayette >am days by 7 p m Leave Lafayette Wedneeday aud Friday at 6 a m Arriv# at Kom* t-ame days by 7 p in 6473 Fiom Rome by Vann'- Vallev and l^ike Creek to t'sdartowu, 20 m:l/s and b?ck, three time: a wev k Iieavs Kime Monday, W?li;*?day and Friday st 3 - m Arrive at Cedartown name days b> 10 pm L av Cedartown Monday, Wedne d .y aud Fri. day at 6 * m Arrive at Rom^ choc days by 12 m 647-4 From Rome by Tfcoma&V M-'.la Cedar Creek. Or.?ol* Ala , acd Howell's Cress Roads to Cen tre 40 n< lea and back, oaoe a week Leave H m- Friday at 5 a m Arriva ?.t Centre kads day by 7 p m t*a*e Centre Suiuday at 5 am Arrive at P?om? tame day by 7 p m 9*>9 Frvm Oviartown to i'um,k nkH:. 8 mil?s and b-Hi, oa?* ? **ak t^edajtawn Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Pumpkiapiii same day by 5 p m L?p e I'aiQpkmpil t FrMay at 10 a m Arove at Wiax to u ,au' 4^ by 1 p Bt '?176 F-o?a Palmetto by County Line and Cedar Hranob to Eiver Town, 2j miles ud back, ODM ?*?k Leave Palme'.to Friday at 6 am A rrive a River Town mum day by 19 m Learn Hirer Town Friday atl p * Arriv# at Palmetto same day by 7 p m 6477 from Newnan by Scluda to Kitfron, 12 miles and back, twtea a week Leaxe Newnan Wednesday and Saturday at 11 am Arrive at Kidro.i same days by 2pm Leave Kidroo Heineeday and Saturday at 7 a m Aarivaat Newnan same days by 10 am 6478 from Newnaa by Lodi, Bntbertbrd, Bowen rilli* and Tall Pine to Cirrollton, 27 miu* and bsck, onri & week L*aveN?i*nxn Saturday ?t 8a m Arrive at Carrollwn name day by 6pm J^ars Oerroilton Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Newnan same day by 6 p m| 6479 Prom Newton by Willow Qrove aud Corinth to Ash bury, 20 miiae and b?w% twice a week L*ave Newnan Tuesday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Asbury same daja by 12 m Jjeave Asbury Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Ne?nan same days by 7 p m G1#0 From Nownan by RJo and Enon Grovft to Franklin, 21 miles and back, once a week Ltare NewTtau Wednesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Franklin name day by 12 m ? L^iva Franklin Wednesday at 1 pm Arrive at Newnan same day by 7 pfcn 61fil From Nuwann. by Paris, Location and Har slicn to Erie, 26 miles and back, once a wsek I,*ave Newnan "a'.orday at 8 a m Arrive at Kriu earn* day by 6 p m Leave 1 rin Friday at 8a m Arrive 3t Now nan stme day by 6 p m G433 From La Grange by O'Neal's Mills, Cochran's Cross Read* Uamiitot ar d Castula to Colnm ban, 46 rail>;3 and ba-k, daily Leav: La ti^n^e d?)y at 9i a m Arrive at Coiumaus Ham ? diys by 9J p m L?ave Columbus daily at 8 a m Arrive i?t La Grange samf days by 8pm 6433 From La Grange by Veinon. ?ntioch, Weliad* k*?, Ala., R^ck Mills and Roanoke to Wado wee, 5 mile- snd tack, onca a week Leave I*a Grange Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive a* Weedowe- next day by 6 p m Leava Weedowee Thursday at 8 a m Arri?e nt La Grang) next day by 11 a m 61?4 Fiom L i Grange by Houston to Franklin, 21 tailed and back, twice a week Leave LtGrange Tuesday andtiatuiday at 1 pm \% r'.ve at Franklin same days by 7 p m Leave Franklin Tu*s lay aud Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at L& Grange same days by 12 m G.S5 Frcm Villa Rica to Van W=rt, 21 mdes and back, otico a week L-are Vil a Rics Saturday at 6a m Arrive at Van Wert name day by 12 m Leave Van Wert Ssturday at 1 p m Arrive at Villa llic* ram? day by 7 p m 61^6 Frcm Villa Eicn, by l u npkin Viae and Dal 1 ie, to Uuutaviile, 20 niijj and back, once a week. !>>.**? Villa Rica Monday at 6 a n>. Arrive at il^ntsville cam* day by 12 m Leave Huntaville Monday at 1 p m Arriv- at Villa iiiea hams day by 7 p m G4s7 From Villa Rica, by Burnt Stand, Copper Iliil, Tallapoosa, cak Level, Ala., and Rabbit Town, to Jackk;<nvibe, 60 milee and back, o*. ce a week. l.-ave Villa Kir* Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Jacksonv.ili next day by 6pm id'jve Jacksonville Friday at $ a w Arrive at Villa uica next day by 6 p m 6i;S Fmm Villa Rica, by Long* Leaf and Etna, to ?Jedartown, 3i! milee and fca k, ones a wack. Le-?v? Villa Rica Monday at 7 a m Airive at Ciartowu same day by 6 p m L: ave Cedartown Tuesday at 7 a in Arrive at Villa Rica fam* day by 6 p m 4S9 From Villa Rica a> Flint llill, 6 miles and back, onf-e a we*k Leave Vill- Hica Wedn-sday at 10 a m Arr re at Flint Hill taiu-? day by J2m Leave Flint Hill Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Villi Hiva ssme day by 9 a m 6ij0 From Ciirolit^D, by Laurel Hill and Union Mills, to Franklin, 37 miles and b?ck. ouce a w??x L ave Carrt llron W;?dne?day at 6 a m Arrive at Franklin same day by 6 p m L~av? Frsnklin Tharsday at 6 a ro Arrive at Carrolltcn name day by 6pm 6-191 Froia Greenville, by Farmer's, White Sulnhur Spring* Kiiu's lisp, and Goodman's Cross R alt, to Co:hran'j> Crcse Roadr, 24 mile-i and twice a we-k Lc vc Ureeaviile WednesJay and Saturday at 6 a tu Ar i?" at Cixshran's L'rots Read? s^sie davs fcy 12 ia Laavu OoJiran'.i Crofs P.oai? Wedc???d*y and tVturdny at 1 p m Arrive at Greenville fam' days by 8pm f4Q2 From Greenville to Warm gprinjs, 12 miles ana ba-k, twice a we-k in J una Jniy. ?r.d August, and onct. aweek the residue of the year. From 1^ Jure to .11 tl Aug tut. Le^va G.