Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. TOOLE NO. 6788. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. RIVAL, OP THE ATLANTIC. VEN DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. | E CZAR'S DEATH CONFIRMED. CCKSSIOX OF THE NEW BMPEBOR. War Policy of Nicholas Continued. j ANIFESTO OF ALEXANDER. k Baltic at Sebastopol and Reported Drath or the Arrhdnke Mirhael. Peace Negotiations and the Vienna Conference. reatrued Trouble Between England and France. VtPORTANT CONFERENCE AT BOULOGNE. ITIL OF IRCDBIsnor ei tui s. THE MARKETS, &e., dm. Colli nil ft".imshi)> Atlantic, Capt. West, arrived oil (litship at about 12 o'clock on Monaay night, but to the pr*v?ience of a hljh wind and it being alto night, fbe waited outalde for daylight before ren in. Slif pasted the Hook nt about six o'clock. A. left Liverpool at 2 o'clock P. M. on Saturday, h lant. (She encountered westerly winds. Atlantic saw the steamship Asia on Saturday, the i'.st., oil Orms Head, at 3 P. M., bound In to Llver irevtously reported death of the late Emoeror Ni _? fully couSrmed, and his snceeasor, the Kmpe xander second, has succeeded peaceably to the >i throne. ew Kmperor has issued a manifesto stating that adhere to the policy of his father. antine. and his other brothers and officers of the had taken oaths of allegianoe to the new Em nder haa confirmed, M diplomatist at the Pear* lee, GortichakofT, wbo?e previous instructions > conSrtned, and the first conference has boen Vienns. nder bad appointed Oen. Rudlger Minister of lie* hare ordered their generals to pre is forward with the utmost vigor. ban been more fighting in the Crimea. Tim stormed a redoubt, which hid been skilfully >y the Russians during the night, and several of the Bosnians were killed, and there was ? timer that the Orand Oak* Michael was among ided, and that he had subsequently died at Be ts to the death of the late Kmperor. he had re ocral MenachlkofT, and had appointed General iofl to the command in the Crimea la con. wit h Gen. Ovtan Saoken, and General Liders to ?sad of Bessarabia. . of disagreement had arisen between the Km ioU a and the English government. Napoleon ) hive declared that the allied armies should igethtrif Mr. Roebuck's committee proceeded * (m? 'igatiens. aremicQ went express to Boulogne and made koaticnx as satisfied the Emperor. Meantime, itte* *re proceeding with their investigations, helswed that the committee would be dis re serious difficulties in portions' of SwiUer ? in the ministerial crisis continued. :b?uke William, a personal friend of tbe new ?f 1U sia, bai been sent to et. Petersburg with >ph tetter from tbe Emperor of Austria. ?We of the mouths of the Danube has been f February 18. Numerous Austrian vessel* iff uraln. aoe tbe reconstruction of the BritUh minis. I ?rd Palmers ton as Premier, hid reached Uon ? aad caused much satisfaction. w steamer Petrel, of Glasgow, chartered by i ponrnmsnt, was accidentally burned ,n >r, l eb. 12. Tbe French steamer Gange toar r wsy to Constantinople. The vesnel wa? ron.iderable stores were lost. jjhic statement mentions that tbe Brttlsh con po bad been murdered during an insurrection; accounts say he died from natural cansee. tw had been declared In the government* of Mob i lew, which are placed under the orders orlschakoff. ba had arrived at the aided camp to concert te Kth Huaaara tod 12tb linear* an infantry pnaiog the Stb, lifith, .8th, 43d, 63d, 61 it, vrd '.'Mh regimenta, having a preaent ?tr*n>rth i, will proceed from India ? arl/ In the epring >f wi.r, via Alexandria. W. frowning A: Co., l*o?dun, hare fallel ia title, la a large amount. Aaaeta 11a. 4d. tcrling. a halil her Brut Wee for the aeaion, on j the 7 tli. Mr. Buchanan waa preaenL Jm.aeil and tha other mem Vera of tha Cabl Ml to (o through tha formality of racatiug n ra/llament, had been re elect*!. eu, the Iriah gentleman who attempted to aa Arbuthnot, an ttngliah haireaa, had t>ri <m priacn on the plea of Ul health, oo con e wlU reaide abroad until tha Una ol bia >lr?a. atenmer Atrato, from Vara Crur, February rived at ttoathampton with $1, 304.474 in * tiulf of Mexici. ?( Si;inbo[>e wa- dead, aged 74. He waa a .lie jrreat William Pitt HI- eon, t<ord Ma la bid. -hlj.- of the Baltie fleet are already a mm .ttd. d - earner Arabia bad return*! to LI vfr - war; ther* waa a report that tha French rtln arre negotiating for her aarvlcaa. Tha Irr, 1'tna, bad aailed from Liverpool with i end hor*<-? for the Crimea, and the Cam irg for cavalry, f.r the same deattaatlon. t'amer* t.reat Britain, Indian, and Bribali ?leo about ready. i ?>ara*t had beea exrnedlaglv active. The weel footing up ab^it 87,000 bale*. New waa (uote.l atft?f, and middling. upland j?u middling at 4T?. tanal lour waa ?1aot*j atSts.. and Ohio at e corn i? qui. ted at 41a., and white at 42a ? j'. vance! to M. Hr I'lliilnn t'nrre?|M>n<lenre. Lo*i 0*, March 9, ]?.'?? / ' K ' F.mperm- qf lluitim Thf .Vfw t.-.prn,. %t Mnnift*tn?Tht War in tkt Crimea ? Th ? : . ? . tarn at F.upn'ina ? tfo polm ///,, ft, mm>i Prince yiyitw M<Hwf i.HAi lit he Emperor Nlcholae, of aJI tha Ruaala*, ly U-lrg.-aphrd to you by laat H*!'irta<- '? 4/ letter of the IM Inat. iafcrmtd you of bit . toe, and the new* of bi? eath nta*e almi-t i ualy? ?u'idan and uatip< -ted. '.be i<>* that <.nm\ at tare oocurr?-d tu every mind. uiii??, i m: ? smothered or atrangle i. A rail ef anyau t.i.d fOfWea drath which w!U one day be *. According to the laat are>urt?, i*coei A j i are ?o rapidly that itia bo?y wa* not nyona. The biatMry a? tta R->man<.fl< it a 1 t on*, rt tar tha C.t*nt e:n<.'*mnad hla own '? 4aa<h. it ll iru? It ru to perpetual bmnhpnent, but he wil found oast morning poisoned In hU prixon. Peter the Great wua poisoned by Catherine I. Peter 0. died no suddenly that it ia generally granted he was poisoned. Anne died very suddenly. Hani I. wan stran gled. Alexander died suddenly, and hia death has never t>?eh cleared up. Nicholas bas now died very suddenly. It in perfectly true that we have medical bulletins from St. Ptters burg, giving a brief account of tho ill ness and death ot the Cur, but these do not cancel the existing suspicion). I -at the cauie ol bis death be what it may, it doe* not alter the Importance of the event in any circumstances; bnt if proved that be win poisoned, it would Imply that the Rn slan nobles were averse to the war. Hia succes sor and eldest ton, who ascends the thron* as Alexander II.. has Issued a mauifesto whioh fouu.'s warlike, but as the full text is not yot known, it is (jtitte lmpoi?iblt< t>. form a correct judgment upon It It was faar?d that the second son, the Gran*! Dubs Constantino, would endeavor to aelre ihe imperial orown. He shared all the opinions of Nicholas. Nothing bas oc curred as yet to warrant the supposition. On the con trury, we learn that ha has taken the oaths of allegiance, with all the court and bigh functionaries. Prince Mens chlkoff U recalled from tho supreme command in the Crimea, which is given to l*rlnoe Gortschakoff, with Oa' teo-Packen tinder him. General Rudiger ha.? been ap pointed to the comnand of the Imperial Guards at it. Petersburg. It i* icported that the Grand Duke Michael has been killed or severely wounded before Uebastopol, but this lequlree confirm* tioa. There has been very severe lighting in the Crimea, in which the French have pUyel a conspicuous part. The Russians having established important works of ooonter-approach to those of the French, Canrobert ordeied them to be taken, This wm valiantly achieved by the 2d French corps, but not without .