Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1855 Page 3
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v V v NIN G ST AH. Local Intelligence. Navt Yabd Items.?W?, to day, present to the nadtn of the Star another instalment of Navv Yard items Aa frequent inquiries ara made aa to tha dimensions of tha noble ataam frigate "Minnesota," new in the course of oonstruction at thia yard, under the direc. uoa of Naval Constructor Pook, we proceed to give them, from ezaet measurement, vis ; Feet loch. Diatance between perpendiculars 26S Hi Kail forward of fore perpendicular 4 5i Kail abaft of after perpendicular 18 5 j Extreme length 286 91 from fore and of heel to aft aide of rudder nost 261 9| Length of gun deck 280 6 Length of aper deck 284 loi Length of rail 286 Breadth of beam 52 Depth of hold to gun deck beams 26 4 Tha wotk on the uMinneaota" is rapidly ad vancing. Tha iron oracea have arrived, and ara being put together and ourred The re ception of thia material will enable the work men to proceed, without further delay, to the completion of the iaterior work of the ahip There are now 247 men employed on the Min> neeota, aa ahip carpenters, borers, lawyers and laborers The aubetantial atone and concrete founda tion for the steam-hammer is nearly completed The large timber oapplng for tbe foundation on which tbe immense caa -iron frame ia to be bolted ia alao nearly finished. The various pieces comprising thia hammer are reav.y to be put together ao soon as the capping shall be adj'iated Tbeae castings, prepared at the Southwark Foundery, Philadelphia, weigh in all nearly a hundred tona?the heaviest piece weighing about twenty five tona. The ram bnd bitt (or hammer proper) weigh twelve toousand pounds. This hammer is designed for the manufacture if the largest and hea viest shafts, anchors, 4c , usei in the naval rervice, and will be put up, complete, at a coat of ten thooaand dollars This work is ex ecuted under the supervision of W. P. S San ger, Erq., constructing engineer, and Chief Lcg-.neer llunt. In the plumbera' department the workmen are busily engaged iu making heavy brass castings for the Minnesota, and also braw canopies and Mils for companion ways Tbe Utter work ia highly p<lished and very beau tiful, and ia destined for the frigates Sabine and Santee Cambo&ses and powder tanks for various veeaels are also being manufactured in thia department, which is under the man ttgement of Mr. Abel (1. Davis. The wotk on the marine railway is progress ing finely. The rails have all been laid down and the cradle is nearly completed. Thia missive and enduring work will, when tin jibed add another to the many facilities ot thia yard f r improving the condition of tbe vessels of our gallant little navy. We hope ere long to have an opportunity of testing its practical working In tbe joiner s department, the ifcrkmon are employed on the improvements otvarious buildings in the yard, in dressing the fine work for the Minnesota, and making ordnance shell-boxes AH the work done in this branch under the supervision cf Mr B B Curran, ia of the moat finished style, and will stand the cleeeet scrutiny. In the painter's department, the hands are engaged in painting the ship-house, the buoys fur the Treasury Department, the hatchways for the Minneaota, and Various other work, under the direction of Mr John 11. Peake. In the blacksmith's depvtmaot, a large fores is now employed, numbering 139. They are engaged in making anchors, chain cable*, and every description of ahipemith's work. Mr. James Tucker has the management of this important and extensive branch, and turns out work of the best and most enduriog quality, which has won for him the plaudits of the oficera and ere# of every ve.sel that hat borne bis chains and anchor*. In the iron foundery, under the manage ment of Mr. Wm. Bland, the workmen are en gaged on the second cylinder for the Minne sota, in easting ehell for ordnance, and window sills, 4c., for new buildings vie : The exten sion of the blacksmith, boiler, and anchor efeeps, the foundations of wbi^h are now being completed, and the briek work of which awaits the arrival of the granite water-table and sills In the ordnance department the hands are busily employed in manufacturing brass how itaers, ehot, rhell, and fixed a.mmunitijn of every description. Various improvements of the yard are in progress, under the direc ion of Constrcclin* h'&gi .e?r Sanger?saeh as converting old ord nance into machine chop, building uaay wall, Ao. Seventy laborers 3re employed on these works. So much far this morning. Good Cookisg.?We made one of a small party who suj ped a few nights since at Bou langer's, ia the First Ward. The bill of fare, comprised oysters dressed in various way;, (broiled to a charm, included,) venison stake, sweet breads and canvass baaUs?all washed down with ebampaigee, and very old aod choice Sherry and Wadena Our old friend bouianger has been so long a denixen of the West End, that bis down-town fallow oitizsn?, most of whom are too deeply ionasraad in business cares to travel up to bis quarters when desiriog a rtekerche sapper, have almost forgotten his house, once the leading restau rant on Pennsylvania avenue Nevertheless, he has not been without au avalanoLe of busi ness in bis present quarters in ijje heart of tbe " West End" of Washington, ills guests are principally those who study good living scientifically?many of them living to eat, rather than eating to live, as we of the over worked humdrum order do. Catering as ue, does Quw for tbe most part for persons ao. ecmpiiihed in affairs of the cusine, tbe clever ?td gentleman hat lost none ot tbe former cunning of his hand. When on the aveouo, Lis was regarded as the moat accomplished cusine in the city. It Las subsequently im proved; for keeping pace with tbe march of xhe times in such matters, the little supper to which we refer above was prepared with t?ste *nd skill that Delmonico himself, might envy. I Turn rattLJLAL OF TUB LATE iiaV J. F. Coo*, colored, late pastor of the Fifteenth street Presbyterian Church, took place en Saturday We state this faet for the purpose of remarking, in connection, that there was a very large number of colored persons in at tendance A lodge of Odd Fellow?, working under a charter from tbe Eaglish organist tion ef that name, and of which order he was a member, followed the remains to tbe tomb; and iter* were more than