Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1855 Page 3
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1855, the following gentlemen were unanimously elected directors for the ensuing year: J. p. a. Sand* ford, Mortiaif r Livingiton, J. F. Batterworth, D. P. Manioe, and Nathaniel C*swell. At a subsequent meeting of tbe directors of tie company, j. F. A. .Sandford ru una-iimoasly elected Pnsident; Na than CaareU, Vice Prudent; and W. It. Butler worth, Secretary hcd Tiea^rer. The trausactione at the Aibietiat Trenurer's of fice today, were at folio ws:? Faid on Treasury account ?3M 842 03 Bseeived on Co 03.181 1 A pUn",0* i 'l0m 3,458,213 11 Paid lor Adst? Office 72,300 I ?w on Obj.MDK alieckn (H.787 The warranto entered at :&e Treasury Department on the 24 th ;nst., ware:? Forthsnajmtnt of Treasury debts ?I8,7Ko 11 for tbe Interior Department UR.7US '29 For the Cim-oms ..II*. Ill 5*jIlH5 20 For the War Department ll'J ol.'l fitt For Ihe ls?v? Ifcpurtmeut !l Coveriag into Trta-urr from mJn. ?ource?.... 3,001 (Si ror coveriDfir in'o th* .FMsnrjr from luntl^. .. 22 20J '21 For covering into the Treasury from cu<toun. 'J ,029 .1 1 The reoemption of (be puoli ; debt at the Crea?nry Depart men', Washington, for the week ending t .0 24th ii?f? wm:? Loan of 1842, $21,000; loan of 1843, $1 ...00; loan of 1840, 13,500; loan of 1317 $48,400; lota of 1848, t'J.100. Toul, $85,500. The sttamship Atlantic, as th'j port from Liver pool, bi ianB eeven day* later intelligence from all parts of Europe, ner da'es are to rho loth instant, inclusive. Tie commercial accounts are not of a very frvorabia character. The nmketa for our staple exports were inactive, and prices barely sus tained. In the early part of me week sales of cot ton were brisk at an improvement in prices, but to wards the close fransaBtions became qnlte limited, and quotations clcsed at rates cumnt by the pre vious steamer , with a downward tendency. Bnad Btnffi have fallen eff, and the market was much de pressed. T&e manufacturing districts remain with out material improvement The prospects of poaos were not so bright at the departure of the Atlantic m cn the departure or the Africa. Tail un favorably affected the marketi for merchau diae, without mach depressing prices far stocks. A vigorous proeecuiinn of the war woulc be more ikely to help stocks thai hurt them, whatever tends to check the extension of business aide the accumulation of capital and creates a de mand for investment securities. Any important revival of business wou'd produce an aaive de-nand for money , and the preeent abundance would ra pidly disappear. It is, therefore, for the ioterost of holders of, and speculators in, stock securities, that the war should continue, and it is a question In our mind if it is not for the interest of this couctry at large that the war shonld bo protracted Indefinitely. Our exports are Jikely to be aa large, while our im portations are likely to contiuue limited, and the inactivity of trade or rednced importation may caase car not be at ten Jed with disastrous consequences. It must follow that any g reat commercial nation not at all involved in the general Earo P??n war, must derive all the advantages of auch a position over those immeiiat?ly engaged. Our commercial Intercourse with European nations is of greater benefit to them than us. We give them articles of the flret neces sity in trade, and take from them principally luxu ries. We give the raw material to clothe and feed them, and take in return ailka and satins. They must have what we have to seU, acd we can, for a time at least, dispense with the extravagant lax a ries takes is payment. If the war reduoes this branch cf cur foreign trade, we muat cjrtiinly be 1 gainers by it As it stands nor, we have nothing to complain cf, acd hope that in the ahaping of Ea ropesn politics nothing will occur to arrest the pro gress we are now nuking. in establishing our com mercial and financial affairs on a sound bisis. We attribute t?? improvement already made to the ex istence of the war. The tff-ot at first was rather disastrous, and for a time we had apprehensions of a verj serious revulsion; but our resources were immense, aid the commnni-.y was able to contract and sustain themselves much better than anticipat ed. The war was talked of so long before hostili ties actuary commenced, that we were in a measure prepared for the movements which followed. We are now in a position to turn everything to advantage. If the war continues, we shall be gaining commercial and financial strength at home; and if peace should be proclaimed, we shall be in a condition to engage in the active business operations which would im mediately spring up with renewed energy, with in creased capital and with all old entanglements re moved. With a power of consumption greater than ever before existed ? with means unlimited? with an accumulation of wealth from contraction aud economy never before realized, it is out belier that when we do start again into activity, it will bs upon a scale, and to an extent unprecedented in our history. We trust, however, that the time is not yet. We require a little more repoee, aud shall loss nothing by a little more contraction. While the nations of the Old World are exhausting themsslvee by carryirg on a useless, fruitless war, we are like a giant refreshed, rising in fuil strength, raady to dispute supremacy with the most formidable. Never within oar history have we occupied such a proud position in the commercial and iiaancia! world, aud it should be our f>oIe object to hold it. We can only do so by retaining our great mineral jreilth, and circulating it through all the channels ot trade, so that our currency will not only maintain its value, but its uniformity, aud not become again subjeit to such vie -eat fluctuations. ^ie advance in consols in London npon the re ceipt cf the Czar's death, was not sustutaed. The closing prices show an adrarcs of li per cent on prices current by the previous steamer. Tbs retorn from the Bank cf England for the week ending the 3d of Match, gives the folio ving remits, wnea com pared witn the previous week: ? Public depo.tti ?ft,03.'>,184 .... Increase . . ?1A? 7 "J? Other a?(?ON it m I0,rt07,0.">7... . Inci *?*?.. 157,975 3,434,414 .... laureate . . o31,ab.i On the other side of the acsouot: ? Government ?ecurit>i ?11 fVJfl,-!'"'.. ., .?x4,9i3 Other aec untie* 15,012,7KJ.. ..Increeee. . 4'JO.SM . It Note* unemployed.... 7, *14, ".ill.. . . lncreaee, . 114, ??>.'>> \ The amount of note? in cirouk'.ion nu f i ?,<?.??,? |'J55. being an Inoreena of ?30,.'!- and the ato k of V.iollion in both deiMrtinenW ?13, 189,834, thoirinjt J. a increase of ?14.5,208, when compared with tse preceding ret am. The London Timrt of the 0th inat. eaye: ? i The Hoard of Trade return* lor the month ending the i th of lebruarr w?re iMued thle morning, en ! ahow a felling oft of t'^27.<4? in the declared Telue of our ex Importation* a* com parr-1 with tin rorrfepon !in( month Xol la*t year Tbie ciilf?r?n-e la not m"r>? than hi to ! f bave been expected from the rontraction of Imrfaeae I I which be* lately taken place, and ?imlar reealti mmy f be looked for in each aucoecding return, until. f.-<m tNe jt'-ilniitlou of aupphre, a healthy demand ?nall on"-) ' ' are haee arieen in the Australian, American. an I In I., an market*, a- reg?r<!? p<li.ical evrnt*. it m mt be I . peaud that tba chief tnlluenrn IMHINe by the war I l,i%* b?eo the eslutary one of call In ?? for' h pru lence Maturing a period of epecuUtiee excitement among ?* ). .ort'iig bou*ee, whidi would o'hern-iae haw be.n pro ? onged cnl.v to end in a general sWl, ?nd that, cone<* |'quently i' p'ate were restored to-morrow It n ull not .'bring bat!, lie reclde?? hooyan-y ot a i"ar ago The ahipp u* retara* of the lio?rl of Trad- f-.r the mr>ntli ending the 1th ot ?brn<ry hare boen iaaued. unit exhibit a f^'at ?> mtnntion in trie timber of arrival*, ow-ng partly to the wind* that prevailed 'lur e,' th? pe 1 rird, ana ptrtle to the economy la the awt of m : V xtranaera aoit ottiir eea^ela eaiiwd by the ab'orpt on of r traneport* for the war In U? clnaraaoea outward r there wa* an inereaee. Subjoined are tne general total* i *of entrie. and ciaaran'-'fe ? limnii Tonnapr fur I he Month ending /W>. ft. 18e.i lt?A|. ISU. Kr ti h re.