-ee^ville Wednesday and Saturday at Hi a ui Arriv- ;:t V?'arm oprin;?< rnm^ days bv 2 p m I<eave A' ?pria*<i dnssisy and"Satnrdsr at 8 a m Arrive at Greenville same days by 11 a m F, vm, 1 si SepUnt*r to 3Ut May. Las** Greenville Setnnlay kt Sam Arrive at Wj-rm Spring* same dav bv 11 a m I^ave Vr arm Pprinjrs Saturday at lli a n Arrive at Gre?nvill<- tam- day by 2 j- m GIW Frwm Grseiville, by Woodbury and Magdn lena, to Pleauant flili,27 mii^Bsnd batk.cuce .a week L?ave Greenville Friday at 8 a m at ri?as.wit iiLLI ameday by 5 p m L: avj PUasiot Hil! Saturday at 8 a ru Arriv ? at Grcenv1l:e tania <!av by ft p m 6iiM Kr rn Joaes'ts Milh, by rtocky Mount, to Holly l < md~3 and 'oack once a week I.rave Jonas'* M.lls fa'ciday a: 6am ht :: ll'dly- Bfinc 1*7 by 12 ui l.eiVf, J".oil S:'ur h! lpu Arrive si J -Jies's Mil s sMne day by .% p m t ;'J5 From I'N .'aut kill, by B?!levce, Biufftp iais W.vetly TIall, a?<i i'lersville, to Columbu.s' 40 m l is aul lafk,. t#lr? a week Lt ave PI?a?ant Hill Wednesday and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive a? Cclumbus ramodnys by * p m Iieavfc Cclumbns Tueiday ani Fridav bt 7 & m Arrive at ! l-a?ant Hili same days by 5 p m Oi'M Frjm Kuoxville by Hope<n 11, to Rufstlliille 12 ni'Us and buck, cn<v? a reek L*a?e Knoxvide iraturiay at S a m Arrive .it usreHviiie tame day by 12 m I>^ive Ku?tvllrilie Saiui'uky at 2p ui A-nv. at Knaxvdle ?ame dry bv 6 p in F? 197 Frcm Kuux il'? tc Ha:nia.jck'r Grove, Cu'ke den, 6nd Waynsiansvil'e, to Tbomastoo, 2S miU- snd b ck, twieea we^k lejKve Knoxville Mcnday aud Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Thorn as ion name da vs by G p n? i/e&ve Tiivmao.on I'u?>oay and Saturday ut C a m Arrhe at Knoxiille fame days by 4 p m 619? From Knoxville, by Hickory Grove, Hootsns Till*, Cxrsonn^ilk', Fiattsburg. ard Centra, to Ttlbotton, 37 miles aud bta k. cnce a week L?.?ve K?soiv.lle Wednasdav at f> a m Arrive at T^lboU* n uane dry by 7 p m Leave Talbot'.on Thursday a?" h m Arrive at K nog villi- earn** Uav by 7 p m ?H'JU >rom Coltunbus, by C tta*e Mill, Jamestown, Ilani'aha ch-3, Lun>pkin, Cuthbori, andGot t< n Hill, to Port Gaines, 79 miles and back, three tim*e aweek Leave Columbus Tuesday, Thursday and Sctur day,at 4am Arrive at Fort Gaines ?ame days by 12 night L*av?|ortGaijes Monday, Wednesday and Fri day, at 4 a m Arrive at Columbus same days by IS night ?500 From Columbu*, bv Piedniont, Mulberry G.^ove, Mountain 1101, ard Whltetvill*1, to Wett Ptint, 38 miles asd back taice u week Leave Coluinbue Tu-bday and Friday, ut 6 a m Arrive at \\ o^t Point anie days b^- 6 p,ni L ave W'e^t Point lVe In^sday aud t^uturday at 6am Arrive at Columbus same d?y*t by 6 p m 0501 Fro? Fort Gainea, by Blak'dy. fine lvidge, f t:am Mill, aud Argyle, to Chatt?hoocfcee, Fla, 78 mil-H and back, twice a wt;ek Leave Fort Ga'nfWednerdsy and Saturday at lpm Arriv? at Chattiheochee next days by S p m Leave Chattahoochee Tuesday and Friday at 6 am Arrive at Fort Gaiuvf next days by 13 m For list qf pottmaiitrs in Gturgia authorit'd to err Ufy to the mfficitnoy of guarantors, tee1'lnttruc ti<mt" annexed. FLORIDA. Bidder* are requited to examine cartfuUy the itt ttmch ms, forms of proposal dx-, attached to this adcrrliscnent. _ a 6801 Fr*.m Charleston, S 0, by Jacksonville, Fl*' Mandarin, Magnolia Mills, Midjleicrg, Pieo laU, aud Orange 51 ills, to P.latka, 100 miles and bask, twick a *e-k? L?tXT? Charleston Tuesday and Saturday at 3 pm Arrive at Jaok*.>nviil* uext days by 12 m l*jave Jacksonville Wednesday and fcunduy at 12 in Arrive at Pilatka next days by 6 a m L*<tve Pilatka Monaay and Tliurnday at 8 a m Arriv* at Jaokconville next d:-ys bv 3 a m I^eavc Jtoksofi'. ille Tuesday and Vriday at 4. a m Arrive at Ch^r'eston nc?. t days by 10 a m liH# toeiteni to Welaka are invited 6lH)2 From JacksonviHs, by Farter's, AUi?.ator, Little River, Min4ial Springs, CclumbuM, Ma-iiaon, Srndy Ford, at.d Monticello, to Tallabab ee, 192 miles and back, twio? a week. ^ . 