Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW' WHOLE NO. 6798. MORNING YORK HERALD. ' EDITION-SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ! PASSAGE OP THE PROHIBITORY LIQUOR LAW. THE BROADWAY RAILROAD REVIVED. Modification of the Emigrant Pas senger Law. THE nimTTM ?A9 CO. BILL PASSED, 4a*., raw YORK LKG1SLATCR*. Senate. Alhawt, April 4, 1355. HIM.* RXTORTXO. 11m bill te encl Highland county wait reported for the consideration of the Senate. Mr. Ba kk a Rt> reported favorably oa the bill to define the Uw relative to light draft* on draft* and check*. To amend tho charter of the Hubart Kree College. The New York end Brook l)n Ice < oropsnr bill. Also, the general law relatiTe to the name subject. A Ion* debste tliuld on the merits of the two bill*, and both were sent to the Commute# of the Whole Mr. Kohhktmon asked perm'ssion to tntroduoe a bill to restrict tbe jurisdiction of the Marin* Court in New Tori', but Mr. Spenoer objected. The Albany and Susquehanna railway bill wai reported by the select committee on the subject. This is the town subscription bill. Half the committee were for, and fcalf against the bill. THK ItMKiKAjrr PASHKMOKft LAWS. Mr. Pkatt. prefented a majority report, relative to the protection of emigrant second class, steerage and deck pa'aengers Mr. WBrrMor had agreed to report tbe bill asorignally framed, and had no intimation that the bill was te Un changed. As reported, the bill allowed emigrant resse U to be brought to any wharf in the ctty ? authorizing the Commissioner* of Emigration to override the Common Council of the ctty in this matter. Mr. Pratt explained that it was an oversight on his p e rt, in not consulting the Senator from the 4th before mak'ngthe reprrt. Mr. BBOOgp suggested that the permission of the Common Council should be obtained by the Commission ?is, before selecting the docks at which emigrants should land Mr. Dktiinson considered tbe amendments made by the commit highly proper The Commissioners of emigration were selected without rsgari to party bias, ?n<i were as competent to attend to this matter as the Oty l onacU Mr. Bark did not know but the c ause waa a little too ?weeping, but he teared If the Common Council was to control the m.vter, it would be difficult for the Commi*. uloners to obtain permission. The Commit -loners, how evt-r, ought to have power to select a plaoe and erect tbeir building*. Mr. Brook* moved to re- commit the bill, with instruc tions to amao'l. Mr UtoviosoN? i?t us take the question now. No one desires to debate it further. Mr. Brook* suggested that the Senators from New T..rk concurred in the belief that the bill ought to be nmsnderi. It could probably be amended so as to meet tbe view* of Uin .Senate. He moved to lay the question ot agreeing to the report on the table. Agreed to. Tbe ffceketts Harbor and Saratoga Railway bill waa again taken up in committee and debated, when the innate went into eiecutlve session. AFTERNOON >? |0M. Tbe Senate opened, and continued in executive session nntil half past seven A. M., and then ad,ourned. Aaeablfi Albany, April 6, 1856. HII.LH RXPOBTKB. To regulate the bati* of tecurity of bonis aud ex ciargm for banking purpotet. To idimiI the act relative to Schuyler county. To define the taw relative to grace on tight draft*. Relative tu police juttlce* in the late city of WlUiaini burg. For due apportionment of taxeR. Relative to the office of clerk* of bantu in New York any. To veat certain land* under water in the Major of New Mk The Gomnr.ttea of Nine report*] several bill*, among thom the bill to diapoae of tQe Quarantine property a Staten Inland, out after Home debate it w in taken out. lb* Seconu Avenue Railway bill wait alto taken out ot tie rrpoit To aa>eud the Reviied Statutes relative to the title of real property by decent Mr. Watmh-.I'KT presented the minority report ou the Manhattan <;a* Omipany bill, limiting the pticeant ptoieeting the tight* of New York. It wu ditagraed to A. 0. W II. I J amu introduced a bill authorizing town aub ?criptioni to the Utica and Blnghamton railroad. TBI! PROHIBITORY LIIJUOK Itfl.L. The Temp* r?oct? bill, the Senate'* amendment* wa* then announced. Mr O'Kwcro moved to lay theb'llonthe table, an 1 print the ameniimentti. Lost. Mr. Baldwin moved the reference of the tubject t-> a committee of conference. Mr. Odkll moved the amendment* of the Senate be concurred in 1 be myakkk decided the motion wan not debatable or amendable. Mr. O'Ktzrc appealed. 'I lie speak kk **ui the appeal wa* not debatable, and ?tated hi* ground*. Mr. O'Kkvik asked the content of the Houae to reply to the Speaker. Mr. Mummy ob'actad. The House su-tained the Speaker't decition, by aye* 74, oaf* 44. Mr. Watkudcrt then moved to recommit the bill with ios'ructioot to amend i>o a- to exempt such property from taxation a* ?a< determined by tue pu ?g* of the kilt. Mr Chubciuli. moved the previous queation. Mr W*bhi>?? If the llouae cot-concurs, can a com mittee of conterence be appoint* 1 by the House The ?ru(>? ? A motion for *uch a committee would the n be in order. The amendment* of the Annate were then concurred in? Ayee, HO, nay*. 46, a* follow* : ? Aym. ? Meaera. Baldwin, J. Bennatt. J P Hennctt, flayna, Blaaealee, Bojnton, llruah, Bu. kley, Buabnell, 0 bee tar, Cock*. 9. R. Cote, Cove; , ICamea, Kror?*t, Fairehild, (or dun. I itrh. tiataa, Clnaaou, Godd?rd, lleaoioy, Hull Hunt, Jimmeraen, C. F. Jobuaou, L,. B . Juliaton, Kondii, Knapp, Kirkland, i 'l 'n ;nrt , l.idjh, l.ittli ;fi?ld, Lourie, Mtcaan, McKlanev, Miliar). Mtiu Me?t-ir?, May, K Millar. I. Mil ler. Muaro, Udell, rai u - . I) Palmrr, r. W. I'almer, Peek: Peaaoyer, Piatt, Raniaay, Rnyu md, Rickarajn, ttider, Rhodea, Sniiayler, B. bmitu, J. A. Smith, 8. Smith, Spoo/.er, Stanton. Stctiuina, Utefeat, Sturra, Terhaae. U Tompkiim, L. Tomnkina (Van Ktt.n, Van mdol, Warner. Walker, W ard, Wella. F. S. Whalen, S. S Wh .lion, A. G. Williams, <j. U. Williama. Wilaey, Vt inner, Wo >dcn, VVvnaut? 80. Nokt? Meatta. Aitken, All?n, Baldwin, daker, Bee. h. r, Blake*!"*, Blati-hfurd, Bleaalnt, liridonbeoker, C'ampoell, Case, Cbapm. < hi rcfcill, ( lark, K. Cola, C iloman. Com ?tock, Conger Davidson, Davy, lievrnin.*, Dltoa, Den a a a, D'imont, Mdearda, Emana, Urean, Ivana, Mhimn, M" l.auahlln. Muudav, O'Keele, Parteaa, Petty, I'htlpi, Kh >da. RobTaaon, 8ea?ri?t, Seymour, Smallay, W. B. SuiitU,T<r feune, W??er tl'atirbary, W fed? 43. itimrM? Me-trt. Do tge, J. C. IMuier, Searing and K. 1. rmith. Mr. 8tkvi?.< move l to reconsider thu vote. Lo*t ? 11 to H4. AKTIR-NOON skhhion. BILLS PASHKI) To reduce tbe par value of trie thare- of the old Har lem Railway atovt In lelatloo to the Juttieet of the Ptace In the late city of Williamtburg. To iacrraae :u* capital atock of the Manhattan Uaa Company, A motion wa? otide to recommit thi* bill, to make it confoim to tne Waterbury bill, who charged it wat not amended aa iirecttd. Mr. 0'Kiu: l tail it wa* reported ia violation of good faith. It wa* pa?*? I under the previo'it <ju-*tion To amec l the act ia relation to the conntructiou of railway* in en tea Mr.