fifty hacks in the funeral train. The eofin vw covered with fine black cloth, and there was ou it a large silver plate, hearing the name of the de*e??;d, and his age aad time of his death But comparatively tew white bodies have been so decently ?a (erred W? would isvite the reader s attentlen to Ihseisi A Co '0 programme of fifty rich and coetly articles to be given away to the audience ut Odd Fellows' Hall to night. The pi an of ( mentation b?s been changed, in order that the whole of the articles will be secured by tboee pretest. ao that if there bs but fifty per mot preeeat every one will receive a prise. Surely such a tempting offer has never been presented, and at so sheep a rate For twen ty-five cents only a handsome oil painting, a eloek, or an article of fine jswelry may be ob tained, without taking into consideration the opportunity for widening the beautiful exhi bition, which alone is worth the price of ad mission Tns Emcivox ?Though the sun may have entered the first point of Aries ?? about the 2tst of March," the time usually assigned f"' tbe vernal equinox, it is certain we did not receive Information of she fact until tbe 24tb in (tact; and then, as heretofore, by tremen dous atmospheric blows, aad the rattling and elaMertag of out door objects, violently oper ated en by the fierce and howling winds. ATVBVrftB BenfiLARV ?On Friday night, two separate attempt* were made to break into the drug store of Mr Boswell, corner of Maryland avenue and SosenUi street Each time the design of the burglars was foiled by the young man who steep* in the store Should they renew the effort they will probably re ceive a pill (fittl ? r#-0lrcr? dift;ult of digee Natiwal TaiATM -lf 11? Rom taket OumpLmen'ary benefit to-night Thawte much flowing wit about Wwhiugtoo bit * g?tb?3 ThtofiSS1 V?UDd whiah " ??7 ' K hi ti?. r ? a??der?tom, however, it affor/ fUttirill l$L ??a#,^enn#? who off*? lhe ooEundrumJK. * illT*r i?w*l *>' the best I (rinmii o P*?*eata an attractive pro. ' .f??ri for t>th% ?*?*<?" i? an !?7^ fmt foot'ilrer cup to be g^en to the penon who .ball mo in the quick. e?t time around the ring ten timer Individ oalicoMtrneted on the Shanghai principle a akea ohence for winning the iweep Pboplb's Tbbatrk. Iron Ball ?We ad rue ell who with to enjoy e treat, to wirit the abuve theatre to night and tee Miss Penny Morant in her attractive character of Jnlia in thj Ilancbback. Mias Morant gives to this part a freshness and independence whioh ren ders it so interesting Mr.^lUn, a youn* gentleman of fine taste Ad an actor of prom tsc will sustain the part of Sir Thomas Clif ! ford, with the charming Miss Tys,n, as Helen et !i 1,6 ,een th?* ? Waahing sSre c? c" ?nd wUl support a good thf I ni?.X 111 Act -A tidy Irish woman 11? Sb*aghne?j was, on Saturday. caught Brothl/itK le*v'?? tb* Bt<>re of White A nn?? h J * ?,n^"m dreM P*(tern hidden Si'/ !' Clerks engaged Ufai customers her motions were observed by a lady, who called attention to the fact. The i? into the hands of tfficer Kembel, and carried before Justice Donn. who, after examining into the oase. required her to give security for her appearance at court. Tbb Doorkkbpkb's Bbbrfit.?We fell into an error on Saturday in stating that the enter tainment of to-morrow night, to oome cff at the National Theatre, ii to be for the benefit of the supernumeraries as well as the door keepers of that establishment. ? The latter only a e to be the recipients of the patronage bestowed on Myers 4 Madigan's oapital cir ens company on that occasion Their bill, it will be remembered, ia an exceeding attrac tire one, as all the strength of the oompanv is , to be displayed in many novel aota. The gen tlemenly doorkeepers are very deserving men. indeed, and aa they are widely known here end quite popular, we anticipate they will have a bumper, * t A uPm 1T,ST ~Th? celebrated "Editor of the l.uth fcae eent in a paper (writ'en in a boli hand, characteristic of the author.) to the grand jury, protesting against their neglect to take notice of sundry cases concerning himself, wbich he has presented for the action of that body. A man, siff rer to the extent of four teen hats, ruthlessly destroyed by bis enemies ia certainly entitled to the"diatinguuhe1 con sideraticn" of the grand jury! ?Tut Cocnw.-The Circuit Court of the Uw.ed States for the District of Columbia commenced ita March teim this morning. The Criminal Court was, therefore, obliged to re move from the established court-room to the chamber of the Board of Common Council I p to noon, neither tribunal had entered on the transaction of business. Jhop Liftixg The number of store thieves is, according to our information, on the in crease. We frequently hear ef tho larceny of dry gooda, the disnonest onei taking ad vintage j of the crowd of customers to consummate their purposes Oa Saturday, a young woman was discovered m the act of concealing a dress pattern under her capacious rhawl; and the merchant from whom she stole it saya that, last week, a piece of silk worth $70 or $90 was stolen by some person unknown to him. Scbdav, aftor the boisterousness of Satur day, waa comparatively calm and clear, bright and p.easant a? could be desired. The church es, generally, were well attended; and we with pleasure add, that the city throughout was oharacteriifd by that good order and quiot w"icb should ever be associated with the dav of rest. ____ J Accidekt.?On Saturday. Mr A. W. Mar tin had the thumb of his right hand cat off by a circular saw, at the carpenter shop of Mr. Morsell The wound was dressed at the Wash ington Infirmary, when the aafferer returned to bia home. Wat. h Kbtcrxs.?'i'ne recorJsot tho watch house show that the guard were busy la.-t right Eleven free negroes and two alave3 w*re taken for disturbing two \ laces of wor ship, via, James Butler, Wm Hughes, Robert se*more,Thomas Brown, Ueorge Neal, Charles Lutler, John Williams, I.> tae Talbut, l'hilip Thompson, William Digges, and Robert Wil kiE*<?" *11 ?