7. Weave Jack?rn\ilia Sunday aud Wedn'eJav at 7 pm Arrivt at Tallabasfee In 48 hours, by 7pm Leavj Tallahassee Sunday and Wedn^sdav at 3 a m Arriia at Jacksonville iu 4k houra, by 3 * a 0803 Fran 8t Augu rtfne to Ptaolata, 19 b0? and butfc, four times t week LMm St Augustine (gxil^iod Wednesday at 8am and It a Arrive at Piooiata n< day bj lp a and 5 Lea re Ticolata Monday and Thursday at 6 a at sod 12 m Arrive at ft Auguttlae fame days by 11 a ? and 5pm 6904 Fr >m Pilatka, by Oranfi Spring*, Orange 1 alw, Silver Spring, Onli, Cvapliarl, Aa* fru-ca, Piereevillc, Melendea, and Port Taj or, to Tampa, 159 mile* and back, twioe a week Leave Piiatka Monday and Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Tampa next Wednesday and Satur day by 1pm Leave Tampa Monday and Thursday at 2 am Arrive at Pilatka next Wednesday and Satnr day by 10 p m Proposals to omit Silver f p*ng will be con sidered. 6506 From PPatka, by W?laka, Vol aria, and En tarpr se?to Mellon villa 130 milts and back, ?nee a weak, in rteaahaa! Leave Pila ka Monday at 8 a m . Arrive at Mellonvllle next day by 11 a m Leave Mellonvill* Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Pilatka next day b/ 3pm Bids to enmmene* at Welakaare Invited 6800 From Enterprise to New Smyrna, 30 miles and back, oaee a week Leave Ente<prtoe Turalay at 6 a m Arrive at New Smjrn a same day by 0 p m Leave New Smyrna Mcudt>y at 0am Arrive at Enterprise seme day bv 0 p m 0"iO7 From New Fmyrna to lodlanKiver, 190 miles and back, twice a month l<eav4 New Smyrna on the let and 3d Wednes days of escb month Arrne at Indian River in 6 days Leave Indian River on the 2d and 4th Satur day* of each m:n:h Arrive at New Smyrna in six days 6*08 from Indian River, by Jupiter,to Miani, 180 miles and back, once a month Leave Indian River oa the 1st Friday of each month Arrive at M:ami In 0 days L*ave M'smi on th?2d Friday of each month Arrive at IndUn Kiver in 6dajs 6800 From Key West to Miami, 200 miles and back, once r nnuth Leave Key West on the 8th of each month Arrive at Miami t.y the 13th Leave Miami on the li<tb cf each month Arrive at Key Wes? by the24th 6&10 From Newnanevtlle by Fort Clark, Wacv hcotie. Mieanoav, Fleuitnrtcn, and Newton, to Oc&ia, 57 mil-s and ba-k, twiea a wa?k, euppljin* Waeahcctie only on U)e retcrn tr'pon Friday, az1 omitting TJicanopy on that trip Le*ve Nearnanville Wednesday and Sucd?y at 7 n m Arriv; at 0:ala next dart by On a Leave Oeala Fhurd ty a'nl Monday at:! p ra Arrive at 1-ewnauF'Ville next daysby 8pm 6811 From Newnaa- vile, by Sllisviile and Provb dence to Alligator, 40 miles and baok, twice a week Laai e Newnaneville Thursday and Satarday at 9 a m Arri veat Alligator {am* days by 8 p m Leave Alienator Tu??wiay and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Newnan?vitie same days by 6 p m 6812 From Newnansville, by ht Loujh, to New River, 22 mi 1m and back, once a week Leave Nawaansviile Thursday at 1 p m Arrive at New River ram* day by 8 p m Ltave'New River Thursday at 5 a m Arrive at ^ewnawvlUe same day by If m 6*13 Fr m Newnansville. by Tustenug:e, San a Fe, Clay Landiur, Vtacisaara, and Locg Pond. to Atsena OUe, 119 miies and back, once a week l<*ave Newnansville Wednesday at 7 am Arrlvn at 4trenaOti? next SiturCay by 8 m Leave AUena Otie Saturday at 11 a ra' Arrive at Newnansvifie n*xt Tuesday by 8 p m 0314 Fr m Newn*n-vilie. by Port liaclee. to Mid dieburg, 60 miles and back, < nee a week. Leave Newnanaville Wedn?fdty at *2 m Arrive at Middleburg next day byflpu Leave Middleburg Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Newnansville next day by 11 a m Bida f-,r semi w-sekly service wJl be con side ed 6sl6 From New Rivi?r 1 o Middleburg, 30 rnllei and back, once a week I-eav* New River Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at di3d:aburjc sama day by 7 p m Leave XlMdlebuii; Thursday a'. 7 am Arrivaat New F.iver game day by 7 p ra 0810 From "*ar/'a Ferry to Fort Hariee and back, onoe a wee? Bidden* will state the dL>t ;ncc and propose a schedule of dep*r ur?^ anl arrivals 6317 From Alligator, by Durham and 01u?tee, to New Kiver, 46 rai!f?s aai bs.cfc, once a -.veek Lw> Alligator Fri-^ay at 6 a m Arrh e at >.'?w River rame >'ay by 10 p ra Leave Kiver Ss.turd.iy at 6 a ra Arriva ut Alligator aamo day by 10 p m 0310 Frora Alligator, by rfo?r:incpe Hhvaltf, Ho Uiou t't Terry, 36 milc? and back, once a ws*k L^ave Alligator Friday at 5 b ei at Bloun 'e F irry same day by 6 p a leave Blount's Ferry Saturday at 6a m Arrive at Alligator t*aa?e lay Dy 6 p ia 6119 I'r^m Alligator, by White Springs, Jasper, Brllevi'.Ie Jennings, Ch-rry Lake, Ila^burg. and Clifton, to Mcuticsllo, 96 raiise an . back onee a week L-ave Alkator Mondr.y at 2 p m Arrive at Monticwllo next Wednesday by 9 p m Leav<* M n-jceilo iliur.