*.v toped tte bill would be laid aaide, aa there wat fraud '-onnected with it. Mr I. noil (novel to recommit. Mr. Coleman wanted to kill the b'U Tbere waa not a member from the city who darad to vote for the bill A 0. liuin i eaid it wan an abominable t'.heme ! Mr Mi'mo?y aaid the bill wat well aaown in New York The IV, ard of Councilman, by a v?te of ill to 19, had voted lor it I'nder tbo pravioua qaeftlon the bill wu paaaed, and tlie llouae retuaed to reconeider tbe vore Relative to Mealing and (urging railroad tlcketa Tue Hou -e ikeo took a receat. ITKMIf KQ HMfllfO*. A bill waa reportert, which autnoriae* certain railroad c* i?i pa ? le i tu aid in the conat ruction of the iaban.m Seringa Hallway. Hi* '-'U to i- impemaate for lo>a?i by riot' wa* leat, an I a rrotlon mare lo nmmMm, laid no the table. I he b'll to a mead tha act fori he formatl jo of compa nies to aavigate rivera and lake! waa aiao mat. ou t a PAKarn. To fix the >ala: v of the lieputj Attorney Oeneta' To incorporate tha llinghamtoa. Otwego, an i I'enn eylvania Na ? ration Company. To facillt-i'a education afsong Indian*. To regulate the ability of b'.tel keeper* TUia bill d??ea aot reli-ve ibe keeper* from rt<pon*ibillty, m c'aae do tires at* a'llxad on tae door*, Ac. Adjourned. Crrf Pounca.? Omfusion reignt la Rabat. "Three can .i 'at?a tor Mayor ate in the fleid. The whig ind democratic parties have eaeh 'heir candMate, regu larly eudor e 1 g.-od men and true while the aelf ttyled Independent piriy have nominated the preeent worthy iucuniVn: of that office. Marine ami Maotera ire whig*, tlie forme? ht* the regular nomination, wuilo the l?t1er ia put forward by tba old aaeociate railroad an I ' lottery jbnta, avtiwe??ly at ladep* suent, but ottenaiblr | Uj aeeu:e tht terry irancLite, landa Sowed over l>f the tile*, dock property, and o'??r tppendage>, wbi o, on tha cecllae or tfce aa-o- ate lottery, ?er? me-^ed n 'he praaeaj t railroad aa i ferry ?i' nopoiy. Main* law, fl| ?aeaii^ ana Know Mothiaga, are ?ir. taita nppo- lnf t*>e 1 ProgrtM ot the Municipal Revolution. TBI UQUOK DEALEK* AO AIM. The cam of Mr. French cam* ap for trial yesterday afternoon, before Justice Oeborne. Th- Major'* office ?u crowded with liquor dealer* Had other* anxious to learn the reault. Mersr*. TomHnioa and Walden appeared for the da fenuant. In introducing tlie ra?* Mr. T. objected igamat tta mode o( procedure adopted by th* Court ail uncon stitutional, anil contended til at hi* client >? entitUd to a trial by jury. It >* declared, said he, by the constitu tion ot our State, that do parson shall be deprived of property or hoerty unlaaa by the judgment of ti n peer*. Ibe law make* this declaration, and jour Honor will Hod It in tie elementary works lliat embody its princi ple*? in Blackatona aod in Kant, wtieie the i ldgment of the aubject or citiaen by hi* peer* i* let (orth to be by a jury ot twelve men. l'be ouly exception mad* by the constitution applies to sumtaary proceeding* known to the common law belora the a<loption of our constitu tion. Violation* of corporation ordinance! were not punished by aummary proceeding, hut a jury tria'. could be had; and. in the case of Wood against tin Mayor of Brooklyn, and the cant* of ttie People Tt. Duffy, it i* clearly indicated that the right of tr:al by jury aliould be preserved inviolate. It is Incompetent for even the legislature to oraaU a new offence, and deiuare tbia extraordinary method of procedure. ih* i,* tute luelf la but a species of corporate body, receiving it* powers irnm the conatitution, by whlcn it. lik* all other corporatiot *, muit be guided and governed. Judge Uaborne aaid thnt the act of 1863 could oe ex tended to oruinuucfH oi Common Council, and that if legislature* could confer no sack authority a* th* power now clainMd npon cltiea, the latter would be ia no tietter case than unlncorporptod towns and village*. Mr. Tomlinaon argued that the common law recog nized certain auiumary conviction*, but not in matter* ot tbia kind; and th* Legislature, under the conititu tion, cannot create a new olfence aaknown to the oom mon law and pre scribe it* iorm of punishment, denying, at tba fame time, a trial by jury. Again, I repeat, the Conatitution guide* and ocntrols the Legislature of the htate. Juktece 0. then deciding to procou with the ex amination in tha ca*e, asaed if the defence had any other to call, Mr Tomlinson said be wished to have the, Mayor pro duced a* a wit newt; but the Mayor wa* not sent for. Mr. Stephen Mann, policeman, was examined in regard to bis own affidavit, as follow*: ? Justice ? Did you make that affidavit, and are the facta tneiein set forth correct? Witness ? I did not aee them drink. (Sensation and Mime laughter.) The Justice then took the affidavit and oommenced reading It over to the witness, asking him, at the same time, whether its contents were correct. Objected to by counsel for defendants, as leading the witness. Over ruled, and reading proceeded with. Juctice (reading the clause of the affiiavit, <*and diank, Ac.)- Now, are the facta true, a* set forth Witness ? They are true, but I didn't see them drink. I saw two glasses? (interrupted by Justice)? No, |no, but? ? Counsel objected to the interruption, claiming the benefit of the whole answer. Overruled. Justice? Did you *?e the liquor Mrved out? Witness? 1 did. Justice ? Did you *ee it paid for'' Witness? No, sir; I didn't see it paid for. (Great hi larity.) Mr. John Augustas Ricard, sergeant-major 'of the police, was tben called. After some delay he appeared. Juetlce? ' Were you on the premise* of Mr. French oa Sunday, the of March? A. ? I wa*. Juitice? In company with any oner A ?No. ilr. Q.? Did you witness the *aie and delivery of, and the payment for, beer, or any other intoxicating drink? UDjected to by counsel for defendant* as loading, and asking the witness to testify to a point of law. Witoesa cannot testify thus to an offence in dispute, for that would be a legal conclusion. Overruled, and witness proceeded ? I saw ale called for and drank; I dil not see it paid for. Q. Did you know the parties who called for it ? A. No; the nen were eating dinner. <J. Did they call for it in the oidinary way in which drinks are called for (Objected to, as leading, and as assuming that the witness knew ibe ordinary way in which drinks are called fcr.) The objection was overruled, and, on repetition of th* question, the witne** answered, "They did." Q By whoui wa* the liquor furniihed to thes* parties V By the waiter ? A. Yes. 0 By whom to ibe waiter ? A. By the clerk behind the bar. J u.