^U 841, 3.? i 1'nlted Htatea reaeele. .. e-.s. 1 4?". 'Other countries 147,670 i ; Total 447,154 Tba e?eejao<-e* outward were ? KBrttiah re?e?U W7,*<?0 I'bited f"a'? reeeola Hi.SftK O her coaatrtee 104, ?70 I Total M)?,43s 4.'M,.V> MM, MM ? \ With r?e*-d to the coanting trade the toanage eatore I V lawartf * i> I o^.'?,(tl.'. la the month en<llaf Feb. .1, ISM; \in 1*64 it wee and In the pree-.nt return It l? >'Oa,'>i:, uk.hU in* 14 f' relo ee*eM* of .%? .?.nten of 'I ?,? toe?. TU? oh ar*iir?e outward were!, tf ".7| |? t ernary. 1? ? ? l.'*? *?? I? ie*.4; a*?1 1,W, /?? iwaihM) *, A. ?u ?! Hfa-fij ?a ll*e. i The Los don OircaUr of G. P. giterthiraite, or the 9ih inet., e*y*:? There ban been only a limited liui'ntm don? in Aowi can fctate *tocW* during the pant week; we uoV*. how tvcr.trHnaaction.- in MaMacouaetta at 102%, in Virginia 6 per cent* at 88 St, Virginia ft per cent* at 87. For first elau American railroad bead*, there i* an increasing ia* i|Uirv. Krie. 1WW. are in itiong demand. New York Ceatral 7 per ceuU have been iioott at 02 in I 93. Pean *ylf unia Central 6 per cent*, though relatively higher tbari either of the above, cout'nue to be taken for ia leetraent. Illino:* (Antral are flatter: tin new it* us, due I860, clow* % to 1% premium Stock kuhanKr. Tikmi.av. March 27, 1855. 60 eh? 111 t?n KK a;t '.16% 25 Galena k Oh KK #5 10CO Virginia fc'*., . 96% 3<.0 do l.VCOMueouri 6'*.. 94% 101) CI k Tol UK p*c 0 9% 6000 do... KM) 94% 40C0 Louif iauaO'*. ' t1'-"., 1000 Cal 7'* '70 fl% M OO Krie '.'(1 mlg bt 101% 4000 Krie C Ite.'Tl fUi 84 91COO Ohio fi'? f?0 108 '.000 lad. Mate 6'*. 85 50 do Opg 0>t% 10O do opg OK, TO N Ind Conatroct. 89 181 Erie KR. 1C50 '0)0 2;">0 100 100 50 ::o(Hi Erie B* '83.. .c B4% 100 2fW<WErieB?. '76. .?3 87% 10000 RX luimli b.'tii 78 Hu ) 000 l'an'mi bilat t? 1(M% 150 10<0 do liU 100 2f*t<>oni.C.BR. >'? . *3 8-1 lOGOO do... b30 83 5000 111 On lUt.F B* 73-1, fiCMX) N. York Cen 7'? 101 6000 do....b30 101', 17IK) da Ho 101 1COOC kit. I. KB. B* 94 10001a. Can?l loan. 02 6 *1ih Bk N Am... 103 lOo Continental Bank 103% lf>0 Canton Co 28 1(0 ilo bU') '.S>, 4C0 Nic.Tran Co.. *3 18% 15 Pesn. Coal Co... lOti 60 do b30 106 1 CO Cu m . ( oal Co stf 0 :i4 4(.0 do hl)0 114% 100 do b.'Hl 2-1 400 da t3 33% 100 do blO 33% 200 do bM> 34',' 200 do ?i0 33% 2000 (,'old Hill M1d- ?3 % 25 N. York Cen. BK. 83!.' ilo., do., do.. . . *3 48% blO 48?* blO .*60 48% da I) JO 49 do do. .*3 48% b3 4w blO 4'? . ,b3 4K% do.. do . do., do . do bin 49',' do b30 4'J '? 7.">0 Harlem Bit 32% 300 ao boo 35', 100 da b'.O 311 20 Norwich & W ltR #6% .'OOReadln/ KK...13 84', SOO do 84', 5(10 do 85 1200 do *60 8i 1000 dn *3 85 200 4 1(0 200 do blO 85% 100 do b#0 200 do. do. do. d.?. do . .. 49 *;? 49 ?<J0 84% b30 86 \ ? blii 85S. 50 Hudson KK ..??'! 42 \ 100 do *00 42 10 Chicago A K 1 KR ul \ 66 do 92 8ECONI1 110AKD. 94000 Virginia... 6'* <H1^ 100 eh* Hud Kiver R 41% 1CHK) Krie Con. B*.%2 W)'j 1000 Eire Be '75 6 00 CO do *3 87% 88 M? III. Cen. KR. Bd*. 81% 50 CIA: Tol. KR.opg. 60 111. On BK.. .*3 ??'?' 50 Krle.Kailroad.iOO 4- t; 10000 do 8 IS 1 0000 m. C.R. *.Bd? 73'i 100 *b? Nic.Tran. Co. 16% *50 l&OOCold H>UUine.a3 % 121 50 Canton O. . .b30 5:8 100 100 Cumb. Coal Co.?3 3J<% 100 1(0 do a 60 li3% 50 100 Vo b3 33% 100 26 do 34 100 do b 10 .)8% 200KYorkCea.RK ?3 0.1 r>0 do HtiO 92 150 00 92% SO do.... at 00 93 100 " do 48% 250 do 4H1, 60 i'o *30 48% do b30 49 do ?3 48% do aM) 48 '4 do KlO 48', do 48% dj b50 431. 100 Harlem>0 38% 170 Reading KR. . . *3 HI "?* 200 do MO 84 100 do ?60 83% 100 do 84 CITY TRADE REPORT. Tubudat. March 27?6 P. M. BiiKAKHirrm ? The foreign newi by the Atlantic had no elTer.t upon pricea. The m.irket elated firm, and the iHtlen embraced about 5,000 a 0,00o bbli. common to good choice Htniight Ktnte, at $9 a 99 60. Western brni U were UDchnnged. Kx*rn flenesee wan at 911 50 a 912 75 ?the latter for very handromt quitlilie*. The ial?* of Canadian renclied about 1,500 bbli , at old price*. S hi - them fold 1o a fnlr extent at unchanged rate*. Rye Hour and meal were the name. About 3, 4"0 hutihel* Jarnen river, Va., w** nold at 92 4A a 92 50. Rye? ^^len f00 bu*hel* at 91 32; North rlrer prime ?ra* held at $1 S3 a 91 35. Corn? The ?ale< embrao*<t aliout 110,000 buehels, at 97 a 99e. for white Southern, and 98c. n 98 %? for mixe<l do , and 90c a 97c. aad 9Sc. for Jersey yellow. Com ix. ? The new* unnettled the market, and only nbi-jt 400 to ^00 bale* were Hold. KHWiiirrt. ? Kale* were inactive. To Liverpool about 300 a 400 baler of cotton were engaged at 6-32d. a 3-18.1 . Icr compreiied and uncompreiited; and 00 box** of mnnafactureil tohacio at 2*. Other articles were nomi nal. To Ixindon 200 boxe* of tobacco were eu{a^? I at 2 r.. ; 10 bale* of hope, at 1*. 4d. ; and 150 ton* dead welprht, at 14*. 3d. There wan no (Iteration of moment to notice in riite* to otber port*. Two vt-mel ivere chartered forth* Mediterranean, at 01,600 each . and a bark to Conitanti nopie, at 91,900. Pkovisiomh ?Perk? The market wa? firmer, with talaa of 000 a 700 bbla , including old men*, at 914 37; new do., at $16 12 a $10 26; 50 bbb. clear thin me?? *old at $18; and 200 do. new prime Albany. 914 a 914 12. Thin in*?* varied from 915 to 916. Beef ? 3,000 hbta. were sold, without cli.iDge in price*: 10,(00 pound*, extra *moked beef were reported *old at 12%e. Cat m?at? un changed, with laleeof 9T9 package^ ham*, at 8?$c. a 8%c , and shoulder*, at OWc a >> \ r . Atout 100 box** eliort middle* wet* *?M at 8c. ; end 100.000 p'raud* com mon ribbed aidee, to arrive In May, at 6%e. Lard? Salet of 100 bbl*. prime were madeat U%c., though aomeaale* were reported at higher rate*. Rick.? Sale* ol 160 caxk* were made at 4%c a 6%c., part for ed^ort. 8104* ? The *nle* Included 160 hhd*. Texa*. on private term*. 2o0 <10. Cuba aam-ovado, at 4%c. a5%c. About IiCO do. New Orlean*, at 4%o. a 6c.; and 300 do, Porto Rico, at 6%c. a 6%c AMKHT1SE1KNT8 RENEWED EVERY DAY, MTOSL HALHh Cll 9 Ann TO W.nui.-* ipliiUl/U abl? property oi )e h<1iI ti i groat aacrlace. It TO $9>,nu).-AN INTEREST IN A YALV nan I# bad, or the whole will t will pay annually on lb* lnveatmcnt from St to 4-1 |?r rant without expenditure. Ap ply to WALLER Jt SEELY, W Eighth avenao. * flj-CKAn -FARM 300 ACRES, m WOODLAND, ad ?pi (JWw. joining tba South (bora of l*ong laland; nouae la?ir> ; barn, row and carnage honaea, land I. v? l and produc- I tiro. In* brhint, fowling, Ac., in front of tbc property. tbe , above lit* between two villages; Inmi caay . E A BUNCL, . 212 Broadway, corner Fulton, room 3. Qt enn ? for sale? the i.ease and fcrni ?? i.tJwu. tore of a large down town boaae, now full of lodterf, convenient to tba Hndaon River and New llicn Railroad depota. A good pa) inz hnu*e, gr-at indueemonte tonfler. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 317 Broadway. 400 0 nnn ACRE8 Pennsylvania coal.and tim ! t),UU" b< r landa. ? Should any per?m or nertoua feel do ?iront of making a tub invartment that would be crtain to pay, and i ery haudsome t o, in lande that lie in the vicinity 01 the treat honbury and Erie Railroad, which are valuable , sot only for ooal and timber, tut for I arming purpoaea, they i will pleaae call at tba At. Nlcholaa II >tel wher- they on find the owner lor a f?w day?, b:tw<o n tba hour* of 1 aad 3 j o'clock, Inquire lor ROBERT CRA WFORD, room 83. Attention, ahole-alemerchanta ? While I oaly for a fow ' ?lay*, I would solicit any morohaat who might leif dUpoaad j to -'ichange goods for unseated lands. lin traits of from 100 ? to f)U acne. ' in Cllntou county, Pa., I/in - alon< the liao< f ' the Snnbnry and Erie Railroad, and valuable for ,-oal, tim l?r, Ac., to rail upoa thaowrer at the St Nicholas llotel, between tba honra of 1 aad i o'clock I will ta!c in eichan e many made clothing, furniture, Jow Iry. or anything suita ble lor a roantry Mors, L'adi>put- d title will he given I j quirt lor R. < R AWFORIi, room 63. a>() QAAVILLlinr A THREE STORY HOI'SE ?OV/Vy and fall lot In the city, andromdr finished and in good condition. A bargain if applied for itmue I lately Airly toC. B 1IOWK.H A CO , M Naaaau atrort. To ?2a,l*JU.? A NKW INVENTION, J If ST ?OuU patentee, for tale; no competition. Apply at U,i Water (treat. FARMS AND COUNTRY SEAT-' KOR SALE oa the Hudson, Ka?t, I'aaalc ami Karitan ritan a Weatcl.cattr county, naar railroad (epo'e. III to >0 iid'niKTU thin city; buildinaa I, lain to mod me-nii|oent 1 I'rieee $*WI to (.10,600. For furtuar particular* apply to A i Serreant, 1ft Wall (treat C.l jr W ILL BUT Til R STOCK LEASE, AND I IX 0 I I ?' tam, of tba fct?4 aoaaor liquor iWm it ia a wholeaalt! and nt>il it re h r many yitri It wnl bo acid low. A | ? 