-eveie loss on both sides. Toe French are aWo teiti to have destroyed the formidable Russian works runnd the M;i!s! hoff, or round tower. Tlie defeat of *he Russians at Kupatoria is fully con. firmed by official despatches from Uird Ra<lan anil Oan rooert. The action does great credit to tie Turks under Orner Pucha. They are the old Slliatrla and Oltenit/a men, and charged the Russians at the point of the bay onet. As noon as Omer Pacha il In loroe enough, he will leave a strong garrison in Eupstiria. and invest Hebas topol to the north. The Russians will thus be betwoen two fires. The navvies have proved of good service. The railway irom llalaklava to the camp it nearly cum pie led. In the Crimen, n fact, things look promising for the allies; but Kebostopol has not fallen yet, and mauy a gallant fellow will bite the dust before it does. It is still to be ascrrtaiood what effect the news of the death of the Kmperor will have upon the army. He had a strong mind and a strong hand, and he wax feared more than loved. In Germany, aa you may well Imtgine, hia death haa rreattdan immense sensation. Germiuy breathes injre freely. It would be almost sirierfluous to dwell at an y great leagth nn the hufcject. Tii" deduction- , b- 'Irawn are selfappsrout. The new Km tier or Ale?i> - has renewed the full powers given to -tsrhs> Vienna, to niv iiiate fo* peace. lorii Jotn Kusae in at Vienna, and lias had several interview! .vlth Uie ^uiperor and Count Buol. Prusc' 'till Lanes bud, and bus not yet signed tne much d of ^operate treaty witli the Western Powers. 'The r m per or V i oloon IIT. ha? not yet started for the 1 Crimea. He was at Boulogne when the news of the t'/ar's death arrived, and he immediately telegraphed it to Conrobert, vt'h order* to pro<? the siege viaorotaaly. Everything Is prepared for l)i> departure to Uio Crimea, but U>e official nolltleattsn has oo< yot appeared. A pamphlet baa been publi'liod at Brutes!*, which has created sor e (nsation. It is entitled lh la camim'tr- ilr. lagutm d'OHmi - MinuHre por im nJMir pentral. It se rarely cet<ures the expedition to the Crimea, and is attributed to the pen of Prinze Napoleon. He hua denied the aiithoi ship, but It 1* still thought that be has hnd -omotklng to do with it. It endeavors to male tae alliance with Knu.1 nd unpopular. The Priuoe I ? ambi Hons. The notifications of the treaty of alllunao between Sar dinia and the Western Powers have Men duly axclianged. home of the Sardinian staff have amvid is t!ie Ea?t. Gen. la Msrmora is ia l?ndcn. The Sardinian govern ment ha- Issued a maul fee to in reply to the manifesto and declaration of war by Russia. I en'loee it for pv rwaal. The Empress nf Austria h.ta been Dtfely delivered of a prin'es*. A general amnoaty wa* granted on the oert aloo, lorctvll oiTsum*. I orJ Join Russell? who in nulla a lion at Vienna? was present at the baptism. Rrousna (Turkey) is ?a!d to have been destroyed by an earthquake, and 2,000 per -one killed. A shock was fait at Constantinople, The Courts of An-trla and Prussia go Into mourning fcr the Czar. Belgium ia *o!nr a tegging for a ministry. The King lias already seat for three members of tbe CliAmbor. They have all declined the task. No further cbaugo hue taken place in the English mi ni-try. The Committee of Inquiry into the Management of the War -it* daily. A great change haa taken place in the weather. Every vestige of Ice and naow has vanished. We hnvo very fine warm sunny dujt. From Madrid we lean tliat tho ISack Warrior affair has boon tinaUy .tdju-tod. Funds went up evory where on tho news of the doa'h of the Emperor Nicholas. THE DEATH OF NICHOLAS. THE 1LLVE48 AK9 LAJ9T MOMENTS OF THK CJZAK Ilta Africa bronrbt ?* taleUifeoce of the daatli of the Cur, and the announcesmt of tfui even' to bot!i Hooeea ol Parliament. Scarcely had authentic tntelllKanc*! rwcbnd Kojlaol that N'isholaa ?u aerioualy imliapoeed, whan a ?<v?ond de* patch announced that he ?aa d? al The flr?t aotlfi cation wa? lei' -raphe ! fr?ira Barlio o y I/inl Jonn Roa noli, and ?Utfr! that tba hir.peror ba<l been ?uld<*nly at tacked by a lit of a a apoolectle nature? tn?t ha bad been ifiten over by bia phvaiciana, aad ha* calmly tU< u leaf of hla family la Tiew of bia approaching ?a<; Tb-ee botirx afterward* ie*p*t<-Le* reached Pari* *t ?t iog that at noon of tto hm Jay the > -ar Niclfilaa uptml. It appear* that the Emperor Prat Anta plained of op i pr**aiou of the heail in I Ha bail be for* be?*n | aubject to auch a feeling. ilia phtaictaua wera Immediately nailed, aa ! their et I perimoed e*aa fore aaw that thin atta ? we* likely t* be bia lint. 'I hey had mV<l been attoadiag hi*, during I ?of Jay*, for au attack of tall'irnxa, to which aoma ilirbt aymptera* of pulmonary affle:tion bad aoperreaed. Fro n tike lint moment of hia tie. I eaisur* they held out no hope* of recovery. Tbe rapid prngrwae of the ailnaeot I* ahown la the followtaff bulletin*. The letpatchoe were add r* turd to Merlin by lie ot< nant -Colonel Ooaet Munater, Adjutant in the aervirt of the Kid* of i'rnuU Sr. P?T*n?*i Kli, Mark I, ?' n?> r l*?l,?ee? I Vi A *. The <tat* of ffc? Kn petnr bacam- m.ick w?.r?* yoewday ?Y?nin< Viol*** f*r'r Baal* t*d lt?>lf ?Hh iol*<iiiaaik>n of th<*lta*a. Th* l*r?r baa la*t*d th* .a A* mm. ?nd jiffi-alnl F.j?*Uoa "*-.l**a> ? I". <?> ?.l -I v In A aliakt attack nl gent l? <.h*?r?ai?l<>. Tb* 4?lititj if tb* au *ea' Invalid he* ?r* nly lerrwaae-i. at I it !-??? in 'b? opinion ui tli [h>?Maa?, Ik- at at* of hl? lil'JU i* moat ??rltlcal. Sr. IV7I t>a< ar, Ver?b I? ? t? A. * Tl.a a?at* ?l '.be Kiwper'r bat aot ?. .j ia nit ml llj1 ? norma. . ft* Kiapr??? bubal ionu [alpiiaiwaa of the h*?tt. tat * otk-rwla* well. f.r. PfTtlW'kS, Mar. b I ? y tip A v. th* ?ta'' M Hi* *? i* iy ?*?> Rn j?*rvr rr** iroaetd -r i b!y wer?* dtiriuc tL? <ia>. Tb? *)*?tli^? ink* f lie* a Itii dim enlfT. aad p,Tr? indi .Vi-a I but ik* lui.n ?r- 1U0 tja^ b*d Atr?pby *1 I ?> > luax la f>?r*d. I?r C*r?ll l? ?*ry nark ?Una?d. At th# r- (0??? nl lh* pbjilrlaaa tin <<r**4 Ouk? b^lr *| p*'' h,t tb' Raiper?r to r*o*lT* ?k? ? * .i*in?nt- th* Kmpi>*> i* wall. Si. P*r? ??*? a .. Marck I ? |0 i' K Th? To' ?r?f ku <? !!??< i???i?lt:' iU laat a*".mri"at* at pr?. nt tl.? < ?r-mony i* adiunrand till ?.i morrow ai?>rai#s. Tl>r Kmr-rw >al? ??** tb" Kmpr?'< aad tb* tlrand l>' V ? b*ir ?rp*r*?t ill* Ba*p?*?a la *?ar? of t)|* 4 aa ?t-r, aad bera m* In l*f.<na 111" Mkj**ty ike Hi mt tbor* ?f, an<l In e..wai?ai' at* It ilao tu bar aufu?t r*lai|**a and ?* Mr^lit*. fr rirr.aa*' ao, Mai b 1-4 A M TV fn i'Tur baa i-al?ly r?'?l tH fr o l?r. Nandtth* roainnairaiion Hiat irrophy < f th* lan/a la frtlabt*. II* '-nly oi#.r>"d? "Aad wh*a ab\l! I be. <ae ;?raly?di The plirMetaaa 4id not aj.r?< l?? iwatf. fb' Km|>*rwr ibi a aald l? Pr. tarrU. "Wi ? a ahall I aaf fneita'" Tb* l:*ip?rnr l? ? ta_>a it* laat an'raiai'qt i Tie bM Una !***? of hta w. aad cbtl4r*a. wluiai h? l??ewi a?i aratalr a? elan ki< *raa?J 1 lr?n? in a lira ??t>*. in full j< ??rr< n of bl> lot U?*' . p*rfw>l) ualaa, aad #r*at ertaaae* of aiiT?f lli> r<il'?>* nti II air<>*? bat aait bat 1 1 * ' a,r ]??n adailuiat*#* ' Tli r '? r,r*a* a**p* u t . wad alf'Wa r*a* :*t Una. Sit hoi. ~ a.'U-r the il?t? of th* abcre. (Li la to ,*aj, abnrWy alter ao?n d Friday, Marrb 1, he aspired Th* I nrpe'f r a Uet woratr werr apoter iB tt largutfe A<Vtr*? ? 5 tbe .??#*, ht aaid ? frii Kred er-fa (tike K'n* of Pi ikeia (? of ', ja attt'hed ta I'ui'i*. a' if '>?* hi*.bert? b*ta %? 1 t erer ta feripet bia father'* word*." This m**aage, received by tele graph at Berlin, ta< instantly replied to, it i* added, by areuraace ia the sauae aeoae. It i* Mid thai a few Oaya before hii death thl Oar *uc ctedod la effecting a comp ete reconciliation botireen hlit two eldest soiia, Alexaadtr aadConatantine, who were at variance. When the Or-ar received the intelligence Sardinia j had thrown off her neutrality and o; enly joined tbe Weetrrn alliance, be wax no overcome with passion that lie ravel with Ur^Mtieat rage. Hih firat idea wan to im prison all i**.