- tire ? "Ibe baikoeper A. Yes, sir, by the barkeeper. Mr T> tniinenn? Was this in the refectory ot Mr. French's Hotel ? Witness ? Yes, sir. Question by Couosei? Wer? there any other officer* there at the >>in? i A- No, sir. By Counsel ? lrtd you |o t>y any one'* direction? A. I went of my own accord Counsel ? Answer my question. I ask you, did you go there by any one'* direction or request? Did any oris t*II you fo go there ? Witnefs ( * ith some warmth) ? I went there of my own accord, to get my dinner; 1 dinwl there every day. By Couoeel ? lud you communicate the facta you hare set :orth to any one* A. To the Justice thfru. Another witness was called, bnt, as he did not make hi* eppeatanre, the further hearing of the raae was post pontd ? the time to be fixed by the Justice this morning. The Tnif. UNION C0U1IHK, L. I.? TROTflNU. Tbe trotting aea?on at the I nion Cjurae commenced yeater'lay afternoon, with a race for a purse. Tbare were three en trie*, vU : t>. g. Prince, a. m. Fanny, and b. in. Adelaide. The race ww mile Uaata, beat three in five, in harness, and wai very closely conte -ted through out betwten Prinoe and the sorrel mire. Prince won after Ave heats, two of them being dead heata. The track wan very heavy. The itorrel mare waa the favorite against the field previous to the acorlng, at ten to eight; but before tba atart, Prince waa the favorite evea again* t the field. He ia a well bred horae ? being by Clarion, out of a Trustee mare ? and givei promise of making a faat one in time. fhrtt //fit. ? Prince took the lead at the atart, both mare* breaking up aa aoon na the word waa given, and he led to the ijnaiter pule a couple of lengths, la forty five seconds On the bactxtretch tbe sorrel mare cloaed tip nicely to within a length of Prince at the hall mile pelt- ? tine, 1 -,C ? Adelaide hroken up and far behind, I'rioce kept the lead round the lower turn, with the aor rel mare at hia wheel. On tbe homestretch, tlie mare broke as llliaui drew liar out for a bruab, and fell off a couple of leugtlia, which aba waa unable alter ward' to make up, anu prince won in 2 St i. Adelaide saved her iliatance hy tbe Judge not being in the stnnd. So and V auny took tbe lead, and went to the ijuarler polt three or four lengths aii'-ad, tbe other two having broken up on the turn She op-aed tba gap to ball a dor.en lengths to the half mile pole, la 1:27; but on the lower turn Prince began closing on her, and after ii gallant rally succeeded in getting h?ad and liead with her an *he came to the aeon-, and the judgea de sided a i'e*d heat Time, 8 Ul Adelaide ju?t inaide the die tanc?* stand Jhirtl Heat. ? Prince toek the leal at the ita r\ and beat Fanny a i ouple of lengtha to the quarter. In rorty four seconds ? Adelaide i:p. and a mile distance behind. On the backetretch the mare cloaed a trifle, Prince passing that tinmt In 1:26. The mare waa on Prince's ? heel around the lower turn but she broke as she swung on the homestretch, anu be beat her to the iors three or four lengths, in J M, Adelaide about slaty yards behind. t'uurth ll^nl ? Adelaide drawn. The horses had a good ?tart, but tbey both broke up before getting arouna the turn, and canny being toe tlrat to get to wort, ted to the quarter pole a length, in forty-lour aecouds. Bhe con tinued to lead to the iialf miie pole In 1:28, and around the lower turn. As tbey came on the homestretch, l'bler pulled out and mace play, and altar a neck and neck struggle, they landed on the score with thetr tea I - together. The judges gave another dead heat. Time, fifth /leal ? Prlf.ce took the lead with the word, and maintained it to tbe end, although rloeety pre?s?-d by lanny all tbe way Time, 2 56. Tbe following is a nummary ? Ox Friday, April 4, purse 110 mile beats, beet three in five, ia harneas. for borsea that never won a purse I). Pfller entered b. g. Pnnoe 1 0 1 o 1 II. Woodruff entere i a m. Finny 2 0 2 0 V! James Wlielpley entered b. m. Adelaide. 3 3 3 dr. Time, 2 SO?3 01-2 te? 2:M? 2 >6 Prom api<earnnees, tbe present 'rotting reason will be unu. ually lively, thee being a great num*ier or horses already in training for the rampaigD The spring has been tery backward, and tbe tracka have been unfit to work on until within a few days: but as the weather be comts milder, the work of to? traiaers increase. 1 he following is a lift of the horaea now la the bands of the Bji'st scientific drivers :? Hiram Woodruff baa lady Fulton, OntrevlUe, Stella, lady Franklin, aud twelve or fourteen green ones Isaac Woodruff bas .Spangle, lieceptioa, and IMek llatt. I>. P8W baa Hickory. Major and a tine gray colt Wm. Whrlan has sjntag, Millar's Damsel an I Iliac k Beea. Wairtu Peabcdy has Flora Trmple, Tom Woader, and two r?*ns. Ja- Whelpley has Wm Tell and 1 1 ree other good ones. Jaa. S'cV:'un has Pocahonia- and two er three other fa t oner without namea Simeon 111 agland baa John Wao-. lady Wa- 'i ngt >o, Bay Tom, Kate Caraon. and two othen. hamuel Mclaughlin has Mountain Maid an! lady Jl >s cow. Charles Rrooke has Iola and two or three o'Jiera fieoege fpicer bas Whalebone Hero, lantern and ethers. J' It N?l?on his two very promising young on*> F. J. Nodine baa Highland Maid and several ot sets. Kaval liitrlllunice. The Caited states sloop of war Oermanlown. I yarh eon mer.der sailed fross Buenos Ayrea far Rio Janeiro February -t. The t'uited States brig Perry, from Norfolk for the Canary Islands, waa epos erf Marsh 34, Ii lat M it), Ion. tv 40 W., leaking, aa t was seen agsia aeit day steal ing in lor Sertoli.. The steam ffge'e Powhataa, Captain MoCliaoy, a led 'ro? Honr KoO;j taauirv lfl. lor Ja*. CMjr Politic*. DRMOCBATIC UTUBLICAN UENBKAL OOMMITTm. Tbia committee mat on Thuraday evening, at their room*. No. 6#a Broadway, Horace K. Clark, in the chair. After tbe reading and adoption of the minute** of the >aat meeting, Mr. Uujvxm preeented a report auggeating impoitaot alteration* in the rulaa for the government of the l oiumittee, which report waa a*1opte<l after a abort debate. I'pou motion, tl.e Room Ceaamittee were empowered to attend to tbe hiring of the roam lor the coming ye ar. Mr. John Y. Savauk thfn moved tba appointment of a apecial committee to draft a aerie* of re?olutiona ex prra-irebf th?* aenae of tbia committee upon our rela tion" with Cubit and upon the conduct of our ad mini a trution in the prrmiaea S-veral member* of toe com ini'tee made remarka decidedly in approbation of the mo tif n. Mr. Blackdokn tbouglit that no American could read tb?