Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6794. MORNIMG. EDITION-TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. mmmmm renewed etery m. DRY GOODS, ?W. CAn STELLA SHAWLS RLCE1 VKD BY THE AT ?iJUU lantio, in bMi'tiful SPRING i OL0R3, ?Will bo opened at rut nil MONDAY. APRIL, 2. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber! and Iteade atroeta. A N IMMENSE JOB LOT Jx or FASHIONABLE oILKS Will b? offered on Monday, April ? BY A. T. STEWAhT A CO., Banging is prfoea from tie. to 18?. iwr yard, many of the Ut ter being worth $.1 oO par yard. BROAIiWAY, CHAMBER!! 1ND Ka.vUK STREETS. ASSIGNEES' SALB.? 8ELDING OFF AT GREATLY 4L reduced prices, tha lar^o and mMtnfloant atoak of fin* ?(iiLroiderien, Iacei, hosiery and lovee, at No. 779 Broadway, ladies *U1 do wall to sail, u x in celling vary low for cash. By ordar ol the aa?iguee.i. C1UHTAINR? LACE AND ML'SLIN CURTAINS? WE / will expose fir aale. en Monday, April "d, lHfifl, a apian ?lid assortment ol the nliove roods, at \?ry low pricaa. Muslin Curtaina by the wtuilow, from fcJ.Ooto $ti,00. Laos " " 4.?< to 10,00. Ixtra heavy. in worV . fr< to 12. 00 to IS, Oil. An early cull ia aolicttad. HEMSBV A POWERS, No. 201 .V- aofi Sixth avenue, one UO' r below Fourteenth at. JpMBBOlDERlES, SCOTCH, SWISS AND FRENCH j Juat received a I arge lot frou> anoti.ui and from the re 1 cent arrival* trem Europe, which wo shall open for inapea tion on Monday, April 'J, 1M8, at unii-uallv low prioee. KEMSEN A POWERS, 201 And 2tXi Sixth avenue, one door below Fourteenth at. TCMBROIDBBIES, EMBKOI DERIES. EMBROIDERIES. Tj ?The aubaorlbera 1 an in die- 1 ?ssSF ?treets he subscribers are constantly receiving from auction n a (tiiUy of the ohoioeet goods, whion they off.-r to ie at fMoea altogether unprecedented.? BBOWN A , S54 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jonea' 1 EMBROIDERIES EMBItOl DERI ES! EMBROIDERIES' 'J ?The aubacrlbers aro cnualantiy receiving trom auc tion an endleaa variety ot the choicest good', which they Offer to the public at price* altogether unprecedented. BROWN A DOYLE, 3?? Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones Htreeta. TjVMILARD SILKS, AT $4 OU '1'IIE DRESS.? UBSDELL, r Pelraon A Lake have Jnat reoeivad 1U0I) mora, comprising ? variety of colore, which will be offered for sale thie morn ing, at *71 Broadway. IMMENSE REDUCTION ? Standard price# in carpetlnga. YeWeti, 10s , 12a., 13a., Hi. and upward*. Tapettries, 7a., 8a., Va. 10a. ingrains, In. and 6a. M., formerly Ha. 1'hrco-Plya, 8a., formerly 10a, and Ua. These are our true pneoe; re only a?k an inspection of tho nbore to satiafy iceptics that thoy are the choapest In the ?city. LORD A TAYI.OR, (Irand street, corner of Cbriitie. POPULAR TRADE IN STOCKINGS. A. T. STEWART A CO. have tor ssU? A, 000 pairi in en a unbleached half hoie, at la. per pair. 3,UOO pairs fancy atriped do., auitable for summer wear, ?t 2a. per pair. . ? 6,000 paira ludiea' auper white cotton hoaa, excellent quali ty, at 2a. per pair. lO, 000 do. extra super three thread, full faabioned, with double aolea and heel*, at 4a. per pair. 2,fi00 do. do. aandal lace, at 2a. per pair. 7JXI0 do. mlascs' plain and apndul lace, white and brown, coAon and 1.1*1* thread, various rises, at li. ?>d. per pair. BROADWAY, CMAMUKRri AND READK STREETS. ?JILKS. PLAIN AND FANCY S1LKS.-A SPLENDID assortment in plain black and fancy colon, atri|iea, check, chene and nch brocadt ? of the lateit importation, irom 0* up. REMSEN A POWKKS, 304 and - >1 Sixth a van**, ono door below Fourteenth at. UBSDELL. PEIRSON A LAKE WILL OFFER FOB aale thia morning, a lariu lot of English and German cotton turnery for ladle*' wear, purchased at tho lato auction aaiel. * Alio, n lot of China allk hoje very cheap. Theatrical hoaiery, consisting ot French hoae. tights, Ac. , , 471 Broadway. A splendid aaaortment of tlalteae mitts ; alao a large rtook of Bajou'a kid gloves, -m bracing all the faahionable Spring colon, will be opened -bis morning. UraDit.1,, PiiRioa A Lake 471 Broadway. Received per late ateamera, a beautiful anortmant of rich Cashmere Stella ahawla Unainxi,, Prinaow, A L*xr, 471 Broadway. Jnat received, ten oaaea more of thuae yard wide caliooai, ?warranted faat colore, at 12)j centa per yard. Uaat?:Li., 1'Kikaoit A I.axr, 471 Broadway. The laat lot of thoae cheap Iriah linens at 2a. 6d. per yard, viMI ba oflered for aala thia morning. UBSDELL, PEIRSO.V A LAKE, 471 Broadway. "WTET GOODS. ? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL OPEN THIS TV morning, another large lot of wet linen goodi, coannt ]ng of tablo namaak, table clotha, table napklna ; alio, a large lot of ouilta, lieaidea a large lot e? hlaak ailk ; alao, a 1 lot of colored ailk, beaides a lar^u lot of cotton ahirtinga and abeetinatf, prtnte, Ao. All aooda ?m ir*? to alt tarta ol th* city and vicinity. ANDREW O. COLBY, 37 Third avenna, between Ninth and Tenth ata SPECIAL NOTICES. A P. A.? NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE ? fittings of Puritan Lodge No. 20, A P. A , have re tnovad from their former plaoa of meeting in Myrtle llall and will u> future hold their moatinga in Adoiphi Hall, or ner Myrtle avenue and A del phi street. By order of the W. M. F. G.t Becording Secretary. A N ADJOURNED MEETING OF TnE FRIENDS OF -ft tha lata Juatioe MoGrath will be held at the Ivv Graen, in Elm atreet, between Franklin and Leonard, on Wednos ?lay evening. 4th inatant, at !< o'clock. Peraoni who have had hooks tent to them tor tho purpose of aoliciting auhacrip ? lone for the benefit of his widow are particularly requested to Attend, in ordar to make a final retnrn of monaya coll-ct *d. By order of JOHN KELLY, Chairman. William Davisok, Secretary. Peraoas having aubeoribed will plaasa send in on the above evening thetr aunacriptiona. B MIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK, NO. <1 Chambur* street.? Notice.? Depositors are informed that deposits mad* on or before Saturday, the 7th of April, will boar Int-rest from April 1. Hank open daily, from 10 A M. to 3 P. M., and from 8 to 7 P. M. JOSEPH STUART, Presilont. r John Mannino, Comptroller. LIT US I.ITI TO BE USEFUL.? MECHANICS' IN stltute Classes for 1*?4.? The pnhlio generally, bat young m?n mora particularly, are respectfully informed that the claeees for the Third Count are bow forming for the in etructioa of architectural. ornamental and machine drawlag mad modelling; also, in the German aad Fronoh languages. Eminent profusion arc engaged for th* differunt depart ments. Applications to b* mad* to th* librarian, in th* library room of the Institute. CHARLES H. DELAVAN, J r,.? JAMES RO DOE KS, S JAMES MCDONALD, $ Committee ? VfOTIC'E? THE CREDITORS OF ROBERT OILMOR, JLl baker, prior to August 1AI7, will present their elalm*, rroperlv autheuti*at?d, to hi* a**igne*, M. C. MOROAN, 1W , wnt street. Orncx PANAMA RAILROAD COMPAM7, NEW York, March 19, IMA.? Th* annual election for thirteen directors of the above company will be held at the oSoe, No. 78 Broadway, oa Moaday, the eocoBd day of April Beit. The polls will open at 13 aad eloee at 3 o'oloek P. M. The trasufer books will bo closed oa the 3Hth of Marah to th* N of April, Inclusive. HENRY SMITH. Secretary pro In. 4. /OFFICE OF LEE MARBLE QUARRYING COMPANY, \J 3d William street.? The election for live trustees > f this ?ompaay will be held at their oflice, oa