-dii<iau nubirotx residing in Russia, and Kfi?? their property and nhipe. The Empreaa, in her deli cate state of health, received auoh a shock from seeing the. fit of pasiicn that the Czar exhibited, that ahe wan obliged to take to her bed, from which ahe ha* ant yet risen NoUdv atumpted to offer opposition, or to place him under restraint; and it waa entirely owing to i the aeaaibio representation* of the venerable Count Keaerlwe tfcat i.e waa ultimately incnoeJ to glvo eg pi??Mioo to hix ir*itated feeling* ia th* uirctilar despatch ol the 17th February, which bear* evid*at internal sign* of bavin; beeoperned ia a hurry, and undsr grrat excitcment, ^uite at rarianoc with the natal care and uLitl which generally distinguish Kuasiaa diplomatic ("eapatchea One of Uit Ministers, who had been in the habit o' t'NiiaMtiDc; bualne?* with him for fourteen hour* a day, Mates thut the feiopttor *urpaaa*d him in aotirtty, and that everything veut tt rough liia hud* A person who had lately ?e*n the Emperor waa aitoniahed at the change which had ti tan place in hi* apptjar.uice, voice and Idea*. The war in general, the details of the war in particular, and the aJliaucei which wero formed againxt htm, had uliaken bia mind. Although he had acquired by aome late eventa u proof of the resin ting force of Kua ?in, yet the lots of tba battle of InLcrinann had proved to htm the power of the allien, and the laat cl?ok at perienced at Ktipat'.rla had much affected iiim. Oa Tue* <i?y ho waa itill in good health, oa Wedaeaday he fblt 1 iuitell intiapo-ed, and wan compelled to Ucop bia bed ? tbe reat ia kemvn. [ Krcui tl e lllustra'od l/indon Newa, March 10 ] Although tbe death of the Kmperir of Raaaiaha. talen tbe public by nurpnte, it i? now oaid that hia ora lamily were quite aware of hia health having ix?en la a critical >tate for sotae time, letter from Ht. l'eter burg of the liuh uli. tate that the Kmperor then kept his lied by order of i.ia firat phykiuiun, M. Mandt. The I- mprcua was aUo ill, an 1 coo fined to her bed : and, aa the apartment* occupied by the Kmperor and Kmpresa ire xitua'ed one on Ilia ground floor and the other on the firat floor of tbe I'alace, they had no diioct com munication, and did not see each other. The lim per r, however, must have callod tbe Koiprea* to him. aa it appears from cue ol the bulletins that before hia death be had assembled rouud blm all the member* of bia family preaent at at. 1'eterabuig, in order 1 t<> give them hi* blessing. It ia aaid that the illness of the Kmperor wus owing to a ooid. Not I withstanding the ^verity ol' the wnather, he continued hi* usual occupations , he wa? desirous to see everything for liimaelf, aud in tbe mo*t ininuto detail*. He visited tho soldiers in their b irracks; he p*a*ed long and frequent review*, forgetting tbe pre sautiona which uia age required in auoh a climate nod in ?uc.h a terere m To all the obaervationa made to him by Di* children and by his most devoted aervants, he replied that he (tad aome'hiag sine to do hexidea taking care of iiia health. He had. bowwver, attnndei t" it for more tb.iu a } ear pant, and at time* fol: aome uneaaineas. lie aaid that he had reached, and even exceeded, the num ber of jnar which (>od had allowed to other* of hi* race and that hi* end wa? not fardiitant. lie had treat* I himself according to his own Ideas ; he had lnilsted on hi* physician putting him oa a regimen which would previ nt bi< getting corpulent, of which he hud a singular arced. On the -Tih ult , tbe Imperial jphysiciaa in attendance, peeing that hi* Ms ie?ty waa sotwring severely from In fluenza, nurueatly bup;?<i him not to ezpoae "himself to tbe cold air on parade, with tbe thermometer at 111 deg. Mow fern. To which tho Hmperr r replied ? " My de^r doi'tor, yen have done your duty; now I will do min-," and then, calling for hi* cloak, be proceeded to parade, ami remained ahove aa hour. l\ ienna (tlsrch ft) Correapondeme of l.joA.a Tune*) Hit nflicial articlo on thu death of the Kmperor Niclio las, which wi* annoimctwl in mv letter of ywurday, appeared in the (* stt rrri'~hi'i ('wrr< tponden* of laat eieuii'.K. It run* a1) follows ? ? The melaocholy tiding* which we yeaterJay evening (x mmualcate<l to tbe public have Allsd all heart* with m mow Keeent oecanonfloa have led to dl?aen*i<ma: theie kave been dtflnrmoe* of opinion aa to the dutie* of tiie various power* in regard to tbe evonta la the kfcMl there have Wn wmilictiog orrinioa* aa to the course or action which the state of affair* reqnir**. hat all thee* mature have been cast Into the backgjoaad by tbe paia ful feeling caoeed by tb" great laee whluh tba wM? of F.ort'pe h?M seff-red M the t-tm are of one ot ita most highly gifted rovrreigni. The reign of tbe Kmperor, which la*tW almost thirty yenr*, 1* en* of the most brilliant periods In the tutor* of Russia, and the namo ana memory of th* <3?i"unct mooarcii it inti mately connected with all those Important ev*Bt* which have occurred within that i?ng and mo. mrntnus .pace of tint* No one will l>* *? pre jw)ic?d by the complication* of the laat few m ntli* aa to refuse to aoknon ledge, and that with tbe d<ep**t I gratitude the great eorvio** rendered by he lata hraps rtir to the eaa>.e of order, of legality, and of the monarchical principle, which together form 'lie greet pil lar* of the J'.uropmia famllv of Htale*. lint Austrli, whicli yesterday, a- 'be innivtraary of th* death of the Emperor b'nuici* 1 1*116. ) bad *ucb a vivid recollection of it- aOiiitioa at the ioo* of tliat ever msuiurabie pttieraal ruier, i? particularly (trick that, by a singular dispensa tion of TrovMerce, Riin>ia ?hoot-i on tho very same day rec?l\* eucb a beivy blow, and that it hould ia both empire* I* > date a '.tended with sorrowful recollection*. It ia confidently to be expected that th* uioaar-h who has now k tended the throne *f hi - deoe.iaed fit her will realise tbe sanguine hopes which are pLtced in him, as well in hia own great empire is in the re-! of the world, md that the wm'< of pe ice ju>t oomuiencod ? which waa rendered poosilde l y the honorable advances ma la by the dofnnt' sovereign ? will, from a feeling of filial devotion, be brought to i hxppy issae b? th* uillU and propitiatory spirit of Alei'tnilcr II. T}i? Emperor Nicholas leave- tbe following numerous family ? His wife, the l."mpre-s Ai.kxa.mik^, Ko.lorown^. < for merlv cailol I'redenea l<oul*a-Cbailotte Wiihelinina i a lighter of tie late 1 redoric-Wiiliam ill., Kin^ of Fms <ia was born -Inly 111, WVH, and I* In very weik health. The la* U* of tine marriage are ? First.? AuaaMbXK, Nicolaivitch Ceaarovltcb the pre. ntntI'tuix-mr;born April 1 1*1 S; married April -tt, 1m1. Mcili, Al* \anilrovna, the preeeut Kuprrav (formerly Mai mllienur Wilh' imiim Auguata Sophia M-irla) bom May 3, 1vj4: daughter oi th - lata I?uts If., Uranl liti's* ot He >e. l??tin of thi? marriage ? Nhvms, Aleiiwdrovltch. the pr* -nt crowo prlfl* l*r|j riejitember <:?, lMu. V'uDiviit. Aletnndro\itcli, bora April ?!, 1K?T. A. KtJ. , Ai> ??n?lio>ltcb, born January 14, 14.'?0, r??c< till.? MaXi* NLolaievuii, l.ora tiiifTUt Mb. 111): n.irticu July 14. Is; t?, to Maximilian, l?nke of fau-ht'-n Ihm, Trlnf.- <d iiebtidl; bvcai?e wMow Norember I, ipa2. Third.? On. i Vict>U'>*Tna, born ^ptewher 11, 1422; raairi?<) to (luilea. Frlace Royal ol Wir'erab. ru, July 13. 1SI8 fourth ? CokrTkJttMK, Nicolaieaitch. bora ^ept?ml>?r 21, l?'-7 mitried Nptoitbit 11, H4*, to Atrra^i" a Jcaafovtia, lauflbtar of lo-fpli, I'-iUa of Fa*e Altenb'irjr waa Lotn fuly lf?'K) !?.??