* narrative of 'ha courae pure tied by tba authoriUeaof Cuba without beiogavera* to any mere attempt at manu facturing capital out ot tbe aUair, aa ha dlatruated the ?notivee of Mr. Marcy. and the action c f Tammany Hall . The government had long aubmitted to outragee upon the ri^bi i ot American* in every quarter of tbe glob*. Mr Clark aaid it wai< not only the right but tb* duty of every American, and of every American adminietra tion, to reaent outragaa upon our citiieni an'1, our dag, but urged that groat rare ahould be exerciaed In getting at the lacta ot the caae alleged. The motioa thou w*a I*nafd requiring inquiry into tha facta, and a report at tbe next meeting of the general oommittea. Tbe chairman than appointed the aubjoiaed apecial eaamMtea 01 live: Mr. John Y. Savage of tbe fifth ward; Mr Geo. F. alien of the Seventh ward; Mr. Guatarua A. ( onover of tha Ninth ward: Mr. John M. Seaman of tbe Seventeenth ward, and Mr. Peter B. .Sweeney of tba Twentieth ward Mr. Savage declining to aerva, Mr. Horace F. Clark wa< unammoualy choaen aa chairman in bla place After aome further unimportant buaineaa, the commit tee adjourned. TDK CENTRA I. DEMOCRATIC CNION ? TH? KNOW NO TUINQrt M?.V01'NCIU>? TUK NEW POLICE BILI. CON f? ?? * A meeting of tha Central Democratic Union waa held, laat night, in Tamuiany Hall. There were about twenty l^rxoDH present. J unties Connolly, in the absence of tbe regular presi dent, wis celled ta the clialr. L. J. Harrison acted >? IIONtllJ, Alter the reading of the minutes, Mr. Conk stated that accounts had come from various part* of the State, en dorsicg the action of the Union in passing teiolutlon* looking toward* the annexation of Cuba. This move ment bad the hf irty support of all true democrats. Mr. 1). Jomcm CltAIM moved the following: ? and important elements of p >litical lotion bave lecu recently developed, which demand a irank and unrijulviii ul expression of opinion on the part of the demo craey, therefore, Resolved, 'Mm i the organisation of secret sooietioe for po litical notion is utterly repugnant to the spirit, and dsnxer one to the integrity, of tree institutions, and on*ht, there ft re. tu meet no countenance trom democrat* Resolved. Tlmt no honest political pafty, and no Just measure ot public policy, e\er needs the cloak of sccresy in order to itiMire success; hut that the nooessity for that mode ef action ia confined to those eovernmenta where power mat* with tyrants, instead of n free and enlightened poople. Resolved. that > true democrat is a free man ? free 1a head, lree in liert, free in hand? free to voate for whom he chooxW? and that he cannot surrender his Judgmcfit to the patty tyranny uf a midnight cabal, ruled by demagoguoe, without soiling Ms birthright, and ahdionilng nla manhood. Resolved, 1 Cat an Americans, sou lire in the posaeaaion of the glorious privtlegea and the inspiring hopes bequeathed to us by our patriot forelatheri, wo extend our hauds to the people of every land, bidding them weloomo to the commou labors and common llcssmga of our free and happy heritage, ami that we regard the organised efforts now in progress to alienate diflerout divisions of the people Iroin each other, on neconnt of the paltry accident of birth plaoe, or an honest difference of opinion, as tbe congenial work of base detna n??ues, wbo may prosper for a season, but shall surely ooine to naught at la?t. llefolM'd, That even il it ahuuM be found expedient or no oeersry to make any alterations in our naturslUation laws, m is claimed by tbe leaders of the new taction, this is uol tho hour, nor are they tbe men, clouded as they are with prejadire ami past ion, for the safe adjustment of a question iranght with so uiany difficulties. Kcrulved. That we rmiiond heartily to the sentiment ? "America tor Americans.' but that weoountall Americans who, lu food tnith. make America their home. A motion was made fo refer these resolution* to a committee of three, to report at a future meeting. Mr. Mnkhan whs opposed to laying over thMe resolu tl< tie. Procrastination did no ?ert of goo i It looted aa tboegh the Union was afraid ot ex pressing their honeat opinion*. All good democrats rial mad* up their inimla, ai>d why delay in giving expression to their sentimsuts? Alter some further debutn. the motion to refer wan 'oat, and tbe leaoluttons pasted, with but one dissenting vote. 1). Brunt* roxit offered the following:? Whereas we have reason to believe that the dominant faction in our Legislature are determined te override tbe will ol the people ot the eitj of New York, eiproned with out distinction ol party by the most weighty an I report a) le ucnil era of aacicty, as well aa by every political asso ciate n which h?s uttered its voice in regard to the measure, and careless of the good now juat beginning to be effected by the hoBeat and tealnua administration of our oltv affairs, are bent upon pas* in?, in some shape or other, all the ob noxious features ot tbe se called " rolleo lilll Tberefoie, Resolved. That we earnestly and Indignantly protest arninat so II i.rani a violation of our rights ; that we believe any ol an;e at this tlmo la the present system oan work only nnmiliitated evil, by cheeking the pretrial of reforms ao happily begun under the present ebief magiitracy ot the city, by unsettling all men's faith in the stability of any system ot Jastier, and by r? opening and re organising tke old system ot mere political favoritism to which these mtnv vesra all tbe interests of the eitiiene nl New York have been ruth leesly sacrtliced ? a system which has pandered to every viee. and offered premiums for every crime. Ilr. I.. T. Hahki-oin objects*!, lhe passage of thli re solution would to no good: indeed, it might have an effect in reenring the pnaaage of the obnoxious bill, as the dominant faction in Albany would say the oppo sition came from Tatuany Hall- whereas every party in '.his, city, who claimed to have honest men among them, denounced this iniquitous measure. Why not let the resolutions Iny over r Mr. Cork was not convinced. He thought it eminent ly proper to p*-? the resolutions, lhe democracy should be heard on this important matter. It was due to Mayor Wood to give him proper support After tome iurther debate, the rvsolntions were put and declared canted. The Secretary announced the expense of the late fa hloo demonstration ? There had l>een received.? (431 Disbursed 673 Kemainlng in the funds 4bi lhe meeting soon after adjourned. UKNERAL WUIO COMMITTD Or Till YOt'Nfi MKM. A meeting of this Committee wai held last evening, at tbe Hroadway House, the 1 'resident, James H. Welsh, in tbe chair Mr Wm If. Browne and J. Choi well acted as Secretaries, lhe attendance was not very large. The whole evening was taken up in a dlactiseioo that arose in tllliog a ; saucy in the Third ward delegation. No other bnainess of Importance was transacted, when tbe committees adjourned. Prieonal Intelligence. ARRIVAL*. ' From Liverpool, in the steamship Ileitis? Meaare I. ItlS' k Hone, Joi a si Kuans II A Uarrett, Wm Nlblo, J II Van Alen end see, I 'ol Trumbull Vsn Alan, Geo Srett. Thee Yeo man. < A llartb, Kt Rev Bishop Timon. Kea M>e<rs James C'oylesnd F X Hrameeaa, Mr Cornelius Daly. Misses Ann and I atharine Dely, Mr- Wolfe, Miss Msiony, Miss Clay, Kg and Mrs Tbos Waitb, Messrs Terea.-s Keesan. Alex M rrtll, Alan I'amerve. James Callw-ll. Ilu/h Neleon, M in linedlct, II Me ft ntt, ueo llarrod, Thee K teniae tits, Jonathan Ros sell, John I wan. W in Itrown Wm Thonpaon, Jas Tsoker, John UritBth. I>ainel it K-efe, Andrew Heywsrd, Kobert Knhdetberg, Solomon Wall berg. J M Alain. (<>0 11111. Kd ward Aebard, J SSkei.e, Mrs Tliurston and ohild, Mise Elian Nott, Mrs l.orimrr. Mr J II Markbam. Mr and Mrs K II Maw. Messrs W U Welsh, J F. MscUrlsnd, W It Hsrl-e, Wm GrtAn. Henry .Homervllle. I, B PIMber, Mr and Mrs J II 1'ruaert and child, Misa Jetikisa. M aenl. W Miier, Tbos Holland. Solomon Uerson. Wm lleottie, boeald Molnnis. H Coffin, Albert Morel. I. T M^ichera. flee Meensy, 1'rancla liatea, (; W Uneekenboa, J T Lord, Harm t I'tilllipa Mr and Mrs (i A H "isliem and cblld, Mr A D Inglis? Total re. Irom Norfolk, Ac. la eteamship Jsmc town- Walter Scott, Mrs K ll>nry end two ebMdres. ? l? I'hlppe, N si blldi J Moddaid, Mise K Be?ve, Mead, J V? lls< >rtv, R to i, l? J liey, T I'rosa.