1 >? a t f> 1 Division street. ?,'/! -FOR SAI.E, AN OYSTER. CO I I KE AND 'Jo* cake saloon, in lie hart part of the EigLtb avenue, handsomely titteil up, wortb " the preeent owner has other bnen.-se to attead to. Apply in the ?alooa, 2SfJ Ki/btli avenue, near Tweaty fifth itrcct. t OOO D CH Attr. t TO MAKL MONEY.? FOR SALE, jl the ?t< ck and, ftitnre' an 1 lea#e ol >aioon? ot th* \a timil tbottro liiquire, between S aad 10 I*. M., oi U. A. JKSSRI. at t lie theatre t ft AC ATI. lit TAUI.E PoK SALS CSIiP-l FIRST r^*e table, with marble hed, la i2'?d r- ad'tinn. with 1 alia and raaa complete May be ee*n at JOIIN W. OAIH BY'M, .'>2 State (tr?et, Brooklyn. Brooklyn lots. Firm atence.? for sale, se veral food bnitdiac lo'a in Ki/bth ward, botwoen fbir teealh, f'our?e"nth aad FnUenth ?tr?^t4. and the Kllto, >i*th and Seventh a< su Je*. Term* eaey. Any per? n wnb i r .' earth for fcll'.ng lot - may reuiove the earlu off tba middle Iront Iota, on the ea?t (Ida of I ifth avenue, between T.ilr t< eatl. and honrteoath (tr>et(. Apply t . WU I'VR.IIM, ? ouaaollor at Law, and t'omnixiiouer for ." at a of Uo.>rtia aad I'lortda. m r.roadway Gold miaoa and Oeorrla laada liraale he veral < Be ?e aad boaaei for rent. Iloiaoe for tale. /'ANAL IlOAT FOR ?tl.E-AT I'RF.SLNT Rt.SMN'. \ > and ta |M<I ?rd?r; thr.a ?*a ra old; eirrie? over two hun * ad toa(. and will be .old ebeaf Apply to M AT. CLIN ION. SS lioerrk ftrtot. /-SKNTRAl. PARK-LOTS CHEAP Hot Til SIDE OF I 1 ifty ninth ?tre?t, near Broadway, alao for aale or to let l>< i(e ai d lot !M Sa< ket (treat, aad boua< and eifbt I . t e e?t ner of Neetrtad anil Dekalb av nan Brooklyn. I M ( I K t; 1 , *>- liroa lwaj . room No n (MsrilAl I' ARk LOTS I I>R Stl F.-I IVE OV SOITII J aide of Fifty t.luth (Irret, and three la r-a? ea Fifty I eighth street, ? omnienetni ltd feet west of fifth a*aaae; ,?L lot JSaluOleet? a mot' n. ?llent ehaare fora prefitabia inveetmaat. A; ply to 1 . C. (. IIARLaS IJI I'aail itrtet (SOCK TRY RK.-IDr.NCE IOR 14 A IF. AT KFE NECK J half a mile fr?'m th< railroad d?pot aimated oa the lio. | loa tarat-lke road, aad r ear l.on? Idaad So'iad. tba hoe*? i la boaotifally abadad; there IP about four arr-a of (ranad I abuadanea of (bade aad ornam- atal troae. all kiada of trait I t'aaa, fiowora doe kitrheai rardan. ?tai l? .t Apply ta T MII.I'lir.Rli and il ?. II 'r??t. DRI fi SToRF. FOR ALE. IS A TIIF.IYINO ATFM'E la t btl city, baa be ea ratabliaha-1 tan af Bora yaara, \ aad aaly waata a rnaaipateat aa I attaatira man. aitb a varied eto^k, ta do e *,rea rata kanrxaa TV pr?aa* ewaer 'awat atteaa to It. la^air* at WHant a atroot. .a the I let (tore ' IkRI fi STORJ FOR SAI.K? WFI I. ?T'?f Krf) AND I ' ftttodnf aad d'.iar a tbnala4 te naaa Tba pre (rieUi* I bfiar oblfcrad to nail, w? l di'poo* of ?? very o -ap A rary rar? > ,.ai aa lir ? ,'b ? a Jr" tj >' w po /?? ea aU^iai ..ejp a- . -'a'.;4 JU,. 3 .... 1 ?l N?a; , _ roK i*Uk Drug store for sale.? sold in consequence of the death of the proprietor Apply at Nu .Vvi .**> voutb aveaue, uir Thirty-fourth street DKI G STORK FOR SALE? A RETAIL STOKE IN AN nureeahle anil populous neighbourhood, kail doing a goad business. Hill be *otd tow. Any physician or apothecary who wishes. lor ft small investment, to at onv *eeure ft first rate atftrt, ran address S. T , Union square post office. DRUG STORK FOR SALE? OOING A GOOD BUSI* ue*r; sold at a bargain, th* proprietor is engaged in other business. Inquire after 5 o'ofo.k, 1'. M. at No. (M I Avenue D. A lew active agents wanted. 1 have men uiftk uiK three dolUrs por d?y Inquire ?s ftbuvu. DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE OK KENT, IN I Jersey City and vicinity ?Two of those band?oine ' brown atone front hou*ot, Juat flnubed opposite Van Vorst'* square, rftplete with (very convenience, such a* hatha, j ? *tcrclos?ts, furnaoos, gas Ao.; ala?, a beautiful gothic out ts?e at Sherwood, Hereon Ilill. with one aero of ground at tached. Inquire at tbe offite of tho Jereey City Ga* l.i*h t I Company, corner Grand and Greene streot*. I U IKAHI.K LOTS FOR SAI.K AT R A V KN S W< X ?I>. | J ) situated on the Williamsburg and Astoria turnpike, | within three minntea walk ol the steamboat landing, tie u'r.?Mi|K,irit and Astoria *lan** pee* every hour. A ohuroli and lehuola in the immediate vioinity. Inquire ol E. | I'll ATI, Cl Fulton street up *tnir?. 1,1 AM TKNNF.SSEK.? ft#) CASH WILL SECURE A j fn rin of 11a) acre* ol the heat land, in a nettled looa 1 Hon, a< 32 per aore; the balanre is lour ye art, at *ig per cent intereat. Farmers and mechanics, Willi siaall meant, should not lose this opportunity of securing a permeueut home la a moat delightful climato. Apply at 212 Broadway, | room No. 10. EIGHT HOUSES AND LOTS FOR SALE ON GREEV Point; terms oat) ; priuo* from Dl.ftuti to alto, three 1< ts on Union avenue; lour lot* on D atrtet Inquire of W. M. LOI'KV, 37 (j street, Greei. I'oiat TTURM FOR SALE IN SULLIVAN COl/NTY, OP It* I aires, I'M improved land, pleafttutly situated, about id I n i'es wcat of Newhurg. I'riec, H.fM' Terms of payment . easy. CHARLES R. Mil. I.KK A CO., 1U0 Broadway. | BHiR PALE? THE TWO DF.3I KABI.E BUILDING ! lot* on tin- north aide of Forty- ninth atront, between ( Sixth and Seventh avenues, commencing 3M) wot of Sixth [ avenue, eaeh lot being in eiae '?i teet front and rear by I'M feel t inchc* in depth. The above lota are on smooth and ' le?> I ground, and me atnot ia opon from river to river, with ! fro to u water, curbed, guttered, aewored. Ac For tuapj and further particulars, apply to ANTHONY J. BI.F.ECKER, No. 7 Broad streot. FOR SALE? IN TWENTY. FIFTH STREET, HK.TWEEN Madison and Fourth avenue, a new brown atone house, No. 24, tour atofiaa, IS feet 4 Inches by 68 feet. Lot W feat, Built In rnodorn atylo. l'rice law than ooat. Inquire on the premises IiU>K SALE? FOUR THREE STORY ANI> BASEMENT 1 brow n etona front hoaaes, on the north tide of Fifty-ee fund street, between Eluhth avenne and Broad way, lilted up in the beat and moat convenient manner, within two minuter walk of the Eighth avenue cart. Will be sold on easy teruia. Inquire on the premises, of J. A ON DERDONK. through the day. FIOR SALE? TWO FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE | Irout houses, situated on the aonlh elite of Thirty fifth street, between Fourth and Islington avenne*. They are I each 2.1'!0xS0 feet ? lot half the block; tbrci stories high, with I basement and nnder cellar, and have ?l 1 the ibnit irn tm 1 Movement*. The location Is second to none ia the city. For rurthur particulars, apply on the promises, to KlU'A THICK A joI'HERSOW, Builders. IftOK SALE-THF. LEASE AND FIXTURES OF THE 1 Restaurant, :' ?? and "M" Broadway, crner of I'ark place, formerly Florence's. No rent, e*oepting th* yearly taxes, lor three ycara and one month from tho l*t ot April nest, i If not *old before Saturdat, the .Mrt Inst., it will thse he sol J *' public anction. For particulars, apply to GEoliOE t . KYRNE, 4S Harrison street. FM?R SALE? THE I IKST CLASS FOUR STORY HOUSE. IT V est KUveatb street; al<o the three stor> h >use lii West Twenty ei/bth street, neer the Sixth aveaue, and the : furnished three story house III West Thirteenth street The above house* have all tbe modern improvement*, and will be sold <ia term* to suit, with Immediate posaettica Apply to IIF.HROK C liVRNK, 43 Harrison street I0I.I1 SALE? AN OLD ESTABLISHED BARllr.R >? J7 shnp, a llrst rate plaee for a man who will attend to it, rent, Ac . cheap for rath Inquire at ft E***> atreet For sale-tw enty acres or fine land, with Id three mile* el llohoken, hair ca*b. the rsmait.der on l.ond and luortce**, for three or See ) ".art, or will escli*n,e for a modern huilt liou?e in the upper p*rt ol the city. In quire ol IV II. OIll'.RNsEY, 7'B Houston street. For sale? a convenient and well built throe stury brick bou*?, in rood order, with all m ?lern iiupr vcm nt?; will he ? ild at a low price and on mott la voralile terms; H, l?