Monday, April 9th, at 1 o^cTock, P. M. GEO. W. McLEAN, Sae'y. New York, March 30, 18M. "DOSE HILL SAYINGS BANK, NO. 391 THIRD AYE JV bus. one door above Twenty tret street.? New York' Maroh 28, 1806. Open dally, from 10 A. M. to 7 P. M. Six I?r cent interest allowed on earns of (AOM and noder, and Ive per cent on sum* over $800. Deposits made from date t? -April U will draw iaterest from April 1. Tbis Is strietly a ravings bank, aad a* such chartered by the Legislature of this State. It if aot ooaaeoted with any other hap bias in I nutation. WM. H. PLAIT, PAsldont. Jams* R. Kbxlxb, Yice Presideat. H. I.ooraoaitow, Secretary. THE MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK-CORNER Or Third avenue aad "Ninth street, pays six percent inter est oa sums oflfiUU and uader, and five per cent on earns over WOO. Open daily from 9 A M. to 2 P. M., and WEDNISDAY . aad SATURDAY EVENINGS, from S to 8. OrrtcBB*: Hoa. JACOB A. WESTER VELT, (late Mayor of the (Ity,) i'reeldeut Phii.ip W. Ebb* aad Isaac X. Smith, Vic* Pr*sld*Bt*. W H. Ei.l-iwobth, Secretary. N. II.? This Saviags Bank is in no way (OBnecteil with aay other baaUua iastitutioa la tbis city, is regularly chartered aeeordtag to law b? the Legislature of this Stat*, and has it* fuad* eecurely Invested, maialy oa bond and mortgage, c>* property worth double the amount loaned ' fTHR undersigned GIVES bTs GKATEFL'L 1 tbaaks to Mr. I'eter Lemon, elerk of the Superior Onrt, who fouad aad returned my portmonnale, containing sixty dollar*, which I lest ia one of the Graad street stages A. B. PI.AYINU CARDS. * PLA"N? CARDS.? FARO PLAYING CARD!*, VERY Tu seasoned, with all the various otn'r quel ,tlee of linea i aad cotton sards, made by SAM HART A CO. For sale to the trade and eluh houses at their store. No. 1 Hartley street, opposite th'- Astor House HOTKLR. L'AliU HOTEL LODGINGS.? GBNTI.F.MKN WILI. Do Ti well to remember that tbey caa obtain clean and com mrtable rooms for two shilling, per aisht, or ton and twelve ehllllnrsper week, st the hotel eorusr of William aad Kraak lurt streets. HOTJL BRIOHTON. BOULOGNE (SUR MIR), FRANC! -*o families gotag to Eamne. A geatlemaa lately from Burepe, eaa safely reeemmsnS the "Tlottl Brighton/ as aot only the best In the plae*. bat ae oae of the best la Karepe. Situated at a convenient dietano* from tba rail road, and being ia th* middle of a large garden, thte hotel poeaaassa All the comforts desirable for wealthy families H OLIHtXBGE'S HOTEL, 757 AND 7 V BROADWAY. ee a .looted on the European plaa ? Respectable partiee can bow obtaia, for the season, two suits of handsomely flat aiahsd apartment* et reduced rent*: alao aeveral pleaaaat single roe ma to let, from S3 to $10 p>r week, well adapted for young men MW WAYF.RI.EY IIOTEI., ON THE SOrTHWEej X ooraer or Broadway and Fourth str**t, la now prepared to furairh vry superior accommodations, with or without beard. Those destriag meals wfll havs the eatisfaetion of kaowtBg that their tables will lie supplied by that eminent caterer. Mr. G E. Shelley, of Shelley s, whose beautiful eetabliskaaeai is immediately contiguous. CHAS. H HHELLEY. Superiatetdeat. ?ATUIOinAL. NEW PUBIICATIOBI. A LI. THE FASHIONABLE ESTABLISHMENTS IN A Now York trt represented in Frank Leslie's Gaiefte ol Fashion, the oaly reoogaised authority on fashion. La ?lien should consult this work before making their purchases, to prevent their being imposad on by old atylea. Prico i't cents, ol nil booksellers, and nt tlis glim, No, 14 bpruce street. J ULL1EN S NEW COMPOSITION.? THE HUTU HALL 8CHOTTISCUB, dedicated to FANNY KERN. With n floe lithograph. I the music J. finrcie. Now York, nnd nil the musie sailers, Boston; E. H Wads, Oliver Dltson, 0 1*. Rood nnd N. Richardson, Philadelphia; Lee A Walker and J. E. Gould. From the Musical Review. This ii one of Jalliea'i oharsotenstlc compoeitio^k-lively, brilliant, sparkling, nnd pretiily arranged. The ntle pag* is very tasteful, and has a molt superb lithograph of ona of the handsomest lsdiai of the present time, gracefully lor ronnded with fern leaves, and bearing tbo autograph of Faa ii) Fera. OPIRITUALISM? SECOND VOLUME, BY JUDOE ED O moods and Dr. Dexter. Piioe ft 33. Postage % cents. Just psellshed by PARTRIDGE k RRITTAN, No. 300 Broadway. fax LIKENESS OF RAKBR.? THB 1*RXT *17 li ber of the National Police (iaaette will contain nn authentic portrait of Lewis liaker, tbe murderer of Bill Poole. Send in your orders for tho number iu question. BPH.I1VU FASHIONS. lore BRODIE'S OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT FOR lO* )< ). iraiKe Ann tussti ktiil tbadb. GBORGE BRODIE, 51 OAS AL ITKKKT AMI) 63 MIPEWABD ITSHT, Will be prepared to exhibit to the ladlee of New York, Brookly n, J emy City, anf tbe surrounding neighborhood, oa TUESDAY, THIRD DAV OF APRIL, and following days, thk LARvrjT, rinisT, Ann most kxtkniive stock ow LADIES' MANTILLAS, Freneh and hone made, ew offered for Ml* ta this eoaa trj. manufactured from fabrioa of the highest excellcnoe ana mo?t fashionable kind. His stock consist of EMBROIDERED SILK MANTILLAS. An olegant and very larre seleotlon, imported, and of bis own well ' nown manufacture, ol every imaginary design, and the newest and most racherohe styles. A magullcent assort ment of PLAIN SILK AND MOIKE ANTIQUE MANTILLAS, Richly trimmed with the moat faahiuiiable trimmings of hiseioluslve importation, aad manufactured exprnasly for bis spring and summer retail trade, and at thd lowest possi ble prioos. CIIANTILLY LACE MANTLES, Of entirely new and original designs, and manufactured in Europe expressly for the subscriber. APPLIQUE LACE MA.VTI.ES, A large variety of thu latest IraiMirtatatlnns RICH GUIPURE LACE MANTLES, Just received for the neat opening, and ot "tries exclu sively confined to himself by the leading manufacturers of Europe. Thu subscriber would particularly remind bis friends and the publio In general that the above stock oom ,,riMONLY TRUE FASHIONS FOR TIIIS SEASON. And also, that Ms styles cannot be seen at any other estab lishment in N aw York. Ladies who wish to purchase goodi of the i.ateit and most r aw ion ahj.x noun, are very re spectfully cautioned againit making selections till they have examined hit new and splendid assortment on Tuesday, 3d of April. GEORGE BRODIE, SI C?nal street and 63 Lispenard street. AT. STEWART A CO , WILI. EXHIBIT . SPRING AND SUMMER MANTILLAS. IMS Mokiiav, Ai'uil 2d. BROADWAY, CHAMBERS AND READE STREETS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF VELVET MANTILLaS and talmna may be found at MACKENZIE'S Mantilla Emporium, 47 Cuual street, Urandrcth Building, four doors from Broadway. C^RAND OPENING THIS DAY OF SPRING MANTIL 7 la?, talmas Ac., by Molyneux Hell , just returned from Paris, with thu only genuine Muriaian el) las to be found iu this market. MOI.VNErX BELL, 58 Canal street. Ladies, before purchasing goods, should consult Frank Leslie's Uaiette of Fashion, thaoaly re cognised authority on fashion ; the only fashionable stylea of bonnets, caps, mantillas, drcsaea dress patterns, ale., are to be found iu Its pages. Solo by all booksellers, and at the oflkoe, 14 Spruee street. Mantillas i mantillas < < mantillas r : ? ON TUESDAY. APRIL 3, Iri55. Opening of .twenty cartons of beautiful Parisian manu factured mantillas, basques and talmas, raeeived by the subscriber per last stsamer, m advance of the ANNUAL FETE