- ? ana iad ? la uz liter Fifth? Nltoi a*, .Nlr.olai??iU;h, bora Anfuat 8, 14 II Si*tb. ? !!:? max., Nieolaevitcb, born October 'JO, 1C2 Thela>C-?r Ifolm m t*o>ul?n - M?ua. fool 'vna, Itowafer Orand Puelieaa of M**e j V> -iiijir; atil A>.u, faitlovaa widow of William II, Kin( of Holt iixl. Abu a fiiatar in law? Hxu >u, I'auioma. widow of the (ira?d Duke Michael, am! daughter 'if the lata Prinoe Paul 01 Uart'inUry lhla lady'a dauffh'ar th? liraa 1 In.' lieaa Catherine Mi<-ha*lovna la married to th* l>ake (;.*>rge of MrcUeaburx Hirelltr. ( Hf-rlir; I Ma rrli ?5) Corieapcndanre of IstBdon Tlmea ] At th" iim of tbe Kmprrnr'a lalliag 111 tti* ( roan Prmca Al- iai? < r, tbe prewnt Kiuper<>r. waaheouiy aoa pre??r.t id Ht. ivvr? b' rj, but the i>r>n-l iHike Cob atantine wa> ?umm< -icd by telegraph and by courier aa<l ?rrived in una to *? bla father a lira. In th? pre ??ne* of both of 'I. em the Kaiperor im> orer >0 hla 1 aideat ?t "he mj-rtal throne, and lUe tirtnl Du ke < 'on 1 ? toW'd to b-' the future Km per or a Brat a?ibiec?. A* aooa aa tlie new? of th" VjajTH a Math N oaai? known in tbe circle* of the Court, the rviaaa dignilartaa of tna I ??triplre battened in dii-may to rialt the death liol. Th? I CxaiMrHach rn thta oe*.,Bioa daolired hit intention to nrt?r on ?b? (mTercment of the -tapire in th* prae*?'-* j ot the rainiatart -nd the eatatea, and waa unaa ?!>aiely proc! imad I.mperor under the o. me of AJexaaiter II the ?nin<- ittern?OB t)ie eatatea of 1 tbe empire and tbe mlllt.ry atatioaed la .-*? r ?t?p'j? rj did bOfiiafe; aa-t at a rouaeil, be^d un<ier 4n" ' new I'm peror, It waa reaolvt-j not in ary way to int'rrupt the pr? ent coure* "f the conduct of tha war. Aa far )>a?t aa the '.'Tth of l'ebr?ar>, th- 1 report waa ia rlrcilatioa la : t. l'eVrabur< that the i.m peror waa nnwall, but It waa cuppoeed be li*d 'iaty 1 taken ?ld, In the early pait of the moath ha bad ?a atta'k "f brooahitia, from which he hat apparently i(ulte feeororad. [VieaBa letter is the Pari* 1 oaatitatioaael. | the areaMioa of a new Cur beiac ia Rueeia almoat 1 ?Iwaya a<-cotnpani?-l by ?oar politiaal o?taa?>t?'>n, I reara were enWr?.iload In our hifh natoni, that lu the I pre-eat atate of ascttemeat :n )tu- ia, Ui- a,af i>n<ry ?.ear- that took plaw whaa the Kaawror Niekoiaa aa ci-aded the thraoa wwuld be r-m wui It wa< apari?I y j feared that tbe 'fraud Duke Coaatant na intfht ' th- ehief ef *ba p?rty af r*?^''aao? rapreaented by lh? old Mnacortte party aolaot 'he perty of a>odera?ton which the oew ' rar ha- aiwaya been eoneUared a. the ?-antra of frfttaUos. Tbe liuaataa legati<* at Vienna baa haatea" to ill' j^le a'icb appr?hea 10a by in'or matioo of the higheat mporUnee It appeara thai 'ha Krnperer N'lcbola- aaa Dot the la?t to piTreiv* the ?pp?. alte dlractioaa to which the HertdlUry <>rand lm?e .ad ttie Uroad Ihike CoB't ntiae tended. Koreeewio* tuat I thl> mlflit j r'-duce, <ooa?r or at*r, iateatlae aad fat <1 ! "naflirta, ha took the reaoiut-on to maac tha llraad |i?ke | (?T -IkbUim take la hla praaeace, om the liolf (.0 p*l?. 1 an ??th '.f fidelity ?od obedient to th- hmr ef the throw 1 t?ie oath w?- taken on tbe aecaa <.a of Ike Wrth V the tret of the lfer?dltary Orand T)aka ,1 bia marr ?ge I w:th tbe Pria?eaa Wary of llevee It ta ?<iaed that when ! the ' rir aaw tha* hla and <d approaeb^t ha eall*il tba j two princea to hla (?, aad. oefora r ? iac '??? hi | hlaaaiBf. Wade the (.ran 4 Pull - Ooa-taatuie. t* pre >w> j of hla mo'fcef, ?an?? U>e '?-h r.f Idai.ty V> bia ?" >r brc'har, ted he AU ?1 '*aai buthoftl-to a m 't.i p-"ri?e !t ne>:a f rarar f. tee r aartal. .tv | <!er to nara tbe " '.at'y w\ eh ia t ateaai 'if the b ItrflD ??'.f (,?. THE EFFECT OF THK HEWA IN SNOUMID. At aerial c* tbe k-Bgliah t beat re ? the aienagen. ?me before the curtain and proclaimed that Nicholas waa 1 fklch .? "'?V^ i atanres with tumultuous cheering. T baiaowa apce^* | liks wildflie ater jay could pot hare Wa aahiO *1 i bed febsatopol fallen. homo of "the P'ff1" . ."P*"'""'* touch diaappoiulment that the authorities did nut ring | the church baUf. TTIK EFFECT OS THK CONTINENT. On tbe uew reaching Berlin, that^urt plaoad t*"'f in mourning, aud ordtrs were iiiauad that the wbols I ru.? | alia army nball wear tbe symbols of mournuaf four ,aeka The general n the I'russion eopUU ncmed to 1* one of rep, ret. At \ ieuua the intelligence { caused much agitation. si,?,?a ' An order or ibe day by the luuperor of Au"tr/\i' , that, ?? In acUaowle.ljn.ent of tbe semeae rendered with oobla eag'meaa by the K?p?<rnr Nieholaa, dur n< ? | tf unfortunate trial* " tha Nlcliolaa regiment of ci??aii aleur* nhnll preaene that naina aa u sourealr for '^AU'aria. the police arrested tha hallfl ?in**r? for 1 chanting <?(>?? disrespertful to the dead Oar. (From Perlin letter of March 6.) , lbs Emperor Alexander II. ha* aritten to ths btofot | ITnxai* ? letter to announca nil a-eaaaton to *?? , and to h*f <?' him to continue with l!u??la tha relatloos which eaistel bstwren the two countriea in the ??? ot bis father. Th- IWiwager &mpr<;a? haa alao wriUan a ; latter to her brother, the Kin*. In lha despatch which j :iirl*ed bare ou Friday, and which announced the death of tba Kmperor, were the word* proaoantejl by H ? i Mat'"* I" Vrenoh, thanking our King for his ^,nl'l'^1p and fidelity, and entreating hliu to persist in the ?enU ment*. They bej .n with "Tell rar brother Ftl *. but these word* wero omitted from the oflleial publication, I from motlre* of propriety. tb?? of tha moat ra?i* ng acenes which haa incurred here lo connection with the death of the Kmp-ror NicboLia haa been tha celebration nl the aer?lce f?>r the dead, according to tha <.r?sU rites, in the chap< 1 of tba Rua*ian Kinba ?y (.rand Dnahera (H?a. .irwiaed in tb" drepjwt mourning, was pi.eeut. aa we ale- her liuaband, th" < rrian I rlnce of ^Varteniberp, the King of Prussia and all and Prlaceoae of the Royal family. When tlu> liturgy waa tetmlnnled, and tha prayer oflered up lor the blaea- < incs Of bearen on the do?*e*Mjd, tbe pria^ta exliogui*bed | Oia wa* candle*, and the I'ucheaa Ol?a alao a*- | linaoUhad the candle whli h, accordiag to the rltaa of i her ohnrch, ibe had held in her hand. Aa ?he did a<>, i tba Dtttchaae, who had previeualy been deadly paK | thraw hereelf Into the arm* of tho Queen, md sobbed iliial UKKTCH OF THK I. ATE C7AU. [)<rom tbe I^ndon Ttuiea, March D. I The Enporor Nicbolaa wat horn ou the tit U of July, | 1711#, from tba marriage of bia father, tha Kmparor Paul, I with a Princeat of Wurtembenf. lie waa therefore in I tba 60tb year of Ui* age, and he luvd filled the throne o{ 1 All tha Kuaaiaa for ?ery nearly thirty y ara. It has hwn okaerved that no Prlnoe of the bou?c of BomanoB hai , i J^^l old age, ?d that the rjoee Of their ll*o ha bees aoaaaliiiH a triolent, alwaya *udden. ^ohoUa^ha^ UredbajoiHl tbe cu*lom..ry ageol hl^ race, and probably I ! i tie caaaa of la- Cealh la to be traced U< tlie lout: 'nd ua j ' r.., i rolled axarcUe of alwolnta power, to the natural ' C^?fTu pl.L., and V, the effect on .Uch a character of the bi'tm- Weoaa of the iaal f?w uiuothJ H? a?cew!?l the throne in the prime of lilc, r^d hV won hi* crow, by hi o?n .l^ng a?l WW poauxa in tbe face of great "j*. J* *? f I ol tk? iWih of Dec*nb*r. ? a among the tiuarda and tha p..ptilace of ' ft. I eter tmr<, | anon tbe abdicaliun of t onatantiue and the acieaaion ol ; Nrc.Uolaa, waa one -of the groateat perils erar braeel by , ? ao?ereUi>' bultha Cjar dl?playe<l ao unllinrhing a ro a< liit inn and ao lolty a apint of command, lwi ?u^ ] duad tb* Balcontant a by bia authority, and instantly *r quired that .lomination o?er |U* _ jf Vha Mai?) baa ramalned un'bukan through all r?n?* or tn* Muaoo ??mUtion to tha day ?* hi< death Frrro that b<>n i too tha Kmperor has played no Inconaiderabla part intbe affairs Sff^rof-, anl tha ?r? yaar. of his reiirn weta a?it?te<l by eveata interior only 10 IMpor - Un<itot^ ol?tba|r?