*a negroes, and Wm. Edwards and Fhiiip I hompson, slaves, were all fined and costs for their amusements. Samuel Rey nolds and Hubert, free negroes, were out louga- tJjan tho Corporatian law permits. Lewis Douglas. f-;e negro, was brought in for whipping his wifo Jauios Baanett and J seph Straub, were disorderly in the market and were made to pay for their "jerry." lim v<by C. Long, John Devlin, Henry C Neall, E. E liiovfo, James Edwards aad James Hi?ran, preferreJ the planks rf this house to the curbstones and were entered as lodgers. John Fee waa brought in on couiplaint of h:s wife and her sister. It scorns that he ha3 been in the habit of whipping h s wife, and has turntd beaot, for he made two or three at tempts to bite off her ears. He was eent ud to jail to iw&it hii trial. Vitality or rnz Pbiladelpbia Wbios ? The old line whigs wbe seceded from the rs cent Whig and Know Nothing Convention, met on Saturday afternoon and adopted reso lutions denouncing secret political organui tiuns, and recommending the entire senaratic*i of the Whig par y from tb. order which ha? already aucceeded in corrupting political ao Hon. Skibbibs a Mam.?Tee York Day Book of Saturday says: ?< Bill Poole, ovey whoso death some folks are trying to make a "time " i and who had the "talleet funeral, ' to use ike Bowery slang, of any man that crer died in New York, was yecterday before the court on | a charge of assault and battery. It is rather odd to try a man after he is dead, so the dis tnct at'.or cey went on with the case of hia associate in the outrage, who was brought in guilty. It appears that Poole and a man named Williams attacked a cardan at the Amo* street dock, last summer with kni?re*. and not only literally cut hia clothea off his body, but also severely wounded him. The Recorder said that It waa one of the greatest outrages he ever heard of, yet the principal person engaged in it ia now considered a mar try to American principles! If (be Stages' prison bad a few such devotees to American principles. New York noald le much better off. Ebiqbatiok to tbb UaiTKD Statks ?The federal government of Switzerland has just received, from the resident Minister of the United States at Berue, a note expressing bis regret that in some cantons the authorities appeared to favor the emigration to America of parsons completely deatitute, and even of criminals. These abusea, the American Envoy observes, have been the object rf strong re monstrances in thd bosom even of th* legis lature, and Centres* was busy with the prep aration of a law, te object of which waa to put an end to the evils indicated, by prevent ing the linited States from becoming the Bot any of Etr^ps ? r In tranamittiog the coinpiaintp of the Amer ican Envov to the government* of the different cantent, the federal government earnestly in vite* them, incase they are well founded, not to favor the facta wbich kayp given rise to them in order not to provoke meisurwa whioh may affect Swjsa emigrant# without the letter I being at all in fault ?Pans Prestt. A Cballbbqb JQ tbb Soura - The owner of the famous race horse, Wild Iriahman, taa challenged Leoompte, or any other Southern horse to run three racse on Long Island, the coming s?aj*,n, on a mile, two mile and three mile heats, for 93,0^6 e*?h race. This is a bold offer to make against such horaeg as Le oomnte, Lexington, Brown Dick, Red Hye, Jignlander, Ao , but the owner of Wild Iriah man is in no way dauqted by the reputation of th^ae eejsbrated nags, and think* Wild risbman tlRCe pore tbop a patch tor the Mit of them Hia perfoimamio ia*t season on the National Courae, beating Red Kye, Ber ry, Uranita. Scline, Maid of Orleans, Grath, M , in the beat time ever made oa the Island, park his) a? a mojt extraordinary horse, aad warrant the high eetimate placed oa him by owoer. MrJas. Irrin. r " ' ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Fuhtovrn oh Fire?Loan?Lecture?Cor rection?Election, fyc. Alexandria, March 16,1855. That tar-famed locality, Fiihtown, or as a friend, inclined to tha ol?S3ica, terms it, Ick thiofoli?, vai, last night, seriously endanger ed A until stable, near its north*eaat corner, was set on fire, and the flames making rapid headway, set fir* to the large frame ware, houses adjoining, and for a long time threat ened the large lumber-yard of Messrs Kephart A Barker.' However, onr gallant firemen.soon gathered, and with a skill and energy in which they yield the palm to no firemen in the Union, attacked the flames, and saved a large portion of one of the warehouses and also the lumber. The alarm was given about 11 o'clock, and it was not until long after midnight that the glare faded from the sky, and our city sunk to rest The large frame warehouse on the oorner,1 which, though seriously injured, is yet stand-j ing, and is owned by Dangerfield A Smith. It was occupied aa a lumber office by Kephart A Barker, and stored with salt, and other requi sites for fish, belonging to R Barton. Moat of this property was saved. The stable of Kep hart A Barker was entirely consumed. The warehouse of Messrs. Fleming A Douglas, in whioh they had stored some hundreds of bar rels of salted fish, is a total loss Mr. J T. Ballongar's salt in this building was very, much injured The losses may be summed up | as follows: Dangerfield A Smith, $1,600; Fleming A Dougla?, $2,000; R Barton, $600; J. T. Ballanger, $600, Kephart A ^arker, $250. Three individuals suspected of setting fire to the property are in the eyes of the polise, and will, probahly, be arrested to day I Last night, Rev. Bernard Maguire, president | of Georgetown College, leotured at St. Mary's churoh on " Indifferentism, or one church as good as another." The lecture is highly spoken cf as an exhibition of masterly ability. To-night, the same gentleman discusses " The supremacy of the Pope " We are requested to state that the wsgon which picked up the body of the unfortunate Weedon was not Adams A Co 's express, but the baggage wagos of Latham A Cock s ooacb line. To morrow evening our City Counoils com monce the work of eleoting our oity officers ; and on Thursday D. Funstien, E<q , the Dem ocratic elector, opens the campaign at Lyceum Hall Ami. ft <?ILMAX I* deslroa* to clone up It's business for i the past, and earnestly requests all who me indebted tn him to call and nettle without delay ; their bill* are now ready. He would further give notice that all future bill* which may be contracted with film must l>e made only with the distinct understanding that they are to t>e closed month- i ly, except w'th hi* lew friend* who have alwaya paid on pre- j *eutat!on. H*> would much prefer to acll good* for cash, and will ofler great Inducements with regard to prire to *uch purchasers, feeling confidant, from many year*' experieuce, that thta i* tha only true way of doing business. war S3?St PT~f* PUKMIUM8 