-r, W II Hales an 1 lady, Mra Marvin Meat Hub' I KN ; I. lent Molleriy. I.ieut firey, T. II >ek - 1 1, Rod man Lewi/ I. "Wis, Wm fierce. K J Mea l, Mrs R M Meal and fenr children. A Urandy, (Jeo Wilees. I' Kogere. J .tim mora, b Monrtve, I Monght, 8 II Staaberry, Mr Martley? tH ia the eteerare I rem Naas- u MP, la baik C W Trultt? Mr Coiwvtthy. M Human. Mr Cook.) apt Kelly, Mr Dii?n, and sevi a n steal age eret bed laaoi-n I rotn ?t Marka. la trig Tlmee? -Richard Xavery. A mo Iran Hlble torlely. The stated meeting of the Board of Manage was hell on Thursday, the bth inst , at 4,^ P. M. . tbe Hon. I.utber Hraoish in the chair, assisted h y Hon A R. Has bioucb Wm H. Crosby, ami Francis Hall, Ke^re Ten new snstetiee were reeognlrael one in each <>f 'be Htates of Iowa, Wiacoosia Georgia and Tenne- -ee end two In Arkansas, Texas aad lUlliii. letters were preeented from Rev. Mr Cnodell of (>in etattlnople, on tke prog re a of tbe Arm*ao Turkish Bible, sad showlag the difficulty of traaelatiag the Nriptures Into 'hat language, lor want of suitable words to convey rel'gtoua truth from the Rev Mr Wiaslow, of the Madras Miaaloa, glsi ng an account of eipendltuiee ia ( ubllshlng tbe aarre-1 Aertpturee la that region, aad uf their dletnbntlon, and repeating further appropriations; from Mr Wheeler of Aaptawatl, la r? Crd to clrculatloB of Henptuiee on the Istliaiiie, from v 1ft rmith, of Blwrout asking permissisa to com men -m tbe publleatioa of tbe new translation of the Bible ia'o Arabic st tba expense of this society, which was gra it ed; a Utter from Mr. Ktgl.'er at C loalaatloople from Mr Montealaatgw, with an aecoaat ef hi- labors at Car sees* fiom tbe f reach and Foreign Hlble MuMf wk' enrrt ragir g accounts of tbe work ia Krame, aad stat ir.g tlieir urgent need of farther aaaiaiaae* rruin Mr. A. Mierlelos of Ht. I'eieraburg, with a luiaute statement of eioen iture of funds granted by this society trom IUv Mr Jaccby, of Rremea, with aissilar aeccuats, as! also "lateinieg tLs reports of the colp-.rteurg in tier n r u v end (avrable accounte of diesrioattoas through theni Otliet lettets were received froas Africa, lb) V, Java, kt , kt (?rents were made of fciblea to tbe New York Oniian As) I. in t?? the Children a Aid fV* iety, Uermaa Hi - ?? let ln>m grante .ate tbe country to tba tirea-l Tiuak halUvad. fcr tteir atato.aa Hi b lee i n Apaaisti anu f og.iaL, tor Cabe lor Hio (.rand City, far Ksaae lerriltry, with var-ous others of smiiiler amount with ten isiiBH I ?r the blind. In BKjeey tuaie was (rialel oa appMcat'oa, |2,0t0 fa* Ch.aa, SI.UM) tor fltiai, sal II.OrtP f?e (ieeasiay ARRIVAL, OF THE BALTIC. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. NO CHANGE IN THE CRIMEA. THE VIENNA PEACE CONFERENCE, j The Point Relative to the Danube Agreed Upon. VERY NTEBBSTIM EBON mm. Important Manifestoes and Addresses of Alexander II. Not an Inch of RtiKBiun Terri tory to be Given I p. IMPORTANT FROM SPAIN. SLAVERY NUT TO BE ABOLISHED IN CUBA. DEATH OF MARTIN VAN BUREN, JR. STATE OF THE MARKETS, IMPROVEMENT IN COTTON. d(C., dir., die. Tim ColHna mail staauisbip Baltic, (.'apt. (Jo unlock , ar rived at one o'clock yeaterday afternoon. Hhe left I.Ito pool on Saturday noon, the 24th ult. Our previous ad vice* by tha A*l:i were to th* 17th ult. The Battle pimsed tha Atlantic on Thursday, at 1 l't I'. M., In lat. 40 4ft, Ion 00 40. Tlia *tenmcr St. Iouta arrived out at Southampton at half pact nine o'clock on the morning of tha *J4th March Th>' Madrid (Jaittt* contaloa a despatch from th? Min later of Foreign Affair* to the r.ofarnor of Cuba, de nouncing tlie recent conspiracy, and staling, for ths satisfaction of landowner* in tha island, tliac t( is tk< firm tn(rn?on <f the iforrrnm^nt and vf the Cor let to jn-olrct the riyht* uj property; and that they oonti'lr tlarny at one <if the m>ut mcred of lurk right*. The Minlater besides inform* the OoTernor thut military force* have been sent out, and that more are to follow, lie also kUUh that the ynueu thank* him, the aiithori tie*, and tha troop*, for having exerted themsslve* in putting down the conspiracy. The Pp.inmh Cort**, on the 17th uU., approred of the proposition ot M. Oloxaga relative to an elective Senate, an I the minlaterial journal, the fb-ria, repeat* the ru mor that the Mlnlater of Finance lit* already reali/^1 a K>aa of 600,000, CO# real*. Tbe first of the lour point* or guarantee, namely, that the Danubian Principaiitle* be pUcgd under th* protactomte of the Five Power*, bad baen unamwjiMly agreed to in the Congree* of Vienna. Ilia second point was under diauu-ialon and would pjo bably be adopted. Th* third point relative to the IlUck Sea wa* the eriti (Hi one. Home of the German journal* a*sert most distinctly that if the reault of *ha inference should not end in tha restoration or peace, Auatrta will declare war again it Kuaaia. according to artlcl" live of the trsnty of llec. 2. The Ormttitutiormel affirm* tbe *ame fact Th* Ctar Alexander ha* mad? a speech to hi* army but on the whole hi* language i* interpreted pa* The siege of SebMtopol I* unchanged. I.OTd Kagtan officially admit* that the Hua*i?n* are making the place stronger. ' We kn, given to under*t*nd by letter* from Pari*, that the preparation* for the Km per or s departure to tbe Crimea are completed, but that hM journey will be postponed until th* rising of tbe Vienna Conference Annexed i* an extract of a letter from Pari* ? 1 have read M. K da Girardln* pamphiet lit* plan for a great peace in*tead of a great war may be *tat-d In three line* He propo**-* that, in ar ler to ?pare t e *ui<c?ptlbllitie* of Alexander II., and to enable him U> make peaee without disgracing the beginning of lii* reign, France ?boui I call upon Kngland to d-atroy (Jib raltar by way of letting an atample to Kn**ia to con ?ent to tha destruction of Sebaatopol ! The navigation of the Great Bell wn* open. Kiel wa* partially open, and the ice wan breaking up generally. Allying squadron? the tir*t instalment of tbe Knglish Baltic tteeV? sailsd from "pithead, March -0th. for Kiel. The w|uadron i* under the command of Captain W?taon, and comprise* the ships Imp*rieu*e, Kurgaius Arrogant, Esk, Tartar, Archer and Conflict, in all .14 gun*. Thousand* of spsctators wltneaeed their departure. The ilvnio-ur states Unit the tiultan has authorised the erect ion of Catholic ch*pel* *t Tteblnond, Mftelin, Met sine and Berga-i Martin Van Huren, Jr., died at Pari* on Toeeday, tha 'Xitb nit. A large number of American* accom panied hl? r. mains to Ifeeir 'emporary resting place in the cemetery of Montmatm. Tbe deceased had for a long time bean wa*ting under the biiglit of con sumption, but hi* death wa* so *udden a* to ?ur priee even tho-e fr ?nds who had despaired of his recov ery. Ha had seated h.mceif at the dinner labia when hi* head feU forward on tl* brsast, and he ex. pired without a word, without a groan. An eloquent aid touching allocation w** pronounced at the tomb by tha Pastor Co<|U*rel. Tlie audience forgot all feelings ol party or of Met in sympathy r?r the ber**ved lather. The Pari* correspondent of the Iondon ChronirM, writing on March 23d, s.iy? ? The King ot Kapie* ha* Ix-en pressed bj Austria to give in hi* adheslen to toe alliance, but King Bom be ie*olutely aticta to neutrality and the principle* laid down by the I nitad State* a* regard* neutral ?