-day at 6 am .^rr:v? at Alligatcr af xt Patuniay bv 1 p m Bids for semi weekly service ? ill be considered 6S20 From Orange Springs, by Morrison's Mills and Fort Crane, to M'cancpy. ?S miles and back, t^ice a veek Lfave Orange SpringB Tuesday uad Friday at 4 .am Arrive a: Micanopy days by 1 p a Leave Mkan*py Tuesday and Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Orange Springs sat^e daye by 10 p m 6?2l I^on^ b*am^, to Alamsville, 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Ocala fca'ur Jay at 6 a m Arrive at A iamsvili t ? aaie day by 6 p m lieave Adam vJie Friday at 6 a m Arrive at 0<?ala sam?* day by 6pm 632i From Alauisvllle, by I'in# Boruujh and Lake Qndiu, 10 Pert Batlcr, JO mUea aad baok, once a wc^k Leave Alain vil'.e Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Fort butler nem day by 7 p m L-ave i'ort Butler Tbur .day at 8 a m Arrive at Ad.tmsvilla n-st day by 12 m 0823 From Aug- sta o llcmosanea, 12 niles and back, twice a week Leave Augutata Weice?!ay and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at llcraogififa rame daya by 12 m Leave I{oui> .,a ^.a Wednesday and Saturday at 2 o ra ? Arrive at A'j;u??a fame daya by 6 p m 6S24 From Melendea, by Cedar Tree, to Fort Dade, 21 milfs ieI lack, once a woek. I.tave Mel tiides Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Fort Dade t ame day by 8 p m L- ave Fort Da Je Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Jdt leudss same day by 12 m C825 From PierceviHe, by SjrinRneld, to Say Fort, la miles and back, once a week. 1^aye Pu-rceviBe Saturday at 6 a m at Bay Port sam i day by 12 m Leave Bay Port Saturday at 1 p m Arrive a. P-rcevJ e same day by 7 p m &i2c From Uomo;as8a, by Crystal Kiver. to Ling Pond, 40 miles and ba<:k once a week. leave llomosa^-a Friday at 2 p in Arrive at Long Po=d next day by H p m Leave Lon< Pond Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at next "day fcy 12 m Biia to extend to Clay Landia r ?iii be con?id. ered 6S27 F: om Tarcpa to Man tte, 4J ci:Vi and back. onoe a we>- k I^eave Tanii a Tliursd-y 6a ui Arrive at Mriiat^e neaiuay b~. 12 m Leave Manatee f r:day at 1 p m Arrive at Tampa neit -lay by 6p m 6828 From Tampa to Old T?mpa Ba/, ,'H) miic? and ba-k, once a week Lfavu Tampa Monday at 6a m Arrsva at Old Tampa Ray eauu: day bv 6 p a Leave Old Tampa BtyTueaJav at rt a'ra Arrive at Tampa same day by 6 p m 682U From TamfM, by Kennedy's S:Oie. to IcLe^ puckuMMa, 30 miles and back, once a wjek. L*-.ave Vhmp.i Tuur'day ht7 a m Arrive at lchehucks'assa sann day by 6 p m LeaveIch*-pucke.-a-sa Wadne day at 7 am Arrive at Tampa name day i y 0pm 6830 From Ic/iep jckeja:-aa te J. rnigau, 62 miia^ and back, once a lieave lcb?puck- Bassi Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Jrrni^an next day by 12 m I/eave Jeriiitran Saturday at 1 p m e., Arriv* "t Ichepuckas?ssa next day by 6 p m 6S31 From Melloavllie to Jernigan, 90 mil^a ?nd back: onca a week. Leave M*'H'>nvillu Tueslcy at 12 m Arrive atJ^rui^un same day by 8pm Leaye Jeruigan Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Melloavllie same day by 4pm 6832 From Tiilabi see, by f ewport, to 8t Marks, 23 miles and back, time Mmes a week. Leave Tallahalsie Monday, Wednesday, anti Friday at 7 am Arrive at bt Marks fame days by 1 p m Leave Mt Markj Tueeday.lhursday, and Satur day at 7 a m ^ Arrive at Tallahisfee sam? days by 1 p m 6833 From Tallalia.'vjet, by .Mieosukie, to Bunker's Hill, 2b \aileH eud! ack, twlcJ a week. Leave lall**ee Monday and Wednesday st 6 am Arrive at Bunker's liill fama days by 5 p m Leave BunkerV HiU Tuefday and Thuiaiay at 6 ft in Arrive at Tallah&wwr, same days by 5 p m Fr m "'allah.vr.ue to Waukimili, 18 mil ? and back, twica a v&*k, L?av? Tallahi^e Mondty and WedmwJay at 6 am Arrive at Wackeenah sama days bv 12 m *Vtn *??daytnd V{Tedn rd3y ?t Arrive at Tallahassee same days by 7 p tit Bechad'n. Shell Point, oppy, to Walter, WmOm and tack, oaoe a week. Lht?T?11>tanfc> WMawckv US ? m Arrita at Walker next dav by 12 m Lmt* Walker Tbured *y itlpa Arrive at Tails ka-see next ?ay Vy ? P ? "" 'iZS^-Z Bidders will state the distance tad propoee a 6857 /^n^ftHaiaploa to Flnhollowa^ 20 miles ant at 5 a m Arrive at FlnholJowav nw d*Y by H m Lmt? Finhol'.oway Mouday atl P ? Arrive at KUleptoa ??? ^*7? PJV. _ am From Madison. by