AT THK KAMtS ? WHITEHL'BST*9 l*--, still In the ascendance.?The Juries of each of the lata fklr* at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded tlkelr highest premium* to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tograph*, Stereoscope* and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. al*o recti ved two Medal* at the World1* Kalr, Lon don, and a premium at Cryatal Palace, New York. AI*<Mbo Orst award* of tha UaryUu 1 Institute for three year* past. Wliitehur*t'e Oallery lu this city Is on Pa. avenue, betw. and 6th streets. feb 17 fT7*a PHENOMENA IN MKDICINK.?Bronchitis, Cough, Dyspepsia. Liver Complaints, Scrofula, *c.?For all disease* of the Fema'e Hyst?ro It *tand* preem'uent. A Clergyman Jn*t Informs u* it has cured him of Bronchttl* of a despe'ate character?partlrs'a-s hereafter. HAMPTON S VKUKTABLK TINCTC RK?By its mild ac tion on the rtumach, liver aud kidneys, w.U cure Dyspep tie, Oongh, Asthma, Kronchlal aud Lnng Affection* Pain* lu the Hark, aide and Brea't, Consumption, Scrotal*, Bliea inatlam, Oout, Neuralgia, fistula, bowel Complaints, Plloa, Worma, and Nervous Debilities ?with all dlsoaae* arlslug from Impure bl. od, and !* the greatest female medicine ev er ku?>wa. To!* Invaluable med'clne I* working wonders upon the human frame. See advertisement t<>-(lay. mar 7 ft?J?DR. HOOKLaND'S CELtUBATKD GERMAN BIT ^ TKBS. There are few things which affjrd ni greater pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German Bitters, because we are fully conscious we are conferring a public benefit, and our heart teil* u* that by our notices many have been Induced to take these Bitters, %tid been rescue 1 fruiu death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, Ac., for tha eu-e of %uich It is csr(ain It I* prepared and ?old only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, At the usrtuau KedLme Store. No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisemant. mar S?Sib rry?NKl'BALUIA.-Thl* formidable dlseasa, which seem* ??*m* to baffle the skill of phvslclana, yields like magic to CAKTKK'S SPANISH MIXTIUK. Mr. K. Boy.ten, formerly of the Astor House, New York, and late proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, Ulchmond, Va., I* one of the hundred* who hare been cured of severe Neu ralgia, by CAKTKB S SPANISH MIXt'L KK. Since his cure he haa recommended it to number* of oth ers, who were suffering with ueaiiy every form of disease, slth the tr.ost wonderful success. He says It is the most extraordinary me<llciae he has ever aeeu used, and the best purifier known. ?.?See advertisement In another column. ffT- BAKEB'S PREMIUM BITTERS.?Mr. Kdltor-You ' would be astonished, though true, In my travel through Virginia n short tllue since, to bear of the iVtli and rncoin mculatlon that Is given to BAKER'S PREUK M HITTERS ><er*ral ladies awl gentlemen aaid they had lied thr Dyspep sia iur many year*, but never had lound an> tbiug to nial;? a cure of it tut linkers fr^miun. Killer*. j?ijie yo,iid .ay it had cured them entirely of ttifc nervous headache, and other* would say If It had not been for these Bitters they would have died with the cholera. So we say, success to BAKER and his PHEMltM III ITERS. Every family should keep a few battle* on hand. l*ri<"e tC cents per bottle. To be had of CHARLES STOTT A CO Washington, D. C., CANUV X H ATCH, and SETH S. HANCK, Baltimore, aud by Prvtflsts everywhere. m;?r 23?eolw THE POETRY OK PH*slO.?AxUK'S PlU.8, glide O?/ sugar shoi, over the palate, but their energy, although wrapped up. Is there, aud tells with giant force cn the very foundations of disease. There are thorsatids of sufferers, who would not wear their distempers if they knew they Could he cured for 25 cents. Try Ayer'e Fills and yon will ko?w It. I'urlfy the blood and disease will be starved out. Cl-*!;33 tip system from tpmurllles and yon are rnrei a!. i?ady. Take thl* Lett ot ail Por^ativei and tscroiuia, Inmg<Ht'on, Weakness, lleada-iie. Backache, side Ache, Jaundice, liheu ?uatism, deraogemeiits of the l.iver, Kidueys, and Bowels, all derangements and all diseases which a purgative remedy can reach, tly before them like darkness before the Sun. Kead-r, If you are suffering from any of the numerous complaints they cure?suffer no wire?the remedy has been pmided for you, and It Is criminal to neglect It. That a?o? a Ci^rry J*'" *or*l Is the b*st medicine for a C.nigh, Is Kuowii to the whole worlq. auu tliat Ayer'a Fill* are th* best of all I'llls, I* kuowu to thole whw have Used them. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYEtt, I.owel?, Mae*., ?Aud cold by ' V 0. Gll.VitJ, W?sUlnjU)ij. U. M. LfNtifJCiTH, peers-toya. JAS. coos 4 (Hi., PrpdiTUkSJiUrg, aud by all Drnsgl*ta ST6fjrwl?cre. fel? 17?eo2ui r>?7? RKAUY MAliUOLOTHJXO P()? UJt>iTLEVKN AND J-' Youth*' wear manufactured witu faaieaue efe^eui>e by NOAH WAt.KKRA CO., under Browns' Hotel. Thoir stock embrace tlie Palitot or Surtout Overcoat, Oversacks, shaped and neglagee; Talmas, black and blue Ciolk Ureas Coats, "r?ck C^ats of all faahlouable colors, Casaimer, Business Suites, i?ci. Velvet Vest*, Hllks, Sc., black doeskin Casrlmer figured C*4*ft?er, and p'.*1'! Caseimer Pantaloona. Kor the yonth?Jacket*, Panti, Veeia, bv?..,osts, Sc. As they are llielr own manufacturer* tbey ate enabled end will sell at tfcs very loveat pricee. Shirt* of superior lit, Collars, tiiivee, Tie*. *c., of lei;) Itylee alway* on hand. dec ?? irj?i Siiillimoto* receive* all the new Book* and New* papers a* fa*t as published, tie is agent for Harper'* and all the other Magazine*, aud onr loader* will alway* And a targe and good assortment of Blank Booka and Stationery at his Bookstore, Odeoti Building, cor Pa. aveuae aud at. At 2 o'clook ye?tt rJ<^, SiiKAlI bMM i, Jaugh ti-r of Kobt. VV. and Sijrah K- llaies, aged 1 year anil ! - 'lay , The trier. Is of the family are respectfully Invited to attend their funeral from their lesidence on Pa. avenue, ti^tween 17th and 18th strectx, to morrow (Tuesday) at 10 o'clock. * On UieS7th ??f December last, on hoard the IJni ?*:d States Ship Independence, iwn day-? out from lti<> Janeiro. Daa cd MidsMpftiif) \VAajjl\pTON 1PTTEN, U' 8. N?