O* LONG CHAMPS, and being exact duplicates of many of tbe elegaut garments intended to be displayed on that interesting occasion. The same styles are not to be seen at any other house in this conutry, he being the only merchant in hew York en gaged in the mantilla business who possesses facilities for receiving every nm elty prior to its APPEARANCE OR THE BOM.EVABDS, in the noil i? nori.oi.nt, Every lady in Nsw York la respectfully invited to examine and inspect the extraordinary and unaurpa*sed collection of uovrltie- which will be submitted for their approbation on the above named cay. CEO. Bl'LIMN, Paris Mantilla Emporium, 361 Broadway. Mantillas, shawls, cashmere, brocua, ac ?A large assortment of mantillas ot the newest styles In black and fanny colors. luitable for the isason, and a tery extensive lot of brocoa shawls from auction, at unpre cedented Ii w prices. REUSES A POWERS, 2U4 and 206 Slxit avenue, one dour below Fourteenth St. MOLYNEUX BELL'S GRAND OPENING OF SDNG mantillas this day, April 3. IHM. ? Tke publio ere re spectfully informed that M Bell lias Just returned from En rope, after \isltlng all the fashionable emporiums, and haa ?elected the MOST SUPERB ASSORTMENT Of tbe latest novelties iu mantillas. talmas, l'lmpentlces, etc., different in style and material to anything ever before exhibited in this country, amongat which may be mentioned a most elegant basquette,tbe perfect fac simile of one Just made tor the Empress of France. He haa alao, after great exertion procured an extensive assortment of all the most recherche styles intended for exhibition at the Grand Exposition of All Nations, to be Inaugurated at Paris this spring, amongst which will be found Chantilly lace mantles. Applique lace mantles, Rich guipure laccfmaa ties. Moire antique mantles, etc. Molyeneux Bell bein{ the only mantilla merchant who has visited Europe this season, ladies may rely upon his as the only genuine Parisian styles to be found in ibis country. MOLVENEUX BELL, M Canal street M 0 MOLYNEUX bill will exhibit tuis day his splendid a??. rtm-nt of Parisian styles, iutt brought over from Europe by the Alia, and fleeted by bimcelf. MOLYNEUX BELL, SB Cull stroet. OLYNEUX BELL HAS JUST RETURNED FROM i'arit, with a molt supsrb assortment of elegant bu tills*, on exhibition thin <l?y, Tuesday, April S. MOLYAECX BKI.L, SB Canal ttieet. PENINO OF SFBING AND SUMMER HOSIERY - The eubacriber km to cell the Attention of ladies to hla assortment of spring end aanmer panda, which li on? of the largest ever offered at retail ia tail oity, aad comprises every variety, (lie and style of ladles' gentlemen's, aad children a plain and openwork wjiite unhlsaobed, and fanoy cotton Lisle thread and allk hoeiery, whleh arc aow ready for inspection. Also. nnder garment* of every description. KICIID. OREEN, formerly Lincoln A Green, 130 Canal aireet. P. B.? Depot for Heeker'a celebrated German ho aiery. OPENING OF SPRING STYLES IN MANTILLAS.? Owing to the delay in the arrival of the steamer Atlan tic, aaumbeiot the most recent and desirable purchases of Molyaeax lien, while In Paris, ware received ton late to show at oar opening last Tuesday, bnt ladiei may ruly apon seeing them, together with eopiee from the originals, on Tata day next, April 3. Ladies are respectfally solicited to call and inspect them on that day. MOLYNEUX BELL, 58 Canal strMt. SPRING FASHIONS ? BY THE PACIFIC, A SPLEN did stock of Parialan embroidered mantillas, talmaa anil capellas, logttber with en |endleaa .variety of real (impure and Chantilly laee manlillea and talmaa, are received and tor sal* by W. B. MACKKNZIE. 47 Canal street. Brandreth Ifuilding, foar doors from Broadway Those desirous of pvrchasino colored abd black silk anantillaa, lor aprlng sad anmraer wear, will find a food aaeortment at MACKENZIE S Mantilla Empo rium, 47 Canal atreet, Brandreth Building, four dcors from Broadway. -\TZI YET MANTILLAS. TRIMMED WITH MOIRE AN V tiqne and poult da sole allk. are to be aeen among tha new atock of spring goods nt MACKENZIE'S Mantilla Em cerium, 47 Canal street, Brandreth Building. foar doors from Broadway. ATERED SILE MANTII.LAR, OF THE SPRINU Parisian stylet, juat rseaived and to be opened at MACKENZIE'S MANTII.I.A EMPORIUM. No 4 1 Banal atreat, Brandreth Ballding, four doors troa Broad wo*. KI'RSrnX'HK. A RARE CIIANCE F>>R A NEWI.V MARBIED J\ couple to re to housekeeping ?Parlor, bedroom and kit eh> n fnrijitnre tor sale; will be seld cheap, the owner haviag lout his wHe baa ao farther use for 't.em Also, three rooma to let; rent $11 per month. Apply to MICHAEL SCHULTZ, M I anal street. g ' *?.. lESKS, DESK? HF.SK- -DOUBLE AND S1NOLI atandiac deaka, double aad eingle aminr desks, oflee rhairs and stools. The Isrc-at ae?ortm-?t la the city may l>e fnued at Knox's deak st?re, M A n? street D" CORNITL'KE -FAMILIES IN NF.M YORE BROOK lyn and M llltainiburi, wishing 'heir honaebeld fural tnre revarnlahvd aad polished. t an havs it done In the neat e?t manner poaalble. by experienced workmen of lonr prac tice in tome of the most r-apeetable cabinet manufa< tories of thia it jr. Pianofortes, > Ace and countinr house furniture repollehe'l In the most workman like manner. Please ad dreaa SHINE t MtKEON. ISA East Broad we). _ _ KPIKITI ALIMN. QPIRITIJAI. RAPPING AND WRITING. -MB* OAN O will reieive viaitera thia dar, and every day tbi" wash, at Til Broadway. Pope Chapel building Hoere? 1? to It A. M, .1 to fi and 7 te ? P M. N B Partial attended at their residence. Also, private cirolss at her rootna SPIRITUALISM.? MR.**. DOCTOR TRAPIIAGEN WILL hold circlet every afternoon aad evaaing. at 341 Bread way. Mrs. Traphagsa is well known to the public for bar nun y ncta of kindness. She will bold private circles every morale* aad afternoon No fortunt telling, as by maay. I'RMAL lOTH'K*. NtW T'L*?. Bl1"1 COURT.? d BO EG E SLATER agalnit Curt la Jndsoa and others -Nettee is bareey tkaj rureeant to aa order of this ceart made ia the aad Singular the household aad hotel furniture fhr?wly owasd by Cartlt Judaea. aew oca talacd la tac hotel knows ac the Bre*.ert ll.eee attaated at t be "MbMat ?VT" SMff8 """ a.4 the Fifth aveaue, ia the City of New Yerk. will lbs >eal?at pahlidaucMeu. ea the 1< th day cf April, IW at caM Breveert House, at twelve c'sloek at ef that day RANDOLPH W TOWN?gND.?*cctv?. Dr. Baled'* !?*???> on , Rer. Dr. Bnird deli ?wd A l?ctur. on " Runto before the dingier to?titu<e to*' evening. Although the weather ?> met unfavorable, the lecture roow wu. crowded. 1 be lecture took two hour, and a quarter In it* delivery, mdwu deliver.*! In aa e?ij, oonveraa tic ul rt, to. Pr. Rnhrd tion of ?!>? country, and the. proceed to review It. e*Th.B?.*iin., he .aid, were eivHued by Con.Untlno^ pV? and rt wa. only natural thai the* *hoald regard It with a kind ef feneration. The eytnpatjiie. of the peo ple are therefore en.Uted la thto wa?, -????* J portion of the Greek Churcli which kattll under the do^ minion ef the Turk. For many cewUrie. th'7 upon it from the north a. the moat wonderful city to the world- and .o H ia. continued- Mr. Baird, a reaearta lie city. They knew nothing of Loadea ?* Pwto M* the we.tern portion. or Europe, and they oared aa utile about it. No perron can comprehend thi. feeling <* iheir part, naUaa they know that to It the ?*??'