*> ran remain on mortgage. Inquireon tho premise*, 221 Weat Twenty seventh street. IOOR SALE ? A PLOT OF GROUND, 100 BY ?? IKET, Irontlna on Filteenth atreet, commencing 27 feet (? iaehe* treni tbe rornee of Irving plaee. I'useession immediately. For Urnt* npply at 7-1 Fast Fourteenth street FOR SALE-.V) FIRKINS AND H> TI BS CHOICE table butter, fresh fall made, by a man from theeoua try, and trom one of the heat dairyiur districts in the Mate Sinfle packAfe or quantity, at th! H asblngton street, second flour. IfloR S A I.E ? A BF.AL'TIFl'L COUNTRY SKAT, AT Saratoga Sprin it. Just en*t of the villa** line, with *1 re* of line park ftud tunr (4; ftcres of gnrden ground ftt. i tarhed. lb* house I* beautifully ritnated on Con/rnta street, the fashionable drive to Saratoga Lake. It is , apecioua and coamodioua, having anraarous and 1st rooms aim very eomplcte in all r- apoe'si *'?? spacious horse and i csttle stables and carriage houses, with bedrooms tm groetns and tarm servants, und an ie? bonae, now till' d with ice; in abort, a eomjlete imtlemftn's letldeme. The pro nerty is aow i flared for sal*, price SIA l/UU, one third essli, ' oalauee on bond and mnrtgtte on aceoininodating tcrjit. Tbe honac 1* now being completed under contract, and any alteration* could he made to *ilt the purchater. For par ticnUrs apply to Mr. C. II. DUFF, ftt the oBire of Clarke A Wl.lte, IS Thames street. New York. IOOR SALE? LOTS ON TWENTY FIFTH STREET. _T No money required, if improvrd This location |< un surpassed for elegant private residence*, owing to Its pro x iniliy to llroftdwny. Fifth ftveeue, M*dl*on squftre, and Tripity chapel; also, |?t* i.u Twenti fourth ftad Twenty- j *ixfh streets Apply to JOHN S K EI.BO, 1.2 William tt J^OR SALE-OB EXCHANGE FOR A FIFTH AVENUE haute, or ft flr>t clsts house in tbe vicinity of Um >a square *ix acreaol beautiful ground In thi* city, fronting on t'.e Iltidaon river, a lovely spot for a suburban r-atdene*. Apply to J M. KOBISON, lb Wall atreet. For sale-a beautiful residf.nce, in the village of Uackenaack, N. J., eonnstiag of a three ?tory modern built houie, kitchen nearly new, and oontaiu lag thirteen mom*, and a barn aad carriage hente. The lot 1s 7ft fe?t frout and rear, and ?) feet deep, and I* auuplied with a thrifty grapevine aad fruit tree* of variou* kind* Tbe looatloa I* alieut th* oentre of tk* village, aad com mands a beautiful view of tbe surronnding country. For paitieular* inquire of THOMAS TKRIIL'NE, No. tt S??jnd *tr?*t, N- V , or ot W. II nERKY, adjoimn* the preiulaea. If not *old by the Drat of May, tka above will be to let. 1WR SALE -A LICENSED I'ORTF.R HOUSE, WITH bagatelle board and lltture* cemplete; also atftbltng ftttftched tor fteveral horses, sitaftted in tbe Fourteenth ward, ftnd in the prih'lj'tl thoroii.-hfare between Kroft.lway and the llowery For further particulars iaquire oa the premise*, l.'ed Walker *treet. FOR SALE? A WHOLESALE AM) retail liquor MlH ?? .?ther with nv?n yt-ar ?' MMNlfMMtNi frfln.iaef, aituated ?o one of the 'eat corner* up town; would make ? aplendid rroeery and fewd etor?\ aa there i? aiaMtnr attached lor ???cral horaea. would trade for a farm, either IbimwiI or unta proved For MfttevlAn Im^m at im Walker MwM; or of JOlIN KDU AKUS, corner of Contra and Leonard etroett. For saie-the totm tromr mown stoni front dwelling houae aud atom, on tk? ?outhwe?t e mer of Second Ml 8o?lli Bk i ilk itrai If! wUHinil ira, aleo, 1 * b?- adjoining tour alor y dwelling. Thia i-roperty will bo amd At a prl'O much ?*!? w it a value. Apply to K r. I! ALU HAY, No. 1 Pino ??re*? IEU?R 8ALK?A llEAt'TIFUL COUNTRY IIOtTHK, IV ! the mIIshm- of Jdadtaon, N J., aituated f?"?r aeawoli, It-hurt la#, and railroad depot; contain* nine rootn? and ? illar. with > am, oar* ia?e hon ?, atai<le, too houae, large and apt*n I cid garden, fruit tree*, ten and a quarter arret of auj*?ri r | | rr'.'iud, ?Wrtf'U of wntrr, and two larr* pond?. Prtoe If.'W; 1 a!f tuny la y ? n mortvac*. Apply to V I>K LA GkAC&RIE. oi> tl?e premise*. VOR MAI I -A liKAl'TIHJL OLD PLACE AT SPVf r Ondevil, a laryo atone mansion, and 04 a ore? ol grouod | i! fawn, garden and ftne old woods; u 14 mllea from tv I'll* IJall, over a free l.rld^v, and .'t mil** below and 0i tLo i- A to > ot.kera It wonld in* l??t nartiaUy t'.rniahed, if BOt ?ol4 A | I * I I ' ' 1 i 't it, j. U road e a jr. i, ' Mi I Bl i LBS M i 1 11 L01T0, :i? INI ill I dlnmeter, with 10 tneh flue and ateam dr<im, with f ir nor* front, fire bar ?, safety *?*??. H*-en in n?* only *n ?north. Ma le bf E**ler, an ! warranted heat Pa. iron, al? ?, I I ne lotovnotire boiler, nearly new ten horae power. Apply | to P. A t CA8SIDY, I'*# Plymouth itrwt, llruoklyn. PoR BALE? AN oV-TKR ANTi DINING BALOo.V F % baiofflenl) in firanl atreet, near the ferry, i* a obllo# for a man wl.o he- etperi^nc* in tho tatlaott, aad only a tmall capital r*',uired la |uire at No tie, firaai ?treet. ttOI IALJ as OTITIS AND DUMNO 8 A LOO V JF now doing a firat rate bu*n ??? lltui fir 0eUln*, tiopr?a?at oeeupant la foin* to California Ha* ntver ? e?n offered for aale Inquir* of .fohn T Mori area, to*' No 5, foot of tfpriac atreet, or oft. li llowoa A Co., No. *1 | Na*aa? atreet. FU ? f AN D *4 W MAT RSHAIN on I nd and nortra/e, the now fouratory and ha?em *nt [Touae. No 251 Seventh avenne, with ito|i fitted up with *aa and CrotoB water eomplate ; rented for n^ar an mi in A rood tn*e. tmeut In^nir" in tho atore S'o. 1*1 .soveuth a *? ?.< i, near Twi Dty ai?th atreet I/OIt SALE OR To LKT-Tlir KOf R STOUT FNOU-II r l a#*"ineat hrown atone front houao, V&* Weet Tlirtjf fourth atreet, between **ee?th ?n?l Fichth avenue ; h*u<? ^ th. containa all tl > modern inrnt* W\i\ l-e eeld at a ,r*?t ? arra<t> if ppplied tor at an farly p*rt< d ' an l?e e*e* i fmoa 7 A H 4 P. U AppW t?# J U. HLAL'II A CO., Pme atreet, No. J M'tropolnai Bank tltUlil? ? F'ORSAT IOR TO LRT^THE NF.W TOREK vTORV frauto bouae and atatlo, with elefa )?ara ub? * i-irad l*aee, t>f one or two lota of rround on the eorner of nr?r wh oH m t -? ii liro>< ?) m um?UmI ti' vttt u (at a ,r c.lf rt?r* and f?<4 Ivaio*** Apply "? pr?ml?> L^dK HALS <?? TO I.ET-TBK KI.RttAST TltKKr. F Mw >sd Ittruait brick hoaff 117 *>rt Tw<a?y 1 ?#*??<) : ?i??, 13 ^T en 1>rm? ?a?r laq<ilr*at h M tl I. (1 I'lKKi.k. I'Im c< rn*r Kr?a4? ay, ua??r I tk* M'tr?|?>l>t*a Huk I '< H -AI.F. OK TOI.I.T-tll? l OIJH HTOBk IM.I.I II ' t?. r.?a< l?ow? <??? lr nl h I.Hi ?t? T'.' y 1 It.urlk >>at?^?a ^a. rata t?4 f.i^ a>>aa>*. kv*<a 1 IT b, V> fnt, l"? fall .oatalna >11 tb? ai4>r, i* I Miiiani" will h* ?ol4 at ?,ttn '?r,i,aii >k|U" i br at ? '?rly p- ri?4. ?'?? n ?? ?* Tr?m ' A M l? 4 (' ? I M 'lfA< 11 A CO , I 'lac ha 1 Matr-.p*!. Ua bank k?.iUikr ?ai .r. on ?trnA\nE tor mi. rciian dih? , r A ?fl.?4i4 l?rai ?' *tu?rr?. !? 1 malT M.lal ; wile, ff. m daahffl H??4 lnproi???Bl., aa4 ?> af?-.a ; ?4. r FtllhtiiiHi I'mIi itlw, If1 '<? t arm imma l*r?4 M?r,kaa4t<* ?ill ?? uk<n i>, [aia?al I'f p?il?r w?.,i. ( IJ A HI k." R. *1111. R k 10 , i;M nf a4w?, Fvni ** ai.e, or ixcitAWGfc rotritT rmorrRrj a ? Unakl' lira M Ill4' 1'irl, I'M I'mkU-prii. an taisih4| r>a? k r<lr?4 aa? twa?j ?|,a? ? I k 1 III i.; Imii. a?4 imtlMwi lu?air? i>1 P M I DRTII, M Wt. ? I liaai a* II. N. Rf.uri* 44*J Rr*a4?ajr t>OI htlJ OR TO LRT IV nOROCRW A TWO F ? aff MiV Mat iaaaaiai ?l hat ?, l *faal 'or?a ?? l.aMti 1*4 ka?|it Mrwu. 4*4 rfctfallf | ataikt, Mtt itaMa i?mM. T? W mi W?i-' Hi aaat | | i itvt V rpart, a<an a|>,lj u Mr R ULtt. vTaai, I lM<*a I'r*?a, ?.!l 4mt b< lo? r,Hj atrial npf I i..?i Ui?v Biwiaa. ai? I ?' k I la Ml m?S kH tm. *a4 U|. F roa lALR. For ham or exchange? two nick houses at Melrose, Westchester county, lot lAitxliM. houses Iwj {car# old, also, four full lota on liftythird atrwt, betw?