#y. The death or tii* torso.?A large concourse of sorrowing relatives and ?yinpntliliirig fi tends yester day followed to the tomb the remains of Mrn. AN NIK CAVANAUGII, formerly Miss Annie Mc *?:tilghton- Vv'e knew her fiont childhood. She wiia gentle. a.U-ifs, iirid, and a|fectiooa(e the ?herished object of the love <.f devoted parents In the bloom of womanb?H>d she has been enatched away * y the ky hand of death, leaving tbem and a fond husbat.d to n.ourn their loss Dicing her long i lucss not n murmur of complaint escaped her lips ; she was chcered by the bright prospect which her ?y?s beheld beyond the gloomy grave ; and she died peacefully, tranquilly, happily. The funeral services were performed at St. Patrick's Church, mid Rev. jur. OToole preached a beautiful discou'w upon the ii,'>urir(ul occasion. I^.iy the ?tlod ??f fhe valley rest lijzhil) upon the form of the youthful and inno cent one. M. ACU!PRVTER?FOK RK4SON able terms, for the balance Of toe year, a coU ored Carpenter. Inntiire at thia office. mar 33-ft ' JOS. neff'S PREMIUM VlOLUfS AND VI olincellos can be seen at our Music Depot. An,ateura ^nd the profession are invited to call and try these excellent instruments HI LRUS At IIITZ, Agents. A good Contrabass lor sale low for cash, if imme diate application be made as above. ntar 2J Lime kiln for sale?part oa tiie whole of it. Inquire on L street south, t etween 4th and 5ih streets east, No 301, Navy Yard, ntar22?2w* JEREMIAH VAN HORN. WANDERINGS IN CORSICA, CORSICA; PietureMue. historical and social, with a sketch of the carlv life of tyapoleon, tya related from the Gentian by Edward Joy Morris?price i U lecture on English Literature from Chancer to Tennyson, by lleniy Keed, price fi 25 Just pab'iehed and for sale at ^ TAYLOR k MAURY'S, vir 92 Bookstore, near Mi ?t For Bale and Rent. "ENT-TWO OITHRKB new w,fh and rtT7 *??M? Room. for rent iaMK-'l w mmmn* Bt 40J V ??, Union Row F^^rluZ(L^StALl' geNTEEL FAM .^?Uemaa la office onferrMi- th? -*? ant and convenient dwelling, SaSSStHilsuSSTr residence, adjoining my ow7. on M 22?LmF? FSK'C.'K;1?!: for a gentleman and lady, or sin le fentlSian wMh or without board, at J. P. CRUTCH'*' of Sixtb and D streets, No. 47 T. ' comer mar 96?eo3i* ^K^ss^As^ir.sssj. an. exce lent water on the place pnM>?i ?T." ' rir'ass,r- -? ?"?' Sgs 19th and 20tli streets Possession given immediate ly. Apply at No. 393 H street a?n^ ,mned^t mar 26 - 3t* Ej'OR RENT?WILL BE FOR RENT BY TUP ' lrt ?r Aprtl a Iwo-ttorf fSiS h51 .S 57? ? conJai:"lnB wven rooms, si tuned on II street, between 19th and 13tb streets. To a good tanant the rent will be moderate. For Anther par ticulars apply to J. VAN RI8 WICK'S Office comer Seventh street and Canal. niar 24-3? Three "houses for sale-a family wishing a neat and comfortable dwelling House nas an opportunity here of ob aioiog a new frame ,Cl?!!a n* 8even rori??. on north I street, bet. 4th and oth streets, near the Rev. Mr. Carol bers's Church, and within five minutes' walk of the North ern Liberties Market 1 erms, *1230 - to be paid as follows ; $200 cash ? balance is. monthly payments, running five years. ' '33 City Post Office. mar 23?3t* Rl RAL RETREATS ?SEVERAL OF THOSE cottage residence j at Kendall Green bring now fifr? miin? .'k lli0n may be mane ?'? the undersigned on hL .^, same, with privilege of purchasing on liberal term., either by letter through the ih*I office, or at his residence after office hour*. The location is healthy commands a full view of A'? y' '!! ^Ul a an<1 a q"arter from the Post Office, and is in evciy respect desirable. Gaidens of two acres each are attached to everr Douse. 7 A permanent omnibus Jine communicates with Georgetown by way of Peana. avenue, a day, maraJnlf WM ST,UKNEY. 1>OOMS TO LET?IN THE REAR, SUITA l,l?le r?r mechanical operations, on Eighth Ftreet netween I) and E, west fide. ' Bai? .. HENRY JANNEY, mat 21-d w 348 Pa, avenue. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR KEN f'.?FIVE OR si* gentlemen can be accommodated wiihcom io tably' furnished room?, situated over the music and stationery Here occupied by Mrs. G Anderson, njf.? Pa?Vvenue> 8' con(l door from the Kirkwood House. I o permanent lodgers the rent will be mod cralc' mar 93? eo3?* T * IN R T Y ONE BUILDING SITE J. CONTAIN J ing iboqt five ncrw cuch.nn a credit of 10 years within twenty five minutes ride of the City Po't Of fice for sale, lying between Washington and Rla densburg, cistant from the central portion or the city from 3% to 3* miles. The tract presents a ?^4 r-n three puWic roads, is in a good neighbor hood and rapidly improving section of Uie coun rv. \\ e will sell the above lots on a credit of 10 years and on such terms as we are sure will insure to the purchaser an easy mode of payment. On many of the ah >ve lots there are fine groves of oak trees, of water"*"1111 ?rowt^' an<* a!so 8?me Springs of We offer thes* lots to residents of Washington, who would reside in the country and at the samp time be able to attend to business in the city. nf'Nt\ fi lI3e? <',00d la,Ml the same of about thirty-five acres, improved by a good dm I ling house; has on it a fine spring and >pring bou ?e. two groves of large oak wooili, and is well f enced. I I or the above either improved or unimproved citv property will be taken in exchange at a fair valua I tion. For lithographic plats of the ground and further ex|?ianaiions of the terms of sale inquire of ^O. H. LIIJUbY, ? No 4 Columbia Place, Corner 7th street and Louisiana avenue, mar 21?eol2t For sale?a farm in Montgomery count), Md. This land adjoins the property which DaviJ Peugh lately bought of the heirs of Win. Gaitber, and the lauds of Mrs. Beale and Dr I>u\all. Ii jg about four mile* from the Seventh at. K?n?.road' en 1,11,4 H'4 ten utiles ft<?m ?> asniis^tou. i lus l.iiiu is mostly covered with wood, the >oil is very kind and high susceptible of improvement. It is well watered with several stream* of never failing water, aud contains a large amount ot land capable of Itein; converted into meadows. The tract couiain<i one bundled and seventy two acres. There is on the place, in the process of completion, a very nent Cotta^i- contain log fojir ropijja _? ?^nd (ojjr tiioi^'and ne^v Cbp-tnut 3 rc?dy f'T feneinj; I wtll sell the whole tract or eighty acres of it with the house. The terms of sale are one fourth ca ll ; the bal ance in one, two and three y^ars, secured by a deed A""1* w LOHIS MACKALL, Jr. Ge- rgetown, March 2?2awtf ' P?" R^NT_oNE OJ Tl'OS^ LARUL FOj R i> ? ? iiousflii, No 4t|tf <; street, opposite the Patent Office, lately occupit-d by Senator T.??mb-, of ?eorgia, containing seventeeh rooms, with hou>e, gas and fi xt ures complete?pump in the yard &e. Enquire o! SAM'L MAGEE, No. 441 S*V cnth s.reet. Uiar 21?.eo.'