*"? principally indebted for their clvillaatioa. The city of Mo-cow wa. founded in the tweirth oeatury, by Qeortf>. who w?h oae of the ruling wveratgo., knowa ia hi. day m Paramount I'riaca. He al? built the Kntfa, which waa a fortified enclosure for the defence of the I'irimount Prince agnln.t bla turbulent .ubJecU. Mo. 2TbS5w?to not the city on'ythat poo-ja a^^ CaH aLo.tan the ss swat ??*-? * ,i_,j tha effect. of thi. inva.ion, and Ivan the Third .nircccilml in regaining tbe land* that had been taken by driving tliem out of hi. dominion.. ? att.mptwa.made by s?SS?,? ^:0th?'a.r theTlounde? or the dJ?^rl^hatThU# tltto u Bri t*"-t .yltobto m tWr him .uch a great man a. people h? thouebt the Ktnaeror Nichola. wa. rigs' ?J "? that hi" rand mother bad done more forR?^a v;ula.?Lf:^hr;r?^\^:-S fissKsr^w^^^ES? tary .chwU ?t fct. 1 eter .wn^ ^ ?l(, conBuierably .ur sr&s tssss tegsssjw | "asK-sss '? IllSSIfpif 1783, the la.t year of our revotot ion It wa. here that the Emperor AUiander .pent hi. ia.? !u,., dying of a bil io U * j [JT* , 'f t* " he "crown tUiVhotol. Eit |r 1 Alexander. The P".?nt p? ther hut m.mewtiat HXV Ito?i. of ? ^turauy amiable di.po.Ulon and ???? go^ taUnt., though not of a. muclTen<-rg? an Nlcbola.. He .peak. In* H.h p ?Hhe% r r a2 ^ wtys.'Er-. isarsiS ftlbw unri i" E%^:e^4sT?. ' r(1* for hU Mke, the Voll.h chief, who had been ?ent to Siberia Nicholas compllM with th? re<iu?? t, bu '?"S'j??E?' "? "."iSi S?-*S!2fi2 SsiKrK-?^? Urer the neit on Friday evening. The Indian Tribes. Rial AND rKOORBSS Or CHRISTIANITY AND CI VI LI IATION AMONOHT THE CHOCTAWA. The Rev. D W. Lewi*, a delegate at Waahington, D. C., from the Choctawa, delivered a fra? lecture on tha tibora subject, in tha Matbodiit Kplacopal Church (?reene atraat, In tliia city, laat evening Tim attendance waa numerou*. Mr. I?wla la a man In the prima of Ufa, a very reapec tabic apacimen of h'? rasa, anil po? aeaaiag a good average clarlcal appearance. Ha entered tha cbarcb at a quarter to *igbt o'clock, aecorted by tha lay brothara, who conducted him laaid* tha aanc tuary. Ona of.the brother* having read a hymn, which waa afterward* chanted by tha congregation, prayer wan offered up. Tha Keverend gentlaman cam* forward, and aald that ha felt glad for tha opportunity of apeaklng in tha pre aenc* of ona who had^mueh to do in teaching him tha Englifh langaage and potting him to achool. Ha wouid not entar Into tha paat or praeant hlaUiry of the Choctawa. Thia nation formarly lived in tha State of )li**Uaippi. and tha waat of Alabama, without any writ ten language, book, or religion. But they were not idolatera. They all believed in tha Miitonce of Uod, bnt did not worahlp him. nor anything el?*. Home of their ceremoniait bad been taken for religion* ceremonUta by white tmvellera, but be himaelf never knew of a form of worahip. Hia nation con* tinned eo all tha time before the year of 1120. They had no forma of government, and their mind* and lanoa were alike uncultivated. I'p to thia time any mental progre** which they exhibited aprung from their own uncultured a*n?*a . tber lived very mlaarably. and ran wild with their cattle. In 1H18 the white men round them out, and with warm heart* tbey fait for the Choc tawa who were ao living, and wiabed an l prayed for tbelr ealvation A ?oci*ty waa formed in New England, wkicli be believed originated In lioaton, and they eent a mlaaion out. which arrived In tbe Choctaw eountry In the early part of 1818, and Immediately built up achoola and taught tbe boya and girla to read and know the truth of the goapel. They continued their labor* up b> tha year 1827. Thar* wera, It waa trua, but few convtralona daring theae nine 'yeara, bnt fram 1H'^7 op to 18.10 verv many men and women war* turned to Gad, and they * bo wed to otbara the good affect of the preach ing of toe goepal. I'p to 1827 many ob*trneti'/n- were given to lh* apread of goepel truth, and tb* mind* of tbe Choctaw* were abu**d by tbe older frontier rnlaaloaa rlea. wbo did much to prejudice the haarta of that Rpla agalnat the fai'kfnl miaaioaariaa. The ?byteriana, who were the flr-t to come to them an l the Method'ita -are.] many aoul* up to 1 k:;? when General J a a meaaaga to the Choctaw* to ?migra'' :l,?r :be Wae< Afterthla. on report* Irom the tolled mate* raashlog them, m?ny joined h* church to? *a they thought ? cava tbairooaa try I mm being -old, and many other* to cave their amd* After the treaty waa *l(**4, in 1830 and many of the people had gone Weet to the wild*rn?*a. they bourne fLtmiei of tha church, owing to tl? bad faith kept with them by tbe offlcara of the government At tbe preaent m< mant tha Choctawa inhabit 'a country *1 tend lug three hundred mi lee in length and about one hundred and tweaty-flve in width, altaate ha tween Arkanaaa, T'xaa, and other Mtetaa. The popu latim waa thirty two tbouaad, bnt If di flare* t ?mailer tribe*, traveller* preacher*. aad aoldiera wer* Included their people would number thirty 6ve tbou aand The* have been very liberal In eitewdlef a hoaae to th* aborigine*, aad permitted them to live la th* *a tioa. Hence tbev have many friend* Th* aatiaa had four Penaatoriei diatrirt* aad f*ur Beaator* w*r* retoraM from each by the legal mate vataof stghteen year* of *g* Senator* ar* elected for twn yeara? all the v tara vwted a la* for chiefa. who were elected for four jeer* )? the Ho* a* of Itepreeeatet vac, there wac *ae representative to evary one thtuaaad of t*e lakaMteat* f Iter a tha rrwread geatiemna ImrlM th* aad* *f organizing tbe Legislature, which is nearly similar to that of onr t?n btate axsembliea J He proceed!*! ? la fbe aeaaion befera laat, theHpeakem. both of the Seaat? ?oi House, vera preachers , one a Piesby tenaa. ami tbe other a Method let. Dills are gene rally announced ia tbe Knglieb laoguexe. and aftrrwanla translated tatn tbe Cnoetaw. The acbooW of the aation ty ia charge of the Pwsbyterlan, Baptist \n ) Methodist music narl*s, asH at present are doing well. r?o Irian at tbe atate of tbe children. he thought they dli well, an many of the boye and glrla hail been prepared tor a place in tbe junior classes ia college < and higher sohoot*. About one thousand pupils ware in the Cboctaw reboot now learning tbe language. and including the pupila of the Sunday, otliei^auhoola And college-. At present they number) d a boat 3,'iOn Christiana ol all deno minations. of wboin 1,55.1 were Methodists ami 1.20V Presbvt-nana The field wa* atlll large (or the exercise of pre.vchera and schools Ail tbe available reboot meaai had bean uaed, and tbay want boeka and teachers. The Ghoct&ww hail only two driakiag hotiaes in me aatioa, and both these rum shop* wwra at iroverrasroMorta? ooe at Fort Washing ton, and the oilier at Hurt Arbuykle and it waa a curium fact, tliat as tbe tatted Ptaie* government neat pro lectors to the Choctaw*. Hiey always seot with sol diera barrels of w linker to nijjre them, hi 19S3 the Cboctawa passed a atrict prohibitory law, after which tbe people of Maine copied it. Atter eloquently Humming tip all tlie wanta and wishes of tli" nation, and alluding to ttaa readiness with which tbe people embraced Caristiealty aad civilization, Mr. Lewie concluded. Player wae again given, and the congregating sepa rated, having subscribed to enable the Hevervnd gentle men to buy hooka, both In the Kogliah and Choctaw laa guagea, tor tie further inatructiosi if hit bretareo. Sew City Hall Plana. ham, ttik orrr hsi.l nt kkmmvkd to xadihon s^LAita.' Ttt Oa?K<itt?