Cbarlee Mills, Oner 1" Ferry, and New Boston. te Clay handing, 90 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Madison Monday at 7 a m . . Arrive at Clay Larding next Weineeday t>y 6 p m Lear* Clay Landing Thursday at T a m Arrive atMadieon next Saturday by 6 r m 6839 Proa Madiaon. by Hanbncff a?d CUrton, TO ?rovers ville, Ga, 30 miles anl baek, oooe a wdek Leave Madison Monday at 6 a n Arrive at Grovercville aame day by 6 p m Leave Groversville Taeedav at 6 a m * Arrive at Madiaon aame day by 6 p m W40 From Weukeeuah by keasley, Moeely Hall and to Madison, 32 mile* and tack, o:cea week Leave Waoke?nab Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Madiaon same day by 6pm Leave MadWnn Friday ar? a m Arrive at Wauteeoah nni day by 6 p m 6841 From Quincy to Chattahoochee, *1 miles aad back, three times a wsek Leave Qaincy Monday, Wednesday and Friday at7 am Arrive at Chattahooche same days by 12 m Leave Cattahoochee Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Quincy same days by 12 ?? Bids to commence at Tallataase are invited. 684* From Bainbriige, Ga, by Chattahooche FU , Ochesee, West Winton RidleysviRe, R ckoe s Bind, Iola and Fort Gadsden to Apelachico la, 206 milea and back, three tines a week from the 15th October to l!th June of each yw, and twice a week tbe residue, in first cIms steamboats, witn the privilege of nan* two hor=e coaches from Balntridg* to Ch?<u hoocbs when the river is too low for naviga tion. From 164% I'ktober to 16Ui June. Leave Be. abridge Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 1pm Arrivo at Apalarhloola next Wedaeaday and Pridav atipm aad Monday at Ham Leave Apalaehicola tuaday, Tuesday and Thurslay at 6 a m Arrive at Bainbri Ige next days by 8 a m FromlUh Juie to Ibth October. Lca*? Baiiibridge Tuesday and Saturday at 3 pa Arrive at Apalachicola next day* by 4 p m. L ave Apaldchiccla Monday at 10 a m, aad TCednesdav at 10 p m Arrive at Bainbridge next Tuesday by 11 a m, and Thursday by 10 p m 6843 Fn-m Chettahooohee, by Marianne, Crowell, CampbeUton, Geneva, Ala., Anderson's Mill, Fla, Geatsville, Alairtnte. Milton, and Flor id-to ?n, to Pcnseeola, 200 miles and back, twice a week Lea?e Chattahoochee Tuesday and Saturdsy at a & p in Arrive at Pcnseeola next Friday and Tnsaday by 4 p m Leave frenseoola Tutsday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Chattahoochee next Thursday and Sunday by 5 p in 6844 From Apala.hioola, fcy Chettahcochee, to Co* 1 umbos. Ga.. and back, once a wee'*. Bidders will state the distance, name interme diate offioes, and prcp?w a schedule 6846 From Marianne. by Orange liilL Verson, Do lg'aaevllle, and Knox Hill, to Uchee Anna, 64 niles and back, onee a week L*ave Mariaura Thursday at 6a m Arrive at Uchee tnna next day by 6 p m Leave Uebee Anna Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive a* Ma-ianna next day by 7 p m liidi for semi-weekly service will be considered. 6848 From West WintoJ. by Aspen Grove, to Abe Spring, 22 miles an 1 back, once a week Leave Wert Win ton Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Abe Spring same day by 12 m J. ere Abe Spring Mond-.y at 1 p m Arrive at Wrst Winton same dav by S p m 6S47 From Vainon toSt Andree's Bay, 45 mile? and bock, occ4 a week Leave Vernon Friday at 6 a m Arrive at St Andrew's Bay same day by 8 p m Leave St Andrew's B*y Saturday at 6am Arrive at Vernon sane day by 8 p m 6848 From Milton, by Coon Hill, NathansvilK-, Ala., aad fort Crawford, to hpa:ta, 70 miles and hack, one* a w eek Leave Milton Wedne.^day at 6 a m Arrive st Br>arianext day by 6 p Q Leave Sparta Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Milton next day by 6 p m 6849 From Mi't^n, by Ea*t Kiver and Ala^ua, to Uc^e? Anna. a ilea and back, once a week Leav^ Milton Wednesday atOam Arrive at Uchee Anna next Friday by 10 p m ]<eave Uchee Anna Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Milton next Monday by 6p m Bids for semi weekly servioe will be considered 6b5?) From Pensaoola. by Blakely, Ala., te Mobile, 57 miles an 1 back, daily L' ave PrnsacoK dai,y at 12 m Arrive at Mobile next day by 4 a m lj>ava Mobile daily at 7 a m Arrive at Pensaoola n?xt day? by 2$ a m 6S61 From Pendaoola to Wsrricgton,9 mile* and bttkdai'y ^ l>a?