-?t?.?-. aoon brote out t t w aen lt t ovrta a?d main, aad a^tvr profile ? was ? -.led to the coloeaal i'Jeptn1 a# the Morth. Tha 'Sreeh , ' Of fuisala in > ? ICaaiS. HI ! ?SJacsTisifsn; i j peaievl a I the head of hla arwiee in the field, thoughTa | datoted a areat aartol bia lit- t? the cars, of military ad in iui ft ration, and nudoubV*dly e?t nd.d and improtrid t La force* ol tbe ? mpire. Hot. whatc- er may hare b*n | hia oealRna agaui?t ib?- ^m^rea of the I ..t In tha*arller ( penoa of hJ- nun. they war.. .."u,?7 "J1 I ! i ...f-r win tfiv?o t4i lb* of hi< r? i((ti lor JO yn*rn j by lb* V'n a. b lev lotion of 1^' ' r'ta it wa? aiiiinet the free govemnienta ot the W?rt thai ; Nlcbalaa ^eed hi. stre?tl.; Redrew . closer Ilia flea ot allinnca with Au tru ?nllri??i?, n | aomuch that fhore^Uiea continued f r maay y?*r? "J | ' a< t a* tbe tritmtari-a of etnp'f* and tha ?m-.?I* of I b s policy. Ha b.'apad . ontunrelv on the eon-t-.tati"aal monarc hy of iraocv With KoglaWl l o eo Icavoure.! to | remain on uima of * not will though ?o >>f c,?'".*n,,t' / ' an l be i< known '.o ha ? profe.a?.! th.-oujh life t ie leilef that a rupture ?rtth this ><?untry, e>p,'.:ially if I! ware allied with Pran * wouU !?? ao even of tiie moa; fatal imiiort tn l'.?"is anA to the prosperity oi hu Ii" "?*'<' h' ,ir tion without Having tbe prti leooe to . U * iMiriDfcr thin prrl Irom H- i to lHiV >? ? Muen. on tbe afalra of Bui-po was neither vtrywergv , tic n< r Tory itrect. lie bad In lt31 crushsd J considerable d.Beulty. bnt with "fJP'ee^reltol !ro? ! ?real 1'obah Insurrection winch mlfih' bare | I, m ?>,e w?*?>rn Br ?Tinern art#rw*rd? lncorp<;rAt#?l in tl?empi^ He suwaedod in 1-M in .?sUblishing . Ru. ? au ?imy on tbe Boopburua, and eivrned the t?atr of i ". , ^l.i from the tailing bar. is of SulU. .lbh bou.I. Throughout his reign the under e""*"1 oM .lao inU rreatton in lha atisirs of tarter may eou-Untly be trare^l until it rea he.1, In 1H63 that cataalroph. ahich has for thalatt two years convul ?1 Pjnipe. In 1,40 the Inawlioae pr^t^ofRusslabeinc ad^t^by tba Itritiab goTernawnt and by tbat of Austria, lad , oe ^o vlie biink war with Kranoa, andengng^Iu' Inm.UUry ?.*raUoo* mrytto; but with *hia exception the pe*?? ! o! the world rrmaine l uB<!i?tur?cd until 1MH. Upon the occurrence of tlw.t earth ;oake wjtlch oterthrej h.H a,,, thrtnia of c?r,iine?tal i: irope, the Bnperor Nicho la. alone at-erned cjiinplet?ly pr' par*') o n^-t th shock, and rotnplotely unmo?e.l 6y Its TUdruoa JlT'*!, ance wsi equal to his atrenath !Ie nooxht no J.rete*t forinterfsrsnM in th.. eflnlrs of other Mates, .ltliough j he did not r-'fuse hlr snccor when It r?<tuired, ho , u.ok no unfair advantage of the wsakurs* and >? *iuab>u ] .<f other countiias, and tbe ad* ? he to#<le?od was mriably raT'.ral.le t? Uie cao.e of ur W and ol pesre. , Tbe conduct of tha Kmperor Ni'.hol is durtng tbe*' e ? ^ ful anl pwUo'is years, from I to 1M, raised him i high-* tUn he ha l *?*r ftr>A b-..'<.rt Uo wai as We of th- wi*-?t, as well as one o. tin most pe"?l?' aniereigns of Kiirofva, and tbAM *v n who Most i his teapot,. go?en.ment conl<: not dvoy Uiat he bad shown m'eieration. temper, ar 1 a strong >:eair' for peace ANOTHUB OEETtHOFTMK t *Tg C/ tn. .Mcholan i'anlowltch, Ul* Knj/onir of Ruaa.a w*? >-orn at ft. i>t*rah?ir|l on th* Ttli of July, IV*>, Mac tbr thirl m n of th* En.[.< rtir I'aul, by hi* imrotll ?lf*, Vli.ry Wurt*uiburg. Of fcl* fatUnr, wbo?* brutal *?? rmU rlti?? t% iu?*nit , , u 1 who w?? murde-xl 1/ hi - aoM*a in rooaaqw urt of *u whieti lit* in fatuaW ! .1 4 ion (or tho Kn j.> Tor Napol<-?o th? Klr*i h*i in-.u'vl him to roB tract, U i* u nm in up***, Tb* bo/ JiichoaM *m- cot fit* ? "*r? -f *(?* wli?o tit* I night 9* la** tjior l?r 'of March i 1*11, tmdc bint ?n I oipbau. If!* brother A>T*n.'-- ??? 'otlirn*?l, ?>I took Ih* >*tii at tli* tiiMi of hl? fatber'a a?ma?tn bar.og !?*< b |>rivy to tli* inar<l*r, irvl having l#*r . ?',?n it wan perpetrated, la tb? t'-tm lm?"t)>B?*!r l>*ioa Th'- hi* iru.'.i.t-r, a ?omi . n of iMclli*' nc?. a tifx-r Ilia vlnejaU'-n, wl t<-h ?l?r rot*milU<l to Ouural 0* lambaiurf, who w? amoiuCt Ottm, hj Ibtf ountaw <<? U??wn lb' pliiMucrnt V :? l'lDrf, an-l th?- nonorillor f-lork, \t an early |?rto4 j Xl.boUw> applltxl hioiMilf wl?h yr*at aMor t j iaili j tary par*' ta, in whirli b? mn" ni/JcraUt prwli I elct y. ?*f*?'ially in lb-- art .f fortl' ration H* al?o ?tu 'i J thw f i*ara of political tcidcmf, an 1 t/*'.aB?? a* , r*m ? iai -I'll ttal rati' b, i>*rm*a an i I r?rii?h Ian. >a?** I a- with hi oatlrn torfc II" cnHlTat" 1 rouaic a U t* ?bleb be grati'i*'! alt'-r hi* aw?r<lnii to lb* >hr >0*, uot oa'y by th* rump- aitinn "f ?a?f.-il Biiit \ty Urn but fcy atua ting 1# hM capital th* moat ?' mii?i ci?n? of Riirop- Ho* ??r .a youth ui iiKtriKlun Htiixcd no hj*b *-Umat* of hi* aiiltt?? II* waa U-i lini, Mlaerholr- an.l *h*n n?' < nevt*': Mb* milcUij ?tnOix. ab? tb*<l m tn#M. la ?ft*r In )?" IMImi >alir4 bitnixlf a* |M?rtin ?f tb* Un* art", te ,nl ?itb tW^ lia M-t of an >?ipoitMl I'lrihnthin th* natrr* an-1 h*r mrsc *pl?r 'nr nt It -ourt. WLra tlic I iMirb ima? it Umm p j'-*. vaa too J"nng to tn* urt * tb* tw'ji* wr Ifh RnaaU &*'?*, or '? M> ., la tboo* /r?*t mflitAry'^f raUtimt ?b?-h uhini*t*ly \M toth* wwttwf of Napoi'" i aivl tb* o-cupat on of hU etp-tAl. Il? *a? i ho*'***, oil .noti >fi In b* ao oheerraet, ti>*afh dl-taal ?pt f*?tnr ot th* (raaMat la vli'h vti* paopl* that b* aw ?!W?\r t? call*-, .pnn to go*rrn ?*r* **? fa**.;, an tUa f*o?ilani(rti <?f tb?- m1h?*la -t a?: ><*?? ti<n t ?>. ?f'lllt.tKl I|J l ? m B a lu?t Ijanar m?/ !>*?? ? lart'l bim oa o tb>ta* fatal sn ' >??. r. Ih?? a *' ?BT' i"? ohuh aov MiVfaly harr b?Ht I roo-'hl t t a -EU. (>n tli* -?*t*T?t 'm ?fp?? >n nil la't Ha * j tr?T*! ?a^ ?i?il*< ?h* prtM*)r>al battl* (M:. < i ??r? p* la 1*16 *?? a/ti?*l in Ka#laf?t, *?tw h* wliK a of dial whom' ?*a tatunrtnf '.om* h* vhrlUd <.b* iUbr , *d' W' rllM<* of ilu- ?w for It* prrpoa* of Wruktaw a? j quaint*': with th* a?*.aal f> -a* it?on of tb# poyak'lac la Jaly IMT. b* marrl*4 ? LarM'* U?*a ? b* *kla*t langbur of Vw >rt'h WiUia? ef ITtiana, ao<! n?1*f >A tU* ; r* *at *13*. i oor aona *?4 tar<* <a .f t<r< n- tW la.tiaof tkto marnaf*. tb* *LW?t *"o. J?iia >? >><t '>ai?'ti'h h-?iac b?*a beta m tb* ;tar Mil. At <b.? 'ifa* hkhala* haH I ttb *i|?rUtu>n of oM? n Iikj th- ?rp?rul erova hat la th* yaa/ l*. . hi* ?; t* tha a^wr AWtaa4*r, <1*4 a*, ftfarr { th* ( ra.?>, it i* ?Jt y> *4 bt | <**?<. a Th* n*t ha r "? th* tVrto* wm th* ' raad (>..? Coxtaatiaa, ?ha ? >a th**. at *? r?a?, aal Nlc%rlaa he*Uw-' v: uU* :h- **'.* ?fiiUI'iy Otttanti** ho?*?*r, ? b?th?- valaatar y ?T ty <-< Bp-' ato*' t*4 *a *aca?*ta*?ii *i'!i 41* ? -. ?* ia "hath ha -?a .ua^ bu ??eto*l tU at '* | tb* II icaa. a a', th* .acaaiaat at*?. 1 tb.a a-t *ai .a '1 ? I ? r.4< of hi'bcla* *!i?a h* r?'? r?< th* Mmi ..f th* i ?*(??? i I laa'k hieha'**, * *thar aa<?:ti/ ?( *,?*< wia* It ia Dot known. lefueeo to Mrtlt til* hunu|* olfcred luni b r tboee ?bn ?tf? tain of tbe actual etoto Of tiling* and oudly p*tie*eed hlQ a Lhglacna toConatan tine, the nor kmprrur Meanwhile i?uatu'.iM. wh.