*a ourth a iid Fifth avenues The above will he traded for iin proved | r< perty in thin city <11 favorable t- rmi. B. 11 KIN.MIIMER, 311* Fourth svenae, 3to7 1' M Fy'tli S ALE OK To LET?THE FofJR STORY IIOPSR 1 and stare, No. 2K4 Seventh avenue. Terms liberal Inquire of JAMES 1; A 1. I.AC* 11 Kit. 37 West Broadway 1M)H SAI.K CIIF.AP A NKM THREE STORY AND haicment brick hou?e in Thirty fifth atruet, near the Hlght h aveuuc, with all tho modern itnproTDronnti. Also, a store to let < n the Eighth avenue, with dwelling Apply lNi w. t i?, rty hiih air?I, tf K OP It NIK il()R 8 ALE CHEA1* A DINING SALOON. NEAR THE Park, a<i:uirai?ly situa'ed for a large business; also, ?? bakery confectionery, nnd ice rr-ain saloon, wull locate 1 on the Eighth avenm ? a cood plac *, a< d business paying. A j? ply to WALKER a CO., 75 Nassau atreet. F(>R sale ( heap in BOBOXJUC A flBOT CUM three story ami basement brick dwelling house uewly and conveniently built, with all tlie rnodurni i mprovemonts, in a- excellent location, 'eight minutes walk from the tarry. Terms eat>y. Inquire at liM) \\ n?ilun.;ton r-troet, Hoboken. E'OKSALE A'l A V i . : , ^ LOW PRICK? TWO Til RE L . story In irk h< uses on full leu, in the upper p?rt of tho city, on a railroad rout", homtee new, well huilt twolve rooms, Cj? ton water, Ac.; aUo other low price I homo*. Ajifljj to K. U. KIN 311111 Kit, 311' Fourth avenue, from 3 to GILASBWoRKS.-FOU SALE, THE FlXTbUKS, TOOL*, I Ac., of the tflaHii factory, situated ta Brooklyn, be tvnen Jobn and Marshall ?trceta, near Jackson ferry, to. get her with the I a#*- of factory ami dwelling! Alio several tons mii pet ior pitted put ehellV Apply at No. 8 Piatt street, Nsw York. C1 ROCKERY Bi: SIN ESS FOR SALE? WITH LEASE OF / premise*. A dries* I ft. E. 1'., boa No. 127, Herald office. HARDH ARE.? FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN, THE atock of a hardware store. The business ha* been oar* riod on successfully ten years by the pr-sent owner*. A lease of &TI yaar of t ho premises, at a very moderate rent, will be granted to the purchaser Apply on the promises, 218 Pacific street. HOLSE AND LOT FOR SALE? ON THE NORTHEAST corner of 'Seventeenth street and Second avenue, op posit e Stuyvesant square, and 'lie mansion of Gov. rfsn, four atortofl an <i Vhh. mat, brown stone, first ciasa, in every t articular complete, with all the modern Ini pro v amenta, ot an<! dold water; not air and fi# thiottfbouti The |Imm bouse is one of the must pleasant locations, and commands one of the best views of auy in the city. Also, the lour atory and basement brown stone house, on the East side of Second avenue, directl) in rear ol the above, with all the modern improvements (nature in the oorner house, from 'J A. M. to iil' M. II House and lot no xv, sixth strert, for rale, or to let. Lot by i?7, brick house, throe atorius, by <?.; kitchen on the rear, three stories, Croton watei on each floor; ran^e, hot water anJ bath. The house was built by the praaent ocrupai t, in the most anhstantial manner, and la well calculate d for a fatuity on each Moor Price, one-half mortgage. If not aold by the first of April will be rented forlorn, with the nrivilege of subletting for two or three small families. For further particulars enquire on the premise* OCPE AM) LOT FOR SALE -SI'PREME COURT.? Referee s sale, in partition - Mary N. IMirtw vn. Jas per 1>? G raw ana others ? H ill be ?o?d on the JVth March, inatant, at 12 o'clock, noon, at tlio Merchant*' Ltehanm, by SAM L EL OMCiOOD, auctioneer, under the direction of CUcrnce I). Packet t, M?.( . reterae, under u in Uinent in par tition tn tba Supreme Court, the bona**, lot and pr ?misc, known as Washington street, n?**t to ths corner of North Moore atreet; lot '?\ feet fr??nt l.v 7ft feet in d**vth. House now re?. t? for & (SI. AdtniraMv >>alculatHd fo? biinineas pur poses. For terma of stl?, apply to HF.SNIS M> M AllON, plaintiff's attorney, broadwa}, (MolUtt's llo?Min; ) rooms 24, 2ft and *Jt> House for sale less than cost handsome, three stories, basement, eounter collar, good neiihor bood, high stoop, balconies, and all the modern improve menu No. 1!? i'orty first street, between Hr?adwny and Sixth avenue with gas fixtures and all complete. In juiro on the premises alter 1" ? clock , or any time In the eveuing. Hotkl and restaprant for sale -a ckn trally situated hotel mid restaurant, furniture aud lca?e for sale; the hotel can lodge forty per*ons, and the rnetaurant dine* dsily ahont one hundred tM*r?oas of the flrat class. l or particulars in quire of U. IIJL'X, No. 11 Barclay street. High bridge, on the iiaki em ? for hale, ,w sores of land, Just above the hrids**, on the We^tt ha* ter side, with a wooded ?loi>e to thw river, and fruit and walepf w ithln an hour's drive of the City Hall. Apply to H. W. t OOMUS, 42 Trinity building. ILLINOIS AND MH'HIi.AN CANAL? GREAT SALE OF ctnal Unas and tows lot? in lliinoi *. ?Under anthority 1 ranted by the State of Illiaois, a* Met forth in the acts if el man 21, IM.'I, and March I, l.*4?, and in tha deed of trust aaeeuted by the Governor oil the Stat- June2'i, IMA, duly recerdol in the counties of Cook and W ill, tue Board of Trii?te< oi th? Hlinoin and Michigan Canal will off r, at public aale, in tn-.' it v of Chicago, ooinnien ing en Thnrs da>, the lotls nay of Ma> next, ail the unsold c^nal lands aud town lots belonging to aabl eanai? that is to my. ftl,71 Ki acres of land, lying on both aid e? of said canal and within five miles of the same, between Chicago and the town of La Salle. Also all the unao!<! town lota in c'hioa go , L?tr k(K>rt, Joliot, Du Page, tiankakee, Morris, Ottawa and La .?alie, I.STJloti ia all. With the ?s?ufti<;n of town lots in La tallc, to be offered for saloln that place on tho litb, all th<- pro port * will be offered in the city of Chicago, commem inc.* on the luth of May. Many of these lands, and aon e of the town lots, ?re trtvcraod by railroads, either com p cted ? r und?r eomt ruction. The terms of salt are one fourth eai>h the residue of the p?rcha?e money ia three an nurl iuMtalmentM. with interest at six per oent per annum, t ay abl* ansiually in advance WILLIAM B 5 W I FT, )TfilliM<l?,ui?li(lu DA V III I.KA * ITT. ' JO^IAII MrMoltP.KTS. S Mlrh'??u 1 ??? OfTue of tbt lloard of Trustees of the Illiaois and Michi ran Canal, March 17, 1HT-" MACBWE SHOP AND IRON II KMTI HE A Nl) railing factory, comprising steam enjrine, lathes, puncbas, drills, two double fonrc*, with blast, and all the tool* and iw|4erneiits ia complete working order. The Above will be si ld at about one ball the cost, on favorable terras of payment. The factory is large, and one of the most dn sirei le in the sity for convenience and light If required, a iea?e wold be given at a low rent Fur forther iuforma tion, nnply toGARDNFlt A llKOTlllOt'S iron store, eor* ner of Crsnd and Madison streets MOCNT VF.RN0N.-F0R SALE AT A UAUGAIN- a first class two st?rv frame hones. J! bv fe*t. witn a kitrhen in the rcsr; lot ftil by lif? feet, there is s goodesment* sd ei *t?rn, well, Ac. , on the ptaee, This nronerty issi'utted <>n the main avrnne of the village, and within three m mutes' walk of the New York and New Ifsven Rtllrotd depot The present o?? uf ant would he willing to rent i?, so as to pay the port ha ? r 10 per cent, and the taser. Address or apply, to WM. II PRIcV. at the oAca of the Novelty Iron Works, foot of Twelfth street, East liver, before !* o'clock ia the morning. SINGER S SEWING MACHINE? SECONDHAND, Ft)ft sale at a low price? is is perfect order. Apply te WINDLE A CO., M Maiden lane. mo CAPITA LIST? AND OTHERS -L|?R SALE, t#R EX I change for eitv or Brooklyn property. Hooks or b'-ada, ? i^hty acres land In the incorporate limits of the city ol QuiL'-y, Adams countv, Illinois. Also, other lands to es> i I. ease. Apply to A J BF.R III A N, 37 ('ham aers street. rpo PHY8II 1 A N S ? A MEDICAL OFFICE FOR SALE 1 for about what the furnitar** coat; has a good practice conne?t*d, and would be an eirellent opfortumty fot a yr ur g pbysieian to est ablish himself in a *o ?d ^ ity practice. Apply from I to 6 I*. M , at !'.*>^ton str St. 'JO ( A RPLM F I' S AND Bll I DK.KS -fi?K "* ALL 1 eheap. or to let, a carpenter's shop, Afty fe*?t front ..n Wasbingt' n streot, nearl er >v, with -team engine, b il^r, maehin* ry, ? irenlar saws, ana saw beech"*. Ac , suitable f.#r bo a making or ether work, with an excellent run of c??t>?m, beinr in the mtdst of packers and n ? shop in the vicinity Inquire of l BaRLES SIII'LT/, Ml tjreeuwich street. T HO STEAM BOILERS FOR SALE, VEIIV LOW -n feet long, t. feet diametor, return fluee, aud built of the best material For i-irti- uiar? inquire of C WHITE, beard steamer Thoe llunt, foot of H'msn street. "XITILLIAMSBC RG PROPERTY ?FoR MALE, AT A vf reduced price, one or two neat eottav h- o*e< ing of eisbt rooms nine"s. loft and cellar, fi I' d in with brick, furnished with sliding doors; marMe mantels, rrstss centres Ac. Pri^e of each house and lot, Si n?: if r ild i mm' diately. fl essb ' alance on n. rt/ag- In O' ire of ThoS M DOYLE, filth street, between North Fifth and North Sixth W.vrt HKS, JEW KliKY, afc<:. \l,r AT?'HI v, AT' IIK* ? THK nUMCRIRIR H ?