- Pens??o?a daily at 3J a m I Arrive at Warriogton aame day by 64 a m Leave Warriogton daily at 7 a m Arrive at Pei^acola same day by 10 a in 6852 From New Orleans La, by Ptnaacola, Fla., Appilla-hi-cla, 6t Mark", Ce<Jar Key?, Tam p\ and Mann tie, to Key West, 1,000 cil?6 ?nd back, twice a month, in steamboats I>ave N'ew Orieans on the 10th and 24lhof each couth ArriVks at K*y West on the 20th and 4th Leave Key West on the 10th and 24th of each month Arrive at New Orleans ou the 20th and 4th Fur lut of postmasters iH Florida auhorixed to certi fy to the suficiency of guarantors, see " Instruc tion?' annexzd. INSTRUCTIONS Firm of a proposal voltere no changc from, advertise ment is contemplated by the bidder. I, , of , county of , State o# , propose to <-onvey *be mail* from July 1, 1855, to June 1*0,18o9, on route No ??. from to ??, agreeaMy to the advertisement of the Postmaster Oen^ral, dated January 12,1855, and by the following aixU of ooii* yaace, vix; for the annual sum of dollars This propotil is made with full knowledge of the di*t?n-? oi th? route, the weight of the mail to be carried, and all other particulars in reference te the routs and sorvice. and also sfter full examination of the iostruc tious and requirements attached to the advertisement. Dated [Signed.] ibrm of a Guaranty. The undersigned, rosiiing at , State of , undertake that, if the foregoing bid for carrying the maile on route No. be ? owpted by the Poet mis ter General, the bidder shall, prior to the 1st day el July, 1*55, or as soon thereafter as may be, enter into the required obligation to perform tbe servW proposed, with gcod and sufficient sureties. Tills we do with a ful knowledge of ths obliga tions and liabilities assumed by guarantors una<r the 27th stetten of the act of Congress of Julv 2 1836 Dated | Signed by two guuautora.] Form of Certificate. The ufid'rairawl, postmaster of -, State of , certifies under hi3 rath of office, that he is acquiinted with tbe abive'guarantors, and knows th?m to be mcu of property, and able to make good the: r guaranty. Datvd [Signed.] Tbe f ufliciency of guarantors on proposals may be certified by a judge or a court oi record, and by port mafcters at the follow ng pa t offices, and no otk* rs : In the State of VIRGINIA, postmasters of offices at the oourt house or oounty seat of each county: aod at Ayietts, Bwkely Spring*, Berryville, Beth any, Big Ii:k, Bridgeport, Brownsburg, Bockhan non, Christiansburg, OlarksvUle, Columbia, Tan ville, Kas.ville, Emory, Fairmount,Falmouth,Farm ville, Fredericksburg, Front Royal, Gordomviile, GieigsvUle, Guya^.do te, Harper's Ferry. Harrier n Kanawha Saline, Lexington Middleburg, Lynchburg, Morgsutown, Newbern, New Market, Newtown, Stephensburg, North Moun tain, Oak Crove, Old Point Comfort, Pattonsl>urg. Petersburg, S*lem, Bccttsvile, Shepherdstcwr, Union, University of Virginia, Uppervi le, War sew, Waterfofd, Wayceiboro', Weston, WhiU Sulpl ur Springs Also, Baltimore, Cumberland, Frederick, and Ila 8?r?town, MI4 Union towu and Washington, Pa-, lcuntevillc, Tenn^ Washington and Georgetown, D.O. In tBe Stat* of NORtH CAROLINA, postmasfors tf cfll^ee at ths Cuurt bona- or count/ seat of each oounty; and at Cbapel Hill, Davidson College, Rn Be'd, Fran^bnton, Gaston, Gt ldsbcro' 1 Greenaboro', Henderson, Kenan?;iil?, Milton, Mur freesborp,' Oitonl, Salem, Sc tUnd Ncck, Wil iaas toa, Tanoeyville. In the Sute of POUTH CAROLINA, postmasters of offices at the cour >hou^e or seat of justice of each district, and at Aiken, Beunettaville, Bichopvi.le, Bl4cksville, Cheraw, Cck'fbury, Conwayboro\ Eue Wert Ccrne*. Grahaiusvd.e.Graniteville, Hamburg, Mar's Bluff, Pendleton, Hociety liiil, Btatdburz aumter vtile, Walterboro', Winsboro', To.kville; alac Knoxvl le, Ten>4 Clayton, Ga of GK^BGIA, peal marten of rffir* o?auty-eaat ot each county; auS at Adair ville, Albany, Atlanta, Auraria, Barn, tII to, CHJWa, Cortawvffla, Oednrtwwn, CmDodan - - * Dnlton, Btowah, Honr FronkNn, Fort Oainaa, Wirt Valfe* Oriftn. Hawk inavtlle. Indian Bpciuga, Jonaaboro', Knox villa, Montoauma, tfnitotta, Oxford. Paul**, ? * - k - ?? A. Foodtowa, Rlceboro', Ftnggold, JtoawaU, taint Mary*a, Social Circle, ?*un? MtanitaiP.&ummorvilto, BtmrfcTtlto, Tunnel All, Vi'Ii Man. Wavarly, Waymoevlife. W?t Point, frkhlitiii'; ateo Chat tanooga and R?*tot,TM; Centra, Oooola, Watte waa, sod Jacksonville, A'a. In Lb? State ot FLORIDA, poatma?tar? of ?Aaaa ot tb? con t ho>ae or county-teal ot eaafc aonaty, aad at ^pi>i?'-v.:ocLa, Micanpj, BeD villa, Onmp b?il?o*_, ;ifi, J^oalno, Mandarin, Moe?ly Itu, N^wpor., Nea J-myrna, FW> a%Tempo, Bche Ana, Ooela, PUatsa, Quincy, Warrington. Cbaditions to bt incorporated m Uit emttrmeU to Oa extent (Ac Peparimmt may deem proper. 1. Seven minutes ?r? allowed to eech lnterat-dv ate offlre. when not otherwise specified, for assorting tha mails: but on railroad aod i*eambont rcrntes th*? to to be no more delay than If itnlli tent for aft exchange of tbe mail bag*. 