#Wflftft>pttas aa<> HuppUaa of the Hoard ef CotiBcilnen held a meeting for the coanlderMioo of plana for a new City llall. and to bear argumenta in re lation to removing the City Hall from tbe Park to Midi win square, yesterday afternoon, in tha chamber of the Hoard of Councilmen. There were proesnt about tweaty flve citizen* intereated in the aubject. The 6rat speaker advocated tba removal of tha City llall to Madison square, upon which topic he spoke about Ave minutea. Mr. AsnxRWi* ? Mr. Chairman? I riae up here to day to defend my architectural brethren. I myaelf submitted a plan for a City llall here, but I did so in obedience to the request of tbe Common Council. When I made my designs for a new City Hall on L'biailier* street, I did ao with regret, because I felt that tbla waa not the proper lite for a City llall here ia the Park. I Bay, now, you muat not condemn t lie architecta of New York, many of whom art really liberal and educated men, for t designs they have laid before you. They did the beat tbey could, comildering the aita you gave tlism . Give them a good lite, give the archltocts Madlaon square, and you will be aurprlaed at the different deaigna which would come into you; you nted not offer rewarda for dtaigna. Architacta want no rewards; give them a tine aite to build upon and they will be happy to aubmit plana aad deaigna gratia. I made a plan for the Park, but 1 am tbe first to condemn my own dealgn, if the locality of the new City Hall oau I be removes to Madiaon square from the Park. I). K. W hkklkk, Esq., next ^>oke ? He aaidonaof the moat difficult thinga of Ufa to accomplish, waa removal. The youth did not leave hla country home without a atruggle, and it now required a atruggle to remove the home of the City Fathers to a location up town There waa a atrong feeling agaiaat removal been uae of the ha bit uf alwaya going to tbe Park to traaaact public buai neaa, and people could not now think of going anywhere elae. Hut for one be waa willing to overcome t hla feel ing and to remove up town. The neceaaltlea of tha times demanded it. One thing waa agreed upon by all, which waa, that thla waa no longer the proper place for the City Hall, aad the queatinn tben waa, where la tbe pro per place? Tbe leiirned gentleman who had preceded him had fixed upon Madlsan aquare. He thought we should go to -ome aur.h central locality. We should build a City llall. not for the pre-ent day, but for a tlioneand yeara. He advocated the building of the City I Hall at Madiion iquare. W*. O. Born** said, wa ahnuld build for tba preaent time and not lor the futura. The Park w?? the business centre, and it wax impossible to change it to a point two milea from thia. It would be just aa well to order the great falla of Niagara to roll upwarda, and It eouNl be done aa well llrnoklyn, Jersey City, Richmond, all poured their tbouaanda Into tba city, and made tbe Park tbe central locality for the new City Hall. Mr. WmoLTK answered Mr. Hourne, saying, that the City Hal abould be built for the taxpsvers of the city of New York, who were to pay for the building, and not for the accommodation of Long Island, Richmond coun ty, and tbe colony ol New Jeraey. Upon thia plea of accommodating the cltlea around us, we might aa well take in England and Germany, and Russia, for they all poured their fleets aad tbelr tbouaanda into onr city, aa well aa Brooklyn and Risbmond county. Thla prepoai tion waa absurd. We should build a City Hall to ascom modate onrrelvea, and the rest of tbe world would ac commodate themselves to ua. Fx Keeorder TiLLMAMiR followed. He took the same p<?ltion aa Mr. Wheeler. He thought tbe City Hall ahouid be built for the convenience of the taxpayera, an<l not for those outside of the city. BroekJyn waa ex empt from every cent of taxation for thia new City Hall . tben, why ahouid alie be regarded against the call of the citi??ns of New York who did pay for It f The taxpay ers we nted to use the City Hall, and the taxpayers of New York were tbe inhabitants ef this Island. Madi aon square was the locality now for tbe City Hall, and thla wsa made more and more apparent every day, aa the p( station of tke city exteaded itaalf towards Harlem The committee then adjourned. The Jewlab Pumrrr. Yeiterday at *un<lowa, on* of the three greet annual feativala of the Jew*? tbe Paaaover? commenced. It be ing, In their chronology, the fourteenth day of the month. Ahllb or Nlaan. Thin celebration waa originally eatabllahed to c -nmemorate Uod'a favor to hi* eboeea people, In ?pA ig their children when he alew the Arat born of Ffypt, ke . 'ated In the twelfth chapter of Kxo due. The ceremcnlaa obaerved In ancient Judee were aa follow ? a lamb or kid, of the Arat year, without a pot or blemlab, waa leleeted by each household and kept from the tenth day of the month to the fourteenth, when it wai killed In the evening and roaate<l, and eaten with unleavened bread and bitter herb*. All that waa not cunanmed waa burned, it being deemed anclean to eat It after the Arat night of tlie aacrlAce. The feaet waa to be eaten In a hurry, the eatera atanding la the poetare of travellera, with their loin* girt and etavea in hand ready for a joorney. Tlie lamb tbo* nlain waa en lied the pan ebal lamb, and ita blood waa aprinkled on the lintel* a ad doorpoeta of the bonaea. Thla waa lo dlatlnfulah them, in the original Inatitutlon, from the houaee of the Fgyptiana, ao that when the deatroylng angel panned over the land he might not tarry at the houeea of the ehoeen people. The modern Jewa, a* a general thing, obaerve the earn* ceremonie* u their anceatora, with tfce eieeptton of ?-acrtAcirg the paachal lamb, that hae not been done elnce the d??tructioa of the Temple at Jeraaalem by Tltua, where alone aacriAcea are accepted, the ceremo nlta laat eight daya; the Arat two commemorating the going forth from Kgvpt, and'the laat two, the paaaage of the Had Sea, are aeemed eapeelally holy, and aervleea are held in all the evnagognea. On the Arat day por tiona of the Pentateuch are read, after which the family per' ake of a banquet to which the pooreat domeetlc ia invited to alt at the board, typical of the general freedom beatowed i>n all. The fea.t r-onaijta of a piece ol lamb, to repreeent the aacrlAcial lamb un leavened bmd, bitter herbe, and a peculiar kind of muetard, having the appearance of mortar, to remind them of the brick making la Kgypt. There la an old Jrwlah tradition that I-eviataa, the ilehemoth and the 7.ii, (what a qoeer name.) are to be the food of the elect in anoth" atate of being, and. accordingly to typify thla releatial [rovender, email flabee are eaUn to repreeent the flrat naaaed, meal the aecond, and a hard boiled rgg the third. Thie, howevev, la done only ia eome fa mi Ilea Ihiring the eight daya. nothing leavened ia partaken- neither bread, apirltaor beer Ihia year, owing te the deetltntlon prevailing among the poor*' claaaea of Hebrewa in thla city, cwr 10,000 p< nnla et unleavened paaeover cake, or aa it ia termed mateoth liaa been diatrlbuted among*! them by the diflereat Jewiah congregation a . The remarkable tenanty with which the Jewa cling to tbeee old ceremoniea ia indeed aurpnetng Wha tber In America or la Europe, by the haake of the Viet u la, or the Oangee, thu atraoge raee etiU re me inhere flil' aU brook, that flow. Faat by the oracle* of tied. And to 'lay, aa of yore, the Hebrew turn* hie face to ward* tie Kaat, aa< <lreama of a weet J o<lea, oaoe the hf ire #>f la father* 'which he praya may yet again be oca.