> a liir , nil u> ?< rl| tion> "t fild ?ti4 iiivar w?t ;>?<, at r> tall, in?>r tb? an* buaaa in in* ?ttj. > tai fu',4 l<|.o? *at< dm, f'?ir balaa j?wrlt*4 I-". Baatitifal MWM laJi?? ??>?>?? .. . SI Kl ;? m.i4 anaiotllaA laialra watrbaa, villi <f la ? in CM* ...... SA Otl'l 4MeM larara fall Jawalla4 ?i It K'.lftl ftlil ?nan<?ll<>4 lantlaa aal?l.?? I" I liiN itHtl td Ixtri h> b^N r. ii ?o?ra??J r.a?-< J"< I 'iw r-*l4 hantlag l?p?ar? fi r IiJim V> tin* told bunt or datiachad laaara fall )^?all t k' 'aa'114 lavrr h?? for 4>ra<irr?'.t) paa 1 1 '? I klrh ara)' ha>a aaki< k alnd up a*4 aat Mil at a kry M b-al Jnlaa Jr??aa-n MlaliM, paiiact tiaoa k**?*>ra $l? l? *">?' K??l Co< it aatekaaa. 4>iplaa an4 !???:? IM to '?*> In4?t ?a4?r t wmd t>4 qurt'i aa<?*4 wauk at, far tialni h .ri- ? 7". to Z"'i P|>lra4ld c*>ld j?m ket ekraawaa* Ur?, parla< l tima k>t|x r> IV' t* ?'?> I ? atrb'a wMr* rua k <nn alkb ????# an. imp ID la 175 ; Hlak ri.a* la aaat?-fc?. t"T fa'lira aa4 raotlam>a, wf.prk rhanra lat" Ibr adlCaraat aatt'k a I ? in |7"> l.i.l Ba?IUb |at.all???f. Ala ? ?.oM ht.atirt '??? Ear'lab (iixt l*tar- 'fx. s?? ?il?ar Ki *llah mi> at laaar* . ... 1 ?? H *i!fi r <lrian.>4 laaara III* t. vil??r U|iH rilibt> P|>l?a>4id jal4 an4 aflaar Farllah fa'?a' la??ra, ma la kj M I J Tnbiaa, aa4 nthrr r*l?iirat-4 uik- r* , Vary *?? 4a?la> a atabaa mi<!< kjr I I'. (?[?? W araar . in I all ratal rat"! mat> ra Hatcba naai ? l a: I r?t-atra4 la tt - I ?at aaaaaar ?' mu> A laa> than tLa ua al irVaa All a ?' '.?a aarraata l V" k.*|(,a4ta*a l.t" < Al l.l>. !? |?ift?r aakoNaaia a*4 ratal), i I M all atfa' aaraa4 ? . ?t. aaar lira* , a ? j AXTROI^V. i 'TDM/vn wan rnr.M -ti:k ii nr.*'.' mi t > J\ Sa. 8kr?ii4 Kani Ibtrd Aa<ir an I 'ha lr i Hay a it 4 atlll coatlaaaib'r kaalaaaa aMf fnrtk'r .laaa /II IX AKIN ATIOK *? W IU HAVI . THI \ V kaal raaanlilar ?a4 if al rlalrT' yaat .?? kaaa la I na ' a r, > r; aaa k? ?> ?<all*4 <la> aa-i ?*au a r <Mt ? K> "f? a? ? tr*?a a*ar liar R a?n Nra !!???? aaaaa<aa > >aa taral** priactt !?? wau- ??4 aitbkamaaal l?aaa a .? ?l?ar ar-lajc ("*'r >.*rat?f ra aa*iaaU*4 MADAMr MOKROW WiU Girt lAMIJ I'ftlf ATI |a#lar*a ?a all aa??*ra( l>fa l,?i fra4iC aa ? raly ??? 'tiaUai Ik'Ht ak< i iviaxa aalUai l?*t a' aa la r?' wllal la ti | k?Wao|?. f I f aa- aa'iat<4 t till ka ka tla Hr . aaa aiiaat, aaar C*aa?a Uaat.aaaaa a?? a4?l>u4 ADAirr. At.wiv rum rAin ti-i>?*a mm a.r? -?a tn i?- laa.?a aa>4 il.a.?? la t jf. ??.Uf f a ? kMka aa4 ar.a??a fk? 'aa baratao 'a. ai*a? l?aa M( r.?i ? kaaa*a?aa A MH *tll ull ilaa aa a' t ka <a4a ar aaal.aaaaa ibaj ail. aaarr; . ?!?< Ika aaaaa ?> kaf a.atara lla lama Alale ? < aaaraea la I?/!.#k I raaaa aa4 l.afMi , laarftMa M K ? ?r f. k>ai I if at atraat rMAvruxur'wfnf I v** *Aii.i?>Ai' -ro? run *r>tt .-nr* i a ? < t a l- ata ar 4 * a. a Jaaaa; ' <a a aa# i aiffaaa !ia-a I aa?a H a* far* at * a? I . AM, a?4 ? It U I' H 1 arv |an ? I. aa< I" la 1 ?. I A W ? < I IT K 1 1 aaa < >lui ?? ? aa >? a*4 li k at fc Ha^na I ?<ail?"a? ?ta'?aa ?*?#* taal a? ? tit trr < ta?<? ? at< a?^ Ika ?'??? aa4 Ik* Paia?? aa ?aAi- ?'* kw * (.ILtUiril, M TIC WANT** Rrj.Urv.IL A WtSM BASKMBNT. H) in V?. HO.I^ AND A flc-M on aacoad. third aad fourth of Hit new htt f i log#. (ki a lit) (X Fulton atreet, to let Apply (?> F EVANS on the premie a. A N OFFICE TO LBT-8UTAHLE KmK a PH\ i \n 7 \ in a new hou?e in Nlulh bet* -en It'th ft t ?| histh avcnura. Rooina in the ho u?e, if required Apply at 54 Ninth atrret, from '? to H I' M A THREE SToKV AND BASEMENT IfOl.'hETo LEf J\ Toft email im rirftn family l*arl uf the rent taken in board Apply n? 7i Weet Tu only ninth aired, from M t* U A M. orlitcH F. M. N If.? No boarlm* houe* keeper ueui npply. AN OFFICE ON TIIE FIXST FLOOR. ANH 0> F OR two lofta to let, in atore 15 ' M . it atteot, corner Ro'iu aon. Inqrire on the firetnlaea, of IIOHKKT K HtN( IM BASFMKNT TOI.ET-AT32I FnUBTII al lil.K l\ NEAR l?r< a<U?) ; doctor treferred, *b?> .nil! a I *.? hire a uoat btdioozn in the buildin# Apply at X& Fourth atreit. (IA N'AL AND III HHOV STK BETH.? TO LET OR I h am-, the promlm ut eoutbe.iat corner of (.'anal a. .4 Hud j aon e tree la; froiitaAO feet on both at rilti, nn'l ha* a a? ' par it? and pen toe I entrance to ?i %e ?*l lin part , w mid make a | ci?|ital atAiui tur Actothina, hArdware, fur .itur? ? r Bad ilery ! atore Alao tbc ?tor<- And (iwellin* ft iioimnjc, 197 t'a.ial at roe* Apply to JAM fcS I'KK'K, **? |(. j (1CI NTUV HRSlt KNCF 10 LET? AT NEW ROC ti BI*I?K, J U-lijrhtftilly aittiated betweaMl tho v i 1 ) n an I at aiitl> >at landing, and within I welve minute*' walk of tho depot; hone* ct'iifftina ten r??oma, pur or* hnve marble mantel*. urate#, Aw , Rood garden, wit h an AbundAuoe of fruit an i alii uhbery , and ?? every wa> deeirtllc f ? r a r*<epecteile family For pailie nl are apply to II F I'fil.TON, oppoal' th? depot, at New Koehclle, or ftt 31'i I'enri atroet, New V ? rk. (10UNTKV RESIDENCE To LhJ A SPLENDID J country r?ridem-v, aitnated within thr- ? m mutea ?alk ot th* tailroftd elation, in i he villare of Melt ? h n, N J , -ne liotir a ride InmiN ? \ rk 11 ? houa? l> (M) I <y ;t?, with pift? aft alon* the whole feont The ^rounaa. wh? hoomprt*-* nhoot one acre, nre ta?*ohill> laid out, and abound with fruit And ahruht?er? of ?*?ry <l< <M*ipti"ii For par* oular* iiiuinre of A I UUa TIN K (' AMI'U t II. , 10k Hr?idwA>, N. w York, room Iif. (1I.UII ROOMS T?> httNT, AT UW llRo A fi\V A V. WITH J furniture And billiard ? abl- Appl) to fc \ ilAbiill W <>I 'i !,(, 1 liroadway . C10AL VAltD To I. EASE I oR TKV VK\lh-HVK OR / aix lotf, on ItroAduAy, aotitheaal con - r ? f Thirty ninth at mat. on fiteorable term* Apply i o RO>\l !' I.O IMUKCB, 1'ine afreet corner Broadway, under th? M?*?? np ??litau Hank. fIRbT CLAMS HOrSF. Tfl I FT IN El tVK.N Til at re rt The four atory brown aton?? h u ie. No. '>* F.^-t ! Eleventh atreet M??ni Second and Thint iieuuei; thaiot ia by 1(H) leet deep, the bonae ia bv :? f.?- 1 do?p built in 1^1 with nil tbo modem tmpr>>\ ?*u. nta, ana ia very banU*omel> flniahed The houae and lot ar* offered f ?r ?al-. or will be l?*t to a iiood ti nant 'Dm alfuftti -u of tbi l, .o io la bcautitol, Inving eerv near JSt Mark a t bur b, ret Ire. L quiet, and cen?i?niene <>t' Aoi-e*a, App'y on tba pi m?a-a. /r At KAY N OR S book afore. 7*? ii?w?ry fpURNIftUKH IKIU8E TO I.KT ? Tilt FlltST CI.AHS 1 brown *t?n<* front hotiae ;iM Weal v onteanth ?trnet. be | twe?n Fifth end htath ftv?-nuea; Uaa nil the rn dftm Improve ? n.-nt". And vi^y coniin<*dioua. roaaeaaiou can be bad iiniue , diAfely. Caii bo aeen At All bourn H ill b< Int only to a pruAte fAtnily of tbo hi^hoat renpe< t a b 1 1 i t > Hoarding nouae k?ept-ra need n?t appl) ln<itare of J. I CiiLIIY, j oillr. of tf. Smith, 3A Wall atreot. BHRMsllEI) THRKK STtfRV AND fl ASK If K NT boua?* to let, near llr?awway in a cr?ae atreot, replete I with every convenience, In the imtn dia*(? vietniiy ?f < atriet. R. nt^l<4a? i|tmrteri; . in AdVAiiua Ihe furmtnre ' !* marly n?w, Iatk? yard. Ad Ireaa Mr Fer^uaon, llr -a 1 | v. ay I'oat Otlio??. Horsr. to LIT.? a fikst class kvoi isn n \ir. tneut hotian, in perfe? t order, and bavins ev?ry mod | em eonvonienca. bea<itifnll) lo? ate.i in H ?at TwentutU i atrret No. i.ppoait*- the Tbeol'.jfiral Meattnary. Apply toC. O TKRRirL. No. TM. neat d^r. HOirJB TO KENT AND FCUMTI RF. FORSAIK Any ir ? ntl? man an I lad> eiahinx a neat heuee in a (rood neighborhood, do** u toan, aait aide and newly fur niab' d in May la t. and a < heap rent, t an i?av?* ?ueh bv al dr<-a*iu*< aline to W h , I'oat for thri ?* daya Nout tut a i aah cuatomer need appl) i hta ta a rar rhAnce Hoy SF. IN STAMFORD TO LRT ?A HPACIOC8 AND convenient dwelling in Htamf ^rd. Conneotiout, corner of Mouth and Willow atreot*. with n al.le an 1 fprinM ? nd rain water lu lh< honee, which ia heAlfd b\ furnace and and reariater 1 latAnee from New V?*rk thirty a<* mile* by railroad. Apply to K IIKI.KNAI*. fii V all alieet. MORItlHANVA ?TO I.IT, A NBAT TWO STORT AND bat anient house finely flniahed, will) one acre of /r ood; I at a tie on Ihe preuiiaea. R> nt |> Atiplv ' ? II W Uur >et, >1 ClAlNgt fttftf. lp fttftlre.or In R U llnriel Frank j lin ftv< uue, between f ilth i?ud math atreeti M ?rriaama. M' ODESATK KENT9 ?TWO NKAT IIOI'^XS TO LST mill- iiifc.i d*tir*bl' |.?rt ?f ; i?t [ l."V) tail S?