> wh? at Wiraw, ?t< Ulong tb* oath to Nlebalaa, ia at cerdaace with Hf act in ijovetku, wbirvh be hal aecretly *fgne?l on tbe , . of hia marriage with the riaugb ter of a private l'uludi irrutUman. Nicbola*, wt?b ei praHxiuaH of regret, thou bnoM tba throne, and now tain* a terrible alrr.ggle. A vaat conspiracy, composed of two eltlit' tba tnthneiaaUc lover* of liberty, and the old Xu>*,*a p*ity, tlia aupportore of < onetaiitine ? wa? fanned. Iheir lattice wara to spread a report in the garrUona of tba * in pi re Ui il the abdication uf ton ?tantin< wa* a I or ft t y. ami to appeal to the Mjldier* In tba nam* of loyally, to ri. - ia*?d put dowa what tbey re presented ft> > a ?mih;. it , at again*! Irt^timaey <>n tba iiotb of IMr> nUr tba oatla to Nicholaa waa to he taken by tba femeon of Kt. PeWrahurg. Several ragt nrDta nwoia ?I .fiance, but tba Moacow regiex-at*. tba marine* of th<< g -aid and th? grenadier- , nluiwl theouh, and matched Hi rough the atrnete and *v.are. ahouting fcrl'onitantire Nicbo'aaaaw all fiom bla |?laca window*. Tb? iDai.rractAwi.waa apecdlly aii^pra ail with grapeahot. Nkholae tliao d*?cem!e<i arid rimtrontM tba itDlillnf reb?la Ptant'iig before tliau witb hauglity'baailug, he 01 lad, in a Orm 'oaa, " Krtarti to your ranlia ? obey? ?town upon jour kn<e?! ' The cneriry of hi* ? ntoa -b'? countenance, <-a'm tbougb pale - and tha venarelbm with whiok w?ety llueatati regard* tlia periun of hia auverelgn, prevailed. tfn*t o' t\a aoldiara kneelej b* lore tbair n.a tcr, and grounded flialr axma in token of anbmiealoa. To tti? intrepid ?*J f poaeeaaion iif that hour lie 1* Indebted for tha continuance of bit authority. Victory wan now a* y. Ila retired from the *put. Wbar ?*er r?aiatanc? waa mailt* tha artillery played upon tba gathering t'rnwde,atia the llreol musketry aoupietod tha work of deatruMion Tba hope* of tha liberel and old Kuaaian party having benn tuna ijuenelied, Nicholaa found himeeit tlm ?nl? aril abaolite maatar of tbr gi gantic Ruaclan "mpna. Iuima<llataly Are arafTnlda wara aractad on tha aaplanada of tba t>rtra?a of HI. I'atara burg, thirty rix nobla paraona wara *<acuta<l, an I eighty flra aant to HlDaria Krooa that tiraa Kuaala I'ro par hna bean aifmpt fr<>m outbreak*, If not from r.m ?pirarlen, anO the lata C rut wai laft fraa to carry out hia i'laaa of s^Tarnuimt. In tba punbihinaut intlicta'l oa the r?bal?, Nlebolaa, howau r, erlnt'ed Uin nioal atro cioua ?e*ertty, Uiua aflnnllng a walaiirholy apeclaale of a union of chlTalrom biarary with uarbaroua i-rualty. In hcptamlicr I82fl, the Kinparor waa erownml at Mo* row with grail potnp and caranftny. Abaolulitni waa thenceforth bin darling doctrine la IHIM the paaoa of Ailriaocple waa concluded, by which Nlebolaa waa par milted to raiiin nullmrity In Wallacbia ami and tha 1'orte mr^ed to indemnify the evpenaea of the war by a payment of 1 1 , TiOO,U<Xt of Dutch dunata ? a rnim trom which 1, 1100,(00 were ufterwardailaduRtad. In I H.I J tlia I'oli^b rcTulution broke out ; but and Krance remained neular. and Auatri.i and I'riKaia aided the Czar in rruahing ttie inruigent patrlota. Aflar an heroic reaUUnr* i'oiand waa nK-oaijuared ? the Kuaaian* ei. tared Wirraw, and an iron d?ap?Uain waa ?ubailtut??t for tbe armblance of I'onntitutioual government which erevioii ly had I i>i<4i permitted to atiat. A citadel waa oilt on tbe height* above War*aw, and when, in iMfi, the eltl/i a* want out to compliment iheCgar, imintini; to tha citadel ha exclaimed, '? Von aee ibat furtraaa If yo* atir, I will order your whole city to be deatroyed? I will not leave one at '.ne upon another, and when It la destroyed It will no' \?> rebuilt by me. ' Hub*e<|u*ntly. when the cholera invaded Ht. I'eUrabiirg. the igni>r?nt |M'piilace accu?e.l the phy*iciana of baring paiaoned t?i? aick in the ho*[iital*. and put ??mia of lham to death Nlcholm rod'' to the mob, and aboiikHl, in a voice of thunder, " Doan U|k>o yonr knwea be fore Ood, and aak pirdin of him for your of. feneea, I, your einjieror ? your mnater ? order you.'' 1 he populace obevad, and Nlcboiaa, in deai-rlbing tb* aoene, a nd to tbe Mar<|ai. drt'uatine, "Theae mumanta ai? tbe flneat of my life. I tan In tbe lac* of danger without knowing, a* a kiug. bow J -houlilj retreat. ] did my dnty. aa<i i.od ?wat*lnad rr>e." |u 1 ?::?? wa* d'-claird wltli Oircaaaia? a war wbieii, with litt'e hnuor to the itui-I.<n inna, ha* continued up to tlia preaeat time. On* or two peruana! trait* of the Ci\r romplet* tbia notice. Ilia habit* wet* oatentatl ia*ly *luipla, Iranit'l rally lolihariite The luxariaa on hi* tabla were not for him. Ill* military 'orm^wa but ui'.n r.ire or. aaian* to b* *eea encloted wltbln a covered carnage lli* irwluatry wa* a* remark tile a* bla temperan' a; to tnapecl for tree ?** and review army cor pa urn would traeal do ye and nlghlg. He waa a (ltrourer ef tu-wapapera, not of tba few feeble raarUanary ^ouraal^ publlabe'l If free cowa tfiea? tkote he <!eapl>*.l?butof auoh newapapnr* aa be Wall knew rapreaeataxl tb< 'udapendaruw aoJ InteOlgenr* of tha cotamunltica where they were pro<teee4. A bat of tbe ?*w*p*par* wblrji tbe Lmparur <Uilj *c ?an*<t might poealbly aataaatab ??ia> paraona. Tba RmMrur'i daatk wa* tadOwn and uat'ipe. '.*,.. and aucb aodden and un Mpteted latalitiet have Iimb Jou lre.|w?at in tl.e Una of It'Smaofr not t? ?U{ffe t gio~nJ< uf unfavor.itle aua p trios. THE lit 1 A N DVNAHTY. Kuoia mli'Dl three historical <lyuaatie> the (ir*t cotr.inencfng with Rurik, a priace ol ^camliaavian origin tbe eanmd, tb*t of the i;r?n.| I'rinso* ol Wolodomlr, cofuinene rig In 11I>7 w.lli Andrew Voutawitch, who w*? *?*iw*lnated in hi* paNtr; the third, 'hat of the lino ?a of Pom mi oil , commirmin/ in 1CT* with Mkcbael, and numhailog amorget fta rteaceodant* I'ater the'ireat founder of the exiatin ' gr- tna?? of Ibe ItuaWan monareby. I'ater tie <ireat a*c(a>ted the throne in 19H.'. bav ng for hia Urat wile a Cnn^- aa of Wolf uhutt'-l. lie or^? n'/. 'l aga Kutopa that great daaUurtlve inn. hine known a* tba ltu-*ian empire, m l r^forme-l hia rutin ry with * halrbet In hi* hao.l in ta?.i of a *??*] tre. Hi, ?on. i Amelia, terrllied ?? the croeHkea of hi* fath?r, ilM 8r?tto Anatria. and then to Naph a Peter protail"-! oo him Ui re.ui n. when A|c?l? war tr?r... *nd eoarleninad v> death. 'I ha aentenra w*** I t? |rf>rp*tual ir.ipri ?oeaient, but tt* tinfoitrinatp |.rin ? aiail ou the iie.r row, of poiaon. Hi* mo'lier who waa *ooa after notn Diltted ta a oonven', ato d|e.| auddenly Peter then aajiouaed t .itbrrir.e ykovro i-kv Fyt< r in Ilf" be bar^ma *o*ptcloua and cruel, aed jr?w tire ! of the aa-en !enc* of bi* fay rite Menacbikoff. In IT'JA be dlr<] hu I icnly in bi* |.ai*c< . ( atberine I. aueraad?d him At her ile.Ur aftar a rrlgn of two year*, Men^hlkotl eletated to the th/one i'ater 11. the *on of the unforttinate Aleit* Th!a Kio pwrwr, who w?* governe.1 by tl.? Holgor i'tll family or oared Menacbikoff and hia famtly Into Hiheria. [rurag tlila reign tbo old boy rda recover d their power and tl'ef.erman and other a.lven'nrro prtronliml by I'efa r tbo fireat and t.Vtherlne wt? 'o di>|avor. Peter lf?i died ?n.'.lenly in 17W Tbe oil Kuaaian party, hy a au *. 'en f**c'Jon *?l/"l >to!d of tba ?o?ernm -n', ar I pro< lain c 1 aa Kioprea* Ante, i n?h*?* ??f < tirland n1- - of I'ettr theHrwat. aa l ?lanchter of Ivan, who wa* pit t1) Va'b by ortler of the former oyeieijo. Tbe Dolgoron'ii family, who bad be atowt d the ctowd on Anna, were ?- n'. to rthcrla. an-1 Itlrcn, at^ourlaDd favorite of Uic Kinpre**, g..v- rne*| It it Mia. ila i* -aid to have tranepoitad 2i 'XKI men into Hlherla, without 'rial. Aun* he ' ? .hau*t?i in 1 7 to. lllron |.laee>! on the throne tbe yo ing Iv-n, the c.biW of tie |i|ike of Prtinawiek l.onetinrg. a rial a r. ;>h w of P(tR tli* end Ofaerat tfonlrb Ui* favor *'..ftbu*a now In power, *ent itlron into Sih.ria I#* .ck, a I>*nch barber, eooeptr^l with KUxabelb, a 'Hugh'er of Ptl't the (ireat They 'nierrl Ihe 'bamVr of the riike of nnmeat-k. took tbe j-?ong Oar Irt.u. hi* cot, ml **nt Uo t" the for'r"* of ?ehJ -a*e!' *-g lli* caren' ebo wtrietbfown Into tlw raglk of ki /imogor* Imferad through tw nty ji .i j of <ufT*ilag. Qi/ab?th now K?ipl"ae. e*nt f r tb> aon of h? r *l?ler tl*e Im'cbea* of llotatela titdtorp, who waa m?ni*i t" a princ?