*ss?ls. It remain* to be ?en bo* (ir the Allied Powers will earry their toleration of the theorv that ?' th* fla? cover* tbe <argo. II the vessel* o' hi* Sicilian Ma^ealy * sub ject- are lound coasting tba shores of the Black tf?%. Tha dispute between M. Thiers and Mr. Varun, respecting the statement published in the " Ms mr? d ?s Bouryeon iJ* J'ari*, ' la prolonged by a l*tt?T from General ("hangarnier, who denle* that any *?ch meeting took place at the houae of M liters, a* ailegeu in tha work above alltfded to. The atidence on e?h *ide w now a<|u?l, I?r. Vernon *?: Count Momy affirming the fact a* stated while M 1 biers and (ion. Chnngarnier give It the most poeltive contradiction Thus the matter reals at prasaal. l ord Erskine, eldest son of the rslebrated Chan'eUor l^ klne, died at Brighton on th* lt?h. He was mim?ur plenipotentiary toWaahington in 1W-. In tha cwlebrated trial Bntler v* Mountgarrett, the new verdlc' ha* been given for tba defendants Tbi* can** involve* the Mo .ntgarett peerage an I HO.O'Ki a JMr An autograph letUr of George W**bington *n s rtd el auction, in I?ndon, for O. A deputation of the Americao (*bam>?w of < ommerce s'.f Hvwrpool had an interview with the gov#rnw?-nt i.pon the sat^et of tbe present ou?*l. tlactory stale of Ui* law relating to bills oflnding. Tha Ij>adon money marset wa- to* sto ? of gold increasing. i oner.l* bad d?ciln*<l, cloeing at 9: ; The Three per Cents cloned at VM 4e, , and 'ba hi it and a ba'l per Cents, at 9*1. ?c 0. Well hon * Co., Isiiidon, rwport tba market for AiMriru aecuri'.la* a* presenting no altera t?on at t? (K,rt*nc?- during *be weak end.og nil , prions rem* n ng nnchanged ? I m'.**' Kts'es ' ? riond* t'* ? ?" Dr., #*, do 1W * 107 Do f'., Insc. Ktoef (U67 IW| IWt a l?i I>nn*/tvan.a ? s 3 ? ? |*> 4 *. k??'j* '1*T7; *1 * to Mn**a'hus't* t'?. -terllng bonds, (IW*> 10? a 1"! Marylar n S's 't?rlli-g bood? . ?l * ? Alabama stg. bo?is, {}?*?* ??/ *1 ? '? Virginia !? *, 'g bonds , a >4 |?. f, ? bo?>ls ( 1 Mn j ... . MI, ? ?: , i annda r. ? <V? ">sli U'.' /.... 1*1 a I'** Montreal City ?'s, (14'.7-lM*) a ? X Orleans 4u *'?. bonds, ( 1*741. , . 7* a |? ?'?, bonds. (1**4; , 71 a 34 Ultnats (an 7'a fill*/ ?" * "? f.aanss 7 s. bond , lat mrlg f g (|*fctii W.', a Pen Can RK 6*. 1*?0^.... ? - ? . *? ? * ?? X k Uj> 7 * 1st mrlg. (!*?? 1M9) 190 * 111 h, T? M 4a jlW II a *8 \m (Ml).***. ? .? ? fV Km,* T* ? .Tt Th# Ijverpool eottna nurtit had ob*-*i* t*enth of oo* eighth of ? penny per pound The ?*'.*? for th* w*ek reaohed AT.WObalaa, Including 14,100 on .peculation and 18,00? for e*p?rt. The mar k?t clo?ed Arm Kttr .juaLUe* Improved the mo.t New Orlean* fair. Western c.n.l flour U <iuot?d at 4',i?.. <?hlo ??*.. whit* wheat VJa. M . white corn 44*. , y*Uow o??m 4".?. Bread.tuth ?nd prori.ton* wer* unchanged. Our London Corrrapo*?lencr . LokDOK, Friday, March -J, 1?. Stat* of Affair* Omrm/lp?Th' Th atieof War TV Km peroi KopoUm i Visit-Th ? rUmm* Omftrmct-Th' >;,ur I'oinU?Ko. a a Stumbling Hl-xJi?Oui/ra t ?J M,nxhikof?Lor4 l.yv<ihur,ft Tt.fwr# of tk t K n.j tf frutrim A" &'*i il'"*1 JVuii /or !*?- A' r,vm*Ht?Th R>*t>u<k Cou>mM??MuCrll??*>?-' Very littl** h?. taken place In the *'!>??? "f ? thin, in Curop* I. tb- Ko.t .inee )a?t I ?rn|.. W* liar* advlee* from IhlaklavB to tb. l.'th. up lo which date pertichr had taken place. lord hud **?! lord Burgh*r*t to K*ba?t?pol lo announce the de?lh of tb* Kmi^iror St.- Lai. I. The llu..ieaa would aot believe it. Tb* new. bad created ooMtderable ?i cH.m.ut ?t Cen.U?, aad the earthquake I now d. abtle** *?phh>?d by tb* ?ujumtltau.. A F reach Colon*! d* Be vllle had arrived at Con.un tinopl* to .elect ground f.r tli* enuauipment of 40,000 addltloaal Frtneh troop*. Tb* Kmperor'* rhlt to tho Crime* I* by DO menu* regarded a. abandoned? but th*r. *r* rumoi. now lhat he will flr.i KagUnd H* ha. r*ri*w*d ?noth*r detachment of Imparl*! guard*, who bar* U'fl foi th* KaM, *nd, a* u.ual on .uch occa itiotil, addr**ied a few word* to them Thi. tlm* he .aid Soldier*' lb* army I* the true nobility of our eoun try It pre*ervae intact from ige t.. an* the tradition* elgloryaao of naUenal honor, and roar genealogical tree are the** (pointing to the coiur./ It mark* at each iaw-riltioB a\aw rictory. Take th.n, thaje ^ ^ Icon Hoe them lo your heui.r, your courage, and your patriot i? in. . M It wa* ob*er??d that at the revi.w the Kmparor dr*w his Hword, and kept It un?h?athed, which he never did before . thi* la regarded a* a blutof commas! , th* cent garde* were aleodrawn up in reguhr lln* of battle. By a glance at th* l'arl* new* you will ?*? that erery day a<ldltion?l r*tiforcenieiiU are ?<>nt out to the Ka?t. U>ui? Napoleon I* t<*? ?hrewd a man to imagui* that peace will envue from the Vienna conlerence. Ttt? rtr*t of tli* fou: jmjIuU, or guarantee*, ha* been adopted by al partle*. Tlie Brat article place- th* l?*aubian !'rinctpalltie? un d*r tb* joint protection ?f the Fire Pow*r*. Including Ptuitla. The ??ccud art ichor point refer, to ihe (ree navigation of the mouth, of the Danube, tad will be doubUe.- got over ?atlkfactod^. then come, the ".ticking point 1 The thirl provide. the treaty of July, 1H41, ah.llbe revlM-d by agre.^ nitwit of the higti contracting i.ow.r. in .n ln^ra.t of |.urc>v?AB e?iuiubriuBi an<l in a mum of tb? limit*! ton of the power of RubM* in !b? Hl*ck lu my humble opinion, 1 think it woulu have Ihh-u b*t t?r to hare put a categoili,*l qu*?tion re<jH>cting thi. third point, at one*. It would have w.ved time. If It 1* true that th* razing o! tb* rortr*??e? of H*b..topol U : in.irted u|>on. Ku..h will, of course, never coneeut. ?carcely, bowerer, think thai *o much will b* demaad*?l I Both the hte aud the new Kiup*ror hare d*' hr- ( ?l that they n*ver would con**nt to *oy thing Incompalible with tb* dignity of Kuiwia and though *11 partle* are de.lrou* for peac*, it mu.t not to be forgotten that, however lirmiy I/?ul? Nap?>le')0 I* apparently .eatad on tb* thtvn* ?f l-'r.nce h* cannot afford to .ufler a dafeat. II* It e??rtlng every oerre to take KebaMtpol. Next mail'y bria< u* the new. of th* re opening ol the bombardment, and probably an aa**ult. Yet the Ku.aian defeaca* are ?tr./uger than ever, but new batterie. of moit.r. and heavy gun. hav. be?a eltcted much oe.r.t tb* wall* and gf*at Uung* are ei prctrd. it i* to be " "I whether O-leu Sackeu, whotc.ta under <ioiUcb*koB, will eonduct the defence a* ably a* ili-uK hiV off. Ihe 'recall of the latter look, very like a dlxgrace, a* h* I. dapr.vwl of th* Oorarnor iianeral.blp cf Finland and of hi* rank *? l/>rd High A'iroiral. We b*v*two or three reralon. of the attack m?de by the IT retch on the llu*.Un redoubt dmlug the ai<ht of the !tfd February, lhey certainly to??k it, but werw dr ven out of It again, .nd ,i.fl.r?l con.lderably The Knmian* are ??ry plucky-they have thrown up two new redoubt., .till clo?ei to tbe Kronen work.. Ko further attack h.. 