<> l^r * i.n.iui A|>|ii) fran IU t'> .1 a i l*ck I. '>7 houth etrret, up ateire OIJT Of TOWN ?TO I.RT-rAUTI.Y FUHM-IiKD, A a | 'end id iiiAmim, wl'h atablea, outhoer ? aad arouuda, [ ai Rt?ht> at al ft alruet. on the bAuka of tbo llodaoa, leoaOon i ni.aerpaaeed for health an 1 beauty; -nithb'? for a hoarding | h< ? ??, teiniuary, or hwtel Alao, a cottane oi fcUhty fourtli ?tr*et Inquire on the prenii* *, ar of W. r. I.BK. 49 r.tehnnre plaoe. OFFICKS TO I.BT? FOUR FIHR OfriCIl T<> LET, at No 7 liroad ttree*.. Inquire oi? tho prvmi?e? of OBO L 1'RIDB. OPVICF. TO 1.F.T I* TWENTY SBCtlND HTRF.KT ? W ill be l?t t?? a pbyftctan, a fr ?at baaamett room ia 1 Wenty-ftecoad aireet, near t ho Math avenue Apply to J W THORN K No 11 Maiden Une. Part of a three rtort virick, tlla* aanlly eituat?*d in the neat part of U iiliam ?bMr/, fo let. I to a auiftll r?ap? (labia family, on moderate term* (ia? ia the bouae. Three minutes walk from I'eok altp ferry Ar plr to James Wlute 7$ tin ft ieay, up atftira, ? r to M Cork roil, 72 No utli Seventh atreet II lliiamahur?' STFAM FOWBR ? ROOllff WELL LIMITED, WITII aleftd) at earn newer to let Inquire al John Kennedy 'f ?team marble work*, corner oi Thirty fifth alreet and bread wy. SI RAM FOWI II IN ANN JTKKKT ?'>"<??? WITH ?train t?>i( to lat . At* < ?tiir- a fll, &3 nn-i.*7 Ann atr*?' ln'|uir? ?( tV Ann ?ifM T JM) I XT- A LARGE ROOM. Hi; I f A lll.JC i'OK KKVICR4 on Jtundajr, m*il !t?bt<?(l ?ni T?uU|?! od Iftttiira tlfii raadwftjr fO I KT TIIK TWO I oKTf*. N<m 7 AM# '? IfOBOKK* ?f r#??t . (W i??i front, otipi ?iiq ibt II u'Uwn K ? *or Hi I r? ad freight and ?talloii and*! tb? C'.llma at?-ftiuahip dock and lflobo|i?c? i*rry Al'l#*/ %'? JAMR4 FIICI. >>l flaAaaa fir?ai TO I.KT- fOK9210 I r.R ASM M. oNU ToitY of tha brown atoa* hoaia# So tfA Ninth if?uii?, T??iilh atra*t. Ihr hotMii b??, ItWM) up ? tin * ?a, tat ha, wat?r <-l<*a?ta aomjtjat*; th?r? %r? two r<x m? ?u l f-,*t l<fdr?oini, ai l Iah el cUmIi?oiI 4ra??ra I'oMatthn taa lit of Apri' I nqalra o' tha o?ra*r, at ?V? N o' h ivri?? TO I. IT ? TIIE fl'I'KH I'AKTOI' ||ot; nr. IJiOltf HAND atraet !?? ? arnal) fain'H without crown ahitdraa; ? ?n taiiit l.atb i?a. Ac lor fartl* alan in |?i?ra ftl Ho 4.' Iirat *? after ;i o 'r lock I* II fa I. IT- Til V. NEW DROWN ATOM IRorfT fOt't BU.ff f n/Uah baaom< at b'?uM No 119 K?#*. TMrt?-ntk ?tr?at, n#ar Third with all tho an d?rn I mp->T? n.?nt?, tid in ? ??r? i?1? a*nrt n* i?hh?rbood l'uia#?ii'>a n Baadlaialj$f,UUi. Apply t#. TKIJ I I.I Oik AN .III A CO , ff?*trftl a#?nta, I Mi Waif ftratt, I IT- Til K ITI'EK TART or ||oi:*K NO IM Br^ota a'raat acftr Varirfc contain. u/'oan r'Miai, ? i?h vntora ? ? tub fl .'-r ii'rhat rati*, A< ftntu* i? for ft rrivftt# fftmiU r i?ir)iM bcaao Ttrma aa?jr Apr / ?- J A 12 1 ' Tl k.MUJri on ? b* | r?tw4?*a To I IT M WIURfi IIOI/PE!*. TWO RToRfEn, A"! TIC, tft*#tn?*nt l.rr k I n.Mm #? iuU ruanii kM ? 'r and two c*ilara, a?*tr ?aii'?? from N*w V?jf|, tfea ll-Un, Kivar ffailr at d*f?at. ftl litbkill Ian Jin'. r*n $?*> p*t annum l?(inr? ftl tl.o Orat.r" If t?> N ?Kurgk. rro I KT? 1 ti A >*Al I KI.M'fc' TABi r I AMfl.V, THK 1 a?< oftd floor, 1 Miii'tin* of onr room* *?? ftn 1 Wftt i In tba h'naa. K :it I Ja ? ? I ap|i) at JJ Araltr ftfaat. rn o i ?.t in viutoiv tt rt ? rr %*tir I Jaraty ibt | tin?lftftl | ftr^ ?a* ft ft* ? ftt4 d? ? ra!#l? b - with alat#??i room*, wlttift a f**? KtH ?f MiUb*irn d#p *. ftnd ???? laoftr fr- tn tb* * a? > of ,N?? fork. If Ro rr# ft*4 l.aa#i Rft4lroftd. with a|r nr ftr. 1 ra n wftt?r in iha v.? it ? aald I ? ft f'.nd |dft%? fur ft milHiaar aa oi tb* r -nu,? wonld ta at itfthlv for th* aatn^ A ca ? ba t %4 aotb tb* 'inir Halt ft?*4*rftt? . rat b? U4 Ifttna^iatH) fa ?iutra ftf t>A V I L> JON?- ?it|b?ri. fpo I IT To A HIT AM fits TE*;l. IAVf.f,f WITH X Oftt rhiMr-n ; r-f- r. ? . I bo aj?(?f pftr* ?fa??^ira taalll I nffliab bona' aft aat* J |n ?<ft? of * tnoi wi. . I or ti t' a?n, vaat ai'Jc W??it fr#?a? l?f? t'' IV" Ibioif* at !><> Ntftib at'??? in tbo drag ?v rm To ir. Tat *r ui t..<iKMricir i?rRir.i. fhir I 1' #r ai ift Morrat ?tro*? ?? /ftit?Utt '?t ??< ? t a*d? it) for II *iafjf or (. atfi T * rm* aad raat a|?|?l? ti J h* J*** ? 117 lo?rtb atra^t, ftltff le'elatb, f tf. fpo I.IT-'A % r ATRN I tLA^tl A IVAKfER OF hH J bonr a rl i' from tl.? laa im/. ft t *r/ am* * o/t?Aatva Citmtry a?aV is full a aaa of ti# aaa, an*b vtfatat !? ra# dan famiii iraia4a and fruit tro*a ?f Iba M '>a?t *f laf (#? tllm* h *?' tart tar** #n4 amf|#t?(y U 'ta biaa, ??tbo??M. aad f ardoa* r a loda# at It ?fttr*ft*a f?a ?aa? on mi; W tnk*-n I nan 4t*t*l; R nt for <?*a |*ftr, 92 Hal ft'-mft ".ft.'Hi"! tar at 1 ?-? ?*4l? f.if fttv *r t?ra? }?ara it**- far f att??ar MflUturi 1 :r * ?? t . ? . ? TO I IT-TTIK LA Rf?l ToRr I ?HlV HIT l?R|P I *i?n ih? ra k tn?? ? j . ,r a $ I < ? ?a, a* I Sp ? %li?h itra?v irar 11* i?fta'.|?i of tlaird ?????* rant AU ' |mrt of t sta boua* *- tJ la j r? at *"??? |j W'ithttra** f|"i II. T TO A ft If A 1,1. RITt'TABl.t I'AVIf.r 1 III it ail la?f af ft Mat ta? at*r/ baa?a I ? t ?4 in W ocataaf at root ?ttb' af*aad?' t ?f I aai olta r attUtt alt an 1 it?. li * b ?*a A|^4| at * . Ilr i(Mlraai, ?ftar t o alaaR A ?. rpo LBT -AT mi iii oiKRi?nrfrir ttfcsrr mar 1 1 < ftafti % tbr*a Raff a# ? a *% t.c t. l? f ?? 4 *%. i* 2/ j artda a?a? ft* ?trl ?'f#** f#? ft* Tk a#a f roaa.aca a?t ?%!? a j ialtd t ran* llallf naftftnfa#*af1ft( b?ata*aa. Ift'tnir* ?? ' MR Ora?ia ?r|i atraat. Nil 4a?f. rro i f t t ii i f p, r.R part or Hotut m tir 1 A L??*atl at ra?t "?at attar *f frwaat raoan Ik4r> a? f ft4>#'nt f ft* 4 >**k Hwftaft' ?tlb t<4rv na m tlaa ?to? t a ai*ft.l fatwi? , aUbaalii^ria R?a* ? *?/ Ap TO I IT A M AT TWO ?T'>Rf ' "TFAOI ON THII? atana* aaaf ilitl t?raH oata ma | a**?a '?n??^aal Hani*. A ? ? - ? ta tba at; ly ????-% i T Mr4 and Ittftb aa raaa nt!r a4a *t?*f fa?r a? * ?t*a r ****???? im l? ||f?i lit A aft# if raavad Arf l# R * M It'M.Dll.t IC ?rt-ajatj _ To t rT -twi ovra ' i i<ir an y rr \r uau anoml of ft inadara tlfta *i|f? kwtaa It. Tfa', !aar?l Ufa ? ? ? u t? N ? ? ? d Taft'b ?oaa%aa w ? nalb, Aa fatjMrtacatart *i|NR ad ffl W?#t 7v*a'; fa- r^a aaaf fuffetfc afaaa* RatH iZ'at kr ) LIT TUt ii*I7 I mm* or rat ? 'T.*r fcrirk !,??? !?? tr t ?*? T?m. ??*???! f "< iHUH <1 k i?f* w4 <*?k*4 r??.it4lw .HI ? f *.',?? ? , ? r. ' U i* J' .! It* *m t'.W T"J i.rr-Ai -?! wai i snu ??taai tl.rd aa?4 ?ar Ra4?y, M Wall ftrwa 'I t LIT ?TO A MALI ti I Aran, f aff of ft b**?a R *" a aw at a# ? f froat ao d W a pa a*i ? I . I |n>. ?, ? aa- aa! a?l ? ?* a . , tMnikiii m mm tniKuuii'MMiaiwn new Aim 9 IR6!iTR<%. fito I.ET-J MIAI.L TIIRKR ?T"Kt, iiotiMc*, I (? Mertcr Arvtl, ftprii.* A ??! Mine* I\t mull it kt onto nn b* Iii4 of one ; *'*? A ernV?l net .k h'?uee. on Twent) ninth rent 141*11; <>'e? , n f?ur*iory ?? l'r>nr ? ?trw?t, rent IVU). Apply to fc li JLINMII MiH, !)IH leurth nventie, 3 to 7 mo IKT-TIIR lions* AND ttToRR M). 4JM SK I Tenth n< uut* Al?i the threw atory on J l>amn?e>nt brick hone** No ft4C .setenfh ar?n ?e , ??? *r forty fir*t etroet K?it chaap to a tenant Apply at 0'? Vt'eet I urt> Uret etroot, ? i I BKI PI I i rtll MUDIDI POUR STORK ttOUMB sort I t-i- t?i,a ?-7 tir?vti?lcl) i?fnu? ol?o a store on the corner ? I ri Itftit . t tr?. .. M 01 llfMt m4 ftVMW Thi IMMMifl run ? onneet, nn<i mv mi ? ? ?t <li#ir?*Mo for %u eat^neivt I*vm4 !m h oun*. A;|.ly to Y liIo?>MKR 2?'M Krondoor rro i.RT that kink mamois htokr, miimumi J ltiofi'.i-iit kii'l li'M J*H lir<>*4wftjr, o?ru?r t>( liutbc tirrxt, Ihii Jf, ?,.! ?|,|? | > lia* in d?pih CiuIm lit nlnule ?T tosetl . r AU< , the itort 170 liroeawich ?tr^ . A ||*1 > to J?. lil.t'MliKK > broad we) rro I RT? Til K llOt>R AMI STOItK OA ANN >THk:MT. J in &r Naiiai', Iwt ?U"*p, ro>>my and l^kit nuiu^ f'riii) hn?lM ?a, or the ?t-r? I mcnt m't ?ub C?ll?r w old l?e let aepArnteh A t?| Iv t . ? A Mi." K F.AM. ? r ,1 . i ? ?. fp i. ?Tllft aroRC KP. ?R BRUAUf At, TBI TVI 1 |i uaee V* : t ri il if i at a! otr*?t, a r ivi i^.i .? I r ni.'l the ln.u?e .Ng I .*41 Chaujbi'i* eWuoi A|?|*ly ni li l i h*int ? re ?tr*??t fl? I Y.I- IN 1 1I I It T V MOHTll HTIIRRT, NEAll fill Rt? ? uiiu? ? pl*un throe *t? ry frame houae, with a ???