* th* heritage of bla children Melah . The Jaainrymrn llonaepalntem. Tl.'-ee of thla tra/e beld a public meet lag laat olgh' In Uivat 'ia Hall, ?w.atir etreet, t* ad?eo' e the in tere?'? of the trade Mr Mwaad Daly occupied the ebair. and Mr. 1. P. Band e acted aa eecr*tery Ther* were preeeat about two hundred of thie claaa of labor* re. The ( aaiaaaa aaid the Am ia order waa the ra ports of ct matltWea la aceordaaoe with thu demand ?ever*: rommittoee reported aeveval empioyera who had agree ' to pay $2 per day hereafter the aaaeat deawad ed bf the tra4e The aaaee of tbeee eaaetayer* wtn> agreed to pay the ed*aae* were r*eei*w4 with apple aee aa tb*v wee* meatieaad Aaella Mebra Mr Hamilton Jame-'tWly. AieiaadPTWraw. Pot be* ft Kee Mr ljltoe TVmaa He<1ar, Jot a W Row* Oilref ft rhriaty Tap pa* h Herr, Mr Poeter of ("berrb at reel Tin ma <1?ir MT C Berk. Brr wn h Marrim Haaaer ft I*wte, Hm>ta ft Itntreet Mr Po- '.^k fHvlaeeft feiaar were aaaoag tknee reported to have agreed to pay (1 pev day ia fetere. Attar earn* far be* ba-iaea*. la the way e* nmku a p*i the r?4 U Ua trad*. Ue aaeeVag a4jeuiai The Mayor'! OflU r. ABS1?TE> ok a tmioi or ruwiar. W nlUm W. l>evfa ffu arrest #d yesterday oa & e??H? of forging a ch#ek for ?1,000, purporting to be ca rtoned by Oeodhu# A Co The check wa* caahed by Mr. Robert Hewell. of U9 Wall ?tre#t, who mad# the fallowing a Ik davit b*for# Juatiee ?*borna ? Robert Hewell, of No. 19 Wall etr^( .lair .ir.rt,. depose. and u;> that .Mr or about the ?th of March lftftlT the draft hereto etWhetl for the lum of $1,000. drawn by William W. Darta. payable to hl? order, aod purporting to beendoraed by<?oodhue k Co , waa pre sented to depMsaat by Wa Davl*, now preaent, who atated that the endorsement thereon wu genuine, aad that the *ndor*ea>aal had bee.n made by Goodhue k Co., is order that the dralt might he more readily aaaatiated, ae he -aid I>avl* wa* anknown here. Balieving the iUU mint of .aid I'avia ae to the geau-lneueea of auAeodorae aieat, depeaetit eaehtd the aaid draft, deducting the ?xchange *?n lioatoo for that day Dapoaant further Mjs that upon, ?ube#*ttenlljr, on Ui* ***** <**! ? r****nt log the aaid draft totiaodliue k Co., tha aforaaaid en doisament wi? pronounced br the* a lorgery. I)ep? neat afterward* had the aaid draft preaeute4 to VPllllam Darin, Jr , ia Hoatou, oa whom tlie *ame wan drawn and payment of tne name waa wfuied. Itepoaent fur ther *aya that prevtaualy to tb? pnjaeatatioa of aaid U j aft te deponent by aalrt William llavla, nnd slace aaid Urn., (ieorge H-Shaw w? dally in eom|>a ay with aaid Devi*, boarded la the aame hotel, bixt about the .late of the mi >4 draft they eutered Into a ptrtocrahip together to go into bmin?w In OleTelauJ; aud an micu partaera bought goods of the proceeds M aaid dralt, and bad the good i ao purchnaed marked to the nddress of "Uavi* k Hhaw, Ueralan l*" a* deponent hax aeen the good* ao marked, and a* trie aaid Havla informed deponent, and he *ald Shaw a l#o admitted to dapoaaot that h* ftUwl up the body of laid draft. Depo nent therefore charge* ?aid William Daria and fleorga H. t*haw with forging th# aaid andaraement that It waa ao forged with the feloniou* Intent to chant aod de fraud, aui by which deponent aad partner bar* beea i cheated and defrauded of the mnvof ?WHI. Hworn to April 1H66. L'avia wa* committed for examination. AM.BOBI) FAI.8K FIUTIXC1 CA8B. A man, uaraed John Fry*, raiding In BroolaJyn, wan y*?terd?y arreated on a charg* of obtaining forty-flr# dollar* worth of mo!i*ir plush from llarnet l- tWomon. of 'J48 Broadway, on th* '.'9th of March laat. Th? g.mda, according to the statement of Mr. Solomoa. were ob tained in the nam* of the firm of Mcfjraw ft Allendorpli The uflidavit of Mr. Allendorph, which wa* mad* bafora Juatice Osborne. stated tbat the prisoner had no* been in hla employment for two year* paat, and that the re premutation* me'l# by him ware jentirely falie. l*rye waa committed. In default of ball. TMK LigUUK DKJO.?RH A HI) Till HUM DAT OBBINANCBS. From the reporta made by the police yeaterday to the Mayor, it appear# tbat twenty flee liquor denlera were detected In lh?? act of relating the Kunday ordidaocef ABidaTlta were t*k?n before .Iu?tl(* ()?l>orne, and war rant < iaaurd for the arrant of the ollanding partlea. I'allrc lntclll||cncc? ALI.WiEn HEAVY BWISDUC ?V A OOWTIMWCB MAS. A few ihta ago, Alired Uall, a Waatarn merchant at prof* nt n topping at the I'acillc Hotul in flraenwich *treat, appeared belore Juatice Welch at the Kaa*x Market I'o lice Court, and mad* a complaint for falae pretencea and awindllng against an indlrldual named Ago?tu* <?. Hen* diet, who, he alliged, had defrauded him out of MOO, caah. Tha atorv of Mr. Uall a experience of N*w York city life la aomewliat a* followa ? On Saturday night he made the acquaintance of Ilenedict under very favora ble auaplcea? thought him a high aouled, deeer felloe? fond of fun and amuaement, well to do In the warld ? it nd withal, a perfect gentleman Uaring rarely, aa he thought, erer met auch a faaclnatlng man, Mr. Hall, aa a mutter of conr**, became <|ulte intimate with aim. Tliited all the moi-t faahiooable place* uf report in Uie mttropoli* In bi* company, and wa?, In *hort, impraaeed with the belief tbat benedict wa# a " lion.' Hucli being theatat* of allalr*, tha country merchant could not re f uae, for a moment, a amall faror reque#ted by, namely, the loan of ?K0O on a checa of much larger aaiountgiren a* collateral aecuilty by hiB./umwfcimfrlend. The next day after till* aaug amount of money wa? I, laced in tha band* of the conMeara man, Mr. Hall waa Very much auririaeu to Ond tbat Benedict did not make hla fpp' ai unca at hi* elbow aa uattal, and after waiting l aomu time lor him a faint auaplclon came acroaa th mind of tbe countryman a* t? the character of lila new ly made acquaintance. In order to teat the ?tr?ugtb of Benedict'* affection h# mad# torn# inquiry a* to the valae ot the collateral a#curity, when, to hla dlamay, he found that it waa not worth a dollar. Her*, then, *a< a pretty p ere of bualneaa. ltec.purae wa* had te th* a>#lli*tiata, who, hearing hi* complaint, l**ued .a war rant ft r the apprehension of Itene<lict. The matter waa place.i In the band* of officer !?? Hinder and th* < lerk of the Court, J, .I n lilor, who at one* **t thamaaltea to wort., in or ler t.. find out, If po#albl#, lb# wliereabouta of th# accuwd. It wa* aacerfulne.1, after -oroe Inquiry, that Heiiidlat waa on U?ng leland, tn tha netgliliorhood of Jamaica. Thilber the ofl.cera Urted in a wagon, but found to their di-app- intnient that he had left that \illaK.- for Newtown cteek Chaae wa# gl?eD tha lndi rl.lual, but again they w#r# dimmed to b# dlaappolnte I aa Hene<lirt had atarte.1 for Aatoria. In a .-erringa, atiout ten minutea prerlou* to their arrlral at tkl* rlllag#. Not at all dUbeartened, a freab horae waa obtained and pur auit glten Ben*<li. t, whom th# offl##r* ?uccaaded In ar reitlng |? a f#w mi? tea aftel they arrived in Aatoria In tbe po*ae?