'ak?n place up??n Kupaiorla Oiaer I'acha I. a. now :ii.,000 infantry aad 1,'X? hor^, and a proportionate force of artillery. In the lloane of lonh the other night, lord t.yndhur.t pawed IB review the policy of Truwiia n th* Ka.te-u lueetton. With an nrti.Hc touch worthy of, he painted hi* Pru?.lan Maje.ty In color, of th. dark'.t hue, giving a rery faithful portrait of th. l'rU?.*n monarch ind hi. poUcy King 1 red*ric. William tia. heen W? fir**. leu, where he flad. .vmpatby with the King of Haioay. It il eaid that NeeMirod* U e.pected at V^nn*. All Ingland f?*t??I- or wa. pre.umed to la*t-on la*t Wadneeday, on aecouat of the war. Tae Idea originated with Hl<to?y Herbert, who thought It aot a bad p^an t?> make ail Fnghnd put on **ckc'otn *ad aeh*. for tb* ihortcomlng. of tha gov.ramen a th * management "t th* war. Ho much, however, rao.ilted from it, hatthe ,p.n.on. ? Ure..*d m tha pulpit of every eathedral. church, chapel, and 6tx**atlag c.bapel, prove.1 to be-f.?erabh to tb? war Tbe Roebuck (ommutee of Inve.' gation hold* it* ?l tim. dally It Will do go<*d in agalu.t future abate*, and I have no doubt th^i.e Improved .emu.y | condition at lialakhva n.ay, mee.ure, be attri bated to tbe row kicked op here I -acloe* ye . a le- t?r from Ihlaklara, which give, a cbe?rf'il acceent of th* ? tete of affair* ther*. Tbera I* a r<^ort that Men* liikofl i* ha-l, but it r* ou.ra. eonflrmat.oa. Th* King of l?amark who ha* been ?eri'? l ?, * r.f o vering The laU l)~.?*h mlnhtry aie U. be .? pear.ued. rbe Sardin.aa I* on lb- ere of hparture for the Crimea. lord '.lanii< ard* ha. made an al'-mpt a', a defence .a %e Hanroek ca?o It oil aot hole.. The great Helt U open, and tbe IhlUe *>( jadron at K pithead I* preparing Ut aall U?i lUdcilff. u reported te be ? iU llaroa Bruck i* daly la.taihd a. MlaJ.ter of Ytw *( Vtoaaa ABOLITION OF SLAVERY III CUBA. | Correct Tut at Planar R|?e< la In (he (?r<M In Htply Ut U? r raJ Itrroi*. (from l ha UwtU 4* IMikl | liar Ms ??tp'? goraroinant li?? r?r?ira4 oft, > nava hit i com)>lri'; hi b*ra ?liMotara-l a tba *?4af < uU aahlab. U It hm/i hrol?n oaf. mi.ljl i,ar? ?? ? *1 with ?*r>o?* ? n ???'?#? but wbl'b ba< ' >rt? I ??Ul/ baao !ata?t?'! la '.In* Th. gnrtraaianl 1 ? tlaa < aatiala<tioa of MiO| a I. la fi | n I ia i?aput.*a aad Ifca ' Wintry tba laanruc* ?f tba |Ml ?- q fl<lan?a ok,- b it j .'aria ttat t h)a eanaplrbrj a II ba ? . |iy>r a*aa4 and tbat pabbc U?U't?ulltT will aaa- aw to ba coM^la'iljr aa 1 rara.j. Tba gorarsa<?at #?l?rt?io? 'b'a ??.l iMtM a , <t?i? baeauaa a *<M. a to Uta fijali!/, tba ramfj i?| lb* iat*iUf?a?-a ?f tb? aatfc??ltta? ?b? '?yr?aan 1 t >a Uateauatry tt 'oaata "a aa a tmj a mmii, lauUi 1 tal, brara an4 4x -*4, i? anaiou.a tba tatafr.t/ n( our tar j War jr. It nrww oa Itoa ^cVaaaat of of tba aU .a a (aaaraJ, m ! , ua t> ? ' 'If ?' ??'??? part of tb*t p^palaToa Vbtah .1 .#<W4~I t? >?r l? a?*a Ufa '.-If wtxaar;, U I r, ? n oar WrntarUI la'.ajntj 1, rat ae.aai for tbia raarn w.? ro?.ioia",t tl* oka it 1 ?a 4.7 to n*ka u appaal V. ,g ir r>atr>?rfi*m Tb? I? yvMaa 'l??M fcarar tur >?<M ol U* faat IMt ia *11 ? rjaatl?na hanag rafaraaoa ta? tba .*,?**? of CuU tb*'? ,a ? aoerat ?p*t?f of b?ft? o a? 1 r> ail ?? r aor* at ibab ?? ma; baavaatiaiiy tba loa?"*i m ?liataMla ai>4 abtait MaaaUMtaa a ft 4 Ualof t r? n .|->ltor? a?4 raatrra ?M ,?~u..aa obaa^-tot with alt Jluil ar? at>4*r 4? n>a?a lb ? r*?aa, ahkb ma/ ftra faa to anaaa aaawtf. la tba .4aa abrb baa lain rr.tad la anna r*at>? ailr. it of a ?/???, oattoai ?? ' 'ar t<> atu,. a ?. .ba to a aaigbbw at KUta I Tb a iMtkatxp **?<4 ?ot ba -*tf ro.? if t vara nat I MHMM attb >aott>rr MM WlHl t?a <t, nf ? ?. aaa tar < ? ba tba I wad )*t?ua la laaaailrl tba' a tr ttM uaan* t.'aa aartailty of yraaa ita< aia aar ia '!,a la'ao'" rft'aka Warn a a' faat vaaa < ?! tua a <au kra'jaaa mot M Ua* fa t Uat |rmt?rMl pray art j a*<l ?#' '*'i?ral ymyflf, ababfarB ia? a?* I UfffMfc ??????. 0' tkia ra*4 -'r|a?l aa U ? I ><?at<aar?r| a*4 ill t <aaaf -.aa*' r aa aa,ti-iai ' prlnelpla i? la daagar prnparty hwoim alanaad M* kit property holder* natnrally fa* I unpolled to go wharw thrjr Ami thi* principle* guar* nt**d OntWman. vhrn ?? ifwk of alaaeTT oar feeling* af pbllanthnpy are naturally arouaed u wall a* other ornairteratlin* ina*par?bl? from that Ma*. I hit w? ni*at k*a*p ou<> thing praavnt to our slada, .and that la tlial tba Island of Cuba cannot crnan to ba an tategnl part a t tb*np*ni*li Urritory, but by on* ol two maaaa atnanm patioa which would ba tba campM' ?itermination(uf tba whit* racf, that I* to ?ajr. of all Hpan tarda and a* Uvea of th* Uland who on their origin to Kurop*, or tha ronblaatlon which would annai Cub* to tba Oatud Utataa, and by thla m?ana tb* auamlea of alarary woul I not ohta'n Ita aitination. (??titlcman. tb* go**rum?nt I* drmlr JaelJad to maia Uln tb* trratie* which forbid the *lar* toada, to ?** cut* thani faith fully aud with alnoarlty; and I oaa gira th* a**uranc* that th*y ar? rlgoroualy eiacutod, ??J alU continue to >?* so. Hnt. at th* aaaa ti?a, thwgar aranirut ot bar Majeety antartala* tba profound OOW?lc rlction that ?la?*ry ia a aaceaa ly and an ladiapaaaaM* condition to tba malntananca of tba territorial property of tlia lalaad o? Cuba, aa't tt ban deemed It right to aaM eipate tba oplmoea of th? Deputies by gfviag to tb* creola-a aU'l to tba proptiatora ol tba lalaol of Cuba tb* aaku/ance that no III* l.aa an idaa of touching tbat pna oipla I ihint, gentlemen. thai I haa* replied to lb* J u at solicited* of th* Deputy ?bo baa addraa^ad to at* tbia interpellation, a* wall aa to that ot you all. I oonclud* by repeating tbat yon liava raaaoa ta be tranquil. ttoTMnmeot haa all Uia moral aad oiai*rtii ton * nnrnwiary to prteeree tha island for graataar aaaunt It la about ra ae?d reinforcement* ibara. fl?e Ural da taohasant ?.)! depart by tba arit mall ateama-r aad tba othrr* will fallow. I ought to *ay in addition tbat 'bo danger of 'his mnnpiracy would lie found aggravated t? jr til* coincides? of a piratical *ip*diliou which bi t baan praparwl In conjunction with it. K*ary tbiug 1**1* to th* connludon tbat tbat aipa-dit.m baa Wo defeated Rut supposing tlua not to l>a tha ca** tba autboriua* of Cuba tiara collected all tli" iu**tia a*cr*?ary t? annihiUta it if It put* foot on tue inland. I thiak I bare an id enough in tha nam* of th* government ta ra anaur* Ilia < haml>?r on }hla aubi*ct " lia Clitnit ar adoptad on tha moment a propoaitioa at M Along* cnnceired in the following term* ? I call upon tha Cortaa to daclar* that in tb* mi>Wt <d tb* itrav* avanta Uking plana in Ilia laUn 1 of Cuba it ha* liaard with tha mo<t complete aatistactiou tba ** pUnation* that hate juat bean given by liar ra i ieit y*? government Signed. HAl.t'HllAMO I > J- (JI.iMA<<A I'jiuo. or r?u CokTiw. March 1, l?ji. AFFAIR OF THB HI.4CK W.VUKIOIt [Kroui tha l'arl* HImI*, Marru It | Tli* nm i* fully cuntliui*<l that tha allair of th<- IBack Warilor h?? baau .inanga<l in a niannar to gtva aatUiac Uon to tha I nitad (Hatr* W V r Augutu* Dod^a. formerly a ."