<??! Me ll?, havltif ?tal*? aii?i loit lor four horee# < rot<?n Ac., r-nt $775. Apply to r*t r C'ouUut, No 44J7 Third ateuu* Till > I I T At. KM IK! llllU.I Vl.i|.> A NO MASK X in- lit brick honor, in it ftrr ?< Irehlr l>ce'i 'n, I.UIrt tn-t nr? ? ? n-9*r (irtttid. I'ur ptriuoi*#*, in?|ttire o( J V ?ilv? 111' I ortytii ?ti?r( rno | it SIM KV DID nrrit'Rri. VkH\ UUIAI' T?<l I fu?tiUtff?' *? elk from th** l it v II *11, tl.<? eei on 1 ** I thir l ?lu.f ? of 7N II' **k umn vtiMit t Alt t?e occopinl i luiu-' li* t?l / ?Ni' rn.l (birn?4 till after lit o| ifey luquir* o? *ho pie q^ti LfcT?lllJ. IIRIIWK STOKK IHitfflB 7U ITR.HT I Tv??nty ? I * t h ?trecl, nlilt luuprorMieaU. %? K?0i< r with th? !nrt?u?ir? r' n t M , J* A!*ii, 1 1 T?u**4 taee I le? e, '1 eentv ninth ?tr.?ri l?? I * i-?u >.i*hf b %nj Nietb ere umn i * r?t $Aihi ?teo, Wi?t ttilr4 r??i M 1? ", nlet*. INi Forty tblrtf ftr**et; retll el*<? lT2 li em I hirty eighth etrert , e three ?t??ry hriek h >tn e no*# KighMi t'fiiu", v?uh <ir t eth, ren^e, m< r?nt ti'iU; >!???, * ?mull |ir??k home 114 W??t Sreri,t< ?<>tn atreet, r??nl %&'?> elee. I riflW l.uoe** 171 Wi-it Sevoiite* utreel, r??i?l $PH/. iUea# W >?t Thtrt) ltr?t etrcfft, r?-i i $?***, eUo, ??* ?tor?? ? mi -Iwrllinir# J. hkMlAM I uhth iv?iue, corner of nia tf? nt h ktreei rro LET-i'AKTor a srw hhst < i.a>? two *nmr J ItMiiie, <ft?ur, U?>, or ?li ) on O ln.ton neeei. li?> lUtffO, two mionti ? welk fr ?ui th? terniinni <?! il.u Thlr?l A?*nu< Hailr"nd, Ilrooklyn, ?i ?! thn?e in lie* from ||?tniM*u fern I.OtMlou Ber, %!?? of the nt er, Knit t ? ?nlt e ?"+* t nut t AiipivtoT II KlLVfON, ii? Hon, Nu 104H At l?nti< fttrwrt, ilrooklyn To i kt? Tii k urrr.R i'aht oi iioitsr ik/dson ?t ??l, cuiilitiBi of t?? Mri^ri, with two h?-<iroome ew4 i eOi ro"ui enneiied . hit* h?n !>? !<<? ?mi utr garret rvun, whrm end cold woter lm|ulr? ?t4S Irontiirwt rrto LKT? TAHT or A III'! Sk IN LtfDI.OW PI.ACR. 1 with nil luodrrn itn| I u* ?fini'ht#, to e wilh-.rft. children f or furthrr pertlrulart ?ppl/ to W I i KII.MI, 44 ShMhtt etieet. TO I KT? AT loRDIIAftf. A roTTAOf AND GAKDft*. with pUnty nf fruit end en? ??r teo eer*???f Uni mm etil'lr. if r?quir*d AW? n lert* ?tone rnennon dir?otlr thed?M'ot. Jnuair* et 7U Krunkhu itr^l, or <?? the pren*Mee nt 1 ml hum t?n? hour ? ride fr -m the ( it/ lloll TO I.RT? A XKH\ MCK I AliOK T1IKRK STORT 81 fvnl^ olith tnel, mil f<eftiMl4iM e***!**#. iiu<e ?i ttd* r thor<?u?h repmrr, ?n<i hevim m odern imnruoe m?*nt? llotlie 2T? fv?t front H-ni t *^e A leu, ewverni kneow tuf if hotn ?? on Knurth av?m?* et l^^i Appl/to K H. M 111 M I.H till I out tli : r i.. . * o , I* M rrn I.RT -IN IIIIOOKI VM, TIIR MODKMN STVI.R L l-rit k dwelliBR hu?i?e, it t'otte^* row, <'oUml.ii sir***, Iwt w*- mi .vnt kntt end U nton. eeriteioinn ten roeuaa nnd ?*U*r . Ac. H ni tA?'$ | or lnrth?r pertl??'ilnr? *{?pl; At M Jurtla mini nrra, Ilrooklyn, in the morning tnw 10 o lloofc, er 1V?|M| Iftw ou olock. JACOB BADURlR fl'<? I I T IN I W'RI.I Til StTKRRT. A VRRV M I'IRIIlC I nmdrrn hwilt ho nee ^nl in ?u? order, loentlon irentwnl Kent At* 11 Alto A fine h ???? on K?et pourtoenth etreet. 9 1 , 1 '4i Ale<> e furmihed ln^iee on M wet H'fteUincttin plAwei. k H K IN .** 1 1 1 M I M . HV I unh e?en?e. froui 1 to I nnd H to rro I.RT ?IN BROADWAY. fK'lNT fir TIIR T A IIKK 1 nnel*, r fT)ri>? oi.d nork?li"pt on e???gMl on 4 third Boors. A i fly to |'AK1NllM;r. A I1KITTAN. ?i Brondwoy rpo I.RT ?TIIK OWNRH AND OOCUI'AIIT itt A. 1 4 ? t ??rr dwoliiue, ixitttftml'i irei iitorec hetk?, weter i loeetfl, het end cola nnt?ir thr< airho?t, deeii^o le let, or !???? o||Hr pert thereof, front torcn. nt. l end Mtt of third end fourth etorlee, to o ?n<eU flret t le?? f?iml| Kent |tt?. Addroee ho a i>, V?. I'ott ?Are ffl I.RT? A M.W 1 lilt KB HTOIIV I1KICB l|Of?. ?i*h I ?#???* nt AAd Creten wo*er, mtwaud in Fonrtoeetli ? ? r?-? t , uit of F. /hth itritte, o? ??nth u4i U*nt net more then o2f4 Inquire on the pre in rro I.RT-'IIIR THIRD V M?OR or A ROUR BTO?r I lri*k honr* It r*e*lata of thre? r^ioe, two tnin am hie B'lAtele, Crototi woter nnd rhe. In n fwivo*? fomttf . Apply nt tfc* dint itnre I.V I'.owory Heot %liMi per taaao. rpt?IBT^1N IIROOKM N. 1IIR fiWRR lARf Ol A X imell eifed three .tor/ hove T ?? ? porlere fieoi ho?ert>ent, gfod eellor, tnrd, M* Only three f^reem 'weoi Mine the other pert I on l?he-t or u .furmehed Apply aa IJt- Stote ?tr^ot, between t'lintoa and t'wwrt atreeta f'w ?eaaion la April. To i R-f - nn i ri rtKf o? a tiro nroif \nd ettle h? uee, in Merliet e?ree? %*>mt U?mrf, e-n# i*t<a? af O r?*e r?>#a ? ? n the a* ? ond f!o?#r a#?-l ??e la o>e etit^ wliJi re* end pn?i'e#e of loth m*?n To let ta a email roadf eltho?t cUldroa. Addreee || l').A*haia e^oare I'eet 'MRe* TO HRNT ?TIIR THIRD STORV Ol* f*N KB! ?Rft% Nm *7 Hut 1 hlrty 0r? nd tre.t, ?*ntabie for a ehew ? lie ?*) hy Jit fee* an I on I. of 21 by 2*1 In <t ire on the TV. HfNT? A I.AKiiK rA< T?(Kr WITH MKAV r>IV I'll KfST UK l.l:AAB-'i? TIIIHTV M^Ttl AN? I iti.'l atr**la I'lft/ m. 4 111H wm*m, k l.flnl.rol !?'(? ilM.II Ull-lll", ??llal>U l?r (Hup* ?f ???rj il??? rtfll' #, ?? 4?<ld?.ll? W* Applt U HUhWr.l.l. I). Pir.hl E l ??. HfMl. c?i?.r lb* M*(r?p"'il*i> lUnk TO I RT IK It Hock I.V V - I' AH I Of AHKATC'IT Uf. k. hi. iii K?r>l, Mtr ??*juii,i * * t i . n i ?,..| tlir?? k?.lr> ? rt, <h* i.'vl ,>r.l m A ii-l/ I*. OI.IVMM WII.I.KTA A UK I'tarl .?????. M V TO I.RT, AT rl.irTOH, BTATkW l?UM>. A IIHUMI ? i>4 n ?# ?< i?> .f ft imi. *iik ? I*'1-., |m b-?" u.Mi.1 ??Ika.UKil f? f t>??l ??M'? r- H? Imh ii . ?? uf iki ?HI 4?>ir*kt? >? U* klHl, rr u,mfta4lii4 mi ?< Ik* ? Ml ?M ?* I m r? l.i?? IriiU-i i* tl.? Mil CMilatt miui vitlk r?n?. "M ni K.I ??!-. *!?... i. n.? ir ??>.!? 1 k ? i X ?||J.. ||?.|J 1.14 vm*i? io.4 kiicl.1, ni4w. (rt|H. m4 tl.. f fru.i* To !?' '? I. w ill k* ?...l I' r ? i?rm >.f >.if. I ?ii. if-.', Ik. fmii ??? ?n4 ?# 1V( f.M AT mm IK nvtM! MA.T I >rj/uirjt. ?ith Mr4*al *1 inn ?l |.. M" ?>??? al*? a. Iirfi ka Mla?. '?aln?lai| t t'f fa n.a "ilk im4*?* i?i I ( ??? aula AMI) ll ? 4 Nit * KhI Pita** ft?? l4)Mk "" ? ' I <t>?l llailiua S?-?>?al k?uaaa u4 l*4a at rro i I ! ? K ; i 4?k :s Iiitii v i 1 i . .1 ? i f Ht *<T'< i r?u*4 vllfc a ?aai)l !? ?? ? ?? I* will ka ? ? ? ? ? I if thfcn ii?.j k|M; i. T I AW I 1. I) HtilBM itfwl III k i ,iWiii ?|?I mo Ltl op iri-r |jy. an y |?n-nro rutfW I m?,. !,???? iiUit I'Imni ? v m? ii *?*?????*. null ml) Mm. I nl*? <?wi u4 n?4 l>a?M ?i Mil Um n't alibi A||; t [I'ltim, ihm> ? it l"V1 ilrwi M h if 4 iiiiw. ar kl Ibma ? IlkMB. rrr, i.rt o* iri?k i i.tit.1 T<m? o* "?int? I u lit II r I.I'M ?i. aa4 i Ii.ll nn>i k4MlU|f ? i i.i. ,1 f. r . I. i? 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Akiiiso "noi;.<k kkii'in-fu ttf ? HI I l<m ikki i|? i *? ?a4 * ff li'i'i Ma I " H*ak iir> i ' ilalklig ia"'ii?'i rxai at4i an ra??- t*4 lllk Pumm ? <n I. in lamlulal; if n^uiH 4 f+4 f IN I i>l |l?n. il li Ik* iR'i Iii ? ? ii*r aii<nik>mfiiii ?cn i > i Inn it i ImiH, il'fl'llf riniiMl IUil|k' ?al ?i?iiilf<? II 'Ailitt ?? A ? i iiai?li' ii'if awii4 kwni la t??4 ' 'iim H f*il i fraa M ?* H ? I b klNlUtflkjIl'f I ? mail lri?JI? tvv I K kT</M v amtj'ii 1 r ?? ' JfSSt BBgf&t S&3P^&t!v? tlin Kl.*. f <*,? kar* h<r. r.i nki'.tiT' ?? *>' i in win rNAti i ~f-. f*? ?? ???*? I* kanf A ?*' ? liMf It m I kl I ' M N?ar.>al IU M- I*4 IV jillt. ' a* a?l * III ' ?? *k" 4 ?** K* k* ?M<a? Iha mi >* r' H i-i4 ki a i li f ?a4ial Iwawa Imi iiinu r*.! ; i*4 k*iif a lk? ?444l* -f 4 ta?f* f i?4-a Ikw krkal aii.t n-f ?ii Hi* "Nfim 4mii?u? i .i ? -ntki 'lalm Mi,i.i.k4N.t '? innrt.. r* aio:? Nrnmr, ifi'iHMIki k i |>? > aa -t<M*>iaMi i wIm l ? ik4aia, !?? iki ? mm I ?.?a4*?aaly f aN ,;n'?.?l?al ra4* >4 i?*w a4n a<?al I* * ? ? f aai la I** 'na Hh t: f ?f ?a?k. (? iai ?*a fi hi i 'iLI.!** fiorri. ro?f or r anai ?r*t?r I f t| IK km W III I ' I4I#< |ir >n ia4 I Ha ,1 yon rAkiir fiotn ?fi?r trif r <ir*kkj. I L *?*?< M, I. I?i**a Tka Ikm Uw* ?* i?i<4lf ? i| rnn?, imtf a*4 k'i? i^m i n k ? 4 ia i aaa a ,? ? 'avluiM vara ?I4 Ia4 m ?? 'KM a vara f.?>t A ??' I 1a ai<*a4a>' ? A 4 ??? ? va?r? '*< ? ???a *V >?*? r ? k II ?'all a?kl*4 l?l' N4? Ii '4N ? ? ? A M |a a* ifaf M. ' Ik i ?-?? * "?* kaiyli - i*4 I *4*a*ai 4tf*a?av.k i ?*i 4? ? ? ?? * aa ikaaon a? ?*. f i.e *? ?, a *4a fn 'i?. fa . ' la . ?a |M| ?? rV ? '|IM4.l4 S

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