*lou of the accuae.1 waa lauad oW |70? Th* accuied waa at once . anveyed to the Third IMatrlcl 1'olice Court wh*re he waa committed for examination by Juatice W*leh. CHAHfIB OK BBBPIMi A DIBOBMWLY UOUBB. Redelia O'Donnel), of No. #1 HoUlran atraet, waa arraat edfyeeterday by ofllcar Baldwin, of tha Klgbth ward police, charged with hating be#n lb# proprietor of a diaorderly houae, at tha abor# No. The complainant William H. White, living In tha lower part of the pr#ml ae*. atate* ia bla affidavit, that Be.l*lia a r ?m* are th* reaort of tlppleri, drunaard*, eoamon pro*tlliite#, r# pitted th laves, wicked, idle, .lla*olute aa 1 ll^.rderiy m*n aad wonxn, who ar# In th# practice nightly of drinking, dancing, quarrelling and fighting, at all hours of th* day and night, to the great disturbance of tha pubU# peace, annoyance of the neighbor*, and violation of public order and decency. Th* comptaiaaat wa# corro borated ia hi* teatlmony by offloer Baldwin and Knb?rt l attimor*. Ju*tlce I?avl?on. befor# whom th# arcu*e.l waa brought, haM her to bail la lb* aura of $.100 to answar th* ch?rga pr*f*rred againat liar. Al.t.BUKR BtRMLAKT. A young man, about eighteen ;?ri of aga, otaMtd Themaa llranlngan. ??? arraated yeeWday, by officer (?roTfoatrin, of tb? Eighteenth ward polio*, charged with b ATI os burglarioualy entered tbe preioiaee of John Pbmpeon. or 104 Kset Twenty fourth street, *o<l stealing therefrom, a game rooetsr, valued at two dollars. The property, It la alleged. was found io the poaaeaalou of the priaonsr, who, on being charged with the fowl trans ition, laid ha waa ?ntir?ly innocent that ha ha.1 ob talnad tha (am# r?,iw in trade for a dog. JunUr* fla Tlaoo, tha magistrate before whom tha i? gwl waa brought, roncluda.l to bold him on the charge of bur glary, and, notwithstanding his protestations of mno csnce, ha waa oonilgned to pnaon, In default nf Ire hundred dollar* ball AI.I.BOBD ITABBINU CASK IN TUB rOf'RTII WARD. On ftanday evening a yoang man named Job* Colliaa, wa>> arreated My officer ? , gflth* lourtk ward polio*, charged with harftig stabbed Oeorga Meyera In tb? Ba-hy part dT the N|W lag, Theae oariiea, it aeema, had some >tuarrel among feeosetvss, when Colling bee a me, aa it la alleged, etaaawrated, and plungal 'the hntfr Into Meyer'a log. Indicting a vsry painful, bat not dangernua wound The prieoner waa lafceu before J u at ire Connolly, who rommltte-l him for trial, on charge of lelonlona aaaault and lottery. ( uronrn' laqatala. Ri nan* to Dutr.? Yesterday, (iambi* bal l an laqueet at the flalf Orphan Aaylum la Haventy fourth street, upon the body of a UttI* girl, about tea yeara of aga, named Margaret Willi*, who ?to> to her >laeth by burn* received accidentally on lb*.VMh alt at the above laatitatlon It appeared th?t the 4*r*>eM along with other girls. wa? itea'ltng t/em le tha grate, whan her clothe* accidentally eaugbi fire, and bef? re the flamea cotiM be eitlnguiabed aba received >acb lajartee ?? rauae4 death, la a fx hour a ?fl?r the O" u-rarvce Verdict? Accidental death I*e?eaa*a| waa a oat. ra of Inland. As Chrrowr Kcatia loi lb f nowoer. ?On* one. * I balm bald an lniat?t yee-erlay at tha houae of Mr Hnraa. No. ,9 Weat street . ap?a tha b?!y of aa snhnown woman, about eaventesn year* ef age, who ?as foind lrovnad In tha water at War No I Vorth r.ver trvm tbe medical testimony of I w Hasee", who made a poal mortau aiamlaatiua of tha iwty of .ja-aaa-d tt ap peared that the diseased bad been la tha eater a boat two weeba. Thar* ware no marta <4 vlnleace ap"a the t/ody Tha jury rendered a 'art let ef teeth b? drown ing, from cauae unknown U them f wane a l had on a br* ' ? a at riped '?ot toe baod whit* linen nerkerrhlwf, black bomheriae ..par, ng n front two a' r!pa~1 pett""*ta, and one rot*, d ? fia. "hit* catvm rhimmle white woo lea atnrkinga, aad heevy -boaa aad btark ?lv.h rape Prom the geiaral appearanra IT the body It Is e?pp4?d Ac raa-ed ear a youag laermaa eaaigiaet, ACawkAUM to bun -Gwoaw (? ftowaall Ml aaia-i'.aat yawterda y, upon tb* body** a child abowt eigh'aaa ? oaths oH named John II Dohwrty. who was ?calded to death on "uaday aight, br a hetUa of l*U^ water failing npoa b m, at the raetdeaea of hi* iw/tl aer No 2* Caet ) teres th atraet while he waa playlag arrmart the aUTS Th* Jary rwadered a r*rdirt acoord^ly Ccirt talaedsr-TMi Day. r.TTT. ^Taraa Imnwrt i.rwt -Nu t7, :?, ? to II Rarasaa OrtaH ?Wei. IT61, itM. IU4, 711, 134 M?4, l#0t, ??S, 7, |'JM, 1M 1 1HM, 1H2, 17T3 ITT 4 PrraavBOarst? *pa?4Rj Tersi- Ho* ia,?ta?T r>?Bow f ijua? l-art let - No* T?. lltj 1?B, 1U, lTt, lti, 111, IK'i, JV. -m, 21b. 344, 'J?4. Ill, ?e rartM- Noe J, 4T, Ml, JM, Wi, i4?, 141, MS be ??T, n, m, ?n t nmj"* foa-RT ? Voe tt, 44 M, ?t. M. t? W, M 71, 7i n, r* t?. t? at. m ?*. tr, <* m. r> m. n, H r,, H Wt. m \% 104, l?4, 110, 111 %a 111 Pr?poKd Rrmnrtl mf John k tiMt *. fl< C huch-The Mrtlmlln la ? Haw. Tli* mania anion,; the churr&es Inr ni?\ <0( irtafa and /a to mora s rial ocra tie neighborhoods ha < at I angth reached tba members of old Joba atreet aburrb, tha fc?l of tha Hathodlst dsaomloatma built la thla elty, and am* to wbielr it ia said John Weeley hi easel f eaatl Ibutet f.inds aha* bulldtng . This feeltn* has grown up a. ?"?>?* >?ma of tha wealthier imabm, m they hare resa'vad away from the precinct* of tha old church, aad a nr. as tnralty dealroaa of having tha churrb aeore attb thwa, '? Tlrla howwer, ia ?pp*>ed by tha poorer mam bar i of tha congregation, vrho tlilok thara are too faw chorehaa al ready down tow*, and to remove thla one would leav tha Mathodtata no relimoee adMoa balo* l)iiaa* atreet There La ooaaMeral t* feehag ><>Mt tba matter which diapUyed Ileal! at a meettag of tha meaakara bald Uat night In tha baaemrnt of tha church. At X a clock about bo pevaerv were present. The paator, Iter Weorgw liara, aaa catted to tba chair. RicwAUtrf W. Huiao ? rhalraaaa of tka Hoard of Traa taea. eiplalnedtbe object of t'ja meetl-vg It wu for a eotiKultatiou aaong tlia members aa o lb? proMMl atap. The church, during the last few jeer* had fete* behind hand, and thara aaa arery probability thai oeat yaar matters would be ia a vtiraa cooditioa than at pro aaat. My moving up town, a 9aa i-hurek could ba erected aith tha funis arising from tha aala of tha ground of tha present afcurrh Mr K J. His* au apposed to golag. :W>me of tba rich oten in the oburch, ?ho paibapa bad aaauinulatad tbalr wealth frarn tha labor of poor aewlag ffirla, deeired to kh up town, and leave the reaniaata of tha lower wanla in spliitual aa well aa destitution Mr Mim illdn t want to go to Fifth avenue to <-hurrh Kick churches ware not always tba boat utiaa. Tha pi<er ahould bare tba (ioepel preached to them Tha rata ohihlrsa la the .Sabbath Pcbool bad oppeaed tha rrnanl Mr. Jkrara* urge?i a faw raaaona w by ha thoug hi tha church uTiouM At thia stage of tha proceedings confusion aa rued, owing to a mlaim'lerslaiidlug aa to arho wara pro par persona to take pa.-< In tha martin*, ilia wealthier members wishing la confine the dabata and actios (a ' thoae rmhaacad in a -all thay laauail A: length a taa ? Uon to adjourn tha pr*?