!;* Srpj*Ai}|4.?haying rufinUire, Dry Goods Grot-enes, Htc-, to be stored, will find ample ac m!?0' the la/fc'''' a'7? J,ai 8!0,,,! paved, and Dry BaMmients under the Mar office, corner Pa ajan 3I-tf 6nlh 8t' App,y al lhe 3ur HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and hea'tfi 'y located Buildin. 4f!tl Lnt uy l&ftrt uee,., on ended Streets, can, imtil spring, lie bought month e-S'nfdSta'bir ^aWe ?3 Union Land Office, 7th st., at,-cve r<.;;<jWa; Hail. jantl-^jq Jtfl^I Ft)r, Secretary. Waati. A WHITE WOMAN, AS LAUNDRE-fi FOR astnall fumily, that can com*: well tecouimend ed, wanted at No. O Louisiana avenus. mar -6?Jt# TTfTANTED?A GERMAN BOY TO LEARN the fW Blacksmith business, between the p^e of ami 16 year* (f^nv v/Iuj ciiti soflje Avoids Of ihe English lanuuagu preferred Inquire of R. L. JENKI XS.Cniontown, near the Navy Y^rd Bridge mar 26?2t* WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO THE work of a small family of two persons. Ap piy at d4 Wasiungton ktreet, t-etiveen tth :yid-ill, and U a.t4 II slrdetS- *' ' (udr viG - ty* WANTS A SITUATION AS GARDENER, or us Gardenor and Overseer. No objection to | go into the comity. The best of reference given. Apply in person or by letter, to Mr. JACOtf BAR ker! No. 63 Seventh street. mnr 24 -2i? 1'HE ADVERTISER '.yiSHLiS 'fO OBTAIN 111? ^cfyiccs'of ii young man as salesman and general assistant in a fancy good* store. 1'lie age lequtred'between Hi and 23 years. Address "(VI A E," City Post Office, giving name, address and ref erence. mar 23?3t A NURSE WANTED-for A CHILD ten iii' nths rdd. A colored one preferred. Enquire at No. 479 E street, between 3d ^nd -Jill, nia ft?eolw* House w a n t e d the advertiser wishes to purchase, for cash, a jnod two-story brtck Dwelling, suitable mr a small family, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address "S F A," through the Post Office, stat ng location, price, fee. mar 12?Im* Boarding. BOAKDIJfG*?Si; qr eight genteel bo?rdeid, by the month, week or day, can be accommo dated at Mrs. DEMENT'S, No. AVT B st., opposite the Me'.ropolitan offi ;e. ' mnr 9?3w* | BOARDING).?MRS. DUVALL, No. 3311 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, h** several very desirable roomn, equable for ffciqilfes or fingie gentlemen, which she would rent with board, on reasonable terms. She can also accomm:dale 6 or 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging. Wanted, a good dining rooiq servant, hat cau come wml recqmipendeq. mar ??tf PATENT AGENTS OR OTHERS WANTING Offices will find two very suitable and well lo cated rooms on Eighth street, the direct road to the Patent Office from the avenue. HENRY JANNEY, mar 21?dlw 348 Pa. avenue. PiilftCKSS ALHOIDf, Palm and Madei ra Nuts 1 bale Princess or poper-abell Almonds S do Province Almonds 3 do Palm or Cream Nuta 2 casks Madeira Nuts Frtsli. SHEKELL BROTHERS, No. 40, opposite the Centre Maik?t. mar ti?Iw Auction fifties. i IV * SCOTT. AMilM*?ri. CONFECTIONERY, CANOT JAR8, COOK J ins Coppers, Manufacturing Toots, he. at Aac oa ?On THURSDAY, ike 99th inatant, urs ?ball ?ell, at the Confectionery Store of Royal L Miller, Eaq., oa 7Ui street, oppotiW the National latelli gtneer office, at 19 o'clock m., U*? remaiaiar of the ?took in the?MabliilNMDt, with the Maaafaeiurit.g Tool*, vi*: one Surar almond Ka tie, oae Copper Kettle, one Bra s Kettle, Saucepans, maibtc ?lab Table. Toy Moulds, Glasa Jara. Lemon Drop Cat ter, Kim Cutter, Stove and Furnace, oae Soda Fountain, with Syiup Bottle*, Tumblers, Signs,and all complete. * Term#: $95 and under caah; over that aunt ? credit of 60, and 90 days, for notes aausfbetortly endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN It SCOTT, mar 36?A Auctioneers. By C. W. BOT1CLICM, Aactloatar. " UMBER FOR SALE AT AUCTION?On J MONDAY afteraoon, the 26th In*ant, at 4 o'clock, will be aoid at public suction at the Smith sonian Building, the lumber remaining, which haa be?n in use during the Iste exhibition The Lumber will be aold in lot* to be taken away the i.ext day. The Lumber in ths I all will be taken down by persons employed for the purpmc. Terms cash C W. BOTELER, mar 94?'it Auctioneer. By OBIKM * SCOTT. Auctl?aaera. OUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE at Anctton.?On FRIDAY, the 30th inatant, wc chall s<:ll, at the residence oij L Davis, E?q , at the Cottage at the corner of north N and 13th sts. west, an exceile t assoument ot Furniture, via: Mahogany and velvet covered parlor set consisting of two Tete a-Tetes, one large Arm Castor Chair, mx carved back parlor Chairs, two Ot t'Tinana One fine toned mahogany case Pianoforte Mahogany Dressing Bureaus Dining and Breakfast Tables Mahogany and gilt frame Looking Glasses Feather Beds', Mattress.* and Red*teu< a Cane and wood seat Chairs, Washstands China, g'ass, crockery, alone and wood Ware Pa*?ge Oilcloth, Straw Mnttieg Cooking, airtight and other Stoves Willi a go?d assortment of Kitchen Requisite* Terms: AH sum* of nd under $25 cash ; over $25 a credit of 9 and 4 months, for pole* satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN k SPOTT, mar 91?d Auctioneers. By GilKKR A SCOTT, Anctloaiars. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 99d m?t , we ahall sell, nt th* residence of Mrs. Wtlls, on l^t street, Capitol llill, near Pennsylvania avmue, ai 10 o'clock a. m., an excellent assortment of Fnrni ture, vis: Rosewood velvet covered Sofa Mahogany Divans, parlor ami lacking * hairs Walnut marble top Soft and Ce trc Tables Mahogany dining, br< akln>t and ca d TaMea Do dressing and other Hun as Maple and walnat Frcnch callage anu other Ped Heads Do panned Wardrobes and Wa?li-taiidi Parlor and clumber Window Curtains and Blinds China, glass, crockery and stone Ware Silver-plated Castors, Spo<>t, - aud Forks, Candle sticks Feathor lieo?, Bedding Straw and shuck Mattresses A large lot of tahle and house Linen Girandole*, solar, hail and other Lamps 3 ply, ingru:n, and stair Caipets and Matting Ilearik Jings, a large lot of Oilcloth Bronxed llauack, Lrwwges and Looking Glasses Andirons, Shovel and Tongs, Fenders Cooking, nail, air-tight ami other Stoves With a large assortment of Kitchen Requisites Willi many other articles which we deem una* cestary to enumerate. Terms : All sums of and under $25 cssli; over $2 a credit of sixty and ninety days, for notes sitistac orily eLdorsed bearing interest. C8EEN k SCOTT, mar 10?d Auctioneers (K>Th? above aala la psatpsaad un til TUESDAY, the 97th instant, same hour. GREEN & SCOTT, mar 23 ?d Auctioneers Br J. C. McGUlllK, Aue(loa??r. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROrER tv:?On MONDAY afternoon, April ijd, at i o'clock, on the premises, by virtu?. u' two deeds .?( trust to the subscriber, one d :ted May 10. 1347, anrt recorded in litter W B , No. Ut4, folio 163, fee , ike other dated June 10. 1847, and recorded in libet W. B? No. 135, folio 470, Rc. two of the land records for Washington cc uiity, in the District sf ColtUubi^, I shallsel , on the premise, lots numberefl ;p li, 13,14, 15, and 16, in square No 355 '.^n^pjon 11 |<i street west, between F and (J south, with me improvements, c? nssur.| ui ?n rtrdlcm two stoiv hrick dwelling hOu?*. Tcr^s: ur?? third eash ; the resi-'tte in six, twelve ?ind eighteen month', with interest, to be seem, d to the satixluction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALL AN. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIUE. mar 7?eo Auctwer. By 3. C. ScOVlKK, Auolouicr I^XOEI.LEKT FURNITURE AND HOIISE }j keeping Hflecta, Ttup^tior Faa ily Hon*, fce. at I'uMie S-rtle.- (in THURSDAY morring, the 9Mih instant, at 10 oVIoek, at the res tb nee ol Prof. C. C. Jewfctt. corner 15th and II streets, I a'>all m?II a por ti -ii of his excellent Furniture and Effects, co?ip*is mg ? Crimson plu"h?covered French .-'oia. Arm r?nd Par lor Chairs. Ilambqine dani^sK and covered Sp-inj; L**unges Fancy Chaos, Ottomans, Footstools Beautiful Egyptian marble top C?*ntre and Pier bles ?a Trays, fcc. Englith, velvst and other Carnet " Music Stand. Canton Te'jpf^i, 'i\ Ma't^g-iiiy s|>??.iy seat Chairs C^ne s< ai do Bronze Mat Tree, Hall Chairs M*)iofhny French and Iron Bedsteads Superior spiing and hair Mattresses Hands* me rosewood Dn niug Bureau Plain du Walnut, tn&horcnv auti painted Wardrobes Mp/biu-tu^abu plain Wa.hstands Eacelleut Bookshelves. I'urioiiM and Shades Mahogany Centr* Tables, Bookca.e Gilt frame French plate Mirror* Mahogany Sideboard, Du?ua 'a'ables Crockery %^d Gia??ware, KeCrigeratora V*i- King aud other Stovea, Ki chen Utensils, Ac. Alao Ht 4 o'. lo k A roiy superior large bay family Horse, about 8 y-ars old pe feotly sound and kind in harness A?so_ a nne Uostun touilt Lancewcod Chaise aiih Harnes? Terms f sale: $30 and under ca>h ; over tliat sum a credit of sixty aid ninety days, for notes satiatae torily endorsed, bearing intete-t J AS. C. McGUIRE, mar 23?d ? Auctioneer By J. "? ?lcOl/IR?, suetlwn??r, SAUE PF EXCELLENT HOliSEHOLD AND Kitchen Furniture.?On TUESDAY morning March 27tb, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Doc* tor J. G. Jewell on aouih side of I street, between 9th and 10th. I ahall sell an excellent a*si>rl(uent of Furniture, ?fTnsist;iiK in part of? Marble top mirror fr^t Pier t ?ble IM s?.iH Table, Handsome Clock Mohoganjr hair seat D.vans Solid mahogany U xjltca.e and Secretary Do hair seat parlor and rocking Ckair Do Side Table* and light stand Do Dressing Bureau, Wqtaai%ud Beautiful Anbesson Carpet, M^Umg Handsome gilt frr^nn H?ncii p ate Mirror Ru^y and Agate Vasca, Manul Ornaments liedstcu^s, Mattreesea,Cot ami Redding Pine Cottage Set, numbering 10 pieces French China and Class ware, Table Cutlery S.lrer plated Castors, Spoons, Forks Venitian Blidds, Cloth and Linen Table Carets Bronze Hatrack, Fire Screen Brass Andirons, Shovel, Tongs, Fenders Hearth Ku?, Mats, Stair Carpi uog aud Rods P. destal, B?b.s, Fiimrrs mid Pictures Buftigrtlliir Tog* lUer with a general assortment of Kitchen Siquisitea, which it ia unneSassary to mention. Terms: $30 and under cash ; over that aun a credit of 9 and 4 montha, for nouta satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 19 -d Auctioneer. TAKE NOTICE. NE AT SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PVV. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, nadir ? the United Slate* Hotel, haa just received a large supply af Spring and Summer Goods, and ia now pre par- d to offer great bargains to all in want of good and fashionable clothing. His " Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following low pricea: Wh le auits, Coat, Pantiloons, and Vest, of tbin cloth or ca**imere, for $19. Fine Black Frock and Dreaa Coats, from $10 to $15. Good Businesa Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Panta, iiom $3 to $7. Marceil es ? nd Silk Vests, from $9 to $5. lie keeps always on hand a large assortment ol fancy aitlcles, such as Shirts, Glovea, Cravats, Um brellas, Re. ''Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVER AND PLATED ware at reduced PRICES. 1I/E offer our entire stock of elegant GOLD VV w A PC HE a, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE, he , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well io examine our assortment, which ? by lar the larae?t, oaoat fashionable, and best selected ever offer wd to our custoaiera M. W. GALT k BKO . 3S)4 Penn avenue, between 9th and 10th ate mag 19?tf TELEGRAPHIC. bbpouticd ma TWT DAILY EVEWINQ STAB. 9oa Arrival of til Atlaitic N?w You, March 2t?I p. a ?No signi an ihq of tk? expected staamar from Sandy Hook, iDd Boob utiKj bagins to bi tx praaasi for bar Nitty Sba is bow flxtaen days oat, prtvUtd ik? laft Liverpool on tho advertisad it J. Deetruetiea of a mow ItMBir by lire Pbiladblpbia, March 28 ?Vasterday, the Mw lUtmir Tkudirbolt, ?hi!? towisg tbo brie Kll? Hoed down the Hnr tcok 4*n near Chaster, Bad the Iun spread bo rai idly as to allow tba craw baraky tima to aeeypa Tbo brig ?u datacbed and anchored fa the stream, while the bjat, enveloped in fira. drifted on tba flats aad burnt to tha walars edge Baltimore Mar teats Baltimore, March 26 ?Floor is very firm, with aa upward tendency. Wheat ? Sale? of ft.000 biuheli at Saturday's rates. Cora ? S3,000 bushels offered , wbita is onchange i ; yellow is a trifle bibber; sales at bTadoe Oats?Sales of Pennsylvania at Ma57e.; prime Maryland aad Virginia at 60c. Maw York Markat NbwYobk, March 26.?Cotton is onchanged. Flour is upward, and a trifle higher uiod Ohio $y 37 a $9 81; Southern is better? sales at $0 31 a $9 81 Wheat is uaebanged with a limited demand at previous ratei Cora is downward, and price* are a trifle lower?sales of western mixed at 944 a 96 oants Pork is downward and dull. Beet is unchanged. Lard