*u?tor, haa ba<o rhoaan by ifca gorarnmant of 'fca I niou. u> raprrn?ut it at tna Court of .'?pain. Wv ara aa ? mad that hi Itodg* lia* accapt*d thai a imp>>rtaut fuan tion . Or<lara ba?a baan daapat' had by laa Amari^aa Cai ratary of tha Nary to Naw York, lt?*ton, aad Now Orltali, til -and iuiniadiataly to ata, all tba I'lapoaabia govarnoiant ataaniar* in tltox porta Tbw* aa*aal? bara ordarn to arraat tha Amaririn a?,<?lit ?u whi. b ia ahowt to atta mpt a landing "U ib* l?lau 1 cf Cub* Cha atatm ? Mp hi Conda da Itagla, will laara ( adl/. on th* lHth. for Hatana. with a baltallou of marina arlillary , t<*o daya latar am.thar ^uarrniaant itaamar ail dapart for lh? aauia daatination with Mb roinntaair*. THE 09TKND CONFBHKNCB AND AHKItll-.iN MOUKHN DIPLOMACY. [Fran fb* IxnHon TimH. Mftrcb 1'. ! Tin illploniacy ?>f th. l'nlt.>l HUt#* of Aimi ci i* <?r talnlr ? ??ry ?la?.>?ar prof.aai m It *>*' h 1 ?ttn at publicity th. habitual pttM-ilJ of dl.OMorabio obj.-ta br claaifeatla* rn.ana, a?'l -Ullo it pro r.?t Ilk* *11 th* la.lllutlon* of th. AroorUau !*??? ?" lb, mitim* of WMI.I.IW, h ? blch W*ahi??t?o woula ky* ' A <*? with tbo-? ..I M ??<! M?J"' , .k. tV?l tain purp?*??, tb* diplomatic a?anu tha ' ?t?U-?rr not ai-harowt dallbafaUly to con.piro T|*w of couru. to tli*lr national<ia?*at ??* p?r.oaal ?.l?.nu?? ??J 'h"J U.*y iVy bafor. <r>n?r.? an! ? bai'flt of niantloJ, tt.'r proof. ??< J**1*" tim? that tb-T ha?. con?ptr?\ at. con.plrtnj aa.1 ?ill .on.p'r. 'n?. murb tha- la-MUon. ?-*?J4 ~t .11 horop. in a Mm- If th-y -?? . ^ J m?nit*r of tb* "M.r lamiW ..f natloaa. aa.1 -hica would In Hfj ? 4*ciaratU?o of war if th.y w.r. .orlamly .nt.rtainr.1 ' b/ th. Am.rlcaa a f,?.?l with | Imponltt by th- *?mU m4 r?pr*?MtUtlTt> of that gewewnt on fot.<*o mm ,UTb?r? wa? ? Mm* wh*o Aaw'icaa diploma, y -a* r. garWd i> a pUIn bom?*pu?, whol.aoit.. aort of whlrh ?a? b?td up to th- Imitation of tbi* wxioiry by Lutu,". of tt.Uool of Mr ..rot. or th. UU W Run t. Am-rran Mto o**r. ??. r-n oTtrt (mm th. artlV*. of tourw and thaaubUMaa of (Mrlo.atie tnWicoar... Tb?t/ i*?trur loo. *??? *? abvtatn fmm .1! thoM a*t. of l*arf*raaM i in- t.ntb> ol tfc. tionbt.. of maok nd-bima utaia tA? own Mainly without to-rwhinfoa lb. rtjbU '"J**"' anl u- nlr on tbo uro-lnt ?"?OR'" aod pro.p-r?r ?* th- American f- pl? to U>t th?tn tb- ??aUoo ttor d.Mrt.umoo,, tb. ftat.a <n t '??'''f Tbw mx m? an- howoror, r.rr moeh .ut ofjla ? lb. loprUta'Jrt. of tb. of pr**' *?' i'if rt ? aii'l bit !???<>??*? pt?loo..?or. h??. .,tb to htiop. a .llfl?ot " " ' ' T," f? .nT. JT ar.ri no lal.r than U.t a u turn, a MtuUr be hi \j tb'.o *ro?t.B;.o la ooocf t? JiickM an-i -ltUrtnln. .,u?t?on? -Urb ' tl? J b? Mtioualr trjat'lfl. muht ibrooi'O tb. f*?? ?? u? Thi. --vrr li t riucban.n, iu Aru.rlcan MlnM.r In Iiim n, from i .rl-, >?* b, Mr HouU-, from MalfH a^? tb. ? bl.f topic uo !?r tb. < iro?l?l.raUoo of ti? toiultUioo of(.ub? !?? 1?tp*wu? m ?h'i b tl-T r.m.muotra?H to th. of U tb. .. .Ultof ' dollboratloM -a. aa??d fro* A ?. la?bap.iw, th- 1Mb of CHtol? r, 1?M aol it "?**'?* ttr !ofU.?lB? Oltr or.llo.ry paaa.*. -l'"h ?PP"" 1 ? J ?? ilNirt* tb. otmo.t ?.bllt.ty ^t^-Uy ?? <- ? * U. i?nO?o..? ?b?. ?inort It a?. .Ull *? r.^l od to t*. rouiU of I oi'ao"! -oi Krao-. ? ? l,? ,, ? I all hato Oll.r.4 Sfa.? a pr.. . f.r ? oba far i^ami In uiHal <aln. n4 UU ?.all 4?t? >-m? r?' .?*4. It ?0I IkN ?.? ?" ?oa?i4? '"'a'V.V.'o'f 5'.:^ ^ iuw ?MM .PpwtoUoa ?b* <??"'> "t *' ??? ^r-tfor ??<!> rirromatoaMA *? .o?bi a??b? ?-..oo.? ?^ ta* o.4? -ki?b ."(?aUi anlwi a^alaa* _ n ,, ' fm ),* a r ta .a??r l.t?- >b. -k??fc?r'fc< V. . iVJl 11. ?? Urw >t ? ??? * *" ; VaTV : . . as ? at<.? tb. talr labri" ?f?ur I ai?* W tl.M ??..<t, .. , II . **?* ?" ran ....V.O tl- -WW lor k. U.l .pp?..-1 to tb. n on -.1 a for. ,o Uto ju? ?? ?,,,-i.i?nty of a for..*. 1 " *e it.?** or U ?ut?U*l W* boi l ? lhi?f b?t it at?u th. ?ot.'.oioo'. of aorbody .U. to u?? h*. I- of U lb<, r , . wh'ti b. (Va-ro-l fro. th. ?>"?" I -I, at thMMnflM ?! ?aMai040Mibt to bo .1, ,ot 'by mi nto(*. bot by tb-.r ? -r DM., of ?..fell* 4.?tro;o.| l?<-..M .r 0..?bWr CiT m t ?y profo.^? U. wKI* ai. ?MP"*''1 ?' ? ?o"Oaof ol r i ? ai . ? or if a ?'^t ao? 'bin* ?" ?i. loffln?. ipoo tho?oi4M iol? ^ ",*? !|.n by ???rr 1*-, bo roan a?4 lirlo. a*' "h.<to th.-. m'^.ro lot.rvf.Ura of ?0,1 ' I m J.,.tlli^l - -root.-f tbo ob;.'t Of Our a?r.M or oor rupKl.y 'rom ,Uo.o.r .f ? b." ?r Tb. o4 <>Mol'loo Of joM4? ao4 tg.u of proMr'y -.a, " ^ <?" tnt Ih. n^^.ro ."OO. of t?.? ??""" ??? ft *?"? ?tb#r m-a ? IMnrlMi w a? ?? pr.r.ol tb.. frow -a uriat rtiu^ *- ?aiJy a#.,a^? ;b.a? _ n?-/ .tor. -nul4 hO'?i?of pt?? TIm. If 'b. U..0. ra . ."io*;-"f ?h. tb,~ rr'-y Ao^rV.o. .*?t mo- by tbo j-MrnrnMt .f W^a..*v^^o r-p-.-nl u irto-iaUa. aodto opaolt n. .har%> wr .a fa A .-I MMbmili -nr.- that tb?y at \m.i mm* tM.ibrr.Mo ilw. of ofab-j. M J aiio4 ^uo? If at.o?- of 'Ob. a. a MyaaMb mIm/ taa >? .ny ?>< a(f.? t tb. laWraal iMi.ia4ua.-a of tbo Aoao K.- I.; .1' ' ; <r ?nar?f!M af Him of i?^.p?a<J?o?o, a?t of b oa?. fi .. I", fr?. of tbo plaotM aa4 U?o "ourf. of aUw .. .. . v. ? . . root la tbat aa?l, vat?ra4 aaitio, -f.b .. , tip any ml l. -r. . MM I ' tl a -I tiM of tl.?a. AMTiaa pa' rl. U -o-il Htmrma .m a-ratlr.. aa-1 tb./ .o*l ba?M W> i.^o* M tM fababttaat. -f t.U a yob* far "".r. omt u II, ai Uo blaab pofalatiM I. aaM*rM4. Um a.t of Catboita a?4 ? arM.aal ^M?a tbi Uot i-m f|tsifr in# Lfftfm* of tbi ' "* , >?M a> ? . bit' tb. ' r?. - Ml lr>4ta? ar?lM^?. af I I tin* avaatry tb? jrMtar .otiM bo th. t ? I I boo. Aatrtraa .lat?a.?n t#> .i%?a4 tbolr iarf??art? bf lia?.?*oa M4 by ooa^oMt TVat ia pforlMty uk I mm a* oai'b tb. i or. of KoMU^o?t?fW4 ibo< ,.... . . , a, 4 t> to. a?4 ' ? ' M( ? I *u**m T?rb?y ?a o?r a?a ? ii? ..HJf "? I tba pt*a at aaH 4?l?w io?. aa<y iaafar^o? I ?,w> u. t? aallia'a ml laja^U. a -r.^f to a. a Uty U> po.t?rt!y t"bM- aro ' b. "? ? a b M.. t; -bkrb aKMil'l Ml ""ijT I tMMfiaf rapacity aa4 .okM 'Z, nt.raalH-ai ?or.Hr fb-? ?? >- "A" J"J SS ?M. ttgmTrn 1 tlUTi# m?m?u ?'?? ^ ' - r. mhuk am M m? Hi M 1%^ , m1 mmy ** fm%* * * *+* MMHIM (if ia r*V''*\ay.w' ???*>? ' "* oa tb. > a toa WatM W?a? JJviJ 2 #t T'^.r .? tv. ? fb. pa'"M ' Ma?U Nti*< ta Mrry Oat too I .?I,V. If '? ? ? ?**> t - M 4 b. t o - f for"uV I aii.4 IH.Ua 'o aboofb, *a> bf M, tb. uImM oLtrt **o4 tb. ttnlMaa Mm I* Kftf tb*. of tta . ? .**? ' "* out .a.1 ?. < ?.. Kfi'n-4 M la.' !,<?/? aba' <a?ta nll?i??l'o?'*" aa. - -a a. ar.hta.tMO of >bm fM V. taMta 4'ilaaaaM W I . ^ aat ts ? l.afoaj. ?* >>?" IK.1 tbo aU aa *?- ? [aMl fp?aiMoa"f MHMi OMMfN u. ^o [bn.fV ?' MMa f*vo^ T\??0?. ??'^to y .14*. I f-* ? a t o *b Mfa'O oV<b WW 4?1#M H

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