*a of Antilt 7<erb*t lUin-iUth ? led of ?oni > an '.laoovec I irnla.'y In 1 7?<2, aa'l Ihike of lfoi<t?4n t.uttorp aai. U<'e.l the throne in ,?r the title af peter III. ' atber-n" of Anbalt tj-.O ?at, hi* wife h^l I im aa*aaa. na'.eU the name year In the I' i?rl?o1 Palaea A few 'lay* altei wartia Ivan ?uflere.1 'b? taut" Itla a h.* pri"<n of IScblneeelberg .nd h * ? n t* the legit mate ) i,e of Ute l!</i*t?jS<. I he .ticc.?-'ing ' Vaf* have no 'Irp of Una covlte tUrfel in tleir ve.ii-. ( athertoe an) h'-r favor l? Potemkla now gov tie.) K.i.tta rbe lavished an nnnalnral h.'re I ? n l^r mum Paul, who l?trayad a kianlib <*ri<- a br hi* ' Irri- k 'a * and red hair. I atli*rlne i^wl ?i a |/upler r ia I7W. Panl I. aaeen tol tb* tbrona, aad Un b to wife a j f W'lrtemberg. (?f * fan?*?t'e ten t < t daagero ,a to aU about b hi, ootwiUietaading atl hi* v gilarwy- and lire a i t'o??, Paul I wa* *tr*r,g|e.| In hi* own arl en the ni^ht of the J4th Mamh, l*-<l A!e?*nd*r -ureeeded hint H favorite, ?' ? e( ae| Ara.lebif* governed in bi* a >me Toward* - ?rjd uf h a ife tlil* pr.r.ea waa infeetad wttl, r*l * on* to i am and P. WlltHMNf giylld ?r? of ? t. g to ward* f atb oll<i<m Hed.eiet hrtr ,i oo '*t nl (>e*mb*r, lt*a T' e?* ??r? ? ai e thr?* of t!i* Knr Paal 'on-tan' ae aieliaat?>t ia htm of bi* b * re eelvigg .n *a>hange tli* *i?*r? y*bip of Pol fkii iTnee died ia I Ml after an inVritew * oent Alexia inkift, aad hi* wtfe ?on followed b o to the V a.b Ni'lie'ii? a? ? ftded U>e Uirnne a lit' aad in?nf eratod hia ftlia by dr*<wniai; ia Uotal tbe retnl- of the of Ih'-emier. Afier a r?lga of ti'.rly ewer* oe i? '.tati Ijr *' ft Pat?-*barg, ?a> t >* Mr? I*'.., from a fi*t a?e of tbe I'iBg*, arM.rtSlar l? ik* if we /ear fma i atroke of ap"pleay ac. -rdiog^o tba /'?'el' M.c', **1. Paul'* fourth e.u .i.e?i * o> en'y at Waraaw a lt(t. d inr tha^war ? itu a??ry T>i!? |* n-? wa* t P" to Huee.aa ntettoot -a ia Iteagary *n4 [*MtU-l la * clnfaa to tbe v^eeoyalty of I'alaai It. r klaielt. THE HEW CZAR BhKlH II <>* AI.I.VAM'Kli II , Till: .VKW KM , 1'KHillt <>Y Itl'HMA. TW tmm hmp?r <t ut R? ?*?, A> ? ?i> >t tt* it m imi April If It, u. .w <rf Ism* Macb 3, Ml, ?t tfc* jff. '? )..? Vw>k ?? N ?'? ( Kw git*m ? AMrk I ?? 4Wiu,>'. ?? h* >a l**r t>?f th?l ' ?t? <i|M ta majr ?,??? mh '?mtKtU ?/f lb* , rt'U* UMWIMt ?..?? li-? lull Inttm - tw. i??? ? ????-????r I hp??f Vf?.jr ?(. R*??t T?? -Ml ?.??*! t .*? '.M i 1?M, If ?r !??><? HIMIM ?M ItlfMli i? > HMf ?? '?*?* I ?>m.? mt - ' ?? ? .? <f I (? ?,f?t 4 ?????<<<? >?i ? ?????, M ?? ?llf'.m fi Ik (?Tttf* ???????? i?r ?? Mm Ikm? k' Hm? '?? ? l<u nOMfW M v? ?k? Wfcf >? * III! > ? ? .. M; ?? !>.?? I *44 I JII l? ilWI -Ma H !'?>? .HW M? ?*?i u M i j?r? i M (? ' t t t - ? ??**? ' f ? t ' >r a liu !!??*?? <im ?t? I l< In ?t" l? *? I ' ? ? 11* ..?? !?*' <? ? ?jkfH-4* mt h iff u r .?! ?!??<*?* O ?**?. ?' l?HM ? ?? ' I J ??" AU??? ll ?? ?? ? ? .?,? i< taf ?(>???? t.t' f 1 k? lv?? IM ?Mf ?. r?<i v ?n it r? M m antaa tta d< bnltlta (barartra Tha habitual hUBuf M <?|1M ? *114 ?4 l>n.iol'.l Bataaaa th. ? ( tba ayaa sad th* aaaattnl - at.traati.ia u I tha Bout* th : la, tanwtatr * diacrayaa.f that liupwki ?a *y ??Harata I fratiknaaa, aa.l p-thara a?a.. mtarital ?n?f Tha rbaarlh ad ynatb Ihr ?<r i.|...a Liwi,,.. n aitn a natural daa Tt a aa I aral alwayt th. lalUr k.M |i i, . a^ alary ia?t|.lirad4a 1 arts to tba aaihrsr. rhi I rtui ?- ? tt^rnaaiaa ia aaa uf ktaA ; Baaa; hi a alap la liahl ai if , ra< at., ft, n.,bl* -it uly that o* ? I'riatf. Hit air fa ai?4?*(. t. utility, which (a a I krr?t point tap >11 about %nm. aim ar m. mliinaiManl" 1 tha fttaal it n?U> at ?n??r?u.? to Mi. rttf af tha world If IBay f?n. jr thtmtalt.a damU'.da, ll tj ar? KiH<nB?M by , tha arlsiOii thi*y Lara il ibaBiaaltat and whii h tliay <ta . aptlr nf mat I at rtbara parts!". I Tl la aillv saaar alHirtt Ibl .liraiwi link a Ilka i whvla brans* aan tba iBfrraa nf |?>rrai<l a,vod hraadlsd If haahuiildattr rai*n, lia will rusk* Id la alt obayad. gal by tarror. I.ul by tha atlrai'tloa of hla mhart>at graas; unlaaa ka awfaa.tlu thai rhm to a Ruaaiaa Kaifxrar'a tlaaliar hunld altar hi* cb ara. ttr at w ill a* hia pJattlsa. J? *??, II* I lia va again 1MB tba baraditary Urssd I'uha. a ad baaw tad a lang ami ilxaa aaan. liiation of hi a. Ila wh tM rtuiad io nai'irsi, wbi. li ?<?? ? him a aitff ?n.l twallaa look. Tin ordinary *< atoms autto hlsi mu<-h kaltar Ilia ?taiist* la aaraaabfa, bla >*il nubia, and anihual tha at tj - aaaa r.f tha anfliar, had tba |a?iillw *ra<-n that Italiaauiahaa him raralla tharn.fuiar e||krBi|ki lus*ia? la tha .solars rasa. Thar* la nut tha miolaaa patting at warai <*u?atotaa, a ar tha Inipaaasrhsbta saldsaas of tha Burth. I.ul a l&ittura sC aouth. rn aia|linl> bad adaptability with Scsadlr-svisa malam baly tt. alavsa sro wM*a Arabt. i nabai la laura tbaa talf Carat a; bal IIW?|?W Oariaaa Hrlsaaa la Marklaul.srf aa w all aa la ta?a pa*ta af Ublal'ia tad I'raaala. Nolalthatai <llr < hla yonth, tha PHaca'a rasa ia But aw ??r?aall. aa hi. btur' Ilia i-i.i?|.laalon Itaa I bat Ila lr<-abar>a it ka ilatMi that ba la ? anllorar Tha ?/rll'l dr .'.aa av?r Ilia <.vl?r rornar of tba " with a u*fami|i.kljr bairajlnf alaaail> tba raraa ?f a rnara a<J>\r>ad Ma- III- |.|aa?laf mouth la aul with ?<ui awataaaa, an. I hla fita<'laa i<r?!lla rrcalla ilia urndala nf tba anii^ua ur iba nnrtralia of tha Kmpraaa ('alhanaaL but hai.aath thai air of hladaaaa alaanat always roalanwd by baanty, jrooili aad Uarman Moad, II la Impaaalbla not U ra?n?ala? a ton ? gf liatin ula< lai. II. at lairtbla' ??* IB aa ynuDK a li.aa Tbla trait la d??hUx?a ilia a?al of daat.ny, and ntakaa ?> I.. ii?<? tba' tha I'rlaio la fktad ta aaaauj tha Hiatulia haa a maliMlb'tia taar, a tMn? rara th hia lahill>, an. I a Kill h. Iiaa rn'oifwd fro* tua toolbar lit >tan>l< i. ut bill' ltd .tha youB?at uanul bia aulto ?tlhatto aiivtbin.7 Va ?lamr lit' dialatf* obaaraabl* hrtwraa than, unlaaa it ba tha t ? rtart arafa t.t bla a baltt | ar?au Uraat al Waya ilaautaa aa ainiahla tura ??? mind; a? nint h of tha anii raiatu th' itlt.tlia aipraaalaa ot tiia f<hyati.|noaiy, t b? attlladaa ur tiia maa. Ilia >.na aadar atamlnatl >a I niirn laitxiaHir an t a?ra*akla. Haaaiaa travallars had apohaa aaya daaohaa an' amlabla tura ol mind: at. nint h of tha aoial antara lato th. t* It, tha aipraaalaa or tiia i.hyaludattBiy, aad tba alt It ii. I' a ur Ilia man l?1ia i.a> nadar at atalnatlia la a* mtx.ain r an I a?rarakla. Haaaiaa traaallari had apohaa of hla baau*y aa a ph>a..inaa.<ai and It waald liata atrarb ai' Btt.r" bol for Una aiauratatlua Itaaii aa lia ta. Iha (itautl Unka of Huaaia allll aaaiand ta ma uti ol tba bnaaaa in tit-la t.l a (.flitta tbat I bad ui. t [Kr<>na tha I'arld Journal d<>a Ik hata, Murrli f> | Tlir orw aiivaraitfn of Kuaala waa i nil latatl at aa aalfy ajt? Into tha alTaira of tlm ampirn liy lb? Knparor, bia (atliur. H* <aa |ifanant at all tha Cahlnot rounrlU, and waa iniaitaj with luilcii'ina wbirh Kara Ulm fr*>|uaMl ' t)|iportiiBttifa of raofl. IHIK himartf uaafol U> tba aray ami uf Ixirutiiiluc popular with tha joulli of tka arhoala. ' Wratti'var thr Kuiptrnr Nirholaa t ulttad tha capital hat 'alt tha aupinme <1tt> ol'-.u of tha gorarnoiaat ta kla rMadt act) aad, In abort, ha ha<l takro tha utmoat aim In prapara him to tx-com* tala aucnaaaor. Th* (Iraai I Ml k at AlatBiidar, wlui had now anct^atl to tha rrawn. It rat j popular tu Huaaia, b? ka hoth balorad muI m ? ta-cDMHk by tba pnopla lia will not aaarela* tha |t?al i btiibuiity of bia I at liar, for ka itoaa not Inharlt aithar hla | ala>atioa tf tiawa or bit mllaalblllty of p irptiatt Ila with bal l.i- r plaaaa, aa tha K^nparur Aiatamlar I. 414, by hla 1 at i lil or aa and hia aiTabtiity? an4 liatwaan tha itasla aad tbi' uupliow tbara