is upward and firm. Ohio whisky 31 cen's Hew York Stock Market New York, March 26.? Stocks are dull Money is abundant Sales at the morning bocri Louisiana 6>, 92; Pennsylvania Canal Co. IC; Cumberland Coal Company, 33; ; Missouri 6V. 944; Virginia 6 s, Cleveland, Coluuit is and Cincinnati Railroad, 106'; Indiana b'*, 85; New York Central Railroad Com^ary^:;; Cumberland Coal Company 34'; Heading Kail road 84 ; Erie Railroad, 481; Canton 27 . Six or thb Allbgbd Pabticiiants I*. dictbd ?The Grand Jury on Friday in liee.I Lewis Baker, Jas Turner, Cornelius Linn Chas. \ an Palt. John liyler, John Morristcy, Jas Irving, and Patrick McLaughlin, alien Pargen*, for participation in the &.uruer ?f Toole, and in tbe ether, with being accessories before tbe fact to the murder All the pet tie, except Baker, (who has thus far escaped a: rast,) and Irving, (out cn bail.) are in prison, and will probably remain there until brcurh; out for trial. A bench wanant wiil immedi ately be issued for tbe re arrest of Irving, ard it remains to be seen whether be will t>e al lowed to go at large on bail, ai he t ?? or will be incarcerated with the cabers charged with the offenee for which he has been in dicted. In the cases cf Daniel Linn, James C. Kerrigan, one of the Councilman of tba Ward, John L?yag, and others, theGrar.J jurv have not actad, as tbe avidenoe ic those eases has not been as jet submitted fer their con sideration. ?New York jHtpt. DENTISTRY, Un. donai.iison, tfcm.j, uw??t ni< nrui a Hunt a Uonaldsaa (OUUitw's i.? ? u anu'acture an J inosr b, aut.tul ?*> pore* lain teMh, u;th or w ithout rum.. for spec-ipau uf which (deponied by the late firm) was awar.<< d the firM ?. . .? ? *.ir, rSfsrirsz particular ca^ ""d AaOH lonsra. h ral firov l"?,r reHWUllK'f IO the U:itU -.kWto perfect as to deceive the mrwt lira," -oefl fye. I'ttiiu-ular attcuuon also paid to filling iuJ pr? ser vine the natural teeth. ' barges moderate and all operation* warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and I? s ?. - < r, trance on I>. mar tfl- 6m $50 REWARD. RAN AWAV lioai tlir nilhciilin, livtHK U V>: tinghaiu Ouutct. PrinceC>orge\oowiuy, M-.c lind, on Friday morning last, tli? instr.n* negro uiau EMANUEL., who call* lmn~ If l^man u>;l lough- He t* a I tout 95 j eai s oi .??e. ,Jj j k +<r ?v ")a' has h full wt of teeth, liu a ?<?**>> t? i h'? f<.r. h?Ml, meoalI.i4 right aim, aeu ta? elbow,'is t.. fret eight utclies ami a quar^ hW, in ait hoos < M haflonI when he weU, a tray a nail or dm. ,i ,?r. and a black ?!??<? a^t. I purchaw.f h m ... M,.. ar.i i HarwQr>d, Sarnt.yi street. Maliitno?e. an,t ?h?? ItaaaWort^vof b s living nub j,er . ;tf.j Lii wot^i-r (a fVee a|?o live, ftaitimor.-. II,, Wt e l*l.?C(tH to J.ibn L. lhifiv^. &>., nea, I*.,., town, Mont*r i?efy eou? r, Muytautj. 1 Wl I give a retvfcnl oi Hver.iv &ve iloll.tr4 | , . appr? hemnoa, ?i Ukeu .n Prince George's and Qtty doua b if uken els. wh. rc -in r"uh. r ? a-.' he tuiiM We Wo^ht home or murtA ,n jail, iu. Tn, "JS e\klv, ">ar f- ??? Nottiafbaa, >1<?. 1 ?> members of eoNciiKsa k i.ti'kus. till TfcVRBI ?V. bi''l & Bl",? *nvi e special attention to th. !r " wrtver I^-cri. M.| Tea -r""'i?H and horas, l.adlea, Itifter Kniye*, and all <?tf-er at tides of pttrc Silver Ware, it larg, r md n. r ? vaned lhati ever offered t? tbci? cu<touierH. hi. W. 4?Al.'i' a Hltih, , A P*- avsaac betw. ifth and loth m. feh RETURN TO BUSINESS. Jo mv PRis:\ii^ and tui; publio ci:\ EBAI.I.Y:?I have thu day bought of i'n*:. Havcnneb I in interest in the l,.mf pn a1 Confectionery Busines*, and will be happy t..?ive niy ?Id friend* and the pub'ic generally with n v at t cles in my line they may reqnire. Superior teuuly Uread and Uis< mt every ovenuii* in time for tea. Buns, Rusk, Pastry, and Confectionery, =tant ly on hand. 11. cad delivered in any pa | tf t>>e ck>. THU. U A YEN Mitt. C f-ueel, betureea and 6:h eUceO. in fir coiw DISSOLUTION. TI1E copartnership heretofore existing between tlienlwriilnTs. under the name and firm of T Ua8tiaxklli y Co., i? hereby dissolved by mutual c intent. The bu?m< <w of the late finn wtU be ?e#rt?d r.r Messrs. J Galliuah a So*, wbu are a?^ho.i*?-d use the name of the firm fu mat purfMi*e J. GAI.I ItiAA* a SON, T. RASlf ANKLI.I. Fohrwary It, 1855. THE SUBSCRIBERS, intendiug to connoae tiic bunineu, would call the atteuuou of purcham-rs to the extensive stock of useful and ornamental arti cles on hand, w hich they will di.-pose of at a very great sacrifice for cash m T. GALLICAN a CO" NEW MILLINERY. < in Saturday, March 24th, Miss IJ Thompson will open our new ^"k^H WHr of Spring Millinery, consisting ot tt>eKr very latest n\le? of BttNNETS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, ac , w hich she has select ed from the latest importations. She wiil a'so con stantly make to order every description of Bonnet* desired, and hopes to be aide to give satisfaction to every cusloincr who may favor us with their patron* age. We would also take this opportunity to calf t? iho remembrance of citixens and strangers in the Hu trict the fact that Miss Thom|?on was the swce.a ful competitor, and tharefo-e gaiut>d the highest pre mium for Bonnets at the Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute just cloaed in this city. HUTCHINSON a MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenwe. First door west of Walter Harper a Co V. mar 81?fit (Organ) CLOCK!, CLOCKS, CLOCK11-If yo? want a good Clock, wrarranud to keep time, call at the store of J. R0BrN80N, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, feh OS?dim COME LEARN YOUR FATE. Mm OSOftGE, late of Kag)fc??i. wudi.- to intorin the ladies and gomleito-n *u Washing ton and Georgrnown thai she raa be seen ;??id con* suited on tbe past, present and (uiwre eveuis, at tlu? late residence, No 84 F street, botareen 2Ut cud 22.1 streets, First Ward, opposite the Observatory. Her name is on the door. Hours from Ua m lad o'clock p m. Ladies ^5?Geailemen ^0 cewis fc?9S-lm? STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, pt r Adams a Co *a Expre^ oase of Ma Hard's New York Gold kltdal GI?M DROPS, consisting cl Btuana, Vanilla, Ra^ilMiiiy, Leioon and UoreBound flavors. Also, a complete assortment of his celebrated Chocolates, oi universal reputation aad without rival in the United States. For sale at 1. M. P, KING'S, 465 Vermont avenue roraar 1 str t . mar M

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