2. On rout** where tbe mode of conveyance admito of it, Iha FDOcial agents or the Department, atoo poet ofllor blank*, mail bags, lock- aad keys, are to bf conveyed without extra charge. 3. On rail read and steamboat Tinea. British aod Canada mail*, when offered are to be conveyed with out addition*1 pay ; al*v the route ? gents of tbe De partment, for wboae exclusive um while travelling \ritb the mail*, a commodious ear. or apartment in the centra of a car, properly lighted, warmed, aid furnished, ard adapted to tbeoonvenient assortment and due security of the nulla, is to ha provided by the contractor, under the direction of the Depart ment. 4. No pay will ha made for tripa oat performed; and for each of such ootonou not settolactonly ex plained three times the pay of tbe trip may be deducted. For arrivals so fit behind time a* to bnaJt connexion with depending mails, and not oufflciently excused. "no-fnurth of tbe compensation for the trip is fultfect to fhrfriturr Deduction may alao he or dcrel for a grade of performance Inferior to that apecis ed in the aontrart. For repeated delinquencies of the kuil herein specified, enlarged penalties, pro p ruon.-d to tbe nature thereof and the '-?prtanre of tli? mai1, may be made. 5. For leaving behind or throwing off the n???- or any portion of them for the admission of passengers, or for being concerned in setting np or running an ? xproas conveying commercial intelligent ahead of tbe mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. S Fines will be impoaed, unless the delinquency bo promptly and satisfactorily explained by certifi cates ot postmaster*. or the affidavits of other cred itable persons, for failing to arrive In contract time, for neglecting to take the mail from, or deliver It into, a post oAte; suffering it (owing either to the un<uitsblena*s of the place or manner of carrying it) to be injured, dcttfjyed. robbed, or lost; and for refusing,aflerdemand, to oonrey the mail as fre quently as tbe contractor runs, or Is concerned in running, a coach, car, or steamboat on a route. 7. Tbe Postmafter General may annul th-nontract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract; for disobeying the poat oHoe law*, or the instruc tions of the Department; for refosin,; u> dis*arga a curler when required by the Department to do so; fcr assigning the contract without the absent of the Po-tmaster General; for rrnningan axpreaaas afore said: or for transporting persofts or packages con veying mailable matter out of the mail. b. The Postmaster General may order an Inrn oot cf service on a route by allowing"tberelor a pro rata increase on the contract pay. lie may change the schedule ot arrivals and departures, without increase of pay, provided be Joes not curtail tha amount of running time. He may also ord*r an increase of speed, he allowing, within the reotrfe lions of the law, a pro rata in. reav of p*v for tha additional stock or carriers, if any. The contractor may, however, iu the cane of increase of Fj-eed, re linquish the contract by giving prompt notice to tha D-'partment that he prefers doiu;; so to carrying tha order into effect. The Postmaster General may also or discontinue the service, at pra rata de crease of pay, allowing one month's extra com } ensation on the amount dispensed with, wh< nevar iu his opinion tbe public InU ref ts do not require tha same, or in case he deairee to aupereade it by a differ eat grade of transportation. 1?. Payment? will be made for the service by aadao tians from, or draft" on postmaoters, or otherwise* niter the expiration of each quarter?say in Febru ary, May, Aujnist. and November. 10. The distances are giv-n acoordin? to the beet Information; but no increased pay will be allowed s louhl they b? greater than adverttoed, if tha pomta to be vupplie?l be correctly ^Uted. Bidder* must h> f rm tbemselv-ja on this point. 11. The Postmafter Ocnertl i? prohibited bylaw pom knowingly making a contract for the tmnapor Lit:on of the mails with any person who shall bare entered into, or proposed to enter into, any combine tion to prevent the making of any bid for a mail contract by any other r-ersou or i?-rsons, or who snail ba*e made any agr-?-roeiit, or shall have given or performed, or promip**! to giTr or perform, any consideration whatever, or to do or not to do any thing whatever, in order to induce any other person or persons not to bid for a mall icnU&ct. Particular attention is cull.-d to tLe^th ~< ti<.n of the act of 19-^0, prohihifin? comMnations to prevtn* t iddine. 