la a rtty ftaat aiiatlarlty nf rharanlar 1st niaay waya lba naw Knpraaa ta alto lilflil/ a|aibaa ol, ami bar t>ia?ata<l imlaaniant and roai-iliafing a?b nart ar? titollad. It la thuudht aha will aiar?iaa a BAlalary iDtlut-noa orar tha Ranparor. I'ublk oi.irOaa ) ia l. ' a attributed to tba harrdllary tiraod U oka a uali y dillaraat front that of tha kaiparor, aad parties Italy a mora panflr rat It ia anirmad. aithar rorrtwlly f.t otberwiaa, that tha I'riaoa ha* nut blvaya appaorad I of tba ruttlui t I olio wad for tha laat two ytata by Ua | Cahitirl of ft I'ataraburf Io bha Kaatarn | uiwtloa, aad tln.t hu ra*i" ttail tha imaalnti of 1'rtnrai Maaaahikoff ba Cobataotiauid*, and tha luaaalua nf tl>a I'rlaflpaHtbaa. ' fl'roai Uatia lattar. March 3. Io tha HarU Caaab tuMuao>'l ) | Thr praaant of Karala unc'onbtai^/ fm IfiM a (ood ba.1 rt, nr?d baa hara, nadar atrary eiwtuMi ' atanca ta favor of paaoa. Ha la ctaaidarBd ta baaf a ' rraamhlaaaa lo hia aarta Alat ttdar, Hla hbutMr, Ik* | tiraad Puka ( Viuataatlo-, baa alvaya baaa raaardt A a# Ui? tB|4ttior paraoa of tha f.wnilj, It la ba Waa, la Ua ! quality of Admiral, ? a?a put bl> al lt r brvtUar, waa waa on board hia ablp, ob.|?i arraal, ttbii-h la. I ba bta bd<M| htmaalf aub)*nta<l ta prolong*) arrrata an Una part af Ma I fatbar. fhaoa tba ct.WBttueatuaa' of tba praaaat war bt baalaaai tba tdal of ti?a war partjr, to tba aa-xt via laat <4 wbaai ha ha a alwaya (Ivan bta anpptrt Ad tha i law aaoaaaatoa la huaaia f. rmaliy atabaa that a ay t batr tabhaanwala at Ubarty ti taaa*iaaa it, it wtwy lia ra-.di:y praauaard tliat tha war party, darlaf tba M at Mutch, aipatinnrad a iladaWa dafaat, althoufh li baa . nnt bean atlrndad with any aaaruiutty or publte r ait ; qatatrad ft I'rtarai.urT l? lraa.( ul tha finpn at, la ao litliia U> tha aipacam of liar houaaht ld aaUbliah D<aot, rtalm Mfl.tWO rtablaa a yaar Mba ailtar ruahia i ia a- iiwwAAt o?ar four faaara i wbirh aha rrtala.' aflav thi tltatb af li?r hualiaotl, an |..|| aa aba rraa4?a lb Hiiaa'1 bat ifaha.fiiK tha r.jatry a In rxily rraalrat I tha i all. Tha hrlr |irvinniptiya raraiaaa Wi.iiOii rmbtaB a vtar, ta addtl i n 10 tba atpwt taa of hid hodaaUaht. I ai ta i? i I. , THK APPOfNTMKNT'i OF AI.K.X tM>KI(. lnlfll.jft nra haa I. -an fwaardad frura Itarlia that I 1 r lira Maatrhibofl id rar- .Ila I to rtt t'atwrabunf frooi lb ? ' ?? mat tbd ha Uaa bal l ia tba ' r.aiaa aiaca tba ~i niitaana tut t.t if I o.lliltiaa, Bad tbat ha w III ba aurrnafed la that I i..?iti< n by I rinra liorttf bak'tfl abn comaaadaj tlaa P tut I ut fnrtat laat yaar .a tha I'rlBclpal lliaa It la aJata atataif that l .tuaral Kudl. ar baa !?aan <utura >n?4 froan tba h'*b i-.tlllon ha babl in tba areiy In I'olaad to tab a tlw dirai.tloB of tha auatatry of war, In plara of rrtaata I.'rlgorutikl ami it ia aurutl ad tbat <.?u?r*l RtMkt.iT. tha II' v>a Mlaiali r of tba Kmplr* will ba ranwrb! If thla a'atam* nt tia rtiaflrma-i. aa ruay now rrry prat*blr tail a i Ua?a of l*r1nra Mr tia-iiikoff. whoaa ruiaa haa l>a*n aad will a??r raamin ao afoituaataly mi?r I up Willi I baaa irabaat-tioiia f ba a|.pi .n'rnt at of (trust R'nl!*?a to B til/har pn ltl'.a io tba t< rarniuant la cradltabla to tha jadfinaat af tha oi w I inparur. Tbia nfll^ar waa tha tana who aatarad liitn nagi.tialK.aa aith Uaor(a; in IM? ta bring to a ta* mina'ton tir lluB(bjidit tanjai.B, sal abo af arwaMa audasTurad to i ha- b tha raartloaa r, r naaaarta lakas SfbiS'ttha Maryara. Ila li t man of *tf>a*ianoa a?l axalarst'.OB wbt -a Influaart a lltaly to ha datiladly f (t. rt U> thkt of tha fasatiral Itua- an |*it;. abiah baa bttamr.tad to alaa to tbl> war tha rhar*"tar of a aat saaJ rrurS'ia If it ba tba rawtlutton of ' ba taw Kaparar ba r>r*a*ar* m lha ti'tot^Uoaa wlnrh a/a atf.ut to npao ai last.a bad to aiska tha fra.-aati ry r.a>aatait<au lor tha raat' rati, n of paa^a, ha will B"d tba aalbtmly uf wtaa aa>l firm naaaaallors lo r>n Ut that pava sr "?f?abla, and atari a?, urabd, to lha Rutalan luWn M ANIP K?T? I OF A I.K X A NDKIU * -lbi t<ii>ifabrrf aa Uata a brlaf aumnitf/ af ?Ui ?a a? a nau lrtiu. ?f>r ?oixn.arirf it* m4^ " ??-) *ttn ll!?*aa ?! tW Fp j#rn 1<< l??, alucS tarn iu.iao .o bit ,'aatb H h;i ? Hit M !>)? "Wai ??<! !??<?'< il h tnaalf a iw>ll jr I-. '.K* *' l|?l* #1 In* ?gl>fr|i. ?? ijo iImi, rm Mrrtilllf Mi tbr M? (4 Ru?-ia ill f f I'ftUu! M<l ul tmiaiyl labia tram ??' ll otl.?r lika ? k1/bii uatb Iaaf??al.w4 ta r?|irl lb** aalfafa of i. ar antplra >< m.r oal/ I'r-irl'- u-? abkb bit' aalacU-1 u* fvc ar. li'rb ? 'alliag, ba our xui <? ??'1 f rVacW. 1tat aa mar tnalataia K<a* ?U mi tic fii-t.aat ?l??1ari of (ij?<r a?t flora >M te crar f- ki wv?aipU*it lb* Im> aaat ?nl? ,n4 '!??< W N<r, of fitt.arla*, of M*ttu?lar >?' <4 ?-?? faltaar May !).<? ami of nor nV'^U Milt n< I karat* *? >a tol ? >i. 1 r'ru m .n>1 lHa >Mtb -it a..?f.?r> a law lint* ti.a b? r t- onr II mm ?ur ?oa, >u?/aa Ala ? *j,4r'tr taab THK POf.ICT OK Till: BfKW Kttl'KICllL I n ) r la 7 ? '? ? b'.ira aftrr tba t talk af b>* lath i lb* ( ?r??lt'h tia-la ??4 bia t? 'ha thrrtaafir tta mm of ft *l< JaJa ? Ifb, aiwl r?o? ??* tba bowac* ?# 'ba .lyr.tUr.r* -t tba raaJat Tba ?l b ?art oti ? u V> j?rf< >a? tl a waa Witf tfMtkt A "? ' '?? ' t. ' ?<aai I 'am a Um Kla I?l?r 'A ioat aa, I jl aaala ?|?alh* j rlra'a . akrtaal a> Ilia lata I I* t<ia?' aaa ?f IU- l??i r T>?a t rnfraaa, tb?">tb ti. i.tu ?tfr -l*'t by '.ba taa'b of kf ka>Unl, la aabt ta bav b**a balt*r 'J.aai aai(t *>a?? an at|<a*i*J afVri u? >b?b rba ha-l i?a< t**>' No aatl? nli< .alti! f? ??? aa jat l^o ra-? >?! fiaaa M (??Urtbn/ ? U>? alal" of<H/- **?! nj || aaa fn|t<. ??! |? Wariaaaday Vlaal .UayaVthaa La' War. iw>n n l*?n?, b la^rr t*.l tka -a^ital a .a a at?ta -if irira! aic.v a>a?v. TV r<i>ibf t|' tw< ?? iaj; ? Ilk a IM *f ?-*?'< '!? ItMMfnr '<a tka nb.aat ? arm nv If* ?arf?. IWj ftO|Maat allay ?? l|r. A la a ai.''.a? tba rff? akltfc aoabi a?" ? K*?r aa^b a *%?(., aad tu I' Vit; aagara tba'- mtflil ? ..i?a It aaa??par?a>t thai bl f*'ar?b?rf a?otj /J >*. t iar*l 'a a a-al- a< .#,? 1 ?.? war laitf ba: alr.alj ba^.a t? U./?-*laa Tba rm wf>a an irpirw4 tl h*ia it-aial I i< law 1 1 #a> la fal l?.w ?.?t I ia? !?(?'/ UlJ 4 >1 '/J b^bataa al tka I ra^raa* > f \ i aaa*. l-nca ba? * a iartf??'?aa kwi ma '?? ?i>r?n Untit) i aaataatl*.b aaa fffwaat ta U> areata af tba ofl aal b*l . Uraaaai tba w M tV* |t| Im?- t Ho fata aa V wrrUifal tVf"* 0?a? la ?a?y n>*M# IB faaala ??< II* *??>*?? i'*?t?ti* Kttal ba I a"t - ? a* - J?a ,r?at a .U^ .? ? !..? falbaa, aa b (wa a?-t >ab*t t ? Ib~r k.a ba'itwir ?<* '..a ,a?.. Wl|> Ha ?<a Ulirff [ >*aa It ia aa. 1 Vj t'-vaa a: * ka?? Uaa aa tba twytn* A.< Uf'at 1 itS, uj b? ta^uaaa >a4 b? a 'a VI *; aa to-'aaantba la'ta i?iiMu?ia? i?r | U a far; |'-at '?- UatHy af af ara^a.' I* liaaraaa aara fba -?'|i ?f Li >^r?a. ?.( I. ?? ? Marva * irr atn 1 1 a ? . 4t fkl'f af tb< 4a-? ^ ?- -- i ? - ? , J jar ia >U tl a?v' U>re ia IM. ta ha ba a ?i>mm ?f ?itaag >a??? at lU-Urt af aa aua a|tAi 1>aa a?' ^ .awiaf aa .'b itl- tua aaar tar want TWf baa. m ?a4 a?a lUmbkil Tba fraaaaV tat a.Saat at m, *V kaatM *i? iar.4raa.Mi, aaa kera '? I MS 'fiaa tit IRattitM ftarW]a* Sim* Mtrtk 19 J Tbi? , a?.'"oa ? a ka-! at aaaff twt of , a-, a Sat *?? ' ** a?.a-a <a? -a n-tk aaa .kaU la ??* fraa i *Wa oaail*>U4 -alaat -o^fca Tt>? mw Cmr. *ia?a?^a- fl , a lav baa i .??ata! [ laaifafly to hit fttkn ? ? Vratta la ta.tar?l b? ba a aaao ?f M/artla rtaaa ta! anifbtaaa4 'kaiv'at Mat M? ;ty mt/va^if a a a' ia '!? "in ax lit a*a?-'? f ? a?f f>?i?a4 *> i?i?(a?>J y ???'a* rt-'k f< aa Kr"*j t^ | a fa aatuaa k' < ^<k? a- ?? -itaHaak I uar 'aataarrva a^ |I< .'Aaa ?it* ?? /????. (a ?| I ft 'afif H> fe'aa 4ar?arai k? a- >? ta faaa 1 ^ i v?r, ^ uurriM, y iM ?f m

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