-nt meeting was made ao that a new one rauld be caJlad iniine<liataly, wh?re rich aad poor could allka participate Thia aaa carried, whara upon lha Trustees and others favorable to the removal left tba ronm, Kx Mayor Harper baing one af tha nuaa bar. A new meeting wan Immediately organised, whaa Mr. J. T Barnea made a atateneat of lha affair* of tha ahureh. Thay now had $10,000 in thrtr f'iad, above every dabt aud liability. If lha church did ga a UtMa behind hand laat year it waa because of tha bard timaa. By conTeitiag tlia Imaaiuent af tha church lata twa handsome atoraa, which could oe done for ft, 900, aa annual rant conld be derltad of 9:1,000 at laaat, aap4f auOlclant to meet all current eipenasa Aad why wait do thia Inalaad af moring away from i ha old spot where the bonax of the sainted Somervtlle and many of tha boat Methodists la tha country wara baried ? Mr- 1 .on km aad othera followed in tha aaoia atralaa, and trie feeling sipresaeJ uu to the honr of adjourn ment waa agalaat tfta r? moral of tha church. City lattlllgrnrr. Tiik WitiTTixa ? Thara muat ba a niataka ?oma where. The almanac Informa ua that April )>agan laat Huaday, but we doa't believe a word of It Who co.ild, with thla rlllanoua March wind blowin* down u|>on ,ua, and eat ting noaa and eara aa with a raaor. April la intld, balmy, plea nant, which thix month ia not. Than thla coufouata4 duat, tbat won't stay still, but keeps pitcbiox into oaa'a ?yea, atlnging aad amnrtin^ thnaa delicate organa, aad making all lian>ls look aa tboa/h they ba<l joal returned from burying their beat friend, and nad not yet ?ot over the crying apell. Kren old codgara who ha4- aaC known what It waa to weep for twenty years, war* afl day yesterday with handkerchief to *ye?, in an agoay af tearful amotion. Henoualy, thka duat la a great oai aance, whloti It Is to be ha|>e<) will be abated when pro per aanitary maaaurea will be perfactad by our Mayor, and the city r*>aaed. aaitahoakl be. The wtad yeelerday blew fr"m tba nertliweat with great rioleace caoslaa some trouble on the rivers, though we have aot heard of any diaaaters of ronaaxinence. (In tha North rtvar, veaaela laying outside the enda of lha ptera have beaa more or leaa chafsd. The ell p at tha foot of Whitehall, waa entirely bare at low water, owing to the wtad wtiiaia drove the water out to aea The ferry boats oa tha Hamilton avenus and Houtb farriea were agrouad for some time, and only continued tbear trips by haullaf one another ont, rauaing cotialderabla delay Vo the aaar vehicle* eroeaiag Tliere were na many as four funeraM waiting for p^aaaga >t one lime, at tha llainllVod ferry, together with earls, wagons, he , a ifficient to Rll While ball to Water atreet. In the middle of the Mouth ferry allp is a large r> ? k, upon which the baata ground at or dinary h>w tides ; ?nd we should suppeae It waald ha a great saving to the company to blow up the raoa, whaa compared witA the loss of copper aad wear of the beata* bottoms it oeeaaiona After every low tide, email boaka can lie seen In tha all t> grappling for the copper ruhba4 oft by the aaid rock Why le not the r-mk blaetad * Kiktii?.ii Arrmt orHTMUT Wum< -4aat eight hat live atnat walkera were arrested In the tower wards af the city. They were very scarce la Ileoad way, aad ljulte aby oa the epprnasb of a poM wmaa la lha Kifth ward, oae or two , who were eomeahat diaorderif, were taken la to custody, while la the Third aad rtlath a few of the unfortunate creatures who wara weU kaewa to the ofllcars were lock ? I ep la the stetiaa ho see. Ureater cauUoa ia now u*?d by tlae pollea la aaakiag arrests, and all thoee aneatat Uat algbt wara taken into custody merely for <Usorderly ouadaet. Broadway waa much Improved in ite eppearaace, aa fw ae the presence of women of ill lama was coaeetae4, but the usual number of male disorderlies fre-, ueaMaa the eoraeri of the streets between tha 1'ark awl i.raal street, were aot In the least dlinlaiahad. Tmi Crrr ki si ('uusan ?We understand Mayar Wood has authorised the American l atent Velaealar Company (what a In a name *> to aommean* <>peralwaa ima>adiately, aad aee wbat they can do lower da cleaa Ing the city. They begun yeeterday ia tba lawer wards, and will eoatlnae uader the dlractloa of bis Honor uatM the plan they of cleaning lha city with their niachlnss has baea fully triad The public will looh. with no little Intereet to the Issus of lbs ei perl meat. Itroadwsy first genUemeii . It wants eleaaiag bally aad V"ureflotta will he sppreeldtad If you do It well. Try Hroadway Kiaaaaa Hca (?'aa ? A fireman named dotty, a taeas ber of No. 6 engine, la a raee bat wean eagiaas Mea 1 and 44, waa knocked down aivl rua over by the latter im tha Bowery, aear Oread atreet, oa rtunday eveata*. II* waa picked up ami takea to hia realdea/* la Lawaa atreet, aad waa found to be aenoasly tajured. Poll Ural lnUIII|?iu?. iiromuo ki'mom m iriiog riitn- vu u W M u. n. aniTui ih iixihom ? .41 Tha AlUm] JiUfTQpk of tha 2Vth nil , tmji ? *? bat* ju(t h*ar4 an tha atraat ? rumor frum Mprlafflabl, wlii< L <?[? ill* elLmai of anything vhJcb ku atruafc upon *b? tjmpanurn of our aar la aaa*y a Jaj It M mora nor !???, thaa that <i*aaraar KitUm, ditragardiag lb* rtf/lra of I.jmtrt TraaMI a* I' ML Hanator by tlx lafialatur*. ha* fmoIt?I W> daekara that atactica ?oM, ta<! on tba frounl that thar* la mow a aa rail' 7 ID tba aai ?-> ? ataa U aaak i.g aa appotataara* to tba poat ao buoan ?a|?a> l/tl.tjr jit la aa4arat<M>ttkah Uaa KbMl'U la tba gaatlamaa <laalfaata4 by tl?a inmaat f<? that ..?<? Tba r?aa<r cm ma to ?ay tba I r * . >oaka, Kt-i , la fonbvltb to aaa '-at a an* of iai ?? iaaa' f r'rtu tba laaprama '<jart,r*nalrla? tba liorarawr to iaaa a aartiReat* of alartloa to hia aa rapraaaatatlra la ('?? (Taaa from tbia diatriat Thafroaal ahfb Mr Faaba wfli laaaaa. la that 1 ha aot?a <-a*t far Ja<if Traaaball ?a?a aoM. anil ought nni to haaa bataa taantad la ?aa> If a^ .ba raturnj Ju4(a I ymao Trumbull la aaa l'atto4 hauator a I act by tba lafilatura ?a4 r?-praaaataUa? bu I ?B(raaa alaet froaa tba ?<f Mb '.talrkat af Uliaata. IMCTIOM in VI*COMIX. Aa ?laetk>a ab?a plana to oay , la WtaeoaaU, far I mm rtata Ju.ti-a af tba Mapmaa < oa/t. for abi< b tba ab%a haa* ooa?ia*ta4 "raaaaua < oka ?a<l Manual Oa?f *4 >? rn aa i af ?a aa Ia4apaa4aat tw-kat Tlka Tarf. CBITTMVILI.B cot Ml, I. Ir THrniKb. Yaatar?*jr aaa iba ajailai 4a y of tba t rv tm? iaaa a for 1*M, oa l?a( Ialaa/1, tba aporta r? a ntaaatag a' lba? raa'raattla Coaraa Tha Wrf'tarvaa a'a'a of tba aaa' tar pr a ran lad a larga altnuUaa, ul oal; tboar laaadiata ly lataraa'.ad la Iba rae* vara praaaat Tba aaata-b aaa aa lb* *4aartlaaaa?a' anaoa*?a4 ' for %U\ 0 atla baa la, la haraaaa. brtaaaa 'ao an'rlnl ni(*," '<aa aaaat ItabarOirl, aal tba Mbar l?4r (iaf, bat a baa 'rla* jraa'?r<tay aftaraaoa aaitbav of tbiaa yrm* U aa>??a to raaab, a?4 I' aaa luab J frir Ibaaa aiaa bar* |>aa V. tU ra a Ibat 'ba \ tbaai Kai'b harr^aa aboaM a??ar ba trta< ( _ to a pl'.aab, "t vtbar ?W.a aor* TV" w>aaar t?a* I Ij faua ailaalaa ta. parform tba <mif baa* a?a?a, bartaj dlataaaarf tha atbar araa la taat tt?? Tba lat lavtaf hi a aaaaiarr ? !,*<, (eraar naaaa^ b n Haiar ?,irl ......... t H. VoaMlraff naaaaU (bat 4)4 aat 4r?aa,) b A U4y ii?y ? ........ Am. Tlaa- aoaaMarably a??* tbraa aaatn. Jraarp CTtJ ??W* Plaa>? Rtmrr -Tbara aara M par aaa* aaaM^tVa* ba tba Jaraay ertj prt?a. *a?a? tba aaa# af Mbrcb, far af. faacaa aa faflaaa -nraabeeaaes, M if b >a4 4fm4m |y,J *?aar?arlr, ? ? aaapatia a< t^v, ? aa^f .U mfh* >. abialata| faa*a by ta^a aaataa' aaa. 1. ??'??. ?? ? aataa* alala. aW? ^ m l w tai M T>a aaiiaity a# tbarn ta aWta4 to M fatiaa* - ifslesi !?, I, Qmwamf I, li ^ mjWi % aba* 1Mb*; ?*? aaa **^*^4. "

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