4 ii'. A,m time, via: 3 p m of the l'th April, 1K5o, or without the guarantv reunir%d bv or that oombines several routes iu our *.??. of rcmpeaxiiation, canoo; be con.^lere>l iu comprtiticn V 'i^ a*I??.u'ar l r0P0!,?4-' reasonable in amount. Bidders should, in all cas^r. first proxx?a for f-rvice rtrictly according to the advertisement, and tien if they desire, ^wra^/y for different service; and if the regular hid be the lowest offered for the advarttoad service, the other bids may be rensidarad: if the alterations proposed are rec ,mmended by the lonmaaters and citizens interested, or if thev appear manifestly ri^ht and proper. propoaaL* Ph**'d ^ Lat onc bid for in ? 15. The route, the service, the vearty pav, the Ubme and residence of the bidder, and those of each u^mber of a firm where a company off ?, should \<*i9It!n',tl.v J'^otod, also tbe mode of conveyance, if s higher mode than horseback b<> in>cied. Tha T, Tilh i?* <*lerity, certainty, and mcurity," -u^ertod to indicate the mode of eauv- yrn-e, will constitute a "star bid." -J?* *** r'qu-?tel to cs?, as far a? practi cable, t^e printed f'rm of propoaul fumish-i ty the department, fo wiite out in full the mm ct their, acd to retain copies cf them. "'? bid* oan b? considered, and no bids oace submitted can te withdrawn. b'r niU*t J* *urir^nt?ed by tw responaibla persona f?aueral rua-aiitew caun;t be adm?Uad. pi.'nJSt B? should be seaJed: tupertoribed " Mail rr posa l?, StaU of addressed to the Seo i Assistant Postmaster General," Con ra t < >?ce *?d sent hy mat/, not by, or to, an ac* nt and r^t' JJJJJ nftt P?>P^a!s (or lett* rs of anj kind) ta their quarterly reiurna. oontracto are to be executed and returned to the Department by or >iin the 1st of July, 1866, I t I service ma>t b* et uuucnced on tha mail day next, after tnat date, whether ihe c ntracts be exZ !"'P.or "ot No proposition for transfers will bm ccnMjered uctil the nontracts are executed in due form and rer?*ivcd at the dvpar^ment; and hen no 'rnot.f?* ej J ba allowed unUas good and mMrtont reasons thtrofor are given, to bt determined bv the department. , 3 Itf. Poftro afters at offices on or near railroads, >ut more thnu eighty rods itt.m a station, will imme diate,y alter the 10th of April next, report their exact distance fron the nearest station, and how otb;T*';^ supplied With the mail, to enable Postmaster General to direct a mail mess^nirer supply froy the 1st of July next. 18 of*D of Congress, spprovod Mareh 3,1R45 provides that contract# tor the trans portation of the mail shall be leU ?? in every case U? I J?.!!'! Wdder tendering ^uttcient guarantiea the m^ Performance, ei?out other reference to the mode of such transportation than mav be neces se^rttT^>tVlde k?F? th? c*1,'r>tF? certainty, and a ncw /carriuLt.1?- " Cuder ^ ,air ^ ?"Pf?n of bids has been received It does KL'SE'S:h m0d^ of 'wejancrTblrInfiliJS ^?ke the entire mail each trip with celerity, certain ty, and security, using the terms of the law. TLe-e ,'i J* "tjled, from tne manner in which they are ifeS?* *** ***** of thp Department, "star t j' they will be oonstrusd as providing for the howeryr iar?<> whatee-r ?uty Ot ??Z*11Z?wc'"?r"'?'"?" *"cden"' believed ^71 the lowest grade of service is Sdl if^nl^, }f,W9gt bW wil1 be aocep. sp^ifi<?bid ' to a " star" or ?Ithi^1 bkl l" nat ? pUr b"- ?"d 'pectttos miner no moda or *mnad*iuatem 4?<,tc< n**\ *nc?. .l but set aside I t a specific bil the necessary service. When the bid does n Jt specify a mode of con. veyanoe, atoo, when It proposes to carry '-aroordin* to the advertisement," but without such speeificAtiui "ire considered aa a propotal for h< rat Lack aer 21. A modification of a l id, in any of Its essential terms, to Untamount to a new bid, and cannot be received, ao as to interfere with regular competition, after the last hour set for receiving bids. *A Postmasters are to be careful not to certire the sufficiency of guarantors or sureties without ShnTtVDg i il. IWM,n9 ?f ^ufflf-ient reapou ribi ity and all bidders, guarantors, and ruretie* am asasKsas'jiS" tlOQS I fiUil An -til railnci. i ' j lQ5tniO " 1 railroad and mnt^ ?Kn the immediate nrlt^l routM >uto all De1ir^?tnt the guarantors and ttSto^SLi: ?^2! SfiS^rliSsir" teT\tt^2?Li"lJ mu^' bv a iwatiuaa a o'.urt ot re-ord ***** t?med, ot a judgr uI rznU3 **wi ^ ,b'r will w!i s?^ h""4! oonvayaroa Ic^detuate, *nd thw woeka on other rout?? and report the result hy lOtlUtprll, 1855 JCAMPBELL, ^ Puatmasur Genet %i.

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